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  1. It’s obvious he absorbed a lot during his time in New England. Crazy to think this is the guy we were laughing at for being emotional when he was first hired.
  2. I've seen them all as well. To me, Jojo Rabbit, Once Upon a Time, Joker, and The Irishman were the best of the bunch. 1917 was a great feat to create, and I give it major props.
  3. I remember watching a doc on Jim and he's in this house full of his artwork. It's showing his process and he's talking about how freeing it is to paint. He's saying how healthy it makes you and all that...as he's using these super expensive materials as if the regular folk can ever have that freedom. He's in this bubble of do good, but he's lost touch with how to be realistic about it.
  4. This dude's heart as he ingests (in 12 seconds) this Red Bull slush:
  5. After watching this, it makes me wonder if he's straight up drank grease yet.
  6. Whereas Joey has dedicated his life to the slow inevitable decline into heart disease, this fat fuck above is already there and has decided to play russian roulette with an on camera stroke or heart attack. One of those pickles probably had 1200 mg of sodium, which the last I checked is a little over half the daily allotment for salt.
  7. I keep up with MMA as much as I follow the Titans. I've watched combat sports most of my life..boxing, UFC, Pride, etc. The Gracie's are legends, but I wouldn't list any as a top 5 fighter all time. They should always be respected for completely changing the game. Kazushi Sakuraba showed everyone that the Gracie style of fighting was definitely beatable. The Gracie's hated that guy, and would send their family members to fight this dude that was a professional WWE-type wrestler, lol. I always get a laugh when I think about how some of the best BJJ people were destroyed by this catch wrestler. Khabib is one of the more dominant fighters of all time. I think Stipe Miocic is the GOAT at heavyweight (UFC). Jon Jones, and I hate to say it, is the greatest at LHW (UFC) atm. Welterweight is harder, but I always give Whittaker props for his wars with prime Yoel Romero. Amanda Nunes for women's GOAT, who is followed very closely by Valentina. Henry Cejudo, in his short career, was ridiculously great in multiple divisions. Mighty Mouse. The list goes on and on...And none of those is considering fighters like Fedor who held down their respective organizations. These fights this weekend are gonna be bangers. The main card fights are all gonna be a great highlight to the sport...at least on paper, lol.
  8. This has been my experience as well. There is still a huge disconnect between American Indians and your average citizen. For a lot of people, the only exposure they will get to Native American culture are those that lobby for various things and these local Pow-Wows that pop up from time to time...both are filled with ridiculous people that aren't necessarily connected to the day to day of any reservation. To me, it's worth changing and is probably the worst of the team names based around Native culture. Whatever it means to us today, that isn't what it meant to others previously. I think where this movement goes off the rails is with Cleveland looking at changing their name. I haven't met anyone that disliked that term, and most that I've talked to prefer being labeled an Indian over being called Native American.
  9. lol Not once did I say I assumed she was doing it for money. Internet detectives, however, need to calm down and let the law sort it out instead of assuming he is guilty or she made it up. I said the only way this comes out as a positive (for her) is if she made it up and successfully damages his career. Amber Heard should have taught everyone to slow down with their judgements.
  10. The only way she comes out of this with a pleasant outcome is if she made it up and gets a payday. It's a miserable crime, if he did it and no amount of money or punishment will give back what he took.
  11. Alien is one of the greatest horror movies of all time. He nailed that performance as Ash. And as with basically EVERYONE that was cast in Lord of the Rings, he is how I see Bilbo when I read the novels. The movie "The Sweet Hereafter" is apparently amazing as well, and hope to see it soon. Guy was in a lot of stuff, and most importantly, was in some of the greatest movies of all time creating memorable characters. I hope he found his far green country under a swift sunrise.
  12. It sucks that so many women have tried to get even or get that payday in these situations. It's really hurt the actual victims. Hope she has some great evidence.
  13. Calico is my honorable mention. He appeared to be so improved going into his second season. This isn't so much a disappointing pick, but how injury issues derailed a much needed offensive weapon. Now, were Young, Locker, and Mariota back ups for any other position or do I need to pass on voting?

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