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  1. Wilson was drafted to start over Kelly and we wouldn’t have Kelly on the books this year. Fulton was drafted to replace Butler, but he barely played and Butler played amazing, but I we had vision of Fulton being Butler esque or better and to clear his cap space this off-season. If we hit on those picks like we should have (some players just don’t turn out for multitude of reasons) we would be in a decent position cap wise this year. 8 think Fulton will be fine and we will be happy soon about him, but we likely missed badly in the first round. I can see a RT drafted in the third.
  2. I think Lynn would be a home run hire as OC. He wouldn’t get another crack at a HC job in the next few years.
  3. The only call I didn’t like was not going for it on 4th & 2 with 9 minutes left in the 4th. Just last week he went for it on 4th and 9 against Houston. we win this game despite all of the crap if Tannehill sees Brown wide open for a TD
  4. I would ask Pitt about trading a comp 3 or comp 4 for Diontae Johnson. The dude has serious speed and agility and big time play making ability. Yes he has the drop issues but his rookie year and start to his NFL career remind me a lot of DeVantae Adams whom the Packers almost traded due to drop issues.
  5. I think Davis should be our TE... just give the thought a minute in your head. Think about it. he is 6’3 215lb and can run block like no other. He rarely drops passes and can play the X and the Z. He is a big dude. My friend who watched him the first time when he was a rookie knew nothing about him and said “That dudes a WR?! He looks like a tight end” with us in a spot to lose Davis, and Smith… Makes me want to say that we should resign Cory Davis and let Smith watch, and then shift Davis over to tight end sooooo I would love to know what your guises thoughts are on that
  6. He would probably get a 5 year 75 million dollar deal with 25-30 guarantees over the first three years of the deal.
  7. This board loved him after last year. Relax. He is fine and will be a starter here for a long time.
  8. Vrabel is going nowhere. Y’all are wild. The defense seems like it’s being ran by two or more people. To many Cheifs not enough Indians. They get on the same page it’ll be fine. I think the scheme is fine the play calling is awful.
  9. False Evans is a stud, but yes he is having a down year. The whole defense is. Landry having a down year. Byard looks like JAG. Clowney, Jones, Vaccaro, etc all have regressed. I prefer Hooker over Vaccaro at this point, however it don’t matter what we do until we fix the scheme on the defense. I have absolutely no doubt that if Pees comes back Clowney will be back and Pees will use him like he is supposed to be and players like Evans and Brown will go back to their dominant ways, as well as Byard and Jackson and Simmons will be better off under Pees as well.
  10. We need Dean Pees back and need to address defense in all 3 rounds this offseason
  11. Good grief... this is where we miss Lewan, Humphries, Brown, and Clowney thats 2 pro bowl players and 2 high quality situational role players. also the play calling offensively is atrocious. We need to be running Henry left, right, up the middle, pitch it to Evans and swing passes to Evans. Where is AJ Brown and Jonnu Smith?
  12. What a nightmare. Smith is an amazing OC and you give him the second coming of Andrew Luck paired with DJ Chark, Westbrook, Robinson, and their round and high potential offensive line and they are going to be tough. 1) Trevor Lawrence - QB 1) Christian Darrisaw - OT 2) Najee Harris - RB 2) Brevin Jordan - TE 3) Andre Cisco - S That would give Smith basically a carbon copy of what he had here to start with but he gets a younger QB day one with a bonafide star at WR in Chark and a HR threat in Westbrook. They could be major players for Corey Da
  13. The QB threw for 4K yards & 40+ TD The RB ran for 2K Both starting WR have over 1k receiving each? Let that simmer. All Tannehill needs is 252 yards per game the next two games as well as 2.5 TD per game to reach his goal. Henry is short 361 yards of 2K Davis is short 55 yards from 1k Brown is short 155 yards it something like that from 1k and already has 10 TD’s while missing a handful of games. Last year we couldn’t go toe to toe with KC in the passing game, but this year we absolutely can, and our running game is s
  14. I think first three rounds are IOL, OLB, WR, IDL in no particular order. I can see us signing an OG to replace Saffold and drafting a C to replace Jones. Also I think we tag Jonnu, and resign Brown and let Butler walk in FA or trade him for a 3 or trade him for a DL
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