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  1. Nah, it was illegal. I think it had to do with him spoiling Joffrey getting choked up on his birthday cake. Or some old world pigeon pot pie or whatever. Way too dry.
  2. If anyone is following the Kartrashians for any reason all they are doing is contributing to the scumming down of society. If you think this and all the shit those scam-sketchy NFT bros are peddling are synonymous with Bitcoin you just aren't doing good enough research or you just aren't keeping an open enough mind about it.
  3. I'm starting to think he really would cut off his dick.
  4. Being thankful they won and discussing the many ways that might not be a continuing trend against stiffer competition aren't exclusive either/or states of existence.
  5. We had a poor man's Tyreek in Raymond, but we only utilized him once every blue moon. I don't think JRob or Vrabel care too much about getting speedy guys like that in here. They're all about plodding brick shit house receivers who block like tight ends and tackle like linebackers.
  6. Back in reality, it won't matter who the OC is as long as Vrabel is insistent on his bass ackward philosophy and penchant for sticking his hands in the cookie jar. The guy is the head coach. I get that. But for fucks sake, the guy comes from the defensive side of the ball. I understand wanting the offense to operate in a general way and as the HC he should get what he wants, but hire good offensive people to come in and do the job and keep the micromanagement bullshit to himself.
  7. Ok... but what about second half failures? I think those rest more squarely on mediocre coaching and playcackling.
  8. He's definitely a long-term keeper/dynasty stash. Re-draft has far more consistent players.
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