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  1. At the briefing, which he said included about eight White House staffers, only national security adviser Robert O’Brien wore a mask, Sherman said. He added that no one in the secure briefing room was able to maintain 6 feet (1.8 meters) of social distancing, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “I learned something major, and that is the White House is a mask-free zone,” Sherman told The Associated Press. “The president is consistent. He’s fine with people not wearing masks.”
  2. Uh oh. It only took him 3 and a half years of chaotic bullshit but he finally found himself alone on a ledge. He has no good options here. WASHINGTON (AP) — In Republican circles -- with the notable exception of the man who leads the party -- the debate about masks is over: It’s time to put one on. https://apnews.com/d0fa04c2c2ba164d6c43eecf228c1b99
  3. Study from Yale: The number of confirmed U.S. deaths due to the coronavirus is substantially lower than the true tally, according to a study published Wednesday in JAMA Internal Medicine... “Our analyses suggest that the official tally of deaths due to Covid-19 represent a substantial undercount of the true burden,” ... The 781,000 total deaths in the United States in the three months through May 30 were about 122,300, or nearly 19% higher, than what would normally be expected, according to the researchers. Of the 122,300 excess deaths, 95,235 were attributed to Covid-19, they said. Most of the rest of the excess deaths, researchers said, were likely related to or directly caused by the coronavirus. You would think these findings would be obvious, but they aren’t, and so many still won’t believe it’s true even if they hear about it or read about it. Most on that side of course won’t even hear about this. At least Drudge is running with it. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/01/official-us-coronavirus-death-toll-is-a-substantial-undercount-of-actual-tally-new-yale-study-finds.html
  4. I’ve seen it posted all over Twitter and even here that the epicenter of the entire storm lies on... Anthony Weiner’s laptop.
  5. I’m sure most remember but this is the guy who said the elderly should sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the economy.
  6. Cases != Indicator of virus? Got it.
  7. Yes, they do. It’s really simple and exactly what I said in my post. We can’t discuss nuance until you accept the singular premise that cases, hospitalization, and deaths are not corollary, it is causation. Once you accept as much we might be able to delve into the nuance of different age groups and what those numbers equate to.
  8. Just got done watching it. He looks better than at any point since he announced. It isn’t a close comparison between him and Trump.
  9. Here’s the whole video. https://www.c-span.org/video/?473520-1/joe-biden-holds-news-conference-wilmington-delaware
  10. If a hospital goes over capacity, it will have to end all non-emergency surgeries and some people may get lower standards of care or be discharged early. That’s from the AP discussing the AZ Governor calling for masks. I’m not sure why the equation is tough for some. More cases=more hospitalization=more deaths. That is the extremely simplified equation, essentially how I would explain it to a 2nd or 3rd grader. The problem is we are trying to talk to an adult and we can’t even get to that baseline. It’s frustrating.
  11. Pretty sad this has to even be stated.
  12. I was willing to let him have that one if it would shut him up. Of course it isn’t real. It goes unsaid!
  13. Yesterday at Vanderbilt the average age of new Corona cases was 23-25, and a lot of those kids were very sick. People get so hung up on death rates and asymptomatic and all this other shit that they’re literally unwilling to do the simplest of things, which is simply put on a mask if you’re walking into a place.
  14. No, he’s worth tens of millions though on TR.

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