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  2. He was prosecuted by Obama’s DOJ. Now he is being prosecuted by Biden’s.
  3. He won't play here again. Chestnut is playing STs ok, and could be Henry's future replacement. Catches well. More like a Foreman. No reason to keep him.
  4. Henry is about 80% of what he was. Speed is down. Can't cut as quick. Can be brought down one on one by most anyone on D by going below the knees. At least the hasn't fumbled yet. Still has that straight ahead power for short yardage. More like a great FB than RB.
  5. Now they are claiming that with Chubb gone Watson will be better. He hated running out of that set. His stats with the Browns were terrible compared to the Texans. They made him play under center to give Chubb a head start before the handoff. Remind you of anyone else?
  6. They are going to miss him. Bayless was almost in tears.
  7. Henry is a good two down RB who has freakish size/speed(or did). But he's probably the most overrated player in the entire league and has been. That's not to say he's not a good player You could argue his durability with the workload is off the charts but he missed half a season Murray was better, Foreman easily replaced him and Spears is better
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  9. ^^^Let us know when you advocate for Trump to be locked up for any of his 91 indictments.
  10. Get off your high horse. A Democrat governor will appoint another Democrat to take his place. When he was in trouble before, Democrats went out of their way to support him because Christie was governor. Both parties play politics. Your insistence on some moral high ground for a party is ignorant, wrongheaded, and untrue.
  11. It's pretty funny to me that the same dumbass who says Byard isn't any good is also in the camp talking shit about Henry. Coincidence?
  12. Two calf strains in less than two months the Bengals are probably fearful of a Rodgers/Durant situation where you have guys with calf issues turning into an increased risk of an Achilles rupture which both did.
  13. One other thing, and granted this is just my opinion, but I always agreed with Jerry Reese when he was the Giants GM back in the day about the LT spot. Reese was a huge positional value guy, he always drafted edge, corner, WR. Even when he had plenty of each. The fans ripped him for ignoring LBer & safety but he knew those were the big 3 spots after QB of course. But he never included LT in there: He always said it was much more important to have a strong 5 than to hyper focus on LT. Those Giants teams always had very strong interiors & Kareem McKenzie was a very good RT. But he just plugged guys like David Diehl in at LT. For years their line steamrolled in the running game & gave Eli plenty of time. Once again, just me, but I pretty much agree with him on that approach.
  14. I was very partial to Skoronski before the draft, but I’m even more ecstatic we picked him. First off, while this appendix thing sucks, it’s pretty obvious that we got the rare “dude”, that from day 1 it’s clear you nailed the pick. Game one he was as solid as it gets. I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that he’s going to be stud as soon as he comes back. He was by far the best OL in this draft, The only non-QB that I thought was a better prospect was Will Anderson. Maybe Jalen Carter but he had a ton of red flags. He was the safest OL pick & the biggest upside. The short arms are an issue but how about the rest of the combine? The dude is super strong & very explosive. The narrative of him as an average athlete & just a good technician was so far off. I also still think the team sees him as the LT of the future. They didn’t know how the draft would go so they signed a LT in FA & it just made more sense to play Skoronski at LG. There was an opening & it was the same side he played. Broderick Jones got beat out by Dan Moore & isn’t playing. Paris Johnson & Anton Harrison are getting killed. Darnell Wright has supposedly been pretty solid. It’s not surprising, PS was much better than all these guys Even if they decide to keep him at LG & he becomes truly elite, he’s well worth the pick. Positional value is important but not nearly as much as getting the right player. The only guy I’d say who went after our pick that was possibly elite at a premier spot was Christian Gonzalez, but we have plenty of corners. We got one of the 3 elite position players in the draft. I’m just not taking a “solid” LT over an elite guard. Our OL was awful, we needed to get better across the board. You don’t do that forcing a LT pick.
  15. This was a thread in the OT section. Not football related at all. It was a marijuana thread and whether or not it made you smarter. Anyway, it was just a long ass thread until someone (cough...CMJ) found a pic of CTF w/sunglasses on and posted it on that thread. Anyway, we all made fun of him being...well fat. He tried to counter by posting pics of him doing other..stuff. He was still fat. This led to the infamous pic where he totally goofed on the month. I honestly, don't remember what led to him totally going postal. I remember legaltitan trying to help him and he turned on poor legal. This was just before that thread got nuked and he left for good. But it did it lead to this insightful, and deep, and obviously, painstaking meticulous photo created by a certain mod:
  16. This is a really terrible argument. Spears is a legit weapon regardless of Henry.
  17. Can he please just sit out one more week after this?
  18. There was talk back during Libya's revolution that what happened to Gaddafi terrified him.
  19. I always thought RB was the most fun position to talk about & debate after QB. My Dad & I used to talk about the great backs all the time. I still say, as big a scumbag as he is, OJ might’ve been the most talented back ever. He was probably the most natural looking runner ever…..
  20. I don’t recall. Which one was that? I remember the huge thread where we all debated the early 90’s Oilers & how they’re strengths were really in the OL & defense & the WR’s were very overrated, but they had the rep as a high flying team with Run n Shoot. I remember CTF really argued against this & felt the WR’s were great. Also I believe OMan & I, amongst others, felt Moon was overrated & McNair was clearly the better QB. CTF got riled up in that one.
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