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  1. If he's not actually trolling, this level of delusion has to be along the levels of QAnon.
  2. It was caught behind where the ball was released. That's the 'line' you lemming. Either way, you should feel happy knowing that that play hamstrung us with an inept coach for two decades. We could have legitimately gone to a couple SBs during that next 5 year stretch.
  3. "Our defense will be better, we just don't know how much better." Board mantra.
  4. I wasn't referring to each unit being the same. We are the same in our overall ability to compete. We are average, with the ability to occasionally play up to an opponent, but will rely on winning close games against average or bad teams.
  5. I think your top 10 is spot-on, although the order could be argued a bit. It's those 10 going for the championship, and the rest are just playing to stay employed next year.
  6. Last year when we were 5-0, a lot of people were talking about how easily we could have been 3-2 and have dropped a couple losses to some really bad teams in MN and Jacksonville. The homers ridiculed and said good teams find ways to win. This year, we are 3-2 with a loss to a really bad team in NY. Now the homers are talking about how we could have been 4-1. We're the same team as last year, minus the luck. Not good, not bad...average. Luckily, we play in a shit division and our biggest rival has a brutal first half schedule.
  7. I doubt Henry only has 5 carries. Vrabel has two things he can do to save his job...cling to injuries as an excuse, and ride Henry to another 2K yard season. He has the Fisher Blueprint to go off of.
  8. I like your optimism, but people are still conveniently forgetting the lead-up to the Bills game last year. We played on 9/27, and then were off until the game on 10/13. The team was also demonized by most in the media, which often brings out the best on the field (us vs. the world, and all). This year, I suspect things will be different, and since I'm now on the wagon (temporarily), it's going to be a long night. I really hope I'm wrong....but I doubt it.
  9. The problem for Tanny and Henry is predictability. Hell, I think even @Bongo59 could predict when the Titans are going to run or pass with higher than 50% accuracy. And that's fucking unbelievable for him!
  10. Except, of course, players age (except for Brady). All pro sports talk about 'windows' because they know their top players only have so many years at that peak level. "Windows" are an even bigger deal in the NFL because it's such a QB dependent game. Do you think our 'winning culture' will be ready to challenge for a championship in 4 years? 5 years? Roughly the time Tannehill and Henry will be gone...as well as Julio and probably AJ with the current abortion of offensive runcalling.
  11. A great QB that throws the ball 20 times/game. We had longer layoffs before Bills/Ravens last year...except for the playoff Ravens game. How well did the Vrabel-led show up in that one?
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