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  1. Yeah, to me, it's: 1. Earl 2. Eddie 3. King Henry 4. CJ2K
  2. Lol...yeah? Define 'money' moron. And I'm glad you agree they have been awful for the rest of the season, so when you come back with 'money' meaning they were the beneficiaries of timely TOs, we can all understand that the defense is a shit show, even if some idiots like yourself think one game is the standard and the other 4 are the outliers.
  3. So you think Bowen is just getting fucked with the lack of title and pay? Doubtful. He's simply not the defensive coordinator, and like with most things, you're full of shit and speaking out of the same place that comes from.
  4. We may get beat by 30 next week, even with our offense. The only hope we have is that Ben is too busy thinking about what type of women he wants to rape this week, or we force some fumbles.
  5. You're so full of shit. This defense is awful, and depends ONLY on turnovers, which are hard to create when you are facing a mediocre or above QB. You can toe the company line as far as whether we need a real DC, but the fact is that the defensive has regressed exponentially in a year, and it can't be explained only with Adoree's injury or COVID. We can't get people off the field on 3rd down, regardless of distance...our half-time adjustments are non-existent...and when offenses find a guy they can go-to, we don't compensate. Those all would be remedied by a legit DC...which we don't have, regardless of what you want to believe.
  6. The defense needs a real coordinator. The idea that this defensive is good in anything, is just an absurd concept. Does anyone think we win if the Texans win the toss? Bueller? Bueller??
  7. Alright, kiddo. I'm done getting upset over idiots on this board. Think what you want.
  8. Look here, fuckhead, just because the Patriots don't have a DC doesn't magically make the Titans lack of a DC non-existent.
  9. If Bowen was DC, he would be called DC. He isn't.
  10. The defense is awful...no pressure on opposing QBs, the WORST 3rd down conversation rate in the league, and our secondary can't cover. They were money on what exactly? Were they 'money' all year?
  11. Lol...ok. Then bring Chuck Cecil back and fire Shane Bowen, because he fucking sucks. Btw...you're wrong.
  12. It's not a playoff caliber defense. Hell, it's not a .500 caliber defense.

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