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  1. No doubt. After the FA we’ve had my focus would be how to consistently get pressure with 4 pass rushers.
  2. For some reason I don’t like the guy. The video with him and the idiot posing as a news broadcaster on Fox left a bad taste.
  3. Next time we decide to make a massive tax cut for the top 1 percent (studies show 60% is literally going to the top 1%) let’s put that money into research and development on how to start the next energy wave in the world.
  4. Language is an interesting thing. When I say the word fucking I have a meaning for it. What is your use here because I don’t understand the context. It seems directed at me, but taken into consideration it almost seems as a positive halfway joking tone. I can’t really tell.
  5. Yes. They prefer deferments of logic instead of engaging with it.
  6. After actually watching the video of Simmons I wouldn’t draft him based on the fact he didn’t knock her out after 4 shots to the head.
  7. I mean on the entirety of it. Maybe make a new thread sometime. I’d like to read it.
  8. I thought Sox was for Medicare for all? Nope, he became a Trump supporter and sold out his stance like Lyndsey sold out McCain.
  9. Bitchmade. There is no other word I can think of that better describes the situation of a draft dodger talking about a guy who was tortured fighting on behalf of our country and a friend of his remaining silent.
  10. One thing I find strange about the climate change group is how little I read about deforestation. Maybe I’m not reading the right sources, but that would seem to be a big problem.
  11. I’m pretty sure Oman ran a faster 40 by week 17.
  12. No one left besides the MM fans believes Mariota has proven himself. He’s done the opposite and been a tease the whole way. We aren’t competing for a championship if he doesn’t step up, so the strategy should t be running Derrick Henry’s dick into the dirt. You don’t pay a slot receiver that kind of money to run 2 and 3 TE all the time.
  13. Yep. He’s the guy who beat the Eagles and Patriots in a wide open scheme. He also manhandled the Cowboys. Your stance makes no sense. Why keep him on the roster and pay him 20 million if you’re trying to hide him? Your only logical response is that Robinson is in win now mode. Possibly, but I doubt it. It’s obvious he’s a good GM and he isn’t tied to Mariota.
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