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  1. In one of them he was 8-8. I hardly think that counts. Regardless, he didn’t get Trubisky against his will. He could have declined the offer.
  2. My thought is if they were to make a trade like this they're punting 2023 and will be looking to become a contender in 2024 or 2025 in time for the opening of the new stadium.
  3. If you want one of the QBs you'll need to trade to #1. Because the Texans aren't going to be trading with the Titans.
  4. Do it. Please. You're not going to content consistently with who the Titans keep rolling out at QB.
  5. Not to go off topic but I would seriously consider drafting the kicker from Michigan in round 4 or 5. A kicker is more important than some backup lineman that probably won't have much of an impact.
  6. I seriously don't blame Del Greco. He was what he was at that point. I blame Fisher for the loss. Del Greco had been shaky all year and he was playing way too conservatively. Instead of putting the Ravens away it was run, run pass and settle for 3. McNair did not play a good game either. But it never should've come down to Del Greco. They should have opened it up more. It might have honestly been a blowout had they done that.
  7. If you go back and watch the 2000 and 2008 games, the 2000 game was worse. The Titans thoroughly dominated it from start to probably the point of the blocked kick for the TD. It was inexcusable that they lost that game. They also dominated the other game but the Ravens did at least make some plays and move the ball. Trent Dilfer had, what, five completions? It was ridiculous.
  8. You may be thinking of that Steelers game in the 2009 opener? He also had a bad game against the Chargers in the 2007-2008 playoffs from what I remember.
  9. My guess is the rationale was keep four teams that were together already in the same division and then make up a division of new rivals. They kept the Titans and Jaguars together and Houston made sense for obvious reasons. But geographically Indy is, what, an hour and a half from Cincinnati? In fact it's closer to Cincy and Cleveland and the distance to Pittsburgh is different by an hour and a half. And it's also closer to any of the AFC North teams than the AFC South teams. This isn't a Dallas situation where you can't remove them because of the long standing rivalries. The Ravens' biggest rival at that time was the Titans.
  10. The best throw I remember him making was a pass down the middle for like 40 yards against the Dolphins in the 2003. It was a relatively meaningless play as it was a blowout (it was 0-0 at the time though) but it was as perfect a pass as I've ever seen.
  11. One of the worst things the league did, and I realize that this was bound to happen with 32 teams and 8 divisions, was breaking up the Ravens/Titans rivalry. I still don't get why they didn't stick Baltimore in the AFC South and Indy in the AFC North but that's another story. It wasn't like Baltimore at that time had a rivalry with any other team even close to the Titans. The Steelers were struggling a bit at that time, at least when the decision was made, so that rivalry hadn't really gotten off the ground. The Bengals were terrible. And the Browns were also bad. Obviously Cleveland/Baltimore was a rivalry but that was more because of the history between the cities with the Browns going to Baltimore than anything on the field. There were lots of other rivalries broken up with realignment but I'd say Ravens-Titans was among the biggest.
  12. Or his favorite ex defensive teammate could say come to Nashville for a year and help me win a Super Bowl.
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