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  1. The original question was who played the biggest role. Russia easily played the biggest role. By the time Americans came ashore on Omaha and Utah beaches the outcome of the war was all but decided. The battles of Stalingrad and Kursk in early to mid 1943 pretty much sealed Germany’s fate and they had been on a headlong retreat since then. About 80% of the German army was deployed on the Eastern Front, which included the bulk of their top military units. When they were decimated Germany was pretty much done. That doesn’t mean the contribution the US made wasn’t significant. Certainly it was, but Russia by far played the biggest role and made the biggest contribution and it’s not close.
  2. TF_Titan

    Virus in US

    Oh...OK...New York is fixed. I missed that.
  3. TF_Titan

    Virus in US

    There has been plenty of "fuck up" in this mess to go around for sure, but by far the biggest fuck up is De Blasio in NYC. All the southern state fuck ups combined don't add up to his. Three weeks ago he was telling everyone in New York under 50 that this was no worse than the common cold and to go about their normal life riding the subways and eating out at restaurants and bars. As a result the virus spread massively for weeks and when they eventually figured out how bad is was New Yorkers fled the city and accelerated the spread of the virus all over the country.
  4. Of course not...which is why we need an effective treatment. But having a vaccine will significantly reduce the rate of infection. You really can't compare this to the flu. This is way more contagious than the flu...and we have effective treatments for the flu. If we did nothing and just let it run it's course with no vaccines or treatments available we could see not just thousands...but hundreds of thousands of deaths from this...and many more hundreds of thousands with permanent respiratory damage.
  5. Everything hinges on finding an effective treatment asap. Until we have a vaccine in place people are going to continue to get infected...which means we'll have to continue the shutdown until we have a way to effectively treat those that do get it so the healthcare system isn't overwhelmed in the meantime. The good news is there are several promising treatments that could be validated pretty soon.
  6. You guys are assuming Biden will survive until November.
  7. TF_Titan


    He does exactly this about three times per week.
  8. TF_Titan

    Virus in US

    We don't know what the actual death rate is, but it's probably not that far off from the flu. The reason it's worse than the flu is because there's no vaccine for it yet and because apparently it's very easy to transmit. So 100% of the population is at risk of getting it, but unless you have pre-existing health issues it's unlikely to cause any serious problems....just like the flu. I think it's quite possible this did originate in that Chinese research lab, but I highly doubt it was specifically engineered as a biological weapon...unless China is trying to kill off everyone over 80. If you were trying to create an actual weapon this would be a pretty shitty attempt at it. These labs to research on all sorts of viruses. The CDC does the same thing...it's just that the CDC has much better controls in place that keep these kinds of things from getting released to the public.
  9. Maybe she sees her role now as the one to take Bloomberg out to clear the path for Bernie. She knows she has no shot.
  10. I've seen corpses in caskets that looked healthier...seriously.
  11. This is what so many Democrats are missing. They seem to think that NOW people will finally see what a rotten guy Trump is. Guess what?...they knew what a rotten guy he was before the last election. There's nothing they know now that they didn't know then. Hell, his favorable rating is higher now than it was in 2016. If the Democrats want to run on morality while Trump runs on the economy...well...then good luck with that. Bernie is the only candidate who's actually running on ideas.
  12. When has he ever passed up a chance to look dumb and uninformed on live TV?

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