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  1. Didn't know we needed a safety. https://www.nfl.com/news/logan-ryan-safety-not-cornerback-free-agent
  2. @heyitsmeallen @IrishTitansFan You guys have any interest in possibly joining the league if a few of the others don't play this year? Fyi, it's not a guaranteed spot, but if we don't hear from them or if they let us know they're out then the teams will be up for grabs.
  3. You're just not reading that correctly. His ink pen was being hunted down by all these ninja bottles of white out so he had to be elusive with his hand to get pen to paper.
  4. @Jamalisms I've done what I can. Idk what you guys want to do next.
  5. Batman vs Superman was a mess. So was Justice League. A lot of these newer DC movies have been. They're trying too hard to mimic the MCU when they should stick to complete, self-contained stories. Nolan's Dark Knight series, for example. Let these characters have their own stage and stop trying to tie them into some forced larger group event. They haven't even had a decent Superman movie yet to build off of... and Man of Steel doesn't count.
  6. I'm kinda yes and no on whether or not college football sucks, but I am definitely not somebody who gags for Saturday afternoon football. If UT is doing well (which is never, really) I'll follow along loosely. A few years ago when Invisible Eyebrows was leading the Vols to comeback after comeback that was kinda neat and I followed that, but that was like a mirage. Any rooting for UT unfortunately forces contact with UT fans, people who were born on 1st base yet always think they're supposed to be waved into home like they were born on 3rd. And yeah, college can shove their OT non-sense up their amateur assholes. But the bottomline is college is where the Titans and the rest of the 31 NFL teams get their players. College may not officially be the farm system of the NFL, but in every other way that counts it really is. If there is no college football in 2020 it's going to make it extremely difficult for the next NFL draft.
  7. And it was with identity politics, no less. I wish it were 8 years ago again. This past half-decade has sucked fucking donkey tits.
  8. Except for @tgo. He will curse the day Beasley almost made him feel tingly.
  9. Yeah... I think he got her pregnant again. He's a real life @woolfolksunclesuncle. Can't take his dick anywhere without it jumping into a random vaginal cave.
  10. Just waiting on @TitansGuru @Cyrus @TitanJoe @Cornrow Wallace The draft is scheduled for next Friday, although it can be pushed back if need be. But you who haven't joined may want to join soon to get familiar with the app if they aren't already.
  11. Physically or financially? I have a feeling his sexcapades have broken him far more than any linebacker may have.
  12. I might be hallucinating, but I think I could swear you might have a slight dislike for the guy.

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