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  1. Any word on what needed correction in his foot?
  2. I don't like the skinny appearance of the numbers. They look 'weak'. pro
  3. There is no good way to know JRob's inner thoughts about the Mariota prognosis. It would not surprise me at all if he has basically been told from "on high" to give MM this year to prove his consistent value. She seems to really like MM. However, she knows that if injuries and mediocre performance continues, then she has told JRob it's all his to do what is necessary to benefit the team (sorry for the awkward sentence structure). What she will have to do is trust JRob's assessment at the end of the year whether the team moves on from MM or not. I suppose a transition tag could be in the background, but that would most likely be another 'try out' year which would likely be opposed by all involved. pro
  4. Imagining a bit, I think he would have gone with the best trade available if the return was good enough. Thankfully we won't ever know since the draft fell so great for the Titans. pro
  5. I am so f****ng proud of my city, my hometown. A city is people who love it and are proud to call it 'home'. I came from Miami in 1964 to attend grad school at Vanderbilt. From a big city to a big town in the middle of what I heard described as the Bible Belt. No liquor by the drink. Stores closed on Sundays. Interstates just starting to be designed and built. Only known for the Grand Ol' Opry, and then largely in the South. What a change in the past 58 years. Now also known as the 'It City'. People flocking to join the growth (too many imo). Great dining, although I don't recognize most of the names. NFL. NHL. SOCCER. BASEBALL. COLLEGE SPORTS ACROSS THE STATE. But my city stands out among the other great cities and towns in the great volunteer state of Tennessee. I am proud. So very proud. pro
  6. Tomorrow will be BPA all the way. CB, edge, RB, S or CB.
  7. 'A-' draft so far. Only thing holding it from an A+ is the uncertainty that the ACL recovery might be less than 100%. pro
  8. Would love a trade up to get Cody Ford if I didn't miss him already gone.
  9. Purely a guess, but I think the Titans training program will be beneficial to the ACL recovery. The team can afford to wait as long as necessary for a full recovery. Especially if they sign a one year FA defensive line. This is JRob and the coaching staff planning for the future. The next two days of picks will include contributors to an improved 2019. That's what a great FO does!!! pro
  10. Damn. Lawrence was my choice after Simmons. pro
  11. Will scream holy hell if it's Lock. Royal screwup.
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