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  1. Well it just happened less than 5 weeks ago.... But yeah I probably would’ve remembered it had it happened 15 years ago as well.
  2. The Cardinals had less scheduled than the Titans. Remember, the first Seattle game was a replacement because the Raiders has a COVID issue.
  3. Actually the Titans got 3 prime time games. Which was expected I think.
  4. Speaking of week 15, that is the worst slate of games I’ve seen. There is one game scheduled between winning teams, Chiefs at Saints. Every current losing team but San Fran and Dallas who play each other face either current a winning team or the 5-5 Bears. It’s absolutely awful. Obviously things can change between now and then but as of right now it’s a historically bad week in terms of matchups.
  5. The NFL doesn't care about who gets what primetime games, just that the best games are shown. As long as you don't go over the limit (which I believe is 6) they'll flex any team in that's worthy. If the Titans end up with fewer primetime games than say AZ then so be it.
  6. They’re technically supposed to make the decision 13 days before the game, which was yesterday. I suppose maybe they relaxed it because of Covid.
  7. I just ran it for the past 90 days and it was basically an even split.
  8. Not sure I agree with you there. I think the Titans are at or near the bottom for NFL recognition. Arizona may be low but I don't think they're as low as the Titans. Can you run the same thing you ran before to see who gets more hits? Edit: Nevermind, I ran it myself and the Titans had way more hits than the Cardinals. But I think that's because of the playoff run. I bet if you looked at it a year ago AZ would've won.
  9. I don't believe he's the same guy as Logical. Could be wrong.
  10. If the Giants win the division let's not forget they nearly beat the Bucs at home. My guess is the Bucs will end up being the #5 seed and have to play at the NFC East champs.
  11. That's a good point but we've seen that happen before. The Saints did it a few years ago. I remember Baltimore having to do it as well. The fact that the game is in Arizona though might deter it a bit.
  12. Yeah except for the fact that the Giants right now might be the favorites to win their own division, which is hard to believe.
  13. It won’t because it’s a 4:05 game on at the same time as Giants-Seahawks which will get a larger share because of NYC and the surrounding areas. Not sure why FOX would protect a game going to few markets.
  14. I don't see it. Rams-Cardinals to me is a bigger draw than Browns-Titans. The records are pretty much the same at this point but the Browns/Titans don't have a draw like Kyler Murray.

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