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  1. Again, I don’t want to get caught up in defending Mariota but you conveniently leave important parts out of your answers. The plays may have been similar to what Mularkey was running but the process of going through reads and the progressions were completely new. That is what Orlovsky was talking about when he said it could take 18 months to get used to the Shanny ‘system’, not playbook.
  2. Well, Mariota spent all of last year with an injury to this throwing arm. Don’t leave that out. Unless you feel that was cover.
  3. Why are you confused with what JRob is doing?
  4. In 2006 he was almost singlehandedly winning games that VY got credit for winning.
  5. Do you listen to all of these podcasts while you work or workout?
  6. If the titans bring back Mariota after season then it’s on JRob. Mariota is really going to need to put it together in my opinion to have JRob go out on a limb and franchise him.
  7. If he had lateral speed and was flexible, he wouldn't be a TE.
  8. If we finish 25th we'll be in good position to draft our new QB!
  9. Now who would have thought Pacman would last 13 years in the NFL. And bongo said at the time we drafted him that he wasn't gifted athletically and wasn't an impact player.
  10. Nah. For me it was just that he replaced that bum VY and had some success.
  11. He didn’t say that in the question. But I understand we were talking about offensive coaches.
  12. Collins definitely the best of that bunch even if it was just for that VY meltdown season. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Gotta give Collins his props.
  13. Anybody thinking Belichick is some Brady creation is crazy. He gets shit for his tenure in Cleveland but if you saw the 30 for 30 you know that he had them on the cusp before the shiv to the back by Modell.
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