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  1. Your homer tears make me stronger. Cry some more. You can never go back and it doesn't matter for a millisecond what you think happened.
  2. Maybe Bills fans would have a leg to stand on if they didn't spend two weeks last year talking the EXACT same crap leading up to the biggest beat down of the year. Then, after the team left with it's tail between it's legs for not being worthy to be on the same field, we had to listen to the fans for another week or two make excuse after excuse about how the Bills actually won even though the beat down was so bad there are still meme's floating around the internet about it. Look Bills are a good team and are favored Monday night and should be based on their performance and healt
  3. I'd settle for a fan vs fan bat/knife faceoff.
  4. I don't think so but they might as well be.
  5. Yea, I made the post and then immediately realized some mouthbreather was going to play the gotcha game and say something stupid. Whatever. You're right, should of just edited it. Wasn't a point worth making an extra post for.
  6. Yea, fair. I'll go back and edit it. Whatever.
  7. Allen is about two shades darker than retarded himself.
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