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  1. Sondland just keeps taking the hits as this whole thing unfolds.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/16/us/politics/impeachment-trump.html
  3. The whole thing is hilarious to me. So many undisciplined thugs, too stupid to understand how much money they are potentially throwing away because they're too childish to control their emotions.
  4. I mean jfk. No collusion! amirite?!
  5. I swear ya'll can scroll right past 100 good comments but when someone says something over the top stupid, you just can't help yourselves. I know because I do it too! Still, stop that shit!
  6. Normally to who? I've seen plenty of GM's not have the HC they wanted. Yes, the owner picked the HC before the GM and you can criticize that but she didn't force anything on anyone. That's all I'm saying. If your point is that she limited options with the course of action she decided to pursue, ok, at least that argument makes sense.
  7. This doesn't make any sense. She's the owner. Of course she hired the HC because there was no GM in place at the time. You can argue that you didn't care for the way she went about it but she didn't force anything on anyone. If Robinson was that uncomfortable with Mularkey, he wouldn't have accepted the job.
  8. My biggest take away from the game was speed. The Chiefs offense just has so damn much speed. You could see how fast guys like Rashaan Evans really is there and it was impressive. The Titans HAVE to find more speed on offense. Smith is the only guy that pops out at you with his speed the way the Chiefs players do routinely. You can win a lot of games with RT starting if you build the offense in the right way around him.
  9. Titans needed that win in the worst way. Tannehill, barring some major collapse has earned an opportunity to be the Titans starter going forward. I believe the Titans should build around Tannehill and go 100% in on him this offseason. Put off looking for a QB heir apparent for now and bring in a backup QB you feel comfortable with given Ryan's injury history. For the draft and FA, let's bulk up this offensive line, get the best oline coach money can buy, bring in some more weapons and continue to build the defense. They can win a lot of ball games with RT as the starter.
  10. I lost pretty much all hope for this season but RT is at least giving me some hope for the future.
  11. Can't win em' all. It was a good pick, just NFL is impossible to predict week after week.
  12. Justafan

    AOC is racist!

    Never play chess with a pigeon. They'll knock over all the pieces, take a dump on the board and then strut around like they won.