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  1. I was just about to say this. It’s not even close. And in Jordan’s day there was no “three second defensive rule.”
  2. No shit. That’s one of the many reasons why he’s the GOAT. But you can’t pretend like it wouldn’t be even easier for him post hand checking.
  3. Where did anyone say he’d get dominated? He’s still the 2nd best player in the history of the league. He would still be an elite player. He currently gets mauled by players and doesn’t get a large portion of those calls because of his size. That would only intensify if you put him in the NBA of the past. Doesn’t change his talent, but would definitely put a small dent in his output. MJ’s stats would be slightly better in today’s game. LeBron’s would be slightly worse in a different era. Not hard to understand.
  4. MJ, and it ain’t close. The hand check rule really did change things. MJ would be way more lethal in today’s NBA with the added protection en-route to the basket. LeBron would get mauled even more in the old game because some of his imposing athleticism could be neutralized by a bully slowing him down from the perimeter. He benefits from a defender no longer being able to make contact with that hand. Just look at who dominated the league before they enforced the rule (Tim Duncan MVP / Kevin Garnett MVP/ post up players in general) and then we haven’t really had a post-up MVP since the rule was enforced because it drastically helps outside guys without dominating physical prowess get to the basket (Nash before and after the rule as MVP being one big example)
  5. It has never been proven he's rich. Its just been proven that he has an asset list. His debt could be astronomical.
  6. https://www.newsweek.com/trump-july-4-gala-drain-security-costs-special-fund-1444088 President Donald Trump's Fourth of July speech will drain money from a security source used to protect the nation's capital from terrorist threats because he still has not paid the full bill from his inauguration. The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration and Congress still have not paid the District over $7 million in fees from the 2017 inauguration, which was the last time Trump held a large event at the National Mall. To pay for the Fourth of July event, which White House officials have named "A Salute to America," the District will have to pull money from a fund devoted to hosting state funerals and foreign dignitary visits, as well as protecting the city from terrorist threats. The financial strain caused by Trump's speech is expected to push the fund over budget. The Post article comes after the Center for Public Integrity released a report saying that, despite Trump's frequent laudation of police, he had not paid at least 10 cities for the public-safety costs of his rallies. In Lebanon, Ohio, Trump asked his crowd "Do we love law enforcement or what?" But the president's campaign did not respond to an invoice totaling nearly $16,200 in public safety costs deriving from the event—a small sum compared to the $841,219 that cities are requesting from the president. While the report noted that Trump may not be legally obligated to pay, as the campaign and city governments didn't conclude written contracts, critics have used the outstanding fees to note Trump's legacy of avoiding payments.
  7. Leonard has an effect that changes the whole floor. He actually makes teams better. He’s done it with the Spurs and raised the stakes with the Raptors. Clippers are definitely the favorites out of the West with Warriors and Rockets being wild cards as to how elite their stars can play. Utah might be the Denver of this season while I think Denver has a regular season let down from last year. The East is a Philly/Milwaukee showdown with some interesting developments to come out of Brooklyn.
  8. Who’s your best shooter? Lebron? Danny Green?!?!? That squad is smoked on the outside game.
  9. He almost lost the championship for the Warriors in game 5. And he didn’t really play long enough to rot the Warriors from the inside. Maybe Lakers will get lucky and he just doesn’t play that much. That’s one way to minimize his influence.
  10. Cousins is a cancer. Lakers were diagnosed with cancer today.
  11. Downtown

    Happy 4th

    No truth to the rumor that Jeff Flake gets $.01 every time you post this...
  12. Downtown

    Happy 4th

    He’s just not very smart and not really worth the time. I do find it amusing that he thinks anyone on this forum actually gives two shits what he thinks. Like annoying children, he and Rolltide try and go to the extreme to “get a rise” out of others. Meh. Just a waste of time.
  13. Downtown

    Happy 4th

    NPR had a really good discussion on this divide and the military parade Trump wanted. Everyone should go read George Washington’s Farewell Address. Trump is the embodiment of everything Washington and Hamilton warned us. Washington warned us of the days where domestic military displays would be used in partisan politics. The founding fathers established this nation with the intention that we are governed by civilian infrastructure and specifically condemned the presence of military in domestic displays as that was the hallmark of a tyrannical government.
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