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  1. So your take on this is that all of the players are against Mariota and Vrabel is just playing Mariota in spite? Sounds like you should be calling for the firing of the coach if this is as easy as you make it out to be.
  2. You’re so reactionary about all of this. It’s not about Marcus. It’s about the tactics and strategy Vrabel has built up as a players coach. You don’t build up this whole “for the boys” and for the family culture to turn your back on a key person in the organization very early in the season unless it’s clear Tannehill will win now and a super bowl is legitimately on the line, neither of which are a reality. If i’m jRob and Vrabel I think really hard about how this situation is handled because it trickles down to every interpersonal relationship with players on the team. It’s not about Marcus. It’s about every players standing and respect within the organization. Someone brought up the Eddie George -Chris Brown situation as a comparable scenario. And I do think it’s somewhat similar, but I think the Titans as a small business handled Eddie correctly. Just as they are handling it properly now. Chris Brown just might have gotten us 1 or 2 more wins if he played more. We’ll never know. But Eddie is still a major personality in the world of the Tennessee Titans. A decade later, and he still matters to this business. I’m sure Amy would go back and handle the McNair situation differently for that same reason. Business is more than one season. But you’re living in a fantasy world if you think Tannehill is tearing it up in practice and instantly justifies a big change for what ultimately might be a couple extra wins in a season where we’re not realistically in the hunt. It’s such a short-minded perspective and why overly emotional fans shouldn’t run a business the game of football.
  3. Once you go Tanny, you can’t go back. But Marcus pretty much cemented the decision tonight. Just don’t hold your breath for anything better. Might be trading sacks for interceptions.
  4. Of course not, our D won the game. But Mariota also didn't lose it. The notion that Tannehill is going to come in and be better is delusional wishful thinking.
  5. The Dolphins starters in 2015 were: WR Jarvis Landry WR Rishard Matthews WR Kenny Stills RB Lamar Miller TE Jordan Cameron T- Branden Albert LG- Dallas Thomas C- Mike Pouncey RG- Billy Turner T- Jason Fox I don't think anyone can really argue that our current O is more talented than this group. Jarvis Landry alone is the difference in yardage you're citing for Tanny's "best" season.
  6. I’m still waiting for someone to show us which version of Tannehill is the one we should be hoping for. Mariota is a shell of himself, but I can at least show you games where he put it all together and showed he could be a great QB. Tanny’s best games were against busted D with massive YAC by his skill players making something out of very little. The notion that this is the best offensive squad that Tanny will have ever “played” in is also shaky when you consider he played with Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry, and Kenny Stills in Miami. I put the Colts loss on Mariota. One more loss because of the QB and we’ll probably see a change, only for the real dumpster fire to start and the season completely voided. Can’t wait!!!!
  7. Looking back at the game and specifically the offense, we should really be talking about the 43 yards of total offense generated when Lewis is in the game (that includes the 15+ scamper Mariota had on a broken play) versus the 296 yards total offense generated when Henry was in the game. We lived off of play action. Both AJ Brown pass plays were play-action to Henry. Both Walker TDs were play-action to Henry. Screen TD to Henry, etc. Putting Lewis in the game grinded our offense to a halt with no respect given to the play-action pass.
  8. Seriously? This is a thread specifically about benching Mariota, of which you’re trying to provide evidence that he’s benchable. You’re inherently advocating for Tanny to play if you want Mariota benched.
  9. You do realize that to “bench the starter” you have to START the backup, right? The whole point of the thread...
  10. Tannehill’s best game as a pro (his perfect rating game) was 280 yards for 4TD. That game had 3 busted 50+ yard plays by Matthews, Landry, and Miller (Miller’s was a screen pass btw).
  11. Please for fucks sake show me where Tannehill has done the opposite of this. Tanny has been worse! That’s why you don’t bench your starter for someone who is arguably worse over the extent of a entire season.
  12. You mean both Walker TDs that came from Play-Action off of Henry?
  13. Seriously, have you actually watched a whole tannehill game? Please PLEASE show me some real game material as evidence that he's any better of a QB!! I am DYING to see this and have been searching for it, but it must be erased from the internet.
  14. His TDs all originated from Henry being on the damn field.
  15. You have to seriously ask yourself what would happen if they benched Mariota for week 2 and Tannehill played like he did last season. Would the Mariota haters make excuses for Tanny? Or would this agenda crap end? Above all, I would love to know what era or even game to game time period of Tannehill’s career we’re supposed to be hoping for.