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  1. Too, too many stupid mistakes. So far do not deserve to win. Sorry for my pessimism.
  2. Mythos, I can agree with your assessment of Tannehill, but disagree with you on the blame which should be directed to HC, OC, OL coach,, LB coach,, secondary coach, special teams coach ...., hell, all of them. Unless Vrabel is overriding these coaches, then they too should hang their heads. pro
  3. Henry doesn't seem to be seeing open or slightly open lanes.
  4. Great read. Really shows the quality in the man and in the teammate. pro
  5. It's sometimes age. I am 15 months from turning 80yo. I still scream at the TV during Titan games. I can also rather calmly sit in my recliner without my blood pressure skyrocketing when things are going sideways on the field. I was serene toward the end of the game anticipating a loss; I was also ecstatic at the finishing regular and fully into OT. Did scream and fistpunch at the final play giving the victory. It seems to come-and-go much more nowadays. pro
  6. Sucks big time. I do like Taylor's message. If he is not already visiting TR, someone official needs to invite him into this madhouse. pro
  7. Have your say-so, then leave. I wish the Bills luck in their division. The way your team played tonight does not bode well. I hate the Pats. Love the 'Phins. Sleep well tonight ... if you can. pro
  8. Hold 'em here, then 1st D, 1st D, then Henry down their throats. pro
  9. I seriously doubt the NFL cares about Titans player losses and the impact on a game being played. It's all about TV revenue (NFL) and players being paid (NFLPA). The game will be played with minimal safety requirements.. The Titans are small market and low on the ladder of importance to the bigwigs across the league. Hell, it only took one Cam Newton positive to change the schedule to accommodate BB. Sad. pro
  10. Logical. Our teams, hopefully, play on Tuesday. Once the game is over I am sure that you will return to TC and either: gloat over the Bill's win, or make excuses or possibly congratulation for the Titans' win. I hope - pray - that you then move on to your next opponent-team. It's been fun for awhile. We are tired of you now. Have your fun elsewhere soon. pro
  11. It's been 36 years since I partook, but I saturated my tissue enough for the previous 18 years that I am probably immune from Covid effects. Oh for those wonderful years. pro
  12. My belief is that the NFLPA opposed a bubble during pre-season covid negotiations. DK what the PA will agree to now. pro

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