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  1. Eli putting up Tannehill type numbers.
  2. The Titans will go from 9-7 to maybe 10-6. It's hard to build a case for coach of the year on a one game improvement.
  3. Well...let's take a look at those two wins. Browns: Henry ran for 84 yards and 1 TD. Marcus threw for 248 yards and 3 TDs, so I'm going to say Marcus had more to do with that W than Henry. Falcons: Henry ran for 100 yards and 0 TD. Marcus threw for 227 yards and 3 TDs, decent game for sure, but once again...I'm going to say that W was more Marcus than Henry. So we've ruled out the "two wins" difference. What about the "and more" part? Well...he did run for 44 yards against the Jags in a blowout loss. I guess technically that's "more", but not really a difference maker. He also ran for 28 yards against the Broncos...again not really much "more" there. 78 yards against the Bills in another loss...hmmm...I'm seeing a pattern that doesn't really add up to "and more".
  4. Well...they were 2-4 and the Titans offense was putrid. So I'm going to say no...he didn't make much of a difference.
  5. It's weird how Henry didn't seem to make that much of a difference until they switched to Tannehill. You'd think if he was the biggest reason for their success they would have been more successful when Marcus was playing QB.
  6. They have to win 2 of the next 3. It probably doesn't matter which 2. But 9-7 won't be good enough.
  7. He’s not in the conversation, and won’t be in the conversation. But if the Titans find a way to get into the playoffs and make some noise, he will be the most valuable player whether he’s in the conversation for the actual award or not.
  8. Tannehill is doing great, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He’s no John Hadl.
  9. He’s dominating whether he wins the title or not. All it will do is jack up his price.
  10. Dammit, if they don't quit calling pass plays Tannehill will cost them 100 million to sign.
  11. They're not even trying to cover the underneath stuff.