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  1. Yep. Saw that on both plays as well. Hilliard likely takes it to the end zone if Westbrook hits that block. He had a ton of room. He at least gets the first.
  2. Do you enjoy getting your head bashed in with terrible arguments? We were absolutely God awful on second down all day long. Most of those were second and mediums between 7 to 4 yards. We were also terrible in second and short. We kept running Henry on those plays and literally none of them worked. It cost the offense the entire game including our best chance for a TD in the redzone. How do you stack up that great 1st down average with a 2.2 ypc average when Henry wasn't getting 3rd down runs? Hmmmmmmm. Not tough there champ.
  3. Lol anyone who thinks Henry had a good game today when averaging 2.2 yards a carry is being ridiculous. He had all of four good carries and one excellent reception on 21 touches. The rest of the game the way we used him was awful. I'm talking more play design than anything, but even with that said Henry by any metric had a terrible game except for one single reception.
  4. Now take those stats and go to second and 6 and second and 7.
  5. Take that 80% and make it 99%. Tannehill is a very good QB. Burrow is better.
  6. For the people who don't understand football: 1st and 10 and second and 5 to short are essentially very similar plays against a defense. Both are conflicted downs where it is more optimal to pass because the defense has to respect and play the run. For a team like the Titans this is even more so and should be the most efficient part of our offense.
  7. First down running wasn't the problem and was effective. It was the second down running where the Bengals knew what was coming that was different. They continually ran on second and medium and short and got stacked every single time.
  8. He can only do it when they put the ball in his hands in plays that aren't 3rd and long or the two minute drill.
  9. I wouldn't say the difference. The difference was running on second and goal into a 9 man box and settling for a FG and then the missed FG. For the defense, yeah that was the one that broke em.
  10. Tez says some wild shit but he isn't in the same range as the dum dums at the top. He was spot on about Byard BTW.
  11. Pretty terrible point since the Eagles were absolutely eating them alive up and down the field with the running game.
  12. Once again, not discounting Henry. I'm saying, and have said very explicitly, if this is how they're going to use Henry then against teams like the Bengals they need to get Hilliard more involved in the running game since they're more comfortable running the spread with him. He's one of the best weapons on the team and not utilizing him when Henry is averaging less than 3 YPC is criminal.
  13. And again, this isn't about dogging Henry. It wasn't his fault he was being completely keyed on the entire game and they just kept running right into the teeth of that defense. If they want to run more shotgun 11 personnel with Henry I'm all for it. The game plan today was awful and Hilliard definitely should have been involved more.
  14. Dude 70 of those were on one play. Your point is ridiculous. If you can't see how ineffective the offense was running through Henry versus how they opened up when Hilliard was in the game then you don't understand football.
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