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  1. Probably more time based than anything at this point. I originally shot for 20 and just live with whatever but this is pretty much unprecedented so I pulled back out. I don't know what the trigger is beyond feeling that we actually are starting to get a loose handle on how bad this will actually be and the market can adjust to that reality. This rebound isn't based on that. It's a rebalancing of portfolios and $2T stimulus fever and worsening conditions on the ground. If I'd bought in, I'd sell now. The uncertainty is unchanged.
  2. I've said a number of times, I'm not trying to time anything. I'm avoiding uncertainty. If I don't enter at the bottom and maximize, I don't care. I'll still make money. Plenty of people will do better than me this time. ... but none of them will have blindly stayed in the market because they read it in a book.
  3. https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEPOpMY-ViKWuqISEMm4QWZwqGQgEKhAIACoHCAow2Nb3CjDivdcCMM_rngY?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen And THAT is why I'm staying the fuck out, good or bad. Avoiding uncertainty and risk is good by me. It's been about two months and this is going a predicted 3-5 more before the peak and it could last 16 more months. No thanks on assuming this is the end.
  4. I agree. One of us lost a bunch of money and the other didn't. There is zero argument at all.
  5. Lol. I'm still up and loving it. The only person griping is you upset that I actually did time it. You can't let it go that you're doing the worst here.
  6. I put a little bit of money in a Robinhood account just to goof off. I made 20% or so on MTG yesterday. Lots of fun to be had in this crazy market.
  7. It'll probably run to rise near close again and we'll get a small drop.
  8. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Countries lackinging freedoms have a slight advantage in the whole lockdown side of things.
  9. Only if it's in spite of the medical outlook. But people are stupid so allot after hopeful. Look at the markets this week. Hilarious. This thing is only getting worse but since the media is covering stimulus stimulus stimulus, people are feeling like we're on the mend. Panic will settle in when reality does and it might be even worse than the first crash.
  10. Wait and watch what happens as more and more states issue mandatory stay at home, cases spike and hospitals overwhelm.
  11. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Btw, my wife has a cough starting today and her chest feels "like there's something in there." I'm legit panicked.
  12. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    It's supposed to be three weeks or so after people truly start social distancing that the new cases work their way through and the rate slumps. But, again, that's with true adoption by the public at large. It'll be longer than that in the US and it may not really flatten the curve much because of all the activity still ongoing. And it may not flatten the curve until it's already too late to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed (this seems highly likely). It's been months in China and they went next level with shut down, plus it was largely contained to one area. The US has it all over and people aren't interested in social distancing. We're fucked. That's my expert opinion.

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