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  1. "League Circles" Wishapp version of a bunch of dock workers smoking crank in Buffalo
  2. Shiiit I saw Chiefs down 10 (ended up being 9) and knew it was over. I've seen it too many times. Refs stop throwing flags and Pat starts slinging the shit out of the ball. I knew scoring was over for the Bills and KC was about to drop 20...
  3. If the Steelers could have gotten that deal, they might be in the SB. Lots of teams were really banged up. I'd like to see stat analysis of teams and winning % based on bye. You could even include some variables such as average age of team etc.
  4. I'm guessing he ends up on the Colts along with literally every other FA QB.
  5. PFF analyst on 104.5 today recommended Rams WR coach Zac Robinson for OC. Said he may not be ready for the leap but look out for the future. He's a former NFL QB, played for Oklahoma and was PFF anaylst.
  6. @Bongo59 surely you know where the murse is?
  7. No OTAs No mini-camp No Combine. May as well just let Madden 21 CPU pick the players in the draft and sim to 2022 season to see how it worked out. I would HATE to be a GM right now. It's kind of obvious that what makes Jrob great was missing from this last offseason.
  8. Makes me wonder if Vrabel told Corey Davis to sit his bitch ass down and let grown men handle it during his last game.
  9. I'll take Asante Samuel Jr for 1000 Alex
  10. Jimmy Johnson? He may have been a great college coach, but he doesn't belong in the NFL discussion.
  11. Listen, I can't stand BB, but you're crazy. He's coached some of the best teams, including a HoF defense in NY. The last time the Browns were in the playoffs, he was the coach.
  12. Every thread now is laced with cracks at Vrabel and Jrob. They're being called meatheads again like they were in the beginning. Everyone is acting like they weren't the ones who recognized the talent that became Arthur or Matt LaFleur. They stole MLF from the Rams! They promoted AS! They got us from picking 2nd in the draft to where we are now, and the criticism is asinine and amateurish. We sit around and lament the media and national analysts for misreporting about the Titans and not giving credit where it's due -- and here we are on THE TWO TONE BLUE talking shit about the VERY people who g
  13. I really don't understand the "sky is falling" mentality around here. We're a small market team that made it to the playoffs AGAIN. Had a good record despite Covid. We had a prolific offense. Last year was amazing. I just don't get it. The alternatives are 8-8 or worse. This is what success looks like.
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