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  1. Justafan

    Thoughts on The Game - Mariota's Best

    Having lived in NY and being in the field in some of that weather, I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be to play in it. That’s hypothermia weather and these guys were out there in short sleeves laying it out. Proud of this team’s performance.
  2. Hope you both get well soon.
  3. Justafan

    Week 15: Titans at Giants Game Thread

    @Maker84 about that passing game. Lol retard.
  4. Justafan

    Around the NFL

    The Steelers are smart. Hardball but they got Bell’s best years at either a cheap price or at least without committing long term to a position that tends to fall off a cliff at some point. it sucks for Bell and I feel for guys that get tagged and then get hurt but they negotiated this deal and they’ll get another chance here in a few years. They got a lot of things they wanted (as a union) and this is one area where they clearly had to give something up. If we lived in a perfect world, Sam Bradford would have to tip RBs some of the stupid money he’s been paid. We don’t live in a perfect world though and you only get what you can leverage and RBs simply have less leverage. At the end of the day it’s difficult for me to care too much about millionaires being screwed over by billionaires by the negotiation settlement they agreed to in the first place.
  5. I’m trying to decide if I want to open up some new accounts. America’s economy is strong enough to overcome one man’s stupidity, right?
  6. Justafan

    Stuff you cant make up...

    It amazes me anyone was able to get past those quotes and not spot satire. I mean... wow.
  7. I haven't seen that. That's horrible. I don't care what you think of these people, that's bs.
  8. Apparently Rush was on today going crazy about all this stuff coming out and saying that the "Deep State" should just stay out of the President's personal sex life and leave it up to the voters... The irony and the hypocrisy just crack me up I swear.
  9. Absolutely. Our grandkids are going to learn in school about things that are happening right now. It's extraordinary.
  10. Justafan

    Trump names Mulvaney Chief of Staff

    It's clear they've framed the looming shutdown and completely controlled the narrative. Not that it's difficult because everything they've said is true.
  11. Reminds me every day of why I oppose Trump and his supporters.
  12. Justafan

    Trump names Mulvaney Chief of Staff

    “It sends a clear message that at this critical time the president would choose to elevate the architect of the last Republican government shutdown,” said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill.
  13. I'm amazed anyone up there has a "schedule".