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  1. Saffold is 100% a cut. The Titans have to clear space and he's an aging guard who can't stay healthy. Lamm and Jenkins are also def cuts. I'd be shocked if they moved on from Lewan. He's still good when he's healthy and he'll be a year removed from the ACL when players are typically much better. Plus it's so hard to find a LT. They are definitely keeping Ben Jones, Landry and Cunningham. They'll move around some guaranteed base salaries like they did last year but there will likely be some tough cuts, remember last year people didn't think they'd cut both starting CBs?
  2. You were one of the Mariota cheerleaders all the way down with the ship, of course you didn't like Tannehill.
  3. If the Titans don't convert the 3rd down, vs the INT they are punting the ball back to the Bengals. The goal is leave little time left. Bleeding the clock was fine there, they had plenty of time to still get into FG range and a missed FG leaves it a tie game.
  4. Tannehill was never accepted by the fan base. He was considered a laugher to take over Mariota at the time he was brought in, he was disliked after he took over and Mariota continued to get pampered. Even last year when Mariota played for the Raiders players on the team were tweeting their support for Mariota. Tannehill had to post Mahomes like numbers to get a leash and even then it was said by many it was all because of Henry. Does anyone need to see Mariota's numbers in playoff losses or the fact he refused to play in the finale with the playoffs on the line. Check McNair's playoff numbers. He struggles this year statistically with a ton of valid excuses and has a bad playoff game and he's being eviscerated. Way over the top if you ask me. BTW, for the people who think Henry is a generational HOF talent who is the most important player on the team why does he totally skate in 3 straight playoff losses with terrible numbers?
  5. The strategy was fine, the problem was Tannehill threw an INT, it's as simple as that. The Titans notoriously run the ball in the 2:00 offense and often they end up scoring with no time left. Their running plays in this situation has been discussed on here. The ball was picked off at the Cincy 47 with 28 seconds left. That's an eternity to get in FG range and kick the game winner. And yes bleeding the clock down is as important as getting in range
  6. There is a better chance Tannehill gets extended than replaced. It's just too hard to find a better QB.
  7. The problem with Saturday and most of the year is the Titans were in 3rd and long way too much. The Titans started out 3rd and 9, 3rd and 11, 3rd and 7, 3rd and 7..... the first TD drive the Titans never had a 3rd and longer than 3.... The biggest offseason offensive priority should be improving the 1st down offense. It was terrible
  8. I'll just remind everyone about the defense last year. Everyone wanted Shane Bowen tarred and feathered and people thought the defense would be terrible again. The Titans do a good job with self evaluation The Titans had a ton of injuries offensively all year. It's more than possible the Titans can make a few moves and get luckier health wise and have a very good offense in 2022
  9. I believe Thomas had 8 sacks, he missed a sack on the final TD pass that lost the game for KC
  10. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Tannehill, he's going to be the QB. It's a 100% certainty. There is also no chance you're getting a better QB than Tannehill. As for Brady, He wasn't winning one last year with the Titans defense and it's very unlikely he would have done well behind this OL this year.
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