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  1. I was really hoping TD would bring the heat and access. Nashville journalism is trash. Even David Boclair is a hack. It takes 10 clicks to get a good story. I may as well peruse the moronic posts on this board instead. I can name 5 or 6 posters on here that I know 100% could do a better job from their goddamn recliner's than the Nashville media (sportswise)
  2. I don't understand how you guys misinterpreted what I said. I'm saying it's time for white people to shut the fuck up and just listen. We've given our opinions for too long and too often. We need to listen to the tribulations of black and brown people, not give our "opinions" on the situation. They're telling us exactly what's up. Of course we need to speak out against racism, but we shouldn't be expressing opinions about the BLM movement. All that "all lives matter" bullshit needs to just stop. Colin Kaepernick is still trash and he would have gotten benched anyways. But Kudos to him for keeping the conversation going.
  3. This is one of those times when white people should be listening, not speaking.
  4. I'm up to +39% today after a big win. Started buying XSPA at 0.70 and averaged up until 0.90. I held for several weeks and sold out at $1.90 today then re bought the dip down to $1.52. It's back up to $2.
  5. That shit is hilarious. They legit do this all the time. I've had it done to me.
  6. My little beat off Robinhood portfolio is going ham! 401k 1yr return is up to +4.40% and that includes a lot of Asian market stuff (mostly China.) holyyyy
  7. Precisely. He sounds like he's dumber than a box of rocks. Like a hick
  8. Also weird that after he leaves an organization they all of a sudden become successful. Maybe he's a toxic person?
  9. Looking at his career, he seems to fluctuate between being one of the best in the league to one of the worst in the league -- as a coach and player. It's weird.
  10. Secondary Coach Midgett answers questions about the nickel:
  11. Evans and Landry don't get enough credit, especially Evans. That dude is a torpedo.
  12. Probably everybody on this board has invested more time in Clowney than the Titans have. Reports say they sent an offer over and never heard back. That was months ago. Dude is not coming here.
  13. This is the craziest shit I've ever seen. Sure insurance companies will get shorted? Jeez

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