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  1. In one of his post FA media/fan availabilities Vrabel was directly asked if Reynolds was a starter/WR2 and he said nothing is a given and he was brought into compete with other guys.
  2. Not according to Vrabel also signing Reynolds to a 1yr $1.75 million doesn't guarantee him anything.
  3. People expecting Reynolds to simply slot in and replace Davis' production are playing a dangerous game, we need another guy who can also play outside.
  4. Deep at slot WR not so much for bigger bodied outside guys.
  5. One thing about Barmore i'm keen to dig more into is the immaturity issues reported by Albert Breer haven't seen anyone else mention this yet. Important to remember that Breer was one of the only people who went on record pre-draft about Isaiah Wilson's immaturity issues. This is what Breer recently said on Barmore "Barmore has the ability of a top 10 pick. But maturity and off-field issues had a lot of people thinking it might’ve been best that he stay another year in college." https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/03/25/gameplan-nfl-mock-draft-trevor-law
  6. Such mixed opinions on Barmore noticed today that Lance Zierlein has him as his 12th best player and some other guys like Daniel Jeremiah don't even have him as a first rounder, had we not signed Autry in FA I would be leading the charge on Barmore but now how many snaps is he going to play in the first couple of seasons.
  7. This would be a ridiculously good draft haul for the Titans even though its pretty unrealistic. Pick 22 - Greg Newsome Pick 53 - Elijah Moore Pick 85 - Joe Tryon Pick 100 - D'Ante Smith Pick 126 - Tommy Tremble
  8. Would imagine pretty well after picking a guy who is a multi time All Pro.
  9. Should of asked him what the plan for the draft was.
  10. JRob has a lot of work to do in this draft to fill in holes on this roster especially at the offensive skill positions if he doesn't have a good draft under 9 wins isn't unrealistic for next season.
  11. With the development cycle usually a little longer for TE than some other positions its a must to draft a guy this year to get him in the system and start the process of getting them ready to contribute. With so many needs on this roster i'm not sure the luxury is there to take an IDL and two pass rushers in the first 6 picks.
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