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  1. I think TN really did well getting both guys. I think both make a contribution this yr.
  2. I did not like the Willis pick but after seeing him live last week for 7 days he will be worth the draft slot. Kid has skills that a top QB has. He just needs time to cook. He is not a physical as Steve but his arm is the same. His wheels are better. He is very slippery.
  3. Jets are lucky there was a LT left to sign. I thought Indy would go for him.
  4. I think Jax front is going to cause Indy some issues unless they run Taylor 30+ times. I know Henry is going to brutalize their front over 4 Qs. I think Mills is gonna be a stud but I think our DBs can handle it this year.
  5. I dont think they want Hooker playing a snap in TC games
  6. I think KC mafe the right choice dumping Hill. I still think their D is a problem. Bills secondary is gonna sink them. CB is bad over there. They also have to play a big boy schedule this year.
  7. Phillips is going to surprise the league day one. NYG third CB blows.
  8. Their OL pass blocking and Ryan on our DL means Hines will be their best weapon in the pass game. I like that match up. I think their fan base is in for a rude awakening. They have a stud RB and that's about it. We can shut down the run and they cannot stop Henry unless he has a broken foot and that did not help them much.
  9. I agree. I think Willis is going to make mistakes. But you are going to see plays he makes and go straight back to CJ rookie yr. The dude has the it factor.
  10. Hunt doesn't understand the RB market. He plays a split back field. 6 million is his ceiling. Go out produce Chubb and leave once you do. Me personally Hunt wants out because he knows Watson is out this yr. Hunt wants to get back to KC since their RB have failed
  11. 100% disagree. He is throwing DBs off him like they are flies. People thought AJB was strong, this kid is country strong. He reminds me of Boldin with more speed and better hands.
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