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  2. This has been going on for a very long time. To the point now where like 92% of the population is Han. It’s been a systematic elimination of other cultures / ethnicities wether through assimilation, cronyism, legislature, or straight up genocide since the Han Dynasty. Right now it mostly takes place on the edges of the country and larger cities. Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and west with the Uyghurs are the ones you’ll hear about most. But there’s mountain people and there’s all sorts of ethnicities that move to cities.. comparable to like a Germantown in the USA. When there’s unrest across the country or whatever, they will go to those areas to harass/ close businesses / kick out those folks to make way for new development. Its lack of exposure and education, but for the vast majority they think of other races/ cultures as funny things to entertain them. Cute half-white babies are wanted by the women, but the govt unofficial stance is a 100% Han nation. I’ve heard multiple times men comment like “you don’t want this girl, this girl is more beautiful, more pure ideal Han look.” I assume they think of the men in the same way but I don’t pay attention the the men.
  3. So you are going to make a judgement based on part of one game against a team that they never beat with Luck under center? FWIW they didn't play much better versus Indy in the game that Pees did call...... If Vrabel is such a moron, then why is he here?
  4. Thanks Biden... This is on you and your cronie Obama!!!
  5. You see that INDY game after Pees had the heart attack? Meat head didn't know his asshole from a hole in the ground.
  6. He is the best QB in the game. He has earned those accolades.
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  8. Maybe you don't completely understand what we are talking about? Pees only taking the DC job if his son was given a job is an example of a smart organization overlooking nepotism. Bud wasn't so smart when he rejected the hiring of Williams because he wanted to do the same thing. We wound up with Cecil because of it...
  9. 🍒 🎯 🚀 What a cherry... 🍒 🍒 🍋 Vote blue and watch as Democrats sit actionless while your city burns to the ground and becomes a shithole. 2020 Riots, coming to a blue city near you!
  10. Classic RollTide/Thor circle-jerk in progress. Make sure to wipe your mouths when your done sucking each other off.
  11. Vote blue and watch as Democrats sit actionless while your city burns to the ground and becomes a shithole. 2020 Riots, coming to a blue city near you!
  12. The spokesman for the democrat party on racial issues the honorable Robert C Byrd! The mentor to Number nine and Btowner! I bet that nothing this ass ever said would be considered hate or nonsense to the board libtards.
  13. You bitches want to go there? You moronic grabastic pieces of amphibian redneck shit? One says that blacks cannot function because of slavery that ended 155 years ago. Blacks are too busy hugging their knees to be able to function like "regular people". And then there is KKK blackface Btowner the honorary Robert Byrd-Ralph Northam poster of the year! He wants more racist Vaudeville skits and more abortions. He thinks racist Joe Biden is a great man!
  14. What did I say was hate Klansman? What was nonsense? So saying a man should take responsibility for himself and his children is nonsense or hate? I expect a man, any man, any color to take responsibility for himself and his own actions and I expect him to take responsibility for his children. Not expect the government to do it. You racist libtards placate violent criminals who hurt black people and you want to kill more unborn black babies. Fucking racist hillrod!
  15. @Number9, I give you an A for effort but sometimes, there isn't any logic behind dumbassery, hate and insanity. It's just a senseless, constant stream of nonsense.
  16. WTF are you talking about? Candace Owens like Larry Elder believes in personal responsibility. They would both tell you the problem with black America is the lack of fathers in the home. You think the problem with black America is slavery.
  17. Is that car a Mariota? Falls apart after the first bump in the road! 😜
  18. We have solid talent on defense. I don’t really have many expectations going into the season, but I definitely think Vrabel was more hands-on than people believe. Besides, more is going to go on behind the scenes than we think.
  19. The reason we’re screwed is there’s no way a Democratic supermajority will pass a reasonable law requiring Massachusetts to replace an out going senator with one of the same party meanwhile the GOP is telling judges to retire early so they can replace them with younger (probably more insane) ones. Also don’t forget nothing legislative will get done anyway without removing the filibuster (which won’t happen).
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