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  2. If they want to move out of the country, Mexico and Canada. Maybe one in Hawaii too, so @OMan2 can go to the games.
  3. It happened. Period. In the Stone trial a court of law accepted that Trump and Stone were in contact about WikiLeaks. Ergo, Trump had advanced knowledge of the leaks. Only water carrying idiots like you believed Barr's spin. Trump is guilty of everything he's being accused of and probably a load of shit we're yet to know about.
  4. Tyreek Hill just strained his hamstring, not a great start for the Chiefs.
  5. Certain things are only important to card carrying retards. This thread being a “leading one” is a perfect example.
  6. Assuming the docs say he'll recover it's just sitting out 2020? I don't see him falling far in that case.
  7. The root appeals to a very special, racist group of idiots. Jay Z doesn't need the NFL. He probably wants to improve the relations between a predominantly African-American sport and those who watch it. Kaepernick made him look like a fool by taking advantage of his naivety when it comes to entitled professional athletes.
  8. Poor guy... It's almost as though he's being held accountable for his actions. Racism at it's finest...
  9. Corey Davis is a quality NFL starter level receiver and it's not going to work out for him here. I know this because I am a Titans fan.
  10. I damn sure hope it's not Hebert!!! Be another Oregon bust...
  11. More Chargers fans in Mexico than they get to games in LA.
  12. Pacman was a top cover CB and Devin Hester rolled up into one, he was never the same after the suspension
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  14. I hate to continue making excuses for any player. But there are situations, such as that of Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Wes welker, Emmanuel Sanders, etc. where the player's inclusion is inconsistent or they just never really get to show what they can do at their first NFL home. Let's just hope that we can get him more involved while he's still here. Unless we by some miracle begin to understand this forward pass trend, It's impossible for this franchise to consider paying him or any other WR more than what they are giving to Humphries.
  15. I'm tired of hearing about this dude. Me personally I watch sports to get away from the real world for those few hours. I watch sports to be entertained and I enjoy it. I don't watch sports to hear personal opinions & I don't watch it to hear about politics or social justice issues. If you want to protest and go into the inner cities and make a difference on your own personal time, cool. I just didn't think the NFL and a football game was the proper platform to make your protest. All I want to do is watch football for the few hours and enjoy myself. I mean I respect his stance and what he was speaking on, just not where he was speaking at. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I just want to enjoy my football Lol.
  16. LOL, just watched some of this "workout", his throws were shit! LMFAO!!!!
  17. I'm fine taking Tua in the 1st and re upping tanne for 3 years 70mm ish
  18. If he’s there in the second round I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  19. Davis a good....very good. He's been saddled with a shitty thrower of the pointy ball and coach/OC combos straight out of the 70s.
  20. I just can’t see them losing today or against the Raiders next week.
  21. Absolutely crazy that should the Chiefs lose today they would drop out of the playoff seeding's at the end of week 11, and the Raiders would be at the top of the AFC West.
  22. He’s inching closer to being a bust.
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