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  1. Or... he might've just gotten older, lamenting the arrival of mumble rap, and joined Snoop in hocking forhims.
  2. Ok, Mr 8 ball... how come you weren't the one who won the $1B jackpot?
  3. That's because they suck at universe building. DC may have better characters (that's debatable) but they're not the MCU and they were never going to be no matter how hard they tried. DC characters and their worlds are too big for the kind of ensemble pieces MCU put together, especially Superman. Superman is in his own universe. If they were going to try to mimic the MCU and include Superman in the interconnected DCEU then Superman would have needed to have been the final phase in the whole thing, not the one that kicks everything off. He's too OP, even Zack Snyder's mopey emo self-loathing wan
  4. Is there a QB that's entered the NFL over the last 20 years you'd take over Mahomes, save for maybe Brady? And as for Reid? He's been to the playoffs 16 times out of 22 seasons, taken his team to a conference title game half of those 16 times, is about to coach in his 3rd Super Bowl, and on the verge of winning a 2nd in a row. I get the sentiment against Vrabel, but comparing Vrabel to Reid is kinda like comparing Vrabel to Belichick. Reid is in another stratosphere. Next year will be Vrabel's 4th season here, which will be the longest stretch for a Titans head coach since Fishe
  5. Statistically speaking this may have been the better season... more points, more wins, divisional title, Henry's 2k yards, etc... but can anyone really say with a straight face that last year's team wasn't superior in every way? This year was a let down in many ways and makes most of us, if not all, feel like the team took a couple steps backward. A number of the factors for why that is weren't in the team's control, but just as many were in the team's control and they fucked that up.
  6. Stafford would be a decent consolation prize for missing out on Rodgers.
  7. Does any of this take into consideration the fact that all but two of those years were with Mike McCarthy?
  8. If Martin didn't mind working with HBO he could have said no to other series. Or maybe he couldn't. Idk what all they own the rights to of Martin's work. But Martin agreed to it and I'm sure he appreciates his status thanks to GOT. In other words, I think the notion that Martin is difficult to work with is way overblown by people, a lot of whom are probably just pissed he hasn't put out WOW yet. It's possible he may have written himself into a corner that he couldn't get out of before the show passed him by. That may have discouraged him. I've also read how Bran winding up the king was his
  9. https://www.facebook.com/RussellBrand/videos/381406266644691/
  10. Would Rodgers go to the Patriots? Would his and Belichick's egos be able to co-exist? Would he be as successful there as he was in Green Bay?
  11. Thanks for putting that out into the universe, butt munch. Just when we're trying to will Watson out of the division you're trying to boom-a-rang Aaron Rodgers into it? Dick. Head.
  12. I wish the Chiefs would score another touchdown just as a way of saying go fuck yourself.
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