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  1. I get your point but mine is that one is much harder to find and more valuable than the other. Sko turning into an awesome guard is still a bit of a consolation prize given his draft slot and our needs at the time of his drafting. Don't get me wrong though; I do recognize that there is value there.
  2. And yet their OL still doesn't reflect that because they're aren't very good at tackle.
  3. Sure but how many guys can do that? Would seem a fool's errand to be spending 1st round picks hoping to luck into that.
  4. Right. The Colts bragged for years about their elite guard and even paid him top dollar just to have shit pass pro and watched him get tossed by Jeff Simmons twice a year. Investing in elite guard okay is a luxury.
  5. Let's say Skoronski does turn out to be an elite guard. Does that mean that going forward it's a good idea for the team to burn near top 10 picks on guards when they have bigger needs? Fuck no.
  6. LMAO at "salted raccoon toes". Is that August 25th tweet from when he retired?
  7. I gotta find that. Absolutely hilarious premise.
  8. Football, even at the lower levels, is an absolutely brutal, merciless sport. If you don't absolutely love enough to sacrifice everything, including your health you need to quit immediately. The second you're out there and are worried about anything other than making the play, it's time to step away. I respect Luck for doing what was best for him despite surely knowing he was letting a lot of people down.
  9. Great example. Will be interesting. Personally, I think he gets in for similar reasons as Henry.
  10. It can get grating and like I said, he comes off corny sometimes. I get why some are put off. Bad takes and all, I still take him over a lot of "respected analysts" that don't know dick about the Titans while pretending they do.
  11. I do still think Henry has some work to do. I don't think he could retire today and enter the hall. I do however think that even if he's a little short of the ideal numbers he'll get in and I think having little competition in this era will help.
  12. The problem with the Henry doc is that he's such a straight arrow it would probably be boring as shit lol. The man doesn't snort coke, shoot people, beat up hookers or anything!
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