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  1. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Amy Adams Strunk?
  2. @ap24786, how are we doing? Have we gotten to 5K yet?
  3. I said they’d only have to travel one time zone. Meaning the entire season. Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Denver, Atlanta and Carolina are all 1 time zone away.
  4. The Raiders playing in Birmingham would be a great thing for the Titans. They'd only have to travel one time zone to play as their only game more than one time zone is away is in Oakland. It would likely be like playing in a neutral site, which is great if you're the road team.
  5. What happened? I didn't listen, probably thankfully for me.
  6. You know what's amazing? With this trade 3 of the 4 QBs in last year's championship games, at least for the time being, are not starting QBs. Obviously Foles will likely get a job as a starter somewhere.
  7. I’m not going to make this into a Mariota thread but they’d have won that game going away with or without Henry. I’m not sure you remember how bad the Jaguars were that night. And Mariota was fine that night take away 3 poor throws. The Giants game was won on defense. I mean the Giants didn’t score a point. We probably overrated Mettenberger in 2014 but he did show flashes at times. And then in 2015 he looked like he didn’t even belong in the league. It was crazy.
  8. The thing with Henry is there was only one game that they won in large part because of Henry. And that was because Mariota got hurt. They were winning the Jax/NYG games with or without him. Okay back on topic. I had the pleasure of watching that Atlanta game in person. I was excited because I remembered how good Mettenberger looked at times in 2014 and thought that he could maybe play well. He was so bad that day. It was likely worse in person than it looked on TV. And the offensive line really played well. It was just embarrassing. And the thing is he was even worse in both Houston games later that year. The worst game he ever played by far was that Houston game toward the end of the season. It was like he just didn't care. And remember the next year with SD when they played the Titans in the preseason? He was flat out awful. As good as he was in the preseason with the Titans, he was that bad with SD. It was clear that there were other things going on. Either he stopped trying or there was something else. But you don't just become that bad that quickly at that age without other factors.
  9. It's not like he needs to play at this point. He's marrying Whisenhunt's daughter. I guess it proves that he does want to play.
  10. It’s pretty clear he wasn’t the same guy in 2015 as he was in 2014.
  11. Mettenberger's performances in 2015 were as bad as we've seen from any Titans QB not named Matt Mauck or Rusty Smith. In the last game it was clear that Alex Tanney was a better option than him. But yeah in 2014 he did show some quality traits. The problem was he was too slow with his delivery and was boom or bust. And I'm guessing there were other issues that none of us could see. I remember the first time they showed he and Mariota throwing side by side and it was so obvious that Mettenberger just couldn't compete with Mariota.
  12. How many guys from the Titans 2014 or 2015 draft class are in this league? I can think of at least 4...
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