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  1. I have to think the titans are letting him fuck up so much that they’re trying to void gtd money.
  2. Everything is a joke if you make it one. I’m clearly referencing “the pickle party” from an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  3. Reid showed what elite coaching is. Now compare that to what Vrabel does. The punt on 4th and 2 will haunt him forever, as it should.
  4. Don’t think so. He grew up in Memphis, went to high school in DC, and college in North Carolina. I don’t think he has any connection to Atlanta.
  5. There’s just no way to sugarcoat this: it’s been a disaster. The federal govt should have just said “here ya go states. Have at it.” Because that’s how you end up with HVAC Man leading the charge, and he might legitimately be retarded. The vaccine administration in Tennessee has been one of the worst in the country.
  6. Here in Nashville? @abenjami @Legaltitan and myself are also lawyers, though I’m the only one in Nashville. Did criminal defense early in my career and hated it. I do 100% civil work now.
  7. For him to stand trial for the countless crimes he’s committed for the last 30+ years.
  8. Was just coming to post this. The man is literally incapable of truth. He said he loved them and they were very special to him while it was happening and now he’s saying ANTIFA!!!! God dammit fuck this man. He should be impeached just for being this fucking stupid.
  9. Lol that video isn’t from recently. Look around. Not a soul wearing masks.
  10. Lol he’s such an idiot. The goal is to win, by any means necessary.
  11. Wasn’t aware his knee was reportedly shot. We can’t rely on Wilson. I’d bet he doesn’t make the roster.
  12. Why is Kelly gone? Agre on the other 2
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