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  1. When a rookie comes out throwing deep all over the field and then stops doing it with a conservative coach...hmm. Pretty hilarious to watch me actually amalgamate the haters together.
  2. I'm also not talking about any of this but nice long post. I never said Vrabel told him not to make those throws. I'm talking about how he is being coached. It's really fucking obvious.
  3. I'm not talking about the 9 routes on the 3 step drops. You know what throws I'm talking about. If you'd like to join in on defending the coaching have at it.
  4. It's very obvious Levis has become hesitant on deep throws. Anyone saying different is laughably wrong.
  5. It's okay that you're defending Vrabel. Watching and making Bud do the same thing is worth every second.
  6. Pretty funny how you always have to type out long responses to cover your wrong assumptions.
  7. I'm not being ridiculous at all. Why did Levis go from throwing bombs to to being hesitant? I'm guessing it has nothing to with coaching.
  8. Your backhanded defense of Vrabel is futile. And now, we have a gunslinging QB who won't throw deep...yeah that's 100% on the rookie QB!
  9. No need to trash Vrabel unless you're willing to go the whole way.
  10. The fact he's now hesitating on deep shots is coaching. I'm not alleviating Levis of any blame here, but it's obvious how Vrabel wants his offense run, and it's with a guy more in the mold of Tannehill who takes deep shots when they're designed as the primary read.
  11. The problem was once again that any time the running game isn't producing we fail to get first downs. We have zero short passing game except for screens. Refusing to adjust is ridiculous. Going into another game with deep routes in the passing game being the only focus in the drop back game is ludicrous, especially with this line.
  12. Well because we have zero short passing game or receivers who get open with short area quickness without Phillips...what was the problem with offense again yesterday? Long developing routes behind an OL that can't pass block. Yeah it's a problem and is one of many symptoms showing Vrabel simply doesn't get it.
  13. They gave Burks 9 snaps and made Phillips inactive...that's a coaching problem.
  14. Yep. We aren't drafting a QB this season and unless we are picking top 3 or so next year won't be doing it then either. This roster is dilapidated and Levis has shown enough thst you build around him and figure it out from there.
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