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  1. While no powerhouse we are right on the fringe of top 3rd since we came to Tennessee. As not great as the nunbers look you have to look at where the rest of the nfl is at. The nfl for last 2 decades has 4-5 teams that are doing most of the damage. Id also like to say sorry about that post I went over the top to make a point.
  2. That was meant for lovyablue. Mybad for quoting you. I just got annoyed and wasn't paying attention.
  3. This why new titans fans dislike the old oiler fans. You act like nothing this teams does or did can compare to the old days. Truth is the oilers were a mediocre franchise and the titans are not. The chances of this team only winning 2 games are lower than your wife telling you that she had the best sex of her life tonight. Unless she invites a cripple with a heart condition over.
  4. I wish I didn't use the Billy Madison clip on kyle now.
  5. Ya i thought of that. Also the fact this wouldn't make a spring football league. Since moving teams from one to the other if they dont play at the same timr would be unfair.
  6. I dont think it will ever happen but the best idea I have come up with is a real union between the cfl and nfl. The two lagues will be treated like top and secondary leagues in european Soccer leagues. The worst team or 2 teams in the nfl are demoted to the cfl and the top team or 2 is promoted to the nfl. Now this wouldn't work 2 well at first with even a terrible nfl team being superior to any cfl team but give it 5-10 years and you would end up with something very interesting.
  7. Solid point I had not thought of. But with how much better he is idk if he or his agent would put stock into that.
  8. Great effort on his part, not many people put in the time and effort he did. I am sure that is why jrob signed him to start with. Even with all the effort though he isnt worth the contract. I wish him good luck he deserves a job somewhere.
  9. Idk how uou cant see the moral difference here. Just because it would be the same charge dosn't mean your not a bigger douch. A: blows you cause she will be beaten, deported, family threaten ect if they dont pretend to enjoy sex with you. B: blows you cause she wants to save money on her weed. A is bad B is a slut Both prostitution though.
  10. Its like that on most teams. Even teams with 2 great recivers never keep them both around forever.
  11. Im not saying Vrable is the next great head coach but he so far seems like the best coach we have had since the team got to Tennessee.
  12. We seriously need to allow people to do more than one reaction. The fact that i had to pick between laugh and cry on this sucks.
  13. If watching Marcus you cant tell he goes from middling most of the time to good in big time situations then you are either a moron or just don't want to see it cause you hate him.
  14. Not that i think it is going to happen but if we kept 5+ te's and just davis and Jennings at wr i would be ok with that lol
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