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  1. I've always taken it to be more about escapability and elongating plays (plus creating off of that) than any sort of speed.
  2. If God wanted you to post on TR, you would have been born with a keyboard in your hands.
  3. I thought he was upset because he got hit hard enough to think he was on the Titans again.
  4. Top QBs in the draft are a crapshoot at best. That's for sure.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-declares-himself-winner-own-165431643.html "Members arrived the second day surprised to see Trump with a five-point lead, according to the Daily Mail. But Trump never played the first round as he was attending a funeral in North Carolina ... Trump told tournament organizers he played a strong round on the course Thursday, two days before the tournament started, and decided that would count as his Saturday score for the club championship."
  6. Fake deaths but, also, aren't you mad at how maybe it started by accident and killed so many people?
  7. Imagine still being upset about guessed at origin and not the response of leaders and communities that willfully killed so many through a toxic mix of arrogance and apathy.
  8. There are all sorts of interpretations and rules like this that people just accept. There's never a great reason why one thing or another is picked and the sport would function just fine with an alternate choice. One foot versus two feet, knees and elbows count as feet ... why not allow someone a catch as long as both feet were in bounds the last time they touched before possession was established ... why allow someone to get back up if they fall down on their own without being touched ... the tuck rule itself ... protecting a sliding QB ... why do half the distance to the goal instead of the one inch line ... when and why do you get a down back after a penalty ... there are all sorts of decision points that aren't truly inherently better than alternatives - you just have to pick one and then people get used to them. Sometimes you need to change (kickoff rules, for instance) but most of the time it just becomes how things are forever.
  9. It's super easy to just say you get forward progress but the clock stops when you go out of bounds. They don't have to be linked.
  10. No, no ... Hurts sucks and AJ Brown is gonna hate playing with that bum and in Philly. My ego insists on this.
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