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  1. I’ve been saying this from the start. The messaging was fucked sideways. Tell people fuck everyone else I’m saving myself. It would have worked a lot better.
  2. They’re trying to cancel Cheney for telling people January 6th was unacceptable. Not sure how much more cancel culture you can get than taking out the 3rd top ranked Republican in the House for stating the truth. The problem is both sides are so dug in that neither side knows nor cares when it started. They only care about perpetuating it and pointing the finger. With that said I don’t really understand what the Republicans are bitching about. Some social agendas I don’t agree with, but they aren’t federal mandates. Planned parenthood has been eradicated in the south for th
  3. Put this in the insurrectionist thread. Stop making threads every single time an idea pops in your head.
  4. This is closer to the truth. Still, it was a major power move by the south and was the initial codification of systemic racism.
  5. Exactly. That’s one of the major differences between bigoted and racist. Bigoted is a mindset and does not come from any place of systemic power. Racism on the other hand does. Take for instance all of the Asians who have been being attacked. Them being attacked is not racist. It is bigoted. The person attacking does not have any form of power except his own. Now, if it was sanctioned by the government or the government were to look the other way on purpose then it would be racist.
  6. False. It was a power move by the south and the north acceded. Any notion the compromise was anti-slavery is not only idiotic it is a complete misrepresentation.
  7. Did someone actually just backup the idiot in the OP? Damn. Republicans are so stupid it’s mind boggling.
  8. I’ll get in on the bet if you’ll admit you’re a Colts fan.
  9. This is exactly right. Brady won his last SB in similar fashion to how Manning won his in Denver. He wasn’t as bad, but he certainly wasn’t the reason they won.
  10. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    You’re definitely saying the same thing just from a different angle. Our lockdowns were shit because it was done differently over all 50 states, but it still helped. Masks help, even if only to lower case load. As you’ve said the vaccine is the way out, but unfortunately 40% of white conservatives won’t take it and a large group of young adults won’t either.
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