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  1. Crowds in 99-00 are night and day compared to now. I didnt attend all of them but I attended several. The excitement level was much higher back then. Sections upon sections of people screaming as loud as they could. No one in their seats. Now you get looked at funny if you get that loud.
  2. My wife uses it more than me as well. The balm for her sciatic nerve issue. Oil and gummies for sleep. One of my meds can give me really bad restless legs sometimes and I use it on them when it happens. It really helps. My brain also runs at 100 mph sometimes. I'll use it to calm myself so I can slow down and go to sleep but I dont need it that often. The best story I've seen personally is my upstairs neighbor. (Also a friend) She has really bad arthritis. She could barely walk up steps 3 months ago, clinching the rail with every step. It was really bad. Now shes carrying groceries up the steps and walking normally. Lots of customer stories though As corny as it sounds, it brings me a lot of satisfaction knowing that I talk people into giving something new a shot and it ended up changing their daily lives. Sorry to hear that stuff about your wife but I'm glad you guys found something that helps. Itll be interesting to see how CBD plays out with medicine once it's all approved and regulated.
  3. Theres a popular chain that's like that around here. Id actually suggest the chain to others if they didnt get their hemp from Norway. They are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology because they started overseas while the US was still dragging their backsides. I work at a farmers market and were big into supporting local farmers and produce grown in the US. Do you use it for anything or just sell it?
  4. 8 or so years ago I went to the gym 3 times a week. I used to keep up with the stuff but I'm pretty clueless now. I busted my ass and used random supplements. I used one called jack3d and holy crap..... I would have a sense of focus that I've never felt before. I actually felt like I was on something, like a drug. It's been change since but I was able to get 3-4 more reps when trying to max out than I would without it. Now I can only tell you where the best pizzas are around me
  5. I just posted the link where companies are doing exactly that, though. The reasoning? Idk. However they are doing it. I would tend to agree with you if there was a "gold standard" where most athletes use the same exact supplements but they all pick and choose which one they want to use. These companies care about money, not the athletes. Their money comes from the average joe, not catering to just athletes. (Even though it's a hell of a sales pitch. "Brady uses our product!! If it's good enough for him it's good enough for you!!") Theres maybe 2k pro football players??? (Idk how big practice squads are) I've been a big Lewan fan every since I met him but I am not naive. I'm not trying to make the argument that he didnt know, because he could have known. I'm just pointing out that people are laughing off the idea that supplements can be tainted when the truth is, it happens more than we know.
  6. Not exactly the same thing but I sell CBD, an unregulated product. Many companies test per yield. Other companies test per batch. If a company is testing per yield instead of each batch, they can have inconsistent test results. 9 out of 10 batches can test just fine while one fails. One of the more repuatable CBD companies got busted having less CBD in their bottles than advertised. They blamed it on yield testing instead of batch testing and switched to testing every batch and havent had a problem since. Just random info. Not exactly the same because people have to add ostarine to the product but it's still similar because a lot of shady CBD companies have stuff in their product that are harmful for you (pesticides, ect) and still produce test results that are "fine"
  7. It can be found in unregulated products. There are currently 72 products on a "watch list" for ostarine. 19 of which contained ostarine and didnt have it on the label. Short read and worth reading. The key to knowing whether or not Lewan took it intentionally is how tainted the results were. Most people who have made this same claim had "minuscule" amounts of ostarine in their system. Unless we get the results, we wont know. That being said, tainted supplements is an actual problem and it happens. The CBA doesnt care though. The wording in the CBA states (paraphrasing), "tainted suppliments are your problem, not ours"
  8. We watched it all yesterday. We sat around and was lazy all day. It was pretty good imo but I'm also not a critic that picks movies/shows apart.
  9. One of my wifes coworkers has a similar issue and tried the CBD for her dog. It worked My neighbor has arthritis. It took 3 weeks to start working but shes moving around better than she has in years. She sleeps better. Her legs no longer swell out of control. She moves better. She used to struggle to get up the stairs but now I see her going up and down the stairs with no problems. I've seen it help with: Balms/lotion: restless leg syndrome, sciatic nerve issues, arthritis, muscle aches and pains, and post workout muscle soreness Oil: arthritis, anxiety, pain relief (hasn't worked for everyone), opioid withdrawals, seizures/epilepsy, sleep There are a few other things its helped with but those are immediate friends or regular customers that I know gave it an honest shot and it helped Gummies: sleep (granted, I only order the sleep gummies) Once a military vet came into the store and told me his story. He got fked up while in duty and came back to the US. He was on so many pain killers it messed up his liver. His muscles would get locked into one position as he slept and would wake up and struggle just to stretch out to normal. He had to pay for the good stuff but he credits CBD for changing his life. Theres just so much fake crap on the market. I found one reputable brand and stuck with them and havent regretted it.
  10. Started selling it about 2 months ago. Good stuff and isnt all hype
  11. This is random but if you have not seen it yet, Google "Thanos" and click the glove
  12. Lots of reasons why they stay One is after the abuse, they go through a "honeymoon" stage where the abusive spouses all loving and amazing and is the best spouse ever. Everything is amazing for a while they get stuck in a cycle. They still love these people that are abusing them and they rarely reach the "breaking point" until it's too late. Another is leaving is a process. Many victims of abuse dont have the means to up and leave and take their children with them. With nowhere to go, many without family to help, they would basically be piling everything into a car and having nowhere to go Fear as well. I'm going from memory (always scary) but women are something like 70 times more likely to be killed by their ex in the first two weeks after leaving an abusive relationship. Black eye or death? Not a choice most have to make. Lots of factors play into it. It's easy to be on the outside looking in but being in the situation usually much more complicated than "well he hit me, I'm leaving" The people lucky/smart enough to do it before abuse gets out of control dont get sucked into the years of emotional abuse that often comes with physical anuse.