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  1. I love all PF! If you ever get a chance go see Brit Floyd or The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Both are amazing & not your average “tribute band”. They are big production, awesome lights and most importantly amazing musicians. Ofc though Roger Waters The Wall tour few years back was a spectacle.
  2. The limited jerseys are embroidered twill numbers & letters The Game jerseys are silicone printed.
  3. I received my Mariota jersey (Navy limited) and mini helmet the other day. I have to say it is even more gorgeous in person. Also it is light and the most comfortable football jersey I’ve ever worn. I had a custom one made few years back and while it looks sweet, it is heavy and uncomfortable. The blue Titans mini helmet is really cool, I have it sitting along with an original Titans white, Titans metallic blue and white Oilers. Now all I need is the classic Oilers light blue
  4. CD will get his 1st TD of his career here
  5. The footage of the Monday night game against Miami what turned me into a fan though I was really young. Howard Cosell calling the game was priceless, he sounded like a Oiler fan. Earl was dominate in that game 199yds 4tds
  6. the play Moon threw behind the line and Denver recovered at the 1 was called- Stagger Lee. What a crock of sh!t that play call was.
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