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  1. Unemployment the day 45 took office was at 4.7% and declining. I have no doubt that as we get through with the healthcare crisis unemployment will once again be in that range. More boomers left the job market than Millennials and GenZ can replace. Just as in the last two years of the Obama administration, I find it hard to give a President credit for a large population being replaced by a small population. We can all debate whether the unemployment would have ballooned and cities would have had to shut down if the President had acted on COVID in November when alerted by the Mossad; or if he had not been channeling contracts to Republican backers instead of companies directly involved in the PPE industries; or whether he had not entrusted a good portion of the response to nepotism Jared. But really, that is just speculation. Even a qualified President would have struggled with this circumstance and the job reports would have been just as bleak I imagine. I don't understand the victory lap at 13%. And of course the rate is worse in communities of color - many are still trapped in low paying, service industry jobs most directly impacted by the crisis. But, those jobs will also come back as cities reopen0 As long as the long rumored second wave doesn't happen in the Fall, I bet that voters will go to the polls with unemployment somewhere between 5%-7.5%. Good news for LTF and Rolltide. Really good news for us all. Which doesn't change the fact that DT is still the worst that America has to offer. May we never see his like again.
  2. No LTF, don't defund the police. Take guns off of the street as police chiefs across the country have requested (there goes that pesky 2nd amendment again) Screen candidates thoroughly and train in every way possible. Provide consistent feedback. And reassert moral leadership in the nation's highest office. Remember, #45 said - "don't be too nice when you put them in the care -- rough em up a little." I still believe 90% of police officers are well intentioned, hard working, putting their lives on the line to protect us from those who would do wrong every day. Blue lives matter. All lives matter. But because for some people, black lives don't matter - we have to assert most strongly that they do.
  3. He is literally the worst America has to offer. May we never see his likes again. (now confirmed both by General Kelly and General Mattis)
  4. My favorite comment was from a 20-something in Knoxville who my son played baseball with - "at least we don't have Obama trying to make us all pray out of the Quran anymore". Can't fix willful ignorance. Read this on Twitter "Not all Trump supporters are racists, but 100% of racists are Trump supporters." On the day he finally leaves the White House (maybe next year, maybe in 4+ more years), the title of President should be removed from his name, he should have no secret service detail, no money should be contributed to anything that says Trump library (he can't read), he should be retried for treason, tried for invoking police brutality, tried for illegally pardoning known traitors. And he should be forced to repay (of course with funding from his Russian oligarch friends), every penny of the $350,000,000 he has stolen from tax payer money to play golf while promoting his golf properties to other Godless, soulless, 1% friends. Other than that, I hope he has a very nice day. Literally, he is the worst that America has to offer (and not as good as a second string QB as Marcus Mariota).
  5. Man, you can not let go of a bone. God bless you Scotty. And get some help. You deserve some happiness in your life.
  6. Man, I get to make a comeback with a wholly negative post. I am stoked. QB position is weaker. MM wasn't much of a starter but he was the best back up in the NFL. (not a complement). RB position has no proven depth behind Henry. WR should be a strength, though Sharpe was an underrated 3rd down guy. TE is all about whether Jonnu can stay healthy. He was dangerous last season. The rest of the room are complementary pieces. An Hback, a 6th OL, etc. OL has a big old question mark at T. Kelly may be fine, but clearly in my mind a downgrade from Conklin's play last season. DL without Casey and without Johnson for depth not close to as good as it was last season. LB room will miss Woodyard's leadership, but I like the quality and depth here. Evans and Brown inside are underrated good, and plenty of capable bodies outside ... particularly if Beasley rediscovers his mojo. DB starts with outstanding safety quality and depth. Love that position for this team. Jackson, Butler and the kid from LSU have some work to do. I really liked Logan Ryan and his price tag for one year was a cheap insurance policy ... but I think this group is plenty salty. So, in total, give me last year's roster over this one. My real concerns lie in our ability to stop the run without Casey, Johnson and Woodyard - and our ability to protect Tannehill - with the loss of Conklin and Davis still growing into the pass protection role. If Tanne goes down - death - but that's true of almost every NFL team. Still think we are contenders more than pretenders. As proven last season, our challenge for a decade has been at starting QB and I don't think its fair to discount Tannehill's season last year as a fluke. Too accurate. Too sound decision making. Still with plenty of athleticism even at 32.
  7. I would bet my last penny that the phrase: "Dunning Kruger effect is mofo." was just spoken into truth for the first time on Titans Report. Got to love sports.
  8. When considering a Titan draft choice, the first prism to consider is "smash mouth". We like words 'hitter', 'mauler', 'old school', 'tough', 'physical'. Finesse need not apply.
  9. When we entered free agency I thought to myself - this team needs to get rid of Conklin and Casey. We really need to focus on guys like Sambrailo and Pruitt. Man did I nail this offseason.
  10. Tannehill at $25, Beasley at $12, Kelly at $7 and Henry at $10.8. And Henry won't be happy. And Beasley is a one year deal. NFL money is the definition of stupid money. Worst part. This may well have been the best way to spend it.
  11. If there is one thing I have learned in 20+ years on-line here and similar sites - do not get into a war of words with old school.
  12. Whether it is a 2 year deal or a 4 year deal, he is our franchise QB. No, we don't have Patrick Maholmes. But very few teams do. If he is a top 12 QB, the deal was worth making. And despite the calendar, he is far from an old 32. He is a guy who could have played WR. Unusual athlete. Titans scheme seems to fit him. He cut down on the brain dead turnovers that killed him in Miami. And how he has the financial security to play the game without fear that he is going to be replaced. This has every chance of working. Or not. But I would far rather focus on the possible. . Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: $35 million 2. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger: $34 million 3.Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: $33.5 million 3. Rams QB Jared Goff: $33.5 million 5. Eagles QB Carson Wentz: $32 million 6. Falcons QB Matt Ryan: $30 million 7. Vikings QB Kirk Cousins: $28 million 8. Colts QB Jacoby Brissett: $27.98 million 9. 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo: $27.5 million 10. Lions QB Matthew Stafford: $27 million

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