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  1. He was even in several of those ‘players who stood out during preseason’ lists…
  2. Too many posters on here have seen it for you to pull this shit….
  3. I think that’s PKs point. He can’t get anything out of the organization, so he’s going to make wild speculations…
  4. Definitely. He literally high fived Robinson.
  5. There were several National media guys hyping his performance. Baldy I remember. And local guys like Radio.
  6. Yeah, 2026 was thrown out there because of the WC to try and get immediate movement from the city. Was always kind of unrealistic.
  7. Definitely agree that he wasn't in the Brady, Manning Rodgers level. But he was way better than Moon.
  8. Seems a bit ridiculous. Brees never really had a legit star WR until the very end of his career. Made do with guys like Marcus Colston, Devry Henderson and Lance Moore…
  9. What do the Broncos have left to give to the Saints for compensation?
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