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  1. It was also the right decision. Every analytics nerd will tell you that.
  2. So the Titans top 3 draft picks have played an aggregate of 8 snaps through 3 weeks.
  3. I don’t think his heal clearly touched out. Look at the picture the Titans posted. You can’t clearly say it’s out. An argument can be made it’s out, but an argument can be made it’s in. Had they initially ruled no catch, I would say the same. Just don’t think there’s conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field.
  4. Whatever the call was on the field should have stood. There’s nothing there that could have overturned it.
  5. He should run what he wants and dare Vrabel to fire him.
  6. Lewan is getting cut after the year. He makes too much money.
  7. No one could have foreseen Ficken getting hurt. They had two serviceable kickers in the preseason and both got hurt.
  8. This outbreak started in Florida. How’s the air filtration in the facility gonna help them there?
  9. Another missed pick from Robinson. Not only a 4th round pick but he traded up for him. This pick never really made sense at all to me.
  10. Financial analysis and financial advising are not the same thing. Not even close. Financial advisors are fancy salesdudes. And no disrespect to them, either, because a good financial advisor can make damn good money — much more than I make with a fraction of the student debt.
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