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  1. for those banking on Lewan being released might want to rethink that. It’s more likely that Lewan is back on some restructured deal now give just how dire the OL situation is. Jon Robinson could not have done a worst job building this offensive line. It should preclude him from ever being a GM again. It’s that bad.
  2. In House Candidates Ryan Tannehill. Tanny came in in 2019 and took the Titans offense to the next level at a time when the team needed a QB who could be accurate, athletic and execute the playaction. He followed that up with his career year, but since then has been on a steady decline. The issues that he struggled with in Miami (recognizing defenses post-snap and inconsistent pocket awareness) have resurfaced and his athleticism has declined. To top it off, he falls short in high pressure situations consistently. We have assuredly seen his best days and the high premium price we are paying for him is no longer a good investment. Malik Willis. He's absolutely showing why so many team passed on him despite talks of him going in the 1st round last spring. He does have incredible tools including a strong arm, great athleticism, and impressive ability to make off angle throws. However, the tools are a bit oversold and he is still at the basic level in actually knowing the QB position. The mental clock is not there and the decisiveness is not there. He's coachable but this is pro ball not college. The team can continue to develop him but the idea of him being ready to take over full time is far-fetched at this point. Veteran Options Around the League Lamar Jackson. Represents the best available option for any team, but is still a fantasy at this point despite being an unrestricted free agent. He's not having his best year yet its unfathomable that Baltimore lets him go regardless of the high price tag. It doesn't hurt that the glitter of Tyler Huntley has completely dulled over the past few weeks. For us, we'd have to move a lot money around to afford him. Jimmy Garrappolo. Jimmy has a lot of that football word for confidence, "moxy". He generally plays well within the offense but can be counted on to make boneheaded decisions. Like Tannehill, he's capped and to be honest I'm not sure if he's better than Tannehill. But he would certainly be cheaper. Jacoby Brissett. Like Garrappolo, he's probably not better than Tannehill but he would be cheaper. Is a "game manager" and has decent athleticism as well. Was actually Cleveland's best QB this year and has more than once been the calming captain over turbulent waters for many franchises. Sam Darnold. Will likely get another shot in this league to be a starter because he seemingly has the build and style that many old decision makers like but he's not that good. Tom Brady I'll put this as an option because it'll come up but this team has too many holes for Brady to consider us in a sweepstakes scenario. Trey Lance I'll put him down as a potential trade option if San Francisco decides to roll with Purdy or even Brady. I think he's in the mold of the QB that Mike Vrabel desires and he does have a great skillet, but he's legitimately only played and had just one great season (at an FCS conference no less) dating back to 2018. David Carr Recently benched, Carr is another QB who has been grouped with Tannehill and Garrappolo as the above average tier of QBs in the league. Him being benched is a strategic one that gives the Raiders the ability to cut Carr outright and not be obligated to any guaranteed pay. If that's the case the smart move is to see if he becomes a free agent. The next question is if he really serves as a better option. Draft Options. Will Levis. Has an incredible arm and experience on Shannahan/McVay style offenses which most bad teams will try to employ as they find new coaches. Has some film where he makes weird decisions. He also plays the game a bit recklessly. However, all of his flaws appear fixable and he seems to be a real "football guy" which is why I'm one of the few who actually thinks Houston will end up making him the first QB off the board, but there's a whole offseason to debate that. Bryce Young. My favorite QB prospect of this year. In terms of processing the game he is the exact opposite of Malik. He has a highly advanced level of understanding in real time what a defense is doing. He may be the most intelligent in game QB prospect I've ever seen. Obvious knocks are his size (5'10, 185lbs) and lack of any true physical attributes to marvel at (no special athleticism and no cannon for an arm). CJ Stroud The QB that has become the whipping boy of draft analysts because they got another year to fully evaluate him after crowning him the year before. He's actually progressed and truly has lived up to the billing but of course any shortcomings will become magnified. He's the most accurate passer of qb prospects in quite some time, but has not had many situations where he did not have the talent advantage and that worries scouts especially when you see him lose a game against a comparable opponent like Michigan. Anthony Richardson. I think he will go top 15. He's actually what many thought Malik Willis was. He DOES have special speed, athleticism, and a cannon for an arm. But he's going to require at least a year to develop. In terms of comparison though-- the only other QBs who share his traits are Cam Newton and Josh Allen. His ceiling is crazy high. He can be special if he becomes an expert at the game and is in a good situation 2024 Options Caleb Williams. His hype will compare to Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence's. The Mahomes comparisons are inescapable. He's the real deal but it will be interesting to see how he stands up to the expectations next season. Odds on favorite to be #1 next year. Drake Maye. Like Williams, would be the #1 pick if he could come out this year. Amazing passer. Had an inconsistent stretch in the last two games of the season but he elevates the team around him. Him and Williams will be 1 and 2 next year.
  3. While discussing the Reich introductory press conference Rapoport listed a couple of veteran QB options the Panthers could be considering and he listed trading for Ryan Tannehill as one of those options. This continues a trend from Rapoport speculating that Tannehill might be available to other teams.
  4. Trying to keep it simple. Offense. How successful do you think he will be developing a QB? Making sure the talent around him comes before the defense. Allow the offense to evolve genetically. Or does he tweak the big play out to maintain down and distance?
  5. Figured there could be a thread for any rumors, news, predictions or wishes for the next OC. Requested Interviews - Eric Bieniemy - Matt Nagy Possible Candidates: - Bill O’Brien - Frank Reich - Tim Kelly - Brian Johnson (Eagles QB Coach) - Nathaniel Hackett - Thomas Brown, Jr. - (Rams Asst, HC) - Bobby Slowik - (49ers Offensive Passing Game Coordinator) - Brian Hartline (Ohio St. Passing Game Coordinator) - Joe Brady (Bills QB Coach) - Jerrod Johnson (Vikings Asst. QB Coach) - Kliff Kingsbury (probably goes back to the college game; ties to Vrabel in NE) - Mike LaFleur
  6. "Concussion-wise, you go through that and get back from that," Jones said. "But you play 11 years, I have to get stuff cleaned up and fixed. My (plan) this offseason is getting back and healthy, and be able to play at a high level again." Jones has one year remaining on the two-year contract he signed with the team last offseason. He said he hopes to keep playing. "My mindset now is: It's an offseason, so how do I prepare like a normal offseason?," Jones said. "It's getting some surgeries, getting healthy. So, when (training) camp comes around, if I am able to go and ready to roll, I am able to go out there and do it. "My whole thing is: Spend time with the family, get healthy, and get ready to play football like I always do. If I am able to still play at a high level, I would love to keep playing. If not, grandfather time does happen, and we'll see what is best for our family."
  7. With Saints loss, and Texans win over Colts, we're picking at 11
  8. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rodgers has specific deals lined up with other teams — and those teams have trade compensation lined up with the Packers. The potential moves have been arranged, essentially, with the permission of the Packers.” “The destinations are believed to be exclusively in the AFC. To little surprise, the Broncos are one of them. Other viable possibilities are, we’re told, the Titans and Steelers.” “To be clear, if Rodgers chooses Denver or Tennesseee or Pittsburgh, the deals will fall into place quickly, both as to the trade terms and as to the contract Rodgers would sign.”
  9. I don't remember this, but that's hilarious.
  10. Cap Situation Per OTC, the Titans are 23.3 M over the cap with 57 players under contract. Cap Management My goal here is to reload, not rebuild, so I’d like to see them cut the dead wood while being able to create enough cap space to address roster needs both in FA and the draft. Tender Tart (RFA) at the 2nd round tender of 4.308 M, Brewer at the UDFA tender of 2.629 M, and Naquan Jones at the EFRA tender of 940 K. Try to extend Tart if possible on a longer term deal and obviously the Brewer tender is somewhat hinged on the status of Jones as Brewer could slide into Center. Terminate the contracts of Dupree (9.35 M), Woods (12.023 M), Cunningham (8.927 M), Bullock (2.072 M). Standard restructure of Landry, freeing up 10.5 M in cap space. Extend Tannehill with a Derek Carr like Raider deal, freeing up 15 M in cap space with a two or three year commitment to him but structured in a way where there are annual outs if a decline warrants moving on. Total Cap Savings of 57.872 M to leave the Titans with 28.9 M in cap space. Note I did not touch Lewan’s contract. I keep him on the roster at least until I address the spot in the draft or FA/trade. The 14.8 M cap number isn’t prohibitive if he ends up being my LT for 2023 and I can cut/trade him at any time if I opt to move on. I also don’t touch Ben Jones deal yet – Again, that’s 3.7 M or 6 M in cap space if he opts to retire. Titans Free Agents They have a number of FA’s because of all of the injuries so I’m not inclined to list every one. The major guys are David Long, Mario Edwards Jr,, DeMarcus Walker on defense and Nate Davis and Dontrell Hilliard on offense. I guess one could throw Dobbs in there too to camp battle for the #2 spot and perhaps you bring back Levin or Roos as interior depth. LS Cox is a FA – maybe they re-sign him or perhaps they go younger/cheaper at that spot. Free Agency Strategy I’m inclined to make efforts to re-sign Nate Davis and David Long. Granted, there are price limits for both. Davis actually did play well and was much improved in pass protection even though it was overshadowed by how bad everyone else was. Long is a 3 down backer who makes impact plays. He could get priced out of Nashville but he by far was their best LB when healthy. I’m not a fan of winning the 1st wave of FA. Those deals hardly ever pay off paying great money for good players. That said, they can add some players that fit the needs and schemes without breaking the bank. I like the idea of George Fant from the Jets as a LT/RT option. At worst, he’s your swing Tackle but he’s viable enough as a LT option either in the scenario he’s a bridge to a rookie or against Lewan if you opt to keep him for 2023. He also can be competition for Petit-Frere at RT. Dilliard from Philly offers a similar appeal. I look at the G market to add a starter, especially if Davis walks. There are some viable guys out there like Powers, Semalu, and Risner out there. You also still have Jamarcus Jones under contract and you could also see if Radunz could make a run at a starting G spot (LG or RG) depending on how things shake out. At center, if Jones is gone, I think you can let Brewer and Levin battle it out and they’d be OK. WR is an area that probably doesn’t offer a ton of options in FA but the two guys that interest me some is Chark and Hardeman. If Nagy ends up getting the OC gig, Hardman could have some appeal. Either guy has deep speed that the Titans currently don’t have beyond McMath, who IMO is not going to be a viable option. TE is a spot they could use a good inline TE option. Will Dissly of Seattle could be a fit. Good blocker and a pretty good receiver – a big upgrade over Swaim. Hurst from Cincy would be a bigger guy to consider but I think they’d rather not go there price wise. On defense, I feel comfortable that they can find fits for the scheme. With Dupree gone, they can use another edge guy. I’d try to re-sign Walker but SF has a couple of Edge FA’s that could also fit in Ebukan and Omenighu. They could bring in another CB if the price is right – again not a big spend but a scheme fit. In wave 2, there should be affordable options. Draft Strategy Ideally you go into the draft not having to force anything albeit they definitely will be targeting OL, WE, and TE but you can also make compelling cases for an Edge rusher, CB, and LB depending on how FA goes. Maybe a day 3 back. Same for QBOTF is the board falls right. End Result In this plan, the Titans enter the draft with Lewan as a chip of sorts – a 14.8 M asset that one can use for insurance, If you land a stud LT in the draft, you can move on and either parlay him into draft capital or as a mechanism to add another veteran player – presumably a starter at perhaps WR or CB if the opportunity is there. You end up with a healthy Tannehill at QB and Henry at RB with an improved OL, add talent at WR plus you have Burks and Philips in year 2, an in-line TE or 2 along with Chig in year 2. On defense, you’re really banking on Landry, Simmons, and Autry to come back healthy and put forth a pass rush and run stop group that can potentially be top 5. Kicker is a question albeit Shudak is still here. Bring in competition and try to get a younger long term option. The plan does not mortgage the future and enables the team to contend in the AFC immediately.
  11. We've seen a few passing references to punter Ryan Stonehouse's debut last week, but I haven't seen any real discussion. It's definitely worth talking about. Before looking at Stonehouse's performance, a couple points to keep in mind: in 2021, the NFL's top punter averaged 52 yds/punt; the league's highest net average was 46.3 yards. I think we can probably agree that #1 overall qualifies as elite performance. So with these elite NFL-high numbers in mind (52.0 avg, 46.3 net), let's examine Ryan Stonehouse's NFL debut. Here are his punts, the return, the net, and the Giants' starting field position after the punt. The underscored numbers show where Stonehouse either matched or exceeded last year's NFL best.....and in most cases, by a very wide margin. 54 yd punt, 17-yd return, 37 net....NYG 40 38 yd punt, fair catch, 38 net....NYG 9 62 yd punt, 3 yd return, 59 net....NYG 10 64 yd punt, 18 yd return 46 net....NYG 36 66 yd punt, 2 yd return, 64 net....NYG 15 58 yds, 22 return, 36 net...NYG 27 Stonehouse's averages: 57.0 yd average, 10.3 yd return, 46.7 net... avg field pos 22 yard line. Half of his punts pinned the Giants inside their own 15; one of these was a punt from the Titans' 21-yard line...another was from the Titans' 31. In a single play, Stonehouse took the Titans' not-so-good field position and flipped it into terrible field position for the Giants. Obviously the main criticism for Stonehouse is his propensity for outkicking the coverage...which is a legitimate concern. But when he's routinely launching 60+ yard bombs...even a 15-20 yard return still results in a strong net positive. And of course, the game we're talking about was Stonehouse's rookie debut....his first-ever live action. You can't help but be excited about the kid's future and the weapon he'll provide for the next 10+ years or longer.
  12. The cap went up 16% today. This substantially helps TN and its decision making in my opinion. Discuss.
  13. This year, I really want to have my cake and eat it too. Here's some offseason moves that I think are within reason and could actually happen within the confines of some given assumptions (that may prove to be inaccurate!) Just a general outline of how we could position the team for 2023 and the future. More of a wish list within the confines of possible realities. Here are my assumptions: Aaron Rodgers returns to Green Bay Tom Brady goes to Las Vegas Vrabel's vision is for NPF to ultimately be the left tackle, based on scouting reports/evals/film - Should make a big leap in year 2 - Radunz can add competition when he returns Vrabel's vision is still to move toward a mobile QB, but wants to modernize the offense with more spread and RPOs while still tilting run first Vrabel wants to add speed to the team, but wants to enforce the roster with proven durability I'm not going to delve into exact cap numbers much as this is an exercise in futility, but having run a bunch of scenarios, I think with lowered year 1 cap hits and some contract manipulations this is doable and realistic. Firstly, Cowden is promoted to GM (I'd get on board with any of the candidates - they are all highly qualified) Secondly, Bill O'Brien is hired for OC, Tim Kelly retained, Mike Devlin to OL coach Release Taylor Lewan, Zach Cunningham, Robert Woods, Bud Dupree, Randy Bullock Extend: Ryan Tannehill - 1 year extension, auto void add on years, reduce cap hit by ~15M Big Jeff $$$$$$$ - save a few million vs the 5th year option in year 1 Re-Sign: Teair Tart (short term extension) Brewer (Low Tender) DeMarcus Walker David Long (short term prove it deal seems doable) NWI (Decline tender, sign to minimum deal) Josh Dobbs (miniscule 1 year deal) Morgan Cox (miniscule 1 year deal) Corey Levin (miniscule 1 year deal) Dontrell Hilliard (Min) Josh Kalu (Min) Joe Jones (Min) and our favorite player - Geoff Swaim (durability factor - alternative inline options include Nick Boyle, Drew Sample, Foster Moreau) Walk: Nate Davis, Austin Hooper, Dennis "The Menace" Daley, Andrew Adams, AJ Moore, Lonnie Johnson, Terrance Mitchell, Mario Edwards, Cody Hollister, etc. Restructure: Kevin Byard (keep using this contract to kick the can down the road and add some cap space) Trade for DeAndre Hopkins (short term extension with big guaranteed portion and signing bonus, but a year 1 cap hit of around 10-12M. A 2023 3rd and 2024 2nd should get it done given the contract demands, suspension, and age) Sign: McGary or McGlinchey to play RT Ben Powers or Dalton Risner to play LG Jonathan Jones to play CB (Patriots fastest player - fits what Vrabel wants in a DB and allows McCreary to move inside more with Molden's speed limitations) David Quessenberry (Min. - swing tackle) Jordan Akins (Min. - backup move TE) Journeyman veteran guard to compete (Min.) Journeyman backup corner (Min.) Draft: (This assumes Paris Johnson is gone by our pick) 1. QB Anthony Richardson 2. WR Jalin Hyatt 3. Traded for DHop with some 2024 capital 5. G 6. FB Hunter Luepke, of course This allows the team to keep winning now with Tannehill and elevate his surrounding cast, while also securing a potential (raw) QBOTF that fits Vrabel's vision alongside a new GM The weaknesses in this scenario are right guard and OLB depth, the other ILB spot. The RG position would be Jordan Roos vs Jamarco Jones vs a mid round rookie vs maybe a journeyman veteran like Daniel Brunskill from the 49ers. ILB opposite Long would be the winner of Monty Rice v Dr. Gibby competition I'm guessing the most anger at this plan will be toward the Anthony Richardson bit and them retaining Geoff Swaim. But I'm confident they'll make at least 1 FA move that really pisses the fans off just like teams always do.
  14. TN would move the needle on offense more with another TE like Chig than any WR avaialble in this draft. This assumes the OL has to be repaired. A two TE Offensive scheme is also cap friendly and helps the running game. It simplifies the offense for a new QB too. Discuss
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