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  1. How do you fucktards have this much time?
  2. Lots of things could still happen in FA but with the roster as it stands now, I would not be in favor of trading up because it would almost certainly lead to holes that always bite you going into the post season.
  3. People interacted with animals and contracted a cross strain.
  4. Luck made more than a 100 million and walked away before he suffered from long term injury. I would say he did the right thing for him and his. Can't fault him for that.
  5. I would have no problem with Swift. They have to add electric playmakers to try and keep up with these explosive offenses. Personally, I would just bring Logan Woodside back as the backup. If Tannehill goes down, the season is f'd and you just get a street FA to finish out the season. Worry about QB next year. This year is too big of an opportunity in my eyes. Having said that, this is a good year to look at QB in the late first or preferably second round. There are some guys with real talent that can be had later than normal because of the unusual saturation at the position this year. I'm sure the Titans are doing their homework. I like the idea of take QB in the 2nd though because then the pressure to start him before he's ready isn't as prevalent.
  6. I've been working 24 hours a day in response to this coronavirus stuff while doctors are staying at home and partying? How does this work?
  7. Justafan

    Virus in US

    People are people. It’s the same no matter how much they make. When things are good, they don’t want to pay their fair share. When things are bad, those same people are always the first in line with their hands out. Everyone leans conservative until it affects them or their family and then strangely, it’s not fair.
  8. I think it probably is too. I've seen stranger things happen, though, than him come back and have a pro-bowl season this year.
  9. And the Colts are potentially better with Rivers and Buckner. I'm not at all at ease with this offseason but we knew this was going to be a particularly tricky period for this roster.
  10. Jags are going to be so bad this season. I think the Texans take another step back with the loss of Hopkins as well. Just gotta hope Rivers is a huge flop in Indy.
  11. I'm saddened by the loss of Casey but I get it. He's been a great player and one of the few bright spots on a bad defense for years. Wish him and his family all the luck in Denver. Hope the Titans find a solid replacement. They are losing a whole bunch of leadership so far this offseason that will be difficult to replace.
  12. Great news. It was only a matter of time, as anyone with a lick of common sense has been saying all offseason.
  13. Sad to see Delanie go but he was done. You have to move on and we have some good options at TE.

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