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Found 38 results

  1. All, So, I have implemented most of the suggestions so far including the new header(actually added a very slight gradient to the final choice because it looked weirdly flat without it), the incorporation of red, and have added a new footer for desktop. The mobile version for the new footer will come later. Next I plan on bringing back in the page numbers within the threads. Should be in the next day or two or three, depending on work. I will also work out some of the user menu stuff including permissions for icons and the notifications themselves. Again, please report any issues you come across or provide feedback if you wish. Also, I am looking for suggestions in terms of cool things to add to the forum, the site, or the footer...so if you have them please let me know!
  2. I've been alive for a World Series win, a Stanley Cup, and now a Superbowl. Surreal feeling right? Have you ever witnessed any championships before?
  3. Andy Reid & Clark Hunt should be so proud that they built a Super Bowl team with players with police records like Tyreek Hill. I hope Lamar Hunt returns from the grave to haunt his son, Clark, for discarding the decades old policy of building a winner with players with character and christian values. It's interesting that the game officials were so willing to call penalties on pass interference and OL holding , when in all other playoff games that i watched, they let the players play. That's what you call home field advantage. I thought that only Tom Brady received that kind of preferential treatment. I guess that Vrabel hasn't paid his dues. I think that our coaches read too many of their press clippings. Why else do we run Henry into a 10-11 man front on a 2nd and 3rd and 1. Was it to prove that we could run through any number of defenders and were the tough team. I thought we were trying to win the game. Our wide receivers were both 1 on 1. I think we were out-coached. I seems that KC was on a mission to stop Henry no matter what. After watching Andy for so many years, I think he got tired of losing and adopted a new philosophy; "whatever it takes". He practically invited Tannehill to complete easy passes and we declined. Andy Reid changed his stripes this year. Maybe Vrabel will learn from Andy. Was it just my impression, or did our team lose its will to win in the cold weather in the 2nd half. Their Def line was quicker off the line then our OL in the 3rd quarter. I guess their players are more used to the cold weather. SF 49'ers will absolutely dominate Chiefs on the OL & Def lines. They are even more physical than the Titans. They beat the Packer's without breaking a sweat. I have never seen a more physically dominant team, both on the OFFense and Defense. The Chiefs may have a great QB, but I think he will be running for his life. If the Chiefs put 10 or 11 on the line of scrimmage, SF will just lob short passes over the top for huge gains. Unlike us, they have no manhood to prove. The 49'ers running game is even more impressive than ours and will run the clock. Good night Chiefs.
  4. There were some major takeaways I noticed that havent really been discussed. Finch and KCs RT: Mannnn. This was a major missed opportunity. Their RT was very weak versus speed off the edge. Both Wake and Finch were getting pressure. The issue I had with this though was Finch. He got the majority of the snaps here. You could see his blatant lack of effort. He left a lot on the field which could have caused sacks or misfires from Mahomes. The current way Correa is playing versus this RT is going to be disruptive. I see Correa getting 2 sacks from the RT. Oline and Lewan: This unit was a major downgrade in Week 10 from what it is now. The line was not getting the push they are currently getting right now. Lewan was also much weaker. He was getting blasted by the speed rush. Henry still got 180 on this D with a considerable downgrade of play for the Oline. Reid is gonna Reid: Vrabel knew exactly what Reid would do and outcoached him. With about 2 mintues left on the clock on 4th a 17 while being down by 2 points. Knowing if he didnt get it, it would be as simple as stop the run 3 times and you'd get the ball back with about a minute and a half. Reid fell for it and did exactly that. Watkins and Sims: Going from Sims to Brock is a massive upgrade for this matchup. Watkins was eating this game. Having Brock come in will help negate Watkins.
  5. KC also hosted the AFC Championship last year, in similar weather conditions. How did the Patriots beat them? KC actually won the turnover battle 2-0. Mahomes had a solid game with 3 TD passes and no INT's. NE started out with a 14-0 lead that was quickly erased. KC was actually ahead on the scoreboard in the 4th quarter. NE dominated the time of possession. 44 minutes to 21 minutes. NE ran the ball for 176 yards and scored 4 TD's on the ground. Brady had a pedestrian game with only 1 TD pass. He also threw 2 INT's. They also limited KC in the return game, had 4 sacks, and converted a lot more 3rd downs.
  6. We've beat them 4 times in a row, including the last playoff match up. On to Baltimore!
  7. Looks like DT Chris Jones will play. Humphries and all the MLBs will play http://www.nfl.com/inactives
  8. Dude left Texans game when they were down 24-0 because he was a jinx. Now they’re promoting keeping him at home to watch game instead. https://www.kshb.com/sports/bad-luck-chuck-walks-away-to-save-chiefs-kingdom
  9. I had a dream last night. All men were not created equal. The Titans were better than the Chiefs and beat them today to become AFC Champions. I cannot tell you how they won the game because in my dream I was unable to watch the game live. I found out they won right before I started watching my DVR recording. I can tell you we received the opening kickoff and had a long, time consuming opening drive; but it ended with a missed FG with about 5 minutes left in the first quarter. I didn't get to finish watching the entire game because I woke up. True story.
  10. The 2-4 Titans with their backs to the wall ran up a record of 7-3. Translated to a full season that's 11-5 without Henry for one game. A number six seed hasn't beat a number one seed in the NFL playoffs in ten years. The Ravens were this year's unstoppable team. They had an average margin of victory over Seattle, New England, Houston and the Rams of 26 points. The Ravens season scoring average was 33 points per game. The Titans annihilated them, holding them to one TD in Baltimore. Surprised, you are damn right the NFL was surprised. Believe me, this was not supposed to happen. The Titans came into the playoffs as a feel good story. The had barely got in needing a list of things to happen over the season's last few weeks. Their first game was @Patriots. Tom Brady's home playoff game record was 20-2. The Patriots had the number two defense in the NFL. The Titans beat them. The Titans have the hottest QB in the NFL. The Titans have Henry, the leading RB in the NFL. IF Ryan Tannehill was QB from day one, AJB would have been rookie of the year. But still, for the third week in a row the Titans are big underdogs. We know why, the NFL doesn't really follow the Titans. They don't have a clue about the Titans. The Titans defense has stymied the top offense in the league, but you haven't seen a breakdown of why. It's like they can't see the Titans. They have already put the Titans in a slot and just accomplishing two of the greatest wins of the decade doesn't mean squat. But what about us? Do we realize just how good this team is?
  11. Starting this one early. I'm guessing most would rather the Texans win, but is there some doubt about going to play Houston for a third time?
  12. You Tard monkeys ready for a big sharp arrowhead to be inserted in that asshole??? Imagine thinking you actually have a chance!! Hahah!!! Wreck them Dad @ManningEnvy
  13. I'll keep this my name for anoother week. SNAP HIS ANKLE
  14. ...and that’s probably a good thing. Tannehill is a heck of a quarterback who is capable of putting up big numbers. At some point people are going to completely sell out to stop Henry. Actually, that’s already happening but nobody has been able to stop or even slow it down. Still, at some point it might work. However, the only reason Tannehill hasn’t had a big game is because he hasn’t HAD to have one. Our line, game plan, and Henry have been enough to win these games with our defense holding up their side. Here’s the thing, though...we don’t have a bum or even an average quarterback back there. If we have to rely on Tannehill we can and we have. That makes HOW we’ve won these games so important. We still have a huge, efficient, and potentially explosive aspect of our game that has not been utilized and we’re in the AFC Championship game. Our coaching staff all seem to be coming into their own, too. As long as the team doesn’t let things get too big for them we have a very legitimate shot at winning this whole thing. I’m probably just rambling but I’m on a huge high after this win so forgive me.
  15. I like our chances and I think out of any team left in the playoffs the Titans are most likely to give Baltimore a run for their money. I would like our chances even more if we had Humphries for this game, but that does not seem likely. We get Raymond back and he gives us speed that we otherwise lack, and he also gives us a boost in the return game as he has shown he can flip the field. I think Baltimore does the opposite of what NE did. Baltimore knows Henry is playing out of his mind and that he is going to get a heavy dose of touches. They will try and jump out to a quick lead early and attempt to completely stop Henry and make us one dimensional and have us throw the ball. If we sputter in the pass game this will help Baltimore out with TOP if we are failing in that department. however I think that falls directly into our favor. ofcourse we are going to run Henry and we won’t go away from that unless we fall behind 17-0 or 21-0 However if we fall behind 14-3 or say 17-7 I think we stick to our guns and continue to run and throw off play action and bootlegs. that being said I don’t think we have the horses to keep up with Lamar and company and I think we fall to the Ravens 33-28 Game Stats Lamar Jackson - 25/33 - 296 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT and 15 rushes for 88 yards Mark Ingram - 16 carries - 69 yards 1 TD Marquise Brown - 6 catches 80 yards 1 TD Willis Snead - 5 catches 60 yards Mark Andrews - 7 catches 78 yards 1 TD Ryan Tannehill - 27/41 - 348 yards - 2 TD 5 carries 42 yards - 4 sacks, 1 FL Derrick Henry - 26 carries - 145 yards - 2 TD AJ Brown - 9 catches - 121 yards - 2 TD Corey Davis - 4 catches - 58 Yards Jonnu Smith - 6 catches - 78 yards Tajae Sharpe - 3 catches - 29 yards Byard - 1 INT Landry, Simmons, Casey 1 sack each Greg Joseph - 0/2 FG
  16. The old rivalry is back - Titans and the Ratbirds
  17. I got a good laugh out of it live since it reminded me of this skit. That one guy did not seem happy at all.
  18. I can honestly say I knew we were going to win this game. Called it all week after beating a Belichick coached team & best overall defense. I really knew it was over when we scored 14 points in the 1st half. 14 points for us in the 1st half is huge for us. We have been primarily a 2nd half team. Bmore never stood a chance once that happened. You cannot beat a team thats only going to get stronger in the 2nd half and who enjoys playing close hard fought games. We made Bmore play our game in every way possible. Funny how In the pregame hype they had a mike Tyson quote "Everyone has a game plan until they get hit in the mouth". Well we punched Baltimore in the mouth and their whole style of play and dominance went right out the window.

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