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  1. Huh? Teams lose in the NFL. Those losses were not on him. Not even close.
  2. Reasonably accurate? My goodness. Look, Tannehill did a good job for the Titans. If you put Mahomes on the Titans and Tannehill on the Chiefs the Titans would be playing next Sunday and the Chiefs would not be. To be honest, when Mahomes was healthy the Chiefs were pretty much unbeatable this year.
  3. You still think Tannehill is better than Mahomes?
  4. I don't agree. The Chiefs always had a leg up as soon as they deferred. All they had to do was score at the end of the half to make it 17-14. And of course they did it one better but the Titans chances of winning even if winning at halftime were below 50/50 IMO. KC is a better team because they have the best player.
  5. I’d rather have Young in his prime than Montana in his prime.
  6. That was a no-brainer. You have to take the points there. They were up two scores at two different points in the game because they kicked. The issue was punting on 4th and short. Twice.
  7. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in football. You knew the Chiefs were getting 30 plus. It was up to the offense to match them. They didn't.
  8. You mean to say that when you give up 35 or more points you’re most likely going to lose? Wow, I wouldn’t have known!
  9. The Dolphins probably have the least amount of talent of any team in the league. There's more of a chance of Warren Moon coming back to play for the Titans than there is of Brady going to the Dolphins.
  10. Trubisky has never been good, shown anything and was overdrafted. He wasn't even that good in college.
  11. lol he's not going to Miami. He's going to a team with a lot of talent that he can win with right away.
  12. Wait a minute, aren't you the guy who was singing Trubisky's praises in the preseason his rookie year? Or was that someone else? Edit: Yes, you were.
  13. There's uncertainly with any move they make. There's uncertainty with bringing back Tannehill and maybe an opportunity cost if Brady indeed has a good year or two left and the Titans would have had him if they'd wanted but instead chose to remain with Tannehill.
  14. I have no doubt that NE wants him back. At their price, however. New England doesn’t over pay for anyone.
  15. It depends on what’s motivating him. He may want to prove that he can win without Belichick and feel that Tennessee is the best chance he’ll have.

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