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Found 1,103 results

  1. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because he is capable of playing well, for stretches. But that’s all they are - a stretch. I watched him play for the better part of a decade in Miami, and what he is doing for the Titans RIGHT NOW, he did the EXACT SAME in Miami. He has these stretches of good play, before he falls apart. These stretches of good play is why MIami gave him a contract extension before realizing it will never amount to anything more than a stretch here and there. Don’t believe me? Good. See for yourself... Examples 2013: Went on a 5-2 stretch before crapping the bed and losing 2 straight games to keep them out of the playoffs. 2014: Went on a 4-1 stretch (sound familiar?) before losing 4 of the last 6 and playing like crap. 2016: Went on a 7-1 stretch!!!! 2018: Went 3-0 to start the season before shi**ing the bed. I think he also went on a 4-2 (or 5-2?) stretch in 2012 too, before crapping the bed. THIS. IS. WHAT. HE. DOES. The original starting point of this train of thought can be found here:
  2. I wasn’t quite sure where to rank him after last year. Was he having a year or stretch similar to the stretch MM had in 2016 or was this really the guy we were getting for the next 4+ years? he laid to rest any doubts after the first two weeks. This guys play is up there with the best in the game. I currently have him ranked after Mahomes, Wilson, Rogers as the #4 best QB in the league. it’s nice to finally have a premier QB
  3. I figured with so many moves, a new thread was warranted. Sorry if I missed a post elsewhere. Rogers is a legit veteran WR
  4. Pretty much a must-win game for the Vikings with them sitting at 0-2.
  5. Seemed worth it's own thread. Clowney is lined up real close. But also, sometimes centers move the ball forward when they get ready for the snap. What do you think was going on this play?
  6. When Henry can’t gain a damn yard early on, stop trying to prove a point by running him into the dirt over and over. The opponent’s D will always have to worry about Henry. So keep up the play action. Tanney is accurate, confident. This is what can and should soften up their D so Henry can feast at some point. Pass to open up the run. Not only the opposite. Take the deep shots like early on with Jonnu. Don’t completely abandon it. Tanney was awesome, but Henry was run way too often while the Jags sold out to stop him. We need balance, but we also need to take notice of which strategy opens up the other major component. And maybe sometimes balance isn’t the best plan. Maybe the pass is what we need most, because we’re fucking good at it, especially in short yardage situations. The pitch to Henry on 3rd and one. What about a short pass to ANY of our receivers? Oh well. Eat me up. I’m just a fan who doesn’t like my butthole to clench up the whole goddamn game. Yeah, and fix the atrocious D. MAJOR PROBLEM. And as always, go Titans.
  7. HOF Kicker. Okay. The thing is kickers don't last forever. We are two games into the season and he's missed three FGs inside the 50 yard line. He has also missed two extra point tries. That's unacceptable. The Titans plan is to compete for the SB, so the team needs players who can compete with the best in every category. The Ravens and the Chiefs both have excellent kickers. The need is even more pressing for the Titans. The Titans have a good offense, great for what they do. It's not equal to Baltimore's or Kansas City's offenses. When the Titans get in scoring range they need to feel confident they will walk away with points. A 50-50 kicker who has missed two extra points tries just won't get the job done. I know they are looking and they have tried to get the best one they could. Still, they need to keep searching. When kickers go bad it's not a sign that they are getting ready to be good.
  8. 1, Tannehill has provided the Titans the best consistent QB play we have had since the Mac era and really better than much of the Mac era. 2. The inability to rush the passer is a killer. Clowney isn't in game shape. Landry has been mediocre. And while Simmons has been good, we are missing the explosion from Casey up the middle (I know, overrated, blah blah blah - not the last 6 -8 games of last season). 3. Likewise, we are missing Austin Johnson and his ability to clog the running lanes. 4. Offensive line pass protection has been spectacular. Not so much in the running game. 5. Surprised we didn't try to push the ball downfield more against the Jags. Felt like the offensive play calling started to cover for the defense's inability to get off of the field. 6. Gardner Minshew is massively underrated. They don't need to draft Lawrence. Amazing what he is doing with just a bunch of guys around him. 7. Which speaks to not great back 7 play - though in truth, they got no help today from the rush. 8. Gostkowski still has plenty of leg. Have to hope he continues to come around. Missed extra point could have been a killer. 9. Didn't like the way the Titans failed to attack on that final scoring drive. Appreciate Vrabel's short memory with the K, but it just felt a very flaccid effort. 10. 2-0 doesn't happen very often here in Nashville - and the team clearly isn't playing their best football. As long as Tannehill and the Line are healthy, and Arthur Smith is calling the plays, team is going to be a tough out. Fun game . But didn't need to be as close as it ended. Shouldn't have been.
  9. And from earlier in the day... Update: Official, per Glazer. Update 2: Terms.
  10. Major caveat is obviously the stat inflation we've seen since McNair was a QB. Back then overage was probably around an 83 passer rating and now around 100 is, for example. Also this is comparing his 15 games to their full seasons. Still, no question that he is the second best QB in Titans history (technically since they moved to Tennessee) IMO.
  11. I know we’re injured. But not horribly, ie the 49ers this week. Jeez. Denver game? I remember Clowney being all over the place. He didn’t necessarily make huge plays, but I watched him all game, and he was very close to disrupting many plays. Jags game? I didn’t notice him doing much. What happened? Someone said Bongo had said the Jags had a good OL. Bongo. He operated on my taint when I went in with a lightly sprained ankle. What happened to the entire D? Especially up front. Were we missing Casey, WHO WE LET GO AND GOT NOTHING IN RETURN?...Yeah, I’m a little pissed about that that. So... what’s the problem?
  12. Give the man his props, he bounced back lol. He made a 51 yarder and 49 yarder. Very promising lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29931077/tennessee-titans-stephen-gostkowski-rebounds-game-winner%3fplatform=amp
  13. I know some of you looked at the title of this thread and are thinking to yourselves. Hell No! he is washed up, and did not do anything for the titans last year. In a what have you done lately type league, I understand the sentiment. But... What does this team have to loose? There is no one here on this board who can honestly say that it can get any worst out there than what we have seen over the past two weeks. The best way to make up for a weak group of cornerbacks, is to get to the quarter back quickly. As someone who watched him for several years on the dolphins, I can tell you that there is not another edge rusher out there with a lower risk, high reward valuation. Cam is a fitness and health nut. If anybody is going to be in game shape despite missing training camp, it's going to be him. And even him at 75% of the last time he played a full season, will lead to a way higher pressure rate per down then what you guys are getting right now. Cam always gave 100%, it's a matter of principle to him. That allone will gaurantee you 6.5 sacs and lots of qb hit's and pressure. The combination of Wake, Clowny, and Beasly (if he comes back at all), will do quite a bit to improve the team speed at the line of scrimmage. The blue print to beat this defense looks like a pretty easy one: get the ball out quarterbacks hands quickly and punish corners for the vast amount of space that they are giving up at the line scrimmage because of their skill level From what I can see, the only thing that this defense has going for it right now is the Safeties. Byard, Vicaro, and Butler is a fanatic combination. Give them half decent edge rushers and they can play closer to the line of scrimmage to help make up for the lack of talent at the corner back position. I know some of you are pinning everything on getting Adoree Jackson back, but I will state it again, Even what he was there, they were not that good last year outside of logan ryan (and Even he was not that great, just serviceable). This is not a knee jerk reaction thread. I voiced this concern in my thread from last week, even before the game started. I believe It's still a good read and you can check it out here: Anybody who watched last year should have seen that Dean Pees coached and schemed the hell out of that defense. Mike Vrable has not proven himself to be a defensive mastermind, despite what he may think of himself.. A good head coach... Absolutely. But his role as a defensive guru is nothing more than an experiment in how far can you stroke your own ego. We should also be brining in free agent corners now, before the market gets even drier than what it is already.... Buckle up boys, this team will probably going to need to run up the score to just to win games by a hair.
  14. This guy is legit insane. He has wasted a full year and hundreds of posts on a teams QB he isn’t even a fan of. This man suffers from loneliness and hopelessness. He also has some myriad of mental illness mixed in there too. Just wanted to warn you guys not to get your hopes up when you engage this absolute degenerate who wastes his time arguing about Tannehill while eating Josh Allen’s unwiped ass.
  15. Hasn't always been pretty, but in a season with one of the most bizarre offseasons in the history of the NFL, Titans should feel very good about where they're at. Obviously some things to clean up, guys to get healthy, and hopefully more aggressiveness from Vrabel, but I'm thrilled to be 2-0.
  16. Pass rush is absolutely non existent and Clowney has made 0 impact this far. Secondary gets beat all over the place and can’t stay with many WRs for very long. They truly lucked out last week with Jerry Jeudy dropping some key passes and the Broncos missing some key receivers. Does this team truly miss Adoree and Beasley that much?? It’s hard to believe it’s a talent issue. just frustrating that a team like Pittsburgh consistently trots our a menacing pass rush with tight coverage with about equal talent. Must be a scheme thing idk.....however something needs to change because this defense is a dumpster fire as it currently stands
  17. I haven't see a post by him in quite a while. Season opener and no @Soxcat. Strange.
  18. Wasn’t pretty but both teams head into this one 1-0. Whoever emerges victorious will take early control of the division with both the Colts and Texans going down in week 1. Seems like the Jags rookie CB had an impressive debut.
  19. All-22 film of Tannehill's pass attempts in week 1. 29/43, 249 yards, 2 TD/ 0 INT, 97.9 passer rating FIRST HALF SECOND HALF
  20. This is a big game for a lot of reasons. You have a good chance to get the leg up on the division and get off to a 2-0 start before a tough stretch of 50/50 games. If you want to play home games in January, you have to handle tomorrow's business. And I don't think this one is going to be easy. Without AJ and with our DB injuries and their above average WR core, this might be a tough game.
  21. @Mythos27 turned me on to Flemo. Don't hate on the old man, I'll come around eventually. This video of LenDale White was interesting. I didn't know he lost his father early. I didn't realize he was the leading rusher on those USC teams, or how he was the leading USC rusher in that epic championship game. He was fun Titan even if he was rapidly overshadowed by Chris Johnson.
  22. Tgo posted it in the Jags thread, but I thought it could use its own thread.

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