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  1. I'd rather not use the 29th pick on a QB.
  2. Who has the time to devote to such weighty affairs these days?
  3. ME is basically the TR version of the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. Just another ugly ass rural e-landmark on these internet highways and byways. You drive by it with the wife and kids, maybe you stop to look at it or maybe you just drive on down the road.
  4. I despise you for making a multiple choice poll for a question in which there should only be one winner.
  5. It's horrible, but I've heard they have one of the oldest populations in the whole world. Also, they're basically a country if walking talking chimney pipes and this is a respiratory disease. I mean... if there was ever an opportunity for the anti-tobacco companies to sieze it's probably right after this shit goes away, maybe even before.
  6. Mularkey rode Murray til the wheels came off, as he should have, and then kept riding him til the axles started digging extra ditches, which he shouldn't have. Dion Lewis was looked to for a while in 2018 in part because Henry was still in that "look like Tarzan, play like Jane" mode. When he changed how he played that's when his role increased. I don't fault the Titans for going with Lewis for half of the 2018 season. He was a freshly signed free agent who was expected to come in here and show out. He didn't.
  7. I'm probably always going to be pissed about the Sankey pick. None of the backs in that class have had great careers, but many of the others have at least contributed and looked, at times, like they might be that dude. I will never understand what Webster saw in him.
  8. Even Madden is more realistic than the NFL these days so idk wtf what you're talkin about, Niner boy.
  9. Uh... what face? All I saw was shredded beef steak gently swaying like a willow tree, with a random eyeball floating around in the middle of it like an orb.
  10. If the Redskins were smart they'd jump into this with both feet. Trade the Texans what'shisface and a pick for Watson.
  11. I don't think there was any real way to make this a non-shitty deal.

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