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  1. I’m not trying to keep saying it, but they should have signed him this past offseason. He played a ridiculous amount of snaps last year and stayed healthy. Two of 5.5 sacks were on 3 man rushes where he just blew past the tackle. He showed the talent. This year they’re playing some wide 9 tech and letting him do what he does best. I’ve been saying it since he was drafted. If he keeps up the production he’s either getting tagged or getting a massive deal from us or someone else.
  2. We can all be glad he can’t make simple throws in the end zone or they would be 3-3 after today.
  3. Eh, I wouldn’t call him elite. He’s definitely a different type of QB than the NFL has ever seen. He’s a much better passer than Vick ever was and also more elusive while being at least as fast. Like I said, he has choked in the playoffs 3 straight years. I personally don’t think that system holds up in the playoffs. If they win a SB or make a deep run and he gets beat in a shootout I have no problem with putting him up there as elite. As of right now he’s a great QB who has been consistently terrible in the playoffs, and that includes in his only win against a terrible Titans defens
  4. Everyone thought this in 19. Let’s see him not choke in the playoffs.
  5. Still can’t believe Meyer went for it on 4th down right there…only to hand it off to Robinson. Just horrible all the way around that gave a bad team a reason to know they were going to lose.
  6. I said it before the draft that he wasn’t some all time prospect, or really even close. He has a lot of flaws in his game. What he does have is a very strong arm and the ability to make any throw. He also reads coverage pretty well, but he’s horribly inaccurate outside of the pocket while not having a good feel inside the pocket. His upside is a plus starter. My point was his flaws aren’t fatal. Tua on the other hand is probably the worst true starter in the NFL and has zero upside whatsoever.
  7. There’s an edit button at the top right of every post where you see the 3 buttons.
  8. I’m going for Jacksonville here. I know it would be nice to see them hit the all time losing record, but I want them to keep Myers. Also, what an absolutely terrible call to go for it instead of going up 7.
  9. Lawrence has quite a bit of upside. He’s long on his release and doesn’t feel pressure, but he’s got a cannon and makes good reads. Tua is hopeless.
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