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  1. Do you all know anybody dead from COVID-19 yet? Because you are talking like you don't. It's still abstract. I now know of at least 8 people in my circle dead (I'm in NYC). Off the top of my head a friend lost her uncle, my wife lost 2 friends, our upstairs neighbor lost a family member, my sister in law lost 2 friends who were in their 20s, my wife's friend lost her mother, and a friend of mine lost her dad. And I haven't even been reaching out to friends much, this is just people I've happened to hear about or see on social media. And this is with the city on lockdown. I couldn't imagine the death after 60,000 people huddled together in the winter. Or when a city of 8 million reopens. There's no real fear in the rest of the country yet bc the numbers are still low. With the reopening this shit is about to hit everywhere else hard. There won't be a season if there are body bags everywhere. We are merely at the tip of this iceberg.
  2. I know he's older but I always thought Joseph has been very underrated in his career and this is a great addition to the team
  3. Hopefully he'll be as pleasant 5th round surprise as Jayon Brown.
  4. I like his tape better than Austin Johnson's college tape from what I looked at. Drafts are funny how they can vary year to year based on need and what is available. Robinson does his homework and typically uses the variables to his advantage. It's why I often feel as hopeful about his 5-6 rounders as his 1-3.
  5. I moved to NYC from Nashville 2 years back. All I know is that I know 8 people dead, all friends of family members or family members of my friends. As young as 25. I know we live on top of each other here but I thought it was crazy when they said like 70 percent of people are going to get it, but now I get it. At the end of the day I think it's going to be up to people's willingness to risk their health.
  6. Wow, those 30 ints really cost him. Even marginal care with the ball would have gotten him a big contract. 15-18 ints would have been a Matt Ryan prime type of year.
  7. Considering we got Tannehill with the 4th round pick and possibly upgraded 3 positions I've got to give it an A.
  8. Yeesh. I hate this pick way worse than that other late round qb we drafted and even he ended up sucking
  9. I'm right there with SK and for basically the same reasons. A- Wasn't a big fan of the first pick but understand it. Loved the 2nd and 3rd picks. Not happy with no pass rushers and wished there was a WR we liked enough to take a chance on early. Would loved to have seen us draft a comparable talent opposite AJ Brown but I didn't follow draft prospects at all this year, so I'll trust the big run on WRs left them without that option. I'm praying Davis' issues were turf toe related last year bc he and Humphries underperformed. Brown disappeared in the playoffs and when we needed to pass against KC we couldn't. We see what a talent like Brown can do for this offense. We would not have been nearly as successful without him. Davis and Humphries were pedestrian. Running at will is great until you get stopped. As great as we were at running and stopping the run we need to improve at passing and stopping the pass. If there is some gem at WR and we can find a Roberson type EDGE/LB this will be a great draft.
  10. His subtle cuts in the outside zone and deep speed remind me of CJ. Not saying he'll be as good, but CJ came from a small school and translated well. He scored a lot of long TDs so he'll match the explosion already in the offense.
  11. I will say I like it way better than the Conklin pick. It wasn't what I was wanting, but the team is upgraded and that's what matters most. Seeing how the other needs are met with our limited draft capital will give this pick more context.

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