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  1. Still wouldn't top Dandy Dyson up there.
  2. Well, the word I used was whinging, just to keep it within the realm. But do you really think the term "whining" is misplaced when there is a petition online that has been signed by over 1.5 million people wanting season 8 to be remade and even another petition to have Benioff and Weiss removed from the Star Wars films?
  3. I don't see how Calico could top that yearbook picture.
  4. You think talking down to someone like they're an idiot isn't insulting? I'm fine disagreeing with someone as long as they're reasonable and not being an antagonistic bunghole. Uh, Rambo at any given point in any of the films post-First Blood? I'd say he's fully adorned with it. Leia Poppins had on a plot gown at least in TLJ.
  5. No one ever accused GRRM of having a lazy imagination... I know what plot armor means, dickhole. My point is that the fanboy whinging ass nerds need to pick a different, less overused criticism. Or, preferrably, just shut the fuck up. But hey, whinging ass nerds gonna nerd.
  6. Idk about the timeline but this is supposedly a direct sequel to T2: Judgement Day. T3: Rise of the Machines, Salvation, and Genisys are no longer canon to the original story. And obviously $$$ is the non-creative point. I'm talking about story narrative. Hopefully they've come up with something at least semi-original that isn't just recycled from those other movies. Otherwise there's no narrative point and they should've just left the franchise alone.
  7. So I guess this one wipes the other sequels from being canon. It's at least got that going for it, but it'll be interesting to see how they rectify the continued future existence of Skynet after the end of T2. I hope they didn't just borrow shit from the other films that are no longer canon because otherwise... what's the point of this film?
  8. Ah, I see. So anything that might be iffy in the show just blame the show. But everything that's awesome credit GRRM. Gotcha. But just instantly off the top of my head? How about Davos surviving getting blown into Wildfire Bay? Or the white walker not going after the other Night's Watch guy in the pilot episode? Or, the ultimate plot armor, Bran surviving the fall from the tall ass tower?
  9. Well, those impossible moments happened in non-book seasons so we can easily dismiss those due to the obviously bad writing. But Samwell Tarly was wearing an official Night's Watch© Invisibility Cloak when the whole army of the dead walked right past him at the end of season 2, a book season. See? Superior writing needs no plot armor at all, just handy winter fashion and a very still and quiet fat boy.
  10. Lol... *sigh* The debate over Bran is essentially Calvinism vs Arminianism in a direwolf's/dragon's skin. Check, please.
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