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  1. NashvilleNinja

    Collinsworth slide

    Thanks a lot. I'm not going to be able to not notice this shit now.
  2. NashvilleNinja

    The Game of Thrones

    You sound like woolfolksunclesuncle.
  3. NashvilleNinja

    Fournette threatens to beat Titans FAN'S ass

    That's not cockeyed. That's pussyeyed.
  4. NashvilleNinja

    The Game of Thrones

    I think I remember either reading an article/blog/something about GRRM or from him directly talking about that period that history, or known/accepted history about the original Long Night may not be all that accurate as to what actually happened. I guess maybe we'll see since that's what the prequel series is going to be about.
  5. NashvilleNinja

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Lewis is mind-numbingly frustrating to watch. Even when he jukes someone he gets caught and tackled most of the time. "All dressed up with nowhere to go" describes him perfectly. He has all this burst, agility, and speed... but rarely does he do a fucking thing with it but get stuffed.
  6. NashvilleNinja

    Fournette threatens to beat Titans FAN'S ass

    That's what happens to front running bitch made pussies. But they showed those colors last year too. The only difference is the house of cards didn't get knocked down until the AFCC game. This year it got tipped in the 3rd game of the year by us, leaving the foundation cockeyed. Then the Chiefs came along in the 5th game and blew it apart. October to December is a long time to go winless.
  7. NashvilleNinja

    The Game of Thrones

    How much backstory is there in the books from the first Long Night?
  8. NashvilleNinja

    How fast is Corey Davis?

    There aren't even a handful of those guys in the history of the NFL anyway. Randy Moss is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that made their living that way. Calvin Johnson maybe.
  9. NashvilleNinja

    Around the NFL

    One of those is not like the others.
  10. NashvilleNinja

    The Game of Thrones

    Yeah, the first (night king?) was created by the Children of the Forrest by sticking a daggar dragonglass into the guy tied to the tree. That's what the 3-eyed raven showed Bran during his "training". Idk if that's how it was described in the books though. Interesting tidbit in the show is that when the 3ER was showing that event to Bran the ground was grassy, no snow at all. So the geo-area above the wall was once fertile ground, or at least less winterized than it is now.
  11. NashvilleNinja

    Let’s check in on Vince Young

    Dude, Wince Young is from Houston. If you want to blame any town then blame them.
  12. NashvilleNinja

    Let’s check in on Vince Young

    What in the unholy fuck?
  13. NashvilleNinja

    Around the NFL

    Weird score alert! Bears 8 Rams 6
  14. NashvilleNinja

    Games of interest this weekend

    Damn it... wrong thread.