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  1. I'm not worried about Radunz. I am worried about Dullard and Hubbard and the Wide 9 concepts they might face.
  2. From a data perspective, you could say it's possible the reason he's been so successful achieving this is play selection. He needs 4 yards on 1st down, then 3.6 on 2nd down if he got the 4 yards on 1st? Titans run run pass a lot. Hell, they even run run run a lot. But did the chicken come before the egg? His succ rate is gonna be great for the latter half of his career if he transitions to closing out games and goaline
  3. Aren't you the team doctor? Doesn't he look different when he's naked this year?
  4. Real possibility that Watson gets suspended. He had the 2 facemasks + shoving a ref. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/nfl-will-evaluate-and-discuss-all-plays-involving-deshaun-watson-infractions-on-tuesday
  5. Titans are 11th in YPC. I don't give af who gets the ball. I like how Tim Kelly has shaken it up. If we can play in the 1st half like we did in the 2nd half last week, maybe we put a foot on Cleveland's neck with the run game. Until then, stay balanced my friends...
  6. He might have 4+ in him. Other than his long speed, he hasn't missed a step and catches better. 382 touches last year. Almost 2k overall. He probably ties Frank Gore in rushing TDs this weekend.
  7. Idiotic article. 1. Giving DH less carries will prolong his career. 2. If Spears can carry the load, someone else might pay DH. People are looking to trade for Cam Akers. RB ain't dead yet. 3. He's almost done enough to get in. He's extremely well liked. Everyone who meets him says he was way bigger than they expected. You can't forget HoF is sort of a popularity contest. Perception matters.
  8. The Burrow calf thing is pissing me off. I drafted that fool in 2 leagues.
  9. An incompletion is the obvious lessor penalty. I spent 2 decades hoping Peyton or Brady would get slammed only to see them throw some bullshit incomplete at some dude's feet. TBH it's taking advantage of the rules. You don't have a great QB if he's not doing that. Mahomes is great because instead of that, he just runs away and still makes the completion as if he's in the pocket. You can't take unnecessary sacks.
  10. Can we normalize dosing LSD, covering yourself in shit, and storming the field?
  11. I appreciate the data, and I somewhat agree. It is extremely impactful over the long run. Teams get 11-12 drives per game. (I'd be interested to see data on how many sack included drives result in punt/loss of downs/turnover. If a QB takes a sack, especially a back pedaling one like Tannehill took, they're probably giving up that drive. Teams averaged <11 drives per game in 2022. If you're giving up 33-50% of your drives because of sacks (regardless of why) it needs to be addressed.
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