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  1. What a weak field. Sanders is the strongest to garner turnout. That’s pretty sad seeing as he’s approaching 80 and is a devout socialist. Fucking Democrats.
  2. I’m not really sure what your argument even is at this point. Brady will cost at least similar money over a shorter term as Tannehill. By every statistic Tanne was a much better QB last year and is 12 years younger. He also fits the concept of the offense like a glove. If Tanne hadn’t been lights out over the stretch then I would have no problem with Brady, but he did, and he’s the better QB heading into 2020.
  3. I’m not joking. Watch how he said eight years and then jumped to 2028 because 8 and 8. The guy has lost his marbles.
  4. Not that I disagree, but there is a distinct possibility he just can’t count. Watch how he says 2028 and then has to say something stupid to make up for it.
  5. @Mythos27 The above is 100% correct. The system is simply not ready for it based on logistics and the fact Americans are stupid. My girl is a nurse for Vanderbilt. Their clinics as is are an absolute mess. I mean it. People think they’re the ER.
  6. No man. If Bernie comes out with a majority then he’s the nominee. If they do anything else they guarantee four more years of Trump. What you’re talking about would essentially validate everything they’ve been saying. It’s up to the moderates now to pose a legit challenge over the next two weeks.
  7. There’s no way Sanders wins a solid plurality and is taken out of being the nominee. It would be a disaster.
  8. They’ve found several illegal things that Trump has done. He can’t be indicted. I guess you missed that part.
  9. Of course you can. They already have many many times. But sure, open up an investigation into Obama. I’m sure there are plenty of things that are more illegal that happened under him than under Trump. Especially make sure to open an investigation into him making sure an investigation was opened for Soros. Definite winner there.
  10. There are plenty, the main one being people who chose not to take on such debt and went different routes. A solution would be to offer them a larger standard deduction.

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