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    Where did Soxcat go?

    I didn’t ban him but completely trust the judgment of the people who can make these decisions. We aren’t aiming for super “woke” here and I wouldn’t be on a site like that. Just general human decency.
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    97.9 rating 2TD 0 INT on the road week one. Now gtfo.
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    Jaguars Week

    According to the local media who attended practice the most eye catching play during the entire training camp was when Evans took a screen pass 70yds for a TD everyone watching was just wowed by his speed/explosion in the open field.
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    I think we are going to have to change his nickname from Panda to Trash Panda. It even fits with the team mascot...
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    The Titans offense is already good enough to win the SB. In a lot of categories they were the best offense in the league last season. The real key to the Titans making a run at the SB is going to be their defense. I think there are a handful of players that could emerge into premier players at their positions that could turn the Titans defense into a strength. Jeffery Simmons: I don't even think this is a question. He was simply injured last season and we saw enough to know he's going to be a dominant player. He dominated some of the best guards in the league last season and made a huge impact. He's going to be better. Rashaan Evans: Evans turned it on down the stretch last season. He could turn into one of the best all around 3-4 ILBs in the league this season if he builds on that. He was blowing up plays down the stretch. With Crawford, Jones, Clowney and Simmons in front occupying blockers he could thrive. I also think he could make an impact rushing the passer. Adoree Jackson: Jackson also came on down the stretch after returning from injury. All reviews from camp have been good as well. If Jackson turns into a shut down type CB it would be huge for the defense. There are obviously other reasons to like the defense like Clowney, Butler returning and already existing talent like Byard, Brown and Landry but I think these 3 guys could really turn into difference makers for this defense.
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    Are the Jaguars dangerous?

    Yeah it’s only been two years.
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    Corey Davis Season Outlook

    The Jeudy drop fest was fun though
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    Broncos Recap Thread

    Understated in the game is that the Titans offense had 81 plays to 59 for Denver. No doubt that helped protect the defense from getting worn out in the altitude during the 2nd half. The Titans left too many points on the field but the long drives helped a lot in terms of game flow.
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    Jaguars Week

    Jags fan here. Jags played decent against the Colts. Run defense was not great. Screen passes killed them. I fully expect Henry to run for 125+. Titans have their number for a reason. A 27-13 win for the Titans is my guess. Jags do not have enough talent to compete but more talent than people think. Minshew is definitely a decent starter but he needs to be more consistent. Only way this is a close game is if the Titans turn the ball over. Good luck this year guys.
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    Isaiah Wilson arrested on Friday Night

    Exactly. I lose so much respect for anyone who gets a dui...especially in this day and age when you can have a vehicle pick you up - literally in minutes - just using an app on your phone.
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    US Senate Race

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    LOL are these real names?
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    This is what you monsters get for laughing at every other team’s injuries!
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    5 years in Vandy doctoral program in psychology. 40+ years working clinically and then heading up the secure forensic psychiatry program for the TDMHMR. This young man is floundering in a world he has trouble understanding and making a part of his own. With guidance he might, and I repeat might, become settled with himself and the professional athletic world in which he now finds himself. Here's hoping that Jon and Mike and Amy can find him the help he needs and seems to be wanting. The team vets and others like Eddie George could be valuable in helping him find his place on the team and in the world he now faces. Tough love and gentle guidance in the reality and adventure we call life. pro
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    Are the Jaguars dangerous?

    And before 2018 you have to go all the way back to.....2017.
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    The ISIS stuff is a nice diversion tactic to redirect discussion away from the topic at hand. Donald Trump is a bumbling, incompetent idiot whose asinine myopia and corrupt, inept leadership are a threat to American society as we know it. Someone prove me wrong......PLEASE.
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    Tannehill is one of the best QBs in the league. Some people don't like it or don't want to accept it but it's true
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    Where did Soxcat go?

    I lean right on several issues and argue quite fervently in the political forum. I've never been called a Nazi and no one has ever suggested I am racist other than rolltide. I disagreed with Jamal about the kneeling thing when it first started happening. We aired those disagreements. He never edited my comments or threatened to ban me or anything. From my point of view, the guys who got banned brought it on themselves. They were overtly spreading hate and got far more rope than they deserved.
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    Thoughts on the game

    The team is fine and will only get better. Everyone was out of sync last night and it still would have been a relative blowout without the kicking fiasco. The running game is going to struggle a bit without Conklin and Henry needs to be better. Tannehill was a bit rushed the whole game, but he threw some darts to Humphries and Davis. Speaking of Davis, this was probably his best overall game as a Titan. If he keeps opening up the middle the production in the passing game will start to click. Humphries also was a big reason we pulled out the W with some well timed tough catches that gave the defense a breather. Simmons looks every part of an interior monster. He may never be a 10 sack type guy, but teams will have to start scheming around him. Clowney looks like a great addition. He was pretty silent after the first quarter, but he caused a lot of pressure in the first half. We probably lose if he isn’t on the roster. Losing Jackson is a huge blow and it showed. They had their way with us over the middle. The two rookies looked lost out there, which with Jackson on the field we could have schemed a bit more to help them. They still overall played well and didn’t give up any back breakers outside. We were lucky their coach is an idiot. They were moving the ball between the hashes and didn’t burn their timeouts for some unbeknownst reason. It was a terrible display on Fangio’s part. Add in a couple of well timed drops and we are somehow 1-0. Take it.
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    Uh... when EVER have Bahrain, Israel, and the UAE been at war? WHEN EVER? What's next? A peace deal between Canada and Iceland? How fucking stupid are ya'll???? How easily manipulated can you be?
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    Vrabel Reveals Titans Gameplan

    There's a certain fun aspect to Vrabel that you almost never see from other head coaches. It's refreshing.
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    This guy is legit insane. He has wasted a full year and hundreds of posts on a teams QB he isn’t even a fan of. This man suffers from loneliness and hopelessness. He also has some myriad of mental illness mixed in there too. Just wanted to warn you guys not to get your hopes up when you engage this absolute degenerate who wastes his time arguing about Tannehill while eating Josh Allen’s unwiped ass.
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    General Election 2020: Trump vs Biden

    Democrats everywhere have been waiting 4 years for this day. There won't be any of this one's in the bag, so no need to vote this time. Lesson learned.
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    Jaguars Week

    Maker, I want to congratulate you for the consistency of your messages. There are very few if any posters besides you who display the kind of messages that you show, and we all know the value you bring to the board. You show exemplary negativity to the hopes of success by TR posters. It will be a pleasure to await your future musings on the travesty that we and you call the Titans. Sic, sic, sic. pro
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    Joe Biden Town Hall

    Translation: We know Biden did a good job and that conflicts with our dementia narrative, so he must have cheated.
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    Jaguars Week

    Picasso isn't a safety, he painted himself into a corner. Thanks, I'll be here all week.
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    Jaguars Week

    I don't expect Vrabel to give them much of an answer but its mind boggling that a top 15 CB in the league goes on IR with a knee injury and no one in the local media even asks what happened.
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    Gameday Thread (Week 1 @ Broncos)

    Evans' idiocy was disappointing too.
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    2020 TR Survivor Pool Week 1

    This aged poorly.
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    Virus in US

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    Jaguars Week

    Trial by fire for Fulton and Jackson can only be good in the long run.
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    Virus in US

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    Jaguars Week

    Most excited to see the two Evans this coming week. Darrynton will add a whole new dimension to the offense.
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    Virus in US

    The Obama/Biden administration treated H1N1 as a viral pandemic and medical emergency and kept the death toll to a relative minimum. I don't personally know or know of anyone who was ever infected or directly impacted by H1N1. I can't say the same for COVID.....can you? The Trump administration has largely treated COVID-19 as if it were simply a political scheme...a hit job intended to make Trump look bad. We know know from Trump's own words that the administration was fully aware of how lethal it is.....yet they deliberately downplayed it publicly, to the point where they refused to even wear masks or simply encourage Americans to exercise caution, even though it was killing thousands of Americans every single day. They didn't give a damn about America's public health, safety, or wellbeing.....Trump just didn't want his precious legacy tarnished by the nation's worst pandemic in 100+ years. The irony lies in the fact that they mishandled it so badly, that's exactly how history will remember him. Donald Trump will forever be known as the president who denied both science and reality and who placed his own ego, image, and political agenda above the wellbeing of American citizens and the sovereignty of our nation. And throughout the rest of our nation's history until the end of time, the Trump administration with its various lackeys and sycophants will forever be viewed by future administrations as a cautionary tale of how NOT to lead a nation.
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    Broncos Recap Thread

    Im glad we won but I don't want to think about this game again
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    Gameday Thread (Week 1 @ Broncos)

    Burn the tape and move on. Be thrilled to be 1-0.
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    Hopefully the next thing Trump tries to negotiate is a plea bargain.
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    Colts vs Jags

    LOL at the media mostly calling for Indy to win the Division.
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    Ignorance. This is going to get a bit more personal than I like to on this site. I have a bachelors degree in psychology, a master's in developmental (kids) psychology and have spent over 20 years working in mental health - mostly helping kids. My wife is a school psychologists and an expert in Autism in the school district. We also have a daughter with autism and with all of that experience and all of that education - its one of the hardest things we've had to do. Autism is a continuum. So just because you know someone who knows someone with autism, doesn't mean anything. But let me paint you a picture on some of the struggles. Stop for a minute and listen to every sound in your room. TV on, people talking, air conditioner, someone fixing food in the kitchen, pet scractching. Feel every sensation. The chair you sit in, hunger, cool wind of a fan, tight shorts, scruffy tag at your neck- now imagine the inability to focus or tune out any of those and getting them all at one time. That's one experience. It can create verbal delays. This means that the child (and we're talking about children) not only can't tell you if they are hungry, have to go to the bathroom, tv is too loud, stomach is upset- they don't have words for it. Imagine for a second- the anxiety and frustration of an individual who can't tell you what they want or need. Imagine for a minute that the sensations are so intermixed that they don't know what they need. Typical behavior modification doesn't work. You can't ground the child. You can't take away something. They don't know why. Spankings don't work- as they don't feel it the same way and usually only escalates things. Then realize- there are not books that really explain it. There are no magical "places" for these kids. This is hard. My daughter isn't this extreme all the time. She has moments in her development where we've experienced different pieces. . She is also young enough that if she gets overwhelmed with sensory input and starts wanting to explode with frustration- I have been able to hold her tight and get her some place quiet and calm. We also are in the mental health field and understand medications that have taken her edge off without making her a zombie so that she can go to the zoo without being overwhelmed by sensations. Her verbal skills have dramatically improved and she is reading. I have friends and colleagues that have had this experience with their kids and the kid just gets motivated by high school and still goes to college. But many parents have their children grow up with no such options. There are no programs, no residential programs that can do better than a parent's love in their house- if at all possible. I know. I've run them. Even kids that are doing great can have melt downs or episodes. They can run out of the house or hit out in wild frustration and pain. But understand- they do it all out of pain. Parenting children with autism can be very very hard. I dont know many other parents who have had come home from festivals or halloween thinking things went great- to have to comfort their child and hold her tight afterwards as they cry and scream- bc the whole time she was holding it in while in public. She was holding in the anxiety. She was holding in the pain and discomfort. Now I am heavily trained and experienced in this- my wife more so. I know to ignore the behavior and look for the symptoms. We understand medications and how to start small, test and watch mood and behavior as we increase it. We know what type of docter/partnership we need. We know how maximize the school resources and laws. And we have struggled. Now- we're in a much much better place. But anyone who judges the parenting of the another child with autism - is simply an ignorant fool. I don't know that parent. I don't know if they could have handled it differently. What I do know is that asked of help for a child that was not deadly violent and in dong so that help killed their child. I can't imagine what I would do or be feeling. But that those law enforcement officers did not protect and did not serve. They failed and that's something everyone should be able to easily agree on.
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    New Woodward Book

    We’re three days and four pages into this thread....and not one of our resident conservative voices has any thoughts or anything to say on the subject? Surely someone has an opinion?
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    Joe Biden Town Hall

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    Broncos Week

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    Spot on Oman. For years I posted about the lack of defensive playmakers now they have them at all 3 levels of the defense. Hopefully this is the year we see it all come to fruition.

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