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Found 1,209 results

  1. Seems like a good option in the third round to be a 5 technique, if our first round pick is a corner or another position. I know a lot of people won’t like this idea, @AussieTitanFan08 isn’t a fan I know. This is a run stopper who was designed to play 5 technique in terms of body type. 6’7, 315. Huge wingspan and can cover multiple gaps in the run game. Not an explosive player, but does have pass rush upside and is a plug and play run down two-gapper. I’ve seen the argument by a few people that he is not as dominant as he should be with his size. Often, the issue with run defenders is that they don’t have the upside to be good pass rushers, but I think with Davis he does have some upside there and it needs to be developed and refined. He certainly has the build and talent. Obviously good NFL pedigree from Alabama and has experience with two gapping in an old school defense. I think he could be a plug and play early down starter in our defense and with development could play 3rd downs a lot after a year or two. Having this guy, Da’Quan, Simmons would be a huge, strong, fearsome group to keep our small speed rush OLBs free. I think this is a very high ceiling player, but also has a relatively high floor in our scheme. My two concerns are that early on he had some maturity issues (but I don’t think that is still an issue), and he seemed to get worn out by the end of games, so maybe he needs some real NFL conditioning work. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/raekwon-davis/ZKPHYu7snD Thoughts, criticisms, whatever - fire away.
  2. With Tannehill essentially on a two year deal and no backup QB and Jordan Love being the prototype QB the league is trending toward, would you draft him if he fell to pick 29, and let him backup Tannehill, and groom him for the next two seasons to be that guy when Tannehill is entering his third year which would clear a lot of cap space and we would have a QB who has two years on the bench learning and working on his technique and having full knowledge of the playbook? It could be a total steal if it worked out and a seamless transition. especially if we go out and land Clowney and bring in a vet DL to replace Casey and acquiring a RB and CB in rounds 2&3 with a WR in 5 similar to what we got from Sharpe in the fifth 4 years ago? I would have a hard time being upset if we took Love at pick 29 and groomed him to be the apparent to Tannehill, and keeping the SB window open for years to come
  3. Every Saturday ima highlight a promising Titan player we all forgot about. It will be titled What The H happened to them. This week I will highlight a young promising linebacker who came from my favorite college team, the Miami Hurricanes. Colin McCarthy. Dude is still young enough to play in the NFL...So what the H happened to him Lol. Dude cribbed a pick What the H happened to him??
  4. Here kids, the "short-bus-version." How can you expect to get back to the conference championship with this lineup (especially if the injury bug attacks)? Tannehill Jones Henry Simmons AJ Brown ? Corey Davis Beasley Humphries Evans Smith J Brown Firkser Landry Kelly Jackson Davis Butler Jones Vaccaro Saffold Byard Lewan ? - Overpaying Tannehill $22.5 Million Per - Butler paid $13.3 Million Per - Vic Beasley $10.0 Million Per One Year Deal (basically swapping Casey) - Humphries $9.8 Million (and this is Adam Humphries - not Welker or Edelman) - Dion Lewis and Wake previously? Under the new CBA Robinson could re-sign two veteran players and save $1.25 + million dollars per player that would not count against the cap (per year). See Logan and Walker as potential examples. ( And stop with the Walker is done bullshit for at least another year with Firkser as his replacement). Should've franchised Tannehill and simply signed Henry for four years. Non exclusive tagging gives players the option to increase their value while negotiating with other teams (which is basically what the original team is wanting to see). A one year quarterback franchise salary tops out at $19.9, but gives back two first round draft picks had the Titans not matched the offer made. Transition tag saves a couple million down to $17.6 but without first round compensation for losing the player (not matching the offer). The franchise tag rarely results in serious contract talks, much less offer sheets, but at least lets the player know how much he's wanted. Henry could've been signed for almost the same deal as Chris Johnson years ago. Let's call it $53.5 Million: $9.68 2020 $15.5 2021 $13.8 2022 $15.8 2023 (all counted against cap). Numbers could easily be crafted in creative fashion within prorated, roster, per game and other bonus structure to off set against the annual cap. The cap number for (both) Henry and Tannehill could've been $29.58 instead of $32,778,000.00. Of all players (regardless of the eight to ten game stretch) Ryan Tannehill was the perfect poster boy for a one year franchise or transition term. Henry, was the long term priority. Without Henry, Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson win six games, maybe. And hate Mariota for all the wrong reasons just to hate, what a perfect situation it could've been having the best backup in the league (just in case) for a such a reasonable amount. Conklin, Ryan, Casey, Walker, Woodyard, and Sharpe, all solid enough, locker room leaders and veteran players who have all contributed to the turn out of the dark ages under Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster. Losing all of them is beyond stupid coming off an unexpected, championship run, but keeping the best two would've been the more intelligent and sensible decision. Who are you protecting to sign in the future? An unproven Corey Davis? Jonnu Smith ( and very much like the guy but not quiet there yet) ? Jayon Brown ? Even Landry and Evans are solid enough but dime a dozen in this day and age of NFL caliber backer. Adoree Jackson is undersized and overrated. And Butler and Humphries were overreaching buys just like Dion Lewis was. Had a solid, core, offensive line with Conklin, Spain, Jones, Kline and Lewan: see both Spain and Kline. And Jurrell Casey in his prime along side a budding Jeffrey Simmons going into 2020? What a double punch alongside Jones. I'm bored. Love to throw it back at you retards from time to time, and wanted to state in internet ink, just how lucky Mike Vrabel has been rather than coaching genius with this decision making. Robinson was off to a great start before falling back into Adams conformity and frugalness. We'll see at some point whether it was really just a bad Mariota or one year Tannehill trick.
  5. Do you want the titans to extend Henry or do you want him to sign the tag? And how much are you worried he won't sign the tag if that is the case.
  6. Players in italics are players no longer here Players in bold are players still here 1st round: Jack Conklin? Gone to the Browns 2nd round: Kevin Dodd? Kevin Dudd 2nd round: Austin Johnson? Gone to the Giants 2nd round: Derrick Henry? Tagged, maybe gone in a year 3rd round: Kevin Byard? On his 2nd contract, one of the top safeties in the league 5th round: Tajae Sharpe? Gone to the Vikings 5th round: LeShaun Sims? Gone to the Bengals 6th round: Sebastian Tretola? Meathead who now plays in the XFL 7th round: Aaron Wallace? Currently a free agent 7th round: Kalan Reed? Currently a free agent === You'd think a draft in which only 2 of the original players are still with the team four years later would feel worse than it does, but I'd say that getting two bonafide stars and top players at their positions and having 4 others from the class move on to relatively decent 2nd contracts with other teams, thus helping future draft comps, constitutes a successful draft. I'm sure there will be some who see this and think "wow, JRob really blew chunks with his first draft", but I'm thinking this is just life & reality in the NFL. I bet most teams in the league hit on their draft picks about the same, many are worse. WE were much worse under Webster. At the very least JRob isn't content to just sit put and let everything happen around and to him. He's grinding, has a good eye for talent, has a good feel for and isn't afraid of trades, and he's building the team in a smart way. There's not much more you can really ask for except for a little bit of luck.
  7. With the first wave of FA being over and the start of the second wave today it seems clear what we will be doing in the draft and that is BPA. It seems clear to me that we are going with Kelly as the starter at RT and Sambrailio as the backup to LT and RT. The Beasley signing replaces losing Wake and is an upgrade to Wake IMO in the pass rushing department and he is a perfect scheme fit and I think Vrabes will fed him back to his pro bowl form when he played a pass rushing OLB... playing opposite Landry and with Walker and Roberson rotating behind them and potentially Correa or Clowney I can see him putting up 10+ sacks. we still have yet to see what we are going to do with the money that we got back from departing Casey, and if we sign Clowney or not... So with that I’m going to throw two mocks in here. A mock in the event we sign Clowney and a mock in the event we don’t sign him and instead retain Correa. In the event we sign Clowney and after signing Ty and Kelly picture the draft going like this... 1) Jeff Gladney - CB - TCU - I think he is the #2 CB in this draft ahead of Fulton and Henderson. Has a great blend of H/W/S and ball skills. Fluid hips and can mirror WR’s in man coverage and possesses great ball skills. He will be the #3 CB in 2020 for us and will be the successor to Butler in 2021. In Nickel packages though it’s fair to ask if it’ll be Gladney as the NB his rookie year, or will Butler/Jackson assume that role? Would Hooker play NB, or would Hooker take Vaccaros spot in nickel packages and Gladney moving to the NB spot? A lot of talent on this roster and versatility. One thing is for sure. We need a playmaker like him in our secondary as well as his speed. He has a high motor, and is a beast in the run game. He is never shy on contact and he has great technique. I think he most likely goes in the top 20, but you never know. He may fall to 29. If he is there I think it would be a big mistake passing on him. If you want to see a solid shutdown corner tackle like a safety just watch the beginning of this highlight reel. He damn near decapitates the ball carrier. His game honestly reminds me a lot of Pac-Man Jones. 2) Jalen Reagor - WR - TCU - Back to back picks from TCU giving us back to back playmakers. Reagor is known for his speed and was usually the fastest man on the field on Saturdays during his career at TCU. This kid can flat out fly and I think he is a perfect fit for many reasons, one of them being his speed making him a great option on play action where Tannehill can drop back and air it out to this kid when defenses are focused on Henry. Reagor possesses the kind of speed that forces the defenses to not stack the box bc of his ability to take the top off a defense. Also he is a great option on screen passes with his speed and he has great vision. One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough with him is his ability to win jump balls. At 5’11 you wouldn’t think he would be able to win those a lot, but more often than not this kid wins them. Another reason to draft him? He is a damn good punt returner. Go to 1:35 mark of this highlight reel to see what I am talking about. If I had to compare him to an active player in the NFL it would be Mecole Hardman. We get ourselves our very own version of what the Chiefs have and makes them so dynamic on offense. With Brown taking on the #1 CB on Sunday’s and Davis being the #2 WR that can still ball when he gets the call, and Humphries the slot, possession WR, I think Reagor steps in day 1 in four WR sets and will get his fair share of opportunities for big time plays and I think we will see plenty of them. Round 3 - J.K Dobbins - RB - Ohio State - This is where the loss of pro day, and medical checks helps us. This kid is my #2 RB in the draft behind Swift, but he was hurt in the CFP and is going to drop bc of the injury and the lack of teams being able to do their medical check. You just have to trust the tape when drafting him. He is going to be a steal in round 3 and he has all the tools to be an RB1 in the NFL. He has great patience as a runner, and power. He has a great blend of size speed and power and he is also a threat out of the backfield. He is the perfect compliment to Henry. It’s hard not to fall in love with the idea of him in two tone blue when watching his tape. I thought about Zack Moss here, but ultimately went with the Buckeye alum. He reminds me a lot of Kareem Hunt. I will come back to this in a bit and add more to it, and finish this mock and add the mock that doesn’t feature us without Clowney later this evening.
  8. Here's some mix of what I think will and should happen: Release: Delanie Walker Cameron Wake Ryan Succop Dion Lewis Decline all RFA tenders - Tye Smith, David Fluellen, Darius Jennings Execute all ERFA tenders - Firkser, Gilbert, Batson Walk: Jack Conklin Logan Ryan Marcus Mariota Wesley Woodyard Tajae Sharpe Austin Johnson LeShaun Sims David Fluellen Chris Milton Est Cap - 72M Extend: Re-Sign Ryan Tannehill - 4 years/120M (30M per year) Franchise Tag > Extend Derrick Henry - 4 years/58M (14.5M per year) : Use Tag to force him into more manageable deal Re-sign Dennis Kelly - 3 years/9M (3M per year) Re-sign Kamalei Correa - 1 year/1.5M Re-sign Daren Bates - 1 year/1M Re-sign MyCole Pruitt - 1 year/min Re-sign Tye Smith - 1 year/min Re-sign Tramaine Brock - 1 year/min Re-sign Kevin Pamphile - 1 year/min Free Agency Sign Jadaveon Clowney - 5 years/100M (20M per year) Sign Chad Henne - 2 years/5M (2.5M per year) Sign Lamar Miller - 2 year/4M or so (Alternatively - sign Mario Addison OLB and Chris Harris Jr at CB both for similar money to Clowney's deal) Remaining Cap Space: 12-15M est. - rookie pool Draft: 1. RT 2. CB 3. WR 5. RB 6. TE 7. iOL And sign some good UDFA's as Robinson does - a couple of which make the team and play big roles. This plan results in adding a transformative piece on defense and acquiring two starters in the draft as is customary for Robinson, as well as retaining some veteran depth.
  9. Suh is sticking it out in FA for the best deal he can get, and it’s likely a one year deal south of 8-10 a year Clowney is basically a Titan per all the rumors. If we land Clowney on a deal better than expected... I think we may have enough in the tank to also bring in Suh, and have money for the rookie pool. Last I saw/read we were around 30 in cap room after Casey but I have also seen 22. if we can land Clowney with a cap hit of less than 10 million this year or whatever bc I’m just guessing then I would reach out to Suh and see if he is willing to play a one year deal similar to what McCoy landed (1 year 3 million) and offer him a 1 year 5 million dollar deal with incentives to make up to 8 million. Putting Suh and Clowney in the front seven with Landry, Simmons, Beasley would be fucking nasty. It’s a stretch but I would entertain the possibility and go into the draft trying to get a RT, CB and speed at RB and WR with our first 4 picks presumably going CB round 1 and RT round 2 followed by a RB like Gibson in 3 and looking at some WR’s in 5 with how deep and fast this class is, or we could hit the trade market on draft day and send some picks to a team for a speedy WR or just stick with Raymond and Batson. Rodney Anderson is still a FA and the longer he hangs out there, the cheaper he would be. Emmanuel Sanders crushed his dreams of 10+ a year by signing a contract paging 8/yr... so with some restructuring we could even free up enough space to bring him in on a deal that’s cap friendly built with incentives.
  10. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/21/top-25-remaining-free-agents/ Obviously if we sign Clowney that’s most likely it for us in FA as we will keep the rest of the money for the rookies and to use for the cap in 2021 and extensions. however looking at that list I can’t help but think that we may be better off going with a few guys for the price of Clowney. We could bring in Golden who Davenport keeps harping about, and also bring in Darby, Rhodes, or Breeland at CB (Or maybe even Ryan on a one year deal) or if we decide to draft a corner instead we could maybe pursue Golden At OLB and Peters at OT which honestly may be the best route to go if we are going to bring in one more edge guy (Golden) to pair with Landry, Beasley, Walker, Roberson and also bring in Jason Peters to play RT and keep Kelly as the swing OT which would allow us to not force RT in the first two rounds and allow us to truly draft the BPA such as a CB, DT, WR, RB, or even a C Obviously if we want to beat a team like KC we need to try our hardest at signing Clowney to ramp up a top tier pass rush consisting of Clowney, Landry, Beasley, Simmons and then draft a CB and RT early with our first two picks and then find speed at RB and WR In the third and 4th rounds (assuming there’s a guy we love and we can package three 7th rounders and our 5th to plunge into the 4th) What would you say is the best course of action? Robinsons whole offseason is designed to beat KC in the playoffs this year to advance to the SB this time. We lost because we were not able to apply a lick of pressure on Mahomes and he ate us up. Putting together a beast of a pass rush and adding talent at CB in the draft is the best way to go. So my money is with Clowney and a CB like Gladney in 1
  11. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Yup, now we gotta ask who should be the backup QB? There's that Mariota fellow, but he's fruity and he sucks. So there's that. I suppose Woodside is an option. Or do we look elsewhere?
  12. George Fant is an up and coming OT in this league. The Jets obviously think so they signed him(3 year $30M $13.7G) to start at LT. I think we should have made a play for him to replace Conklin. Fant did not play offensive line in college at Western Kentucky. In fact he only played one year there at TE. He went undrafted and was not even invited to the combine. Look at his workout numbers on his pro day. 6'4 7/8 296 40-4.84 Cone 7.20 Vertical 37 inches BP 22 A tremendous athlete at 300 lbs. His role the last 2 seasons on the Seahawks has been similar to what Kelly's role was for us. He played a lot of TE in heavy packages. He is up to 322 now and based on his play in relief of an injured Duane Brown he can start in this league. He should keep on getting better with experience and in 2 years could be a top 10 OT! Just wondering what people think. He is 2 1/2 years younger than Kelly and better.

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