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  1. They aren't football analysts. Schrager, or whatever his name is, might be more of a sports journalist. But the other guy is 100% entertainment/court jester. I don't think they're as bad as some think they are, but they wouldn't miss them if they'd just get rid of those three and made Kay the focus of the show. She reminds me a lot of Suzy Kolber. Just keep Joe Namath away from her. He'd bust a nut and die of a heart attack on camera if he got drunk around Kay. "I wanna fuck you." "Gross, Joe." If they feel they need a former player then add someone a little more informed like Kurt Warner or some other more Xs and Os kind of analyst. Trim the fat a bit and make it more of a two-hour thing with a bit less rah rah bullshit and more real analysis.
  2. It's almost like he's preparing to feel the same way Ravens fans felt after the Divisional game last year.
  3. Tannehill tossing 400 yards and 5 touchdowns? Sure. Derrick Henry rushing for another 200? Fine. AJ catching 4 touchdowns? Whoopty god damn doo. Simmons and Landry making a sack lunch out of Worthlessburger's butt ugly meatskin face? LFG!!!
  4. He's not even that. It's a strange ass comparison, but whatever. 49er fans are some strange.
  5. Nah, those 364 yards and 4 touchdowns were pure fantasy. They won me some games yesterday.
  6. Yeah, if I were allowed to choose either team's schedule to start off the season I'd definitely have preferred the Steelers.
  7. Not indefinitely. Hopefully Evans can get his fucking hamstring right for once being on IR for a few weeks and get Henry some rest down the stretch so he can be fresher for the playoffs. But McNichols has been playing well in the meantime so hopefully that continues and he can see an expanded role.
  8. People have short memories where that's concerned. CJ ran with plenty of power. He wasn't a scat back. Did he send people on trips to the nearest orbiting space station? No, but that's just physics for you. CJ was 5'11" and 195 lbs soaking wet. Henry is a 6'3" brick shithouse with a hemi. Usually you get big/stocky guys who run like a herd of turtles or you get spindly little twerps who run like the wind. I don't think anyone has ever come along that has Henry's size and strength combo'd up with 85% of CJ's speed. It's just about unfair for defenders, honestly. Imagine if we had both current Henry and prime CJ2K in the same backfield. Tannehill could just kick back in a beach chair with a mai tai and hand off all day. Maybe flick a ball out into the flats every now and then to keep the defense honest.
  9. Wth does any of this have to do with Jimmy G throwing 23 of 33 for 268 yards and 3 touchdowns last night?
  10. Guaranteed win now. Thanks, Kyle. How's them Niners doin lately?
  11. Say what? This is shtick/exaggeration, right?

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