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  1. I hate these stats. They are meant to be brroken. Shit happens and this is just cry baby bullshit. We may do better we may do worse but this is like the 50+ stat for kc. It means nothing.
  2. wtf are you talking about? I may not be considered one of the best posters around here but I know I am listened to when I speak. we all know your are a moron so deal with it.
  3. Let me finish this stupidity once and for all. If they think someone is great at 29 they will draft them. But the chances of that are almost non existent. So look at the draft like a fucking adult and not sone day dreaming 12 yearold.
  4. Not necessarily but I understand the sentiment.
  5. Idc his defenses crumble at th e worst time and he looks like if he saw a cheerleader he would have a heart attack.
  6. I rather stick my wet dick in a ligh socket while being beheaded by isis than have that one breath away from death moron as dc. Fucj that.
  7. What about dillon from bc? He isnt much of a pass threat but still him coming in for henry keeps the defense in power rush defense mode. We could get him in the 4th or 5th as well.
  8. Let me say that another way do you think we can get breida for less than 4mil a year? If not you are crazy.
  9. Did you read what I said? There is no way we send 4-6mil on a rb2 of we sign henry which is why I was looking at rbs to draft.
  10. Only problem going free agent is that when we pay Henry tossing another 4-6mil at a running back will be hard 2 swallow.
  11. Do you all see us drafting to replace him or moving hooker 2 the slot.
  12. Problem is do you wana spend a first on a number 2 back. We cant get him at 61.
  13. I thought he was i could be wrong though.
  14. Not my first choice but i would take a ham sandwich run over at a truck stop before romeo. I could get behind wade or rex but they are not what we are built for. I am not sure who fits us best.

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