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  1. I have a number of WR wasted on my bench. If anyone has a need, I'd be looking for draft picks or a clear upgrade to a RB.
  2. Alcohol fucks up lives and families all over the country.
  3. Yeah, but I've been known to make mistakes so I was giving an opportunity to catch them.
  4. Fucking hell that was a rollercoaster. Hope JRob and Vrabel don't re-engage.
  5. Note that half the players dropped aren't going to waivers like they're supposed to so ... fuck it. If you want one, I don't know what you should do. Pick him up and see if people bitch? Btw, add/drop is unlocked.
  6. You shut your dirty whoreish mouth.
  7. Bids: Jamal Brissett - $50, drop Keenam Foles - $50, drop Keenam T Pollard - $50, drop Montgomery Cookie - $50, drop Graham Cleveland - $50, drop Houston Waller - $1, drop Montgomery Nines Three cycles of the following, to drop Andy Dalton, Robert Foster and Darrell Williams in order: Latavius Murray - $97 Jared Cook - $87 Cleveland - $47 KeeSean Johnson - $25 Preston Williams - $17 Tony Pollard - $15 Damion Willis - $9 John Brown - $7  Dare Ogunbowale - $0 Abenjami Jared Cook - $153, drop Greg Olsen Latavius Murray - $103, drop Chris Conley Cleveland Defense - $43, drop Chris Conley Bink Jared Cook - $76, drop Manning Lativius Murray - $76, drop Manning
  8. Don't forget to include who you're dropping with each bid.
  9. Sunday night, Central Time zone. 31 or so hours from now.
  10. Players go on Waivers for two days after the draft, which is less time than it took to be confident I had everything right. They're now FAs and I can't get them back to waivers. If I unlock rosters, it's first come, first serve and everybody is free.
  11. Appreciate that. If others chime in and agree, I will. Otherwise, whatever. Stupid Yahoo.
  12. @Cyrus @oldschool @abenjami @9 Nines @wiscotitansfan @Bink @NashvilleNinja @Cornrow Wallace @TitansGuru @TitanJoe @notsolegato Ok, since I can't get the waivers reset ... I'm going to do it manually. Send me your waivers and bids via PM through Sunday night. I'll process anything received before midnight C on Sunday evening. There are players I want but, to ensure fairness, I'll just pass on them and take whatever is left after I process your bids.