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  1. This thread is bonkers. It’s like a god damn article from Breitbart.
  2. The movie was actually really good. It’s not the original, but it’s still good. Laughed my ass off at the Justin Trudeau dig.
  3. Jon Stewart should apologize for saddling us with Trevor Noah
  4. I bet you’re one of those car guys who thinks carburetors are better than fuel injection.
  5. My MIL is on both Medicare and SS disability and just rants and raves about this country going socialist. It takes so much energy to not scream at her for her hypocrisy
  6. My in-laws are Trumpers and they have family members going to some Trump rally in NV tomorrow. Hearing them talk about this shit makes me sick.
  7. Ted Lasso is worth the subscription alone. That’s a fantastic show.
  8. She has deep ties to the federalist society. It’s that dumb fucking cult every white dude named Chad wanted to be president or in law school. I’d never heard of it until I went to law school. During “rush” — its jot really a rush as anyone can join — I learned more. I then told them I didn’t want to be part of their cult.
  9. Where is @Legaltitan? If I recall, he called Hillary losing very early. I want his take on this.
  10. Very astute analysis. I’m sure the number of yard signs seen is included in every political analysts analysis.
  11. Not as many times as she’s ridden her daddy’s tiny peen.

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