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  1. My doctor actually asked if I knew a good dealer the other day as he said that’s what he would be prescribing if it was legal, lol. I think it would really be beneficial to me as far as sleep goes, but don’t see how people can maintain themselves during the day while using...I guess more sativa. I’m a very distant outlier though as I can’t take the high end antiinflammatory meds and you obviously have to avoid opiates for long term usage. I don’t believe it’s a wonder drug or anything, but I could definitely utilize it in a way that would see a beneficial effect in my quality of life.
  2. The biggest “What if?” WR we had, IMO, was Tyrone Calico. He has made some huge strides from year one to two, but had his knees blown up by (was it?) Roy Williams via horsecoller tackle. His career was ended via that tackle and he had been almost forgotten as being one of the players that caused the horsecoller tackle to become a flaggable offense. I remember being at a preseason game and early on he was targeted in the endzone, and Calico made this super athletic catch over the CB while being able to drag his toes to stay in bounds. Once his career was in the can, the only other story I remember of him was when he banged that girl in the back of his car and was caught lol.
  3. The last time the Titans took a QB that was split between football and baseball it took the team almost half a decade to discover the asshole wasn’t passionate about playing NFL football.
  4. The last few years I’ve put more emphasis on a QB’s ability to navigate a congested pocket (footwork, climbing the pocket, feeling pressure, keeping eyes downfield) than having prototypical size with a laser rocket arm. Accuracy always is up there, as it should be. I think Titans fans are particularly hyper-aware in regards to these skills as we had a couple god awful QBs that couldn’t do these aspects of the position.
  5. It doesn’t. They didn’t draft players with zone blocking in mind.
  6. I can say this...a few years ago I began having paralysis in my left arm sporadically. I had an mri and they found that I had compressed my spinal cord about 80% across from an injury that was maybe a decade old. I had to have an emergency fusion at C2/C3. I’ve wondered all year if Mariota had something similar with his spine. I hope for his sake it isn’t that bad as it’s been annoying for me. And I don’t have a job that requires me to periodically get tackled lol.
  7. JRob has done a good job for TN in his tenure here. He went from fans making fun of him at his initial conference to a GM that has the ability to correctly identify players that can succeed in our offense and defense. He’s missed on some picks, but it’s rare to see a GM be perfect in the draft.
  8. You want to fuck up the Titans o-line? Run stunts. Mariota barely got the last pass off.
  9. The Colts game...sure. Vrabel is just covering his ass on how bad he managed that 4th quarter. He SENT Mariota back into the game throwing passes with less than two mins to go against a line that was achieving pressure with three man rushes. It’s okay to admit that Vrabel was in over his head.
  10. Lol, yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. Pollard was very forgettable and appears to have a weak mind.
  11. Not really...a lot of things can happen in 8 minutes. Then he calls the timeout at the end of the game when it IS over and starts slinging it with Mariota. If they wanted to protect Marcus, why bring him in when it legitimately is garbage time? If it’s practice time, why skip on practicing the offense on 4th down? Does our punting unit need more time on the field? Lol Field position is the only reason I see for the punt, but goddamn, we were already down three TDs at that point...game is in the books with a punt or a 4th down stop. After a season of gambling and being risky, the goof ended the game in the fetal position waving a white flag.
  12. @Jonboy I believe the Titans made a mistake switching offensive line schemes. Our personnel screams leaning towards a power variant. I don’t buy that after one season the entire line has regressed to the point of replacing most of them.
  13. I could even buy that if it was 4th and 10+, but it was a 4th and 8, and that’s a play that can be made. I’m sure they have plays specifically for that situation. On top of that they had Mariota running on plays so I doubt it was to protect the QB. It’s one of the strangest clock management calls I’ve seen.
  14. If that’s the case, and I understand that thinking, why call a timeout at the end of the game and send the offense back out throwing?
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