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  1. What team would want or need him at this point? People mention the Bears but Daniels is a better qb than Mariota at this time.
  2. He's still recovering from last week's groin injury.
  3. Joel is a Gabbert stan to the bitter end.
  4. Yup. He used his mobility to buy enough time to deliver some strikes down the field, unlike you know who.
  5. The velocity (and accuracy) was noticeable as well on the amount of RAC yards our WR got today.
  6. They'll be MIA for a while. I bet they show up after a loss though. Still doesn't change the fact that HT was an awful qb who was a draft bust as well.
  7. I do have to admit it's probably more frustrating to be a Chargers fan. They have an elite qb and find new ways to lose everytime.
  8. I didn't think Smith was that bad to be honest.
  9. They would have had over 2 minutes left and the two minute warning. You don't think they could have gotten into FG with that much time left. You're more retarded than I thought was possible.
  10. Why are you assuming that? They just drove down the field in less than 2 minutes the previous drive.
  11. Vrabel and his idiotic non challenge of the spot. Easy one to answer.
  12. Is Succop progressing to the point, where is he healthy after week 8? I get the feeling might cost us a game (which we can't afford to lose) with a crucial miss.
  13. That was some shitty prevent defense on that drive. Pees deserves criticism for that one.
  14. Not only that he completed passes with the backup G and RT in the game. Oh, and guys please don't bring up Kelly as starting RT material. He isn't good at all in pass protection.