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  1. OK, regardless of the outcome I am really proud of this team today. This could have been a blowout but, so far, they are playing their hearts out. Thank you. pro
  2. Really missing Jaylon in the middle of the field.
  3. Actually, insanity is doing the same thing over and over knowing what the result will be. Pay attention, JRob. pro
  4. Cannot get out of their own way. Terrible discipline.
  5. Terrible so far. Defense is doing everything possible. Offense players are killing us. OC calls and Tannehill are OK. pro
  6. There are, IMO, four things that so far separate Tannehill from Mariota. 1. Passing accuracy, velocity, and ability to anticipate leading receivers resulting in greater runs-after-receptions. 2. Quick releases, thus reducing the effect of mediocre OL blocking. 3. Willingness to throw into tight windows. 4. Command of the huddle and holding teammates accountable. I added #4 because Mariota seemed to always accept blame when it wasn't always his fault. It is hard to know if MM did hold individuals responsible, but that simply does not seem to fit him. pro
  7. I sometimes used Old Pro when I signed a post. Other posters also called me that at times.