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  1. The guy is willing to take the release of his tax returns to the Supreme Court. It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t really old. To the rest they should jump off a cliff.
  2. He only has 6 if he’s holding a knife in one paw.
  3. Cohen lied to Congress on his own initiative. Yeah. Anyone who actually believes that should do the world a favor and jump off a cliff. It’s obvious he was directed by people higher than him, which only includes a small group of people.
  4. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/anthonycormier/cohen-transcripts-trump-directed-lie-congress
  5. Not if the gorilla had a bat. Which is the topic at hand. Stay on topic!
  6. Pruitt will be fine, because he’s a backup TE who won’t see the field very often.
  7. I’m not sure why anyone thinks we are going to pound the ball this year. It’s been the opposite of everything we’ve done from the draft through FA. Smith is the second TE, but he isn’t an in-line player, so most of the time we have two TE’s on the field it will be Pruitt and Walker unless we are using a TE as a big slot. The idea Pruitt will get a ton of snaps over Humphries or Brown doesn’t make any sense. I could actually see us using more 3 TE sets this year and basically not using any 12 personnel unless it’s with Walker or Smith lined up at slot.
  8. I’ve always thought Davis was a bit quiet in his demeanor. I think Brown will bring out the alpha in him.
  9. Same goes to you old man. Let it go at least with this thread.
  10. This thread. The place where we aren’t bombarded with retards all the time and can just have an opinion.
  11. You’re missing the point. Stop already. Don’t carry the grievance into the last bastion of the old TR into this thread.
  12. Stop making the last remaining thread on TR that has an old school feel to it (dbl entendre!) into personal grievances.
  13. So a guy’s wife getting some inside access on a charity is a big deal. Yeah. If there’s something illegal then prosecute. Sure. The President of the United States had his charity shutdown because it wasn’t a charity at all. The President. Fucking hypocrites.
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