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  1. Bills fans went full homer this year huh?
  2. Yea, I got it now. I didn't realize it was Raskass. Should have picked up on it sooner.
  3. Ah. Gotcha. I thought he was another new guy.
  4. I don't agree that people can't have another opinion but I definitely agree that DH does his best work towards the end of the year which bodes well for his ability to take the title again.
  5. I saw Greenwald on Jimmy Dore on youtube the other day. Out of curiosity I tuned in for a minute. Cringeworthy stuff if I'm honest.
  6. I mean the guy is 350 lbs. At the very least throw him on the right side and help him out with some chips. I know the guy missed the offseason and he's been a knucklehead but it's frustrating watching that kind of potential sit on the bench while you're reaching down to the depths of the roster to let guys like Quessenberry play your most important OL position. It's really hard to execute at a high level consistently when you have back end guys playing those important positions.
  7. Any day the Titans win is a good day. Beat the rat birds? Great day.
  8. Lol. Fair! I’ll speak for myself then. I’ve had a blast!
  9. So many close games this year. Outside of a couple games the Titans have been so much fun to watch this year.

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