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  1. While the defense did allow 30 points, I thought that they looked much improved. First, the pass rush generated pressure throughout the game which is a huge improvement on last year; even if the Seahawk’s OLine isn’t great, we struggled last year even against bad OLines. Second, the secondary looked genuinely good today outside of 2 plays. Fulton locked down DK and even frustrated him to the point of an uncalled unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Because of these two improvements,, they were able to step up huge on 3rd downs as well. We were constantly getting off the field on third despite the
  2. He deserves his own thread. He’s the biggest bright spot so far this season. He’s sticky in coverage AND he makes plays on the ball. (I’ll add that Jackrabbit has been a clear upgrade over Butler in his down-to-down consistency.) It’s getting easier to fantasize about what Fulton and a healthy Farley could look like in 2022. This defense has potential to dramatically improve over the next 2 years without having to bring in more highly paid FAs.
  3. Last year I tracked Henry's quest for back to back rushing titles in this thread. After he claimed the crown and became the 8th player in NFL history to run for 2000 yards, I thought it was appropriate to continue the tradition this year! Only 4 RBs in NFL history have led the NFL in rush yards 3 straight years. -Steve Van Buren 1947-1949 -Jim Brown 1957-1961 and 1963-1965 -Earl Campbell 1978-1980 -Emmitt Smith 1991-1993 That should clarify how significant of a feat it would be if he were able to lead the league in 3 straight years. The list of RBS t
  4. The numbers after the past 2 seasons have been elite. No Julio and no AJ today? No problem. I think Tannehill is starting to show he is elite. Elite QB will always make 2nd string/mediocre players look better.
  5. Let's get going with the speculation. Injury? Doghouse? Something else?
  6. Bud Dupree - apparently was available vs Indy, but only for emergencies AJ Brown - Played 8 snaps before leaving the game with a hamstring injury; has been on the injury report most of the season missing days here and there each week I would guess AJ is out until at least the Buffalo game. They'll probably try and get through these next 2 without him. Those hamstring injuries can take so long to fully heal and with this being a 17-game season, I don't think Vrabel will take any chances with the star WR. Julio Jones - This one could be mainte
  7. He's coming off a torn ACL, his podcast is starting to gain traction and be one of the most listened to in Barstool Sports brand, and he just got his ass beat worse than I've seen since Steve Hutchinson vs Albert Haynesworth in 2009. Is his mindset really 100% in football when he makes tweets like this worrying about his image instead of keeping his head down and going to work prioritizing football? If he keeps playing like he did today then it doesn't matter that we have AJ, DH and JJ if Tanny if dead.
  8. What a day he had, from goat to great. First, he posts up while Tanne is in a mad scramble and things are breaking down. So Tanne sees him, and just as he unloads McNichols takes off. I get it, he thinks it's a broken play (which it was to an extent) and he's trying to give Tanne a target. But it ended up being a bad interception. Then he hits him again out of the backfield and maybe he's not used to that much smoke, but hits him right in the hands and bounces up and intercepted. But it's the Titan way to keep on going, and the next time Tanne hits him in the flat for a nice TD run.
  9. The poor draft and head scratching unwillingness of the Colts to properly address the LT position has certainly raised questions whether they should be considered favourites to take the AFC South Title as many around the NFL media expect them to. The Texans are a complete dumpster fire and their selection of Stanford QB Davis Mills with their first pick in the draft could certainly be viewed as a sign that they feel Deshaun Watson will never play for the Texans again. Expect the Jaguars to improve form where they were last season but you could also make a pretty strong
  10. Read This entire Article https://broadwaysportsmedia.com/what-the-analytics-nerds-are-missing-when-it-comes-to-derrick-henry-and-the-tennessee-titans/ We have been talking about this, but I think it needs it's own thread.
  11. Ola Adeniyi from Pitts and not Dupree. How did Pitts let this guy go? He has speed and power and he played great again today. Dude needs more snaps.
  12. I think it's Derrick Henry, without debate. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-players-to-root-for-in-2021-one-selection-from-each-team Derrick Henry I mean, how do you not like Henry? There was one time he was at the NFL Network studios and I saw him walking through the newsroom. Looking at him from a distance, I asked myself, “Who is this lineman walking through here?” And then when he got up close and I saw that it was him, I was like, Whoa, how does anybody ever stop this person? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/top-100-nfl-players-of-2021-patrick-mahomes-hold
  13. Anybody got thoughts on all the running from yesterday? The Titans were getting nothing early on but stuck with it. Did anyone go through the first down data to make whatever point it is they want to make? We skipping that this week? Does having stuck with the run throughout the entirety of the game, even in the first half when they ran a bunch despite being down, annoy anyone today? Did sticking with the run in the first half play into any of the success they had running in the second half? Did sticking with the run open up some of the things they did in the pass game? Just wonder
  14. This is hard for me. I won’t be around here much during the season if at all. I started noticing some changes to my eating habits, bowel movements that caused me concern enough to go to the doctor. I wasn’t gaining weight and losing it at a good clip even without trying, my energy levels were very low and I was always tired. Plus, the terrible stomach pains. Well, after further tests blood work, difficult times to just see a doctor during covid they found a good size tumor inside my stomach walls. It’s been a rough couple of hours last few days, and I’m still trying to cope with everything, t
  15. Anyone get the Titans shoes for dogs? Do laces come on done on yours? What can you do to keep them tied - my dog bits them loose?
  16. Walk me through this. I live in NY. Broadcast Titans games in my area are rare. I have been told VPN is answer (other than NFL Ticket).
  17. With all the excitement of the game and the various bad calls by the refs, we have failed to discuss the 10 second runoff that wasnt. 28 seconds left, 1st and goal from inside the 1, 2 timeouts remaining. Henry's touchdown was reviewed, which stops the clock. Either take a 10 second runoff or use a timeout. Vrab used the timeout, which left the hawks with a chance after we scored on the next play. I couldn't believe he didn't take the runoff, especially after the defense had already blown coverages twice. We were inside the 1 with 2 timeouts, so I didn't see the reas
  18. Stupid Texans fans getting mad over the Oiler week here lol. This seals the deal that nobody fucking wants the Oilers to be part of Houston.
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