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  1. Rationale doesn't matter. His belief is firmly held. That's conviction. Sinema is a kite on the breeze.
  2. Embarrassment of riches at RB but no good feel for this choice.
  3. Moral to the story: Don't respond to trolls. They only troll harder and dumber. Now he's banned, which is a "win" for him. Next time, ignore him.
  4. The answer is: Hours before you even posted this.
  5. Sinema is simply a scammer looking for a lifetime cruise in the Senate. Manchin had convictions, I just don't like them.
  6. The Titans fanbase isn't big enough to really make money. Put in only as much time as brings you joy independent of feedback. And expect at least some to shit on you through feedback. Everyone gets it, focus on the contradictive feedback and improve. Ignore the asshats. Watch some tutorials on getting your audio through Audacity. Read some tutorials on tags and metadata to get you showing up in search results.
  7. 6 internet points awarded for snark. Congrats.
  8. McCaffrey isn't in a 2 back system and is an even more rare every-down-back unlike Henry but ... yes. We are extremely fortunate that he is as durable as he is, especially considering how much we (over)use him.
  9. Sounds like things are going well.
  10. Nothing about how they've managed this majority so far suggests there's even a glass.
  11. Expanding the Senate majority? Good luck.
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