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  1. Gostkowski isn’t going anywhere...
  2. Lot of carries on Henry. We could be seeing the slowdown now. I hope not. Just saying it’s ludicrous to say that it was more important to sign Henry than Tannehill.
  3. Belichick knew who he needed to stop back even when Henry was killing people. And it would have worked if Edelman could catch an easy pass.
  4. He’s kind of stunk it up early every season hasn’t he?
  5. Honestly, with the way Henry is running, teams would be better off trying the no PA defense Belichick ran in the playoffs and see if Henry can beat you.
  6. Maybe Henry should have rested his body this off-season instead of running up levies...
  7. Short week off a really late MNF game. Covering for rookie DBs. As for the past rush, didnt Pees say on that radio show that with Minshew you want to contain him and not let him break contain? I guess the problem with that is that we couldn’t cover anyone.
  8. He’s been a pretty impressive signing. He’s had several big games in the last two years. And his coverage plays are an added bonus as he’s really a run banger.
  9. Not sure what Humphries could have done differently. He had a QB for the first 6 games that could barely throw a ball then got hurt and only came back for the AFCCG. Year two he’s tearing it up.
  10. Like Oilerman pointed out, with next game as meaningless as a 3rd game can get, maybe those guys sit another week.

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