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  1. You realize 3 teams took a G in the top ten picks that year? I would say Britt. I didn't like Woolfolk, but thought Britt was going to be good.
  2. The league was so different then. It was center-dominated, and both of those championship came against other teams with a dominate center...they just weren't as dominate as Hakeem. What he did to Robinson in '95 is still something I love to think about. Totally destroyed the league MVP.
  3. We need an honest conversation, but that can't happen until both sides admit their own faults rather than simply pointing the finger.
  4. I agree about the playoffs, but Harden was a 6th man that Morrey saw as a superstar. He doesn't stick with what what isn't working, which I applaud, even if some of his moves don't work. I didn't like Chris Paul because I thought he was overrated and injury prone...he was better than I expected, but not good enough.
  5. Let's not act like there were only two choices. Williams may have been #1, but Cecil should as fuck shouldn't have been #2.
  6. It isn't a big deal if those they hire actually perform. Here with the Hawkeye's, Ferentz promoted his son to OC, and most of us were upset when it happened. Brian has opened up the offense more, and his play calling is no longer reminiscent of Fisher-ball. Cecil, however, didn't perform.
  7. If we get Clowney, then the SB is realistic, baring injuries to certain players. Without Clowney, a deep playoff run would be nice.
  8. Brown wouldn't have had the yards he did without Davis's blocks. Brown is a stud and I love watching him play, but let's not act like much of his YAC was because Davis was throwing great blocks to free him downfield.
  9. Implementing policies that enforce preferential treatment of some races over others, as a way to counter-act the accusations of preferential treatment of some races over others, has to be some of the dumbest shit people do. Is there a network or 'good-ole boy' club? Obviously...hell, we got Vrabel as HC through it, and continue to pull Pats from that franchise due to JRob's connections. The question is whether these clubs include fewer minorities, and if so, why? I doubt many of the good-ole boys clubs discriminate against good coaches based only on their color. The NFL is often said to stand for Not For Long, so why would franchises refuse to hire a coach they thought would lead them to success, just because of race? It's dumb, and pits the ideologies of those people against themselves. Either the NFL is a business trying to make money through winning and caring about nothing but winning/money...or they are racist and discriminating against good coaches regardless of the potential money associated with success.
  10. You were against him from the beginning because you were butt-hurt Coach Ocho got shown the door. You were also more of Rams fan after Fisher took his 'talents' there, which was funny because MM Titans beat your Coach Ocho Rams.
  11. Munchak was a good coach with a bad QB. I would argue they are very similar...and if the roles were reversed, we would be in the same situation.
  12. Brown, Davis, Tannehill, Henry, Simmons
  13. Did another one were I got almost everyone I wanted:

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