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  1. And the away game is Cincy. Not trying to jinx anything, but we should be in good shape after 9 games.
  2. Ah okay I at least see where you are coming from now. If you really do think the Mularkey scheme is why he looked good, that's completely fair, but I tend to think the system held him back. Still though, I want to emphasize that after the injury, he was genuine dogshit so it's a moot point anyway.
  3. My point was that he used to be able to play the position, and that he played the position at a high level for the football team that this message board revolves around. Then he got injured which was sad because that meant he wasn't good anymore, and we rightfully moved on. If you need me to rephrase it again, I'd be happy to!!!
  4. I really am in the camp that Marcus had the chance to be special. After the broken leg, he never looked the same though. Never had any confidence in the pocket. Lacked any sort of presence and didn't step into his throws. It really is a shame though as he actually did have a lot of talent, and he is objectively a very good dude. EDIT: Just to be clear we absolutely should have moved on when we did and honestly probably even before. He lost it after the injury.
  5. We should be punished if we did indeed not follow protocols, but I don't appreciate that not a single member of the media is mentioning how the outbreak stems from Greg Mabin, and it could have been entirely prevented if the NFL's FA protocol wasn't miserable.
  6. No matter what happens, just remember that we could have Ruston Webster and Mike Mularkey on staff. It could be way worse.
  7. He probably isn't the single best pickup, but Woodyard definitely deserves a lot of praise. The guy has been one of the key constants throughout the entire turnaround of the franchise. You never heard him complain and he was a constant leader on defense. I would never have classified him as elite, but he was a real glue guy on the defense in our recent turnaround similar to how Delanie was for the offense. edit: just looked and he has only missed three games since signing; just incredibly solid
  8. If he's released I think we should sign him for fullback depth.
  9. If Clowney is actually stupid enough to go to the Jets, it may be for the best that we didn’t get him.
  10. I think the big reason that there is serious discussion behind kids not going back to school is transmittance. Yes, nearly every kid will be fine and will make a full recovery but if outbreaks occurs in schools and in the youth population, that means that all of those that get infected put everyone else at risk. For example, if a class of 20 kids get sick, that's 40 parents immediately at risk. Those 40 parents are likely to go out at least in some capacity (work, groceries, restaurants, etc.) which puts more people at risk and the web goes on and on (especially if any parent works in healthcare). So the way I understand it is that keeping kids out of school isn't necessarily to save their own lives and health, but to save the lives and health of those around them and in the community. Also, while not that many kids have died in the big scheme of things, every child that dies has an immense impact on a family for years to decades, so it's definitely nothing to ignore. And we don't know too much about long term effects since there haven't been any long term cases (obviously) so that is a potential worry though it could be nothing. Still though, I completely understand the desire to put kids back in school but it would definitely put people in the community at risk.
  11. Yeah but you must not be very smart because Ryan Tannehill is not a top 25 NFL QB because I only watched three Titans games last year and they didn't throw that much because they got an early lead so he has to be bad because I'm right.
  12. Not sure how we'll function without Austin Hooper next year.
  13. Can't blame him. Guy had 1000 yards last year and is looking for a final payday before his short career as a RB is over.

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