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  1. Got hurt early and barely played. I was never a fan.
  2. I think Sankey could've been at least average. Our OL was hot trash and we had 0 threat at QB or WR. No RB can really succeed under those circumstance and we saw more than 6 of them fail in that era.
  3. You got that backwards, Henry wasn't great but Lewis was terrible.
  4. So start a thread on that topic and we can all discuss it. I have no problem discussing other relevant issues. My problem is with people trying to deflect away from there issue of police brutality against black people by bringing up a bunch of deflections. I don't care what pills people take, I'm not falling for the bullshit diversionary tactics.
  5. Can you just come out and say that you feel black people have gotten enough and stop dancing around it?
  6. Stop hiding behind sarcasm and say what you really feel. Do you feel black people are getting/have gotten enough or too much help already and do you resent it? Speak directly because honestly that's how it's coming off to me. And you really don't want to start going down the road if who has what in America because one of the things that white people do have is a 400+year head start on acquiring and growing generational wealth.
  7. What's your problem with people who need extra support forming organizations to provide that support? When the government wants to step in and help people of color, people like you complain about "hand-outs" and have nothing to offer but "bootstraps". When people of color put their own resources to work and create their own supports, people like you try to make it seem somehow racist or exclusionary but never offer to help those you feel are being "excluded" or black people. It's almost like you don't think they need or deserve the help regardless of where it comes from or what form it takes. You're not one of those who seriously believed the playing field is even do you?
  8. Other racial minorities do need that support and have organizations that provide that support. The college I went to had a "third world alliance" club established to support minority students of all ethnic backgrounds and 1st generation immigrants. I'm not my experience isn't unique. The black organizations are more well known because they're the minority that's been here longest and the one that people love to complain about the most; I wonder why...
  9. I largely agree that there really is little good that will come to this woman from this but if anything that indicates to me that she just needed to get this out and tell the world what happened to her. It's not necessarily the way I would've gone about dealing with this but at the same time, I've never gone through anything as traumatic as sexual assault so it's hard for me to say what is or isn't the right way to heal. At the same time, it's become pretty clear to me that we're not doing a good enough job as a culture of teaching our boys how to handle themselves in sexual situations and once alcohol gets involved all bets are off. I don't doubt that this woman feels she was sexually assaulted and has had to live with the secret for years but I also wouldn't doubt that Blasingame thinks he did nothing wrong. It's a fucked up situation but we have to do better because too many boys grow up not realizing the harm they're causing the young girls/women around them. I know that with my boys when the time comes there will be many, detailed conversations about what consent looks like and how to avoid predatory behavior. Of course there are some monsters out there who know better and just don't care but I really think a lot of dudes have just been warped by the strange and often conflicting messages they get surrounding sex starting at an early age.
  10. It remains because black people still need that support. Maybe if things truly were equal black people wouldn't need the extra support. It isn't about excluding non-whites.
  11. People don't like to be confronted with who they really are, especially when who they really are is a bigoted piece of shit.
  12. Have yourself a read through the thread of all those young women detailing the things these football players did to them. I know it's easier to label these girls attention-seeking golddiggers than to accept the fact that these guys are fucking animals. That said, the allegation against Blasingame is really complicated given that they had a relationship after the fact. It's tough for that girl but I doubt anything comes of this unless the Titans really want 0 smoke.
  13. Agreed. To start listing all the guys we could've drafted after the fact is inching towards Tolar territory.
  14. They love to bring up how Lewis almost stole Henry's job but conveniently leave out how stupid Lewis made them look for seriously thinking he was WAY better than Henry. Even when he wasn't producing Henry was a better runner than Lewis and it was obvious. All in all, Lewis was worse than Dexter McCluster.
  15. He's not a man of his word so he decided to stick around and try to force people who can't stand him to have conversations. He's the guy with horrible breath at the party that gets way too close and doesn't have the social skills to realize the people he's boring to death are disgusted by him.

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