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  1. begooode

    Virus in US

    This is undeniable. The actions taken so far for covid19 have been unprecedented. Also, we were supposed to learn from earlier, recent pandemics. The mortality stats should never be worse for a similar event.
  2. “Trump’s not a politician, he’s the kind of businessman we need! He makes deals! Great deals!” He signs his name to authorize a historic piece of funding legislation that was specifically negotiated to exclude his administration acting without oversight over HUGE federal dollars. This stipulation was brought on by Trump and his WH continuing to act in bad faith regarding financial transparency. He acts selfishly and recklessly and takes people for fools — his followers first and foremost — with no regard for alternate views or reasonable processes / safeguards. Trump goes back on his word within 24 hours.
  3. begooode

    Virus in US

    When everything becomes a photo op. Never mind that the ship was supposed to be in NYC, fully operational, last week.
  4. Based on the reporting so far Burr looks especially exposed — over 30 sell transactions in one day, no comment that a third party was handling his portfolio. He was practically warning his select donors in a closed meeting while putting a very different face on the pandemic to the public. Looks bad.
  5. begooode

    Virus in US

    Maximum penalties for any of these soulless bastards, please: The federal government hasn't issued a single stimulus check yet, but scammers are already trying to steal the money from Americans. These criminal efforts are prompting the Federal Bureau of Investigation, multiple state attorneys general and other agencies to warn Americans not to fall for phone calls, texts, emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information in order to receive the $1,200 federal payment. "If someone claims to be from the government with a check for you, it may be a phishing scam that is illegally trying to obtain your bank account or other personal information," New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement Saturday. "Do not pay anyone who promises that they can expedite or obtain a payment or a loan for you," James continued. "If you are eligible for relief, you will not need to make any up-front payment or pay any fee to receive a stimulus payment."
  6. begooode

    Virus in US

    The Fox Business Network announced on Friday that it had parted ways with Trish Regan, the conservative news host who ignited controversy earlier this month when she dismissed the coronavirus pandemic as a conspiracy to throw President Trump out of office,... Regan faced fierce criticism earlier this month when she described the coronavirus to her viewers as an "impeachment scam." Regan claimed "many in the liberal media" were using the pandemic "in an attempt to demonize and destroy" Trump. "This is impeachment all over again," Regan said at the time, claiming Trump's critics were using the pandemic to spark panic and destabilize the economy to harm his chances of being re-elected,... Fox News and the Fox Business Network have come under fire in recent weeks for how its top hosts and personalities initially covered the coronavirus pandemic. For weeks, they downplayed the coronavirus, with Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham telling their audiences that news coverage of the virus was aimed at hurting Trump politically. The often-dismissive messaging from Fox News hosts was notable, given that the viewers who make up the network's audience skew older and are thus more vulnerable to the disease. Polls from both Gallup and Pew Research revealed that Republicans — who are largely distrustful of mainstream news organizations and primarily turn to Fox News and other right-wing sources for information on current events — were much less likely to take the risks of the coronavirus as seriously as their Democratic counterparts.
  7. begooode

    Virus in US

    Damn,... Italy’s death toll from the coronavirus surged to over 9,000 Friday as the country reported another 919 fatalities in one day. Italy’s Civil Protection Agency announced that the country’s death toll currently stands at 9,134 after the biggest single-day jump since the outbreak first hit Italy late last month. Prior to Friday’s jump, the largest one-day toll occurred on March 21, when 793 people were killed by the coronavirus.
  8. begooode

    Virus in US

    Must be the after effects of the Corona to engage Thor. Don’t worry he’ll cure you of your well intentioned attempts of reasoning with the irrational. He’s just jizzing himself that anyone is still reading his emo drivel.
  9. begooode

    Virus in US

    What is a pathetic person? If you describe a person or animal as pathetic, you mean that they are sad and weak or helpless, and they make you feel very sorry for them. ... If you describe someone or something as pathetic, you mean that they make you feel impatient or angry, often because they are weak or not very good.
  10. begooode

    Virus in US

    Once this is over I’m stopping by W. Kent Taylor, the co-founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse Inc., will be giving up his bonus and base salary this year to pay his chain’s workers during the coronavirus pandemic. A spokesperson for the company confirmed reports to The Hill on Thursday that Taylor will be redirecting his bonus and the base salary he would have received from March 18 to Jan. 7, 2021 to the pockets of his chain’s frontline workers instead. “Kent Taylor has always said that Texas Roadhouse is a People-company that just happens to serve great steaks. His donation of his salary and bonus to help employees is the embodiment of that saying,” the spokesperson said. “We are blessed to have his leadership.” He added that the donation from Taylor's base salary will amount to just under $525,000 and his bonus is $525,000 as well. “On a prorated basis, the forgone salary and bonus would be just under a $1 million donation to employees,” he said. The move comes as the pandemic has sparked worry for restaurants and businesses deemed nonessential by government leaders as states and municipalities across the country have ordered food establishments to reduce their services to delivery options in efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. The spokesperson also told The Hill that Taylor recently donated $5 million to Andy’s Outreach, which he described as charitable fund that help support the company’s employees during “times of need.” The fund was named after Andy Armadillo, which is the chain’s mascot.
  11. begooode

    Virus in China

    again, this is all over the place bullshit and you know it. Effective leadership was missing in the US response and you know it. The de facto el jefe in charge of a hollowed out, leaderless, infighting federal government wondered “what’s in this for me!” and alternated between playing ostrich and the blame game, and you know it. You don’t need to be a subject matter expert to identify incompetence. imo, It’s a damn shame you insist on playing these tribal obfuscation games. unlike your fellow Trump supporters i think there are opportunities for meaningful understanding. but this is our divided politics atm.
  12. begooode

    Virus in US

    re: liberuhl medias, here’s a Long opinion article from a left leaning, highly factual website looking into fearmongering from Fox. Not sure if it’s been posted before, but it’s Good stuff, with lots of graphics showing significant correlations in their viewership. https://www.autostraddle.com/this-is-how-fox-news-brainwashes-its-viewers-our-in-depth-investigation-of-the-propaganda-cycle-297107/

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