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  1. The positions we need instant impact are hard to start right away. Its definitely not going to be on the defensive side of the ball unless we let Landry walk (which is highly unlikely). I could also see TE or OL because the value lines up this draft, but I just don't think we value those positions enough to use a 1st or really want to "rely" on rookie starters.
  2. I'm starting to feel that our 1st round pick is going to be a rebuild pick that won't contribute immediately. Either the QBOTF in Malik Willis to learn behind Tannehill or Jameson Williams coming off the ACL tear to give us a playoff weapon to try and get over the hump.
  3. Cunningham still has gas in the tank. He was a great player for us.
  4. Like Tannehill, I think Firkser earned the contract and the faith this season that he could be our guy at TE. He failed. Next.
  5. Julio wasn't even on the field. BOTH seasons also had your superstar number 1 WR coming open. That ain't a personnel problem.
  6. The cap situation will become evident and urgent when we're crying about which defensive guys we let walk in FA.
  7. I don't think the outrage would be quite as palpable if we didn't have a tough cap situation looming on the off-season. The idea that we can "get better and rebuild" is unlikely.
  8. The frustration isn't the trade. Its the structuring of the contract that really hurts. Now we're stuck as a franchise. This was likely the best roster we could ever build around Tanny and we went all-in on this season with trading for Julio because of it.
  9. Yes it can. We currently have a 10 year deficit of new construction. Right now there are only 362 currently active housing listings in Nashville. That is mind boggling low supply for a city that literally has thousands of home buyers relocating per month. We are about to go into a hyper-cycle of lack of available housing through 2024.
  10. Well, we will certainly find out what Vrabel and Tannehill are made of if they stick with him at QB through this off season. No more easy pass from anyone mentioning the team nationally. They will get the, "yeah, but..." treatment. Maybe, just MAYBE its enough to really produce change. It worked with the D this season.
  11. Regardless, the coaching staff thought Tanny was the guy. They had to give him that chance. He deserved that chance. But Tanny really made those same coaches and all of us Cucks by fucking the entire organization in the ass on a national stage and making us all just watch-on in horror.
  12. Who else thinks we easily win that Bengals game if we straight up just stuck with the Arthur Smith offense? Also, I love Henry, but playing him over Foreman really cost us that game. For as much as I was frustrated with our offense philosophy last season, it might be the best way to move forward and lean into it even more heavily. Ultimately, my thoughts on Tannehill are that you can obviously still win regular season games with him, but you have to acknowledge that he isn't a gamer in the playoffs and you have to gameplan and treat him as more of game-manager in that you can't ask him to press and win the game. That philosophy would have lead Vrabel to go up 7-6, run the ball on the 1st and Goal after Foreman's gashing run, QB sneak on the critical 3rd and 1, etc.
  13. Eh. Marcus Johnson looked to be that 3rd WR. I don't put this on Robinson for how he constructed the offense. I do think we spent a lot of time this season trying to implement an offense that wouldn't stall out in the playoffs, only to have it blow up in our face. Its true Titans karma that we exit this season by going away from our offensive gameplan in previous seasons that caused our previous exit.
  14. Yep. Two seasons in a row you take AJ out of the play with the game on the line. Just don't understand it. I would be ok with forcing him of all Titans the ball. The check down problem has been a constant though.
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