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  1. At this point we cant. Start RT and if he sucks then see if ManningEnvy is allowed out of the mental hospital for a few weeks.
  2. As said months ago, should have taken Jordan or mcgovern
  3. I am still sticking with him for now. He didn't have a great game but it wasn't God Awful. People are acting like he threw 3-4 Ints or something. Its a long season. We barely lost. Keep it together and win next game.
  4. You mean since 03'. We should have had a SB that year.
  5. Their position on 2nd A is enough to not vote for any of them. Background checks are one thing. Mandatory buy backs and bans aren't acceptable.
  6. Im not even basing it all off that one play. (Although that one burned just as bad as the SB for me). Im talking about his career in general. He never had a single season catch rate above the 50 percentile. Derrick Masons career average of 62.3% is higher than Drew Bennetts career high of 59.3%. His average is 52.1% That's almost exactly half. Bennett wasn't some speedy big play deep threat WR. It is laughable that people on here actually think that a WR of his type ,that barely catches half the balls thrown at him, is solid. You either are smoking crack or you have just seen so many terrible WRs here, that your standards of what is solid have sunk to depths never seen before. Maybe a combination of both.
  7. Because there is not argument. He sucked. A slow big bodied WR that dropped as many passes as he caught. He never had a decent catch rate. Not a single season. He wasn't good enough to start for any team. In fact im pretty confident he never did start for any other team. Bringing up a season where Volek force fed him the ball means nothing. Without looking it up I know for a fact he received well over 100 targets and ill bet his catch rate was around half.
  8. No you are. Bennett had 1 good year, a year that McNair didn't play and was catching passes from Volek. He sucked, stop making shit up.
  9. Yes he had Mason. He didn't have anybody else. If you consider guys like McCariens and Bennett to be good WRs then you need to stop smoking crack and seek help.
  10. I would be disappointed if Mariota gets anything less than 20 tds this year. This is the most loaded the catching corps has been for this team, ever. If McNair had this many people to throw to. Holy shit.
  11. A good running game most certainly opens up the PA. As a safety, if my OLBs and Ends are getting their asses beat play after play by the run, then it forced us to move up to fill the alleys and seal the edges for them. This made us vulnerable to PA. It would be even worse for safeties these days because the TEs are just as much a vertical threat as any WR.
  12. Lets give it more than 1 game to decide on Mariota. This is his make it or break it year. The team looked really good and Mariota didn't get hurt. Theres some positives and lets see what happens over the next few games.
  13. I think the Browns still have a decent team. The Titans just haven't gotten any respect this season and it was coming to whomever was there. We could have beat most teams yesterday.
  14. Hopefully Casey comes back at full. He will be critical for success. He is in a position and at an age where its had to come back 100% from those.