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    I couldn't care less about Mariota/Tannehill, whatever. I want the Titans to win. But what this is, to me at least, a bully mentality against this guy. I think this goes deeper than just production or lackthereof on the field. You guys like picking on him because he's a quiet guy, an easy target, and for whatever reason it makes you feel better about yourselves. And in his time with the Titans he's done nothing but be a class guy and a hard worker.
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    James Mattis scorches Trump

    You only have to listen to the first 1:30 of the video I earned my spurs on the battlefield, Trump earned his from a DR's note
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    I expect Tanny to make basic throws that MM didn't make and expect him to manage game situations far better than Mariota did.
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    Tannehill Named Titans Starter

    If last week's effort by Mariota didn't warrant a benching (in their minds), I'm not sure what else they need to see. That was one of the worst games I've seen from a qb in a while.
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    You mean the OL that protected RT all day so he could throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs and blocked for Henry who had 100 yards at 4 ypc and a TD with two backups in? That OL? It's clear the OL is average at worst.
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    In a way all of this is very necessary. Waaaaaaaaay too many people think it doesn't matter who the President is. And in a way that is correct. No major party nominee in the last 70 years would have handled foreign policy like this. So no matter if you were for Carter, Mondale, Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton, Gore, W. Bush, Kerry, Obama, McCain, Romney or Hillary. None of them would have handled things this way. You may disagree with the moves or policy, but there were stardards. This is amateur hour.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    Sondland: Trump told me to work with Giuliani Perry: Trump told me to work with Giuliani Volker: Giuliani and Sondland took the lead Ukraine ambassador: Giuliani smeared my 30yr rep and pushed me out for dubious reasons State Dept official: Giuliani smeared the Ukraine ambassador with baseless accusations, no support from State dept leadership State Dept official: text -- it's crazy that we are linking military assistance to political investigations,... requirement of a public announcement of investigation implicating Biden Bolton: Keep me out of the "drug deal Giuliani is cooking up"; told state dept officials to report their concerns to State Dept legal counsel Pompeo: Lied about being on the Ukraine call -- now a fact witness, yet defying Congressional subpoenas. Employees openly defying his order to not testify. Inspectors General: in addition to whistleblower complaint, initial findings corroborate ulterior political motives driving policy interactions with Ukraine Barr's DOJ: ignored multiple criminal referrals from state department regarding Ukraine dealings Ukraine-American actors: linked to Giuliani, indicted on campaign finance with bail set at $1mil Giuliani: private citizen, Trump private lawyer (pro bono) secured statements of dubious veracity leveraging the full power of the US-Ukraine relationship while acting as an agent solely for the benefit of Trump under investigation by Southern District of NY Trump - acted on his own behalf in the Ukraine call by soliciting interference against his primary political opponent. Supports Giuliani 100% in his efforts to spread blatant misinformation on Trump's political enemies. hmmmm,.....
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    I’m okay with and happy with the move. however, some of you posters are super annoying.
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    Mariota was starting to look worse than Jake Locker if thats possible. Yeah i liked Mariota but he went way downhill quick. You can tell a major difference between Tannehill and Mariota and the ones that are saying there isn't a big difference are in a big state of denial. Bottom line is Mariota sucked every bit of life out of the offense and Tannehill pretty much brought it back from the dead.
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    1. Tannehill. 100% the difference in the offense. I forgot about the benefits of a QB with a fastball. Been a lot of years. Maybe all the way back to Moon. Since we have had a guy who can gun it into tight spots. Today he was deadly accurate. His decision making was fast. His two mistakes were more about the offensive line than about poor decision making. You can't say whether we would have won additional games with RT. You can say that his play, the first 300 yard passing game in what feels like a decade, was noticably better -- and arguably, if he continues in this way, makes him a possibility as more than just a bridge QB. That said, it has been one game. But that was fun. 2. Davis. Brown. Humphries. Sharp. Smith. The lights started shining as the ball was coming out faster and arriving in the right location on time. That is a very effective group as today's performance proved. 3. Derrick Henry has to be resigned. Just a very good power back with enough speed to make him dangerous for three more years. 4. Simmons and Hooker and Long Jr all made notable contributions. Simmons in particular showed that he can push the pile backwards. 5. Have to love the defensive line group as it is now constructed. 6. Woodyard is a stud of a leader and absolutely still useful in running circumstances. But we really missed Jayon in coverage. Ekeler nearly destroyed us and if Jayon is around I think that is a whole different ballgame. 7. All of this is great. But once again, the final 6 minutes of the game showed Vrabels on-going growth challenges. First the decision, I guess it was Pees, but Vrabel had to sign off, to get out of the attacking defense mindset and go prevent with 6 minutes left was mind boggling. The Titans third quarter defense was as good as it had been in any quarter of any game this year. Four soft plays later, SD scores. The decision to go for it at 4th and 1/2 I thought was the right one. The decision to run a QB sneak was the right one. It was, however, clearly a bad mark. Mike had the flag out of his pocket. Unless the officials told him he couldn't challenge the spot, I can't understand why he didn't. Then after Ekeler's catch to the 1/2, he chose to take a time out to avoid the run off. I get that. But after the first goal line stop, he chose not to do the same allowing for runoff. Seems that if you were conserving clock to get your offense back on the field with the first one, you do it again on the second one. As it played out, he would have been better allowing the first runoff. But that's hindsight. What wasn't hindsight is the inconsistency in the decision making. Bottom line, if we had lost the game, the dogs would have been on his ass and rightly so. 8. The offensive line is still largely a shit show. Bosa is a stud. But the Chargers had no one else. Somehow we couldn't block Bosa, and then we couldn't scheme to keep his ass under control. We almost let a one-man rush beat us. Particularly ugly when Kelly had to replace Conklin. There were also precious few running lanes for Henry. I really thought he got all he could and probably a bit more. While Douglas and Saffold were far better in pass protection, today it was Kelly that made it ugly. 9. Ryan Succop. Where are you? I think that is about it. The concerns about Vrabel in-game have to be mounting. Tannehill's performance absolutely evokes optimism. We need Brown back ASAP. And while it won't get fixed this season, the Titans still have plenty of work to do on the offensive line. That does it.
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    So where do we go from here?

    RT won us the game today. Or, he should have if the refs spot the ball correctly on his 4th down sneak. Granted, they were a bit generous on the 3rd down spot, but still - the game should’ve been over before the drama at the goal line if the correct spot was given. Beyond that, he made crucial conversions late in the game and we “took over” the game with his drive down the field with roughly 5 minutes left. In no way am I shaming our defense after the season they’ve had or the goal line stand to end the game, but in 90+% of games, the ballgame is over after going up 10 with 5 minutes left to play. 300 yards and a positive TD/Int ratio and numerous big plays that prevented the Chargers from taking over and exploiting our gassed defense at several points in the game. It’s just one game, but we easily lose today with lesser QB play. If he plays like this for the rest of the season (which isn’t likely just given who he is and the nature of the NFL) you absolutely look for him to be more than just a stop gap answer. But that’s a big if and again, it’s only one game, but personally I think he played as good or even better than most here had hoped. The Chargers kept getting momentum and were seemingly a 3 and out away from taking over the game, but Tannehill kept the ball moving at key times and truthfully won us the game twice going into the final minutes. Hats off to the defense for that ridiculous goal line stand, though it should’ve never happened.
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    Vrabel Needs To Go

    Had no problem with the call. The lack of challenging the spot, however was an issue.
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    The only thing left for Mariota to learn at this point is that he sucks and he needs to retire.
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    Titans Activate Jeffery Simmons

    Simmons is key because Casey doesn't have much longer. We aren't done with the DL -- we need to keep adding talent. Casey is slowing down and could fall completely off next year, and Wake is nearly 40 years old. Keep drafting playmakers on D and let Pees tear QBs up.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    Mulvaney knew the witnesses and evidence was coming out so he got in front of it to try and make it OK. Denial is no longer an option
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    FIFY And that includes Senators, congressmen, republicans, those who voted for him and posters right here who continue to defend and support Trump. This whole group created this corrupt mess in Washington and enabled Trump to betray the Kurds who defeated ISIS. All of them have blood on their hands and stained the future integrity of the word of the US.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    It’s Rolltide. Everything is difficult for him to understand...
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    What excites me the most is that his NFL tape from today looks just like what he did in college. All that changed was the colors of the uniforms. He's still a grown ass man out there. You're gonna see a lot of gifs full of pure asswhoop over the course of the week.
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    Bongo hasn't endorsed him yet.
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    I want @Huston and @bosss50 in here bending the knee. Bosss50 you must have flipped me off 200 times.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    Unless Sondland is the whistleblower (which he isn’t) he is neck deep in this crime. He is just trying to save his own ass at this point.
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    Harold Landry

    One good thing about switching to Tannehill, if it does actually improve the offense and we start scoring points, is that if we get to play from in front of teams instead of behind it's going to open things up for the defense to make more plays as the other team's offense will face more pressure to put points on the board. It'll hopefully make them more one dimensional. Harold Landry has been quietly having himself a pretty good season so far. But if the defense gets to feast on offenses trying to play catch up (big if, ik) his numbers could explode in the next few weeks.
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    Tannehill Named Titans Starter

    Man, I did NOT expect the fan base to be as unhappy about this as they are. Maybe it’s just the vocal minority making all the noise, but some people are piiisssed. Do these people not watch the games? Or is the insight around the game by fans actually THIS poor.
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    I'll tell you, the biggest thing I noticed was zip on the ball and pocket awareness. It was like Mariota was terrified to hang out in the pocket and wait for the big hit. He was always moving and to his credit, evaded some rushes and got the pass off (sometimes for disastrous results) He was also bailing on the pocket, causing sacks and sometimes even rolled out away from his receivers. He would take off and run when it wasn't there. He just has no feel for the pocket at all. Just FYI, this is something you can usually look at in rookie QBs and it's a fatal flaw. You can coach a lot of things but it's just really hard to coach a guy into feeling the pocket even it's not there. I knew Mariota didn't have great pocket awareness but watching this game again, he had just none. None. It was really bad.
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    Titans Activate Jeffery Simmons

    His draft slide due to his injury just looks stupid now.
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    Titans Activate Jeffery Simmons

    We're a game behind the Texans and a game and a half behind the Colts. This season is no where near done.
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    You gotta admit though, it was pretty awesome watching Simmons out there creating havoc. The guy is an absolute monster. Wait till next year when they actually get the chance to teach him how to 1 gap.
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    Tannehill looking good

    Who said Mariota didnt have enough weapons? The WRs are legit. Jonnu is good too.
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    We have rejoined the excitement of NFL football. We got a fourth quarter offense. A Quarterback. And a bad ass DEFENSE
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    Honor is smoking their LT with speed...
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    Please no inaccurate college QBs, or injury-prone scramblers. If a guy isn't consistently accurate in college, he isn't magically going to turn into Drew Bees. Good arm strength, natural accuracy, comfort in the pocket. I don't care about athleticism, mechanics, size, what program they came from, or if you'd let your daughter marry him. As long as they have those original 3 qualities, then he can be 6ft, slow, with a wonky throwing motion, and he can be a prick.
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    This is so dumb and juvenile.
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    Tannehill Highlights

    The game against the Chargers is now infinitely more watchable now that Tannehill is at QB and the possible return of Simmons. Vrabel himself said in one of his press conferences earlier this week that they need to evaluate where the offense is breaking down, changing to Tannehill allows the team to evaluate just how big an issue Mariota was.
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    Trump’s letter to the president of Turkey. This is our president’s best efforts at diplomacy. W. T. F. Embarrassingly inane, this guy has no business being anywhere near our foreign policy decision makers.
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    You're flat out obsessed with the guy. Admit it.
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    Also, anyone else notice that the Republicans on the board have fallen silent except for the two dumbest motherfuckers on the board?
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    I don't understand what this has to do with Mariota being a flop though. Which is what @cenj is saying. Tannehill is not really supposed to be the answer. Anything he does is a bonus. For all intents we're drafting one regardless unless Tannehill really shows us something.
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    Delaine on the trade block?

    Jonnu looked like a playmaker today in the passing game, but he's still a liability in pass protection. I also think Firkser becomes far more valuable with Tannehill. Firkser has glue on his hands and is good in traffic, and Tannehill showed he can and will throw in tight windows.
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    Around The NFL Week 7

    It's hilarious how everyone but homers in TN knew that Mariota was the one holding the offense back.... QBs get by with bad coaching, WRs, Oline all the time but Mariota needs everything else on the team to be clicking perfectly to have things not his fault
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    I think Titans win. Who's with me?
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    Tannehill Named Titans Starter

    If he does he’s the Fitzpatrick of coaches lol if Quinn is fires midseason it’s almost certain Mularkey will be the interim
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    Lol. No one drafted Mettenberger.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    "Did he also mention to me in the past the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely,” Mulvaney said, referring to Trump. “No question about that. But that’s it, and that’s why we held up the money.” LOL
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    TNF Chiefs vs Broncos Discussion

    This would honestly be amazing
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    Why is it so hard for you to read? The Republicans changed the rules. There no longer has to be a formal vote for the House to subpoena an individual. This is not complicated. If the Republicans hadn’t of changed the rules then the Dems would have been forced to hold a formal vote, but now they don’t.