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  1. Donation done. TR has lost one of the good ones but the Universe has gained a perfect soul. RIP
  2. I was a complete 'Phins fan, and still am in a secondary way. I have been in the stands in Miami and in Nashville while RT led the Dolphins. He was NEVER surrounded with player talent or coaching talent while in Miami to compare with his current circumstances. Miami media and fans failed to appreciate his abilities and his dedication to his teammates. His maturity as a leader was and is outstanding. His willingness to set aside personal glory for the betterment of the team is admirable. In short, he is a winner so far for my/our team. pro
  3. I don't see his comments as disrespect. Confidence based on the team's play in the second half + of the year. Also, Mahomes and these receivers could not really be stopped in our first meeting. A lot of speed and probably the best TE in the NFL. pro
  4. Good post, jonboy. I, too, am torn. My heart is surely with th he Titans, but the 'elephant' seems to pull victories out of his ass. 'Fraid he does it again. Regretfully .... 34-21 .... Chiefs. pro
  5. My wife looked at me in saw really funny way when I screamed 'YES' at the tv when JRob answered my hopes by picking JS. She said 'but he is injured' and I said 'but he will be great'. So glad. pro
  6. Actually, Lamar did have some really good throws .... against a prevent keep-in-front defense. Very poor receiver drops. But the Titans kicked his skinny ass. Big time. pro
  7. Good for you to come back. Respect your way. pro
  8. I eat crow ... but this one tastes great. pro
  9. Frankly, there's way too much 'if this happens then ...' on the board for me. Wishful thinking. It's simple. They are a much better team. I will be shocked if the Ravens don't win by at least 10. My thoughts are Ravens 31-21. pro
  10. I sold my PSL club seats 3 years ago when I was 75yo. Traffic, bad weather, and my wife were the reasons I decided that staying home was better for me. Still go to at least one game a year, but my ticket companion has now moved to Alabama. pro
  11. Still don't know why the Pat's had no player back to minimize exactly what happened. Stupid decision. pro

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