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  1. Didn't realize I hit the m twice. Sorry to upset you.
  2. He was actually telling the truth!😂
  3. I'm in a 14 team keeper league. I'm trying to choose my keeper. I have narrowed it down to two players. If I keep Mahommes it will cost me my pick in the 4th round. If I keep James Connor it will cost me my pick in the 14th round. I also have the second pick in the draft. I keep going back and forth on this one.
  4. I sat in the 3rd row on the 48 yard line for the chargers game when Locker threw the game winning TD to Justin Hunter. Literally the best experience I've had at a game. I could literally hear pads popping from my seat. You don't understand the speed of the game until you watch at that level. I owned PSLs for 3 years in Section 210 row D, club level, great seats, but people did not make noise, and really did not appreciate you doing it either. I will not sit above loge. I will just watch at the house
  5. I don't think he really wants to be in Jacksonville either. He knows Coughlin is old school. This all may be calculated on his part.
  6. He won't be giving any discounts, and I don't blame him.
  7. This article mentions the ravens being the best at employing this style of defense. It sure gave our offense fits last year.
  8. That is supposedly the reason we will not wear the Oilers throwback. Maybe you can change the decal, but not the entire helmet color. Seems trivial to to me. The change in decal makes it look like an entirely different helmet.
  9. You have an awful lot of faith in players that did not register a sack last year, and were routinely blown off the ball on running plays. What would happen if Casey or Simmons were hurt?
  10. I just believe J Rob has to do something on the DL. As it stands right now, we are thin and lack the talent necessary. Even if Simmons was healthy and a go for the start of the season, we would still need help. J Rob has to have a plan to sign a vet at some point.
  11. I wonder if J Rob would consider him.
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