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  1. NashvilleNinja

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    Fuck. The. Patriots.
  2. NashvilleNinja

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    I think Mueller is wasting his time with Trump. He's small taters compared to the NFL...
  3. NashvilleNinja

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    See the meaning behind the post. Even if the Titans aren't playing in the game I'd like to feel like I could root for one team over the other. The Rams vs Patriots?
  4. NashvilleNinja

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    If the Patriots win this game I'm boycotting the Super Bowl. Fuck the Rams, fuck the Patriots.
  5. NashvilleNinja

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    I just had to tune in for that. Naturally I'm rooting against the Rams.
  6. NashvilleNinja

    So, did Tony die at the end or what?

    Who said it has to be random? Tony had many enemies. Patsy Parisi, for one, never really forgave Tony for having his brother whacked. NY could have played Tony the same way they played Phil Leotardo to get both of them out of the way. It could also be a proactive measure to protect "family" business due to the fact Tony was soon to be indicted. Just cut off the head of the snake and leave the FBI at a loss. Also, just because the guy in the Members Only jacket isn't someone you've seen in the show doesn't mean it's random. The point of that scene was to illustrate Tony's death. Whether it was in that diner or some other day, he was marked for death. We all are, but when you live the life he lived you're begging for it. The cut to black leaves interpretation up to the viewers, but you'd have to be blind not to see the clues. And the way the final scene was filmed? It's plain as day in retrospect. Chase has even been quoted as saying he had Tony's death planned two years before that final season but it ultimately didn't play out that way. He said you wouldn't necessarily seen his death, but you'd know he wasn't coming back from a meeting in NY alive. Chase can't and probably won't ever come out and say "yeah, Tony died there" because it would take away from all the controversy and discussion. If he'd had some big, bloody final scene there would be no ambiguity and people would have moved on from this show a long time ago. Instead, people still debate this shit heavily and the show still has an aura of mystery about it because of it. It was a stroke of genius on Chase's part, even if he tries to downplay his motives in the media. But like he says, the clues are all there in the episode.
  7. NashvilleNinja

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    A fraud? They're a win away from the Super Bowl. Whatever else they are they're far from fraudulent.
  8. NashvilleNinja

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    I'm so ready for Brady to sit on the couch. Go Chiefs!
  9. NashvilleNinja

    Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt

    I understand why they wouldn't be interested in him in general, but Henry's performance at the end of the year should be low on the totem pole of reasons not to pursue Hunt. Henry needs to prove that he can do that over the course of a full season.
  10. "Some" doesn't justify the joke though. LaFleur wasn't perfect, but he wasn't a problem. He was a huge improvement over your Mr Pops. And most people around here know it/acknowledge it.
  11. Yeah, because people were just lining up to rip LaFleur for all the offensive woes this year... Good job setting up that strawman.
  12. NashvilleNinja

    Dexter Lawrence

    There's always going to be a premium need for big fatties who can routinely get pressure.