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  1. Is reb9000 a new handle for Simple Jake?
  2. You’d have to have your head examined if you didn’t take McCaffrey.
  3. Thus, the reason they kept Kelly. Robinson always covers his bases.
  4. This is true. The most racist fanbase.
  5. Him passing better than he ever did still isn’t saying much. Guy has always been incredibly inaccurate.
  6. Seems like Morestead and Kern should be at the top of this list.
  7. Amazing with this guy. He’s can’t get enough of that backup QB cock.
  8. Why does Rapoport say that hiring Birch is stunning news?
  9. This is the perfect offense for Tannehill. He holds the ball so long that it would be a return to his Miami days and getting beat to shit in the pocket.
  10. Told you that he probably wasn’t going to make the team....
  11. You hope our roster isn’t riddled with covid by then...
  12. Glennon writing a story about the Titans pursuing Manning has devolved into race, Abraham Lincoln and Sun Tzu. Yeah, sounds about right.

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