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Found 492 results

  1. Until at minimum 2 weeks of Lewan being back...probably significantly more. Much more likely MM gets at least till the bye or even the whole season. They promised to give MM every chance possible. Maybe Amy wants it, maybe Jrob wants it, maybe the players want it. They all, including Vrabel, know this OL is in a bad state. I expect when Lewan is back, there will also be attempts to secure RG outside of the status quo. There is a bit of a drop off from the DLines we faced these first four weeks. Teams won’t be able to run easily through our oline. The offense will be better at running and protecting, the QB play will look better. So.. like it or not, mariota is likely around till he gets injured. .. and if the line gels well enough to be very good.. all bets are off for MM next season.
  3. At the moment they are tearing the Falcons a new asshole. Hope for us.
  4. Given the short week JRob filled in on the Mike Vrabel show today, answered a bunch of questions, most relevant question might of been what he is looking for in a QB, his answer was leadership above anything else even downplayed the importance of arm strength. A caller rang up and suggested they trade Mariota for a block of cheese lol. Interview link for those interested.
  5. Many have noted that Mariota has a different demeanor this year - in interviews, sideline, etc. It will not surprise me to see him follow Locker's footsteps and be hanging on the beach next fall in Hawaii. It was always odd how it went down. He was practicing and expected to play and then all of the sudden there are reports of a potential career ending injury if he played after he visited a specialist. It also came out from Davenport in a podcast that Mariota was upset that there were no extension talks during 2018. Remember he has the same agent as Wentz and Goff and last year was the logical point to extend and avoid the 20 M cap hit for 2019. It should be noted that the 5th year option, at that time, was only guaranteed for injury until the first day of the NFL new year. That, of course, means the team could have rescinded it much like Washington did with RGIII. I seriously wonder if his agents advised him not to play in week 17. Think about it. Say he puts up a performance similar to what he did in week 2 with the playoffs on the line? That could have forced the Titans to say "woah, we're out". It also would have destroyed his open market value. No way was he getting $ 20 M guaranteed in free agency. Sitting out due to the "potential for a career ending injury" gave him a compelling case to ensure guarantee of the 5th year option. Remember he didn't require any surgeries and healing faded into the timeline of the new NFL year. At worst, he'd have a valid grievance against the Titans for the money if they called uncle and cut him. I realize this goes against the grain on the current leash he has but I also think that the Robinson handling of things plays a part in this. Tannehill is seemingly an alternative but it's not like he's not without his own flaws either.
  6. I've only seen reports of him practicing, not even any info on whether it's with the first team or not. Is there any real expectation of him playing meaningful snaps this season?
  7. Until you fucks get your head out of your ass and quit bitching I’m going to drop these often and early. I know now this board hates my shit more than they hate Marcus after a loss. So here we go. Offseason. Retain Smith as OC. His offense is actually pretty good and WR’s run open and with good blocking this can be very good especially very friendly toward a rookie QB. Resign Woodyard for a season and extend Conklin at RT. He won’t cost a fortune but he won’t be cheap. I would guess around 10/yr. Cut Lewis and let Henry walk if he is asking for more than 7-8/yr. In this scenario we replace both backs in FA Extend Sharpe at roughly 4/yr on a 3 year deal. Let Pruitt walk. Retain Kelly at OT on a team friendly deal. He won’t get more than 2-3 million a year. Allow Tannehill to test the market with an offer to come back and compete for a starting job if he isn’t getting what he expects on the market. In this scenario we land Stafford on a 3 year deal with an out after one year. Defensively you let Johnson walk, and you retain Logan Ryan and call it good. In FA I would bring these guys in... Matt Stafford - QB Matt Brieda - RB Kareem Hunt - RB Jack Doyle - TE (Run blocker) Vic Beasley - OLB Mike Daniels - DT in the draft let’s say we finish 8-8 and have the 16th pick. I would give up pick 16 and a future 2 to move up to pick 8-10 and grab Fromm or Eason who sit behind Stafford for a year and learn the playbook and can take over at anytime. 1) Jake Fromm - QB 2) Tyler Biadasz - C 3) Key’Shawn Vaughn - RB our team would be upgraded with Landry, Beasley, Wake, Finch as the OLB’s and Casey, Simmons, Daniels, Jones, Mack as the DL offense would be upgraded with Stafford as the starter and Fromm the backup and QBOTF and Biadasz the starting C with Jones competing with Davis at RG and ultimately being the swing IOL. Doyle is the blocking TE and we retain our WR’s with no changes except we get back Batson and Raymond vs Jennings vs Batson goes down as the 5,6,7 positional battles. Hunt is the bell cow with Brieda as the pass catching back and Vaughn getting opportunities to challenge both players for both roles. QB - Stafford, Fromm RB - Hunt, Brieda, Vaughn WR - Davis, Humphries, Brown, Sharpe, Raymond, Jennings TE - Walker, Smith, Doyle OT - Lewan, Conklin, Kelly OG - Saffold, Davis, Pamphile C - Biadasz, Jones DL - Casey, Simmons, Daniels, Jones, Mack OLB - Landry, Beasley, Wake, Finch, Walker DB - Butler, Ryan, Jackson, Sims, Smith, Byard, Vaccaro, Hooker, Cruikshank for what it would cost to retain Lewis we get Brieda and Hunt, and replace Henry at 8+ a year for a rookie at 1/yr Stafford basically just replaces Mariota on the cap. Now we have a QB who can sling it, and has pocket presence as well as accuracy. Beasley had a monster year two years ago and had a mediocre actually disappointing year last year and won’t cost a fortune. Daniels who was cut by GB and signed with Detroit is coming off a season ending injury. So he will be on the cheap. Doyle is basically Anthony Fasano and would be great in 3 TE sets featuring Walker, Smith and Doyle. Hunt is on on the cheap bc of the 8 game suspension and would be a huge upgrade to Henry at a much lesser cost and Brieda is a fast scat back much like Lewis but he is actually good. We also have Vaughn who is one of my favorite RBs in the draft. I think he could start day one, but won’t need to bc of Hunt who is an every down back and Brieda who is a very good receiving back and runner. So Vaughn gets to clean up pass protection technique and learn the NFL at a pace that would only benefit him. He is the future at RB for us. WR’s stay the same except we likely sign a guy like Tavon Austin to handle PR duties or we draft one. Either way. They are upgraded by nature of upgrading QB. Biadasz is is a monster. Love his game. He would step in day one and be a stalwart on the OL and is a great fit. Adding Biadasz addresses the C position and keeping Jones makes our interior depth so much better. At a reduced rate. With this kind of offseason I could see this team winning 10+ games and Stafford breaking all kinds of TN season records at QB throwing for 4K+ and 30+ TD’s and we watch Davis and Brown and Humphries explode. The OL also looks better due to a QB navigating the pocket and actually going through progressions and getting the call out quick. by the way... how dope would it be to see a playaction drop back that is fired downfield for 50+ yards on target, in stride for a big gain on a weekly occurrence coupled with a bunch of 10-25 yard dimes? Sick. Davis and Stafford this year would look like Britt and Hasslebeck the first three weeks of 2010. I wouldn’t put it past Stafford to hit Davis and Brown for 1,100 and 7+ TD each as well as Humphries for 800-900 and 5+ TDs The pressure that Casey, Simmons, Daniels, Landry, Beasley would bring would be a delight and the amount of turnovers Byard and company bring in would be game changing. Now how stupid was this post? about as dumb as calling the season quits in week 3 quit the shit or I’m dropping more and they will only get worse
  8. On the Rich Eisen show, 4:53 of the show. Eisen picks Winston. He was never a fan of Marcus. So maybe Jrob will pick up Winston next year.
  9. Marcus Mariota was the strongest and fastest of all the children. He was good looking and he was humble, naturally everybody loved him. He won state championships, NCAA conference/division championships and the Heisman. He came to the NFL and set all kinds of records his very first game. Nothing extraordinary for him, his life had always been just this way. The NFL is a little different and soon things started to not go by the story book he had lived his entire life. Marcus accepted this new challenge like everyone told him, it wasn't his fault things didn't go well. You have the wrong people around you, so the people around him started getting replaced so he could be Marcus Mariota again. Marcus tried, but his talent had just come naturally. He didn't have to bust his ass just to be superior in HS and NCAA. And never had he been below average. I noticed a huge change in him in 2018. He returned to Nashville having trained with a QB coaching specialist. He had a new OC to run the same offense that made Jared Goff so successful. He was a flop at it from day one. His game slumped and he exhibited frustration on the field. He posted a season showing no progress and it became obvious to every one he was no longer be considered an elite football player. Vince Young experienced the same thing, he couldn't be special at the next level. The fans boo'd Vince and he had a meltdown. Mariota just stopped getting all the praise and adulation he was accustomed to getting. He had plateaued at below average. He didn't have a great work ethic that he had used to get better, he just always was better. He is what he is now. It's near impossible that any NFL QB couldn't get better at throwing short passes behind the los. Mariota hasn't, only because he has not practiced it over and over. He's still just doing what comes naturally. Marcus' demise has been more erosion than meltdown. He's way too much in his own head. Instead of just throwing the football like he did when he came here, he's trying to guide it. He's trying too hard to do what he can do. Amy loves him. The Titans are a bad franchise. She made some great moves and she's made some bad ones. One bad move is the handling of Mariota. 1. She told KW he better not teach him the game the way he was teaching it. KW was fired. 2. She told prospective GM they could not touch Mariota's interim coach. 3. She allowed JRob to fire Mariota's HC coach. 4. She didn't understand Marcus' mental limitations and let JRob bring in an OC whose offense was way too complicated for Marcus. 5. She now has allowed JRob to stick Smith, first time OC in charge of fixing him. This is what has happened. Not a way to develop any QB. Now, they are trotting him back out there. He's under more pressure than he has ever been in his football career. His job/pride is on the line. Either you play much better, or we gotta let you go. We all know, he doesn't function well under pressure. There's a lot more I could say about the dynamic of Vrabel/MLF/Mariota. Was that the best combination for a young QB? First time HC, with defensive background. First time OC. Hindsight is clearer than foresight, most times.
  10. - 28 Draft Picks Since 2016 - 10 Draft Picks No Longer With The Team - Only 3 Draft Picks Top League Players RB Derrick Henry S Kevin Byard OT Jack Conklin (treading a thin line) Max Cap: $217,876,137.00 Active: $163,778,264.00 IR: $4,959,687.00 Dead: $4,820,817.00 Total: $189,798,561.00 SPACE: $28,077,576.00 Malcolm Butler is the 2nd highest paid player on the roster with a total cap figure of $13,100,00.00 at 6.01% overall. Robinson has kept the C.F.A at 44% and reserving an above average space of 12.5%. If any of you geniuses understand control data in the NFL, those are healthy averages that keep owners happy. Within the top ten players paid on the active roster include; DaQuan Jones - Corey Davis - Butler - Rodger Saffold and Cameron Wake. The above data also and obviously fluctuates week to week, depending on necessary roster moves and practice squad upgrades/downgrades. Since 1990 - the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans have had 14 winning seasons out of 30. Have been to the Super Bowl and 2 AFC Championship Games. Jeff Fisher is the only coach in franchise history to win more than 12 games. (We can all thank him for his draft gifts back to the franchise in 2016/17 that led to so many Pro Bowl Players today). Jack Pardee is the only other coach in franchise history to win more than 10 games (since 1990). Mike Mularkey is the only other coach to lead the Titans to the playoffs. Marcus Mariota has had at least (9) position/coordinator/head coaches in his NFL playing career. Signed Free Agents in 2019: WR Kevin Humphries - OG Rodger Saffold - QB Ryan Tannehill - OG Kevin Pamphile - DE/LB Cameron Wake FEATURED PLAYERS DRAFTED STILL ON THE ROSTER TODAY: WR Corey Davis - WR Tajae Sharpe - OT Jack Conklin - S Kevin Byard - RB Derrick Henry - DT Austin Johnson - CB Lashaun Sims - CB Adoree Jackson TE Jonnu Smith - LB Jayon Brown - LB Rashaan Evans - LB Harold Landry - WE AJ Brown - CB Dane Cruikshank - DT (?) Jeffrey Simmons. DEMAND OF MEDIA & FANS TODAY: 2020 Draft Pick QBs: Tua Tagovailoa - Jallen Hurts - Jake Fromm - Justin Herbert - Jason Eason to become the next franchise quarterback. OR: Sign Free Agent NFL Quarterback: (???) Kaepernick, Bradford, Griffin III, Sanchez, Bridgewater, Manning, Stafford, Flaco, Ryan, Smith, Cousins, Keenum, Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, Len Dawson... So knowing all that, which I know each and everyone of you know so well, somewhere in that mathematical equation there lies to answer toward winning a Super Bowl some time in the near future with this coaching staff and GM.
  11. Mariota and the Titans were once a to be feared team in the NFL. Mariota put his stamp on the league his very first game, and had a hell of a start to his first two years in the nfl with good coaching from Mularkey and his crew, a sound GM that took a depleted roster and made them very competitive on his first day on the job. What Mariota did for this team can’t be taken for granted. Should we be better and among the elite? Yes. Are we? No. Could we? Absolutely. Heres the simply fact. After MM broke his leg he came back under the same system with a washed up Murray and even worse WR Corp that featured a rookie starting after missing all of TC and most of the first part of the season. Throwing to the likes of Eric Decker and Harry Douglas was unfortunate but we made it work when it counted. Matthews was very good. We go on to win a playoff game, and MM comes back healthy to start the season with an extremely talented roster and an OC who was adaptable and a new HC. We all know what happened the first game and what he fought through. Funny thing. I actually pinched my ulnar nerve about a month ago and I had a hard time even using my left hand for daily activities for about a week or two and just as soon as it went away I woke up with it being just as fucked. Simply from sleeping wrong on it. I’m still dealing with it. I don’t play football. Kudos to MM for powering through bc that shit is a bitch. What started out out so promising derailed before our eyes. It was injuries and losing Mularkey and his staff. We didn’t have to lose Mularkey. I wonder if Mularkey even gave thought to making Smith the OC and just taking playcalling duties himself? That would have been ideal. Mularkey is a very good offensive coach. Mariota showed brilliant flashes under MLF as well as hard to watch growing pains. Throwing to Nick Williams didn’t help. Remember him being cut for dropping a sure thing TD to seal a win in Buffalo? MLF left and is in GB as the HC. Good for him and bad for us. Now we have Smith a first time play caller who is reverting back to Mularkey styled football. Here is the problem. It’s his first time calling plays. That’s two OC’s MM has had to deal with in back to back years while trying to elevate his game around a revolving door of mediocre WR’s until this offseason when we drafted and signed some damn good ones and cut ties with a third rounder. The other problems? Offensive line play, and injuries. Not just injuries to the offense itself, especially the OL but MM. He can’t catch a break. Also... we inserted two new starters on the OL and are missing our bookend LT. Mariota is only playing with two guys he really has experience with in Conklin and Jones and only Conklin is worth a damn. What happens when you’re struggling and trying to find normalcy in a time of make or break? You try to hard. That’s what MM is doing. He’s trying to make every play count. To be honest I admire him for it but it also irks me. It has also taken the life out of him. It doesn’t appear he is having fun and that’s a big component of being successful. The future of of this team is not with him unfortunately. That pisses me off and it should you too, and you can damn be sure it pisses a lot of people off bc they have seen how hard he has fought, what he has gone through and what he has shown. It’s hard to let go. It’s hard to cut ties. The staff brought in Tannehill in case of another week 17 scenario where MM misses a game but if we win he can play in the playoffs. They didn’t bring him in to play instead of Marcus and they damn sure didn’t bring him in to play when Marcus is struggling with only 2 starters on his OL returning with 2 new dudes out there and the #3 OT. Regardless. It will be cut bait at the end of this year and probably best for both parties. Tannehill will be retained and we will draft a QB high. The perfect QB’s from this draft to start day 1 and give us that QBOF and new hope are Fromm and Eason. There is also a chance that Oakland let’s go of Carr and we make a strong push for him in FA as well as retain Tannehill and even make a big move for a QB in the draft. We really can afford to give up a lot of draft capitol bc of how talented and deep the roster is. We are not benching Mariota until we are eliminated from the playoffs or he strings together 4+ losses with bad QB play with OL out there dropping 12.4 grades on PFF and giving up 18 sacks over 3 games. Nope. my guess is we continue to play solid football and win games we shouldn’t and lose some we shouldn’t while hovering around 8-8. We aren’t seeing Tannehill unless we have a monster lead or MM is hurt. Get over it. We will see a new QB next year. So anything positive we get out of Marcus this year is something to be grateful for and for fuck sake. Shut up. It’s week Fucking 3
  12. Sounds like Dyson was in the Sauce on the sideline which makes it even more epic Lol.
  13. He has zero feel for the pocket, no anticipation when recievers will be open, spotty accuracy, no life, no arm. Whats the excuse? Hell what is there to defend?
  14. There is no doubt the Titans OL has some issues. Vrabel flat out said Davis was going to have to start and Douglas was actually benched late in the game. There were plays in which Jags pass rushers beat their man and ran free...... However.... Obviously Mariota held the ball too long on some of the drop backs and was to blame for the sacks. There was also a play in which MM was going to take a quick one step drop and the DB jumped in front and MM was forced to eat the ball(correctly). That's not the OL. More importantly this team has constantly been in 3rd and long through 3 games. That's a ton of pressure for any OL to have to deal with. Also the team is totally dependent on playaction. Teams know this. Playaction is slow developing and requires the OL to sell run, the QB turns his back and takes a deep drop. If the defense ignores the run action and pass rushes they are going to totally get there. This is happening a lot. While they need to get Lewan back and need to shore up the RG spot the OL is totally getting set up for failure.
  15. I'm not suggesting Mariota has played really well and does not have some problems with his game. Every game he has missed wide open receivers and every game he has a couple of sacks caused by holding the ball too long. Despite all that his play overall has not been that bad and in the history of the Titans it has been fine. Historically if a Titans QB can complete 60% of his passes, not turn the ball over and pick up a couple of first downs with his feet we win most of the time. Well Mariota has done that over 3 games. His passing rating is the same as McNair's mvp season and the key here is no turnovers! In MM's bad season in 2017 he had 15 ints. He has none this year. Mariota has been sacked an average of 6 times a game. David Carr was only sacked 4.75X a game his rookie year a year notorious for horrible protection! There is no way Tannehill could have played better based on his track record. If you are looking for a QB who can carry the team to victory to matter how the other guys play MM will not be your guy. You need Peyton Manning in his prime. Nobody can honestly say MM is the reason we are 1-2.
  16. 12.4?!? Isn’t this the equivalent of putting your name on a test and not answering any of the questions?
  17. Hey all, I just pushed out the new design. To be honest, I pushed out sooner than I was going to because after I upgraded the board the whole design, which was built on a previous version, started to cause some errors. So, if you come across anything weird or some text that isn’t very readable due to the colors or whatever please let me know so I can fix it.
  18. Here everyone.... Email to this junk account about your location in US if I'm wrong.... [email protected] I'll bet Marcus Mariota goes to the playoffs (if he leaves this franchise in 2020) before Mike Vrabel does. Jon Robinson's beginners luck has truly run out. This New England South experiment has officially run its course, once again showing how redundantly stupid and ignorant this football franchise continues to be. Have it ! Blast away - but I'll leave you with this.... If you really think that if Patrick Mahomes or Jared Goff was here in Nashville under this coaching staff and Mariota in KC or LA (under Reid or McCoy), with the same conversation and struggles happening outside of Nashville, it's no wonder why the Tennessee Titans have consistently disappointed what was once one of the best fan bases in the NFL for some many years now. Mike Vrabel will never win a playoff game as the head coach of this 9-7 team, let alone get to the playoffs with Ryan Tannehill or newly acquired start-over-pick moving forward. At least I promise to be a man of my word and pay $200.00 to the first five who respond to that email address, if Mike Vrabel coaches the Tennessee Titans to the playoffs with any other quarterback during this pathetic hire and tenure. Go Arthur Smith ! Starting off as a defensive quality coordinator in 2011 and fast becoming a rising star and quarterback whisperer in this league, keep it up Miss. Hillary Adams ! So many top level quarterbacks in the NFL right now - taking their teams consistently to the playoffs, year after year. Imagine if Lamar Jackson was here under Smith/Vrabel and Mariota was in Baltimore? How fun would that be, watching another former player come back and kick our ass after being locked-out, traded or released. Too bad we couldn't ask McNair how he felt when it happened to him, coming back home before winning 13 games. At least he had some familiar Titans company to go along with him. Vince Young was a much better decision overall. Go Titans!
  19. I know there are a thousand threads on this right now, but I’m having a few drinks, so I thought I’d do what I’ve done for several years now. Don’t be mad at me! I’m not trying to waste your time or clog up the board! Enjoy your Friday!
  20. I have Chris Ballard envy. Took the guy very little time to get Indy rebooted and deep while at the same time keeping the team in exceptional salary cap space. Jon has our cap well managed - though in truth - he is helped significantly by not having a QB on roster he has to pay like a franchise guy. I think he has played out the MM thing as well as possible. And I love Mike Vrabel. Eventually he makes this team great (provided a great starting QB somehow lands in our lap). That said. How do you feel about the money spent on Saffold? On Jones? On Humphries? On Butler? How do you feel about going into next season with Dion Lewis as the lead running back without Henry under contract? How do you feel about Lewis signing? About the huge contract for Cam Wake, a rotational piece as currently being used? How does Corey Davis look as a first rounder? There are things that he has done exceedingly well. I think we have been good in the draft - not great, but good. I like that he has been unafraid to take big risks on free agents. He is an aggressive dude and he hired an aggressive coach. He is certainly better than prior GMs post Jeff Fisher. But ... he is no Jeff Luhnow or Daryl Morey. At least, not yet. I suspect by week 8 many of us will be saying 'Tank for Tua' or 'Junk it for Jalen'. Sadly, this is what our franchise can't seem to get right. I won't be fooled again. Guys like Maholmes and Murray and to a lesser extent Allen come in and immediately light it up. I kept waiting on Jake. I keep waiting on Marcus. But in the end, in today's NFL, it either happens by year 2 ... or it likely will never happen. That's Jon's saving grace for me. The franchise hoped, like I hoped, that MM would be the man for a decade. I don't blame Jon for playing that out. I do, however, blame him for other personnel decisions like the one's listed above. And by the way, whatever happened to Jurrell Casey?
  21. One play doesn't make a game, but the decision to try for a TD from 8 yards out on 4th down with a struggling QB has to the the worst one he's ever made. We finally get in scoring position, and it's very early in the 3rd quarter. Getting any points on the board would be positive. Assuming you are going to shut out the Jags the rest of the game is really a stretch. So you take the 3 to offset a future 3 from them, giving the D something to shoot for. By not getting the TD, and them getting 3 making it 17, you now have a 3 score game to overcome to avoid a loss. To me it was a sign of throwing in the towel. All or nothing. A very bad decision to go along with keeping Mariota in future games. People think the Dolphins are tanking? We are right there with them. The Browns game was a mistake.