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  1. Not gonna lie, you’re the first person I thought of. “Ty’s my guy!!”
  2. I’d still like to have that Jets game in the win column
  3. ahhh. OldSchool hates having to call it “booby bar” when begging to go out on the company dime.
  4. The Hasson Riddick example is exactly who I was thinking of. At this point, given Evans’ performance so far, playing him as a pass rusher in spells is a reasonable idea. At least the current undersized guys can catch a break and not wear down so quickly. Evans isn’t going to be here next year and is unlikely to suddenly start playing better so salvage whatever you can. Upside: if shows anything more in the role, the comp pick will be better, too.
  5. He’s from NY, iirc, so if the old neighborhood was the source of his problems / distractions I’m not sure how he’ll fare. Either way he didn’t give a damn a year ago, so I eagerly await news of his latest NFL failure.
  6. Justin Herbert is doing work, but the Chargers probably have one of the weakest fan bases, imo, and the national guys are barely invested as well.
  7. ,.. like when he was insisting on picking up the dumbest fouls at the dumbest moments. PEDs. half-hearted 'my bads' when talking about his past douchebaggery. Getting big money, yet still being unreliable. Yeah, when you haven't banked the goodwill it's hard to count on withdrawals.
  8. not to take away from Fulton’s well deserved thread, but a LB combination of Long and Jayon would be seriously small. Playing ahead, with a lead would be fine and Long plays bigger physically than his measurebles when he’s getting to the LOS. But just penciling these together, I dunno.
  9. The storyline might need to shift to Henry’s heavy ass workload so early in the season.
  10. Turnovers in the redzone after good drives are emotionally draining. Overcoming these, even against these current Colts, is a huge victory.
  11. *hands over playbook* What the hell are all these crayon marks…. on an iPad!
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