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  2. Maybe we hear something soon about OC with the Senior Bowl almost here.
  3. We keep making the playoffs every year, for the next couple of years, and JRob and Vrabel are going nowhere.
  4. They just seem to be ignoring that their lousy security lead to a massive data breach and breach of privacy for their users. They should be fined to oblivion just for that.
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  6. They just can't get it together up there. They get some good players, but it doesn't seem like they really go as hard as they should for a QB. Maybe non of the good ones want to live in Knoxville. They haven't had a QB since Peyton. Tee Martin won a championship because they had so much talent around him. Alabama probably has one of the bench who could lead them to the East title. The next problem seems like they can't get a big name coach to come. Alvin Kamara played up there and nobody ever heard of him until he was running all over the field in the NFL.
  7. Definitely a trade target for teams with cap space.
  8. All the signs are saying this is gonna get huge. All the investments and money guys hopping on board. if the dollar starts looking good again and Biden gets shit back in control... BTC will settle then build on its merits/investments and not chaos. ... well and the fact we just keep printing cash. I think there's a real chance dems use covid to start UBI
  9. You sure Floyd Reese isn't the one in charge of their cap?
  10. Or we just go back to the old old old rules of having to actually touch the ball down on the ground
  11. Truly is mind boggling how the Saints have got themselves into such a salary cap mess, currently their top 11 paid players are scheduled to count over $180 million against the 2021 cap. This is taken from Albert Breer's MAQB Column • As we’ve gone over, the Saints have been all-in the last couple years. The bills on that coming due, combined with the expected retirement of Drew Brees and league-wide salary cap situation figure to put the franchise at a very real crossroads. Ten players (Michael Thomas, Cam Jordan, Terron Armstead, Andrus Peat, Taysom Hill, David Onyemat
  12. Ready for the February Fools and SBLV!

  13. Well, I agree with this assessment, but would like to hear and challenge that.
  14. Well Johnny Manziel is no more. So time to move on. Browns will be a team to beat for years to come.
  15. Slightly less than the odds of Rolltide looking at Tranny porn at the time of these posts.
  16. I'm partly in favor of this logic as well. It's an interesting rule for sure.
  17. On the field of play, the fumbling team retains possession when it goes out of bounds. I'm not sure why that same event happening in the end zone should receive such a harsh and counter-intuitive resolution. I get that there is some loose connection to kick-offs but that formula leads to an overly harsh resolution. The defensive team may have done nothing to bring it about; people have fumbled without even being hit. Make a new rule: possession lost inside of the 5 and fumbled through the end-zone results in possession on the 5 regardless of whether that results in yards-gained or
  18. you just throw random words at them with a "-Q" after it and they start circle fucking to stop pedophilia.
  19. lol... Grow up? You tried to bash me for my football fandom in a thread about the possible overthrow of our government AFTER insulting and calling names first (who is acting like a child?) ... all because I asked you to quit ignoring the obvious.... which you did because YOU don't want to "grow up" and accept facts like a man or the idea that you might be wrong (hint: you almost always are) Comment on my links about cops associated with Trump/White Supremecists and stop being so petty.
  20. What are the odds at least 1 of those 3 are waiting for the knock on the door?
  21. At this point he's stupid if he doesn't do this. It's easy money and when his moron base finds out he really can't hold office, they won't be pissed at him for grifting then but instead froth at the mouth because the deep state has somehow stopped them again. Fucking dopes.
  22. When your ideology breeds domestic terrorism it's prudent to make sure it's far away from the next POTUS.
  23. Addition by subtraction. Maybe we can all be lucky enough to see MS, AR, AL go with them as well.
  24. Did someone say lemon party?!?!
  25. self-reliant my ass 🙄 How about starting by cutting off interstate funding, then get more serious and relocate Warren AFB.
  26. We know their thoughts. Tux thinks it was a rigged election and Biden will be hauled off to Gitmo on Wednesday. Soxcat thinks Biden is a demonic, senile old communist. And Rolltide is just frothing about having a black woman as VP...
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