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  1. Bongo also claimed that Pacman wasn't a playmaker....
  2. True, but his second year was amazing. He was almost single-handedly winning games from the corner and returner positions.
  3. You don't say.... Sounds familiar...
  4. They might as well have sent her since us being there was just a ass-covering PR stunt.
  5. I think you missed my point... It's now unthinkable that she would meddle in anything QB related, yet for the biggest decision a franchise can make, she meddled extensively. So much, that we missed out on the best candidate.
  6. Did she also not specify that any GM she hired had to accept Mularkey as HC? Or was that mustachioed villain Underwood?
  7. Come on Bud, don’t backtrack on your statement that Robinson is a bad drafter. Stick with your original point.
  8. Was just having this conversation. The kicking this season has been staggeringly bad and it's not like there was some rule change or something.
  9. You don't think Robinson broached the subject with Mularkey before the infamous press conference? Since we're speculating, Mularkey could have told Robinson to go fuck himself for all we know.
  10. That Mularkey needed to change up some of his assistance coaches and he openly refused to do it. But again, we don't exactly know and as you say probably will never know.
  11. GZA is the old RassKass? Trying to keep things straight.
  12. Agreed. And shutdown corner I would add. But that would be in 4th place.