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  1. Early in a season a lot of teams belief their press clippings and when they get punched in the mouth things change quick. Balt really came out of their OT game with Indy and said we will show them. Balt DB's are banged up huge and you'd think LA would have eaten them for lunch. Nope. Once SD realized they could not stop the run they became unable to stop the pass. I think Downing needs to use his stud WR the same way.
  2. Bottom line is between the white lines TN needs to punch them in the mouth early. JJ and AJB is a huge mismatch and they do not have an answer.......But will Downing go for the jugular?
  3. Herbert's coming to Earth. Shocking considering how Balt D was sliced up by Indy via the air.
  4. Houston's run D is improved. Their secondary is bad and Indy is having trouble taking advantage of it.
  5. The way Miami is going thru Jax D makes me realize just how bad the TN OL is. No one is touching Tua.
  6. TN started that drought too. Music City Miracle.
  7. Many a fan has gotten themself killed by believing their own press
  8. Steve Smith called it last night. The coaching in Philly is the problem. They are running a HS offense.
  9. Henry does not need to be shelved. He is young healthy and on a HOF pace. You do not shut that down.
  10. ^^^now maybe. If they get Molden and Hooker up to speed I disagree.
  11. Henry mints his HOF credentials after this year is done. I still do not believe carries will slow him down because he just does not get pummeled like other big backs do. He runs just like Brown did. A big man who punished the defenders. As the game wears on he becomes more dangerous.
  12. If TN WR were healthy 100% TN has the players to harm Buf. I just do not think either guy will be 100% These two can dictate coverage and it makes Henry more lethal.
  13. Not when you understand that he has some goods on them via the TBI settlement restructuring.
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