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  1. Same production? No.... but if this team lost Henry and played Evans/Sargent/ McNichols the offense would still be very good. It's about the QB.
  2. Jenkins can play man coverage way better than Butler could.
  3. Who could have seen this coming? Oh yea, me
  4. I honestly think Vrabel knew the Colts had no chance of coming back. He shut down Julio, Dupree and Jayon(he played 10 snaps).
  5. The host might be left leaning but the network isn't. They supported the Iraq war like crazy and ran Donohue off for speaking out against it
  6. I think this has essentially happened. Brown just hasn't been able to play the last few weeks
  7. You said he'd suck just like Mariota when they made the change. You need to accept what we have, not us
  8. I'll have to see it to believe it. For all the rest and maintance Vrabel loves to do that doesn't include Henry
  9. Mahomes not playing within the structure of the offense is a problem.
  10. Last year the Titans pass rush was non existent against the worst OLs last year. Until the very end of the season they were on the verge of setting the record for fewest sacks. It's way better
  11. Davis has played poorly regardless of Jets QB play. He's actually led to some of the INTs. I heard a podcast this morning that said Jonnu Smith and Agholor had like 20 targets and 22 total yards. I's about QB play. Even the INT off of Jonnu was because he dove at a poorly thrown pass. They do not miss him in the passing game but they've greatly missed his blocking ability, the Titans TE blocking has been terrible. I still think Robinson did the right thing not paying him.
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