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  1. 1st 19 -- Barrett 2nd 51 -- Lawrence 3rd 82 -- McLauren pro
  2. You 'da Man with that attire. Look great. Any comments at church? pro
  3. She died holding onto something she loved. Would that we each will be able to do the same. God bless. pro
  4. Granted Jonnu has played and was signed as a TE. However, he has the speed and can run a route tree of a #2 WR. His size also gives a definite advantage over most CBs. I agree that his future is as our replacement TE. My WR thoughts would be short-term. It is a shame to waste his catch-and-run abilities on the bench in 2019-20. pro
  5. Torn between Hockenson and Bradbury if they are BPA at 19. Hockenson could be our Gronk. Jonnu could then serve as a WR until needed as the 2nd TE in a year or two. Bradbury would be a solidifying force in the center of the OL. Jones could then join Kline and others to fight it out for the RG position. Loser gets cut. Simmons could also be in consideration, but the options above are more certain. pro
  6. Great signings! Humphreys, Saffold, Vacarro, Kern. Also resigned Fluellen but he may be in a battle in TC. JRob is positioning for a really interesting draft. DL, OLB, possibly C, depth for S and IOL, competition for whoever he expects to lose in the next few years. pro
  7. Very good breakdown. Thanks for great effort. Best projection I've seen yet. pro
  8. I fear so, too. Can't see 18 teams all passing on this brute of a man.
  9. I personally love McShay's pick for the Titans @ 19. Hockenson gives inline blocking and a threat as a receiver. Really opens up this offense' especially if Joccu Smith could play WR (assuming Walker is OK). Go IOL 4th round or later in the draft. All the rest are defensive picks: ILB, rusher, OLB. pro
  10. Good job. Agree with Charlie that some late picks -- esp McLaurin -- might not be there. Otherwise, I like it. pro
  11. Oh, and I think the most telling defensive scheme by NE was Romo's observation that the front 7 of the Pats were consistently beating the slant zone blocking of the Rams by powering straight through the slant gaps. It was painful for the Rams O-line to consistently be shredded by both inside and outside pressure. Really great defensive scheming by the DC against the slant zone blocking. pro
  12. Sorry Allen, must disagree. Edelman had unanswerable moves and was open underneath all game. Rams had no answer for him or the threat he presented which opened other receivers. As much as I dislike the guy, Brady did what was necessary and generally did OK. Not the best by far, but enough. Bellichek outcoached McVea big time. The latter looked like a deer in the headlights every time the cameras showed him. Probably the worst SB I've ever seen, and I've seen them all. A few others are in that category, but I disliked this one the most. Must be the B&B effect. pro
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