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  1. Last season(2017) Wilson had the worst running game in the league, worst OL and the defense was far from elite Wilson led the league in TDs
  2. He's going into his 5th year, they tape every practice, every game, every meeting, go over tape and have spent countless hours with him. The staff and team knows what Mariota can do, whatever that is. They know
  3. We'll be able to follow both of these guys careers, should be fun
  4. The good news is the long list of excuses don't matter anymore.
  5. You can't imagine Obama doing 1/1000th the shit Trump has done
  6. His play has been very consistent since he was drafted aside from a few games as a rookie and an 8 game stretch in 2016, otherwise it's pretty much the same He didn't have nerve damage in 2017
  7. Yea he might break out with 15 TDs total this season
  8. Something tells me no matter(God or no God) what really happens to someone when they die this is not what I'll be yelling
  9. A better question is why haven't they signed him to a long term deal. QBs rarely make it to their final contract year
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