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  1. I'm going to bed. Deleted the game already. This sucks big time.
  2. Damn, missed perfection by a couple. Will do better this week.
  3. Guru, when I go to the new theme it does not return me to the last read post in a thread. Returns me to the OP. What is the "copy of TR 2019 theme? pro
  4. Mariota likely placed on injury list (quad) in order to give Vrabel options for the Thursday game and future games. If not on the list, then fans and media would yell "qb controversy" louder. This gives Vrabel/JRob the option to go with Tanny and come back to Mariota if there is no improvement at the position. Just being smart! pro
  5. I am definitely not going that direction. And Scottie knows better than to try that on me. lol pro
  6. Apparently lost a previous reply so will try again. I may be the last one on this board to give up on Marcus. I have been a largely invisible supporter because I hate the contentious nature of the anti- posts. I can, however, no longer hold on to the hope that he could be the answer to the QB vacuum. I absolutely hate it, but I give up. Excuses and/or rationalizations have been buried beneath the ineptitude displayed on the field. Mariota may have some decent streaks If Vrabel continues to play him, but I am officially resigned to no longer believing that he will be the future. Sad. This will be disastrous for fan support at Nissan. The noise today was the loudest I have heard in many years. A win could have started a renewal of the craziness I experienced in '99 and 2000. Sad. pro
  7. The 22 should show show whether receivers were open at any point and whether #8 was in position to pass. Damn, wrap up tackles. pro
  8. Great job as always, Guru. Thanks for all your innovations. This one is really good. pro
  9. IMO, Pees and Smith deliberately gave the Browns very little to game-plan for in all three PS games so far. In fact, the play so far has to inflate the confidence of every opponent. OK, having said that, we as fans react with extreme lack of confidence based on what we are seeing. Now, why do I think/know that? 'Cause I am inflating the lack of confidence right now to such an extreme degree. Kern gives me the only hope!!! What a catastrophe!!! Will either have an elevation or a lowering of said confidence after game 1 in two weeks. Am still hoping for the former. pro
  10. No. Certainly a raging success against the Titans.
  11. Usually true, but it would depend on whether other offers would meet the needs that they are seeking. I also doubt that they would be willing to trade to a division rival, but I bet that Jon would like the flexibility to try. With the suspension, he has no options. pro
  12. Another consequence to the TL suspension. Team could have considered a Kelly and Tayler/Sharpe/RB combination for Clowney. That is, if they would have been willing to let go of such a valuable OL backup as Kelly. pro
  13. Given the history, Luck could beat us in the 4th quarter while playing on one leg. Sure hope he misses our game. Then again, we make 2nd and 3rd QBs look like magicians. Damn them. pro
  14. Code, great to see you on the board. Missed your reasonable measure on football things. pro