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  1. I mean, they're normal episode length. What you're really saying is you like it so much that you want more. That's not a complaint.
  2. Let me know when you want to discuss the point I made, comparing Haynesworth and Garrett ... or the point you contested about the possible physical outcome from Garrett's assault.
  3. If you don't think that a guy of Garrett's size and strength fully swinging a 6 lb object at another person's head is fully capable of killing them, should it strike correctly, I don't know what to tell you. Do you even science, bro?
  4. They've set him up (name of series, calling him Mando, having him identifying with gaining some insignia or whatever and helping his people) to be defined by his heritage. It's his core self. Here, he has an opportunity to return a large portion of the basker metal and there's going to be internal conflict as he debates helping baby Yoda. In fact, I predict he doesn't turn Yoda in or that he rescues Yoda after.
  5. Anakin was born 50 years (exactly ... I think) before the Mandalorian...
  6. I doubt the Droid, as a true guild representative, was on such an informal mission as the Mandalorian was ... so it seems clear his orders were from another party.
  7. The only problem? No. But an exacerbating one? Absolutely. We're better with Tannehill.