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  1. Sounds like maybe the chip he plays with on his shoulder might be a bit bigger this year. I like it!
  2. Titan numbers suck...shocker! They've sucked in just about every category for the past decade
  3. Did they ever release what grade sprain it was/is??? All I've ever heard is "MCL injury". It could be a grade 2 (partial) or grade 3 (complete) and technically they could technically call it a "sprain"
  4. There's no way you can't say that a starting QB with 3+ injuries in 2018 that affected the entire season, to include missing rather large season finale, and his backup that missed 5 games in 2018 are NOT a bigger concern than the DL..unless your smoking crack. p.s. Yes, that was a rather long sentence. I've enjoyed some good beer this evening, and still am making more sense than DL is a bigger concern than QB.
  5. Crazy huh. Kind of like slighting the guy because I personally wasn't too impressed with him w/o actually saying it. Stay sharp
  6. If only we had a top 5 rated vet guard that could teach young buck how to be a NFL guard and school him on the nuances of handling NFL Dline and backers, and a staff solely responsible for putting some "man strength" on that young body
  7. "Keep inspiring..." wait that MF just hung up on me
  8. All I could think while the song was playing: that second sailor has 4 rows of ribbons and no warfare device...i.e. he's never been operational! My freaking Navy put a POGUE up there that's only been shore.
  9. LOL at one announcer having to explain to another what "Duvall" means
  10. "Yeah defense baby" freaking clueless fans with TV shots
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