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  1. I can barely read my own mind, let alone anyone else's.
  2. You just said it wouldn't be a bad win total. I was responding to that, not any unmentioned Vegas/betting thing.
  3. That is fucking hilarious. Do do-to-do to-do...
  4. Idk... that would mean we lost 8. Poor ol Coach Fisher. The Last Ocho.
  5. Not yet... forgot it was coming out... but I have heard this song. He says "nobodies" in it.
  6. If there is a top, there will be a bottom. And isn't the mantra always to BTFD? Cheaper BTC means you can get more bang for your bucks. Obviously all those who are in want it to go up, but don't they also want to be able to scarf up as much of it as they can before it does literally land on the moon? Shouldn't a bear be wanted/welcomed?
  7. And it's FREEEEE.... FREE FALLIN'! Seriously, what's up with the dip all the sudden? Seems like all the big ones are running into a sudden bear. Nevermind... https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/102007/bitcoin-plunge-7-billion-liquidation It's already bounced back up to 55k from 51k or 52k. Fuckin yo-yo. Or an airplane hitting an air pocket.
  8. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/markets/clearly-jim-cramer-doesnt-get-bitcoin While I don't get with the snarky vibe and comment from him calling bitcoin phony money (phony money can't buy out mortgages, you chubby fruitfly) it's hard for me to swallow the criticism of selling bitcoin to pay off a mortgage. Is that not the point of bitcoin, ultimately, to give people financial freedom? Not having a monthly mortgage and owning your home outright sounds like pretty good freedom to me. I understand that bitcoin may be a more valuable asset down the road and that he may have be
  9. If we can, adding Waddle or Moore to the picture would turn this offense out.
  10. The DNS thing was just a low-effort process of elimination, something you can test yourself. Same as checking cables to see if they're plugged in, etc. If that had fixed the problem it would've just shown how shitty your ISP really was.
  11. That's part of what makes it fun. Watch... Oman will spring some kind of bitcoin shit on titanruss at the oddest time in the football forum this year. I'd bank fiat on it.
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