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  1. Cowboys, Colts, Texans, Ravens
  2. I'm high on this WR. Why? He wore 15! Why? I wore 15 in hs football, hs baseball, hs basketball, and college basketball. I also inked 15 on my tennis shorts and various shirts. Did me well in the world of athletics. I predict he becomes the Titans' #2. Of course, wearing #15. pro
  3. I like Tillman. Doubt he lasts until 81. Grab him if he's there. pro
  4. I am all in for Mayer or Washington at 41. I like a TE who can block yet play all over the field a bit better than a WR. Posters: Of the two TEs, which has the ability described above? BTW, love the Ski pick regardless of where he plays on the OL (but, preferably at LT). pro
  5. DK why but AR would be a very interesting pick. He seems to be teachable. If he can improve his mechanics with resulting improvement in accuracy, then he would be a really Vrabel-impressed pick. pro
  6. If Johnson and Jones are gone, I would take Jalen Carter in a heartbeat. Even if one was there, I'd have to think hard to take OT instead of Carter.
  7. Wyatt also just ranked Hendon Hooker as the #3 QB, ahead of Richardson and Levis. pro
  8. I still question whether the team is willing or able to offer more than other teams will offer. The Cards will ultimately accept the trade that gives them the most and best picks plus a 2023 draft slot that provides them with the best way to meet their own draft needs. pro
  9. If the Titans do trade up to 3, then I hope it's only if Stroud is there. Otherwise, stay at 11. My guess is that the Raiders or the Colts will give better trade options to the Cards than the Titans would be willing or able to offer. That eliminates the Titans from even having a chance to trade. I would be very disappointed if either Levis or Richardson would be on their board for a 3 trade. Sickening to me. pro
  10. Stillman is an asshole who deserves much more than what Jim threw out there. I, personally, loved it. pro
  11. BTW, it would surprise me if Ran would give up such capital for any of these QBs. Then again, this could realistically be the best if not only opportunity to get a potential QBOF. I do expect the team to be higher in the draft seedings in 2024 as there is talent given that injuries do not decimate again. pro
  12. I'm curious but not expecting this to actually happen: Assuming Carolina takes Stroud as expected and Houston stuns everyone by taking Hooker, would the Titans at 3 take Richardson or Young or Levis (unlikely). pro
  13. I am extremely pleased with what Ran has done this off-season. Each signing from other teams and resigning here has potentially addressed a weakness. Each has been a player who Ran feels has not had the possibility to start at his previous team, but who does have starting potential here. Each is an assurance of improvement and filling of vacancies, even if only for one year. These signings free up the draft to either make moves up or down, or to select an outstanding BPA regardless of positional needs. Great job so far. This draft should be really fun to watch. My wife and I will meet other family in the mountains of Northern Georgia, but I have informed all that my priority is the draft. pro
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