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  1. Pretty funny the OP calls anyone else a "bigot" when he clearly can't even look at numbers without looking through a lens of "color" or "race." Do you want to know why I'm 99.9% sure you're a bigot, @Rolltide ? Its because the core fiber of your internet being processes thoughts through race first, and then the subject second. Its as if you can't even look at a policy without thinking about it as a "black policy" or "white policy" first.
  2. ☝️Grade-school intellect right here folks.
  3. You couldn’t be more turned around and blinded by hate. Can you point to a time in your lifetime when America wasn’t great?
  4. Dude, Hitler declared war on us. Not the other way around. Talk about revisionist...
  5. This logic doesn’t apply because the ships were nestled between two large rock formations that Dany came across from the side, not dead on. So the line of sight wasn’t there.
  6. I like that it was Arya to kill the NK. I was getting bored with the show and the misdirection is appreciated. You can also make the argument (if you really want to dig deep) that Melisandre was always wrong in her interpretation of a prophecy. From Stannis to Jon to Arya, Melisandre was misguided but loyal to the lord of light and her loyalty ultimately helped put people in the right place, but she was never "right."
  7. In a show with Dragons, Witchcraft, Dead Frozen Zombies, Giants, and Magic...THIS baffles you???
  8. We make the playoffs last season if Humphries was on the roster. Suh is another luxury piece that from a business standpoint, you spend to pad your hand that you make the playoffs. Revenues from having a playoff contender and especially a home playoff game offset the high price tag you would pay on a 1yr rental.
  9. Signing Suh to a 1 yr pricey deal makes a lot of sense with Simmons most likely not contributing till late in the season. He is who I would target for the versatility.
  10. I don’t see why you couldn’t have a sub package that has Evans playing opposite Landry. We have the LB talent to be versatile.
  11. When we had a roster full of talent, we picked Keith Bulluck at 30 and Haynesworth at 15. I think we can all agree both players are all-timers as Titans and both contributed in a very limited role their rookie years.
  12. Careful now. Don’t spend ALL your savings at once.
  13. Bradbury? A dominant C? Still think OL is the key to Mariota which is the key to the O.
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