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  1. Point out one person that didn't get what they needed because of it. One. You can't, because it didn't affect anyone but the taxpayers. I don't disagree that it was a dirtbag thing to do, but why is your animosity only reserved for Favre and not the governor who actually reallocated it? To think you don't play favorites is pretty naive. We all do that. Thinking Medicaid is entirely made up of the poor and suffering is naive at best, and totally retarded at worst. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt on that.
  2. Damn, this has the makings of a Hallmark movie. @Jamalisms getting his Make-A-Wish and lining up on the offensive line for the Titans. The defense comes out and he looks into the eyes of a man that looks oddly similar to himself. The man extends his arm to shake Jamal's hand, but Jamal can't take his eyes off the man's face. "What high school did you go to?" Jamal asks. "Belmont High, why?" the man responds. "Did you know a Mary Jane?" "Oh man, yeah...that bitch was tons of fun. How do you know her?" "She's my mom," Jamal says, "and I think you're my dad."
  3. Again, the governor reallocated funds for him. Also again, I agree what he did was wrong. I just think the facts are important. As far as politics, just because you don't specifically cite them doesn't mean they aren't permeating your posts on this. I'm not right-wing at all, but I do find it funny that you are so upset that money taken from tax payers was allocated for something other than it's original purpose, especially one that benefits a celebrity. This must be the first time that's every happened, right? Regardless, I respect you and your opinions, despite how naïve they sound at times. You're a good poster.
  4. First off, the governor reallocated the funds. Favre was a major influence in that, but he did question the legality of the move and the governor said it was fine. Secondly, portraying everyone on Medicaid as poor and in need of help is extremely naive. I've been in healthcare a long time, both in the south and here in Iowa, and many of those rejects are gaming the system. Thirdly, not a single Medicaid patient felt the affect of the reallocation. In reality, the theft was from the tax payer. Again, I'm not advocating that what he did was correct, but at least get the facts straight and leave the naive hyperbole to the leftist talking point in the politics forum.
  5. Come on, man. No Medicaid patient had to pay for their own healthcare because of Favre. I'm not saying what he did was right, but lets at least be honest.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty egregious. From opposing players trying to make a name for themselves, officials not calling obvious fouls, to her own teammates not standing up for her. Even Bill Mahr admitted things would be much different in a men's league. And the idiots wonder why nobody watches their game.
  7. It won't be so fun to visit when we are in San Antonio.
  8. That bitch. Now that the kids are graduating, she wants to go back to court for any little thing she can come up with. The kids obviously know at this point that she's a money-grubbing bitch with zero concern about them or their well-being, but luckily she can always start going 'back to church' and convince those idiots that she's somehow a victim and worthy of some of their money and sympathy. Trump or Biden...if either came out and said they wanted to fix family courts and make them more fair for fathers, they would have my vote.
  9. Bill Burr explains the entire situation pretty solidly:
  10. Exactly! Nobody is saying not to compete or that she needs to be handed anything...just don't go out there trying to hurt her.
  11. Latham is going to be a stud at LT, and I suspect we'll all know it by the end of the year.
  12. It's only not surprising because of how stupid the 'old guard' has proven themselves to be. Let's complain about our pay, ignore the fact we haven't turned a profit since our inception, and then undermine the only player bringing eyes to the game. This may be women's basketball's only chance to bring in fans and have little girls grow up wanting to play the game, and they are doing everything possible to fuck it up. Oh, and CC belongs on the team on merit...it's not a charity case because of her fans. She's putting up better stats as a rookie on a shit team than half the players selected.
  13. Lol...as a fan of Caitlin, I'm happy she should get some time off, but if you are trying to grow a league and sport that isn't very popular, it seems smart to include the person putting your game on the map.
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