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  1. I think the decision to back off on defense was more about the injuries on defense than any kind of strategy. Adoree is insanely valuable to the success of the defense, and his absence is when the Chargers began to do easy work on defense.
  2. When I saw this thread, I checked my calendar to make sure it was still 2019!
  3. Humphries won't tell anyone because he's that type of guy, but you know he's low key hyped up that Tannehill came in.
  4. I'm saying that it's taken you years to give him ONE MORE FUCKING QUARTER OF SHITTY PLAY TO COME TO THIS CONCLUSION? You gave me shit for ripping on him, and then you come off with one of the most absurd things I've read on here, lol.
  5. It's a night and day difference in accuracy. IF the offense can get their penalty and protection slip up issues fixed, this could be serviceable.
  6. Yeah, it was definitely within the first five yards.
  7. Two decent passes and one bad...already an improvement!
  8. Mariota wearing as many wristbands as a middle schooler, lol.
  9. This isn't exactly his first poor performance this season, or in his career. If he was some world beater that I was blasting into oblivion it would be one thing, but we are talking about a QB that has been putrid for a few seasons now.
  10. Like he had a clue who he was winging it to, LOL.