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  1. They were definitely the best team in 06. That was a weak year. Colts and Pats weren't as good that year. The Bears came out of the NFC which says it all about how good the NFC was. I would also say they were the best team in the AFC in 09. I think they were 13-3 and had the #1 seed, but lost to Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez (lol). Only two playoff appearances since that 09 loss.
  2. Flacco's been terrible the past 3-4 seasons. His meager contract reflects that. I don't care about 2010-14. That was ages ago.
  3. 70-80 car, 300-350 rush yards 25-30 catches 200-250 receiving yards 2-3 total TD (Henry will likely vulture most of the rush TD. But maybe Evans can get a few receiving TD)
  4. There's already been an E60 documentary about the 80s Pistons. WWF v. WCW has been done to death, though ESPN take on it could be good. A Tom Brady documentary is inevitable. I'd like to see one on Barry Bonds.
  5. Giants traded up and spent a 1st round pick on Baker lol
  6. Giants spent a 1st round pick on Baker. Yikes.
  7. This is when you know you're enduring the worst part of the offseason
  8. Rivera’s had a losing season 6 out of 9 years and is inheriting a terrible roster. id be surprised if they won more than 5 games
  9. Surprised the Redskins aren't on that list. They were awful this season (#2 pick). Chase Young helps, but they're still likely a terrible team. I don't have much faith in Haskins and they play in a brutal NFC.
  10. Difference is Rivers had a HOF RB, HOF TE, Darren Sproles, Vincent Jackson around him for awhile and still couldn't get it done.
  11. Rivers is going to go down as one of the best QB ever...................to not win a SB 0 SB wins 0 SB appearances 1 AFCCG appearance 5-6 playoff record Chargers are truly inept to have Rivers that long and produce those results
  12. They'll be tough, but all those games are winnable. I don't think any of those teams are markedly better than us. I think GB is due to regress. I don't know what to make of PIT. They should be competitive. It was a very small sample size, but I thought Ben looked pretty bad before the injury. He's 38. I don't see him playing well at 40 like Brady and Brees. He's had way more injuries than them and hasn't taken care of his body nearly as well. He's bound for a sharp decline at some point soon. I can see him declining very quickly like McNair did.
  13. I'm not going to write them off yet because of BB. But this has to be the most uncertain season they've had in ages. You could always count on them for 10+ wins in the past. This is the first time in a very long time they could be bad. On paper, they're not a good roster especially on O. I'm not sure what to make of their D. I still think they'll be good, but will they be dominant? I'm not as sold on that. Some of those key guys are getting older. Before, if the D was getting older and was slipping a bit, they could always count on Brady carrying them. Stidham is the major wildcard. I really don't know what he's going to do. Cassel had Moss and Welker in their primes to throw to. Jimmy G had Gronk and a younger Edelman. Stidham has a terrible supporting cast around him with an aging slot WR and outside WR who can't run. And like I said, even though Brady wasn't good last season, he knows how to not make mistakes in key moments that gets his team beat. He manages the game better than anyone. That's another big ? with Stidham.
  14. I feel like how they finished in the 2nd half is more a microcosm of what they're likely to be this season. Unless Stidham is really good. And no Brady was not that good, but he still knows how to manage a game and not get his team beat. Stidham is widely unproven at this point and in a far less position to succeed than Cassel and Jimmy G were. This upcoming season will truly be a test of how great BB is. I'm really curious to see who will win more without the other-Brady or BB?

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