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  1. socaltitan

    Colts Week

    It'd be funny if we went after Suggs. Pees was his DC several years fwiw so maybe not that crazy. Correa is here because of Pees.
  2. socaltitan

    Colts Week

    Za'Darius Smith is another guy I could see us looking at if we want to dip in the FA pool. Pees connection who destroyed us.
  3. socaltitan

    TNF: Packers/Seahawks

    Seahawks D is a shell of itself
  4. socaltitan

    Colts Week

    Morgan being 3 1/2 years younger than Orakpo makes him the more likely resign for me. I do wonder if JR has his eye on the FA class where there are some good young edge rushers potentially hitting FA. Lawrence is a likely pipe dream, but could he dip into the NE pool again and go after a Trey Flowers. Or a Markus Golden. Not to mention its also a loaded draft for pass rushers.
  5. socaltitan

    TNF: Packers/Seahawks

    2 mediocre teams
  6. socaltitan

    Bell doesn't show, locker cleaned out

    The jets have a ton of cap space and will want to put more around Darnold i can see bell turning into demarco in PHI to who signs him. He’s a big risk
  7. I could see Bell turning into Demarco in PHI. Wonder how his unorthodox running style would work in a scheme that's supposed to be one cut and go. There are character red flags on top of him missing an entire season playing a position with a short lifespan. Really don't see him coming here.
  8. socaltitan

    Doesn't look like a great WR group available in the 2019 Draft

    Ideally, we'd take the best pass rusher on the board in what looks like the best DL/Edge class since that loaded 2011 draft. They can fill offensive needs in rounds 2-4 on top of FA. I'm intrigued at the thought of finding another stud pass rushing DL to pair with Casey. Our interest in Suh before the season suggests they're not against this idea. JR track record to date is still a small sample size, but he's shown that he tends to address the most immediate needs first. Our needs are clearly bigger on offense than defense, though the last few weeks have been encouraging. I could see a trade down trying to recoup picks since we had so few this year.
  9. socaltitan

    Doesn't look like a great WR group available in the 2019 Draft

    Spending another high pick on a WR and waiting for him to develop doesn't do much for me personally. We already have a bunch of young WR. I'd like to see a FA WR added. We need someone with experience who can step in and produce right away.
  10. socaltitan

    Worst play in NFL history

    Maybe not the worst play, but definitely one of the dumber ones in recent memory
  11. I'd like to see us take the best pass rusher on the board. This looks like a loaded DL/Edge draft. Probably the best one since 11' Getting another young edge rusher to pair with Landry is tempting. I like DaQuan and AJ just fine, but adding another stud pass rushing DL next to Casey would also be great.
  12. socaltitan

    J ROB

    Vrabel looks like a quality hire certainly Probably the best thing JR has done this year is quickly fix his mistakes. He hasn't made many, but replacing Sly Williams and Cyprien with Logan and Vaccaro were nice moves. Dodd has been his biggest blunder, but Landry looks like a big home run. Finch and Correa also look like solid additions.
  13. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Fisher would be happy with a tie. It’s a loser mentality. I would’ve lost a lot of faith in Vrabel if he’d decided to settle for a tie. I commend both him and Reich for going for it. Only reason Reich is getting shredded is because it didn’t work
  14. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Bills point differential is -56. Even with that blowout win against the Vikings they're losing by 2 TD a game. Again, we can't overlook them. But we should absolutely expect to beat them because they're bad.
  15. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Vrabel can point out the Vikings overlooking the Bills a few weeks ago and getting crushed. The Bills are pretty bad. Like competing for the #1 pick bad. Still can't overlook them. Any Given Sunday as the saying goes. We should beat them however and it'd be a huge disappointment if we don't.