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  1. Because many people can't find a job in the field they went to school for. I went to (local) college. Graduated with honors and was given a personal recommendation from the dean if academic science. One of only 5 he has given out in his 15 year tenure when I was there. (At the time) I also graduated a month after the IT recession and was going against people that had decades of experience. I couldn't find a job. In fact I ended up giving up and went a different route. By the time jobs started opening up, I was already doing something else. Getting out of debt can be lif
  2. No no... Keep going Someone will change their mind soon
  3. A song I recently heard: Step One, Train The People Only To Consume Step Two, Infiltrate Adults With The News Step Three, Indoctrinate The Children Through The Schools And The Music And The Apps On The Phones That They Use Step Four, Separate The Right From The Left Step Five, Separate The White From The Black Step Six, Separate The Rich From The Poor Use Religion And Equality To Separate Them More Step Seven, Fabricate A Problem Made Of Lies Step Eight, Put It On The News Every Night Step Nine, When People Start To Fight And Divide Take Control,
  4. This is my favorite as well Good heat and still has a good flavor
  5. Not sure why anyone even wastes their time with the guy anymore. He just posts random stuff then ignores anything that anyone says. Complete waste of time and space
  6. If anything, its just frustrating as a fan. How many times did you ask yourself last year, "will Adoree be back next week?" It doesn't hurt anyone. We don't like it, so the reporters don't like it, and the guy is being dramatic.
  7. The super bowl I didn't watch much football until the team became the Titans. I went to several games that year including the MCM game with the Bills. I still remember sitting on the couch, hoping the announcers would pop up and say there was a mistake, the Titans actually won and the Rams cheated or something ridiculous like that. I haven't been a long time fan and dealt with the abuse many of you old Oilers fans have but me being new to football, and watching us go on that run....... I thought for sure we were winning the SB. I was so
  8. Anger makes people do stupid things. Just walk away Edit:. Not guilty. Dude threatened to kill them over and over and was acting like a fool. Tits just kept saying "walk away" Pretty sure they walk but we will see
  9. I second Watched them when they came out and I enjoyed them
  10. www.clxgaming.com About a month wait to receive it. Tons of options to choose when building your own. You get to select everything from components, to wires, to the case itself (which you won't likely pay for) Some of these guys were behind the "OG Alienware" crowd. I recently received mine and I am very pleased. They also have prebuilts but it's more fun selecting your own parts. They may have even dropped the prices of the wanted video cards now if you're anything like me. (I want to spend this amount..... Wel
  11. Alzarius

    Virus in US

    I texted them with a picture I took a few hours ago and said "see, I look just fine" This isn't going to end well.
  12. Alzarius

    Virus in US

    I just had to have a discussion with a family member explaining that we are not being turned into robots from the chip that's in all the vaccines that's going to be controlled by the 5g grid Think that's bad? It's the second time this week.......two different people
  13. That's half the country. Like it or not, Trump had a huge following. This is also why I have a really hard time with politics. Every religious person I know will bend a little bit when it comes to politics. My wife's parents are a perfect example. They go to church often and are genuinely really good people. However, when a politician goes directly against what they believe in...... Direct quote.... "It's just one issue out of many"
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