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  1. I think early is the worst time to see them. If we saw them later after a loss or two I might feel differently. But their confidence will be sky high and they'll be looking to make a statement that the hype is real. I would've much preferred to see them in the middle of the season because with some of the personalities on that team if they take some early Ls they might implode like the 2018 Jags.
  2. Your first sentence is all I need to see to know you're underestimating them.
  3. Less talented Jacksonville isn't a bad comparison but remember, it's not like we always dominate their defense. Their problem has been that we had Bortles's number and their offense was completely impotent which allowed us to stay in games and eventually Henry puts a couple between their eyes. If our offense doesn't put in work, that Browns offense will hang 14-17 on us real quick and all of a sudden Henry is all but out of the game and Mariota is having to find blanketed receivers in less than 4 seconds because the D has pinned it's ears back. It could get ugly fast.
  4. They may not have one guy but they have speed at backer and he's not going to just be streaking around the field all day. The Browns gave up the 2nd least amount of slot yards last year. They have the talent to let their CBs take care of the receivers and then limit Delanie by committee One or two players are not going to beat this team with the pass rush they'll be bringing.
  5. If your gameplan hinges on your corners to stop Derrick Henry you're already fucked. They pay edge players to set an edge and linebackers to chase. A corner's main job is just to not give up his sideline and any dope with a pulse can do that. Ramsey is one of the most physical CBs in the game and Henry tramp stamps him on a bi-yearly basis. Call me crazy but I'm going to weigh coverage ability WAY higher than tackling.
  6. All the corners dropped this year. The knock on Greedy is he's skinny and not physical enough/not a good tackler. Against us, they won't need him to tackle, they'll need him to be a long, athletic corner with elite speed to stay in front of Davis and pick off any under-thrown balls from Mariota. He'll get some safety help and then they let Denzel Ward shadow Humph no matter where he goes. It's not going to be easy for us.
  7. You better pump dem brakes. That there is blasphemy. There is only one true, clipboard holder who defeated death and was born again.
  8. Mythos27


    I'd bet that he also "hopped" during his best season where he threw 26 TD's. If the "hop" is such a fatal flaw, why didn't it affect him as much then? Did his hop reach stage 4 cancer levels and metastasize into a jump!? Or could it simply be that it wasn't a nail in the coffin then and still isn't now?
  9. Just because a guy is unproven that doesn't mean he can't do it. I expect the Browns to blanket us. Unless Mariota is born again, Henry is going to have to play on god mode like he did vs the Jags for us to have a shot.
  10. I'm an out of market fan and the Titans are the only team I'm interested in watching live. If I could pay like $100 just to watch the Titans live, I would but instead I'm forced to pay over twice as much for gamepass. It's not just the money, it's that sneaky feeling that you're getting fucked.
  11. Mythos27


    I agree on both points. None of this addresses the fact that despite his footwork improving, his accuracy has substantially declined. If footwork were the culprit we would see the opposite.
  12. Brian Burns was the guy I liked the most. It hurt to see him go before our pick. He has looked as advertised. Winovich is a savage too.
  13. And you don't think this would've hampered his development had he stayed?
  14. I just don't see Drew Brees becoming what he eventually became if he stays in SD with a FO whose faith in him had waned enough to let him walk. I can't see how Brees isn't a good example of a guy for whom being in the right situation was everything.
  15. Mythos27


    I did say his first 2 years which is referring to his 1st 2 years as Titan... I also disagree that you can't evaluate ball placement in college. Wide open or not, if you have bad ball placement, you will create harder catches and that clearly shows up on tape. Tight window throws are a different case though and he just never had many of those on film. It was a concern of mine way back then.
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