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  1. Lakers killed LeBron’s career.
  2. Lakers might be the worst team in the NBA right now. I repeat, THE WORST TEAM IN THE NBA. Despite the L, my Bucks are lookin’ strong. Gonna be a fun playoff season.
  3. It matters because you can’t reliably change a voter; can only inspire new voters. Hopefully American students show up next year.
  4. MAGA = Terrorism. It’s been adopted and embraced by killers and no one is doing anything to stop it. You wear the hat, you’re supporting their crimes.
  5. I doubt it will be an open competition, but bet your ass the better QB plays. Having said that, if Marcus really is that injury prone, start his ass and don’t hold back on the RPO or the QB run and know that Tannehill is there.
  6. We just took away one draft need (backup QB) and traded up to have more DL and LB ammunition in a deep draft where we’re targeting those positions. Its like J Rob is a poster on this board. He’s our dream GM. Does everything we want.
  7. Nope. The other way. Next year’s 4th. And we move up from a 7th rd this year to a 6th rd this year which is pretty smart considering this year’s draft is deep in positions of need on the defensive side.
  8. 2019 draft priority is coming into focus and remains the same. Looking like Pass Rush, IOL, WR, and maybe a development QB in that order is in store.
  9. This would be tremendous on a short term deal. But looking at the line overall, we need some rookie contracts to diversify the pay structure.
  10. This was my thought. Corey Levin played well enough to make Jones/Kline expendable. I would bet they make the same offer to Jones (take a paycut and a reduced role or you're gone). We were always going to get IOL at some point in the draft, no difference here. Just less bodies to crowd the room. I don't think this changes our approach to the season specifically because we have Levin and retained Pamphile.
  11. Dude, Lakers haven’t been playing for wins for years.
  12. Dammit. Too much bourbon. (Btw, Willett’s new Family Estate juice is pretty damn good.) How the heck do you embed a tweet on here?!? https://mobile.twitter.com/greenpeaceusa/status/1105445951039303680
  13. How has this thread gotten so long without acknowledging that Patrick Moore is not the co-founder of Greenpeace and is a lobbyist funded by plastics and nuclear energy? He at one time worked with Greenpeace Canada before it was discovered that he was on the energy dime on the side. He has since used that convenient lie to make money speaking on behalf of the logging, plastics, and nuclear industries because he was once involved with Greenpeace Canada. Totall Partisan and Funded Bullshit: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/patrick-moore-climate-doubter/
  14. ☝🏻 That’s for damn sure. Lakers had to come back against the Bulls to save a desperation win. THE BULLS. What a pathetic team. Karma’s a bitch.
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