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  1. Sure, and if he gets injured again, he won't be nearly as coveted in Free Agency. He needs a big year. But yes, the Titans already know he's likely not coming back and so this doesn't mean much of anything overall.
  2. Weird dude. Just flailing stupidity. Best thing is to put the loser on ignore and not spend a moment's energy worrying about it.
  3. They can restructure Landry and be fine.
  4. This is true regardless of who they go with at QB in 24'. My absolute biggest gripe with Vrabel even if I disagree with you on how valuable Henry is, this point can't be ignored, overlooked, or devalued. It is absolutely critical to their ability to evolve into a modern passing offense and the only way they will be able to sustain success at the highest levels imo.
  5. Nah, you just got to go for an individualized moniker like Rambotard. That's how you know you've made it!
  6. It would honestly be pretty hilarious after how this offseason has gone if Tannehill got extended.
  7. This guy just can't help himself, he makes stuff up every single time there's smoke stirring. Supposedly extending Henry and Tannehill to make room.
  8. Maybe the Titans know something we didn't from Ossenfort and this was their master plan all along!
  9. Do people really still think they will move off Tannehill in 23'? I can't see any way that happens now. Trade after an injury in camp? MAYBE but I doubt it.
  10. I'm gonna laugh so hard when this team comes out and wins 11 games and people are still complaining about how bad they are. Fans man.
  11. I have no idea about injuries on this new surface but I'm confident it won't cause cancer and I have a hard time believing it could be any worse than what the Titans field has been the last few years. The sloppy surface has been terrible to watch but my uninformed reaction is that it won't have any affect on injuries overall one way or the other.
  12. I was going to post something similar to this but held back. It frames the off-season in a way that makes far more sense. I guess we just all assumed based on Vrabel's comments that the offense would stay basically the same but a significant change to the offense immediately means the slot WR and pass catching RBs became bigger priorities and they didn't necessarily need to go out and get another X. If it works, it could really help. It could also mean that things are a little rougher than expected to start out the season.
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