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  1. Logical's vote obviously doesn't count, regardless of which one he picks.
  2. The defense wasn't perfect... that last stand was bad. They were in the mindset that the Bengals weren't going to get the ball back, which they shouldn't have, but no defense should ever think it's over. The Chiefs and Bills game should have driven that point home for everyone on earth last night. All that said, they did more than enough to win the game. The taking blame thing is just them being good company men. Everybody in that locker room knows who owes who an apology and I don't doubt Tannehill was down on apologetic bended knee sucking all kinds of defensive cock after the game.
  3. It's complicated because people are trying to blame Vrabel/Downing OR Tannehill. The uncomplicated truth is they were both to blame. Bad clock management by Vrabel/Downing, bad throw by Tannehill that was tipped and picked. Vrabel was right. It's not just one person. They can each hold the hand of blame. Except for the guys on defense with their 9 wasted sacks.
  4. If they were just trying to play for overtime then they shouldn't have even thrown a single pass on that drive. If they were playing to win the game then they should have gotten into a hurry up and marched the damn field until they got into field goal range. THEN they milk the clock and kick the Bengals back to Cincinatti. This isn't complicated and it's just special olympics mental gymnastics people are doing to justify the time management on that last drive. It was pretty fucking awful, regardless of the interception by Tannehill.
  5. Jesus. What? No one was saying don't run the clock out at all. They were saying you don't do it at the front of the drive when you're nowhere near FG range and still well beyond the other side of the 50. How the fuck does it make any sense at all to wait until there's hardly any time left to then decide to march the field?
  6. Vrabel gets blame for the offense because he's said that he likes to have input in all areas of the game, but it seems like stuff like this falls squarely on scheme. Vrabel is not the OC and he doesn't even come from that side of the ball. I was already going back n forth over whether to vote for replacing Downing or for getting a tight end in here. Seeing as how both could conceivably happen (replacing coaches carries no salary cap implications) it may not matter. If we can upgrade OC and bring in a tight end then by all means git r dun.
  7. Ah, didn't know that. Does Vrabel actually have a policy that he's spoken of that says he likes to stick with people for at least 2 years or is that just fodder for forum talk?
  8. I can understand the sentiment over wanting to move on from Downing, but idk why people keep calling for Tim Kelly to be brought in here. He's already an OC, even if it's with that fustercluck of an organization. Why would he make a lateral move? And why would the Texans allow it even if he did want to move over here?
  9. That's as close to the idea of "replacing Downing" as you can get as far as the poll options go. They seemed to adapt pretty well on defense this year from last and they kept Bowen, even if they did wind up hiring a consultant. So if we do keep Downing then this would be the next best thing. I don't think they'd hire an offensive consultant, but either way I just hope they've finally figured out the futility of being so predictable. We'll see. One of the best ways they could stop being so predictable is to bring in an actual tight end and actually utilize them. Because even when we had Jonnu he still seemed like more of an "also played" kind of guy. So just bringing someone in to use them as a decoy wouldn't exactly be maximizing their utility.
  10. Do you pay PIs and sleuths to go digging in JRob's trash or pay hackers to break into his player personnel department's personal computers? How do you know all this shit?
  11. I would've said fuck the Bengals last night. But the idea of the Chiefs getting cockblocked by the upstart Bungles after what they did tonight would be too sweet.
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