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  1. Back seven on this D collapsed this year. I think Fulton cost himself a ton of money with his play.
  2. 49ers will beat themselves. They always do in the playoffs
  3. I think Rad has done himself fine since the OL coach got canned.
  4. Lost seasons are perfect for young players like Duncan and Levis. See what they have and then use that data to make forward decisions.
  5. He looked better than anyone else so it is a win no matter what.
  6. Buffalo always makes mistakes. I think they miss the playoffs you are going to see wholesale changes there.
  7. David Tepper's 6-year tenure as Panthers owner: - 0 winning seasons - 6 different head coaches - 3 coaches fired in-season - 10 starting QBs - 30-63 He is Dan Synder reincarnated without the baggage.
  8. Tepper picked the QB and picked wrong so this is just his frustration being taken out on Reich. Bottom like Reich wins the contract money and Tepper pays the freight.
  9. I think we have a lot of back up starting at LB and DB. Back seven needs an upgrade.
  10. I do n't. I think the DL did but I thought the LB and DB were terrible.
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