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  1. It seems inevitable he'll fall to the wayside but he's hanging in there
  2. This may have changed at some point today but the Titans are +5 in turnover differential and lead the NFL, typically one of the most important stats determining wins/losses. And they are 1-2
  3. This is def worth noting. On 104 I heard someone say a story going unreported was how many tix the Titans have unsold. If they flop and the stadium is empty it could be bad
  4. I posted last year it was worth watching whether or not it was Vrabel was who the conservative run on 1st down HC
  5. Keep in mind Daniel Jones did what he did today with no Barkley
  6. A simple minded buffoon followed and worshiped
  7. Colin Cowherd absolutely nailed his "Blazing 5". He's 4-4 with the Browns-Rams still to go
  8. LOL TB, misses the easy game winner!
  9. Daniel Jones is so much better than Eli it's not even close
  10. The QB play around the league is so far and away better than Mariota