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  1. Seems like the writers boxing themselves into a corner just to get that dialog between them. There could have been a better way of playing that out. Simple way would have been to have Vader go full retard strong with the force and separating them by creating a physical chasm far greater than what he did in the episode instead of them making Vader look weak. Still could have had Obi-Wan dealing damage, leading to the dialog, but then have Vader...like I said above.
  2. I remember someone called him a poor man's Emmitt Smith. I think it may have been Cyrus. Everyone thought Carlos Hyde was going to be the first back off the board toward the beginning of the round and we'd have no shot at him. When Hyde made it to us I thought it was forgone that we'd take him. Ruston Webster said "hold my cock."
  3. This is the worst news I've ever fucking heard. It has to be them trolling me specifically. It HAS to be. No one came to hate that fucking draft pick as much as I did.
  4. Since this is where the Star Wars talk currently is, I post this here:
  5. I don't remember you handholding anyone. But I do remember you spending more time criticizing the people for being annoyed by him than criticizing him for being annoying. Yes, sometimes people should grow thicker skin. But also sometimes ET needs to phone the fuck home.
  6. No doubt. But he probably drafted him in the 1st round, unlike me who drafted McLaurin in the 3rd round.
  7. But who's whinier? The whiners whining about the AI bot or the whiners whining about the whiners?
  8. Roles drying up? He just can't quit Westeros? I figured he'd go in more of a comedic route after GOT.
  9. This guy? I wonder if they'll go for a 2nd season after this, or make a show focusing more on Vader with Obi-Wan showing up intermittently. Idk if Disney would be capable of going dark like that though.
  10. Darth Bennious was puttin in work.
  11. Along with your straws and napkins.
  12. Lmao... as I read that post I immediately thought of ol Buck.
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