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  1. It's not a me thing. You're never swayed by anything brought up here regardless of who says it or what they say. You're completely unreasonable and trying to convince you of anything is a compete waste of time. There is a reason most reasonable people are saying Trump looks incompetent and weak. Obama never looked as weak and impotent as your man-crush.
  2. I no longer bother trying to convince these idiots of anything. It's a complete waste of time.
  3. There is nothing to defend the comparison is spot on. It's not like I expect you to be a reasonable human being anyways so why waste time trying to talk reason into you?
  4. Believe me bud, we don't need to twist anything, the guy is a terrible president and even worse person. The only twisting around here is how you and your ilk will twist yourselves into pretzels to defend him.
  5. We beat you idiots through the EC in 2008 and 2012, we'll do it again in 2020. Enjoy your last few months, it's gonna be a long road back.
  6. They really just want to be as racist as they want and not hear a peep about it. That persecution they're always complaining about is just a failure to understand that the people they used to get away with shitting on can now fight back and make them pay a social pound of flesh for being bigots. I take a lot of pleasure in watching them flail about, knowing there is nothing they can do to avoid being held accountable. It's justice served considering that for hundreds of years people of color had to just take abuse from these assholes and their predecessors with 0 ability to fight back or defend themselves. The game has changed motherfuckers. And for the clinically dense when I refer to the assholes I'm talking about racists not all white people. Can't believe I have to explicitly say it but alas the victims try to twist everything.
  7. Wtf? When did a reasonable conservative show up? Who is @Former_Fan what took him so long?
  8. He won't win the other day either. It's not a matter of intellect as I don't think he's a dummy but when you're forced to defend the likes of Taywan Taylor there is really only so much you can do honestly.
  9. I didn't start out comparing him to Hopkins. I started out comparing him to Fuller and then you got all butt-hurt and started deflecting to your disdain of Mariota as an excuse for why Taylor isn't very good. You did this, you and your inexplicable love affair with Taywan Taylor. Everything with you comes back to Mariota. It's honestly tiring to talk with you because regardless of the original topic we always end up back to the same problem. Stay on topic without deflecting or don't bother.
  10. I don't dispute that the world has certainly looked at us more critically since the 9/11 era but I don't think we've been considered flat-out liars or undependable partners by our allies until Trump.
  11. Trump is a compete joke and the world is laughing. Obama wasn't a joke. Damn right I'd rather have Obama. International politics is more of a team game and Trump has been telling some of his most important teammates to go fuck themselves for 3 years. BTW, can't you see the irony in your post? You refer to Obama as weak for not crossing an arbitrary red line but won't dare to say the same about the guy who just called off a strike after having troops in position because he got cold feet? You hypocrite. Weakness is not even having more credibility with the international community than fucking Iran.
  12. Do you realize that this conversation had nothing to do with QBs until you decided to make it about them? This is all you do, somehow make everything about the QB. Hopkins has been a stud his whole career. It never mattered who the QB was because he is a great player and gets his regardless. Watson is certainly his best QB so far but he isn't the type of player that is defined by his QB. Taylor will always be defined by his QB because he isn't very good.
  13. Correct. It's also partly why the more establishment dem types will gravitate towards her rather than Bernie. Well that and the blind hatred they have for the guy for daring to run against queen Hillbot.
  14. The saddest thing in all of this is that the world no longer knows to believe us over Iran. We've lost that much credibility in a mere 3 years. These are the tangible consequences of having a buffoon no one respects as our president. I don't really care whether the world likes us but it is imperative that they respect us and thanks to Trump I think it's pretty obvious that they no longer do.
  15. I want Taylor to make Sharpe irrelevant. I agree we need his skill-set way more than Sharpe who is basically redundant at this point. I just don't trust him to. I think Sharpe is a better/more reliable played right now.
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