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  1. I see us going WR, TE, DL the next three selections
  2. Suck it haters Jacksonville 1) TJ Hockenson - TE 2) Yodny Cajuste - OT 3) Riley Ridley - WR 3) Darrell Henderson - RB Houston 1) Andre Dillard - OT 2) Rock Ya-Sin - CB 2) Justin Layne - CB 3) Dawson Knox - TE Indianapolis 1) Greedy Williams - CB 2) Khalen Saunders - DT 2) Johmathon Abram - S 3) Oshane Ximines - DE Tennessee 1) Jeffrey Simmons - DT 2) Connor McGovern - OG/C 3) Chase Winovich - OLB
  3. I would bet Bosa to Arizona and Murray to Oakland
  4. Charles Davis new nick has us taking Simmons at 19 and I really think that is our main target
  5. BPA if edge is gone and so is OG and the DL at 19 are similar grade to those at 51 then you have to go BPA. I have a hard time ignoring CB in that position with Ryan in a contract year post injury and Sims hitting FA as well as Smith
  6. Isabella has first round talent. He just went to UMASS and there are bigger names out there from bigger schools and that are bigger X receivers that teams covet and some monster WRs with insane measurables like Butler and another big WR who is a red zone and deep threat in Arcega as well as Campbell who has all of the glitz and glamour
  7. Fromm likely starts day 1 though bc of the high investment and prostyle scheme and high IQ and ability to make every throw possible
  8. If Mariota doesn’t pan out this year and the team lets him walk it would be extremely unfortunate. Hypothetically if that happened and say we are picking in the 18-24 range. I would go into total rebuild. I would trade someone like Casey for a first round pick and Conklin for a 2nd round pick and future 3rd. I would then package both first rounders, a 2nd rounder and a future 1st and 3rd to move all the way up and draft Jake Fromm from Georgia. I honestly think that that kid will be the best QB to come out since Luck. Or if Detroit lets Stafford go... I would outside him big time. He has never had a good OL or run game and I think he is under appreciated. He is a solid quarterback and Needs a new scene. If you went the route or giving up two all pro players for picks to move up to grab Fromm then I would retain Tannehill and start Tannehill while Fromm adjusts and learns the playbook.
  9. We have several immediate needs at RG, DE, WR and CB we have upcoming needs at OLB, TE, RB, C, CB, and potentially QB. I think the best move in a draft rich with defensive talent is to trade back with a team like Oakland to pick 24 or 27 or NE to pick 32 and accumulate an extra second rounder this year and third next year. Ideally we trade back from 19 to 27 and pick up a second rounder from Oakland and a 3rd next gear while giving them our 5th next year this puts us in position to grab a CB like Murphy, Williams or Baker at 27, a DL and RG in 2 and OLB in 3 and WR in 4 i just posted about CB depth and how we only have two players under contract after this year. Byron Murphy is an absolute stud and can play any scheme. If we traded back I would take him in a heartbeat and settle for Saunders and McGovern in round 2 and an OLB like Polite in 3 and a WR in 4 it also gives us flexibility going into next year having an extra 3rd to use that in a package to move up for a QB if need be or to move up for a different player if QB is settled We can trade back from 19 to 27 or 32 and get an equal value player at DL, TE or OL. However I would prefer a lockdown CB to take over for Ryan and Sims next year and to have our two 2nd rounders and 3rd rounder to lock down the OG, DT and OLB needs while we could get a WO like Emmanuel Hall in round 4
  10. I think Byron Murphy May be a dark horse at our pick. Only Jackson and Butler have contracts after this year. Ryan is coming off a broken fibula and Sims is in last year and Smith is coming off ACL. I dont think CB is talked about enough
  11. I will elaborate more about them tomorrow as I will do my 9 players I love at pick 51 and 9 players I hate at pick 51. I will say this. I don’t hate A.J. Brown as a player. I actually really like him. Same with N’Keal Harry. I think they will both be late first rounders. I know we have met with A.J. Brown. Not sure about Harry. I think they are players that’ll go between picks 20-40
  12. We are four days away from round one. I’m fucking stoked. It’s also my ladies birthday that day. So I’ll be getting my knob slobbed before and after the draft. I’ll also be getting extra attention if our teams fucks off the first round. Anyway Players I absolutely love at 19 and why. Let’s get started. 1) Dexter Lawrence - NT - Clemson - massive, strong as an ox, superior run defender, very athletic for his size and fit. Doesn’t take plays off. Collapses the pocket and disrupts the middle so the QB can’t step up into the pocket making it extremely easy for edge defenders to get home and get to the QB. I don’t think there is such thing as a clean pocket when he is in the middle and the edge guys get an extra half second to full second to get to the QB. Cameron Wake is a savvy vet and even at 37 years old he plays like he is 33 and still has a lot of juice left. He kind of reminds me of the Delanie Walker version at OLB in the sense he was seldomly used until his late late 20’s and when he turned 30 he finally got his opportunity as a full time starter. Basically he is equivalent to a 31 year old DE af the end of his prime but still has 2 years of high quality play left. Especially if we rotate him to where he isn’t playing every down over a 16 game season and keep his snap total to around 45-50%. On the opposite side is a young, energetic, and HIGHLY athletic OLB/DE in Landry who has rare speed and the rare ability to get low and bend and dip and get around OT’s. I think this offseason he has a few more pass rushes to his skill set while improving on the bend and dip speed rush he is so good at. Then you have Finch who as an UDFA played like a 3rd round pick. He has the size, athleticism, work ethic and strength and motor to continue to grow and get better and become a damn good #3 rotational OLB to keep Wake and Landry fresh. Then you mix in the DL of Casey, Johnson and Jones and we have a damn good front 7 with the addition of Lawrence. Just due to Lawrence athletic ability, size, agility and disruptive nature he is naturally going to own the opposing C and command an opposing OG to help. That’ll free up Casey on the interior as well as Johnson/Jones to help further collapse the pocket and get to the QB and provide even more pressure as well. The addition of Lawrence will make everyone around him better. Making guys like Wake and Casey better and more disruptive as well as Landry while proving an anchor against the run is big time. Pro Comparison - Haloti Ngata 2) Christian Wilkins - DT/DE - Clemson - Wilkins has everything you want from a DT/DE in a 3-4 scheme coming out of college. He is big, athletic, smart, high motor, extremely productive, high character, and he is good against the run and very good pass rusher, as well as a versatile player who can be a 3 tech in a 4-3 or a 5 tech in a 3-4. He teamed up with Lawrence, Ferrell, Bryant to make college footballs best DL. We have shown a ton of interest and I firmly believe if Wilkins is on the board he is the pick unless Josh Allen falls which won’t happen or Montez Sweat is there and even then idk if we take Sweat over Wilkins even though if Sweat is there we absolutely should take Sweat over Wilkins because there isn’t going to be someone as good as Sweat in round 2, but there will be DL like Zach Allen and Saunders who will give us a major boost on the DL in conjunction with adding Sweat at OLB. I know the board is lukewarm on Wilkins. I don’t sense people are overly excited about him but I also don’t sense people are disappointed by him. He is the very definition of the player that you know exactly what you are getting and for fans that is boring because we want unlimited upside. I know that Wilkins provides constant quality play from the first snap of his NFL career and will get better. He will never be a 20 sack guy but I can see 6-7 sacks a year from him plus plenty of pressures and TFL and a big time presence in the run defense as well as pass rush. He will show up in the stat sheet, and his play will cause inflated numbers for our own guys in the stat sheet. Especially Casey and Landry and Wake. He is a sexy pick in my eyes but a boring sexy pick. You just know what you’re getting, and that’s what JR absolutely values in round 1. He values need, production, and knowing the kind of return he will get day 1. He likes players with3 years of starting experience or more. The only exception was Jackson. Wilkins is the kind of player Jon Robinson covets with his first round pick. Pro Comparison - Stephon Tuitt - Pittsburgh 3) Montez Sweat - OLB - Mississippi State - Another senior with a lot of experience and improvement every year. At 6’6 and 250lb and a 4.41 in the 40... this kid has the potential to be the Freak 2.0. He is a high motor guy with rare size and athleticism and knack for getting to the QB. Downfall? Character concerns and a heart condition that is said to cause some teams to remove him from their draft board and some teams to drop him from top 10 pick to late round 1. For me I’m not worried about the heart condition. He is young. Healthy. Athletic. It’s not rare for these players to have arrhythmias or a bundle branch block. Like I said. Maurice Hurst has a LBB and that’s more serious than a RBB & the reports I read state his condition is nowhere near what Hursts was which indicated it is a RBB. For me? Not worried. I would snatch him up in a NY minute at 19. Hell. If he drops to pick 15 I trade up ahead of the Giants and take him. Pairing him with Wake, Landry, Casey, Johnson and potentially a DT in the 2nd or 3rd like Khalen Saunders or Zach Allen or Tillery or Dre’mont Jones is big time for the front 7. A nickel package consisting of Wake, Casey, Landry, Sweat on the DL with Brown and Evans At LB would be ferocious. Our secondary would have all kinds of time while we only send 4 players at the QB and allow Evans to either pick up the RB out of the backfield on a route or send Evans after the QB if the RB stays to block while Brown picks up the TE. Plus Sweat would rotate with Wake to keep Wake fresh and would be mentored by Wake and would be the #3 EDGE with Finch the #4 EDGE giving us perhaps a top 3-5 group of EDGE rushers in the entire league. Pro Comparison - Myles Garrett 4) TJ Hockenson - TE - Iowa - No I don’t compare him to Gronkowski. I liken him more to Travis Kelce. The guy is athletic. Big. Fast. Clutch. Great hands. Very good route runner. Very polished. Smart. A nasty run blocker. A red zone threat and intermediate threat. He is the perfect TE for any offense and especially Mariota. I would venture to say we could boast the best TE group in the league with Walker, Hockenson, Smith. I would love a 12 man personnel with Walker and Hockenson at TE and Davis and Humphries At WR and Dion Lewis at RB to provide a pass catching threat out of the backfield whether it be screens or dump off to the flat. That or you put Henry back there and stay in that grouping and run Henry and set up PA with Walker and Hockenson working the seams and intermediate routes, Davis working deep and Humphries on slants or curls or even skinny posts. Then you have to consider the 3 TE personnel with Walker and Smith and Hockenson and Davis as the WR and Henry the RB. Who do you double team or bracket? Walker? Hockenson? Davis? Or the athletic Smith. Don’t forget Smith is coming off another ACL and Walker coming off a major leg injury at 35. We could give MM better protection in passing situations and Henry better blocking on outside zone runs where he is absolutely deadly. Mariota has also done some of his best work in this personel when Mularkey was here and we had Fasano, Walker and Murray. This time the primary WR is better and the TE who takes Fasano slot is 10x better and way more athletic and possibly a better blocker day 1 which speaks volumes. Plus if I recall the 3rd TE was an OT and this time it’s a Walker clone in Smith. Hockenson would upgrade this offense in a huge way. Pro Comparison - Travis Kelce - KC 5) Chris Lindstrom - RG - Boston College - Great pass blocker. Great run blocker. Plays with a nasty streak. Athletic. Sound technician. Perfect schematic fit. The plan is to run the ball and protect MM. That’s why we signed Saffold and then didn’t retain Spain and cut Kline. Robinson admitted his mistake and is dead set on fixing it. So he gave Saffold a deal making him a high paying LG and has done his HW on a lot of OG in the draft. While I’m not in love with taking an OG in round one I completely understand and wouldn’t bitch. Lindstrom is the best OG in the draft but I really think we can land a guy like McGovern, Pierschbacher, Jordan, Davis, Jenkins, Deiter, etc in round 2-4 Pro Comparison - Zack Martin - Dallas 6) Cody Ford - RG/RT - Oklahoma - See everything I wrote about Lindstrom and apply that here. This isn’t really #6. It’s 5b honestly. Cody Ford is downright fucking dominant. I prefer him over Lindstrom but I have serious doubts he makes it past GB or Minnesota in round w which is why I put him after Lindstrom but I had to add him here. He is my favorite OL in the draft and I know I said I am not a fan of taking an OG in round 1 I am a huge Cody Ford fan and I love his intensity and I would be ecstatic if we took him at 19. I know he would step in day 1 at RG and dominate and if we did not bring Conklin back I would fully expect him to kick out to RT in year 2. I would absolutely love watching Ford man handle and throw JJ Watt around, throw Clowney around, pummel Ramsey on misdirection when he is lead blocking for Henry. I would love watching him run a motherfucker over like Myles Jack or slam Darius Leonard to the ground or in week one watch him brutally destroy Myles Garrett. Get the picture? This guy is violent. He is mean. He is nasty. He is fucking awesome. Pairing him with Lewan, Saffold, Conklin and Jones would give us the best OL in football. Mariota would have all fucking day and Henry would have holes the size of Texas to run through. Pro Comparison - Quenton Nelson - Indy 7) Marquise Brown - WR - Oklahoma - Yeah I know. He is short. He is 166 pounds. He is coming off a lisfranc injury. We don’t know his exact 40. We could get s player extremely similar in round 2 in Andy Isabella who can absolutely fly and is 20 pounds heavier and runs crisp routes and has sticky hands. But are you forgetting something? Brown runs very good routes. If he ran the 40 I’m sure he gives John Ross a run for his money and posts something like a 4.28. I love that he catches everything thrown his way. He has insane agility and jukes people out of their socks. He can burn anyone in the league lined up across him. No corner in the NFL would dare line up within 3 yards. They would give him 5-10 yard cushion. He would still take them deep. I don’t see anyway Mariota could overthrow him. He is the type of WR who can take a 5 yard slant over the middle and make it a 60-80 yard touchdown in the blink of an eye. He has room to add more weight without losing a bit of speed. Remember when DeSean Jackson came out and he weighed 169 pounds at the combine? Did that matter? What about Tyreek Hill? That didn’t matter. We need speed, explosion and playmaking ability on offense and he would provide that day one. His cousin is Antonio Brown. I bet you money he has been getting pointers the last few years from him. He will only get better. He will add weight over time. He will step in day one and provide a spark to an anemic passing offense. Fly routes, skinny posts, crossing routes, slants, screens and double moves will be his thing day one and he would instantly provide production we are missing. Teams will absolutely have to fear the PA pass with Davis, Brown, Humphries, Walker and Henry on the field. I take him at 19 if the best pass rushers, Hockenson and Ford are off the board. Pro Comparison - DeSean Jackson - Philly 8 - Jeffrey Simmons - DT - Mississippi State - If not for the ACL tear in February this guy is a top 10 Lock. Most likely a lock to go top 6-7. He is disruptive in the pocket much like Quinnen Williams. More than Ed Oliver. He is a perfect fit for our scheme. You almost have to take him at 19 if you can’t trade down and stay infront of Indianapolis who would take him. This guy demands two blockers at all times. He plays with a nasty streak. He is pissed off. He has one goal. Sacking the QB or stuffing the RB on everyplay and his goal is to do it as violent as he can. He is a rare player. There are character concerns sure but I don’t see a problem with his. If he is there at 19 and so is zeilmind and Lawrence and you are okay putting him on the PUP list to start the year and work him into the starting job after that...THEN YOU TAKE HIM. We won’t be in position to draft a talent like him for a long time unless we lose 10-14 games and a player similar just happens to come out that same year. I don’t foresee that. So take him and count your blessings. Pro Comparison - Chris Jones - KC 9) Clelin Ferrell - DE/OLB - Had he come out last year he would’ve been a top 10 pick no question. He is not the most athletic like say Bosa or Allen but he isn’t a slouch either. He is big and strong and plenty fast. He has a very good first step. He has a knack for living in the backfield, sacking the QB and disrupting the run game. Smart and instinctual football player. Big time experience and production. He didn’t wow at the combine but turn on his tape and you’ll come away impressed. A little tight in the hips but that can improved. Durable player. High motor. Never takes a play off and has A+ character. Sets the edge against the run and has a wide array of pass rushing moves. Instant upgrade to the front 7 day one. Why you wouldn’t take him if Sweat, Simmons, Oliver, Lawrence, and Wilkins are off the board I don’t know. You can try to trade back to 24 with Oakland and get an extra middle round pick. I think he would be gone by then however. No way Seattle passes on him. Especially if they trade Frank Clark. Pro Comparison - Derrick Morgan - DE/OLB now players I hate at 19? 1) Brian Burns - OLB 2) DK Metcalf - WR 3) Noah Fant - TE 4) Jaylon Ferguson - OLB 5) Hakeem Butler- WR 6) A.J. Brown - WR 7) Dalton Risner - OT/OG 8 - N’Keal Harry - WR 9) Jawaan Taylor - RT/RG This is my list. I wanted to put Bradbury on my list of guys at 19 I want, but I went with the OL I prefer instead. Bradbury is a fine player but if we go Center in one I want McCoy. Feel free to ask why I don’t like the 9 players I listed. I’m tired and I’ll provide individual info on them tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the read.
  13. This i would offer 19 for Clark and a 3 this year however i think Seattle will have a hard time getting a first for him bc of the KC trade. They traded Ford away who doesn’t have character concerns and had a monster head that Clark has never sniffed and they traded him for a future 2 So... i think all all teams will use that as a baseline for trade communication. Itll cost 100+ million to sign him plus a draft pick. Whatever team trades for him will end up paying him more then what SF paid Ford. So so I see them asking for a first knowing they’ll only get a second rounder.
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