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  1. I just wanna win a Super Bowl already 😭
  2. I do think the patriots also would have loved to find another Brady, a late round gem to replace him on the cheap. Hell they basically tried to get rid of him for Jimmy G right? Which would have been idiotic. Hell that’s how they got Brady after all, a late round steak to replace a very good starting QB. In my post I mentioned a potential starter as one of the options, I don’t discount the possibility. If you can get the better production out of a cheaper player you’d be happy to cut Jesus himself. But Willis wasn’t drafted as an heir apparent any more than any of those patriots QBs were - or any 3rd round QB, period. They will always eventually play and pay whoever they think is better.
  3. Drafting Willis was the same as every mid round QB the Patriots ever drafted - remember Jacoby Brissett (round THREE), Ryan Mallet (rd 3!), Kevin O’Connell (rd 3!) Rohan Davey (rd 4). It wasn’t just jimmy garropolo and Matt Cassel (who was a lowly 7th rounder btw.) and there were like 3 other late round QBs they drafted too, and with the greatest QB of all time playing no less! This may come as a surprise but QB is actually the most important position in football, and regularly investing in it should be standard practice. It’s the only position where if you lose one guy your whole team is fucked. Having a good backup, a potential starter or someone you can leverage for a good draft pick are all wonderful possibilities. Also from that list you can see the chances are about 20 percent for a decent return on investment. Nothing about the pick indicates Tannehill is getting replaced. Drafting Willis was not writing on the wall or an I told you so moment. It’s a gamble on a player with potential. The end.
  4. There does seem to be an air of glee to it, but I think it’s more about being right than some personal disdain for him as a player.
  5. This can not be a coincidence, but then again the gods do have a sense of humor..
  6. I don't think anyone is saying he's on McNair's level, that is obvious. That's like when you see a player comp but the comp guy is almost undraftable. Just a couple similarities in circumstances. McNair had possibly the best college season of all time and if he had a work ethic could have been an all time great.
  7. We always suspected Kuharsky did with too many coincidences from posts to articles. I actually suspected The Toddster guy might be Kuharsky instead of just his friend. But getting this confirmation from Davenport is fucking hilarious.
  8. Mensio is pulling a @9 Nines, hoping to pick him up late in his fantasy draft
  9. If Burks Phillips AND McMath become starting caliber WRs we are going to be in great shape for the next 3-4 yrs at the position
  10. Making it out alive would require focus and concentration. Yeah, It’d be a real concentration camp.
  11. I agree, I think the fumbles did foreman in and it’s a big reason why the drafted Haskins.
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