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  1. Whenever a QB sucks or is washed up the receivers get blamed, it’s like clockwork
  2. Those tards were on the case figuring out who killed the cats
  3. Right now Tannehill is clearly a better QB than Tom Brady. He's already in the system and knows the offense. The gap between RT and Brady only grows larger each passing day. There is also an element of using the Brady rumors for bargaining power against Tannehill but Tannehill would be pursued like Cousins was if he hit the market so that wouldn't really work
  4. Not only was there reports Robinson was interested in Smith he and Preston Smith and Especially Fowler had not done much before this season in terms of being big sack guys. Fowler was a flat out bust before this season. You had to give both Smith's massive contracts in hopes they would produce more than they had up until this year.
  5. Edge rusher is a lot like a QB, the good ones aren't on the market or you have to use a very early draft pick. Otherwise you have the Wake's to choose from
  6. Clowney is always hurt and will get overpaid, no way
  7. He was basically 2nd half Hasselbeck from 2011, 5-6 yards per attempt
  8. I have watched all 3 episodes, excellent
  9. It would also explain why Robinson signed Humphries, tried to trade for Antonio Brown and then drafted Brown. It wasn't for the retard, it was likely for Brady. Look what we built for you!
  10. Brady's numbers have steadily declined for 3 straight seasons now
  11. Patriots would likely go after Tannehill in this scenario
  12. If they let Tannehill go and sign washed up Brady we're total retards
  13. Now I kinda wish he would have died
  14. I honestly believe if Tannehill had broken out Brady would be headed here 100%, even to the point of Vrabel and Brady having a wink wink deal

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