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  1. Am I the only one that Hope's Garrett gets released and signed by the Titans?
  2. Surely J Rob came into this season with this scenario in mind. Surely he has a plan. They have seen Marcus at his best and at his worst. J Rob had to know there was a scenario where Marcus shit the bed and Tannehill came in and righted the ship. He also knew there was a scenario where Henry played well and resigning him would be paramount. I think J Rob has a plan for the very scenario that is playing out. It would be GM malpractice if he didn't. Surely he is not flying blind by the seat of his pants. It will be an interesting offseaso to say the least. If I'm J Rob, and Tannehill continues at his current trajectory, I'm attempting to ink Tannehill to a 3 year contract and drafting a QB to develop behind him in the second or third round (preferably Eason or Love). I'm attempting to sign Henry to a 2nd tier RB contract, and I would probably let Conklin, keep Kelly, and draft the best RT in the first or second round. I believe Davis is improving. He is clearly the RG of the future. I'm also doing whatever I can to get a speedy deep threat on this offense. If Raymond works out, cool, but I wouldn't be satisfied with that. I would look to draft a speedy guy or take one in FA. Defense is a little more tricky. I believe they drafted Hooker to be a Logan Ryan type in the secondary. He is smart and instinctive just like Ryan. We are set at ILB withe Evans, Brown, and Long.
  3. I don't know why some of you are arguing about the decision on Marcus. It is evident that they had to give Marcus every opportunity because AAS loves him. She did the same thing when she saddled her new GM with Mularkey years ago. She has a track record of not allowing her football people to make football decisions when she is in love.
  4. Exactly. J Rob should sign or franchise RT and draft a guy in the second or third to develop behind him. I really think Eason makes the most sense.
  5. Consider the source, but I found this interesting. No mention of the third of the Titans that was recently up for sale. Bezos has the money to make the non interested owners of this team (e.g. Kenneth's brother, mother, and fat Tommy and wife) an offer they cannot refuse.
  6. He would be dumb not to have stipulations in any contract he signs with LSU. He is going to be a hot candidate. So hot that we probably have no shot.
  7. How many players in this game would take on the Titans? Edit: At least 10 for me
  8. For OC, I doubt he gets a power 5 or NFL offer. It's possible though. Edit: He's 30 years old, so he fits the McVay model. He just might get a good HC offer.
  9. I like Edwards-Helaire as well. He's going to be good.
  10. They ain't firing Vrabel this year unless he loses out.
  11. You beat me to it. I was literally just typing about him for OC. It's a little early for HC.
  12. I'm on the LSU's passing game coordinator Joe Brady for Titans OC train. Burrow credits him for his improvement.
  13. The offense can't get up off the mat. One mistake seems to snowball into more mistakes. I knew what kind of day it was going to be when that first Henry run was called back.
  14. Robby Anderson could really open this offense up. He has the speed to get deep. I would send them a 6th for him.