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  1. I haven't had time to keep up with this thread. Have you guys figured out which elite QB we're drafting at 29?
  2. It wasn't 7...it was 10. It was dumb not to change the plan after it became obvious what KC was doing on defense.
  3. Maybe Brady would be replacing Mariota as the backup.
  4. Hmm. I keep a mental list of the idiot posters. I'm not sure how he slipped through the cracks.
  5. Well...Pees said something similar when he retired from Baltimore...so maybe?
  6. Rex Ryan wouldn't be a horrible choice...and hell...he already lives in Nashville.
  7. I guess he didn't get a chance to catch any of the NFL draft coverage.
  8. Please tell me your account has been hacked.
  9. Not a huge surprise, but it still sucks.
  10. It's very telling that they even take him off the field on most third and short plays. My god, if there's ever a situation where you want to be able to run play action it's on third and short. That's a huge waste.
  11. This is the problem...because Henry had been so dominant it lulled them into being lazy with the offensive game plan. They thought he was the offensive "easy button". They figured since Henry pretty much had his way with the Patriots and Ravens that they could just line up in heavy formations and just bully the Chiefs poor run defense. Everyone in the stadium knew exactly what was coming on pretty much every play. You're not going to put up a lot of points against most NFL defenses doing that. The margin of error is so small when you do that. One penalty or stuffed run and now it's an uphill battle to convert long third downs and sustain drives. They should have figured they were going to have to put up 35-40 points yesterday to have a chance. Even if Henry were to have another 180+ yard day they likely don't get close to that. Henry offered them the perfect chance to torch a defense that was selling out to stop the run and they pissed it away. The hope is they'll recognize that mistake and spend the offseason coming up with a plan that doesn't put most of their eggs in Henry's basket. ...we'll see.
  12. If he's not back it's because JRob made the call.

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