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  2. I assume it would take months of past dues to do it, or do you think they do it immediately?
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  4. So what's the next rung on the mail carrier career path. Senior mail carrier? Head stamp licker? Trump does lie. Just like every other politician. You guys just like to scrutinize his more. Fine by me. Just pick a topic in which he was the liar, not some hacker.
  5. Question? Since he's unable to play, does he still get the same salary for his slot? The CBS wire said he got 13M. I just googled "Simmons signs for" and the top hits are about the fight in HS. We always say "he paid his debt to society." Sure doesn't ring true in his case.
  6. I believe it is pretty common. Often times when I am in court, several of the other cases are credit card companies suing people who didn't pay.
  7. Hooker is getting a lot of hype. I think it was Mike Keith on 3hl saying he thought he was a 2nd round talent and that he was who he was most excited they got where they got him.
  8. I've excelled as a mail carrier, petered out my ass. And if you wanna argue against Trump being a liar be my guest, it's here in print
  9. Kuharsky said Hooker was playing a real role in the OTAs and looks like the 3rd safety already
  10. So you chose an article that says a hacker posted a bogus score for Trump to show he is a liar. That's why you only have a high school education and petered out professionally as a mail carrier. Good job Smegal.
  11. I'll never put abc2330 on ignore!
  12. The NFC is weaker. Our trouble is the Colts and Texans, perennially good in recent years. Just going 2-2 against them is pretty good. The Jags are the Jags. No matter how good the Jags get, we seem to be able to hang with them. The other AFC divisions have beatable team every year. This year the North looks like a dog fight, but Cincy is down. Oakland is out west with Denver. New England gets to scrimmage to prepare for the playoffs in the East.
  13. The original story I posted had the score was due to a hacker. So? He still lies and cheats at golf every time he plays like the article points out and anyone who has played with him
  14. He's also stumbled into the "Anyone but Trump" election
  15. Yes. Credit card companies have a debt collection department that includes suing people they can't collect on. The mortgage business if funny. I asked a real estate agent how they could get some low income people qualified. He said they have loans for everybody, even drug dealers. These loans will have really high interest and the borrower may have to put up a larger down payment. The thing I found the pissed me off in the real estate business is apartment rentals. They may do this on mortgages as well. I asked how can all these hispanics rent apartments when they don't have SS numbers for credit checks. He told me they use a code for that and just put 000-00-0000. So, if you go in and owe the electric company $40. they may decline you. The hispanic could owe all the utility companies, had a car repossessed and got evicted from his last residence. 000-00-0000
  16. Wrong thread Touched The Tard, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA anyway.
  17. Hey Touched The Tard, so that old shitty condo complex that Lardass Adopt A Tard bought into now has other units in the million dollar range? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. Why Jon is so popular. I always thought something special would happen for Jon Snow. When they found the dire wolf, there were four pups. So, Jon made easy acceptance of giving one to each of Neds other children. Then they discover a little white runt and gave him to Jon. The runt grew to be the largest and most fiercest of the litter. I kinda figured him being elevated to Commander of the Watch was that special thing. Jon is a lot of people’s favorite because he went on to become a great warrior, better than Rob. Jon also got the girls, even the babe with the hot ride. Ned is always referred to as the man who did the right thing, but he killed his own child’s innocent dire wolf. Jon was a very special character, who stood against all to stop the taunting and physical abuse on Samwell. They were calling Samwell names and beating him with practice swords, only Jon refused to allow the abuse. Later, Samwell killed a night walker and discovered a mountain of dragon glass. GRRM intertwined his story so beautifully to move characters from low to high, unfortunately to dead quite often as well. I think a lot of us identify with Jon and see ourselves as heroic, but how do we really act in our own lives. Are we the one making fun of others who are not as strong, as smart or as rich as we are. Do we have his courage to stand up and defend the abused or even people who abuse us. Or do we just stay quiet. Great books help people to build character. We see who we would like to be in Jon Snow and that's why I think he is such a popular character.
  19. Retard admits to talking to Don jr right before Trump Tower meeting
  20. Trump has nothing to do with some idiot punching his wife.
  21. They could start by winning the division. We play better against NFC teams.
  22. Someone moved into my subdivision. He got onto the Board of the property owners association and is causing all kinds of problems. He bought a million dollar home and still has his old house that he rents out. My subdivision is small and I would not think anyone has money problems. I checked civil cases on him today. He was sued by a Credit Card company in 2010 for a little over $20K. Had a judgement against him but it was not completely settled until 2014. Another credit company sued him for ~$25K in 2012 and it was not fully settled until 2016. He was also sued by a credit collection agency in small-claims court, so I assume under $10K. Not being a court of record, I could not find settlement etc. Is this normal - do credit card usually sue people for being late payers? Also, wouldn't it hit one;s credit report pretty bad? It seems odd that a bank would grant him a million dollar mortgage if he had recently been sued by credit card companies, especially if he still has a mortgage on his old house (and I know he does because I found both liens in county filings.)
  23. that's funny, every time I play madden online w33d_k1d_69 tells me the titans are ass.
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