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  1. Jake, just answer this question. Do you believe all 17 people or whatever the number is are all lying about Trump having raped or forced himself on them? Yes or no answer.
  2. Yep. It can completely ruin a career. Look what happened to Blair Walsh. He was a good kicker, he missed the chip shot in the playoffs, the Vikings lost and he was never the same. And he’ll always be remembered by Vikings fans as the guy who missed the easy kick to lose the playoff game. Even though there were probably many other plays in that game that if the others players made them it wouldn’t have even come down to that.
  3. There’s more pressure on a kicker than probably any position not named QB.
  4. Toronto is by far the cleanest city I’ve ever been to.
  5. Remember when CTF posted a picture of him and Fisher at a hotel before the MNF game against the Jets? That’s likely one of the highlights of Fisher’s career. When asked about his top 5 moments he said in no particular order: - The Music City Miracle - The playoff win against Pittsburgh - The 10-0 start - Getting his picture taken with some Canadian Titans fan - Winning the AFC Chanpionship game
  6. He definitely wasn't around when Fisher got fired in 2016...
  7. There's no way it was 2017. I'm going to say it was at least 2015 if not earlier.
  8. CTF had serious issues I think. He'd randomly go off on someone for what seemed like no apparent reason. It's almost like he used this board as his way to blow off steam. But he took things to a level that was way too personal. I wish he was still here for when Jeff Fisher got fired.
  9. Didn’t CTF randomly call one of the posters at work? Maybe Legal?
  10. I think we all have a good idea of who he’s talking about.
  11. I know it’s easy for me to say but you really shouldn’t let what people say on here get to you personally. We’re all here mostly for the same reason. If you don’t like a poster just block him and eventually he will leave you alone.
  12. It's absolutely hysterical anyone who supports Donald Trump asking someone else if they have standards.
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