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  1. BTW, cops pretty tough when you ain't gotta an AR-15
  2. Full House actress, Jodie Sweeten LOL, thrown out da club!
  3. I remember watching her try and justify supporting Trump and absolutely embarrassing herself
  4. The two parties are nothing close to the same. The Dems are flawed but actually try and govern and pass bills that helps citizens even if influenced by money. The Dems don't do enough. The Republicans do not even pretend to govern and haven't tried to pass anything that would help citizens in 20+ years(look it up). Their major achievements or attempts(repeal Obamacare) were done against the wishes of their own voters. They get votes from misinformation, gerrymandering and total ignorance, bullshit about Hillary etc....The head of the Republican party is a lying conman clown. Even the Supreme Court is now a partisan group of hacks. There isn't a legit reason for an average citizen to vote Republican

    Jan 6th Hearings

    Didn't Trump get mill more votes in 2020 than 2016?
  6. Joe Biden Says He'd Be The 'Most Progressive' President in History "The ideas that I have are big and bold. This idea that I'm not progressive -- if I get elected as president of the United States, with my position on health care and my position on global warming and my position on foreign policy ... this will go down as one of the most progressive administrations in American history." Biden claimed he could reach across the aisle and gets things passed. If turnout is low he owns it
  7. Next to your Reagan one? and it was still stupid for Obama to remain silent
  8. Played The Saturday deep stack again yesterday, 98 players, made the final table again but only finished 8th for 933.00 Just completely card dead for about 2 hours 9 handed with no real spots to pick up chips Back to back
  9. How about when McConnell told Obama not to mention Trump was colluding with Russia and Obama's dumbass obeyed him?
  10. With the Gerrymandering and voter suppression, pretty much

    Jan 6th Hearings

    It wouldn't matter how angry they are or what law got overturned. Why on Earth would Biden pardon Trump who tried to overturn the election? It would be political suicide too

    Jan 6th Hearings

    If Biden pardoned Trump he'd be lucky to get another vote besides yours(Assuming you don't vote DeSantis), I wouldn't vote for his ass
  13. It's illegitimate, Obama wasn't allowed to pick a justice
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