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  1. I blame Haslett for pumping up how good Evans is when clearly he sucks. And I could probably blame him for them still starting Evans. But I don’t think Haslett is somehow making him worse.
  2. You chose the source. You could have just as easily posted a link to the story by the Washington Post, but then that would defeat the whole purpose of your posting at all…
  3. I’m sorry, you are upset that an event whose reporting you just posted here isn’t being reported?
  4. For the Fox News crowd, it still counts as being pro-family as long as it’s anti-gay…
  5. Wages that haven’t kept up with inflation is exactly the reason
  6. Oh, that piece is definitely a mess. Terribly written. But at least it’s clear that the funding being off isn’t a Biden thing, it’s a matter of negotiations with conservatives in Congress cutting the bill.
  7. Redistricting hasn’t been as grim as we were worried about. That said, the party in power has to go against the norm to keep the House in the midterms.
  8. Maybe if Republicans would stop filibustering minimum wage increases…
  9. Well I’m all for that except for “liberal” having a bad connotation to some people they need votes from. Certainly they could say “if you want Medicare expansion paid for by removing Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy, vote for a Democrat”.
  10. As I said in another thread, it’s largely a matter of a shortage of workers. People to unload cargo, people to distribute it across the country, etc. That's in addition to a shortage of components, like microchips.
  11. It’s not unreasonable. But it’s not like they are going to get a supermajority. They can hope to pick up a couple of seats.
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