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  1. The second half of the only Titans playoff win in 15 years tells me everything I need to know about Mariota, talent-wise. Health is the concern, and rightfully why they haven't extended him yet.
  2. There's no way that's national guard. He's got woodlands with sleeve pockets. We got those on our DCU's, but only after our first deployment to Afghanistan, and even then it took 2 months to get the sew-shop to get the entire battalion done. I wasn't in the 'regular army' but surely there is no way that thing is more than an airsoft wannabe...probably a postal worker by day.
  3. You think that would have happened if Mariota couldn't grip a ball for most of the year? No way he bails out Mike and Terry and the Alzheimers crew if he can't grip the ball.... fuckhead.
  4. Hey fuckhead, it wasn't just Mularkey, it was his archaic system and refusal to adapt to modern concepts. It was Terry fucking Robiskie, and watching his offense shit the bed in the first half against KC, to watch Mariota nearly single-handily win that game in the second half by calling the plays himself. It was the refusal of a head coach to hold his staff accountable. As @titanruss you can't just look at wins/losses and a few stats...or at least you can't if you have more than a couple of brain cells.
  5. You're right. The offense is totally different. It doesn't change the point though. Fisher is a Mularkey type coach; he can make a shitty team mediocre but nothing more than that. It makes sense now why some people either like both or hate both.
  6. With all the Mularkey stuff, I think someone on here made a solid point on coaching, several years ago when we were having another annual Fisher-thread. Some coaches are really good at making a bad team better, but those coaches are rarely the ones to lead your team to the SB. Some coaches can take a mediocre team, and make them world beaters. Fisher is a great example: he took a putrid Rams teams, played his run-run-pass-punt style of football, and got them to just shy of .500. Now, McVay comes in and takes that mediocre team and has them in the SB two years later, and has gone 24-8 in the regular season with nearly the same roster Fisher could only sniff .500 with. Mularkey was that guy here, as was Munch. The problem was that we went with a flashy hire in Whiz following Munch, and he wasn't interested in protecting the young QB. Now, we have Vrabel, and while the vote is definitely still out, I like that he is aggressive, and his hire of Pees as DC has proven to be the best DC hire since Buddy Ryan, IMO. Hopefully Vrabel is our McVay, but Mularkey was just another Fisher. Thanks for the 'culture change' but fuck Mularkey and his genius coordinators.
  7. The refs have been working toward specific outcomes for years. Deflategate was a joke, but catching them spying and destroying the evidence was ridiculous, as is the favoritism Goodell shows certain teams when it comes to discipline. Brady will be gone soon enough, but the argument for GOAT is over. All those clamoring for Manning several years back...you were wrong.
  8. Fisher was NEVER a good coach. Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl, but it wasn't because he was a great coach. He had a loaded roster, just like the Titans did from 99-03. The only reason people are trying to shift the conversation to his current net worth is because he is fucking worthless as a coach. @OILERMAN swung from Coach Ocho's nuts for a decade, claiming the Titans would regret getting rid of him, and how he would take the Rams to the promised land, and how Munch was an idiot, and how Munch wouldn't get another job. Now here we are, 2019, and Munch is getting more HC interviews after totally revamping the Steelers OL, and Coach Ocho is too irrelevant to even matter outside of a Titans message board.
  9. He had great teams for a 5 year stretch and was just an awful coach. He was also the coach both times we had the #1 seed in the AFC and then got embarrassed at home by the Ravens after a bye-week.
  10. Fisher would make a good GM? What the fuck are people smoking around here? He ruined our roster for nearly a decade (with a little help from Bud), and the Rams look good now because they have a solid coach with a proven scheme, not because Fisher was an expert at signing personnel for other coaches. When Reese left and Fisher took over, our drafts were awful. VY wasn't his fault, but he had a better winning percentage with VY than he did all his other QBs, so if he was some QB-whisperer, apparently it was only with those that forced the team to play his favorite style of football....run, run, pass, punt (yes @OILERMAN, that's a callout to your article), and then play great defense. His Rams teams got worse the longer he was there, which seems odd for someone so astute at bringing in talent, right? The reason he's not in any HC searches is because the league finally wised-up to what several on here were saying a decade ago. He sucks.
  11. The only thing Jeff Fisher might be able to teach is how to build a career on a single fluke play.
  12. Before we start calling him a shitbag, maybe we should be real.
  13. Source? Or are we just to believe you based on your extensive history of being full of shit?
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