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  1. Man, Vrabel is such an impressive guy. Better practice hard! I love his mentality. No one is special. Team first. Competition. It shouldn't be refreshing, it should be common sense.
  2. He's not a serious contender so I guess I see it differently.
  3. Barr's statement is an official document to Congress. If they bring Mueller in, they've already said they will, and it is found that Barr mislead them it would put him in a precarious legal situation. No one knows that better than Barr. I don't doubt for a second that he will take the most favorable interpretation but he basically confirmed that they didn't find any evidence of collusion and I feel pretty confident in that finding. He was also careful to say it didn't exonerate the president but I find that probably puts him in a similar situation to Hillary Clinton in the runup to the election. Poor judgment, reckless behavior, but not enough to prosecute or take significant action on. Wasting resources chasing a ghost makes the Dems look weak and will push people to support Trump. Now if they can use it to damage him politically, COOL. DO IT. You know damn well the Republicans would do it to a Democratic POTUS but they need to be strategic about it or it will backfire.
  4. That's a good point. Play action has become a very effective weapon on 1st down. Having said that, if you throw on first down and are successful, wouldn't your attempts naturally go up? It's splitting hairs, and you're probably right, maximizing the situation is more important than volume of run vs. pass. Having said that, I would like to see a better passing offense. I think Mariota can pass 35 times a game if they can protect him. We'll see though. Everything points towards them building around the run.
  5. Yea, Mr. Patrick Shannon of Boeing doesn't exactly evoke the same response as "Mad Dog" Mattis, bad ass marine.
  6. Yup. Running and sustained drives are great. They keep the chains moving and keep the defense fresh. But you have to be able to pass when you need to. There are going to be times when you face good QBs and you have to be able to put up points to keep up. You're going to fall behind at times and you have to be able to bounce back to find success at that next level. There's going to be teams that are tough to run against. There's going to be situations where one critical pass is the difference in a game or even a season. You don't have to be the best passing offense in the NFL to be a really good team but you have to be an efficient passing offense to stand a chance. Balance is the key for them IMO. They attempted to pass something like 28 times a game last season. That needs to go up to closer to 35 this season and the running game needs to average something like 5 yards a carry over the season and not dominate 4 games but be pathetic the rest of the year. Sacks and 3rd down efficiency need to be better too. Mariota is good on 3rd down but they took way too many sacks and simply didn't score enough in the redzone. It's a lot to turn around in one season.
  7. I assume you're talking about Congress giving a subpoena for the evidence from the grand jury from the probe so they can carry on further investigations by the oversight committee? I guess how I personally feel about that depends on what is actually in the report and I won't pretend to know what Congress's authority is there. I know they can issue a subpoena but I don't know if they can get stuff from a grand jury like that but I tend to agree with you here that the law has to be followed either way regardless of how one feels about Trump and his family. Regardless, if there was enough to action on, I feel confident that it would be in the Mueller report itself and it doesn't sound like it is. So yes, it's time to move on from all of this stuff. I know some of it will continue for political purposes to try and damage him politically and bolster the Dems position going into 2020. I have no real issue with that, that's politics, but the meat and potatoes is dead IMO. Focus on good candidates, good ideas, and votes. Just the way I see it.
  8. The same guy that demands specifics, wants theories and thinks raising taxes on the wealthy is nothing more than revenge for success. The whole thing is silly. Why bother engaging with an economics major (his claim) who doesn't even understand supply-side/demand-side economics. He wants me to break down why small businesses doing 80 billion worth of business and hiring 600,000 employees is better than Amazon doing 80,000 in business and hiring 60,000. TDF thinks that any type of tax increase means the little guy is all of a sudden going to be paying 60% taxes and getting nothing in return. 1st, people get a ton of return for the taxes they pay in most of those countries and 2 no one has proposed a tax increase resembling anything close to that suggestion. In fact, in my opinion, that would exacerbate the problem and not help things. The guy making 60,000 a year needs to be making closer to 100,000 a year and the guy making 20 billion a year needs to be making closer to 10. THAT is the crux of the argument. Unfortunately, taxes seem to be the easiest way to do that short term but that has to go along with breaking up monopolies (we used to have anti-trust laws and for good reason), strengthening unions so that workers can leverage their production for better pay, and overhauling our education system so that we have a better-skilled workforce that can adapt to better jobs in the technology market. Guys like Todd want to hurl around insults but the logic he's using is basic bitch simple and worse, he's completely wrong. America is the richest country on earth but not for 70% of us. For decades, America had the strongest middle class in the entire world. By far. That gap has closed and now we rank 6th in terms of median purchasing power. Which means those other countries enjoy a higher quality of life for their citizens than the middle class in America does. Most of those countries - Luxembourg, Norway, Sweeden, Australia, and Denmark have much lower income inequality. Weird. People need to understand as well, that the proposals that are actually on the table (not the stupidity running around on 4chan and other places on the internet) involve raising payroll taxes on the ultra-wealthy, instituting capital-gains taxes, a warren buffet rule (which means if you make a million bucks a year, your tax rate needs to be at least 30%), and keeping the death tax for estates over 5 million. Returning corporate tax rates to 25%. These aren't crippling changes that turn us into a socialist country. It's asking the ultra-rich to pay their fair share.
  9. They’re wrong. Some might not have voted for her because she’s a woman but that’s not why she lost. One of the least likeable figures in US political history. That’s why she lost. Booker, I suspect, isn’t going anywhere either and it won’t have anything to do with his skin color or sexual preferences.
  10. Explain your confusion over an incredibly simple concept and I’ll be more than happy to lay it all out for you when I get a chance.
  11. You should give the money back because you didn't even understand the most basic economic theories. You argued for two pages that no such theory, if you want to call it that, even exists. It's in practice across much of the developed world. Keep reaching though. You've nailed the dumb as fuck thing so far.
  12. Who has suggested raising taxes on people making 60,000 a year (30 bucks an hour)? I've actually suggested increasing the earned income tax credit to give a larger refund to people in that category. I don't think that's a hard sell for the average American at all. Some people are suggesting a VAT tax. Now that is where I start to draw the line. Some people think the government is the solution to every problem. That's not what I've suggested at all. I'm not surprised though. Every time we have these discussions nuance gets thrown out the door and insults start to get hurled around. People dig their heels in and refuse to hear a damn word anyone else has to say. What's the point?
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