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  1. Idk why Vrabel and Robinson have so much pride in making a switch. They didn’t draft Mariota, so why feel pressure to make a switch? You traded for Tannehill, so why not try it now?
  2. I’m not blaming the defense jackass. Just stating that the same shit happened last week. Some of you are retarded.
  3. They broke dumbass. They did the same thing last week. I’m not saying they’re bad, just saying they did the same thing last week.
  4. It’s his own fault. All he has to do is make the switch.
  5. They’re already stacking the box...what makes him think a run will work??
  6. Fucking ignorant to keep calling a run play on 2nd and 19-20. That’s twice Art has called that. It doesn’t fucking work.
  7. I don’t give a damn if Ramsey is too expensive. Get him here now.
  8. If you’re gonna let it bounce, fucking let it go. Stupid ass motherfucker.