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  1. Surprised natural selection hasn't culled the OP from the gene pool.
  2. Hammy...same as last week I believe
  3. I get your point, but I'm pretty sure if no CBA is reached they get a FT and a Transition.
  4. His velocity was just fine when he was charging into tacklers behind the LOS Give it up dude he's done
  5. My brother's, aunt's, uncle's, best friend's neighbor can confirm this... Yes Mary needs yet another excuse for terrible play
  6. This thread if for reals???? The "O" has far more pressing problems than LT: QB OC Interior OL OL depth (Lewan, Jones, and Saffold all came off for at least one play yesterday. Am I missing someone??? Haven't heard what the reasons were, but I did here Saffold is in concussion protocols) RB #2 (maybe RB 1&2 after this season) HC decision making: Like on 4th and go for it (I'm ok with being aggressive, but decisions like the fake FG yesterday vs running your O...come on now) K (maybe, if Succop doesn't come back in form) 99 problems but a Starting Left tackle ain't one
  7. Evidently Safford is "being eased in" and they're letting the old Vet take it easy during TC. Think he's been "observing"
  8. Conklin was there but no practice. Came out of the facility late and observed (I think) Lewan is with second team
  9. Conklin has already left the field, Henry/Brown not even practicing today. Trying to find a bright side...at least JC is getting some one on one time with Simmons. Hopefully, he at least get some teaching time in.
  10. If our WR corp wasn't one of the most abysmal groups the team has had for quite some time this wouldn't even be a conversation. TS and TT wouldn't even be on the team at this point. WR corp is one of the brightest points so far to this year for me (granted it's not even TC yet). They could actually become something instead of the epitome of "but, but he (insert WR name here) has potential". Defense is the other bright spot for me. I'm excited to see both groups come reg season barring injuries. Seeing if Henry can continue last season's ending success is another. If he does, it could be really special to watch him for a full season trucking like he ended last year.