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  1. The new uniforms look like shit. The helmets are the only positive.
  2. Still like Halen. His guitar never gets old.
  3. OP asked what my threshold is and I gave it. I want to see him healthy and playing efficient ball. I don't care about having an elite QB. I just want a winning team. If he is doing his part and we are winning then I am satisfied. If he is turning the ball over as much as he scores, taking dumb sacks, or not staying on the field then scratch him.
  4. I would just like him to stay on the field and play efficient ball. He doesn't need eye popping numbers, just efficient ones. Not many INTs, sacks, fumbles. Converting a decent number of 3rd downs. If the defense doesn't backstep, and we actually bring a respectable run game, then this kind of QB play would be enough to make a good run at things.
  5. lol what delusion is this? Given less? Things considered luxury items in past generations are common commodities taken for granted today. Difficult path? Yeah right, tell that to the ww2 vets who were running head on into machine gun fire at the age of 18. More creative in what way? Their music certainly isn't, hell a lot of it is older music remixed into some hot garbage. How are they more intelligent? They are lacking critical thinking and problem solving skills, to name a few, so whatever "intelligence" they have cant be applied in any meaningful way regardless. The new generation is about as "intelligent" as Cortez and her great Economics degree that taught her that "creative" way of calculating unemployment rates. No im middle aged. Im literally in one of those worthless generations. I have colleagues and I have research. Maybe you should do your own. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-intuitive-parent/201703/the-emerging-crisis-in-critical-thinking
  6. LMAO what life? They live on their phones in their parents basements doing drugs and complaining about what a worthless sack of shit they are. And then blame old people for it.
  7. Admittedly, the Boomers fucked up a lot of shit but that's no excuse for the modern generation, or any generation, to be as worthless as it is.
  8. Its who will make the most impact. I think Brown will make more because of natural progression. Simmons will still be working back into form and wont have the same amount of experience. Im sure he will make an impact in his 2nd year but I don't think his impact will eclipse Browns until 3. Davis doesn't have a higher ceiling than McGovern or Jordan.
  9. Vietnam was for money and citizens were to smart to participate? US intervention in Vietnam was to stop the spread of Communism in SE Asia based off of Eisenhowers Domino Theory. The reason it failed is because you had the Hippie movement who wanted, in their own words "stick it to the man." And you had certain people using the Civil Rights movement as a reason to undermine the war effort. This generation would get owned in a heart beat. Nothing but a bunch of drug abusing, unmotivated, crybabies with a victim mentality. Yeah that shit wouldn't slide in a world war scenario. Russians aren't going to give a shit about your safe spaces, your gender gap, or any of the other shit you whine about on a daily basis. The Greatest Generation is dying off and everything that made America the Greatest Nation in history is going with them.
  10. That was Vietnam. Was there some part of didn't see Vietnam through you didn't understand?
  11. Shit we couldn't even see Vietnam through. No way in hell this generation could handle something like WW2. We have a damned person in congress berating our country and veterans for fighting in Mogadishu for Christs sake.
  12. I think Brown will make the most impact in year 1 and 2. Simmons wont play in year 1 and lineman with knee injuries usually need another year to get back into form (plus he will still have to get some pro experience). I wouldn't expect to see Simmon's actual impact until year 3. Davis will bust. Calling it now. Should have taken McGovern or Jordan.
  13. You have no point. Whatever "cliff" you envision Wake falling off of would only have him land on top of Orakpo's dead corpse that hit the bottom of said "cliff" last year. 1.5 sacks dude. The bar isn't very high for Wake to be an upgrade.
  14. Well remind yourself that Despite Wake's age he missed fewer games than either of Orakpo or Morgan and produced more sacks and QB hits than both of them combined.
  15. Wake may not be in his prime anymore but he was still a solid addition. Orakpo was also past his prime and Wake will produce more than he did. I consider Wake to be an upgrade even if it is only for this year. Morgan got hurt as a rookie and never really seemed to reach his potential. Landry has a better chance to produce more IMO. I think the edge is better off than last year.
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