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  1. Props but I took his coment as his penis was just a huge joke. Like he takes off his pants and his man friend says I thought you were a guy.
  2. J rob is a decent cornhole player at worst. Webster was tossing 200pound bags of shit. That was why he was fired. If finding good players with most picks in the round they give the most value was possible on a consistent basis then there would be gms who do it. A 2 or 3 year run of doing it is one thing. Doing it over a career dosnt happen. Edit: I oversimplify everything I post on here. We cant have the masses not getting the jokes.
  3. Jake you would be the only possible downgrade to Gabbert. Unless they write the playbook in finger paints. But I think they stoped that when we fired Robinski.
  4. If it makes you feel better, I grew up in South Florida, visited NYC, Philly and the bay area. And had the unfortunate stay in Atlanta. Nashville is a big ass town. I now live in Panama city and have to listen to retards cry that the "city" is getting to big.
  5. He was wrong. You want his head? This is drafting. If you are good you are right sometimes. If you arn't good your wrong most of the time. This shit isn't a science and acting like it is makes you look dumb
  6. If he has as much tread as forehead we coukd be riding him for a long time.
  7. And we coukd have won every superbowl from 2001-2008 if we drafted Brady in the 5th round. This game is fun what next? Sports drafting roulette? Wait a min........
  8. I wanted to do this in the format you requested but I didn't want to go all in on each game knowing some expected wins will be losses and losses wins. 4-2 or 5-1 in the division 5 or 6 wins at home 3-5 wins on the road That puts my expectations at 8-11 wins 10 if you were to push me for a number. I like that most of our tough games out of the division are at home. We have played well at home recently and that gives me optimism. If we are banged up like last year this could be bad though.
  9. That was the best you had? As I was typing the title I knew you were gona say something. Idk why I expected anything descent though.
  10. Same. Tbh I think he is rated 2 high myself and Im one of his bigger defenders.
  11. We are the 19th rated team at 81ovr 17 on def at 82ovr 19 on off at 79ovr Lewan is the 14th best LT Kern 12th best punter Byard 3rd best fs
  12. Lewis over henry and lewan were the first things I saw. Then I saw Kern was in the 70s after he set a nfl record. Jayon got snubbed being a 75 i think as well. Side note I saw Henry has 92 stiff arm after he had 99 last year.
  13. All the madden ratings are out and while they don't mean anything irl. I was currious since they redid the system. Walker 92 Byard 89 Casey 86 Lewis 84 Wake 84 Henry 83 Saffold 83 Jackson 83 Davis 82 Ryan 82 Lewan 81 Vacaro 81 Butler 79 Mariota 79 Woodyard 79 Conklin 78 Humpries 78 Landry 78 B.Jones 78 Taylor 78 Evans 77 Kern 77 D. Jones 76 J.Brown 75 Sharpe 75 Simmons 74 Smith 74 Succop 74 Tanny 74 A.J.Brown 72 Pruitt 72 Sims 70 Urban 70
  14. I was being sarcastic. Because almost everyone on this board has flopfloped on that to suit thier argument. If you look past numbers Matiota is ok, lol If you look past the numbers clowny is a monster,lol If you look past the numbers jakes not that dumb, see how it works.
  15. Yes... numbers dont tell the truth about a player....
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