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  1. I was surprised how terrible Seattle traffic is and the crappy condition of the roads, but LA still sucks more
  2. So somebody in Chucky's family fell so in love with Mary's performance during the '17/'18 seasons that their request was to be cremated with a Mary doll...not surprised Chuck's family has some creepiness in it. Chuck thinks others on the forum really want to know this and that it is actually a great testament to Titan fans...not surprised. Chuck gets offended knowing full well he's going to get flamed and tries to take "the moral high road" all while trying to nonchalantly flaunt his superiority...not surprised. This thread actually it at 9 pages and still going...surprised
  3. What a bunch of morally inferior dicks! It's not bad enough that you call out Chuck in his thread about his brother's Uncle's Sister's best friend's neighbor's mother's creepy burial. Now, you've got to make an entire thread mocking his pain and roasting Marionites. SHAMEFUL! If I was Chuck I'd leave the forum
  4. Just some more food for thought: ESPN reported Miami originally was going to pay 3.5 mil vs 5 of the guarantee, but upped it most likely to buy the 4th next yr.
  5. I was digging the guy before his presser. Now, I might have a full on MAN CRUSH. I'm talking down right dirty @woolfolksunclesuncle man boner. Totally excited to see this guy play
  6. WOW! Take off early and w/in the 30 minutes to get home JRob surprises the crap out of me. I totally had the back up WRONG. Wanted a new #2, but didn't think they'd do it. I'll take Tanny and it's not a bad deal. Extra pick this yr will be nice (even in the 6th) RIGHT ON
  7. Lets see: 1. We needed an edge rusher. We added a vet with a good history of getting to the QB when utilized properly. Not a long term solution for sure, but will provide an edge rusher (if used properly) for 1 maybe two yrs while hopefully schooling some of our young guys. 2. We needed some kind of IOL. We added another vet that has ran Zone blocking, can down right flatten people with his run blocking, and does pretty well with passpro. IOL still is weak in my opinion but still the LG shouldn't be a concern now. 3. We needed a reliable slot receiver. We got another vet with sure hands, can get some separation, knows how to get a first on third down, and can take a lick. For now, I'd say we are a little closer to betting the unbeatable Luck and putting it to Huston than we were last week. Sure it might not all pan out, but if JRob (and the rest of the FO) could predict the season and players output during FA hey we'd probably have a SB or two and be hated like NE.
  8. Wish we had a couple more second and third rounders
  9. Great thought. TE has me perplexed. I see and can agree to the two side of the argument. We're set; other needs, etc...Drafting Hock gives insurance and once in a moon player. Gotta let JRob and crew earn that money
  10. He covers the Pats...not use to losing out or being told no
  11. If we can get to the QBs a little quicker the secondary will have it easier too. Win Win
  12. If the guy can disrupt Luck 50% of the time during his 50% of the snaps it's 100% worth it
  13. He's always pounding water like he's recovering from one.
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