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  1. Yea shouldn’t have said a lot I meant by how close they were. How does a 26 year old die of natural causes?
  2. Caleb Swanigan from the nba also went out of no where yesterday or the day before
  3. Just seeing a lot of young players dying recently out of no where. It’s crazy
  4. People might not like it but it could definitely be that
  5. Bills #1 D and let up how many yards in 13 seconds? 😂 and then couldn’t stop them in OT? Lmao
  6. Aren’t you suppose to have the best Defense in the league?
  7. I agree but not only the ring he also has the stats to back it up
  8. Allen is good and wish we had him but Mahomes has a ring Allen does not I’ll take Mahomes
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