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    Miami should sign Mariota, he's actually great but a lot of bad luck kept him from becoming the next Aaron Rodgers. He won a playoff game and caught his own pass. He also had some of the greatest games in NFL history. Now GTFO
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    Thoughts from after the Colts game

    #1. It is such a pleasure not to read Manning Envy after a Titans Colts game. Sucks dude. We know how you feel 10X over. Now 2-10 vs Colts in Indy. #2. I never want another nice guy at QB again. Jake Locker was adorable. Marcus is the best community guy ever. Give me the little bit of SOB that Tannehill clearly has in him. Swagger might not work in business, but it is essential in sports. When I watch Tannehill I see a guy who likes himself a little bit too much. And that is now my model for what an NFL player should be. For years I have listened to guys on this site talk about needing players with a bit of ghetto in their game. Ala Adam Jones. Just like I was wrong on Marcus, I have been wrong on this as well. Don't love the term, but the attitude is largely correct. Play with a chip on you shoulder. Have some swagger. Probably be a little too in love with yourself. As a MM fan, I hope he takes this lesson to heart from Tannehill on his next job. I still have reservations about Ryan, but in truth, I think the Titans have to sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal. He has earned it. #3. Once the Titan offensive line figures out how to work with each other (passing off stunts, slants, etc.), they are going to be dominant. You can already see it in the run blocking. Colts stacked the box knowing exactly what we were doing and largely couldn't stop it. #4. Despite the fumbles, Derrick Henry is unbelievable. He is averaging over 100 yards per game in his last 17 starts. He is catching the ball far better than advertised. He is serviceable in blitz pick up. No wiggle, but power/speed combo is unreal. #5. For all the times that Adam Viniatierri has lined up and beaten the Titans with clutch kicks, today was a helluva way to send him towards retirement. While the last FG block was 100% not on him, and despite him being a world class good guy, I could not have been happier to see him glumly sitting on sideline. He's been a Titan killer. Glad to be done with that. #6. Deen Pees called a helluva game. The Colts were able to convert a short field into 7 points, and their opening drive in the second half was a thing of beauty. After that, Pees beat Reich and that is a tough thing to do. #7. Not a lot of love here for Correa - but he played a big role today. So did guys like Orr and Smith. Which really speaks to how well JRob constructed the bottom half of the roster. Important, because free agency is going to test Titans with Tannehill, Henry, Conklin and Ryan all up for big money deals and in my opinion all deserving of them at this point in the season. #8. Succop still doesn't look right. The extra points are hooking just inside the posts. That worries the stuffing out of me in upcoming games against the Texans. #9. Love the Titans young receivers including Smith and Firkser. The Brown deep out was just a beautiful route. Humphries is now earning the contract. Davis only got two targets, but he contributes with outstanding downfield blocking. Tannehill is really benefitting from this crew. #10. Vrabel, and the boys, are earning the last laugh. I don't buy the meathead label. I think he is a helluva coach and incredible motivator. His game planning is improving as are his challenges. He is still a work in progress, but I like where he is heading. Been a while since the Titans have been this hot. I still am struggling to believe it. That said, Oilerman was right (fug it!) in claiming Mariota was bringing the whole house down. I didn't believe it. But all of a sudden we are getting complementary football -- all three units contributing. Admittedly I still have a foot on the brakes not really believing what I am seeing. But it is a lot more fun right now then it has been in some time. Keep rolling boys. You might just win Nashville fan base back.
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    A Few Thoughts

    Pretty ridiculous to comment. The boys are just playing great complimentary football. Haven't look at the board, but I will just make a few random comments. #1. 4 years - $25 million. Tannehill may be able to get even more. I suspect he is playing his best football right now. Can it continue? Why not? #2. 4 years - $44 million. Henry has earned every penny. #3. This team gives very little away with stupid penalties (now that Lewan has been neutered). Much credit to the coaching staff. #4. Speaking of the coaching staff - Arthur Smith and Dean Peas. Smith looks like a freaking genius with Tannehill behind center. Peas half time adjustments were masterful. #5. This last draft! AJ Brown. My goodness. Jeffrey Simmons. Big time. Davis, Hooker, and now Long all contributing. Really remarkable class - particularly given our draft slot and the relatively few picks that we had. #6. Tye Smith, Brock, Hooker - with Jackson, Butler and Vacarro all out - maybe the Raiders offensive coaching staff and the genius that is Jon Gruden just got outreached, but next man up was at another level today. #7. Which leads to Jonnu, Pruitt and Firkser. Delane was great in TN. That said, these guys are producing at a remarkable level. #8. Worth mentioning is how clean the Titans kept the pocket for the bulk of the day, while Davis and Saffold have really led the power running game to new heights. #9. To the disappointment - we are going to need Succop to find his confidence again. Cause the big guy isn't exactly consistent in the kick off game (can't imagine how that would translate to FG execution. #10. Saved the last note for the beauty of NFL practice squads and free agents. I see you Khari Blasingame and raise you a Khalid Raymond. Guys like Pruitt and Firkser. Tye Smith and now Brock. JRob deserves a bunch of credit. Beating Houston next week is going to be a 60 minute battle. Titans have done a remarkable job in the last seven weeks. No doubt that much of the credit goes to the change at QB. But there are a whole lot of guys contributing to this success -- though unassailably true, it all begins and began with the move to Tannehill.
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    Evans and Landry

    Guys, Landry is really good. Like really good. He caused an INT, got another sack. Who's the last double digit sack player we've had? The guy chases QBs all over the field. Imagine what he'll look like after Simmons is 100%.
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    Henry is amazing, dude is clearly hurt and just glides for long yards
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    Thoughts from after the Colts game

    I'm sorry sir, this is not a 49ers message board.
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    The difference between his role here and Miami is he's not having to carry the team on his back by himself. He now has a top notch defense and run game to lean on, so his mistakes aren't as back breaking. Also much better coaching and surrounding talent here.
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    As much as I'm loving this run I'm also loving how terrible Mariota must feel watching it unfold as he stands on the sideline wearing his helmet like a dunce hat
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    Raymond is about 500x better than Taywan Taylor was
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    "Mariota doesn't get nearly enough credit for the current winning streak!"
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    Thoughts from after the Colts game

    I feel like I keep noticing Landry more and more each week. He is disruptive as hell and he’s always hustling to the ball from the back end on run plays away from his side. I still can’t believe we got him in the 2nd.
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    Trayvon Martin Hoax

    Have you seen how many incidents Zimmerman has gotten himself into since? He's human fucking garbage. Little Earl's type of guy!
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    More Tannehill praise from NFLN

    Things don't have to be an exact one to one in terms of severity to be comparable. It's literally a re-hash of the biggest QB cliche there is. If someone said this about Mariota you'd lose your shit and you know it. Be consistent.
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    Panthers fire Ron Rivera

    Hey, once upon a time Fisher hung the moon. I may not like the coach he became but I love the coach he was back in the day. The 99-03 Titans were a hell of an out for anyone.
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    Titans fans are well aware of Tannehill's history. Fortunately, the Titans have assembled a roster that doesn't require the QB to carry the offense or do a lot of heavy lifting. They have a relatively conservative run-oriented philosophy with lots of high-percentage short- and intermediate throws in the passing game. Tannehill has been an excellent fit so far. He's had games where he wasn't particularly sharp overall....but he made throws to extend drives at critical junctures and he's been efficient and highly effective in the red zone. He hasn't been asked to throw it a ton....but when the team needed someone to step up and make a play, he's answered the bell. It's possible that having him throw 40 times a game would emphasize the shortcomings that were his undoing in Miami. But over the past several weeks, we've already seen many of those shortcomings....too many sacks, too many fumbles, inconsistent pocket awareness, spotty accuracy on deep throws. He's had his share of mistakes....and when they happened, the rest of the team found a way to compensate and overcome them. The Titans aren't the best team in the league. They don't have a roster stacked with talent or an utterly dominant defense or an unstoppable offense. But the team is built in a way where all the pieces fit together to complement one another; the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts....and that includes the QB position. I doubt Tannehill would ever be mentioned as one of the league's elite QBs.....but for the way this team is built and they way they're playing, he's a near-perfect fit.
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    The Titans have 500 yards of offense, are 6 for 8 on 3rd down and are averaging 10.6 yds per play That's amazing
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    Good read The elite argument aside, one thing that top tier QB's do is execute their piece consistently. Tannehill has absolutely done that. Pineapple Tebow? Not so much. Just more proof that the problem all along was Mariota and that it was completely asinine to wait six real games to fix it.
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    Message to Arthur Smith

    Message from Art Smith: He doesn’t give a fuck about your message and is gonna keep running Henry as much as possible. Btw, complaining about Arthur Smith at this point it just transparently asinine.
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    We would have easily won that game with Tannehill.
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    Even if they pay Henry I still target a RB
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    AJ Brown Over/Under

    A better question is where is he ranked overall in the entire league. His run after the catch skills are among the best in the league right now.
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    A Few Thoughts

    Yep, sure do, and there are a few of the haters (like 95% of the fans hated him or thought he'd never be "good") are starting to crack...the few of us that have always defended him are loving it.
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    Week 14: Titans @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    Remember when Adoree returned kicks. How fucking useless was that guy?
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    The Titans have 3 freaks with the ball in their hands at different positions Henry, AJ and Jonnu and Davis is damn good in that regard too
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    100 fucking percent agree on all fucking points.
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    Trayvon Martin Hoax

    Zimmerman, on the 911 call said "OH NO HE IS RUNNING". Zimmerman LEFT HIS CAR. He stalked the kid and got his ass whipped and like a pussy coward, he murdered him.
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    More Tannehill praise from NFLN

    Mariota and Grasu frolicking around with some dogs doesn't exactly paint a picture of grid-iron grit. I'll grant you that.
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    Delanie on his playing future

    Obviously he would have to take a pay cut, but I would love to see Walker retire as a Titan.
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    I think the 2nd contract goes beyond Henry though. A lot of teams are just not going to pay 13 M or so for a RB no matter how good they are given the track record. I also think his value to a team like the Titans is greater though so we'll see. The risk is that it costs you somebody else down the line.
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    There’s so much humour in somebody using “PSS” and right after calling them a moron. Its PPS. Post Post Scriptum. Dumbass.
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    They beat the Steelers, Seahawks, Patriots, Texans, Rams and 49ers, all of which are at least 2 over .500 or will be in about a half hour.
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    It was something like 10.6 yds per play before the Titans started running out the clock with Lewis and taking a knee
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    Dems lost in 2016 because they thought they had it in the bag and too many didn’t bother to turn out to vote.
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    Week 14: Titans @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    Tannehill is a way bigger priority than Henry. It's not even close.
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    Carr only has 52 yards passing in the 2nd half.
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    That 'warning' is looking more and more like scaremongering non-sense with each passing game.
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    The halftime adjustments for the defense have been great this year. Let’s hope it stays that way.
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    More Tannehill praise from NFLN

    Processing information faster is not the same as being smarter. You have incorrectly repeated this ad naseum.
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    PFF says Dak is the second most valuable player this season. That in of itself is hilarious. On top of that being hilarious.... PFF back in August of this year said he's not worth top QB money. Aside from his average QB stats, his team sits at 6-6 doing everything they can to lose the shitty division they are lucky to be in. He's in the MVP race according to these paid professionals? Lmao.
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    Week 14 Early Games

    TD Broncos!!!!
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    AOC was right about Amazon in NY

    Bernie Sanders is not crazy and there is nothing socialist(in the bad way) about his ideas. What's crazy is the shit that's been going on, which Biden in many cases has supported and voted for And AOC might be the smartest person in the House or Senate. She's possibly a genius
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    Titans see Tannehill as Future

    Same one who told her the coaches weren't completely sold on MM as the starter, which was correct The Nashville media and the homers attacked her too......lol
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    No one needs hindsight to know that you don’t pick a WR at 5. It’s a cardinal sin that almost always fails.
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    CD does fine with his opportunities. IMO he is way better than Dyson. He just isn't Julio. People that say he sucks are tards. He might be a real good #2 type guy who would be lighting it up in a pass happy offense with a comparable or better guy across from him. He and Brown would both be over 100 yards if they played with Brees. However, that isn't our winning formula. Our objective isn't to see how many 300-400 yard games Tannehill can get. I believe if we had to throw more we have the weapons to get it done. But right now it is more important to let Henry have his carries and set the team up to win in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Hard to be disappointed when Humphries, Brown and CD are all getting critical catches. Even Sharpe and Raymond are contributing when they have opportunities. Raymond's TD was partly because of CD and Brown getting more attention leaving him free to run deep.
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    What the hell @MadMax?? You've been getting free shit this whole time??
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    Give Tannehill whatever he wants

    Bummer to see Josh Allen right in the middle...
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    I can't believe I'm saying this but Brady is out there missing open receivers. Everyone up here is blaming the supporting cast but this is on Brady as much as anyone. His mind is still sharp as he rarely fails to find the open guy but when he tries to get the ball there he's off in ways he never has been.
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    Interesting Henry and Titans Stat

    Henry is a stud RB ever since his epiphany mid 2018 when his career was in the balance. He's improved on all of his weaknesses.
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    things are bouncing our way...that's better sometimes than being the best team out there. ride the wave
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    It's another example of alternative facts. A significant number of his supporters believe he's a self-made billionaire who obtained his wealth by being a great businessman. It's like they only know Trump from the Apprentice reality show. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/01/17/many-voters-think-trumps-a-self-made-man-what-happens-when-you-tell-them-otherwise-224019