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  1. Irvin in a moronic finish. He is a loudmouth know-nothing. Terrible analyst. Deion is barely tolerable, but not by much. pro
  2. If we do, we do. If we don't, we don't. I'm tired of it all. Once TY he medical is taken care of, then C will be on the hot seat. 'Til then he sits and tries to understand the diminishing interest. pro
  3. 10-6. Division Champs. Loss in 2nd round of playoff after Tanne gets hurt in 1st playoff. pro
  4. My biggest concern. The loss of Pees exceeds any loss or gain from the off-season. Vrabel was a great hire and I completely trust him in the HC role. I do not trust his abilities in the role of DC given the needs of the HC role. Hope I'm wrong. pro
  5. Loudmouth Irwin would get my vote over Mason. Would need to sew his mouth shut to come close to tolerating him. pro
  6. Children, children, children. Your petty squabbling belongs on some other location, if it belongs anywhere. This is a football board and has no place for such childish manners. Grown, mature human beings simply don't behave this way ... anywhere. Get over yourselves. Each ... and all ... of you! Civility and respect have their own rewards. pro
  7. 2nd amendment rights aside, it's always a huge risk to be carrying a gun around party drinking. Of course, anyone could be carrying ... sooooo.
  8. Damn, I would not want to be a CB or S and see this MAN coming at me. For that matter, most LBs should run the other way. A Mister World body for sure. pro
  9. Not all Nashville fans. Am very thankful that Bud approached our mayor and pursued bringing his team here. I have Tenn Oilers leather jackets and other TO stuff. I was a Dolphin fan 'til the BNA team came to us. Went to Memphis for every game, then to Vanderbilt, then 'home... which it definitely was at first. pro
  10. I submitted Vipers. Imagine what could be done with the unis and marketing. Did not like Titans at first, but that was certainly better than most of the finalists. pro
  11. Thx. It wasn't showing in Theme yesterday on my cell.
  12. Guru, what happened to the dark theme? I like it over the light theme. pro
  13. Theme shows on my phone. I like the dark theme best. pro
  14. Guru, clicking on a topic takes me to page 1 OP rather than last viewed. I have to click on final page and then locate the last post I saw. pro

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