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  1. Eagerly curious to know what the board thinks. im on the fence. He is probably just a really solid WR with the looks of a phenom. it also could be that he played thru a terrible spell of QB play and we aren’t passing the ball much bc of the running games success and the splash plays are going to AJ Brown and Davis was terribly overthrown by Tannehill on a sure fire 60+ yard TD two weeks ago. Is he not being used right, enough, or is he just a solid WR that we drafted over CMC...? (may be a year apart draft wise)
  2. Don’t forget we got Cruikshank too If we can walk away from every draft with two starters that are immediate studs and playing their way into stardom and the third player a very good role player then we would be one of the best drafting teams in the nfl wait. We are as critical as I was for taking Henry over Michael Thomas, it’s looking like the right move. we have to keep Henry with the way he is playing. I would tag him and get another big year out of him before deciding his future and I would find a complimentary back. If we can pull off signing a pass rusher in FA then we should look hard at Swift in round 1
  3. We can lose to Oakland and New Orleans but if we beat Houston x2 we win then division The key to beating Houston is #1 protecting Tannehill and #2 Dominating the run game and #3 keeping them below 24 points max and winning TOP and turnover battle and converting third downs. wait thats the formula for beating any team. honestly we match up very well with them and I can see us beating them twice but we absolutely have to get our shit together in the pass protection game and get Jonnu, Davis and Humphries more involved. We don’t want to get into a shootout with them however I feel like we can hand them their ass if we win the TOP game and protect Tannehill and convert third downs and pounding Henry playing turnover free football
  4. I couldn’t get my phone to get it to where I could resize that, but that’s how I see it shaking out
  5. Yes, but only if we had Wake and Butler. I know Wake was only good for 20 snaps a game but he was damn good on those 20 snaps a game. He wasn’t getting the sacks but he was getting the pressure. the Butler injury is really going to hurt us if we make the playoffs and is really going to sting when we play Houston and have to defend Hopkins and Fuller with Adoree and Ryan. You have to assume that Ryan will be tasked with Hopkins and Jackson with Fuller and Byard with be playing over the top with Byard spying Watson and Hooker/Vacarro taking on Johnson and the TE thankfully their OL is banged up but unfortunately our pass rush is also...
  6. I think Smith could be a very good OC if we gave him an OL to protect the QB so he could open the passing game more. At some point we are going to have to get into shootouts and come from behind 17 points and go into 4 WR formations and rely on 5 guys to block 4-5 rushers so we can move the ball up and down the field. we have the receivers to do it, but we only have half the OL to get it done. Mainly Lewan, Saffold and Conklin are the ones who can pass block. Jones and Davis are having absolute fits and have been exposed all year. We really need to draft an edge rusher and invest in the interior OL in the draft and FA bc this Shit is not working. We also need to get Grimm out of retirement. I wouldn’t offer Conklin more than 10/yr and that’s going to be laughable to him considering he will be able to pull in at least 13-15 on the open market
  7. I was banging the drum for Houston, and was thoroughly disappointed we signed Wake over him
  8. I have my reservations about the OC still, pass blocking which I think will get better with a new OL coach, C, and experience with Davis and the pending RT situation. I also have my reservations about Corey Davis. I feel like he is either battling through an unknown injury, or doesn’t believe in the philosophy, or just flat out is ignored and it’s quite frankly pissing me off. There is no reason he shouldn’t be getting 8-10 targets a game, however we finally have a fucking franchise QB whose getting sacked at an alarmingly high rate and it’s the one thing I do agree with the OC about by not dropping him back 30-45 times a game due to the sacks that accumulate just from dropping back 15-25 times a game and the production from the run game. We have a scary team that no one wants to play in the post season due to the run game and defense but if we get into a shootout I’m afraid we will see 8 fucking sacks This team while successful with Henry has me in a pickle. While I want to see Henry stay and continue his thing... I also know what a liability he is in pass protection. We could get equal running production from a free agent like Kareem Hunt and actually upgrade as he is a 3 down back with elite pass blocking and receiving skills. Or we can keep Henry at 3 times the price and find a back and interior OL at C and RT to get us the protection we need. either way. It’s fucking nice to beat down on divisional opponents and super bowl contenders and go 6-1 after the switch at QB and watch a real football team. I think at the end of the day we are more of a contender than the national contenders.
  9. I listened to the OTP and they made it clear they aren’t extending anyone until after the season and that makes complete sense
  10. This noone understands this. They seem to think we have only RT, Henry, Conklin and Ryan to pay theres a shit more coming up next year considering we have Smith, Brown , Davis and Jackson in line next n that’ll be expensive
  11. He is a serviceable RT look at what Kline got. We cut him but had he been a FA we would’ve gotten a 6th comp for him likely Since we most Spain and Kline, but cutting him negated that’s and Kline got way overpaid. Kelly will get a deal around 6-7 a year as a RT for a team desperate for a RT. Just look at the contract handed to Trent Brown who is no better than Kelly for example. @ctm I’m saying if we have to cut some vet hypothetically to sign some of our own those two are most likely to go since we have players who can take their spot already. Casey and Simmons are big investments on the DL and they love Mack. Nose tackles like him are not that hard to find in the later rounds of the draft or even UDFA or in FA Vacarro is solid but don’t tell me Hooker wouldn’t be an upgrade at SS. They wouldn’t have drafted him if not
  12. The best teams draft well and always have an abundance of 3rd and 4th comp picks like NE and Baltimore. Don’t think JR didn’t learn that. It is just taking time bc this roster was shit. just watch
  13. A lot of people on this board don’t understand compensatory picks and every year I nail it and get ridiculed for it. I think the last time we got one in in round 3 was Finnegan and Verner in round 4
  14. Doubt he does. If he did it would be below market value and around 10-11 a year with a team option after two years when we can cut bait with Saffold, Jones and Conklin and in the meantime every year we draft interior OL while drafting a RT in 2 this year to groom him to take over the RT position in 2 years