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  1. Honestly, I've never been to Fort Riley. I know it's a small town and a lot of people complain that there isn't much to do there but the area itself is nice from what I hear. I know a lot of combat arms guys like me who come from light/airborne backgrounds loathe places like Hood and Riley but the Army always gets it's revenge eventually. I'm sure it has a different vibe to people in other jobs or who come from a more heavy background and are kinda used to Soldiers who hate to run.
  2. Many people here make that same joke often. Honestly can't wait to leave. I've never had an experience like this at any other military post I've ever been at.
  3. I don't think it was always like this but I'm wholly dissapointed with the experience I've had at Fort Hood. Texas is awesome but there is something just corrupt about this place. I've never seen so many Soldiers that are, in my opinion, lazy or criminals or just looking for a way to take advantage of the system.
  4. Sounds a whole lot like what I'm facing trying to get rid of my bad apples in my unit.
  5. I'm more cynical about the family. The stories say she's an avid runner but I run (almost) every single day at Fort Hood and I'm calling BS. Anyways, terrible that it happened. Selfishness is one thing but I engross myself in things like this from time to time just remind myself of the absolute cruelty that we are all capable of. They say the woman that helped him faces 20 years and 250k fine. I hope they throw the book at her.
  6. All I'll say is that racism has no place but people shouldn't be afraid to point out bad things people do regardless of race. I saw someone publicly attacked, humiliated, and shamed recently because she posted a video of a black man who had killed a cat and was eating it. She was upset about the cat but someone attacked her because they assumed she posted the video to attack a black man. This is wrong. I'll also say, I've been in the Army 17 years now and I've never seen problems like I've seen here at Fort Hood recently. 4 Soldiers have been straight murdered here in the last 10 months or so. They just found the body of a girl murdered at her work, right down the street from me, a couple of days ago. All of them are basically kids and so violence in this country is just sad and unfortunately a way of life in some places. I never saw this when I was at other duty stations and my theory is because it was a different caliber of Soldier I was working with. A lot of these kids had tough backgrounds and they brought it here with them and now I'm picking up the pieces. I'll also say that we have a huge drug problem here. I've always been in favor of decriminalizing drugs but this place has started to make me question that. ALL of my drug case guys have been low performers. Most are involved in other low level criminal activity as well. I had one stumble out of a window and stumble into downtown with no clothes on because he had a bad LSD trip. Another one got pulled over by the cops, waited till they came up to him and then sped off on a high speed chase until he ran out of gas, wrecked his bike, and then got caught with a backpack full of weed. (Both white guys) You can't make this shit up.
  7. It worked the first time and they got a slap on the wrist so why stop?
  8. I agree that the bible is not like other religions. It's just a series of carefully chosen books after all. Christianity, however, is EXACTLY like all other religions. It is another version of man's attempt at self conceptualization through literature that they stole from other religions and traditional stories. It has been hijacked, misrepresented, and twisted so much along the way that most of the modern versions have very little resemblance with what was probably the original idea/ideas. But many of the great concepts are still hidden in the overall themes of the stories and that is where the real value of the bible is. The bible is a great work of art. Christianity, and religion in general, was a necessary phase man had to go through to take another step towards civilization. The sooner we all move past the metaphysical garbage that is both unnecessary and used as a curtain to hide behind the better off we will all be. Instead, it is better to look at the Bible as a literary masterpiece with incredible insight from generations that went through things we couldn't possibly understand in our modern paradise. The real lesson(s) of the bible is the idea of delayed gratification. Sacrifice now for a better future. The bigger the sacrifice the better the future. What is the biggest sacrifice one can make asked the ancients... self? Child? What if there was a sacrifice that involved both simultaneously?
  9. It's a fantastic debate about the soul of civilization though. My wife is also a non practicing catholic by the way. It's been a very interesting and insightful conversation between the two of us over the years. She's intelligent and sophisticated and able to have a secular conversation about religion in a way that most people are incapable of because they are so emotionally wrapped up in it. Pretty good insight though. At the end of the day, do your absolute best to live the righteous life. That's the truly important lesson from the bible and a noble one whether you believe in God or a metaphysical world and all that stuff or not.
  10. Cool. Appreciate the insight. I'll admit I know far less about it than the Bible just because of where I grew up. Having said that, in my experience, all of the religious texts are basically saying the same thing and are routinely and deliberately misrepresented based on agenda. Also, I would argue it's القرآن‎ in Arabic.
  11. And misinterpreted just as routinely. For instance, in English it is the Koran, Quran or the Qur'an but I've never seen it mentioned as the Q'uran until now.
  12. Absolutely. Just the fact that people have to have this conversation proves my point. The actual lessons that can be gleaned from the bible had literally zero to do with homosexuality.
  13. If you read the old testament you will find there are only 10 rules written in the hand of God and made into a covenant or promissory agreement. Having said that, "GOD" keeps moving the goal post. By the end of the book there are more than 613 Torah or rules. Most Christians have never even heard of these even though they are plainly and clearly laid out in the book. YET, they hold on to things like condemn homosexuality. Slavery? Just forget about that little guy, we've moved past that so we'll just ignore that. Meal preparation and animal sacrifice, don't bear a grudge, don't take revenge, or crossbreed animals, or don't insult or harm anyone with words.... all the rest days and other trivial rules.... all of those are ignored... why? Why? Because the bible is a work of literature. A great work with many great insights but at the end of the day, just a book. Why do we have so many religions that interpret the same book so differently? Easy, because so many people have the agendas that THEY care about and they miss the WHOLE DAMN POINT of what our ancient ancestors were actually trying to teach us.
  14. There's a pretty big gap between not approving of someone's lifestyle for THEIR sake and intentionally discriminating against that same person because two lines in a book that is 2-4k years old told you it was yucky.

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