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Found 31 results

  1. Interesting to watch a compilation that's not all highlights or interceptions.
  2. Many people have us taking Christian Wilkins. He's type cast as a 3 tech, which he may be able to do in a 3-4 given his versatility at Clemson. He fits the character profile, and Vrabel spent some time in Clemson recently. Some "experts" have said he doesn't have the first step burst. Seems like a 4-3 tackle to me, not a 3-4 end. We gotta hit this pick. https://www.titansonline.com/news/who-will-the-titans-pick-a-tour-of-the-mock-drafts-five-weeks-before-the-nfl-dra
  3. Fox Sports NFL is doing a Twitter vote for Best NFL Fan Bases, and we are up against the Cowboys in the first round. Underdog story... lets win this one.
  4. There is an old saying in pro football that games are won and lost in the trenches. It is the reason we struggled with running the ball and giving up sacks. Therefore one of the first things we need to hope JRob does is fix the offensive line. He took a step toward doing so by signing G Rodger Saffold. He would really help make the line solid by drafting another offensive lineman like Garrett Bradbury,Chris Lindstrom,etc. early or Ross Pierschbacher later if you get another position. Then what i would do is get a good defensive lineman early in the draft like Christian Wilkins,Dexter Lawrence or Khalen Saunders later. Some of the best offenses that roll over defenses are ones that are good in the trenches and able to run the ball down the opponents throat along with the QB having enough time to scan the field without being touched. Mariota would thrive in an offense like this. In '16 with good blacking,run game,etc. we lead the NFL in scoring from week 5 thru week 11. We scored 30,28,26,36,35 and 47 points. Hard to fathom but it was Mariota led Titans doing so. We can do it again as well. No reason we can't address both the offensive and defensive lines. IF we had a good pass rush and secondary that would be the ticket to beating Luck and the Colts. Will be very interesting to see what we address with our 6 picks. Last year was perfect for JRob to trade up and swipe two of the best defensive players in the draft. Due to a deep draft i hope JRob trades back and gains a few extra picks.
  5. Five years ago my brother-in-law and his wife moved to the greater Nashville area. Two years ago, his wife's mother, due to poor health, moved to the area, too, to be close to her only daughter. In that short time, she became a big Marcus Mariota fan. She passed away a couple of weeks ago in early March and was cremated with some kind of Mariota doll or figure in her arms. Today we celebrated her life and home-going.
  6. Will Tannehill battle MM for starting job? Is Mariota on the trade block in round 1 this year? Tannehill was looking like a stud until he got injured and then reinjured this year. He very well could be an upgrade at this position and given a better OL and receivers and run game will only help him more. You dont trade for him unless he is going to compete to start or take the job. Plain and simple. This is equivalent to signing Foles. He would’ve gotten the job no matter what if we signed him. If Tannehill was a FA he would have commanded a starting job and a salary that paid him like one. We gave him a one year prove it deal. That spells “We are moving on” to me.
  7. We cut the following Kline, Cyprien, Gabbert We let the following walk Stocker, Logan, Orakpo, Morgan, Lewis, Spain We brought the following FA in Wake - OLB Humphries - WR Saffold - LG Grassu - RG/C We traded for Ryan Tannehill - QB We kept the following David Fluellen - RB Kevin Pamphile - OG/OT Tye Smith - CB Kenny Vaccaro - S State of the roster QB - Mariota, Tannehill RB - Henry, Lewis, Fluellen WR - Davis, Humphries, Taylor, Sharpe, Jennings TE - Walker, Smith, Pruitt, Firkser OT - Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Pamphile OG/OC - Saffold, Grassu, Levin, Jones - Pamphile can play OG as can Jones DL - Casey, Jones, Johnson, Dickson OLB - Wake, Landry, Finch, Correa, Carraway ILB - Woodyard, Evans, Brown, Bates CB - Butler, Jackson, Ryan, Sims, Smith S - Byard, Vaccaro, Cruikshank, Trawick Needs - DL, OG, EDGE, S, WR I anticipate we add a vet DL prior to draft In the draft... I would take a step back if we could and trade back with Oakland and pick up a 2 or 3. Let’s just say they give us pick 24 and a 3rd rounder and 2020 4th 1) Clelin Ferrell - OLB 2) Andy Isabella - WR 3) Khalen Saunders - DT 3) Ross Pierschbacher - RG 4) Darrell Henderson - RB 5) Daylon Mack - NT We use both sixth rounders on backup S and a K that shapes the roster into... QB - Mariota, Tannehill RB - Henry, Lewis, Henderson, Fluellen WR - Davis, Humphries, Taylor, Isabella, Sharpe, Jennings TE - Walker, Smith, Firkser, Pruitt OT - Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Pamphile OG - Saffold, Pierschbacher, Pamphile, Grassu C - Jones, Levin DE - Casey, Saunders, Johnson, Dickson NT - Jones, Mack OLB - Wake, Landry, Ferrell, Finch, Correa ILB - Woodyard, Evans, Brown, Bates CB - Butler, Ryan, Jackson, Sims, Smith S - Byard, Vaccaro, Cruikshank, Trawick, Rookie/Webb K - Succop P - Kern LS - Brinkley KR - Jennings PR - Jackson/Henderson/Isabella Starting offense is fire. Road graders upfront on the OL with Speed and sticky hands and route running at WR. Playmakers at RB QB - MM RB - Henry WR - Davis, Humphries, Isabella TE - Walker LT - Lewan LG - Saffold C - Jones RG - Pierschbacher RT - Conklin DE - Casey DE - Johnson NT - Jones/Mack OLB - Wake, Landry ILB - Woodyard, Evans CB - Butler, Jackson S - Byard, Vaccaro
  8. Spain is clearly superior. Why did they choose to keep Kline and over Spain?
  9. The NFL announced its list of performance-based compensation for players whose playing time exceeded their salaries as compared to the rest of the team. These payouts are designed to compensate players who play a ton of reps despite receiving a relatively low salary. Jayon Brown played 851 snaps, which was the team's 4th highest total on defense....yet his $555K salary ranked #36 on the roster. The league awarded Brown a performance-based bonus of $489,664....the league's fifth-highest performance-based payout for the 2018 season. Kevin Byard led the defense with 1043 defensive snaps...but his $784K salary ranked #29 on the team. Byard received a performance-based bonus of $117,580. https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/2018-Performance-Based-Pay-Distributions-Announced.aspx
  10. A couple years back i had this neighbor approach me as i was leaving one day he saw my Titans jacket and my Titans Tennessee Tag on the back on the back of my car (Most folks here purchase Grizzlies tags at DMV). So you are a Titans fan he says and then goes on to add that he is a Buffalo Bills fan and grew up there. We have had a few convos but mainly he talked about how bad the team has been and how he would do anything just to have winning seasons regularly and perhaps a playoff berth. They made the postseason since we spoke last i could imagine the joy after 18 years,lol. He likely moved havent seen him in a good while a year at least. Anyway here lately i noticed especially on twitter how much fans of the team talk negative you would think we were one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Sporting News i think it was recently did a short article about the winningest teams of the last 20 years. Well when you add regular and postseason wins we have 170 wins which is 11th best just 1 win from cracking the top 10 where Dallas was with 171 wins since 1999. REGULAR/POSTSEASON WINS 1999-2018 1-Pats 263 2-Steelers 218 3-Colts 216 4-Pack 204 5-Eagles 200 6-Ravens 199 7-Seahawks 193 8-Broncos 188 9-Saints 182 10-Cowboys 171 /Giants 171 11-Titans 170 /Vikings 170 From 1999 thru 2011 those first dozen years the Titans had 7 winning seasons,6 postseason berths,5 postseason wins,3 times with 13 wins,3 division titles,2 times NFL best record,2 AFC Title appearances and 1 Super Bowl appearance. They also had 2 NFL Rookie of the Year honors,An NFL MVP, A RB who had a 2000 yard season and set a new all purpose yardage record that still stands. 2011 the team had a winning season with 9 wins and were a hair from making the postseason. From 2012 thru 2015 the team changed GM's to Ruston Webster and drafted Jake Locker the GM/QB combo was terrible and we ended up having 4 straight losing seasons. They were let go and in come Marcus Mariota/Jon Robinson from 2016 to the present day the pair has 3 straight winning seasons and a playoff win. In the Titans first 20 seasons 3 Out of 4 Titans GM's Reese,Reinfeldt,Robinson all have a winning record and been to the postseason except Webster who has a losing record and no postseason berths. Robinson is doing all he can in free agency as we speak gunning for a 4th straight winning year and another possible playoff trip. 2012-2015 was not fun and it was 4 straight losing seasons but many teams have done way worse including some teams that are doing well the last few years. However they finally got things fixed and now have 3 straight winning seasons and hoping for 4 straight winning years since things were turned around. But you would think from some fans comments we are the Raiders,Jaguars,Browns,Bills,Jets,etc. The fans of every single one of those teams would kill to do what we have done the last 20 years and we are a borderline top 10 team in wins overall for the recent 20 year period/anniversary. Also we went to a Super Bowl in '99,NFL best record in '00 lost initial postseason game,Made it to AFC Championship 1 step from another Super Bowl in '02,Made it to the divisional round was a Bennett catch of making it back to the AFC Championship in '03,NFL best record in '08 lost initial postseason game,Made it to the divisional round was 1 step from AFC Championship in '17. We have been close a few times since our lone Super Bowl appearance. These Titan fans complaining would they last near 20 years with just 2 nine win seasons and a solitary playoff trip(Bills) for Tennessee? How would they cope going 16 long years with a single winning year with a postseason trip.(Raiders),How about no playoffs for 17 long years and just 2 winning years of 20 seasons(Browns),11 long years with just 1 winning season/playoff berth not only that but good grief could those fans handle 8 years with 5 wins or less(Jags) in a decade of football? How bout no playoffs for 12 years and counting (Bucs) or 2 postseason trips the last 17 years since 2002(Dolphins). The last 20 years Detroit has just 3 postseason trips and havent won a postseason game in nearly 30 years. I couldnt ever imagine Tennessee having 8 years with 5 wins or less in a decade because we would never be that bad. At our worst we had 4 straight losing seasons only 2 were really bad. I definitely couldnt imagine 1 winning season in 16 long years or 2 winning seasons in 17 years. I literally couldnt imagine it. Would i like it? No Would i stick with the Tennessee Titans? Of course.
  11. I think we have seen the max we are gonna do. We arent signing anyone. We got our big target. Humphries. We retained our main target. Vaccaro. We have much of our roster intact from last year. We lost Morgan and Orakpo. That’s it. Those are big names but not big players anymore. If we do sign a pass rusher I expect it to be Morgan. I think we bring him back on a team friendly deal after letting him test the waters. We might make a push for Suh but in the end he stays west. We will enter the draft needing pass rushers and OL i think if one doesn’t fall to 19 that we love that we trade back and get more picks. If one falls we take him. The pass rusher and OG come from the draft. I think our FA is done and we keep our money and invest it in our current stock of players. The next big contract we hand out is to Byard. That’s probably what they are working on right now.
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