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  1. Underfunded pensions is a big issue. It means that none of the participants retirements are guaranteed. The reason there has been a shift to 401k over the years is because it places the management and liability of individuals retirement on them. With pensions the organization is responsible and liable for the management of the funds for all participants. Pensions are good when managed correctly. Unfortunately they have been abused for decades.
  2. Mariota has a career record of 29-32. The only point in Mariota's career where he had a winning record was his 1st game vs KC. He never had a winning record after that.
  3. Washington Social Justice Warriors. Mascot can be a giant baby and diapers will be mandatory part of uniform.
  4. I have already cancelled my plans. Was going to go to both Jags and Colts games, the opener in Denver, the Bengals, and Browns games. But between the virus and this protesting shit, im done with it. Just going to stick to fishing and camping, and other shit that's away from people in general.
  5. 1. Henry 2. Byard 3. Lewan 4. Landry 5. Evans
  6. Okay I can see how you could take that the way you are but what I was trying to say was what ABC was saying in that if you want to actually get people to listen, youre not going to do it by calling them racist, privileged, and everything else. Name calling only ends up with people getting alienated or defensive. "That's the comment that set me off and made me feel you weren't worth the effort." Okay so now put yourself as a regular white person hearing some of the comments that are directed towards them. So now you should be able to see why so many aren't listening. Its the same thing, just shoe on the other foot.
  7. Those are the same thing as the other ones dude. You are reaching like a motherfucker. You are the one trying to nitpick shit over here. Racism is the belief that one race is superior/inferior to another. That is any version of any damned dictionary you choose to find. You need to prove I believe that. That is pretty hard to do when that persons favorite fucking player is one of the players that paved the way for black QBs in the NFL. A racist probably wouldn't like somebody breaking down racial barriers and shit. Doesn't really back up their beliefs ya know. But im sure youll dismiss that.
  8. You need to quote where I called black people entitled. The only thing I have said from the beginning is people need to stop calling each other names and actually talk about solutions. ABC understood what I was saying. Theres no reason you shouldn't if you weren't already dead set on something else already. If my rhetoric was too harsh for you, then you could have just said that and I probably would have made an effort to adjust it moving forward. Either way I have repeatedly tried to steer the topic towards the real issues like where I asked oldschool to give us some numbers and some solutions. Not him nor any of you stepped in and moved that conversation forward. You are too obsessed with calling me racist to do that apparently. So fuck it, I did care enough to try to hang here and have a productive talk. At this point I have better things to do with my time.
  9. Oh im sorry. When you call me racist you are just saying im a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism. Im so sorry I mixed that up. I don't know how I could have done that.
  10. I could care less what you call me. You don't have any bearing on me, my life, or anything related to me or my life. Calling me racist just means theres no room to talk about anything or reach a consensus. So were done here.
  11. I did try to have a conversation with you. I gave a literal definition. Your response was "fuck the real definition, its going to mean whatever I need it to mean so I can call you racist." Then you proceeded to apply your own definition to another word you couldn't even spell correctly. Tell me exactly how I am supposed to talk to a person that is only content on making up their own shit as they see fit. I am pretty sure I said I wanted to have a 2 way conversation about problems black people face and solutions to them. I said I did not want to talk to people who are just going to call me things because I don't agree with them. So yeah no point in continuing.
  12. Right, me wanting people to stop labeling others just because they don't share the same views, means I view an entire race negatively. Whatever dude, keep reaching for horseshit and be left with a disgusting hand. I have tried to reason, I have tried to steer the conversation towards something productive, I am out of patience now. You can fuck off. Not worth the time.
  13. Aside from the fact you cant even spell antagonistic correctly, you also don't know what it means. Antagonist means in opposition. So I am in opposition of a black person's views. You think that is enough to label me racist. I went by the definition. You have to insert a bunch of made up shit to justify yourself. Thing is im perfectly fine and I couldn't give 2 shits about what you think about me because what you think means nothing. You have made it clear that you are beyond reason and talking to you is a waste. Conversation done.
  14. Well his 1st mistake was going to California, that place sucks in general. Im sure you and your friend understand that the United States is a large and diverse country. Youre going to get completely different experiences depending on what part of the country you are in.
  15. Completely agree. They say Im not listening. I am trying to listen. I want to listen. I want to hear their arguments and solutions. But all I hear is me being called all sorts of names and a bunch of unfound accusations made against me because I have questions and points that might not agree with them.

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