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  1. Bit of talk down here in Australia that the NFL and some of the other major US sports have been in contact with the 2 major football codes here (NRL/AFL) as they are going to be the first two full contact/tackling football codes to restart their competitions, the NRL starts today and the AFL in 2 weeks. Apparently most interest surrounds the bio security protocols that have been put in place to allow both competitions to restart so quickly. It is interesting how quickly the debate has shifted, a month ago not everyone was convinced there would be an NFL season and now the discussion more revolves around if or how many fans will be allowed in the stadiums.
  2. I'm sure there would be a major regression from Tannehill baked into those analytics, they also had the Titans defense ranked 19th. There were some really weird rankings in that ESPN FPI released yesterday, two NFC East teams in the top 6 (Cowboys/Eagles), the Patriots being the 3rd ranked AFC team, given a 60% chance of making the playoffs and also having the top defense didn't feel right.
  3. The latest ESPN analytics modeling doesn't show much love for the Titans, has them ranked as the 16th best team entering the 2020 season and the 7th best team in the AFC.
  4. There is another even more daunting stat, since 2001 when they opened their new Mile High Stadium the Broncos are 21-2 at home in the first two weeks of the regular season.
  5. Today JRob once again reiterated that the team wants Henry here long term and they are still in active back and forth negotiations about a long term extension.
  6. Hopefully Tannehill is considering returning to Nashville shortly so he can start working out with the bulk of the teams skill position players, it's a bit strange to have the backup QB running the offseason throwing sessions a couple of times a week with the likes of Brown/Davis/Humphries/Firkser and a bunch of the UDFA WR.
  7. Going to be interesting to see how long the NFL holds off allowing players/coaches back into facilities now the first CFB program has committed to bringing back players on campus June 1st (University of Wyoming) you can bet others will start following quickly especially SEC Schools.
  8. Seahawks reportedly attempting to sign Devonta Freeman.
  9. Good to hear that Simmons has been able to ditch the knee brace and hasn't needed it at all during offseason training/rehab, also he is already 11lbs lighter than last year and plans to drop a bit more and end up playing 15-20lbs lighter during this season, if he gets his pre-injury quickness back he is going to be a frightening proposition for opposition IOL.
  10. Wilson's technique is so inconsistent right now, his footwork and hand placement are all over the place, quite often it was only his massive wingspan that saved him when he got himself in bad position/situation, he won't be so lucky against higher caliber NFL quality pass rushers, on the OTP today he basically admitted how difficult he was finding learning the Titans scheme as he can't physically do the reps. With a severely restricted offseason he simply won't be ready week 1. One big advantage the Titans have this season is the offensive continuity from last year (both scheme and personnel wise), there is nothing wrong with rolling with Kelly until such time Wilson is comfortable and ready to go. There is massive upside with Wilson if developed properly but he is far from a finished product yet.
  11. Would be very surprised if Vrabel exposes Wilson to Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in week 1, could lead to Tannehill getting killed.
  12. A couple of things from today's OTP with Rookies Wilson/Fulton/Evans - Fulton repeatedly mentioned the nickel position and special teams - Wilson conceded the virtual learning program isn't ideal for him and that he learns better out on the field taking physical reps, also talked about the difficulties learning the new scheme terminology. - Evans touched on how he is doing plenty of receiving drills in his current training program Have made this observation before but I just can't see Wilson starting the season at RT, with the abbreviated offseason program and some of his technique issues there is no way Vrabel exposes him when he isn't ready.

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