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  1. Yes, pretty much. He also is a staunch defender of Taywan Taylor for some reason.
  2. How incompetent (for lack of a better word) do you have to be to kicked out of running that business? I'm laughing remembering that he left his real name of that Photobucket account when he posted those pics.
  3. It was quite obvious that he had stopped watching the games and hadn't followed the team for a while which is why he mostly posted in the OT section.
  4. Yes. Then CTF started posting more photos to prove that he wasn't fat (which failed) and other pics which were supposed to show how rich he was (golf clubs, pic of a speedboat) and that didn't go the way he thought. I got a laugh that he proved that long term pot use was bad for your memory with the "wrong month" pic. I'm trying to remember what prompted CMJ to find/post that pic. I remember that CTF was talking shit about something...may have been what great shape he was in.
  5. I thought that was Woolfolks Uncle. On second thought, I think Legal got calls from BOTH of them. The way CTF turned on Legal was sad and he was totally off the rails at that point. Merc, I think he only started posting pics of himself because we were all giving him shit on how fat his face was.
  6. Not sure anyone can top THAT meltdown. It seemed like there was something new everyday. And to think he started unraveling when CMJ posted a picture of him with shades on.
  7. Rasmussen has ALWAYS been a pollster that isn't really accurate. I almost tend to dismiss their results because it's so inaccurate.
  8. That seems like an awfully high number of sacks taken on 1st down, where it isn't a obvious passing situation.
  9. The jokes on page 2 of this thread are hilarious.
  10. Calvin Lowery, S out of Penn St? Sidney wore 37 I think.
  11. Worse draft pick:Locker or Chance Warmack? I think Locker "wins" that one.
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