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  1. Seems like a legit list. I like this better than ranking them 1-32. Agree that Watson is the only real debatable tier 1 guy. Tier 2 is harder because a lot of these guys are either limited in some way or have a small sample size of production. I think Allen has the potential to move up to tier 1 or drop back down. Jackson will drop for sure because he's just not an elite passer. Stafford is over rated but probably still belongs in this tier. Herbert and Burrow are young. Ryan and Tannehill have some limitations that keep them from being a tier 1 QB. Honestly, w
  2. I can't believe there are this many people terrified of a vaccine in the modern age. Really, it blows my mind. For better or worse, we deserve whatever happens next.
  3. No matter what happens, he wasn't going to play for Houston this year. Great news for the Titans.
  4. I get briefs on this all the time from my medical support staff. Overwhelming majority of them heavily suggest getting vaccinated. Military will make it mandatory in September. I wish they would do it now and save me the headache of telling idiots over and over again to wear masks because they don't want to get vaccinated.
  5. That’s fair, even if they disappoint by not winning the division the total body of work likely earns an extension with another playoff appearance, even if it’s an early exit.
  6. Probably not. Maybe a short extension that you can get out of. Obviously, weird shit could happen that would not be on mike Vrabel. If Wentz or Lawrence just light it up for instance.
  7. I would argue they've upgraded on both sides of the ball while Colts and Texans have gotten worse and the Jags are the Jags. Anything less than Division Champs and 11 wins is a disappointment imo.
  8. Casey is a liability on the field at this point in his career. Better to go with a young guy rather than overpay for a guy who is done.
  9. Honestly, that's one of the less impressive things we've seen him do.
  10. Now we're arguing offensive line stats and pointing out should have beens on single plays without full knowledge of assignments or context. Brilliant! Next, you can start arguing about how Mariota softened everything up for Tannehill to come in here and have an easy time or how the Titans have failed so badly while putting up 4 straight winning seasons, division champs last year, AFCCG the year before. Clearly Robinson, Vrabel, and Tannehill all suck. How the hell can you people not see shit that is so blatantly obvious? I mean c'mon man! Seriously, let it go.
  11. LOL at you tards. The Titans won 11 games and averaged >30 points a game last year with an historically bad offense. Of course the QB is good.
  12. Autrey and Dupree will have a big impact on Simmons. The D-line has potential to be much better. I have high hopes for Weaver as well. So many questions though and so many things have to go in the Titans favor. Realistically, it's hard to imagine Simmons having an all-pro year or this defense taking a leap beyond average. I think he will be a good DT, I just don't know if I've seen enough to make me think he's going to be elite. Hope I'm wrong.
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