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  1. Swain is a guy we haven't talked about enough. He was a monster run blocking last game.
  2. I think I'm gonna unblock him. I want to see the whiny posts right before he gets the ban-hammer. Looks like @HollyHeap is trolling the fuck out of him from beyond the grave.
  3. Smith has been really good. No OC is gonna get everything right and he sure has some head scratchers every once in a while but in the big picture he's been really good IMO and while he does have great talent at his disposal, he's also designed a scheme around that talent that accentuates their skill set and while people take that for granted, it really shouldn't be. Tannehill himself is a very good example of what can happen to a very talented player under coaches that can't identify his strengths and have no clue what to do with him.
  4. It's sad to watch really. To try so hard and still be so irrelevant. The posters of his original board would probably commit seppuku from the shame he's bringing to all Bills fans. To think that we may have an equally retarded douchebag out there representing Titans fans is mortifying.
  5. You're going over the top with the Titans and letting things slide for the other teams I mentioned. Cut all the stupid homer shit out and just have the discussion if you want to have it. People aren't homers for disagreeing with you. If you'll notice, I didn't mention the pass rush on my list of things we can improve and the reason why is because I don't believe we have the talent on the roster to improve the pass rush (what a homeristic take right?). All the things I mentioned are things that can improve with a change in approach. For instance, there is nothing stopping the DC from playing tighter on receivers, particularly on 3rd down. Doing this would definitely help our atrocious 3rd down rate and is VERY doable. The problems vs the run also aren't talent related, they're more due to Evans not doing his job and randomly shooting gaps, leaving gaping running lanes. Again, that's something that is very fixable and I expect it will be addressed. Special teams will improve dramatically once Kern comes back. Had Kern never gotten hurt we never see the debacles we did with Trevor Daniel so again, that's very correctable. We've seen the secondary improve a ton since cutting Joseph and adding Borders/King. When we get Fulton/Adoree back, this unit might become a strength for us. There is nothing unreasonable about any of that. Now let's address the other teams; The Ravens can only move the ball in the passing game by throwing to Mark Andrews and Lamar Jackson seems completely incapable of completing balls outside the numbers. Their entire scheme has been exposed and they are currently struggling to find ways to counter that. On defense, they've been outcoached by us twice now, are currently soft in the middle, and their best corner gambles way too much and in ways that hurt the deep in critical moments. Those are certainly glaring problems and a few of them, I'm not sure they can address. The Seahawks are elite on O but their entire D is an embarrassment and probably as bad as ours was a few weeks ago. Not much else that needs to be said there. The Colts have an elite D but their QB is turnover prone and their skill players frankly aren't very good. I will say though, after watching them beat the Packers (got a gift at the end) they are unfortunately closer to great than we are and really on the cusp of breaking through. We have to put an end to that on Sunday. Also, time of possession is far less relevant/indicative than total points, in which the Titans are ranked 10th. The Jets and Jags are bottom of the barrel in total points while the Texans are middle of the pack.
  6. Crazy to say it but Man city actually need him. Gabriel Jesus is nice and Debruyne still makes some sublime passes but they're missing that extra bit of talent on the ball that Messi brings. They really haven't been the same since losing Sergio Aguero's finishing.
  7. I was morally opposed to watching it at first given the age of these guys. I couldn't believe anyone actually sanctioned this fight. But then I saw Tyson training and shit, that dude can still whip a ton of ass. To be honest, I'll try to find a stream but if I can't find one I like, I'll probably buy it. The intrigue would kill me if I didn't.
  8. I've always been a fan of his, even when people dogged him for a few years. I just think he has all the tools. All his problems were from the neck up. He's shaken a little bit of his check-down Charlie tendencies this season.
  9. That Chief/Raiders game was super-compelling. I must say, the Raiders certainly don't fear the Chiefs the way most other NFL teams do.
  10. I'm sure if we had the privilege of sitting down with the staff and they were able to explain their thought process behind some of the decisions they made/make, it would make total sense. Without that though, we're left to simply use our judgment to try and figure out why they do some of these things. The staff is obvious far more knowledgable but they certainly aren't infallible and this year in particular have made a lot of moves that didn't exactly pan out.
  11. I'm stubborn so it took me a while to accept it but yeah, ignoring these guys certainly does the trick. I haven't seen a Maker or Rolltide post in months and it really is quite nice.
  12. Your standard for "good" seems to be more appropriate for "great". The Titans have too many deficiencies right now to be considered great but this is also the case for all the other "good" teams (Ravens, Browns, Colts, Seahawks, etc. The great teams like KC, Pittsburgh, and I would still say the Packers, aren't perfect but don't have such glaring holes. You're right that we aren't some juggernaut but we certainly are a good team by most metrics and if we can clean up some of the ST debacles, play more press on 3rd down, and do our job vs the run, we certainly have enough talent on the roster to be great this year.
  13. I'm gonna have to ignore this guy just because he's so bad at this. I'm feeling second-hand embarrassment from watching this guy try to troll while failing so miserably. He's like the guy that drank too much at the work party. So much cringe.
  14. He's unreal. His vision is top notch, has the best jump- cut in the league, and he ALWAYS looks to finish with power. He has it all. The only thing he doesn't have is "elite" speed and he's still WAY faster than is necessary to pull away from defenders .

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