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  1. The Eagles would have to be loving the implosion by the Dolphins this season as they currently hold their first round pick.
  2. He is a 4.45-4.5s 40yd guy with a 40 inch vertical and ridiculously large hands, Mike Williams might actually be a decent comparison for him. Right now I can't see anyway JRob is taking a WR in round 1 with all the other issues this team has.
  3. Because that is the way the British/European/Australians do it.
  4. Would be his first start since the 23/11/2019.
  5. They have until Wednesday to activate Brady Breeze or he is done for the season so he is another possibility to get activated tomorrow.
  6. Will only know in hindsight if they actually win the AFC South if they miss out by 1 game everyone will be pointing at that Jets game.
  7. Really big head to head matchup this weekend between two potential first round prospects.
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