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  1. In the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for the opposition research book on Donald Trump compiled by the liberal Super PAC American Bridge. In 2020, American Bridge is putting it online for free. The group on Friday published 1,043 pages of its research document on Trump on a new website that was used internally before. It wants the material in public view not so much for voters, but for other Democratic groups to use to campaign against the president. “After spending years investigating Donald Trump, his grifter family, and cabinet of cronies, American Bridge 21st Century has compiled the most extensive and exhaustive public file on the president,” said Pat Dennis, Research Director for the Trump War Room at American Bridge 21st Century. The website in particular focuses on Trump’s response to Covid-19, corruption, and then various other issue areas. https://trumpresearchbook.com
  2. Falwell didn’t fall too well https://thehill.com/homenews/news/510505-prominent-conservatives-question-jerry-falwell-jr-vacation-photo https://thehill.com/homenews/house/510974-gop-congressman-calls-for-falwells-resignation https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/511113-jerry-falwell-jr-placed-on-indefinite-leave
  3. Throw me a frickin bone here!
  4. Military options were not readily given to Trump out of fear he would act on them impulsively. Military leadership had to warn allies essentially that US military action was entirely unpredictable with Trump at the helm. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/06/politics/trump-advisers-fears-military-options/index.html
  5. Yikes. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/06/politics/saudi-assassination-plot-allegations/index.html
  6. Facebook announced Thursday it was banning ads from The Committee to Defend the President, a pro-Trump super PAC. Facebook did not say how long the ban would last. "As a result of the Committee to Defend the President's repeated sharing of content determined by third-party fact-checkers to be false, they will not be permitted to advertise for a period of time on our platform," Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said. Stone declined to say what specifically led to Thursday's action.
  7. begooode

    Virus in US

    Transparent and desperate, Trump clearly doesn't care about American lives while he further divides us and panders to his diminishing base to stay in power. A complete pos who insists on being treated like a king controlling his courtiers. President Donald Trump agreed to continue paying for the full cost of National Guard troops deployed to help with the coronavirus response in just two states -- Texas and Florida -- after their Republican governors appealed directly to him. Other states will now have to pay a quarter of the cost of National Guard deployments in their states, despite their governors also requesting the federal government continue to foot the entire bill. A White House official said Trump made an exception for Texas and Florida because their governors -- who enjoy close relationships with Trump -- made "special, direct cases to the President." The official said Trump "is open to speaking with any governor from any state." While Texas and Florida both have a large number of coronavirus cases -- more than 466,000 and 502,000, respectively -- other states with large numbers of cases, like California and Arizona, will only see three-quarters of the costs covered by the federal government. Democrats immediately pushed back, accusing the President of showing favoritism. "With American lives at risk, the President is continuing to manipulate our nation's pandemic response to benefit his own political fortunes," said Noam Lee, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, in a statement. "The National Guard deployments are the latest development in the partisan games the President has played with states seeking critical supplies and aid." Asked why Texas and Florida received special treatment, the White House official pointed only to the direct appeals from those states' governors, not unique circumstances in those states. "The governors of Texas and Florida made the case directly to the President that a continuation of the 100% cost share was necessary to support the Guard's efforts in their states," a White House official told CNN. "Florida and Texas were the only states to make special, direct cases to the President." The National Governors Association, however, said governors nationwide asked for the extension in calls with the White House, including with the President and Vice President Mike Pence. Trump's emphasis on a direct appeal from governors to secure full funding for the National Guard deployments is just the latest example of Trump and his aides requesting governors ask the President directly for help and -- in some cases -- make a public show of thanking him for coronavirus assistance.
  8. Trump. the lazyazz carnival barker, just spewing the baseless chum his peeps want to hear. President Trump on Thursday claimed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic, is "against God" as he levied a stream of attacks on his likely opponent in the November election. Trump painted a grim picture of a Biden presidency during a rally-style speech to supporters on the tarmac of the Cleveland airport, claiming the former vice president would follow a radical agenda. "Take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything," Trump said, standing behind a podium with the presidential seal. "Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy." Biden has spoken of his faith a number of times, crediting it with helping him through personal tragedies, such as the deaths of his wife and children, most recently his son Beau. His campaign website outlines a plan for "Safeguarding America's faith-based communities," which includes promises to crack down on hate crimes and increase grants for religious communities. But Trump has for months attempted to tie the former vice president to the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, attacking him as radical and out of touch with the evangelical voters who were critical to the president's victory in 2016.
  9. A bit shortsighted here, potentially. The NRA was going to attack Biden, yes. BUT they were weakened and busy in their own self-inflicted triage. Now, otoh, they can play the card they always play "we are under attack from Dems!! Don't believe their fake news, blah blah,... this is all about blue states taking away your 2nd amendment that only the NRA stands for,.. blah, blah..." Pro-gun Independent voter reading only headlines says, "hmmmm,..." and never gets to the financial transgressions or minimizes them. imo, bring charges on the NRA, making it all about financial self-dealing, corruption, transgressions against their charity status. But don't go for dissolution. You let that happen organically by a betrayed membership, after their leadership has been exposed. A corollary story, similar to the Streisand effect -- when the world starting crapping all over whaling communities. Many of those communities were already seeing a sharp decline in whale meat consumption from their kids. the industry was dying. Then do-gooders started naming and shaming , and the locals responded with a renewed nationalistic pride that they used to popularize the whaling industry with their younger generations. Sometimes it's better to leave shit alone.
  10. begooode

    More Corruption

    I wonder if suing to dissolve actually rallies the NRA membership. Seems they were on a glide path to obscurity and self-discovery of the self dealing of their leadership. Now the guy will claim he’s a political victim of the evil, overreaching Dems.
  11. begooode

    More Corruption

    All the right wing conspiracy nuts and their claims 'Hillary suicides her loose ends' have gone mute on this one it seems.
  12. begooode

    US Senate Race

    Some Dem operations were donating to Konach’s campaign. The GOP is trying to get Kanye on general election ballots. Election politics is a dirty game. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/05/politics/kanye-west-ballot/index.html
  13. begooode

    Virus in US

    I see daddy blueshoes keeping up the time honored tradition of embarrassing the kids at the bus stop. "nice kicks! do they come in a men's version!!"
  14. That boat builder better hope their orders aren't coming from a bunch of PPP fraudsters, who maybe getting a visit from the feds soon. They caught up with another guy and I hope he gets a long stay in the big house. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/510713-entrepreneur-spent-ppp-loans-on-lamborghini-rolex-strip-clubs-doj
  15. rewrite: Several Republican lawmakers say they hope the Trump campaign will also embrace a strategy.

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