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  1. His speed is enticing, but I don't want to WR again in R1, especially so quickly after drafting Davis. I feel like JR would prefer a guy with as few question marks as possible. Someone he's comfortable with. I just personally think there's too many question marks with Brown. The injury. He played against weak competition with possibly two #1 picks throwing him the ball. He's very small, even compared to smaller WR like Hilton and Cooks. Brown is barely 160 lb.
  2. Wouldn't be bad if you could get him for 51, just don't see us being willing to take another huge contract considering all the guys we have coming up I think this is just posturing anyway. SEA has plenty of cap space to sign him. They're paper thin at edge without him.
  3. I don't see us giving up a 1 AND having to pay another big contract
  4. Lot of buzz about the Giants taking Jones at 6
  5. A couple years ago this team was 12-4 with an elite player (Mack), a QB who looked to be on the cusp of joining the elite (Carr), and an ascending WR (Cooper). Now two are gone and Carr might be out the door as well. I'd be furious about what's happened.
  6. I'd be really surprised if Oliver made it out of the top 10. He could go as high as 3. Gary has the measurables of a top 5 pick, but why was he not productive? I don't think he's in play.
  7. Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Antonio Gates are some examples of age 24 rookies. Not ideal, but doesn't really bother me too much. If Wilkins can give you 8-10 years of strong play its fine. Not many guys last that long with the same team anyway.
  8. You can have all the 1st rounders you want, but you still have to hit on the selections. I have very little faith in Gruden and Co to do that. Kolton Miller already looks like a bad pick.
  9. Maybe he has sociopath tendencies like AH and Suh. Those guys always seemed articulate despite the on field actions.
  10. Knowing this board, there will be people calling him bust after the 1st game when he's on PUP.
  11. Yea people are excited about him now, but wait until the season starts and he's a non-factor early
  12. Ferrell reminds me too much of Morgan. I think he could be a good player like Morgan, but I don't see a difference maker. I think we have a lot of good players, we need more of an impact guy.
  13. I would pass personally, but I can at least see the logic behind taking him because he could be a gamebreaker. Just think there's too much risk. Maybe he's DeSean Jackson. Or he's John Ross. The injury is concerning and he's very small. There are other small WR (Hilton, Cooks, etc) who have been plenty good and durable, but Brown even compared to them is pretty slight. Barely even 160 lb.
  14. Its been talked about that we need more difference makers. That's why I can't get excited about a G R1 personally. Difference maker is someone who can change a scoreboard or affect the passer to me so this makes sense. I wouldn't be the biggest fan of spending another R1 on a WR, but Brown makes more sense to me than a G. He could be DeSean Jackson, TY Hilton, Tyreek Hill, etc. That type of gamebreaker.
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