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  1. ...Mahomes throws with velocity so defenders can’t key on the nearly as easy. He also throws all over the yard so defenders are a lot more spread out. It’s a laughable comparison. First time you see Mahomes throw the two balls MM did to Humphries (screen and the one into double coverage) let me know.
  2. It’s pretty obvious he means a deduction from their paycheck.
  3. It wasn’t the coverage. Receivers were open the entire game.
  4. Back stabbing? Lol. Did you see his press conference after a playoff win. The guy was a no class bitch. The theory on the the other hand holds merit. But the idea he was stabbing the guy in the back is retarded. Mularkey made a fool of himself.
  5. Come on man. Did you watch the last two games? He is missing wide open receivers, not making reads, and taking unnecessary sacks that has led to both losses. He looks lost. He’s done.
  6. RT never met a thread where he posted something that was right.
  7. Sheesh. You actually think Mariota looks anything like he did coming out or in 16? Go ahead and say it. Say you think he’s the same QB, and that the broken leg, cracked vertebrae, nerve damage, has left him looking anything like he did his first couple years. Feel free to do it and somehow end up on the wrong side of this.
  8. Ugh. Who cares about being right on this? It sucks. Mariota has lost whatever bit of magic he had and now we’re either going to tank with him or switch to a bad QB to try and salvage the season with the weakest AFC in memory, especially as it regards to our division.
  9. He did the same exact thing on the very next play except it was man coverage. He doesn’t trust his arm anymore. 3rd and goal and the receiver is wide open with no safety help and he simply can’t get the trajectory to put it to the left side of the end zone and let his guy track it.
  10. I like Vrabel, but if he keeps on running MM out there I’m going to lose faith really quickly. Just put in Tannehill already and let us run an NFL offense. It’s obvious we can’t do it with Mariota.
  11. The one handed to Davis and the pass to left field to a wide open Sharpe for a TD is all you need. I thought going into the year you roll with MM on the hope he could hover around average and maybe hit a hot streak. I’m not sure what to think at this point if they start Mariota next week. He’s missing the easiest of throws. Just for for the sake of it let’s go from easiest to easy: 1) bubble screen on 2nd and 6 to Humphries he airmails the ball. This is the easiest pass in the NFL. 2) The one handed to Davis. This pass takes some anticipation, but Davis destroys Ramsey and is open by over a yard on a hitch route. Once again, this is one of the simples throws in all of football, not just the NFL. 3) double move to Sharpe. This is a play where he has to make the read and watch the safety while trusting his protection. The fact he makes the throw says it all. He had a pocket and Sharpe destroyed Bouye. This is the hardest because of the fact he has to watch it develop before releasing. His pass was so off that the DB left in the dust didn’t have a chance at it. Regardless of the line’s performance MM put up a game I would consider to be worse than most backups.
  12. Mariota threw two good passes the entire night. It will be ignored because once again it wasn’t why we lost even though it’s down two starters. A sack and a penalty on Conklin were directly on Mariota. At least 3 others I saw open receivers breaking and Mariota going into roach mode. There’s no more blame to go on anyone. MM is done.
  13. I’m honestly not even getting your point here. Do you actually think Mariota has looked the same since he broke his leg? Do you attribute his statistical regression solely to defenses adjusting? I’m not sure, but it seems like that’s what you’re saying.