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  1. Bullshit I was the one on these boards saying feed Henry and not Lewis before the season even started.
  2. Seattle ran the ball before Wilson was there. Mariota can keep defenses honest. As long as he is healthy and not trying to do too much. A solid run game and OL fixes the offense. When Murray was leading the AFC in rushing the offense was clicking.
  3. Considering he caught more than 70% of his passes where as all our WRs caught far fewer would say that he is a huge improvement at least in terms of reliability.
  4. The Titans offense and team would be more successful if we did run like the Seahawks. Mariotas best chance of staying on the field and being productive is if we can successfully run the ball. If Henry and the OL are on their game early in the season, then I expect a rather successful season. I think the first 4 games will tell us what we need to know.
  5. One of the main Developers is a huge Colts/Manning fan. That should explain it all.
  6. Titans need to come out of the gates strong. Cant wait half the season to start playing ball this year.
  7. Close this thread already. Its said and done. Trump talked out of his ass as usual. And it doesn't change the fact Omar is a piece of shit and so are her supporters. Time to move on.
  8. GOAT9


    I don't even have a tweeter. Not # shit around here.
  9. If you still don't get it then youre just an idiot. Like I said write the veterans who responded to her and tell them how wrong they are. Im only reflecting what they said. Pointing out death toll of Somalis is not the only thing she was doing. She wanted to paint the US military as being oppressive, which she has done repeatedly (which is also pointed out by these veterans). Youre defending a piece of shit. Period. Fuck off.
  10. Even if Trump is ousted in the election, the Dems don't have anybody reasonable that will go into office and fix the divide in this country. It will only cause further backlash and someone more extreme than Trump will follow after the next recession. If the Dems offered something reasonable then it would be one thing. They offer nothing but garbage. Slavery Reparations, Open Borders, Free this and Free that, carbon taxes. They offer nothing of any actual value to this country and it will only piss off the people who are needed to bring things back to normalcy.
  11. Yes his career was in jeopardy and he is 10x better a QB than Mariota. Exactly why Mariota would have been done as soon as he started in Luck's position.
  12. Mariota is an average QB. Playing in a pass heavy system would do nothing for him. He gets hurt constantly playing in a system where he doesn't even throw the ball that much. Mariota's career would have been over as a rookie if he had been thrown into the same situation as Luck. Passing 600 times behind an OL that couldn't block to save its life. He would literally be dead.
  13. No you don't. Your part on Franken is correct. Correct about the Josh (he is clearly wrong. Franken is correct.) The Ron guy replies to Josh says ALM and 230 is greater than 19. (he is also correct) Omar then replies to Ron trying to add people killed by US Soldiers as victims of a terrorist attack. ie equating US soldiers as terrorists. Does that help you any now? Omar equates the US soldiers to Terrorists. Do you get it yet? Keep in mind, im only repeating the words of the people Omar targeted. So if you want to call me wrong, then you are calling The Veterans being targeted in the tweet wrong.
  14. Yes that is what was said which was already in the article I linked. And you still don't get it?
  15. killing and murder are synonyms. JFC. That is not the point she was making. If you think it is wrong then feel free to write Mike Durant, Zudhi Jasser, and Kyle Lamb. All of them are Veterans involved and they interpreted it as such. So feel free to go tell them how wrong they are. Jasser went as far as to call Omar anti-American. So take that up with them and tell them how wrong they are.
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