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  1. I voted Niners assuming Mahomes is really hurt bad.
  2. On the other hand you have guys so talented they can even overcome shitty attitudes… they are called Wide Receivers.
  3. When I was younger I thought that kind of over positive, always taking the blame talk was coach speak style bullshit. It would baffle me when others screwed up and guys would focus on themselves and their part. I got older and realized that’s really all you can do, all you can control, and those guys weren’t just doing it for the press, that that kind of mentality really does forge the success of these players who defied all odds to get where they are, and somewhere there are some really talented bums and never were’s who tell old stories full of excuses how things could have been different if only they weren’t the victim of some misfortune
  4. After getting benched in the presser he was very gracious and complimentary of Tua and encouraging. In hindsight that was the attitude of a real winner and champion - staying positive, not blaming others or being defensive. It’s those guys who improve, learn from mistakes and overcome.
  5. Usually the GM hires the coach. He’s the manager of the team and he hires the guy who has his vision, not the other way around. Even Amy said so in her one on one with Mike Keith. I think fans are going to see it the way that fits what they want to see. Rose tinted glasses
  6. I’ll reserve judgment but I don’t like the signs. If they draft and sign good players too to bottom all will be well. Also, if things fail maybe Ran will game of thrones Vrabel!
  7. Even during the presser he talked about finding late round gems, he mentioned Ran did this, then he was about to give examples of Robinson doing the same and stopped himself. This guy definitely threw Robinson under the bus to save his ass and/or get his way.
  8. I don’t trust him. Sure he’s smart, he basically game of throned his boss. The thing about smart people is sometimes they think they know it all, which is the absolute stupidest thing any smart person can do. Ran kept saying collaboration but I didn’t hear it from Vrabel at all. It screamed acquiescence. Vrabel was all smiles and happier than usual because he went from a boss he was having tension with to becoming the boss. He now answers to Amy who is enamored with him and has given him the reins. Amy said she was intrigued by Ran’s presence, noting he mentioned HGTV renovations which she apparently loves. LOL. What a weird comment. I just think there’s a huge stench on the whole thing. In the end it seems like it all is going to depend if Vrabel is as good as everyone thinks he is.
  9. Well I don’t think there’s a single coach, fan, or player that wants a QB who mostly relies on running. Even the best running QB gets you, what, 1k yards? I don’t think that’s what @tgo was saying.
  10. I just am getting to the presser and the first question, what is the top thing on your to do list? Salary cap? QB position? ”Mike Vrabel is at the top of my to do list.” What in the actual fuck. Fuck concerned, I am alarmed that very likely a yes man for Vrabel was just hired. Does no one else feel this way? There’a no way to know for years how things will turn out, but Jesus talk about a red flag right out the gate.
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