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  1. begooode

    Virus in US

    The echo chamber again at work, peddling bullshit. Long article, worth the time, imo. It was a blockbuster story. A respected Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News in mid-September to share the results of her just-completed report. The conclusion: The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 was likely engineered in a Chinese lab. On Carlson's show, she claimed it was intentionally released into the world. Then, its validity began to unravel. The publication of the paper by lead author Li-Meng Yan -- an ex-patriot from China seeking asylum in the US -- was quickly linked to former White House adviser Steve Bannon, long a strident critic of China's government. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security -- a leading authority on the pandemic -- criticized the science behind the report, and pointed out that Yan and her co-authors "cite multiple papers in their reference section that have weaknesses or flaws." A CNN review of Yan's research found it was also built on what appears to be the same theories, similar passages and identical charts presented by an anonymous blogger whose writings were posted on a website linked to Bannon months earlier. Additionally, a source told CNN the three co-authors of Yan's paper used pseudonyms instead of their real names, a practice frowned upon in scientific and academic work.... https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/21/politics/coronavirus-lab-theory-yan-bannon-invs/index.html
  2. ^^ I was thinking “cancer”, but I’ll allow it!
  3. Giuliani denied the reporting late Wednesday afternoon, writing in a series of tweets that “the Borat video is a complete fabrication,” adding “I was tucking in my shirt after taking off the recording equipment.” “At no time before, during, or after the interview was I ever inappropriate,” the 76-year-old continued. “If Sacha Baron Cohen implies otherwise he is a stone-cold liar.” https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/522168-giuliani-responds-to-reports-on-borat-scene-says-he-was-tucking
  4. begooode

    Virus in US

    New single day death toll high in Wisconsin. Dammit
  5. Yes. You’re supposed to like it. Or leave it for another western economy, that has historically been protected by America’s superpower status. You are not overtaxed, so quit fucking complaining with zero context - “that guy didn’t pay X” while this great country plus your hard work has you better off than 99% of the world’s population. https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/taxvox/no-us-not-overtaxed
  6. Where Trump really started to lose many suburbanites, I’m guessing was with the family separation stuff. That was hard for family-centric people to square with.
  7. Yep, he’s another high wealth individual who’s sold out, too. I guess those 9 bullets of street cred changes when you have 9 digits of wealth to protect.
  8. The book buying manipulation to snare the “best selling” title, along with the implied credibility and popularity, has been used for quite a while now. In addition, it’s a handy wealth transfer scheme, esp for self published books. The worst although not quite the same example was probably the former mayor of Baltimore, using her self published books to essentially legitimize payoffs.
  9. I think the word you're looking for there is corroboration,... uh moron.
  10. You scream hypocrisy at every opportunity, yet there is no more godless immoral person I've ever seen in office than Trump. What a clown
  11. The GOP has had to spend a ton of money and time defending Texas, which should have been in the bank for them.
  12. throwing up a little bit. I'm sure the pedo obsessed Q's will have some sort of spin that stops them from vilifying the crazy Rudy. I am no fan of Giuliani, but the last thing we need is more 'gotcha' setups between the parties.
  13. In turn, Trump’s sheep are eager to play along, deflecting what they know to be true and playing false equivalencies to deal with the dissonance.

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