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  1. TN can win this one of they go unbalanced line and run at the small D and control the clock = DHenry has to have 35-40 carries. that is the main ingredient for success. If not they lose by 20 like last time.
  2. The punter did not three guys in to block the kick. The ST and defense is an overall disaster.
  3. I said that before the season began. This D is horrendous.
  4. This one went how I thought it would. This D is horrible and Tannehill is just not making enough plays to sustain drives. The WR were absent all night.
  5. 31-17 Colts. Rivers ad Wilkins go mad. Henry does not break 75 yards.
  6. I anticipate Robinson, Mooney, Miller to have 5 TDs and over 320 yards receiving. Chicago wins this because TN offense will not put 30 on Chi D. But Chicago's horrible offense will have no problem doing that to TN tomorrow.
  7. He signed for 5. He would have been wise to keep for 5.
  8. Know more than you and that is why you pay me rent.........i own real estate in your head my bitch.
  9. 216 yards rushing and TN lost = the defense is the achilles heel. Not going to cut it. Game set match. When the offense plays like ass you lost 100% of the time with this team. Burrow gets the ball out fast and is accurate. Easy pick he would win. Data wins over homers.
  10. never been arrested once. Thanks for playing,
  11. I said letting Logan Ryan go was a huge error...........how do you like me now?
  12. you hate when I call you on youre crap. I've owned you for a long time, You pay me rent in your head biatch.
  13. But I called it and you losers did not. LOL

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