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  1. He's also still on the Mariota train, so is blaming everything but.
  2. Shocking issues with the pass rush....
  3. Winston has been benched several times. I understand that Mariota is loved in the locker room and all, but fuck it. He deserves to be benched.
  4. Hey Oilerman, care to let me know where I've been pro-Adoree Jackson? I've been off of him since before last season. Are you confusing me with someone else?
  5. The guy can’t consistently make pro throws. End of story. Time to move on.
  6. JRob deserves all the criticism he gets for not fixing the interior OL.
  7. Like some of us have been saying. Henry is a liability catching the ball.
  8. Yeesh. Bad OL with bad QB equals ugly football
  9. Definitely. He’s been benched s couple of times.