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  1. I mean I could say that they went 5-3 to close the season. Which means just as much as saying they went 5-6 or whatever it is you said. But yeah, of course you want to be playing your best ball later in the season. Vrabel knows that. He even said so in the OTP Q/A.
  2. So now the season is 11 games? Seems like you're picking and choosing. At the end of the year when they calculate standings they start at week 1 and end at week 17. They don't begin the calculations in week 7. Last I looked at least. Although if they did the 2006 and 2009 Titans would have been great!
  3. Well they could of course. What if Wentz looks like 2017 Wentz and the Colts have a big year and the Titans offense starts slowly, the defense takes a while to gel and they lose some of the closer games that they were winning. Unless you're KC any of these teams could easily miss the playoffs. It always takes a little bit of luck.
  4. As Mike Vrabel said following the Houston game in week 17, you never apologize for going 11-5 in the NFL.
  5. "Survives the Vrabel hire." What does that mean? Vrabel's been nothing but a success with the Titans. So far at least.
  6. Sure, he's a good GM. That's fine. He's done a good job. 5 years over .500. Playoffs 3 times. Coming off 5-27 before he took over. I feel like people argue about him just to argue. Will you admit that he is way more likely to get a contract extension than not be back for 2023?
  7. His misses have been well documented (2 main ones being Dodd and Wilson). But as someone else said, you kind of have to compare him to his peers before really being able to see where he ranks. And I'm not directing this at you, just in general.
  8. Upon reading that article it's nearly impossible to make an argument against him being one of the better GMs in football.
  9. Well he should STFU since he signed with the Titans knowing what the scheme was.
  10. Didn’t Clowney sign with the Titans in part because of the scheme?
  11. Yeah, but what about that extra 2022 4th round pick? /sarcasm off.
  12. He also had Derek Carr coming off the injury from the year before and as mentioned the back injury. I think that made a big difference in how that offense performed.
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