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  1. The guy was depth player who did makes some big plays over the years (huge tackle at the end of the 2016 KC game comes to mind.) Wasn't like he sat on the bench. Not every #2 pick is going to be a stud. BTW, maybe you've never heard of Dodd, but he was the bust from that second round.
  2. Of course. He wants to be in Seattle and Seattle wants him. They are letting him see his value then will sign him to a probable short term deal.
  3. Right. Neither has CTF. Just wondering how they would have fared.
  4. This is some stupid shit...
  5. I would have voted for that POS Xander if he was on there.
  6. Is simple Jake banned? I guess that’s why he’s not on there.
  7. Vegas is really not in the business of predicting game outcomes. They try to figure out where to set the line to get even betting on both sides so they can just make the vig.
  8. I thought he was saying that the Titans went from a projected win total of 8 to 8.5.
  9. I’m saying that I would bet we take a RB in our first 3 picks. We will sign one of your other positions in free agency. Good chance that Ryan is resigned as I doubt we get Clowney.
  10. They’ll make Watson the highest paid QB(if Mahomes goes first) soon and all will be forgotten.
  11. The window is open for this team right now. A trade up is definitely on the table.

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