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  1. The next Prius is rumored to be hydrogen hybrid: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autoblog.com/amp/2021/09/23/toyota-prius-hydrogen-fuel-cell/ Toyota hasn’t really gone all in on EV because it’s hybrids dominate the market. So this is a next step that is very interesting to watch and could easily dwarf the EV market if they do it well, similar to the first Prius.
  2. Stupid take. You even quoted me saying to ban him for intentionally derailing threads after multiple people have called him out. I mean look at this shit. Thread dead because of one idiot. But sure, feed the trolls Doogie...
  3. Or we just ban @SkipPayless for being stupid and intentionally derailing a thread despite multiple call outs from posters?
  4. Lol. That’s the official congressional report dude. It’s not incorrect. That’s the official source, regardless what any news outlet reports. Actually read the link to the official casualty report. Sheesh. And I was wrong. It’s 520k for Total deaths from WW2 and WW1, not combat deaths. Combat deaths, which Biden was referencing in the speech, are even lower.
  5. Because they have?? Covid has 680,000 American deaths and counting. WW1 and WW2 total American combat deaths total roughly 520k. I hope I don’t need to tell you how many people died in 9/11…. Here’s the official WW1 and WW2 casualties:
  6. Correct, both run on electricity, but EV requires the owner to plug into a power source to recharge, where-as hydrogen would be like our current gas model that you "fill up" or deposit hydrogen to create electricty, but much cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient than our gas. Toyota is probably the biggest R and D maker to look seriously into hyrdogen with a future price estimation of around $1 per 73 miles of usage.
  7. Its been a minute since the stadium was filled with predominately Titans fans at each game. I would guess the number of visiting fans is down quite a bit.
  8. I don't think he's scared as much as he is painfully aware that if he goes out there and produces another performance like that, it will likely cost him 10+ million dollars. If I were his agent, I would have told him to fake it. He lost a lot of money versus Chandler Jones. Can't afford to do that again. So gotta fake an injury and do whatever it takes to get ready.
  9. It was more the playcalling. Nothing more cringe than seeing the Seahawks line up in cover 1 and load the box on 1st, only for us to actually run into it. So stupid. It was the 2nd half when we finally started playing play-action on 1st down until they went into cover 2 and then we ran it on them.
  10. Eventually they will have to try Molden at S to utilize his smarts. His speed is a liability in the slot with the system we run.
  11. Where the hell is Weaver??????? Although Molden also looked good in preseason....
  12. Henry is also a face of the franchise national star. That also pushes him forward in the political side of the entry. I would say he is all but guaranteed at this point unless he has a serious injury. He’s probably already at Edgerrin James’ level after this season.
  13. Looking like we are better without Lewan. Good news for the salary cap.
  14. One player will be in the HOF when it’s all over. One won’t. Enjoy it for now.
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