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  1. So what exactly is the minimum a rookie qb is "expected" to do? Cause that is a meaningless statement at best and a loaded statment at worst
  2. I think most of arguments we have on here about mariota all lead to one thing. Inconsistency. But not just in the way everyone uses the word normally. He does have pro's and con's. Pro's Clutch, Accurate, Athletic, dosn't make many mistakes, team belives in him. Con's Pocket awareness, indecisive, injury prone, throwing on the move. The reason I say inconsistent but not in thenormal way is that everything I listed as a agreed upon strength and weakness can be put in the other catagory as well some times. Indecisive but throws no-look passes. No pocket awareness but looks like Russel Wilson once every few games. Accurate but tosses a Gabbert pass once and a while. Most qb's have a near undeniable set of good and bad qualities but Mariota's strengths and weaknesses are also the oppisite from week to week. I still think he can and hope he does succeed but its like buying scratch offs with him. Point being most inconsistent players are better or worse but are generally good or bad at the same things. He is just everywhere.
  3. There is a middle ground on this. A long term deal with a easy out is a possibility. Saying he either gets a 30mil a year deal with 80% guranted for 5 years or franchised is just not looking at how this works. If he blows the doors off the place (unlikely but possible) he could get a real top end qb deal. If he does very well but still misses a game or 2 he could get a incentive laden contract or with a way out after a year or 2. He could also get franchised for doing the same. If he geta hurt for any length of time and dosnt do great he is either gone or takes a low end deal with everyobe knowing it's temporary.
  4. Im so sorry to see such a great upstanding man leaving the league....
  5. I think that was mostly about murry droping off and the fact that our OC ran like 8plays, only 4 if you don't count the left and right handed version of each one. I do think he looked like he lost some confidence as the season went on though.
  6. Context oilerman context. Read my post and what I quoted.
  7. This is utter horse shit. If marriota started yossing balls up like a retard and got picked "4times" this board would have gone 12times as apeshit.
  8. You should probably go make sure you have all your shots. Id also ask about thst one that lets gay dudes bang each other without geting hiv, would just be prudent with your home situation...
  9. I find the running stats more interesting than the passing. Before Henry turned into the terminator he ran very Eddie George like. Very few runs for less than 3 yards and very few over 10. The definition of consistent.
  10. Idk, if I left a tom thumb at 1:45 in the morning and a grown man wearing baby blue tights walked up 2 me... I would be honestly more scared than I have ever been.
  11. Thats not properly usage of the word only. Side note, the numbers look like a 5th grader's atempt to draw norse runes. I don't hate them, but I think they could do better.
  12. I didn't think thot was gona last to long. I like keyboard socmuch more. As in, Manning's mom is such a keyboard. I tap that shit all day and night.
  13. Ya it's awsome your sitting there warching animal planet while doing 200pound curls with each arm telling your buddy how you could kill a rhino bare handed. And he just nods.
  14. You telling me you dont store your green in a jar full of a testosterone and hgh solution? Your missing out man.
  15. I don't get it is any of that illegal?
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