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  1. Lol. It doesn't work like that. The military generates the list, based on competency and achievements. The Senate approves and appoints them with input from the Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary. Democrats can hold up nominations the same way Tuberville has. The President can simply fire the Defense Secretary - and believe me, he would - and replace that person with his own, and he can appoint the Chiefs of Staff with approval from Congress. At the end of the day, he would be the commander-in-chief, but this idea that you can replace all the current generals with MAGA loyalists is pure fiction sprouted by people who have no clue how the military operates. Senior military officers are apolitical, and it is a virtue that most of them take VERY seriously. This is why you saw so much pushback when both Trump and Pelosi and others tried to politicize the military before. Guys like General Flynn are an incredible minority.
  2. That's because you're being annoying. Everyone knows the things you're explaining to us like we're three-year-olds. It's over the top. Also, we all have biases. I admitted mine. Can you admit yours?
  3. Tua has been better than I thought he would be. I still think he's a product of the system/talent he's surrounded by rather than the catalyst but you can win with that if you surround an okay QB with elite talent in the modern NFL.
  4. Tell me more of what you know about the Middle East from TikTok and how your preferred news outlet is the arbiter of unbiased information. Give me a break.
  5. Exactly. Same here. I spent years of my life over there fighting terrorists. Friends of mine died. I sacrificed a great deal personally that I won't get into. It would be impossible for me not to have biases or emotions attached to that.
  6. For what it's worth, I don't think you're emotional, even if I disagree with you on Israel. I think you're passionate about what you believe, and that's different, respectable even. Reo likes to think of himself as above the fray. Really, it's just his own hubris that won't allow him to see other points of view. We're human, and we have values and beliefs and things we're willing to tolerate and things we will stand against the wind and defy even at the greatest of personal costs. It's our greatest strength as a species, not a weakness.
  7. Settle down there nippledick. You're not the only dumb mf'er I call out around here!
  8. The one thing they could not mess up this offseason was the OL. Everyone knew it. The bar was Daley so all they had to do was go from terrible to average. They may have gone backward.
  9. I know where there might be a potential opening looking for an innovative and offensive-minded coach from the college ranks!
  10. I think Vrabel is closer to the axe than many here and in the media believe. I don't think AAS will fire him midseason, barring some embarrassing blowout losses, but I do think there is a decent chance he's gone at the end of the year.
  11. I'm not part of a you guys or any narrative. The Colts run a smaller, quicker defense and they got sucked inside too many times and don't have the guys who can scrape to the outside and the Titans took advantage of that. It wasn't some stellar run blocking performance and there have been other games where the run blocking has been just as good. Apparently though, pretending like this oline is all of a sudden pretty good when they've proven over and over again they aren't is evident and any other reason is a narrative?
  12. His biggest runs today came from the Colts failing to contain him on the edges because they were overly aggressive crashing in, not due to superior run blocking. Nothing but love man, but this narrative needs to die.
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