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  1. No I meant Fitzpatrick. Cards gave up on Rosen. Might've been a smart decision because he's looking like a bust. Getting outplayed by Fitz is not a good look.
  2. It hurts the integrity of the league when you see stuff like this. I don't necessarily have an issue with it myself, but this is what can happen. Looks like they alienated the locker room in order to tank. Trading Fitzpatrick would be weird though. He literally just got drafted #11 a year ago.
  3. That’s not the only reason. It’s being reported he’s mad about playing multiple positions which tells me he’s not a team player. I doubt we pursue this.
  4. In fairness to Williams, he's really a RT. He shouldn't be playing LT. That injury to Little was devastating for them. No doubt he was awful, but he's playing out of place. I question Newton's health as well. Not just the shoulder too. Wonder if his body's breaking down from all those hits. It would've been automatic 4-5 years ago for him to run in some of those situations. Now it's like he's gunshy to run. I think Rivera's in trouble. Panthers look like a bad team and in that division and conference they have to play in it looks like a rough season.
  5. Panthers look like a bad team. Rivera might be in trouble. Is Cam in decline?
  6. Panthers look like a bad team. Rivera might be in trouble. Is Cam in decline?
  7. Yeah I hated that playcall. A gadget play?
  8. Probably not. Are they good though? I don't know what they are yet. People probably still think of the team that went to the SB a few years ago, but this team was 7-9 last year. I don't think they're as good as they were a few years ago.
  9. He's been better than I expected. Thought he'd be a real hothead when he was hired. Wasn't sure how he would manage personalities. I still say its a little early, but he's looking like a good hire so far.
  10. Julian Edelman ran 4.6. Plenty of fast guys who can't play worth shit. Some guys just know how to play. There's more to it than a 40 time.
  11. But if he plays like Antonio Brown......☺️
  12. I think we have a better run D than the Chargers. Chargers are a bit soft up the middle. NE exposed that in the divisional game last year. I agree that we have to force them into long drives. Avoid big chunk plays. I do worry about the pass rush. The Chargers really weren't able to get much pressure on Brissett. I have doubts we'll do any better there. Our DB are going to have to play well.