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  1. BeedoeLaw

    Draft Breakdown?

    Is NFL Draft Breakdown offline? Can't find it anywhere. If so, that blows.
  2. BeedoeLaw

    Khalen Saunders

  3. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    If we can't stop teams like the colts and Texans from running it down our throat, we will not have to worry about the Conference Championship, we won't even make the playoffs.
  4. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    We just have to agree to disagree. Pees' dominant defenses of the past have had that dominant run stuffer in the middle. We were weak in the middle of the defense this year, and it was evident in both games against the colts, and the second game against the texans. The defense is 1 maybe 2 players away from being dominant. Besides, I believe Lawrence is going to be more than just a run stuffer. He has shown he can collapse the pocket. He eats up blocks which frees up ILB to make tackles and get to the QB on those A gap blitzes that Pees loves to send. It all depends on FA.
  5. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    Jones is likely a goner. Kline just signed a new deal in 18, and I believe they see potential in Levin. You are correct though. I do believe we see a new OG.
  6. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

  7. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    I don't know what is on J Rob's mind. Maybe he likes Levin at LG. All I know is that he mentioned the OL improved later in the year.
  8. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    An argument could be made, but when you consider J Rob's comments in his last interview, an argument could be made that he concludes we are fine at OG, C, DE, and QB. Leaving OLB, WR, and NT. He talked about the improvement the OL made in a new scheme towards the end of the season. He seemed to be more than satisfied with the play of Daquan Jones. And he all but said Marcus is our QB in 2019. I understand that many of us view all of those positions as needs, and I understand that J Rob is not going to tip his hand in some season ending interview, but if you listened to that interview, he is not as concerned about a lot of those positions you mention.
  9. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    We currently don't have a NT under contract. And Bennie Logan was not good.
  10. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    I actually feel like one of the main reasons Suh chose the rams over the Titans was because he liked the role of penetrating 1 gap DT in the rams scheme as opposed to the 2 gap NT the Titans wanted him for in their scheme. He supposedly even took less money with the rams.
  11. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    Here is what we know. J Rob and Vrabel attempted to sign Suh last year. We ended up with Bennie Logan on a 1 year deal. Logan played NT. So you could say that J Rob and Vrabel were attempting to upgrade the NT position. That along with the fact that Jones was having a really good 2017 before he was injured, and J Rob's praise of Jones in his last interview should tell you they are happy with Jones. Bennie Logan was not good, and he is no longer under contract with the team. That tells me they are going after a NT in the off season. If they were willing to shell out the dough to get Suh here to play NT, they must feel it is really important to this defense.
  12. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

  13. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    I'm not sure, but that is where you do your homework on the kid. Talk to the people that really knows the kid who have nothing to gain from his success. I believe he took some sort of supplement that had an illegal substance in it that he knew nothing about.
  14. BeedoeLaw

    Gerald McCoy

    Nobody is listening. He is the missing piece on this defense. At 6' 4" 350lbs, he eats up blockers and frees up LBs. He pushes the pocket. I wouldn't be opposed to McCoy, but someone like Lawrence will make the bigger impact.
  15. BeedoeLaw

    Titanskick 8851 Mock Off-Season V. 1.0

    I like Golden Tate. He is older, but I believe he is better than Williams.