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  1. 1, Head Football Coach. Mike Vrabel is the Titans MVP. Putting that team in position to play as they did last night is proof positive that he is top 5 in the NFL at this time. 2. Ryan Tannehill. I never expected it. Thought he would be ok. Saw too much inconsistency in Miami. But in this offense, at this time in his NFL career, there are very few guys that I would want to start over him in TN (Maholmes, Russell Wilson, that may be it). 3 Arthur Smith. That was a bit of magic last night. One true NFL quality WR. The Bills with 8 in the box almost all night. Shredded. 4. Jonnu Smith. One bad drop, but salty performance. He and Brown proved to be more than enough - with a little help from Hollister and the kid from Indiana picking up a few first downs. 5. Derrick Henry. Don't blame him for being frustrated. The box was stacked against him. 6. Malcolm Butler. For one glorious day it felt like the salary cap space he is eating up was 100% worth it. 7. Chris Jackson. Very likely goes back to obscurity if we can ever get Adoree back on the field - but he is one overachieving 7th round pick. 8. The Lines. While running game was stagnant, the boys kept RT clean against a tough Bills front four, while the Defensive Line absolutely surprised me in controlling Bills running game. Give Rashaun Evans a little credit for that as well. 9. The back ups. Raymond. Kalu. Orr. Murchison. Milton. Sambraillo. McNichols. Jackson. Lots of quality depth on display throughout the game. 10. The owner. Amy Adams got it very right with JROB and Vrabel. Keeping Arthur Smith as long as we have under so many different head coaches. Allowing the football guys to do football things. Spending as needed. I can't imagine that many of us thought that AAS would herald in a better era in Oilers/Titans football. But she has. All the credit goes to her. She made the right firing/hiring decisions and Titan fans are benefitting from her expertise.
  2. I do not remember a single offensive penalty called against the Vikes yesterday unless it was presnap. We all know that just isn't possible.
  3. Son, you missed the old days when I would go on for weeks with each post. But you might want to work on that attention deficit disorder. Reading is fundamental.
  4. 1. There was a lot to hate about that game, but the only thing that mattered is the final scoreboard. Win and move on. 2. Thought Arthur Smith got beaten by Mike Zimmer. Thought we got a little cute with the play calling and it almost bit us in the ass. The Umpires end around that wanted to be a pass at a time in the game when Henry was really exerting himself was not my favorite call. Of course if it worked, brilliant. But, it didn't. 3 JRob looking like the most stylish man in Nashville for hanging on to Gostkowski after week 1. It was a shades of Al Del Greco game for all of us former Oiler fans. Or a throwback to Fisherball with the reliance on the FG. Impossible to enjoy it. Who wants to rely on 3 50 yard field goal efforts from a PK, but again, it worked. 4. Dalvin Cook is good, but we made him look like Gayle Sayers. I said it last week and it repeated itself again this week, Austin Johnson looks like he really is missed. Or Jurrell Casey. And Jurrell Casey. Jeffrey Simmons is a stud. But we aren't setting an edge worth a crap. 5. Jonathon Joseph is smart and physical and made two big plays in this game producing turnovers. But he is also a giant liability when he has to try to match up on the outside one on one. We miss Adoree and I think we may miss Logan Ryan just as much. 6. Thought it was far less than Tannehill's best game as a Titan. The interception was probably on the WR for not getting underneath the DB, but why in the Paul Kuharsky are we forcing a ball to Nick Ihane Kalani Aloha (sorry, forgot his real last name). Thought there were many times when it was clear that the Vikings were putting 8 in the box and running a safety towards the LOS and we didn't check out of the run play giving Henry no place to go. 7. Henry was pissed on the sidelines after that last drive and I thought rightly so. He was a getting 5+ per pop at that time. A little faith would have come in handy. 8. Still not a huge return on the Clowney/ Beasley signings. I think far too early to judge. The Clowney penalty was a killer, but in truth, he was just playing football as he was taught as a kid. It was a legit flag, but it was certainly not dirty. And the 15 yard flag on Simmons on the last drive was straight up nonsense. That's really all I have. Thought we should have won that game far more easily than we did. Thought the game plan would have featured far more Davis and Smith. Glad to see Evans on the field, though obviously to no impact. 3-0 is the right spot to be in given the next few weeks are going to be much more difficult. Better to win a game we likely should have lost rather than to lose a game we should have won.
  5. 1, Tannehill has provided the Titans the best consistent QB play we have had since the Mac era and really better than much of the Mac era. 2. The inability to rush the passer is a killer. Clowney isn't in game shape. Landry has been mediocre. And while Simmons has been good, we are missing the explosion from Casey up the middle (I know, overrated, blah blah blah - not the last 6 -8 games of last season). 3. Likewise, we are missing Austin Johnson and his ability to clog the running lanes. 4. Offensive line pass protection has been spectacular. Not so much in the running game. 5. Surprised we didn't try to push the ball downfield more against the Jags. Felt like the offensive play calling started to cover for the defense's inability to get off of the field. 6. Gardner Minshew is massively underrated. They don't need to draft Lawrence. Amazing what he is doing with just a bunch of guys around him. 7. Which speaks to not great back 7 play - though in truth, they got no help today from the rush. 8. Gostkowski still has plenty of leg. Have to hope he continues to come around. Missed extra point could have been a killer. 9. Didn't like the way the Titans failed to attack on that final scoring drive. Appreciate Vrabel's short memory with the K, but it just felt a very flaccid effort. 10. 2-0 doesn't happen very often here in Nashville - and the team clearly isn't playing their best football. As long as Tannehill and the Line are healthy, and Arthur Smith is calling the plays, team is going to be a tough out. Fun game . But didn't need to be as close as it ended. Shouldn't have been.
  6. Not going to be a popular opinion, but for me, the key to the season is Tannehill not regressing into the turnover machine that he was in Miami. Scott points out all the talent on the Titan defense. I imagine it will be top 5 in the NFL. Saying that I am concerned at RT is an overstatement. He simply needs to prove that the consistent play he demonstrated throughout last season is repeatable. And it would be really nice if we stay injury free on the offensive line, particularly at T.
  7. This is a reflection more on plays being them, not their specific skill set or how good you think they are or aren't. Dennis Kelly may be meat, but what he has behind him may be spoiled.
  8. #1. Ryan Tannehill - Woodside is certainly no worse than Matt Cassel or Blaine Gabbert, but then, neither of those guys were good enough to win a few games in a row. #2. Daquan Jones - I know that we can and will move Clowney around - but there is no way Matt Dickerson and Jack Crawford can hold down the two starting positions effectively. #3. Dennis Kelly or Taylor Lewan - Isaiah Wilson was a scratch the head pick on draft day, and every report from training camp says that Ty Sambrailo is the real back up at either T spot. Ty Sambrailo. Stay healthy boys. #4. Derrick Henry and Kevin Byard - probably the two most important players on the roster. Evans is unproven. And while I think the world of Hooker and Cruikshank (IR Today for at least 3 games) - Byard is our difference maker on the back end. #5. Jayon Brown - David Long flashed last season. But Brown is the guy that can take a team's pass catching running back out of plays. No Woodyard this season, so Brown and Evans both need stay healthy unless we are ready to roll with Compton/Long inside. #6. Kristian Fulton - starting nickel. According to PK, Joseph has been downgraded to slow. If he has to play over Fulton (or Butler or Jackson) - we will have a tough time containing the deep ball. You can add Gostkowski to this list, but as last year proved, there are still more K's available as free agents and with a bit of luck we will be able to stash Joseph or McCann on Practice Squad. In total, you have to like this squads depth. Like every team, we have some hard to fill spots. But in total, only QB and DL depth really scares me.
  9. First, hi all. Looking forward to the annual 'schooling' here on the Report. Second, Clowney! (just sign Jamir Miller). After we pick up the Lombardi trophy at the end of this season, we will have a VERY interesting 2021 offseason. We have 0 defensive ends signed for 2021 (only 29 YO DaQuon Jones is a candidate for another extension). We have 1 outside linebacker under contract for 2021 (Harold Landry). We have 2 inside linebacker under contract for 2021 (Evans and Long). We have 2 wide receivers under contract for 2021 (Brown and Humphries). The rest of the position groups are in good stead (well done JROB). Priorities for me are extension for Jayon Brown, DaQuan Jones, and then with big time decisions on Corey Davis and Jadaveon Clowney (just signed him and I am already fretting losing him - that's when you know you have been an Oiler/Titan fan for far too long).
  10. I still can't get over that he was having an affair while Melania was pregnant AND had his Stormy dalliance over the women he was having an affair with (and that woman was flat out beautiful) ... and Melania still lies like a rug for him. I know, follow the money. But seriously, who would do that - I mean - Lorena Bobbit and a switchblade for $400 Bob. He sucks. But he absolutely proves that money (or the perception that he has money - where are those pesky tax returns?) makes an ugly man beautiful.
  11. This won't matter. Nothing matters. Fuck we are a stupid bunch.
  12. I heard on the radio today that it is all about the 70. man roster. You want proven vets at OL and in the secondary so that if you have 3 guys go down at the same time to Covid, you. have people that you can plug and play.
  13. Creating facts is really a special thing here in TItansland. The typical flu season in America kills 30,000. We have gone as high as 60,000 in the last decade. We are at 140k and counting. Roughly 4x worse than flue season. As a reminder, TREA45ON told us that it was one person from China, no more than 15 cases, no worse than 20 - 30k, really well contained at 40,000, don't worry be happy at 140,000. Obama dealt with SARS and EBOLA. 2 deaths. Hilary lost 4 people at Benghazi. $80,000,000 in investigation. Trump has presided over 130,000+ deaths. I don't give a shit why you vote for him. Maybe you are a racist. Maybe you have been a Republican all your life and you simply can't find any alternative other than being on the red team. Maybe you hate individual welfare and prefer the corporate variety. Maybe you are in the 1% and you have benefitted from Trump's tax plan. Maybe you hate US soldiers and you are glad that he allows the Russians to slap a bounty on our boys without any form of repurcussion. Maybe you prefer Communist Putin, Communist China and Communist North Korea over democratic America. Maybe you think separating families, stuffing children in cages on the border in 100+ degree weather is sound immigration policy. Maybe you think creating a worldwide oil glut and selling off US assets in it is good for America. Maybe you think losing a trade war to China bankrupting thousands of family farms is a good thing. Maybe you think Toni Lahren is hot and Tucker Carlson would make a neat friend. Choose your reason. But the reason you can't have is because it is good for America. Cause this black-hearted traitor is nothing more than the bankruptcy King of America and we will all live through a massive economic depression because we have had to turn on the printing machines at t he mint to try to counterbalance his inability to lead in crisis. Stop protecting him. He is not your friend. He does not give two shits about you or your family. He is not a Republican. He is not a conservative. He is not on the red team. He is certainly not a man of God. He is on a one-man team - Team Trump. And his message to us all is very simple - FUCK YOU!
  14. Unemployment the day 45 took office was at 4.7% and declining. I have no doubt that as we get through with the healthcare crisis unemployment will once again be in that range. More boomers left the job market than Millennials and GenZ can replace. Just as in the last two years of the Obama administration, I find it hard to give a President credit for a large population being replaced by a small population. We can all debate whether the unemployment would have ballooned and cities would have had to shut down if the President had acted on COVID in November when alerted by the Mossad; or if he had not been channeling contracts to Republican backers instead of companies directly involved in the PPE industries; or whether he had not entrusted a good portion of the response to nepotism Jared. But really, that is just speculation. Even a qualified President would have struggled with this circumstance and the job reports would have been just as bleak I imagine. I don't understand the victory lap at 13%. And of course the rate is worse in communities of color - many are still trapped in low paying, service industry jobs most directly impacted by the crisis. But, those jobs will also come back as cities reopen0 As long as the long rumored second wave doesn't happen in the Fall, I bet that voters will go to the polls with unemployment somewhere between 5%-7.5%. Good news for LTF and Rolltide. Really good news for us all. Which doesn't change the fact that DT is still the worst that America has to offer. May we never see his like again.
  15. No LTF, don't defund the police. Take guns off of the street as police chiefs across the country have requested (there goes that pesky 2nd amendment again) Screen candidates thoroughly and train in every way possible. Provide consistent feedback. And reassert moral leadership in the nation's highest office. Remember, #45 said - "don't be too nice when you put them in the care -- rough em up a little." I still believe 90% of police officers are well intentioned, hard working, putting their lives on the line to protect us from those who would do wrong every day. Blue lives matter. All lives matter. But because for some people, black lives don't matter - we have to assert most strongly that they do.

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