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  1. Number 9 was a prophet with his post on PSG3.
  2. Explain why. Eh, we have no one there and the scheme is not easy. Good and maybe undervalued pass rushers do hit the market. You have to trust the scouting.
  3. Even funnier, they traded away D'Angelo Russell who was the far better player than Ball.
  4. What does that have do with his actual criticisms in the tweets?
  5. rns90

    NBA Talk

    What exactly is NO getting here? The draft picks don't figure to be high lotto types and the players the Lakers are offering are all kind of disappointing, plus Ingram is due for a hefty extension soon.
  6. rns90

    NBA Talk

    He (Davis) listed the Knicks as one of the teams that he would discuss an extension with. So I think there is interest there on both sides. The other teams were: both LA teams, Milwaukee. I didn't see BOS on the list.
  7. rns90

    NBA Talk

    Knicks, if they get a top pick in the lottery. I think LA assets are overrated as well.
  8. That was the one in the 4th where he got blasted and he really should have just thrown it out of bounds.
  9. Horribly dull game. Goff was awful not sure why Scine would bother defending him.
  10. I don't know why you guys are engaging Trollar on this topic. He goes on and on about this every few months.
  11. Stats don't lie and you can't even claim that Mariota has the better W-L record!
  12. Name another qb that has thrown for 11 TD and 14 TD in two straight seasons. Why should Mariota be above criticism?
  13. You missed the part where they had one of the best records from 1999-2003.
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