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  1. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the 2024 Titans now the Draft and the first couple of waves of Free Agency are in the rear view mirror. Assuming over the coming weeks they sign a veteran S and a veteran EDGE - Have they done enough to challenge the Texans for the AFC South crown? - Where would you rank them in the AFC?
  2. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/04/googles-350-nfl-sunday-ticket-package-is-more-expensive-than-directv/ After Google's $2 billion-a-year deal to make NFL Sunday Ticket a YouTube TV exclusive, Google has now announced exactly how much football addicts will be paying to get every out-of-market NFL game, every week. The short answer is to not expect any revolutionary pricing packages or offerings just because this is moving online. Sunday Ticket used to be a major sports package on DirecTV, giving people access to around 13 NFL games per week. Between your Sunday Ticket subscription and a normal cable subscription, it's possible to see every NFL game, every week. The new home of the service, YouTube TV, isn't regular YouTube; it's more like cable TV channel bundles—but over the Internet. Instead of getting the usual pile of cable TV channels (CNN, ESPN, MTV, etc.) from Comcast, Spectrum, or whoever your local monopoly is, you can get it from YouTube instead, over the Internet, usually for the same price. Currently, YouTube TV costs $72.99 per month, just like a cable TV subscription. Google has two sets of prices for Sunday Ticket—one for people currently paying the base $72.99 a month fee for YouTube TV and another price for non-subscribers. For subscribers already paying the hefty YouTube TV monthly fee, Sunday Ticket is $349 per season. This is morethan it cost on DirecTV, where the price was $300 per season plus the base rate for a monthly DirecTV subscription, which is around $65. If you don't want to pay for YouTube TV's cable channels, you can subscribe to Sunday Ticket through "YouTube Primetime Channels," where the cost is $100 more or a flat $449 fee for the entire season. Google is offering an early bird plan. If you sign up before June 6, you'll get $100 off the first season. There is no longer a student discount. Google says you can sign up in the YouTube TV app, with the option beginning to roll out to some people today.
  3. Just over a week till the Titans offseason program commences. First Day: April 8 Voluntary Minicamp: April 22-24 OTA Offseason Workouts: May 20-21, May 23, May 28-29, May 31, June 10-13 Mandatory Minicamp: June 4-6
  4. In the space of 4 months Callahan might have done more outside of Titans media interviews than Vrabel did in his entire 6yr stay as Titans HC. For those interested the Titans/Callahan stuff starts just before the 13 minute mark. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/a-very-nfl-fathers-day/id1190094109?i=1000658623898
  5. We have to go to Nashville to play you guys. I wish we had you guys up here. I love the city of Nashville and your state is awesome. I was in Tennessee last February. I loved it down there and want to go back.
  6. Starting to sound like this new stadium is actually going to happen with planning and financial discussions picking up pace.
  7. Never heard of this guy before so no idea if he's really good at grading or not but discussion worthy. On the surface, the grades seemed to be reasonable but I do think the guy is too mesmerized by the wow highlight plays and ignoring the bad/concerning things. Also was interesting to see how he graded the other AFC South QB's. It's not stuff we haven't discussed but it does humor me that he can dismiss away the bad and interceptable throws part......I do think the guy's math is off on the %'s but he categorized 24.7% (63 of 255) of pass attempts as bad or interceptable.
  8. Stonehouse sounding positive about his chances of being available week 1.
  9. Chig Okwonko I’m looking for Chig Okwonko to have his best year and solidify his hold on the TE spot going forward. Chig’s rookie season he averaged 14.1ypr, 32/46, 450yds. He had more targets/yards in 2023 9.1ypr, 54/77, 528yds. I think a lot of things changed that caused Chig not to appear as effective. Tannehill threw one of the most catchable balls in the NFL. Levis, not so much. This year a lot depends on Levis placing balls in the right spot, especially with Chig. You want your TE to get yac and Chig has excellent run after catch ability. They have already added a lot of help to the passing game, 2OL*, 2RB, 2WR. Plus, we still have Wycheck junior. Will has to put the ball on Chig. Imo, they should practice that and find a way to make it happen. Don't have him deep unless it's a planned play with the ball in one spot. Chig doesn't track the ball well, so Levis/Chig deep isn't the greatest idea. They have other weapons for attacking deep. If they can get Chig going, the Titans will have a lethal offense in the making. Chig is a Top 15 TE right now, imo. *Paw Cally counts because he’ll make Radunz, NPF and Brunskill better.
  10. Robert Mays had been teasing some upcoming Titans content over recent weeks and today the Athletic Football Show released Mays sit down in Nashville with Titans HC Brian Callahan, apparently Mays spent a couple days in Nashville talking with not only Callahan but other members of the Titans staff. Link below for those interested the Callahan interview starts at the 59:40 minute mark https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/buying-or-selling-nfl-offseasons-the-contenders/id1528622068?i=1000655890148
  11. The video has been leaked apparently according to a bunch of people on twitter and Reddit. The dude is apparently packing. MVP 2024 confirmed.
  12. This is from an article that's actually discussing Callahan and Levis but I figured I'd take this comment and present it on its own because it's a direct stance on a previous forum hot-button (and I'm bored). Please take credit or make excuses, as necessary, depending on who was "right" ... https://www.si.com/nfl/inside-the-education-titans-will-levis The Play The next play was a third-and-1 from the Titans 48, with Tennessee down 3–0 at the end of the first quarter. From under center in an I-formation with two tight ends, Levis carries out play-action to his right to Henry, then is patient in letting Henry leak out to the flat. With Atlanta linebacker Nate Landman blitzing, Levis calmly stands his ground, and feathers a ball over Arnold Ebiketie’s head to Henry, who turns it upfield for 5 yards and a first down. Callahan Comment On It “I was watching this game and I was like, Man, this reminds me of the junior year tape that I watched from Kentucky,” Callahan says. “This doesn’t seem like much, but this is a third-and-1, and this is thrown to a back that generally isn’t a great catcher of the football. Just knowing that, he puts it in an accurate spot and puts a little touch on it so he can handle the ball. Small, minor thing, but just shows some awareness.”
  13. I have to say I'm very disappointed in you guys. Your lack of vision and sense of context should just be so much greater after all the time we've spent talking football over the years. I just expect more from you. Its a fact that a football game has about 15 minutes of actual action. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/how-long-is-a-football-game-breaking-down-the-time-between-the-first-and-last-whistle/ That means, with 17 games, we spend about 4 hours a year watching real Titans football. 4 hours out of 8760 in a year. However, we talk football about 46 hours a month. Some of us/you- a lot more than that. https://nypost.com/2019/01/17/nfl-fans-spend-46-hours-a-month-obsessed-with-their-team/ That's 552 hours a year. Can't you just imagine how much better those 552 hours would have been if we drafted Bowers? More tactical talk. More debate about systems and his ability to fit into the NFL? Isn't sacrificing a measly 4 hours a year, worth that 552 hours? Seems pretty obvious to me...
  14. Game one. Will Levis?
  15. Around 1hr40 minutes of Callahan on Bussin with the Boys starts at the 18:20m mark.
  16. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/talking-with-td-feat-turron-davenport/id1483358255 Callahan had some good words about his impression of Treylon so far. Talk about Sweat is good too. Positive input about him and his chances for success.
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