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  1. I mean, if Nagy really is the leading candidate then I think that is evidence that is absolutely willing to adapt. Having said that, we really don't know how true the rumors are. He very well could have already decided that Kelly will be the guy so he can continue to control how the offense affects the defense.
  2. Priority is the lines. I think you can probably slide Brewer to C, draft your LT at #11, bring in a FA for LG, have Radunz compete with a rookie at RG and then NPF at RT. On defense they have to find another imposing pass rush. There are obviously other needs and 100 strategies to fill them but in my mind this is what the crux of the offseason will come down to.
  3. Agree with most but Lewan is done. I would rather them hold on to Woods as insurance than Lewan.
  4. All for Matt Nagy. It would be great to get an established successful offensive mind in here to balance the defensive staff.
  5. Guys, I'm not here to think! I'm just here to whine because I have the emotional intelligence of a 12 year old. -Number9 Bro. Say your posts out loud and think about how you sound.
  6. I would mortgage everything to go get Young 10/10 before wasting a pick on Richardson.
  7. I'll be honest, I haven't fallen in love with any of the WRs in this draft. They all have flaws, flags and weaknesses. That's true in every draft but especially true this year.
  8. Glad Reich got another opportunity. And that he's no longer in the division. Underrated HC and the Colts were dumb to let him go and keep Ballard.
  9. You guys act like your going to draft a young QB and immediately contend for the superbowl. Even with an elite franchise QB there is no easy path through the AFC as Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes have discovered. Chances are good that you give up a guy who basically guarantees you at least a shot in exchange for a guy who is guaranteed to hold you back - at least in the short time... and that's assuming they actually hit on the pick which none of us should have confidence they will manage to do.
  10. One. They were the #1 seed two years ago and would have been in the top 4 this year without massive (historic level) injuries.
  11. Titans have several spots they can improve easily. OL, WR, even TE come to mind (Hell OC could be a huge boost). QB is a spot you can improve but it will be hard to do. It's the single most difficult position to improve on this offense other than MAYBE RB. Personally, it makes way more sense to try and build up the parts of the team that are clearly dysfunctional before worrying about the parts of the team that are performing at an at least adequate level even when the parts around them are in complete disarray. Common sense 101 gentlemen.
  12. People are so quick to throw away the only QB who has had real success since McNair. It boggles the mind.
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