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  1. https://www.tennessean.com/media/cinematic/video/3181264002/titans-jon-robinson-no-quarterback-competition-between-marcus-mariota-and-ryan-tannehill/
  2. LMAO. I can't believe they didn't clean house at the end of last year. Instead they draft a QB and let Gruden try AGAIN. The Redskins (and Snyder) absolutely deserve whatever dysfunction falls on their organization.
  3. How rushed everything felt this season is really my biggest gripe. Bran doesn't make a whole lot of sense as the king but with Tyrion as hand and running things, I can appreciate it in retrospect. I also like the tragedy/bittersweet ending and even Drogon destroying the Iron Throne. He got it as much as anyone. My real gripe is with how they got there. They forced things, used the easy answers, and rushed past important parts of the story. The characters didn't feel as alive as they did early in the show and what used to feel like consequences when an important character died, now feels like a cheap shock thrill or excuse for a good visual effect. I'm glad it's over and I still find it to be the best television experience ever, but with this last season, it will always feel like something is missing and I don't think that was GRRM's intent.
  4. I'm glad he's getting stronger but this is pretty meaningless. Casey was a beast early on last season and faded mostly because teams sold out to stop him knowing there was no other real threat.
  5. @tgo, how in the heck did you let @Jonboy scoop you? I'm incredibly disappointed. I expect fines will be enforced.
  6. That wasn't a knock on anyone. Just responding to the what happened. They also had a good game against the Cowboys. The Titans have talent, they've just been inconsistent. They've also struggled against good QBs. The fact that they were able to beat Wenz, Brady, Rivers (almost) and Watson last year are probably the most encouraging things about the entire season.
  7. If Mariota doesn’t crush it early, things could get ugly fast.
  8. So glad you put this up. So often context is lost on message boards because we can only communicate with text. I thought that we were pretty far apart on Mariota but after reading this I don't think we are. I'm still higher on him than you but I feel like right now I'm where you were going into year four. I still have hope but the pendulum is swinging and I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that he's not special and if he's not special then you have to move on. Obviously, I believe there is a chance that a healthy Mariota behind a good offensive line, with better weapons, and hopefully some continuity still has a chance to take a step forward and at least be a "good" QB. If he doesn't do it this year though I'll be right there with you calling for them to move on and obviously I have the advantage of taking that POV because Mariota is here and there aren't any better options currently. It will be really hard to pass on some of these rookies (and these rookie contracts) if Mariota doesn't take a SIGNIFICANT step forward this year. There are no circumstances where less than 20 TDs convinces me it makes sense for him to stay, even if they run like crazy and control the clock for the defense. He must prove that he can stay relatively healthy, can survive in the pocket, is willing to push the ball down the field to his weapons, and play better than just within the limits of the offense as you said. I also think it's fair to say all of that and recognize the fact that Mariota has been put in difficult situations by an incompetent franchise and this isn't all his fault. The Titans have notoriously starved the passing offense through lack of innovation, devotion to the run game, lack of investment, and instability. All of that and yet @OILERMAN is right when he says it doesn't really matter. The clock has just about run out and the time for excuses is past. Either Marcus will produce at a high level and EARN another chance this year or he won't and they'll move on. I would like for him to take that step but am skeptical that he can. At the end of the day, it really is as simple as that.
  9. It was more than just tax rates lowered on corporations but sure, that's part of the problem. A negative 21% tax rate is the government paying the corporation, not the other way around. That's not high profits and low taxes that's high profits on top of corporate welfare. You guys get so bent out of shape talking about wealth redistribution but for some reason are completely blind to it when it's going up instead of down. It's almost like you've been conditioned... Economic expansion is roughly the same, maybe slightly ahead of where it was during the Obama years. Certainly doesn't justify the gigantic hole the new tax code blew in the deficit after viciously complaining about the deficit (to the point of shutting the government down over a deficit ceiling) during the previous administration. So no, not everyone is benefitting. The girl working at Starbucks is getting an extra .04 cents an hour and the CEO is getting an extra 10 million but the people who will ultimately foot the bill, our children, are not benefitting from this stupidity. If you're going to lower tax rates, fine, but the corporate welfare is a huge problem, the loopholes are a huge problem, the income inequality is a huge problem, the deficit is a huge problem, and spending on unnecessary shit while picking fights around the world is a huge problem.
  10. Your example just highlights what I'm talking about. Because GRRM has a disdain for preordained heroes, many fans would be disappointed with the "predictable" ending. If it's not Jon then fans will complain that the setup and resurrection were all for nothing.
  11. The assault on free speech? LMAO. If you could just listen to yourself.
  12. Yes, it is a Republican issue. Going by stock market growth, profits were every bit as good in the Obama years. Tax code has changed, the Republicans just completely revamped the tax code guy. No Trump supporter is in any position to call anyone stupid and no one who constantly takes talking points from Hannity and friends has any basis to complain about CNN talking points. Hyperbolic, hypocritical bs from a group that has promoted the active destruction of our country for the betterment of their specific group and then blaming other "groups" for all the problems and then lacking the self-awareness to comprehend how it comes off when they complain about "identity politics" My god, how far the Republican party has fallen.
  13. So many possibilities, so little time. It has to be Jon IMO but I like the Arya theory too. I really don't see a way for them to end this without fans feeling a little sour about it.
  14. If you're making 3 billion in profit and paying a negative 21% tax rate, you would probably do whatever it took to keep Republicans in power too.
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