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  1. Davis sucks. I'd trade him for a roll of Toilet paper. Jackson is a good player. I would not trade him. Ramsey is worth two ones.
  2. Just shows 11 is the one and 84 is a JAG.
  3. Corey Davis has sucked from Day one..........
  4. If TN could be Houston with Gabbert anything is possible.
  5. Davis sucks and has sucked from day one. Brown will be the one on this team soon enough.
  6. Occam's razor is a logical fallacy. Most people oversimplify Occam’s razor to mean the simplest answer is usually correct. But the real meaning, what the Franciscan friar William of Ockham really wanted to emphasize, is that you shouldn’t complicate, that you shouldn’t “stack” a theory if a simpler explanation was at the ready. Pare it down. Prune the excess.
  7. Totally agree with this take. MM is a stud. The WR and OL are the problem and have been for his entire stint in TN.
  8. Not me. His injury history precludes a big deal. He is a decent player but you cannot pay him based upon his numbers long term. O'Brien is quite wise. Pay him his premium via the tag and try to pay him the lowest tag number. Smart moves.