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  1. I know your a troll so idc what you say about the team. I am just curious, are you an opposition fan trying to cause shit or did t-rac rape you? Or maybe is your life just so shitty and you are a fan but you have to take out your frustrations here because you are not man enough to tackle your real problems?
  2. I'll be there in person. If I happen to see him on the street or in the parking lot before the game I'll do my best to put some weird shit in his head to throw him off his game. May even go full lewan and tell him I'll suck his dick. So random guy in the parking lot before the game has to make that more effective.
  3. That would be one weird ass lapdance. Excuse me miss but get off me your ass is harder than my dick.
  4. I have seen guys get cement poisoning at work before and I can't imagine how bad it would be if you put it in your body on purpose.
  5. Idk I keep thinking your a Baltimore fan and not kc fan. Maybe it's the purple s you never changed.
  6. Sacked 9 times once you take away the yards for them he had 1 yard
  7. Justin fields had a total of one net passing yard today lol
  8. I just saw the Henry run I am like 2min behind.
  9. How far behind am I.... Game isn't even back from commercial yet...
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