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  1. All non-profits are the same in this regards. Once you’re on the list they will keep asking.
  2. That’s standard operating procedure. Once you give they know you are willing so they ask for more.
  3. Dems didn’t do it before because Roe held more sway than any law. And as I said, any law that Dems could pass, Republicans could pass their own to cancel it out. And under Trump (and Bush, and Reagan) they would have Now things have changed. Without Roe, only a law will protect abortion rights. So only now would a law actually matter. But the next time the GOP has control of all branches of government, just wait…
  4. Dems could theoretically “codify” abortion rights into law. And then Republicans would get rid of them every time they get into power. Or they can just outright make abortion illegal nationwide.
  5. “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
  6. Special teams specialist who theoretically also could be a 3rd down back but really only does special teams. They signed him early in free agency from the 49ers.
  7. Dems don’t have the votes to do anything about it
  8. I’d say Michael Vick came back to the NFL after a couple of years and played as well as he had previously. Not that he was ever as good as Watson, but he didn’t have a drop off at least.
  9. Freudian slip or they just don’t care who sees the racism anymore?
  10. There’s no Constitutional authority for the Air Force either but I’m guessing if someone tried suing the US government about it the “strict constructionists” wouldn’t give a flying fuck…
  11. In case you hadn’t noticed, the right wouldn’t see Trump as a pariah. And Biden would rightly be seen as weak, not wise.
  12. I like his upside, I just question how ready he will be to contribute as a rookie
  13. So set a precedent that trying to overturn an election to try to maintain power should not be punished?
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