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  1. You can't take that risk. Like I said there's too much downside to doing it with the near certainty that Trump will not be convicted in the senate.
  2. The average person who never turns on the news has no idea what's going on and may have heard the initial report that Barr said no collusion, no obstruction (even if Barr didn't specifically say "no obstruction"). They have no idea what Barr's role is and assume he's just an impartial attorney general. Then the next thing they hear is that Trump was not convicted in the senate and therefore the impeachment efforts failed. So if you're that average person who doesn't watch the news from, say, Michigan, what are you going to think? "Oh, they're out to get Trump. Give the guy a break! I'm voting for him." This person has no idea of anything going on with the Southern District of New York and has not heard anything about what's really in the Mueller report. Do you really want to lose that potential voter? To me the biggest way to get a voter like that is just continue to hammer home the facts of what the Mueller report actually said and all of Trump's other misdeeds, both as president and whatever else is being investigated in NY. And continue doing that until November and hope to hell that the message gets relayed properly to enough people. All the while reminding people about the shutdown (that's a story that I'd assume everyone heard about) and that Trump said he'd own it. The big thing here is this has to remain in the news. You can't give Trump any openings to nationally claim victory with a real reason that he may get sympathy votes. Not getting impeached by the senate is probably the biggest way between now and then that Trump can pick up those votes.
  3. And what happens when he isn't convicted? You know what he's going to say and what the cult will say. "Vindicated." "Witch hunt." Something to that affect. And it will look like the democrats are trying to get him out by any means possible even if you, me and all the non-cult members know that's not the case. And those in the middle may be sympathetic towards Trump and vote for him.
  4. I don't think that oldschool, legal or anyone else not in the cult who's saying don't impeach him disagrees. I think the fear is does it backfire? I think we all know it's theoretically the right thing to do. It should have been done two years ago. That's not the point.
  5. Not that the guy isn't good but I'd venture to guess that 75% of NFL fans don't even know who Frank Clark is.
  6. @Jonboy, you might want to post the actual terms of the trade. The tweet you put makes it look like they just gave up a 2nd rounder.
  7. That is way too steep for me. I'm glad the Titans didn't do it.
  8. Unless you need a QB the best option is almost always to trade down. I think last year was an exception because the Titans had a player they really wanted and wouldn’t get him without moving up a few spots.
  9. What would be better? Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind bars or Trump reading his contradictions and writing apology letter after apology letter? Tough call.
  10. I think when he leaves the White House and gets convicted of the likely hundreds of crimes he's committed instead of going to jail he should be forced to read every contradictory statement he's made and write an apology to each person he's either said something false to or been critical of when he did the same thing only worse.
  11. A Trump supporter that's dishonest???
  12. What poll did I reference? Do you mean Oilerman?
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