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  1. The Clyburn response was the worst of a terribly inept response from all of them. They should have been highly coordinated and instead were still fractured on a backbone principle of the Democrats, and more over on a staple of freedom in our country. We are a fucking laughing stock to the rest of the western world, and the dipshits running things on the left can’t even coordinate a response when the judgement was leaked over a month ago.
  2. McConnel or Obama? Asking for a friend.
  3. It’s a ballsy move by Lithuania. Seems they’re trying to prove a point that if Ukraine can be invaded then they’re on the list and are saying fuck you to the Kremlin.
  4. Only took them till 1965 to figure out how to stop states from treating people as worse than second class citizens, and even then it still hasn’t fully promulgated the system. Are you actually this dumb or trolling?
  5. The natives would love to help with this cause for a ton of reasons!
  6. Whatever dude. Talking about the market in a thread about the end of a woman’s right to abortion != talking about the topic. Carry on.
  7. You aren’t talking about the subject at all actually. You’re dismissing the situation as irrelevant simply because the market is tanking.
  8. Kindly shut the fuck up and take it to a different thread. Goddamn.
  9. I don’t think this is exactly correct. It is for people like Manchin, but not necessarily for the rest of the establishment Dems. You’re right to note it gives them a built in excuse, but I think they honestly fear what could happen if and when Republicans come into office as they won’t have a backstop against them. What happened today was the lynchpin keeping that narrative alive. If they won’t move now then every single one of them who doesn’t vociferously attempt to do so should be removed in the primaries.
  10. It isn’t going to happen and the only time for it to happen is, like you noted, tomorrow. As LTF has so presciently noted, abortion isn’t going to swing the election in November. We both know that’s his only point to make because he doesn’t care one way or another, but it doesn’t make him wrong. When Republicans sweep the House the idea of codifying Roe into law will be lost. They have a singular chance to rectify this and it needs to be done immediately and in the face of possibly having it overturned by Republicans when they retake control. Simply put: if Democrats do not do what is necessary right now to use the tools they have available to rectify this then fuck them. I’m ranting a bit. It isn’t directed at you.
  11. I’m not sure if this is their reasoning, but it’s never been clearer that Democrats cannot act like a party of the future when their entire leadership is a bunch of old and out of touch people who have been in Washington for decades.
  12. That the Dems are not unified and absolutely pounding the airwaves on radio and television all over the country right now with a singular message that what has just happened is that women will be second class citizens who do not have a right to bodily autonomy in every state ran by Republicans; and o further, that if it were up to Republicans this would be a nationwide law subjugating 51% of the population.
  13. I didn’t know Supreme Court Justices were voted into office.
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