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  1. Those runs into 10 man boxes looked like coaching decisions to me. Tannehill could have checked out of those plays. It was very obvious what they were doing. But he didn't. That tells me it was a coaching decision and not Smith.
  2. We lost a game because our corners couldn't cover and our receivers couldn't separate. But yeah, let's fuck our franchise up and go "draft a franchise QB" LUL -- motherfuckers WE GOTTA HAVE CORNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Not worried in the least. He literally started with a plane crash that killed the entire team in 2015 except for a few players that didn't take the flight. He can do it again, but he won't have to. Players want to be here.
  4. While I love analytics and graphs, this ain't rocket surgery. If you want to go to the playoffs again and have a real chance, you sign Tannehill. If you want to miss the playoffs for the next 3 years, go draft a QB. We might not find "Kind Henry" in our next draft, but I bet we can find a 1000 yard rusher. At least 10 teams are gonna roll the dice looking for someone at LEAST as good as Mariota and hope he's as good as Tannehill -- and most will fail. It's crazy to me that Henry was so productive yet only used on 2 downs. I want a 3 down back. If Henry can't be a 3 down back, he ain't worth more than $10 mil per year. When he's on the field, teams just gotta figure out really quickly "Is he a blocker or a runner?" Our 3rd down back it turns into "Is he a receiver or a blocker?"
  5. I get what you're saying, but shitting on the shitty fans isn't much different than the shitty fans shitting on the team for losing. Winning cures a lot of ails. And 20 years isn't very long. The fans who were born when the franchise got here are just now old enough to go to games as an adult.
  6. What happened to play action? What happened to being aggressive? THIS IS FUCKING 10 man box!
  7. We're the best 2nd half scoring team in the league. Go fuck yourself and find a new place to troll.
  8. We're the best 2nd half scoring team in the league. Go fuck yourself and find a new place to troll.
  9. Had a chance to lay the wood to the QB and we just watched him walk in?????????????????????
  10. Terrible route by Davis. Last catch he had he was running like he was in a fucking pool
  11. It's been a pleasure cheering this team on all year with you degenerates. Why not us? Take everything. And don't forget: TRAMPLE THE WEAK AND HURDLE THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TITAN T F UP!
  12. RIP - lots of Titans fans been asking for a win this year for X family member. Feels bad all these folks gonna miss the first Titans SB win. Maybe we're a real fanbase now.
  13. So much to unpack here. I wasn't going to watch because I figured it would just be thug from hood never leaves the hood despite stardom. Jesus. Kraft big kiss? Cringe. High School QB gaymance? Ok. Dude just willy nilly shoots people when he gets pissed off? Um, where did he get these guns? All this shit doesn't really add up. I'm only half way through the series, but I hope Bill B goes to jail. All those drugs they were giving Pats players? A special guy who could get "comforts" for players like a secret seedy apartment off the books so he could ....do what? Instead of getting traded??? How is this not a bigger story? I'm pretty sure the look Hernandez gave in the courtroom toward Kraft was the look of someone looking toward their lover. Like he was looking back at a guy who could REALLY fuck his life up. Any psych professional would say, how the fuck is this guy stoic this whole time and then all of a sudden his former employer walks through the door and he's emotional? He's jarred????

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