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  2. abenjami

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    I have no idea who should get the nomination. But i'll throw this out there. Nominating another woman candidate is a terrible idea, not matter how qualified she is. They aren't going to be able to swing Trump voting morons into voting for a woman.
  3. japan

    Saquon Barkley

    I saw Dungy is back to calling us a dump-truck team.
  4. Titans_Win_Again


    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/05/yale-investment-chief-david-swensen-jumps-into-crypto-with-bets-on-two-silicon-valley-funds.html Feel free to keep dismissing it without doing any research though.
  5. Titans_Win_Again


    "refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange" Bitcoin is used to buy things everyday... There are literally crypto exchanges doing millions of $ worth of transactions every day that use BTC as the primary medium of exchange. The BTC network processes over 200k transactions a day. What BTC isn't, is a convenient unit of account due to the low number of merchants who accept it and its volatility, but that is the final stage in something's adoption as currency. Bitcoin is currently in the process of proving itself to be a durable store of value.
  6. Something about getting benched for an UDFA might have flipped a switch for the Heisman winner...
  7. charleytolar

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Or Chris Johnson's later years. Most RBs won't get started when they are contacted head-on in the backfield. It happened at least once to Henry in this game right after several punishing runs by him. I seem to recall it happening to Earl Campbell as well.
  8. 8MM

    Foles can throw

    Well...according to you, Jake, and the "expert, Wentz of course. Marcus would be on the practice squad of a team like the Browns.
  9. wiscotitansfan

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    It truly is amazing how 9s will be in the championship game while making countless trades that have completely fucked his team over (obviously just as many that helped though)
  10. Please include "intended to have my little brains working too".
  11. wiscotitansfan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Honestly Mythos and even Sox are probably facepalming that you are so adamantly posting that, this entire site knows how little you understand about the sport that you're hurting their credibility
  12. 8MM

    You Suck Up

  13. JoelinBellevue

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    I and several others have defended Henry from the beginning. The retorts were he's a closer, only gets yards in garbage time, etc. The real problem was that he sat because the coaches liked Murray better, and now Lewis. I don't care how one dimensional Henry is, over 400 yards in two games is production. LaFluer has a freak on his hands and is learning to roll with it. Henry didn't get better, the coaches did.
  14. Supdawg

    Rashaan Evans

    Saw that tweet earlier, thought it deserved its own thread. Evans is playing really well. Next year dude has a chance to be all pro.
  15. Peanuts have been around for thousands of years. The Can was not around back then. The bastards had to store stuff in clay pots. Therefore, eat the peanuts and enjoy them. Then, give the Can as a gift. People like Cans. Cans hold all kinds of stuff. You're welcome. 1 TitanedUpSince70 reacted to this
  16. wiscotitansfan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    It truly is mind-blowing... People are finally complimenting the shit outta him and he's still trying to argue against it!
  17. I don’t know how you can type this much and be blind. Do you have a Braille keyboard? Henry is running differently today than he was at the beginning of the year.
  18. You've been on Henry's jock since day one so forgive me if I dont put much stock in your opinion. The fact you refuse to acknowledge hes running better now is mind blowing.
  19. wiscotitansfan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Being reactionary to other people's criticisms absolutely is whiney and defensive... I believe I said you were circle jerking when only talking about his positives Of course we all can point out and agree that the talent and effort lies in the middle, sitting on one side of the fence in conversation isn't hyper focusing though... It's just projecting your point of view. Not every conversation with differing views has to include "while I understand your logic of XXXXX, I obviously want to point out YYYYYY".... Most human conversations on any topic in the history of humans consists of people stating what they believe and usually specifically (lots of times only) emphasizing their differing points of view
  20. JoelinBellevue

    You Suck Up

    Hey, what is wrong with you? Do the Titans do this to kickers? You used to be money. Now you got the shanks, like a golfer. You are pushing everything left. Your follow through is even off. We are going to be in some tough games from here on out. Get this demon exorcised!
  21. abenjami


    I think you might need to freshen up on the definition of currency.
  22. newschool

    Path to the Playoffs

    The most dangerous thing about the Colts is they match up well with us. The second most dangerous thing is they are well coached.
  23. Being critical is fine. But what do you call it when the focus is solely on the negatives despite there being positives that can also be discussed? It's the same with Mariota. In a balanced discussion one could talk about both the positives and negatives that he brings to the table in each game but instead some people choose to focus solely on the negatives.I also find it interesting that when people go after Henry it's always just good clean, criticizing but when people defend Henry it's "getting whiney and defensive". We're not allowed to see things differently and express on here? People have been doing victory laps about Henry sucking all season now that he's had a couple of good games and the other side chirps a bit, y'all can't handle it? We're discussing football. It's not some life or death situation.
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