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  1. Just makes way too much sense really
  2. I predict the colts will trade for Wentz to reunite him with Reich.
  3. Pederson will almost certainly get another coaching gig in the near future.
  4. This game has the same feel as when we played the Browns this year.
  5. It’s possible the defense baited him into thinking they were gonna double AJ. I’m sure it happens a lot but who am I?
  6. This WR core needs an addition of someone like a Zach Pascal for a WR3.
  7. A lot of backlash against Tannehill for not throwing to AJ on the interception play. The way I see it, the Ravens after the AJs touchdown, adjusted to man on man in the secondary and stacked the box to stop Henry. There were a lot of single safety looks that would bracket AJ to double him. I’m pretty sure this is the look they gave pre snap which Tannehill read and probably assumed they were going to double AJ. Tannehill said himself he started right and targeted Raymond up the seam, which was open. PI is debatable but I didn’t see anything wrong with the decision to throw there. Most likely,
  8. I’m guessing trying to pin them deep and bank on a 3 and out to get the ball back in basically the same spot.
  9. Nah. Sometimes they need a good one to be humbled.
  10. Better hope it’s mostly titans fans and not a bunch of re-sales to Ravens fans.
  11. I read a quote from him yesterday saying that was his first ever last second FG attempt to win a game.
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