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  2. The difference is Willis was also undersized and Richardson is physically imposing But neither guy can execute and NFL passing game
  3. The exact same narrative was around Willis this time last year, there was hype for the Lions to take him at 2, we know what happened It shouldn't shock people if Richardson falls to the 20s or even out of the first round
  4. Going into the draft process it felt like Young was far and away the #1 guy. Something seemed to change that. I'd prefer they take Will Levis myself. Or Anthony Richardson. And of course I'd like to see Carolina take Stroud. My thought is Carolina is going to take Young and Houston Stroud while the Colts get Levis.
  5. well I don't pretend to know what they'll do. I'd love to see them draft a 5-10 190lb QB or Malik Willis part 2
  6. Well here's another reminder. Orgies do STDs. And for every Metallica there were 10 Winger or Jethro Tull or _insert_shitty_hairspray_bands_here.
  7. titansfan would instantly ejaculate if we brought him in even if it was just to "update the files".
  8. I also heard speculation lately the Texans won't take a QB
  9. No matter what happens, it's pretty much guaranteed that whatever QB the Texans get the narrative will be that he was their #1 rated QB.
  10. Hurts went late in the 2nd round. I'll be shocked if Richardson is drafted in the top 10. Mueller talked about how Richardson consistently overthrew receivers who were wide open on routine throws. He can't process He only threw 300+ passes in college.
  11. Today
  12. I still think 3 of the 4 will go in the top 10 some team won't be able to help themselves and will think they can develop Richardson's physical traits into a Jalen Hurts type QB.
  13. It's going to suck if(when) a couple of the top QB prospects don't go before the Titans pick
  14. Another reference here regarding some teams liking Broderick Jones over both Johnson and Skoronski. "Some teams liked Jones better than Skoronski and Paris Johnson Jr. this past winter, and I’m not going to rule out the idea that someone trades up to get him (or takes him in the top 10). Jones is a really good athlete and a physical offensive lineman." https://theathletic.com/4336203/2023/03/23/nfl-mock-draft-team-picks-reactions/
  15. On the Prospects to Pros episode from yesterday Dane Brugler raised this possibility he also said Ballard has been doing A LOT of work on some of the other later round QB's especially Aidan O’Connell. Brugler also pointed out all the links between the Vikings and Will Levis.
  16. Mueller and Sando broke down the top QB prospects Mueller wouldn't take Richardson in the 1st, can't process and inaccurate. Loves Stroud Says 2 QBs will go outside the top 10 Says the Colts won't take a QB, will take another position
  17. Sample is a better player than Swaim, just hasn't been healthy I'd go with him
  18. Lmfao I didn't actually mean it when I said it
  19. If I don't find myself with the time in the future, I'll leave on this note: Fuck Putin and continue increasing those reading and search skills, Guapo, you self named, handsome bastard!
  20. No need to guess. I was BulluckTheBeast back in the early to mid 2000s on GoTitans/TC/FootballsFuture, when Jack Kruse lost his medical license for the 3rd time, El Guapo just got his online one, oldschool was a less miserable asshole, WoolfolksUncle didn't have an uncle yet, and CTF was relevant - could go on and on. Love reading the board, but may not have the time or gumption to hang around.
  21. I hope it doesn't include us but a lot of teams are going to remind themselves how unwise it is to bet on outliers high in the draft.
  22. Common sense tells you that if he really thought he was a 4.49 guy he would've ran it at the combine. At this point though there is no upside to running the 40 at the combine. Why run it with legit laser timing when you can just get a hand time from some dude with an NRA grade trigger finger and get the same amount of credit? Even 4.5 guys don't get run down from behind the way JSN does. Anyone who thinks they're getting a speedy receiver when drafting him is gullible.
  23. NM I'm done getting mad about stupid stuff.
  24. Not if they are Isaiah Wilson and Caleb Farley! I'm not ready to endorse pursuit, but he would be our starting QB so that is easily worth one 1st. He's 26 and Tannehill is 34... He's not a bust so there's the other 1st. I struggle with the injury history and the massive dollars. You have to admit he is damn exciting to watch.
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