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  1. Anyone with fin level tenacity? Would love another pit bull at cb.
  2. Ehhhhh. I make a bunch of dumb jokes that only land 50% of the time but when I talk ball I would say at worst I am an after thought, not a moron like quite a few people on here.
  3. Would it fucking kill them to use punctuation so this shit doesn't look like nonsense?
  4. Ya don't ask me who I was thinking of. Idk why I was thinking off the ball lb.
  5. The problem with drafting him is we have much bigger holes on the defense. Great prospect but we need a DL or edge to help get after people. I don't think the secondary is bad at all. I think they are just being asked to do 2 much in the scheme we ran and that outside harold and Simmons we have at best situational rushers who are not even more than meh.
  6. No doubt the guy has grown but he still makes so many wtf plays every game. poor mans farve with much better legs.
  7. Are you retarded? No1 here would not make a strait up trade for mahomes. I don't even wana know wtf drugs you are on to have got this from this forum... Tanny is great compared to what we are accustomed to. But there is not a single person on here that would not trade him for football screech.
  8. Come back when your hymen is broken.
  9. Traded to the jags for the pool and he developed a meth habit and has to be roomates with johnny football. If i am right i am so sorry lol
  10. Slow your roll man. Use a word that moron may even know what it means lol.
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