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  1. Henry is easily the best back in the league. It isn’t really close when you look at the fact the two backs behind him can’t stay healthy. Nick Chubb is probably #2 in terms of functionality.
  2. The majority of his contract is guaranteed. He’s getting 90+ million no matter what.
  3. Reynolds is one of the best 3rd receivers in the league. He isn’t a prototypical slot, but I fully expect Jones and Brown to get a lot of time there with Reynolds lined out wide. As a 4th or 5th option after Henry and Firsker he’s going to find his spots on this team. He proved it last year in a similar scheme with the Rams. One thing I saw in his film is he’s really good at finding spots in the zone with good hands, which is exactly what we need for 3rd down conversions and what this offense was looking for with Humphries.
  4. We might go the Mariani route and just tell our PR to fair catch everything.
  5. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    Another simple post from a simple man.
  6. The people at Vanderbilt have figured out over the first 3 waves that we are always lagging behind Florida by approximately 2 weeks. So, end of next week or so we’ll see a spike. They said it’s been like clockwork all 3 times.
  7. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    Yet you keep coming back and getting shit on because damn near everything you post is incorrect. It’s okay. We are here to slap you around dummy.
  8. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    I can’t understand how it’s possible to be wrong about every single issue. At some point you would figure the broken clock would get it right, but they somehow find a way to defy the odds at every turn.
  9. It’s Tucker Carlson being thoroughly destroyed. They clip his Fox segment in discussing January 6th and questioning the narrative. Then it clips in from Capitol Police giving sworn testimony about exactly what happened, including an officer being repeatedly threatened and called the N word, one being relentlessly tased and beaten until he screamed he has children and two people stopped the mob, and another where a guy says several people came up asking him “are you my brother? Do you stand with us?”. Also, I don’t think you need an account to view the videos but I could be wrong.
  10. I found this one pretty interesting. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMd7TjskP/ It’s a full takedown of anyone discussing January 6th as anything other than white supremacist Trump supporters.
  11. That time Barbra Bush was more prescient than the entirety of the GOP. Fact checked.
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