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  1. Mularkey might still be the coach if he wasn’t so loyal to Robiscuit. Instead, he basically walked away from an NFL gig to keep Robiscuit employed. Kinda wild.
  2. I felt ok coming out of this game. Saw some things out of some young players (particularly the rookie class) that can be built on. I think Duncan can be the future at RT. Levis left some plays on the field, but he we let down by his teammates by a ton of drops. At the end, like you said, it was a crazy entertaining game and we didn’t lose any draft position.
  3. The guy has no business being on this staff.
  4. Vrabel may have an affinity for NE, but does he think Brady is walking through that door? As we have seen, Brady is what made the Patriots tick, not Belichick.
  5. Vrabel wanted a puppet. Cowden and/or Stretch would’ve been that puppet.
  6. Tepper is the reason why Young was drafted. The whole staff and front office want Stroud. Tepper overruled them.
  7. To only give the bulk of the Carrie’s to David Montgomery. no im not a disgruntled Jahmyr Gibbs fantasy owner or anything like that…
  8. The offense before Levis and injuries wasn’t lighting it up. It was averaging 17 PPG and it’s been averaging that pretty much all year long. I don’t think our offensive woes are necessarily QB related. The production sucked under a healthy Tannehill, and it has sucked under Levis. I think Vrabel is the problem, and he will never have a young QB develop under him.
  9. Frank Reich coached that game like he was trying to get fired. Holy shit is he bad.
  10. When and how did Vrabel brainwash media? Was listening to Florio on PMT the other day, and he mentioned that he thinks the titans are dysfunctional and the only thing holding it together is Vrabel. He thinks eventually Vrabel will get tired of it and ask out of Nashville. what do they see from him that makes them think he’s the one holding this together?
  11. Sure. But when he can pass a physical he can’t stay on IR or PUP. They’re not going to have him taking a roster spot. We all know he’s played his last down as a titan. Frankly I think he’s played his last down of football. Dude should just retire. But they’re not carrying him on the roster just because his 4tg year is gtd.
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