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  1. Maker, I want to congratulate you for the consistency of your messages. There are very few if any posters besides you who display the kind of messages that you show, and we all know the value you bring to the board. You show exemplary negativity to the hopes of success by TR posters. It will be a pleasure to await your future musings on the travesty that we and you call the Titans. Sic, sic, sic. pro
  2. Denver's OC once again revising the game plan. These kinds of injury and covid things will plague teams throughout the year. And sometimes late in the week causing OCs and DCs to scramble to minimize and/or maximize the effects. pro
  3. 5 years in Vandy doctoral program in psychology. 40+ years working clinically and then heading up the secure forensic psychiatry program for the TDMHMR. This young man is floundering in a world he has trouble understanding and making a part of his own. With guidance he might, and I repeat might, become settled with himself and the professional athletic world in which he now finds himself. Here's hoping that Jon and Mike and Amy can find him the help he needs and seems to be wanting. The team vets and others like Eddie George could be valuable in helping him find his place on the team and in the world he now faces. Tough love and gentle guidance in the reality and adventure we call life. pro
  4. Thx, Guru. I couldn't get it on Stitcher at first. Now good. pro
  5. I vacillated between A and A+, but decided on A. Don't like how Beasley has acted and have little trust that he will bring in-season positives. Elliott has been a disappointment so far, and I can only hope this is a youthful issue coupled with possible Covid effects. We will see. pro
  6. Good to 'see' you again. Watch the alcohol. It does strange and sometimes risky things to your brain. Stay awhile. pro
  7. Denver OC is scrambling now. Going to be a busy week for the Broncos. pro

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