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  1. Corey is a quiet guy but it's probably good for Mariota that he got benched because it sounds like Corey was about to knock his pineapple off his shoulders...
  2. Find yourself someone who loves and supports you as much as tgo does Joe Biden.
  3. Nothing we can do about them right now. The NFL is suffering an OL drought.
  4. God, I hope they believe that and stupidly send us a 2nd. Honestly I'd like to see Marcus have success elsewhere. I always root for ex-Titans.
  5. Who wanted him to fail? I certainly did not. I hoped he would turn it around right up until I saw him throw like a quadruple amputee against the Browns in the first half. Companies don't let shitty employees just hang around losing them money for years. Those incompetent assholes get fired and it wasn't because the company was "rooting" for the to fail. Mariota was a money it of sunk costs. I wanted him to be the guy but I'm also really glad it's over.
  6. That would make his initials BJ...Take it away @woolfolksunclesuncle!
  7. It's a Jeff Simmons thread and he more than deserves the accolades but Daquan Jones was getting busy too. I'm probably reaching but Simmons might be one of those guys that makes the guy next to him better. DQ and Casey getting going would be sweet because Landry is getting good pressure from the edge.
  8. At first blush, I like the idea of getting something for him but it's just not worth it.
  9. To me they're really only totally morons and worthy of being fired if they knew Mariota was as bad as some one here thought and still rolled with him. IMO they, like many of us thought that once he was 100% healthy with some legit weapons around him he could play well enough to be successful. They were wrong and so were we. He sucked. While I give them a quasi-pass for continuing to start him, I don't fully absolve them because Mariota should've been benched at half time of the Browns game. After 2 quarters of play it was apparent that no amount of health or weapons was going to salvage him.
  10. Yeah, the other two could be construed to be innocuous but Davis is clearly salty. Justifiably so, Marcus almost ruined his career.
  11. “He knows where to go with the ball, I’ll tell you that,” said Corey Davis, who had six catches for 80 yards and a touchdown. “Some of the time you’ve got to just give a guy a shot,” Davis said, “see if he comes down with it.” IMO it's a direct indictment of the things many were/are saying Mariota wasn't doing. He's speaking with the relief of a man who just finalized a divorce with a total psycho and finally got himself a decent woman.
  12. Agreed. Not a fan of his passing concepts but I loved his run game. Even when we were getting stuffed on negative runs, you could see that the design was great if only the players could ever execute. Robiskie had no saving graces, bad coordinator with very little feel for play calling. He called a few good ones here and there but just no where near good enough to help us.
  13. I don't see the need for a conspiracy theory. Amy, J-Rob, and Vrabel all make decisions together and I'm pretty sure we all involved in keeping Marcus as the starter. Going into the off-season everyone knew that this would be Mariota's make or break year and should've assumed that the FO would give him every chance they could to prove he wasn't the guy. I'm sure Tannehill introduce some doubt by outshining Mariota in the preseason but by then, the decision was made. Mariota then gave them a little hope by being efficient against Cleveland dominating Atlanta. The fact that they gave him the hook in Denver let's you know that they aren't blind but rather wanted to make sure he played his way out of a job and not let the "didn't give him a chance" narrative take hold. All 3 let emotion, business (Mariota becoming the guy is good for marketing), potential public back-lash affect them and they made the wrong decision. I'm willing to let it go because they ultimately rectified it but I'm definitely worried about their future handling of the QB position.
  14. I'm not usually that guy and I'm a bit surprised due to his personality but Corey Davis was 100% throwing shade. Dude is sick of wasting his life away on a QB who never gives him a chance to make a play.
  15. Simmons' best comp is easily Fletcher Cox. Both came into the league at 6'4", 300 lbs, with exactly 34 and 1/2 inch arms. If you read the scouting reports they basically describe both guys. To put it over the top both come into the NFL out of Mississippi State. it's literally a perfect comp.