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  1. Just gonna say fuck no to drafting wr or rb in the first round. Honestly prob not the 2nd round either. Too many options in late rounds to do that. I do not think Gladney will be there.
  2. Nah if you're top 5 predicted, you can only be hurt by the combine. Not having a pro day due to these circumstances doesn't change anything. They're still at the very least top 10.
  3. AJ wasn't really a bust. He became a contributor. These scrubs never amounted to anything. Hunter made some plays on other teams but fizzled out.
  4. Yall wrong for shitting on AJ. He was a good player. Just because he never became great doesn't make him a bust. Very few of those big fellas actually become great. You draft them high because they're a NEED and face a ton of punishment through the year. Same as any OL, but expecting greatness because of draft position is stupid -- for any linemen.
  5. I think Isaiah Wilson would be a better choice than Cleveland.
  6. I did a draft sim that allowed me to get needs AND find some CB depth special teams.
  7. No reason to jump that high for a 3rd down back. Plenty of depth in this draft with guys like Anthony Macfarland (visit) and Patrick Taylor Jr for example. We can find some of these quality pass catchers in the 4th-6th round.
  8. Below 90, no, but if we want to make big upgrades before the start of the season, we'll need to spend more money. That will create some cap issues. Anytime you pay a tackle, safety, QB, RB the kinda money we're paying, there's cap trouble.
  9. Hell the fuck no. We got cap trouble. I got my eye on Ross Blacklock DL. I think he can take Casey's spot -- potentially even move to DT on 4 man fronts with Big Jeff.
  10. Yeah that's why I downloaded MW to level up the guns faster. Warzone is hella fun
  11. I got my first killchain in COD today. Started playing on Monday.
  12. A swing tackle for our swing tackle. Guys this is actually huge. Good depth at OL is hard to find.

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