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  1. Could you also pin the OP to the top of each page in the thread?
  2. Vrabel is a smart guy who sometimes does these too smart for his own good things that are just head scratchers, and this was one of them.
  3. No one said it was impossible - it was just a dumbass way to do it.
  4. My only concern is can they really get a top notch QB picking at 25? This will be an interesting off-season.
  5. Whether the scheme is a top down mandate or a concession based on available talent, after the last 2 unceremonious playoff exits I think the current offensive style is going to get a serious reevaluation regardless.
  6. If they end up sticking with Tannehill past his current contract and he continues to shit the bed they definitely could. After this game I doubt they do that though. Which is basically my point. At this point it's highly likely there'll be a QBOF drafted in the next 2 seasons.
  7. This actually crossed my mind too. Robinson will want a chance at "his" QB and could ruin his goodwill if things don't improve keeping Tannehill.
  8. With 26 seconds to March down field that's a lot of pressure to make a play in that situation.
  9. On a different note, maybe they would not have leaned on the run if Tannehill doesn't throw an interception on the first play of the game.
  10. If that was the coach's thinking that was stupid and bad coaching. Doing that put a lot of pressure on Tannehill trying to move down the field at your own 39 yard line with 26 seconds to go. If you don't think Tannehill can march down field with 2 minutes and timeouts then just fuck overtime anyway, you're screwed.
  11. Then use your timeouts and run the clock out when you're in field goal range like any normal person would do. Unless you think your QB is going to turn the ball over and you're playing for OT.
  12. The only thing I can think of is he wasn't trusting Tannehill. It's the only thing that makes sense. But even then why throw it? Just run and run out the clock. The whole thing is completely baffling. If that's the case it doesn't bode well for Tannehill.
  13. Great point because I was losing my shit wondering what was going on and completely forgot all about it bc of the interception. It was one of many head scratching things Vrabel has done in games, but maybe the worst.
  14. I actually blame Downing way more than Tannehill. This offense sucked all season, and I don't think it was just bc of injuries or Tannehill supposed regressing. Also blame Vrabel of course bc it's all his responsibility - picking Downing, putting Henry out there, putting Tannehill in an inefficient offense. When Henry wasn't a go for Houston to me that was enough to not want him to be the main ball carrier in this game.
  15. Expecting a guy to go from not playing for half a season to a do or die playoff game was stupid. The playoff intensity is on another level. That said, at least he had an excuse for not dominating - it was practically expected. Blaming Henry doesn't excuse Tannehill. He played poorly, and there's really no excuse for him. And let's be real, it's easy to stop the run if you sell out on it. That's when the QB is supposed to make the defense pay. Still waiting on Tannehill to do that in the postseason.
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