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  1. He’s flat wrong on Evans. Davis was overdrafted, but he would be a good #1 with competent QB play.
  2. His video he put out today had Compton wearing Saints shorts. It was taken from the Bus. He’s still heavily involved.
  3. Gets popped for PEDs and suspended 4 games. Continues his stupid podcast with Comp. Tweeting during games. Posting IG videos reacting to Ramsey saying “s/o to BWTB”. Organizing a tailgate where the bus was there. Punching his boyfriend in the ass on his birthday. All this during a suspension. Idk why I’m so miffed, but it’s as if our highest paid player doesn’t give two shits about his job. If that’s the case, retire and move back to AZ. Also, quit referring to yourself as “Nashville’s dad.”
  4. He’s too busy tweeting and playing with his butt buddy Comp.
  5. It’s clear Vrabel cares more about Mariota’s ego than this team.
  6. That’s a basic throw most HS QBs can make. And Mariota can’t make it.
  7. The game clock changed a full second after the play clock hit zero. It was an egregious no call as you can get.