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  1. Trade Davis and save your 15.3 million to spend on someone worth it.
  2. Clowney is a lot like Vrabel as a player. He was never used properly by any DC he has had. When Vrabel got to NE he exploded. I have a sense Vrabel is the ideal coach to get the most out of Clowney and I think Clowney knows it. The difference is Vrabel was a low round draft pick and came to NE with a low end deal. Clowney is not that type of animal cost wise.
  3. Henry is not Henry if Conklin is not the RT either. Both performances are linked together. So dumping both or keeping both makes the most sense. One of the other guarrantees nothing in future performance.
  4. This is why not giving him the 5th yar option was head scratching. He was a very expensive player to acquire.
  5. Conklin situation reminds me Nate Solder..........and that has not worked out for the Giants and did work out for NE
  6. Totally agree. Thre top CB and the fourth better be decent is mandatory in the NFL today. Logan Ryan was the best slot CB in the league and that is why I'd resign him on a three year deal.
  7. Only place RT has is TN.......and you never bid against yourself. Let him walk and see what he can get on the open market. TN needs to go after other options at QB and use RT as their fall back. You sign Henry and any QB would love to come here. I think Logan Ryan is more important that RT. Bringing back Conklin is more wise than RT. RT makes sense only at TN number and not the market value of the tag.
  8. Disagree. TB was better with nothing around him this year and a swiss sheese line. Give Vrabel Brady and it is a winner
  9. Won't matter. TN gives up yards between the 20's but in the red zone the D becomes top 3
  10. Simmons has made all the difference in the world. If Butler and Walker were not on IR this team would be the clear favorite right now to win the SB.
  11. With no CBA in place you cannot use both tags in 2020 either.........TN is in a tough spot.
  12. No way I'd pay his 5th year number for his shit production.........with anyone.
  13. hit him in the head like Cyprien did to Kelce
  14. agree......I'd take a 5th or 6th for him.

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