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  1. Apparently the camera shot in the actual movie has no cuts and is very clearly unedited. So you will find out in 2 days. Also, @Mercalius ridiculously claims to have “seen” it despite an army of investigative reporters still searching. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Downtown

    Voter Turnout

    I would think it’s both sides and not just one party showing up to early vote. Why gamble that something crap might happen on Election Day (protests, Covid, terrorists kidnapping your governor, etc), when you know things are at least manageable right now.
  3. Evans brought a quickness that is noticeable. Can't wait for him to get healthy and boost this offense.
  4. They really have to. The TV contracts are pretty clear and the alternatives to a cancellation is painful in a down revenue year.
  5. There are TV contracts with game stipulations to be considered. They will make us play the game regardless.
  6. If you get it from eating your own boogers, wouldn’t you have already had it in your nasal tract?!?
  7. One thing I will note that has been consistent from the start is the emphasis of time put on transmission cases. It does seem that extended contact plays a real factor.
  8. I know quite a few people in NYC who had COVID and then some family members in TN. They all contracted it in March and they all say their lung capacity hasn’t returned to normal.
  9. So let’s review here. First off, you couldn’t provide me an example of a prosperous Republican city. Second, you double-down and assert that no-one is moving to a more cost-effective city like Nashville because of politics, yet insist that people would move from less cost-effective cities because of....politics. Do you see the blind spot in your logic? Your bias is showing and unfounded. And lastly, Nashville is a largely progressive city in a conservative state. Funny that Nashville’s financial woes stem from Republican policies that tax-exempt developers and limit the way that city itself can raise funds (Republican State Legislature).
  10. No party has 30+ years of exclusive leadership over a city. This is a weak straw-man. However, it just so happens that the most prosperous cities currently in the US are all progressive. Show me the shiny example of this conservative/Republican led city that is the top and most desirable right now? Anyone fleeing any of the top cities (California, NY, Jersey, Chicago, Seattle) are all cashing out and moving to a smaller (also progressive) city - Austin/Nashville/Portland/Denver
  11. Touche' Funny on multiple levels. Just needed a popcorn reference somewhere.
  12. IIRC, the IRS has been going after him since 2009. That's the ongoing audit. They just keep digging a bigger hole and it gets more complicated.
  13. Not anymore. Apparently lost his medical license and it was rather infamously cited on this forum.
  14. The real problem is his foreign debt. We know he will trade away American interests to pay his debts.

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