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  1. Hey, in an effort to bury the hatchet I gotcha a present... . I bought it off this chick who said she wanted to meet ya. Don't disappoint her with all this damn "I'm a Titans fan, you fucking twat" talk, bruh. Now's no time to be proud.
  2. Who said the offense with Tanny was terrible?
  3. You've said that you think Davis is a talented receiver, which I agree with. But his production was putrid this year. Not a single 100 yard game all year, only 4 games with more than 3 receptions, and only 3 games in the regular season with over 50 yards. There are a number of people who think the dude's a bust/bum. With numbers like that what's the argument otherwise? (Bongo can go fuck a cactus... he doesn't count)
  4. Burr is my favorite comedian. Dude cuts through the bullshit with a chainsaw. And if he happens to nick off an arm or a leg... *switches to Burr's voice* eh, you didn't need it anyway.
  5. I get the argument you're making. And I would have to agree the Titans offensive skill players are far better than the Patriots. But the only reason I'd support the Titans going after him instead of Tannehill is if Tannehill wants/is offered an insanely ridiculous amount from some other team that would really hamstring what we do with the rest of the roster, which is something people have to consider, especially give that Henry was such a vital cog to how we ran the offense. If it came down to Tannehill and some other unknown RB or Brady and Henry, which combo would you choose? I know Brady wants to be paid too, but no one is going to pay a 42 year old QB Patrick Mahomes money like that, except for maybe the Chargers. I don't know if he'd want to go to the Chargers... and who knows, maybe they'd prefer to go after Tannehill. If the Titans were to wind up a player in Bradystakes I'm sure JRob and Vrabel would have a serious edge over the Chargers to obtain his services even if they offered more. Brady would still get paid and the Titans are just flat out a better team than the Chargers top to bottom. Honestly, and this is something that intrigues me the most about Brady in a Titan uniform, I feel like Vrabel would be a lot more likely to loosen up that grip on the direction of the offense if he had a QB he trusted the utmost in, something I'm not sure he's had with Tannehill, whether that's a good thing or not. If Brady wanted something on offense Vrabel would no doubt gtfo of the way and let him have it. Maybe instead of running three straight times into a man mountain against the Chiefs we instead take advantage of some open play action a little more. If you're someone who has doubts about Vrabel sticking his nose in on the offense that has to make you at least somewhat intrigued about the idea of us signing Brady. I'm sure Tannehill would be perfectly fine with signing here, but he's not going to stay here at a discount. No way he turns down a bank vault of money if some other team offers it to him. And he might get offered quite a bit more elsewhere.
  6. He's supposed to be coming back to the Opry House on April 13th. https://www.opry.com/show/2020-04-13-bill-burr-at-the-opry-house/
  7. I'll still be rooting for him to succeed, except for when he plays against the Titans. The world needs more of people like him and less of other types who throw bags of gummie dicks at cops, shoot people like wanna-be gangstas, or who have daughters and then back over them with their trucks. I mean, sucking at football ain't the worst thing you can do in life.
  8. There's an argument to be made either way. I personally believe Montana was the better QB, but Brady has had a longer, far more decorative career. He's been to just as many Super Bowls as Montana (4) plus 5 more. I mean, there's only so much an asterisk can cover before it becomes useless.
  9. I don't see what else it could have been. Changing it would make all the sense in the world, but I doubt they'll do that. T-Rac is almost an instituion by now, right? Fans would riot... Oh who the fuck am I kidding? If fans don't care enough to show up during a playoff push what makes me think they'd care about a mascot? Although, that would be such a Nashville thing to give way too much of a shit about changing the mascot of a team they don't even bother to show up and cheer for on Sundays. We're not creamsicle colored enough for east TN and Memphis/west TN left everybody know how they felt when they didn't bother showing up for the Liberty Bow games. Probably pissed off Nashville got the team instead of them. Did they ever consider any Nashville based names when they were going through the process?
  10. Watch Nashville try to imitate that by sailing the players down the Scumberland River next time we host.
  11. I've heard Dallas Cowboys fans referred to as the "Nieman & Marcus" crowd. That's not too far off from Nashville, especially these days given the cost of living the closer you get to downtown. I get that tickets cost "too high" and the home experience is better. Well, the counter to that is when you have a team like the Bills who've barely seen any kind of playoff appearances in the last 20 years crowd your home stadium to make their home away from home experience great. They came from Buffalo and the surrounding areas to support their team. We can't drive tens of miles to Nissan stadium? How many fans staying home to watch the game pay to go watch movies even semi-regularly? Two tickets, two popcorns, and two drinks will set you back $50. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We're far enough removed from the Tommy Smith/Ruston Webster days now that the stigma from that time should be completely gone except for those who have either been living under a rock or are just complete dumb asses. We haven't had a losing season in 4 years now and have been to the playoffs twice and won 3 out of 5 of games we've played. All told the Titans should have banked enough good will with the fans that they should be showing back up to games, even if the stadium game day experience isn't among the best. Ultimately people are there to watch the team play a game, not get the best hot dogs the world has to offer, right? There's no excuse for the stadium to not be rockin next season.
  12. Andy Reid is the Chiefs coach. So, the Chiefs inherit that 2-8.

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