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  1. How can you imagine this discussion until you have sorted out free agency. At this moment Titans aren't a team with multiple needs. They are a team that can use another impact player. But by the end of March, we may be a team in need of a RT, RB, DB etc. I know its a message board and we post to have something to talk about ... but ... free agency will dictate draft strategy. It always does.
  2. I thought the OP was both fair and accurate. RT DID give us the best QB play seen around here since Mac. RT does still have some tread left on his tires. But I think there is a limit to how much money you can give RT. He isn't elite. He is very good. Can't hamstring cap with a $30 million annual contract. Can't give him 5 years at age 31 (guy is tough as hell, but he has taken a beating on a bad Dolphins team). At the right number and the right length deal ($20 - $25 / 3 years with club options), sure. Regardless, a mid level prospect who can be had a few rounds into the draft makes sense. And then a legit backup to him at a club friendly price (Case Keenum). RT is a very good QB. We just have to be smart about the investment.
  3. We played with house money today. Got beat by a better team with probably the best QB in football today. He was special. I haven't read a thing on the board. But I can't feel badly about a team that overachieved. They played a good football game today. They had one brutally bad PI call on Brock, but all in all, if was a well played game - Chiefs played nearly perfect football. So it goes. A few of the most important highlights from the past season: Derrick Henry emerged as a top 5 back in the league. Jonnu Smith, Anthony Firkser and Pruitt eliminated the need to resign Delanie. Roger Saffold and young Davis along with Ben Jones cleaned up the middle of the field and proved to be dominant run blockers (until today). Resigning or at least franchising Jack Conklin would bring back an offensive line that is as good at run blocking as it gets. AJ Brown proved to be a true #1, and Corey Davis and Adam Humphries appear to be the perfect complement. Rashaun Evans, Harold Landry, Jayon Brown, David Long, Correa and Roberson give the Titans a really athletic group of linebackers still with room to improve. Simmons, Jones and Casey are stout up front, And Simmons will only be better next year with a full offseason to rehab. Vacarro, Byard, Jackson, Hooker, Butler - even Brock -- its not the best secondary in the league, but its a very good one. Mike Vrabel continued to grow into his role. Always a master motivator. Clearly good in helping to develop talent. And getting better as a game manager. Arthur Smith proved to be more than capable as OC. Dean Pees remains a Top 5 DC. Brett Kern makes the punt game elite. We were almost alway better in the 2nd half of each game. We were rarely undisciplined in terms of taking mindless penalties (once Taylor got his shit together). It became clear and obvious even to the nut jockeys like myself that MM needs to play for another team next season (or resign at a low one-year contract as a back-up to our starting QB). In total, you have to give it to Jon Robinson and staff. Exceptional draft. Great free agency year. Incredible trade for Tannehill who in every way was the reason that our season went from outhouse to penthouse. That said, decisions in this upcoming offseason will be monumental. Decision to resign Ryan Tannehill. For me, this isn't a no-brainer based on his playoff performance. Not that it was bad. It was OK. Like Joe Flacco's two Super Bowl runs. Tannehill was great in the regular season. But what we saw today was the difference between Mahomes elite QB play and Ryan's good QB play. I think the Tannehill will be a capable starter for the Titans for 3-4 seasons PROVIDED that he signs at a number which would allow the team to keep Henry and Conklin. He simply isn't elite. We can't afford to put $100 million in his wallet for 3-4 years. It eats too much cap space and buys a good not great QB. Now, 3 years for $63 million with a club option for a 4th at $25 million (never to be exercised) and I think we have a QB. Otherwise we have to look at the free agent market and decide if we are just as well off with an Andy Dalton on a two-year prove it contract of a Philip Rivers on a one year Super Bowl or bust kind of a deal. Decision to resign Jack Conklin. Titans have a ton of money invested upfront in Lewan and Saffold. Jones and Davis are relatively low cost. Conklin for me is a lot like Tannehill. He has proven to be an above average RT. Not sure if he will be worth the 5 year/$$75 million it will take to keep him. Now, if the Titans choose to franchise Conklin knowing that they have a deal in place with Tannehill, that is the clear path to take. Decision to resign Logan Ryan. I think the best DB on the team, but think the decision comes down to either keeping him or trying to resign Jackson long term. If Brock can be resigned. And if Butler is healthy. Then moving Jackson inside to replace Ryan is possible. And I still think Hooker has a chance to be very good. Decisions are likely already made on both Woodyard and Walker and Bates - but those are three big time vet presence players - and while their prime is past, wonder if a low cost vet contract might be tendered to either of the final two. And the toughest decision of all - resigning Derrick Henry. He will command a $13 - $15 million annual contract at a position that isn't getting that kind of roster cost around the league. Of all the Titan free agents, he is the one that I would most want to Franchise. No signs of aging to date. But when his speed goes, his value will diminish rapidly. Of course, the free agency decisions impact the draft decisions, and obviously will also impact our own free agent pursuits. Along with all the big names, Firkser, Pruitt, Kelly, Austin Johnson, Correa, Sims and Sharpe are all able to explore free agency. For me, Correa, Pruitt and Firkser need to be brought back, and both Johnson and Kelly are valuable depth. The season was fun - at least the second half of the season and the surprising playoff run. This offseason is pivotal. Get it wrong and we stumble back into mediocrity. Get it right and we are well positioned to contend for at least 3 more years. Looking forward to seeing it unfold. Oh, a final thanks to Marcus. As always, you made me wrong about the QB of the future, but the kind of guy that made it easy to support -- wrongheadedly. #TitanUp
  4. As for the defensive line, I have been on this since Simmons was inserted into the lineup. Casey, Jones, Simmons is elite. Johnson has been very good. And the linebacker play behind has benefitted from the quality of the play in front. A healthy Mark Ingram would have helped the Ravens, but a healthy Jayon Brown would have helped the Titans.
  5. This is the old Bum Phillips/Earl Campbell dilemma. Do you run Henry into the ground realizing he is our best chance to win football games? Or do you up the percentage of throws to prolong Henry's effectiveness? Personally, I am in it to win it. Feed the horses, starve the wounded.
  6. Love the comment about the QB. Because while true, it is also oblivious to the reality that the offensive line transformed over the course of the season. First getting Lewan back. Then getting Davis into the lineup. Then all the growing pains of coming together. And in the last 6 - 8 weeks, becoming dominant. Dion Lewis is proof that the running game would still be marginal without Derrick Henry. But Henry isn't doing it by himself. At one point I counted 9 Ravens within 5 yards of the offensive line. And Henry gained 8 yards on the play. When they know its coming and they can't stop it, that is when you have a great offense.
  7. I love me some Mike Vrabel, Dean Peas and Arthur Smith. Beat the shit out of a 14 win team.
  8. Old School -> no doubt you are right about the cost of the game day experience. Just saying that costs are high across the league, again, particularly in a town like Green Bay or Buffalo. But both of those markets (GB=Milwaukee) have singularly focused fan bases. Their history makes game day ticket purchase a necessity, not just a thing to do. The NFL is a good petrie dish for economics lessons. The foolishness of the Charger move to LA comes to mind. Really curious to see what happens with the Raiders in Las Vegas. It's a bizarre place one way or another. I know that they will have plenty of Silver/Black. But I wonder if it will ever be the type of home field advantage that they had in Oakland. Seattle has a crazy strong fan base. Wonder why. Also a market with a ton of Californians relocated to it. Also a market with a ton of money in it. For me, the NFL has always been the most blue collar of team sports. That is historically where the passionate fans have come from (think Dawg Pound in Cleveland, black hole in Oakland). Market is absolutely priced out of the game day experience. White collar folks don't tend to live the sport the same way. May buy the season ticket, but more likely to sell game day seats. It's an interesting dilemma, and as with all things in today's world, more complex than I can likely grasp.
  9. They sell out in GB. Awful weather. Aged populace. Many drive for hours to get to the game. And the stadium is Green and Yellow. Titans came to a city without a natural fan base. Nashville was/is Steelers/Cowboy country. It's SEC country, it's still in many ways a college football town. Add to that a rapidly expanding population drawn from all parts of the country coming to the city with various allegiances. And then compound it by having been one of the most mediocre franchises in the NFL since coming to the city and you get the apathy that Nashville shows the team. In some ways its easier for the Predators. Nashville had no prior allegiances in hockey. Who cared? The team has beenfar better. College hockey isn't a thing in the south. US Hockey fans largely don't travel in the regular season to follow their teams. When the Titans win a Super Bowl... and when they sustain success for more than a season or two ... and they develop a few stars that have longevity (McNair/George), the team will expand its fan base. A whole lot of work to do ... because demogrphics and history are a bitch to overcome (I have lived in Kentucky for 25 years but I remain a Houston Cougar/Texas Longhorn/Houston Astro/Houston Rocket fan). Could care less what the Cardinals and Cats do. And they are both winning schools. So let me amend my argument. When this generation of kids from Nashville grow up (born and raised in Nashville), the fan base will be strong. Until then, the transient nature of the market will be hard to overcome.
  10. Hating the Ravens is easy. Maybe not as easy as hating the Colts, but right up there.
  11. Set the edge. And use Evans to spy Jackson. Evans is strong enough to take Lamar down. Don't know if he is fast enough. Every team in the NFL understands that they can't let Lamar beat them with his legs. To this point, no one has found the formula that stops his running and at the same time keeps him from picking teams apart with intermediate throws to their 3 TEs. Titans would be amongst the first. That said, there is no team in the league, including Jacksonville, that I hate more than Baltimore. I will never get over their cheap shooting of Chris Johnson eliminating him and ending our best regular season team I think in the past several decades. The hate goes back to when we were divisional rivals and their head coach and Fisher had a blood feud. The hate goes further back to when they were the Browns and Kosar and Metcalf and seemingly every other player who wore their uniform seemed to play their best game against my Oilers. For me, this team, along with the Steelers and Jaguars, are our longest, bitterest rivals. I respect em. But I would love to see us tear them a new one.
  12. First, the game against NE told you anything you need to know about Mike Vrabel. We are lucky to have him. As for the Ravens, so much has to do with the TEs. Fortunately we have Byard, Vaccaro and Hooker. All pretty good answers. For me this game has a lot to do with Correa, Landry and Roberson. They have to set the edge effectively to take the width off the field away from Jackson. And it would be nice to have Brown back, because while Long proved remarkably capable, Brown is the teams best in coverage against either a back or a TE.
  13. Wildcard Titans to beat the Patriots Texans to beat the Bills in OT. I'll tell you the rest around this time tomorrow night.
  14. 1. Mike Vrabel won that football game. Masterful clock management. Smart, unhurried coaching. Stayed with the plan. Best coach in TN in a very long time. 2. Laughed my ass off at the knuckleheads (looking at you Maker) in the game thread saying that the defense was weak, the schemes on both sides of the ball were weak, Adoree Jackson was weak. Xander Maker, Plenty of Others -- your resolve is weak. 3. Dean Pees. Brilliant. Arthur Smith. Efficient. 4. Ryan Tannehill. Cost himself some money. That said, it was really our young WRs who got shown their asses by the Patriot secondary. Brown/Davis/Sharpe were just not able to create space. 5. David Long. Played a huge game replacing Jayon. Pats are the masters at exploiting weakness and Long just didn't give them much to work with. What an outstanding late round find. 6. Adoree Jackson came back and played like it mattered. And Tremaine Brock and Kenny Vaccaro and Kevin Byard took all the big play out of the Brady offense. Special job. 7. #54 earned his draft selection on that goal line stand. He and the always under rated Daquan Jones. 8. Brett Kern. And whomever our long snapper is now. Huge. 9. How about the team discipline? I don't think we gave up more than 4 or 5 penalties and one was a ridiculous call on Davis that was technically correct but nonsensical. 10. Three areas of significant concern heading to Ravens game. The pass rush was nonexistent against an immobile QB. Lamar Jackson is chop licking right now. The wide receivers got no separation against a very good secondary. They can't get shut out again next week. And Tannehill finally looked like Miami Tannehill. I think he has proven himself to be much better than he was today. It was his first playoff game in his 7 year career (red flag?). He has the most to gain/lose of any individual Titan player next week. Regardless, a 10 win season. A good win in a tough environment. And a punchers chance to beat the best regular season team in the NFL this year. Let's Go (Maker, Xander, not so fast - you guys hang with ManningEnvy on the short bus next week. Build some stamina. Find some faith. Listen to ME 'hilarious' takes on Titan football. Character building for you two).
  15. Be nice to end this season before thinking about next one. Might be helpful to see what free agency and the draft bring. Or, just go full on homer - 16-0. Just as likely to be right.

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