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  1. It just demonstrates the fucked up healthcare system we have. Rich people have access to basic shit that regular folks don’t have access to.
  2. He can see what’s coming in November: a big, fat L.
  3. The fed injects 1.5 trillion in liquidity. SM has a great day. Trump does victory lap. Signs the ticker sheet for various indices and sends it to Lou Dobbs. 3 days later, on Monday, the DJIA has literally its worst day ever and is at levels close to where it was when Trump took office 3 years ago (I.e., no growth). You would think y’all would have learned by now, but you idiots can’t get his tiny pee pee out of your mouth long enough to realize what’s going on.
  4. The stock market rise wasn’t due to his policies. People who aren’t partisan hacks realize this.
  5. Also, I do not see how trump survives this at all.
  6. I’m more talking about the jobs that will be lost. I don’t even care about my 401k. I’m 35 and I have time for it to bounce back. I’m more worried about my job.
  7. Biggest loss for the Dow in history. Tsk tsk. I really do hate this. This will ruin people’s lives.
  8. It’s a 4 hour drive from the ocean and 30 minutes from California. It’s the west coast.
  9. Lol at the thought of paying Conklin $2 mm more per season than Lewan. Goodness.
  10. office in MetroCenter is still without power.
  11. Vrabel was never a teammate with Edelman. He was traded to KC before Edelman was drafted.
  12. He does. But that face says more than his words ever will.
  13. Doubtful. Even QC guys make 6 figs after their first year. It’s the first year that sucks. Neighbor only made like $65k his first year as a QC guy. He’s not in year 3 and making more than double that. Plus you add in the $110k in bonuses they got from the playoffs and you got $200k in salary. I doubt any HSFB coach is making that.

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