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  1. I still think there is a good chance that we take one in the first 3 rounds. I don't feel as confident as I did now that they brought Tannehill in, but they still need to blanket that position.
  2. We said the same thing about Levitre who left us and had a good stint in Atlanta...
  3. Safe to say that it’s the injury question mark. You and I both said during the season that they would probably sign him to a long term deal. But he just can’t stay healthy.
  4. Wonder if this is before we filled the white receivers quota last week...
  5. Does that mean that Mariota was Gabbert Jr? Or Casell Jr?
  6. Like I said earlier also, it would have been professional malpractice for JRob to go into the season with the same dependence on the QB like the last few seasons. JRob is saying, ‘we like you Marcus but we aren’t dependent on you anymore and we already have our transition guy in place if you go down again.’
  7. Watch it. Some may infer racism for saying that around here...
  8. I know. It was crazy how the FO preferred Kline even though you said he was worse. And they didn’t like him as much as we thought they did, but more than Spain.
  9. Sure. Why not. I think a healthy Mariota beats him out but I have no idea is Mariota will come back healthy.
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