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  1. Whatever you want to call these people (MAGA, Republican, Fascists, etc), they are not conservatives. They are a once-fractured group of hateful people desperately looking for a common enemy. Fox News in the early aughts helped framed that common enemy for all the hateful and consolidated it under the label of “libs.” So America be damned, as long as they “own the libs” they’re happy. Whether you’re a racist, sexist, xenophobic, or just don’t like someone who is different from you or thinks different from you, every one of them can secretly unite their hate and celebrate one another under the guise of “cause libs.” This is a new platform where it’s publicly encouraged and ok to identify an enemy and openly plot their demise. This is the platform that has taken over the Republican Party. These people and their ideology have spread like a virus. They don’t care about laws or what’s morally dignified as long as they are complicit in hurting “libs,” which is a ever-shifting definition to whomever they want to suffer. It’s easy to sell your soul when you are convinced you are fighting an enemy.
  2. You are totally right that no other president has made a 33% drop in the GDP happen. It’s historic. He is truly doing something that no one else could even imagine.
  3. Downtown

    Explosion in Beirut

    Now saying a building storing nitrates is the cause of the 2nd explosion. Fireworks was the 1st.
  4. It’s got insane insider trading written all over it. Averaged 75k-200k volume per day during July. Then 1.65 million volume the day before the announcement and 200 million volume directly before the announcement. The CEO bought 47k shares the day before!!!
  5. They are so desperate to latch onto ANY person remotely affiliated with Medicine to push their political agenda. The Plandemic doctor is also misrepresented and a total sham. Trump’s followers are just too far down the rabbit-hole to come back to reality. Demon sperm it is!!
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/27/us-rightwing-extremists-attacks-deaths-database-leftwing-antifa Donald Trump has made warnings about the threat of antifa and “far-left fascism” a central part of his re-election campaign. But in reality leftwing attacks have left far fewer people dead than violence by rightwing extremists, new research indicates, and antifa activists have not been linked to a single murder in decades. Most rational Americans know that ANTIFA is a made-up boogey-man of the right to justify their extreme Fascist violence. It’s just sad when the rest of the world also knows this over the mouth-breathers. More and more information is recently coming out that the instigating violence of the riots were Far-Right imposters pretending to be BLM so they can push their Civil War.
  7. This covers what I was saying earlier. The initial coverage from The Post was recounting testimony from Phillips. The video just an added visual. It’s still ridiculous the judge re-opened the case on the ticky-tacky detail of whether or not Sandmann blocked Phillips’ path. I now wish the Post would have just let it all unfold, eat the legal fees, and own them in court. At least then you wouldn’t have MAGA idiots claim victory in the midst of retreat. The only karmic retribution to all of this is that Q fools like Tux will be pressuring this kid for money the rest of his life thinking he’s some kind of millionaire.
  8. You should be horrified then that there are hundreds of reports of heavily armored private contractors actively violating the constitutional rights of Americans! Fuck a bag full of shit, these criminals are out in the open!
  9. You still got it wrong! How can you be so bad at this?!? You keep trying to move the goal posts when you can’t seem to even find the ball. They didn’t even run their main coverage on simply a video! Nathan Phillips (the Native elder) provided witness to his interpretation of the events. Regardless of whether or not you agree, an opinion piece has every right to run on the account of an eye-witness. The only reason the trial was allowed to continue in the first place was based solely on the technicality that The Post originally suggested that Sandmann was blocking the path of Phillips and not letting him pass. Everything else was throw out and protected under 1st Am rights. Take a moment and realize this settlement is about that statement and ONLY that statement. The rest was thrown out by the original judge. Of course both sides would settle. Both sides would lose money taking this to trial over something so ridiculous.
  10. Its literally been used as a hate symbol in international terrorist acts/hate crimes that have no roots or ties to the US. Its an international hate symbol whether you want to believe it or not. There's more instances than even this. Its a hate symbol across the globe. https://www.theroot.com/how-make-america-great-again-has-become-a-global-symbol-1833886130 As such, it turns out that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat, which is all the rage with white nationalists in America, has become a global phenomenon worn by white nationalist across the globe. According to HuffPost, far-right extremists have worn the new-era Klan cap as a nod to their white nationalist roots. Canadian Alexandre Bissonnette, the 27-year-old who stormed a Quebec City mosque and killed six Muslim men in January 2017, wore the hat despite living in a French-speaking province that had nothing to do with the American political landscape.
  11. Borderline. The MAGA hat is now an international hate symbol, so anyone choosing to display it has to be aware of what they're expressing when choosing to wear it in public.
  12. Further, the initial commentary wasn’t even inaccurate. It was commenting on the only information that was available at that time (an edited video). When the full un-edited video came out, they then immediately commented on THAT. If anyone should be mad about something, it’s an edited video. They literally did their job, commenting only on the information available. That’s why Sandman would never be able to bring this to trial, nor win a case.
  13. @El Guapo A settlement is a total win for any Goliath when facing David. It’s the desired result. No corporation wants to retain trial lawyers and risk ongoing coverage when you can pay a fee and be done with the complaint. The only way Sandman would have won is to somehow take it trial and win.
  14. Is that why the growing sentiment in retired and active military is now to protect the demonstrators from the Mercs? The whole thing is backfiring for Trump. It’s galvanizing.
  15. At this point the Dems SHOULD change their name just to end the absolutely mind-numbingly idiotic argument that our 2 party system never radically changed sides and re-aligned. Any Republican that tries to argue this is admitting their historical acumen is akin to a 2nd grader. It’s admitting to the world they’re a stupid biased party-hack.

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