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  1. That'll never happen. After all the garbage he's done, the fact that they still support him now means they will till the end.
  2. This has to be among the top 5 dumbest things he's done or said as president.
  3. Did anyone see him say on Tuesday that he's considering making a change with payroll taxes and then yesterday basically saying he never considered it?
  4. Well that was a big deal, it gave them home field throughout the AFC playoffs whereas had they lost they may have been the number 2 seed. It’s probably the biggest regular season win the franchise has ever had, at least since the merger.
  5. obsession noun ob·ses·sion | \ äb-ˈse-shən , əb-\ Definition of obsession 1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feelingbroadly : compelling motivationan obsession with profitshas an obsession with gambling 2: something that causes an obsessionLosing weight can be an obsession that results in the avoidance of certain foods. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/obsession
  6. scine09


    It's worse now than it's ever been IMO.
  7. scine09


    It’s absolutely incredible. You can’t make this stuff up.
  8. scine09


    That's probably the best post made on this board in months. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
  9. If that happens give Tannehill a 5 year extension at big money.
  10. The Redskins? He didn’t start slowly in that game. He was in for 3 drives two of which resulted in points and he got hurt before the third one could end.
  11. Isn’t that the same thing people said about Jack Doyle?
  12. The pass rush has been a concern and inadequate for over a decade now. It's probably not a coincidence that since 2009 when Vanden Bosch and Bulluck fell off and Haynesworth left the team's best record has been 9-7. Pass rush was a big time strength in all 5 of the Titans seasons in which they won 11 or more games since 1999. And when the Titans were at their worst the depth was so thin that when one guy went down it was like the Titans were playing with CFL level players. Give me a big pass rush over a big secondary any day of the week. I do think the Titans are trying to fill the gaps the right way. Obviously a lot rests with Harold Landry and whether the interior LBs can generate any sort of rush. They drafted someone who will be a huge boost to the pass rush when he comes back (Simmons). Who knows with Finch. They tried to help the depth with Walker and he got hurt. But Casey isn't getting any younger. Wake's obviously near the end. It's going to be a constant battle to get it so that the Titans are a top half of the league pass rush. In truth I wish the Titans would spend half a draft focusing on it. It's that important. And it's not about one player. It's about a group of players so that when one goes down or one gets blocked well others can step up. Just Landry alone or just Finch alone isn't going to do it. It's gotta be a group effort. And if you have 2 upper end players and a bunch of backups picking up the slack it won't work. Even for the teams who have the elite pass rushers.
  13. I think there's a confidence issue that's stemmed from multiple factors. When he's felt confident he's thrown the ball extremely well. He looked mighty confident in the Philly, NE, Dallas and the end of the Jets game last year. When he starts double clutching, particularly when he's throwing to his right, that's when he really struggles. And how many times (I think this was more of a problem in 2017) has he thrown that typical INT into double or triple coverage when no one was open and he tried to force it after double clutching?
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