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  1. I'm all set on Clowney. I really do get that sacks aren't the be all end all but he was on a defense with a borderline elite pass rusher in Mercilus, a dominant interior rusher and future HOFer in Watt, and still couldn't stay healthy or really produce sacks. I get that his disruption stats are good but to play with that much talent and not once have a truly elite sack total should be concerning. I'm not committing so much money and cap to a guy that isn't elite at closing the deal. Derrick Morgan was great at getting pressure too and it never made up for all of the "almost sacks" obviously Clowney is better than Morgan but still. I really hope someone else signs him and take him out of our equation.
  2. AJ should've never been drafted. Most boring college tape I ever saw. Good luck in NY though.
  3. I opened this thread and instantly smelled pussy, must be all of you pathetic twats.
  4. I hate this for us. Rivers has been a problem for us for a decade.
  5. I'm actually more excited about this signing than I would've been had we paid Clowney top dollar. Beasely is as pure a pass rusher as I've ever seen and comparisons to Landry are apt as Beasely is essentially the prototype whereas Landry is version 2.0. The Falcons are complete and utter idiots for forcing an undersized pure pass rusher (who sucked vs the run in college) to play full time 4-3 DE. Don't get me wrong, Landry is a much better run player (I worry about Beasley in this regard) but I bet if he were forced to play the same role Beasely played in ATL he'd struggle too. I do worry about the reports that he was essentially playing dead in ATL but I can talk myself into thinking he was just a guy on a sucky team, being forced to play a position that he couldn't play, watching the prime of his career waste away. I could see a guy packing it in a bit though of course it should still be a huge strike against him.
  6. I really wish we could keep him on the cheap but I think someone will see his value.
  7. Henry was a better RB than Tannehill was a QB before they played together. Henry has also been a WAY better playoff performer before and during the Tannehill era. Slow your roll on acting like Henry wouldn't put in work with any GOOD QB. Tanehill had good backs in Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake and he didn't exactly set the league on fire. They certainly brought out the best in each other but at least Henry had shown flashes of dominance previously while Tannehill hadn't even shown enough to earn a camp competition with Mariota who ironically had been holding Henry and the offense back for years. I'm happy to have Ryan too but relax.
  8. It's a shrewd signing. Can't just let Conk walk and have nothing to plug the hole.
  9. BoB the GM has worse negotiating skills than BoB the rapper. Lmao.
  10. Corona virus clearly attacks peoples' brains too cause some of these mofos have gone retarded. This Tannehill deal is more than fair.
  11. What a complete waste and disappointment. I always knew Henry was better but damn, I at least expected Dion to be good. Turns out Brady made him and he was terrible without him.
  12. I Immigrated with my parents to the U.S. (Boston area) when I was 5. None of us spoke English and didn't even know what football was. The city I grew up in was more of a baseball/basketball city and thus I was never indoctrinated into the Patriots cult. I learned English quickly and playing touch football during recess helped me start to like the sport. I was always drawn to the look of football with the helmet, pads, uniforms etc so when I stumbled upon football on tv I would try to watch even though I had no clue what I was watching. I eventually figured it out but the Broncos became my first favorite team largely because the logo/uniforms were dope to me and Terell Davis was a monster and RB was the only position I actually understood at the time. I never bothered to learn the names of players aside from TD. I'm not sure how but I eventually stumbled upon a Titans game on tv and I instantly fell in love with the uniforms plus Eddie Geroge, McNair, Mason were all in their prime. The Titans were the team that I tried to watch as I learned the game of football enough to appreciate players like Samari Rolle, Blaine Bishop, Wycheck, etc. The fanhood only intensified when my parents bought me a PS2 and Madden 2003 when I turned 14. Been a huge fan ever since.
  13. I'm hyped. Madden is stale as fuck. I didn't even bother buying this year's version. Been playing PES 2020 soccer. Much better game.
  14. Worse. It isn't even about the player. He just wants his opinion to be right above all else.
  15. I'll go ahead and say it: it would be flat out irresponsible to let Tannehill walk. I trust the FO and all but it'll take me a while to cool off if we bungle this. Nothing I've seen makes me think we won't get a deal done though so I'm chillin for now.

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