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  1. @ctm There is a reason why all 4 clemson DL will be gone by the 2nd round. I guarantee you that Dexter Lawrence was rarely blocke by 1 OL.
  2. His contribution will not be sacks. His contribution will be that he cannot be blocked by one player which frees up Casey and everyone else. He has the shortest path to the QB.
  3. But Lawrence is a pass rusher. If they try to block him with only the center, he is going to end up in the QBs lap. They will have to double team Lawrence. That's the point. You have 5 OL, if you have to double one that leaves everybody else 1 on 1.
  4. If they use an ILB to blitz they can drop one of the OLB.
  5. He is going to be impossible to block with one person.
  6. They probably don't expect one of the top edge guys to be there at 19. If one falls, we might take him.
  7. We are already young at the position. Now if someone like Brian Burns or Montez Sweat falls in our lap then I think we pull the trigger on an edge player. I don't believe one of the top edge guys will be there when we pick and I don't expect J Rob to trade up. I do expect them to take an edge player, but I believe it will be a day 2 or 3 guy.
  8. Don't forget DL, specifically NT. I think you can remove Edge from the dire need list.
  9. They will probably draft some competition for Fluellen, and I believe it is possible for a rookie to come in and take Lewis' job.
  10. Last I heard the positive test was a result of a supplement clemson gave him.
  11. I would say he plays 75 to 80 percent of plays throughout the season. If he is on the field teams are going to have to account for him.
  12. He is a 3 down guy. The center cannot block him 1 on 1 on running or passing plays when he is lined up at the 0 spot. He is too big and too strong. A guard will have to help which will leave Casey or the other DE 1 on 1. It will also leave openings for blitzers. Imagine having to snap the ball and deal with a 342lb strong ass man that is already started moving forward as you moved the ball. Teams may try to single him at first, but they will quickly realize it ain't happening. Hell, he will probably defeat double teams in the running game quite often.
  13. If you try to block a guy like Lawrence 1 on 1 he will wreck your game. I believe he is the reason the other guys on clemson's line had so much success. You simply can't leave him 1 on 1. Especially in 0 tech head up on the C.
  14. A big NT like Lawrence cannot be blocked 1 on 1. He is going to command a double team. If you leave him 1 on 1 with your center, you center will end up in your QBs lap. He is too big and too strong for anyone that has to snap the ball as well as account for him. Therefore Casey and whoever is on the other side will have 1 on 1 opportunities. Not to mention those A gap blitzers Pees loves will have free runs at the QB because of the attention being paid to a guy like that. I think you guys are miscasting Lawrence as a 2 down guy. The guy blocked a punt for God's sake. At 340lbs. That means he was at least 10 yards upfield before the punter could get the ball kicked. That is impressive for a man his size.
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