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  1. Just got to the league an already has a Flemlo video about him SMH:
  2. He appears to be past his prime which sucks considering that Julio is still a beast and they came into the league together. To my eye he was do downright bad last night.
  3. I know you can't judge draft classes until a few years down the line but this year's is certainly off to a terrible start.
  4. I feel you. It's certainly early. I just think he's got the goods. This Bengals team is trash and he's made them competitive and dare I say fun to watch so far.
  5. I remember Russell being a solid press-man corner coming out of note Notre Dame. Clearly his career hasn't gone too well.
  6. If you stop shitting on Tannehill every chance you get, people will lay off of Allen. It's your own behavior that's causing people to insult Allen which them makes you ride in on your white horse to defend his honor. I mean, this whole thread started with you coming in out of nowhere and essentially saying "Hey Titans fans, that guy that's currently saving your season is trash". How else do you think people were going to respond to you? It doesn't help that he then led us to the AFC Championship and made your take on him wrong.
  7. Certainly felt like Denver was though. Gordon had massive holes to run through. They really should've run more.
  8. Ironically the biggest problem is that AJ got so damn open, so quickly.
  9. They're a very serious threat and I think some fans are a little too confident going into this game. Minshew is a really good QB with very good accuracy, good decision making, and great feel for finding the open guy when things break down. Chark is the kind of speed receiver we currently don't have an answer for. The hope here is that Clowney and the boys terrorize their sub-par tackles and Simmons bullies their IOL to shut down Robinson and make them one dimensional. What gives me comfort is that the Colts ran all over them early and that means Henry should be able to control the game and gash them pretty good. If we struggle to get him going like last game, this one might be too close for comfort.
  10. Interestingly enough, at least to my eye, he looked a little better as the game wore on rather than the beginning. I didn't expect that. I think it might just be the case that Fangio's run fits vs outside zone were top notch. I noted during the game that they often had 1 or 2 linebackers completely clean flowing hard towards the play side. No one laid a hand on Jewell all night which allowed him to feast. He blew Henry up on that play in the backfield in large part because Blasingame didn't get enough of him in the hole. Denver's run defense being awesome + sub-par blocking+ rusty Henry= 3.7 ypc.
  11. I'd say he did ok aside from that ugly rep vs Jeudy. I just don't think he's a nickel; not very assertive vs the run either.

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