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  1. I think they go after Matthew Stafford. I don't want them to, but that's what I would do if I were their GM.
  2. That's his role. Our returners have given us absolutely nothing.
  3. Wasn't Evans a good kickoff returner in college? We get nothing out of our returners. Maybe Evans can add a spark.
  4. Weird, they seem to be looking past the Titans.
  5. That's true. He has been a surprise.
  6. Should we be interested if he is not claimed by someone before us?
  7. I funny posting a highlight video of a punter, but he was good in college. It does seem strange that they would change the holder after Gotkowski was money last week considering his struggles. This kid was pretty adept at flipping the field with booming punts and pinning opponents inside the 10. Maybe he's been showing that ability in practice.
  8. No waivers after trade deadline from what I remember.
  9. I just want to see more aggression from the defense. We need to attack.
  10. Quinnen Williams ia a trade with the future in mind. He is like a draft pick with a little over a year of pro experience. He would be a no brainer in my eyes. Hell, I might try to get the jets to add Poole or Desir to the deal.
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