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  1. Yup. He usually goes to the "show me where etc..." tactic when he can't defend whatever shit the Republicans are pulling.
  2. We should be happy that they took him instead of AJ Brown (they worked out Brown prior to the draft).
  3. rns90

    Virus in US

    That and they re-opened slowly in tiers and waited till the virus had plateaued instead of just re-opening at once with no rhyme or reason.
  4. rns90

    Virus in US

    Jeez look at those other countries/continents. Now look at the US.
  5. Nkeal Harry was pretty disappointing too for a first rounder
  6. rns90

    Virus in US

    You're almost SOL if you live in one of these states with these nimrods as governor.
  7. There is a number there. On the JHU chart where it says DEATHS. I'm not sure how you missed that. You should learn to read better and not get upset and name call when it is pointed out how wrong your are.
  8. This is hilarious. It has been pointed out how (like the actual formula used) the percentage was arrived at. And you still have those 2 dumbasses disputing it.
  9. It makes sense that Joel is a Trump supporter.
  10. rns90

    More Corruption

    Only Trump is corrupt and dumb enough to have that guy also be his campaign manager.
  11. Are we sure, that reb guy isn't another Jake alias?
  12. On the CB part, they could have taken White over Jackson at #17 or whatever. That's an interesting debate. Guess they went for tools over production on that one. On a "draft re-do" Lattimore would have been the pick over Davis (for me anyway). I can see a bunch of people clamoring for McCafery though.
  13. No, he's entitled to his opinion. Depends on whether or not you thought Davis was going to be a great player though. Using the Locker example, if you hated the pick, then you cant be too disappointed or surprised that he sucked badly.
  14. Yeah, because some of the 2013 players were straight trash (at least for us) like Blidi Wreh-Wilson. I had to look again but the best player (again for the Titans) was probably Brian Schwenke.
  15. 2013. 2003 at least Brown (while he had injuries) was useful. Most of the 2013 picks were giant piles of flaming poop.

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