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  1. I took a couple of days away, mostly because I knew what I was going to see anyway…
  2. I assume that won’t make the Disney+ series…
  3. You sound like you are describing Trump, not Biden…
  4. Either they still are under contract or they are exclusive rights free agents (which is as good as still being under contract).
  5. We need to show them that we mean business to give them a moment of pause. Telling them they can invade with no pushback only guarantees they will invade.
  6. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    I don’t want them to die. That’s why I want them to get vaccinated. But if they want to die to own the libs then I see no reason to save them at the expense of others. The fact that you are perfectly fine with responsible people dying in exchange for this faustian bargain says all I need to know about you.
  7. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    No, my very real contempt for these people isn’t the issue. They are making their choice to reject medical treatment. All I’m asking is for them to stick by their decision. If they don’t want to get vaccinated, I’m giving them their out. Just don’t expect me to support their abuse of the system. If they want to put their faith in a god instead of modern medicine, seek treatment in church instead of a hospital. There are people who actually need medical treatment who aren’t able to get it because ICUs are full of people who chose to play Russian roulette. Hospital staff members are quitting because of these people as well because they are overworked. People are literally dying because they can’t get access to medical care in an overwhelmed system. Liberals aren’t anti-personal responsibility. Just because we believe in social safety nets doesn’t mean we have to support people abusing the system at the expense of the people it is designed to protect.
  8. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    Progressive principles are dictated on looking out for the little guy, not people looking to abuse the system. Antivaxers are literally abusing the healthcare system and preventing people who actually need help from getting it. Progressive principles dictate making the vaccine available to every American free of charge. They don’t dictate that everyone who refuses to take advantage of those protections should be able to overwhelm an overloaded healthcare system.
  9. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    No, progressive principles don’t dictate letting people abuse the system
  10. So you wanted Obama to unilaterally bomb Syria even though Congress voted against it??? Right… I’m sure you would have defended him for that. You guys criticized Obama no matter what decision he made on anything.
  11. Obama tried to work with Russia. That was before they invaded Crimea. After that is was all huge sanctions. And he wanted to bomb Syria but Republicans in Congress refused to support it. Trump did whatever Putin wanted for 4 years, including removing all of the Obama era sanctions and removing our troops from Syria and stabbing our allies in the back.
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