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  1. Gholston was to. Washington just has a way of ruining good players. That's the only reason I say it.
  2. I don't think he is better than the Bosa brothers. And if he goes to Washington then I think he will end up like Vernon Gholston did. Being used improperly and ruined.
  3. Odd. Im not all that impressed by the WRs in this draft. But that's just me.
  4. Fuck that shit. Leave it where it is. It works there isn't a problem with it. How about they fix the inconsistent referees, their inconsistent discipline policies, and let the defense play defense again.
  5. I was going to say this. You would think the "draft guru" would do his homework before posting such things.
  6. Sick of hearing this crap. Good running backs are worth the money. Period. If Henry was a typical back then sure no big contract, let him walk. Henry has HoF caliber written all over him. Those guys you pay and they are worth it. There is absolutely zero evidence that says Henry is worn out and wont last long. We have a HB with probably the rarest form of size and speed that I have seen. I cant think of another one. This franchise has had the fortune of having some very good backs in Campbell, George, and CJ. None of them have the size and speed combo that Henry has. And Henry seems a lot more durable than any of them as well.
  7. For what its worth doogie. I could not care less how you spell it. But you have to be specific for some of the retards on here.
  8. 0 credibility. Good journalists can directly quote a source from someone. If not directly from Brady then they can quote the 3rd party directly.
  9. Any article/report that goes "xxxx reportedly told yyyy this" is essentially the writer openly admitting they have no credibility, and are making up rumors because they suck at journalistic work.
  10. Henry will get paid and rightfully so. He will be rightfully priority #1 and it would be stupid to let him walk. If the FO is smart they will front load the contract that way by the time the wear and tear sets in on Henry, he wont be a cap liability. Henry hasn't even hit his prime yet. He could easily have a 2k yard season comin up within the next 2-3 years if the right moves are made.
  11. All I have to say is that I hope your offseason plans never come true. Don't like any of those FA pick ups or draft ideas.
  12. Theres a lot of Edge players that could do well. Fowler, Barrett, Dupree, Armstead, Lawson, Beasley, and even Nassib would be solid. Fuller or Roby for the NB spot. Add Philips to the DL. Find a way to retain our big 3 and add these guys. That would be a really good roster.
  13. I like adding Jordan Philips on the DL. He was that guy that completely destroyed our OL vs the Bills. Massive size, could be a force at NT. Combined with Casey, Jones, and Simmons we would have a good rotation on the DL going.
  14. All we have to do to reach the SB is retain our roster, find a pass rusher, stay healthy, and have solid consistent play calling.

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