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  1. Not sure if you saw my post but you can give someone my spot. I pay very little attention to it.
  2. If someone wants in that didn’t get a spot they can take mine. I put very little effort into it and am not into it at all.
  3. He definitely struggled at some points but he had some big moments like that Minnesota game or the Jacksonville one the week before. And in the second half of the season he was mostly money.
  4. Bruce Matthews was the long snapper???
  5. They'd still have missed out at 8-9. It didn't end up making a difference. I think the bigger point is there were times when they'd pass on long field goals or even change their strategy because they didn't think that Bullock could make a 50 plus yard FG. I know Gostkowski was hot and cold but people forget that in September of the 2020 season he actually won Special Teams player of the month and the Minnesota game had one of the best games you'll ever see a kicker have. I think he had five 50 plus yard FGs and they don't win if he misses any of them. That's the kind of guy they need, someone they can rely on from deep. Most of these guys can make the short kicks but the likes of Bullock or even Succop became question marks once it got to 50 plus. Having that weapon can be a real factor, particularly on a team as offensively challenged as this one looks like it might be. I actually like Bullock, I thought he did a good job coming in off the streets and hitting three game-winning kicks. But he is what he is. An accurate guy from short range who struggles when the distance gets into the 40s and especially the 50s.
  6. Obviously nothing you can do about that as they weren’t trading him to the Titans.
  7. I would absolutely go after Patterson. He was clutch last year and proved he could kick it from deep.
  8. None of this has to do with the special teams coordinator. It has to do with the fact that they seem to be not placing what I feel is the proper value on the position. Instead of taking some backup offensive lineman in the 6th round who will likely never play a meaningful down as a starter, at least if the Titans can help it, take one of these bigtime college kickers like other teams are doing. It just makes no sense to me.
  9. I've posted a lot less this offseason as it's basically more of the same in every thread but the one thing that's really getting me is the plan at kicker. The team made a point this week to state that they're focusing on accuracy from 40-49 yards out and not 50 plus yards out. Why? That doesn't even make sense. Teams like the Raiders and Bengals have kickers who were acquired cheaply who can make those kicks. It helped the Bengals get to a Super Bowl. If you replaced their kicker in 2021 with Randy Bullock you know what would have happened? The Titans would have been playing the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game and the Bengals would not have. And all it took was a 5th round pick to get him. It's a huge weapon. One the Titans have had basically never. And it can win or lose games and honestly may have cost the team a game or two last season. And then I log onto ESPN.com and see that the Jaguars signed Brandon McManus??? Where was Ran Carthon? The Jaguars have a good kicker. And they're trying to improve upon it by signing a veteran who has proven he can make those long kicks and in pressure situations. And in the draft instead of drafting one of these bigtime kickers they go with a bunch of guys who will be lucky to even be with the franchise two or three years from now? What exactly is the plan at kicker? Go with a guy who in his one game with the organization looked incredibly overmatched? Bring back Randy Bullock who is an adventure every time the kick is over 40 yards? I just don't get it. And for a team as limited offensively as the Titans are who will try and win games with a running game and defense, you need that weapon. It can change outcomes of games. As the Titans learned the hard way last year. They continue to ignore it. Very frustrating. Sorry for the rant but when I saw that McManus signed with the Jaguars it prompted this.
  10. Unless the league eliminates non-Sunday games and has teams coming off a bye play another team coming off a bye the rest imbalance issue is unavoidable.
  11. Yep, I’m 2019 they also played them weeks 15 and 17.
  12. The Titans schedule last year was as hard as I can remember. Who knows what happens this year but last year they had Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, Hurts, Lawrence X2, Prescott, Rodgers and Herbert on the schedule. They went through a stretch where it was Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Burrow, Hurts, Lawrence and Herbert in a row. There was no reprieve. This year there's no Mahomes, no Allen, no Hurts, no Prescott and the best QBs you're replacing them with are probably Jackson, Tua and Watson and a bunch of young QBs (Pickett, Stroud X2, Richardson X2 and B. Young).
  13. I bet that’s part of a doubleheader with that one being on ESPN. There are three MNF doubleheaders this year.
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