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  1. "The 49ers made him a great receiver." Great article my ass. Rice was going to be great no matter where he was. He was 40 years old and still going to Pro Bowls and Super Bowls on the Raiders. Do you even watch football?
  2. Ohio is doing just fine. Not a single Ohioan gives a rats ass about what a fag like Reo thinks about anything. Youre a complete Dbag for posting something so stupid. Education in Ohio does not allow people to simply defy science. Keep to the news in youre own shit stain of a community.
  3. Henry isn't replaceable. 240lbs HBs with that kind of speed aren't replaceable. The offense isn't one dimensional because of him. That's fucking stupid. Running a balanced Offense with Henry on the field is exactly what we need. Theres no reason to have another HB on the field and telegraph to every defense what we're going to do. Keep the best players in and run a balanced Offense. Keep defenses guessing on what we are going to do should be the goal.
  4. If we cant find a for sure QB then I think we should look for an elite TE and interior OL in the draft. There might be a few QB options in FA. It might be worth it to stick with RT though.
  5. Oman is an Expert Analyst and he says JR sucks. Anybody with common sense would not have a HB like Henry that "limits the offense." We were much better off with Sankey and McCluster, and a pass heavy offense under Wiz.
  6. Clowney isn't consistent enough to take him for what he demands in cap space. Would rather have someone else.
  7. The HB position doesn't usually get large pay to begin with. Henry should get a large pay raise that puts him into one of the higher paid backs in the league. He deserves it. That doesn't mean he needs record high amounts. This team is paying Dion Lewis 4 mil, and Jones 7 mil, and Walker 6 mil. There is no reason the team cant dish Henry out a contract in the 5-7mil range.
  8. You had to combine 2 other HBs touches to Blount to make your point. Blount had 299 carries. More than both of those HBs carries and targets combined. That is not what you call a 3 HB rotation. Stop being a dumbass.
  9. And he got more carries under BB than he did as a Bengal. A career high 345. Blount was 3 years ago. Whats your excuse for that one? Mark Ingram is a more limited back than Henry is. I don't see him limiting the Ravens offense. In fact he is probably one of the biggest reasons for the Ravens success.
  10. Again, that is wrong. BB has not been a running by committee guy. When he has an every down back that guy gets the ball. That post referenced Dillion and Blount. So the reference and proof is already there. If BB is going by committee, it is because he doesn't have a good enough back to go with one and he is making it work.
  11. NE splits carries because they don't have a back like Henry. Corey Dillon wasnt splitting carries in NE. NE hasn't had a HB stay healthy enough to get a bunch of carries since Dillon. Maroney, Ridley, all of them got hurt. Michel has even been hurt. This isn't an argument. BB runs the same Erhardt Perkins scheme he learned under his dad and Parcells back in the 70s and 80s. The reason he is successful is because he knows how to game plan and make in-game adjustments. When BB has a HB he uses them. Blount got 299 carries under BB in 2016. The next closest back was Lewis who had 64. Stop with the bullshit.
  12. This is stupid. No, Henry should stay on the field and only brought off when he is tired. He stays in even on passing situations and you force the defense to respect him while at the same time figuring out if youre going to run or pass the ball. HBs responsibilities are not to catch passes like WRs. That's absolute horseshit. And don't give me this whole "Modern day offense" bullshit either. Belicheck has been running one of the oldest offensive schemes in football. He just knows how to use it and make adjustments.
  13. Henry is without a doubt the best player on this offense. The OL coaching needs changed and they need to improve on play-calling. The talent is there to be good, it just needs to be put together and executed properly. Upgrading some OL spots and the QB spot would help. This Henry needs replaced BS is idiocy. You don't get rid of HBs that can bust defenses wide open like this.
  14. That was just an excuse. Mariota made no difference. He has proven that himself.