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  1. Idk but he didn’t flash. He showed us what he is at 70% of NFL availability and that was play I would expect from a 5-6 year vet whose been a dominant force from day one who is playing through a nagging injury, but even with that nagging injury he is better than 80% of the players at his position and when fully healthy he is a top 3 player at his position and it was only his first NFL game coming off an ACL tear 8 months ago
  2. Posters on here hated that he challenged the spot bc of the reason Vrabel gave today. the thing I don’t agree with was preventing the run off. The challenge I understand. He is a damn good coach and is still learning. He is learning with the team and the team bailed him out today. He owes them. They know it. They bailed him out bc they love playing for him. It’s one of those problems you never want to see again from him, but also know that you’ll never be in a situation like that again and if for some reason you are, I highly doubt he will make that error again
  3. I have one time and it was Whisenhunt that won the spot challenge. on a QB sneak
  4. RT will be fine and the offense will flow better. We aren’t benching Marcus for Gabbert
  5. Arm talent... they say he has a weak arm but is accurate. I think his arm is fine. I would compare him to an Alex Smith without the ray sneaky athleticism
  6. “he’s a go, he’s coming, he is playing soon” - Jim Wyatt i am excited as all can be. This guy... he is a damn monster. He is a destroyer. He will collapse the pocket. He will free up Casey... I truly think he is going to be our best interior DL since AH including Casey. Not from day obviously, but in due time. if Tannehill can hold down the QB spot like a vet can( and be an upgrade to Mariota and open the passing game and as a result the run game... This is a shot in the arm. Exactly what the team needed. I think Simmons season predictions will be round 20-30 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 2 FF and 1 FR
  7. We may not even need to draft a QB high... we may resign RT and sign someone like Carr and have them battle it out and draft a quarterback later. we could trade our first rounder for Kyle Allen, or we could give up a mid round pick for Newton or Stafford depending on if their teams are gonna want to move in different directions. I seriously believe Kyle Allen is the next UDFA QB to rock the NFL similar to Romo... I would be more opt to sending a slew of picks to Carolina for him than I would to trade up for a rookie. Allen has McCaffrey and DJ Moore that is about it. DJ Moore is talented but he is not a guy that teams shift all their focus to... CMC is probably the best RB I have witnessed since Marshall Faulk or Tomlinson. That’s a huge asset he has, but his WR’s outside of Moore are mediocre. Kyle Allen would flourish here throwing to Davis, Brown, Humphries, Smith, etc. bring in a RB like Vaughn, Swift or Etienne or Taylor in the draft and this offense will be breaking defenses backs consistently.
  8. A QB who knows how to read a defense and isn’t scared of playing in the pocket and has a good sense of pressure and quick release will make this offensive line much much much better. watching the all 22 tape... it’s clear that Mariota had all day to throw on all but maybe 2-4 passes. We can draft a young QB such as Burrows and resign RT and have a legit QB competition. I feel as if Burrows would be good enough to start day one and I also feel we would be in good hands with RT starting day one. if we draft Eason then I would say he needs to sit on the bench for the entire year and learn the offense and work on his game until he takes the job. If we draft Fromm then I think he steps in day one and takes the job. Burrows would be a coaches decision. Is he good enough to start day one and win with? Yes. Can we afford to play RT and let Burrow sit and learn a little more prior to taking over full time and give him game reps at the end of games in either blowout wins or losses? Absolutely. Also let him have 80% of the snaps in preseason
  9. The OL magically got better and the WR’s magically became open and caught passes
  10. JR has been damn good at drafting. for the most part his FA picks have been decent. who would have guessed Saffold and Lewis would have been huge busts? Quite frankly none of us. They seemed like sure things. Butler is having a good almost great year and Ryan is amazing. JR team building prowess is just fine. Vrabel is a damn good coach. they need an OC with experience and a new QB Smith at OC was basically forced to keep continuity on the offense and a last ditch attempt at keeping things easy for MM. they have to blow up the offense in the offseason
  11. His seat isn’t hot. he took over a team built for MM and not the QB he has in mind for the long term. He was forced with trying to make it right with MM before he got his own shiny new toy. he tried. he gets a solid roster and a new QB and a clean slate at the end of the year.
  12. Idgaf if we have to give up five first round picks to get it right. get it right.
  13. Burrows is a stud. He is pulling ahead of the pack to be the first one picked. Tua is an obvious second. I want nothing to do with Herbert or Hurts. give me Fromm or Eason at #1 over Herbert/Hurts at all in any round period.