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  1. Its even more stupid if they flush the season down the toilet while continuing to back Mariota.
  2. On his appearance on Golic and Wingo just now Schefter updated the Mariota/Tannehill situation, he suggested the team isn't quite ready to move onto Tannehill just yet.
  3. He has absolutely fallen off a cliff since that London game against the Chargers.
  4. Yes I know Lewis is the 3rd down back who is used in obvious passing situations, what i'm saying is he is useless and adds nothing to the offense, JRob needs to bring another RB in that can fill that role and actually contribute to the offense.
  5. Having Dion Lewis play 50%+ of offensive snaps is such a waste he offers absolutely nothing, JRob should promote Dawkins at least he has some burst and runs hard.
  6. Vrabel's stubbornness is becoming an issue, keeping Adoree on punt returns, unwillingness to bring in Tannehill, not challenging that DPI on Davis, insistence of being run heavy on first down, not going with Henry early in the 4th qtr last week. The slow tempo of the offense in the 4th qtr was also a disgrace.
  7. Looks like Brown has got himself into trouble again.
  8. Scary thing out of the Vrabel/Mariota press conferences there didn't seem any appetite from Vrabel to make a QB change and Mariota certainly didn't sound like a guy that was losing his grip on the starting QB job. @tgo mentioned the possibility earlier that they are going to run with Mariota until Lewan gets back, unfortunately this might actually be what happens.
  9. He did also say they put Stinnie in the game to see him take a few reps, don't think the decision will be made until mid next week.
  10. Vrabel is a big problem here, go back and watch Arthur Smith's press conference from last week, he basically said Vrabel sets the offensive philosophy for the game and Smith builds a game plan around it.
  11. Think there will be another RG next game, question is whether its Pamphile/Stinnie/Davis.
  12. This is as deflated as I have seen Vrabel since he has been here.