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  1. All 31 of the other teams have all made Mettenberger an offer, some even to start. But they haven’t been good enough.
  2. I’m not surprised at all. Brissett is a really good QB.
  3. Any idea how the comp structure works? How would they get a 3rd, for example?
  4. What poster did you used to be?
  5. At this point you hold onto him for two reasons. One, you do need a backup. And two, if he signs elsewhere in the offseason you'll get a comp pick. I read somewhere that it could be as high as a third rounder although I really have no idea how it's calculated.
  6. I think with the Chargers having no timeouts left and Vrabel realizing that there realistically wasn't enough time to go and score the TD (Remember, assuming LA made the extra point it would be a 4 point game), letting the time run off was probably wise after taking the first timeout and preserving at least some time. And it ended up working out. Let's suppose that Gordon did not fumble and the Titans had just stopped him on the one and they didn't review it. The Chargers would have scrambled to even spike the ball to get a FG opportunity or time for one last shot at the win. Had he taken the TO that would not have been the case.
  7. I don't know yet if that's the case. I think in time we'll know. I'd like to think it's not. And until it's proven otherwise I'll continue to hope that it's not.
  8. Mike Mularkey was an absolutely atrocious head coach and his game management literally might have cost the Titans 3 wins in 2017. I know for a fact it cost them the 49ers win. And maybe the Dolphins/Rams games as well. Whatever Mike Vrabel becomes, firing Mike Mularkey was a no-brainer. His game management was bad, his thoughts on how to win in this were completely outdated, and the move had to be made. Mike Vrabel can run circles around Mularkey as a head coach. And if he stumbles then they'll move on to the next guy. It doesn't change just how bad he was as a head coach. I can tell you they weren't winning that Jets game last year with Mularkey as coach, with Vrabel taking the intentional penalty to stop the clock. Mularkey wouldn't have even thought of something like that.
  9. He would have found someone. He had 3 plays, maybe 4 to do it.
  10. That was at the 6 yard line. I meant at the 1. Running it took away at least 1 play, even if not for the TDs that weren't.
  11. To me the REAL coaching failure in this game was on the Chargers for not letting Rivers throw it. The Titans could not stop him at the end. So either he throws a TD or throws it away but it would have guaranteed them 3 shots at it and then they'd have been able to kick the FG. Or even 4 shots at it as they literally needed a yard.
  12. When I signed on I figured everyone would be praising Vrabel for going for it and ripping him for not challenging the call. I didn't think for a second that a single poster would be critical of Vrabel for not punting it. Can you imagine if they'd punted instead of going for it on 4th and a friggin inch and they lost???
  13. Forget 3 minutes. I'd have gone for it with 1 minute. You can get the ball down the field with ease in 30 seconds.
  14. You know that how? Rivers was picking them apart. He had ample time to get them down the field.