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  1. And democracy is simply the majority, forcing its will on the minority. It's cool as long as you are in the majority.
  2. That's true, and actually answers my question. You support the use of force when it comes to implementing the will of the majority. We don't live in a democracy...and obviously there is a difference between killing someone and voting to confiscate funds for a football stadium. Please see: Rights
  3. You didn't answer my question. Regardless, if it was put to a vote and 49% said no (or even 1%), the government WOULD be using force against the minority to fund what the 51% want. Not exactly the point of a Republic, IMO, but I would have been happier if Bud and company would have just funded their own stadium in Houston and left the team there.
  4. Not trying to build a straw man, but doesn't that mean you're ok using force to make people fund the things they don't really want? If that's the case, maybe they should have stayed in Houston, or moved elsewhere.
  5. I agree with @OILERMAN, and every study and book I've read on the matter explains how it's a poor financial move. If the city wants a team, then raise money through fundraisers and let the people vote with their dollars. Don't force people to contribute their hard-earned money in taxes because you and the owners want a team or new stadium.
  6. Born in Houston and raised in Iowa. With no STL football or basketball teams growing up, I went with the Oilers and Rockets. Stayed with the Oilers after the move because Houston disappointed me. Such a bandwagon town.
  7. It's not speculative NOW. It's highly speculative that was the case when they both came out, and their draft positions support that. I agree about Mariota getting injured more if drafted by Seattle. To me, however, Mariota's injuries are what are holding him back. If he can stay healthy, and I don't mean play every game, but not have injuries linger throughout the season, I think he can still be 'the man.' I also think the JRob knows the curse of mediocrity, and he isn't going to chase potential in a starting QB.
  8. It's not speculation that Whisenhunt and Carroll ran completely different offenses, and it's not speculation that the Seahawk team was significantly more talented at every position than the team Mariota was surrounded by when he entered the league...those are facts. If I were saying that the Seahawks may have two SB trophies if they had handed the ball to Lynch rather than let Wilson throw it at the goalie, that would be entirely speculative...but even that has merit. I guess we'll just agree to disagree, but it's naive to think that a player would be the same player regardless of where he's drafted.
  9. Just because it's hypothetical, doesn't mean it lacks merit. If Wilson was brought in under Whisenhunt, who knows how things would be different for his career, and the same for Mariota under Carroll. Hell, even the difference in the competition within their division and conference are significantly different. I'm not saying that Wilson wouldn't still be good, but Pro Bowl level and SB champion? No way. How successful has that offense been in the playoffs since Lynch left?
  10. Obviously, the coaching carousel hasn't helped Mariota, while Wilson has had the same HC and offensive philosophy for his entire career. That said, this is the hand Mariota has been dealt, and he has to overcome it. If the Wilson and Mariota situations were reversed, who knows how either ends up, especially considering Mariota's injuries, but I definately don't think Wilson would be going to Pro Bowls. That said, Wilson may be tearing it up without throwing many passes, but he also hasn't won many playoff games since he lost that dominate rushing game. I think they are both leaders, however, and quality human beings, and I would rather be a 'homer' for a quality person than hoping for his failure in the hopes people will stop remembering all the times I was wrong.
  11. Russell Wilson has done what exactly since he lost his incredible defense and running game?
  12. To those complaining about JRob's comment about getting better than 9-7: There is far more to that than one of our draft choices. Our FA class was pretty damn close to a home run, and arguably the weakest position on the team has become a strength (back-up QB). I personally think our offense will take a step forward with Smith at OC, and bringing in one the best interior OL available is going to keep MM upright and create more holes for DH. Not liking the pick can be valid with the injury, and although I like Simmons, it is disappointing not being able to see him for possibly the entire year. That said, citing JRob's quote as hypocrisy because of this pick shows a total misunderstanding of context.
  13. The second half of the only Titans playoff win in 15 years tells me everything I need to know about Mariota, talent-wise. Health is the concern, and rightfully why they haven't extended him yet.
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