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  2. Yep. They’ve completely changed the use interface and video player…and the All-22 feature is completely MIA, presumably because the All-22 game film and controls don’t play well with the new video platform and they can’t figure out how to fix it. The All-22 is the main reason I’ve paid for a subscription the past 2-3 years…and now its broken and they can’t(or aren’t inclined) to fix it. I’m about this close to cancelling just to express my opinion of all the recent changes (downgrades) they’ve made.
  3. Hurts came up with a huge play!!
  4. Yep. Teams are starting to figure out that in this day and age, character issues can derail a career just as quickly as injuries or athletic shortcomings. Even the guys who end up being pretty good players often wear out their welcome and end up bouncing from team to team every couple years. Nobody wants to put with their shenanigans.
  5. This I agree with. I don't think anyone labels Baker as an "elite" QB. Atleast not yet. ^ This is not true at all. One plays for a team that demands MUCH more from him and respectfully delivers, while the other plays for a team that's a heavy run based team that doesnt demand as much from the QB position. Less responsbilites. Neither Tannehill, Cousins or Baker has ever played in a offense that's built to win games consistently by dropping back and leading their teams by their arm.
  6. The NFC West is worse than the AFC South. All Dallas has to do is beat them and they are in the playoffs.
  7. 32-35 record under his leadership he is a solid GM that had 1 spectacular draft but no where near as good as the media would have you believe.
  8. Eagles look like they might need a total rebuild.
  9. Yikes Hurts. Looks horrible.
  10. Cowboys should win the division easily. They're way better than anyone else in that awful division.
  11. Looks like the Cowboys are rolling. Dak 13/16 148yds and a TD.
  12. It’s no use. Jamal has some pretty awful takes a lot of times.
  13. I think Reich is a good HC and Ballard is a good GM. I don't expect them to totally rollover, but the Colts are not better than us. We've manhandled them the last two times we've played them. It really shouldn't have been as close as it was yesterday. I'm not too worried about the division. The real litmus test will be playing the Chiefs, Rams, Bills
  14. Can't take any team for granted. The Ravens had to rely on an incredible GW FG to beat the Lions. Wilson has looked AWFUL though and Davis has done little to live up to his contract so far. Again, we can't take them for granted, but this is a team we certainly should beat.
  15. It could make sense to put AJB on IR for 3 weeks and move Marcus Johnson to the active 53. Roberson apparently had a setback last week so I could see him going on short term IR as well, with a John Simon signing. Then you have Weaver going on IR which could open a spot for Evans or Breeze to return.
  16. Henry was without those players. Tanny had his guy.
  17. More and more teams are avoiding "character" issue guys especially when using draft capital is involved.
  18. The way Vrabel was talking today the Titans medical room is going to be overflowing this week. The Jets have been absolutely putrid offensively during the first 3 weeks and have one of the leakiest OL in the NFL, they also statistically have a top 10 defense and possess guys like Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers possess who can cause the Titans OL issues. Obviously AJ Brown is going to be out and I expect Julio Jones to sit this game out as well, will be interesting to see if Darrynton Evans or Marcus Johnson are healthy enough to be activated off IR and whether
  19. Today
  20. Biden still doesn't even have a number from his bosses yet. Wonder if Manchin actually wants something to pass.
  21. Their schedule is brutal going forward. We would have to completely fall apart.
  22. Yeah... but I'll take their corny over the Booger fest that MNF has been. It has potential to get better the better the humor gets. But they're going to need a 3rd party for that.
  23. Eagles are terrible. Easy to blame the HC, but I just don't think they have much talent. I really blame Lurie and Roseman. DAL always gets overhyped, but this might be the one year where they actually live up to it. They're pretty loaded.
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