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  1. If he doesn't want to play that's another story
  2. It was posted about draft night. Vrabel was completely giddy high fiving people when the pick was made. The link above doesn't show the whole thing
  3. Listening to those retards talk about Willis is comical. Comp is Steve McNair..... "He's a stronger armed version of Russell Wilson".... You could literally watch his college tape for 30 mins and see he was an absolute scrub with little to no NFL passing ability
  4. This is why I believe Lewan wants to get cut, assuming he's really not retiring. He'd get a good deal imo. It's also the rationale for keeping him on the roster at least until after the draft
  5. Bad to average? LOL He was God awful And Chris Simms guaranteed he'd be the 2023 starter
  6. You think Tannehill is getting traded?
  7. Because Carr is getting traded, Tannehill isn't
  8. Remember when Willis was anointed the guaranteed started in 2023 right after he was drafted and in preseason. Even guys like Baldy and Chris Simms were raving about him. This all while we watched him play some of the worst QB the NFL has ever seen.
  9. We're not that far off from @tgo chugging 7 beers before a preseason game and tweeting as he dies
  10. She needs to leave that to the football people. If she tries to influence the football people on what to do at QB the team is in far more trouble than we know
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