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  1. I hope it doesn't include us but a lot of teams are going to remind themselves how unwise it is to bet on outliers high in the draft.
  2. Common sense tells you that if he really thought he was a 4.49 guy he would've ran it at the combine. At this point though there is no upside to running the 40 at the combine. Why run it with legit laser timing when you can just get a hand time from some dude with an NRA grade trigger finger and get the same amount of credit? Even 4.5 guys don't get run down from behind the way JSN does. Anyone who thinks they're getting a speedy receiver when drafting him is gullible.
  3. AJB ran that 4.49 at the combine though. Big difference. You can turn on the two players' respective tapes and see the speed difference.
  4. Agreed. We hit rock bottom last season and bum ass Robert Woods got 82 targets. These guys could go to more "open" offenses but there is no certainty that translates into actual targets and production. With a healthy Tannehill any decent receiver will be up near 100 targets and Davis should know that better than anyone given how he got 90 targets his last season with us despite AJ Brown. The idea that receivers shouldn't come here is a complete fallacy. The problem is we've recently had a bunch of bums that can't get open and thus obviously don't get the targets/production they should. They'll blame the "system" but that's because most guys are delusional as fuck. Remember when Michael got all offended that PK insinuated he was playing badly in a interview?
  5. Really? They're very different players.
  6. Moore was overrated as fuck around here. I called it at the time so no hindsight bias. Also, I really like JSN but that 4.5 is fugazi. All pro day times are. That 4.5 is more like a high 4.6. He's going to be a good football player because he's very gifted in other areas but it's hard to be a #2 receiver running slow like that. I like Amon-Ra St. Brown and like Jarvis Landry but I wouldn't take either guy at #11 overall. Same goes for JSN.
  7. On the positive side it's very progressive of him. He literally can't see color, or height, or numbers apparently!
  8. Lamar's problem is that he's not Mahomes but wants to be treated like Mahomes.
  9. Oh no. He's a bottom 5 ABT'er isn't he? That's like the TR equivalent of stage 4 cancer!
  10. If he doesn't already visit this board he should start. Would do wonders for his "analysis".
  11. Now they gotta pretend it never happened. I took a couple of months off from the board and came back to complete lunacy.
  12. Just the virtue signalers. Incompetence knows no race but it and Daley are on a first name basis.
  13. Would explain how the man bounces right back like nothing happened after being embarrassed on national TV. Honestly for his mental health I hope he plays better. That dancer he tried to turn out had him on suicide watch.
  14. He's a body catcher and he disappears in games. The whole is not as good as the parts which is a shame because he's got some serious athleticism for his size. Big, strong DBs who know how to play the ball will give him trouble IMO.
  15. ABT is very real. The ridiculous scenarios and mental gymnastics they pulled to figure out any way to get rid of Tannehill were comical at best.
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