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  1. Maybe he's been staying at his own properties all the time so that he can charge the government for every employee and security official possible.
  2. https://slate.com/culture/2020/10/borat-giuliani-sacha-baron-cohen-video-analyzed.html So here’s what we can say for sure about what happened: 1. Rudy Giuliani followed a young woman he thought was a journalist into the bedroom of a hotel suite. 2. He thought she was a journalist because somehow no alarm bells went off during the interview when she repeatedly put her hand on his knee or giddily told him, “I really feel like Melania right now.” 3. Alone in the hotel bedroom, Giuliani got more handsy than was strictly necessary. 4. In the best possible interpretation of the end of the encounter, Giuliani should probably refrain from tucking in his shirt when he’s in the same room with other people. There’s nothing in the film that proves Giuliani’s intentions, and there are enough places where the audio and editing could have been manipulated to make the encounter seem creepier than it actually was—I haven’t even gotten into the ominous music—that it would be unwise to draw a definitive conclusion that Giuliani was attempting to seduce Tutar. (It may be relevant to note here that the 76-year-old and his third wife divorced last year, and that he has a girlfriend.) On the other hand, there are enough unedited shots of Giuliani being creepy that it seems fair to conclude that he can be kind of creepy. We won’t know for sure what happened unless Sacha Baron Cohen releases the raw, unedited sound and video of the complete interview. If he does, you can count on two things: Partisans on both sides will scour the footage looking for clues to Giuliani’s behavior, and I won’t be one of them. There’s only so much Giuliani footage one man can take.
  3. Don't forget, all the meetings and evidence and successful prosecution of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives is a hoax but Biden might have met someone once, based on emails most news outlets didn't think were credible, so ... very indisputably corrupt.
  4. LTF is dishonest Earl is dumb Tux is (was) paid to pretend Merc is trying and failing to price a point and it's dragging him further afield
  5. It's almost like the President is telling them to do this.
  6. Rule of thumb: If you're having to argue that it's fantasy so it doesn't have to be good, you've lost your way. Everything is on a spectrum. Especially Nines. But also show and writing quality. The first episode struck such a good balance. And about everything after that was baby Yoda and goofy, lazy writing. Contrast the other episodes with that first and you'll see what it could have been.
  7. It was bad trope writing at its laziest but we're always on opposite sides of the discussion with this stuff. I place way more emphasis on this than you. It is what it is.

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