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  1. Last year the Titans looked like they had a real chance to win it all AND It was glorious watching the Maroita bandwagon crash in such humiliating fashion
  2. The problem was they really didn't hang Pence or kill anyone. Had they succeeded it's likely a whole different scenario
  3. This is how you do it and what Trump ended
  4. Republicans only obstruct when it comes to real legislation. They need the filibuster way more
  5. Can't help notice what a beast Jonnu was before Lewan went down in these highlights
  6. Allen might be the stupidest QB in the league. I think he's improved by leaps and bounds but my God he's got terrible situational awareness
  7. I'd compare Allen to Lamar but he's a way better passer but when he's bad he's horrible. He's also stupid as hell
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