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  1. Wtf... Who on earth was dumb enough 2 believe that?
  2. I was just gona say 6th in scoring again, but....... While being able 2 convert on 3rd down a lot is great it dosn't mean you are scoring points. If you convert in less than 3downs that stat is pointless. Chunk plays come into play here as well. Football is not that binary .
  3. You cant have it both ways. Trading a first and using a first are the same fucking thing, on top of that you were wrong 2 start with.
  4. To be fair all i care about is having the largest internet genitals as well.
  5. Moto should have been From slightly above average 2 lets see wtf happens
  6. Watch us, be the only team in nfl history 2 go 9-8
  7. Every time i take off my pants i get the same reaction.
  8. I misread this with correct english and thought it would be funnier if....
  9. Never gona happen. You are on here more all of us you should know
  10. That would be impressive, even better than chromatie(sp?) With having a kid after a vasectomy.
  11. I was exaggerating but i still dont see how what you said pertained too what I said. Your follow-up response make sense though. I dont think we are making full use of our talent either. But like I said, as long as we are winning what does it matter if the numbers arnt there.