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  1. It seems pretty clear that almost nobody can accurately evaluate college QBs and project them to the pros. Coin flips on even 1st rounders would give you similar hit rates and the rounds after that are even worse. They chose to trade for Tannehill but him being as good as he's been, with strong nods to his first two years, is still perhaps the luckiest thing this franchise has done in decades. The reality is that good QBs aren't just rare, they're an enigma. Replicating the process by which a team found their good QB won't get you another one.
  2. I've always wondered what kickers do at practice because it's not like they kick FGs all day.
  3. Biggest downside to drafting Levis, assuming he doesn't hit, is if it prevents them from being willing to do something next year.
  4. That'll be really interesting to see, if true.
  5. Just agree to call it a meaningful investment and move on already.
  6. Belligerent Man's super power is belligerence.
  7. Of course, if one isn't being disingenuous then they'd acknowledge that Autry wasn't grouped with David Long and personally called out by Vrabel last year ... and they'd acknowledge that's more than a passing matter. But some people can't help but be disingenuous.
  8. Semantics. I wouldn't call it high but a day two pick is meaningful. Also a gamble. Also one that appears to have failed spectacularly.
  9. Oh, I don't wonder about it. I know it to be true, as does just about everyone. It's simply more fun mocking you with obvious hypotheticals than to directly explain reality.
  10. It's been amusing to watch the transition from your extreme confidence they'd extend him to championing that he just hasn't gotten cut yet. I wonder if him not getting cut has anything to do with them trying to have some confidence that they've effectively replaced him before just cutting him for the hell of it.
  11. If they fail to draft someone better, they might have to try and keep the guy they clearly want to move on from. You got me.
  12. If the Titans thought very highly of Tannehill, they'd have extended him by now. As some people predicted with confidence. He's well into placeholder status.
  13. Wow, I wonder if strength of schedule for their starts had anything to do with it.
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