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  1. James Jones said on Total Access last night that he knows people in the Chiefs organization, and he said Matt Moore will be starting.
  2. I think we draft a QB regardless and still sign Tannehill to be the bridge guy.
  3. Vrabel should’ve never put the team in the situation he did by going for it on 4th.
  4. Schtick or not, he got bailed out by the defense by one of his many bonehead calls.
  5. Well let me rephrase, Vrabel got bailed out by the defense.
  6. They got lucky at the end when Gordon fumbled.
  7. We got lucky to win that game because of the defense. Don’t call it for what it’s not.
  8. Saved by the defense. Still an idiotic call.
  9. Game and game again, he’s making bone head calls trying to show how big his balls are but this time it might have cost us the game. You don’t put Rivers on the 50 with that much time. Fucking idiotic.
  10. I have faith in JRob to find the right guy. What I don’t have faith in is the coaching staff to maximize their talent once they get here.
  11. Our “future” was just benched yesterday. It’s obvious they need to find their new one.