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  1. ‘I’m gonna tell the president I talked to you guys!’ You can’t make this shit up.
  2. Well, yeah of course, but I’m talking about seeing what they actually believe. They keep bringing up massive fraud and the 80 million number. Do they actually believe Trump won the popular vote? Seems so.
  3. I always forget you’re this stupid until I get into a back and forth with you.
  4. Did you actually just cite a game played when discussing averages? We’ll end the argument there.
  5. I understood his Smith reference. I just wanted to see him rant some more. Way to spoil the fun! Murray is a draw for the West Coast on night games because of the timing of the games. A 7:30 East Coast game means people in the West won’t get home until after the game is close to half and won’t watch. I’m of course basing this on California. The East Coast on the other hand is much more die hard when it comes to football. If it’s entertaining they’ll watch. ETA: I guess this doesn’t apply to Sunday games. I’m okay with that. I’ll stick with the original premise that the East and South will watch anyone while the West has better things to do in the winter than watch football unless it’s really entertaining, especially if it’s a team relative to their own time zone.
  6. They’re still trying lol. A member of the Pennsylvania Senate said he has spoken to the leadership in both houses of the state’s General Assembly about exercising its authority to appoint electors to the Electoral College because of ”so much evidence of shenanigans and fraud” in the presidential election. ”So, we’re going to do a resolution between the House and Senate, hopefully today,” Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano said Friday on ”War Room,” former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s video podcast. ”I’ve spent two hours online trying to coordinate this with my colleagues. And there’s a lot of good people working this here. Saying that the resolution, saying we’re going to take our power back. We’re going to seat the electors. Now obviously we’re going to need the support of the leadership of the House and Senate. We’re getting there on that.”
  7. I would still like to see one cohesive argument from someone who believes in all of it. I’m yet to see anything resembling one. All I’ve seen is the Kracken!! repeated by nitwits who watch the idiots they follow lose case after case while holding press conferences next to porn shops or with lawyers who they disavow shortly after. I’m of course being rhetorical in my attempt, as to believe any of this non-sense is out of the realm of logic and sensibility and is more akin to cultish behavior than anything else. I would like to see an attempt though, be it here or elsewhere.
  8. What are you talking about? I honestly don’t really know. Who is Smith? Murray is a big draw because he brings out the west coast viewers while the south and east will watch regardless as long it’s high scoring, entertaining football, which is Murray and the Cardinals to a T. From that perspective he is certainly one of the most watchable players in the league for several different reasons.
  9. I would imagine he would be protected because of our depth.
  10. They are 2nd in turnover differential, 9th in points, and 6th in red zone efficiency. Those are 3 of the major stats for winning games. You seem to not understand the word good.
  11. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around their argument. Let’s say there was voter fraud (of course there wasn’t; Trump’s lawsuits have proven this out). Biden won by 6 million votes. Do they think the fraud was over the whole country? Is that what they’re saying? It seems like it, and it makes the argument even dumber than the idea there was targeted voter fraud that flipped a couple hundred thousand votes, which is of course still completely retarded. So, in the not retarded to the level of the former argument Trump would have still lost the popular vote by five million + lol.
  12. Still can’t believe they didn’t throw a flag on that play.
  13. He was knocked out cold. They know if he suffers another one he’s out for the season.

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