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  1. Jennings is the 8th player who was on the roster last year that has signed or was traded to another team within the first two weeks of free agency, that validates what many NFL analysts thought that last years Titans roster was one of the deepest in the NFL, might of lacked the top end talent of some other teams but JRob did a really good job constructing that 2019 roster.
  2. He is a later day 3 or even UDFA type guy.
  3. I just don't see them signing Golden, more likely that Correa returns than signing Golden. Clowney is the big mystery other than that report out of the Seattle Times there has been absolutely nothing else reputable linking him to the Titans.
  4. JRob has shown in his draft/FA moves he values OL that are good run blockers and can move the LOS, Wilson can certainly do that, TCU OT Lucas Niang is another that can do that.
  5. I like that JRob has managed to keep the continuity of the offensive side of the ball, the entire starting 11 will likely come from guys who were on the roster last season, that is going to be a massive bonus with the offseason program basically wiped out due to the corona virus. Commenting on the roster as it is currently structured there is no doubt as we sit here right now it is weaker than the team that walked off Arrowhead after losing the AFCCG, if the goal was to improve the roster to beat the Chiefs this year I just don't think that has happened so far this offseason. Vrabel/JRob are reportedly having a conference call with the local media during next week sometime it will be interesting to see JRob's view on how things have gone since FA has opened. As previously mentioned I believe to some extent a decision was made to be conservative early in free agency to protect that 3rd round comp pick for losing Conklin, I expect some FA signings post the draft, the issue is other than Clowney is there really anyone left on the market that could make a significant difference to this team immediately.
  6. Brown is a freak, teams in the top 10 would be insane to pass on him because his average combine workout figures.
  7. If the Jags don't take Henderson at #9 they are likely taking a CB at #20, question is which guy they like.
  8. Won't get anywhere near the Titans at #29 but this guy would really fit nicely given our current needs.
  9. Zero doubt he is a JRob type of player, going to need a lot of luck if he is going to make it to #29 though, maybe some teams will pass on him due to that recent knee surgery. The following teams could take Gladney before we pick at #29 - Cowboys at #17 - Raiders at #19 - Jags at #20 - Vikings at #22 or #25
  10. Would imagine the medical concerns far outweigh the monetary issues at this point.
  11. @tgo not sure if you have seen The Ringer's latest mock draft they had the Titans taking Davis at #61.
  12. FWIW Jeff Darlington on ESPN NFL Live today said that with all the impediments that teams face with signing Clowney that it will ultimately lead to Clowney signing a 1yr deal with the Seahawks with the hope of cashing in next offseason.

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