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  1. L Oh Fucking L. The league totally runs this ship. Amy got bent over and is still the obedient one. Actually, Vrabel and JRob got bent over even more when they aligned their contracts together. Now we know where those yearly savings are going. No surprise they’re keeping their numbers from being public.
  2. Anyone else notice that Henry has supplanted Marcus in the Heisman House?
  3. Furthermore, the league above-all needed Mariota to become a star and provide a much needed narrative for the Tennessee franchise.
  4. Of course they were on the Mariota train. Posters on this board too easily confuse their desire to win with the reality of the business. Mariota was the face of the franchise, the highest selling jersey on the team, and the only Titan in National Commercials. Whether fans like it or not, the business of the Tennessee Titans is still heavily invested in Marcus Mariota.
  5. His asset is his ability to bend with suspect instincts and strength at the point, so a run liablity. He was compared to Dee Ford in draft analysis.
  6. Seriously. Blow up the whole OL from the coach down and start over.
  7. I would take any owner who doesn't need a cash-flow positive business operation. There's a clear reason why its damn near impossible to find out Vrabel and JRob's contract structure other than "5 years" and its very deliberate.
  8. IR week before preseason started.
  9. D'Andre Walker also has a lot of potential as a rusher and its a shame we couldn't see him this year. He could turn out to be a Jayon Brown type value which makes the LB core a bit more palatable for the future.
  10. Why don't you dig up the thread and prove me wrong?
  11. Funny and embarassing that half of this board last year was actively debating Lewis versus Henry.
  12. We had a popular jock-type kid in high school that apparently had a really bad premature ejaculation problem. The funny thing is no one knew about it until the 3rd abortion!! The 3rd girl and her parents finally made it public and surprise surprise, that’s when the other 2 girls and their parents found out/ousted him. They couldn’t go after him for rape. I think they tried to go the Reckless Endagerment route.
  13. If there’s one thing I trust with all of my heart, it’s that a highly motivated Republican led congress did a more thorough job researching this topic than a bigoted nurse who stumbled upon a web article seven years after the fact in Columbia, TN.
  14. What’s interesting here is that a thorough House and Senate investigation was done over this and didn’t find the “smoking gun” you’re claiming exists , yet you’re against the equivalent investigations being done into Trump’s actions. It’s almost as if you’re biased and seeing whatever delusions you want in old news articles.