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  1. We could never be that lucky as a franchise.
  2. Lol...except he's black...so that makes things difficult for leftists, right?
  3. Talk about trying to cover your bases. He's fucking awful. Awful. Like...fucking awful. Like, fucking, awful. Have you ever watched football? The fact you are defending the worst OT in the league should really tell everyone on this board what they need to know: If you want to listen to a condescending prick that knows nothing about football... @Jamalismsis your guy. If you want to listen to literally anyone that might possibly get something correct at any point in their posting...even if by a mistake in grammar or tense....then anyone else would be preferable.
  4. They are taking a QB. No way they go the Colts route with Reich...or should I say there is no way Reich goes the Colts route with Carolina.
  5. I'm not saying he's going rogue. I'm saying he may not be telling Amy that the team isn't going to be sniffing a shot at anything meaningful, anytime soon. As for last year, you're probably right about making the playoffs if Tannehill doesn't miss time, regardless of Landry and Lewan. That said, it would have been one-and-done again, without a doubt. The team is only 'successful' because we play in a pathetic division, and that division looks to be getting better. I don't know. A lot depends on Lawrence, but at least he has a coach that wants to run a 21st century offense. Pederson took them to the playoffs his first year...something not even the great meathead could do.
  6. Nothing is obvious...this time last year everyone would have said it was 'obvious' that Amy and JRob and meathead were aligned, but they obviously were not. And last year this time, the majority of the board thought we were a lock for the playoffs. I get it's too early to predict much, but the offense right now looks worse than it did last year, there is no new blood in the coaching staff, and little opportunity for it to get significantly better via the draft.
  7. The question is really going to be if Amy understands what RC is doing and that we are going to likely be awful next year.
  8. Lol....like it did last year? How about you shut the fuck up since you can't seem to get a single thing correct regarding this team or football in general.
  9. I know this may come as a shock to people, but the blame for having to dismantle the offense to fix the laughing-stock of a defense falls squarely on meathead and his good-ole-boy club. When we had a legit DC in Pees, we had a solid defense without having to entirely retool to 'get guys that fit.' If Pees had stayed one more year, suddenly that entire season looks vastly different.
  10. The OC that orchestrated last years passing attack? Yeah, that's what I think of when I think 'high octane.'
  11. This thread has really made me wonder...who wins in the most cringeworthy.... ...TicTacTitans on Twitter, or @Jamalisms avoiding context like the plague?
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