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  1. I've excelled as a mail carrier, petered out my ass. And if you wanna argue against Trump being a liar be my guest, it's here in print
  2. Kuharsky said Hooker was playing a real role in the OTAs and looks like the 3rd safety already
  3. I'll never put abc2330 on ignore!
  4. The original story I posted had the score was due to a hacker. So? He still lies and cheats at golf every time he plays like the article points out and anyone who has played with him
  5. He's also stumbled into the "Anyone but Trump" election
  6. Retard admits to talking to Don jr right before Trump Tower meeting
  7. As Big said, OTAs are glorified throwing sessions against air. NFL QBs should be putting the ball on the money 100% the time in these sessions. If they are, they are doing what any NFL starter should be doing. Doing poorly in these practices is way more worrisome that doing well in them is positive. Also it's not like the OTAs were a bump in the road to success last season. He was bad in training camp, terrible in the preseason and we all know what his overall season looked like. It's fair game if you're an excuse making defender.
  8. They'll toss the idiot when they are done with him like everyone else will, including you
  9. Ben Carson continues to make a run at Trump for the biggest idiot on the planet. He literally has no idea about anything related to his job https://www.vox.com/2019/5/21/18634580/ben-carson-oreo-hearing-disaster Ben Carson’s first hearing before Maxine Waters’s committee was a disaster Carson — a former brain surgeon and Republican presidential candidate whom President Donald Trump nominated as his HUD secretary in 2017 despite his complete lack of relevant experience — tried to defend a budget proposal that would cut 16.4 percent from HUD’s budget. He was also questioned about a plan HUD announced last year to impose rent increases of as much as 150 percent on people who live in subsidized housing. But in trying to explain these proposals, Carson demonstrated a shocking level of condescension toward members of Congress, as well as a lack of familiarity with basic housing terminology. During an exchange with Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), Carson revealed that he’s unfamiliar with a common acronym used to described foreclosed properties — REO, which stands for real-estate owned.
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