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  1. Justafan


    I hope you are right about them making another move.
  2. Justafan


    That's an interesting take you have there considering Cooks played for the Texans last year.
  3. Justafan


    It's clearly a team weakness even though many fans have stuck their head in the grounds because either they don't want to believe the team would do this or they have this blind faith that Ryan Tannehill can elevate fringe guys to fill starter roles. That will work well enough to beat some bad teams and get into the playoffs. They won't be able to beat good teams with that formula though.
  4. Justafan


    Maybe so but that retard managed to put up 4000 yards of offense in a similar scheme to ours and Reynolds still only managed pedestrian numbers even after injuries and opportunity.
  5. Justafan


    They're going to go with who they have. Physical corners are going to make Reynolds disappear for long periods. He'll have moments but will be inconsistent. That's my prediction. Good over the top, solid speed but not shifty. His skill set definitely fits Tannehill's strength so I get the logic. Especially if they really like some of the young guys and want to give them a chance to rotate for snaps. I'm just worried there isn't enough talent at the skill positions to repeat the offensive success they had last year.
  6. I think Rice's upside is what Rashaan Evans is and not what we hoped Evans would be. After watching more.... I still think it's poor value with a top 100 pick considering needs and what else was on the board.
  7. I don't see any way his attempts or YPA stay at the same rate unless they bring in more skill players. The way the roster is currently constructed they will have to rely even more on the running game and defense. You can guess on this stuff all day long but he's going to have somewhere between 460-560 attempts and it will likely be on the low end of that due to Henry. He's going to average probably somewhere between 7-9 yards per attempt and 62-68%. That's a wide range and impossible to predict. What I do know is that he'll be better than Mariota (top 10 ish) and t
  8. Long is one of those guys that some other team will overpay to come be a starter and the Titans will let walk. I like him as a player and I think he's done well but unless he has a breakout year I don't think he'll have a long term future here. Brown, I absolutely think they would like to keep if they can. He's a good coverage LB and those are much harder to find than the thumpers.
  9. If Jrob brings in more skill players then the conversation will obviously change. Until then, fans are completely justified to express their opinions about the offseason strategy thus far. Name calling doesn't make you mature or right. It just makes you loud and obnoxious.
  10. A fucking men. I've been making this argument all week and people have been coming at me like I'm the crazy one.
  11. This is all my fault. I literally said on draft day that this was my favorite pick and that he would bust out in spectacular fashion because of it. Sorry TR.
  12. I agree but you still have to have someone to throw to. AJ Brown, Reynolds, and Batson with sprinkles from Firkser and Henry ain't adding up here.
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