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  1. Might see some churning of OL depth over the coming days with a few guys getting injured today and Sambrailo still on PUP and Brewer on NFI, Vrabel even touched on it today that things were getting a little thin regarding the OL.
  2. Following on from Jim Wyatt's post practice report that mentioned Josh Reynolds was unable to finish practice the A to Z guys said that Reynolds appeared to injure himself during the individual WR drills.
  3. Under the 2021 covid protocols fully vaccinated players don't get put on the covid list for being close contacts so Dupree either tested positive or isn't fully vaccinated.
  4. He has been in the building and around other guys in meetings.
  5. Josh Reynolds was one of four guys unable to complete practice today.
  6. lol JJ Watt strained his hamstring doing his conditioning test.
  7. Don't forget Ola Adeniyi who is a special teams ace signed very early in free agency would expect him to win a roster spot. Think you can get to 46ish spots pretty easily and after that its still to be determined in training camp and preseason games to make up those last 6-7 spots. Would be surprised if we saw any of the starters play any snaps before the week 3 preseason game against the Bears so there is going to be plenty of playing time for the fringe guys in preseason weeks 1 and 2 to show something.
  8. Frustrating that Vrabel has his embargo on the media talking about what is happening on the "3rd field" where injured players are carrying out their return to play protocols, multiple media members have hinted in their post practice reporting that there was some interesting stuff happening on that field today that they are barred from reporting. Reading between the lines Dupree and possibly Farley were both working out there today.
  9. They would both likely see carries but if today was any indication of the current plan it was Evans taking all of Henry's snaps.
  10. Going by the reports from today Evans is clearly RB2 and took basically all the first team snaps in team periods as Henry was sitting out those periods.
  11. JRob confirms here that Farley has progressed in his injury rehab to include some on field work. Unsurprisingly JRob made mention they are being cautious with both Dupree and Farley as the focus is for them to be contributing for the team in December and January.
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