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  1. This is TR. The team could go 16-0, win the SB, and we’d still complain about something
  2. The pass/run ratio is pretty much the same it was last season. Not so sure it’s about being more pass happy. We’re just running more plays.
  3. In a way I get it. You have to have some ego to make it. And Fitz is a guy I would imagine has a big chip on his shoulder. Here's a guy who was a 7th round pick (pick 250). You can find way more 7th round picks who didn't make it. Fitz has carved a solid career for himself against major odds. Reality is he is a journeyman QB. He's been on however many teams its been for a reason. And he's 37 years old. And MIA just spent pick 5 on a QB. It was never going to be his team.
  4. We spend an awful lot of time talking about a player who doesn't play for us, doesn't play in our division, and doesn't play in our conference 😂
  5. Maybe, but it’s also being a bit naive. They didn’t draft Tua with the 5th pick to sit him on the bench forever. It was inevitably going to happen. And I understand Fitz has an ego which isn’t a bad thing per se, but he is a journeyman QB. If he was really viewed as a franchise QB and not a placeholder he would’ve stuck somewhere by now.
  6. Yeah shame on a guy who plays a position seen as expendable for wanting to get long term security before his body broke down. I didn't blame CJ then, don't blame him now. It was a smart move on his part. Had CJ waited, he could've ended up like Dak. I agree the Titans ran him into the ground. I said it before. They should've used him like they did his rookie season. He should've been splitting carries with someone else, not trying to be the 20-25 carry a game guy.
  7. Elliot's a good back, but he's also had the perfect storm of having a lot of help around him. The issue I've had with him is he doesn't really make that many explosive plays. His longest run the past 3 seasons is 33, 41, and 30 yards. Henry eats 30 yard runs for breakfast 8-) He's better all-around, but I wouldn't take him over King Henry
  8. Even more insane that it's the Titans doing it after two decades of mostly bad offense. It's a testament to JR, Vrabel, Smith, and staff finding and developing guys like Firkser, Raymond, McNichols. Not exactly big name FA/draft picks but they're contributing. Firkser is an unsung hero. Clearly he's not Jonnu talent wise, but he catches just about everything.
  9. If I’m a Dolphins fan, I’d want to see him play to have some idea of what he is in the NFL. Otherwise you go into 2021 not really knowing anything other than how he looks in practice. Fitz is what he is. He did a decent job, but at best he’s leading to you 7-8 wins. I I guess that’s an an improvement over last season for MIA, but might as well let Tua play if they’re confident about his health which I’m assuming they are
  10. What a triple whammy that would be. Trade Tannehill for peanuts and he becomes a franchise QB elsewhere. Pass on Herbert. And Tua busts? Wow. Have the Dolphins had any luck at QB after Marino?
  11. If I was a Phins fan I’d want to see Tua. Fitzpatrick did a solid job, but he is what he is. He’s not the future.I’m presuming they’re comfortable with Tua’s health and how he’s looked in practice. You just don’t see rookie QB sitting the season anymore. They’ll sit for a little bit like Daniel Jones last season or Lamar, but they get thrown in a lot quicker now than before.
  12. Fitz inevitably has a major meltdown at some point though. He’s unlikely to continue playing well Maybe there’s some pressure from the owner/fanbase watching Tannehill and Herbert light it up
  13. NE has typically owned PIT pretty bad. Don't know if any of that will rub off with Vrabel, but it sure seemed like he knew how to attack NE. This is PIT. We know what they are. They are aggressive and you have to find ways to take advantage of that.

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