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  1. Or just be quiet when things happen without them having voiced an opinion because they didn't do either of the above.
  2. You can tell me who you want and I can commish pick it for you when you're on the clock.
  3. @TitansGuru @Starkiller @wiscotitansfan @Callidus @heyitsmeallen @abenjami @9 Nines @IrishTitansFan @TitansFan23 @oldschool @IsntLifeFunny @titanruss @scine09 @titanskick8851 @Mythos27 @CaliTitan3518 @CreepingDeath @VanCityTitan === I'm going to be setting the start date for the draft for this Saturday, June 15th, for both leagues unless there's mass revolt about the start date. It'll be an asynchronous/non-live draft as always so it's not like we'll have to be there at the same time. But if everyone wants to push to a later start date that's fine, just say so here. Also, Guru has said that he's working on or planning to work on an app that will allow him to host our leagues on the forum here. Guru can talk more about it when he's ready. He said depending on interest he may even create a dedicated app to accompany it, but either way I think it would be great having our leagues in-house and not dependent on a 3rd party service like Yahoo, ESPN, Sleeper, etc. Features/functions can be added at Guru's discretion, not the devs on those other platforms. Might also make it more appealing for others on the forum to join if they don't have to install some 3rd party app since they come to the board here routinely anyway. Another thing that he suggested is to schedule an "owners meeting" once a year with a list of topics/rules changes and a Google Meets call where people can state their opinions before holding a vote. Idk how many will want to do a face to face/voice to voice, but I wouldn't think something like that should be too hard to put together. Maybe a time before or after the NFL draft each year? Spill your guts below.
  4. Holding off until the playoffs? Nevermind whether we'll make the playoffs, is that even allowed?
  5. The general knowledge base of fans is higher than it was 20 or even 10 years ago and the availability of it is many multiples more than it was then as well. Plus, shit has just evolved. The game has evolved. Vrabel, in all those aspects, did not seem to in any way.
  6. There's just more to talk about now with Cally and his people. This current iteration of the Titans is just flat out more intellectually stimulating. It's not fucking boring. Vrabel didn't do much because he really was a meathead without much to say. And when he did have something to say it was usually just sarcastic insults or bristling that people might dare question him and his 3 Super Bowl rings from 20 fucking years ago.
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