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  1. Interesting. Could be worth a try out anyway.
  2. Id try and trade the 6th we got from Atlanta.
  3. It’s the simple fact that these OTAs are voluntary and Julio is choosing to practice. Clowney waited until September to even sign with anybody until after training camp was over. Two different characters and I’ll take the character of Julio any day.
  4. So there’s a chance we still essentially keep a 4th if we are rewarded a 4th Round Comp Pick? Pretty sly by JRob.
  5. I feel like if there’s ever a time for Landry to break out, it’ll be this year. If he don’t, then he will always be a JAG.
  6. Idk how they feel about Brewer maybe being his replacement next season. If they like him, I don’t see an extension for Saffold.
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