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  1. I guess all the 3 and outs would slow the game down with all the TV commercial breaks for change of possession...but that doesn't really limit their offensive touches. I guess technically the defense not being able to get off the field and allowing them long 10 minute drives would limit their touches, but I doubt that would have much impact on the final outcome.
  2. There's nothing surprising about this. QBs under pressure complete a lower percentage of their passes...and the Titans allow more pressure than just about anyone. It's why elite pass rushers are so valuable.
  3. Sour grapes or not...that was a dumb decision. There's no reason why Reynolds couldn't have been very productive here and it was handled poorly by Vrabel.
  4. Josh Reynolds is an example I'd throw out there for guys that Vrabel wrote off that went on to play well for another team.
  5. This is why it's so hard to judge Levis outside the context of the offense he's being asked to operate and the players he's being asked to operate it with.
  6. All of his injuries have occurred while trying to catch the football, so it stands to reason that Vrabel would want him to do less of that.
  7. He has a soft spot for QBs that were drafted high that turned out to be shit.
  8. Maybe.,.but you might want to get confirmation from a source that isn't the disgruntled employee that started the protest. What's the organization? What's the evidence they materially support the IDF?
  9. Complete the process of the punt? Hell, he didn't have time to complete the process of catching the snap. BTW...that second block was totally setup by the first block. The Jags ST coaches completely took the Titans ST coaches to school. The Titans were focused on preventing what happened on the first punt and the Jags exploited it with the late outside rush.
  10. Apparently there's a 200lb minimum for women to swim in the pool.
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