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  1. Watson is a top 5 QB for another 10 years, maybe more. If you think you can get him, you do it.
  2. Haven't followed Bradham too much, but I remember him being productive, and he is only 31. Did he have a pretty big fall off?
  3. So our lack of pass rush will make Philip Rivers a worse QB this week. Just as we planned.
  4. Wait so Overton will have been essentially replaced twice by this dude. Tough scene.
  5. Giving up a sixth round pick when we had three six round picks is very low cost, and King has been an all pro in the past so a high reward is possible. I mean essentially it was a trade of Correa for King, and they were planning on cutting Correa, so King is sort of house money at this point. Plus, any help at all in the secondary is welcome.
  6. This statement could be construed as positive. What gives?
  7. The personnel isn't great, but everyone is way better than they are playing. We have good players (Byard, Clowney, Beasley, Evans, etc.) that have produced very well very recently, but they are all playing like shit now. It can't be a coincidence that everyone suddenly started sucking. I'm all for trading for a CB and praying that whoever that is + Jackson returning will help, but everyone has taken a step back which means there is probably a common denominator somewhere.
  8. Lol Tanny threw two picks in a row and we got a TD from it. Take what you can get.
  9. I know it's against LeShaun Sims, but Davis has looked very good at least. Very reliable.
  10. No one can be worse than Jonathan Joseph. There have to be 50 free agents out there that are just as good.
  11. Ryan Tannehill may be a top 5 guy in the league at drawing guys offsides. Those free 5 yards have been huge for us on multiple occasions this year.
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