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  1. Jake, took a look at my post after the game today. In short, no.
  2. 1. Titans have built a nearly elite defense. Even after we lost one of our best defenders early today, the D proved good enough to win. That alone gives me hope. Resigning Ryan is essential. Adding another edge rusher. After that, this group is set for 2020. 2. I had planned to be the last person off the MM bus. I was close. Loved him in college. Love him as a human. That said, he needs a complete reset. As in 2-years sitting the bench in New England regaining his confidence. Even then I now question if he will ever be more than a great collegiate QB. To be fair, our offensive line is not good. But guys like Wilson and Maholmes overcome what MM can not. He may still have an NFL career. Openings in DC and in Miami. Other teams will take a shot on his character. Unfortunately, character alone has proven not enough. 3. The offensive line is really disappointing. Davis got blown up all day long. Saffold has been anything but an upgrade. We resigned Jones and he gets drum beaten 2 or 3 plays each game. There is a huge investment in talent. So the question begins with Keith Carter and ends with everything and everyone inside. Until this is fixed, the offense will suck - with or without the Mariota anchor weight. 4. The offensive play calling seems to get the best out of no one. Smith was a continuity hire for MM. Since the answer is NOT MM, the answer doesn't appear to be Smith. Be curious to see if he is better with a stronger armed Tannehill. 5. Davis, Humphries and Brown look instantly credible with a different QB. I still believe. 6. Derrick Henry didn't find much space today. That said, he was still pounding and not dancing. I believe he is the right lead back for us for 3 more years. 7. Vrabel. He deserves credit for the defense. He deserves blame for the offense. I know Bulluck and Jamal didn't like him going for the Field Goal. I saw no benefit to settling for it. He hasn't been great in-game. In his own way, he may be Marcus. Phenomenal guy. Impeccable character. Not winning. I wouldn't say he is on the hot seat today. But his seat will be exceedingly warm going into next season. 8. Robinson. He hired Vrabel. He signed Saffold and Jones at considerable cost. Given a season that could devolve into total chaos, he too will be sitting on a very warm chair going into this offseason. He has to hit on a QB. No Titan GM has done that since Mac. 9. Franchise on the verge. Amy Adams has been a model Owner. As good as her dad was bad. But she is now sitting on a very difficult decision. Much more so than the Mularkey decision. She has no franchise QB. She has a coach under siege. She has a GM who invested a lot of money in underperforming players at key positions. Amy may be on the hottest seat of all as Titan fans will now be counted in the 30,000 area for remaining home games. 10. Bottom line, the Titans are 50% of a good football team. They are good on defense. They are good on defensive special teams. They are bad on offense. They are bad on return and field goal special teams. The perpetual rebuild now begins anew. Hopeful. Hopeless. Out of patience.
  3. Was this your newest hot dog moment Oman?
  4. Imagine Titans going in for a TD. Vrabel goes for 2 because he doesn't have a PK. We don't get it. Man ...
  5. Rashaun Evans is proving to be a very good draft choice.
  6. I suspect they won't let Santos take a shower in the locker room with the rest of the team.
  7. Jezus. We need more penalties in the Red Zone.
  8. So slow. How come he didn't throw a TD pass? Oh my God he is turrrible.
  9. SO fucking lucky. He was scared. Really really scared.
  10. 100% on Mariota. And a crap pass on the drive as well. Frustrating series.
  11. Scotty, how can you see what look he has. He is wearing a visor? I understand the assumption. I understand the history. You may be right. But you are making that shit up.