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  1. Titan8425

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    How nervous are you if your KC and have to go down with less than 3 with AR's history
  2. Titan8425

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    A lot time left
  3. Titan8425

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    NE owned the KC D that drive
  4. Titan8425

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    More excited he is the more annoying I find it
  5. Titan8425

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    Why? FG wins it
  6. Come on BudA why would we want to try somebody from a SUCCESSFUL organization. Best to stick to mediocrity.
  7. This thread is getting exciting!
  8. I think he could top Gase's "crazy eye" in his first presser
  9. Lambardi has crossed my mine. I can see it (personally would prefer to try PC, but I'd get the move) I think I keep coming back to PC since he's been there a freaking long time and it's about time he tried stepping out from under Daddy's shadow.
  10. I keep coming back to Carmichael. Former QB and WR coach, weekly scheming with Payton, has calling experience, just some things I see NO do that could work here. Don't really see it happening, but PC keeps coming to mind.
  11. Carmichael have any connections to any of our FO?? Can't remember off the top of my head
  12. Titan8425

    Giants scare me

    and clowns... midget clowns forget about it
  13. Titan8425

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    Totally agree. Trying to "keep it close" with a conservative game will be a sure death. Also, the coaching staff better be ready to counter BB's in game adjustments. The dude is a Grand Master at playing chess-football.
  14. Titan8425

    Lions Waive Ameer Abdullah

    By "hammer" do you mean our "Jeweler's hammer"? Cause Dion hits the between tackle holes with more velocity than Henry!