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  1. Umm... didn't 9s trade away all his picks?
  2. Somebody got proof. Looks like you're damn near total dickhead. 99% at least.
  3. You know how there are homers who jerk off to the idea of players giving us a hometown discount because of the tax breaks and a great area to live in? Well there are also anti-homers who jerk off to the thoughts of all those homers having their hopes dashed.
  4. You know, I'm pretty sure you oversimplifying the scenario is worse than me "acting like this shit is science". If your logic is what we need to use then Ruston Webster should never have been fired or even criticized since all GMs really do is throw darts at a wall and needlessly pay scouts to watch sports for a living. 😏 If you are a good GM then you are right more than just "sometimes". You are right a bit more than you've been wrong and JRob has been, afaics. I'm about as all in on JRob as anyone else around here and the only one calling for his head other than maybe Mr Tolarbear [email protected] So maybe climb on down out of my ass? It's just a criticism, not a dick... try not to take it so hard. You don't want to wind up like unclesuncle with your prostate constantly slipping into the toilet every time you take a shit, do you?
  5. Well, you know nothing anyone says here means anything anyway, right? So your point is kinda shitting on itself... Regardless, nothing about your attempt to demonstrate my gripe as pointless changes the fact that there were better options available nor does it lessen the frustration of waiting on this guy to fulfill. And it sure as shit doesn't help anyone understand what JRob was thinking.
  6. We should expect to see bigger production out of the receivers this year. We may not wind up with a lot of volume in terms of targets, but we will possibly wind up with a larger number of game-breaking plays. There's more than one way to gauge "big production" in the passing game than passing the ball 35 times a game, after all.
  7. I really hope things work out for Smith, but there were opportunities to take other, better tight ends, and JRob opted not to. George Kittle went to the 49ers in the 5th fucking round the same draft we took Smith in the 3rd. We also passed on OJ Howard in the first round of that draft for AJax. I get that you can't solve every problem with the draft, and we had a big need at corner so you can't fault JRob for going after Adoree over Howard, but we had a golden opportunity to shore the position up for the next 10 years with Kittle and passed on him for whatever reason for Jonnu. There's no accounting for injury, sure, but what has any of us seen in Smith on the field thus far that we haven't seen utterly dwarfed by Kittle? More importantly, what the hell did JRob see in Smith that he didn't see in Kittle during the scouting process? I remember a number of people on the board here talking highly of Kittle before the '17 draft so it's not like he was a secret. He had a decent number of vids on YouTube whereas there wasn't shit out there for Smith. So I'm sure JRob knew about Kittle. So wtf? Carlos Hyde hasn't exactly set the league on fire, but it still grinds my gears that we passed on him for Bishop Sankey. And at this point that's exactly who Smith is reminding me of.
  8. It depends on which lines you're reading between... 👀
  9. I'd be for all of that including this red jersey. This shit's for the fans, after all. I don't see the harm in offering a buffet of options. More options means more potential revenue, so...
  10. That's about as clean of an exit from pro football as you can hope for. Most players don't retire with the team that drafted them, at least not the ones who are 30 years old or older. I wonder if the veganism in the locker room will sorta die out now...
  11. I disagree. In fact, I think it's more real than you are.
  12. Dayum... I ain't seen a Jag so desperate to be a Titan since Fred Taylor. The only difference is Ramsey's incredible transparency whereas Taylor hid his jealousy behind denial. That mofo still to this day says that 99 Jag team was the better team. Lol
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