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  1. They don’t have time to go through full impeachment hearings and then a trial in the Senate. But that’s not the point since they know the Senate would never convict. As you said, if the goal is to have a public investigation that airs a lot of his dirty laundry before Election Day then impeachment hearings could start whenever.
  2. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/1748737001 More than two-thirds of those aware of the controversy, 68%, called Trump's tweets offensive. Among Republicans alone, however, 57% said they agreed with tweets that told the congresswomen to go back to their "original" countries, and a third "strongly" agreed with them. All four lawmakers are American citizens; three were born in the United States. That finding may help explain the reluctance of GOP leaders and most GOP members of Congress to castigate the president for tweets and comments in recent days targeting the congresswomen, outspoken progressives who are among his sharpest critics on Capitol Hill. Only four Republicans joined House Democrats Tuesday in passing a resolution condemning Trump's comments as "racist."
  3. It’s more than just that. They attack her “antisemitism” as a way to attack Democrats in the same way they use Bernie or AOC being socialists to attack the rest of the party.
  4. Bongo dropped the dime to me in the French Quarter....... He said they would probably have to amputate his leg.......
  5. The judge may just lock him up until the trial at this point.
  6. They can also impeach him on charges that had nothing to do with the Mueller investigation. Racism isn’t really a high crime or misdemeanor. Nor is palling around with dictators. Nor is lying thousands of times. But violating the emoluments clause certainly is impeachable.
  7. Omar has been critical of Israel, as have many liberals here in America. Including Jews. And as a Muslim she is inherently going to be more critical of their treatment of Palestinians than your average American Jewish liberal. But I don’t really see any of those comments as being “insensitive”, certainly not with intent. Poorly worded, yes... I don’t actually agree with many of Omar’s comments that have drawn criticism, but they certainly were not antisemitic.
  8. CNN isn’t Fox News. They are a real media organization. They made her defend her comment against criticism and she did. And im still waiting for you to find a comment from her bashing Jews like you claim. You are just like GOAT, claiming she said something terrible but then can’t find a quote to back it up. Obviously... You mean do do I have an encyclopedic knowledge of every tweet ever made? No I don’t. That doesn’t change the fact that there isn’t anything antisemitic about the tweet. Lots of American Jews agree with that sentiment. Trump did. Israel is not Jews. American Jews hate Trump. I follow it way closer than you do, clearly. I just try to avoid the propaganda that you follow.
  9. He certainly has a stranglehold on his base. He just has to convince everyone else not to turn out to vote for the Democrat. Similar strategy to 2016, but a very different situation.
  10. They didn’t call her out. They asked her to defend her comments. She did. There is no antisemitic comment from Omar. At best you can criticize her for leaving herself open to political opportunists because she doesn’t communicate specifically enough. Then people like yourself can twist what she posts to pretend it’s antisemitic somehow. Its ok. You don’t need to admit you are a sucker for right wing propaganda. We know that you are and that’s good enough. You guys never admit to it so we expect nothing. As for Trump, defending Nazis is not being pro-Jewish. Most American Jews hate him. Trump has made more bigoted comments towards Jews than Omar has.
  11. I know... you can’t find anything, but can’t admit it because it will ruin your story...
  12. So where is the antisemitic part? Hating what Israel has done to the Palestinians is not antisemitic.
  13. Yeah, because I actually read what Omar said that was so “antisemitic”. It’s just Fox News bullshit. She said Congress’ support for Israel was all about the benjamins, as in members of Congress collecting lobbying money from AIPAC. They manage to slime her by spinning it into Jews are all about money, even though she said no such thing. This is is why sheep who will believe anything Fox News tells them are so valuable to the GOP.
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