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  1. lol You literally just took the definition of two different words and typed them out. You didn't prove a scientific theorem. It's not appropriate if it isn't true.
  2. That's smart, but hopefully he's been squirreling away some of that endorsement money too.
  3. Gronk figures he's been injured enough. If he can get out now while he's as healthy as he's going to get all the better. He plays the role of a party animal very well, but he's not a meathead. At least not totally.
  4. He may have if the Pats had lost to the Rams. Now is as good a time as any to get out. He's about to turn 30 so he'll still be more than young enough to enjoy his spoils and he'll have plenty of opportunities coming his way that he can take part in now that football is out of the way. I'm shocked that Tom Brady hasn't retired yet. I'm starting to think that he's afraid of retiring, like he doesn't have any post-career plans except to be Giselle's errand boy. I mean, the Pats have already been more successful than any other franchise ever has or ever will. 9 Super Bowl appearances in 18 years is an impossible feat. What else is left to prove?
  5. Jamal isn't a racist. His name is Jamal Black, ffs. Seriously... being philosophically or politically warped/weird doesn't make someone a racist. Jamal just believes odd things sometimes. We all do in at least some regards. But what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Because I see a lot of people cartoonishly reacting to everything he says and does too. You ever think that he does that just to provoke those kinds of reactions? "He isn't the hero we need, but the hero we deserve."
  6. *sigh* You know, sometimes the sense of humor on this forum is a little more Stephen Colbert when it really needs to be a lot more Bill Burr. Not that I'm Bill Burr or anything...
  7. About as much as I think the debate over Mariota is over. Yeah, it was a bit over the top, but Jesus sometimes it's just the natural reaction. No, I don't actually wish sterility on people... well, most people.
  8. The earth is so round that the spherical shape is almost impossible to prove. 😏 Hey, white supremecy is the new it thing. All the caucasians are doing it... even Jews like Ben Shapiro.
  9. Not even hardly. I'm just over partisan people monopolizing dialog.
  10. The most pathetic thing I can see in this whole fucking shit show is that people were actively rooting for this to be true. They wanted it to be true. Now that it has been proven not to be is there relief? No, it's disappointment. People care more about their own god damn politics and hatred of one man than they do the integrity of the nation. To all those people all I can say is fuck you. Fuck your politics, fuck your selfishness, fuck your stupidity, fuck your arrogance, and fuck your ability to procreate any further.
  11. That gif was about 2.5 seconds and only the first 1.25 seconds of it was good. The other 1.25 was any man's nightmare.
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