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  1. I doubt it unless you're a dietician. My best friend's wife is. And I have read my weight in books on the subject.
  2. Ask Bill B how important first round picks are in the NFL. He's barely had any. Picking 32nd half the time in 20 years
  3. Research the food pyramid. It's origin and changes over the years. Then come back.
  4. Have you ever heard of the silver back gorilla? The hippopotamus? The elephant? The rhinoceros?
  5. You have the science wrong. T-rex was a very slow animal. The best energy conversion is carbs. Kids don't get hyper when they eat fat or protein. They get tired. Meat also causes insulin resistance in cells. But be an idiot if you want.
  6. Nah. I believe in "Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just fire the unhappy people." We got new blood. Everyone else is on notice. Byard will get fixed with more help at corner and the tape showing he's babysitting too much. Dupree, Autry, Simmons WILL get their sacks. Landry knows he's the next. Evans knows he's in a contact year. It's gonna be CRAZY this year how good we are on defense. It won't happen overnight, hence the 2-4 start.
  7. A plant based diet is the wave. If you step back and look at reality, you'll find a lot of your preconceived notions were actually implanted by marketing teams from the meat, dairy, and egg industry. There's no such thing as "good fat." The longest lived civs in the history of the world (with or without modern medicine) were plant-based. The shortest lived civs were mainly carnivores or high fat. Even the food pyramid is a fucking lie. Do your own research.
  8. Numbers never lie. Henry's usage over the past 3 seasons has skyrocketed. He's a big fella on tiny tendons like everyone else. Tannehill has spent a large portion of his career injured. The good news is we all get mad then glad and can blame failure on injuries.
  9. All I took from this: I love seeing Big Jeff jerk Big Ben to the ground with one hand over and over. We played 10 vs 11 too many times.
  10. Here's a few: 1. We lose 4 out of our first 6 games but still win the division. 2. Henry breaks 2k again. 3. Ryan Tannehill doesn't finish the season. 4. A backup quarterback and a top 10 defense win us a playoff game. 5. Henry tears an ACL or some other injury despite breaking 2k and is questionable to return in 2022.
  11. And that's why (at the professional level) it's hard for me to blame coaching. Too many times players were right there and just failed to make the play. I'm glad all those idiots are gone.
  12. Just reinforces how good JOKer's gonna be. That man is gonna be a terror over the middle. Jayon is a solid LBer. I hope this year Vrabel doesn't mis-cast his paid actors into roles they can't pull off.
  13. 0% chance I workout outside team facilities on a $10Mil guarantee
  14. McNichols bout to get a bus pass and a free Code Blue t-shirt.
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