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  1. Yeesh, more Willis is/isn’t talk. Y’all are good dudes. You just need to chop it up, already.
  2. oldschool needs to come clean…
  3. lofl at the backdrop with Lindell TV. Scott pos Perry’ is already implicated plenty in the capitol riot. He can go to hell.
  4. Hoarding seems like a mischaracterization, imo. The docs belonged to the office, so effectively Trump stole them by giving an illegal order in advance of him leaving office. Also, Trump doesn’t read anymore than he has to, and obtains assets only to gain leverage. He doesn’t need them, but crazy Trump land liked to brag about him still being in power and pointed to this allowance as evidence that he was still running things (autocorrect suggested ‘ruining’) lastly, recall people around Trump repeatedly failed to get security clearances. Trump overrode the process and capriciously granted full clearance , ex: kushner. These people should be nowhere near our nation’s sensitive classified information.
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/09/politics/violent-rhetoric-pro-trump-internet-fbi-search/index.html “We are seeing conspiratorial rhetoric from elected officials, political leaders, and political entertainers that is fueling calls for real-world violence,” Jones said. “The conspiratorial and divisive rhetoric – from elected officials and others who should know better – is continuing to undermine our institutions and democracy at an alarming rate.”
  6. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Tuesday called the FBI’s execution of a search warrant at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida “fair game,” adding that he hopes more information about the cause of the search will be revealed soon. …“It’s fair game, and you just have to display probable cause to a federal judge that … there are contents in that safe that would assist in proving a violation of the law,” Christie said in an interview with Sirius XM’s Julie Mason. “It’s not anything that’s out of bounds to go into a safe, and it happens frequently in federal law enforcement. But again, you have to have the factual underpinnings to be able to convince a federal judge that you need and have the right to do that.” https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/3594518-chris-christie-labels-fbi-search-of-trump-home-fair-game/
  7. Yes, but this background cannot be copy/pasted onto Yang, Jolley, Todd-Whitman’s new effort. still laughing at the blatant transparency of the repubs with Kanye. https://www.wisn.com/article/kanye-wests-campaign-drops-off-signatures-to-get-him-on-wisconsin-ballot/33515419#
  8. Again the projection of term cuck from right wing media is called into question
  9. Fair enough, I won’t pretend (too much) to understand processes I am unfamiliar with. But I also think it’s a bit nihilistic to default to an overly cynical perspective and paint in too broad of brushstrokes , at least without strong indications otherwise.
  10. From Starkiller to Strawmankiller. Enjoy your disingenuous tribal rationalizations. I’m fine not having to play along.
  11. “I’m just making shit up, cuz… you know, above-the-radar stuff and insinuations”. Perot’s ego was a lot taller than he was. He was a builder of organizations, and he honestly figured he could address government spending much better. ROI is not why billionaires legitimately get involved in politics, prior to Trump. And good luck with your rebuild project. Had a Pontiac back in the day, 400 in , and all that. Was great until, the AC and brakes took a shit.
  12. https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/commentary/pennsylvania-democrats-political-strategy-poll-shapiro-mastriano-20220808.html ….What Shapiro has done in Pennsylvania and what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did in Michigan is particularly disingenuous given their rhetoric about what it would mean for the country if the Republicans they helped nominate would win their elections in November. If they truly believed that democratic government itself is at risk, why engage in tactical gamesmanship? Is this an existential crisis or not? Democrats are playing the same games in Maryland, where the Democratic Governors Association spent nearly $2 million in the Republican primary to help nominate the most right-wing candidate in the race: a man who was also involved in the Jan. 6 riot. Democrats did the same in Illinois, spending $30 million against a moderate Republican mayor from Aurora in the hopes of nominating his far more conservative opponent. In both cases, as in Pennsylvania and Michigan, the scheme worked. In the long term, this all calls the primary process itself into question. In the short term, it just shows us what a dangerous and disingenuous game Democrats are playing.
  13. Absolutely untrue. The self funding from Perot and his populist appeal at the time was unprecedented. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1992-12-05-mn-1144-story.html In all, Perot reported spending more than $64 million on his independent bid through Nov. 23, all but $3.9 million of it his own money--a record for self-paid campaigns.
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