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  1. I'm going to bet that they didn't really consider Brady. He was a bargaining chip to use for Tannehill's contract.
  2. Only the retards are not fans of Vrabel this season. It's a miracle that we are 7-3.
  3. Would be awesome to jerk the Steelers around again.
  4. Lol, True. This Bills thing is just so bizarre. Every one of the guys points have been disproven. We beat the shit out of Buffalo and Tannehill continues to play well. Hard to fathom how this guy continues to show his face on here. At least with the KC fan, they have the superior team and did end our season.
  5. Lol. Most games in the NFL are close...
  6. Do we show up on your board? And you should probably plan on being at your parents house in 3 weeks when you guys play the Steelers...
  7. This guy RassKass is the top idiot. Although rumors are that Simple Jake is back.
  8. Sounds like you’ve gone 100% bitch...
  9. Lot of posters going 100% bitch these last 4 weeks...
  10. How is that babying him though? That was my point. He said this was unprecedented babying.

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