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  1. SirLanceALot

    Six Teams Interested in Flacco

    With Cam’s 2019 season being in question, Panthers could be one of those 6. Same goes for the Redskins with Alex Smith’s injury.
  2. SirLanceALot

    Just a mock 1.0

    Bennie Snell will go 2nd round
  3. I think it would be cool if we could hear some type of rumor by now.
  4. This is getting frustrating
  5. Was Vrabel on Kubiaks staff in Houston?
  6. SirLanceALot

    Rich Eisen: Mariota vs Winston Debate is Over

    They didn’t even mention his 4th quarter comeback stat either.
  7. SirLanceALot

    How big of an idiot is Dez Bryant ?

    I’d sign him for the vet minimum now. Teams have the leverage now, not him.
  8. SirLanceALot

    Titans Add Vet At Safety

  9. SirLanceALot

    Titans Add Vet At Safety

    Demps would’ve made more sense to me. Played under Vrabel in Houston, right?
  10. SirLanceALot

    Titans Add Vet At Safety

    Better options out there
  11. SirLanceALot

    Titans Add Vet At Safety

  12. SirLanceALot

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    What about Wadley and Hercules??
  13. SirLanceALot

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    I feel like Gabbert would have been good enough to get through the year on. More than likely, we will only dress 2 QBs on gameday. Feel like we should’ve taken ESB there.