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  1. Your honor, in defense of my client, he’s just a big ol’ misunderstood snowflake.
  2. Looks like tort reform is gonna have to be another conservative principle to save for another face day.
  3. Middle of the road moron. LOL
  4. Agreed. It's about branding, soundbites and shock headlines in today's 'news' reporting.
  5. Not gonna lie, same for me ngaf about politics before Trump.
  6. 90% of the people who throw around the word "socialist" forget they wouldn't have the time to be on the internet in their 'give me Capitalism or give me death' mindset, because they'd be working 12 hour days, 6 days a week for 70% of what they make today.
  7. a quick google search is not showing good news on the empirical research on term limits. "do term limits work" Something is missing on this as a reform measure or perhaps it needs to be included with other measures. I dunno.
  8. promotional teases = political endorsements, nowadays. Cuz conspiratorial minds always project an overly simplistic zero-sum game
  9. LOL tough guy says Mr perpetrator. Sorry if I stepped on your turf. I don't disagree, and have no argument to make. Just curious if you have more than anecdotal "conventional wisdom" as you said you have advocated this over a long time. Contrarily, you sound like you have already reached a conclusion, but have made no case for the pros outweighing the cons, just a lot of seemingly self-evident declarations.
  10. President Donald Trump asked then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker if a US attorney he appointed could oversee an investigation tied to himself after the US attorney in question had already recused himself from the probe, The New York Times reported Tuesday. The Times report cited several US officials with direct knowledge of the call that the paper said occurred late last year. Trump tapped Whitaker to lead the Justice Department in November after he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Trump regularly slammed for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Trump soured on Whitaker as well, according to Times, which said it was "unclear" what Whitaker did after the call. The Times said there was no evidence Whitaker took steps to intervene in the investigation Trump asked about, although the report said he told Justice Department associates that the prosecutors needed "adult supervision.",... https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/19/politics/donald-trump-whitaker-berman/index.html
  11. No. An example of 1 job who is closest we have to a king is about as bad an example I could think of. Stop being lazy Mr "I looked at this since college"
  12. Do you have examples of term limits achieving better decisions and accountability? Honest question
  13. OT: I also think it becomes a pandora's box, ie there's no way it stops at 3 parties with the Greens / climate change agenda bolstered by the latest science.
  14. NOt sure if racist or a wannabe opportunist with racism/politics/media as the means. Agreed, he's a selfish pos who tried to profit from our current social environment.
  15. You should be all for it, since evil Dems are half your arguments anyway
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