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  1. Rivers now holds the record for losses by 7pts or under in the SB era with 61.
  2. Was just looking at the current draft order after week 11, there are legitimately 6 teams ahead of us that could take a QB.
  3. Not much change at the very top of the draft order this week, regarding the Titans they actually dropped to the 17th pick during the bye week. 2020 NFL Draft Order after Week 11 1. Bengals 2. Redskins 3. Giants 4. Dolphins 5. Jets 6. Bucs 7. Broncos 8. Falcons 9. Cardinals 10. Lions 11. Chargers 12. Jags 13. Browns 14. Raiders (from Bears) 15. Eagles 16. Dolphins (from Steelers) 17. Titans 18. Panthers 19. Raiders 20. Jags (from Rams) 21. Cowboys 22. Colts 23. Dolphins (from Texans) 24. Vikings 25. Chiefs 26. Bills 27. Packers 28. Seahawks 29. Ravens 30. Saints 31. Patriots 32. 49ers
  4. lol Rivers, no surprise that the game ended with another Rivers INT.
  5. Can see Rivers throwing a few more INT now that the Chargers have to chase points.
  6. Was about to post the same thing. Schefter mentioned in the MNF pregame show there is basically no momentum for an extension for Rivers with the Chargers, they could be a big player in the QB carousel this offseason.
  7. Tyreek Hill just strained his hamstring, not a great start for the Chiefs.
  8. More Chargers fans in Mexico than they get to games in LA.
  9. Absolutely crazy that should the Chiefs lose today they would drop out of the playoff seeding's at the end of week 11, and the Raiders would be at the top of the AFC West.
  10. As long as he avoids avascular necrosis in that hip I can see some team rolling the dice late in the first round so they get that 5th year option, might be a team that has extra draft capital that trades back into the first round.