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  1. What do we have after factoring in the 53 roster and the rookies and an emergency fund? Of course, it depends a bit on who makes the 52nd and 53rd spots. pro
  2. Vin Marino and the MV/JR duo have a difficult task ahead if they want to consider trading for JJ. Maybe send J. Evans to the Falcons and a 2022 pick, then try to figure out how to pay Julio. pro
  3. Disappointed with JRob here. I doubt there will be a promising WR or TE at 85. Fills a need, but, but, but. pro
  4. Tennis. I played the SE tournament circuit in the 50's. Did OK but nothing spectacular. My best experience was in the Miami Open. At that time there were amateur and professional rankings. I was selected from the grandstands to play doubles with Jack Kramer, Pancho Gonzales, and Pancho Segura. Played 4 games so I received from each of them and served one game. Quite a memory. It was a source of conversation at tournaments the rest of the competition year. Loved the attention. pro
  5. Chris Sanders said that he lost his legs after exactly the same sciatica disc issue as Farley. Lost his speed. Lost his strength. Unable to play again. Said Titans should never draft Farley. Now we'll see if he was correct. pro
  6. What are Phillip's issues besides concussions?
  7. I like this mock assuming that Phillips can stay healthy. pro
  8. Farley would be a really good pick at 22. His back injury (discectomy) has a low risk prognosis, and ACL in today's medicine is also low risk. High reward. In any case, it would not be essential that he be ready for game one. Fulton and Jenkins and the depth will be OK to start if Farley needs more time. And 'OK' is better than last year. pro
  9. I always look forward to your drafts, Kyle. They bring out the most interesting comments from TR mainline posters and the trolls that drag along. Keep it up my friend. pro
  10. Covid kicked my ass. No hospitalization but unable to leave the house for at least 10 days. Continuous 24/7 coughing. Respiration rate dangerously low. Exhaustion and barely able to go 40 feet from my recliner to the bathroom. Finally started using a walker to get around. Could stop and rest with it. Did the bump-butt routine upstairs to my bedroom. Not at all a good experience. I am just lucky to stay out of the hospital at my age. Was still feeling milder effects a month later. pro
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