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  1. Titans have a number of veteran starters who have buy-out clauses this offseason. We don't know what the salary cap will be in 2021. But there is always some desire to create cap space to add an impact player or two. Here they are, what would you do: Derrick Henry will be 27 next year. He is on the books for the next three - 13,500,000, 15,000,000, 15,500,000. Lots of cheese for a running back. If he were to be bought out, Titans have Evans and McNichols on roster as replacement. CODE: No-brainer. Retain Henry. No signs of slowing down. Even if injured next seaso
  2. Without a doubt the Titans fielded the best offensive team in franchise history. And without a doubt, it was the offense that caused the season to end prematurely. I could do a takedown on this, but better to look forward. Simply insane that the Ravens ended both our 13-3 and our 11-5 season on our own home turf with the same exact strategy - take away the running game. In the NFL, some themes never wear out. So what do I think that Iearned from this wasted season and where now from here? Revisionist/recent history aside, the Titans biggest offseason loss will undoub
  3. Curious which of the current members of our offensive coaching staff is most likely to replace Arthur Smith? Truth is, his loss will be monumental. His play calling has been brilliant and that he actually schemes to talent is to me one of the most rare gifts in the NFL. Losing Peas was a very bad dream. Losing Smith is a nightmare. Crazy that an 11 win team will need to replace both Offensive and Defensive Coordinators this offseason. Whomever gets this job must continue to allow Tannehill to push the ball downfield AND allow him to challenge the backside o
  4. Beating Baltimore would look a lot like beating the Texans ... 40 - 37. We can't turn it over. They have to. I will say that playing Watson is a good tune up for playing Jackson - though Jackson is a far superior runner and a far inferior passer. Maybe the decider is whether we can stop Dobbins - who sadly is a whole lot like Dillon but better.
  5. It was a tale of three teams ... an exceptional offensive, a horrifically bad defense, and glaringly inconsistent special teams. It was a tale of three coaches ... Arthur Smith proved to be the best Offensive Coordinator in Titan history ... Mike Vrabel proved to be no Dean Peas at Defensive Coordinator, but Mike Vrabel head coach got it right far more often than he got it wrong with his in-game decisions. It was a tale of a wasted draft class ... Wilson a basket case, Fulton and Evans injured, nothing special from the remainder. It was a tale of a horrific free agent class .
  6. The GOP imagines that they are doing to the 2020 election results what the Democrats did to the 2016 results. They opt to invalidate the proof of Russian interference, the proof of collusion between Manafort - WikiLeaks - Russians and the proof of the cover-up of the conspiracy. In its place they assert election fraud in the public square while avoiding making same claims in court room. In so doing, they have convinced 75%+ of Republican voters that this election was in some way tainted. And now onto January 6th where they plan to invalidate both the general
  7. I don't much care about our playoff chances. It has been a long time since we can hang a Divisional Banner in the stadium. Beating the Texans is that significant. As far as playoff chances. We all know what we are and what we aren't. No one here imagines that we are a complete team. Chiefs, Bills even the Colts match our offensive output and have significantly stronger defenses. Steelers are hobbled on defense but remain an explosive offense. Browns are better balanced but with a mercurial QB. Dolphins have a stronger defense but not enough offense.
  8. There is no way on this planet that either Butler or Vacarro are cut. Butler has been the closest thing we have this year to a lockdown corner. He tackles well. He competes. In my view, the secondary isn't a large part of the problem. This team simply can't get pressure on the QB and last night for the first time all year they had no hope stopping the run. The only good thing that emerged from the beat down was that David Long Jr stepped up big time. He may well be part of the solution. That said, we have nothing in terms of edge pass rush skills. And while
  9. Sleepin Titan ... I'm 61 ... don't get a lot of joy out of the mudslinging sections of the board. And not very good at casting shade. So I drone on about the little I know and then leave it to the rest of you to paint the floor red. That said, you tell me when you want me to engage and I'll jump in on your wing.
  10. For me Murray was a one and done. Good at the price, but not a franchise changing decision. The decision to resign Henry was huge. Lots of reasons not to do it. But he did it, and until an injury or time changes the player, in fact, even if this is his last premiere season, it was the right call. I don't agree, TGO, that Casey was the right move. Our pass rush is pathetic. Jurrell could move that pile. His absence lessens the impact of Simmons and Landry. Have n o way of knowing if the injury he sustained in Denver would have happened in TN. But for my money, he was too val
  11. Stumbled into this thought over the weekend when I was rightly called out for overstating the value of Dennis Kelly in the pantheon of good moves that JRO has made. So for the sake of a good argument, here is my take on the best and worst of JROB. Feel free to disagree. Best Draft Choices #1. Derrick Henry, 2nd round, 2016 #2. AJ Brown, 2nd round, 2019 #3. Nate Davis, 3rd round 2019 #4. Jeffrey Simmons, 1st round 2019 #5. Kevin Byard, 3rd round, 2016 HONORABLE MENTION #6. Jayon Brown, 5th round, 2017 #7. Jonnu Smith, 3rd round, 20
  12. Thanks for being very kind about it. Yes, Tannehill is the best acquisition of the JROB era ... maybe I should have called Kelly the best recovery from a horrible pick (or some such weasel wording). Be an interesting thread, rank his Top 5 moves and his Bottom 5 moves and right now the Bottom 5 starts with the first round bust to end all busts.
  13. 1. It really is incredible with Kelly and Quissenbury as our starting T's how effectively this offensive line plays. Kelly for Beckham Green maybe the best move in the JROB era. 2. As great as our offense is, the inability to pressure the QB is going to be our demise. Maybe its talent. Maybe its schemes. Maybe its guys trying to do to much individually so that the unified pass rush never happens, but I truly can't remember a Titans team that was more inept in this area. JROB was right to target pass rush in free agency. Too bad he struck out on Beasley and either a short training
  14. That is truly old school knowledge. I saw both guys stats. I just couldn't remember a thing about how they played. Well, not trie, I remember wishing Sid Banks was good but knowing he wasn't ... or maybe it was the offensive line ... that was a disaster for most of my Oiler years -- until Matthews, Muchak, Salem and crew cleaned up the mess. I left off guys like Leon Gray and Mark Stepnoski who were very good, but spent little time here.
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