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  1. Doesn't matter. If we had a HoF qb, the bottom tier receivers would be top tier. If Jrob doesn't get us a HoF qb, he needs to be fired. We need to also keep firing our coaches until a HoF qb comes along. And don't bother paying for a stadium either, not unless we get a HoF qb to pass in it first.
  2. On fallacy, yes. All those guys got contracts after that. Titans receivers get retirement once they leave. Guy who doesn't belong in the NFL --------> one of the best qbs ever (It's also worth mentioning that Manning was a QB + onfield coordinator)
  3. Somebody should remind him that there will be PEOPLE on the field running these plays, not robots who do what you say.
  4. Of course. Nashville is balling now. Titans were a huge part of that growth. "Pay that man his money." - Rounders
  5. It will be tough for us to get over .500 this year, not gonna church that up, but this dude is yet another expert who doesn't pay attention to the teams for which he's analyzing.
  6. Taking that job will be the dumbest career move MLF has ever made. You can't go up from there, and he's doomed to fail. If Rodgers succeeds, he gets the credit. If Rodgers fails, MLF gets the credit. After this stint, he'll probably get the OC ceiling label.
  7. You do realize that he's set records right? He was the best in the red zone about a couple years ago. His first start was maybe one of the best first starts that I've ever seen in my life. His first couple years he was literally getting knocked out of his shoes, and he found ways to win even though his team was absolute trash. Caught his own fucking pass for a TD. Now the team is good so we're pointing to him. The guy is beat down after all he's been through. That's why he went home during the offseason for so long. He needs to heal, mentally and physically. And all the stuff he's gone thru, all the places he could point and say -- that's why we sucked -- he didn't. He said, "It's my fault. I gotta be better." That's why we support him even though we know the writing is on the wall.
  8. We might have ourselves a Foles/Wentz situation in 2020-21 tbh. We will have built up a solid team by then too.
  9. His BMI pointed to injury possibilities when compared to others who had similar injury woes. I secretly wanted Shameus Winston. I think if he was surrounded by the right people (players and staff), he could be great. That being said, Mariota was an auto pick after Jameis went. So I can't say I regret it. I no longer feel like he's a franchise QB.
  10. I heard on the radio that it really wasn't a tear, that they were just pulling you out of the game because you suck.
  11. Sharpe's problem has always been: turns into a bitch in pads. Gets frustrated with press. Can't adjust to contact. Corners know it and they fuck with him.
  12. Remember when Hillary won the polls? Yeah fun times. There was Yes We Can then Yes We Can't Cause Russians.
  13. Noticed only Byard on the PFF 50. Better sign that dude now....
  14. What crybaby shit did I just read? You that guy on the bus who goes to the bus driver and says, "She called me a dirty word..."
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