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  1. People like you are incapable of listening to logic and reason. You refuse to learn anything new, instead insisting that you're always right. In all my time posting on this board I have yet to find one redeemable quality in you. You're beyond hope and it's impossible to have genuine or respectful conversation with you as nearly everyone on this board has tried and failed. All I can do at this point is make you feel as stupid as you look to the rest of us. Get fucked you dumb, racist traitor.
  2. I respect Kaep's cause and everything but he needs to quit the bullshit and either play his way back into the league or shut up. Acting like he's above playing in the AAF or CFL and calling black would-be superbowl performers the equivalent of uncle toms has rubbed me the wrong way.
  3. The only people saying stupid things are you and the other stupid fucks that populate your party. Shut your dumb ass up and sit down you racist fuckstick.
  4. The conservatives on this board are the best possible proof that the multi-verse is real because these dumb bastards can't possibly be from our reality.
  5. Good, fair critique. She certainly has a lot to answer for concerning her career in law enforcement.
  6. They felt the need to clarify because drooling retards lIke you were taking what was said on their show out of context to manufacture some talking point. You people can't even follow a basic conversation anymore. It's pathetic.
  7. If you're going to call this "homo" you also have to consider the kisses with his father/sons incestuous. Ask yourself, seriously, is this actually "gay" or are you just personally uncomfortable with it?
  8. The hosts of the show Kamala Harris was on have more than clarified what actually happened. Rolltide looking stupid yet again.
  9. Listen man, it's not for me and I wouldn't do it but I see nothing wrong with it. Clearly he was raised with that custom and is raising his sons the same way. It looks funny but who really cares.
  10. I wasn't referring to Lewis as a pass catcher; he was fine in that department. I meant that sharing a backfield with Brady and the threat he brings to a defense on every down made Lewis look like a better runner than he was. Regardless of who is to "blame" for the 2018-2019 Titans passing game, it clearly didn't scare defenses into giving up those wide open running lanes he got in NE. The mere presence of a QB like Brady in the backfield really opens up a running game because defenses HAVE to respect the pass. It's less of an indictment on Mariota than it is on Lewis.
  11. Lower round picks but also guys like Lamar Jackson. As the college game moves further away from the pro game, we increasingly need a place where run-first or spread guys like Lamar Jackson can actually develop into passers. A team like the Saints that doesn't have a pressing need for a QB can draft a guy they believe just needs a few reps and send him down to the AAF for a year or two rather than watch him waste away on the bench due to a lack of opportunities.
  12. As always when it comes to race you have a lot of shit to say but don't know what you're talking about. The problem here isn't that she tried to make herself sound "blacker" than she is; the problem is that she even thinks she HAS to do that. This idea of someone being "not black enough" is stupid, racist, and hurts everyone because not being "black enough" is simply the accusation lobbed at people who don't exhibit enough of false stereotypes and tropes associated with black people. The fact that even black people have bought into this stuff enough to actually make it affect their behavior is just another example of how white supremacy poisons everyone. I don't even like Kamala Harrris.
  13. AAF might become an awesome place to send rookie QB's not expected to start right away so that they can develop. The great ones seem to rise to challenge when thrown into the fire but I think there are some guys out there who could've developed in lower stress environment.
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