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  1. He isn’t going anywhere. I remember years ago when Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb were with the Packers and Adams was struggling and there was rumors they were listening to offers for him and I said we should absolutely go after him and people laughed at me saying he sucks. look at him now
  2. I can see us trading for him. We need more speed on offense. putting him and Raymond out there to run go routes at the same time with Davis, Brown and Smith On the field would open up for them would open up them running intermediate routes would be nasty. It would draw their safeties to drop back and defend Ross and Raymonds speed leaving a lot of green for Brown, Davis and Smith. It would also open the field for Humphries as well. just think about it. 5 Wide would be nasty with Davis, Brown, Humphries, Ross and Raymond. Ross and Raymond drawing the safeties deep opening up a lot of room for Davis, Brown, and Humphries. Plus he could be backup our return man as well. I love the idea.
  3. Legit I think he will wind up as a Philadelphia Eagle or with the Washington Football Team IF he goes to the Eagles I can see Carson Wentz traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a third round pick in the 2021 draft and a 3rd round pick in the 2022 NFL draft. The Eagles will walk away with a young nucleus that will feature Lawrence, Sanders, Reagor, Ertz and Goedert which would be perfect for a young QB having a stud RB, two premier TE’s (Arguably a young QB’s best security blanket) and a young deep threat in Reagor backed by SB winning HC who is great with QB’s. if he winds up in Washington (The best fit for him IMO) he will have a great coaching staff which is hard to say for a team with the first pick, a great mentor at QB (Alex Smith & Kyle Allen) A stud WR in McLaurin, and they may be in position to draft a talented RB like Etienne or Hubbard to pair with him On top of that with Washington he would have a great defense to help keep him on the field and in games with guys like Murphy, Young, Payne, and Sweat. Thoughts?
  4. Y’all can disagree all you want. That’s what he reminds me of
  5. He doesn’t get enough talk, and I think he deserves his own thread. I thought about this while watching the game yesterday. His size is similar, speed and quickness is similar, he is resilient and a very good return man. He reminds me of a poor mans Derrick Mason. I think he makes Humphries expendable after this year, and I think Batson makes that even more easier by taking Raymond’s spot if Raymond does in-fact take Humphries. I would extend Raymond and Batson at the end of this year and go into FA and the draft with Brown, Raymond, Batson and possibly even Davis if we can extend him in a way similar to the Dolphins/Parker extension a few years ago. if we can’t keep Davis like that then I would let him get his money in FA and take the comp pick as a return and draft a WR like Chris Olave, Devontae Smith, Rondale Moore, or Rashod Bateman at WR in the second round. Honestly I would be fine with any of them but if I had my personal pick it would either be Bateman, Smith or Olave. it’s a very deep class at WR and all of those guys can play and start day one.
  6. I know we aren’t getting all 3 and the title of the thread is misleading because my question is aimed at “Are these guys worthy” in my opinion yes they are all 3 worthy of the awards and should be in the discussion
  7. Butler and Saffold are goners and I think Humphries and Lewan restructure theirs to free up some cap. I can see Vaccaro restructuring or being let go. Hooker can replace him with no hiccups. we could use that money to extend Adoree and Jonnu and bring in some FA’s. We will have plenty of cap space.
  8. McNichols earned the #2 spot the rest of the year the last two weeks if you ask me. Even if Evans is healthy
  9. Tannehill is playing at an MVP level and is getting the recognition each week due to his outstanding play that has him on pace to throw for 4,377 yards, 42 TD, and only 6 INT And out of the 5 wins so far we have come from behind to win 4 of them in the 4th quarter or at least game winning drives at the end. All of which would shatter Titan single season records. Derrick Henry is on pace for 1,881 yards and 17 TD at 4.8 ypc Mike Vrabel has us sitting at 5-0 after the leagues first covid outbreak on a team with only 3 practices in 3 weeks. let those numbers sink in. to top it off if the season ended today we would be the only team to have a first round bye with home field advantage in the playoffs. those numbers and production under our circumstances can’t be ignored. They are MVP and player of the year worthy numbers and the situation is coach of the year talk.

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