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  1. TN is gonna have a lot of players they could go for at need spots. Great year to be at 22.
  2. Second round DE guy I love is Quincey Roche. His tape is nuts and his production is better than any of the guys being talked about in Round One. I like him at 22 to be honest. I feel about him the way I felt about Darrius Leonard coming out when I felt he should have been a round one pick and fell to two.
  3. The most important part of this story is he did it with two back up tackles and a banged up interior OL. IF he stays healthy he is going to be a HOFer. He may go for 2K again this year.
  4. This is the first draft in long time where I think TN will have at least 4 guys they need available at their pick. This signals a trade back.
  5. disagree. Cam Brate would be cheap and better
  6. Trask and Mond I love in three. Both have starter traits
  7. I think in TN Dupree is a less than 5 sack guy. Big waste of cash. I like the way he sets the edge but that is not worth 16 mil a year.
  8. I do too. CB and WR do not respond well to microdiscs because of their short area movements. Some players a lumbar microdiscectomy is a nothing burger. When Mac had his I said he'd respond well and he did. Even Matthews played a HOF career with a botched microdiscetomy and he had calf atrophy from the clown in LA.
  9. Microdiscectomy in speed guys that have to tackle is not a slam dunk like it is in an OL or DL.
  10. Kid was way over-drafted. Sam Darnold had 22 INTs and 20 fumbles in his 17 starts at USC... But sure, Adam Gase ruined him.
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