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  2. PFF does a better job assessing player's performance than any other outlet and that includes a good amount of football teams and a lot of those self-important "analysts". Many of those teams the scoff at pff publicly are sucking them off for data behind the scenes. As usual their assessment just highlights what we all saw for ourselves; Jon Robinson is a boss.
  3. Hes really not good regardless. Put Mariota with Bevel and hes not gonna produce even 100% healthy like Wilson.
  4. I agree with you that's it's an instinctive thing but I can't say that it really has anything to do with not trusting the other players (though I'm sure he doesn't really trust them). I bet if you look through his high school and college tapes, you'll find plenty of times where he does the same thing. It's just in his DNA as a football player. You love that he has that much dog in him but you hate that it could sideline him.
  5. In before the usual, “means nothing” posts. Yeah, no shit means nothing.
  6. It happens more frequently when you've had it inadvertently ingrained into your psyche not to trust what's happening with the guys you're relying on to make plays for you. Your competitive instincts have been misinformed and now they're acting on your behalf. The ones who expect Mariota to be the ultimate Gary Stu regardless of circumstances will dismiss that as excuse making, but no one is suggesting that it's something that he shouldn't overcome. He'll eventually have to overcome it or it'll solidify flaws in his game or even aid in his ultimate failure. Mariota's time in the NFL has been anything but typical. Most NFL starting quarterbacks will go through multiple offensive coordinators over the course of their careers, but Mariota has been through more regime changes at head coach and coordinator in soon-to-be 5 seasons than most starting QBs go through in an entire career. The expectation that he look like Superman throughout all of that and not obtain some warts that need removing is retard time. Bottomline: there's a reason that even Oman started getting a stiff one after the Patriots game. If he can stay healthy and the organization can keep some stability for a while he'll be fine.
  7. Yeah. In the big picture, he hasn't lived up to his hype and draft status. I think at it's core, this is what bothers a lot of people. He hasn't become the "better Aaron Rodgers" we were promised by the Mariota superfans and it's disappointing. Still, I see the value in seeing if we can play with the big boys with him at the helm. This is the do or die year.
  8. Yep. I think with no injuries Mariota is above the line where you keep him. He’s been better than Tannehill for example, but yeah he’s not elite and in that regard is a disappointment. His injuries are the deal breaker. You can’t build a team with a QB incapable of finishing a season.
  9. While no powerhouse we are right on the fringe of top 3rd since we came to Tennessee. As not great as the nunbers look you have to look at where the rest of the nfl is at. The nfl for last 2 decades has 4-5 teams that are doing most of the damage. Id also like to say sorry about that post I went over the top to make a point.
  10. For those that like PFF and think it has any merit/value.
  11. Without his money or protection, he'd be dead in a second if he walked anywhere. He is protected, and thus acts like a total bully.
  12. Wilson is elite. He can thrive almost regardless of what is around him. Mariota isn't elite and likely won't ever be but we can win with him.
  13. He may also end up the best QB of all time. Mariota is no Russell Wilson.
  14. No doubt. After the FA we’ve had my focus would be how to consistently get pressure with 4 pass rushers.
  15. What kind of complete POS picks a fight with a decorated Vietnam war hero, who also served his country as a long term Senator, who recently passed away? He talks tough on social media, and picks fights with dead war heroes. What a complete loser.
  16. I don't think anybody is suggesting 2-3 TE sets. Henry finished the season as a top 10 RB in the NFL. They are going to use him a lot. I really like the addition of Humphries and the other FAs. Everyone will play a part, but I don't see the Titans easily becoming a high flying offense. There is too much history to the contrary. Even if we improve scoring 2-3 points per game, that will not be enough unless the team can slow down the top offenses. In order to match Mahomes or Luck, you have to slow them down, knock them down and sack them.
  17. I suppose what is important is for Lawrence and Casey to both be rested when the important plays come up in the game. So if Lawrence or someone similar isn't on the team you get zero snaps (plenty of snaps for a guy like Logan?). If he is on the team you get as many as you can when he isn't gassed. Not complicated. Johnson gets to play every third series or something. Better than having Johnson out there all the time as a JAG.
  18. Last season(2017) Wilson had the worst running game in the league, worst OL and the defense was far from elite Wilson led the league in TDs
  19. Today
  20. exactly...Nelson is an upgrade over Sharpe and he is a vet presence in the WR room. If Taylor balls out he plays and if not you got Sharpe to fill some of the void. They will both get snaps. If they were to get him you can now draft bring in a few late round/undrafted rookies to compete for being inactive on gameday. Or maybe you find a gem.
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