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  1. At that point in the season he seemed to only be effective in the 4th. They had him on the trading block!
  2. 20 starts would have put him right in the middle of his 2016 streak...
  3. Simple Jake showing his simple mindset...
  4. Goodell has never let the lack of facts get in the way of him suspending people before. See Saints, etc... This guy is the biggest buffoon GM I've ever seen. Always shifting the line.
  5. We haven't had a good track record in recent years in game 1.
  6. Of course he's not going to be ready. The spin that this was just a standard MCL was laughable. But you aren't going to get the straight facts from Vrabel.
  7. Ha ha. Don't try to say you were always right about him. Even the greats are fallible!
  8. Technically you did also. You got on the bandwagon during the 2016 stretch. 'This guy may have something...' You were just extremely quick in getting back off.
  9. Don't forget picking up the whole Cheesecake Factory's restaurant tab several times.
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