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  1. Has Vrabel ever come out and explicitly stated why he is so vague with injury reports? Like, is there a proper MO or philosophy behind it? Or is it just an off the cuff decision because he can't be bothered to be more specific?
  2. All of the stuff we talk about is just message board fodder. That's why message boards exist. On message boards everything is both a big deal and means nothing. This is 4th wall type stuff. Pointing this out is like Ryan Reynolds roasting Hugh Jackman in the middle of a Deadpool movie without any of the humor. But in getting back to the topic... all we have to go on is our own speculations really because Vrabel is a big walking neon sign full of coach speak and platitudes. He isn't straight forward with much of anything, especially when it comes to injuries, so him "clearing things up" to
  3. Asking a question isn't "making an issue" or "complaining". Your #1 receiver being on the sideline during a drive toward the end of a game you're "dominating" by 6 points is not a nothing burger. It's peculiar at the very least. Stop acting like it's not.
  4. Lol Yep. That was River Phoenix talking to him, btw.
  5. Definitely Flea. And since we're talking about him now...
  6. I was wondering who the chick was in your avatar. Then I zoomed in.
  7. @oldschool There's a clip of the INT on NFL.com in the drive summary in the game's box score page. In the app at least. There were two Titan receivers running to the same spot on that play from both sides of the OL so there may have been someone not on the right page there. Either that or it was bad play design. It caused Tanny to hesitate before he went ahead and threw to one of them. Maybe Tanny should've tried to find someone else further down the field, but I'd put the blame on the receivers.
  8. McNichols wasn’t it? It looked like a bad pass at the time, but there seemed to be some indecision by the checkdown guy. The 2nd one was tipped right?
  9. That was the best non-pass pass of Brady's career. Lol
  10. I get what you're saying. It felt like the game was over for the Colts, but feelings are unreliable. And I get people aren't going to be as interested in this because we won. Again, because of feelings. Oh well. I've speculated all I'm going to. Time to go enjoy the rest of this sunny ass Sunday weather.
  11. Tanny was close to 70%. He had the one bad INT that was more on his checkdown target seeing ghosts than it was Tanny. Otherwise Tanny was fine. And this would be a god damn ridiculous reason to take away his best receiver even if there were no plans to throw him the ball.
  12. Lol Damn... Is it that we beat the Colts? Is there a little something extra in them happy pills people took after the clock struck all zeros? People talking like we were up by 3 or 4 touchdowns is sending me on a trip right now.
  13. It really is weird how a W in the W/L column changes people's attitudes about things. That's what would have made this a different conversation. You can you say it's a guarantee that Julio comes out, but that's unknowable. The Titans did not have a lead anywhere near comfortable enough to be pulling their de facto #1 receiver from the game regardless of how "in control" of the game they were. One play with blown coverage could have taken away any sense of control. Games are won and lost that way every week. Even if they weren't going to throw to Julio having him out the
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