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  1. It seemed good, but I also don't know how much Seattle adjusted to being on the cusp of a blowout. I was flying, so catching updates via ESPN rather than watching. The thing about pressure, especially interior pressure, is that it can be schemed. For example, we are facing the Colts this week and regardless of QB, they will run the ball and probably use screens and other quick passing concepts to mitigate any potential interior pass rush. I think Autry and Simmons will struggle to 'feast' on that, which is the point. The game will come down to 3rd downs on
  2. @StephenIsLegend...might want to reign in your boy here. We know how some people can get carried away after a single solid defensive effort in the Vrabel era.
  3. Mularkey threw more with Mariota than Vrabel does with a top QB.
  4. Reich should have been our HC. We didn't beat upon bums....we squeaked out wins against the shittiest teams in the league.
  5. I've always thought Vrabel was bad and opposed extending him, but I've been a little softer on JRob. I think if this fiasco continues, he has to be held responsible as well.
  6. I sincerely apologize, @rns90. While you were definitely one of the ones calling me a Colts fans for citing concerns with the Titans, it was actually @IsntLifeFunny and @tgo that bet me.
  7. What if we go 0-3? Would @tgo and @rns90 just donate their money then?
  8. I agree with you about the majority of the board deep-throating JRob and Vrabel all off-season, but that wasn't me. Maybe you don't remember, but I was the one many on here were attacking because I said we weren't a good team last year, just lucky. I also said there is no way that luck continues this year, and we'll have a harder schedule, and the same idiot staff. The staff IS garbage. You and others like to claim LaFluer and Smith are now HC's and that shows Vrabel is smart...except neither were Vrabel guys. Bowen is Vrabel's butt-buddy and I wouldn't trust him to call a de
  9. We might not get blown out, as I'm hoping the offensive issues get fixed...just too much talent not to. That said, our defense and special teams remain total garbage, so who knows what happens. What's more likely....we don't miss a kick or the defense holds 3rd conversions under 50%?
  10. The deep playoff run wasn't just because of the offense. We held Brady to 13 points...the defense was very good in those games, with essentially the same players that we had last year. We all know what the difference was. Well, Tampa's offense isn't all on Brady...that team is loaded and their defense is one of the best in the league. The fact is, we HAVE to pass more. I bet Rodgers and Brady hand the ball off more than we throw it, so even if you wanted to claim Henry was as good at running the ball as Rodgers and Brady are at throwing it, it's absurd to
  11. Yes, I do...but feel free to accuse me of 'not being a true fan' because I can assess the team as a non-homer.
  12. For the most part I think that's fair, and I agree with Davis...he was a team first player whose contributions didn't always show up on the stat sheet. That said, we have a top ten QB, two top ten receivers, and arguably the best RB in the game. With those, we shouldn't be getting blown out at home. The staff we have is garbage....pure and simple.
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