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  2. If CTF wouldn't have been shamed off here he would have been a contender too
  3. If I was going to guess he would have won this poll I also would have said Jamal and ManningEnvy
  4. Harrison played with Manning and in a way more pass happy offense. Everything being equal I think Steve Smith was better
  5. I wouldn't sleep on Jordan Elliott. One year of solid production, turned it on late 2018. Would pair nicely with Simmons.

    Virus in US

    I heard a podcast that said to take high doses of Vitamin C, then I also read in NY the doctors were giving people high doses of vitamin C. It's not a cure or anything but helps with the symptoms
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  8. thor

    Virus in US

    Take Tylenol nitwit...
  9. My understanding of this rant is a bit different. Although she is pushing the limit - her district is apparently being hit extremely hard by the coronavirus and she deserves a bit of leeway - seems much more reasonable after hearing an explanation...
  10. Depends on what you're looking for. Harrison was the better route runner which matched perfectly w/ Manning but Smith was scrappier and probably the better athlete. Can't really say which is better.
  11. smith was the athlete but marvin had manning throwing to him. i'd take smith and manning as smith was also a technician he just never played with one.
  12. I went ahead on full engage yesterday. Up through episode 6 so far. Pretty good. Will need to see how ends up.
  13. Derrick Henry didn't get the contract he wanted from the Titans this month ... but he sure as hell got a dope chain regardless -- coppin' an $85K piece to honor his hero, Kobe Bryant. TMZ Sports has learned Henry grew up a huge fan of the Mamba ... and shortly after the Lakers legend's death in January, Derrick hit up ZoFrost to have tribute drip made.
  14. Smith was a Ute so he has my vote
  15. Little know fact, Smith liked to wolf and act tough, Marvin was a true gangster as well.
  16. You could just trim the list down to two: Jamal and ManningEnvy. Vote both those wankers off the island. Well, maybe not Jamal, ME for sure...
  17. I don’t care where they take the right receiver, but under no circumstances should they consider a RB at 29, and ideally not at 61 either.
  18. I like Bongo. Sure, he's not always right but he's at least respectful and doesn't spam the board. Like rns said, he provides entertainment. I actually wish he'd post more.
  19. I’ve gotta get back to trolling. I’ve been forgotten!
  20. I think there's four categories. There's the category of complete angry assholes like some of these Trump supporters. There's the category of posting absolutely nothing of relevance. There are posters on here that when you see their name you don't even need to open the thread because you know that whatever the post was it either made no sense or wasn't relevant. There's the category of people who continuously share their opinion on the same subject and bump threads when they want to prove a point. And then there's the category people who post just to piss others off (trolling). Even going as far as making stuff up to get a rise out of people.
  21. Brown is a freak, teams in the top 10 would be insane to pass on him because his average combine workout figures.
  22. Wow. That was an amazing display of agility for a man that size.
  23. If the Jags don't take Henderson at #9 they are likely taking a CB at #20, question is which guy they like.
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