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    My analysis?:
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    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

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    John DeFilippo fired

    Cousins is killing the franchise!
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    Over exposed? Pfft. We played pretty damn good in all but one of those games so fuck him. Exposure is what helps get a guy like Casey's name out there. He's arguing against his own argument.
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    I'm kind of excited to see what Firkser looks like with more playing time. How long can he keep that streak alive?
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    Completely agree. However, I'm convinced Henry's limitations in the passing game are greatly overstated. IMO, the criticism is based more in groupthink than meaningful analysis. One of the biggest criticisms has been Henry's pass blocking and blitz pickup. This was certainly an issue in his first couple years, and he hasn't been asked to do it often this year.....but when asked to do so, he has stepped up to the plate and has done so effectively. Until we see an instance of Henry allowing a pressure or sack or failing to pick up a blitz *this year*, I think we can safely assume he has improved this area of his game from year two to year three. The other criticism is that he can't catch the ball out of the backfield; I have absolutely no idea where this comes from. Not that he's amazing at it...but his hands are reliable and he's shown that he can catch the ball and be productive in the passing game. At worst, we could say his receiving skills are average for a RB. It's not the strongest area of his game....but he's quite capable of doing it. I don't know where people get the idea that he can't do it...but those opinions clearly aren't based on game film or performance analysis.
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    Is he ruining the franchise?
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    I was going to set rolltide up to look like a fool, but I don't have the time or patience for that today and I suspect he has already bit hard on the "muh Uranium" nonsense repeatedly. Uranium is just a commodity, like oil or coal. Canada is the 2nd largest producer of uranium in the world. They sell to everybody. The idea that a small fraction of global production from US soil was trucked up to Canada and then sold to our enemies is laughable. They have their own material to sell if they so choose. Again, uranium is just a commodity. You and I can buy it on the spot market. Prices have collapsed since Fukushima. Producers would gladly sell it to you right now at around $25ish/Lb (haven't looked at this in a few months). These are ten year lows. Nobody wants this shit, other than us. North Korea has its own stash. They use it for nuclear power. So do we. So do the Russians. Taking uranium the commodity and turning it into a nuclear bomb takes a lot of work and a lot of technology. Let's start with some facts. This might help those with reasonable minds understand what the current uranium production picture looks like as it relates to the US. I'm going to use 2017 data and i'm sourcing from US Energy Information Administration. In 2017, the United States had a total production number of 2.4 million pounds of U308, 16% less than 2016. Keep this figure in mind. In 2017, US nuclear reactors purchased 43 million pounds of U308, down 15% from 2016. 7% of this material was US origin uranium, the other 93% came from several different countries, the bulk of which were Australia and Canada. Kazakhstan and ***GASP**** Russia were also major exporters of uranium for US consumption. I use this information to demonstrate just how small the US is in the global picture of production vs. US demand to feed nuclear reactors. Much of the US material is being gobbled up by US reactors. We are highly reliant on the kindness of strangers to fuel our uranium needs. Uranium 1 was a Canadian company that was bought by Russians. The US never depended on the properties in Wyoming for its uranium supply. The US is the world's leading consumer of uranium as roughly 20% or so of our electricity is powered by nuclear. The US imports most of its uranium and quite a bit of that uranium came from Russian warheads in the now defunct Megatons to Megawatts deal where Russian's down blended their nuclear warheads and sent the uranium feed to the US. That ended in 2013. You probably didn't know this, but the Russians and US have been bed partners in the uranium market for decades. This isn't some sort of scandal. It's just a commodity like oil or gas. The official name of this was "Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the United States of America Concerning the Disposition of Highly-Enriched Uranium Extracted from Nuclear Weapons", dated February 18, 1993 and lasted until Dec. 2013. The net result of this program took 500 tonnes of Russian warhead grade material which was converted to nearly 15,000 tonnes of low enriched uranium used in nuclear power plants. The first Bush announced this agreement which endured through Republican and Democrats administrations. Russia and the US are not mortal enemies when it comes to uranium. Russia legitimately acquired 51% of Uranium One. The shareholders overwhelmingly agreed to this purchase. I know, I was one of them that voted for it and enjoyed the premium paid. Why did Russia want Uranium One? Because of their mining operations in Kazakhstan. This acquisition was never about the facilities that produce uranium in the US. They have been and are for sale right now. They. Don't. Want them. This is from the World Nuclear Association, assessing the US Mining and Exploration current picture, updated in Sept. 2018. Posted below to show just how inconsequential US production of uranium is vs. the rest of the world and further, just how small Uranium One's production is in the United States. Pay special attention to the final paragraphs that show that U1 conspiracy whack jobs have no idea what they are talking about - Uranium One wants to sell off it's US assets. They were NEVER after US uranium. The entirety of this Russian purchase of a CANADIAN company hinged on acquiring properties in Kazakhstan. The US is a rounding error in all this.... tl;dr Uranium is not scarce or super valuable. It's literally everywhere, including sea water. It's costly to mine and you have to process it and then refine it and enrich it but at the end of the day, you can buy all the uranium you want for about $25/Lb. This whole notion that uranium is some sort of strategic reserve that we need to stockpile is ludicrous. You know who one of the biggest sellers of uranium has been over the last 15 years? The US DOE which sold sloppily into the spot market to raise cash. Much of their material came from.....wait for it.......... THE RUSSIANS!!!!
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    That's why we're getting all the 'exposure' on TV this year. The NFL is preparing the nation for the Titans to turn the corner and be relevant. Along with the 2019 Draft in Nashville, and more exposure next season, the decade of dominance (2020-2030) will begin soon enough!
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    Hi stupid, This didn't happen. You're posting about fairy tales. Find better news sources. Thanks! - Smart people
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    John DeFilippo fired

    Funny, guy gets fired but we need him.
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    We really need a thread merge because no longer sure where to put all this stuff. It appears our little Reheaded Russian spy/honey pot (to each his own) has reached a plea deal, or likely has, which means she likely is cooperating. Just because I know it is hard to keep up with all of the numerous Russian contacts with Trump, this is the gal that was honey-potting the Republican congressman, and was knee-deep with the NRA. She also, but the craziest of coincidences, was the gal that asked the first question at one of Trump's rallies/town halls while on the campaign trail. And, get this, it was a total softball question that allowed Trump to grandstand about Russia and sanctions. Man, what a coincidence! https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/12/10/politics/maria-butina-plea/index.html?__twitter_impression=true
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    They also may feel that playing him this year is not doing anyone any good.
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    John DeFilippo fired

    Let this be a lesson to us OC/DC experts lol.
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    Collinsworth slide

    Thanks a lot. I'm not going to be able to not notice this shit now.
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    Giants scare me

    If we can't beat a losing team like the Giants we shouldn't be in the playoffs anyway.
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    Per Schefter. Injury prone.
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    The 99-Yard Run

    99 yard run jersey has made it to the HoF...
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    After years of seeing Rivers and company come up short and loving it, I actually don't mind seeing him do good this year, for some reason. Hell, the dude ain't missed a game since what, like 2005? lol Fuck it, roll on powder blue.
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    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    It's even stranger for an accused to win on appeal after a guilty plea. LOL but that little earl's scenario because the violation of campaign finance law in this case wasn't really a felony. Think about that....Cohen pled and his lawyers and the judge allowed him to go to jail for something that wasn't a serious crime.
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    John DeFilippo fired

    No thanks. Do not need to be switching systems completely again.
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    Hi stupid, I specifically noted it as speculation and titled it Reading Between The Lines. Learn to read and if you need help discerning the meaning of words, ask a friend... assuming you have them. Thanks! - Smart people