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    He just does not make any plays outside of the pocket. Which is why I was kind of happy that he threw that ball to Brown. He at least tried to get a chunk play. I'm not sure why he doesn't try more of those improvisional types of plays.
  2. Yeah, it's almost like he goes out of his way to ignore the obvious red bullseye.
  3. This needs to be watched again. A lot of these passes had no chance of being completed. He's throwing into double and triple coverage. That's what gets me. He can't read the defense. A few of these are mechanical issue related (ie floaters) but most of them you shake your head and say "WTF?" That's kind of why I don't buy the "he has had X coordinators in X years excuse" or the OL/WR sucks argument.
  4. I watched it a while back and failed to see what was so great about it as well.
  5. Counting on the Knicks not screwing up an offseason is a tall order for them. I'm impressed. I thought he would last half the season before getting injured or flaking out.
  6. People bring up Alex Smith but Mariota isn't even at THAT level. That's how disappointing he is.
  7. Yeah, the completion percentage which the defenders try to equate as "accuracy".
  8. I think Locker at his best is not worse than Mariota at his worst. I have fond memories of the Lions game. But year 3 (Mariota) he did not have a good TD/INT ratio. And really year one is buoyed by the opening game vs TB where there wasn't a scouting report out on him yet. I think Mariota showed more passing ability than Locker so I'll agree there.
  9. What is Nate Davis' injury again? He missed a bunch of practices and we've had zero info as to why.
  10. rns90


    I don't blame Mariota on that one. Saffold got destroyed and Mariota had no chance to do much of anything.
  11. It's a legit q. If you wanted to, you could say that year 2 was an outlier.
  12. LOL, Dre Bly and Winfield were not better than Rolle. Neither was Samuel, who flopped after signing with the Eagles. He just had higher INT numbers. Law was the better CB.
  13. It's the playoff win. Plus I think the "highs" are more memorable than Locker's.
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