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  1. rns90

    Giants Week

    To be honest all those Mettenberger starts I don't really recall them very well. Did they play the Jets as well that year? I remember watching that game. Someone had a horrible penalty near the end that "cost" them the win.
  2. rns90

    Giants Week

    Refresh my memory, what happened in that game? I think I missed it and went Christmas shopping.
  3. So you'd rather root for NE or PIT in the AFC Championship game vs LA? I hate those two teams and would much rather LAC win.
  4. What an odd reason to root against them.
  5. I wouldn't mind if he finally won a championship. I felt kind of sad for him when they had that graphic up of the other 2 QBs from 2004 had 2 SB championships each.
  6. Great game. KC has an awful secondary/pass defense that will probably lead to an early playoff exit. I wouldn't mind rooting for the Chargers if /when the Titans get eliminated from the playoffs.
  7. Quit responding to him. He does this stuff all the time in the Politics forum.
  8. Gruden didn't exactly make the best personnel decisions during the latter half of his TB coaching stint.
  9. rns90

    John DeFilippo fired

    I'd like to know who the heck made the final decision to call that PA pass on 3rd and short in the 2nd (or 3rd) quarter of the game. It was really dumb.
  10. rns90

    Around the NFL

    I think it is because he panics and his mechanics get all out of order and the ball either sails or becomes a grounder.
  11. rns90


    Was there a caution sign? It seems like tourists die like once a month (could be more) because they don't pay attention to the warning signs.
  12. rns90

    Around the NFL

    We are also 0-10 vs Andrew Luck.
  13. Do you actual expect them to sign all these FA's?
  14. rns90

    Around the NFL

    I'll admit I was wrong on this. For someone who has done the "math" on this, if the Texas lose 2 more times, does the Week 17 game against IND(assuming IND wins the next 2) become a winner takes the AFC South game?