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  1. It makes sense to me for several reasons. 1) it keeps the Super Bowl window open for a decade not just 3 years 2) When Tannehill finishes his second season we will be looking to lock up Evans, Jackson, Landry to long term deals. If Landry continues to play the way he is, and continues to improve and develop into a star pass rusher he will command a monster salary, and the same could be said about Jackson... he will be finishing up his 5th year with the team and by that point if he continues on the trajectory he is on now, he will be a lockdown cover corner that will demand to be paid as such. Also Evans has already blossomed into a stud MLB and by that point he will be playing on the fifth year of his rookie contract and will be demanding top pay for an ILB and he is already moving into the defensive captain role which is something I expect him to take over this year. So if we are going to be locking down these 3 core defensive players it would be a lot easier to do as much if we are paying our franchise QB on a rookie contract vs paying Tannehill 29 million a year and having to let go of a few of those guys when we could keep them and transition to a QB that will have two years under his belt and in the scheme and primed to be the guy to keep the SB window open. we have a stacked roster as it stands after we add a RT and CB and a few role players (After either landing Clowney, and a young veteran DL, or adding a guy like Golden to the mix at OLB behind Landry and Beasley and adding a DL to pair with him) To me it makes complete sense and it’s exactly what Baltimore did two years ago when they drafted Jackson, and what KC did the year prior with Mahomes)
  2. What gives you this impression?
  3. Agreed and to add to your post, the 2020 roster will be even better, and deeper.
  4. Could be... or they could’ve signed Beasley, traded Casey to free up money to chase Clowney that way they could field Beasley across from Landry and play Simmons, Jones and Clowney on the line with Evans and Brown at ILB that would be a beast of a front 7, and maybe the best in the league after SF
  5. I didn’t say anything about trading up. Anything can happen on draft day. Lamar Jackson wasn’t supposed to drop to pick 32 but it happened. Rodgers wasn’t supposed to drop to pick 24 that happened. I agree about having immediate needs, but I wouldn’t discount the value of a franchise QB in the wings as a luxury JR thinks he Can obtain
  6. Agreed. It’s about time we invest this money in Golden and other players while Clowney seems to be using us as leverage to stay in Seattle
  7. What else is there to talk about? Im just making threads about draft prospects and generating discussion. Do you know what drives this? When I open a thread about Beasley and see people talking about Biden and Bloomberg I see a detailed thread. They are everywhere. so why not make a thread that hasn’t been talked about? RT’s contract has an out after two years that’ll allow us to keep him or part ways after two years. Plus, JR was high on Lock last year and we were linked to him at 19 as a real possibility on draft day. We have no backup and RT is 31 going on 32 this year. I don’t find it out is the realm of possibilities to draft a guy like Love should he drop and groom him for a few years to take over.
  8. Obviously I didn’t get analytical in my post, but my rationale for why he had such a big dip in sacks was due to their secondary
  9. Agreed, and if that’s the case I hope it is the Titans giving him the 1 year 7 million dollar deal. It would allow us to fill the NB role, and draft a corner early to be Butlers successor and the #3 CB and primary backup to Butler/Jackson while Hooker/Cruikshank are the backup NB
  10. No, they can definitely order them from the stance they would be a consulting physician. The exams would have to be ordered in name by the doc examining Clowney physically, but it would be at the expense of the Titans and the team doc through a consult.
  11. How am I not on the list? is it just a given that 88% of the board hates me, or am I just forgotten about?
  12. I get that, but what I don’t get is why Clowney can’t be evaluated by an independent doctor while our doctor is able to order the appropriate scans and images that can be done wherever Clowney is at, and our doc can then view them himself... I know he had core muscle surgery done, but it’s not like we can’t evaluate him from the outside and order the tests that we would if he was in the doctors presence.
  13. Also, Dennard while he isn’t a big upgrade over Sims, is still an upgrade to Sims, and we should take a look into him and bring him on with a one year deal in the range or market of about 5 mil. I’m still butt hurt about Alexander signing with the Bengals on a bargain deal. He is an ascending NB and the bengals signed him to very modest deal. the lack of a CB signing makes me think the Titans are letting Ryan test the market and likely have a deal on the table for him to circle back to and sign in the event he doesn’t find what he is wanting. I would offer him a 1 year deal that would allow him to test the market next year while staying with us and chasing a title. also surprised NE hasn’t offered him a deal to go back there. Delanie Walker isn’t going to sign anywhere until after the draft. He is the player the teams are worried about bc of his injuries and will want a hands on physical.
  14. I don’t understand why Clowney can’t have a physical done in whatever City he is in right now, funded by the Titans with the Titans team doctor on Skype and able to access and view the imaging from PACS himself? like it doesn’t seem like it should be this hard. Scans can be uploaded into the PACS system and able to be viewed by other physicians and radiologists with Clowneys approval.
  15. I get this, but we are not far off from a roster standpoint. if we add a guy like Golden or Griffen to pair with the Beasley signing at OLB in FA and add Harris/Daniels/Jernigan to fill Casey spot then all we are really missing is a backup CB, a #2 RB and a RT and WR to replace Sharpe. so... if they get that shit done like I expect, and a guy like Love is sitting there... I take him. The potential to be able to take a franchise QB when we have little holes to fill and a team that is already better than last years team I absolutely am all for it. Rumor had it last draft that Robinson wanted Drew Lock and I think had Simmons not dropped to 19 that JR most likely would have taken Lock over the next guy and groomed him to be the future. Lock looks like he may be an elite QB in this league, and he had a lot of similar concerns coming out that Love has today. So I wouldn’t expect it, but definitely wouldn’t rule it out.

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