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  1. Brady probably would have upgraded the team by minimizing Vrabel's influence.
  2. Packers - Chiefs. Bucs defense takes a big hit with Antoine Winfield Jr out.
  3. Exactly, just heavily penalize any employer that knowingly hires an illegal immigrant. Problem will solve itself in the long run and suddenly we'll see that farmers and construction and all of these industries are actually PRO cheap, illegal labor.
  4. Vrabel should be fired immediately if he continues with this plan on defense.
  5. I see the faith being tested in even the most ardent believers.
  6. The Lions would most likely get enough ammo to move up to the third pick (from Miami) and select one of the top QBs and also have a good financial plan for the future. Both Colts and Lions win in that trade.
  7. And this messaging should be shouted from the rooftops. Baffles me how bad Dems are with catch phrases and marketing a very easy concept.
  8. Everyone should read about the velocity of money. Trickle up economics benefits everyone.
  9. I believe Rooney rule is just for HC and Senior Organizational staff, not coordinators.
  10. Anthony Lynn should be the hire. He is perfect for our philosophy and talent. But he probably won’t get a sniff at the job.
  11. He was brought in first as Senior Offensive Assistant before TE coach and assisted DeFillipo in play calling. Then he was moved to TE coach (a demotion, IMO). He also took a top 10 Raiders offense and brought them down to bottom half of the league under Del Rio.
  12. If its Todd Downing, we are in for a miserable season. Downing hasn’t succeeded at play-calling with the Raiders or Vikings. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he was promised the role when Smith moved on. Vrabel will have so many options and somehow will still be a failure because of his arrogance.
  13. Exactly. The defense calls key witness, 7th round pick, Geoff Swaim.
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