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  1. Cincy OL was horrible but what Joey B did was special.
  2. Podcast work best when you have two host who don't yes one another to death.
  3. very dangerous. TN has not swept them in a long time.
  4. Jax OL is better than Denver. I thought Den OL did a great job on TN fronts all night.
  5. I agree that Denver D is a lot better than most think. Without Chubb last year they were 12th in the league. Their run D is a lot better with Chubb and the new MLB. Their CB were pretty weak and I thought the game plan was slow to evolve to passing. Tannehill played well but I thought thought Smith did a poor job coordinating this game plan. Jonnu needs to be more active in the first half. I thought Kelly played very well. I think Ben Jones and Nate Davis had below avg games. Henry missed three cut back reads that cost him 40 yards but it was because his C and G were getting worked badly all night. I disagree with the idea that Denver offense did nothing. Lock's overthrow in the endzone could have been the killer. I thought TN back seven had a rough night.
  6. ^^^^this is BS. Tannehill played at elite level last year and Davis sucked. He actually regressed from 891 yards and 4 TD s with Mariota. This board refuses to call it as they see it. The guy has talent but he did not have the talent of a top 5 pick. Adams did and he just got traded for two number one's. Davis is not even worth a 6 or a 7th pick now. He is TSharpe with a higher salary.
  7. I think TN will struggle with Jax because their WR can take advantage of the two rookies.
  8. For the fifth pick the guy sucked. Jamal Adams should have been the pick.
  9. Den was 12th last year without Chubb. They are pretty sound team
  10. TN DL saved that game. Simmons did more to win that game than anyone I can think of with his goal line play. He and Clowney are going to present problems to every team we face. And TN did this without Jackson and Evans. Bodes well. Lock is has a nce future. He overthrew a WR for a certain TD. TN was lucky because the K almost cost them big.
  11. His Defenses are always well prepared. Denver was ready for TN last night. Their new LB 48 came to play last night.
  12. I disagree. The Jags D is substantially worse than D. Fangio is an excellent coach. The Broncos O is better than the Jags. Their RB are far better. So is their TE. I think Jax has a better WR group but not when Sutton is playing. Jags and TN are always close but TN needs to come out throwing more to soften D's. If they continue to run into walls Henry is going to get hurt. Minshew is a good QB. He is the best part of Jax.
  13. The best news of week one is Tannehill and Humphries connected on several huge third downs. That is something TN never had last year.
  14. He played well but no matter what he does this year he won't be a Titan next year.

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