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  1. Burke's from the sidelines, "dude", wheezes a little bit, "you need to play better", uses asthma inhaler. "If you can play better", wheezes, "we have a better chance"
  2. As stated above, this was his "dream job" He gets an extension and is fired within a year. He is probably pretty hurt. My guess is he wouldn't have to fake tears this time around if he was put in front of a camera.
  3. There are different types of prayer. Hamlin goes down, ends up in the hospital. Prayer 1 "please heal him and make him be ok" Prayer 2 "please watch over him and his family and be there for them in their time of need" Prayer 1 focuses around our personal wants or desires. (For him to be ok) Prayer 2 focuses on comfort for the family as they play out God's will. (Please be with them, make yourself present, draw them closer to you, ect) A. No, I don't usually pray to God like a genie. (Please give me this and that and make sure life is peachy 24/7) Where's my 3 wishes???? B. Its also a coping method as well, but prayer is also the main way we communicate with God. Guy goes in and shoots up a school, I can't do crap about it but feel the pain that others feel when they see this happening. Can't do anything, but if you believe in God, then you can pray. You know...... "Thoughts and prayers"...... except were not politicians and actually can't do anything. My faith has 4 main types of prayer so what I am praying for could be completely different than what the person next to me is praying for, even if we're both praying over the same thing.
  4. Do you really think that what the fan base thinks has any bearing on their decisions on running the team? If anything "cracks you up", it should be that
  5. I didn't follow the NFL until 1999. I'd see occasional games and that's it. In 99, I went full blown homer. I couldn't believe anyone would talk bad about Eddie. (LOL. Remember.... @OILERMAN) Over the years, I have become increasingly frustrated. It sucks when you have a team that can get it done but, at times, they go full retard. The loss last year in the playoffs was a nail in the coffin for me, as far as how much I'll invest emotionally into this team. The die hard part of my fandom died a while back, but I just feel I have better things to do when our team is being a shit show because of stubborness. Now Im just more casual about the team.
  6. It took the refs, against a team of 2nd stringers. Enjoy it, you're not doing shit in the playoffs
  7. Will disagree unless I see otherwise. Dallas defender used his arm to grab the WR and pulled him down
  8. This is why people think the NFL is rigged. I DO NOT think it is, BUT, when you allow refs to make BS calls over and over, you can't help but wonder. One hand in the air, wtf else was he supposed to do?
  9. Watched this AGAIN last night. Never gets old
  10. Ffs. In Texas with my wife's family and they are Cowboys fans. I actually have to watch this game
  11. Instead, we will get the Vince Young every other game moment
  12. Willis will get a hand to redeem himself Lol
  13. https://www.cfmt.org/story/keep-up-with-the-joneses-titans-center-ben-jones-and-wife-alex-in-charitable-giving-this-fall/ Stfu
  14. I think it's more fun watching everyone get pissy and go back and forth than would be watching the game
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