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  1. rns90

    Virus in US

    Is it wrong to hope that most of the coronavirus' deaths are Trump supporters?
  2. Word parsing time! That stay tuned at the end is interesting.
  3. rns90

    Virus in US

    Pretty obvious the states that are blue (or have Dem Gov) are left to fend for themselves. Pretty obvious that they can't rely on the federal government. You'd be better off having some good samaratins produce masks then having the government ship them to you at this point.
  4. Our failure to find a good pass rusher is pretty underrated. I mean we all know about the QB misfires but the revolving door at DE/OLB have been pretty bad. And yeah I know Orakpo and Morgan were good/passable.
  5. No need to argue that passive Poleynesian QB anymore. Just be happy he's not here fucking up the offense anymore.
  6. rns90

    Virus in US

    This is a total clown show. How in the blue hell do you send the WRONG FUCKING ONES in a time of need?
  7. He didn't really deny interest in it which is sort of noteworthy. Usually, if the team isn't interested at all, he just says "not a fit" etc.
  8. Interesting from a psychological POV. I'm not sure it's going to work. It seems that they need him more than the other way around.
  9. Kinlaw screams like a guy that Baltimore would poach at 28 in front of us. He has a knee issue. I think it's probably Fulton or Gladney, but what position or player would have to drop here? Kinlaw or one of the OT, I'd guess. Really outside chance of Chiasson.
  10. Trevor Simiean, Brandon Allen and Matt Moore (he's old though but backed up Tannehil in MIA) are also available. So it's pretty flush, even including the guys we aren't likely to sign like Winston etc.
  11. Sounds like an either/or option and not both Griffin/Clowney for the Seahawks.
  12. Looks like they have finally announced the signing.
  13. The Chinese have nothing to do with how Trump has just handled it. From saying it's no big deal, to wanting to get people back to work to Easter. And now he finally realizes that this may be a serious problem. Those things have nothing to do with the Chinese and all to do with Trump. Quit changing the subject like you guys usually do (cough..Obama, Clinton, Biden).
  14. Depends whether or not he's healthy. I think those other 2 guys that got dumped today finally were healthy. They also may finally trade for Ngakoue. Lot of possibilities.
  15. Seahawks free up cap space today, probably to re-sign Clowney

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