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  1. Vrabel is conservative. The idea that he's going to bring in someone to chuck the ball around like it's the 21st century is crazy.
  2. Am I kidding you about what? I wouldn't be predicting any offensive stats for the Colts since we don't know who their starting QB will be, but I highly doubt Taylor touches 1800 yards (even with 17 games). That's because regardless of how good he is, Reich isn't going to run him into the ground like we do Henry, and he sure as hell isn't going to run him into stacked boxes every first down. Also, Reich sure as shit wouldn't be dying on a hill with our pathetic defense. He would have been sure to hire someone that actually knows what the fuck they are doing. Instead, we could ha
  3. I don't think Vrabel is as bad as Jeff Fisher yet, but he's well on his way. It's disheartening to get excited about moving on from the Fishers and Mularkeys of coaching by hiring a young former player...and then see him do the exact same thing, only with far more talent on offense. As I've said before, if we had hired Reich, we would be real contenders and possibly even playing for a Lombardi. Instead, we are praying to god our division opponents lose their talented players so we might squeak into the playoffs again...and two of those teams were so bad this year they earned top
  4. Lol!! Unlike you, I don't particularly care who agrees with me. I don't come to an internet message board to make friends or find some validation in my opinion. I come here to discuss football, and usually only do that when I feel my opinion differs from the board mantra. As far as the high road, I'm simply saying that I don't typically resort to name-calling like most of the rest. Call it the high-road, call it a dedication to intelligent discussion, call it whatever the fuck you want...the truth is, if it was so easy to defend your opinions, you wouldn't have to call names t
  5. This is a cool narrative, but unfortunately is entirely false. The male cheerleaders on here, like yourself, have two things...playoffs, and record...to support their claims. They refuse to look beyond that, despite me bring up facts like how historically bad the defense is, how we've barely beaten awful teams, how we've gotten long breaks before a couple of our biggest wins, how we've been blown off the field by good teams and then taken advantage when those teams stopped attacking to make the games look closer. Those are all facts that I've brought up to support my stance....but, playoffs
  6. Lol...ok. You think if you say something, that makes it true, but feel free to keep thinking that...nobody really cares about you.
  7. Bwhahahahaha...solid retort riddled with facts and evidence. You're the TR equivalent of the school yard bully trying to use "I know you are but what am I" to defend your inability to read.
  8. Insults rather than facts. I will admit I'm wrong when I'm wrong, but this team is average...not good, not bad. Keep hurling insults kiddo...it's all you have. More insults without facts. Shocker. Yeah....please quote these numerous insults I've made against you. I try hard not to resort to insults, while you and your ilk rely entirely on them. It does occasionally happen, I'll admit, but this is obviously you projecting because you have nothing to support your argument. A ban bet with a guy with 200 posts? GTFO.
  9. First off, I have never bitched about winning. I know it's hard to stick to truth and facts when you entirely full of shit, but at least make an effort, ok? A good team is the one that wins what? Is a good team one that wins 8 games/year? 9? 10? 11? Is the good team the one that has the easiest schedule, thereby winning more and being a good team? Versus the team that has the most difficult schedule, wins fewer games, and is not a 'good' team? Are things like time off, points scored, rankings, etc, part of the equation? Are we a better team than last year because we have m
  10. Well, I don't accept the premise that what happens late in blowouts matters as much as what happens early. I mean, that would be ludicrous to believe...and it's why there is a phrase for it...garbage time. I'm not framing anything...I'm simply pointing to the fact that both the Steelers and the Browns stopped attacking after totally embarrassing the team in the first half of those games. As far as moving the goalposts, I don't hear it said to me, but I have seen it said by other posters on here, so nice try. It's another example of your leeching tendencies, and then your logic
  11. Bwhahahaha...the guy who said our historically bad defense was 'money' wants to debate the intelligence of others? Get the fuck out of here. Is that what I seem? You seem to be the type that leeches to the board mantra rather than think objectively. God only knows what you would say if you did think for yourself though...might be worse than the typical board mantra. Oh no!! What will I do if I don't have the great scine to engage with? Here's an idea....have an actual debate with the couple posters left that care to defend their opinions rather
  12. What the hell does Trump have to do with it? I didn't even vote for the guy, yet here you are making baseless accusations because I said he wasn't Hitler? No shit you took the Steelers...has there ever been something football related that you were correct about?
  13. Look at you three ball-less wonders, making fun of someone without even tagging them, praying to whatever fake god you worship that I won't see. Fuck you scine, and your idiotic takes on every football related issue to cross this board. Your QB evaluations are hysterically bad, and your overall take on the franchise has been entirely wrong from day one...yet here you are, without shame, making fun of others who have been correct all year. Remember 5-0? What was your prediction for that Steelers game, Einstein? I didn't disappear from the board, I just didn't post because ther
  14. Nobody is saying the game isn't 60 minutes long, but it you want to delude yourself into thinking that the final scores against the Steelers and Browns make those games close, I don't know what to say. Both of those opponents came out in the second half no longer attacking. They were trying to run the clock and prevent TOs (which Pitt still committed, but even +3 in TO we couldn't win). If they had played the second half like the first, god only knows how many points they would have scored. I'm not moving the goalposts on anything. I'm simply pointing to the fact that the two
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