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  1. This super bowl or bust crap... For me it’s win the division and a playoff game and hopefully to be in position to make it back to the AFCCG
  2. I imagine AJ Brown breaks into our all time leading WR by the second year of his extension. if him and RT continue to develop together and play at a high level for the next 4-5 years then I expect Brown to average 1200 yards a year with maybe few 1400 yard seasons. I think we see that jump in production this year with around 70–80 catches and 1200 yards. He will def get 10+ TD bc his size, and physicality will win more than it wouldn’t in the red zone and with the way he runs through tacklers I imagine he will carry a few DB’s into the endzone with him this year. I’m eager to see if Davis will play like the 5th overall pick which he has shown so much promise and so many signs he will be, but injuries and inconsistent QB play have hampered him. The fact he has 900 yards with Mariota and Gabbert in 2018 and how he always torches Gilmore should account for something.
  3. Without the Oilers past it would be Walker as #1 followed by Mason as #2 I would imagine
  4. Henry’s carries shouldn’t increase they should decrease and be in the high teens. Like around 18 carries per game. In blow outs it won’t just be him running either. Evans should get most of those carries having proved he is a capable runner. I agree on everything though. I think Brown needs to see about 8-13 passes a game. He will produce big time stats and TD’s. I think we will see that, because I think Tannehill has more authority in throwing the ball. They didn’t pay him that much to hand the ball off 30 times a game
  5. I want to see Smith open the offense up, and Henry get around 250-280 carries and Evans around 100-120 carries with Tannehill throwing anywhere from 520-580 passes if we can balance the offense out like that and allow Tannehill more freedom to sling the ball then Brown May see around 80-100 catches in all honesty and if he sees 100 catches then we are looking at 13-1400 yards and double digit touchdowns and 4K passing yards from RT
  6. Charles wasn’t more quick than fast. He was CJ2K but with a different name and team and ran his 40 in 4.3 not 4.24 Charles was the closest thing to CJ2K this league will ever see and he did it for years. I think he was better than Johnson at the end of it all and I wanted him in the draft more than Johnson bc he went to Texas and could be had in the 2nd or 3rd Lol Evans reminds me of Charles in every way. If anything he is a more fluid runner
  7. I know I have made two posts regarding Brown and Evans, but what are your expectations this year? I expect a better pass rush, and more of a passing offense with RT, and our WR’s and TE having continuum but I expect the defense to be better with Beasley, Fulton stepping in and Simmons taking a bigger role and better depth at OLB in Correa, Walker, Roberson, and Gilbert. Don’t sleep on De’Andre Walker who will be a huge shot in the arm for pass rushing situations. I think he puts up some impressive sacks and stats. I think Hooker might take over at SS at some point on passing downs making Vacarro a run down SS. I also think it’s reasonable to think Jackson has that breakout year interception wise and Fulton surprises a lot of people as to why he didn’t go round 1 like a lot of mocks suggested. He was my #2 or #3 CB ahead of all the guys except Okudah and Gladney that went round 1. I thought he was a top 20 lock. I think we win the AFCS for the first time since 08.
  8. It’s not often a rookie WR steps into The nfl and has the stamina, and strength to be able to play a full nfl schedule. It’s not often WR’s come in at 6’1 and 230lb and run a 4.4 and have smooth routes and feel for the game of a 5 year vet. It’s rare they come in and post 52 catches for 1050+ yards and 8 TD but Brown came in and did so... what should we expect from him this year? More catches almost the same yardage? Same YAC or YPC? Double digit TD’s? Regression? i think he explodes this year for around 1250 yards on 80 catches and puts up 10 TD’s. The 20 YPC and 8 YAC won’t exist but it’ll still be impressive and his game as a whole will take more flight. That’s my expectation.
  9. After further thinking he is in that line of backs like Charles and Kamara
  10. Who does Evans remind you guys of? He reminds me of another 3rd round running back taken by the Chiefs over a decade ago. Jamaal Charles. Same kind of speed, pass catching, size, ability between the tackles and ball security. Just put some dreads on him
  11. Probably due to the receivers being better than average, and the fact we run very well and that opens up huge passing lanes and we take advantage with PA
  12. I would say around the 16th-23rd spot is where we should be sitting. if Davis and Humphries were balling outline we thought they would when we paid them or drafted them as high as we did along with Brown then we would be top 3-5 no doubt. if Davis can play up to his talent (He could be the next TO if he took the next step) and Humphries settles into his role as the slot guy that gets you 8-13 yards a catch 7-8 times a game then this group would be one of the leagues best. Especially when you throw in Smith and Evans production. On paper this group should be among the best but on Sunday’s they aren’t.
  13. I put 23 receptions on the season I believe which comes out to 1.2 catches a game or something just off the math in my head and an average of 9 rushes a game. He would hardly be taking time from Henry who will still see 18+ carries a game. at your calculations that’s not far off from what Lewis played, plus he didn’t have the speed nor was he a better runner like Evans, and If Evans can block then he will spend more time on pass plays due to protection.
  14. This game excites me and would actually make me want to crap my pants if it were midseason. I say that bc at midseason I expect the Broncos to really get going and I would also expect our team to still be figuring out RT depending if Kelly was good enough to keep the job or Wilson was ready, or Wilson has to play bc Kelly has been dreadful after a good start and now a bad few weeks. It could’ve been Wilson’s first or second game by that time and his first test would be Miller either way I’m optimistic facing them On a MNF game in week one at Denver. I just hope one thing gets improved by then and we will either be surprised or comfortable with our kicking game. Kicking in Denver is difficult to say the least, but dude we were awful last year. Joseph has the power to be able to kick long ones in Denver, but has he improved accuracy wise? We better hope so, especially for this game. I think Drew Lock has a difficult day. He is getting used to his weapons in Jeudy, Hamler, and Gordon who are also getting used to the NFL and one their own team. Defensively they made changes, but ones that are with vets or new corners. The Vets will ease in and their corners know what to do. Usually corners succeed the best and earliest when traded. We will hold the upper deck by returning 110/11 starters on offense due to the RT position, and 9/11 starters on defense due to Beasley taking over Wake and Fulton over Ryan. I thought we actually upgraded and Fulton benefits with an entire group of the main 4 starters returning. Fulton has everything you want, plus he is knowledgeable , extremely athletic and has great ball skills and plenty of college experience against the best of the best. Beasley is comparable to Wake rushing the passer, maybe not as good in the run, but young, athletic, motivated, and experience and he will get better teaching from Vrabel/Bowden. I think Simmons and Jackson have themselves breakout years and they start this game. The Broncos will get pass happy, and pay for it, and hopefully by that point Brown, Davis, Humphries and Smith will get going on offense and Henry will have already dropped 60-70 on them and a few TD’s going into half. I think we win this game 31-17

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