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  1. Lol. 2 Weeks to prepare for Buffalo (without practices...)
  2. Chase Daniels has had some career as a fringe QB.
  3. I guess it would be the Colts. You can say they weren't at full strength because they didn't have their LT, but neither did we.
  4. It's kind of silly though when you look at the Chiefs who beat the Chargers in OT by 3, almost lost to the Panthers winning by 2 and barely beat the Falcons by 3. We had some close games against lesser opponents early in the season but then handled the bad teams fairly handily after that run excepting the Bengals. Chicago by 7 (game was pretty lopsided affair), Jax by 21 and Detroit by 21. We are a running team so maybe don't have the chance to blow teams away on the score. Who cares? Since Vrabel took over we have an uncanny ability to usually win tight games.
  5. Sometimes I wonder if Tolar even watches the games...
  6. BTW, I’d like to give Tolar some props for diving into something that isn’t Conklin related. Guy is growing.
  7. Lol. My point was that margin of victory doesn’t matter in the NFL. Only the W.
  8. You do realize that we missed a make-able FG to tie that game, right? If a team scores a bunch of points in the first half of a game, then you can discount the other team for scoring points on the second half? Tolar logic....
  9. Silly stuff from Tolar. This is the nfl. A win is a win. Teams are close. Go back and do that stupid recap for the Bucs and ever the Chiefs. The good teams find ways to win the close games. This is a college viewpoint.
  10. Some of us have been saying he’s been way overrated on this site and he probably wouldn’t be resigned. This call issue is the cherry on top...(this is assuming that the horrible Reising isn’t just making shit up which is a possibility.)
  11. Reese was still GM when Incognito came out. Who’d have thought that lunatic would have such a long career. He’s the white Pacman...
  12. Has Blasingame gotten a carry yet in his two years here?
  13. Wasn’t Peat drafted to be a tackle but couldn’t hack it and became a good guard?
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