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  1. Good signing. He really came on well the last quarter of the season and the playoffs.
  2. Adding Clownet is an exciting possibility. I do, however, find it hard to believe that JRob will be able to convince him and his agent that a cap friendly 2020 and a higher 2021 cap hit will be competitive with the other 2-3 interested teams. That, of course, depends on how much cap Marino has after PS and other considerations are taken into account. There are continuing inconsistencies from various sources regarding the actual amount. I would frankly prefer Jones but the draft cost and the cap hit are far too great. pro
  3. I've been watching NFL replays from 2019. So far have seen both Titans playoff games and parts of other games. Nice fix. pro
  4. A 7th round pick is terrible. I am shocked that he did not attract at least a 4 or 5. The cap savings might mean that JonR is seriously looking at Clowney. Next 2 days should tell. pro
  5. Thank you, Bill. Way up there in my 'Yes, yes' reactions so far. pro
  6. Reports indicate the CBA passed by 60 votes. The reality is that if 31 more players had voted 'no', then the CBA would have not passed having lost by 2 votes. Simple math. pro
  7. Light McConnell on fire even if this shit is still not under control. He and his cronies act like ants under the foot of DT (can't even type his name). pro
  8. Grew up in Miami. Saw Joe Auer run first ever opening kickoff for the 'Phins in '61. He was a classmate of my first wife. I came to Nashville in '64 (Vandy grad school). Remained a 'Phins fan until the Oilers/Titans came this direction. Went to every Memphis and Vanderbilt games. "Titans" was one of two suggestions I posted/submitted as the new name. Have no idea whether Bud Adams or whoever saw the submission. Was one of a group that worked on getting legislative approval for the license plates. Got to select my own plates as a result. Pretty cool. Have the sword logo tattooed on my arm (got it just before going to Atlanta for the SB). Still looks good. Quite a ride. Still root for the 'Phins unless a win or loss negatively affects my Titans. pro
  9. Here's a thought: Since Tannehill and Henry have the same agent, give that agent the absolutely total money amount available for the two of them along with the amount of that total which would be guaranteed. Tell the agent to figure out who gets what amount of the total and how much guaranteed each would get. The # of years for each would be determined based on those parameters. OK, terrible idea .... maybe. Of course, a GM would never give an agent that kind of contract power. Just my way to keep the brain cells still firing. Ha, ha. pro
  10. My wife and I were spared major damage in Hermitage. Still have no power. It's 62 degrees inside our home. Cell service just returned but was out for 36 or more hours with likely cell tower damaged. All traffic lights out. Terrible traffic jams. My church in Germantown had no damage but the Catholic church across the street has serious damage. Really strange what gets hurt and what doesn't. My house in Antiouch in 1973 got hit really badly by the tornado then. Ripped off half the roof and destroyed two of the three bedrooms and the kitchen. Our daughter was 4 yo and is 50+ now. She still remembers it vividly.
  11. The biggest and possibly the only real positive with Brady would be the "fans in the seats" effect. Amy must be considering this and making it a part of the FO conversation. Of course, the positive effect would likely be negated once Brady shows real signs of falling off the age cliff. On the other hand, the exciting and winning team we saw when Tanney took over will also put fans in the seats and money in the pockets. Damn, the next three weeks are likely the craziest in decades. Will be exciting ... and disappointing for some. Love it. Makes this old codger want to stay around and enjoy. pro

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