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  1. They have to try Dennis Kelly at RG. Douglas got killed and I don't believe you can trust Pamphile either. They simply must get the best 5 O linemen on the field. I believe Kelly is in that 5.
  2. He is threading the needle on a lot of those throws.
  3. I almost think there is something going on between Davis and Mariota. It's weird because on that last play, Davis is on the right side, Marcus' front side with no slot inside of him. It should have been natural for Davis to be his first read. Instead he goes back side to Brown with more defenders between Brown and the ball. Almost like he intentionally goes away from Davis. Very weird.
  4. If he is looking at Davis first on the last offensive snap Sunday, he likely hits him for a TD when the CB stumbles. At the very least we are in range for a short FG to win it.
  5. Davis should be the first read on most plays. The only reason he should look somewhere else first is to move the safety, if it's a schemed play to Delainie, or Davis is doubled.
  6. I agree, there is no excuse for missing that. I just hope he learns from it and does better.
  7. That play was tough. The colts gave him a two deep look pre snap and morphed into man post snap with both safeties vacating the middle leaving Davis 1 on 1, and Davis clearly wins. He should have threw to the middle as soon as the safeties cleared knowing he had Davis on that in breaking route. It was tough, but it's a play I think he makes in the past and should have made Sunday.
  8. I think this is his main issue. I also believe it can be fixed. It's up to him to fix it. He had games last year where that guy showed up. The pass to Jennings in the cowboys game last year is one example. Question, how many games would it take of performances like that for you guys to believe he is back? He needs to perform like that the rest of the season for me to believe he is back. It's two games into the season.
  9. I don't know if it's the nerve issue or if he is just gun shy now, but we can win big with that guy. It's the only reason I'm holding out hope for him this season.
  10. It's a message board. I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks of my opinion. It's my opinion. I have mine, you have yours. I'm not going to slit my wrist because you don't agree with me.
  11. As much as I would love for it to happen, I feel like there is no way in hell the jags trade him to the Titans.
  12. Exactly! I'm not ready to say I'm done with him two games into this season, but the pendulum is swinging that way. I still feel like he can improve enough to be a quality starter. Do I think he will magically turn into Mahomes? Hell no, but I do think it is possible he could play like he did during his best stretch, and with this defense, that could be enough to get us to a Superbowl. Especially once Simmons gets up to speed.
  13. Like I said, I'm not there yet. I don't believe RT is the answer and the coaches don't seem to think so either.
  14. I still have hope. I have my doubts, but I'm hoping he can turn it around. If you have no hope, to me, that is saying you hope he fails miserably.