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  1. I'd also add that it's a lot easier to see a one year turnaround (worst to first) in the NFL than any other US pro sport. That's probably why fandom is still high and loyal. CIN and SF finished with 10 losses or more in 2020 and now are playing in their conference championships one year later.
  2. I'd add that watching the other games took the sting out a bit. Yeah, I cheer for this team but I can also derive enjoyment from the other games. And to be honest some of those games were more enjoyable. I guess I've become a better (or bigger) NFL fan and my enjoyment isn't totally dependent on the Titans' result anymore. Along with the other stuff you posted. And um as Oilers fans we aren't surprised when they screw up like this so less of a sting again.
  3. Well they also don't have a second rounder this year. So they sort of need to get some production out of the first rounder.
  4. @AussieTitanFan08 How many of these qb's are projected to go in the top 15? And where would Jordan Love slot here (if he were draft eligible)? That one idea of acquiring Love on the cheap (if they made him available) sounded at least interesting and semi-plausible.
  5. Those guys were all drafted in the top 10. This draft reportedly doesn't have any of those types of QB's. And we pick 26 and are in win now mode. Which one of these guys in this draft (state a specific qb please) are you going to move up for and how much in draft capital are you willing to give up?
  6. 5? I don't know either JR has no issue with this philosophy or he needs to openly tell Vrabel to quit being so conservative on 1st down (and on offense in general).
  7. Are the splits from the Saturday game vs CIN? If so, it just gets kind of depressing why they don't get it and may never.
  8. I disagree on this. Let's just take Tannehill out of the equation and assume he's a good qb (and not go into that discussion again). I mean when or after these guys get the ball, it's sort of obvious. It's just you can kind of tell they aren't good. I'm talking about guys like Rodgers/NWI etc. NWI has questionable hands and lacks that extra gear and Rodgers is JAG. I mean I can see and evaluate this things independent of the qb play.
  9. No one. That's why it is so fucking retarded. They usually move it forward than kill the clock.
  10. Oh it's bad. Second straight year you have to throw to a stiff with your season on the line. And the only WR you do draft is so bad he gets cut before the season. The other FA just flat out quits in the middle of the season. And the big offseason acquistion was an injury bust. I think it might be worse given that the last two drafts were supposedly loaded with prospects and he came away with nothing out of that.
  11. Going further on this it seemed like it was an actual struggle to get positive yards and first downs. It just seemed like they had to work at it. When I looked at the Bengals, they were scheming open Higgins for key 3rd down catches and conversions and made it look easy (so did other teams over the weekend). Maybe it's just personnel or they need to tweak the scheme where the passing game is more qb friendly and you don't have to rely on Tannehil to convert so many 3rd and longs.
  12. Yeah, I'm not a fan of letting Landry go given how long it's taken them to find a consistent outside pass rush. If you cut Julio, you still need another vet WR (probably two). That decision isn't easy. I think they keep on only because of what they gave up but I have no real knowledge of how bad his hamstring is.
  13. Nick Williams was the name of that stiff. I question why the hell Tannehill was throwing into a congested middle of the field on that INT but that's another topic I guess.
  14. We disagree on when they should have been burning clock. But on the basic point, we agree.
  15. Again no it doesn't. They just got caught up/overthought themselves in trying to bleed the clock out. It has nothing to do with their belief in Tannhill.
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