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  1. Per Pro Football Focus (PFF), Landry has played 2,609 defensive snaps over the past three seasons, which is over 250 more than the next-highest edge rusher – the Rams’ Leonard Floyd (2,357) – during that span.
  2. Physically gifted guy who can make some ridiculous throws but also very raw and erratic at times, some team likely takes him in the top 25 hoping that raw potential can be harnessed.
  3. Absolutely this physical run first style comes right from the top of the organization and its exactly the way JRob/Vrabel want to play offense.
  4. If you are specifically targeting a first round QB you aren't sitting all the way back at pick #26 hoping he makes it there you are aggressively moving up to make sure you secure him. There is also a subtle difference between being competitive and being all in.
  5. None of them are consensus top 15 picks at this point in time, what I find interesting is some here are talking up Carson Strong who none of the most reputable draft analysts have anywhere near a first round pick. I was a fan of Jordan Love in that draft class the kid has serious arm talent but can make poor decisions at times, would be very surprised having drafted him in the first round if the Packers didn't give him 1 season to at least see what he has got if Rodgers leaves.
  6. Jeremiah also did his usual 1hr video Move the Sticks podcast on the NFLN today breaking down the Divisional Round will be interesting to see what else he has to say on the Titans exit, as a lot of people know he is close with JRob from the many years they spent crossing the country scouting players.
  7. How many playoff losses will it take for someone in that building to say enough is enough and its pure insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.
  8. Given the age and contract status of the current starting OL its a near certainty he is drafting an OL in the 2022 draft the only question is whether its in round 1 or not.
  9. The Saints didn't get out of a $100 million hole they just pushed it forward another year they are $78 million over the 2022 cap and don't have a QB, their HC might also walk away.
  10. Listen to the way Vrabel talks about Landry and how much he values his versatility/durability/leadership he isn't going anywhere.
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