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  2. The irony is that if this had been Mariota doing this instead of Tannehill, the majority of posters here in addition to the media would have no issue giving him a Goff or Wentz deal.......
  3. Watching this again. I saw a couple of plays where he had a missed throw (Firkser overthrow, Brown short hop) or the wrong read - the Davis short pass near the red zone where Matthieu clocked him. It looked like the other WR's on that side were open...Note, however, that they scored a TD on the drive with the Firkser overthrow and Davis short pass. In obvious passing situations, the OL was getting owned by KC whether it be extra rushers or simply the front 4. Davis and Conklin in particular. One thing watching this - on the drive in the 4th down 11, I actually think they abandoned their identity too early with 14 minutes left. KC was playing pass and a carry or two there to Henry (the 2nd and 12 play looked ripe for a Henry run and who knows what a chunk run does there).
  4. We are heading into Andy Dalton/Blake Bortles territory, IMO. Locking up Ryan Tannehill long term is a huge risk, some are willing to pay an absurd amount of money for 1 year of production.
  5. The defense was also all over the screen plays and short passes that we were attempting. If an offense could exist solely on PA passing, every team would do it. There has to be more to the playbook, and there isn't.
  6. Right. First question: does anyone want to rebuild after last season? No? Then sign Tannehill. He is the answer for at least a few seasons. We don't have a ton of draft capital, so we should use that wisely. This is the year to pay Tanney and not immediately undercut that with a high draft pick. Sign a reasonable backup for next season and move on. We need to draft a pass rusher. We need to draft a RB compliment to Henry. We will need Oline and DB help. Any 3 of those 4 in the first round of the draft would be gravy to me. 2021 draft? That's when we'll have a better eye towards getting a developmental QB. I think if we have this mindset, we can take what falls to us (maybe a really good QB is passed on and we draft one in R3. Fine.). Bringing up Mahomes is irrelevant. No one in the league is Mahomes. Mahomes is also in the absolute right situation in that offense with speedy receivers. And yet, we had a chance to beat those guys with Mahomes, and would have been in it even more if we adjusted play calling and put the game more in Tannehill's hands. We need to roll this whole team back and improve it. Blowing it up now would waste the confidence and culture we built with this run.
  7. It's getting weird out there in standup land. Maybe it's partly because I am getting old but, Zanies lineup is full of teenage Youtube guys half of the time. That's the new medium, and I am sure that some of those folks are...fine. Some are utter garbage. Of course Standup clubs have always had weirdo hypnotists and mediums and magicians here and there so maybe I'm just being a cranky pants'd 40 year old. But overall there is less of the type of comics I like out. Too much woke bullshit, wannabe comedy gate keepers etc. Glad I got to hang out with so many of them in their natural habitat a few years back. Dan Soder is a goddamned comedic monster that isn't on most folks radar. Reminds me of Louis CK in that, you could get discount tickets to see him at Zanies in 2004, then 5 years later he's selling out theaters. He has an HBO special out now. Yeah, HBO. not Netflix. Remember those?
  8. I don't expect Tannehill to produce an offense with the level of red zone efficiency they had. I also expect some down tick in passer rating and YPA. Saying that, he's got a cannon arm, mobility, and throws accurate balls. He has flaws - his pocket presence and ball protection in the pocket is average to poor. The real issue is that Tannehill has this predetermined bias against him like he's Case Keenum when in fact he was the 8th overall pick in the 2012 draft. Ironically, he's exactly what everyone hoped Mariota would be - mobile, accurate, productive. The Titans are not getting an elite QB. Brady is no longer one at 43 nor is Brees, Rivers, etc. The Titans had a chance at one elite QB in this regime and we just played him. At least we have Corey Davis....... People are getting caught up in the contract numbers - RT is going to get paid just like guys such as Stafford, Garrapolo, Goff, etc. did. Someone will probably shell out big money for Brady too hoping it's 2010 instead of 2020.
  9. Anyone arguing otherwise on this needs their head examined.
  10. It's not even about that. A good QB (and I consider Tannehill good not great) is worth more in terms of winning that a great RB. The Mariota/Tannehill change was a prime example of this. You can replace Henry's productivity with a couple of backs fairly easily - not as exciting mind you - but look at SF for example. RB by committee. Good QB's are much harder to find and the Titans completely lucked into one.
  11. I was born a 49er fan. My family has had season tickets since the first year at candlestick. Made a couple grand off these playoffs so ya I’m pulling for 49ers.
  12. Tannehill played pretty well. They caught him a couple times early where they showed blitz and he kept guys in to block but then they dropped into coverage. Then he started to push it later in the game and they caught him the other way... he sent guys out on routes and KC got quick pressure w/ a blitz b/c of it. There were a few plays where I think he misread the coverage too. There's a short pass to Davis in the flat where Davis gets creamed. I think he read man coverage and thought he might have a LB or even a safety on Davis but it turned out to be zone. A couple other things that I think were probably misreads. There's a play in the... 3rd Q, I think, where he's got Davis across the middle. I think he read man blitz and thought he'd have Davis open but a LB drops into a zone right where Davis was going and he didn't have time to hit him after the zone b/c of pressure. Couple other plays like that where there was quick pressure b/c I think he misread it. All in all, not bad but not great. As before I'd be fine w/ extending him but I'd also be fine if they went for Brady but only if they've already got a wink/nod agreement w/ him. I don't want to let Tannehill go just to try for Brady. And I definitely do not want to let Tannehill go and draft another QB.
  13. This pretty much sums everything up very concisely.
  14. It wasn't so why does Brady need to come in and force Vrabel to relinquish control? Tannehill and Henry may never have the level of efficiency we saw in the 12 game stretch but there's also zero chance that plugging in Brady for Tannehill will duplicate what they did in terms of PPG, passing efficiency, red zone efficiency given the steady regression of productivity that TB12 has shown as he's in his 40's. Add in that Brady's main motivation to leave NE is to get a market level contract after years of discounts. The only rational argument for Brady over Tannehill is if it's for half the cost per year to enable the team to load up on defense to turn a good unit into a dominant one.
  15. You actually combined the last 2nd quarter drive and the only 3rd quarter drive in your diatribe..... The screen pass was in the 2nd quarter sequence on 3rd and 9 after the Titans had run Henry for one yard and no gain. At the time, the Titans were up 17-14 The 2nd and 1 and 3rd and inches run plays that were stopped were in the 3rd quarter when they were down 21-17. The 3rd down stop was negated by the holding penalty. The 3rd and 10 play was the Tannehill scramble for 6 making it 4th and 4 from their own 38-yard line. The bottom line is that you absolutely can question the play calling on 2nd down in both possessions and the 3rd and inches play (although Kelly still may have held there regardless). Add in that a team built like the Titans shouldn't be unable to get a yard on two straight plays if need be - completely against what they are built to do. The offense needed to play perfect and didn't. The defense needed to get some scoring drive stops like in the week 10 game and didn't. Ball game.
  16. Someone tell me why it matters if Hunter or Joe are called to testify. The trial is Donald J Trump's misdeeds. Unless the Bidens are witnesses to something that can either help prove or refute, what difference does it make? NEITHER OF THEM ARE ON TRIAL HERE.
  17. It shows what kind of person and teammate he is, consoling Tannehill after a heartbreaking loss. He’s a great guy, and I wish him the best. Many do. But. Tannehill’s is the attitude, IMO, that is more proper. “I’m so mad right now.” He should be. Chances to go to the Super Bowl are few and far between and he’s angry that he lost what might (hopefully not though) be his only chance to get there. Losses should hurt. Especially with what’s on the line. Being even-keeled and not too up or down has its merits, but give me the guy who’s pissed when his chance to hoist the Lombardi is taken away. Kudos to Marcus for handling this situation with maturity and doing his best to support Tannehill. But give me the player who’s mad after a big loss.
  18. Today
  19. SF defense has a front 4 and speed that the Titans don’t have plus they tackle better too.
  20. I don't want to touch the OL unless it means a new center to groom. We've got plenty of talent there. They need to gel and to keep improving. In order to replace Conklin, you'd have to spend in FA or spend in draft capital (probably a 1st) and I'd much rather spend both on improving this team somewhere else. I think a 1st round pick at corner that could play in the slot and compete outside would improve this team much more than maybe a slight improvement at RT. A good pass rusher in the 1st would improve this team more as well. I'm not a fan of creating holes in the roster by not resigning our guys just to have to use a high draft pick to fill that hole we just created.
  21. I see the 49ers as a much better version of the Titans. We hung with KC, I believe SF has the ability to dominate them in the game.
  22. Really? Lol. You are fucking genius.
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