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  1. Alzarius

    Mayor Cooper

    My boss barely made it in the door before he started telling me about it. He was way too happy about it.
  2. Alzarius

    Virus in US

    "They are making us wear masks so they can push putting chips in our hands for identification" A real conversation I had today. Quite a few people have told me they think the whole thing is a hoax. They really believe it's all being made up
  3. Alzarius

    Virus in US

    Mandatory masks in Sumner County just announced. About time
  4. Its because of your wording. It looks like you hide your personal beliefs/disgust about homosexuality behind your faith. Would you hang out with a celibate homosexual?
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/06/16/police-bust-man-who-shoved-elderly-woman-to-ground-in-nyc/amp/ She wanted it blurred but there are still originals out there
  6. Alzarius

    Virus in US

    On vacation now in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. MAYBE one out of ten people wearing masks. Zero shits given about distancing. Lots of people without common manners (dont even cover their mouth while coughing) We are hiding in our cabin People pretending like it's over
  7. Good stuff Definitely worth watching
  8. Crowds in 99-00 are night and day compared to now. I didnt attend all of them but I attended several. The excitement level was much higher back then. Sections upon sections of people screaming as loud as they could. No one in their seats. Now you get looked at funny if you get that loud.

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