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  1. @scine09, these are a great read man. Thanks for putting this together. I always find this stuff enlightening and informative. The random facts are a nice touch.
  2. She was criticizing America's policy of drone strikes and saying Obama was just as responsible for the death and carnage as less well polished politicians. lol.
  3. How predictable that a racist would defend the racist. Why don't you find an all white nation to move to? This one is quickly diversifying and soon there will be no more room for the likes of you.
  4. Too fucking funny to watch these dumb fucks dance in circles to the Trump tango. Disgusting and disgraceful.
  5. Of course 5-11 is more likely than 14-2. The point stands though. Don't argue just to argue. You, star, and Oman, all know what I was saying and why I was saying it so don't try to make it something it isn't.
  6. And has done far more to contribute to the success of this nation than the likes of shittard roll fuck.
  7. That's simply not true but I don't care enough to argue it.
  8. Anything is possible but this team is too talented to only win 5 games unless there are major injuries.
  9. This team has way too much talent to not win at least 7 games and they have historically played UP or DOWN to the level of their competition. +/-3 games average means somewhere between 6-12 games won this season. Obviously, this is weighted more towards the bottom of the scale than the top but I can definitely see a scenario for outcomes at either end of that scale, regardless of the QBs we face this season. 5 wins is no more feasible to me (barring major injuries) than is 14.
  10. He's a solid analyst though. I get what you're saying. Everyone is fallible and everyone makes mistakes and we should take what he says with a grain of salt. Still, it is one more professional person who is looking at film and seeing what many others have been seeing for a while. That ain't nothing.
  11. Honestly, it wasn't a great interview but we definitely got to see another side of Vrabel that we rarely get a glimpse at. I love that Vrabel is capable of being a mature, above the fray guy, and then immediately switch gears and be "one of the boys". It's easy to see the meathead side to him that connects with the players but he's clearly smart and knows when to turn that side off, which is something I don't think guys like Lewan could easily do. Also, absolutely awesome that he said something genuine and funny, predicted that the media would run with it, they did, and then he just shut it down and his wife totally backs it up because she gets it.
  12. Yup. Given the opportunities, Davis is a strong starting receiver. Put him in the Steelers offense and he's a superstar. The Titans only threw the ball like 350 times last year and the guy still put up respectable numbers. I really don't know what people expect from this kid.
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