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  1. He spent most of his career across from one of the all time greats and never put up impressive numbers considering his hype end advantages. I don't see that steely changing now. I see a guy who's lived a career off that highlight tackle he made in college.
  2. https://titanswire.usatoday.com/2021/04/14/browns-jadeveon-clowney-titans-shot-presser/
  3. I'm just glad they are willing to have a fresh set of eyes on the defense.
  4. You know that actually crossed my mind too in not pursuing.. birds of a feather as the saying goes.
  5. I actually went on a date with the girl's self professed best friend, she popped that nugget of info on our date, and we were at the opry mills mall on the date to boot. She was so so beautiful but that was such a huge turnoff I couldn't go back out with her. Looking back that was a terrible decision, she was freakin gorgeous!
  6. If only we had a stellar defense to keep us in the game and give the offense more chances to score.
  7. Belichick just last season had an interview and he was talking about how it was still about running the ball and good defense. The rule still applies, it's just seems harder than ever to field an elite defense vs a top notch offense. 3 elite players on offense - a QB, WR, and TE or RB can net you an elite or at least top 8 offense. To have an elite defense takes at least 2 top flight QBs and 2 elite rushers and at least one top LB, and frankly tbh more than that. But I'd still take a truly elite defense over an elite offense any day.
  8. It's like early in the year when Jonnu was being used more as a pass catcher. The ball was moving well, and just when the defense felt like they were getting a feel for the offense they'd throw a designed play to Jonnu for a big gain. That tertiary dynamic option in an offense makes a huge difference between an offense that is very good but can be stopped/limited in some instances and an excellent one that puts considerable stress on the defense every play.
  9. I'm also pretty sure Adoree did too before he was cut like the part of the carpet stuck to chewing gum.
  10. https://youtu.be/OVJ30HBPjus Looking at his highlights he reminds me of Davis. Tall and thin, doesn't really play to his height but has consistent hands and catches a lot over the middle. The biggest differences are he seems to have less YAC ability due to a shorter stride, but on the plus side has a lower center of gravity that makes him better suited for short gains and slot work. I think he'll be expected to play the Davis role but will be able to switch roles with AJ on occasion as the screen/short area guy and hopefully allow AJ to do more deep work.
  11. I do think Hilton has been incredibly hamstrung by QB play the last few years. I think talk of his decline may ne overblown and he'd make for a good WR2 in this system.
  12. XAEA12


    You can see from his past clips he's changed his whole vocal tone, cadence, and pace to sound like Hannity who tried to sound like Bill O'reilly.
  13. XAEA12


    At least 12 Courics.
  14. The shoe store next door gave him long laces - he's been tripping over them everywhere he goes!
  15. The man's mother fuckin name is lazy 😭 you can't make it up!
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