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  1. It’s very simple. As soon as Trump brought up Biden he moved into impeachable territory for abuse of power. The backdrop of the story then turns into bribery because he had his ambassador and his personal attorney directly tell the Ukrainians that the only way they would meet with the president was if they started investigations into his political opponent. Giuliani, Pompeo, and Bolton all need to testify to see if the aid was withheld on direct orders from the president.
  2. Keep punching at the problem of not beating out women? Sheesh. That isn’t a gaffe. That’s plain inability to put a coherent thought together.
  3. We likely won’t get them unless they make a new precedent, one in which the 4th Amendment does not apply absolutely, which in and of itself is a slippery slope. Ergo it isn’t likely to happen if they take the case.
  4. Those five people lead directly to Pompeo and Giuliani. Do you think they should testify? Yes or no.
  5. I’m not sure why the last part is so hard to understand.
  6. I mean, have we really come to a place where even having a palaver with them is fruitless? That’s such a strange thing to me.
  7. Have you ever seen Trainspotting? It reminds me of that. It’s crazy to watch.
  8. Amazing how these coaches don’t understand simple time management. Up 8 at the 25 yard line. Run the ball 3 times and play the odds every single time.
  9. It wouldn’t have to be that partisan. They could rule on the side of the 4th Amendment and be done with it. However, where they can pivot is inside of the idea that public figures should not be able to make such statements, especially once they’re elected, and not back them up. It would be a new precedent, one we need. Watching these hearings one thing that struck me was every person involved questioning someone under oath inside of a congressional investigation should also themselves be under oath.
  10. I wouldn’t be so sure of that. The Supreme Court isn’t stacked like the rest of the courts. I’ve said for a while now I hope the Supreme Court finally rules on it being against the law to knowingly lie to the public. If you say you will release your taxes to the public, and do so many times without retracting, then by law, as a public representative, you should be forced to do so.
  11. I saw something earlier where the idiots were touting a new plant. This makes a lot more sense. Cook standing by and not correcting him shows the dichotomy of what we are currently talking about.
  12. It’s simply amazing how stupid these people are. Sonland couldn’t link the funds to the Quid Pro Quo but did so with the presidential meeting. He said the funds were involved when he actually stopped and used logic. Everyone else who has testified has said the same. Can you idiots not agree that Pompeo and Giuliani need to testify? Also, could you not see how ridiculous it is that Sondland could not even access his own records? If not, well then know you’ve entered the realm of not thinking for yourself whatsoever.
  13. It’s pretty easy when it comes to the Titans regardless of the outcome. We have to run the table against the AFC South to have a chance.