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  1. The same standard should apply to the HC.
  2. On a positive note, if we do fire/trade meathead and bring in one of the top offensive-minded coaches, I do think it could be a quick turn-around. Someone who would prioritize the OL, focus on receivers that run solid routes and catch the ball, hires qualified assistants and coordinators, could have a lot of success very quickly.
  3. So if Kelly leaves, he'll be the next OC? I think the reason London gets brought up is because he's the only one most would feel somewhat comfortable with, even for a few games. That's less about London being a good option, and much much more about the rest of the staff lacking the qualifications to coach on a middle-Tennessee Christian high school team.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but the conversations get blurred a lot around here, and then arguments for or against a particular side of an issue get bulked together. For example, when people talk about Henry making it to the Hall of Fame, or Henry still being a dominate back, you can argue against both of those and not ignore the OL struggles. Those arguments often get lumped in as 'anti-Henry' and they aren't...they are just arguing that while he might be good, he's not still dominate or doesn't have the resume needed to make the HoF. People on both sides of the Tannehill debate do the same thing. I personally think it's fair to say Henry has been playing as well or slightly better than most backs would behind this line. I also think it's fair to say that if he was 'still dominate' or on track for the HoF, he would be doing more. Instead, he's about even with a rookie that lacks knee ligaments and who runs behind the exact same OL.
  5. The Henry Homers love to make excuses for his struggles, so it seems only fair. Personally, I think neither should happen.
  6. Levis developing is the key to opening a window for success. Does anyone think Vrabel is the guy that can bring in assistants capable of developing Levis adequately? Personally, I do not. He's an offensive Neanderthal.
  7. My thoughts after watching the game a second time: Spears is legit and with an improved line, I think we see him play much better than we would if Henry got an improved line, just because of his quickness and versatility. He can be an every down back, although I question his ability to stay healthy for an entire season, so another RB with similar quickness and smarts would be ideal, and something we can likely pick-up in the later rounds. Levis should be built around for next year. I think he's shown more than Mariota, Mett, and Locker combined and we tried building around them for many years. Get a top pick and use it on the best LT. Also, keep DHop (obviously) and bring in someone that can beat people deep. He has a massive arm and you'll soften the defense with a long-ball threat combined with Levis' arm. Kelly isn't awful. Bowen and Aukerman shouldn't be coaching football at any level. Vrabel has to go, especially if he refuses to fire either of those two retards. If we can trade him for a toy from a box of cracker jacks, I think we're getting a steal. Bring in an offensive minded coach who is willing to bring in qualified coaches to run the defense and special teams.
  8. The fact you're clueless as to meatheads recent record despite it being thrown around the board the entire season, is proof you don't ever read or listen to anyone else, and it puts all your uneducated opinions into perspective. You went balls deep on meathead and now it's like his foreskin is stuck on your uvula and you just continue to act happy.
  9. I'd take the odds of the crapshoot, especially when we have several quality offensive minded coaches that will be getting interviews, over watching meathead fuck up the basics every week.
  10. Nearly as hilarious as absolving meathead.
  11. Even if we had scored, it would likely be reversed during a commercial break and the ball given to Michigan.
  12. 20 carries for 60 yards while Hilliard had 4 for 64?
  13. How many football players have died on the field? I mean, I guess Hamlin gets in on a technicality?
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