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  1. At best, Tannehill was held back by Gase, bad team, and/or injuries and he's way better than most thought (or he's magically had the light bulb go on). At worst, he's a game manager that a lot of us wanted. Both versions are significantly better than Mariota--just one is a better value than the other.
  2. Me, after discovering that through a chain of random and horrific events, Mariota will be retained by the Titans:
  3. The one where Sister Night takes Nostalgia is one of the better made episodes I've watched in recent times. Also, the Ozymandias scenes are just the right amount of insane--I've lol'd at his baby fishing.
  4. I really enjoyed the first season. Fun fact: The showrunner had to delete a scene where Homelander goes to the top of a skyscraper and jacks off over the entire city, lol. That kinda sums up the entire series.
  5. This was the most Alisteer Overeem fight ever. Wins rounds 1, 2, 3, and was decisively winning round 5, only to literally have part of his face explode in the last 8 seconds. I think he kinda got screwed by the ref as well. It was an early stoppage, and I've seen refs let fights go on for a lot longer with someone in worse shape than Overeem here.
  6. This is where it's a good thing I'm not a mod, at least for certain posters. You have your retarded fans of the Titans, but their OUR retarded fans. This stuff? Banned to oblivion and see you on the flip side. I've never been one to tolerate bad trolls.
  7. Answer to the Special Teams sudden bursts of power: Kaio-ken
  8. Someone needs to edit this and replace Lannisters with Titans.
  9. Saint Thomas West is usually the hospital of choice under that brand. Vandy’s children hospital is good as well. As a patient, I spend quite a bit of time at Vandy doing yearly check ups—primarily in their cardiac areas (max dose of some chemos that promote heart failure back in the day). I’ve also had a decent amount of exposure to the neurosurgeons at St. Thomas West...I’d say both of those areas are really good and above the standard.
  10. BTW, where do we rate this thread on the VBS (Vince Burrito Scale)?
  11. Didn't Vince legit start a spicy sausage company?
  12. Is what you have mentioned in the spoilers canon or speculation?
  13. That second in the new trilogy was dog shit. I rate it below The Phantom Menace, and much like The Phantom Menace, I'll probably never watch the entire movie again.