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  1. Reminds me of two people in a crowd are watching as two dudes fight, and we are just standing there talking about something unrelated
  2. Hudson elevated to 53? maybe we are making room for Ficken to come back after this week? Is there a NT available or on PS?
  3. Go kick some cancer ass We will all be waiting for you to come back and rooting for you. The bitchfest regarding Vrabel and Robinson, the refs and Downey and the defense will all still be taking place. As well as those corny 49er jokes
  4. God bless you and your family. If you ever need someone to talk to you can always shoot me a message.
  5. Dude can’t catch a break https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/16/raiders-lose-marcus-mariota-for-multiple-weeks/
  6. I believe we all should be worried about Lewan. He doesn’t look the same by any means. the entire OL needs to get it the fuck together. In the second quarter Murray had 9-10 seconds to throw the ball after running around and completed a first down to Rondale Moore. Insane. No QB should ever have 9 seconds to throw a pass even if he ran from one sideline to the other
  7. Using PA when Lewan is giving up half of a seasons worth of sacks in the first half is begging to get your QB injured
  8. Agree. Fulton played very well
  9. 200 a piece? What’s the view like?
  10. Derrick Henry is Beastmode 2.0 It’s never going to happen, but if DH turned into a threat in the passing game and got multiple targets a game and got better in his blocking it would make this offense even more explosive. I know and am full aware of DH stats, lack of fumbling, stiff arm, and how much of a team player and teammate, and also how serious he is about conditioning himself. He takes zero days off. Ask yourself this though… with Julio, & AJ as the #1,#2 WR’s do you think DH has the better season statistically, or would Saquon Barkley have the bigger
  11. Not the least bit worried. Dude is a baller. His worst day of practice is in line with some of our depth WR’s career games
  12. I honestly would probably just play Hopkins one on one knowing that regardless of what coverage we do or put against him, that he is going to get his. I would lock down Murray and the number to receiver blitz often and take away the other options that Murray has because regardless of what we do Hopkins will get his
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