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    This is the perfect issue for republicans to put some distance between themselves and Trump. All they have to do is act like they are supporting the troops, hold hearings and demand some answers. If they aren't willing to do it now, then it won't happen.
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    Shouldn't he be firing the people responsible for not notifying him? Oh that's right, they told him and he's a liar
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    I don’t follow punters, which I assume doesn’t place me in the minority. But I’ve been watching Brett Kern punt for a decade, and some of those years featured ALOT of punts (2014 anybody). And I can say with confidence that there’s no way in hell there’s 4 guys that do it better then he does.....
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    A number of people have been banned for actively racist postings after being warned that bans would happen. That many of them identify with Trump politics probably isn't a coincidence. If I banned everyone I disagreed with, it would just be me here posting awkward jokes to myself.
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    Virus in US

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    Trump Racist Movement

    Ted Lieu is very wrong. American people are that stupid.
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    Virus in US

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    Any other time/president, this would be the single biggest scandal in US history.
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    Virus in US

    This idiot just said we shouldn't listen to the foremost experts on public health and infectious disease because Rand Paul, the biggest idiot of them all, says we shouldn't. you can't fix stupid.
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    Virus in US

    damn... you're dumber than i thought.
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    Is it me or is this not being heavily talked about? I figured this would be on every channel, every web site. Every Tweet. Instead it's just like, "yeah, ho hum. More fucked up Trump shit." If this were Obama the Right would "Benghazi" this shit for years and years and use it as a fucking battle cry for the next decade plus.
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    Can't nobody tell him nothin.
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    Virus in US

    Branch Covidians!
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    Will the NFL start on time?

    Yeah, it’s called wearing a mask and setting a good example instead of making this partisan. It’s called reacting with the full force of the government instead acting like it isn’t real for / months out golfing and having rallies. It’s called not dismantling the pandemic team, removing an insider from Wuhan in September (oops), and throwing away the pandemic playbook which I’ve personally read and thought was very well put together. It’s called taking blame and being agile in times of crisis. We couldn’t have asked for a worse president to deal with this; and honestly I don’t really care what side of the isle someone is on, because if they can’t see that they’re too stupid to converse with.
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    Virus in US

    Oh, yeah...this explanation makes a TON of sense. The rest of the world's countries have shut down their economies and they're sacrificing their own citizens' lives by the tens of thousands in order to help America's religious right shut down bars . Yeah, that's some real friggin' genius there. Wake the F up. Despite what some seem to believe..... COVID isn't an "America" issue or a political debate. This pandemic had a dramatic and unprecedented effect on literally every country in the world. The rest of the world doesn't give a shit about America's bipartisan infighting and internal dysfunction. They don't care about any of our right-wing/left-wing agendas or about trying to make Trump look good or bad.....they're too busy trying to keep their own countries from collapsing while their own citizens are dying. And then some idiot Facebook wacko sees his local watering hole shut down and decides the whole thing is a hoax aimed at shutting down bars. Jesus.
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    Trump Racist Movement

    God level trolling.
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    Even if he wasn't briefed (he was), why isnt he condemning it now and condemning Russia?
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    Virus in US

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    Confederate flag vs Rainbow flag

    Right. This is the thing--the Bible has been translated numerous times with a variety of agendas. Most Christians do not even perform a thematic reading of their own Bible. Biblical, religious, and Christian discourse is based on cultural context and in America is incredibly devoid of engaging with historical context. Every single (and there are not many at all) biblical mentions of homosexuality rely on questionable translation or are taken out of context of the original passage to fit into conservative narratives. Here's a great reddit thread where someone succinctly goes into the issue of translation and the Bible: https://np.reddit.com/r/Christianity/comments/hf4wc9/i_personally_feel_that_homosexuality_is_sinfulnot/fvw0b5d/?context=1 "The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin," "I don’t mean to sound accusatory. I believe you when you say you think the Bible teaches that it is a sin. You’re welcome to that opinion of course, and I don’t fault you for being mistaken. The use of the word “clear” comes across as disingenuous to me in this context though. Whether or not the Bible “clearly” calls homosexuality a sin depends entirely on which translation you purchase. That pretty much means it is not clear, at least not to all reasonable and educated believers. For example, whether or not a Bible clearly says God is love doesn’t depend on which translation you buy. They all agree as to that teaching because there are no extremely rare words with disputable ancient meanings in the passages that teach God is love. That’s simply not the case with homosexuality. All the passages that condemn it “clearly” depend on which translation you buy and rely on highly questionable translation choices regarding some of the most rare words in Christian history that scholars endlessly come to various conclusions about. If that means it is “clear” to someone, then someone doesn’t seem to be looking at the facts at hand honestly. Some translate the Greek word αρσενοκοιταις (clearly condemned in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and pronounced "arsenokoitais") as “homosexuals,” but the evidence seems to indicate that’s not what it most likely means. Such translations defend themselves by saying it is a compound word from "a man" and "to lie with.” However, the way to understand the meaning of compound words is not to simply combine them and guess the nearest meaning that social conservatives hate. For instance, the way to see what butterfly means is not to combine “butter” with “fly” and guess it means greasy, hip looking insects. The way to understand what a word means is to see how it is used by the people that spoke it. The word αρσενοκοιταις ("arsenokoitais") is probably the rarest word in the New Testament. One of the earliest recorded uses we have of it in church teachings, after the Apostle Paul wrote the passage in question, has John the Faster (a teacher in the early Greek Church) use it to describe abuse by a man on a woman. So the early church literally could not have understood it to mean “homosexual.” It seems to be a word that can refer to a type of sin that can occur in either heterosexual or homosexual contexts. It likely means something akin to sexual abuser. Some translations reflect it as “abusers...”, some as “perverts,” some as pedophiles, etc. in their attempt to get at the most accurate meaning. Other translations just toss homosexuals in there and sell billions of dollars worth of ink to people desperate for a “clear enough” passage. Now it has certainly come to mean ‘homosexual’ to later Christian conservatives. However, the question isn’t what it means to them, to you, nor to me. The question is what does it mean to the people it was written to. The churches spent days, weeks, years with the author. How did the earlier church understand the meaning of the word? That’s how it should be reflected in translations of their letters. As one of the most rare words in not only the New Testament but in all of ancient Greece as we know it, it is ripe for twisting and mis-reflection, as 2 Peter 3:16 indicates some want to do especially to passages by Paul like this. A few socially conservative translations have twisted this word, pretty much as was prophesied. Not all English translations. Just the ones that scratch the conservative ear just right. All the passages that condemn homosexuality either depend on which translation you buy or else require interpreting a passage more broadly than it is written. For example Romans 1, while it does condemn some homosexual acts as sinful regardless of translation, in context it actually condemns homosexual acts occurring “because of” idolatry. Saying that means homosexuality is a sin would be like saying a passage against prostitution means all heterosexuality is sin. I don’t think you’re unreasonable for thinking homosexuality is a sin. However, I think it is willful blindness to tell yourself that it is “clearly” taught as sinful in the Bible. but so is looking at a woman in a bikini. looking? No. Lusting after another’s wife, lusting for promiscuity? Yeah, I’d tend to agree with you there What if a woman asks, "Does this dress make my butt look big?" and you think it does. Is it a sin to lie to her? If your woman asks that, just say you like big butts and you cannot lie. I see it like smoking cigarettes. Yes, smoking can cause cancer, but at this point I think everyone knows that. Nagging about something they have committed to isn't going to help. As long as you understand the consequences of your actions, IMO it's between you and God. I see it like picking grain on the Sabbath back in the day. It can be wrong in some contexts, it is fine in others, but the Pharisees among us are going to condemn it and many other things that bother their conservative preferences in all contexts, regardless of what God tries to tell them *Edit: Changed “The earliest use of it...” to “One of the earliest recorded uses we have of it...” because I’ve learned there are indeed a few earlier references to arsenokoitais being used after Apostle Paul, in church teachings, and prior to John the Faster’s use; so I don’t want to mislead anyone. Nonetheless, the actual earliest (apparently in Acts of John) lists it among robbers and swindlers which tends to give credence to “abusers...” and similar translations. John the Faster’s usage is still significant because it shows Christians definitely used and understood it in references to heterosexual acts too. So regardless it cannot have meant homosexual to many in early historic Christianity and likely didn’t mean it at all." Thinking about the actual history and translation of the Bible as something we can understand is ironically a big threat to many folks sense of Christianity.
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    Why can’t you have both?
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    BAHAHA Judge Tosses Trump Family Attempt to Block Mary Trump’s Tell-All https://www.thedailybeast.com/judge-tosses-trump-family-attempt-to-block-mary-trumps-tell-all
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    Fucking camp fodder......
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    Titans Announce 3 Front Office Hires

    He was in line for some team president jobs. Big wig NFL league office guy. His father was the first African American judge to serve as Chief Justice in the Tennessee Supreme Court. The Criminal Justice building downtown housing the courts is the AA Birch Criminal Justice Building. But he is a big wig exec for the NFL and was rumored to be in the running for next team president back years ago.
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    Banning someone automatically hides all of their posts but moderators can still view them. And I notify in the moderator forum about what and why every time. Some shit you plebes just don't get to know but I do appreciate the conspiracy theory as it makes me seem more powerful and confirms I'm in your head. While I'm here, listen closely: Racist posts will get you banned. Don't try me.
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    Virus in US

    Because even cases which don't kill in the short term can lead to spread which, over time, will inevitably lead to more hospitalizations and death. That's just the nature of spread and the embedded rush of it reaching various populations. We're already at a place where the CDC says that containing this will be extremely difficult because of the spread that we now have. And obviously that sets aside the fact that you won't know whether or not the cases you are seeing lead to hospitalizations and death until it's too late. You can't take for granted that the results of one week will be the same as the result of another week. Aren't you a doctor or something? The extreme short-sightedness that your post represents is absolutely distressing and part and parcel of why this country will end up having to continue shutting down in various places in and varying degrees. It inhibits economic and social recovery.
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    I've been watching Reconstruction: America After the Civil War and it really underscores the importance of picking a VP who is best for the job instead of someone who seems electorally advantageous. Andrew Johnson was selected as VP just so Lincoln could have a pro-war Democrat on his ticket for electoral reasons. Then he ended up winning in a landslide anyway. The way Johnson handled Reconstruction after Lincoln was assassinated helped keep us on the path we're still on today instead of what could have been a much better path had Lincoln, or someone more like him, been president. Johnson's seen as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents of all time.
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    More Corruption

    Obama telling Putin he could bargain better after the election is standard, truthful and normal type negotiations with an advisory To compare that to what Trump has done for Putin is laughable, dishonest and the biggest reach ever. Take your excuse making bullshit elsewhere
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    Virus in US

    Unfortunately, a number of the most regular posters couldn't observe even the most rudimentary appearance of human decency and got banned. There's honestly only a few of the most frequent conservative voices left. Hopefully others step in and present rational, thoughtful perspectives ... that don't include blatant and willful racism.
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    KKKaren confused over Confederate history

    I imagine most of the GOP will basically be saying they "blacked out" during Trump's presidency.
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    Corono Bowl 2020
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    Can you sue someone for using your own words against you?
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    We tearin this muthafucka down!

    This statue stuff doesn't interest me much. If they offend minorities then I'm not bothered by that group wanting to take them down. I have no doubts in some cases people go too far wanting some of them taken down and I assumed this was one of the cases. After seeing the statue in question it def looks offensive regardless of the backstory. And nothing cracks me up more than the fake outrage about the statues. You(white people) don't give a rats ass about the statues and you never did. You don't care about the history involved or whatever bullshit reason given for not wanting them taken down. You don't like black people protesting about them or even vandalizing them. It's a lot like the fake outrage over taking a knee during the anthem.
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    Virus in US

    Those people consume disinformation non stop, they don't know what true reality is
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    More Corruption

    These Republicans are complete pieces of shit

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