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  1. I'm not fucking around. I would sit Fulton, Byard and Simmons.
  2. Good brie has a place, but there are definitely better soft cheese options like taleggio.
  3. Let's see if Vrabel and his staff can win games against the worst teams in the league with a team that shouldn't be in the league.
  4. The defense could still bring some heat and force turnovers. It won't be raining on a shitty Nissan Stadium turf. The craziest thing is Auckerman's special teams have been the brightest spot last few weeks. Can they create some turnovers? Can we score on defense too? We need another Rams game.
  5. AJB at this point doesn't deserve a big contract, which means we likely lose him.
  6. Bills probably done in playoffs when Titans play their first playoff game
  7. Um no. Reynolds checked out as soon as they signed Jones. He had opportunities every week in practice. You never wanna keep a cancer on the locker room
  8. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that they may have immunity to all variants.
  9. They didn't do that knee jerk bs with the other top teams who "shit the bed" against weaker competition.
  10. I think Daniel Jones is dogshit, but so is Jason Garrett
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