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  1. Just seems odd for the decision on load management to come while it was 1 point game against our main division rival when we have games against the Jets and Jags that he can 'load manage.'
  2. I don't think so at all. He's kind of settled into a decent QB, but the guy is the most unlucky person I've ever seen with injuries. Doctor puncturing his lung on the sideline? He looked pretty good for the Texans winning the opening game then playing well in the second, then of course getting injured. You could do a lot worse than Taylor. And he punked us the last time we played him...
  3. I have a hard time believing that Vrabel knew we were going to win it and just shut down the only real receiver we had for the whole second half. Not like we were up by 21 points or something. Not getting the whole story here. He was probably just injured and Vrabel doesn't want to release that.
  4. I’d maintain the Jax game where he quit while the team was leading was his worst game, but I get that you are talking about stats…
  5. This is definitely the truth. The clowns bitching about him have forgotten how long we went without competent QB play….
  6. They are going to put the best players on the field. Period.
  7. Of course but we’re seeing what we finally expected from him….
  8. I watched that game and am a Jonnu fan. Was one of those games where something got in his head. He just couldn’t catch anything.
  9. If this blocking thing is true, hopefully Robinson gets involved. Vrabel is a true meathead if this is true. And who knows if it is.
  10. Yeah I meant to post this. Glennon supposedly speculated it was about Julio’s blocking effort which they said if it was true it was ridiculous of Vrabel.
  11. One of Tannehill’s best statistical games came against NO without Henry and with the big threat Dion Lewis running the ball. And it wasn’t garbage time stats. Small sample size but still a fact.
  12. I thought the same thing. Seems like a season ban.
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