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  1. He had 1000+ yards every year on a team that was crap for ten years and put up some of the most retarded highlights in nfl history. He would be great in any time frame.
  2. Dude I have not even tried to make this point it is so obvious but the guys here are spouting the pit. Schedule is weak. Ours might be a bit harder but in the real scheme of things its a wash.
  3. What is that rumor? You can see them in the door slits when he is raping a girl?
  4. Am I the only person who forgot we had him?
  5. That is what made me react lol. Forget that crap play.
  6. That I remember the way he explained it sounded worse. Not that it can get much worse....
  7. I switched to the dolphins before the game. Edit: last week.
  8. Thought I had used the bills, but that is my pick.
  9. Makes me wonder if he has Casey legs in this pic. Not that it matters if he is good but he just looks like he shrinks as you go down.
  10. So the plan is resign Spain bundle him with a 7th for williams then we bundle him and a 6th for profit?
  11. I never asked a cat if they like u2 so I left that demographic out of my statement. I am sorry for my speciciest views. Edit: you type well for having paws.
  12. I still like the full baby blue. Makes kicking a teams ass seem funny.
  13. My handle is latin as well. Being years out on one semester of it I hope it does mean witty, sly or cunning.
  14. I was talking about the latin you can take in school that is some, this as close as we can get thing. I can't speak more than a phrase and like you said that would be a shot in the dark as to what it was near 1400+ years ago

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