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Found 139 results

  1. Also, made a separate thread for this one:
  2. They've been talking about it on 3HL and asking people what they want/need to see from Mariota before they'd feel comfortable with the Titans giving him a multi-year, big money deal. Obviously staying injury free will likely be at the top of almost everyone's list, but if you're someone who hasn't totally given up on the idea of him being the future for the team, what would you need to see from? How many yards, touchdowns, team win, interceptions, etc. etc.?
  3. WKRN reported today that Jonno Smith is rehabbing a torn ACL. I was under impression his knee injury was not that serious. Did I hear this wrong? https://www.wkrn.com/sports/tennessee-titans/titans-te-jonnu-smith-not-physically-cleared-to-practice/2002192897 ( Sent from WKRN News )
  4. Wyatt wrote a little catch all piece, but each one brings up some interesting questions. https://www.titansonline.com/news/six-things-to-watch-as-titans-kick-off-otas?utm_source=Direct Arthur Smith Former tight ends coach Arthur Smith is now calling the shots as the team's new offensive coordinator. During rookie camp, media got a chance to watch Smith work, and he bounced from one position group to the next. Smith has spent time with his players in the classroom during the offseason program, but now he’ll really begin to implement his offense while working against the defense. *** He's a guy who could have an office in a Fortune 100 company and run a vast business empire, a pretty damn good one. He grew up watching his dad lead and direct men in his empire. He heard him evaluate and plan strategies. It would have been easy to step in and do a good job. Instead he chose a different path. Still, he didn't lose all those leadership skills he watched. He came to the Titans in 2011 and through all the s.h.i.t., this guy just remained and kept advancing. "it's in his blood" That's as true a statement as you will ever hear, environment. He has some serious people skills and whatever we want to think about them, football players are people. I poo poo'd him as Freddie Kitchens when he was named OC, just a guy who was there. He's my OC now and I have changed my mind. I think he's going to do well. Mr. Waffle
  5. Week 1: @Cle (+5.5) Week 2: vs. Indy (PK) Week 3: @jax (+3) Week 4: @ATL (+4) Week 5: vs Buf (-5) Week 6: @ Den (+2.5) Week 7: vs LAC (PK) Week 8: vs Tam (-5.5) Week 9: @ Car (+3) Week 10: vs KC (+3.5) Week 11: Bye Week 12: vs Jax (-3) Week 13: @ Ind (+7) Week 14: @Oak (PK) Week 15: Vs Hou (-1) Week 16: Vs NO (+3) Source for weeks 2-16 Rough opening lines. Only favored in 4/16 games and only 2 of those are division games.
  6. Noticed our GM Jon Robinson made that grand statement and i think it sounds awesome. Vrabel also said it as well. It was said on the premier of the second season of Igniting the Fire You dont find many GM's that have that kind of faith in themselves as well as the team. I think Vrabel/Robinson is the best GM/Head Coach duo we've had since Fisher/Reese. It is on the team to ultimately deliver on this.... If the players can stay healthy the sky is the limit.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/allanbell247/status/1130913779825487875?s=12
  8. I thought to myself that AJ Brown was the first player to actually make the uniforms look good. I assumed that it was his physique or his shades. But now I see an issue with design of the uniforms... It's that damn font. The numbers are so disproportionate that I'm sure AJ Brown jumped at his first opportunity to don a jersey with two consecutive 1s. There will always be a difference in the amount of space that certain digits occupy (no pun intended). But it isn't quite as jarring as what we're seeing with ours. Notice the Byard jerseys. The 3 definitely occupies more space in the original, but it doesn't exactly stand out in comparison. Now look at this monstrosity. That 3 literally occupies like 4x the space of the 1. Brown probably realized that the 8 was going to take up way more real estate , and take the focus away from him. Or what is apparently a pretty solid color scheme. They really need to make these numbers more proportionate, or change the style. The 1s look good. Just about everything else is ass
  9. Was checking the team website to see if there had been any changes in the scouting department after the draft as there often is, and noticed a few post-draft changes that haven't been reported on anywhere Mike Boni has been promoted to National Scout after his first couple years with the team after coming over from Arizona. Brandon Taylor, who had been promoted to National Scout recently, has been moved to Pro Scout. Casey Callahan, who had been promoted to Pro Scout last year, has been moved to College Scout. And it looks like Scouting Coordinator Tosin Kazeem has possibly moved on. Have forwarded this on to PK for reporting. 😃
  10. Like what is the problem with our running backs. Cobb never wore a seatbelt. Now on Henry's IG he's driving around singing into the phone without a seatbelt on. Idiot.
  11. It's no secret that Derrick Henry's performance and production improved dramatically last year after the bye in week #8. Weeks 1-7: 3.25 yds/carry, 1 TD Weeks 9-17: 6.0 yds/carry, 11 TD We already knew about this. However.....amidst all the various conversations about various other players, something struck me: it wasn't just Henry that suddenly got better; several others also struggled early but turned it around and improved significantly after the bye. Marcus Mariota weeks 1-7: 66% completions, 6.8 yds/att, 3 TD, 5 INT, 78.5 passer rating weeks 9-16: 71% completions, 8.3 yds/att, 8 TD, 3 INT, 103.8 passer rating Jonnu Smith weeks 1-7: 44 yds receiving, 0 TD weeks 9-14: 214 yds rec, 3 TD Taywan Taylor weeks 1-7: 190 yds, 27 yds/game, 10.0 yds/rec weeks 9-17: 276 yds, 46 yds/game, 15.3 yds/rec Corey Davis' improvement was fairly modest but his TDs trended upward nicely: weeks 1-7: 395 yds, 56 yds/game, 13.2 yds/rec, 1 TD weeks 9-17: 496 yds, 55 yds/gm, 14.1 yds/rec, 3 TD So what was it? Was it simply a matter of players growing more comfortable in the new system and understanding it better? Did LaFleur's playcalling improve down the stretch? Was this improvement a byproduct of the improved O-line play? Unfortunately, not everything was all sunshine and roses, as Deon Lewis and Tajae Sharpe fell off sharply after midseason. Lewis was obviously highly ineffective down the stretch, averaging only 35 yds/game (rushing + receiving) after week 9. And after a respectable 200+ yards in weeks 1-7, Sharpe was shut out in six out of nine games and had only 94 yards over the rest of the season.
  12. https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-d-lineman-jurrell-casey-aims-to-be-bigger-stronger-in-2019 Speaking on the Titans Caravan recently, Casey said he weighed in at 284 pounds the other day. He’d love to play at 290 pounds this fall, but knows it could be a challenge based on the rigors of the season. But he already feels stronger than he did in the fall, when his weight dipped to 275 pounds – his lowest playing weight in the NFL.
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030537/article/breakout-nfl-players-for-2019-dak-prescott-is-a-30-million-qb 2) Harold Landry, OLB, Tennessee Titans: The second-year pro has already opened eyes as a pass rusher with his impressive first-step quickness and body control. Landry turns the corner like a cat chasing a mouse, and his closing burst to the quarterback from the back side makes him a threat to tally 10-plus sacks as a full-time starter. Given Cameron Wake's attention-grabbing presence, Landry could emerge as a force off the edge this season. @@the accompanying video has some good talk about Honor. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-breakout-players-heres-a-look-at-10-who-are-poised-for-big-things-this-season/ After a slow start to his rookie season because of an ankle injury – which forced him to miss Week 1 – Landry flashed late in the season. He finished with 4.5 sacks, but had one in each of the team's final two games. @@More Prisco comments @site. Landry was my #1 pick for the Titans in round one last year. I really thought he was who JRob was moving up to pick. He had undervalued written all over him because of his senior year injuries. Vrabel fell in love with him pre-draft and spent unusual time with him during visits/camps. I think Vrabel sees huge potential in Landry. Nice to see some national notice of Landry. Landry was a monster in college. If he came out after his 2016 season, he would have possibly gone top 5. He was a QB sacking, fumble producing, offense wrecking machine. He has speed and a determination to hit QB. NFL people are leery of injuries, but not Jon Robinson. I don't think he's ever met an injured player he didn't like in the first round. Ankle injury, groin injury, ACL! JRob's mantra is "I'll take him in the first" I think JRob has gotten us the making of a phenomenal defense with Evans, Simmons and Landry joining the Titans. I mentioned this in another thread, but this needs it's own.
  14. Tannehill was #5 in accurate ball placement to open targets, and tied for #1 with Drew Brees for accurate ball placement to targets with up to two steps of separation. He wasn't in the top 5 for tight coverage throws. Mariota was not in the top 5 in any of these categories. It would be interesting to see where Mariota ranked, and where Tannehill ranks on tight coverage throws if someone has the ability to post that. If this remains true next year the offense might run smoother with Tannehill than Mariota.
  15. Jay Ajayi coming off a knee injury. He slipped in draft bc he had multiple in college. He’s a damn good running back and I think he would be a great addition in case Henry gets hurt or shits the bed or Lewis does bad or shits the bed. Thoughts?
  16. Me? Jeffrey Simmons - 93 AJ Brown - 80, or 88 Nate Davis - 64 Amani Hooker - 23 Deandre Walker - 50 David Long - 51
  17. In which all teams pick an original uniform and wear them the entire year and are able to use their new uniforms as alternates for 2 games that year. Just do it once. I would love love to see the Titans go to Houston in Oilers uniforms and win. I would love to see the Oiler unis versus the older Pats or Jets or or Tampa or Atlanta or even Dolphin unis
  18. They are certainly giving Mariota zero excuses.
  19. JRob was asked about Conklin today on radio, has a couple of days to decide on that 5th year option. MOD UPDATE:
  20. I really enjoyed this interview. I think most of you guys will too. Watterson is a really good story teller. It is an hour long, but was never boring. I laughed quite a bit. Enjoy!
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