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  1. I love all PF! If you ever get a chance go see Brit Floyd or The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Both are amazing & not your average “tribute band”. They are big production, awesome lights and most importantly amazing musicians. Ofc though Roger Waters The Wall tour few years back was a spectacle.
  2. The limited jerseys are embroidered twill numbers & letters The Game jerseys are silicone printed.
  3. I received my Mariota jersey (Navy limited) and mini helmet the other day. I have to say it is even more gorgeous in person. Also it is light and the most comfortable football jersey I’ve ever worn. I had a custom one made few years back and while it looks sweet, it is heavy and uncomfortable. The blue Titans mini helmet is really cool, I have it sitting along with an original Titans white, Titans metallic blue and white Oilers. Now all I need is the classic Oilers light blue
  4. CD will get his 1st TD of his career here
  5. The footage of the Monday night game against Miami what turned me into a fan though I was really young. Howard Cosell calling the game was priceless, he sounded like a Oiler fan. Earl was dominate in that game 199yds 4tds
  6. the play Moon threw behind the line and Denver recovered at the 1 was called- Stagger Lee. What a crock of sh!t that play call was.
  7. I've had Bills season tickets from 88 to 90 and I've seen some crazy stuff also. Been to games in Hou, Cincy and Clev but bills fane are just nuts. From whole sections chanting "show us your tits" to chicks walking to their seats to playing king of the mountain on one of the steep hills inside the stadium, dudes dragging other dudes down by their hair. I was at the game when the Bills clinched their 1st divison title in years against the jets. Every one ran onto the field tore down the goal posts and carried one out of the stadium.. Had beer bottles thrown at me just for wearing a Oilers jersey. Oh and the bathrooms forget it, if all the urinals are being used those crazy bastards piss in the sinks. The greatest comeback was the worst experience ever..living in western ny, buffalo is good for to pass on route to Niagara Falls
  8. Oilers for sure, although watching the Oilers live...1-6 & Tenn live 3-0 + I'm a New York Islanders fan, man do I need therapy!
  9. Yea I was at that preseason game w/my wife too... u can always count on the belligerent Bills fans. Last time tenn was in Buffalo, they kept throwing cups and peanuts at me my buddy and his kid... One classless broad was screaming at us (and I quote her) lick my twot! Lol
  10. Yup west side, I used to go to the Distillery to watch Oilers every week til Sunday ticket. I know 3 three other Titans fans and 2 were old Oiler fans. Funny though the last few times Tenn played in Buffalo there were a lot of Titans jersey in the crowd
  11. I was at that game in Cleveland, made the trip from Rochester
  12. I have that KC playoff game on VHS, I use to record all their games back then. Still have a lot of the games on tape. One of my favs was when Moon threw 5 tds in Cleveland on his BDay
  13. Locker throws 8 TD passes setting a new record

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