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  1. I bet the Titans score a good amount of points in the 2nd half this week
  2. And when this doesn't happen? Which it won't
  3. It's amazing how long the Titans have been good in the redzone since Tannehill took over, it's gone through several seasons now
  4. Well if you're dollar cost averaging you ain't worried about the price, you're simply buying every month(or whenever)
  5. They really are in contention as being one of the worst teams in the league
  6. Lets not forget this criminal thug was shot and refused to tell the police who did it, he was also involved in a murder for hire. Likely why he wasn't on the list
  7. Already shifting over to the Tannehill extension side now are you? Better late than never I suppose. Tannehill is not agreeing to a 1 or 2 year extension, why would he do that? He's going to have leverage. And @Thrill, if you think Willis is in the plans for 2023 as a contender to start you're the one like V, mentally
  8. It's this simple, then dollar cost average Nothing else required
  9. The Raiders and Colts were dysfunctional and inept heading into those match-ups as well and the Titans were underdogs at home or by more than the 3 points for being home(Colts)
  10. That will def determine their fate, health and getting more consistent
  11. Do you know this woman Herschel? I have no idea!
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