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  1. It's shitty that the internet has allowed most people to get away with being assholes.
  2. That's not a high bar. One sack would be better than any of us saw, and 5 sacks for the year would be better than most of us would expect.
  3. So we have a HC that was a former player, but has done what exactly as far as coaching? Has he coached a good defense at any point in his career? Nope. I wish Eddie luck because he's a smart dude, has heart, and is a leader. Maybe he's successful and maybe he sucks like Vrabel, but I doubt he will ever suck as bad as Coach Ocho.
  4. You really think that name-calling an anonymous poster on a football message board is standing up for children? That's a stretch, even for those who are exceptionally good at patting themselves on the back for no reason. I agree 100% that empathy is scarce, but it's not just Trump world. Trumpites aren't the ones trying to cancel anyone who disagrees with them. It's equally awful on both sides, and that was my point.
  5. Both sides are pretty pathetic. The room doesn't hurt anyone, so why does anyone give a fuck. But on the other hand, why do many on the opposite side resort to name-calling and playground insults?
  6. I do think CD and Jonnu were big deals, and obviously so do their new teams, given their contracts. Vrabel isn't going to let Downing run a 21st century offense, so while it's a constant to last year, opposing teams will be even more set on loading the box. I don't think Smith was some offensive guru, but I think he was a shit-ton smarter than Vrabel (not a high bar, I know). The tougher schedule means we won't be able to pad offensive stats against shit teams, so yeah, it means something. I don't think there is a rookie available that will replicate what CD and Jonnu
  7. There are a ton of reason to think we will regress...less offensive talent, unproven OC, meathead HC, tougher schedule, etc. You don't need to give me anything. There's far more to an offense than run-pass ratio.
  8. Alright. I'll be very interested to hear your excuses next year. And no, we didn't run 'basically the same offense' as Robiskie...unless you're generalizing offense to the point that we are usually trying to score points.
  9. “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts as are only injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Thomas Jefferson Who cares? This room doesn't hurt me.
  10. Downing will fall in line with meathead, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten the title. We will still run a shit ton on 1st down, the lack of a threat opposite AJ will decrease his production, and the lack of a true threat at TE will hurt our 3rd down chances. The offense will take a major step back, and it will have nothing to do with RT. I would actually be fairly surprised if RT doesn't miss time this year because he's going to spend a lot of time waiting for routes to develop on the 3rd and longs that Vrabel will get us into.
  11. I do believe it. There have been a lot of dumb things said, but they have nearly entirely been said by your side of the argument.
  12. This is your response to asking who is claiming that HC is more important than QB? You're wrong, you're usually wrong, nobody takes you seriously, get a fucking life.
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