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  1. And then they don't. And then they suck again. And then they lose.
  2. It matters more now than it ever has... unless you just want Fromm, Eason, or whoever might be next to suffer the same fate. But season's not over yet and Mr Whipping Boy is still the starter. Crazier shit has happened. In spite of all things, I'm still in.
  3. He couldn't have happened to a better team. Fuck the Ravens, evermore.
  4. woolfolksunclesuncle: "Some guys on here can't even understand a dick let alone take one."
  5. If the Ravens wind up losing this game you can place it squarely on Harbaugh. He really fucked the Ravens by going for failed 2 point conversions so many times.
  6. @rns90, I agree... a franchise being run by Tommy Smith and Ruston Webster is hilarious.
  7. Well, how 'bout that? The Colts are actually a good team.
  8. I don't think Mariota ever showed this kind of inconsistency at Oregon. So what's more likely... Mariota, Heisman winner and star college QB, suddenly forgot how to play ball half the time? Or a franchise that has been the epitome of dysfunction since around 2004 or 2005, a franchise that hadn't seen a single playoff win in 15 years (or even so much as an appearance in 10 years) until Mariota lead the team on a frantic comeback against the Chiefs, a team that has changed coaches like a hooker changing tricks since he's been here, a team that has until very recently failed to surround him with adequate supporting talent (receivers, oline)... hasn't exactly been the model of consistency itself? Mariota didn't exactly get drafted by a 10-6 team, ya know? A team can only go as far as their QB takes them, or so they say. Well, I say a QB can only go as far as his franchise takes him. If anybody thinks Tom Brady would be Mr King Of The World 6-time Super Bowl Champion if he'd been quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns for the last 18 years they're out of their fucking minds.
  9. Damn... that pass to Marquise Brown was pretty damn good for a RB who can't pass.