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  1. You realize these aren't specifically related to his coaching. These are related to team performance...which wasn't exactly poor before he came aboard, despite having significantly less talent, specifically at QB. Does he game-plan to take advantage of opposing teams weaknesses? Does he make good half-time adjustments? Is the team ready to play every week? Do we maintain a high level of performance, especially against inferior teams? Does he manage the clock well? Does he coach to his talent, or force the talent to fit his coaching? Does he identify quality assistants? These are all indicators of his individual coaching.
  2. At this point, I think it's fair to question whether CJ would even entertain the idea of resigning with us when can hit free agency. Just like Henry wouldn't sign with a team dedicated to passing the ball 40 times/game, AJ would be smart to go to a team that is willing/able to throw the ball. Not only will that mean he's on a team with at least a chance to compete in the playoffs, but his value would skyrocket. The one thing that might keep him here would be continued injuries that limit his time and prevent other teams from taking the risk.
  3. You have yet to answer my previous questions about what's he proven to be good at apart from clock-management. Until you can do that, it's not nonsense, but just something you don't want to hear.
  4. Kind of sounds like you're coming around. I was considering making a Vrabel thread, and attempting to be as unbiased as possible, but I just don't think I can do it. Vrabel has done nothing to deserve the love he has received on this board. I've given JRob the benefit of the doubt, despite having some pretty bad drafting decisions the past couple years, but at this point he's got to make a decision with Vrabel. Could Vrabel go into next season without an extension...possibly. It's not very common, but RT has obviously regressed, AJ is nearing an extension, Julio is already nearly done, and Henry is a giant wild card, especially with a HC that likes to run him into the ground.
  5. Tannehill was obviously a major issue tonight, but he's also the reason Vrabel is still coach and the reason we were even in the playoffs. The problem is that we don't have a coach that can run a 21st century offense. It's a Titans issue. Jack Pardee was before his time.
  6. There we go with the Colts fan accusation....wondered how long before you went to that. The only thing that would surprise me from you would be an intelligent conversation rooted in facts, but nothing close to that could be used to support your opinions, so it's smart to make baseless accusations. As far as getting personal, give it your best shot. Your mom won't be available to read this to you much longer because.....well, you know why.
  7. What? I'm fairly drunk and even with rapidly replying to several posters, make more sense than you.
  8. Lol...sorry I missed the D. Don't typically miss it with your mom, so I'm a little shocked she left it out when she read that to you. I personally don't give a fuck about your 'poster ratings.' People prioritize those they agree with, and jesus fucking christ, if you agreed with me I would seriously reconsider my position.
  9. Both my grandma's are dead. Don't really think they can about anything at this point.
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