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  1. The face you make when a Putin lover calls you a Marxist.
  2. I know, right. The only thing more embarrassing is strong-arming a sycophantic ally into nominating a prez in the first place. your Obama deflections are not very good. Your Trump shame is obvious.
  3. Tough on allies while sucking up to Nato’s biggest threat, Russia. Yeah that RINO international diplomacy has been working out just like Putin wanted, including foolish Americans thinking its a good thing (cuz Obama). Embarrassing.
  4. They realize they look like shit so they ignore it and instead attack the messenger (it’s anti-Trump bias, derp) or deflect. History will be written and it will not be kind. But most of all, it should not be ignored for future generations.
  5. This thread is haunting me. I just broke down (literally, the old car was 17yr old) and bought a beast of a car I can sorta afford. Great deal, though. Just doing my part for the economy. You’re welcome!
  6. ,... then jetted off to his resort for a weekend of golf. Cuz national emergency!
  7. I consider a lot of this shameless behavior as a manifestation of their defensiveness, and overcompensating for it. No one has ever seen such a complete and utter embarrassment in office (esp at the podium) as Trump the clown.
  8. The blatant mockery of the presidency by Trump and his supporters won't be forgotten for generations. They can get as defensive as they want to about it and how that implicates them, but they know in their hearts that they've copped to an absolutely bottomless shitshow of a presidency. Embarrassing.
  9. And similarly that emergency has been going on for 2 years as well.
  10. When he mocked the appealate court process and practically leaned on his SC appointees. cringe.
  11. but it was more palatable to the populace than another government shutdown,... so Trump's calculus = he keeps his 30%. Thing is Coulter is whacking at him harder than Sox on his strawmen. It's ugly all way around. Oh and yeah, then there's the egregious executive overreach precedent thing, but these RINOs dgaf.
  12. We have the attention span of gnats and hate legal complexity and minutiae, which is near impossible for the news to make sexy. If this gets bogged down in court and Trump goes another 30 days getting into whatever other NEXT MESS or CUZ DEMs battle, the publicity will die down. In other words it's time to take a couple of whacks at the AOC pinata pretty soon.
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