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  1. I’m a biased Henry fan, admittedly, but I’d like to see if Henry can get more receptions. When the dude catches it in space and moving forward, it’s a potential house call every time. And it’s always cool watching the opposing safety trying to sort out tackling that kind of size/speed/length real time and avoid getting posterized.
  2. I had no idea that Julio was so quick-twitch; thinking his separation was mostly built on length / speed and just flat out mass. He's impressive atheltically, even at 32. The extra bonus is his dedication to realeases / route running and sharing his professionalism (extra bonus -- no diva vibes). Again, I had no idea all that he brings. damn, he better stay healthy, LOL
  3. depends on the quality of the interception, imo. If they're the result of continuaous dogshit reads, dogshit throws, and it's your supposed #1 QB then that stuff is potentially demoralizing to the rest of the team, esp the defense. These guys have limited time in the game, a limited number of seasons putting their bodies on the line 100%; and when they know the QB is ass it makes for some awkward press confereneces. Ex: VY's 5int practice where every Titan had to essentially had to find some solace when talking to the media, while it was clear that VY was in over his head.
  4. I'm going to disagree with the premise -- sacks, esp with significant yardage loss, matter a great deal to the overall goal of the defense -- to limit scoring primarily by getting the other team off the field. So looking at the impact per play of QB pressure alone might be misleading. In fact. any significant tackle for loss can be seen as the big play for a defense as it gets the offense off schedule and affects the play calling, esp on their own side of the field. Also, a sack definitively determines the outcome of a play , whereas great QB pressure still allows for positive gains by the off
  5. begooode

    Biden Transition

    As of now it's only a congressional request, correct? If there is meaningful evidence that the delay is impactful regarding covid response, the next step should be 2 fold: legal action to begin the ascertainment within a week and a subpoena to testify if she does not comply.
  6. GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) called on President Trump begin the transition process to a Joe Biden administration and decried what she called a "pressure campaign" mounted on state legislators by allies of the president to stop the results from being certified. In a statement Sunday evening that came minutes after members of the Trump campaign announced the departure of Sidney Powell from the legal team, Murkowski said that the president's claims had been found by multiple judges to be "without merit." "A pressure campaign on state legislators to influence the electoral outcome
  7. That will be a big blow to the vocal 3% in their echo chamber, believe it or not. And you gotta love the “she’s on her own” , yet she was at the RNC podium with melting Rudy and parroted her bs on their platforms.
  8. A spokesperson Dominion Voting Systems addressed conspiracy theories about the company on Fox News Sunday, saying it was “not physically possible” for its machines to change voter selections. “This is a nonpartisan American company. It is not physically possible for our machines to switch votes from one candidate to the other,” Michael Steel said on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” Sunday. “Let's be very clear, our election system is run by local elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers. We simply provide a tool to count the ballots and to print and count ballots,” he added. “T
  9. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday called President Trump's legal team "a national embarrassment." Christie told ABC "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos that it was time for Trump's refusal to concede to end, adding to pressure building from members of the GOP to begin recognizing President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Stephanopoulos noted that Trump's legal team had lost 34 court cases and that Trump attacked Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) for calling on the president on Saturday to recognize the election result. "Is it finally time for this end?" Stephano
  10. Then that would trigger the 25th amendment, and the national guard gets called out straightaway and the FBI moves on any intel they have on domestic groups that pose any threats.
  11. begooode

    US Senate Race

    These people actually fervently believe Rudy and the dream team; along with their 1-40ish record in courts where the judges are berating them for a lack of substance behind their claims. Would be funny if it weren’t so sad and potentially dangerous.
  12. Speaking of the professionalism of Trumps dream team: Jenna Ellis was ridiculed for a tweet earlier this week in which she bragged that Giuliani had established a rapport with the judge She lambasted 'media morons' for 'laughing at' Giuliani, 'but he appears to have already established a great rapport with the judge, who is currently offering recommendations on martini bars for Team Trump in court' When pollster Frank Luntz called her Twitter feed a 'parody account,' she responded: 'MicroPenis syndrome. Sad.'
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