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  1. I'm hoping for Nick Foles. No way they keep Dalton, Foles, and the rookie.
  2. Yeah but AJ Brown is looking like a god out there. He's looking like a more athletic Antonio Brown. He has the shiftiness of a RB with the body control of an elite WR. I know it's just a couple clips from training camp but shit he looks on another level from last year.
  3. Davante Adams was just rated the top WR in ESPN rankings that everyone has been so riled up about, and Aaron Jones is criminally underrated. I remember the first game I saw Aaron Jones. I was like wow this guy is incredible, why do they having him backing up Jamaal Williams who is atrocious?
  4. Yeah just go in and pull a Haynesworth. They can make you be there, but they can't make you try.
  5. Finally John Simon is getting his chance. I know he's undersized but with his speed he could possibly beat out Henry as starting RB.
  6. It's such a what have you done lately league, it's not surprising. He hasn't done jack. I like his talent though.
  7. I liked Miller coming out. Figured he'd do not shit in Chicago though. Hope it works out for him.
  8. It really is uncanny the similarities. 2 all time greats who were arguably the best at their position, but just one SB win, surprised to have a falling QB drafted while still playing good football, and quit GB in the same number of seasons.
  9. But if his job is to help steal our jobs and he's not doing his job... Then he's actually a double agent working for 'murican capitalism!
  10. Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective against the delta variant. Yes, not getting vaccinated is fucking everyone else, even the vaccinated.
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