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  1. Even I dont think web was that much of a retard and this is him during his interview.
  2. He was 2 pushups short of the 2 pushups required to play
  3. Dont even excel at football. If they did they would be called the sec or acc.
  4. He couldn't kick a 60 yard fg when he played for us. He was auto from under 50 and that was what made him good.
  5. What is with this correa hate? He is a solid rotation guy. And he costs what? 1mil? How can you cry about that. He without something nuts wont get 10+ sacks but he is a good player.solid vs the run and a decent pass rusher. He is exactly what jrob looks for in a depth guy. A smart efficient and unselfish plauer and he got him back for peanuts.
  6. You think so? I would put the top 4 at kc, balt, sf, no and 5th is up for grabs but if we atay healthy I like us at 5.
  7. Unless arians turns its scheme on its head it is a wtf signing as well. Even then you are playing your skill guys outside of what they do best. It just makes little sense outside of selling a shit load of merch.
  8. I normally dont need 2 stroke my 60 yarder to score.
  9. At this point I wouldn't doubt he did what my great uncle did when he got drafted and snuck sugar in for his piss test to try and fake diabetes and spelled his own name wrong on his paper work.
  10. These needs like 12 different picard memes to make my feeling understood.
  11. Ya he had that knack for sheeding defenders while standing almost still. Not sure how good he is any more at that. Have not watched much of him the past few years.
  12. Looking back at all the qbs who I got to see from when I was old enough to know what I was watching Marino may have been the most talented. Manning was the smartest qb of all time no doubt imo. Brady was/is a great combination but he was never the top of the list at either. Farve had crazy talent as well but we all know he was just the king of the schook yard qbs. Mahomes may be the only qb I would put up there with marino as far as pure talent. It is hard to say though aince they play in such diffrent eras.
  13. After watching Marita the last 2 years it was like watch football evolve 50 seasons in 1 year

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