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  1. Key wording. They said “not accurate”. It’s nit a good look and will most most certainly hurt the credibility of the reporting, but the SCO did not categorically deny it. Nevertheless, the damage is done.
  2. Like they would believe it anymore if it were NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc...
  3. His cultists still won’t flip on him.
  4. ChesterCopperpot1

    Where's Mitch?

    The right had both houses of Congress and the presidency for 2 years. No votes on border security or funding the wall. Now they lost the house, it’s a national emergency, and they’ve shut down the government because of it. Think about that.
  5. ChesterCopperpot1

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    Trump University Master’s Degrees don’t count.
  6. ChesterCopperpot1

    Awesome black conservatives...........

    You’re literally using block people as mascots. Lol
  7. ChesterCopperpot1

    Does anything capture the Trump White House better than this?

    If you’re gonna do fast food, there is literally a shake shack blocks from the WH. Fuckin splurge a little. Shake Shack is fucking delicious.
  8. ChesterCopperpot1


    Relative to Bernie Sanders it does.
  9. ChesterCopperpot1

    Would you trade Mariota for Foles, straight up?

    Why would the Eagles make such a dumb trade though?
  10. I’m just waiting for it to drop. I just have this suspicion both sides are going to be disappointed. I need it to be so harsh to drive Trump to a heart attack resulting in his death.
  11. ChesterCopperpot1

    Tulsi Gabbard says she will run for president

    The tweet above is long thread. It’s pretty funny. Click on it and scroll.
  12. ChesterCopperpot1


    Been saying this for months. Dems cannot nominate Biden. I’m warming up more to Beto. He’s going to have to run more as a moderate to have a shot. If he tries to run on a purely progressive platform, he will lose.
  13. ChesterCopperpot1


    So explain your support for trump then. He’s also a total perv with little girls.
  14. ChesterCopperpot1

    It may be fixing to go down

    They’re going to comb over it word by word and poke holes and find inconsistencies.