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  1. Giants are not a good team. They overachieved a lot last year and are revering back to the mean.
  2. Watson has looked like a shell of himself, this has not been the same Watson in HOU
  3. I think the Steelers whiffed on Pickett. I don't see it with him.
  4. Which was easier to do when you had the GOAT, elite YAC guys like Welker and Edelman, excellent 3rd down pass catching RB like James White, and an elite big play TE down the middle like Gronk who could make you play for playing the short stuff. This is just an offense with zero speed. Who scares you on this offense.
  5. There's just zero explosiveness in the NE passing game. 14 yard completion longest pass play of the night. Very real chance NE is 0-3 after next week. Far cry from the Brady days.
  6. Which could be scary for them. Kelce turns 34 in October. All world player, but he's getting closer to the point where how many peak years does he have left? Trying to find a future #1 should be their top priority next season. Maybe Rice turns into something, but I highly doubt it'll be Toney, MVS, Gray, etc emerging as the go to guy
  7. Kelce's a future HOF, but he's also a soon to be 34 old year TE. They should have him back soon, but if he goes down awhile or starts to go downhill, it looks like they have little else other than a committee approach at WR. Chris Jones asking price just went up.
  8. Prisoner of the moment. Typical knee jerk reactions of the board. Vrabel's a better coach than Campbell period.
  9. Carr is the king of piling up meaningless stats during blowouts
  10. This. Guy has a big arm yet routinely plays like he's Alex Smith. He's really bad under pressure.
  11. 7-8 wins could take the NFC South. Arthur Blank is a pretty patient owner so I think that'll work in Smith's favor.
  12. he also hasn't been very effective when he's played
  13. Certainly possible. As I said in another post, I think Ran is keeping all options on the table. Could be Levis in 2024. Or Tannehill. Or someone who is not currently on the roster. We'll see how this season plays out.
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