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  1. Denver might be a dark horse now that they've lost Lock for an extended period of time and Sutton is out for the year with a torn ACL.
  2. Emanuel Sanders is going to be wasted in that NO dink and dunk offense unless they put in Winston.
  3. I watched the 2nd half and did he even throw past 15 yards during the entire game. All I saw was checkdown, and short passes. Not that it mattered, but that challenge by Payton on the catch/fumble was retarded. Had zero chance of being ruled in his favor.
  4. Agree on the Giants. I just think the Lions would just move on. New regime and they need to be rebuilding anyway. Stafford's been there since 2009 and won zero playoff games. I'd think he'd also want to go somewhere where he can win. They are not a few players away. They have more talent than some of these other teams but there is just a cloud of incompetence in the organization now. ATL a tougher one. Clean flush of the organization. But Arthur Blank can be really loyal and may stick with Ryan. But Lawrence is from Georgia and they make be looking at the financial part of it. Ryan is also still playing well and has no injury concerns like Stafford.
  5. It'd be really interesting if somehow WSH ended up with Chase Young and Lawrence in back to back years. They'd screw it up somehow, because Synder. Not sure what Giants would do at #2. Would they take Fields? Or would they take Penell Sewell the OT out of Oregon?
  6. I just wish some of you would stop QUOTIING him. I have him on ignore and don't want to read his whiny negative bullshit.
  7. I'd guess Colts HATE the Pats. Because Brady always stood in the way of Manning to get to the Superbowl. OT: I almost wish we were in the AFC North. Rivalries seem more intense. These AFC South matchups are all kind of mild really.
  8. The Titans matchup better vs MIN than JAX. MIN pass game is struggling. Their DT situation isn't good. They are working in multiple new CB and Barr just went out (expect Jonnu to have another good game). They can be run on and passed on.
  9. On the Jacksonville side yes. Titans are bigger rivals vs the Colts and maybe the Ravens.
  10. I think the Jags game was more of a trap game. I expect another big game from our offense.
  11. They should have been called for another false start on Lewan, during a run play, but I guessed the refs missed that one.
  12. He would have been sacked on a couple of the td's yesterday. Guaranteed.
  13. LOL seems like he does this at least once a game where he misses like this.
  14. Is it absurd to assume that outside of Russell Wilson, Tannehill has been the best qb for the last year or so?
  15. These guys are both REALLY flawed. I'd take Wentz. Only because Goff looks really off if the called play/McVay script gets covered and he has to scan the field and read the defense. I noticed this on SNF (well Oilerman pointed this out a long time ago, so I'll give him credit) during a bad offensive series in the 3rd q for the Rams.

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