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  1. Could be both and that he should never have been the pick. But it's funny, they always seem like they have a TON of picks and they always end up blowing them on players that aren't any good. Or just underachieve. I don't think they'll be good for a while. They had a ton of picks this year and ended up blowing some of them already (based on early returns). And they'll probably blow some of that draft currency next year.
  2. Haven't watched every team, BUT Seattle is definitely a contender for the worst in the league. Zero pass rush and they play really soft coverage most of the time. It's like watching the 2020 Titans D.
  3. Marcus Johnson is scheduled (if healthy) to come off IR this week, right? Reynolds should get some playing time assuming he's out of the doghouse.
  4. Well doesn't Watson sort of have some control where he wants to go as well? There's probably a group of 5-7 teams he would ok a trade to. It looks like the Texans may have to wait till 2023 to draft their qb as most of what I've read is that the qb class is pretty bad and most of the qb's aren't worth a top pick.
  5. Kyle Orton for me. Forget all the retards that are peddling the nonsense for a minute, it's a bad/awful look when Rasskass is on the right side of an issue for once. Add that and the fact that cinammonclown is the only one supporting you makes you look pretty foolish.
  6. Damn. Dolphins score a td on 4th down and get the 2 pointer to tie.
  7. MIA with the ball at the 1 after a LV PI penalty. They need a td and 2 pter to tie.
  8. The only question is: is he really that dumb or just trolling? I'm pretty sure it's the former as he gets destroyed in the other forums as well.
  9. Not really. Dion Jordan not a fit. And don't think they'll go anywhere near Aldon Smith.
  10. Seattle's defense is awful and will probably cost them if they get to the playoffs. Brutal, not even providing any resistance.
  11. People need to just stop quoting that "fan". He's like a little kid that wants attention.
  12. I didn't notice him (in a good way). It's' not like he was McDougald or Molden allowing long plays. So it's nice that he's stabilizing that S spot since it doesn't seem like Hooker is returning soon.
  13. Carroll should have went for it on 4th given that both teams' defenses has sucked today.
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