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  1. Ah, really can't for the all the new (insert largest stat ever) articles generated from the new 17 game season.
  2. You talking about rolltide? Wouldn't surprise me in the least. He might actually be blind to the extents of his bigotry. It would also not surprise me in the least if he was actually one of these white guys who looks for asian women because they want a subservient wife and view asian women as just that, subordinate. You see these shitbags all over Thailand.
  3. Jacob Eason in the 3rd round and Anthony Gordon in 5th-6th are way too low. Both already have a floor of the 3rd and are most likely 2nd round picks, barring some kind of combine/pro day melt-down.
  4. This is one season where I can see the draft board dictating free-agency. Mainly because our bigger areas of question (RT, Slot CB, Change of pace RB, Pass Rush only LB) are all draft bargains this year that align with our positioning at the end of each round.
  5. I am way more interested in Anthony Gordon at QB than Jordan Love. Anthony Gordon has a lot to show if you can coach him up. He's probably no later than a 3rd after the Senior Bowl. Because of Mahomes, he might be a 2nd round pick at this point. The QB position is one where I would target an extra late 2nd or 3rd round pick on a raw prospect to play at backup qb. You need rookie contracts filling roster spots to make the re-signing of our key guys work over the next couple of years.
  6. Far from it. She's just the controlling owner and the Titans are the biggest (only?) revenue business the family is actively involved with. She recently sold her Green Hills house for 1.45 million this past summer. We have never been a cash heavy team and they recently just did a lot of land acquiring along with all of the facilities upgrades on top of increasing the operational staff since AAS took over. In short, they're cash poor. So a lot of these front-loaded manipulating the cap dreams of posters on this site just aren't a financial reality unless they were to take on someone else in the ownership group or eat into the revenue.
  7. Property taxes should increase. The city also really needs to eliminate the tax handouts to downtown developers. There doesn't need to be any additional incentive for businesses to move here. Schools are underfunded and the police are overrun. Both would be budget problems solved by properly taxing the big developers to the level you tax any other small business.
  8. Fuck google and comcast/att. All the roads are being torn up because comcast/att wouldn't allow google in the telephone poles. So google just bulldozed their way into the city by digging up the roads and going subterranean without the obligation to restore the roads to their previous status. All they are obligated to do is patch the holes.
  9. There's no point to be made. Its built into their platform. https://techcrunch.com/2014/12/08/youtube-now-tells-you-how-copyrighted-music-will-affect-your-video-before-you-upload-it/ Google today launched a new feature in the YouTube Audio Library that allows uploaders who use copyrighted music to see exactly what will happen to their videos before they upload them. When you upload a video to YouTube today, the service’s Content ID system will automatically try to figure out if you’re using any copyrighted music in it. Artists and labels can choose to then either mute that audio, block the video from being seen, or (if they’re smart) monetize the video by running ads against it. The problem with that is that until now, you didn’t know what would happen to your video until after you had uploaded it.
  10. Copyright Law. You can't just post a video on youtube with whatever published music you like. They'll come after you and lock out the video if you do. So most players have to ask a friend with a demo for anything that isn't published or released. Its a mutual handshake that also helps out the artist.
  11. I wish we could all collectively refine how they calculate unemployment numbers. But both sides of the aisle manipulate and use the numbers to their advantage while ignoring the woes of the American worker. Its an archaic system to how our country now works. Even long-term and committed young professionals have completely shifted their participation in the US work environment. With non-paid internships becoming a thing of the past, companies are intentionally creating a sub-living-standard class of jobs with the known goal that no one works that job for longer than a couple of months. Its replacing the traditional internship as a honeymooners position for both the employee and the company. But those 100s of thousands of "jobs" shouldn't be written up in a report that its anywhere good for Americans because its not really a job, its an entryway into debt to be an American worker.
  12. Then why don't you finish? Maybe you should really look into what's going on here instead of searching for the first opinion piece that supports your narrative. These articles are a.) well over a year old and don't show the impact of the tariffs, and b.)don't account for overall job losses, only jobs created (which is disingenuous), and c.) ignore that the job gains over the past couple of years were primarily in silicon valley and pharmaceuticals, leaving the rust belt and what we would have traditionally considered "manufacturing jobs" to rot. Let me ask you, do you believe American manufacturing overall has returned to its glory because of specialty jobs being created by tech companies almost solely located in silicon valley? Here's a recent article: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/trump-trade-war-loss-of-manufacturing-jobs-contradicts-purpose-tariffs-2019-10-1028577666 The Labor Department said Friday that manufacturers shed 2,000 jobs last month, adding to concerns about the sector. While President Donald Trump has pledged to revive factory jobs in the US, that pocket of the economy dipped deeper into a recession last month. Another more recent article: https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/08/economy/manufacturing-jobs/index.html Most of the half-million new manufacturing jobs over the past three years are in the Sun Belt or around Silicon Valley. Meanwhile job losses in the Rust Belt are accelerating. That could be key to the 2020 race. Trump won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin in 2016, promising working-class voters he would revive US manufacturing. But all four states have lost more than 16,000 factory jobs in the past year alone. But I know you will instantly and blindly willingly look past anything that cnn says, so lets just look at the actual jobs report that shows these manufacturing states are losing their jobs: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/laus.pdf Chuck Devore is intentionally deceiving you and you're just lamb to the slaughter...
  13. This is a problem that no one will care about properly until it’s on your doorstep and too late to stop. I am beyond amazed that the FED has kept it at bay as long as it has. I warned when the tax bill was passed that Trump would next try to cut entitlements to justify the reckless spending. Lo and behold, here we go. But instead of calling a spade a spade and addressing the problem, you have posters like @thor @TennesseeTuxedo and @Rolltide that are in step against their own good just because “derp dems.” It isn’t even “party over country” anymore, Pubs might actually be too dumb or too blinded with hate to realize they’re “party over my own pocketbook.” Just enjoy your numbers for now and look the other way while we rob you without you even knowing. Oh look over there! Someone’s kneeling during the anthem or waging a war on Christmas!!!! Post about that shit. The economy is far over your head.
  14. First off, define "the economy." A lot of dum dums (probably @thor included) think "the economy" is simply the stock market. There are so many other factors. Our short-term economic outlook looks all shiny while our long-term economic outlook is bleak. At the moment our stock market, our trade policies, our deficit problem, and most of the many other factors that constitute our "economy" can all be attributed to short-term gains at the cost of long-term goals. In short, we're selling our future to make a quick buck. So no, our economy isn't successful, its fools gold for the idiots in the room. Even @Rolltide tried to chime in on gas prices without even looking at why they're cheap (coronavirus and china's production halt). What's truly impressive is the level of manipulation that the FED has been able to achieve over a long period of time. For Trump to pressure the FED to continue QE just to keep things churning tells you all you need to know, its all fake money and we're just borrowing away to keep the illusion going while stupid people like @thor will fall over themselves trying to make it seem as if Trump has done anything but line the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the working class, which by the way, is why the stock market is still going up. Of course stocks will increase when you give those companies all the money!!!

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