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  1. It’s the 49ers Does it really matter where they play if there are no fans anyway?
  2. They need a full rebuild. Stanford is only 32 so he still has a few years left in him, but I think they need to move on and start looking to the future.
  3. Yeah, we don’t really know. But normally there are reports of “a player testing positive” so presumably there is no positive test yet.
  4. The Lions fired Patricia as head coach (plus the GM)
  5. Good to get them both back. Presumably if they bothered to put them both back on the active roster then they are ready to play tomorrow.
  6. I was hoping they wouldn’t need to use her. But it’s not like Vandy football has anything good to talk about this year...
  7. She was in the Jedi order but left (in Clone Wars) before they were wiped out by Palpatine.
  8. It was clear from the start that there was a large movement within the party to ignore the will of the people and muck with the electoral system. They have no scruples. Winning is all that matters to them. And most of the rest of them aren’t going to speak out and call it what it is for fear of losing favor with the cultists.
  9. There is no cohesive argument that would hold up to any scrutiny. They keep making arguments but can’t provide evidence to back any of it up. They will keep talking because that’s good enough to con the suckers, but they don’t have a shred of evidence to back up anything. It’s good enough for the cult, but it isn’t good enough for a court.
  10. Well she probably didn’t really know him well enough to warrant much emotion anyway. And she isn’t a Jedi anymore so she has no real sense of responsibility for him. Not in the face of what seems like her mission to find Thrawn (and Ezra?). She worked closely with Kanan and Ezra, but that was to further the rebellion against the Empire.
  11. I love how their argument was that the Democrats masterminded a fraudulent scheme to steal an election for Biden yet they intentionally chose not to steal the Senate, to win as many seats in the House, or to flip state legislatures... I mean, Trump won 4 years ago because he narrowly won a handful of swing states. Biden largely just flipped those “blue wall” states back to the blue. It isn’t that complicated.
  12. All well documented It’s almost as if there were lots of, shall we say, Never Trumpers out there specifically opposing Trump combined with a bunch of people who don’t normally vote but were energized to turn out to vote against the most hated man in America.

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