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  1. I agree, it's difficult to win any game when you give up 35 points.
  2. I swear fans act like they are the ones on the field. The maturity level from fans I've seen the last two weeks is embarrassing.
  3. I like the idea of going after an older guy like Addison and then maybe drafting a guy to go along with Roberson and Walker who have both flashed potential.
  4. I never said Kelly was a starter. I think you undervalue Conklin but that's fine. People will disagree on the value of players and positions.
  5. It just depends on what they see as his market value. I'd like to see him back but you're right that the tackle market has been set very high (he might get closer to 18 even) and that likely puts him out of range for the Titans who already have big money invested at LT and LG. That leaves a hole they have to replace at RT somewhere though. It also makes resigning Kelly an even bigger priority imo.
  6. On offense they just need to keep Henry, Kelly, and Conklin under contract. I could see them adding a young RB to replace Lewis, another WR to hopefully eventually replace CD, or maybe a top level TE but honestly, I would rather see them invest most of their resources towards shoring up the defense and adding depth across the team. They're in good shape assuming they can keep most of their big FAs in house. I think it's likely they need a replacement CB for Logan Ryan and they probably need another OLB pretty early. Impossible to say at this point without really knowing what their strategy is for FA.
  7. If Ryan Tannehill starts the season, the Titans likely won 12 games this year. I have no idea how anyone watched the difference between a MM led offense and a RT led offense and came to the conclusion that RT couldn't elevate an offense. I'm not against drafting a QB but let's be honest, losing in the AFC Championship game to one of the best teams in football is a terrible reason to blow things up and go get a rookie QB. When you have a strong running game and a strong arm QB who can make defenses pay off PA, you can have a productive offense. RT gives you that. Period. The Titans need to add some pieces on defense and do whatever it takes to keep the running game super dynamic. Maybe add a speed WR. You can add a rookie QB but as a project, not as a RT replacement. Hell, I would give RT a 4 year deal that you can get out of after two and then bring in a solid vet backup in case RT gets hurt. Maybe draft a project QB in the 5th-7th. Then, next year, depending on the situation going into the offseason, I would look at maybe drafting a QB early to develop behind RT to eventually take over. If the Titans have success again next season, Arthur Smith likely moves on and gets HC gig somewhere else. You bring in a QB guru OC and let him develop your young guy for a year or two and then slowly transition. At least that's my thoughts on it. I'm sure it will change as we all see more and more of the young guys coming out.
  8. Yup. They wanted to shorten the game and they had been riding the fact that no one seemed to be able to stop Henry. Vrabel and Smith failed to read the moment and realize that Henry wasn't picking up 7 yards a pop in this game and that drive was just too important to just man up and give them a chance to stop you. They should have come out and passed on the first down. A first down or two there and at least KC doesn't have time to drive for a TD instead of a FG. Who knows, maybe you drive and get a FG and get enough touches on the ball to drain the half while scoring yourself. Huge mistake that I'm sure will haunt Vrabel all offseason. I just hope he's smart enough to learn from it.
  9. It's easy to forget but luckily I get constant reminders!
  10. Not sure if you are too dumb to realize you just called yourself an idiot or if you really just agree with me...
  11. I understand a lot of things... like how stupid a fan sounds when they call a professional football player soft.
  12. They were trying to make a play. One turnover might have changed the entire game and that type of thing has gotten them a lot of success recently. Of course fans only remember when it doesn't work.

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