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  2. I’ve always found it interesting that so many Trump supporters don’t trust the government or the media, but they trust Fox News and believe the majority of things that a known liar like Trump says.
  3. Yeah. The whole thing about because we got Henry with our 4th pick in that draft that it’s somehow a negative. It’s a dumb point. Running backs are discounted these days. Does Loomis get dinged for getting Kamara in the 3rd round? You should move on Tolar.
  4. Where? I went through that column and he said nothing like that.
  5. I actually found video of the play I was thinking of. I was mistaken.....VY wasn't going down. A defender had gotten into his legs where he couldn't turn and step into the throw....so he flings an off-balance sidearm/hook shot toward the back of the endzone. Ben Hartsock was the TE whose name I couldn't remember. This video also has a couple other interesting highlights from this game: a pretty spectacular punt return TD by Pacman Jones A nice 25-30 yard TD run by VY
  6. Are you sure you aren't thinking of the time when VY had gone to Philly and threw a similar pass after being tackled by the turf monster?
  7. Shanahan/Lynch have been really good historically like JR about not tipping their hand. It is definitely hard to predict other than it will be a QB. I think SF interest in Watson shows Shanahan is not locked into a statuesque pocket passer with average arm strength like some think. I'm no SF fan, but Fields/Lance would intrigue me more if I were a fan. Jones was on an absolutely loaded team. Fields with that 4.4 speed would be absolutely deadly with that Shanahan run game.
  8. Wyatt's new mailbag he indicated Rashaan Evans might be traded if we land his replacement in the 1st. Zaven? 🤩
  9. nine

    Virus in US

    I read through the whole thing...although I admittedly skimmed over some parts. First..this article is a hypothesis from one doctor...a clinical exercise physiologist, to be exact. I'd be interested to see whether it was subjected to peer review by any infectious disease doctors.....and if so, what was their response? I won't pretend to know anything about the author's acumen or intelligence....but a number of points in his hypothesis are diametrically opposed to what I was told by the infectious disease specialist who examined me when I had covid.
  10. I gotta hand it to the Niners I have zero clue about which of the 3 qb's (Lance, Fields, Jones) that they are going to pick at 3. Rumor mill says that Falcons might pick Lance at 4.
  11. No bugs in his teeth though... Honestly though, I’m no biker but I’d think it may actually be easier to breathe without a 50mph wind directly in your face.
  12. The real question is why the hell would a poster be so obsessed with this one topic that he's written mountains of words, posts, sentences over the years that most of us have just shrugged off? That's what really needs to be addressed here. @japan do you have any suggestions or answers here?
  13. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    I’ve had none so far in the 6 hours since getting my 2nd
  14. Because no matter how good a GM is he is still prone to having a bad or mediocre draft pick. Batting .400 is way better than batting .200 but that still means you're completely whiffing 60% of the time. Your rhetoric suggests that because J-Rob is a better drafter than most that this somehow ensures he will land the right player at the right pick consistently. This is the wrong way to look at it. The league wide bust rate and how little even the good GMs deviate from it gives you a good idea of how hard it is to hit consistently. And btw, the trade ups help increase J-Rob's hit hat
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  16. Does anybody have matt millers mock draft. I can't find it and this damn thread is 132 pages long
  17. In one of his post FA media/fan availabilities Vrabel was directly asked if Reynolds was a starter/WR2 and he said nothing is a given and he was brought into compete with other guys.
  18. Not according to Vrabel also signing Reynolds to a 1yr $1.75 million doesn't guarantee him anything.
  19. People are mistaking your views on J-Rob because you continue to align yourself with @TitanTez who thinks he's "average at best" but spends most of his time dumping on him with talk of pissing his pants and dumpster diving.
  20. I'm guessing that the WR run doesn't start that early given that Round 1 is expected to be offense heavy. So EDGE, ILB, CB/DB, other positions plus probably a few OT go before a WR run happens.
  21. Yeah Zaven is Evans+Brown in one player. We could snag him in the first, Brady C in the 2nd, and receiver/CB in the 3rd.
  22. The sample size being specific to Robinson doesn't mean it isn't still so small as to be statistically insignificant. You're being myopic because you think it helps your argument. League-wide numbers matter for the same reason that comparing J-Rob to his peers matters; context. That's your issue here, you remove all context from your analysis. And Robinson got long term starters from those picks which is what you hope for when you target a guy. They haven't been all been all pros (one was) but they been among the better players on our team and helped us win multiple play off games. You try to
  23. Can get Brady Christiansen much later. Brady is a beast in the run game, incredible awareness
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