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  1. Still out injured and not on the practice field for OTA's.
  2. Could be an indication he was not comfortable with the playbook after being thrust into the TE1 role and the mental processing is slowing down his play speed.
  3. Think it was either Turron Davenport or the A to Z Sports boys who mentioned today that Pruitt looked so lumbering/slow and out of place running as TE1 with the first team offense today.
  4. Igniting the Fire Season 2 starts airing tomorrow for those interested.
  5. Turron Davenport mentioned that Evans/Brown were taking the starting reps at ILB, also Tajae Sharpe got a lot of first team reps today. The starting OL was Lewan/Saffold/Jones/Pamphile/Kelly, disappointing that Conklin is not ready to go yet. Another guy Davenport said that stood out was Derick Roberson.
  6. Just finished listening to an interview with AJ Brown from earlier today, found it somewhat surprising that he mentioned Mariota having a "live" arm in all the throwing sessions the two have participated in together since Brown arrived in Nashville. Curious to see if the media observe any noticeable increase in velocity from Mariota in OTA's today on the back of the increased upper body strength/mass he has added this offseason.
  7. Have seen some speculation around that now they have freed up some cap room the Bucs are interested in signing Suh.
  8. Apparently the media are allowed to cover tomorrow's OTA's, only remotely interesting stuff we are likely to find out is who is actually fit and participating at this stage of the offseason program, and who is currently working with the first team at RG and who is partnering Landry at OLB in the base defense Finch or Correa.
  9. So pointless releasing betting lines this far out from the start of the season, you just know some team/teams are going to suffer some game changing injuries before the season even starts.
  10. Just hope Casey has something left in the tank by the time Simmons is back fully healthy and ready to go, it really is criminal how long it has taken to get some real help.
  11. While not the end of the world its also not ideal to have TE1 and TE2 both coming off injuries and neither are available for OTA's, hopefully when training camp rolls around in 2.5 months both Walker/Smith are cleared and ready to go.
  12. Well that article is definitely reporting it as recovery from an ACL injury. This is the link from the Titans release stating Smith had suffered a season ending MCL injury. https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-te-jonnu-smith-keeping-things-in-perspective-after-season-ending-injury Like I mentioned above there is something strange about his recovery if it was just a straight MCL injury.
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