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  1. He didnt have a single one all last year. And only 1 the year b4 if my memory serves.
  2. He is not a great player but he isnt total shitt either. He can get the job done most days.
  3. Jackson is so so the only other miss was the olb who will not be named
  4. I have made some shit threads but this takes the cake. How in any way can you put this on jrob? What he didnt create a franchise qb out of thin air and draft hin in the 4th and tell vrable your fired if you dont play him? Im done with this stupid shit
  5. Id give you the lol and the cry if i could
  6. I like that he took a few shots and he got rid of the ball now and again but that is rook shit shouldn't need to compliment him on.
  7. As much as you talk shit about him that was the first time i have seen you get aggressive about it lol.
  8. You are without a doubt right here. Ima go kill myself now
  9. I love how even my thread about some random video i found about a lineman ends up about mariota. Guys just drop that shit its over. We all (minus a few) know we are moving on. Cant you enjoy or talk about anything without geting your dick hard for a shot at mariota? Its pathetic at this point
  10. 100% right and im sorry. Dude is automatic. I normally give him credit but i didn't think this one out.