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  1. I. They won’t. Mayfield is for real. ODB is elite. Landry is a fucking stud. Njoku was really good last year and this year I think he cements himself as one of the best TE in the league. He has trended up every year. He is special. Nick Chubb is a phenom and Kareem Hunt is a top 5 RB when he plays. Their OL is very good also. To to top it off they have an amazing and young front 7 full of playmakers. They have very good LB’s and an elite pair of pass rushers. Garrett is everything he was hyped up to be plus more. I would take him over Joey Bosa any day of the week. They have really really good corners. Ward is special. He had a great rookie year and will only get better. He was a shutdown corner from day one. Opposite him is Greedy Williams who reminds me of Marcus Peters and Terrance Mitchell is a damn good #3 CB Im gonna go Tennessee - 27 Cleveland - 23
  2. In all fairness... NCAA gave the rights of “UT” to Tennessee east of the Mississippi River and to Texas west of the Mississippi River
  3. When Tennessee accomplishes half of what the program of UT has then they can try and rake UT away from Texas. Until then that’ll never happen. Even folks in Tennessee know what UT stands for, and that’s the University of Texas
  4. Me as well He did come out of nowhere. He also showed some very good pass blocking against the patriots. He has good patience and vision. He breaks off long runs because of that. He also has a quick burst and picks his hole and goes. He doesn’t dance. He runs hard north and south and has wiggle. He fits perfect in the Shannahan type of run game
  5. Based on that stat... Get us to the playoffs and Mariota will get the job done. Let’s not forget. Of those 17 losses I would say about 8 of them were decided by less than 3-5 points. Some by 1-2. And a handful if not more were decided by drips like Nick Williams against Buffalo and stupid penalties like Lewan against the Raiders a few years ago during Carr’s breakout year. We also should have won the Minnesota opener a few years back
  6. 2000 absolutely. 2008? No. The defense was a little better. Actually... it was better but that’s not an insult to this defense which is very fucking good. The offense in 08 couldn’t hold the jock strap of the offense we have this year. If Henry plays this year like he did in November/December then our offense will crush the shit out of the 08 offense. All we had that year was a shitty passing game (To be fair Collins did his job and just managed the game) but we had an elite running game which I expect to have this year. The 03 team that lost to NE in the playoffs in the final seconds was better. So yeah. 2000 and 2003 i have this team as better than any other Titans squad besides those two.
  7. Literally upset that he had to run more complex routes. Not the easy simplified routes he ran under Mularkey and Robiskie. This would explain why he quit in NO also. They require the WRs to be precise. Payton probably told him he is half assing the routes and he took it as shots fired so he quit. This is just kinda proves how easy the offense was under Mularkey and Robiskie and why there was trouble in the pass game in year two of that offense. LaFleur came to town and implemented a real NFL scheme and it took a full season for everyone to adjust. Matthews couldn’t so he quit. A lot of people struggled. Smith is keeping the same scheme but adding new elements in the form of what we did good before and taking out what we did poorly in LaFleur scheme and wrapping it into one. It should make for a more diversified offense and I have hopes that it’ll be our best scheme and offensive performances since Dinger and Company. You can tell the backs, lineman and receivers and WB are settling into it much more comfortably this year. It’s night and day how they look out there. It’s night and day how much production we are getting from these guys in the preseason. Every RB looks legit. All the WR’s are running free. TE’s are open. It’s truly fun to watch and these are the plays we are still working on and aren’t that good at and are testing to see if we even want to use/keep them
  8. You must have small feet. Small feet... now we know why you have such a big ego. This mofo has a small dick
  9. LOL we are also going to start accumulating compensatory picks now that the roster is stacked. If Henry has a monster year. Say 1200+ and 4.5+ ypc and 8-10+ TD then we will likely let him walk vs retain him for 8-10 million a year and get a 3rd or 4th comp pick. We we will likely get compensatory picks from Henry, Ryan, Johnson, Conklin and Kelly. Say we let all 5 walk then we probably get a comp 3 for Conklin, a comp 4 for Ryan and Henry and a few 5th and 6th comps for Johnson, Kelly and Sharpe. If MM has a solid year and we let him hit the market he likely nets us a 3 too. So so we could have around three 3rd rounders , three 4th rounders, and two 5 and two 6 round picks in the ‘21 draft. We would have plenty of ammo to make a trade up for say... Trevor Lawrence that year by giving up a 3 first round picks, and a bevy of 3rd rounders plus a 2. If if we take a franchise QB in the 2020 draft then we would still have a shit ton of mid round selections in ‘21 to build around if MM has a great year and we retain him... then we don’t even take a QB high this years draft and can load the roster up big time with some damn good players. Just looking at this roster it’s hard not to get excited about just today, but the next 5 years also. JR has acquired so much talent that we will finally be able to get comp picks every year in the 3rd and 4th rounds similar to NE and Baltimore. The next 2 draft classes are fucking stacked
  10. This is true. He was a solid starter but he was never a franchise QB. I actually think Tannehill is better than Collins and he can’t beat out MM... so...
  11. He was a genuine game manager. Nothing wrong with that. He came and did his job and led this team the entire year and to the best record BUT I don’t think he is better than MM
  12. That’s fair. I had the same problem with Bironas/Succop. While Succop is money on kicks 48 or less he struggles 50+ Kern is in my opinion the best punter in the game. Yes the 08 corners were more technically sound but in my opinion our CB’s this year are technically sound as well and on top of it are more talented all around. Harper was extremely limited but his tackling was some of the best I had seen from a corner. All of our corners this year aren’t shy of tackling. I think Sims is a better cover corner than Harper was and is just as good a tackler. Our 4th corner on this years team is better than the #2 on that year. Finnegan was a monster that year and a true #1 shutdown CB and I don’t think any of our corners are a true shutdown guy as of now throughout 16 games like Finnegan was (Butler is the closest and the second half of last year that’s exactly what he was) but collectively in my opinion they are a better group. The 08 secondary also benefitted big time from AH and the pass rush. The corners this year don’t have someone upfront who changes the entire game in the way AH did but they still perform at such a high level without that and that is extremely impressive to me. If our pass rush gets close to the 08 level then I have zero doubts these corners will be close to the legion of boom
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