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  1. There's an easy test for this. See which one of these waived players get picked up and perform at a high level elsewhere. That's on coaching. The guy doesn't get picked up and or just sucks on another club, that's on personnel (JRob).
  2. Blow Out, Bound and Three Days of the Condor are pretty good. Honestly, one could make a good list just on conspiracy thrillers.
  3. That one was effing funny. With Baldwin going over the top with some god complex in the character.
  4. If Vrabel is the one with the most power in the organization (outside of AAS), then that's pretty scary, given the product that has been put out this year.
  5. I'm kind of hoping Miami does get that #1 seed so they can crash and burn when they face a tough team.
  6. It's hard to say given our offensive supporting cast this year. But yeah, he has disappointed. We suck at screens and have for a while and I have no idea why. Every other team seems to run theirs with better results.
  7. Right once they shut down the running game and forced them into obvious passing downs, we saw the OL unable to hold up and they had no answer. It's been a long term problem to even with Tannehil was there. They don't hold up and the routes take too long to develop so the QB just gets sacked or throw away. They've needed a change up for a loooong time. And it still never gets developed for years. What was the point of activating Burks if he wasn't going to be a major factor in the game plan anyway?
  8. The Jags defense was awful throughout this game. Bengals just moved up and down the field. Pretty much a pretender. Oh, this is why you want an offensive HC. Takes a WW guy and gets him schemed throws and the guy ends up with 300+ yards. I think the Lawrence injury looked like a sprained ankle but who knows.
  9. This is the dumbest thing he has said in a while. Even worse than NPF diving into piles bs from last month. Basically he’s telling his qb to play reckless and not care about long term health and availability. It’s totally brain dead on multiple levels. It explains the offensive Neanderthal ish actually.
  10. Nah, there's interest. In seeing, how many FF stats the Dolphins can put up against our garbage defense.
  11. What on earth was this guy doing as the assistant ST coach? This is one of the rare times where this guy was overqualified for the spot he is taking. Edit: reading up on his wiki, the Giants consistently were near the middle or bottom of ST during his tenure. That sounds more like it!
  12. The deactived the one guy yesterday who could have helped them out when Indy sent blitzes/pressure and could have helped them in the short passing game in Phillips in favor of Burks who saw like 10-15 snaps. Face it, the margins between a win and a loss are pretty small and little things matter. So unless, you are the worst team in the league talent wise (the Titans aren't) it'll always come down to coaching decisions/and or execution. They should have won yesterday's game, they weren't overwhelmed, that's bullshit.
  13. I'd also wager that those first time HC will produce better than a 4-15 record plus they won't get their qb's killed per game, and actually run a modern NFL passing offense plus field at least OK ST and defensive units. We STINK at all 3 at this point. Nowhere to go but up.
  14. Only real question is whether or not MIA will get 50 on us and whether or not we'll hit 20 points on offense.
  15. What on earth are you talking about? He doesn't get a participation trophy. There are no respectable losses. Just losses period. And also, how would you characterize the game today? A winnable game , blown by awful ST/D, and shoddy OL play again.
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