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Found 12 results

  1. I'm sure everyone has seen that Russia has 100k troops amassed at the Ukrainian border, and US intel suspects they will invade in January. Blinken spent a couple days this week meeting with NATO ministers on a strategy forward. Belarus has mobilized their mechanized division on their border in support of Russian forces as well. The US is weighing sending in military advisors and weapons such as javelin anti tank missiles, mig choppers, missile defense systems, etc. and NATO is preparing a large sanctions package that will trigger if Russian forces invade (Like Putin gives a shit).
  2. tgo

    Coup in Niger

    I’m sure most have already read about the military coup in Niger, which removed the rightfully elected president from power. The US and France are backing the Bloc’s military authorization. Hopefully Democracy will soon be restored in Niger - militarily.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2023/may/11/abu-zubaydah-drawings-guantanamo-bay-us-torture-policy
  4. I won't claim to be well-educated on the subject but some interesting things are happening in China & it's not getting much coverage here. There's a significant crackdown on teaching English by foreigners. It's under the guise of limiting overworking students but it goes beyond that. There's word of a rise in limiting western things of all kinds, reviewing citizenship scores and assessing foreigners in general ... possibly even reassessing teaching English in regular schools (not just extra tutors). I wouldn't be surprised if we see a major crackdown and tightening of control and power over a period of years here. The rise of wealth and exposure to the rest of the world seems to have reached a point that existing power structures now feel threatened. While it's fascinating to watch from abroad, it's also a significant risk to their citizens and freedoms. Some people may just say "communism" & move on but that ignores the nuance & spectrum of control that everything in the world actually operates on. There's been flexibility and relative freedom in many ways. That might now be disappearing. It's not a good thing.
  5. I suspect this will make Putin do something, because he would look like a wimp to his people if the USA sent a team into Russia to forceably bring those hackers to justice while Putin could do nothing about it. White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that a “high level” of U.S. national security has been in touch with top Russian officials about $70 million ransomware attack by a Russia-linked hacking group. She added that if Russia doesn’t take action against cyber criminals residing there, “we will.”
  6. Am I missing something how come nobody here is covering what the fuck they’re doing to the Uighur people? They’re committing genocide against these innocent people. They are raping, killing and putting them into camps. Fucking disgusting communists piece of shit. We need to stop buying from China and ban all goods coming in from them
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