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Found 765 results

  1. I'm a JRob/Vrabel guy. I just read a comment saying the people supporting JRob are like the Mariota tards. That hurt. Why? Who wants to be a tard? So, time to educate. I look at the Titans 2019 compared to 2014-2015 and I see talent all over the team, most brought in by JRob. The OL is a problem, but is it personnel? Lewan, PEDS. Saffold, highly talent G not performing well for Titans. Conklin was an All Pro his rookie season. Ben Jones is holding his own. Davis is a rookie and with the rest of the problems on the line he's not getting any help. Problems yes, but is JRob responsible? Lewis was a mistake. Lewis was also a small back who the Titans tried to use as a feature back. Murray was a good signing. Record breaking trade for the first round pick his first season. Henry is now recognized as a top back in the league, 2nd round. Davis, who is getting complaints now can play. AJB+ Sharpe+ Brown+ Walker hurt. Casey was here. This year we get Simmons. Landy has 8 sacks. Evans is a stud. Jayon Brown+ Wake. mia. DB+ JRob attained Adoree, Ryan, Butler, Byard, Vaccaro. No need to mention that the Titans D is one of the best in the league. Special Teams have been improved bu JRob paying a lot of attention and constantly trying to get better teams players. Not sure if anyone remembers our KR man taking one step out of the EZ and stepping back in to knell to pray before take off. So, I not the most football savvy to break all this down, but I think he's done very well. Now I would like to know what GM had done such a better job? Don't just bash JRob, but show how Arizona got so many great players. Remember too, JRob had to build his offense around Mariota.
  2. Differences between Mariota and Tannehill Ryan Tannehill: 3 game-winning drives in 4 starts with Tennessee Marcus Mariota: 3 game-winning drives over last 24 starts with Tennessee Ryan Tannehill:8 TD's thrown in last 4 games Marcus Mariota:8 TD's thrown in last 24 games WOW
  3. I think RT keeps it up, and there’s a high probability we go on a run winning 5:6 of our last games and squeezing in the playoffs if so. That also means I think we found our franchise QB. You couldn’t ask for better. We lucked right into him. He never had the kind of supporting cast in Miami that he does here... I think that means we don’t draft a QB until the middle rounds. Maybe a guy like KJ Costello in round 3 to sit and groom. It’s obvious this draft is loaded with OL and DL so I think our first two picks will be in the trenches with an OT in round one if we don’t retain Conk followed by a pass rusher in 2... if we do retain Conklin I would love to still draft an OL in round one whether it’s an OT that can kick inside or a road grading RG or C similar to Ragnow or Q Nelson. if we don’t go OL in round 1 then I hope we get some quality players in FA and follow it up with a new OL coach and go RB in round 1 making a move to grab Swift at RB or even the kid from Clemson who reminds me of what we had in Murray. we have the WR’s, OT’s, TE’s and most importantly we have a Fucking QB and even though he hasn’t played up to his contract I think Saffold is going to get back to that top level of play and that includes Lewan and company as well once we get an OC and OL coach in here that know wtf to do. I wouldn’t keep Henry at top dollar. I would give him Dion Lewis type money and then go draft a RB like Swift in 1 to pair with him. the defense is set. The only thing we need to truly do there is see what we have in D’Andre Walker and sign/draft an OLB and have a full offseason of Simmons and Casey healthy. I would move on from Vaccaro and make Hooker the full time starting SS. I went way off topic though. who is the OC that you would poach from another team after this year to elevate this offense? i really like Press Taylor. I think he would make for an amazing OC with this group of players and I would grab a new QB and OL coach.
  4. With the Titans on their bye week this is the week to pop on Redzone and sit back and watch how the results alter the race for the AFC South/AFC Wildcards. Obviously hoping for the Ravens to beat the Texans and the Jags to beat the Colts. Should both the Texans and Colts lose the AFC South becomes a real mess. I don't think it will happen given their opponents but it would be great if the Bills/Raiders slipped up.
  5. Cut today by Tampa....could be a nice pickup with Butler on IR! Wonder if JRob will make a claim?
  6. Playoffs? Playoffs?! Unsurprisingly, it's been another roller coaster season for the Titans. I'm as guilty of it as anyone, but I think it's time to move past the "what if" scenarios for our previous games. We sit at 5-5, squarely in the thick of the playoff race, but with a difficult schedule remaining. The good news is that our next 4 games are all against AFC opponents, 3 from within the division. The Titans can make up a lot of ground quickly if they win 3 and especially if they won all 4. It's make or break from this point on and we don't have a lot of room for error. 11-5 seems like a lock for the playoffs while 10-6 would give you a good chance. 9-7 would likely mean you need a bunch of other stuff to happen for it to work out. FiveThirtyEight puts our playoff chances at 15% right now. That's actually lowest in the AFC South and just barely above 3-6 Cleveland. Essentially, for any team with a legitimate shot, we probably have the worst odds. That's to be expected considering the schedule. But again, the Titans can make up a lot of ground in these next 4 games. If we beat Jax and Indy, those odds jump all the way to 40%. It's weird because I haven't really allowed myself to even entertain the idea of playoffs because it has seemed so far-fetched at times. A week ago, we were reeling from a disappointing loss to the Panthers and now we're flying high after a victory over one of the best teams in the NFL in the Chiefs. The team has been in every single game this year, aside from maybe Jacksonville and Denver. Since Tannehill took over, the offense has been drastically improved. Even still, they barely managed to scrape by against the Chargers and Bucs. Basically, what I'm trying to say is...who the heck knows with this team? I'd love to see a playoff run, but I'm certainly not getting my hopes up for it. Not yet anyway. Looking to 2020 So even though our playoff hopes are still alive, there's also an intriguing discussion to be had regarding the future of this team. There are major decisions to be made this offseason. The Titans will have question marks at several key positions, most on the offensive side of the ball. Let's take a look. #1 Quarterback It goes without saying this will be the most important position for the Titans to address this offseason. They're expected to head into the offseason with no QBs under contract for 2020. Ryan Tannehill has certainly done enough so far to warrant a shot at leading the team next year. If his quality play continues though, we'll likely have competition for his services. Fortunately, we'll have the franchise tag on our side if we want to absolutely ensure we have him for 2020. Barring an injury or complete collapse in the final 6 games, I don't see a scenario where Tannehill isn't on the Titans roster in 2020. I expect Tannehill to be under center for the team in 2020 and most likely a draft pick with upside behind him. #2 Running back The team also has an important decision to make regarding the future of Derrick Henry. Like Tannehill, he's a candidate for the franchise tag. There's no doubt Henry is an elite home-run hitter capable of putting a team on his back. He may also be the best closer in the NFL. And yet, he's limited in the passing game and there's no doubt he's a volume runner. He's at his best when he's the focal point of the offense rather than a guy you can give 10-15 carries a game and hope he breaks one. This is a tough one. How much money will Henry command in comparison to someone like Ezekiel Elliott? Would the Titans be better off signing a more all-around back like Melvin Gordon? Or trading for a Le'Veon Bell? What about a combo of Kenyan Drake AND Derrick Henry? Or do you sign a cheaper vet like Carlos Hyde and pair him with a young draft pick? So many possibilities for the Titans at this spot and there isn't really any scenario that would surprise me. What they do here will tell us a lot about the offense they want to run for the foreseeable future. #3 Right Tackle The Titans have been fortunate to have Dennis Kelly as a backup, but is he starter material? And what will starting RT Jack Conklin get on the open market? Conklin has had his ups and downs, but he's clearly the more talented player. Could they afford to keep them both - and would they even want to? I don't think this is one of those spots where you can say "we'll just draft a guy" without having one of the two in the fold. If it's Kelly, then RT gets moved up your draft priority list. If it's Conklin, then perhaps you draft Kelly's replacement in the middle rounds of the draft. I expect at least one of them will be back with the team in 2020. Right now, my money is on Conklin. #4 Cornerback A lot of moving parts here as well. Logan Ryan and LeShaun Sims are both FAs, and the team will have a 5th year option decision coming on Adoree Jackson. Malcolm Butler will be coming off an injury. With so much in flux on the offensive side of the ball, I think JRob will want to ensure this position is secure and I think he'll accomplish that by trying to maintain the status quo. I'm hopeful they can get a deal done with Ryan and then draft a replacement for Sims - preferably one with some upside who could possibly take over for Adoree or Butler. This is a spot where you may have to push the major decisions on Adoree and Butler to 2021 rather than making massive changes in 2020. #5 Coaching Staff I think the biggest question for me going into 2020 will be on the progression of Mike Vrabel and the coaching staff. Vrabel has had his ups and downs as has Arthur Smith. I think you have to at least consider getting a new OC if the right guy is out there. I also think they need to look at upgrading the OL coaching spot. I've seen enough good to be hopeful and enough bad to be concerned. How will Vrabel guide and shape the team with the potential for a lot of change - especially on the offensive side of the ball? Good to great? Going forward, what does this team lack? What are our weaknesses? How do become a true contender? In years' past, this was pretty easy. Any armchair GM could watch a handful of Titans games and tell you where we needed upgrades. Now? I think it's a lot harder and that's a testament to the job JRob has done in building the roster. Remember, for all the ups and downs this year, the 2019 Titans are a likely playoff team if Tannehill had started from day 1. So would it be enough to maintain the status quo, so to speak, and hoping an entire year of Tannehill plus the development of young guys would be enough? I don't think so. I started the thread about Clowney and saying how I thought he would put the defense over the top. It doesn't necessarily have to be him, but I do think the defense is very close to being elite. We have legitimate star potential at every single level of the defense. Maybe the young guys taking that next step in 2020 propels the Titans to an elite defense. I think they need just one more star-power guy though to put them over the top, preferably someone who can fill Wake's spot off the edge, opposite Harold Landry. Offensively, it's a little more complicated. The OL hasn't been as bad as some believe and the run blocking has actually been really good, but I still think there are problems here. Lewan, Saffold, and Jones aren't going anywhere, but I think you have to look at upgrading Nate Davis if he doesn't see big improvement for the rest of the year. We already mentioned RB, but that will certainly play a huge role in the outlook for the 2020 Titans offense. Delanie is probably in his last season with the Titans, but I think we're in good hands with Smith/Firkser/Pruitt. They need a speed guy at WR. Can Raymond be that guy? I wouldn't be opposed to bringing Sharpe back either if the contract is right. He's proven to be a solid #3/#4 guy. This team certainly has talent. The defense has star potential with a lot of young guys to be excited about. Byard, Simmons, Landry, Evans, and Brown are an exciting young core to build around, even after the vets like Casey, Woodyard, and Wake move on. Offensively, there are far more question marks. We have major decisions to make on QB, RB, and RT, plus the staff will have to do some soul-searching about the type of offense they want to run. What are your thoughts about the team so far in 2019? Do you feel things are on the upswing? What are the biggest needs for 2020?
  7. Have you ever gotten up early all revved up and ready for the game so you go early buy a bunch of snacks and other stuff..... Then you get everything set in motion like maybe planning something for your kids and wife so they'd be occupied....... So you all psyched up ready for the game got time to kill..... You decide to look at some pregame stuff online such as the injury list,any new things that have popped up when you suddenly realize....... NO GAME TODAY...... IT'S BYE WEEK DAMNIT!!!! 🤬😲😲😲😲😟
  8. I doubt JRob would’ve been dumb enough to continue to trot out a deficient product.....
  9. This rumor has been doing the rounds for a while, Matt Miller had this in his scouting notebook today. "Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers will be a free agent when the season ends; where will the then-38-year-old-land? One rumor making its way through league circles is that Rivers would love to play for the Tennessee Titans. A native of Decatur, Alabama—just under two hours south of Nashville—Rivers has always been rumored to want to move closer to the South to end his career. With things in Los Angeles not going well for the Chargers, keep this destination in mind if Rivers isn't franchise-tagged this offseason."
  10. Derrick Henry has over 900 all purpose yards and 9 far. Just wanted to let y’all know. Edit: make that 10.
  11. Rookie UDFA from Vanderbilt FB/RB Hybrid. Lacks instincts as a full time runner. Good in passing game - pass protection and receiving. Straight line battering ram as a runner. Good STer. Visited Titans at local pro day, signed with Vikings after the draft.
  12. Hopefully it’s just his memes all commercial breaks for the crowd to enjoy.
  13. In case there were any final questions about what a real NFL QB is supposed to be, this is what RT pulled off the market. "That's my quarterback!"
  14. After the game interview. He was lit up deflecting the press around his locker. "My penalties are a fucking problem. I am 100% at issue with that. I do not mean to do it. I'm just trying to finish. My intent is good but I'm killing the team. No one needs to call me out. I am completely screwing the team with the amount of penalties I've had in the last 6 games." He did his own
  15. At least for the defense, I think Clowney could be the guy to put us over the top. We already have a really good defense, but I think a guy like Clowney could push them into elite territory. Wake was only signed to a 1-yr deal (EDIT: I misremembered; it's a 3-yr deal but one the Titans could get out of after 1 year if needed). Can you imagine Landry coming off one side and Clowney off the other? Clowney looked absolutely dominant on MNF against SF. Vrabel definitely has a relationship with him from his time at Houston. Will be really interesting to see if the Titans go after him during FA.
  16. Titans just waived RB Rod Smith, currently back to only 2 RB's on the 53 man roster and also currently have an open roster spot, wonder if they promote Dawkins again or have something else in mind for that open roster slot.
  17. These guys are really playing well. Landry had a sack, tackle for loss and another QB hit. He was pressuring the edge pretty consistently Evans had 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and the TD on the fumble recovery. Robinson looks pretty good trading up for these two guys imo. Add in guys like Simmons, Brown and Byard and he's built the defense well through the draft