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  1. It's possible the Federal Reserve just pours money into the problem whether there is a big 2nd wave, unemployment gets worse etc...... It's not a prediction but a possibility. I was actually hoping the bottom would last a lot longer to get more cheap shares but that's not gonna happen
  2. You realize the team went 2-4 without Tannehill right? RT went 7-3 in the regular season and 2-1 in the postseason
  3. It's cheaper than other countries and has went up much slower than other prices. How much was gas back when postage was .13? Gas was .57 a gallon when a stamp was .55
  4. I think it's what she says in this video. In her videos everything is stripped away and you see how ridiculous his comments are
  5. This is why the people getting pissed about Kaep taking a knee are so stupid.
  6. How does this help Putin? All roads lead back to Russia
  7. Another huge day, when will it stop? When do you get beck in, is another pull back coming?

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