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  1. They are just trying to cut Medicare costs by killing all the seniors...
  2. Starkiller

    More Corruption

    Technically it’s a loan with the possibility of being forgiven. And in cases where it did directly keep people employed it was a good investment. But yes, it will go down as a big giveaway to the wealthy who in many cases never needed it and will claim it saved jobs as a way to keep the free money.
  3. I assume he meant it more as a “anti-semitism bad” reaction than to trying to downvote me...
  4. That's certainly a big part of it. Throw in abortion and tax cuts and you have most of them covered.
  5. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    Yeah well it isn’t exactly the first norm to go out the window under the reign of the Mad King...
  6. Biden owes Elizabeth Warren for making it her mission in life to utterly destroy Bloomberg on the debate stage...
  7. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    Not really a shock based on what Trump has been saying for months. Hell, I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out...
  8. Maybe his agent wants other teams to be superficially in on the bidding to try and move the market
  9. Omar is fine. The problem is mostly that she left herself open to having what she said spun into it being an anti-Semitic statement. It wasn’t. Certainly she is anti-Israel and that will ruffle some feathers (and helps republicans paint her as anti-Semitic) but I don’t really have any argument against that in general. Engel totally deserved it. He couldn’t have said something much more stupid. It's a little like how AOC won. Her establishment contender blew her off and didn’t even bother to show up for a debate. As soon as you take your district for granted they should vote your ass out.
  10. I didn’t see it (probably what ILF quoted) but sadly it’s just a reality of life. It’s funny, back when I was technically Jewish (parents raise their kids in their religion) and we did confirmation class we spent a lot of time talking about Jews living in a non-Jewish world. After WW2 and the Holocaust, the world has been a fairly safe place for Jews. Jews were pretty much persecuted throughout Europe for centuries and often killed, but after Hitler that kind of went away because the world finally saw it. But anti-semitism has still always been there, even in America. There were no shortage of exclusive clubs or neighborhoods that would no sooner have allowed Jewish members than black members. Jews were somewhat more integrated because generally they were white European immigrants and largely looked like all the other white European immigrants. And certainly Jews were more financially successful because of that. But the anti-semitism has never really gone away and it is actually getting worse again (I think along with the rise in extremist nationalism in Europe and the US).
  11. No, I consider myself an atheist. But I do think of myself as having a Jewish heritage because it’s my entire family. Again, it isn’t a race, but it definitely is a different ethnicity.

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