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  1. It makes the reasonable poster look bad to even attempt it imo
  2. I believe I posted a while back a study talking about how the religious right has felt like they are losing the battle over the decades. Gays can get married, abortion still legal, fewer people believe in God or go to church than ever before etc...... In their view Trump is a fighter who is winning for them, the fact he's not religious at all in meaningless. He's kicking ass for their side. Of course he's using them like the suckers they are.
  3. First of all you cannot buy in 09, it's gone. What he talked about is usually when the market falls like this it's because of something structurally wrong with the banking system/economy, like in 08, we were seriously near the brink of an economic collapse. The economy was strong, a virus forced everyone to stop consuming and stop working. When this ends it will go back theoretically. We'll see.
  4. Shares have decreased in value(which happened constantly in the market), I haven't lost a dime. If I sell at some point in the future at a lower price than I purchased them then yes I will have lost money. We'll see if over the next 10 years plus if these shares are higher than they were at the high in Feb.
  5. Let's be clear about something. Your original goal was get out because the market was reaching a high, you're premise was to jump out at a near high and get back in below 17k. From you in this thread: "Sell at the high, wait for the fall, buy back in. " You sold at 18,300, the market rose another 3.5 years and 11k on the dow. Timing the market consist of two parts. Getting out and then getting back in. You have completed one part, getting out as close to the high as possible. That was a complete failure. We're still waiting for part two, getting back in.
  6. The only advice I'd give you on stock trading is not to do it. Unless it's extra money after you've set up a retirement account and you can afford to lose it.
  7. I heard today if this pullback went as far down as 08 the Dow would go to 12k+!
  8. Listened to Ric Edleman this morning talking about this being maybe the greatest buying opportunity of our lifetimes.
  9. Abenjami To be clear, you’re still in cash in your retirement account?
  10. If CTF wouldn't have been shamed off here he would have been a contender too
  11. If I was going to guess he would have won this poll I also would have said Jamal and ManningEnvy

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