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  1. NM I'm done getting mad about stupid stuff.
  2. Is this a report or just pff saying he fits the eagles needs?
  3. I was joking but yes it would be lol. I would almost be more interested in the coup that happens in the Cardinals war room. We would get footage of him being fired 3min after the trade and dragged out to be shot.
  4. Who knows after monti signed Daley, if CJ drops to number 3 he may just be stupid enough to trade us the pick for Henry and a 2025 5th.
  5. Who the fuck is in the draft from Delaware?
  6. Of I was a GM in the NFL I would dive all in on signing him like he did on that fumble in the Superbowl.
  7. We don't/didn't have the money to make sweeping changes in free agency and everything is pointing to a offense heavy draft so idk what else you want then to dom
  8. That is far more likely, I was the first to say if they don't cut him for desperation pennies this year he will be here next year at the least.
  9. I'll give you the second part, but In the imaginary scenario we are working with here if he would take that deal I would be interested in it even with the risk. But that's just me. Obviously I am in the minority here
  10. What about that is so wrong to you? It's a big savings now, even at it's apex price point it won't be very expensive with the rising cap. The only bet you are making is will he still be good t 33 which with a safety who is as good as him would be likely. Edit: any long term deal is going to have big dead cap hits early in the deal and if you do this you are not planning on cutting him.
  11. I am all with you there, even if we traded back to around 20 the board would have to fall horrible for us to take 1 imo.
  12. Our teams situations are oddly similar I must say. Even if we both take a turn for the worse we still could end up backing into the playoffs with our terrible divisions.
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