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  1. That would put them as the faves to win the Caleb Williams sweepstakes for sure! Assuming Levis wins the #2 QB spot
  2. Freeze watched OTAs and said Tannehill was "miles and miles" ahead of the other guys and there is no way they'd trade him
  3. Kuharsky went in depth on the QBs in OTAs. He absolutely raved about Tannehill, said he looked head and shoulders above the other guys, said he looked reinvigorated in the new offense and a seasoned 10 year vet. He pretty much ripped Levis to shreds in all aspects. Terribly inaccurate, several poor deep passes etc.... Said Willis looked bad, said the odds of making the team were low. We've been down this road before.
  4. Possibly the worst starting QB I've ever seen But he was great value! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Drafting 2nd and 3rd round projects is stupid.
  6. The Levis vs Willis battle promises to be a nailbiter
  7. In al honesty the odds are against Levis being a franchise QB, he's likely to be a mediocre QB
  8. The real question is how will Dillard hold up at LT

    Looming Default

    Republicans Banning the right to choose and cutting Social Security! Vote for us!
  10. Meathead loves blocking WRs, we all know this. "Loves" is probably too soft a description. Meathead has a Glenn Close type of fatal attraction to blocking WRs, he's possibly boiled a rabbit in NWI's house
  11. Fulton actually has all the leverage here. Assuming he gets into shape and stays healthy he's going to going into free agency a 25 year old cover CB. Guys work out in training facilities all over the league and all the time. Fulton knows he's in a contract year and he likely wants to stay healthy more than anyone. By Vrabel calling him out and the media making it a huge story all it's really doing is possibly making where Fulton wants to leave. Cool, Vrabel called him out, that does nothing for them.
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