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  1. Eagles look like they might need a total rebuild.
  2. Cowboys should win the division easily. They're way better than anyone else in that awful division.
  3. I think Reich is a good HC and Ballard is a good GM. I don't expect them to totally rollover, but the Colts are not better than us. We've manhandled them the last two times we've played them. It really shouldn't have been as close as it was yesterday. I'm not too worried about the division. The real litmus test will be playing the Chiefs, Rams, Bills
  4. Can't take any team for granted. The Ravens had to rely on an incredible GW FG to beat the Lions. Wilson has looked AWFUL though and Davis has done little to live up to his contract so far. Again, we can't take them for granted, but this is a team we certainly should beat.
  5. Eagles are terrible. Easy to blame the HC, but I just don't think they have much talent. I really blame Lurie and Roseman. DAL always gets overhyped, but this might be the one year where they actually live up to it. They're pretty loaded.
  6. Rookie QB have been really struggling this year. 3 of these guys (Lawrence, Fields, and Wilson) ended up in terrible situations with bad organizations that don't have a good track record of developing QB. Sometimes, too much gets put on the player when he doesn't work out. Coaching and organizational structure definitely factors in to it as well. I know it's only been 3 games, but the Chiefs are looking more vulnerable than I can remember with Mahomes. The defense is really struggling and with Reid's health in question there might be an opportunity there. Rams look like
  7. Henry is a fear factor player regardless of PA. Not many of those guys. Tyreek Hill scares defenses because of the speed. Henry with his size, power, and breakaway ability. His speed is deceptive.
  8. Elway was definitely better at the end than Peyton was, but I don't think was at his peak either, at least not athletically. Elway I was believe was 38 his final season. Probably would be considered young now, but that was a pretty old QB then.
  9. NE used a ton of PA with Brady and they rarely had RB you were concerned about. I do think the fear of Henry does have some effect
  10. I've said it before many times I seriously think some people are more concerned about their FF numbers than winning games. They'd rather have Tannehill throw 40+ times because it looks better even though feeding Henry gives the best chance of winning the game Vrabel comes from the BB school of what gives the team the best chance to win. It's with Henry and using PA, not throwing 40+ times with Tannehiil.
  11. He's got a legitimate shot at it. He's going to get the carries. He has an extra game now to do it. His durability is insane. He doesn't look any slower. If he does it, that alone could get him the HOF. No RB has ever rushed for 2,000 yards twice and back-to-back. If he had an extra game last season, he probably would've broken Dickerson's record too.
  12. Except we're not playing 17-14 games. This is an explosive offense that runs the ball.
  13. The Chiefs have given up 65 points in the first two games. It's early. Still a lot of of time for the Titans D to shape up. Hopefully they can carry some of that momentum from the 2nd half against SEA.
  14. Henry's the best player on the team. He's always going to be fed.
  15. When it works it's a great idea! When it doesn't it's a bad idea!
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