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  1. "sans JRob" is pretty redundant I do admit that, as the draft approaches, I'm starting to get pretty excited to see who the Titans are gonna proudly let walk in free agency 4 or 5 years from now!
  2. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    (More than) Half the country couldn't handle this one.
  3. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Not to mention that new variants are an evolving dynamic and will change everything.
  4. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Well, they were undermined rather thoroughly to half the population so we don't know how many people will be willing to get vaccinated and what they might mean about herd immunity and they're also new (with all associated uncertainties real and imagined) so the rollout is only just getting ramped up. The impact is assumed but unknown and many hurdles remain before we prove any impact. Give it time.
  5. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    So it isn't correct because ... it's correct? Don't die on a dumb hill.
  6. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Well I'm glad you're comfortable. Unfortunately, you're not much of an expert on the subject. A subject that's actually being studied and watched closely because, as a matter of actual science, there's a lot that's still unknown. They do already know that you're not correct, by the way. But it's not common for the variants already reviewed. And there are more variants coming as well.
  7. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    One opinion and doesn't address my point.
  8. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Nah, that's caution until more is known, as well. Among other things, there are many variants and we're not too much evidence deep into vaccine breakthrough.
  9. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Messaging over science is bad policy, imo. Over time it just leads to an even less informed populace.
  10. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    My reading it the past few pages is that people loved science until there was an attempt by scientists to be cautious and thorough about the J&J vaccine. Then people preferred messaging to science.
  11. Jamalisms

    Virus in US

    Nate Silver: Medical Expert
  12. I'm saying there's no reasonable person (quite different from proving in court) will doubt that this guy was lying through his teeth when he initially said he just likes massages from a lot of women. Now there's enough people and evidence that he's saying "oh well, okay, fine, yes, I did do some things with a bunch of different masseuses but it was all consensual and there was no curtain or effect of celebrity at all." He's absolutely full of shit. And on top of being a predator, he weaponized anonymity and then, once the people are named, he's acting like his life is some porn mov
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