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  2. It’s way over the top... but then that’s Jim Carey's calling card
  3. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/10/fda-approves-remdesivir-for-covid-19-but-global-study-finds-it-doesnt-work/ The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued a full approval of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treating COVID-19—just days after a massive global study concluded that the drug provides no benefit. But the FDA’s approval of remdesivir falls on the heels of data form the fourth and largest trial of the drug, and that trial showed no benefit. The data comes from the World Health Organization’s massive Solidarity trial, which set up an international network of trials enrolling nearly 12,000 patients at 500 sites in over 30 countries, testing multiple repurposed therapeutics. Remdesivir was initially developed over a decade ago as a potential treatment for hepatitis C and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). It has also been tested against Ebola but was beat out by other treatments. According to preliminary results from the Solidarity trial—reported online last week ahead of its planned publication in the New England Journal of Medicine—remdesivir was given to 2,743 patients, and their outcomes were compared with those of 2,708 patients given standard treatments. Between the two groups, WHO found that remdesivir did not reduce mortality. It also did not change how many patients progressed to needing mechanical ventilation, nor did it change the proportion of patients discharged after seven days of hospitalization.
  4. What a joke of a story. They probably bombarded every titans contact they had and one guy sent back a text that read. “He’s a disaster. He’s useless and lazy.” And they tried to act like this was some bombshell report.
  5. Updated odds after the debate... Have to lay -$185 to win $100 if betting on Biden. $100 on Trump pays +$150. Jim Carey does a pretty good Biden btw...
  6. Not sure who else is old enough to remember the 90's animated Animaniacs show. Lots of kids humor with jokes that also went over their heads that appealed to adults. They are getting a new season on Hulu.
  7. No, has to be today I’m pretty sure.
  8. How long before RasKas get embarrassed into changing his name again?
  9. I think I have this poster figured out and if I'm right we should all just be nice to him. Or he's a troll that managed to get 3 pages out of us.
  10. Good question. I guess they can activate him any time before the game?
  11. Thank God for NFL Sunday ticket. Or else id be subjected to the Brownies. Don't mix up national broadcasts with local. It was just an educational moment, that's all. We all have to learn some way or another, right?. Headed to the lake to do some fishing. Everybody have a good weekend. God Bless & Go Titans!!
  12. True and he knew he wanted a Vrabel. People thought he wanted McDaniels. Glad that didn’t happen .
  13. What time will the Adoree activation go through?
  14. I’m not worried about the kicking. Block was a legit block and all kickers miss from time to time.
  15. Stranger

    Voter Turnout

    Began waiting in line an hour early. About 15 minutes from being able to go in and vote now. Eat shit Trump!!
  16. I don't even live in the country and can easily understand how it works
  17. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    Slow the testing down please...
  18. Mahomes threw for >500 yards in that regular season meeting. People can keep saying he was hindered but that doesn’t make it true.
  19. Wow. We are only winning 4 more games?
  20. A kindergartner could understand this. He has all the information needed to get a grasp on this information handed to him by the posters in this board and still doubles down on stupidity
  21. we're obviously testing too much again
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