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  1. I think so too. Everyone expects Henry, but I think we'll come out with the swerve. You have to build a lead against BAL. I know we came from behind on them last time, but in general, if you get behind them or let them hang in there it tends to be trouble. If you can build an early lead, force them to get out of their run game, and make Lamar throw more it is winnable. That's what happened last year when we got up on them. Lamar has struggled to come from behind.
  2. Yeah they hung in there. Of all the games today, I thought that one would be the most likely to end up in a blowout. They've got some good young pieces on that DL, Gibson, McLaurin. I like Rivera. They need a QB. Smith is a great comeback story, but he's too big of an injury risk at this point on top of his age and limitations as a passer. Unless they make a huge trade up, they're probably not in range to take one of those QB. I'd look at Stafford, Ryan, etc They're certainly the team in that division with the best future outlook. I see the Eagles being rough for awhile
  3. Daboll has a lot of NE ties. I'd guess he's the pick. These NE guys tend to go after other NE guys.
  4. A lot of people would've not picked the Rams. It was a big upset. Wolford starting and a hobbling Goff on the road where SEA is dominant at home. Plenty of reasons not to pick them. I thought IND had a decent chance if Rivers didn't melt down. They actually outplayed BUF for a lot of the game, you just can't make that many mistakes, especially in the playoffs. They left way too many plays out there. You can do that against bad teams, you can't against good playoff teams
  5. They got destroyed on both sides of the trenches. They put so much on Wilson being amazing that if he's not they're in trouble. It showed today.
  6. This has been the problem with the Seahawks for the past few seasons. If Russell Wilson isn't playing superhuman level, they can be vulnerable. Him and the offense had an off game. The Seahawks are weak on both sides of the trenches and it showed today. GB has to be the major favorite now in the NFC. I thought SEA would be their biggest challenge. Other than the Bucs, I don't really see these other teams competing with them
  7. Mistakes get magnified in the playoffs. Colts made way too many. They left a lot of plays on the field. You can do that against bad teams, you can't do that in the playoffs. It'll come back and bite you.
  8. I do. But we have to beat GB. They’re playing a trash team. They also play JAX next week. HOU is a tougher matchup
  9. Which is ok. Our game travels well on the road. Our road record is actually better this year. I’d still like to win the division of course but just getting is most important.
  10. Hard to see the Steelers coming back and winning this one. Ben looks like he’s 50 and the D is not playing well either
  11. Steelers can't run the ball either. No threat of them throwing the ball downfield either. Bad recipe, especially against a D like IND that will just sit on that stuff. That's why the Titans had success. We can run the ball and actually threaten the defense downfield.
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