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  1. Being critical is fine. But what do you call it when the focus is solely on the negatives despite there being positives that can also be discussed? It's the same with Mariota. In a balanced discussion one could talk about both the positives and negatives that he brings to the table in each game but instead some people choose to focus solely on the negatives.I also find it interesting that when people go after Henry it's always just good clean, criticizing but when people defend Henry it's "getting whiney and defensive". We're not allowed to see things differently and express on here? People have been doing victory laps about Henry sucking all season now that he's had a couple of good games and the other side chirps a bit, y'all can't handle it? We're discussing football. It's not some life or death situation.
  2. Yeah, start name-calling. That'll make you look reasonable. Have disagreements like an adult. This comment is beneath you.
  3. That absolutely happened. Read the comments made on this board after the games that people are now admitting were good after the bye. Very little discussion of Henry's good plays took place. Almost every comment was in some way critical of him. Since he's been here some people have chosen to fixate on his perceived limitations and have written off his positives as irrelevant.
  4. I think we can because Henry will be fine in the screen game and traditional RB routes like the swing, flat, or middle check down routes. That said he hasn't proven yet that he can run those nice texas routes out of the backfield like Lewis or really threaten defenses down the field. It'll be interesting to see how the offense takes shape. I think most would be surprised in knowing that I don't want a "Henry-centered" offense. The path to sustained success will come from Mariota's arm more than from Henry's legs.
  5. Mythos27

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    So the OL looks the same or worse? Now who's blind? Henry's production hasn't been good all year and obviously he's had WAY better production the last two games but the effort and good efficiency has been there from the start.
  6. I get all that. I really do. Maybe he found some magic switch and learned how to go supersaiyan. What I'm saying is that Henry could've flipped every damn switch on the circuit breaker and if the OL was blocking like they were in weeks 1-13, he wouldn't be looking nearly as good. Look, I'm sick of this argument already, it's giving the haters cover while we argue among ourselves. I'm comfortable agreeing to disagree. I really don't need the validation on this one.
  7. I disagree that he wouldn't have looked as aggressive if the OL was blocking then like they are now. Your bet would've been settled by week 8 had they been giving him room. I did misread you a bit though. I thought you were saying that he started running almost exclusively inside after the bye. What you actually said, I agree with. I also still maintain that a lot of those "bouncing" outside runs people deride him for were necessary at the time because there was no running room inside and those runs are what actually helped him outproduce Murray. Believe me, if Murray still had the juice to bounce outside, he would've. He tried it a few times and it didn't work out.
  8. I think that when the blocking grades come out, you'll see that yesterday, though unspectacular, will be one of the highest run grades of the season. I'm also not shocked that he broke a tackle in the back-field. Contrary to popular belief he can break a tackle or two in the backfield at times, just not often enough for it to be considered a legit strength. If you meet him (or any other back) in the backfield with consistency though, he's gonna struggle. Just look at what we did to Barkley yesterday. If Henry just decided to run more aggressively then I guess that means Saquon just decided to start running like a pussy yesterday cause he was going down easier than Monica Lewinsky.
  9. Before the Jags game Henry was ranked 9th in the league in yards after contact. He was ranked 4th overall last season. This has always been a part of his game it's just standing out way more now because he's able to rip off big run after running through the contact. I'll give you that the arm tackles around his legs were always a legit problem. That was something that even I was VERY frustrated with. What I think you'll find interesting is that in back to back weeks, the defenses Henry has bludgeoned have attributed a lot of their failure on not tackling Henry low enough. I think defenders trying to take this guy oh high more regularly than usual is a small factor in all of this.
  10. He had called his own play trash twice before that happened. Why wouldn't that have riled him up?
  11. Ok. We just disagree then. He's been running almost exclusively inside since the year started, often at the detriment of big opportunities outside. I know this because I complained about this early on.
  12. I get why people are saying this. IMO, it's easier to look like you're running more aggressively when you actually get a chance to accelerate or at least get your feet going. How aggressive can you look when your feet are wrapped up before the LOS? Do you believe that if he had more running room earlier on he wouldn't have looked aggressive?
  13. There have been plays like that one sprinkled in between the monster runs in both games but no one remembers them because they're no longer hyper-focusing on the negatives.
  14. Bad hands. Also gets his feet crossed up when the offense crosses his face.
  15. I don't feel like I have to do anything. I've been right on Henry from jump street. I'm sure Henry did feel he was running soft or going down too easy. RBs look soft when they're hit early and have multiple people on them before they can even hit the LOS. It's easy to look soft when you're getting stuffed because there is no where to go. I'm sure Henry saw that and was frustrated by it and has tried to run even harder and I'm sure that's helped some. Here's the thing though, do you think Henry also didn't see that there was no room to run through? Do you think he didn't realize that it wasn't just him struggling to find running lanes? You think he wasn't frustrated at getting hit behind the LOS more than the overwhelming majority of backs in the league? Of course he was but what would have happened if he had come out and said "Man, the OL just isn't creating any space for me and Lewis to run"? Averaging 3.4 or so YPC he would've been laughed out of town at best and people would've have the pitch-forks out at worst. He put it all on himself, and controlled what he could control which is what good players do. If you'll remember, his first comment of dissatisfaction with his play was way back on September 14th, then he made another, similar statement on September 28th. If all he needed was a little motivation and to "stop running soft" don't you think the great games would've come much earlier? Why was there a damn near 2 month delay? So he complained about playing like trash and being soft in September but didn't actually start trying to run hard until December? Never mind that the analytics don't line up with this line of thinking at all. C'mon man that just stretches credulity. Rather than make some speculative "Henry is trying harder now or is somehow different" argument how about this. I bet that you'll see that Henry's good games will be strongly correlated with games where the OL played at least pretty well. People talk so much about Henry looking better after the bye (which he has) but always neglect to mention what else happened around that time; changes on the OL. Which is a more realistic argument? Henry just started to try 2 weeks ago or the circumstances around Henry have improved enough that he can actually make some plays? This board will convince you otherwise but I'm not the one trying twist data and make completely speculative arguments.