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  1. You’ve apparently forgotten just how bad the Titans salary cap was. On top of that, it was hard to accumulate stats when offenses avoid throwing in your directions.
  2. @NashvilleNinja I saw them at Bridgestone a few years ago. Great show and Keenan put the other members of the band front and center. He was dressed in what looked like a gimp suit and stuck to the shadows at the back of the stage. Took and Primus brought it that night.
  3. Still a bit too early to tell on that, tbh. Good secondary players are hard to come by.
  4. Makes sense—the last few years we’ve seen freak athletes blur the line between TE/WR. I imagine this will be a trend that continues as well given the ongoing nature of bigger/stronger athletes. I think we will continue to see use in the 2 TE sets just because of the receiving and rushing benefits. Also, not sure why you got the middle finger for posting this lol.
  5. News article stated it was an Eagles fan, people there stated it was a Titans fan. In my mind, it was a Titans fan chanting, “Mariota #1, Titans is the Best” *clap*clap*clap* while simultaneously pounding down a Geno’s and Pat’s cheesesteak, one in each hand, that enticed the Philly fans.
  6. I can’t imagine the insane shit Stabler or L.T got into during their primes lol.
  7. Regarding Mariota Throwing Fastballs: He’s inconsistent in his ability to throw ‘fastballs’ because his mechanics are so out of wack. Fans want to attribute that to simply arm talent when it’s more than that. Footwork, driving through the throw, and form play a huge role in how well you can throw the ball, not only in velocity but accuracy as well. Can’t throw a decent punch/kick, can’t shoot a consistent free throw, can’t chip onto the green without decent mechanics.
  8. I saw this the other day and laughed. Apparently, he was pushing vendors outside of the stadium, and that resulted in the fight.
  9. If he has any trouble he will just shoot a couple shots from all that free NyQuil he has.
  10. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. He was on 24/7 suicide watch. Conspiracy people made jokes that he would be murdered before he could name anyone, and now here we are. All those reports were posted yesterday from the trial where that woman said she was a sex slave that worked for him.
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