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  1. It definitely looks like the jets are going to move him. This would be a smart move for J Rob.
  2. Yeah....pretty good, but it gives us something to talk about on a Tuesday.
  3. I would rather be stuck with Howard and Fulton as opposed to Adoree and Fulton. @rns90
  4. I blame the coaches as well. I think I remember Vrabel saying they let players decide how far they play off of a receiver in zone. He said he let's them decide what they are comfortable with. You could not play for me if you are scared. Scared is not a trait I want on my football team.
  5. You were going to have to pay Adoree next year anyway. He would likely get really close to what Howard is getting considering the market for CBs will go up. Adoree is not on Howard's level. I would much rather spend that money on Howard.
  6. Fuck it, go big or go home. What did the steelers give for Fitzpatrick last year? If you could acquire Howard with our 1st round pick in 2021, would you? It's time to go for broke. Howard is a young shutdown guy. I would aquire him and let Adoree walk next year.
  7. You are not giving your blitz a chance at all. They are not even dropping a LB underneath that shit. The second tweet is man.
  8. Right, at some point you have to make the QB hold the ball. 3rd and 5, you have 1 defenders at the line with 3 WRs in a bunch formation. Your next closest receiver is 12 yards off the ball. That will not work.
  9. Better check that tape. Bill will pull a fast one on you.
  10. Rashaan Evan has not been playing as well either.
  11. I'm not asking for press man all the time. Do it maybe 4 or 5 times a game, but give the allusion that it is press man much more than that.
  12. Exactly. When it's 3rd and 5, I could see lining up at the sticks. 12 yards off the receiver is pitch and catch for a QB and receiver. I would actually rather Ben try to beat me deep rather than keep the ball for 9 minutes.
  13. I would say you should at least try to disguise coverage and force QBs to throw passes that are not high percentage completions.
  14. Does anyone know the percentage probability on deep throws in the NFL? Especially for a 38 year old QB.

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