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  1. Adding Clowney and Logan Ryan back would make TN a serious contender if they stay healthy
  2. If TN signs 26 back I think they can go anywhere at 29 and that would help them big time because I have a sense there maybe a surprise WR falling that they may need to take because of how bad Davis has been. They really need WR depth now. I think RT can be drafted later. First round OT/QB/LB will be over by pick twenty. This is going to push WR and S and CB down. I could actually see them trading Byard if the right S falls.
  3. He still has 4 years to go in the toughest residency. He is in a NS program that is a country club so we'll see how things break.
  4. Shaq Barrett got 19.5 sacks because of Suh.
  5. For one year? I would. 250 carries over 4 yards a pop and he got 900 yds. He can catch the ball and so can Gordon...........Two for one makes a ton of sense. I'd trade Henry in a heart beat if we could land one or the other.........both is a wet dream.
  6. I'd trade Henry now and sign Gordon and Gurley for the 13 million Henry was getting. Makes sense. Two for one and they can easily replace his production.
  7. You could not give Davis away right now for what his salary is. Biggest bust in TN history.
  8. CD wont be in the league in 18 months.
  9. If TN gets Brady Conklin is unneeded with the way he gets rid of the ball.
  10. Trade Davis and save your 15.3 million to spend on someone worth it.
  11. Clowney is a lot like Vrabel as a player. He was never used properly by any DC he has had. When Vrabel got to NE he exploded. I have a sense Vrabel is the ideal coach to get the most out of Clowney and I think Clowney knows it. The difference is Vrabel was a low round draft pick and came to NE with a low end deal. Clowney is not that type of animal cost wise.

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