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  2. Every nfl game basically comes down to the following: Turnovers Redzone efficiency on both off/def 3rd down efficiency on both off/def
  3. You and Joel are off the rails on this kick. We are 8-3 at the top of the conference due to our amazing depth. Yeah, he’s missed like all GMs, but we have one of the most talented and deep rosters in the league.
  4. Who do you think built this championship contending team? He's a good GM by any standard. He'll he may be great by some. Amirite @tgo?
  5. I think it is even more simple than that! Just score more points than them. Boom.
  6. No doubt but the risk was having a less effective offense and little to no depth at the skill positions. I would have preferred adding a little more at WR and TE rather than settling for Rogers, Johnson and Swaim. No one thinks the Titans should have paid Davis and Smith what they got in FA. That's not what the debate is about.
  7. I know it was my pipe dream that is all I know it is not happening. But I do hope he changes his drafting FA philosophy and his scouting staff, and training staff that is all.
  8. There is absolutely no nuance in this discussion from some people here, its possible to be frustrated and critical with some of his recent roster moves (mainly 2020/2021 offseasons) but also think he is the right man to be the GM for this team.
  9. post spamming doesn't make you cool fuck you retard trolls. You're not cool.
  10. You realize jrob is Vrabel's boss right? He is an EVP. Some of you are completely delusional on how this team is run. Let me help you. Both jrob and Vrabel are safe. Jrob is safer.
  11. My cousin (who's a cop) tried to recruit me to be a sheriff's deputy in his county. I told him I couldn't ever be a cop because they imprison people for eating plants while real criminals get paid millions upon billions for their time. We need to live in a world where everyone is allowed (and tries) eating mushrooms then sitting in a bathtub for hours while emotions as real as their hand in front of their face reshapes their perception of society. -my take after spending my Saturday blasted sideways holding my head in a bathtub. I need to see how the structu
  12. For starters I'm sure everyone knew this movie was coming eventually. But to us Titan fans.... ya'll know how that movie is going to end, right? I wonder of they'll build up the Titans as they're getting to the climactic scene or will they focus completely on the Rams? I could easily see them building up the Titans as some sort of villan and potential spoiler to his story book ending.
  13. May I ask you something about fire to see if the fire department actions during fire and after seem normal if it indicates something is not right?
  14. If his first priority is not resigning Laundry he needs to be fired. How long has it taken this team to find a pass rusher? He needs to stop with getting rid of homegrown talent
  15. Glad it is not just me. Since coaches never really work their lame duck year, they get extended or fired. I think we all agree Vrabel is getting extended kinda hope he either says I want a new GM or I want JRob to stop signing and drafting injured guys and stop playing coach at practice and start scouting guys and work on his scouting staff and also hire new trainers.
  16. I just wanted him for a 9 route or two, but we apparently can’t have nice PS receiver things around these parts!
  17. You know it's desperate times when we have to hope that McMath is active and gets snaps at WR.
  18. His hands actually looked good in the Texans game. Guy just doesn’t know the plays and was getting shoved around like a bitch down field and not blocking.
  19. Well tomorrow is my 21st day in a row working 12+ starting up a new plant so I will miss this game. I just hope it is something worth watching on gamepass Sunday night...I still haven't bothered watching the Houston game...ugh.
  20. In Wyatt's mailbag today he said, "I get the sense his Return to Play could start relatively soon, but he's been doing his rehab inside."
  21. Looked pretty good on that shallow post route for the TD. We have to throw to someone out there. His route tree just needs to be limited.
  22. No idea he went on IR after the week 4 game against the Jets and hasn't been sighted since, Jim Wyatt did mention in a recent mailbag that McMath should be designated to return soon which probably means he has been working out on the 3rd field that non team reporters can't mention.
  23. Not a “hole” lot of mod protection around here huh bitch? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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