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  1. Tanny has the support of the coach and GM. That is all he needs.
  2. I bet the Colts would take him off our hands.
  3. Because Simmons and Autry make the edge better than they really are. It is not idiotic. It is complementary football
  4. Disagree. Burrow dominated his division foes. Kicked their ass. Burrow beat KC when KC needed it. Burrow has the best skill set WR left in this dance. Burrow is doing it with a shit OL because he is that good. Mahomes lost a SB last yr because he could not over come his OL. Burrow is elite already.
  5. Landry is a good piece. Not a core piece. Simmons will make any DE better than they look. So Landry is going to look better than he is as a solo piece. You cannot pay those guys. We already did that with Dupree. Dupree is a JAG. I hated that signing because I knew what it meant for Landry.
  6. SF beat LA twice. They also beat AZ. Their division is way better than the Bills division. They are battle tested. SF has a crap secondary but their DL is so good you cannot exploit it. In Buffalo you can. The Bills fans think their DBs, especially S are great.......nope. Hyde's pick as nice but he takes bad angles all the time and Poyer does too. Buffalo needs a better defense. On offense fixing the OL and run game is another need because JA cannot keep putting his body at risk
  7. On the last pic if you see the all 22 you will see Firsker was wide open and Tanny did not even look at him. He was on 15 all the way. That is not on Downing.
  8. I think Burrow beats KC next week. He makes up for the crap OL. If he can beat TN DL he can certainly beat KC DL. He did it once already and he'll have a chance to do it again. KC does not have the secondary to match up with Cincy WR and TE. TN did because of the heat they brought. People forget Burrow got his yds but he did not get any TDs to his elite WR or TE because of how good TN DL was.
  9. SF played in a way tougher division and had a tougher schedule. The Bills D looked good because they played a soft schedule. The Bills have been shown two years in a row their D is not ready for KC.
  10. Rogers was not elite against SF. Tanny was better for a half against SF than Rogers was.
  11. Because you have two studs from the 2019 draft class that will get top dollar deals. There are other positions needs to be paid too.
  12. No KC offense is solid. I think a team with a good DL beats KC. I think SF or the LA have the kind of DL. LA has a better secondary but you'd never know that if you saw what Brady did to Jalen Ramsey in the 4th Q of the last game. Von Wilson showed up Sunday. He and Donald will cause the KC OL a lot of problems. I still do not think KC OL is good.
  13. I could see this.......but it doesn't help us now.
  14. The cap dictates you cannot keep Landry now with what is spent already on the DL and that AJBrown and Simmons will need. Landry is a luxury at this point.
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