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  1. I'd be fine with that (as long as employers continue to pay as they do now), but historically social security is totally separate (in theory) from general funds. That would have to change for this to happen.
  2. That’s just payroll taxes. And those people aren’t even getting Medicare for all that money! But as I said, all Medicare recipients have to pay a tax based on their annual income already. So not new.
  3. So, just like Medicare already is today then... If you are a Medicare recipient today and your annual income is $200k or more, you pay a tax based on that income. In a MFA system, everyone is a Medicare recipient. Thus everyone has to pay the Medicare tax if their income is high enough.
  4. Starkiller

    Can Sanders Win?

    Exactly. $12k is pretty cheap for a lot of families for college tuition. For tons of families, even that is not remotely affordable. 40% of Americans don’t have $400 in the bank for emergencies. They couldn’t even afford to send their kids to college even if tuition was free.
  5. Starkiller

    Can Sanders Win?

    That doesn’t remotely solve the problem of college tuition being unaffordable though. They don’t have to make all schools free. Just having state schools be free, as long as the student keeps their grades up, doesn’t seem unreasonable. Most in-state tuitions are already fairly reasonable. It’s not like the government needs to fully fund a $60k/year tuition to any private university of a kid's choice.
  6. Ok, so he is basically just increasing the income tax rate by 4%. So how is it some special tax?
  7. It’s probably spreading too fast globally to not be a pandemic. Just a matter of how bad it will be.
  8. I’m sure that’s who he meant... Douchebag trust fund babies make plenty of income through their investments though, so they will still get taxed.
  9. They aren’t going to throw Pence under the bus any more than they hold Trump responsible for all the bullshit he has done
  10. the income tax is a tax that only some people pay... Again, it merely offsets the funding. It isn’t dedicated specifically to healthcare spending so far as I know. Regardless, it has no need to be. Actually, that’s just the payroll tax. Medicare recipients also pay a tax based on their income.
  11. It’s a new tax that offsets the costs. What is special about it? Anyway, we already have “special” taxes to cover Medicare. Who cares if it’s a “special” tax or not? People who know how it works know that it requires very minor tweaks to clean it up.
  12. MFA presumably would be funded out of general government resources just as much as Medicare is. There doesn’t need to be any new special tax, just new taxes to offset the added costs. And Social Security is still going strong decades after the fact. There is no reason why it should fail as long as as they make only minor modifications.
  13. It’s like this idiot thinks walls keep planes out...

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