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  1. Lol I took a nap after the game. Didn’t watch a single minute of the 49er game. Ofcourse I’m a Titans fan. im too pissed off about today’s loss
  2. Awful, a great poster, and you could tell he was a bright person. I hope he didn’t suffer on his way out. Prayers for his family. Way to young. just awful
  3. After returning in week 10 to play the Titans, QB Mahomes threw for 400 yards once and that was against a Titans team missing Butler, Simmons and Brown after that he had multiple games less than 200 and only two games above 300 yards in his last 8 regular season games and a number of those were against inferior defenses than the Titans. We get Brown, Casey, and Jackson back. I like our defense better against Mahomes and his squad better than I have had against NE and Baltimore
  4. I don’t think he cares about that. I think he would love to stick it to BB if they decide to not keep him after 20 years and no better way for him to do that than to go to their rival and win a ring there (hopefully not) I did think about SD as they are also a perfect fit for Brady. They have Ekeler who is a stud and even better receiving back than White but a better runner as well, and they have a better OL than NE and a young stud at TE in Henry as well as some damn good WR’s including one of the leagues best in Allen. They are actually very similar offensively to NE in terms of skill set. However so does Indy
  5. Hell yeah. Great sign that Humphries and Brown were able to practice. I heard a coach, damnit I forget who, but it was on Sirius XM and he was talking about injuries and Jayon Brown. Actually Shit. It wasn’t a coach it was Dr. Chao and he was talking about how guys can actually play but depending on the matchup and depth they will be held out a week and it made complete sense. I guarantee if we didn’t have David Long that Jayon would’ve played against Baltimore but that extra week gave him more time to heal. It’s been two weeks and he will be a full go against KC and with a win he will have another two weeks off until the SB. I actually would anticipate Long and Brown both playing this week and the team making a guy like Gilbert inactive while keeping Roberson active bc of the matchup. Speed speed and speed plus all 3 can pin their ears back and disrupt the backfield. Adam Humphries will be huge to have back this week. Raymond and Sharpe have filled in very nicely for him in his absence but having that reliable short to intermediate guy for Tannehill on 2nd and 3rd downs in a game where we will need to have all the firepower to stay in pace with K.C. is huge. Humphries is damn good on 3rd down and if he is a go which I think he will be, then we will sit either Rishard Davis or Darius Jennings to have him back, and put Raymond back their returning kicks and punts. Also, Chris Jones didn’t practice. Andy Reid said there was no way he could play last week. He couldn’t push off on that leg. lets hope Jones is inactive this week. That would be huge for our run game and passing offense if they didn’t have Chris Jones in there to disrupt the run game and wreak havoc on our interior OL particularly Jones/Davis. lets just hope it keeps this way and we get Hump and Brown back and Jones isn’t able to play for KC. I think if we get those two back and they are down Jones then our chances of winning are much better. What’s up with Ryan? Hopefully he is fine and able to play despite whatever Illness he has. We can’t afford to not have our best CB out there this game. Logan Ryan will be a key contributor this week covering Kelce and or Watkins
  6. I think it’s a interesting thing to talk about & I’m curious to what the board thinks! Where do you think Rivers, Brady, Newton, Brees, Bridgewater, etc end up? I don’t think Brady returns to NE. I think the reigns will be handed to Stidham who looked like a complete stud in the preseason and was damn good in college and I personally thought he was the second best QB in the draft last year. I think NE will go into this offseason with Jarrett Stidham as their new QB1 for the first time in two decades and begin a new “dynasty” I can see NE going with him and signing a player like AJ Green in FA to give him a true #1 and go after a TE like Walker who still has tread on the tires left to give him a security blanket. I can see NE giving us a 4th rounder for him. so, my QB predictions... Also, yes. This list includes Winston, Mariota and Flacco as well. Tom Brady will get a two year fully guaranteed contract with... The Indianapolis Colts. That team is legitimately a QB away from being great. They were SB contenders with Luck and became a solid .500 team with Brissett. I can see Brady joining Indy and having Hilton, Campbell, Rogers, Ebron and a RB like James White in Nyheim Hines and a complete RB who may be one of the leagues most underrated in Mack. They have a great HC and offensive mind and GM who will give Brady supreme talent at the skill positions around him with all that cap money and they are also just a few players from having a great defense. This move actually scares me. Phillip Rivers - LA Chargers. He stays where his kids are. I initially wanted to put him with Carolina, but they are going into rebuild mode. Speaking of Carolina... Marcus Mariota - I think he ends up in Carolina and their new HC mixed with their new OC Brady will attempt to Resurrect Mariotas career by adding him to a team with a player like McCaffrey in the backfield and a true game changing WR like D.J. Moore. I can see them signing Marcus on a price friendly prove it deal while going through a rebuild and staying competitive and also drafting a QB. They won’t just hand him the job though. He will have to beat Kyle Allen and a rookie they draft early. Drew Brees and Teddy B - They stay in NO and Bridgewater will take over when Brees retires next year. Cam Newton - Tampa Bay - I think he is a great fit for Bruce Arians offense. He can sling the football all over the field and after taking a year off to heal up I think he will bring the juice to an offense in TB with Evans and Godwin and bring the same big play potential through the air Winston was able to bring without the 30+ INT plus the ability Winston lacked by running. Bruce Arians will love to have him. Jameis Winston - Miami - I think he stays in Florida but a little more South. He will sign a deal to be the starter this year for a handsome price while Miami drafts a QB like Tua and redshirts him and allows him to get healthy and learn the offense and fully take over a year later after the rebuild on the OL is complete as well as his hip. Meanwhile they hope they can get great play out of Winston and add their QBOTF as well as an OT in the draft. Joe Flacco - NE - Yup. New England signs Flacco to sit behind and backup Stidham and help him in his role as a #1 replacing Brady. If something happens to Stidham where he gets hurt, then Flacco can step in and help them win football games. If there is any coaching staff that can get Flacco back to being a premium QB it would be Belichick and McDaniels
  7. I also think they’ll be over confident and think they are the best thing on grass just like the Ravens and it’ll play right into our hands. We play sound and technical defense. We may give up yards but you do not want to make a mistake against this defense. We will capitalize on every mistake made. it’s one fundamentally sound unit
  8. This may be one of your better posts. Honestly. You’re absolutely correct.
  9. Chiefs - 34 Mahomes - 33/50 - 404 yards and 4 TD and 2 INT with 2 sacks Hill - 7 catches - 123 yards and 2 TD Kelce - 10 catches 133 yards and 2 TD Titans - 28 Tannehill - 27/38 - 323 yards and 3 TD and 1 INT Henry - 22 carries - 109 yards and 1 TD AJ Brown - 6 catches - 89 yards - 1 TD Davis - 7 catches - 92 yards Smith - 5 catches 67 yards - 2 TD
  10. I would put Brown on Kelce all game long with help from Hooker/Vacarro I put Adoree 1:1 with Hill and have Byard play centerfield. allow Ryan to get one on one with Watkins i simply rush 3 and mix in zone blitzes with Evans/Landry. Honestly I want to see Pees put out a dime defense against them that would consist of Landry, Evans, Casey, Simmons all rushing Mahomes and dropping 7 into coverage with zone and man concepts to confuse Mahomes. There will be times I bring 6 guys in for pressure and blitz the fuck out of him knowing one of two things will happen. He will beat the rush and connect anyways or we will drop him for a 5-6 yard loss or something and put them in 2nd and 3rd and longs. offensively we have to keep doing what we are doing, but I really want to see Smith be featured big time this week as well as Brown and hopefully Humphries can return. Henry needs 25-30 carries and I also would like to see Jonnu Smith get some sweeps and even like him up in the backfield for a carry or two. I think this week is the week we see Jackson get a little taste on offense. A few plays with him out there will confuse the hell out of the Chiefs. A play action screen would hit them off guard. Faking the handoff to Henry and throwing a screen to Adoree would have the potential to get us chunk yards. We have to bring everything. Especially our best PA game yet. A lot of Levels and Crossers and deep shots. We have ran the fuck out of Henry lately and the Chiefs should expect no less. So hitting them hard and fast early and I mean very early like the first play of the game for a deep rope down the sideline would be ideal to get them to back off.
  11. It’s going to be hard. Tannehill is obvious. He is getting what he wants. No way around it as there shouldn’t be. Conklin/Ryan are tough calls. I would tag Conk and trade him and let Ryan walk for a conditional pick in next years draft and allow him to get the most money as he fucking earned it. Extend Henry. He is the heartbeat. I tried my way around it but just can’t justify not signing him anymore. He needs a compliment behind him. I think next years FA are more important. Jayon Brown, Adoree, Jonnu Smith are amazing talents at their respected positions. I would do everything I can to retain those 3 and RT and Henry and draft replacements for Conklin and Ryan this year. The draft is stocked with OT and CB’s. I have a feeling this is exactly what Robinson will do. He follows the strength of the draft and drafts for biggest need. our biggest needs after RT and Henry will be RT and CB which play right into our hand in the draft. picking late in round 1 also helps as the price for the player is much less than if we were top 15 even if it’s only by a million or two.
  12. That was a thing of beauty, but I didn’t like that it basically was a career ending injury for him. Merriman was a beast and he never came back from that. Maybe my memory is off, and he was already coming down from his prime. Maybe he was still in it. I just know he was never the same after and prior to that injury he was a beast
  13. I live in Missouri KC BBQ has nothing on Memphis or TN as a whole when it comes to some BBQ. You want to say KC has the best Jazz to the fucking nations Music City? Hot Chicks? Missouri does have beautiful women. I’ll admit that, but I’ll trade a KC dime for a Nashville bride any day. Talk that Shit. In the end it’s going to mean nothing as we beat your ass again in KC in the playoffs once again. this time it won’t be a wildcard game as you are very well aware of. It’s a trip to the Super Bowl and Andy Reid will serve it to us on a silver platter. scoring 51 last week may actually come back to hurt you this week. You’ll be way to confident and over zealous and once it starts to not go the way it went against Houston they will self destruct like every Andy Reid team does. goodluck. I hope all of your players stay healthy. I don’t want to hear any excuses when we whoop y’all again.
  14. You are right. this time is different. We get Jurrell Casey, Corey Davis, Tye Smith and most likely Jayon Brown and potentially Adam Humphries back. thats 3 starters we will have back, including our pro bowl DT, and our #1 WR and #4 CB which would likely be your #2 CB with your weak ass pass defense. On top of that Jayon Brown who is a top 10 LB in the league and possibly the top 2 or 3 ILB in the league will be on the field for this matchup. We get two of our most important starters on our front 7 back which we didn’t have against your Chiefs this year, and will be a heavy task for your offense to defend. To make things even better... A man child named Jeffrey Simmons will be on the field again and he is much more healthy and improved since that last matchup and will be paired with Jurrell Casey and DQ Jones who are gonna destroy your OL and force Mahomes into some mistakes and misfires which isn’t an easy task, but he has trouble dealing with pressure up the middle and those two men combined with Landry off the edge are going to give KC fits they didn’t have to worry about back in November. Don’t get cocky my friend. We are down Malcolm Butler and sure that helps your passing attack, but don’t forget that in this secondary we have the best FS and center fielder in the game. He goes by the name of Kevin Byard, and we also have the best NB in the game who goes by the name of Logan Ryan, and we will have Adoree Jackson out there as well, and while it doesn’t appear he is anything special on paper, he is a very underrated CB who will follow Tyreek all game and blanket him for the most part outside of a few plays. Mahomes will get his stats. Kelce will get his. Tyreek will get his, but they will be getting them in between the 20’s and not inside the 20’s. we will give you 80 yards to work with but when it’s 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 or when you get inside the 20 yard line it will be field goal time for the most part and on those failed 3rd and 4th and 1’s those will turn into punts or turnovers and Titans football followed by a smashing of Henry into your fucking face with AJ Brown dancing in your end zone. Tannehill is going to win a SUPERBOWL in Miami on the very field and city that gave up on him. nobody wants this more than Tannehill and he is going to be hell bent on getting it done. be fucking cocky and confident and think you’ll drop 51 on us you nitwit. You won’t be running out of fireworks bc you dropped 51 You’ll be running Out of excuses for Andy Reid
  15. Highly doubtful. New England thought the same thing. They thought they could eat us alive with Edelman, and White all day long and they failed. Baltimore thought they could use their deadly 3 man TE formations to eat us alive over the middle and hit us deep with Brown a few times and use Lamar to run all over us and slow us down. We gave them the runs with Lamar and forced them to beat us with his arm. It failed. if Mahomes tries to run for 53 yards this game then Evans is going to light his ass up. The hit Evans laid on that Raven that he was flagged for May have been one of the most clean and vicious hits I have seen this year. It was so fucking brutal the refs threw a flag bc a hit that hard and clean just isn’t fair. I knew when Evans laid that motherfucker out that we sealed the deal. They didn’t want to play anymore. That’s the kind of hit Ray Lewis made a HOF career from. KC doesn’t want a physical game. They want finesse. the best part? We have a physical fucking team with plenty of finesse. Chiefs are getting rocked again.

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