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    It explains everything. I think I've told this story before... a few years ago I was on a flight from Phoenix to D.C. and sat next to a couple in their 60s. They both had foxnews on their monitors, this was before personal devices took off, and they watched it for the entire flight. By the end I felt a little brainwashed as it was literally the same bashing of clinton, obama, and democrats over and over and over again. It's a propaganda scheme and its extremely succesful.
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    Albert was arguably the best DLineman in NFL history... when he bothered to put the effort into it. But he was a fucking lazy POS who never even tried that hard if it wasn’t a contract year.
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    Derp State really fucked Trump.
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    Virus in US

    Helping the red states while fucking over the blue states is the ultimate "owning of the libs" There is no bottom when there is 0 accountability
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    https://theathletic.com/1715455/2020/04/01/execs-unfiltered-on-every-nfl-teams-free-agency-moves-and-trades Here's the Titans bit: Tennessee Titans The Titans accomplished their major goals of the offseason by reaching an agreement with Ryan Tannehill on an extension while retaining running back Derrick Henry on the franchise tag instead of losing him to free agency or going all-in with an over-the-top long-term deal. Time will tell if being married to Tannehill is better than dating him. “It looks great today, everyone is happy, the fans are excited, but in 2022 are Tannehill and Henry starting for you?” an exec said. The four-year, $118 million agreement with Tannehill is essentially a two-year commitment in that the Titans could escape comfortable after that. “What were they going to do at quarterback if they didn’t lock up Tannehill?” another exec asked. “To me, you are stuck with him and it was perfect to go ahead and franchise Derrick Henry, one year for $10 million. You could even franchise him a second time for $12 million and let him go. That is the harsh reality. Getting Henry for two years at $22-23 million is exactly what a top back should get, and I would not go above that, except with Christian McCaffrey.” The Titans did lose right tackle Jack Conklin to Cleveland after failing to exercise their fifth-year option on him. They traded Jurrell Casey to Denver for a seventh-round pick in a move that seemed like a salary dump. And they added pass rusher Vic Beasley, whom the Falcons seemed determined to divorce, but who had eight sacks last season and fared well in ESPN’s pass rush win rate metric. “Big picture, trading Casey gets Jeffery Simmons on the field, and he is really, really good,” an evaluator said. “The other guy who is really underrated there and who you cannot block on the run is DaQuon Jones, who makes half the money Casey makes. I’m absolutely fine with the Casey move.”
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    Virus in US

    More reputable than Fox News at least...
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    This is looking more prescient. Right on the money. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/kb2x61/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-advice-for-hillary-clinton “The point is, no one likes their boss. Hillary, we need you to be our boss. We don’t want you to be but we need you to be,” she concludes. “Because if you aren’t, in a couple of years, we are going to be eating grilled squirrel from a hole in the ground with our children asking, ‘But why do we have to live like this, mommy?’ And we’ll have to respond, ‘We didn’t vote for the smart lady because of some emails she sent from a different server.’ And the child will say, ‘What’s a server?’ And we’ll say, ‘I don’t know Kevin! I never [f*cking] knew, now shut up and eat your squirrel before King Trump comes back!'”
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    Quarantine Cooking

    Nothing like some scratch pizza. Local style Kalua pork, Maui Gold Pineapple, Peppers, Kula Onions, Goat Cheese, BBQ Sauce. While the sun goes down.
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    The PFF grades are not very close, as expected. Some major revisionist history on Morgan as a player. Clowney 2019 - 87.3 overall, 80.8 run defense, 44.3 tackling, 79.1 pass rush, 88.1 coverage 2018 - 89.2 overall, 91.7 run defense, 59.6 tackling, 79.6 pass rush, 87.1 coverage 2017 - 75.4 overall, 81.1 run defense, 56.4 tackling, 74.7 pass rush, 58.7 coverage 2016 - 75.6 overall, 85.0 run defense, 65.7 tackling, 71.3 pass rush, 48.9 coverage Morgan 2018 - 61.2 overall, 58.3 run defense, 59.0 tackling, 60.7 pass rush, 62.4 coverage 2017 - 67.1 overall, 57.7 run defense, 70.9 tackling, 68.9 pass rush, 60.4 coverage 2016 - 73.0 overall, 68.5 run defense, 52.4 tackling, 69.7 pass rush, 59.2 coverage 2015 - 60.3 overall, 55.5 run defense, 47.4 tackling, 63.4 pass rush, 60.1 coverage
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    Virus in US

    It has been but this crisis has exposed him in an even brighter light
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    9 Nines

    Virus in US

    Trump just said that the virus is friendly and it sent him a very nice letter.
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    Let's make Pick #29 *POLL ADDED*

    We're not taking an OT in round 1. Kristian Fulton CB LSU
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    Media ignoring Biden's sexual assault.

    I think this is a credible point. This is not being reported on enough, or considered fairly as far as I'm concerned. However, you can absolutely choke on your false concern here--you could care less about the wellbeing of assault victims or the credibility of anything that isn't worshipping your dear leader. Fuck off.
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    Quarantine Cooking

    Made this over the weekend: Chorizo sausage and veg soup... There is just something wonderful about how the dark greens mix with pork fat...
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    Just when the Clowney hype was dying Wyatt just lit the fuse again.
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    Since the two Trumptards are so ardently defending their leader, I hope they are taking their daily dose of Hydroxychloroquine and keeps the board updated on the benefits!
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    NFL Draft Discussion

    Not as many as there are CBs. This is a deep CB draft. I won't be shocked if we take a CB in the 1st, but there's a strong argument to taking an OT in the 1st and a CB in the 2nd, even if CB is our greatest need. Who we take will be largely based on how the draft pans out in real time.
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    whatabout Trump alert : A 50 year old man intentionally walking in on teenage girls in his pageant is the very definition of disgusting. The fact that Trump did it repeatedly and under false pretenses makes it predatory behavior, imo. Looking at an article on personality traits of social predators some things definitely sound familiar: They are entitled. They fake emotions. They must be in control. They cannot empathize. They are personable.. They act as a victim. They are never wrong. They have low self-worth.
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    7 round mock

    Nice mock Kyle... Do you have any reasoning behind your picks - I'd like to hear what makes you like the position and player you've selected... 👍
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    Just bumping and will continue to so so until November.
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    NFL Draft Discussion

    The 8 Draft Network analysts are about to drop their latest mock drafts, with not much else to discuss will post updates with who they have the Titans taking at #29 Kyle Crabbs - Titans #29 Neville Gallimore IDL Oklahoma Drae Harris - Titans #29 Zack Baun EDGE Wisconsin Joe Marino - Titans #29 AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa Carter Donnick - Titans #29 Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE Penn St. Rob Judin - Titans #29 AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa Jordan Reid - Titans #29 AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa Trevor Sikkema - Titans trade up to #21 by giving up picks #29 and #61 and take K'Lavon Chaisson EDGE LSU Benjamin Solak - Titans #29 AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa Must say for a Draft website that usually has pretty decent draft coverage the lack of knowledge of the Titans current roster state is pretty alarming, not a single guy had the Titans taking a CB and 7 of the 8 analysts had the Titans going with an EDGE player when CB and IDL is clearly a much bigger need than EDGE right now. Honestly I would be pretty disappointed if Gallimore/Baun/Epenesa were the pick and I absolutely hate the trade giving up a 2nd to move up 8 spots for Chaisson.
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    These are his literal words you fucking loser. You say "horse shit" over and over again but you can remove the fabric of reality in your head.
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    9 Nines

    Virus in US

    Thanks for sharing and doing good work.
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    Let's make Pick #29 *POLL ADDED*

    We can't draft a RT in the first round every five years and then let him go bc top RT money isn't in the budget. You can't pay every position. I'd be shocked to see another RT round 1.
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    Tua Checked by Titans Hip Doc

    I don't feel like having a 10 page discussion on this.
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    Virus in US

    I get all my news from PornHub
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    AUSTIN, Texas — Two weeks ago, amid the coronavirus pandemic, about 70 students from the University of Texas at Austin partied in Mexico on spring break. The students, all in their 20s, flew on a chartered plane to Cabo San Lucas, and some returned on separate commercial flights to Texas. Now, 44 of them have tested positive for the virus and are self-isolating. More students were monitored and tested on Wednesday, university officials said, after 28 initial positive tests. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/01/us/coronavirus-texas-austin-spring-break-cabo.html Texas.....where the smart people live and don't infect each other.
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    Virus in US

    I don't get it. No matter what the topic, Trump is always a victim. It's always someone else's fault. It's always the libtards and media going after Trump. @El Guapo, I hope your daughter remains safe and healthy during this crisis. But how is Biden's response or a hypothetical Obama response going to make sure she has the PPE and masks needed to work safely and return to her family safely? Why are you not focusing on what can the current POTUS do to keep your daughter safe?
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    Bernie Sanders Out

    How was Bernie beating Trump when he couldn't even beat Biden?
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    What does "So, I'm coming for you, kid" mean
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    Virus in US

    Yea sparse words. We have hours of video on Biden being a complete imbecile. How about the time Texans allowed hand guns into churches “Dealing with firearms, it is irrational, with all due respect to the governor of Texas, irrational what they are doing,” Biden told reporters on September 2. “On the very day, you see a mass shooting … and we’re talking about loosening access to have guns, to be able to take them into places of worship, it’s just absolutely irrational. It’s totally irrational.” The idiot is completely wrong on almost every issue but even if he was right he couldn't articulate it effectively. That irrational law proved to be the salvation of quite a few. Look, you can stand on your head to make Biden look like more than he is and ignore the reality that he is clueless and hypocritical. Here is his tweet: Biden tweeted: “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” This coming right after the travel ban. So exactly what was Biden trying to say? If you are a moron you will say whatever it takes to cover for his ass. Then of course he came back later and said Trump didn't do enough early enough. But hey, circle the wagons for the tard on that one as well. This is the best thing for Biden. Keeps him out of the public. Less talk. Less chance for people to see he is a senile idiot that can't put a sentence together.
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    Virus in US

    Found @Jamalisms
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    Virus in US

    Having rolltard on ignore, priceless.
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    Boris Johnson in intensive care

    Has the Rolltard show started yet? damn I missed a few episodes.
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    Virus in US

    Just checked the latest figure. The U.S. death rate has slowed significantly. I will post numbers later tonite.
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    Clowney Weighing Offer From Titans?

    Him having double digit sacks is not the real issue here. Again his health and consistency (he has a tendency to just disappear) and the fact that he wanted 20 million are the reasons he is unsigned. You know who else is unsigned? Markus Golden. He has 10.5 sacks. By your logic, he should have already been signed. He hasn’t because he, like Clowney, misread the market and wanted too much.
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    McCarthy and that organization broke him. I think next season will be the true test to see if he still got it, since he's having to completely rewire his brain and change the way he's played with LaFluer. He was trying too hard to carry a mediocre team with incompetent coaching to a place that it couldn't go for most of his career, and now he just makes everything harder than it needs to be. With that being said, he's had 51 TDs to 6 INTs during what has been considered a couple of disappointing seasons, which shows how unbelievably good he has been. Also, for all of the excuses Brady gets, nobody acknowledges how mediocre his supporting cast has been. Adams and Jones are good, but it's been absolute garbage for years otherwise. Getting on that subject, I had to look at these past year's highlights, and damn. I still think he's comfortably the best when he's his best
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    NFL Draft Discussion

    Have thought for a while that Gibson might not make it to our 3rd round pick at #93.
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    Why isn't Biden and his campaign ripping Trump to shreds daily, why isn't he talking about how Trump is totally botching this crisis and talking about how Trump should be voted out? The only thing I've heard him say is down play Trump's blame and say he wouldn't go so far as to say Trump has blood on his hands, why the fuck not? The Republicans would be tearing a democratic president to shreds right now.
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    9 Nines

    Virus in US

    Twitter reported there is a 10 month waiting list for child birth deliveries.
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    Factually disproven by scientists, btw. But don't let that stop you.
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    2020 Free Agency News and Rumors

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    Virus in US

    No, actually this is...
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    Hey man. My favorite positions are guards, nose guards, fullbacks, and 5 techniques. That's my shit. The work is done in the trenches man. 😂

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