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  1. It's kinda obvious that NE is tanking for picks.
  2. It was really fun for a month. I like a blend of both (which we had before this bs)
  3. It's been pretty cool at work, corporate environment, but minorities have been very open telling stories and sharing struggles that I honestly didn't think still went on in 2020. It's given me a lot of perspective.
  4. Wasn't bad. It got kinda heavy in the last half, but that's what the country needs right now. More real talk like that.
  5. He knows he's either gonna sign at SEA or TEN. He has known all along. He wants max value and to skip camp.
  6. If I'm a player, I'm jumping up and down telling people we need to play and DBAP. Think about how fucking broke players usually are 3 years after leaving the NFL. Some of the older guys like Chance Warmack are throwing their careers away.
  7. That's what I'm guessing. He might be on the fence. I just wonder how the NFL will treat it. Will they expand the number of players on the Reserve list? Will they loosen rules to give clubs a chance to at least hold players in case things improve?
  8. Each player out only 2 weeks ain't bad
  9. I really wonder if players are doing that as a precursor to opting out, seeing if they can still get paid and not report if league cancels? Or maybe team talked him into not opting out and doing this for now.
  10. Vrabel kinda downplayed the effect of missing time on linemen. Said a receiver might be hurt more, but an SEC linemen is not gonna have a big learning curve just vocab differences. He actually said this BEFORE he told the media that Wilson would be out starting camp. My biggest worry would be Fulton sitting out. He's already bust material (in my village idiot opinion.)

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