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  1. I'd rather them just spend whatever cap savings from Lewan on someone who can stay healthy and play. It's a waste of time with him at this point. He's hasn't played a full season in however many years? He's become Jake Long at this point.
  2. Well, you could have just lined up a bunch of names and tossed a dart at it or have a monkey throw a banana peel at it and STILL end up with better production than some of those Quiver Chin's whiffs in free agency lately.
  3. They could always look into trading for Terrance Marshall of the Panthers. He's buried behind the depth chart and hasn't had many snaps this year.
  4. Fuck, it means Burks might be out for a while thanks to Bongo. The WR depth isn't an issue this week as they can always go with two TE set with Chig and Hooper.
  5. That is the big problem. The guys he paid big money too have not been worth it.
  6. I wonder if it'll top the SNF snoozer between the Broncos and 49ers from a couple of weeks ago. The Broncos punter might be getting a lot of work in again.
  7. They have to find replacements for the guys they cut too. And not all can be found in the draft. I mean we still need another vet WR. Woods getting cut means they have to spend some of that money on a WR.
  8. Autry is a tough one. He's playing really well but he's getting up there in age. No, they aren't cutting him. I was thinking more in terms of an extension to lower the cap number.
  9. If they are up by 20+ points in the second half, they can play him as much as they want.
  10. Is this guy even that good? I see him drop passes a lot. Better off trying to sign Will Fuller. Any WR they pick up won't play this week but they do have the bye week to get up to speed.
  11. I think it's really fair to point out that his "big" moves have failed lately. Clowney, Dupree, Wilson, Beasley, Radunz (this one is lower but he still cost a 2nd), Julio Jones. Those things all cost salary cap space or high draft pick currency. And that explains why we have Geoff Swaim starting and some of the other roster issues.
  12. At some point they have to win these games. I don't care that they came close or whatever.
  13. LOL, what will be the excuse next year when IND sucks? Can't blame Reich for everything.
  14. I think it's funny that Robinson is struggling while finally playing with a good qb this year. He had previously produced while playing with the bums in JAX and CHI.
  15. He is done with the Titans. Quiver Chins would have to be totally brain dead to depend on him for next year.
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