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  1. Poor Dan Marino never would've stood a chance with you.
  2. Lies. An entire $8M worth of man-hating wymynz and all their SJW-sensitive beta male submissives saw it. Why u spread ur white man propaganda!?
  3. Forget about Mahomes stats, which are HoF-caliber. Just watch how he plays the game. That jump pass to Hardman that went for the touchdown was unreal. I couldn't even get mad about that. It's like watching Michael Jordan waste somebody with one of his fades. Idk wtf else Joel is expecting from him.
  4. This is probably 90% of it. I've never really though of it that way, but who knows how successful they would have been if they'd actually had strong divisional conpetition.
  5. I stopped after the 80's. There's nothing quite like 80's ninja cheese.
  6. He got the Browns/Steelers game wrong, but he got every other game right (MNF TBD) and had more right than anyone else. I can't break through that 6/7 correct benchmark lately. Not my year for this shit. Iowa starting to pull away from the rest with this week's count. Don't slip now, @IowaOiler Pressure's on.
  7. Fuck Jackie Chan. I prefer Sho Kosugi.
  8. Lolthread is going to burn in the 7th level of hell once Mariota gets with a team/coaches that knows what to do with him...
  9. He's a careerist. When he saw his first career petering out he picked a new one: SJW saint/martyr. Fuck him and his $160 Kunta Kinte shirt.
  10. The idea we shouldn't have drafted Davis at 5 because he's a receiver is dumb. Drafting WRs in the top 5 won't lose you Super Bowls any more than not taking them there will win you any Super Bowls. Teams win Super Bowls. That being said, I don't think bulking up the team's receiving corps was the only reason JRob drafted AJ Brown. He knew this decision was coming and so far Davis hasn't blown the doors off with production, his fault or otherwise. I love the guy as a player, but there's just no way JRob is spending the 5th option on him unless he explodes in the last 6 games and then wreaks havoc in the playoffs. There are too many other positions to take care of first whereas he'd be a luxury.
  11. Stop acting like there's no argument. His "excitement factor" isn't why the Ravens are 8-2. If that really counted then RG3 should still be Washington's QB. It isn't Baltimore's fault that neither the Steelers, Browns, or Bengals are 9-1. So no, it would NOT be a travesty if he doesn't win it. It would just be an indication of a strong competition of performance between the two. LJ is just as much a reason for the Ravens success as Wilson is the 'Hawks. The Ravens would be nowhere right now if not for him.
  12. Mods, please change Abenjami's requested change to "Fool holding public workout"