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  1. The Titans giveth and the Titans taketh away.
  2. You know Michael Jordan is sitting around trying to decide if he lost because Kobe died first or he won because Kobe died first.
  3. The show really has an unsettling feel to it...the score is great. I’m considering picking up the book. Apparently, a character from this series is in the Mr. Mercedes trilogy as well.
  4. Calm down, old man. He got triggered by the Carrot Top comment—he should have taken that as high praise! It’s over now, anyways. Back to the fanbase sucking!
  5. Will God still support this team though? He was a good Christian boy.
  6. My body is ready for his departure.
  7. I’d rather be a nobody than a really famous (on TitansReport LOL) goof. Matter of fact, I did Carrot Top dirty in that comparison. You’re the guy that wants to be the guy who wants to be Carrot Top. And don’t call anyone ‘bitch’, you dweeb. It’s so...inauthentic coming from you, lol.
  8. Yeah, and his intent with that podcast is to trigger as many people as possible. This is a guy that misses when hecklers were really ruthless. And if you take out the goofy redneck bit...it hits very close to home. The only part of TN that halfway cares is Middle TN, and again that’s only a passing interest...it’s gone once the success is gone. I will say that if you want to build a fan base you have to put together several good years in a row and really challenge. We’ve been mediocre for so many years and we only really challenged for the title a couple of years in a row. The organization, right now, is as steady as it’s ever been...especially with ownership. She has plans to grow the brand and I think a commitment to succeed, which will further grow the Titans.

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