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  1. If he has a questionable history then no, I'm not taking Georgia at their word. However, I haven't heard anything negative about the kid and Isaiah Wilson is IMO an outlier among GA products who by and large have been fine in the NFL. Shakur Brown played a ton of slot in college and I think that's his role in the NFL as well. I don't see the upside of playing him on deep threat receivers outside like I do with Stokes. I see your point about the depth though. IMO the depth at CB is much better than the EDGE depth if you're looking for a #1 guy, The more I look at these edges, the more I realize
  2. That 4.38 is legit. They used Full Automatic Timing (F.A.T) which is far more accurate than what the NFL has been using. I also believe that the semi-auto time is good too since it's comparable to what the NFL was using at the combine for years. Keep in mind that Eric Stokes was a legit 10.39 100m in HS and has likely gotten faster. I would absolutely take this kid in the 2nd round. He's one of the few in the league that you can put on a Will Fuller type and not worry about anything.
  3. Jaelen Phillips is the only edge in this class that I think is better than Harold Landry coming out and I think Ronnie Perkins is just a bit below Landry. Rousseau is a project that wins inside more than outside, has no rush plan, and I didn't see him bend the corner to finish at all. Ojulari doesn't have near the bend Landry has and has only one move. I also think he gets swallowed up at the next level. Quincy Roche is essentially the walmart brand version of Landry with less athleticism and worse in the run game (I still like him after the 2nd round though). Sadly, none of these guys are eve
  4. And yet they wanted to sign Clowney last season too, Who is managing their cap? I thought shit like this was damn near impossible these days.
  5. I'm genuinely surprised. I found his 2020 play horrid outside of a few splash plays.
  6. The bigger problem is that anything more complex than a single factor explanation is too much for a lot of voters to digest and then they get pissed. In a reasonable world, dems would be able to explain exactly why some people may not qualify this time around and how it won't negatively impact people who actually need the money and that there was a phase out the first time around. In the real world, the republicans can just yell "Biden lied" and half the population will believe it and vote against us. Also I get the moderate frustration with progressives wanting to primary Sinema a
  7. When it comes to dollars and cents I agree that it isn't really a big deal. What I do see as a problem is that we all know Republicans will not be intellectually honest about this and will tout this as a broken promise beatstick that they can make noise with going into mid-terms. That said, republicans will distort anything they can get their hands on to try to score political point so on the balance if this is what it takes so be it. I will say though, the fact that it's taking this much effort to pass something so overwhelmingly popular, it bodes poorly for the future of any agenda that aims
  8. What's he's saying is that some people won't even be getting the 2k total that was promised to them and will see that as a broken promise. He's right.
  9. It's weird because Wilson being such a fucking scumbag makes me think that he would've fooled most people so I don't really know what else J-Rob could've done. The only reason I consider this a mark against him is because this is like the 3rd time he's been conned by dudes who don't really want to play football. First Dodd, then Beasely, now Wilson. In those 3 moves he lost cost the franchise a high 2nd rounder, a 1st rounder, and damn near 10 million dollars. If it was just Wilson, I'd honestly let it slide but yeah, in context, this isn't a good look.
  10. Like I know people think it's ridiculous to think that someone seemingly as "dumb" as Wilson could con sophisticated people like J-Rob and Vrabel but there are people out there who have developed some really strong coping mechanisms that allow them to fool even people who think they really know them. You don't have to be some genius, criminal mastermind. I'm not necessarily saying dude suffers from anti-social personality disorder but people like that can fool most people, especially those who want to believe them.
  11. To be clear I think it's more than possible that there was serious dirt to be found in Wilson. I mean, you can't be that big of a headcase and not show ANY signs of it beforehand. I just think that if we didn't find it, it's unlikely many if any others found it and I certainly don't think we deliberately overlooked damning info just to take an OT that was generally considered a bit of a project.
  12. Even at his best Adoree wasn't a shut down corner though he did appear to have some potential. Here is the test; think about the top 10-15 receivers in the league and imagine Adoree covering them 1 on 1 for the whole game? How many of those match-ups does he win? IMO, not many and if that's the case he isn't what you're looking for in a #1 CB.
  13. Did you ever accept that faceguarding isn't illegal in the NFL or are you going to double down on that error yet again instead of being reasonable?
  14. No one knew this guy was a psycho. I don't believe J-Rob et al didn't do their due diligence on this guy.
  15. It's not bias, it's realism. He isn't that good but had a good stretch of play before getting hurt which caused people to get excited about him. The injury likely derailed that excitement/development. He's not a legit 1 and gets worked when he has to man up legit #1 receivers and even some #2's. Will Fuller gets giddy when he sees Adoree Jackson on his schedule 2x per year.
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