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  1. The Spirit within is strong. Stay positive and live your life to the fullest possible. My wife is a 40 year+ ICU RN. She has seen many beat this kind of thing, especially for those tumors found early and not metastasized. Stay with us on the board as there are many prayers headed in your direction. Absorb them for they will strengthen your Spirit.
  2. Very classy. This ol'timer welcomes you to come back to just chat anytime. pro
  3. Tannehill has little time before the o-line collapses. Horrible play calls only makes it worse. pro
  4. I agree. Deep hatred for the Cowbums probably colors my objectivity. pro
  5. Welcome back. Don't stay away so long. pro
  6. Q: If a player has been on the field during a game, is tested + the next day, do players from the other team get assessed as 'close contact'? pro
  7. Bladingame was a pretty decent tailback at Vandy. Glad to see him being able to show that side. pro
  8. It had been reported that Reese warned Fisher and Adams that giving the big contracts to keep the 1999 team intact would result in cap hell. Bud reportedly instructed Fisher to do what he wanted. That was IMO the beginning of the end for GM Reese. And "no", I can't cite the sources. pro
  9. I always liked and respected Floyd. He cared deeply for the team and the players. pro
  10. Thank you for posting this, Bongo. If only ........ pro
  11. What do we have after factoring in the 53 roster and the rookies and an emergency fund? Of course, it depends a bit on who makes the 52nd and 53rd spots. pro
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