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  2. As an LSU fan, this offense is something else. We've had success on the ground forever. It's got us believing.. but we'll see how he does against Bama. I would love Burrow for us. Hopefully his stock doesn't rise too much out of our range.
  3. ...Mahomes throws with velocity so defenders can’t key on the nearly as easy. He also throws all over the yard so defenders are a lot more spread out. It’s a laughable comparison. First time you see Mahomes throw the two balls MM did to Humphries (screen and the one into double coverage) let me know.
  4. I'd take 2 INTs for half the amount of sacks, particularly if they were downfield and trying to push the defense back from stacking the box.
  5. Nobody noticed two of Mahomes' TD passes today were spectacular/miraculous catches by his WRs? The one to Robinson in the EZ was a one handed snag that looked like he had pine tar on his glove, and the other Hardman had to turn and jump for, but he still got his YAC. In both cases Mahomes' "accuracy" was on par with what you guys have been bitching about with Mariota. Kelce was showing some leaping athleticism to make a couple catches today too.
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  7. You mean like I am with Marcus in N'ville and Freeman in Denver? Yeah probably, at least to some extent. I'll follow his career if that's what you mean. But I wasn't around the team since Herbert came in like I was with LaMIke and Kenjon and Marcus, since I don't live in the Eugene area anymore. I still stay in contact with a few friends that are, but it's not the same.
  8. If Vrabel is as smart as many here think he is, he won't leave it to luck or chance. He'll go find a QB coach capable of actually developing the pick, and not repeat the mistake(s) of the last 5 years. Because right now he has no one capable. O'Hara damned sure isn't.
  9. What do Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Marcus Mariota all have in common this season? They're the six starting QB's in the NFL who haven't thrown an interception in any of their three games this season. Weird, huh?
  10. You are fortunate. People had to pay lots of money to watch one of the best teams in the league be castrated by their QB play.
  11. Atlanta kept it close at the end. If they can sack Mariota at least 5-6 times just like everyone else has, they should win the game.
  12. There are also a bunch of us who picked the Chargers in week 1 and now we can't use them again next week when they play Miami.
  13. AB does have a point. After what happened to Robert Kraft, New England's moral reputation has hit rock bottom. They will have a hard time trying to convince a judge and jury that AB did anything to further damage their reputation. It will be difficult for Kraft to try to hang his hat on a morals clause after he was arrested a few months earlier. As much as I don't like the thought of AB getting that money, I think Kraft deserves to lose the money that much more.
  14. I meant to say this. I'm not going to rip Kelly, the guys a backup whose much better off on the right side. He's huge & a good run blocker but he obviously doesn't have the feet or bend to hold up at LT. And Jamil Douglas is on the staff. He's beyond atrocious & never should've made the team key alone be starting. But it is what it is. Like you said, the team desperately needed a lock down performance from Conklin & he got plugged. Then again nobody on the board thought it was a big deal the Jags got Allen. Kids a monster. Very disappointed in Conklin though.
  15. Yes, absolutely, that is the one thing I left out. There is definitely some luck involved as well.
  16. The pass to Sharpe was clearly a mix up. It looked like a route where Sharpe was supposed to run up closer to the sideline or run past the corner inside, it's usually dependent on if the corner presses & if he does it well or not, and where the safety is. Mariota very well may have read it wrong & probably did, because Sharpe appeared wide open, though we didn't see where the safety was. So that was most likely MM's fault, but in reading it wrong. There's no way he missed by that much. Speaking of, what happened to Tajae? He was probably the last guy in the league I'd put money on to beat either Jag corner deep, and he did to both. Did he hit the weights in the offseason? He just seems to be running his downfield routes with more authority, aggression. Maybe this was the Sharpe the team saw his rookie camp. The Cards are basically the only team that runs 4 wide, but we have 4 that can play. If MM gets his sack back or we go to Tanny, I'd love to see some 4 wide with Hump & AJB in the slot.
  17. Jets are 0-3, only 13 games to go and they have to win 8 of them...
  18. Well so far McCoy appears to be doing just fine in KC's offense...
  19. So are you gonna be a fan of whatever team Herbert goes to next year?
  20. Well, the no sacks thing is easy. They haven't played the Titans. LOL As far as the TOs, that's anybody's guess.
  21. Seems like the mods feel our pain and are allowing us this one draft related thread on the main forum even though it's still so early 😂
  22. Agreed, MM hasn’t developed at all. The current staff will need to draft their own guy sooner rather than later and give it their shot. If they fail, then that’s when they start to take their turn on the hot seat.
  23. titansfb

    Andrew Yang

    Can’t stand when he speaks, terrible speaker but he’s got good ideas.
  24. It’s not sad considering we had QBs mocked to us last year.
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