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  1. There were a couple of seasons that you could make the argument that CJ was the best back in the league. He was stouter than one would think for his size, and his once in a generation speed made him extremely special. He hit holes quicker than the defense could ever get used to and he didn't always look to bounce it outside. He was a complete, elite running back in his prime. Whereas CJ is the lightning, Henry is the storm itself. He's broken teams and players. You can see the intensity and confidence seep from opposing players eyes as the game plays out. He's the siege and the assault. Long live the King.
  2. More Titans merch was purchased for that mediocre skit than in the last two years total. Such a random shout out, lol.
  3. Can anyone imagine how bad of a beating we would have taken today if we still had Mariota? So glad we pulled the trigger on Tannehill.
  4. Mediocre and inconsistent pass rush added to no star corner to shutdown WR’s...result is our current defense. Last year our defense had a great defensive mind and we had two legit outside corners. Those two facts made up for our lack of pass rush. We lack speed on the defensive line as well. Landry isn’t a player that other teams have to worry about and I’ve always thought he was overrated. Without an all-star secondary, our line has been further exposed...and then you have teams outright targeting Butler/Joseph at times. Until Adoree comes back, we need to get used to our bend but don’t break mentality. The reason our defense gets so much better in the red zone is because the shorter field means our slower corners can keep up with the explosive receivers as the field of play is smaller. Even still it’s an issue to stop teams, but the Titans have played pretty tough and made teams work for it. I don’t think Adoree coming back will entirely fix what is wrong because at the end of the day we don’t have someone to replace Logan Ryan...but Jackson will be matched up against the Fullers and *insert explosive WR here* that we will face down the line. That will help a lot.
  5. Request: get that chubby white dude with long hair that was losing his shit at the game today. I wish to be as happy as that guy one day, lol.
  6. Just like how Dungy's son's suicide was a blessing because he wouldn't have to pay for that good for nothing any longer.
  7. I'm over seeing articles about our punishment where the source is officials from rival teams. That's some Jags level bullshittery, and everyone should always strive to avoid that. Of course, here we are with our own coaches trying to out-stupid each other by ignoring league protocol...if that article is even remotely true.
  8. This is very much the case. Our cuck Governor can’t make his mind up what he wants to enforce...the entire state has been asking for an outbreak through lack of leadership.
  9. A big takeaway from this situation is how piss fucking poor the league plan is/was. The fact that a billion dollar entity began a season without any sort of emergency plans besides retroactively changing protocols as infections occur is laughable. As if they believed the virus wouldn't hit the teams for whatever reason. I do believe the Titans absolutely should be punished if they broke protocol, but the narrative that the Titans fucked up some masterful plan by the league is hilarious. A real worry I have is public outcry. We could very well see a minor infraction blow up to epic proportions due the public/coaches/players calling for a bigger punishment.
  10. People are always happy just being told that everything is going to be okay. That things are completely safe. My school district has from the get go had a stance that we are distancing and taking every precaution to prevent spread. My classroom has 32 kids crammed into a modest space. I've purchased all my hand sanitizer for my class because I was informed soap is better (routinely none in the dispensers and the faucets only produce cold water). But we are maintaining the protocols on the outside. When a teacher finally did contract the virus, they took a lot of heat for having an entire grade level quarantined despite the fact that the systems to prevent spread are flawed.
  11. Anyone with half a brain should have been waiting for the first wave of positives in the NFL. Once they announced that the players would not be operating within a bubble, it wasn't an if, but a when. Even that still has the possibility of infection. The protocols the NFL were the bare minimum to save as much money as possibility while also covering the league's ass. NFL did the same as the public school systems (okay, probably better than most of the school systems, but still).
  12. He is the alpha we have needed. Need more to play off that now.
  13. Yeah, I've thought calling him an answer at OC was a bit premature. The last sequence was very frustrating. Against a better team, that's way too much time left on the clock.
  14. I'd bet if you asked the coaches, they would be content to win ugly considering how much our defense relies on great secondary play. I'm more forgiving of the defensive performance because ultimately Adoree being sidelined is a huge factor. The offense though...still plenty of weapons, and I seriously question the playcalling. Maybe things will open up, but it really looks like they aren't going to be able to line up against a stacked box and run the ball like they did last year. And we have the weapons to do other stuff...it's a real head-scratcher.

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