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  1. Not that this is about the actual tape but you do realize when the pass is to the right and your the left tackle is exactly when you would want to give him extra help? If you are already the QBs blind side and he is focused on his front side of the field he is going to be especially blind to his left. If you are talking about run plays who the fuck cares. Most teams run more to the strong side...
  2. It's still not true no matter how many times you repeat it.
  3. I didn't say the guy sucked. Iv actually said before he has some good stuff. He is just so over the top excited about everything it's hard to listen to. I do watch all the crossover ones each week because he calms down for that one and you get the other sides view as well. But his normal shows are like listening to Mike Keith if he spoke like he says sack all the time lol
  4. I was bored so I was watching that annoying ass tick tock titans dude and he mentioned a stat that got me interested so I went looking. Over the last 17 regular season games the titans have given up an average of 2.9 ypc. To put it into perspective that 2000 ravens team gave up 2.7 ypc. Thats some damn elite company. And before any fuck wits give me shit I'm just talking run defense here not claiming we are one of the best defenses of all time.
  5. Maybe he is just trying to get people to waste a fantasy roster spot for a couple weeks
  6. I watched a lot of him and loved him as a prospect but that knee shit had me very uncertain, time will tell but he looks just as nasty as he was in college for the moment. I still wanted Tyler scott in that spot but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. The will Levis pick on the other hand still has me biting my nails.
  7. He definitely wasn't worth the money. If he cost like 5 per year he would have been a good pickup but we were paying him 3 times that
  8. That was basically my stance. But I guess not taking a side made both groups look at me funny on the fence.
  9. With our cap space i would be surprised if they let him go unless he wants another massive deal.
  10. I was joking that since he had half as many pressures over a two year period that he missed half the possible playing time he was inadvertently saying he was a good pass rusher
  11. He missed half his time here soooo..... your saying he was a good pass rushers? Lol
  12. While I 100% agree oddly enough Dillard, radunz, Skronski, brunskil, Hubbard could be the best overall line. I would like to reiterate this is not going to happen. Was just playing devil's advocate.
  13. I never understood this. Bud when he was on the field was the exact opposite of weaver. Weaver is a pin your ears back get after the QB guy. Very solid in the rotation at doing that. He was damn near unplayable in any other role. Bud was the king of setting the edge and working mop up duty. I never payed enough attention to either of them when in coverage to comment on that. If we are talking stat sheet production then weaver could match buds numbers without question but what bud was great at wasn't what shows up there. Not saying bud was a good signing at all, he couldn't stay on the field and even if he did he wasn't worth half of what we were paying him. He was a glorified 4-3 Sam with some pass rush ability not a 3-4 edge. Key definitely feels like what bud was supposed to be. The big physical joker role guy to push the pocket twords the bread and butter guys while also strong enough to stand up to a tackle if unlucky enough to be matched with one. Edit: meant to quote @oldschoolnot you @ChemEngr79
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