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  1. Cmon, now. He can be bad in pass pro and still not be at Daley level. Dennis is in a league/tier of his own.
  2. Warning I'm nitpicking here: that guy wrote plays. Also, you have a looooong way to go to catchup to that Mike75 guy. That guy wrote these really long posts. Longer than whatever you wrote.
  3. I think either titansfan or Merc started that thread. I'm not sure. But those "qb savants" are almost always wrong on the qb spot.
  4. Yep. You can win with good WR play. They just can't be god awful like the Titans WR core from 2022. QB, LT, EDGE/pass rusher and even CB would rate higher on positional value than WR.
  5. They are playing with fire though. If he has a bounce back year, it'll cost them more in 2024 as opposed to now.
  6. But the Titans aren't really seeking a WR1 here, theoretically anyway. They need a WR2. Look I'd be ok, if they traded down and grabbed a WR but at 11, you still can get an elite starting LT which is more important positionally.
  7. Yeah, we are not paying anything to WR's at this point. Our 2nd and something else would make sense. I have no idea what the Broncos would want from our roster that is expendable and deemed valuable to them though.
  8. 10 million according to a google search.
  9. Meh. I'm really picky on taking WR that early. It's close enough to 10 where the WR taken has to be sort of a perennial all pro type (Chase, Calvin Johnson) otherwise you can wait till later in round 1 to acquire him. Besides the LT affects the game far more than the WR.
  10. A big issue is that Henry makes top line RB money, Ingram, Latavius Murray never did. They paid Kamara but that's because he catches passes as well and is a 3 down RB.
  11. I'll disagree and say it's Richardson that falls.
  12. Easier to just put offense needs MAJOR help. Sutton is the more interesting and attainable DEN WR, imo, assuming you can adjust his contract or whatever. I'm at the point where I might be talked into maybe trading for Alan Robinson.
  13. They gotta sign someone here who has played outside and can catch passes here. They can't really expect two WR to make rookie impacts. They need someone/anyone better than NWI who can take up snaps here. Trade/signing it doesn't matter.
  14. The answer is simple: Stan's a retard who has gotten by because he has cancer and therefore got the sympathy and people overlook his retardness when he's really one of the higher ranking tard members.
  15. It's even funnier NOW. Since FA has more or less passed and the Titans had zero interest in all the other alternatives/scenarios that were brought up here.
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