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  1. scine09

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    You should have heard him argue with Russo during Deflategate. These were heated exchanges. He was not defending the league but defending Brady.
  2. scine09

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    He's definitely opinionated if you listen to his interviews with Chris Russo on Sirius. Do you know that he hasn't talked to Belichick since Spygate (at least as of last year) and didn't talk to Sean Payton for years after Bountygate? He does have opinions and people take exception to them. He just comes off as uncontroversial.
  3. scine09

    Giants Week

    No that was the following year. The Giants was 2014. You’re thinking of the Atlanta game.
  4. scine09

    Giants Week

    Yeah I remember Locker started out playing well, got hurt and Whitehurst came in. I'm pretty sure had they lost that game they'd still have had the #2 pick due to tie-breakers. The last play of the game they nearly scored to win on some play with a bunch of laterals.
  5. scine09

    Giants Week

    The Titans looked like an FCS level college team. They scored on a pick 6, I want to say McCourty but could be wrong, but it was awful. That was one of the games that Mettenberger got hit so much that Locker or Whitehurst had to come in. It was bad.
  6. It depends on what happens in the NFC. I think if the Saints win I'd be okay with the Chargers just because I think the Saints would beat them. The Rams or Seahawks or another team? I don't know.
  7. On another subject, is it just me or did Antonio Gates get significantly bigger? He looks like an offensive lineman out there.
  8. Why is it odd? Do you want the Titans to be one of or maybe eventually the only team without a ring? I certainly don't. I always root for the teams who have won before. It'll change if the Titans ever do win a SB.
  9. scine09

    Giants Week

    As bad as the Baltimore game was this year, I actually think that Giants game was the worst performance I've ever seen from the Titans. Even worse than the 59-0 game.
  10. No thank you. I don't want any more teams that haven't won yet to win before the Titans do. It's down to 12 teams that haven't won.
  11. I'm not saying they'll roll over. And it's a national TV game. But they don't have as much to play for as KC does. If the Chargers were to lose next Saturday against Baltimore and the Patriots lose Sunday at Pittsburgh then the Chiefs will basically have nothing to play for though. All they'll have to do is win a game for the #1 seed. And they host the Raiders in week 17. Just think how the Patriots feel right about now. Had they not given up that ridiculous TD they'd be in the drivers seat for the #1 seed in the AFC.
  12. Seattle has nothing to play for at this point. The #5 seed is essentially wrapped up. I mean 2 of their last 3 games are against the 49ers and Cardinals. If they just win those they're 10-6 and the #5 seed.
  13. And if they don't then among other things they'll need Denver to lose once more. Denver's best chance at a loss is against the Chargers in week 17. In any case I still feel like somehow the Chiefs will get the #1 seed. Whether that's winning out or LA dropping a game (more likely). I feel like the Chargers are winning these miraculous games and it can't continue.
  14. That result was good for the Titans. Now the Chargers will have incentive next week. Yeah, they still wouldn't have clinched a playoff spot had they lost but it would have taken a complete collapse and a bunch of teams would have had to win out for the Chargers to miss. Now the Chargers are thinking about home field advantage throughout the playoffs if the Chiefs can lose again and they can win out. And the Baltimore game is next Saturday, before the Chiefs even play again.
  15. scine09

    Next - Mueller on Middle East collusion

    Obviously Trump doesn't believe it but his worshipers do because he tweets that he did nothing wrong.