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  1. @TitansGuruis up. @NashvilleNinja is on deck.
  2. You're pretty far down the rabbit hole with this concoction of excuses. It's pretty hard to fathom. People disagree. That is the nature of life. But not all disagreements or opinions are reasonable. You're complicit in something that is unacceptable for many reasons, most importantly the ethical and moral reasons involved. I hope some day that matters to you again and your personal response is something beyond pithy words and pretending to be above reacting.
  3. I. Could. Not. Agree. More. If you can't call this what it is, if you're not incensed and you're not going to take a stand and say this is not ok - you are complicit. And that so many are is fundamentally disappointing. And that certain, specific people who I otherwise respect are in that group is distressing. It's a really hard look in America's mirror and it's not a pleasant sight.
  4. Trump "started talking quickly to stop the chant." Actually he basked in the chant, silently, for 15 seconds. Reporting is that Melania and Ivanka gave him shit, as did many (cowardly) Republicans privately so he's disavowing it. BRILLIANT!
  5. First of all, it's a really weak logical fallacy to say that sometimes people misuse a word so the word is always misused. But fine. How about ... it's discriminatory? Because it's legally discriminatory. We can set aside what to call discrimination that's based on race or national origin. We can stick with discriminatory.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-strategy-racist-attacks-republicans-220324130.html Hey look, it's Mercalius!
  7. Hey honey I'm going to take $5,000 and put it into something I think is a bad investment, heavily manipulated, at high risk of theft and supports crime. Some guy on the internet promised me double my money. And that sounds like a smart thing to trust.
  8. As an owner of Sony, I hope this pick brings you misery. @notsolegato is up.
  9. Good question. @9 Nines ... Do i have something wrong?
  10. No, stop. @9 Nines is up. Then @notsolegato. Then @Bink.
  11. Old, uneducated White people, especially men, who distrust or actively hate minorites are the supporters of Trump. Factually. Shocking nobody. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/06/06/racial-anxiety-is-a-huge-driver-of-support-for-donald-trump-two-new-studies-find/
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