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Found 3 results

  1. More argument about whether or not it was a lateral. Amazing how many people don’t understand simple rules or even science.
  2. Tennessee Titans (100-1 to win SB) Odds to win AFC: 50-1 Division: 5-1(Tied with Jags/last) Over/under: 8 Odds to make playoffs: Yes +375, No -500 The Dolphins have the worst chance to win the AFC at 100-1, Titans are in the next group at 50-1 with the Bills and Bengals. Of note Vegas has the Raiders, Jags and Broncos with a better chance then the Titans To win the SB, the Cards/Fins have the worst chance at 200-1. The Titans are in the next worse group at 100-1 with Bills, Bengals, Giants, Redskins, Lions and Bucs. Jets, Jags and Raiders have better odds to win SB then the Titans. I think the Seahawks are undervalued and the Ravens are overvalued.
  3. The signing of Tannehill shows me the Titans are serious and realize the time for this team to contend is right now. I think instead of competition or controversy the Titans plan to run an offense where the QB doesn't have to carry it, but instead conduct it. Henry is going to be the feature back, finally. They brought in Saffold to get more push from the line. Lewis(6.8 ypc) catching passes will be more of what he should have been last year, a change of pace back. Humphries is a possession receiver and Delaine, too. I think the base offensive plan is to distribute the ball among those four guys which either of the QB should be efficient at doing. Davis will make plenty of plays downfield and in the end zone, but I don't expect us to become a big play offense. They will not be asked to mimic Rodgers and surely not Mahomes. Mariota's job will be to put the ball on these pass catchers and run a smooth dominating ball control offense. MM's hard count and play action ball fake are tops in the NFL. Just keep the chains moving and run when he sees it. If he gets hurt, Tannehill can play pretty much the exact same game. The defense will be responsible to play better than last year great performance for this to work. I think they go after D in round one and two looking for pass rush help. The Titans have one of the best back ends in the league, they will be seen as outstanding when we bring more heat up front. Our special teams consistently performed well and look solid again in 2019. Not to get into a lot of detail, but running the kind of offense we run this is very important. Keeping teams as far away from our GL consistently cannot be overlooked as a huge plus. It keeps the defense from coming on the field with their backs to the wall and having to watch for quick score attacks because offenses have to play more conservation to avoid turnovers giving the Titans a short field. The Titans were rarely backed up against the GL and usually had room to run our base offense. Vrabel may be the key to a championship. The Titans faced a huge onslaught of problems in 2018, starting with a seven hour long game. Injury after injury, Vrabel had the same face as much as it would be sensible. Go. We're going into every game planning to win, with a plan to win. Game two out of the gate, he comes out running the Wildcat, moves his star safety to receiver and beats the top team in the division. It was like that all season. The Titans got soundly beat three times, Ravens and Colts(2), @Houston was a different story. Never excuses. Never point finger. "I have to do better." The team played hard every game and had a formula to win with whoever was available to play. Just seeing Vaccaro last week shows you how united they are. 2019 will be Vrabel's second season as a HC. JRob, see all the above.