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  1. Worse, the vast majority of traditional Republican voters are fine with it.
  2. He's quiet now but Trump will become a constant nuisance as soon as he's cleared.
  3. Democrats need to get AOC and others to teach them to run real campaigns. Fortunately, they're embracing Abrams who seems to have some idea. Unfortunately, they pretend AOC doesn't exist.
  4. *cough* https://www.yahoo.com/news/cdc-director-said-biden-administration-193000767.html *cough*
  5. I suspect Birx thought she was one of the only rational voices around (probably true) and tried to pick her fights to maximize how much influence she could apply. Hard to say for sure that she was wrong, if that was what she was doing.
  6. I had my issues with W. As mentioned before, however, I am resistant, at least to some degree, to any appeal that says voting for a Republican means adopting and full-throat endorsing any and all party line principles. Though... that resistance is rather broken down by how willingly some will stand in line no matter what. And the Republican party has been remarkable at that, of late, even to the extent of supporting Trump, a largely worst case scenario of reprehensible morals and conduct. Which leaves little choice unless it changes.
  7. And another angle, I suppose, is that I prefer to vote for a person over a party. And the more independent a person can exhibit themselves to be from their party ... The more likely I am to consider voting for them, regardless of my problems with that party. This is probably where at least some of my Romney consideration comes from.
  8. Hasn't been a whole lot of wiggle room for choice between the two parties, lately. The Republican party has operated as power-over-process, even in the face of agreeable objectives, for quite a while now and the aggressive harboring of misinformation did not begin with Trump. If that ebbs, it allows people to make an actual choice. The leaders of the party have been great at maintaining power and achieving court packing and blocking any objective if it would cast the other party in a positive light. But they're conducting achieving those things has been reprehensible and it's impos
  9. I'd consider voting for Romney. Depends on what shifts he has to make to get a nomination (not that I think he'll necessarily run anyway) but he's shown to have principle and a backbone, which were two things I questioned when he ran before. Not sure on the others.
  10. New strains are resistant to vaccination anyway. I doubt we see an immunity end to this menace any time soon.
  11. That response either misinterpreted or ignores most of what I said. I invite you to read it again.
  12. Hey @TitansGuru Can we get rid of the circle, on mobile, that hovers over text when you're trying to type something? If I want to select the text behind it, and I click over on it without scrolling the text up a line or two, I will get sent to the top of the page. Minor gripe but it's annoying. Also, on mobile, when I go to start typing a post, the view is a line or two under where the text starts typing (can't actually see what's typed). I'm not sure if you can control that or if that's just base message board functionality.
  13. This is nonsense and you are being guided by political views here. First of all, They are on day 1 or 2 when this question gets asked. If they didn't reassess their goal at the exact moment that they finally had a full picture, because the Trump administration wouldn't give them access, it makes sense. You don't have to reassess a goal on fucking day one. Not only that, (second of all) they will exceed this goal by as much as his humanly possible just so that they look even better. They're not going to try for a million doses and stop giving the vaccine when they reach it. They're
  14. The former admin also turned down more supply and didn't arrange proper distribution for a perishable and limited supply, which resulted in mass confusion and wasted doses. Yes, Trump holds a lot of blame so far.
  15. Who was the moron that argued with me about Fauci being censored? Was that LTF before we all realized he was a partisan parrot?
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