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  1. Titans are one of the least sacked teams so far: 5. Steelers: 8. Our line has performed fairly well. As far as patchwork offensive lines, look no further than literally every opponent the Steelers have faced so far. We don't have a patchwork line. We have 4 vets and a 2nd year player. That's pretty good. You could even argue it's one of the most seasoned Oline's in football right now.
  2. Let me explain something to you. I'm gonna do it real nice like so your tiny brain can absorb it: The team with the highest score wins. If you score more points that everyone in the league, nobody in the league can beat you because it doesn't matter how many points you let other teams score -- yOu StIL sCoRe MoRe The Titans are hampered on defense right now due to injury, new players playing key roles, and lack of offseason. It will improve. With the current state of the NFL being what it is, I'd rather be the higher scoring offense than the "best defense cause I played a bunch of scrubs."
  3. What's even more troubling is that this CANT be new behavior. Guys who are head cases like this don't just flip out one day. It's part of their character and usually due to mental illness or addiction or some combo of that.
  4. I wouldn't trust a word out of Kirby Smart or his staff ever again. Maybe never draft another GA player. Something fucked up is going on with that school.
  5. Their pockets are getting flatter. Ours are getting fatter. Adoree practicing 3 days in a row is a godsend. I think the Lort has us etched in for Champs 2020
  6. I'm glad you bumped it. I miss the Robiskie jokes. I think Vrabel is a top 5 coach. He deserves COTY.
  7. Do you really need a defense though when you've outscored 31 other teams?
  8. I saw a video on NFL.com that previewed our matchup. They went through all the measurables, explaining how Steelers defense will be the difference. They then proceeded to show Baker Mayfield throwing 2 absolutely ridiculous interceptions. Their defense is doing well because they're facing idiot QBs that will throw the ball no matter what. Daniel Jones: 61.9% comp, 5 TD 7 INT 73.7 rating Jeff Driskel (Lock only in for 5 throws of which he made 1 completion): 52.9% comp, 2 TD 1 INT 84.9 rating Deshaun Watson: 68.5% comp, 13 TD 5 INT 107.6 rating ***In this game Texans were only able to rush for 29 yards, committed 49 yards worth of penalties and only had the ball for 23 mins.) Billy O was fired 1 game later*** Carson Wentz: 58.6% comp, 10 TD 10 INT 74.3 rating Baker Mayfield: 60.6% comp, 10 TD 6 INT 84.4 rating ON SUNDAY Ryan Tannehill: 69.9% comp, 13 TD 2 INT 113.6 rating Do you see the difference? Do you think we'll commit 49 yards worth of penalties and only rush for 29 yards? To put this into perspective, Texans have rushed for 515 yards and 4 TD. The Titans have rushed for 789 yards and 7 TD. DH has more rushing yards and TDs than the Texans by himself. AND THE TEXANS HAVE PLAYED 6 GAMES!!!!!
  9. I tried to but could only get the defense and kicker. Go figure. The funny part is that I dropped Gostkowski after game 1. He comes in game 2 and starts slamming 3's. I picked him up for our last game. Looked like a joke. Defense got me negative points last week. So I've now dropped both of them. Expect a huge game from the D and K.
  10. It really clicked for me, full circle, when I heard Tannehill in an interview talking about how he told Arthur to find a different play last year in the playoffs. That different play that Arthur chose was the bomb to Raymond. Tannehill is running this offense like Peyton and Brady. Not saying he's those guys, but he's sure acting like them on the field.
  11. "I don't know if it's the stink of Adam Gase taking time to wash off." If not for Tannehill, Adam Gase would never have gotten another HC job. His stats were actually pretty damn decent in Miami. I think Tannehill is doing exactly what Tom Brady did all those years. People forget how untalented Brady is. Tannehill is doing what Marcus never could. He's reading defenses like a book and throwing accurately and on time. He's also changing trajectory and ball speed to match the receiver and situation. In the playoffs people thought we were a one trick pony, completely forgetting that Tannehill practically through a TD every time he was asked to throw the ball.

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