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  1. I’ve stated I think he could lead the league in rushing if his play carries over. Im very pleased with his turnaround
  2. Eddie George told him he was playing himself out of the league
  3. That's semantics but either way 44% of the time is a lot of plays overall.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see Byard get a new deal before camp
  5. Warren Sharpe was on the Ringer today talking about the league overall. He was asked what teams he thought would do worse than most people think. He said the Lions and Titans. Which I find odd since most people are picking the Titans to do poorly. But Warren Sharpe is pretty good
  6. No, Under Mularkey they ran 3 WRs something like 46% of the time. A team is in the 2:00 offense, 3rd down and playing from behind so often in the league you're almost guaranteed to run 3 WRs no matter how conservative you are.
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