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  1. Bad D2 football is bad. Who would have thought?
  2. You do realize that you are saying that the staff was dumb for starting the season by starting the face of the franchise who making $25 million at quarterback instead of starting a guy who was just shipped out of the worst team in the league who we were paying $1.5 million. Yes, I understand there was a talent disparity, but that just isn't a decision you can realistically make in the NFL environment. Multiple people are on the hot seat and/or are fired if for some reason Tannehill plays average to bad which he showed earlier in his career that he was more than capable of doing.
  3. Any on staff guys we will think about or are we going to go from outside?
  4. Chill out, dude. Like for once. We just made the AFCCG. If you wanna be all high and mighty then I guess that’s fine, but if you’re gonna continue to be depressing and pessimistic in your views even after the team just had their best win in 2 decades then why are you a fan? Legitimately. If you aren’t happy now, this team will never make you happy.
  5. Towards the end of the season I was incredibly apathetic as I thought a playoff birth would mean we would retain Mularkey. I was obviously happy we made the playoffs, but I would have been equally as happy missing them as I thought Mularkey hurt our long term chances. Luckily, we ended up with the best of both worlds. As for Mularkey being a good coach, I think that you definitely have a unique take there. I'm not discrediting you, but he has failed in three separate head coaching jobs and was deemed to be so detrimental towards our potential that he was fired after a playoff victory. And you saying that we have new players now that Mularkey didn't have is somewhat odd; obviously there is roster turnover; Mularkey had some players Vrabel doesn't and others (Casey and Byard, like you said) were better). You're definitely entitled to your opinion though.
  6. Former Jaguars OLineman Uche Nwaneri has a fairly active reddit account and posted this about the balance of respect b/t new coaches and players. Mularkey is talked about at length. Obviously not crazily relevant anymore, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Goes to show a little bit of what was said about Mularkey's incompetence around here was true. Regardless of your thoughts on his replacement, I'm glad JRob and AAS had the wherewithal to fire MM even after a playoff win.
  7. Go back and watch the pick. Davis clearly never gets his head around to find the ball until the ball is almost hitting the ground. The defender that made the pick was trailing Davis’s route but got his head around in time to change course. I’m not putting it all on Davis; a good bit of it is Tannehill’s fault. However, saying that it’s not at least slightly on Davis would be incorrect; no reason he couldn’t have gotten his head around and changed course like the defender did. Now the fumbles were completely on Tannehill and were rough like I said but they ultimately didn’t matter. He made multiple great throws though; the two to Firkser and the sideline bomb that Davis dropped were gorgeous. I don’t remember the ones he sailed on the sideline but he did throw some away which is a good thing. He also threw 15 passes all game which makes it hard to get in a rhythm. Obviously not his best game in a Titans uniform but he did what we wanted him to do most of the time. No gutrenching sacks or turnovers (the pick was in Patriot territory while our D was playing well). Multiple clutch, vital third down conversions (two passes to Firkser and the read option; and the sneak too I guess lol). By no means was this a bad game.
  8. He managed a game where we ran heavily, limited total possessions, and won. Windows were incredibly tight and he made throws when he need to. Not 100% sure that pick was on him either; I thought Davis ran the wrong. Didn’t force anything and actually gave Davis an incredible ball he couldn’t pull in on his only deep attempt (that I remember). The fumbles were bad but he recovered and no harm was done; in that manner, he looked better avoiding the rush today than normal (not that he was good, but still better). I preferred what we did compared to having him try to air it out to a young receiving corps that wasn’t getting separation.
  9. Would probably rather play the Texans than the Chiefs though. Yeah Hopkins is miserable to play against and we have a good history in Arrowhead but the Chiefs just seem like a better team by a good bit.
  10. 538 gives us a 13% chance to win. They also set the line at -13. Math is stupid.
  11. This drive could literally be millions of dollars for Tannehill.
  12. Patriots are 3-3 vs playoff teams. Their wins: Bills by 6, Bills by 7, and Eagles by 7. They don’t have a good win yet this year.
  13. 9 of your top 12 after week 1 made the playoffs. Seattle at 14, SF at 18, and BUF at 20 replaced the Rams, the Cowboys, and the Chargers, two of which were close to the playoffs and one of which sucked but did lose in a ton of one score games. Good work.

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