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  1. scine09

    Virus in US

    I’m quite sure you know who I’m talking about.
  2. scine09

    Virus in US

    You can thank your hero for that.
  3. scine09

    Virus in US

    Let me ask you this. Do you think more people would wear masks if Trump did and/or encouraged it?
  4. scine09

    Virus in US

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear what Fauci says about Trump behind closed doors.
  5. scine09

    Virus in US

    So you don’t agree that the majority of Trump supporters won’t wear masks?
  6. scine09

    Virus in US

    It's implied that you don't because you support Trump.
  7. scine09

    Virus in US

    It's incredible. Obviously if you wear a mask you can still get it but how many experts have to say that the best way to prevent it is wear a mask? And yet they won't do it. I forget where I read this but it would be like people refusing to wear seat belts.
  8. scine09

    Virus in US

    Of course it's important. No one even knows the long-term ramifications of getting this virus. Point is, it's not something anyone wants, even if they have no symptoms.
  9. scine09

    Virus in US

    It's amazing, New Hampshire obviously borders Massachusetts and many people live in NH and work in MA but you would think they are two different countries. In MA masks are mandatory. In NH they're having Trump events without masks or social distancing. And Manchester, where this event took place, is 75 minutes or so north of Boston.
  10. There’s so much anti-Trump in that video. That’s why I questioned it. My thought is he saw the image, liked it and posted it.
  11. It’s highly likely that he didn’t even see the video, he just heard or saw that it was a Trump supporter and put it out there. I mean if you watched the video there’s a lot of anti Trump in there too. There’s no way he could be that stupid. Oh wait, yes he could.
  12. Right. I think they probably had something worked out even before the season but since they were playing week 2 the Titans wanted to wait so he couldn’t give the Chargers any information. It really worked out well as they lost by I think 33 points.
  13. No. Volek was on the team until after the SD game in week 2. Collins was also there to be a bridge starter.
  14. A broken clock is right twice a day but this doesn’t happen to be one of those times.

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