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  1. With Humphries back we have a chance to play a ball control game, but that really isn’t our style. We score off of big plays. I can’t remember the stat, but we haven’t been winning the TOP in pretty much any of our games.
  2. D can rest easier knowing he will never have to read another dumb fucking post from Jake.
  3. I find it interesting how the world works. It’s tough to be a human. Come around here more often and joke with us degenerate Titans fans👍
  4. Good luck amigo. This place helped me through some wild shit. Good to have you here.
  5. Hey retard, the people coming to the rally were the ones who said they were starting a civil war. Fucking idiot.
  6. I don’t care what anyone says about this being politics, it simply should not be regarded as acceptable.
  7. It seems as if God exists that he left us in the universe where the earth is populated with the stupidest motherfuckers imaginable.
  8. Right, which plays into your theory that we likely have a brokered convention. We can all hope that doesn’t happen.
  9. This is some Trump level type bullshit. I don’t accept absolute mistruths in an era where it is easily corrected on video. Essentially that is treating people like Trump treats his supporters. Fuck Sanders and his campaign if he keeps on with these type of attacks.
  10. I highly doubt this. Bloomberg is an egocentric billionaire who has little to no ground game and almost no support. Unlike how Bernie and Warren are splitting the liberals, Biden clearly holds the middle. Bloomberg is nothing in regards to the presidential race, unless, as I’ve seen you say in terms of outcome, he takes away enough votes to end up with a brokered convention.
  11. I’m really starting to dislike Sanders. He can fuck off with this kind of thing. It’s a blatant misrepresentation.

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