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  1. Of course there is a risk associated with judging Tannehill's last 7 games versus his first five years. He could be on the greatest roll of all times. That said, none of this has been fluke production. Not trick plays. Not lucky bounces. Not weak competition. Should he beat the Texans twice, Titans have to pay the man as if he will be the guy for the next 5 years. It's not like he is winning on his legs that will deteriorate. Its not like they are winning on dump offs and one read roll outs. He is winning from the pocket throwing to multiple receivers short, mid, and long throws. He is as close to an answer as we have seen since Mac left town. And since we won't have the luxury of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in the draft -> pay and pray.
  2. Pretty ridiculous to comment. The boys are just playing great complimentary football. Haven't look at the board, but I will just make a few random comments. #1. 4 years - $25 million. Tannehill may be able to get even more. I suspect he is playing his best football right now. Can it continue? Why not? #2. 4 years - $44 million. Henry has earned every penny. #3. This team gives very little away with stupid penalties (now that Lewan has been neutered). Much credit to the coaching staff. #4. Speaking of the coaching staff - Arthur Smith and Dean Peas. Smith looks like a freaking genius with Tannehill behind center. Peas half time adjustments were masterful. #5. This last draft! AJ Brown. My goodness. Jeffrey Simmons. Big time. Davis, Hooker, and now Long all contributing. Really remarkable class - particularly given our draft slot and the relatively few picks that we had. #6. Tye Smith, Brock, Hooker - with Jackson, Butler and Vacarro all out - maybe the Raiders offensive coaching staff and the genius that is Jon Gruden just got outreached, but next man up was at another level today. #7. Which leads to Jonnu, Pruitt and Firkser. Delane was great in TN. That said, these guys are producing at a remarkable level. #8. Worth mentioning is how clean the Titans kept the pocket for the bulk of the day, while Davis and Saffold have really led the power running game to new heights. #9. To the disappointment - we are going to need Succop to find his confidence again. Cause the big guy isn't exactly consistent in the kick off game (can't imagine how that would translate to FG execution. #10. Saved the last note for the beauty of NFL practice squads and free agents. I see you Khari Blasingame and raise you a Khalid Raymond. Guys like Pruitt and Firkser. Tye Smith and now Brock. JRob deserves a bunch of credit. Beating Houston next week is going to be a 60 minute battle. Titans have done a remarkable job in the last seven weeks. No doubt that much of the credit goes to the change at QB. But there are a whole lot of guys contributing to this success -- though unassailably true, it all begins and began with the move to Tannehill.
  3. Theoretically, paying Conklin for 2 good years of production out of 4 ... giving him a 5th year to make the number larger. Ryan's third contract. I thought a bit more than current base, but at some point he will decline or suffer injury. Probably right on your part, but was trying to get to $54 million and these two were part of that calculus.
  4. Zero doubt that I have owned it in terms of wanting to wait til end of season to decide. Ultimately it was too obvious too quickly. More to the point, the team has played so well since he sat that just confirmed the worst. Now the question is about Tannehill. Is he the future - declared as of now when his price might be lower - or do we wait through the final four games to make or not make the extended contract offer? You have done a brilliant job of Trumping me - taking a thought out of context and pinning it to me as if I had said something else. In context, I don't think Tannehill would be in a hurry to sign a 3-year deal as of this moment, and I don't think the Titans will be in a hurry to offer it. They have got to work through Ryan, Henry, Conklin and Tannehill. Right now you would have to think that the team strongly attempts to retain all four. They have the cap room -- with Mariota ($20.922,000), Pamphile, Kelly, Austin Johnson, Sharpe, Woodyard ($4,111,870), Correa and Bates coming off the books. In total, around $30,000,000 + their current cap space. of $24.2 million. I can imagine that they terminate contracts of Lewis and Wake as well if they need more than the $54,000,000: Tannehill -> $25,000,000 x 3 Ryan -> $11,000,000 x 3 Conkiln -> $8,000,000 x 5 Henry -> $10,000,000 x 3
  5. Man, I must have really hurt your boo boos when I posted an alternative idea to your own. Had I known you were such the sensitive type, I would have done it sooner. Good to see you posting on my threads. Makes my feelies all warm and fuzzy.
  6. #1. It is such a pleasure not to read Manning Envy after a Titans Colts game. Sucks dude. We know how you feel 10X over. Now 2-10 vs Colts in Indy. #2. I never want another nice guy at QB again. Jake Locker was adorable. Marcus is the best community guy ever. Give me the little bit of SOB that Tannehill clearly has in him. Swagger might not work in business, but it is essential in sports. When I watch Tannehill I see a guy who likes himself a little bit too much. And that is now my model for what an NFL player should be. For years I have listened to guys on this site talk about needing players with a bit of ghetto in their game. Ala Adam Jones. Just like I was wrong on Marcus, I have been wrong on this as well. Don't love the term, but the attitude is largely correct. Play with a chip on you shoulder. Have some swagger. Probably be a little too in love with yourself. As a MM fan, I hope he takes this lesson to heart from Tannehill on his next job. I still have reservations about Ryan, but in truth, I think the Titans have to sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal. He has earned it. #3. Once the Titan offensive line figures out how to work with each other (passing off stunts, slants, etc.), they are going to be dominant. You can already see it in the run blocking. Colts stacked the box knowing exactly what we were doing and largely couldn't stop it. #4. Despite the fumbles, Derrick Henry is unbelievable. He is averaging over 100 yards per game in his last 17 starts. He is catching the ball far better than advertised. He is serviceable in blitz pick up. No wiggle, but power/speed combo is unreal. #5. For all the times that Adam Viniatierri has lined up and beaten the Titans with clutch kicks, today was a helluva way to send him towards retirement. While the last FG block was 100% not on him, and despite him being a world class good guy, I could not have been happier to see him glumly sitting on sideline. He's been a Titan killer. Glad to be done with that. #6. Deen Pees called a helluva game. The Colts were able to convert a short field into 7 points, and their opening drive in the second half was a thing of beauty. After that, Pees beat Reich and that is a tough thing to do. #7. Not a lot of love here for Correa - but he played a big role today. So did guys like Orr and Smith. Which really speaks to how well JRob constructed the bottom half of the roster. Important, because free agency is going to test Titans with Tannehill, Henry, Conklin and Ryan all up for big money deals and in my opinion all deserving of them at this point in the season. #8. Succop still doesn't look right. The extra points are hooking just inside the posts. That worries the stuffing out of me in upcoming games against the Texans. #9. Love the Titans young receivers including Smith and Firkser. The Brown deep out was just a beautiful route. Humphries is now earning the contract. Davis only got two targets, but he contributes with outstanding downfield blocking. Tannehill is really benefitting from this crew. #10. Vrabel, and the boys, are earning the last laugh. I don't buy the meathead label. I think he is a helluva coach and incredible motivator. His game planning is improving as are his challenges. He is still a work in progress, but I like where he is heading. Been a while since the Titans have been this hot. I still am struggling to believe it. That said, Oilerman was right (fug it!) in claiming Mariota was bringing the whole house down. I didn't believe it. But all of a sudden we are getting complementary football -- all three units contributing. Admittedly I still have a foot on the brakes not really believing what I am seeing. But it is a lot more fun right now then it has been in some time. Keep rolling boys. You might just win Nashville fan base back.
  7. Sometimes when I watch our team I can't help but think that even when we win we lose. 1. Tannehill was good. Again. And he was clutch when needed. When you compare him to Maholmes (or Watson) you are disappointed. When you compare him to where we have been since Mac left us ... you think he is the best of the rather sordid lot. Is he good enough to win with when the team is playoff ready. Damned if I know. I haven't been right on a QB in 15 years. I don't think I will start being right today. But, I see a guy that you can sign for 3 years/$45 million total who when surrounded appropriately might be good enough. 2. No doubt Vrabel is well liked in the locker room. Team plays for him. No doubt he has been learning (and flailing on the job from a game management perspective. Today he was very good. Romo pointed out how smartly he managed the clock. Some weeks I am with the 'fire him now crew'. Others I am undecided. Today definitely left me in the undecided column again. 3. Some days I question Jon Rob. Then I see Simmons and Long and Hooker and Brown making contributions. I see guys like Smith and Jackson seemingly having the lights go on. I really like Evans and Brown. He has done well with some free agents like Logan Ryan. He brought Tannehill here for pennies on the dollar. I wish he was Chris Ballard. But days like today remind me that he has done a pretty good job reshaping the roster. 4. Derrick Henry. Has he not punched his ticket? We are really betwixt and between. We see hope. And then moments later we see the shit show. We have been average forever. If the future is Tannehill, Vrabel and JRob - are we finally on our way? I just don't know.
  8. Marcus was going to be a $22,000,000+ cap suck moving forward. Even if we choose to retain Tanny as a stop gap at $15,000,000, the Mariota savings could absolutely help to resign Logan Ryan if we choose, possibly even Conklin if he has graded out well. Sucks to not have a franchise QB -- but this is a bit of a silver lining.
  9. More specifically, we reverted to 3 and 4 man rush. We were dropping a DL 5 yards into short zone coverage. I can't speak to whether we went to a 3-deep zone, though I suspect we did. I can say that when we stopped putting max pressure on Rivers, the doors flung open. That said, Woodyard and Vacarro were very toasty.
  10. Scotty, are you having a tough time with reading comprehension? I said I wasn't sure at that time. Last week I said I was. Today I said you can see the difference. Credit to you for calling it early. Credit to me for standing behind a good human. Thanks for your post.
  11. 1. Tannehill. 100% the difference in the offense. I forgot about the benefits of a QB with a fastball. Been a lot of years. Maybe all the way back to Moon. Since we have had a guy who can gun it into tight spots. Today he was deadly accurate. His decision making was fast. His two mistakes were more about the offensive line than about poor decision making. You can't say whether we would have won additional games with RT. You can say that his play, the first 300 yard passing game in what feels like a decade, was noticably better -- and arguably, if he continues in this way, makes him a possibility as more than just a bridge QB. That said, it has been one game. But that was fun. 2. Davis. Brown. Humphries. Sharp. Smith. The lights started shining as the ball was coming out faster and arriving in the right location on time. That is a very effective group as today's performance proved. 3. Derrick Henry has to be resigned. Just a very good power back with enough speed to make him dangerous for three more years. 4. Simmons and Hooker and Long Jr all made notable contributions. Simmons in particular showed that he can push the pile backwards. 5. Have to love the defensive line group as it is now constructed. 6. Woodyard is a stud of a leader and absolutely still useful in running circumstances. But we really missed Jayon in coverage. Ekeler nearly destroyed us and if Jayon is around I think that is a whole different ballgame. 7. All of this is great. But once again, the final 6 minutes of the game showed Vrabels on-going growth challenges. First the decision, I guess it was Pees, but Vrabel had to sign off, to get out of the attacking defense mindset and go prevent with 6 minutes left was mind boggling. The Titans third quarter defense was as good as it had been in any quarter of any game this year. Four soft plays later, SD scores. The decision to go for it at 4th and 1/2 I thought was the right one. The decision to run a QB sneak was the right one. It was, however, clearly a bad mark. Mike had the flag out of his pocket. Unless the officials told him he couldn't challenge the spot, I can't understand why he didn't. Then after Ekeler's catch to the 1/2, he chose to take a time out to avoid the run off. I get that. But after the first goal line stop, he chose not to do the same allowing for runoff. Seems that if you were conserving clock to get your offense back on the field with the first one, you do it again on the second one. As it played out, he would have been better allowing the first runoff. But that's hindsight. What wasn't hindsight is the inconsistency in the decision making. Bottom line, if we had lost the game, the dogs would have been on his ass and rightly so. 8. The offensive line is still largely a shit show. Bosa is a stud. But the Chargers had no one else. Somehow we couldn't block Bosa, and then we couldn't scheme to keep his ass under control. We almost let a one-man rush beat us. Particularly ugly when Kelly had to replace Conklin. There were also precious few running lanes for Henry. I really thought he got all he could and probably a bit more. While Douglas and Saffold were far better in pass protection, today it was Kelly that made it ugly. 9. Ryan Succop. Where are you? I think that is about it. The concerns about Vrabel in-game have to be mounting. Tannehill's performance absolutely evokes optimism. We need Brown back ASAP. And while it won't get fixed this season, the Titans still have plenty of work to do on the offensive line. That does it.
  12. Not the same as developing your own metrics based on your own vision of what is important at each position. This is inexcusable.
  13. The problem with the Titan defense is that it will prohibit our offense from getting a high enough pick to attempt to fix the QB position yet again. Good news, no $22,000,000 QB roster slot for the next four years. Bad news, Chris Ballard isn't making our draft selections.
  14. Jake, took a look at my post after the game today. In short, no.
  15. 1. Titans have built a nearly elite defense. Even after we lost one of our best defenders early today, the D proved good enough to win. That alone gives me hope. Resigning Ryan is essential. Adding another edge rusher. After that, this group is set for 2020. 2. I had planned to be the last person off the MM bus. I was close. Loved him in college. Love him as a human. That said, he needs a complete reset. As in 2-years sitting the bench in New England regaining his confidence. Even then I now question if he will ever be more than a great collegiate QB. To be fair, our offensive line is not good. But guys like Wilson and Maholmes overcome what MM can not. He may still have an NFL career. Openings in DC and in Miami. Other teams will take a shot on his character. Unfortunately, character alone has proven not enough. 3. The offensive line is really disappointing. Davis got blown up all day long. Saffold has been anything but an upgrade. We resigned Jones and he gets drum beaten 2 or 3 plays each game. There is a huge investment in talent. So the question begins with Keith Carter and ends with everything and everyone inside. Until this is fixed, the offense will suck - with or without the Mariota anchor weight. 4. The offensive play calling seems to get the best out of no one. Smith was a continuity hire for MM. Since the answer is NOT MM, the answer doesn't appear to be Smith. Be curious to see if he is better with a stronger armed Tannehill. 5. Davis, Humphries and Brown look instantly credible with a different QB. I still believe. 6. Derrick Henry didn't find much space today. That said, he was still pounding and not dancing. I believe he is the right lead back for us for 3 more years. 7. Vrabel. He deserves credit for the defense. He deserves blame for the offense. I know Bulluck and Jamal didn't like him going for the Field Goal. I saw no benefit to settling for it. He hasn't been great in-game. In his own way, he may be Marcus. Phenomenal guy. Impeccable character. Not winning. I wouldn't say he is on the hot seat today. But his seat will be exceedingly warm going into next season. 8. Robinson. He hired Vrabel. He signed Saffold and Jones at considerable cost. Given a season that could devolve into total chaos, he too will be sitting on a very warm chair going into this offseason. He has to hit on a QB. No Titan GM has done that since Mac. 9. Franchise on the verge. Amy Adams has been a model Owner. As good as her dad was bad. But she is now sitting on a very difficult decision. Much more so than the Mularkey decision. She has no franchise QB. She has a coach under siege. She has a GM who invested a lot of money in underperforming players at key positions. Amy may be on the hottest seat of all as Titan fans will now be counted in the 30,000 area for remaining home games. 10. Bottom line, the Titans are 50% of a good football team. They are good on defense. They are good on defensive special teams. They are bad on offense. They are bad on return and field goal special teams. The perpetual rebuild now begins anew. Hopeful. Hopeless. Out of patience.