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  1. I think we end up restructuring Butler. I know everyone thinks he’s gone, but he’s still one of the best #2 corners in the league.
  2. I expect to see quite a few more screens. Get Raymond and Humphries involved on plays where even if Henry is out there he doesn’t have any responsibility.
  3. Yeah, but they don’t have the run support or pass rush. It is a concern, but even with Butler, Brown, and Jackson out we still have a lot more talent.
  4. I’m not sure why this is a hard concept. If the president said everyone should wear masks and kicked in the DPA to make it happen the Republicans would have been the staunchest guardian of people wearing masks.
  5. The key will be disruption. Take away his first read with designed coverages. If Butler is out we are going to be running a ton of zone.
  6. It’s a guy? I definitely thought otherwise with his incessant whining, use of emojis, and nonstop hahahahaha’s.
  7. We may need to hire a sports psychologist specifically for our kicker. We are 9 of our last 22. Absolutely crazy stat.
  8. If this was last year I would agree, but the upgraded pass rush helps a lot. They’ll move the ball over the middle, but we will cause turnovers and be stout in the red zone. Vrabel is definitely going to use the Pees bend don’t break defense this week.
  9. 14 points a game to over 30. We ended up 8th overall after starting dead last for the first 6 games. We were 2nd under Tannehill. There isn’t any viable argument to make.

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