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  1. The best thing about that clip isn't Tanny. It is Phillips. That is why we do not need another WR. We need him healthy. That catch was spectacular.
  2. Stroud has to pass the injury test in the NFL.
  3. Not only that Dilliard is getting rave reviews early. So is Key and the new OG/LB from 49 ers. If they all hit man that is huge for this team in transition.
  4. Levis looks lost but he is only a rookie. PS games are going to a fun watch.
  5. Reports are pretty good that Willis has taken a huge step up. I like it.
  6. That is how I like my pricks. I hate when they are soft and pliable.
  7. Week one last year cost TN the playoffs due to a missed FG. In season where injuries killed us that one miss kept us out of the playoffs.
  8. The night TN draft Spears I said he was the best pick of the entire draft. This guy is going to be more useful than a WR in this offense. He is a mismatch for every DC
  9. They have the best QB in the South and by far the best defense. They have the best RB in football and all their injured guys are coming back. It took an epic collapse of injuries let them lose this division. Jax did not win it. TN lost it because of injuries. Not because their roster sucks. I think this is going to set TN up quite well. No one is expecting much from them.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/mar/10/phillies-ball-players-cancer-artifical-turf
  11. TN is going to shock the NFL and win the South going away. Just watch.
  12. Key is a huge upgrade to Dupree because he is way more versatile. This D style is built for him. I bet he blossoms here like Autry did.
  13. You guys allow cognitive bias to drive opinion. Tyreek and AJB did not get a ring last yr. KC won with avg WR.
  14. Tyeek left and KC still won. AJ left and the Eagles did not win.
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