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  1. You can't love the hire. There is no known track record. We have not seen him call plays. We have no idea what his offensive philosophy will be. You can't hate the hire. There is no known track record. We have not seen him call plays. We have no idea what his offensive philosophy will be. You can call it a continuity hire. He has been a staff survivor throughout the turmoil. You can't call it a continuity hire. We have no idea which offensive system he plans to install. You can say it is a comfortable hire for Marcus. He knows Marcus better than any coach in the league. While people on the site have their pitchforks out to replace the current QB, this hire gives Marcus the best chance he has next season to succeed. And it is to the franchise's best interest for him to find success. Regardless, this was the right decision to make given the turmoil in system changes in the past five years. Hope this is indeed the magic bullet.
  2. copycat league is exactly right. Cardinals trying to get outside of the box. The Air Raid offense doesn't need the same personnel that other teams are shopping for. Defenses in the NFL haven't seen what Tech does. I can see their logic. That said, I think the experiment fails. KK is a good dude. But he has never proven able to build a defense, and the offense and its fast tempo just puts to much strain on the other side of the ball. Somehow I see this as a less talented, far more likable Chip Kelly. Now prove me wrong KK.
  3. All the right spots covered again. Titans really need to upgrade on both lines as Carpy has indicated. Need much more quickness up front. I like Taylor more than most. High octane guy would be helpful at wide out. Lastly, please, no more Adoree returning punts. Whomever we draft to play WR need have some special team skills, particularly on the punt return unit.
  4. He's a damn Aussie and don't let him into your fantasy baseball league. 100 on all your points. Completely agree.
  5. Typically I run towards the optimistic side. Not so much at the moment. Let me begin by saying that the needle is ascending in Indianapolis and in Houston. As importantly, the Bortles experiment is now over in Jacksonville. While I don't think this is a particularly good QB draft, Jacksonville has been forced to accept their QB mistake and will now move on. They have a great young defense, and while I think Fournette amongst others largely tanked the season, their talent level is higher than ours while their draft picks are considerably higher for 2019. In short, while I am confident in our coaching staff, I am concerned that the mountain got taller this year, not smaller. Here is why. QB Love Marcus. At least 50% of the time. He isn't Jake Locker brittle (has missed less than 13% of his games). The nerve injury this season was simply unfortunate. Add the new offensive scheme. Add continued inconsistency in his play. Titans have little choice to pick up the $20,922,000 option -- rather than renegotiating an extension. That's a ton of cash for a guy who hasn't proven that he is a franchise QB -- both for injury and consistency reasons. Gabbert is just Gabbert. Better than our previous back up. Not good enough to win with consistently. Fortunately he is paid like a scrub. Bottom line, this is the most important position on the field and we are no closer to the answer today than we were at the beginning of this year. RB Good news. Henry became what he was drafted to be. Lewis, clearly played hurt, and lost the burst we saw early. That said, Titans have to feel good about this group, though Henry is down to his final contract year. He is going to want more in an extension than I suspect we are willing to give. TE Titans get Walker and Smith back. Pruitt and Firkser showed value, as did Stocker. None of those three are under contract. I imagine a few one year deals will be in order here. WR I liked what we saw from Corey Davis and Taywon Taylor this season. Jenning and Batson were positive surprises. Sharpe improved considerably, but also fought injury. I think the group could use one more stud, though I will say that better QB play might make the need less glaring. OL Quinton Spain has to be upgraded. IMO, so should Josh Kline and Ben Jones, though the Kline contract from last off season is brutal. We never saw Conklin in 2018. Fortunately we still have Dennis Kelly under contract at a bargain price for one more season. The interior of our offensive line has got to be fixed this offseason. DL Absolutely no impact players other than Jurrell Casey. I think we need an upgrade both at DE and at NT, particularly with Logan unrestricted. LB I have enjoyed watching Rak and Derrick Morgan in TN. That said, I can't imagine either guy returns. Titans struck it rich with Evans, Landry, Brown and Finch. Between Orakpo, Morgan and Compton they free up roughly $19 million for 2019. We have six solid with the four young dudes, Woodyard on the final year of his deal and Bates on the final year of his deal. I would guess we go searching for another rush linebacker this offseason and for Woodyard's eventual replacement inside. SECONDARY Thought it would be the strength of the team heading into the season. Some of the news was excellent. Some just ok. Have to love Logan Ryan (now in his final contract year). Butler was clearly overpaid, but definitely got better as the year wore on. Adoree Jackson is lost as a punt returner, but he too is showing some value at DB. Byard has to be a priority for a long term contract extension (19 is his final cheap season). I liked what Vaccarro brought to the table -- but he currently is a free agent. Cruikshank certainly was good on special teams. We didn't see him much on defense. Bottom line is that I think we are set at corner, but will need to do a lot of work at Safety where Vaccaro, Trawick, and Lewis are all unrestricted, recognizing that we will get Cyprien back, and I guess Tye Smith as well. SPECIAL TEAMS Unfortunately Succop didn't make me feel great about his extension, while Brett Kern now is on the final year of his deal. Wish those two circumstances were reversed. COACHING STAFF I really have no issues, though the Offensive Line play might suggest a need for an upgrade in that area. FRONT OFFICE I'm a lot less sold on JRob then many. Which particularly scares me as we go into 2019 with these players in their final contract year: Mariota, Gabbert, Henry, Sharpe, Jennings, Conklin, Kelly, Marz, Jones, Austin Johnson, Kilgo, Correa, Woodyard, Bates, Ryan, Sims, Byard, Brinkley and Kern. That's a lot of critical decisions with potentially huge financial implications. In terms of immediate free agency issues: Stocker, Pruitt, Firkser, Spain, Logan, Orakpo, Morgan, Compton, Vacarro, Trawick, Lewis. Bottom line, 30 of the 53 on active roster are either free this year or next. BOTTOM LINE Robinson makes or breaks the franchise for the next 5 years this offseason. He has to get contract extensions correct. He has to find a way to rebuild both offensive and defensive lines. Most importantly, he has got to get the QB situation sorted out. Going to be a very interesting offseason.
  6. Still here Titans279. Been a fan for 50+ years. You not liking our QB isn't going to change my fandom.
  7. Not much of an adjustment can be made if Blaine's man marbles don't hang down a little bit and he actually throws an effective pass to wide open receivers. Amazingly, it hasn't even been rush pressure that has him playing scared. I think its just habit.
  8. Oh, and how can we still be sending Adoree back to field punts? Missing out on the Pharaoh Cooper waiver move continues to haunt (not that there was anything we could have done about that).
  9. for the love of God, find a vile of testosterone, rub it on Marcus' elbow, suit him up and play him for the remainder of the game. We have been gifted a competitive score. Gabbert is killing the offense (wide open receivers that he can't get the ball to). Time for Marcus to become a Tennessee legend. Ok, I'll go back to sleep now.
  10. He was 7 for 10 for 103 yards at the time. Interesting definition of shitty.(other than that he was running for his life)
  11. I'm gonna get this in before the Colts game. Nine wins isn't an improvement. Nor was it a step backwards. Team has clear problems in the middle of the offensive line. We are still short at WR. Injuries have had a big impact. But I feel like we have the right guy coaching and we are moving in the right direction. Of course, in the NFL, as Jags prove, its all about the QB position. IMHO, the elbow injury has impacted Marcus all season long. Ridiculous that anyone calls him soft. But the questions of his status on the team will headline the offseason. On the plus side, Evans, Landry, Brown and Finch give us a solid young nucleus at LB. Butler has been better of late. The secondary was much improved despite the loss of our SS before the season. Hope Titans sign Vacarro to a mid-term deal. And the Dline certainly seems competitive. In total, I really like where we are heading with this defense (once Casey and Ryan return next season). Nothing is impossible. If we can get to Luck early and remove him from the game we have a punchers chance. That said, I would expect Manning Envy will be dancing on many of our graves next weekend. But, that's why they play the game. Titan Up!
  12. Maybe he just wasn't a good football player -- despite God given physical talent. Running a fly route or a fade in college when you are bigger stronger faster than opponent doesn't take a lot of football instinct. Running a route tree and making instant decisions based on position of players in secondary ... Harvard.
  13. You might like their brownies more than usual.
  14. Sounds like he was in the possession of a personal use amount of marijuana. Big fucking shit! Legal in many states. He was working at McDonalds. Good for FUCKING him. Sometimes the sanctimonious shit I read on message boards sends me over the top. Yeah, lousy draft choice. Not his fault. Yeah, failed out of the NFL. None of us ever played a down the NFL. Yeah, working in a service industry job. Hope he eventually owns a few franchises. Yeah, smokes pot. I don't. A lot more of you should. Maybe then you wouldn't be such righteous shit heads. Sorry. I try not to write this post. Some of you still remember my infamous 'raise the bar'. Don't care. A little empathy would go a long way at Christmas time. So, MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS.
  15. code

    Pro bowlers

    Yep, them too. Mindboggling.
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