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  1. The last bit is where I have a problem with the scheme. It doesn’t make any sense. It only works against a few QBs, and even then it has to be ran to perfection. We saw that on the 3rd and 11 when Jackson ended the game. Also, something that hasn’t been discussed much is how the Ravens exploited the contain defense in the second half. They started running him off the guard instead of outside. If the scheme can’t work against a guy like Lamar Jackson then it‘s worthless.
  2. I don’t have the tape to back this up, but I noticed when we went into a quarter defense last year with Landry as basically a 9 tech on 3 man rushes he got to the QB almost every single time. It wasn’t many plays, but the guy needs to be unleashed. This dropping back and mush rush needs to go. Let him set the edge and get after the QB.
  3. For a total speed and bend guy playing that many snaps he’s actually quite excellent when you view it through the scheme. He’s become a good edge setter and is a force in the run game. Tweak the scheme and he’s easily a 10+ sack guy on less snaps.
  4. We don’t run a 3-4 on passing downs. It’s a similar package in the nickel as a 4-3 team. To your point though, yep you’re correct. The mush rush scheme they’re deploying is one of the worst in the league. It only works against a handful of QBs.
  5. And going to your point it wasn’t because of his athleticism. I don’t think he’s a leader though, and that’s what the FO figured going into last year. He’s a top tier player in the right situation.
  6. The fact is he’s an instinctive player. He’s downhill going 100 MPH. This scheme works with him if it allows him to blitz. His problem begins and ends with asking him to be a sideline to sideline type in a zone scheme where he’s reading plays. It’s simply not his style. As I’ve continued to say the personnel wasn’t used properly last year. When your thumper at MLB is a downhill guy while your scheme isn’t getting pressure then switch it up. They tried to do this at the end of the year and it resulted in more sacks per game. It also gives up bigger plays. Everything is about benefit a
  7. People do forget we were number 1 in TO differential. Our offense was very efficient, and while our defense was terrible if it was solid at anything it was causing turnovers. The problem came from lack of aggression on certain down and distance along with our pass rushers being out there every snap. Those are pretty easy fixes. Rotate the the OLBs/DEs more often while making sure to be aggressive (press man blitz/zone blitz) on 3rd and long.
  8. The scheme plays a big role. Those guys were in the wide 9 tech. Your premise is still 100% correct. Having your guys who are paid mainly to get after the QB play so many snaps ends up with such a low ROI. Landry should be playing 50 snaps a game most of the time. It’s a coaching issue at the end of the day.
  9. I’ve watched him play and he’s pretty terrible. He isn’t a willing blocker and he runs sloppy routes. He’s good at boxing defenders out and high pointing.
  10. No one can prove he’s paid for an abortion. If you don’t think he’s likely paid for one after cheating on all 3 of his wives while raw dogging then you’re an idiot. Shut up dum dum.
  11. Trump was raw dogging porn stars while he was married...but oh shit it’s slanderous to think he probably paid for an abortion! Fucking idiot.
  12. A lot of the voting restrictions will be shot down by the circuit court and will likely not be heard by the Supreme Court. ETA: you aren’t wrong necessarily, but just wanted to add that. I think Warnock will be fine. He’s very popular in GA, and anything they try to pass will only further inflame the people it is targeting (black people).
  13. I wouldn’t mind letting Smith go if we are dead set on getting this guy.
  14. Brewer is excellent depth at G and C unless we cut Saffold. A year in the weight room and the guy is going to be a beast. Count on it. His technique is outstanding and he has very quick feet.
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