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  1. I've heard Butina is a legit Russian agent who will have 0 problems burning every person of interest Mueller asks about because the less time she gets the easier it is for Russia to arrange a spy swap at a later date . She hands over a bunch of fat slobs she had to sleep with for the good of the mission and returns to a hero's welcome in Russia in a few years. Clearly speculation but strangers things have happened.
  2. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Nah. Can't do it. A Titan is a Titan IMO. I'll definitely criticize bad play but he's a good player so I doubt there will be much of that. I won't hate on him like Oman does but it will certainly be hard to actively root for him.
  3. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Look, if we sign Ramsey I'll stop talking shit about him because I support all Titans but damn it'll be hard.
  4. Mythos27


    If you can get past the Mariota stuff, Joe is actually not that bad...
  5. Let's not get carried away here. Henry's change of direction is O.K. at best. It's certainly not the strongest part of his game. It's definitely good enough for him to be an effective back and he can make guys miss or punish them for taking bad angles at times but it's not like he's Shady McCoy out there. I don't mind that people point to his c.o.d as a weaker part of his game because comparatively speaking, it is. My issue is when people talk as though he's a total stiff out there, NEVER changes direction well, or NEVER makes guys miss. Some of the things people knock Henry for I actually agree with but it's when they start with the hyperbolic shit that I have to disagree.
  6. Didn't one of the Trump sycophants on this board link to a video this blowhard was in as evidence of some stupid he believes?
  7. Mythos27

    How fast is Corey Davis?

    I love Corey but when he takes those end arounds he certainly doesn't look 4.3 fast.
  8. Usually when a screen fails it's because it wasn't properly blocked, the D sniffed it out, bad throw etc. Well-timed screens that are also well blocked almost always go for a decent gain regardless of who the back is so Henry getting 20-30 on a screen isn't all that special. The difference with guys like Henry and CJ is that they turn what would like be a 20-30 yard gain by most backs into a 70 yard house call. Look, you can spend your whole life focusing on a guys short-comings and what you think he can't do OR you can focus on their strengths, figure out what they do, and put them in the best position to execute. That's why the Pats were able to make Lewis look like a world-beater and are currently doing similar things with James White. Focus on your players strengths and accentuate them.
  9. It's not a full 180 turn or anything but he definitely makes a nice cut behind Spain after pressing the outside and makes Bouye look silly because he couldn't change direction fast enough to make the tackle.
  10. Yeah Henry clearly sucks at screens and can't change direction;
  11. I'm not sure why you're putting word in my mouth but please stop. You can't find a single, solitary instance where I've said Dion Lewis sucks. I've actually said the opposite of that and blamed most of Lewis's struggles on the OL just like I do for Henry. I'm not a hack that gives one back a blanket pass while hyper-focusing on the other one's flaws. I'm holding the OL accountable because up until the last game or two they've been bad and the data backs that. That said, it is clear as day that on a per carry basis, Henry has out played Lewis in 10 out of the 13 games played and that is also backed up by data with Henry being one of the most efficient backs in the league and Lewis being one of the least efficient. The only 3 games Lewis outplayed Henry were vs Miami, the Chargers, and the Jets but the Jets game is close with Lewis's 6.0 to Henry's 4.0 with Henry having more yards. I'll say this again since it seems I haven't been clear enough: It's true that Derrick Henry has been limited by this offensive line.It's true that Dion Lewis has also been limited by this offensive line. It's true that Demarco Murray was limited by this offensive line. It's true that the O-line was the problem when it was Murray and Henry and it continues to be the problem when it's Henry and Lewis. They've been better as of late but I won't believe in them until I see either BOTH backs getting decent production behind them or one absolutely kills it to the point that I have to consider that the other back is playing badly. When I say that Henry outproduced Murray behind this bad O-line and is currently out-producing Lewis behind this line, it isn't a shot at Lewis, it's just recognizing provable facts and giving Henry some credit not because I like him but because he deserves it. You still haven't addressed why all the empirical data overwhelmingly disagrees with you btw.
  12. Lewis has 348 yards on 56 targets for a whopping 6.2 yards per catch and about 26 yards per game...
  13. I don't see it this way at all. Lewis was signed because he was the best available option. Lewis looked like dynamite last year, I wanted to sign him too if you'll remember so I don't see how wanting Lewis on the team follows logically from thinking Henry is bad. It's a RBBC league right now and has been for a while. Not many teams roll with a stud and a scrub. I don't think New Orleans thought Ingram sucked when they drafted Kamara or the Chicago thought Howard sucked when they drafted Tarik. Also, IDK why you're implying that J-Rob is making decisions about who plays how many snaps. The coaches make that call and they're currently choosing to give Henry more carries.
  14. You and O-man like to cite that both coaching staffs have limited Henry's touches but always neglect to mention that the last coaching staff got their ass fired in part because they kept rolling with the least effective running back and the current staff is hitting a u-tun on limiting Henry's snaps as we speak.Had we kept rolling with Murray as the starter, we wouldn't have beat the Chiefs and I think even you would admit to that. I blame Henry when I think something is his fault, just like I do with Marcus or any other player on this team. I'm VERY consistent in that regard which is why i refuse to hop on the seemingly growing "Dion Lewis sucks " . I can't be intellectually honest and say Lewis sucks when I believe hes being hampered in a similar fashion as Henry by the OL. Unlike some around here I try really hard to not play favorites and say outlandish stuff just to further a narrative. The fact is that while some of the Henry criticism is fair, most of it isn't and if I think it's unfair, I'm going to say something.
  15. His 1st year and a half the blocking was good. Last year and a half it's been bad save for a game or two. You also say this as if Henry has struggled his whole career here. He's been productive from a per carry basis since he stepped on the field. There aren't many backs who've averaged 4.0+ ypc and 5 TDs on less than 180 carries for their first 3 consecutive seasons. This idea that Henry sucks and always has is revisionist history. People like to forget that two other pretty good running backs have also struggled behind the same OL as Henry yet Henry has out-produced them both. My turn to ask some questions. If Henry is as bad as you and O-man believe then why do analytics sites unanimously rate him as a good player, much better than Lewis who you continue to tout as better? How do you square your belief that Henry has been awful with the objective analysis by PFF /FO that hes been getting everything he could out of runs and is has been efficient. How do you rationalize waving it all away?