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  1. It may need to be moved to another forum but dudes i did it again and I’m so pissed. That’s multiple times in less than a month I fucked it away. I finished with 197.7 points and the winner had 241 my costly move this week? taking Amari Cooper our and putting in Golden Tate. Yeah. Let that salivate. Tate - 1.7 points Cooper - 52.6 or some shit. So once again. I lost bc I took someone out who was doing really good and placed someone else in who wasn’t and is learning a new offense. That was pure stupid on my part and trying to out think everything. Tate was coming off a good week with 9 targets and 7 catches and 82 yards or some crap and Cooper. Well... he’s been on fire since going to Dallas so this week I have a few guys I think are must starts Gronk Schuster Mixon Cohen Henry my wildcard cheap guy is Seth Roberts for Oakland at 3700. They are signed up at WR and he is starting and I thought... Gronk vs Cook? I’ll go Gronk but for the #3 WR I need someone cheap and I thought going against a week Cincy team that Roberts could be in line for a big day. What do do y’all think? Who do y’all see primed for a major weekend at a low price? Henry has been getting more time and consistently finds the end zone and has a favorable matchup against the Giants and is only 5 G’s Joe Mixon going against Oakland is 6100 and he will get a lot of touches. Even if they are playing from behind I figure he will get 5-7 receptions on top of his carries against a terrible defense and come away big Tarik Cohen I feel is the X factor against GB even though I did consider Howard for cheap bc GB is terrible against the run but Howard is worthless in the pass game and if GB jumps out to a big lead then Cohen will be featured heavily. I also debated Anthony Miller or Allen Robinson as a flex bc both are cheap and I figure this to be a air raid game
  2. Kyle021

    2019 Draft News and Rumors

    Jones I wouldn’t mind. I e could be scouting Campbell and Weber at WR and RB respectively too
  3. Kyle021

    2019 Draft News and Rumors

    Jordan is a guard. Mill be irate taking a guard over a premium pass rusher
  4. Kyle021

    NFL Salary Cap For 2019

    It doesn’t have heavy star at the top but the depth is better than advertised. I really liked last years class. Alot
  5. Seriously it’ll be fun doing mocks after this year and this loaded class
  6. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    @headhunter the more i watch and read... i want us to actually trade back to the 25-32 range and acquire an additional round 2 pick and get an interior DL and then grab an edge rusher and this RB in 2 and sign a C like Morse and a G in FA and low key/cheap signings with big impact like Paulsen at TE that would flip this team into inconsistently inconsistent to consistently consistently wining and dominant. Can you imagine a revamped OL to keep the pocket clean and pave wide open running lanes for this Henderson kid and Lewis and give MM 3-4 seconds each drop back and a front 7 consisting of Casey, Gary/Tillery/Davis/Zach Allen, Johnson and Jones on the DL with Landry, Polite/Jelks, Finch at EDGE and Evans, Brown and Woodyard at ILB? that front 7 would create chaos and give Butler, Jackson, Ryan, Byard and Vaccaro multiple opportunities per game at turnovers and a lot of 3 and outs. Hah. But it for the sake of it and to put the cherry on top... JR would have to sign John Brown at WR or at worst a guy like Tyrell Williams or Chris Conley outside to pair with Davis... Mariota having that kind of protection to throw to those guys with return of Walker and Smith at TE and growth of Firkser and blocking of Paulsen and Walker would be great. We would actually field a run game with massive holes for a HR hitter like Henderson to kill the opposing defense. Not to to mention I bet Henderson/Lewis would kill it in the screen game
  7. Look. Trading Mack was dumb, but they saved a lot of money and got a lot of picks. Including a 1 in a draft loaded with pass rushers they traded Cooper who struggled in Oakland to a team at the time who was 4-5 and looked to be picking top 15 then they have their own first rounder which is practically top 3 protected. Last year they drafted Kolton Miller who is physically gifted and raw and needs some time to get the nuances down and can be a very good LT and then drafted Hurst at DT and Key at DE they sold off their talent and have three first round picks. I can see Gruden trading back from #2 overall and hauling in more capital for this year and next year and staying in the top 10-15 and acquiring an additional 1 next year and a 2nd this year plus a player. Then you look at the draft. Wouldnt you love to have 3 first rounders and a few extra mid rounders in a draft like this? Surely not at the expense of Mack, or Cooper as of late, but the deal is done and the draft is rich so even Stevie Wonder could pick a few stars in this draft. Gruden very well, without trading back, could replace Mack with Ferrell/Adams/Bosa and use the other two first rounders on a player like Devin White or Mack Wilson at MLB and a WR like Harry, Brown or Harmon with the other first and at the top of round 2 get another inside pass rusher or a RB like Harris or Henderson to make a more formidable team for 100+ million dollars cheaper and bring in a bunch of quality players in FA who are in their prime or just hitting it. He came in and shipped off players for big draft capital in arguably the best defensive draft in the last 20 years. I actually think hindsight 20/20 if he bats 3/3 with those three first rounders or 4:4 with those four top 35 picks... he may be quietly and controversially building something special. His contract is 10 years and I think in 2-3 years we start to see what and why he did what he did. We we could laugh at it now, but hate it later. Although you could say trading Khalil Mack was dumb and they shoulda payed him and letting Cooper walk was meh bc no one saw him doing in Dallas what he is doing. He could’ve kept Mack, and paired Mack with Bosa, Key, Hurst or dropped back and paired Mack with Williams/Oliver in the first plus his picks last year and acquire more draft captial to get where he is now with Mack. Im sure someone like GB would’ve traded both firsts to move up to the 2nd spot to secure Adams/Ferrell/Bosa and he still would’ve walked away with Mack and 3 firsts that could have consisted of Oliver, White and a WR on top of getting a RB in 2 and few players in 3
  8. Kyle021

    Oklahoma RT/RG Cody Ford

    Great prospect but not this year. Three reasons #1 we have to bookend pro bowl OTs #2 this draft is loaded with DTs, DE’s at OLB’s i like this kid. His game is very good and he will go top 25 which means that pushes another DL right into our lap
  9. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    Anyway good talk @headhunter thx for the post
  10. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    Smart money for Seattle is to let Clark walk, get a comp 3, save that cap and use it for some OL and weapons for Wilson and replace Clark in the draft at pennies compared to what he cost. You get an equal pass rusher in the draft, starting interior OL help, a WR to pair with Baldwin and Lockett and a S
  11. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    I would sign him to a 1 year deal with big money and add an interior DL in 1 and then grab that Henderson kid at RB and then use picks 3-7 on OL, another pass rusher, WR, and CB
  12. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    Why would you pay Clark all that money when you can replace him in round 1 or 2 or even 3 AND get a comp 3rd the following year and save 15-20 in cap at the same time. Just doing that that they could then shore up their OL and add a few other players to make a better roster with that money alone and then hit the draft and take a FS to replace Thomas and DL to replace Clark in the first two rounds and be a better team as a result and have more talent and money. Idk. Not our problem. Just an example what this draft can provide and why the Rams were idiots giving up all their picks. This is is why I keep pushing for us to sign a top C, blocking TE and a vet WR and a solid all around zone blocking OG... we shore up the offensive line and TE grouping and get a younger Fasano and a compliment to Davis, Sharpe and Taylor at WR and go into the draft needing only 3-4 players. Doing that alone... I would first attempt to trade all the way up into the top 10 for the elite pass rusher, or stay put if it’s too steep and take what falls... if multiple fall and they’re all graded the same or near the same... trade back and then take the one who falls to you with the same grade and have the capital to move up in rounds 2 or 3 for another premium player or just stay put and keep adding. You couldn’t go wrong trading back and landing Rashan Gary or Raekwon Davis in 1 and then adding a back like Henderson and then getting another pass rusher after that while still having an extra 3rd
  13. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    Yep. This is one of the only reasons I can see Seattle letting Clark walk or Minny letting Barr walk. They can get equal talent for pennies on the dollar in the draft. You might see more quality pass rushers hit FA this year than you ever will again bc of the talent this draft brings. Honesty im curious what their market value will be also... the drafts talent will likely push their prices down a bit causing them to sign shorter contracts and testing it again the following year when the draft isn’t loaded
  14. Kyle021

    Darrell Henderson

    Devin White from LSU... dudes a Ray Lewis clone coming out. And he only has a few years experience at the position and is this dominant. Even more impressive is he does it for LSU going against teams like Bama and Auburn and Tennessee and Florida. The kid kid is unreal. Another talent I like is Thompson the FS from Bama. I think he is better than James/Fitzpatrick from last year draft. This draft actually has two premier LTs which is major. You may see SF bypass Bosa for Little or Williams at LT to protect Garrapolo and get their pass rusher at the top of 2 where they can still get an impact rusher. Jonah Williams, Greg Little, Bosa, Quinen Williams, Ed Oliver, Allen, Ferrell and a few forced QB picks like Herbert and Lock will push some serious talent into the teens and 20’s range where the likes of Metcalf, AJ Brown, N’Keal Harry, Devin White and Deionte Thompson, a few interior OL, Greedy Williams, and Julian Love will further push more interior pass rushers down right into our laps. This is is why I have trouble saying trade up for Allen bc guys like Gary and Tillery, Davis and Zach Allen will likely be at our pick and that’s striking gold. Bc Tillery, Gary and Davis are top 10 talent and disrupting the middle of the pocket is harder to do than getting push from the outside. Collapse the the inside of the pocket and Landry and whomever we sign or draft will feast all year