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  1. Common sense doesn’t seem to be readily available for our conservative friends.
  2. This is just absolutely mind boggling. Either institute the Defense Production Act and become the first buyer so as to send devices to where they’re are needed or stay the hell out of the way. This middle ground is not only dangerous but is 100% illogical as you’re getting all of the drawbacks and none of the benefits. The states are still competing, raising prices. Now the Feds are sweeping up necessary supplies at a premium instead of a discount all the while leaving the states without the supplies they purchased and in direct competition with the Feds and other states. How could anyone think this makes an iota of sense? If they stay out of the way then the states are competing but the ones most affected are doing most of the purchasing and can get shipments directly. This doesn’t make sense, but more sense than the above. If the Feds institute the Defense Production Act then all of the states stop buying except in the margins and it is then up to the Feds to send the supplies to where they’re are most necessary. This option comes with the drawback that the Feds move slower and materials will not get there as quickly as in scenario one. What’s behind fort 3? A shitshow where the states are still competing at inflated rates yet now cannot get their supplies directly! Yeah, that’ll do the fucking trick!
  3. Asked whether the machine in its design could have accomplished the 1.5 million daily rate, Halyard said in a statement that it submitted a plan “to meet the requested specifications.” The HHS spokesperson said, “The project successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the approach and developed an initial design of a high-speed mask manufacturing line.” Please explain to me again how Obama left the cupboard empty.
  4. Jesus Christ these motherfuckers know no bounds of incompetency. The article states the design of manufactured could have produced 1.5 million N95 masks a day per machine. Insane how badly they’ve fucked this up. 25 machines could have produced enough masks for this entire pandemic in less than a month. Crazy.
  5. We never shelter for the flu. All estimates from all of the reputable science outlets say this is much much worse than the flu. 2.4 million Americans would have likely died if we hadn’t of shut down the entire country.
  6. Watch the rest of the video dum dum.
  7. If they can both be 10+ sack guys then we are in business.
  8. He would have easily hit 12-13 sacks last year if they had him in a better rotation. Instead they were asking him to bang against RT’s the entire season from the base, which at his size I think he did an admirable job. Cut out 25% of his snaps last year in the base and I guarantee he would have put up at least a few more sacks. His entire game is built off that first step, which slowed down as the season wore on. One thing I expect to see from him is to add some better counter moves. I’ve said from day one I wish Evans, Landry, and Vrabel would all get together to teach Landry that spin move that Evans has flashed.
  9. Yeah a bit. Just took a 30 minute walk and I could feel that I’m not back to 100%. The pneumonia is still there but it’s honestly a lot better than I expected.
  10. Thanks for asking goodsir 👍

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