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  1. Well hell must have frozen over. JRob finally realized that Patriot Dumpster Diving isn't a profitable business after all.
  2. No, the fact that you assume that all white people in this country were involved with any of the "injustice" you speak of is wrong. The fact that you act like slavery and Jim Crow was a nation wide thing is wrong. Hell half the states in this country didn't even exist when slavery was legal. Half the damned whites that are in this country today hadn't even migrated here yet either. And just FYI not a single damned white person alive today or black person today ever experienced slavery in this country. So you think it is fair that every white person should pay for black people to have more than them because some white people who have long been dead were unfair to some long been dead blacks more than 100 years ago? Bullshit. There are a large number of white people in this country that struggle just as much as black people. It is racist to only want to help people of a certain color. Period. Stop denying the fact that Asians have higher rates of college acceptance and higher rates of attaining degrees and also higher rates of incomes than whites do. If there was so much systemic racism in this country then Asians would still be Indentured servants. You don't see White people blaming Asian success on racism. White people admit the fact that Asians have far better family values and work ethic than whites do and that's why they beat our ass in Academics. Are we going to pretend that Asians were never discriminated against? Yes we need to do more to help the poor in this country advance. Unfortunately, we cant help the poor in this country because a certain group of people think that illegal immigrants, slavery reparations, and blacks are more important. Keep in mind that there are poor and struggling people of all colors, not just blacks. Helping only a certain group of people will only bring resentment from the other groups and only encourages racism.
  3. I haven't been on a college campus in almost 4 years. So youre telling me that colleges just became racist since then? That's fine, agree/ disagree. It isnt a problem.
  4. Then you aren't spending enough time on said campuses. Theres no shortage of minorities on them. Either that or youre on the wrong campuses. 1 of the 2. Racism isn't involved. Its stupid and unproductive to even think it. The University cares about donors that fill their endowment funds and the people on those universities care about the side cash they are getting. Racism is not the problem in this country. The problem is socioeconomic. The sooner people stop obsessing over dumb shit and start working on the real issue the better off everyone will be.
  5. ummm yeah if you want to make it about race then you are going to lose. Colleges actively recruit minorities and will accept them over majorities even if they have lower scores. Harvard literally got sued a few years back by Asians because they had to score some 400 points higher than blacks in order to get into Harvard. So yeah you are going to lose that argument. It is socioeconomic. Rich people getting favors over poor people. As my 1st post on this thread said people have lived with their heads in their ass if they are just now figuring out that rich people get preferences in schools. No you missed that one completely. The vast majority of schools involved are in California. Stanford, USC, UCLA etc. USC in particular the school that is most vocal shoving absolute horseshit down everyone's throat all the time. As far as which names are different races? Yeah theres def a few Asians in there unless whites are going by Ishen Chen now days. Lots of Hispanic and I even see what appear to be names of Middle Eastern decent? Yeah def not all whites there. So uhhh yeah the day people start addressing real issues like socioeconomic ones instead of making everything about race, the better off everyone will be.
  6. No because once you go down that road, you are validating their actions and giving them an excuse. In that case they are just evening the playing field since minorities are held to lower standards. Which actually looking over the list of names, not all of them are of one race. What is more funny about it all is that its people in California. The supposed superior "progressive" ones of the nation who know all and should be allowed to direct the rest of the nation at their will. Kind of like that Leland Yee guy who was also a Cali Senator. Or kind of like good ol Bernie who claims the rich are scamming everyone as he buys his 3rd home.
  7. Who cares how many or what color they are. Rich people using money to buy their kids something they don't deserve. Fuck em.
  8. No that's just a black person's excuse for being a failure. This is rich people privilege. Loath and Envy it Peasants!
  9. Have a bunch of beers, piss on the weeds to kill em. Shit on all the stuff you want to grown. And don't forget to tell them kids to stay off the lawn! If you are short on seeds hit up woolfolksuncle. He will lay his seed down for you at an affordable rate.
  10. Lol people acting all surprised and shit. Like this is news to you? Rich people paying for their children's success? Duh, if you never knew that, then you have lived your entire life with your head stuck in your ass. Nothings gonna change. Best bet is to try to be one of those rich people so you can buy your family all their success as well.
  11. Because Kline was sitting in the dumpster behind Gillette Stadium and that is JRob's treasure trove.
  12. Its a great signing. We don't need a long term answer at Edge this year. I was wanting Suggs but Wake is just as good a pick up.
  13. The Dolphins ran a 3-4 in Wakes 1st 3 or 4 years in the league.
  14. We need edge players bad. That should have been top priority. Neither of our starters are returning.
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