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  1. He was never gonna fill the gap that Tre McBride left.
  2. I don't think McLaurin has been practicing, so if this dude wasn't standing out playing next to Cam Sims, Curtis Samuel, and Kelvin Harmon then that would be quite bad news.
  3. And the asking for it isn't even the worst part. It's the matter of consent for those that potentially unwillingly participated. If Watson truly violated consent, it should be a lot worse than a year.
  4. Also, I've always thought that the Titans Mt. Rushmore of RBs could compete with anyone in the league (Campbell, George, CJ2K, Henry), but what is our WR Mt. Rushmore? I feel like it has to be one of the worst in the league.
  5. Kendall Wright had more yards in a season than AJB did in any year. I feel like that should automatically disqualify AJ from discussing this regardless of the context.
  6. I don't know. Simmons just seems to have another level. He gets in these kinda zones where opposing players look at him and just immediately fall to the ground in clutch situations.
  7. It’s nothing direct obviously, but the lawyer bringing up happy endings and saying they are legal suggests that he had some reason to address that topic. The most obvious reason is that he is suggesting Watson did nothing illegal. However, if this is the interpretation, it suggests that Watson had a right to seek out happy endings. That is problematic because they aren’t actually legal in Texas and because there is very little chance that all 23 of the masseuses/models that Watson used all went into their massages consenting to happy endings. Since there are no details though, it doesn’t change much other than making Watson’s blatant sexual misconduct even more blatant.
  8. Maybe he can sit on Josh Allen's shoulders while they run QB sneaks so they can convert on 4th and 1.
  9. Really excited to see what Arthur Smith will do as Titans OC in 2023.
  10. That's what I was getting at. It's a flawed statistic. There are major confounders. Maybe the Dolphins supporting cast was rated as shit because they had two mediocre QBs. Maybe Brady added no value because he elevated his supporting cast to overvalued mark per the system. Sure it's cool that they were trying to create a new statistic; my original point was that if those are the results of your new statistic, it's probably deeply flawed to a point that you shouldn't be touting it as some interesting new way to view things.
  11. Got the years wrong on Fitz, that's my bad. And I understand the concept, and that is why I am saying it is quite stupid. If you come up with a metric where Tua grades that far above Brady, it's probably not a super good metric. Brady is below the wins expected based on his supporting cast. That means to say that he did not elevate his team at all, and actually held them back. I understand his team was good, but that is a miserable take. Similarly, with Tua, they claim he, by himself, elevated his team above the expected win total. They claim the same with Fitz on the same team. I think you would struggle to find people who watched the Dolphins who would tell you that those two consistently added an elite level of value to their team. What's more likely? Tua and Fitz are both sneaky elite QBs that have almost single handedly dragged the Dolphins to relevance over the past few years? Or PFF's grading system greatly underrated the Dolphins supporting cast making it appear that two independent, mediocre-at-best QBs were elevating their team when they weren't?
  12. Would the Dolphins have been multiple wins worse with Brady rather than Tua and Fitzpatrick?
  13. Jameis has 1-2 fewer expected wins than Brady. Fitz has multiple more. All of them played for the Bucs, and it was pretty clear who was best. If you want to argue that Tua is some underrated superstar though then be my guest lol
  14. Are they not embarassed to post a list like that? I would understand if there were a few outliers but come on. Brady in the middle of the pack. Tua and Fitz as elite tier QBs. Bizarre.
  15. Not good with numbers so maybe you can tell me if these have any meaning: 10/18/21: 34-31
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