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  1. I propose you stop sucking off Vrabel and look at him at least slightly critically. We have an overly predictable offense, that runs the ball far too much on the most successful passing down in the league, and we've done that through 3 OCs. Vrabel has to have personnel fit 'his scheme' rather than coach to his personnel. His overuse of Henry led to him being out half of the year, yet still being top 10 in carries for the season. And he's great at knowing the rules, but maybe slightly above average in clock management (see Bills game). He got the job promising not to run into stacked boxes, and to take the team from good to great. We run into more stacked boxes now than Mularkey did, and unlike Mularkey, Vrabel has been one-and-done two years in a row now, despite having a more talent roster (and QB) than his predecessor. He's also benefitted from playing in the worst division in football for the past two years. I know you're a bit of a homer, but be honest....that is all true. You might still disagree with my overall belief that Vrabel sucks monkey balls, but if you can, please dispute the facts of what I've said above. You are very familiar with all the issues I have with Vrabel, but are trying, yet again, to build a stream that even you could tear down. I'm done placating your desire to earn credibility on this board by stalking me and trying to prove I'm wrong. I might be, but you aren't going to prove it...Vrabel will. My posts right now are mainly in retort to your stalking. Get off my dick, and go try to add something to the board.
  2. I totally understand being optimistic on Vrabel...I was optimistic on Fisher until 2008, so I can't throw stones at people for thinking that way. All I can and will do is bring up the points I ignored prior to 2008, and those that most (not you) are ignoring now. As far as the Oilers, I think the worry that the Titans could leave, even as unlikely as it is, might be causing some issues for 100% Tennessee people. The fact that the Titans don't have a single pure-Titans player in the Hall is probably mostly the fault of Jeff Fisher. If we had gotten to another SB, or god forbid won one, with the stacked rosters we had over that 5 year span, Eddie and Steve would have been first-ballot inductees. Instead, we have to sit here and get excited because Kevin Mawae played his last few years for us, or hold onto the one year we had an over-the-hill Hutch. Obviously the best player to ever put on a Titans jersey was Bruce Matthews, and it's not really close...but he was an Oiler, and I don't think many would argue that. I do feel we have a similar situation happening now. We have a couple players that could be future Hall of Famers...Henry, Simmons, Byard top that list. But if we continue failing when it matters, they will only be in the Hall of Very Good, with Steve and Eddie. And you know whose fault it will be if that happens....again.
  3. You keep acting as though my dislike of Vrabel is some crusade...it's not. It's my opinion, supported by facts. You have your opinion, also supported by facts. You somehow think that by stalking my on this board, I'm going to suddenly think Vrabel is a less shitty coach than I do? There is one way to prove that, and it's to win when it matters. As far as me having a brain, I'm not the one that thought our defense was 'money' two years ago...that was you. An historically awful defense, that you thought was great because of one good game halfway through the year....lol. You've owned up to the stupidity, so I've let it be...but be careful throwing stones, when you're made of glass.
  4. There is no argument, and the Oilers don't need me to defend them. The Oilers are far more loved, and actually won something of substance back in the day. The Titans can't even get people to believe in them after earning the #1 seed. If the Titans leave and go back to TX, in 20 years, nobody will give two shits about their meaningless existence. Meanwhile, fans with brains are excited about wearing Oilers throwbacks next year, and some of the all-time greats were drafted and played for the Oilers. The Titans don't have a single Hall of Fame player that wasn't an Oiler or started with another team. It's pretty pathetic for as long as the 'Titans' have been around. But hey man, you do you. Lol...my line of thinking is fine. You may disagree with my opinion, but it's not like I'm a flat-earther, or a religious nut-job, or some 'football fan' who thinks the Titans didn't benefit from being in the worst division in the league the past two years. I'm not trying to say exactly what would have happened if we hadn't gotten 4 games each of the past two years against the worst teams in the entire league. I'm just saying that even though we lost one of those (lol), it would be pretty naive to think having those games against better teams, wouldn't have potentially jeopardized our regular season success. And yeah, we beat several good teams last year in the regular season. Meathead got COY. But it's funny how everyone on this board was fine railing on the Colts ands how meaningless their Pro Bowl players were, but then want to clamor like a #1 seed and COY is something truly special. There is one way to prove me wrong, and that's to win when it matters. You have zero control over that, so good luck trying to 'correct' my thinking. Just keep going balls deep on meathead and be ready to own it when you're stuck eating crow....again.
  5. I'm not reading your drivel, especially when you constantly call other people retards for simply disagreeing. Use whatever measurement you want to make your claims...nobody here takes you seriously anyway, so it's not like I am concerned about you convincing anyone of anything.
  6. I think you're right, unfortunately. It's why we will be taking a step back. @logicals...when you have to start arguing points per drive to defend your man-crush in his annual playoff losses, it's gotten illogically sad.
  7. Who drafted them? Who's acting like the Titans only play within the division? The fact is, however, when you win the division two years in a row and then go one-and-done in the playoffs, you have to questions how you would have done in a division that wasn't the worst. Would we have won the division in the North, East, or West last year, let alone been the #1? I think we all know the answer to that, as much as we don't want to admit it. And I'm not in your head? Jesus, dude, you can't leave me alone, despite thinking I'm wrong about everything.
  8. If you're so confident in your predictions, take me up on the bet. Stop being a pussy.
  9. Ah, so those first seasons in TN, when the vast majority of the team were Oilers...players like Steve, Eddie, Frank, Matthews...are you counting those as Titans or Oilers? That's the problem with this argument...it's the same fucking team! The Titans are a laughing stock, and it's why the Colts always get the pre-season favorite treatment, while idiots on here wonder why. It's because we haven't done jack-shit. You morons want to act like a #1 and COY in the worst division in football is some type of accomplishment. Win when it matters, and then you fucktards can post an argument. Until then, look forward to the Columbia Blue and Oil Derek throw-backs, and pray they provide something the Titans have yet to experience....actual success and Hall of Fame players.
  10. We can barely get by the rest of the teams when they were the worst division in football. This year will be interesting.
  11. I don't shit on everything the Titans do, but I'm not a homer that overlooks legitimate concerns. As far as the Oilers, they won 2 AFL championships, and have 13 Hall of Fame players, plus two coaches. There isn't a single player in the Hall that started or played most of their career for the Titans...not one. We've been to one SB (one AFC Championship), and are most notable for now having been the #1 seed 3 times, and having lost our first game all 3 times...oh, and for keeping around coaches that think running the ball constantly is going to lead to championships. That's a pretty crazy thing to have to argue, considering THEY ARE THE SAME FUCKING TEAM, but for some people, I guess things need to be written down in crayon.
  12. I have barely spoken about Vrabel over the past two weeks, and I doubt I'm barely a blip when you tag me out of the blue. You desperately want to be right about Vrabel...the funny thing, is I desperately want you to be right, too.
  13. Lol...I'm not taking the bait. There are facts on both sides of the argument. I live in your head more than Vrabel lives in mine, though.
  14. Inferring the Titans offense is 'balanced' is one of odder takes I've heard of late.
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