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  1. Wait...they actually gave him real duties? I assumed this was a ceremonial position. Who in there right mind would hire him to do real work?
  2. Trump wasn't elected because people thought he was an honest, upright citizen that just wanted to serve his country. He was elected because Democrats were pissed at Hillary and the DNC and didn't show up to vote. This is why the infighting between the AOC wing and the DNC establishment is really what they should be worrying about. All these investigations aren't going to tell us anything we didn't already know or at least assume about Trump and aren't likely to move the needle much one way or the other.
  3. TF_Titan

    Andrew Yang

    Automation is definitely having an impact. My point is that in order for UBI to become palatable to the majority of Americans it's going to have to affect a much larger percentage of the population. Once you start to see a large segment of white collar jobs disappearing it will have much more traction.
  4. To be fair...most Democrats just want it to go away...for the same reason the Republicans want to keep talking about it...because as you said...it's clearly wrong and makes no sense.
  5. TF_Titan

    Andrew Yang

    He's a bit premature. It's hard to make the case that job loss due to automation is a problem when the unemployment rate is sitting at 4%. That's not to say we're not headed down that path, but we're not there yet.
  6. I said this exact thing during the election.
  7. Who doesn't like a little head before flying? Helps take the edge off.
  8. Is it too much to ask for a meteor to fall and obliterate Mercedes Benz Stadium before one of theses teams actually wins a Championship?
  9. Some people watch the Super Bowl because they love football. Some people watch it for the commercials. Both are getting a shit show tonight.
  10. I think it’s obvious the football gods don’t want either one of these teams to win.
  11. Calling that a "crucial penalty" is being a bit generous.
  12. Hmmmm. Where have I seen this thread before?
  13. Exactly. If they want to blow a challenge on a missed holding call in the 2nd quarter, then that's their choice. This is the sane approach.
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