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  1. https://lawandcrime.com/u-s-capitol-siege/judge-accuses-jacob-qanon-shaman-chansleys-counsel-of-possible-subterfuge-after-tv-debut-on-60-minutes-backfires/ The day after his first post-arrest television interview, Jacob “QAnon Shaman” Chansley found his words turned against him by federal prosecutors at a bail hearing on Friday afternoon, as a federal judge appeared taken aback that the appearance took place without his authorization. Trying to undermine prosecutors’ allegations that Chansley led a dangerous conspiratorial movement, Watkins has depicted his client as a dupe o
  2. America should send Trump a cease and desist order... Also, I can’t see how Trump has any legal grounds to prevent GOP groups from fundraising using his name. But he is a litigious asshole and those GOP groups might be more scared of him than they are greedy.
  3. Right, but was he the cause of their problems? I have my doubts...
  4. The Cards played Reddick at ILB for years but finally had him predominantly at OLB last year. He did better. But honestly he had 5 sacks in 1 game so I don’t know how to judge him. No smart team would give him a big long term contract. I see him getting a short term prove it type contract, either 1 year or something that he could be easily released after 1 year.
  5. If you can’t manage to win in 4 quarters then you have no right to complain about the OT rules costing your team a win
  6. None of us have any clue how good or bad Jayon is about communication or relaying calls. We only know we have seen him on the field and he has been an excellent LB (though a bit disappointing last year). We have also heard that Evans was the problem with communicating as he had the green dot. And I totally believe this. Maybe the answer is to re-sign Brown, give Long the green dot, and move Evans to OLB where he can be a pass rusher.
  7. At this point, the biblical Jesus has become the antithesis of their religion
  8. New Edge is actually a pretty good browser. But then they gave up and just based it on Chromium.
  9. I can only assume Sinema thought this was some brave tribute to McCain as a fellow AZ senator. In reality she is just woefully out of touch and is blocking tens of millions of people from getting a raise.
  10. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/02/a-politician-who-said-politicians-shouldnt-run-nasa-wants-to-run-nasa/
  11. It was originally called Phoenix because it rose from the ashes of Netscape. A couple of copyright challenges later it eventually became Firefox.
  12. There’s no guarantee. His EFRA tender basically makes him a training camp invitee. But Blasingame is effectively a lock to make the roster again.
  13. The House Dems should refuse to pass it
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