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  1. Next week you'll see Cox, SuH, and Joseph in the A and B gaps again.
  2. We've held Cincy to 19 and 20 points, we've lost both games because the offense was anemic and uber conservative. It's criminal the amounts of targets Burks and Chig are getting when teams are selling out to stop the run.
  3. I disagree. TN defense is always there. KC and Cincy have two of the best offenses in the leage and did not score 21. The conservative playcalling is being done to limit turnovers. DCs are selling out to stop Henry. Cincy stopped the run game but Henry still hurt them in the pass game.
  4. Fulton had a bad game. Higgins ate him up.
  5. Irwin's catch on 3rd and 12 was the difference in this game
  6. You fogot his yds per pass play too. Over 20 yds a catch.
  7. People will complain about Henry. He had 120 total yds. We should have thrown a lot more considering how Cincy played us. That is 3 straight games teams are selling out to stop the run game. You have to adapt faster. Philly is going to do the same thing to TN next week.
  8. They threw to Swaim over him in RZ. Ridiculous by Downing.
  9. Burks yds per reception was elite, yet he only had 4 catches. He should have gotten doble the targets he did especially in RZ
  10. Burrow completion % was 60% You take that all day every day
  11. They held a great O to 20 points.
  12. I'm not sure why people are blaming Tanny. He played very well.
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