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  1. It's pretty simple. The NFL is all about windows. We currently have a window to compete for a Superbowl. With a window open, why would you jettison a guy who finally, after all of these years after McNair, looks like he isn't a liability behind center. In fact, he looked really good when not asked to carry the team. Seems like a no-brainer to resign him, as long as he isn't wanting big money (I agree that this Brady talk will be used as a negotiating tactic.) I also agree that we probably take a QB in next draft if the right guy is around when they pick.
  2. Are you confusing two black men?
  3. Same consequences as starting Mariota for 6 games?
  4. Why do you say this? Manning was younger but his neck was fucked and he could barely get anything on passes. It's just like when the Broncos signed Manning except we don't have a Von Miller.
  5. Have any of the Raven's fans weighed in on this. Would be curious to hear what the sane Ravens fans have to say.
  6. Was my biggest concern going into the season. You knew the Wake signing wasn't going to hold up. And it was pretty obvious that Finch was a stiff.
  7. Safe to say that if Henry is tagged it gets ugly and if Tannehill gets tagged it's probably minimal headache.
  8. Definitely the best since they've been the Titans.
  9. Too bad we couldn't have gotten a younger Pees. Guy was stellar. We haven't seen halftime adjustments like we saw under Pees.
  10. Tough run for these guys. Not shocked that they looked worn out yesterday.
  11. So Mike thinks that we'l sign Tannehill as a backup to Brady? GTFO. Bears would be salivating to get their hands on Tannehill.
  12. Wonder why they didn't let Bowen.
  13. Good chance that this is true. Would have made sense. Bridge QB and a huge draw.

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