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  1. If he signs with a team that has legit weapons like the chargers or Bucs people will be falling all over themselves to take back a lot of what they said. Brady is past his prime but he's not done. If he stays in NE he'll look done though. The offensive cupboard is bare up here.
  2. We don't have a CB with a #1 skill set right now. We've got 2 #2 corners and an aging slot.CB is a big need. A pass rusher opposite Landry is the only other thing this D needs more.
  3. It flat out wasn't his best performance and he left some plays on the table. Still not really the reason we lost but it confirms my feelings of being underwhelmed by his play after the game.
  4. He wasn't the reason we lost but I thought he could've done more. We crucify QBs all the time in this board for not putting the team on their backs when necessary. You really think Tannehill put the team on his back yesterday?
  5. We badly need corner help IMO. Another pass rusher wouldn't hurt either.
  6. I have when I've felt it was called for. I don't think this fit the bill. Rain check?
  7. The only person I've seen post on this board about going to Jets games in scine. I've never been to or posted about being to a Jets game on this board so I don't know where that's coming from. Also, I "attacked" your opinion on it's merits in my post and engaged you in a football discussion. Look, I don't know you from the next man but it definitely did rub me the wrong way that you're essentially bringing your personal life into a football message board as a reason for why I should consider your opinion more than most.I don't count anyone's money but I'm definitely not a fan of being lectured on who I should listen to and why. If it wasn't your intent then fine but it definitely came off as smug to me. Btw, I find it really ironic that you're calling me a lemming when what's gotten me on your bad side stems from me disagreeing with you. I'm sure there are some of your threads I've agreed with in the past, this thread just doesn't happen to be one of them. You're TR vet so you know thick skin is a must and jokes are just jokes. It's nothing personal, I try to keep things about football.
  8. You think I'm @scine09 don't you? And either way who I am has no relevance to you or anyone else since I'm not sitting here asking for special treatment on an online football message board.
  9. I got you. I just don't think your approach is wise. for an actual GM unless they had unprecedented support from both the coaches and ownership and I don't see a situation that favorable ever materializing.
  10. Pussy about what? You seem to be asking for some sort of kowtowing to your knowledge or something. I'll respect your opinion about as much as I do those of every other poster here but I'm not going to be overly deferential to you because you happen to be successful in a non-football field outside of here.
  11. Sure, but it's far more likely that they move Murray for assets during this year's draft. Also, Keim isn't going to make it to "2 years from now". If he drafts Lawrence with the 8th pick and doesn't have an unquestionable franchise QB by the end of the year, he's getting fired. Also, it'll be really awkward when he doubles down on your strategy and tells ownership he's drafting another first round QB in 2021 because Kyler Murray and Trevor Lawrence "just didn't have it " lmao.
  12. When the people who are paying to do this work for or own NFL teams, you'll actually have a point here. Until then, you're no better than the rest of us and thus, you'll just have to excuse me if you feel I'm not giving you the amount of deference you feel you deserve.
  13. You being willing to sell and them being willing to buy are two very different things. How do you keep selling this approach to ownership after you've blown through 2 top 5-10 QBs in two years and are about to do it again like you're suggesting Keim do in Arizona? How long before ownership decides that maybe it isn't the QBs but rather YOU are the problem because not only did the QBs bust but your roster has also gotten worse during your tenure?
  14. So, knowing this, how can you honestly hold J-Rob or really any other GM right now accountable for not employing this strategy while having 0 first hand information regarding how the owner and HC feel about such an approach?
  15. Old enough to know that bragging about how much money you make on the internet is corny as fuck and doing well enough that I envy no one.

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