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  1. Listening more and more to breakdowns of the Steelers defense the Titans cannot afford to go run heavy on 1st down vs them. The Titans do not run well on 1st down and the Steelers absolutely stone wall the run on 1st down. It's strength on weakness. If they run on 1st down and put Tannehill in known passing situations I think it could get ugly with Sombrero and Kelly in pass pro. They have to throw from heavy sets on 1st down or play a lot of 11 personnel. Going 3 wide makes the most sense to me with the Steelers losing Bush and Hilton(who was ruled out). That's a lot of talent lost in the middle of that defense on passing downs
  2. Robinson has done a few fantastic things as far as building the team. The team is stacked with talent and he acquired a franchise QB(even if it was partial luck). He's also done a great job getting low end roster parts that contribute like Pruitt, Blasingame, Firkser, Raymond, McNichols etc....... I will point out so far this season the early draft picks and free agent signings have either done nothing or underperformed. Wilson-total flop Fulton- just now played a real role and was not good. I expect him to get better though Evans- 2 carries thus far although injury related Clowney- Has def not made the impact he expected/hoped Beasley - Not a damn thing thus far It's a testament to how well he's built the roster that they are this good with nothing from the early picks and free agents but they need more from the defensive players added.
  3. The stats DLBs defense gave up to opposing QBs his last year was comically bad. Listening to Jimmy G on the sideline laugh about how easy it was to play against as well. While all the dummies bitched about blaming Mularkey for Mariota being dog shit the real reason he deserved to get fired was retaining DLB(or planning to). The Titans were never contending with him as DC.
  4. The Republicans in office believe the Dems are going to win big. It's clear that's what they believe
  5. And seems a little upset with the upcoming election results Nice while it lasted!

    Virus in US

    They don't care if he lies, in the 1st debate he embarrassed them. This time he didn't. Content is meaningless
  7. Everyone who connects themselves to trump turns to shit
  8. Best move was getting rid of LeBeau, right @tgo!
  9. LOL! Ridiculous Tannehill is playing the position as well as it can be played, he’s light years better than those two
  10. You dummies saw how good he was with the ol eye test
  11. Hilton is a huge loss, he was likely the NFL's best slot CB.
  12. Reports are his campaign people told him he had to control himself after he embarrassed himself in the first debate. It doesn't matter, a ton of people have already voted and everyone's mind is made up.
  13. Holy Shit McCarthy has entered Hugh Jackson territory. Eviscerated on the way out of GB and has already totally lost the team in Dallas after 5 or 6 games. I knew McCarthy was one of the worst coaches in the league and totally squandered Rodgers prime years but he's a possible one and done coach in Dallas and likely to never coach again. They keep playing the clips of McCarthy joking around how he lied about watching film and analytics to get the job and it's looking terrible. Of course Jerry Jones fell for this shit. Terrible owner/GM with terrible HC. McCarthy sure loves to hire terrible staffs too

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