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  1. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    Sorry, some posts just aren’t worthy of a response. This one isn’t either, but there you go…
  2. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    So you are some socialist who that thinks everyone is equal?
  3. The whole “bipartisan bill” is a fraud intended to pacify idiots like Manchin and Sinema. And in return, they will now double down harder on the idea that we don’t need to reform the filibuster because bipartisanship is possible.
  4. Next you’re going to tell me that it was totally free or some other bullshit!!!
  5. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    You make that sound like some sort of insult…
  6. Other big conferences will push to expand to 16 teams just like the SEC. Just like expansion happened like dominoes before. I think the AAC, Big “10”, and PAC 12 will all come looking to pick from the leftovers. The ACC may, too, but West Virginia is the only team that fits regionally. I’m sure the Big 12 would love to draw in new schools to keep the conference together, but who is really going to want to join that they would want?
  7. Bortles would come cheaper. He signed with GB for the minimum.
  8. Doesn’t matter, this bill is just for show so they can pretend that there is bipartisanship. The real “bill” is the total between this and the reconciliation bill.
  9. Is having a torn ACL considered a COVID comorbidity?
  10. Too early to say he is “entrenched”, but he certainly seems to be the leader of the pack for now. We haven’t heard anything yet from the competition.
  11. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    My 3 year old niece is now in a vaccine trial, so they are trying to make sure younger children can get vaccinated down the road. Sounds like it wouldn’t be approved for the general public for another year at best. She had no apparent side effects from the 1st shot, though there's a 40% chance that she could be in the control group.
  12. Bush's tweet was more hamfisted in that regard, and I don’t necessarily disagree. But remember they are also House members and their messaging is directed towards their constituents. In this case, that plays to their own base.
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