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  1. @logicals let us know when you get the latest update from league circles.
  2. Bills would likely need to score 40 to have a chance....hard to see how they get there.
  3. The Bills are a muffed punt from being toast.
  4. You know Brady getting to the Super Bowl is pissing off Bellichik big time.
  5. ...and he makes the receivers look worse with his inaccurate throws.
  6. It's probably more like 2 or quite possibly 3 lost seasons. It's going to take a while to climb out of the hole O'Brien dug.
  7. All this talk about retaining Bowen and bringing in Crennel as a senior advisor is bullshit. If your DC is not good enough to do his job without a senior advisor then he's not qualified for the job to begin with. Find a DC who doesn't need a fucking babysitter.
  8. Maybe. Giving him the role without the title didn't work, so maybe giving him the title without the role would work better.
  9. Nobody's falling for that. Of course the Texans want that pick. That's the only reason they'd do the deal...and the reason why other teams aren't going to be able to match what the Dolphins can offer. Tua is just a side show. The Texans don't have draft picks or cap space they can use to rebuild. Even if they keep Watson they're fucked, but if they trade him and don't get a shit ton of high draft picks in return they're doubly fucked.
  10. Well no shit. No potential trade partner is going to be offering an adequate replacement for Watson. If they could do that they wouldn't be trying to trade in the first place.
  11. Yeah, but if you develop a reputation for hiding players warts it's going to have the opposite effect. If NFL teams don't trust what you're telling them it's going to hurt your players' draft stock.
  12. I might agree if Brady could rush the passer.
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