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  1. I’m clearly talking about when he was shot. No one is disputing that at one time he had a gun on his person, and no one is disputing that he had a gun residue on his hand indicating he had fired it fairly recently. But there’s no proof he had a gun in his hands when he was shot.
  2. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s entitled to due process.
  3. I’m for it just because it pisses off conservatives.
  4. I’m so fucking sick of the endless defense of cops. There’s no such thing as a good cop. Because cops protect their own. When you don’t speak out against cops doing bad things, you’re a bad cop. So fuck all cops. Lying power hungry cocksuckers.
  5. Gun was never at the cops head. Gun was never pointed at the cop. It’s not even clear a gun was in the kid’s hands (which were in the air, by the way, next to his head) when the cop killed a 13 year old kid. Nice straw man, though. How those boots taste? this will not stop. This country needs serious police reform. My barber has more training to use a straight edge razor than cops spend in the academy.
  6. Because no matter how much you hate the constitution, that thug strung out on PCP is entitled to due process. The cop is not the judge. He’s not the prosecutor. He’s not the jury. He doesn’t get to decide any of that shit or what punishment is appropriate.
  7. He never gave the kid a chance to fucking comply. He shot the kid with his hands in the fucking air.
  8. I watched the video. It’s worse than I thought. That kid should be alive and face charges and get his due process, not dead.
  9. She was 18 when they had sex is what I’ve seen.
  10. Look, Matt Gaetz can suck a dick, but are people really criticizing him for having sex with a woman who turned 18 just 5 months before the sex? What am I missing?
  11. I don’t know every fact, but I don’t think negligence should carry criminal penalties. That’s what civil courts are for. Negligence essentially equates to accident in most courts. Again, don’t know everything here, but I’m just not a fan of having criminal consequences for something more appropriate in a civil court. This is yet another reason qualified immunity needs to go.
  12. Thought he was only referring to the chief and cop. I just post without reading some times.
  13. Doogie would not have lasted had he been around for the time when Todd Heap used his kid as a speed bump.
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