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  1. His point is that, whether from the book or not, it's a stretch of a scene that would be harrassed if it came out now. But, yes, the reality is that a drop of dirt in a sea of pure water becomes hard to care about. But shovel after shovel is aggravating. And, btw, which scene is more obnoxious? 1. Sam hiding poorly and not getting noticed anyway 2. Sam fighting an overwhelming number of undead beings that just walked on entire swaths of armies, getting knocked down and swarmed, living in that state for 20 minutes, then just lying down and crying while the battle continued? Degree matters. They're not even on remotely the same level. Comparing then is hilarious.
  2. I hadn't thought of it before, but a scooter that is maxed out at the speed of a bicycle is definitely a lot like a crotch rocket zig-zagging in and out of traffic at 120 mph. Good point.
  3. Clearly, your creative and meaningful insults of "coward" and "pussy" have left me so astounded and backfooted that I'm unable to muster a quality defense. Please take it easier on me going forward.
  4. They're all pretty small words, actually. You should read more, sweetheart.
  5. One grown ass man. Unless you're extra fat. I think 220.
  6. I saw that. Hilarious. Cars are totally safe.
  7. Hah. I have to cross the street two times. The risk is there if I walk or ride. And I'll probably walk it across those streets.
  8. Wait. Why am I not gonna last on a scooter? Come at me, bro.
  9. Before the draft in Nashville, I'd never considered one. But they're pretty fun and easy to use and can make your commute better or cheaper, depending on circumstance. Does anyone own a scooter? I just bought the new Ninebot Max because of its weather durability and range, combined with intro pricing through the indiegogo. I'm going to start parking a few miles from the office and save $80 per month. The scooter saves a good bit of time getting to and from the car. No year long indecision for me. I'm down for those savings. If anyone is interested, feel free to earn me crap using my referral code. They're almost sold out of the discounted model quantity, btw. https://igg.me/at/NinebotKickScooterMAX/x/21837578#/
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