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  1. There are none where Hunter admits it was his laptop. And if there were you guys would have posted it.
  2. Just provide an article where he admitted it’s actually his laptop like you said. It would be super easy to prove me wrong…
  3. I actually do. Thus it must not have actually happened outside of your fertile imagination…
  4. Unemployment level at a 53 year low. Boy, Biden really sucks…
  5. Fisher is leaving his USFL job. I’m sure people here will be crushed…
  6. Racial profiling is racial profiling, regardless of the race of the cop
  7. Where exactly did Hunter Biden “admit” that it was his laptop?
  8. If Carr gets traded, he’d be guaranteed $40M between this year's salary plus $7M in 2024. If he gets cut, he could get a new long term contract with a new signing bonus but I’m not sure how much teams would spend on him. I don’t really know which option is better for him. Probably free agency, but it could go either way.
  9. Not really an NFL subject, but the Arena League is coming back next year for the first time since 2019. They didn’t announce yet where all the teams will be but it’s 16 teams and a 10 game schedule. It used to be a fun game. I enjoyed Nashville Kats games. It will be interesting to see the competition between the AFL, XFL, and USFL assuming they are all still around by next spring. But I doubt that there are enough players to really go around for all 3 leagues to co-exist.
  10. America uses rail a TON for freight. Just upgrading the infrastructure there make huge financial sense, even if you don’t figure in passenger rail. Rail is way more efficient for delivering freight to large metropolitan areas than planes are as long as railways are accessible. But there are also plenty of passenger rail routes that can be upgraded/added, too. Lots of people who be happy to get on trains where that currently is simply not an option.
  11. Injures caused by jerseys being too tight
  12. GOP virtue signaling is just crazy nowadays…
  13. It’s clear she is going to retire. Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee have all announced they are going to run for the Senate even if they didn’t officially say it was for her seat.
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