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  1. I'd think they'd just take a LB at that spot, instead of trading all that. 22 seems like a good spot with Collins, the ND LB. Parsons has character q's and might be red flagged. Also the CB depth (top end anyway) isn't good, so they may opt for the best available CB instead.
  2. Obviously context is lost on Tolar. Take the Bears game for example, it was "only" a 3 pt win but if you bothered watching the game at all, you'd know that the Titans dominated that game before dumping it on cruise control in the 4th.
  3. Maybe they see Landry as the speed guy. And it's still early, hope they at least get a visit with a couple of these speed rushers that are expected to go high. I have no issue with Jrob drafting G in the mid rounds. It's better than overpaying for them in FA (Saffold, even though he's been good and Kline).
  4. Combination of coaching and lack of defensive personel. Elite offense can only carry you so far. Predictable offensive game planning as well. The best win in the 2nd half of the year was against the Colts (who are basically on the same level as the Titans).
  5. PSA: This statement more or less describes 99% of the OP's threads and responses.
  6. It's obvious that some of the "fans" in this thread don't watch the games and just try to push their agenda.
  7. This seems harsh given that he only struggled last year (as did most of the defense) but has been solid up till that point. Evans, yes but Byard I disagree with that one.
  8. He's coming off a season ending neck injury though. First rounder might be wishful thinking.
  9. Yeah, the last thing the NFL wants is 4OT games. Those college games can go on forever. Honestly, I never had much of an issue with the old OT rule where first team that scores wins.
  10. Who is this twitter account? Is this that site that got nuked last year when it was discovered he was a 49ers fan?
  11. Incognito is old as hell though. There are going to be more G available than starting spots. Probably see some overpaid OT getting dumped soon.
  12. I know people here aren't that crazy about signing a bunch of free agents. But there's no reason that the Titans can't take advantage of this year and sign a few vets at a lower cost that will help them win immediately (or plug and play types). With all the G's that are going to be released, is it really such a bad option to dump Saffold and sign his replacement for maybe a 3 million dollar cap hit (or less) in year 1?
  13. Williams would be a good short term replacement for Jones and he knows the scheme. Pretty sure they wanted to sign him or at least that was the rumor a few years ago when Williams was a FA.
  14. Turner is another guy connected to Cowden from Carolina. Pretty sure I remember they brought in Peat for a pre draft visit too.
  15. But he's not going to cost 9-11 million. His cap hit for year one will probably close to 6 or 7 million. And really you win with offense in the NFL. And there was no chance we were going to lose our TE, WR2, WR3 in the offseason. They were always going to sign one of Smith or Davis. At the same I don't think he goes in there thinking he is just going to rely on the draft to fix the pass rush problem. They're going to sign some EDGE player who will start.
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