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  1. Oilerdummy ... glad you are finding a single datapoint in 1978 to justify your ridiculous belief that RT is anything more than a journeyman QB. And look who supported you ... OSD. Color me shocked? He has every one of your shorthairs named and memorized. It's the perfume of his sad little online bullying life. Ignore that two GMs have reached for QBs to replace your boy. Ignore that he was not extended this offseason when Titans were in tight cap situation and had already signaled they were moving on from Willis. . Ignore every playoff game since he has been a Titan. Ignore his 28.6 QBR. And make a GIANT DEAL that Willis had two balls glance off a TEs hands in a meaningless game which makes him useless. You are the king of wrong. Wear your dummy crown with pride. Thirty years of listening to you spew nonsense has finally worn me out. In my head. No, dummy, shit out into the cesspool that you have created here.
  2. Let me be clear. I hope this is the worst we see of Tannehill and he proves that he can take this team to the playoffs and win a playoff game on his talents. This team has fundamental roster issues that include a poor offensive line play and a lack of roster depth that injuries to Fulton and Hooker in game one will continue to expose. My issue here is not with Tannehill. It is with the assholes who have made mocking the young QBs their weekly routine - imagining away the fact that even great young QBS - Elway, Manning, etc - struggled mightily early on. I'm not confusing our young QBs with Elway and Manning. Can't wait for that to get taken out of context. But young QBs struggle. So do old ones. Next week Tanne may throw for 300 yards and 5 TDs and no one will be happier with that than me.
  3. There decades. And they may well have been. But until today, I haven't been an asshole about yours. So get on with it. I got no more use for you then I have for your hero - and you both are convinced that you know more than you do. I have always been a FAN'S PERSPECTIVE POSTER. I never claimed some miraculous knowledge of the game.
  4. Not any more you feckless wonder. You couldn't wait to bury the young QBs but God help me for pointing out the most obvious issue in football . Cozy up to your boy blue, I will raise this bar right up all the legion of dummies asses. Including yours.
  5. What would the score have been if he made a decent throw to either Chig or Spears both wide open both heading for the end zone? Yep, the offensive line will be hot garbage all year long. We know that. But he was under no pressure on either of those throws. He was horrible. Was he the only reason they lost - nope. Was he the main reason? Yep. And that includes the boneheaded officials missing the Carr fumble and blowing the Byard return dead.
  6. That, 2Tone, is 100% correct and 1000% the reason I post this. Willis may never be an NFL QB. Levis may never be an NFL QB. But the joy that dummy and the dummy squad have taken in each misstep or even in finding a way to downplay the improvement that was seen has been laughable. When it said Oilers on the uniform, I rooted for it. When it said Titans on the uniform I rooted for it. In today's game I kept the powder dry hoping RT would lead a late comeback win. But 30 years of agenda posting. 30 years of mean spirited nonsense. Honestly, there are very few people on this planet, that I truly dislike. But oiler dummy deserves every bit of sarcastic shit thrown his way. And that he thought that JROB was doing a great job and should be extended. That he thinks Tannehill is a legitimate playoff contender team QB and should be extended is just proof that the emperor of the legion of dummies often parades around without clothes.
  7. We have always been moderators - but with the explicit understanding that this would never be even a lightly moderated site - particularly when one of the moderators has been the least respectful of all site posters over a 20+ year cycle. Years ago I tried. Years ago it became obvious that name calling was preferred. So as I move further and further away from giving a shit about this nonsense, I am simply participating as the ultra dummy would ask me to - disrespectfully. That is what this place loves.
  8. Yep Blackjack dummy unless you need me to do a full recap of why the Titans lost the game. Ok, I'll do it here: 1. Ryan Tannehill was the starting qb. 2. He played as he typically does in both close games and playoff games. 3. It wasn't his worst game ever. It was in the bottom 10% of his performances. 4. It was what everyone outside of Nashville knows - he is at best the 18th best starting QB in the league. 5. Until the Titans replace him, they will never win a Super Bowl. Ok, certain you will call that a 'bad take'. And you will be wrong.
  9. Thirty years of his clown show. I defended it for far too many. As he would so eloquently say when a family is literally blown apart in a gas explosion - EAT A GIANT DICK.
  10. EXTEND RYAN TANNEHILL! TOP 15 NFL QB! THE PROBLEM IS MEATHEAD AND TIM KELLY! 2 wide open td throws - sailing into space. 3 picks - two more that were dropped. No escapability. No pocket presence. Dropping his eyes as soon as pocket begins to crumble. You dummies give me a lifetime of ammunition. Ofcourse Willis or Levis may not have won the game. They certainly wouldn't have done a more complete job in losing it than your guy who proved himself incapable two years ago in the playoffs and NOTHING has changed but aging and injuries. Yep, there was a reason that two GMs and one coaching staff decided they needed to draft a QB (even if they got the wrong ones). Oilerdummy. Hang your head in shame and crawl back into the .26 cent envelope your thirty years of bad takes, name calling, shitty 'jokes' and juvenile behavior earns you. FUCK YOU dummy.
  12. Quiverin' chins mail room dummy - you crack me up.
  13. Titans Cup Champions Standings 2022 - > Code 1st / Oilerman 9th 2021 - > Code 1st / Oilerman 4th 2020 -> Code 2nd / Oilerman 8th 2019 -> Code 1st / Oilerman 3rd 2018 -> Oilerman 6th / Code 8th Maybe you guys are riding the wrong jock strap around here. Or possibly you guys are talking shit about the wrong old man. As Scott would say - shut up dummy.
  14. You asked me if I ever saw a QB who can't throw win. You didn't ask me if I saw a QB in the last decade who can't throw and win. I gave you an answer. You know it was fair. But one or two guys in the last 40 years doesn't prove my point, in makes yours. So you win both ways.
  15. The thing that is so goofy about all of this is that while the Titans have a punchers chance to win a bad division, its not because they have a good football team. This is a horrible bottom 20 players on the roster. Zero depth across most positions, particularly on either side of the ball. My argument on draft day was that if we have peaked as a 9-win team -and I think we have - give the ball to Levis - let him learn - determine if he can - take a top 5 draft pick - and move on if you need to. Glad we have Hopkins, but wouldn't have signed him. Glad we have Henry. Not certain I wouldn't have moved him if draft capital was available. This roster configuration reminds me of the Fisher years. Good enough team with a good coach to stay competitive beyond the talent on the field. Not a good enough team to have a chance to compete for the Super Bowl, which theoretically is why we play the game. When we look back on this season - we will either have stayed remarkably healthy - and won more games than anticipated. Or we will have sustained multiple injuries, exposing the back up depth. And of course, Willis would be one of the players exposed. But certainly not the only one.
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