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  1. Yeah, I was def in that camp. Would've been the wrong move. My bad.
  2. I remember there being comments that essentially amounted to he could be a better version of Aaron Rodgers. That's all you really need to know about how huge the hype was at the time.
  3. Rather than get all defensive and come at me, you really should just re-evaluate your approach. We could be discussing the various over-the-top things that were said about Mariota right now but instead the thread got instantly derailed by your writing. I know I made a joke at your expense (couldn't help it) but my advice is sincere. Anything that clouds the message you want to get across should be cut out. For the record, the idea that Mariota was a "flawless" prospect was ridiculous. Every prospect has a flaw. Mariota was a very good prospect though.
  4. I didn't want to draft Mariota so I'm not triggered bruh. An odd typo here and there is no big deal since we all do it sometimes but you had so many that it not only under-cut but actually obscured the point you were trying to get across. If anything, proof read your stuff so people can't just go in on your grammar.
  5. Exactly. Right or wrong Henry has always seen himself as top back and I believe he'll want to paid like one if he has good season. I don't think we should pay him. RB just isn't worth it these days and we have some big contacts coming up.
  6. I like the one where we're and were are different words. I'm not usually that guy but c'mon man.
  7. I think the only way we get Henry on favorable terms is if he has a season none of us are particularly excited about. If he consistently looks like he did against even the Redskins or Colts, he's going to command more money than we're willing to tie up on the RB position. In-season extension is our best option IMO.
  8. Your observation is accurate but the reason most of us are rooting for a defensive 1st round pick is because we there being much more elite talent on the defensive side of the ball in this particular draft. Another factor is that despite not being very rich at the top, the later rounds should offer very good offensive talent that can come in and help us. I personally would like a draft like: 1.Defensive stud/Stud OG (if no defenders fall) 2. Speedy receiver 3. Best offensive player available aside from RB.
  9. Not gonna lie I relate to that feeling of expecting him to fail so badly that I assume all the moves are stupid but as you said, when you look at the big picture his moves make sense. I've had to pump the breaks on the Gruden hate and with all the picks they have I wouldn't be surprised if they have a pretty good draft. I could see him even trading Carr and using the resources to move around in the draft.
  10. I feel wierd about Montez Sweat because for such an athletic freak he lacks a lot of fluidity in his movements on the field. He has a ton of power in his hands but he lacks the level of hand-fighting technique he'll need at the next level. I don't see him as ever becoming the type of rusher that chains multiple moves and counter-moves to get to the QB. He's a pretty stout run defender but he's probably the worst tackling edge guy I've seen in a while. He's constantly lunging and trying to wrestle runners down rather than actually tackling them but he doesn't get burned by it because he's so big and strong that they usually go down without much issue. Add the health stuff and it makes him a scary prospect IMO. I can't believe I'm saying this about a 6'6" 260 lb pass rusher that ran a 4.4 and has good production but here we are. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing.
  11. Football has a lot of stupid cliches but the one about it being a game of inches is as true today as it ever was. The margin between success and failure is incredibly slim.
  12. Probably asking for a lot but can you go into how much yardage was gained on those plays where he was redirected? Also even this 34 yards before contact is a massive outlier compared to most of the season save for the 42 during the Pats game.
  13. It's nice to have good football talk with minimal butt-hurt.
  14. I think we all agree that Henry had some hand in his own improvement. Where the disagreements begin is when we discuss just how consequential it all was in the big picture. I won't rehash old arguments for obvious reasons lol.
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