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  2. Thrill

    Giants Week

    Way to assemble a roster, Webster. Jesus Christ
  3. https://politicalwire.com/2018/12/14/is-trump-about-to-fold-on-his-border-wall/ Like a cheap suit
  4. I don't hate the people of this country. Just a bit of trolling with the quotation marks, but I don't hate anyone and didn't say so. You are the person who has somehow lost the whole point of the America idea (that people can disagree), and feel that anyone who brings up a problem or criticism that you don't like "hates America". My point was that there isn't going to be any swell of compassion coming out of this story; there has been a larger national narrative based around our lack of action or compassion towards Sandy Hook, that's what I was remarking about. What's interesting to me is the rage that you feel because of your fake ass nationalism--you, a value-less shill who is totally consumed with anger you can't even place or understand. You don't want to make room for anyone in this country who isn't a sentient Old Navy t-shirt like yourself. You don't have reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, or the capacity to be anything other than a walking, talking facebook post. Talk about bullshit ideology. Okay buddy, keep regurgitating your favorite cliches (iF yOu DoN'T lIkE aMEriCA, lEAvE!). Go on another racist rant exposing how confused and broken you are. Or you could try answering to the idea up for discussion here.
  5. Henry has 38 fewer touches than Lewis. He has 3 more first downs and 7 more TDs.
  6. said last week that the Chiefs didn't impress me at all and held firm last night
  7. ChesterCopperpot1

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    That suit was dismissed by a federal court judge, too.
  8. If you hate the people of this country that much then move out. Get the fuck out! You don't give a flying fuck about anybody it just fits your bullshit ideology. Go move to Africa or Latin America. I'm sure they will love a stupid dope smoking white boy there.
  9. It's possible that somebody overlooked her condition or that some medical person made an error. They may not have done everything right. Libtards want to pretend that Trump personally gave the order for the girl to die. As if an urgent phone call to the white house was made by a nurse begging for permission to save this girl and Trump said let her die.
  10. Let's not pretend like people in this country care about dying children. If someone can go into an elementary school and murder 20 children do you really think one child (especially a minority) dying of neglect is going to move the American "people"?
  11. In any event how is this Trump's responsibility? I know that libtards think that people from Mexico and Central America deserve reparations, free health care and groceries. Can anybody prove that Trump changed the policy on medically evaluating illegals who have been taken into custody by border patrol? Did he order these people to not be given medical care? What is your point assholes? You think we should not have a border or border patrol? Ok let's say we did not stop them. Who takes care of her then? Sean Hannity made an interesting point on his show last night. He said that a real wall will deter people from making the dangerous trip in the first place. I agree with that. The bottom line is that you asshole libtards do not give a flying fuck about some poor Quiche Maya people from the highlands of Guatamala. You just hate Trump. Go fuck off.
  12. Bink

    Is there any question Mahomes is MVP?

    He is going to win it and he totally deserves it. He has 45 TDs. Come on.
  13. Someone's going to hell. Say hi to Satan for me.
  14. CaliTitan3518

    Is there any question Mahomes is MVP?

    It’s Mahomes to lose now. Still a couple games left so Brees could get back into the conversation but Mahomes would need to struggle for Brees to jump him.
  15. Today
  16. StephenIsLegend

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    I mean, if he wants to gain notoriety and hang his hat on retardation, then that’s on him.
  17. Btowner

    It’s Not Just Lying

    I read an article with a quote from Tony Schwartz who is the Art of the Deal ghost writer. Schwartz said Trump's mentor was New York lawyer Roy Cohn and his approach was "Lie about everything, attack back twice as hard as you've been hit, keep at it relentlessly until people finally give up and they stop arguing with your fabricated reality"
  18. scine09

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    You should have heard him argue with Russo during Deflategate. These were heated exchanges. He was not defending the league but defending Brady.
  19. King is a typical self serving journalist. He immediately takes the league side on an issue, then after time and other guys (Florio for example) start asking the tough questions he will finally come around because it’s fashionable. Bountygate being a prime example and his trashing of Payton and Vilma.
  20. Legaltitan

    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    If nothing else, this whole ordeal is giving many Americans a long overdue re-introduction to basic civics, and how the branches of government work, especially the judiciary. I realize some of this is technical that only lawyers would or should care about. But people are out there, even on TV, indicating fundamental misunderstandings of basic legal concepts.
  21. SleepingTitan

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    Titans depleted weapons: guys who will never get another job if they get cut. All other NFL depleted weapons: future starters for the Titans.
  22. SleepingTitan

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    Even though it's dumb af, he's still getting traction and visibility...which IS his actual job. Yall laughin but he's killing it.
  23. Upon reading more on this, it appears the girl started having seizures about 8 hours after being taken into custody. She was already severely dehydrated upon being detained. Having said that, it's still a really bad look. They had her for 8 hours and she slipped into shock and started having seizures. There are symptoms that show up long before that point. I sympathize with the BP but at the same time, you can't brush this off. When you take people into custody you are responsible for them.
  24. https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-jared-kushner-replaced-michael-cohen-as-trumps-national-enquirer-connection?ref=scroll
  25. Or maybe libtard that this is another worthless piece of shit article to promote an unamerican leftist agenda. The border patrol did everything right. The father (or so he claims to be) did everything wrong. HE is responsible for the girls death......nobody else.
  26. The reality is there is very a little a President can do to improve the economy. There are a lot of things he can do to mess it up though. Keep reaching though and pointing back to Obama in order to excuse Trump's incompetence. It's been working for you so far!
  27. Interesting that there’s been *zero* criticism for the Chargers choosing to go for two rather than playing for overtime.
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