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  1. Tyrod. Bring him in on a two year 18 million deal or Keenum on a 2/18 deal. Or sign a few win now players and draft around that and take Jarrett Stidham round 2. Morse/Paradis at Center. Shift Jones to OG and retain Pamphile. Sign Brown/Humphries at WR sign Barr/Smith/Flowers at OLB and call it solid in FA. Extend Byard and Vaccaro. Extend Ryan next offseason. Draft DL like Zach Allen at 19 and WR like Campbell in 2 and follow it with QB Stidham in trade up in round 2
  2. Judon, Williams, and someone else on their roster... I don’t think either
  3. Keenum would be a great backup. The second best behind Foles in the league. He may be the best when Foles gets traded and is a starter
  4. Give them a 3 this year and 4 next year and 5 million if you can give them money lol
  5. They didn’t retain Orakpo either and he had a damn good 3 year stretch here. His last year he just fell off a cliff. But his first three seasons as a Titan were what the Skins hoped they drafted and his first two years here he was that tier below elite. He was a guy teams schemes against
  6. I would love Preston Smith and Mitch Morse in FA and some ST players and a WR like Brown or Humphries followed by Byard extending Aggressively move up in the draft if Allen slips or Oliver or Ferrell.
  7. He is the one we need to sign. Not Zadarius Smith. Tre Flowers or Preston Smith would be home run signings in FA along with a C and kick Jones to LG we could draft a WR/TE at 19 if Brown or Fant/Hock are there and a DE in 2 or a DE in 1 like Tillery or Lawrence at NT with a OG at 2 and WR at 3
  8. Rewatching the Titans/Pats game. Damn what a beautiful effort from both offense and defense and special teams. Jonnu Smith was really coming into his own after the Dallas and NE game. So was Mariota. He finally was healthy from the hand injury and he was lighting it up playing his best football. Davis abused the best CB in football this year that day. Mariota was on point. The defense was on point. this was the game that Brady hit the wall
  9. Mariota tosses 24 and 12 next year. 6 on the ground. 28 sacks. 3300 yards
  10. Watched Humphries and tickle me impressed. He would be a slam dunk signing to put at the slot. We just need another outside guy. Marquise Brown...?
  11. Actually i love this. Every bit of it. Except CAN WE PLEASE SIGN JOHN BROWN OVER HUMPHRIES
  12. What to do with Smith? Flex in the slot like Hernandez? Walker on the line or split in the slot with Hock in-line? Or Walker in-line with Hock in the slot? a 3 TE set of Walker on one side and Hockenson the other with Smith in the slot and Davis and Taylor bounced to the same side would be dirty
  13. I’m beginning to think they address WR and OLB in FA as well as a blocking TE. Maybe they like Pruitt for that. I don’t know. I am going to venture and say we see a tandem like Brown and Humphries at WR. Flowers/Preston Smith at OLB Paulsen at TE to serve as the blocking TE Malcom Brown - DT hit the draft and... 1) Marquise Brown - WR 2) Jeffrey Simmons - DE/DT (I think he drops r/t character and no combine invite) 3) Jalen Jelks - OLB 4) TJ McCoy - OG/OC 5) Rodney Anderson - RB that adds RB - Henry, Lewis, Anderson WR - Davis, Brown, Humphries, Taylor, Sharpe, Jennings TE - Walker, Smith, Paulson, Firkser OT - Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Pamphile OG - Kline, Spain, McCoy, Levin, Pamphile C - Jones, McCoy, Levin DL - Casey, Simmons, Jones, Johnson, Brown OLB - Flowers, Landry, Jelks, Finch, Correa ILB - Woodyard, Evans, Brown, Bates CB - Butler, Jackson, Ryan, Sims, Kalu S - Byard, Vaccaro, Cruikshank, Trawick KR - Jennings PR - Brown
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