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  1. Okay, I'm definitely done at the part where he said Russia would have been forced to make an agreement with the US so as not to be dominated by China within the next 100 years because of shared border and border states if we did not intervene LOFL. This guy has no fucking clue what he's talking about. They'll blow up the entire world before either of those scenarios happen. Acting as if what the US has done has hastened the movement of the communists states together is false. What it has done is force China to face the atrocities and continue support while becoming the outright #1 communist regime at the expense of Russian expansion, which would once again be expanding COMMUNISM (I thought you guys hated that ideology and government system?). If we let them take Ukraine then Russian communism expands west and doesn't stop until the USSR is reconstructed in some form. It lays the roadwork for China taking Taiwan. We help stop them and it forces China's hand, while also showing these communist fucks they will not control global society with ideas of birthright and nationalism. There are no easy solutions. One thing is for fucking sure though: that writer is an idiot.
  2. I couldn't get past where he mentioned the Budapest Agreement while failing to mention both the US and UK guaranteed Ukraine's Sovereingty so they would give up their nuclear weapons. Seems like a major oversight since he brought up the agreement...and the international laws Russia is breaking going against it. I'll read the rest of it, but that was my initial thought.
  3. It was a good point though! You were talking about the evolution of the position saying a fully healthy Lamar is younger and more dynamic than Tannehill going into age 36. Therefore, if that's the case, he's a better bet to lead a team to a SB. The problem with Lamar is the two guys you compared him to are much better passers and a lot more durable.
  4. I see your point even if I disagree with it. Still, cut down on writing novels!
  5. I don't even care about the laser time. He probably did run a 4.49. Watch it again though and see those arms swinging out real wide. That isn't his play speed. AJ doesn't get caught from behind in the open field except on occasion. That isn't the same for this guy.
  6. We are talking about the hypothetical tgo came up with of a 2 and Henry for Jeudy...and Bud said he simply doesn't fit in Payton's offense after success with McCallister and Ingram.
  7. I disagree. He hasn't been asked to split carries after he found his rhythm as a RB at the end of 18. Saying he can't do it is pure projection without any evidence.
  8. It's possible the offense is so shit a bounce back year still equals a shit offense lol.
  9. Similar body frame, but Jeudy has more explosion and better hands.
  10. I'm coming around to that just may be the case and they're willing to simply keep him at the 36 million cap hit to clear the books and go from there. It does kind of make sense. If Tannehill can play well with shit around him then extend him during the year if the team is winning. Let it play out if he gets hurt or shows signs of regression. Ctm said this was the way. I personally think we should extend him, but I can understand the logic.
  11. Yeah, which makes the Tannehill situation tricky. If you extend Tannehill I think you have to at least give the appearance you're trying to give him some weapons.
  12. I think Henry knows his time is over being paid as a top back. Maybe we would split the difference and take on 2 million so it's 8 and 8. Either way, I don't see it happening, but Tgo's plan of Jeudy for 41 and Henry makes sense...and for him was a huge step in the right direction lol.
  13. What would Henry's cap hit be to a team trading for him?
  14. I fully agree with you there. That's a better point than if he fits the offense.
  15. It's simply a bad argument and discussing what he's more likely to do has nothing to do with the fact he fits the offense. Just because he's never split carries doesn't mean he can't. That's a fallacy.
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