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  1. Running through all the QB needy teams and the rumors surrounding those teams i'm not sure there would be such a huge market for Tannehill outside the Titans, yes some teams would be interested but I don't know if there would be a huge scramble. Just look at some of the QB needy teams and what they have been rumored to be thinking. Bengals - they are drafting Joe Burrow Dolphins - rumored to be coveting Tua Chargers - have been reports over the last 72hrs they absolutely love Justin Hebert (which would be a massive mistake) Colts - has been heavily reported that Ballard covets Jordan Love Bucs - if they don't keep Winston reports are they could sign Rivers and draft Eason Patriots - if they don't keep Brady, Peter King pointed to them looking at Dalton in a trade so they could protect comp picks by not signing big money FA QB Bears - they have some cap issues to work through, would be creating some major roster holes to fit Tannehill in, also lack draft capital Raiders - this has been rumored as a possible destination for Brady Cowboys - would be a surprise if they moved on from Dak Saints - likely to be Brees or Bridgewater Panthers - no idea what they do with Newton, has been a lot of speculation that their new owner Tepper wants to make a huge splash in the draft Broncos - sounds like they are running with Drew Lock I'm optimistic that Tannehill and the Titans conclude this is the right fit for both parties and can come to a satisfactory conclusion on a long term deal averaging roughly around what the franchise tag would be for 2020, I would be surprised if Tannehill got into the $30 million range on a per year basis, think he ends up somewhere in the $27-29 million range.
  2. I think Vrabel/JRob/Smith might think Raymond or the return of Batson who they seem to like could fill that role, both are plenty quick to go deep.
  3. In a Vrabel/Smith offense I would hate to use a first rounder on a WR, we can't find enough targets for the weapons we have now let alone bringing in another premium pick, saying that I wouldn't be surprised if the BPA when we are on the clock is either a WR or RB. I'm hoping one out of Yetur Gross-Matos/Terrell Lewis/K'Lavon Chaisson makes it to 29 so the option of taking a pass rusher is there should JRob want to take one.
  4. Sitting at pick 29 we are obviously totally at the mercy of what happens in front of us, the fascinating thing about this draft is the massive amount of depth at the WR position and how teams who have WR needs attack that position in the first round. If teams pass on WR's early and focus on other needs JRob could have a problem on his hands at pick 29.
  5. Alabama edge rusher Terrell Lewis is one of the few guys at the Senior Bowl that I think might be in play for us at pick 29, obviously depending on what happens in FA, he has perfect size/length for the position and if not for injury concerns earlier in his CFB career he might of got more buzz during the draft process so far. We all know JRob has a love for taking players who have had injury concerns.
  6. With Coughlin out of the way the Jags seem confident they will be able to keep one of the best FA pass rushers off the market.
  7. Those in the NFL media dreaming of Brady ending up in Nashville.
  8. Not a bad hire by the Jags, I thought Jay Gruden was hindered by the poor ownership/management situation at the Redskins.
  9. Probably somewhere between mid 2nd to mid 3rd rounds, interesting prospect but doesn't have the ideal height/weight you would like in an OLB, also not the best tackler so he would be viewed more as a situational pass rusher rather than a starter at OLB.
  10. Seems Brown has gone into hiding after allegedly assaulting a moving truck driver.
  11. Have seen some reports out of the Cowboys that Richard was a pretty abrasive character.

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