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  1. In the Pats game, I was fairly intoxicated, but I remember a friend talking about our DT (he didn't know who) being the reason Evans could blow them up on the goal-line stand. I had to wait until the next day to see it was Simmons, but damn, our defense has to keep playing at this high level if we are going to beat KC.
  2. The only redeeming play Fisher ever had a piece in.
  3. CJ did take off after VY took over, that's true. He averaged nearly 42 yards more per game along with 10 more rushes. So your argument will be that Fisher ran the ball more because VY was inept at passing, and that's why we were more successful. Valid point...and I say again, VY was the reason we were more successful (it apparently made Fisher more aware that he had a 2K yard rusher on his team).
  4. I was paying plenty of attention in 2006 and was a Fisher fan at the time...and I knew about the Fisher/Reese choice. It was a decision that set the franchise back a decade. So VY didn't rally the team out of an 0-6 record? It's a pretty easy thing to see...0-6 with Collins, 8-2 with VY. What else do you attribute that change to?
  5. He was absolutely on the hot seat in 2006...we started 2-7, and it was coming down to Floyd or Fisher. Ending the season one win from the playoffs made that choice Fisher. If Fisher was 'saddled' with VY in 2009, and so amazing at coaching that he could take an idiot and make him serviceable, why couldn't he win a single game with Collins that year? Your argument doesn't make sense. The fact is, Fisher was on his way out and Bud forcing him to play VY is what saved his job...twice. I'm not disagreeing that VY was an awful thrower of the pointy ball, but just that he did seem to rally the team those years, and that can mean a lot. Fisher sure as fuck wasn't rallying anyone, unless you're referencing the Colts fans when he wore that Manning jersey during the bye week. Also, don't forget what Goff was with Fisher vs. what he is with McVay. Fisher has hindered every QB he's been associated with.
  6. It's also why Fisher kept his job an extra couple years. VY was shit, but he saved Fisher job...twice.
  7. They'll obviously come out throwing, but I think they'll target Kelce as a mismatch against our LBers. It'll be important to get help from the safeties against him, and it might actually allow us a chance at some turnovers if Simmons, Casey, and Landry can pressure Mahommes. On offense we need to run the ball like the first game, but I suspect they'll load the box and make us go through the air to beat them. We should still be successful on the ground, but we will need Brown and Davis to be more involved.
  8. I thought he had air mailed the deep pass, but it was a great throw and an even better catch. Same with Jonnu's in the end zone. Henry's TD pass to Davis wasn't an easy catch either, and they really tried to get AJ into the mix too with the run. JRob got us some playmakers, Smith is getting them involved, and they are stepping up. And our defense....wow. Keeping them off the board in the first, when they were the #1 team in the league in first quarter scoring...then holding them to only 12 points, 6 of which were meaningless, and to hold them on all those fourth down attempts. We have to keep it up next week, regardless of where we go.
  9. Different coaches for different situations. Mularkey, like Coach Ocho, is a coach that can make a bad team respectable if given the opportunity (more than one season). That said, they can't take a team to the promised land. I feel similarly about BB and Sean Payton. I don't think they could make a bad team respectable, but they can take a respectable team deep into the playoffs.
  10. Nobody is forcing anything. Mariota is an athlete and they are trying to use that. It's smart.
  11. Simmons was the hero. Evans was amazing, but Simmons led the way!!!!
  12. Go fuck yourself. ManningEnvy = TannyEnvy
  13. Davis is a team-first WR...not an easy thing to find in the league. @OILERMAN may be right in Davis being a luxury we won't be able to afford, but he'll be missed more than most around here know...similar to how most treated the loss of Mawae. The best thing to do would be for JRob to sign him on the cheap THIS offseason, where he and Brown will have the next 3 seasons together. Couple that with bringing Tannehill back for the same period, and suddenly our passing game has some real consistency where they can all benefit from each other.
  14. Yeah, probably. We can thank Floyd for that too. We can thank Fisher for the lack of playoff success.
  15. Yeah, I can. Given how many picks he's had the final say over, even just a roll of the dice would draft more 'great' players than Fisher. His lack of picking great players is why our drafts sucked the moment Reese left...and it's why his best year with the Rams was the year he was using the groceries purchased by someone else. He only regressed from there. He was awful at every phase, and just happened to luck out with a playoff run one year. The sad thing is, if not for the MCM, I bet Fisher would have been fired that year or the following one, and we may have had a chance for a championship with someone really qualified to be a head coach.

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