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  1. The Rockets are this decades Phoenix Suns w/ Steve Nash that could never get over the hump. Ironically they too were coached by D'Antoni.
  2. There'd be a 200 page thread on this MB if this happened to Vrabel
  3. Rudolph always seemed mediocre to me. Big guy. Nice RZ threat. Other than that, I don't think he offers much. He always looked slow to me.
  4. Shane Ray I really liked coming out. He's been a pretty big disappointment. Was a healthy scratch down the stretch. Solomon Thomas has been a pretty big bust so far, but maybe if you believe in a change of scenery like Ebron. Not against kicking the tires on one of those guys.
  5. He's a 6th round pick. My expectations are different. Most of those 6th-7th rounders aren't going to make it. If Long can be a serviceable backup/ST player then I think it's a good pick. If he becomes much more, fantastic.
  6. It's why I liked the trade-up for Evans last year. We didn't give up much, but moved a few spots to jump NE and ensure PIT didn't get him. We got our guy. Can't always just wait for it to fall to you. HOU should've known that PHI could've jumped them. They needed OT with Peters being 37 and Roseman being an aggressive GM.
  7. Never thought I'd see a draft where Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson both get picked
  8. You can look at any GM and they all have made big blunders. Ozzie Newsome was an alltime great GM, still made plenty of bad picks. I don't microanalyze every move JR has made. He's more right than wrong, I like that he shows that he has a plan. It might not be the plan you want, but I like that he has a direction unlike some GM where I don't get what they're trying to do. And he's good at communicating with the agents/players. He has not botched resigning Lewan, Casey, etc and turned it into a contentious contract standoff, least not publically.
  9. I've never been a fan of draft grades. Let these guys play first before we grade them. I do like what we've done so far.
  10. JR is a very good GM. He has a plan and knows how to execute it. He's very good at reading the board. Sure he's had his blunders, but no one bats .1000. It's about overall performance and track record and his is generally pretty good. You could do a lot worse. Would you want Gettleman as your GM?
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