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  1. He has also drafted two solid WRs, something we haven't had since Mason. Davis is a stud, and with a 21st century minded OC or coach, he would be killing it. Brown is also a stud, and he showed yesterday that he is a team-first leader with his attitude toward Lewan after more BS penalties. I am not a fan of the Vrabel hire, especially watching how well Reich is doing in Indy, but hindsight is always 20/20. The Tanny pick-up has obviously been a genius move despite it possibly turning out to hurt us as far as draft position. If only we had gone after Matt Moore, like I was advocating for when he was backing up Tanny in Miami.
  2. I was hoping they would bench him yesterday to send a message. If it continues after the bye, and Vrabel does nothing, then it's just another reason why he shouldn't be leading the football team.
  3. If he's looking for $25 Mill/year, we're in a bad spot. I don't think he's worth that, but the other options are to sign another vet and hope he plays well, or to roll the dice on a rookie that may be the newest Young/Locker/Mariota....possibly both. I think I will personally wait until the end to form an opinion, but I must admit that watching Tanny sacrifice himself for a 1st and a TD yesterday puts me in the pro-resign him camp. I still think JR will want a QB in the draft, however.
  4. If this is the offense Vrabel wants, he should be fired. Looking at the stats, especially yardage and TOP, it's unbelievable we won.
  5. Mariota threw picks in 1 game this season...his last as starter. At least be honest about shit.
  6. The drive killing penalties have been a thing since he was drafted. He's good, but not good enough to put up with the BS. That said, regardless of what happens next, he will be @OILERMAN's next target, and he will ride that pony until he's eventually right.
  7. I don't, and the leader of men bullshit is just that...bullshit. I heard the same crap with Mike Matheny when he managed the Cardinals and took a WS calibre team and made them consistently worse each year he was here. Got rid of him mid-season last year, and got to the NLCS this year. The Titans need a coach that is offensive minded, and runs something newer than what Bum ran with Earl. It's like we went after Whisenhunt and he convinced management that we need to stick to the Fisher clones.
  8. It’s not a new’s the same old era. Solid defense with a scrub QB and an offense that wants to live in the 70s. We need an offensive minded coach, and it was a mistake to hire Vrabel over LaFluer and Reich.
  9. Fuck, I could have sworn I picked. I'm stuck taking the Ravens in an upset.
  10. Again, saying Robiskie's sucks isn't saying that our current scheme is great. I'm not the one making excuses, Einstein. The QB that got us where? Nobody is tearing down the Mariota that one us a playoff came in Arrowhead. Most are just pointing out that the Mariota of this year (and last year) is not the same guy. He doesn't throw the ball downfield, takes too many sacks, and doesn't move the offense.
  11. See the field differently? Ok, so you're admitting Marcus doesn't look more than 10 yards downfield. Costly pick? Considering neither scored points (although one moves the offense down the field), Marcus has twice as many 'costly picks.' Seeing that Tanny and Mariota were worlds apart in the Denver game isn't about stats, it's about watching them run the offense. Robiskie was in over his head, and it was obvious. Mularkey probably would have stayed if he would have got an OC that ran an offense that wasn't straight out of the 70s. Vrabel may not have been the right hire, but keeping Mularkey was absolutely NOT the right move.
  12. They didn't look the same against Denver. Tanny came in and immediately started throwing the ball downfield. He still took sacks, and he did throw a pick...but he was making throws to receivers that Mariota was not even considering when he read the field. Tanny isn't great, but he's a legit NFL QB. Mariota? He was before (see video above), but isn't right now.