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  1. So it looks like the Big12/SEC/ACC all going to try and play a fall season, would imagine the transfer portal is going to absolutely explode with players from the Big10 and Pac12 trying to find an opportunity at a school that will be playing this year.
  2. Broncos were looking a bit thin at OT after Ja'Wuan James opted out of the 2020 season.
  3. Not a lot of weight/length in the current group of OLB has to be some concerns about how well they will be able to set the edge on early downs.
  4. With the release of Gilbert the flaky at best status of Beasley and Smith currently being on the covid-19 list that only leaves 4 active OLB Landry/Correa/Roberson/Walker surely JRob needs to add a few bodies at the position as practice intensity starts to ramp up later this week.
  5. If the SEC/ACC/Big12 also cancel their seasons the NFL is going to have to be creative to make sure teams have a way to properly evaluate this draft class, whether that is expanding the combine or creating several more Senior Bowl type events where teams get a full week of practice and a game to evaluate players. Imagine trying to evaluate guys who were injured and missed the 2019 CFB season, would mean there is zero tape on them for more than 2yrs coming into the 2021 Draft.
  6. Just watching Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks on NFLN Total Access talk about the scouting issues if there isn't a CFB season, one interesting point was nearly a third of the total players selected in the 2020 Draft came out of the Big10 or Pac 12.
  7. Going to be a tough balancing act for coaches this offseason obviously you don't want injuries in camp but you also have to prepare the players for the physicality of an NFL season, there will be teams that get this balance wrong and will have guys banged up before week 1 but also on the other end of the scale there will be teams who haven't done enough and could be underdone when the season kicks off. Vrabel has mentioned recently that although the health of the football team is always a priority he simply has to add live tackling to training camp this year so he can get the players ready for week 1 and the Broncos.
  8. Quite a few coaches have mentioned that once the pads come on August 17th they are likely to have more intra-team full contract/tackling scrimmages than they would in a usual training camp as they simply have to get players live reps that they require to get ready for the season, it is the only way they can get the live reps without preseason games and joint practices this year.
  9. What a mess in the space of less than a week some of these CFB Conferences announced their schedule then pivoted 72hrs later to a point of wanting to cancel the season and now with the enormous player led backlash they faced are not considering further delaying the start of the season.
  10. I think the Big10 grossly misjudged the reaction from other conferences/schools when they first floated that their preference was to cancel the CFB season, get the feeling that they thought everyone else would just fall into line behind them and everyone would just agree to cancel the season. Now everything is just a huge mess.

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