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  1. Tom Brady made the pats a dynasty but yea, I hope you're right on the rest.
  2. People are making way too much out of Burks not being the #1 WR already. The guy is further along right now than AJ Brown was his rookie year and he made a big impact. NWI will be valuable on early downs because of his blocking and likely will get the "start" for that reason at least early. It will have very little impact on his snap count though because the WRs are going to rotate and Hooper and Chig will get some love as well. NWI is likely pretty good for the role they want him to play, which is a rotational WR that can block, a possession WR, and can play STs if needed. Burks, Phillips, and McMath can all still make a big impact just by filling their roles. The nice thing about having this many 'dudes' is that they don't have to be game breakers, they just need to consistently beat their guy. Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill will do the rest. I'm still concerned about the Oline but that looks like it's coming together. Oh and I remember last year talking about how the Titans weren't doing more at WR because they really liked NWI and many posters balked. Mostly the same ones who thought Henry would bust because he didn't have lateral agility or the ones who are still convinced Ryan Tannehill is trash because he's only been to the playoffs every year and lead one of the best offenses in the league but hasn't won a superbowl yet.
  3. Hunt just doesn't have a whole lot of leverage here. He's a redemption project at a position that's easily replaced and most of the teams across the league are set for their starters at the position and wouldn't be inclined to give anything up to get him.
  4. Sounds like Ryan has really struggled last couple of days in Colt's training camp and Parris Campbell is dealing with a hamstring "tightness"....
  5. I am interested to see if they change any of the defensive concepts now that they’ve established the DL as a good unit and got much younger at CB. I expect Hooker/Byard will have big years playing behind this front 7.
  6. Go away. There is nothing here for you. No one wants to discuss football with you. EVERYONE here despises your homer troll BS. Mods, please move this to the irrelevant threads no one wants around.
  7. Makes you wonder if they saw a need to change with bringing Tim Kelly on board.
  8. I think the offensive line will be fine. Biggest problem they had last year were the tackles couldn’t hold up. I think Leeann will be better and it sounds like RT will be huge upgrade. Im a little concerned about how undersized they are but they are an athletic bunch and if the run game is schemed appropriately, they could do some real damage.
  9. I mean, imagine how pathetic your life must be to be so obsessed that you spend 2 years+ making excuses to an opposing team’s forum about how your team *should* have won
  10. Unless they somehow win their home opener on a short week! Logicals never manned up or accepted that the Titans beat the Bills in either the game last year or the year before. Why does anyone even listen to a damn thing he says. Every morsel of credibility he might have had as an opposing team fan is LONG gone.
  11. This guy is an idiot. The only thing he said that makes sense is that it will be fun to watch Malik Willis.
  12. I'm fine with that stuff in the offseason but now there is football back and these sidebars are clogging up the best current thread about training camp. I've had big, logicals and all the trolls on ignore since the beginning of training camp. Really cuts down on the trash posts so I can read the content that is actually worthwhile without wasting my time on emotional drivel. Tabloid season is over.
  13. There is no such thing as an easy win in the NFL but... this is the largest talent gap the Titans face all year and is their home opener.
  14. This was well established at the time and is common knowledge. Some conservatives refused to face reality but that's not the same as it not being true.
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