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  1. Honestly, I'm losing faith in the entire organization that they aren't already announcing that Tannehill will start the next game and they are moving on from #8.
  2. I've been saying all week the line needs to figure out how to block. They've been terrible all year.
  3. On the road on Thursday night. It'll be a tough game.
  4. I'm not saying it's THE issue. We ALL know what THE issue has been. But it has been an issue and it needs to get fixed. Other QBs are blitzed just as often as Mariota and still get the pass off. They might have just as many bad throws as Mariota but it's okay because they throw 10-15 more passes a game and conver more third downs. They get longer gains per pass attempt. Take less sacks. Have less drops (common theme among bad qbs) and the list goes on and on. We all get it. Still doesn't absolve the oline from pretty abysmal play over the first two weeks.
  5. Regardless of who's starting at QB, the offensive line better figure out how to block and fast.
  6. I think you bring back RT and draft a rookie. There's not nearly as much pressure to start a late 1st rookie QB as there is for one drafted #2 overall. If the kid earns it, you turn it over and see what he can do. If not, you roll with RT and try again the next offseason. You can't keep messing around at QB though. It's absolutely incredible how bad the Titans have been at drafting QBs.
  7. They manage Dalton well. They throw a ton of screens and predefined throws. Plus they have a ton of weapons around him. I'm not convinced he's much better than Mariota. The biggest difference is he's not athletic so he doesn't think he can hold on to the ball for 10 seconds and then try to escape even though it hardly ever works so he'll actually throw the ball away.
  8. I remember. It was all over all the talking shows. I get what he was doing and honestly I like the bravado but he still looks stupid.
  9. He really has trouble reading their zone and the spy / delayed blitz just gives him fits. The Ravens basically did the same thing to him last year. To me, it's just further proof that he hasn't progressed. The trend around the league is to play that same zone coverage against rookie QBs because it's hard for them to diagnose. Savvy veteran QBs get a lot more man coverage because they know where the soft spots are in the zones and eat it up. They aren't scared of a delayed blitz because the ball is out so fast anyways. So why are defenses playing our five year starter with the same strategy they would employ against Gardner Menshew? The implicit answer is loud and clear and as always the league is telling us something that most fans are deaf to.
  10. I went and watched the Texans Jags game again. Minschew is garbage. I expect Dean Pees Defense to gobble him up this week.
  11. Yea, we're on the same page man. I was the same way. I didn't know so I didn't want to assume the worst case scenario or unfairly place blame on guys I'm actively rooting for to succeed, especially when there WERE spots where guys were making mistakes and I didn't feel it was all on Mariota. I just couldn't anymore. It's just so blatently obvious at this point.