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  1. If I was JR I would have cut him before he had the chance to retire.
  2. That's an understatement. To quote Trump himself: "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters"
  3. TF_Titan


    Apparently not until they're issued a birth certificate. Until then it's open season.
  4. TF_Titan


    Laws? Morality? I'm not even sure what you're point is, unless you're point is that murder is ok. I haven't heard one pro-choice advocate try to argue that the fetus is in fact a human being, but it's ok to kill it anyway...well...until now.
  5. TF_Titan


    It's the only issue. If it's a human you can't kill it. If it's not you can. A woman's right to choose doesn't include choosing to commit murder, so the point at which the fetus becomes human is absolutely the central issue...whichever side of the argument you're on...unless you're arguing that murder is sometimes ok. The pro-choice argument is based on the belief that the fetus is not a human. The pro-life argument is based on the belief that it is a human. The point of transition is exactly what the argument is about.
  6. The corruption is in the election process where large corporations and lobbyists buy politicians by funding campaigns (and trips to Bermuda, etc.). Supreme court justices are not subject to this and by and large have been way more objective in terms of political ideology once they're in office than the average congressman or senator. That was the whole reason the founding fathers specifically decided to make them lifetime appointments...to remove them from the political process. But I'd be more than happy to have term limits on SC justices if they put them on congressmen and senators first.
  7. A rich dude skirted the justice system...weird.
  8. But only if the Executive branch is a member of the other party. It's a game and everybody knows it...which is why it only plays into the hands of the Republicans when the Democrats play it. It confirms the narrative that they're just on a witch hunt...which of course they are. Most voters don't give a crap about it. Everyone knows Trump's a slimy dirtbag. Nothing the Democrats will produce will add to that fact and continuing to pursue it will likely do more harm than good. This is what politics has devolved to. Don't bother trying to convince people your ideas are better...it's much easier to try to leverage social media to demonize the other side.
  9. Wait...they actually gave him real duties? I assumed this was a ceremonial position. Who in there right mind would hire him to do real work?
  10. Trump wasn't elected because people thought he was an honest, upright citizen that just wanted to serve his country. He was elected because Democrats were pissed at Hillary and the DNC and didn't show up to vote. This is why the infighting between the AOC wing and the DNC establishment is really what they should be worrying about. All these investigations aren't going to tell us anything we didn't already know or at least assume about Trump and aren't likely to move the needle much one way or the other.
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