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  1. Yeah, give us his name so we can make fun of you both!
  2. Yes...it’s the perfect statement from her that removes all accusations placed on Tyreek.
  3. The text message his lawyer released today is laughable. I can’t remember her exact wording in the text, but it’s close to, “Yes, Tyreek, I did blame you for breaking our child’s arm when it was me that broke our child’s arm.” I guess he caught up to her and put the strap to her clothed parts.
  4. I’ve really liked, more and more, the Amani Hooker pick. He fits so well with what we do on defense, and is the type of versatile player you need to defend today’s high powered offenses. It really looks like he fell due to the conference he played in as he had good production and the skills you want to see from secondary players.
  5. If Vince is smart, its these players, and those coming out of high school, that he uses to stock his rosters for the upcoming XFL.
  6. I don’t know if that is the case. He posted a pretty good SPARQ score...I think 11th out of the group of Safeties. I’d say two things hurt him the most: the conference he played in and the fact that he might have gotten tagged as a tweener with a lot of scouts wondering where he will end up in the NFL. I’m excited for his chances to compete immediately though. He’s been practicing against some of the best TE talent that in the NFL/college football.
  7. No...no, I’m pretty sure the Titans moved up in the draft to select Hooker to put Adoree Jackson on notice and also let him know that the Titans aren’t impressed with Jackson’s ability to move from slot, safety, and linebacker. You on notice, Adoree!!!!
  8. Been on my ignore for years now. I highly recommend the feature to several users that find themselves interacting with him. He just wants an audience and arguing is pointless.
  9. I couldn’t even be mad at Pat Macafee. He’s a huge WWE fan (currently employed to host and do some YouTube stuff with their talent). He cut a heel promo on us, but made fun of himself in the process. The big concern for him tonight is getting his RV pulled over with as much weed as he probably smokes, lol. Hopefully, however, these comments end up being extra motivators during Colts week this year.
  10. You barely are translating what you think into words...let the experts analyze the prospects. But by all means, down with the ship....
  11. LOL okay. You totally didn’t just throw some random takeaway that is obviously wrong, but now you will have to go down with the ship with the comment. Titans Report deserves better trolling than this lazy shit.
  12. I know you are just doing a really shitty job at trolling the forums, but saying things like that just make you look stupid. The actual scouts that watch more than a few videos you can find on YouTube have all agreed that he’s a scrappy receiver that will contest catches and then look to produce after the catch. If you are gonna troll, at least troll smart, dummy.
  13. So far, on paper, this draft has played out to perfection for the Titans. I liked Brown a lot more than Metcalf.
  14. Take their top rated offensive player when it’s their pick. If a trade comes up that doesn’t jeopardize their picks, take it and load up for a draft that has seen talent slide. I guess another dark horse/luxury pick would be picking up a secondary player since so many great prospects are now in play for the second round. I feel like it’s going to be BPA on offense though.
  15. I came across this interesting thread on reddit last month. The author discusses how receivers in college that fail to produce 99 career receptions or one season with at least 41 receptions have traditionally been unsuccessful in the NFL. Only three receivers have had modest success that missed the mark on those numbers: Louis Murphy, Legadu Naanee, and David Givens (who could have been a success, but we know how his career ended in TN). Anyways, good food for thought in regards to any receivers that might still be on the board for our pick. Metcalf, btw, fits this criteria as a WR who didn’t produce to the 99/41 line.
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