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  1. Maybe he was in J Rob's plan all along.🤔I guess we will find out soon enough.
  2. I really enjoyed this interview. I think most of you guys will too. Watterson is a really good story teller. It is an hour long, but was never boring. I laughed quite a bit. Enjoy!
  3. Would be very nice if Simmons developed into this Check out @TheJTClifton’s Tweet: I mean he made great O Linemen look like grade school kids. Larry Allen was one of the best of his time and strong as they come, but Reggie treated him like a 6th grader.
  4. We were #6 in total defense, but we were #18 against the run. We were soft up the middle. Being in a nickle defense is not an excuse.
  5. Exactly. We never addressed NT. We are still weak up the middle.
  6. I must admit, my city has shown its ass! Great turn out. I'm so proud. Now we just have to keep opposing fans out of OUR STADIUM.
  7. I guess I'm good with Simmons, but we are going to have to sign a FA defensive lineman or two because we have to get help there immediately.
  8. I've been pro Lawrence since February. I think e is impossible to block 1 on 1 when you line him up at 0 due to his size, strength, and quickness off the ball. I think having him in the middle frees up Casey on stunts and twists, and the ILBs on those A gap blitzes Pees loves to run. I think Quentin Nelson's dominance of our IDL stops with the drafting of Lawrence.
  9. I would be damn happy if our draft went like this.
  10. The name to watch in this group is Dexter Lawrence. Watch!
  11. Probably. He has likely played football most of his life and has been fine.
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