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  1. The problem is that he's doing shit that high school linebackers don't do. He doesn't consistently do something as simple as attacking the correct shoulder of the blocker on run plays. He's completely abandoning his gap to cut underneath the blocker taking himself completely out of the play in the process. It's insane and no one at any level coaches this shit. To me it's like watching a corner try to cover a receiver by never opening his hips and staying in his backpedal the entire play; no one taught you that and you look fucking ridiculous. His coaches should be embarrassed the h
  2. I promise that you can find college tape of Evans diagnosing quickly, attacking the blocker's correct shoulder, shedding the blocker, and then making the tackle. I really don't know what happened to this guy. Usually I have some idea but I'm stumped on how he's regressed so severely.
  3. Idiots like that always think they "won". At least no one has to read his trash anymore.
  4. He hasn't even been competent against the pass rush. Troll better.
  5. People like your are the laughing stock of America. Y'all are literally a punchline. Your last brain cell died of loneliness. How's it feel to know that all your favorite players would likely think you're a piece of shit if they met you in person?
  6. Oh so he will never be the best OT l since that's when you'll win it all. Simmons rarely even rushes on the edge. Seriously though, are you the most mentally challenged person that lives in Buffalo or are there a bunch of you idiots battling it out to see who can soil themselves the most in a day?
  7. The irony. Calls someone else unstable and then goes an an unhinged, homophobic rant. I had a suspicion that the people who lived in that Buffalo shit hole were trash tier human beings. Thanks for confirming it. @Logical these are your people?
  8. All pro? Lmao. He's having a good rookie year and I liked him coming out but he currently has a 53.3 pass blocking grade. He also plays RT not LT and won't mainly be playing against Landry. You don't know any football do you?
  9. He makes that position look impossible to play.
  10. Well last year you let your "little brother" fuck your girl raw on national tv. Felt good too. Pussy.
  11. Man, the bills fan base has drooling idiots in spades. Didn't see a bigger moron than logical showing up.
  12. The way I think about it is; in theory, there are a few backs in the league that could be better than Henry. In practice however? Not even close. Henry all day.
  13. I just hustled and picked up Josh Jacobs, hopefully that'll stop the bleeding but you can't trust his injury prone ass.
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