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  1. Idk man. Have they really faced prolific runners? Maybe their stats are good against the run cause people get in the end zone after a few passes?
  2. Our defense is better than theirs (which is only good at stopping the run.) TBH, they might not even be good at stopping the run since teams know they can torch them in the air. Our offense has been weak passing until last week, so that means our weakest offensive point hits their weakest defensive point. Our run strength should put a hole in their stats too. Depending on injury report this week, I'm not expecting Tampa Bay to put up many points.
  3. He won't be much trade value. Maybe a 5-7th considering Seattle's pickle. I'd be pleasantly surprised with a 5th. +++ for a goddamn guard that can start
  4. Dude he was punching the fuck out of those linemen. I bet they were shook when he hit em and just bowled em back. Here's what an idiot doc said during the game at 3:54pm
  5. Donald wins with quickness and technique despite his size and strength. He looked closer to Big Al. Just a grizzly bear in there. TD thinks he's more like Fletcher Cox.
  6. I don't think it was shade, but they're obviously happy with the change. We're a passing team now. Instead of blocking assignments and low chance of getting the ball, EVERY receiver has to be ready on every play to catch and run. We will see how much they appreciate this confidence he has when things go wrong. He's not gonna say "I've gotta be better." He's gonna call these players out even if he gives the press the G rated version.
  7. Announcers acting like Chargers just took the lead. I think they forgot that Vrabel ain't no bitch and will probably go for it on 4th down
  8. Byard needs to pick that up presnap. Some motherfucker does
  9. We can pass to set up the delayed handoff instead of running -yards to setup the play action lol
  10. My only regret about this game was picking up Davis on waivers and not putting him in the flex...
  11. Vaccarro having a bad game. Like to see what Hooker has. JOnnu needs to move to slot. Draft a true TE
  12. Jonnu still a liability on blocking assignments. No surprise. Took a hold earlier. Now responsible for INT