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  1. Yes it is that simple. You obviously can't keep all of them and have to make decisions. I'm sorry you don't understand this or much of anything really. But keep on going in circles, I'm sure you'll get it...or not.
  2. Actually they were planning to pay a QB. Most CW just thought it'd be Mariota. Again are you familiar with team building?
  3. See I'm not sure I want them to keep Conklin or Ryan. Ryan won't be worth his 3rd contract and he'll be seeking 10 million at least. And I'm not sure there is an edge starter at 29. They're spending NOTHING at all right now on edge (outside of Wake who may be cut anyway). And Conklin does have limitations in pass blocking. Not sure I feel that good shelling out another 10+ million dollar deal on an OL with pass blocking issues. Road grading OT are easier to find. Our edge situation is NOT good right now. Look at the depth chart. We need someone who can step in and be a starter, There are a few of those guys in FA. We're going to be losing depth at CB too but it's not as dire as Edge.
  4. This is the wrong argument AGAIN. They expected to pay money for a QB. His money is already factored in. The free agents they choose to let go are because they either want to sign players to extensions (Brown, Smith, Jackson etc..) or upgrade another position (EDGE). If they lose FA, it won't be because they want to pay Tannehill. Are you familiar with team building AT ALL?
  5. I think he fits better scheme wise and Vrabel/Bowen are familiar with him. But he does get injured like a lot. That would be the one thing that is a red flag with me. It'll be fun to see how close the contracts with Ngakoue and Clowney are. I just hope they sign a 3 down guy in his prime. Don't go with the older edge option like last year.
  6. I think you're wrong on Clowney, but there's is more than one edge rusher in FA availiable. I personally think they sign Judon because I don't think Clowney leaves Seattle but who knows Titans can at least make a pitch.
  7. Probably OT/CB in round 1 and 2 then. I think they can hold off on edge until round 3 or later, if they spend major money on EDGE in FA (as expected). They could also sign a CB to a mid level contract. I think they might target #2 RB in round 3 or 4, maybe a WR in that range as well. So many unknowns as of this point. It kinds of makes it fun too, especially at the end of round 1 where there isn't much of a difference with players 25-40. I think a trade down out of round 1 could happen too,
  8. Can Shenault returns kicks as well? That would enhance his value. I think Moss is more of a round 2 guy. I think Chiasson is gone before 29. The RB's I hadn't really thought about. I guess they could fall to 29 (Swift anyway). Isn't Andrew Thomas supposed to be in late round 1 anyway? Outside of WR, what other positions are the "strength" of this draft? If there is a run on WR in round 2, could the Titans have a CB/OT/edge/ guy drop to them that would have gone earlier? Reading the draft pundits, makes it sound like Round 2 is when WR are going to go off the board.
  9. What you claimed was that the OL was so bad that they couldn’t run a functional passing offense. Which was ludicrous at the time and made even sillier once the offense took off. And this is TR we make fun of everyone. Your inability to offer up any idea is your problem.
  10. Yup. He makes enough plays to negate the sacks that taken. It is like he is ignorant about why the offense had failures in the early part of the season.
  11. He tried to blame the OL for Mariota’s failures. That was quite funny, remember that?
  12. How many did Lamar Jackson and how many did they score? I’m done with this convo as well.
  13. Did you watch the games? We did not run the same plan for three straight games. We passed to get ahead in the Baltimore game then ground out the clock with Henry.
  14. No, he’s not elite. But he’ll get a massive contract because A) he the best one available B) and without an above average QB your team will not go anywhere C) there are so few of them that you have to pay them (within reason). His contract will be closer to top 10 and no t top 5 anyway. Don’t like it? Bring up an alternative or STFU.
  15. Do you not understand the concept of the QB and how important it is in the NFL hierarchy? Ever wonder how this team got off to a 2-4 start or why they were treading water in the past few years?

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