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  1. No it means Defenses are concentrating on shutting him down. Which is good for us because that means things should be good for RT to do work. This is a pick your poison offense and it is the best position the offense has been in so many years. If they want ot shut down Henry then RT is going to rip them apart. If the shut down RT then HEnery will tear them up. Its ideal.
  2. Idk if you are actually watching the games but the way it goes is Clowney beats everybody off the line, gets to the QB, then just completely misses. The rest of the defense is nowhere to be seen. Thats how it usually is.
  3. It doest matter who wins. None of the candidates are interested in finding common ground or bringing politics back to a more center level. Ppl are going to continue to get more radical and suffering will only increase.
  4. Ohio is still a swing state. Republicans just have the current favor because of Kasich. As more time passes and Kasichs work fades, it will swing back.
  5. That doesnt mean shit. What exactly did he do to Burrows? He missed sacks, Burrow began scrambling and making plays. This is a rookie that did this. He didnt disrupt anything. So what you are saying is Clowney is a >10mil yr guy who can sometimes disrupt when he whiffs on sacking them and if the QB is sensitive to almost being sacked.
  6. wtf you talking about? Watts best years were 12, 14-15. Clowney wasnt even in the nfl in 12. He didnt play 14 as a rookie (microfracture knee surgery). 15 was basically his rookie year and he didnt do much.
  7. Clowney has had multiple chances for a sack and missed.
  8. For the love of God. We dont have any CBs or pass rush. The defense is obviously going to get torched. This isnt a coach issue. The personnel arent there. The DBs have to give cushion because they have to cover longer. They have to cover longer because the pass rushers are completely whiffing at every opportunity they get. If there was any type of pass rush then the DBs would look alot better.
  9. The defense is missing CBs and pass rushers. This makes it vulnerable. I agree it isnt a coaching issue.
  10. Holy Fuck ppl. We are 5-2. Yes Ajax needs back. We arent going to have a pass rush this year. Lewan is out and sorry ass Sombraio (or however you spell it) and Im too fucked up and stupid to play Wilson are at tackle. Its going to be a hard fought season. We will get to see what these guys are made of. We are already about 3-4 wins away from playoffs. We are okay.
  11. To JRobs credit. The team was stuck with having to choose between resigning the 1st stable QB in a decade, the best HB in the NFL, an All-Pro tackle, and others like Ryan, Woodyard etc. We have to be realistic and understand that we werent getting everybody. We got the QB and HB and our offense has been solid because of it.
  12. And Ill go ahead and post what I told you before we signed Lewis years ago. "Titans Release DeMarco Murray Like who? The only backs better are Hyde and Gore. Neither of them are going to take a cheap contract with a part time role. Don't you dare say something stupid like Lewis, McKinnon, or Burkhead." I called this shit before it even happened. Shut up and eat crow.
  13. I have no say in the actual convo. I was just linking the source for OldSchool because I know he is too stupid to figure it out.
  14. Its from ESPN and no, it made him the 8th best tackle by their metric. They measure it by if a player holds their block for at least 2.5 seconds. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27584726/nfl-pass-blocking-pass-rushing-rankings-2019-pbwr-prwr-leaderboard
  15. Are you kidding? I could go back to the days when they first banned smoking inside, when going to the airport turned into a fucking torture interrogation, never thought id see the day where people actually had trouble figuring out if they were a boy or girl. Fuck I could write an entire 500 page novel on how far backwards human beings have gone over the last few decades. Idiocracy is real. We will all be watering crops with Gatorade here soon.

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