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  1. Like tgo I did a fair amount of research on Wilson before the draft. I liked everything I read and saw watching GA games. I was glad JRob took him as a quality pick would have solidified the OL. I can be easily fooled as I tend to take people for their word too often. Strange for a psychologist and one reason I went into mental health administration responsibilities ... and a reason I am enjoying retirement so much. Wilson was a huge disappointment. I personally put 95 % responsibility on him and 5% on JRob and the scouting crew. pro
  2. Come on O-Man, weigh in on what this means for the Colts. If I remember (which is always a question mark) you were/are a great admirer. What do you think now? pro
  3. Resign Clowney to 8M or less, then: IDL EDGE CB ILB WR OL or TE or OLB
  4. The worse show ever. Terrible choreography. Marginal talent at best Then again, I'll be 79 yo next week. pro
  5. Brady chose the team with a much better defense and OL. He knows a QB's best friends. pro
  6. Interview: Vrabel: I run a bend but don't break defense. Austin: No need to pursue this any further. Goodbye.
  7. If Vrabel had not run Henry for the extra 5 yards or so in the 8 seconds before lining up for the real thing, then the kick would have already been outside the goal post.
  8. Ref was right there looking down the sideline. They want the Packers on top. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. pro
  9. I went to one. It was really great to put faces to TC/TR board names. pro
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