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  1. Two calf strains in less than two months the Bengals are probably fearful of a Rodgers/Durant situation where you have guys with calf issues turning into an increased risk of an Achilles rupture which both did.
  2. Could certainly read into this that Bengals ownership are going to take the decision out of Burrow's hands and they plan to sit their $275 million QB and not risk further injury.
  3. With the option to elevate Kinsey 3 times from the practice squad rather than promote him to the 53 man roster I wonder if we should read anything into the possibility that Kyle Philips won't be ready to come off IR at the earliest possible opportunity (after week 4). Certainly sucks losing Jackson as he looked a capable returner something this team has craved for a long time. Cutting Reese and promoting Campbell feels like an admission they made the wrong call with the initial roster cutdown.
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