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  1. NFC is stacked. SF is the most complete team with NO right behind them. I just wonder when Brees is going to fall off like Brady though. Brees is 41.
  2. This was a desperation move by a GM trying to hang on to his job.
  3. There are worse #2 TE you could have than him. Probably not as a starter anymore. He might still be able to contribute. He's better than anyone NE has right now at TE.
  4. The list is heavily skewed towards what a guy did in 2019. Hence the top 100 players of 2019. Not the top 100 players in the league.
  5. Just like 2015 was the Cam Newton storyline. Panthers made SB, Cam was MVP, Panthers were 15-1, etc. Doesn't mean Cam is better than Tom Brady, but he was the storyline of 2015 so I didn't have a problem with the ranking. Same with Lamar. No I don't think he's better than Mahomes, but he had the better season than Mahomes in terms of stats, accolades, hype, etc which is why he's #1.
  6. Cam Newton was voted #1 in 2016. He wasn't the best player in the league, but he had a dominant MVP year in 2015. Recency bias plays a factor.
  7. It's a top 100 players of 2019 list, not the top 100 players in the league. Jackson had a better 2019 than Mahomes. He was MVP. That's why he's #1. I don't have an issue with it.
  8. ATL hated him for whatever reason. They actually announced in a statement that they weren't keeping him fwiw
  9. LOL at all you guys who were praising the signing now bashing it
  10. Oh I agree. He'd benefit from Clowney. Same with Landry. I just don't see Clowney as the elite guy he thinks he is. He's still a very good player who would be an asset. I'd be reluctant to pay him long-term, but on a 1 yr deal its worth the shot.
  11. Makes me wonder if there's some desperation there. Are Schneider and/or Carroll's seats warmer than we think? Some concern with Wilson? Wilson will be 32. He's still young. However, he is a smaller QB who has taken a lot of hits. He might not be a Brees, Brady playing at a high level into his late 30s.
  12. Simmons is going to be that guy. I'd be happy with signing Clowney, but I think he's a tad overrated. Still a pretty good player when on, but he's not the elite guy he thinks he is.

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