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  1. The thing about Henry is he was doubted from the beginning. Too big, not shifty, fell to the second round to a discredited team, split carries during his prime years, 1500 yards wasn’t enough to be considered the best he had to get 2000, then the only RB to ever be expected to get another 2,000 yards, would have likely pulled it off without the injury, then his next 1500 yard season on a garbage team is yawned at. If he has the fanfare of AP and other HOFers coming into the league he’d be a lock by now. But with the way things have bounced, especially with the teams mediocrity this season, he’s not a lock at all, even if just bc criteria for modern players have shifted to a higher standard. He will definitely want to have a couple more good seasons to get in, but he’s way more qualified than Eddie George and any other RB of this era at this point. The only other RB probably getting in this era is McCaffrey.
  2. Having to compete with WRs and TEs is a huge disadvantage and you know it, you go from 31 competing for the same spot to over 100 in a pass friendly league. God damn you hate Henry lmao
  3. Since we are talking eras, the AP had 2 first team all pro RBs - 1 from each conference- every season until 2016, Henry’s rookie year. That means one of his second team all pros would have been counted as a first team all pro any time before his career started, and likewise the guys with all first team all pros from the previous era would have had some second team all pros in this era.
  4. Finally watched the second half of the game, I waited because I knew it’d be dreadful. Literally all his successful runs were outside runs. Everything inside is getting maybe two yards. I think I remember at least 4 runs that looked about 10 yards. He'd do well to keep running outside because the interior line is not what it used to be
  5. The news just came in on horseback!
  6. In a lot of ways I feel he has over corrected from his early years where he bounced everything outside, now he forces everything inside when he could be using his long stride speed once he hits the edge. Been seeing way too many off tackle runs where he’s cutting it inside when he could bounce it. Forcing everything inside is a recipe for disaster. He doesn’t have quick, shifty feet and the way he easily falls on ankle tackles he’s not punishing defenders because they know better than to take him head on anymore. Starting inside and bouncing out is how he got the TD run and another impressive TD run early in the year.
  7. Frank Reich is the Carson Wentz of coaches. People keep thinking he’s good when he keeps showing you he stinks. The only way I’d keep him in my building would be if he’s holding a mop and bucket, and I’d still keep my eye on him.
  8. I love Simmons and he's a fantastic player but QB LT WR EDGE and CB are the premier positions in today's league. It's almost like valuing a RB or G or S. A dominant run stuffer and disrupter is great, but Simmons had a great game and they still put up over 30 and it could have been more, and Lawrence made Simmons look silly running after him quite a few times. Even a fast 330 pounder is too slow for these new QBs. Unless it's prime Aaron Donald you make that trade and don't look back.
  9. While yes we do need better coaching, this is a hypothetical regardless of who the coach or GM is. And no one said middling LT, The question is a franchise LT
  10. Simple is good. It clarifies the convoluted. If a guy is 15/25 for 300 yards and 3 TDs and 0 INTs did he have a good game? It depends. Those stats tell you attempts completions, TDs and INTs, he's got 141 passer rating. What if they lost 50-21. What if it was backups on the opposing teams in the 4th quarter not moving the ball effectively on offense allowing more scoring opportunity for the QB, and backups on defense that gave up a big screen pass for a 90 yard TD and another hail Mary as time expired for a 70 yard score. What if he got sacked 9 times? Another stat. More data. There's so many variables, and you compile more stats for more data to create a picture, but at the end of the day the data is the data, it only tells you what it tells you - what happened. It's up to the subject to perceive the data in a way to draw accurate conclusions.
  11. At this point they don't have to try to
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