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  1. No reason to rush it along. Get the tax records. Let the courts rule whether the congressional subpoena is enough to force Bolton and others to testify. Find out what happened to the millions of dollars that were left over from the inaugural fund.
  2. They have been pretty short on dialog so far, especially ep 2, but that’s OK. It has worked out well enough with a main character who isn’t much of a talker. Not really sure where they are going here. All they really managed to do in ep 2 was to prove that the child is powerfully force sensitive. That and Jawas live on planets other than Tatooine.
  3. The next ex-president of the US might end up there, too...
  4. She is trying to help the people who can’t afford a million dollar donation. I guess the wealthy don’t like that idea...
  5. They should re-sign him, but not franchise him to do it
  6. it’s still pretty steep, but it wouldn’t be like other teams are going to jump at paying him a king’s ransom.
  7. They only get 1 tag. And Conklin isn’t going to get the franchise tag, IMO. The price is too steep.
  8. I’d expect them to re-sign Tannehill at this point. Certainly if he looks this good through the end of the season. At RB, I don’t think they can just let Henry walk away. Nor can they give him a contract like Zeke or Gurley got. I think I might use the transition tag on him.
  9. Davis may well be worth re-signing after next year, but there’s no way they can give him that 5th year option. It’s just too steep. With Adore, it’s at least debatable. But he would need to play well through the rest of the year.
  10. I think blackmail is a more apt legal term than bribery
  11. (Joke stolen from Reddit) If Trump really wanted to have Hillary locked up, he should have just hired her...
  12. In explaining why he pushed out the two Sex Offender Registry officials, Patrick asserted at the time that the officials had acted inappropriately when they sought to overturn a hearing officer’s decision not to place his brother-in-law on the registry. He acknowledged inserting himself into the case instead of recusing himself. officials at the board sought to overturn the hearing officer’s decision, but they were unsuccessful. That prompted the hearing officer, Attilio Paglia, to file a whistleblower suit against the board, alleging officials there had improperly tried to overturn his decision. The office of the Massachusetts attorney general in July 2014 settled Paglia’s suit, paying him $60,000.