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  1. Let's be honest with ourselves here, the bottom 100 teams in division 1 shouldn't be in it.
  2. He is going to run the josh Allen special we saw him practicing against simmons
  3. I always lose my train of thought on that clip asking myself why is he throwing passes to toadstool 🙃
  4. He has 9 and 7/8th inch hands, what were they expecting him to need something big enough to fit over a catchers mitt?
  5. Speaking of rad in that SF game, blew my mind when off gave him something like a 60 grade for that game and he dominated bosa to the point they switched him to the other side. 🤔
  6. This thread is not about keeping on topic please stay on the subject at hand. Thank you.
  7. Healthy Barkley is a figment of desperate people's imaginations
  8. How was the first reply to this not "that's retarded".
  9. That isn't how comparing yourself to your past works.
  10. Why does you liking the team that rewards a guy who repeatedly sexually harassed women not shock me at all.
  11. If you don't watch him and just watch the coaches and other players and stuff in the background it looks normal speed to me.
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