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  1. Douche move by king douche of this board. Problem is, if you didn't expect this level of douchiness, you aren't paying attention.
  2. Most of the idiots calling him a meathead were the ones upset that we got rid of run-run-pass-punt.
  3. This is the shit you get from the board retard. He's more concerned with 'being right' than facts, or the team. I can't wait to see his minion defend him. I wonder if they love Fisher and Mularkey as much as he does. Run, run, pass, punt....for the win!!
  4. I really enjoy watching you try to deflect. The fact is, anytime you and I disagree (which is often), you resort to insults and childish banter rather than actually discussing the topic at hand. Pathetic.
  5. YOU wish Mayfield was our QB. Well, to be fair, you and your idiot lover @OILERMAN, is technically a 'we.'
  6. hope so. I'm sure some don't care, and that's cool. Some know you for what you are, mailman: a football fraud.
  7. I love when you fail to address the actual discussion in your rebuttal. It's almost like you more about insults than facts. In reality, you're BY FAR the dumbest, but your sweet government job given you the ability to post out of your ass on here, so people think you actually know something. It's cool a 40+ year old mailman, you need this board. Please, everyone...still listen to him.
  8. I'm just glad you're sticking to the topic. can't stick to a topic you're so obviously wrong about, right? "Hey guys! He worked for Blackwater and I want to make baseless and factually abhorrent claims about someone who has proven me and my lover to be inept about football!!" Enjoy your tax bracket, retard.
  9. Solid comeback. Enjoy his balls...and being wrong nearly always.
  10. No, you and other clowns would, because you're more concerned with being 'right' than anything else. Mayfield made good throws, and Mariota missed some. Mayfield also had the best receiver in the game to throw to, soooooo? All QBs have screen passes that go the distance to pad stats. Mariota played a great game, and while there will be some he lays eggs in, I would take him over most other QBs, including Mayfield at this point. If you throw 3 INTs while having the best WR in the league, and another who is AT LEAST top's football stupid to claim they are better than the opposing QB who had 3 TDs and 0 INTs while facing a pretty stout defensive front with an OL that wasn't exactly at it's peak. In the end, @oldschool, you always come around to sucking the balls of @OILERMAN...which also means you come around to being almost entirely WRONG!