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  1. Looking at the interest and what rounds they are projected to go and what type of WR, you can tell which ones they are interested in. Not sure about Campbell or Isabella but yeah the rest of the list seems fine. It seems like they are looking for an outside (bigger) WR.
  2. I look at it as getting someone who you didn't expect to due to some unforeseen circumstances. He may be able to contribute in the second half of the season.
  3. Probably a WR in two. Don't see OL until round 3.
  4. Pretty sure he's going to be the pick(if available). Signs are becoming obvious.
  5. It's pretty disturbing on some of these sacks that he refuses to throw the ball. On a bunch of these (BAL highlights) he just freaking holds onto the ball instead of throwing it.
  6. I think Ferrell might be another "beneficiary" of the Sweat drop. I'm kind of glad that he may go before our pick. Not sure Wilkins will be there, think BUF at #9 is interested. It's probably down to Simmons (the favorite I think), Lawrence, Tillery and maybe Brown.
  7. Some of these sacks he just kind of runs into as well. He never uses his mobility to buy time to throw the ball. It's kind of hard of to explain. The great qb's evade the rush and then deliver the ball. He doesn't do this. He runs forward (or sideways) and the backside pressure gets there and sacks him for the most part. Oh and on a non Mariota note: Conklin got beat pretty bad on some of these sacks.
  8. You need to fix the 1st video. Saw a lot of running plays in the BAL game. Of the sacks vs Eagles and Bills, I probably attribute 2 to Mariota holding the ball too long.
  9. Sounds like Sweat is going to drop out of Round 1. NFL Network, among other outlets, has reported that Mississippi State edge rusher Montez Sweat was removed from some draft boards because of concern over a heart condition. WalterFootball.com has spoken with two teams that have flunked Sweat medically and pulled him from their board. One NFC general manager of a team that is in the market for an edge rusher in the first round said they didn't drop Sweat, but they put him down with a "high-risk grade." On Tuesday night, sources from another team that liked Sweat as a player and were okay with him medically said they were going to pass on him because of character concerns. Sweat's character issues have been described as relatively minor throughout the draft process, and they were a known factor that played into his transfer from Michigan State to Mississippi State. Between the medical and character issues, Sweat looks like he is in store for a significant slide in the 2019 NFL Draft. http://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/2019-NFL-Draft-Week---Tuesday-Rumors
  10. They really didn't give up much when you consider they got a 2nd rounder for Ford. And the odds of them getting a pass rusher as good as Clark with 29 were low.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1120743408811819008
  12. I think he moves up in Rd 2 or 3 if some player he covets is still there. He's done it before, more than once (Landry, Taylor).
  13. I think Simmons might be the least amount of medical questions out of that trio. Gary has (supposedly) a bad shoulder. He also scored a low wonderlic score (probably doesn't mean much from a DL) of 9 I think
  14. It sounds like the first two picks are going to be Kyler Murray and Nick Bosa. Ed Oliver may be going 3rd to the Jets assuming they don't trade down.
  15. I wouldn't mind it if he does it in round 2. It doesn't seem like there's a big difference between a player at our position of need in round 2 and 3.
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