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  1. I’ll join for a podcast. Have the board send in a list of questions. An AMA type of podcast. All subjects and questions welcomed
  2. This is odd. It was our biggest signing in FA and he got overpaid if anything. It is also a huge need. If dude opts out then I would push hard for Clowney. Give him what he wants for one year and then renegotiate in the offseason
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-top-10-second-year-players-washington-football-team-rebrand AJ Brown at #4 and Jeffrey Simmons at #10 That is an impressive 1-2 punch by JR and the staff last year, and these guys will only get better and be among the best at their position.
  4. Swift. It’s hard to say a RB of decent caliber will get a lot of yards and TD’s in McVays offense especially involved in the passing game. I would however go with Swift behind a Lions offense that has a young and underrated OL with players like Decker, Ragnow, Vaitai, Crosby, Dhal, etc and a stud TE in Hockenson. They are shifting toward being a run oriented offense whereas they have been mostly a passing offense without a true threat at RB... With the upgrades invested in the OL and RB and the talent that Swift is I would lean toward Swift.
  5. Rivers just got a one year 25 million dollar deal at 37 If Tanne arm is still strong and playing at a high level and still winning games then they will want to resign him
  6. We definitely would have crushed SF it would have been a boring Super Bowl for modern fans but longtime fans would’ve loved to see two top defenses going at it and two top 3-5 run games and play action offenses going at it. SF vs TN would have made a great Super Bowl
  7. Dude is absolutely unreal on screens and has major YAC and led Bama in yards last year. Super smooth and a sure handed WR. Dude catches everything. Daniel Jeremiah did a scouting report and likens him to Marvin Harrison. If we can get a WR like that to pair with AJ Brown this offense is deadly. DEADLY.
  8. I would not sleep on Stidham. I think he will be a very good QB and he will be more than good in McDaniels system. Newton is the backup in case it doesn’t work.
  9. Don’t forget his 3 cone of 6.83 or something wild. I think his production dropped due to scheme and teams running the ball to close games and not passing and other things. Atlanta’s defense has been hot garbage and their secondary has been a mess. Also, it doesn’t help when the best players around him drop like flies. Most notably Deon Jones and Keanu Neal
  10. The season will be canceled. Maybe even pushed back to start in early 2021
  11. Florida is offering nurses crisis pay right now. Hopefully that changes by the time we play them. I would hate for our guys to catch it. matter fact I wouldn’t be surprised if teams held out all starters including key backups so they have their top guys intact and get more opportunities to see the young guys play.
  12. I think he is good at his job. Actually quite surprised
  13. He threw for 2800 yards and 28 TD and 0 INT and ran the ball for 1100 yards and 14 TD only losing 1 fumble as a fucking redshirt freshman. add a flak jacket and 10 more pounds to him he is a young Steve McNair except he can pass the football. My only knocks are the level of competition and that offense he plays in. It reminds me of the offense Mariota played in as everyone is wide the heck open, but you can see him make his reads and look off safeties and even though the receivers are wide open he hits them in stride and drops dimes. I am all for drafting him and letting him sit two years and learn under Tannehill and take over after year 3 of RT’s contract. Serious.
  14. I’m 50/50 One part of me says for the benefit and safety of everyone to not have a season One part says have the players sign a waiver and have them wear a mask while playing. If they will risk brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries then they will risk catching a virus. One thing is for sure. No fans should be allowed, and if there are it should be kept to a minimum of no more than 5,000 fans and families can be no larger than a family of 4 and people over 60 and younger than 7 not allowed to attend.

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