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  2. Succop was money for us for years. He was extremely consistent and acccurate. Yes his limit was 55 yards or less but I am pretty sure he hit a 60 yarder for us not long ago. if he is back to his form and able to knockdown anything within 50 yards and his cap is at 53-57 then yes resign him.
  3. That is like asking A person with tourette's to stfu. But here it is not rude since he is just a dumb ass abd not disabled.
  4. I remember them running ads non stop here featuring Hank Williams Jr., who was real big back then, claiming Gore was going to take everybody's guns from them.
  5. The real issue is there is absolutely no consensus on meaningful police reform. You have one side claiming none is needed and 99.whatever percentage of cops are virtuous saints and people on the other extreme wanting to fire the whole department. For all the criticism they got, the Obama DOJ actually made concrete efforts to indentify problem departments and try and come up with solutions for those departments. Trump wants to pretend it's 1968 all over again.
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  7. Was it that was with Clinton/Gore? I dont remember. It's usually a good thing when people have different viewpoints working on things together for the better... rather than just spouting the company line and happy to get paid not to think.
  8. I'm guessing its a humidity/temp thing and that those balls aren't brand new
  9. Maybe but unless he found a better dealer than lewan we should go another way.
  10. You have to wonder about the testing resources that would be required to keep a 90+ college football along with coaches, trainers, etc up and running in states that are already strapped in that regard. And while big time schools generate more than enough revenue; if they're playing in empty stadiums and the TV money gets inevitably reduced because of fewer games and watered down schedules the margins will disappear and that would also enter into the decisions being made; especially at public universities already strapped for cash.
  11. You should start a thread on it. That way we don’t have to hear about it in every thread you decide to comment in.
  12. Lol trump just can’t help but to be a misogynist and his base loves it
  13. Even I dont think web was that much of a retard and this is him during his interview.
  14. He was 2 pushups short of the 2 pushups required to play
  15. Dont even excel at football. If they did they would be called the sec or acc.
  16. He couldn't kick a 60 yard fg when he played for us. He was auto from under 50 and that was what made him good.
  17. Someone needs to tell Biden Kamala died a few days ago
  18. They excel at football, not math...
  19. Brees hasn’t thrown the ball deep for a couple years now. He dominates in the short to mid range passes. Anything beyond 25 yards he has been minimal attempts and success. Their 2 best offensive players are best in the range that Brees is great at so they are built for it. Thomas was only targeted 3 times on passes 21+ yards.
  20. It's interesting to me that it doesn't seem to matter who is leading the Democracts ticket, or who is chosen as VP on it - there will always be perceived friction between the two in direction and style, either based on past experience and stances or just personality. Actually I can't really remember if there was in 2016, if not perhaps that was a bad sign, but it seems to be a common enough theme. Where as the Republican ticket seems immune to this. There is usually some criticism for suitability for the role in general, but fairly proportionally so (e.g. Palin was considered far less suitable than Pence). It seems to be assumed that the Republican VP will form in line and be pretty much a featureless figure head. Perhaps a commentary on the differences between the two parties.
  21. We should bring him in and get a competition going between him and Joseph.
  22. I hate their stupid logo, there aren't even 10 teams in the conference anymore. The name of the conference should reflect the number of teams in it.
  23. Beasley was a waste of $9.5M, hopefully with the market drying up they can get Clowney for about the same amount plus incentives.
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