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  1. I think he sounds more like a 3 tech but I wouldn't be against it.
  2. Seems like quite a few dumbass posters have fallen off the grid. Good news is we have new retards to deal with 😔
  3. I could see this whole scenario in my head right now. And for some reason I picture neal patrick harris as manning. And I want to apologize to nph for that lol.
  4. Even if we pay Henry if we run with a rook and any of the other backs on the roster we are still spending nothing at rb. It would be around 15mil in true cap costs for the whole backfield.
  5. Seriously? I would punch him in the face say your welcome and walk away
  6. He is absolutely annoying but no. He is not infuriating. He is worth a vote though. Real posters who are fuck tards are more annoying than trolls but he gets his retard box ticked either way.
  7. Rb and dl are 2 big of a need to draft a wr that high imo. I could see it if he is there if they love him. We are good enough now that bpa is something we can do and not hurt ourselves
  8. When I first started reading this my response was, why the fuck is anyone reporting about some chick changing agents.
  9. I am no scout but can anyone else tell me why they want him? He makes some big plays but come on. If you are looking for a qb you need consistent good ball placement. This guy just throws it upp
  10. No I wanted to be voted for not removed lol. Edit: sorry didnt get which post of mine you quoted. Nm. The removing me part still stands though.
  11. I would give you shit but my typing is just as bad.
  12. O ya fuck that guy. I can deal with manning and I blocked that fuck head

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