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  1. Jamalisms

    Markets hit Hard Today

    The 8% I transferred into bonds as of mid-August is up 0.3%. That's better than the roughly 5% I would have lost if I kept it in the FXAIX fund it was in previously (rough guessing on dividend reinvestment because I'm lazy).
  2. Jamalisms

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Try not to make the lies so obvious.
  3. Jamalisms

    Donald Trump Look-a-like

    Grab yourself by the pussy!
  4. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    You could have put up a bad showing and won. Might be my lowest total of the year. Bad games and injuries...
  5. Henry gonna flip this and ILF ends up winning!
  6. Jamalisms

    Stuff you cant make up...

    Jake. People posting real news that you don't like and you posting actual fake news from illegitimate, untrustworthy websites is not the same. You disagreeing with something, or you agreeing with something, doesn't determine its validity. The methods and approach to journalism through fact finding, vetting and appreciation of actual fact determine the validity. Wake up, please.
  7. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Yuck to the games yesterday.
  8. Jamalisms

    Stuff you cant make up...

    Jake. Find better news sources. Stop believing things just because you like them. You are fake news bait. Choose not to be.
  9. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Well the title spoils that but I've only done Mario. Will have to do more.
  10. Jamalisms

    Is there any question Mahomes is MVP?

    Brees was a few weeks ago but he's trailed off. Will be tight for me. I think media will give to Mahomes regardless.
  11. Jamalisms

    Next - Mueller on Middle East collusion

    Holy hell, Earl is slow.
  12. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I hate this idea. Partly because of week 17 and partly because I hate not having an answer after a week.
  13. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I've said before that I prefer 4 teams, though in this case 6 did prove a bit of justice as I largely deserved to be in. But I'd grandstand and pound my chest even if it didn't work out that way.