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  1. Evidently Safford is "being eased in" and they're letting the old Vet take it easy during TC. Think he's been "observing"
  2. Conklin was there but no practice. Came out of the facility late and observed (I think) Lewan is with second team
  3. Conklin has already left the field, Henry/Brown not even practicing today. Trying to find a bright side...at least JC is getting some one on one time with Simmons. Hopefully, he at least get some teaching time in.
  4. If our WR corp wasn't one of the most abysmal groups the team has had for quite some time this wouldn't even be a conversation. TS and TT wouldn't even be on the team at this point. WR corp is one of the brightest points so far to this year for me (granted it's not even TC yet). They could actually become something instead of the epitome of "but, but he (insert WR name here) has potential". Defense is the other bright spot for me. I'm excited to see both groups come reg season barring injuries. Seeing if Henry can continue last season's ending success is another. If he does, it could be really special to watch him for a full season trucking like he ended last year.
  5. What in the hell makes anybody think TS will take it upon himself to get stronger if he hasn't already?
  6. "Tennessee Defense Coordinator Dean Pees was found dead at the Titans training facility late Wednesday night from an apparent heart attack."
  7. Sounds like maybe the chip he plays with on his shoulder might be a bit bigger this year. I like it!
  8. Titan numbers suck...shocker! They've sucked in just about every category for the past decade
  9. Did they ever release what grade sprain it was/is??? All I've ever heard is "MCL injury". It could be a grade 2 (partial) or grade 3 (complete) and technically they could technically call it a "sprain"
  10. There's no way you can't say that a starting QB with 3+ injuries in 2018 that affected the entire season, to include missing rather large season finale, and his backup that missed 5 games in 2018 are NOT a bigger concern than the DL..unless your smoking crack. p.s. Yes, that was a rather long sentence. I've enjoyed some good beer this evening, and still am making more sense than DL is a bigger concern than QB.