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  1. I still think 3 of the 4 will go in the top 10 some team won't be able to help themselves and will think they can develop Richardson's physical traits into a Jalen Hurts type QB.
  2. Another reference here regarding some teams liking Broderick Jones over both Johnson and Skoronski. "Some teams liked Jones better than Skoronski and Paris Johnson Jr. this past winter, and I’m not going to rule out the idea that someone trades up to get him (or takes him in the top 10). Jones is a really good athlete and a physical offensive lineman." https://theathletic.com/4336203/2023/03/23/nfl-mock-draft-team-picks-reactions/
  3. On the Prospects to Pros episode from yesterday Dane Brugler raised this possibility he also said Ballard has been doing A LOT of work on some of the other later round QB's especially Aidan O’Connell. Brugler also pointed out all the links between the Vikings and Will Levis.
  4. If he wanted Willis he would be rubbing one out nightly at the prospect of drafting Anthony Richardson.
  5. So where is Vrabel headed tomorrow does he head to Cincinnati even though his buddy Fickell isn't there anymore or does he head to Wisconsin to watch Joe Tippmann.
  6. I didn't say it WAS going to be a lost year what I was trying to get at is some of the moves made in the draft this year could be players that will contribute more in future years and the effect of those decisions could limit the upside of this team in 2023.
  7. Well this is certainly something Vrabel said Jaxon Smith-Njigba has the ability to work outside.
  8. Based on what I have seen so far this offseason I think the preferred option inside that building is flexibility for 2024 so there must be a decent chance they don't extend Tannehill and see how 2023 plays out.
  9. Just speculation based off a local Philly reporter who suggested a recent DB signing by the Eagles was a depth piece and a bigger move at S was coming.
  10. Its the right strategy even it means 2023 is a lost year.
  11. Apparently there are some concerns from teams that Ohio St RT Dawand Jones refused to be weighed at the pro day today and also chose not to work out.
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