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  1. Insert a coach who instills discipline and a QB who wins games. A coach who who has respect of players and winning footballs cures all
  2. Kyle021

    2019 Draft News and Rumors

    Who? Bosa? Gonna cost you three first round picks but if you want that level of dominance for a decade you pull the trigger. If you are okay and trust your scouts... you wait. You wait for the first 10 picks to come off the board or if for some reason Josh Allen is in the 8th overall area then you pull the trigger giving up two 1’s and a third
  3. Kyle021

    Marquise Brown = Tyreek Hill?

    Almost makes you wonder if trading back in round 1 and grabbing him would be a good idea... bc there will be a really fucking good DL drop into our lap regardless in round 2... so get the best damn deep threat you can after revamping the interior OL and run game and make it that much harder for defenses to account for all 11 people on offense spend the rest of the capital on defensive players mainly the front 7 and improving the pass rush. Even add a few players in FA or even just one. If a guy like Frank Clark actually got away from Seattle or Demarcus Lawrence somehow got away from the Boys... you pony up and trade back and go that route if they dont oh well no big deal. This draft you will find one even if you pick blindly. Honest to god teams may be reluctant to hand out big contracts to pass rushers this offseason bc of this draft alone. Sounds crazy on the surface but honestly think about it. Would you pay 120+ million for a veteran pass rusher or would you opt to draft one when this is a once in a 20 year type draft for pass rushers? if you’re building for the long haul... idk. I wouldnt let Von Miller or Clowney type of player walk, but I may be inclined to let a Clark or Graham or Barr walk bc of what this draft holds and what I could get for the price of that one player alone in FA ( a few starters and retain a few key players)
  4. Kyle021

    Marquise Brown = Tyreek Hill?

    alot like Jackson, Hill, Cooks Mariota would have a very hard time over throwing him. Put it him in the offense and defenses have to respect the deep threat and sending him vertical on play action would create so much room for Davis, Taylor, Walker and Lewis and dare I say Mariota if the defense can actually cover that amount of speed and playmaking ability of those guys
  5. Kyle021

    Derrick Brown Aurbun

    He does. He is extremely talented. My personal favs outside the big three are Jerry Tillery and Rashan Gary and Raekwon Davis
  6. Kyle021

    Zach Allen DL Boston College

    I like Jelks and Polite as second tier round one dudes DL like Tillery, Davis, Jones, and Gary fit scheme perfect. Just remember Jerry Tillery... 6’7 and 310 with pass rushing skills and a great run blocker. This Allen kid is solid no doubt. Well rounded at everything and will be a fine ten year pro but there is better options. Raekwon Davis is right there with Tillery in my book don’t forget about Bryant from Clemson either. Or Justin Simmons... or Detrick Brown from Auburn. Yeesh. This draft is Stocked... we don’t have to trade up for Williams, Bosa or Oliver. We can stay pat in the 20-32 range and honestly find just as good talent without the major hype from being related to Joey Bosa or the next big Saban prospect. Although I certainly wouldn’t get mad if we did. My preference? Stay put and let a stud interior DL fall to us, trade up and pay the piper for Ferrell or Allen(Josh) at OLB, or trade back from our pick into late round one and acquire more capital such as trading back to 33 and picking up a third this year and future 2nd and a player and getting an interior guy at 33 who is top 15 in any other draft. It’s that stacked. I mean... say SF gets someone like Bosa, and calls and offers 33 and a 3rd and 2nd next year as well as Matt Brieda or a guy like Soloman Thomas... that way they could draft Devin White at ILB or a CB who fell or an OT or WR for Jimmy. you do it Then you say thx and get a solid player like Thomas or a back like Brieda who is very talented, and use your two 2nds and thirds on players on the interior OL and DL and a WR like Kelvin Harmon or Brown To the OP this Allen kid reminds me of Tavon Bryant
  7. Jags had a crap year but make no mistake. That’s a Super Bowl roster that only is missing one thing. A QB, and they will have options in FA jacksonville is going to be picking top 10... likely top 5-7 Flqcco may not be a world beater, neither is Bridgewater but for a team only needing a game manager at minimum... those guys are poised to step on that team and elevate them back to AFCCG legitimacy. Jacksonville can seriously use that top top pick on yet another premiere pass rusher or OL and bring in Flacco on a FA deal and add another receiver and be a top team. I expect them them to get a new HC as well. Would they get Harbaugh and watch him bring Joe with him? Indy... Those bastards Luck looks better than ever, they have a stud OL and their passing game is unstoppable. Throw in some more defensive players and they just get better. Did I mention Ballard hit a home run with basically every pick? Because he did, and with a draft this loaded with premium talent I expect no less. Look for them to go pass rusher in 1 and more targets for Luck. Marlon Mack can be the real deal. Houston... Insert Will Fuller, a first rd OL, and sprinkle in more defensive talent and... there’s no stopping Nukie and that Watson kid. Then you have the Titans... getting Walker back, fixing the interior OL and run game. Adding a deep threat at WR and blocking TE and adding talent to the defensive front 7 and Mariota playing for a 100 million dollar deal. I bet Mariotas best year comes next year. Always does when a QB has the needed talent, coaches, right mindset and 100+ million on the table. The end result? Most likely a super bowl.
  8. Butler is here for 3 years tops. I think he comes into his own next season being comfortable in the system and with his secondary friends improve the pass rush and watch the whole secondary improve and get more turnovers and less big plays against. This is why im adamant about making a splash trade up for a pass rusher like Ferrell, Adams, Bosa, Oliver, or Williams could sign a guy like Barr, or Graham and trade up for a big time interior guy and retain Morgan on a 1 year deal
  9. Kyle021

    Rashaan Evans

    When you have a franchise LT and RT, DT, ILB, FS, WR, QB and CB and a great NB the move is well worth it. I do do it in a heartbeat to secure a player in Bradley Chubb category. Make that move and bring Suh here and we are cooking
  10. Kyle021

    Rashaan Evans

    Have Freent workout with Landry and hope Evans works out with fellow alum Mosley or tutor from P Willis
  11. Kyle021

    Refs for Titans v Giants

    Like this crew
  12. Kyle021

    Marquise Brown = Tyreek Hill?

    I think this kid wows at his pro day and combine and runs in the 4.2 range. He will go top 25 i wouldn’t be opposed to him Although as of today... AJ Brown and Kelvin Harmon are my top 2 WR Brown would be a killer slot option
  13. For all I care you can swap Ferrell out for Adams theyre literally 1A/1B for me. I wouldn’t care if both were available at 5 and we traded up for one of them... as long as we traded up for one of them
  14. Kyle021

    Chris Lindstrom- Boston College OG

    He will be a first round pick with all the interior DL coming out and going in the top 15-20 picks I would bet that a run on interior OL follow its going to push WR and S and TE and RB down
  15. Kyle021

    Giants scare me

    We aren’t making playoffs