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  1. Abd he put us in that great position jrob inherited 😂😂😂😂
  2. You do know that is not how drafts work right? You draft dependent on need, ability AND where you can get them. If he thought dodd and austin would be gone but henry would be there and you still get him you made the right choice. I am not saying the other2 guys were good picks but drafting a guy over other guys draft position be damned is how you get things like seabass going round 1
  3. I don't get it either. If he was a 3rd or 4th round guy sure but in the 2nd ill passand in the first i give it a fuck no.
  4. Every time I think we have hit our idiot limit for the month I am proven tragically wrong...
  5. Iliked whoever it was that was saying if you are 4 and 2 in the division but only have 8wins and another team is 3 and 3 but has 10 you win the division.
  6. And our nickel is a 2-4 most of the time so the only thing making us not a 4-3 Base is our edge guys stand up.
  7. I am kinda looking forward to a 4-2/2-4 base press man with pees style single random blitzers. But I know we are going to end up with something like if Gollum and that deformed guy from 300 had a baby.
  8. Before we resigned brown I thought it was a very high chance we picked him now I am not so sure. Jayon's deal is only 1 year.
  9. I think mcnair has better shot you could tape a tablet to his hand and lay him on the bench and he would have more impact on the game.
  10. I just did a mock that pitts fell to 22 got moore in the 2nd and Samuel jr in the 3rd lol. Sims can be hilarious.
  11. 1lawrence 2pitts 3chase 3surtain 4horn 5collins 6sewell Then a kicker and kick return guy. I think that would be a decent draft.
  12. No idea but I think he is under 200pounds. Would make me want to guess no but blocking tends to be more about willingness and skill not size outside the oline.
  13. I think mate gets love he just dosnt get as much as he deserves.
  14. Bruce was an all pro at multiple positions. Campbell was a beast and munch was great but come on...
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