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  1. Unpopular opinion: Brady is Kobe. Montana is Jordan.
  2. Umm.... is he going to be playing for the Titans on Madden from the couch?
  3. God I hope Ran makes it a mission to fix our kicking. I refuse to believe Fat Randy is the best any GM can do for us.
  4. It's probably just going to be a Ray Lewis/Shannon Sharpe/Fatassagusa/Buttlick jerk off fest.
  5. No shit. How the hell does he get to be a turtle? He's not even good enough to be a member of the foot.
  6. Poor Eastwatch... ain't never gonna be the same.
  7. He was definitely the issue in 2000 for not getting rid of Del Greco, who was the issue in 99. Just let this sink in: Del Greco is THE culprit for why the Titans didn't win back to back Super Bowls in 99 and 00. Everyone looks at the Titans now as "oh yeah, that's that team that Kurt Warner beat in his first Super Bowl." Or, "oh yeah, that's the team Ray Lewis shut down." That's how fine a line it was from being considered an all-time team and an also-ran. The 99-00 Titans should be seen as a dynasty. They were forged by the path less traveled nature of the move from Houston to Nashville in the 3/4 years prior. They were vagabonds that overcame a lot of shit to get to the pinnacle. Top to bottom they were the best team of their championship window, but that will never be the public narrative for them. Thanks to Del Fucko and Fishbait. Also, fuck YOU Brian Asslick. You are the Trent Dildo of NFL head coaches, you lucky fuck.
  8. I guess I'll just have to suffer from Fred Tayloritis for the rest of my life. I will always consider the Titans the better team over the Ravens. Just like I consider the Starks the better house over the Lannisters. Robb was winning the fuck out of all those little battles, but that sneaky, conniving bullshit got their throats cut and lost the war. "The Al Del Greco's send their regards."
  9. He also went 1 for 3 in the Super Bowl the year prior, and that was on turf. Had he made those kicks McNair wouldn't have had to be as much of a Houdini on that last drive and Dyson wouldn't have even been put in the position to be tackled at the 1. De Flecto would have had a shot at going 4 for 4 and being the hero of the franchise. They had plenty of evidence he was beyond his expiration date before the season that they just ignored. It was an omen losing to the Bills the way they did to start the 2000 season. De Flecto wasn't even enough of a kicker to try the kick. They had to have Hentrich come on.
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