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  1. Always nice to enter a new week on the back of a win especially so after an 8 game losing streak. Also good to enter a week knowing you have a bit of a rest and health advantage over your opponent. Browns first two weeks have be a tale of clunky offense combined with an elite defense (#2 total defense, only conceded 15 total points as two Steelers TD were defensive scores, they also kept the Steelers out of the redzone with them running zero redzone offensive snaps yesterday). There is no doubt the loss of Chubb is a massive blow for a team that wants to run the ball behind a massive OL constructed to pound the ball. Looking at the Titans Vrabel was optimistic on Monday that Fulton and Hooker will return this week he seemed more uncertain the timeframe for Skoronski. Not sure the Titans are going to have a lot of success offensively if they try to slam Henry repeatedly against that Browns defense so Kelly needs to get that play action passing game cranked up again, also think he might have some success with Spears and Henry in the passing game as the Browns lost Steelers RB Jaylen Warren a couple of times in coverage yesterday. Finally I expect this defense to force Watson into some mistakes and it will be important to capitalize on them when they occur.
  2. I saw a recent discussion about success rate and Derrick Henry. The discussion was people talking past eachother but essentially trying to argue he was or was not experiencing a fall-off. Through two games, his success rate is 50%, slightly above the past two years and his career average but (consistent with all Titans offensive stats) that's still pretty well below 2020 and the latter part of 2019. That got me wondering how good 50% (this year) or 49.8% is (career average). I spent awhile looking up individual greats and had trouble finding people with a better success rate. After playing around in PFR, here's the list of the best success rate among backs with at least 1,200 carries: As it turns out, ~50% is exceptional, especially among back who will be at least considered for the HOF. Not gonna lie, Zeke surprises me.
  3. https://www.espn.com/radio/play/_/id/27228795 I had my radio on 102.5 The Game. He was hosting a national sports show. I have heard him doing local radio, but I wasn't aware he had a national show. He was talking about sports other than the NFL. He sounded really good. I know some of the guys on the board follow him, so you might want to check it out. Always good seeing a local guy move up. I put up that link. Unfortunately it doesn't show times or dates when he's on air. You guys can probably find it.
  4. In House Candidates Ryan Tannehill. Tanny came in in 2019 and took the Titans offense to the next level at a time when the team needed a QB who could be accurate, athletic and execute the playaction. He followed that up with his career year, but since then has been on a steady decline. The issues that he struggled with in Miami (recognizing defenses post-snap and inconsistent pocket awareness) have resurfaced and his athleticism has declined. To top it off, he falls short in high pressure situations consistently. We have assuredly seen his best days and the high premium price we are paying for him is no longer a good investment. Malik Willis. He's absolutely showing why so many team passed on him despite talks of him going in the 1st round last spring. He does have incredible tools including a strong arm, great athleticism, and impressive ability to make off angle throws. However, the tools are a bit oversold and he is still at the basic level in actually knowing the QB position. The mental clock is not there and the decisiveness is not there. He's coachable but this is pro ball not college. The team can continue to develop him but the idea of him being ready to take over full time is far-fetched at this point. Veteran Options Around the League Lamar Jackson. Represents the best available option for any team, but is still a fantasy at this point despite being an unrestricted free agent. He's not having his best year yet its unfathomable that Baltimore lets him go regardless of the high price tag. It doesn't hurt that the glitter of Tyler Huntley has completely dulled over the past few weeks. For us, we'd have to move a lot money around to afford him. Jimmy Garrappolo. Jimmy has a lot of that football word for confidence, "moxy". He generally plays well within the offense but can be counted on to make boneheaded decisions. Like Tannehill, he's capped and to be honest I'm not sure if he's better than Tannehill. But he would certainly be cheaper. Jacoby Brissett. Like Garrappolo, he's probably not better than Tannehill but he would be cheaper. Is a "game manager" and has decent athleticism as well. Was actually Cleveland's best QB this year and has more than once been the calming captain over turbulent waters for many franchises. Sam Darnold. Will likely get another shot in this league to be a starter because he seemingly has the build and style that many old decision makers like but he's not that good. Tom Brady I'll put this as an option because it'll come up but this team has too many holes for Brady to consider us in a sweepstakes scenario. Trey Lance I'll put him down as a potential trade option if San Francisco decides to roll with Purdy or even Brady. I think he's in the mold of the QB that Mike Vrabel desires and he does have a great skillet, but he's legitimately only played and had just one great season (at an FCS conference no less) dating back to 2018. David Carr Recently benched, Carr is another QB who has been grouped with Tannehill and Garrappolo as the above average tier of QBs in the league. Him being benched is a strategic one that gives the Raiders the ability to cut Carr outright and not be obligated to any guaranteed pay. If that's the case the smart move is to see if he becomes a free agent. The next question is if he really serves as a better option. Draft Options. Will Levis. Has an incredible arm and experience on Shannahan/McVay style offenses which most bad teams will try to employ as they find new coaches. Has some film where he makes weird decisions. He also plays the game a bit recklessly. However, all of his flaws appear fixable and he seems to be a real "football guy" which is why I'm one of the few who actually thinks Houston will end up making him the first QB off the board, but there's a whole offseason to debate that. Bryce Young. My favorite QB prospect of this year. In terms of processing the game he is the exact opposite of Malik. He has a highly advanced level of understanding in real time what a defense is doing. He may be the most intelligent in game QB prospect I've ever seen. Obvious knocks are his size (5'10, 185lbs) and lack of any true physical attributes to marvel at (no special athleticism and no cannon for an arm). CJ Stroud The QB that has become the whipping boy of draft analysts because they got another year to fully evaluate him after crowning him the year before. He's actually progressed and truly has lived up to the billing but of course any shortcomings will become magnified. He's the most accurate passer of qb prospects in quite some time, but has not had many situations where he did not have the talent advantage and that worries scouts especially when you see him lose a game against a comparable opponent like Michigan. Anthony Richardson. I think he will go top 15. He's actually what many thought Malik Willis was. He DOES have special speed, athleticism, and a cannon for an arm. But he's going to require at least a year to develop. In terms of comparison though-- the only other QBs who share his traits are Cam Newton and Josh Allen. His ceiling is crazy high. He can be special if he becomes an expert at the game and is in a good situation 2024 Options Caleb Williams. His hype will compare to Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence's. The Mahomes comparisons are inescapable. He's the real deal but it will be interesting to see how he stands up to the expectations next season. Odds on favorite to be #1 next year. Drake Maye. Like Williams, would be the #1 pick if he could come out this year. Amazing passer. Had an inconsistent stretch in the last two games of the season but he elevates the team around him. Him and Williams will be 1 and 2 next year.
  5. His OL coach for the first three yrs of his career. I hope he continueds to play. I really think the kid has gotten a raw deal.
  6. EXTEND RYAN TANNEHILL! TOP 15 NFL QB! THE PROBLEM IS MEATHEAD AND TIM KELLY! 2 wide open td throws - sailing into space. 3 picks - two more that were dropped. No escapability. No pocket presence. Dropping his eyes as soon as pocket begins to crumble. You dummies give me a lifetime of ammunition. Ofcourse Willis or Levis may not have won the game. They certainly wouldn't have done a more complete job in losing it than your guy who proved himself incapable two years ago in the playoffs and NOTHING has changed but aging and injuries. Yep, there was a reason that two GMs and one coaching staff decided they needed to draft a QB (even if they got the wrong ones). Oilerdummy. Hang your head in shame and crawl back into the .26 cent envelope your thirty years of bad takes, name calling, shitty 'jokes' and juvenile behavior earns you. FUCK YOU dummy.
  7. After watching Radunz performing at a good level at LG, I think they should move Skoronski back out to his natural position. It isn't a question of him performing at an all pro level, it's about him being able to outperform Dillard, money be damned. You would move Dillard to RT and upgrade the OL across the board.
  8. That injury is nasty. This guy has the worst luck with injuries.
  9. Not getting any love, but he has played well, and seems to be getting better. Not flashy, just a lunch pail guy, but makes catches.
  10. I was going to post this in an existing thread, but it deserves one of its own. The Titans were outstanding on 1st down, and it's baffling that they were only able to squeeze out 24 points in regulation with those numbers(with the assistance of idiotic LAC penalties, at that) Here's the breakdown of the individual performances on first down: Tannehill- 10/11 (91% completion), 197 yards (17.9 YPA), 0 sacks. 1 rush attempt, 12 yards, 1 TD Henry- 9/13 of his 1st down runs went for 4 yards or more (4.8 YPC overall). All positive gains, minus 1 rush in the OT drive Spears- 4 carries, 35 yards (8.5 YPC) 307 total yards on 29 plays= 10.6 yards per play on first down. Virtually all of their yardage came on 1st, including every big play you're thinking of. Also only 2 plays went for 0 or negative yardage, and 1 was a rather meaningless run when we were in FG range in OT Tannehill made a couple of nice 3rd down throws, but took all of his sacks on 3rd/4th down as well. The offense could do absolutely nothing on 2nd down, neither on the ground or in the air (1.8 yards per play) The team has a lot to build on, but I fear they are more likely to revert to their typical first down play and continue to suck elsewhere. Thoughts?
  11. Thought about putting this in the game thread, but I felt it was worthy of its own discussion. if his arm strength is gone then it’s gonna be a longggggg fucking season.
  12. Derrick Henry had 119yds. The most important player, our bread and butter wasn't the feature of the offense. What works works and what doesn't, well you lose a game you could have easily won. Henry isn't just an ordinary player. He is Da King of all RBs. Here we come trying to throw the ball. When you have a player like him, you use him to get you the W. People came to see him play. People turned their TV's on to see him run all over the Saints(God forgive me, but they ain't real Saints) and we come home with a W. But no, we got a new wrinkle. We going to throw the ball on confusing downs. We were the only one confused. Forget trying to confuse the other team. We Run It. Okay, stop that. You use Henry to set up easy passes for the QB. Yesterday, they tried to do it assbackards and we lost.
  13. My sincere apology in retraction to Titans nation.... My bad, Mike Vrabel is God, all is good in Nashville, Face rules, and has taught me such a valuable lesson about prolonged post that have reached the rock of bottom historically, for he knows best and more than all of you... Spears rocks, Tannehill is average to okay, and whether or not we win or how we win only matters to the collective brilliant minds of the behind the scenes masterminds on titansreport.com aka Vrabel/Adams family members. My bad. It's no wonder this franchise will never matter or win anything significant any time soon. It's even more comforting to know nobody on this board will ever or has ever coached the game of football successfully.
  14. So I think it's time to talk about our competition this year. Maybe this can evolve into a post we come back to every week as the division race (hopefully) narrows down. Here are my week 1 thoughts after watching all of Stroud's and Richardson's throws plus highlights from Jags v Colts. Colts: Richardson is going to get his receivers killed and throw a lot of picks. He's also going to make a lot of huge flashy plays with his legs and power. He straight up dragged a pile of defenders to a first down at one point. I'm not too worried about them without Jonathan Taylor, but if they get him back this team could go on a win streak. Michael Pittman was open every play. By the end of the game Richardson stared him down and threw it to him nearly every time for 10-15 yards. Add Taylor to that and they may be trouble. I didn't get a chance to see much of their defense, but it didn't look great. No real thoughts there. Texans: I only paid attention to Stroud. At first I was impressed because he "looked the part" and was getting the ball out fast. But I quickly realized he was just hitting his first read every single time or scrambling. I don't know if I saw his head scan the field one single time. He did look surprisingly good at buying time with his legs though. Kind of looked like Russell Wilson a bit when he was scrambling. I don't know if he threw more than 2 or 3 passes longer than 15 yards downfield. Their offensive skill position guys may be the worst in the league. Robert Woods is their star receiver. There defense gave up some points but that's all I really saw regarding that side of the ball. Jags: Trevor Lawrence looked pretty good. Made some good plays with his legs and made some good quick decisions. Didn't get to see every snap so I'm not sure if he made his classic handful of brain dead plays or not. Calvin Ridley will be a serious problem. He was open all day and looked like a top 5-10 receiver. Him and the rest of their receivers/TE are going to eat our secondary alive. We're going to have to put up at least 24 points on them or we'll be in trouble. Etienne didn't look that great but is still explosive. Tank Bigsby looks like a beast. Defense was ok but nothing special.
  15. Guess its that time of the week to turn the page on the frustrating Saints loss and look forward towards the Chargers game. Doesn't take a genius to work out we need a much better performance from Tannehill to kickstart the season and be a realistic chance of being competitive against a talented Chargers team. Curious to see if Vrabel after a turnover filled loss continues full steam ahead with this offensive evolution or reigns in things a little and brings back more Henry and play action stuff. All eyes tomorrow will be on the health updates for Hooker and Fulton. On a positive note even with how disruptive this DL was against the Saints there is still more upside left in this group as Landry was basically just a spectator in his first significant action since his ACL injury.
  16. In 1982, Larksville, a town not far from Melbourne, was home to Angus McFlannery's emu farm. (Stick with me. The point unfolds). Angus was a man of few words, but his bond with his emus, especially Tanner, was profound. The birds were his life, and Tanner was the crown jewel. One cold morning, Tanner was gone. The fence was intact. No tracks led away. It was as if the earth had swallowed him. Angus felt a void, a weight in his chest. He remembered a man, Reginald, who had visited a week prior. Reginald had a lighthouse tattoo and an unsettling interest in Tanner. Following a hunch, Angus drove to Beacon's Edge. The town was known for its lighthouse, and Angus felt drawn to it. Inside, he found a dimly lit room filled with men, their arms marked with NFL team tattoos. A projector hummed, casting the Tennessee Titans' game on a wall. But the quarterback was Tanner, wearing Tannehill's jersey. The group, "The Gridiron Enthusiasts," believed in pushing boundaries. They saw in emus, especially Tanner, an untapped potential for the NFL. They had trained him, believing he could change the game's very nature. In the room's corner, Ryan Tannehill sat, a shadow of his former self. He had been sidelined, replaced by an emu, and the weight of it bore down on him. Angus, feeling Tannehill's pain, confronted the group. Words were exchanged, tensions rose, but eventually, a deal was struck. Tanner would return to Larksville, and Tannehill would be free. As Angus drove back, Tanner beside him, he pondered the strange turn of events. The Titans, realizing the fragility of relying on a player, even one as unique as Tannehill, began their search for a new quarterback. In the vast landscapes of life, football, and emus, the lines often blur, revealing truths that are both unsettling and profound.
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