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  1. Please don’t minimize my comment with some reach back to draft day. It was the coddling of a replacement level White afterwards that was a serious problem, despite him being in his third year. A better RB or a better version of LW (he lost 40lbs the next offseason) would have made a difference, imo. The broader point is that I don’t agree that Fisher was entirely a victim of circumstance. Agreed, the game plan was classic winning Fish/Titan football.
  2. Could not disagree more. There’s no excuse for CJ’s backup to have been a slob excuse of a running back at the game’s most competitive and replaceable position. LenWhale, at that point had no excuse trying to be the guy. Hmmmm,.. build a dominant run team, and have that kind of fall off to option 2. The ravens aren’t brilliant because it was that obvious. Hell no. Fisher owns that 100%.
  3. stopgap noun a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.
  4. Yeah, I’ll stay with the Bitecofer research in these hyper partisan days. Opinions don’t have much merit and are ensconced in personal perspectives and biases. As far as underestimating progressives in the Dem parties, you get there pretty quick and dirty by adding the polling numbers for Bernie and Warren. Last point, repeating something doesn’t make it a driving factor. Independents being underestimated wasn’t the problem in 2016. Motivating the base and underestimating Trump’s repub pull was.
  5. I think you overate the impact of independents, especially at the expense of dem base turnout. And all I ever see of Trump with independents is bad news, period. At the end of the day the preponderance is likely to go antiTrump — with the biggest disaffected group being suburban white women, iirc.
  6. Not really, but you’re pretty biased on this election. She’s winning on new ideas and her ability to convey them. She is a change agent. Biden is running a great deal on ‘trump bad’, restoring order. You don’t like warren’s ideas, and you are personally vexed that her appeal is growing. So much of your retorts on her are essentially emotionally charged confirmation bias. She’s a legitimate candidate in this populist driven climate of change, more so than an unlikely Trump was in 2016
  7. I think you’re missing the point on fear of Trump which Bidenis playing heavy on and benefiting from. That’s a key part of their strategy coupled with the Obama halo.
  8. None of those examples account for the fear of putting out a Trumpster fire of a presidency. Then there’s the hyperpartisan tribalism of today to go along with a fully weaponized media echo chamber operating on every level.
  9. In 2016, my kids were loving the whole Trump savagery of the repub party. My apolitical take at the time: I don’t like Hillary, but the idea of a Trump presidency sounds horrific. That said, I never knew it would be this bad, this embarrassing on every level — esp with the repubs going along for the race-to-the-bottom politics. Complete shitshow. Can’t wait!
  10. Might, could, maybe,.... vs all those Trump fools in jail or on record lying. lol
  11. And here we are. Mr innuendo, with near zero proof for half the tinfoil shit you propagate, is asking for real judgements. LOL btw, your boy has been singing like a bird; because he’s not guilty,... derp!... Of being in service of another country while the NSA of the United States. What the hell is wrong with you!
  12. It’s not even disputable anymore. All Trumpers do is take it personally, project and deflect to anything else — as evidenced by this thread. Everyone on that stage is infinitely more qualified than Trump. Can’t wait!
  13. If only the Trump family had an organized charity setup to facilitate his many philanthropic endeavors,...