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  1. Pacman was a top cover CB and Devin Hester rolled up into one, he was never the same after the suspension
  2. People on this political forum need to take Pelosi's advice. Arguing with these people is stupid and a waste of time. They are argue from ignorance and dishonesty and aren't looking for the truth
  3. Yea I die on a hill, good one. As opposed to AAS wanted to see MM 6 games, 2 with Lewan. You better believe I will. My opinions were the same with or without Cosell but he was right, you were wrong.
  4. oldschool bashed Cosell the same way he's bashing Lombardi when he was saying Mariota was a good QB. Attack the source if he doesn't agree. There were multiple people in Nashville last week when talking about this issue that just spoke as if it was a known fact Lombardi was talking about Robinson in terms of being "the front office", which of course it was.
  5. They were saying they were going to possibly fire Mularkey all through the season finale and before each playoff game. The staff stuff is just an excuse to shift blame, that's common. They were going to fire him before he refused that.
  6. LOL....... Stop wasting your time. Either they are stupid or dishonest liars.