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    What do you call a fake noodle? An im pasta I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I'll let you know..... What do vegetarian zombies eat? Ggggrreaaaaiiinnnssss Those are pretty clean jokes but I warn you not to read the one below if you get offended easy because I'm going to say something offensive Something offensive
  2. Hes playing a part in a ballet. Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/12/report-nfl-tells-titans-hit-on-marcus-mariota-was-illegal/
  4. Pfft. Gamers these days have it easy. With female nerds, sexual frustration is a thing of the past. It was like going to a buffet every time I logged on. I actually met my wife in a video game. True story
  5. The argument, and studies, about how much of a role celibacy plays is still being debated all over the place. I do believe it's a factor, but I always fall on human weakness as the root cause of most sins. Every person has a choice whether or not to engage in sexual activity. Every person who deeply studies their faith, eventually become self aware of their own weaknesses. They know it's wrong but do it anyways. There are a large number of gay priest who try to run away from their sexuality and enter the priesthood as a solution. That's good and all but that doesn't magically take away the temptations that they will continue to have. Many are actually given a buffet of options to pick from when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by like minds. That's not the solution they probably hoped it would be. Many times what happens is a place becomes a hotbed for activity. Take Boston for example. 271 priest. 271!!! What the hell??? The wiki link also spoke about Burlington Vermont. Right now there are problems in Chile where everyone offered to step down and half were ordered to step down. There is also a factor of spiritual warfare that non believers disregard. I touched on it earlier but I can tell story after story about a persons struggle to get closer to God, and how much harder they are attacked. What better way is there to discredit the church? Name a couple priest who raped kids and watch the disgust. Take that number and change from a couple into thousands, and it's a epidemic. There are also abusive households with overbearing Catholic parents. I have heard many stories of Catholics (without proper catechis training) pummeling their children into submission. To the point to where they leave the church all together the moment they turn 18 and are done with the church for life. Many factors go into it but it's a problem. One that the church has struggled with to overcome. Sipes himself is on record saying "people want a quick fix, but there's no quick fix to this" I'd like to have it fixed as much as anyone but what do you do? There is already a shortage of priests to go around. This isnt going to get solved soon. Itll be an ongoing problem. Some have proposed married priests. While there are ways of it happening, it's not the norm. I'd love the idea. I'd have a new job. In the end, I am also aware that the things I struggle with would be taken into the priesthood with me. It's not a magic fix like many homosexual priest initially believe when entering the church. I would expect my struggles to continue and/or even get worse. Allowing priest to have sex wont fix the problem that's already there. Especially with homosexuals and pedophiles, which is the center of these controversies. These particular priest arent out screwing women. Many are homosexuals (which wouldn't work even if they didnt gave to be celibate because of our stance on homosexuality) or pedophiles (who just need to be in jail anyways)
  6. Excommunication usually is involved with more serious things. We dont kick people out for sinning. (And yes, I know several churches around here that do) I'm not going to pretend like I know how many screw their cats or organist or argue a made up percentage.
  7. I suck at politics so that leaves me out of a lot of threads lol. Religion and theology is something I've studied extensively so I feel I have more to offer in some of those threads. It's so weird to quote a game, especially one where a cult were the bad guys but there is a quote in Farcry that stuck with me. My memory kind of sucks so its paraphrased. "You think you're on the side of righteousness, that you're a force for good. But you're not" I visit a lot of Carholic feeds. Its littered with petty bickering over everything. It gets even worse when "Bible thumpers" come along and tell everyone how they are wrong and they have figured everything out. Call no man father! You worship Mary! You worships idols! We will sit there and explain, in detail, how they are wrong and they will just reply "nu uh. I've known a few Catholics and......." I stopped trying on Facebook a long time ago. They just arent fun arguments anymore. While I dont expect everyone to go along with Catholic teachings, I do feel it's important for every follower to try to emulate the teachings of Jesus. ALL of them, not just the ones that allow us to point the finger at someone and point out their sinful behavior. I feel that we will be judged as we have judged others. I'm already in deep shit so while I may echo certain teachings, I'm not pointing my finger because I realize that when I do that, there are always 3 more pointed back at me. The last thing I want to do is alienate people from the faith because to be honest, it's one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed. The problem is simple. Too many humans. We screw up everything up. Corruption always finds a way in, everywhere
  8. Its important to remember that unless he is speaking ex cathedra (when Popes are supposed to be infallible), then his words can contain errors. All hes doing is trying to get people to stop playing pharisee and focus more on the love of God. I wasnt around for JP2. Benedict was an amazing writer and theologian. I have several his books and he was ahead of his time sometimes. Going from that type of theologian to a Pope like Francis is a huge step in another direction.
  9. I saw people equating them to terrorist today. "If God made gay people gay, then he makes terrorist that way too. Are you as forgiving towards terrorist" Cant make this stuff up. Also, I'm always here. I refresh this page probably a good 50 times per day. I have this and Gotitans pulled up on my phone at all times. I just lurk more than I post
  10. Where did you get that idea from? "works mentality" We believe in faith and works and yes, we believe you have to live the life and not just talk about it. That doesnt mean works alone saves you. He didnt say it was ok to sin. The feeling of hopelessness comes after we realize it's not as simple as sayin "I believe in God so I'm good", and we realize how much work we have to do to transform ourselves. No one is forced to be Catholic and their many rules are why many never even bother with the Church. If you become Catholic, you are put through 9 to 12 months of RCIA classes to have an understanding of why we believe the things we do. It's all good times until Jesus repeats, as he said before to people who cast out demons and performed miracles in his name: "away from me" Then reality will set in. The gap widens when a person looks at something they dont agree with and they let relativism outweigh their faith. Other factors contribute as well. The Pope says to a man that God made him that way and that God still loves him. And here come people and start bashing the Pope. You dont have to look further than the first or second page of this thread to see more than one example. "Oh no, he supports the gay lifestyle" worst Pope ever We all struggle with sins, that includes priests, bishops, and Popes. If you're looking for perfect people, you will look your entire life. The holier you try to become, the more you will be attacked and the more you will be tempted. If you're not struggling, that should be a warning sign. There is one leader of the Church and it's not a man in cloth. There are many sheppard's who, just like anyone trying to get closer to God, will stuggle with one sin or the other m Drugs and alcohol are more transparent than homosexuality. Someone addicted to something like that can be replaced for a time as they receive treatment for drugs and alcohol. Homosexuality isnt as easy to spot. I am not saying this is you, but it's pretty common for people to hide their personal biases behind scripture. They see homosexuality as revolting (more so that most other common sins ) and they have more emotion behind it How can anyone be pastoral when they suffer the same issue as the person they are trying trying trying help ? For one the priest can pull from his own experiences and show it can be done. The priest himself can lead by example and relate. They are already doing this. We have been in the process of creating programs on how to properly minister to homosexuals within the church. You may disagree about God making him that way but there is no question God loves him. He didnt support the sin and anyone thinking that should question their logic. That's more of a shot at the church than it is a reflection of how the church acts and what it stands for. Either way. A pedophile will be told the same thing a homosexual will be told... dont do it. Dont feed into your temptations. They will be told the same thing everyone is told when it comes to sinful actions. A sin should not define a person unless they have succumb to that sin. Again, you pretend as if we are lenient against homosexuals. That is not the case. We are 100% clear on our beliefs about homosexuality. It's ok to be homosexual. It's not okay to act on the urges. You guys keep trying to say that the Pope is OK with homosexuals. That's not what happened here. I've also already said that a homosexual is welcome in the church, but would have to live a chaste life.
  11. A small bit from the Catechism, which outlines what we believe 2358 (Deleted to shorten) They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition. What he said doesn't change anything and its not going against scripture. The position we take on the subject hasn't changed and isn't going to. Someone can be a homosexual and be just as much of a Catholics as anyone else sitting next to him. That doesn't mean the church approves of or accepts the lifestyle. I've read stories of homosexuals who believed what the church teaches about it, and live chaste lives. From the article: Mr Cruz said he had been told for years by cardinals in Chile that as a gay man he was living "a life of perversion", that he "wasn't worthy" and that "I probably liked the abuse because I was gay" The guy didn't need a lecture. He needed a reminder that God still loved him. And God does, in fact, still love this man despite him being homosexual. The people he looked to that are supposed to be leading him to God, decided to rape him instead. I am pretty sure the guy is going to be struggling with this for the rest of his life. As mentioned before, I think it's easy to sit behind a screen and talk one way. How you would approach it in real life would be different. It also wouldn't be the first time it was a sensationalized headline, where a small part of something bigger was taken out of context. Pope Francis is less theological and more pastoral. His approach is loving everyone and inclusiveness. He has talked about the marginalization of many different types of groups and has spoken out before about the marginalization of gay people. He isn't always the best speaker but he gets too much unjust criticism.
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