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  1. For RT's salary, we could have Jimmy G AND Daniel Jones as a backup with similar results.
  2. Meanwhile Titans are in dime and nickel to stop Bengals. Because they're gonna pass. They're gonna pass because they have a great QB. Titans are going to play a balanced, run first approach -- cause they don't have a great QB. They got a $29M QB that's not great. Even when Henry went down Vrabel said "we're not changing our offense." When you don't have a great player, you scheme for him to be elevated. That's exactly what MLF-Art did for RT. Downsing and Tannehill (my opinion) are in a pointing match right now and both are Spiderman.
  3. I know he's not terrible, but it really seems like everyone is riding on that 2019 steam. If he was a running back, we'd all be saying "as soon as he got paid..." He's just not a $29M QB. He's just not. He masterminded a way to get a starting job, played his ass off, got a check. Then, he leveraged when he had the leverage. People are talking shit about the Willis pick, but at some point Jrob has to start taking some serious shots at a QB. He can't keep letting his star picks walk to pay Tannehill and Henry.
  4. AJ wanted the trade to the Eagles. But, here's an interesting story (that's it - that's the whole story):
  5. Literally all the receivers who leave low key talk shit. They spend half their snaps blocking, and when they drop the ball everyone loses their shit on them. It looks like a big deal because RT throws so few passes to begin with. Truth is, Titans receivers have VERY LOW drop % for Tannehill. Meanwhile, on throws he actually completes, he gets a lot of help from receivers. He's not the same guy he was in 2019. I'm sure the ankle plays a huge factor, but he was terrible last year too.
  6. Calling me an idiot is not an argument. Tannehill has historically been pretty avg for sack %. Since he became a Titan, he's one of the worst in the league. We complain about drops for him, yet statistically he has one of he lowest drop % (and has been that low every year). He's simply not that dude. When his attempts go up, his mistakes go up, revealing exactly who he is. And 29M is way too much for that production.
  7. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. When elite QBs have bad olines, or shitty receivers, or name any of the excuses RT has been offered since becoming the QB, they go from elite to mid. Tannehill has looked like a bottom feeder since his crutches (Brown & Henry) fell off. When all the excuses are set aside, the data alone shows that he's mediocre. He's efficient. I'll give him that. He played out of his mind in 2019, making some throws only the best QBs can make. But we can't talk about the stats. Cause that makes us morons who "don't know football." RT cannot put the team on his back and win games. He might do it once or twice a season, but the team can't ride him like they ride DH. He needs all the pieces in place to be effective.
  8. Yeah but before that it was "receivers can't get separation" Always an excuse. Tannehill has peaked. Time to move on
  9. 1/3 of that came on a screen to Henry. Tannehill has been insulated so much since he took over and it's disgusting. He's a good QB. Right in that #15-20 range. Every once in a while, he might give you top 10 plays. That's not $29M worth imo.
  10. LOL Only 5 games over 200 yards this season. 219 avg per game: $29M Titans are 26-4 when Henry gets 100 yards. They basically lose if Tannehill throws it 30x.
  11. We are paying Tannehill way too much for a game manager
  12. It's not though. You literally have a player saying a team's gameplan was to force Tannehill to throw. Sure, he said one-dimensional, but seriously. Given the volume, Tannehill's stats would be completely shot. We hang on his "efficiency." Same thing with Foles. Reich kept his reads and concepts simple. Doug P managed that motherfucker like Alex Smith.
  13. This quarrel started in another dumbass thread. It's been a fun follow
  14. I said all last draft and the one before that. We should be investing in C. Jones won't last forever. We could be grooming a center and using him at LG too.
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