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  1. Peyton was 35, 36 at the time though. Before he got injured, he was still in his prime. The question was more about his health and if/how it would affect his play. But he was still playing great. Brady is 43 and showing signs of decline.
  2. Smith is not a bigger priority than Henry. He definitely needs to be a top priority after next season. He really was starting to look like the true successor to Delanie this season.
  3. With Brady, you'd have to change the offense. You're not going to call plays to get him out of the pocket. Tannehill has a stronger arm. I can't see Brady taking all those deep shots. That's never been his game. It's really in the best interest of the Titans and Tannehill that they come to an agreement.
  4. Derek Carr is Alex Smith with a strong arm. Good chance Gruden moves on from him. He’s never sounded very committed to Carr.
  5. His luster has definitely worn off a lot the past few seasons. Carr was talked about as an MVP candidate a few years ago. I do think there's a very good chance he's moved. Gruden always seems noncommittal about him. I can definietly see OAK being a player for one of the QB (Tua, Herbert, Love). They have the draft capital.
  6. CIN doesn't need to trade the pick. They can ask for absolutely insane amounts of picks/players. I'd ask for McCaffrey or DJ Moore too. Why not. Seems unlikely, but see if they're that desperate.
  7. Falcons fans seem to absolute hate Beasley. Seems like he had that one great year and disappeared. ATL actually announced they won't be retaining him after trying to trade him. That's how much they don't care for him.
  8. Is Aaron Rodgers at this stage in his career a true Tier 1 QB? He's still pretty good, but there has been some signs of decline. I'd say Mahomes and Wilson are the only legit Tier 1 QB. Maybe Brees, but I don't think he can make all the throws downfield anymore.
  9. He was. But should 10 regular season games playing for a new contract overlook the fact that he was mostly mediocre the previous 7 seasons? I'm all for keeping Tannehill, but I can also see why you'd want to hedge your bets on him at this point on jim truly being a franchise QB. Nick Foles got hot at the right time and rode a SB win to a big contract. Now he's on the bench.
  10. They let him walk because they drafted Philip Rivers. Brees also sustained a torn labrum in week 17. There were questions about his future.
  11. Based on what? Adam Gase? It was a new regime that decided not to keep Tannehill. They actually took on most of his salary just to get rid of him in that trade. Tannehill was a mediocre QB for 7 years. He played great at the right time.
  12. Tannehill was available because he wasn't very good in MIA
  13. I've said it a few times before. I'll say it again. JR hasn't had a chance to get HIS guy at QB. Obviously, Brady would be a short-term thing, but I can see pairing Brady with drafting a developmental QB. I don't think Brady would be as pissed about potentially spending a high pick at QB because he'll see the talent that's already in place. JR knows we have to go through Mahomes to get to a SB. Won't be the last time we see him. It's possible he thinks he can only go so far with RT.

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