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    He's about as dumb as half our posters!
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    Why? Apparently this is perfectly legal behavior
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    Brady to Titans Rumors

    Those guys were 100% wrong on their evaluation of Brady as a QB right now. Brady isn't nearly as good as Tannehill right now. The 2nd half of last year he was pitiful. The Pats had a losing record, Brady had yards per passes of 4.6, 5.1, 6.9, 4.7, 4.4 and 5.6 in the playoffs..... That's 6 of the last 9 games. He had passer ratings in the 80s or less in almost all of them. 43 yr old Tom Brady isn't the final piece to a SB run, he stops any chance dead in the teams tracks. Idiot mismanaged teams sign a 43 yr old Brady, not well run teams. It's 100% definite and any reasoned logical analysis clearly shows it
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    Ever notice you're always "waiting to see what someone has"? Probably not. Anyways, sure, if Obama had the DOJ open a case into someone or something for Soros, it should come to light and actions taken. What's amazing is you're all about this but have 0 problem with Trump using his office to get a foreign country to announce an investigation into a political rival. Well, it's not really amazing, it's expected, I guess.
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    You could be someone who can't even read and comprehend what David Carr said!
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    The key to happiness and a long life. Enjoy what you do for a living.
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    Can Sanders Win?

    The vast majority of people want Trump out of office, because of the electoral college it really only matters in the swing states. I agree with the premise there is no swing voter, people already know who they are voting for. The Republicans know this, that's why they are purging people from the voting rolls in the swing states and making it hard to vote. It's going to come down to turn out. The bigger the turnout the better chance Trump is voted out. And Trump is going to exploit whoever with whatever. Her E-mails, Bhenghazi, Ukraine etc....... And Russia is going to help him do it on social media to the uninformed ignorant masses. The problem Bernie has is the Dem establishment is also trying to take Bernie down
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    Can Sanders Win?

    Heaven forbid the US climbs in the World Happiness rankings.
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    It was kind of funny watching his first few days back where he spoke in complete sentences and made actual paragraphs. Didn’t last long.
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    Wow AWFUL fucking answer by Bloomberg. “They didnt like the jokes I told” Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking awful.
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    Everson Griffen

    He's a mental case. Literally has major mental illness issues. Had to leave the team for a time to get treated in a mental hospital.
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    Been a fan of his since 2015 https://www.titansonline.com/video/olivier-vernon-penalized-for-low-hit-on-mariota-16104067
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    It's scary how quickly centrists turn to voting for Republicans when a candidate makes it clear he means business about actually making government work for someone other that the elites.
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    If Bernie's plans are unworkable and unrealistic pie in the sky answers why do you have to vote to stop his plans?
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    Getting Butler back and improvement by Hooker and Simmons will both be big helps. Landry is also an improving player, his snaps have to be reduced. It would be a huge plus if D'Andre Walker was one of the mid round gems by Robinson. There are a lot of people who raved about him.
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    NFL Network will have an opening soon if David Carr keeps up his shitty takes.
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    Brady to Titans Rumors

    God I hope that's right. This shit about Brady is just plain idiocy. Maybe it's a ploy to get Tannehill to be reasonable in contract demands.
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    This is pretty much all that has to be said really. He's not a good runner (DESPITE the combine time) and an awful passer with also a habit of getting injured. The West Coast offense has him making MORE READS not less and he has trouble with that (and most aspects of passing really). He was at his best with Play Action where the reads were defined and easier. Laughable that Carr gets paid to come up with this drivel.
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    You and just about every other non Trump supporter will. I think Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders all would beat Trump
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    Can Sanders Win?

    For all Bloomberg's predictions that Biden would falter... Bloomberg is actually helping Biden to fall. Without him in the race, the moderate vote is not as split. Yes- Biden has not looked as strong as any would like but Bloomberg is actually helping the left carry the nomination rather than filling a gap. I am hoping for a legitimate moderate to come out of Nevada and South Carolina that can then carry the moderate charge through Super Tuesday. Right now I think that still has the chance to be Biden, Bloomberg, or Pete- based on all the swinging polls. We need enough of an obvious moderate to come out so the others can drop out. If there is an obvious single moderate candidate, then I think they win the nomination pretty easily. I am afraid they will all see a path forward- however slim- and all three stay in. That is what will lead to Bernie winning.
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    The ignore feature works.
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    The debates do matter. In this case, it was the FBI’s handling of the investigation into her emails that derailed things.
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    Virus in China

    May 10, 2018 at 3:32 p.m. CDT The top White House official responsible for leading the U.S. response in the event of a deadly pandemic has left the administration, and the global health security team he oversaw has been disbanded under a reorganization by national security adviser John Bolton. The abrupt departure of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer from the National Security Council means no senior administration official is now focused solely on global health security. Ziemer’s departure, along with the breakup of his team, comes at a time when many experts say the country is already underprepared for the increasing risks of a pandemic or bioterrorism attack. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/05/10/top-white-house-official-in-charge-of-pandemic-response-exits-abruptly/
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    Does it? How is the average person on employer provided insurance paying ‭$8,823‬ annually in premiums and deductible (and then of course co-pays and co-insurance) worse off by instead paying taxes and having coverage free at the point of service? Not to mention, this proposal also includes dental and vision which is not even included in the above numbers.
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    Because Bernie having the ability to actually try to implement MFA is severely dangerous. The only way I can vote for him and dems is if I'm fairly confident he can never actually implement his agenda.
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    Gladiator days baby. Everyone signs their life-waiver before crossing onto the field. Nothing is illegal except that there are only two times weapons are allowed on the field. The extra point is one offensive player with his choice of spear from the 30 with the defense lined up the full length of the goal line-takes his pick. Same thing goes for the offense when they turn the ball over. Coordinators take turns fist fighting for 1st and 2nd half choice of ball or defer. Head coaches fist fight for overtime-last man standing wins. Meanwhile, back in reality, reffing the games is the biggest heartache right now. Refs should err on the side of not throwing the flag. Should never be an inadvertent flag because they are erring on the side of not throwing it. The "eye in the sky" type ref could also work. The new proposed schedule is fine by me as long as they draw a line and go no further.
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    Jackson will probably become the #1 corner. Butler can probably still shut down a #2 WR. I would like to draft a corner high though to compete with Butler and take Ryan's spot.
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    Bloomberg Is Finished

    Idk man. Your strong affinity for the donor class and general conservative nature makes me think you would've been shivering in your top hat at the thought of FDR had you been around in that era.
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    If Sanders is the nominee, he needs to strongly consider Tammy Baldwin as a running mate. Senator from Wisconsin, experienced legislator. Lesbian. Very progressive, probably the most progressive senator other than Bernie and Warren. Would be the Dems best chance at a victory in Wisconsin.
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    Brady to Titans Rumors

    If Tannehill doesn’t get re-signed or tagged that is the probably the first sign. And if it turns out to be like Manning to Denver where the Broncos won a Lombardi, I would be happy as heck and wouldn’t care as much about what happened in the seasons after.
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    2020 Free Agency News and Rumors

    Because Conklin isn't that good and certainly isn't worth the money other teams might pay out to desperation for an OT. It was an open secret last year that the team wasn't planning on a 2nd contract for Conklin. Everyone in the media and close to the team was confident Conklin would be gone. He got a ton of help his first (and most successful) year. When recieving less help, he looked terrible at times. He's a very good run blocker and flat out bad pass protector. So do you trust JRob? He traded up for Conklin and has had no problem paying OL. Letting him walk actually makes that pick look worse for JRob. Yet, the coaches seem totally fine moving on. Forget the stats: this staff doesn't value Conklin that much.
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    LOL none of this even agrees with what Carr said. It's actually mostly the opposite. Kordell Stewart is more of what Carr wan'ts for Mariota if you read his messaging. Wiz's scheme is more west coast and allows less running which is the opposite of what Carr is saying Mariota needs.
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    You can hear he desperation in Warren. She knows it's over unless she blondies Sanders.
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    The Titans could've done with this in 2016 and 2018
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    Titans Extend Batson

    Then we is way behind.
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    Bloomberg Is Finished

    If he were a candidate now, he would have a much harder time now than just a few years ago (2016) even. Clinton would get destroyed for don’t ask don’t tell. and so on. The party’s platform is evolving at a rate that far outpaces many supporters and candidates and is killing people for not having the current party’s views from day one instead of understanding that views evolve over time.
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    Bloomberg is arguably the riskiest because he could lose all support from liberals and minorities. He pushed stop and frisk, along with the audio of him defending it. He has dozens of settlements going against him related to women. He publicly supported cutting Medicare and social security during the Obama admin. He was openly critical of Obama. He has supported tax cuts for the rich. He has demonstrated plenty of authoritarian beliefs and tendencies as mayor. But hey, he has a lot of money, so safe candidate, right?
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    The next time you see them at the rally, you run up to one and ask why a dem with his head up Barry ass would be at the Donald's rally?
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    Can Sanders Win?

    There’s no data one way or another. Regardless, if you are a moderate Democrat running for Congress and Bernie gets the nomination, it would be perfectly fine to run as a moderate who promises to be a check on the extremes of either candidate.
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    El Guapo

    Can Sanders Win?

    It always amazes me then liberals get a free pass with praises for communist dictators. Can you imagine the outcry if anyone said that Hitler provided full employment, no crime, and free education? The rhetorical bullshit from people such as that fat fuck Michael Moore to praise Castro is totally wrong. And Bernie has been a consistent admirer of commie dictators. The only reason he hates Putin is that they are no longer a communist country. Otherwise, he would love him. But hey, bring him on. Lets see how he does once he is exposed to the country and needs more than whiny millennials wanting free stuff to get elected. And his wife is ugly as shit.
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    This is a dumb topic. How many #1 CB's are there out there? Not many. Butler and Jackson are perfectly acceptable as a starting cornerback duo. What the Titans lack is a nickel CB and depth behind Jackson and Butler. And as previously noted the pass rush is in FAR WORSE condition.
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    Can Sanders Win?

    Well - it seems pretty logical. To win the senate dems need to win in states that are traditionally GOP, where there are lots of rural voters and lots of people who mostly watch Fox news. KY for example. Russia Mitch is highly disliked. Dems can beat him with a good candidate that can appeal to the dems and to those who simply don't like Mitch. Dems can at least win by reduced turn out for someone like Mitch. Put Sanders on the ticket (despite popularity and need of medicaid) and they'll run on all the threats of him being a "socialists." They've been branding him as a dangerous socialist now for about 5 years. I find it hard to imagine that he doesn't hurt those states. Even TGO- on this site said he'll vote Bernie and the GOP down the ticket. So - I don't know what is going to happen but its logical to project that Bernie will hurt the dems chances significantly to win the Senate.
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    I would love this. I don't like the Brady rumors and be excited for year two of the Tannehill-experience, but am not completely sold on him. A good OL is important to this team's success and I'd hate to lose Conklin. I'm too big of a fan to want to envision next year w/o King Henry. Sign all three? Fuck yes.
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    This is the first one I put on my calendar. I planned to watch the others, but this was a don't miss for me.
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    I’m fully on board with trading down. Eveyone would love another pick or two in the second round....but IMO, the greatest value lies with mid/late round picks that cost less and are easier to acquire in trade. JR has a proven knack for mining quality talent from the middle rounds...guys who can play early and provide quality depth as rookies and who are starting by year two. Consider the guys he’s found in rounds 3-5 in just four years. Kevin Byard Jayon Brown Jonnu Smith Nate Davis Amani Hooker Tajae Sharpe Taywan Taylor Leshaun Sims Dane Cruikshank Even the guys who weren’t starters have still played a role, providing quality depth and producing big plays from time to time. Obviously nobody would object if JR can finagle another second-rounder this year or a 2021 first-round pick. Adding 2-3 more mid-rounders isn’t as sexy...but it could end up having a similar impact.

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