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  1. Callidus

    Mike Kafka will be Titans OC (opinion)

    Idk but mike is our teams favorite coach name so it's a lock
  2. Callidus

    Fuck the NFL

    If we are embracing murder I vote for luck over Brady
  3. Ya, I understanf that. Was just pointing out that article is basicly recycled from 4years ago
  4. I thought it was the consensus from the moment we drafted him that his floor was alex smith lol.
  5. Agreed, I have no confidence in KC beating anyone in the playoffs.
  6. Callidus

    After Rewatching the Eagles Game....

    My favorite part about the mariota discussion is where it has taken us. We are at a point were some of the people on here are so shell shocked that they want Flacco. And that is so sad there are no words. Sadly as much as I like him, we may have to move on if we can't get something close to offensive stability. No qb is ever going to get good changing systems every year. Maybe we keep him 3 more years then draft sunshine from Clemson and we can be a movie parody.
  7. I like the west coast zone as well. But there is no denying that the line was elite in a power scheme. And dont give me that we chiped people every play nonsense.
  8. Was thinking the same thing. We might be able to fix the oline by going back to a power scheme
  9. Callidus

    Boclair: No Good Answers on Mariota

    I don't want to go that far. He has had to learn a new offense every year but one. And that year we ran the simplist offense in football since 1936. Was no wonder teams figured it out. Let him get into a system for 2-3 years. Foles is a good example. People say he is a system qb, well maybe that iw the only system he has had enough time in to be good?
  10. Callidus

    Boclair: No Good Answers on Mariota

    I would argue they can run block and suck at pass blocking. This isn't rocket science. But this is just more black and white thinking that makes no sense. You can be good at half your job. Like you mop floors great but suck at scrubbing toilets.
  11. Callidus

    Boclair: No Good Answers on Mariota

    Funny cause Gabbert kept us in a game with indy till the 4min mark. Indy crushed the texans. If we have mariota we have a very good chance at winning that game. One of 5 other guys not on IR and it's not a question. We went 9-7 with a qb playing hurt all year. We are the easy division winner if he was healthy.
  12. Callidus

    Your 15 Minutes of Fame has EXPIRED

    Even Gabbert dosn't deserve that low of a blow.
  13. I would give the eagles 2 psl behind a support beam and Brian Orakpo
  14. Idk about Flacco but I agree with the rest. Never thought that was gona happen.