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  1. Not sure if you were going for that but nice Wizard of Oz reference.
  2. Shitty game day roster management? It's isn't confined to Dzubnar. We've seen Bates play some snaps on D as well (difference is Bates isn't as awful as Dzubnar, but again Dzubnar should not be put in that position). I think they devote too many spots to strictly/mainly ST players and when injuries hit; they are forced to play that ST player in meaningful situations. Same with Kalu. As much as I think Compton is a limited player athlethically, he knows how to play the position.
  3. I thought we'd be last in KR. Surprised we are that low in punts, probably the non-Kern punters dragging down the average.
  4. I'd argue that as a pure two down runner to replace Henry that he's better than Perry and McNichols. I think Perry goes before Foreman unless Perry is indispensible on ST.
  5. This makes no sense at all. They have a winning record in a league with only 32 teams. You measure teams by W/L and other stats, like PPG allowed. They're a good team which means they are better than average and will make the playoffs with a winning record. Oh as for that we've been beaten badly by teams that a good team would compete with bullshit..they lost by 3 to the Steelers and led into the 4th quarter before the meltdown on ST against the Colts. As for the Bengals loss, the Colts also lost against the one win Jags. It was one of those shit happens games. You must have a different definition of what the word "good" means.
  6. Neither game may be getting flexed. It appears CBS has finalized their announcer pairings for that week anyway.
  7. I pointed out that they did beat other winning teams. They are in the top 10 in offense in PPG. They are 18th in PPG allowed on defense. That's less than other good teams such as Buffalo, Seattle, etc. Looking closer at this the Titans strength of schedule is .491. That is higher than Arizona, Indinapolis, Clevland, GB, MIA, PIT, NO, KC, LA Rams, Seattle. So yeah, they've also played a tougher schedule than one would think. So your argument that they've played weak teams is full of shit.
  8. Sure. Your argument is that they're not "good". They have a winning record and have beaten some winning teams. And your record is generally a reflection of what you are. And they are a good team. Flawed yes, but so is everyone in the NFL.
  9. There was this one fan who was generally intelligent and not an asshat like Logical or RocketBills. But yeah, I much prefer Ratbird and the Chiefs fan over these clowns.
  10. The Missouri guy? It says we placed him on practice squad IR. We're actually in good shape at CB now. I would have never have said that weeks ago. Shows how much the dead weight of Joseph, Smith and C. Jackson were dragging down the unit.
  11. How many spots are open on the PS? They also have to add another ILB there. We're awfully thin at that spot because of the injury to Brown.
  12. I had forgotten what an idiot IowaOiler is.
  13. Rams-Cards could be for the division lead.
  14. The Titans' beat writers would kill to be only occassionally garbage at their job. They are pretty much useless on the most part.
  15. I gotta be honest as long as these nominees are qualified and competent I'm not going to complain about most of these.

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