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  1. Speed scares a defense more than anything. You put Tyreke Hill on the Titans and watch defenses back up.
  2. If you look at the video closely, it looks like he caught Lewan in the shoulder with his helmet actually.
  3. Where is speed at receiver on the list? I would say 3rd. We need someone to take the top off the defense consistently.
  4. Clowney or Ngakoue are a must.
  5. I believe our defensive game plan will be to not give up the big play, force them to drive the ball with underneath passes, and force field goals once they get into the red zone. The redzone negates the speed of Hill, Hardeman, and Watkins. Once they get in the redzone we can bracket Kelce and allow our corners to play man on the WRs. The condensed field neutralizes their speed. If we get a 10-14 point lead, this strategy becomes even better, because of the clock.
  6. Oh yeah, we have to trust Vaccaro or Davis in man with Kelce. Play zone on Kelce when Byard lined up on him. Swap it up some. You are going to have to trust someone else playing man on Kelce at times.
  7. He said he will be able to tell zone or man depending on who lines up on Kelce when he is isolated on one side. Byard = man, anyone else = zone.
  8. 3 days out and he sure doesn't look good. He will have to improve significantly if he is going to play effectively. It doesn't matter though, they had him last game and still took the L!
  9. @AFCWESTI think you will find that Jurrell Casey did not play in our last matchup. Our interior pass rush will be much better this time around.
  10. Our OL took over the last game. Henry broke their will. They know what's coming.
  11. You my friend are a far cry from the raven fans that visited the forum last week.
  12. No doubt, but I think they mean the physicality. We have a really physical football team. That patriot team was rough.
  13. I've seen some people say this team reminds them of the 2000 patriot team that beat the greatest show on turf in the Superbowl. That patriot team started their dynasty. One can only hope!

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