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  1. I can’t really wrap my mind around it even 3 years later. Watching Merc, someone I’ve always respected, go this route is puzzling to me. He’s always been a good guy around here. Yet now there doesn’t really seem to be much of a discussion happening. Nobody is right if everybody’s wrong type thing going on here. I understand the frustration with the Democrats. It doesn’t really matter in the end though except to call out both sides on their bullshit. The left has moved way too far into identity politics, and it’s essentially been a reaction to Trump instead of an organic movement. At least that’s how it feels when viewing the landscape from a macro scale. It doesn’t mean some of the causes aren’t justified, just that extreme swings as a reaction are not usually taken very well by an audience that is still fairly conservative by nature. Poor people in this country still do pretty well for themselves relatively, and we as a nation are still predominately a Christian nation, which breeds a conservative stance. With that said, it’s simply impossible to honestly defend the president’s actions and words at this point. He’s cheated on 3 wives and openly admitted to assaulting women. He’s cow towed to dictators and taken the side of Putin over all of our intelligence agencies. He’s defied congressional subpoenas at every step. He’s consistently off point in his speeches and has uttered things no logical person can reason with. He’s continually demeaned minorities since before his inauguration and continued throughout his presidency. He’s even demeaned a physically handicapped man. He’s consistently thrown tirades at the fourth estate and called one of our foundational pieces, a free press, the enemy of the people. He is the antithesis of a moral person. And now he has even backtracked from his denouncing of the chant at his rally, which is wholly unbecoming in so many ways. His immigration policy is black and white and has led to thousands of children being displaced from their families. Hell, he’s running an 18% deficit in a booming economy, which is unheard of. It would seem he’s hit every angle of why people should be disgusted with him as a person, even if they agree with some or even most of his policies. It would be much easier to understand if these people were outright about the fact they don’t like the man but support his policies (which I still wouldn’t exactly understand, but it could at least bring us to the table of discussion). Evangelicals somehow cheered when he said goddamn twice in one speech without cause. They shouted obscenities and chanted to send a citizen back to her country simply because she differed politically, which is a slippery slope. Fiscal conservatives who railed against Obama for deficit spending during the largest recession since the Great Depression won’t utter a word while he’s running massive deficits without any wars and during a bull market. Those who rail against the left for a PC culture that doesn’t allow people to speak their minds openly now support someone who tells them someone with a different point of view hates our country. It’s logically inconsistent at every level when you look at the fervor this man has brought to our entire realpolitik. I’m not sure what the answer is at this point, because both sides are entrenched for the long haul.
  2. Yep. We just signed the highest paid slot WR in FA and apparently we are going to be a run heavy team. Makes sense.
  3. To be fair, I got halfway through the comment after quite a long night of drinking with my cousin who came in town from Virginia. I gave it my best.
  4. Do I really need to repeat myself? They added debates because of the backlash against the mechanism that was being used to promote the establishment candidate. They changed the rules because the rules were viewed by the populace as backing the establishment candidate at the expense of other candidates. It was their right to do so. It was also their right to change the format, like they did. Your argument is is full of holes seeing as even the Dems admitted as much by changing the format. Sheesh.
  5. They added them because there was a backlash, which is also the reason they changed their own rules. This isn’t complicated.
  6. That is a brutal schedule. As you’ve noted though the rest of the division has to play 14 of 16 games.
  7. There were only 6 debates scheduled by the DNC. There was a reason for that. The DNC changed their rules after the election. There’s also a reason for that.
  8. Stop posting the links. Let the idiots figure it out for themselves.
  9. Yep. I agree. The DNC changed their rules because of what happened in 2016. The only person I’ve seen defend it is SK. The popular vote went for Clinton, but it was plain as day the DNC was doing everything in its power, including limiting debates, to push Clinton. As has been discussed ad naseum they as a private organization have that right, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.
  10. If they do that in the background of what just happened over the past week they can go fuck themselves.
  11. And several here who supported Sanders were right there with you, Rogue in particular. I got banned for a year because I didn’t think the bastard could win while supporting Sanders lol. I’m just saying rejoin the conversation.
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