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  1. What if the Giants and Steelers traded straight up? Plus a later pick
  2. Wyatt keeps saying in his mailbag that we will draft interior OL and sign interior OL. Ditto for OLB/DL/WR
  3. Mr. Big Chest. Can you imagine the heckling in the locker room? He better have a big ass chest lol
  4. Jones can play guard. We've seen that. Spain can play guard. We've seen that. What's left? C and Conklin to get his shit together, draft a guy, sign Saffold. Jrob believes in spending $$$ on oline. Facts.
  5. This reminds me of TO and Dez. Pretty much anytime a situation like this happens, the receiver doesn't return to form. Would not be surprised to see Brown tear an ACL before preseason.
  6. This game is legit. 25 million players. Free to play Battle Royal. (FPS) Anybody playing it on PS4?
  7. He's one of the best Dlines in this draft, but it was entirely possible he fell to us at 19th to begin with. No way we take him 1st. It would be really awesome if we took a good dline or OLB #19 AND got Simmons in 2nd. Then we set for a great 2021. *Also worth noting that Simmons could see playoff time in year 1
  8. I bet he got closer to a franchise tag amount. Sam Bradford is still the GOAT of squandering.
  9. Broken bones, rehab, and pain killers will change a person. Especially a square. Maybe the contract year will help motivate him.
  10. I'm all for Tannehill. They're the same guy. We know for a fact whoever we get, they WILL play.
  11. LB Brandon Marshall is gonna be on the market.
  12. Confirmed. Now I really need someone who's good at PhotoShop to go dig up pics of Henry lying on his Serta on Twitter and put Brady in bed with him. And pics of Henry and Brady kissing of course going all the way to his college days
  13. You guys are really arguing about RB catch % in AB thread? There's a thread about Brady being gay. Go argue over there.
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