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  1. TN should give Alex Smith a call. He would be an excellent back up
  2. because the NFL is playing to one part of the market from Silicon Valley types who push climate change FUD and pronouns because they make up 43% of their luxury box market.
  3. NFL trying sell some virtue signaling. Symbolism for them....... Jalen Ramsey will be next and I still won't care. At least he can play.
  4. Who cares. His job is to get to the QB and he sucks at it. I could care less who he wants to bang. Can he play? Marginal at best.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31660640/surprise-players-know-nfl-minicamps-all-32-teams#TEN
  6. Henry wasn't awful. He just did not have many touches because TN was down big.
  7. Tannehill worse game was against the Bengals but I personally think the reason for that was the OL got completely worked that game. TN OL was trash. Tanny had no time.
  8. CB do not have a steep learning curve. The curve is even less if the DC plays a ton of man to man. Vrabel is committed now to running man coverage. Molden is the CB that has the hardest curve because as the nickle he has to know the scheme better because he is not on the island that Farley or Jenkins will be. Molden is pretty savy already about his training from his Dad so I have no isues with him.
  9. The problem with Smith was he bought the idea that 2.3 yds in the first half would equal 5.5 in the second half to salt a game away. Against good D's that logic fails.
  10. Disagree. CB is the easiest transition to the NFL. If you have the ability it manifest almost immediately.
  11. I think the secondary and DL are way better in 2021 than they were in 2020.
  12. Considering we gave up more passing TDs (36) than anyone in the last three decades this secondary is already an upgrade compared to what was on the field last year and I think that just a bit better DB play leads to double the sack count. Teams will be throwing a lot more with TN scoring more.
  13. I think TN D will be a lot better because the secondary and DL have improved.
  14. I said the days of the draft I loved TN draft. I think they killed it. I think this class will play a lot of snaps and I think Rice replaces Evans by game 6. I also think Molden will play Vaccaro and Ryan in many of the looks. I also think the DE from Pitt plays a bigger role than we all think. He reminds me of an old school DE that does nothing well but has a complete game.
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