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  1. Yeah Jacksonville is going to trade him to their biggest rival. Okay.
  2. You know what the worst move Webster ever made? Signing Shonn Greene to that big contract. It just made no sense.
  3. Right, Walker of course. The weird is the 2013 team, Walker’s first, was actually okay. They lost a lot of tight games. But once that offseason came everything went south in a hurry. That also corresponded with Tommy Smith’s first offseason as controlling owner.
  4. It easily could be a situation where a blind squirrel got lucky. But he made a couple of good moves as GM. Woodyard was a good signing. I’m hard pressed to think of too many others, however.
  5. Come on, he has to get credit for the Lewan pick. He was being hammered pretty good on this site after that pick. Ironically, it was easily the most criticized of his first round picks and it ultimately was the best pick he ever made.
  6. Well yeah all are true. He was terrible in all fronts. And Robinson is way better in every way. I'm just saying that there are many franchises that have had a bad period and the GM was a big reason why. I'm sure Jacksonville fans would argue that Dave Caldwell was the worst. Tampa Bay fans would argue that their GM's been the worst. Lions fans would argue Matt Millen. Cleveland fans would argue that their GMs have been the worst. Buffalo fans would argue the same. Arizona fans as well. Etc, etc. The Titans had a bad period and Webster was a big part of that. Those franchises also had bad periods over the past 20 years. Please don't take this as me trying to defend Webster.
  7. The Titans had a better record than Denver in 2011. The Broncos won the AFC West. Had the Titans made the playoffs they'd have played the Texans and taken the Bengals place.
  8. I bet if you took a look at any of the franchises that have had a bad period the GM likely was a big part. It's tough to call him a bottom 5 GM for the last 20 years without taking a look around the league. Because there were some bad ones.
  9. I’m not defending him. I’m just saying that there are many others who were just as bad. The organization as a whole was terrible for probably a 5 year period as far as how it was run and Webster was obviously right in the middle of it.
  10. Webster had two major issues. The biggest one to me is that he didn’t seem to have a plan for a lot of these players. He would just draft athletes and think that they’d make it work. Whereas with Robinson every player has a purpose, whether it be in free agency or the draft. The second issue is the organization was a complete mess from the end of Fisher’s tenure until Amy Adams Strunk took over.
  11. I mean there have been a lot of terrible GMs in the league over the past 20 years. I bet there’s 50 or so you could say is a top 5 worst GM in that time frame.
  12. My Colin McCarthy memory is a dropped gimme INT that may have been a pick 6 against Andrew Luck and the Colts that probably would have been the difference maker. That was the first win for Andrew Luck against the Titans, in OT. If he catches that the Titans likely win.
  13. Speaking of Jamal, completely off topic, I am binge watching The Office and the character Dwight reminds me a lot of Jamal. He looks just like him and kind of acts like him too.
  14. I like Bongo. Sure, he's not always right but he's at least respectful and doesn't spam the board. Like rns said, he provides entertainment. I actually wish he'd post more.

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