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  1. Everything is on the table with Robinson. Trade up, trade down or sit still. All will depend on how the draft plays out. A good drafter doesn’t go in with a set plan when picking where we are picking.
  2. Conklin is a tackle. Saffold is a guard. Why are we comparing their salaries?
  3. Not true about GM in Chicago. He has openly said that he wishes the Bears could do what the Titans did with bringing Tannehill in to push and eventually take over. They believe they are wasting a great defense. They would jump to sign Tannehill. Probably sign a Dalton though as we aren’t going to let Tannehill leave.
  4. Definitely a factor although Gruden loves veteran QBs and Brady is the ultimate vet.
  5. Bud on the ropes regarding Robinson. ‘Super bowl or he sucks!’
  6. Sounds like Grudens wanting to pay him $30 million a year.
  7. Come on Bud. While Robinson isn't infallible, winning seasons in every year, two playoff appearances and a AFCC game on his resume in 4 years? That's pretty damn good in this league. You just need to let it go. You railing about the Mariota stuff, even though the whole organization made that decision, went nowhere. You're batting average on Robinson is pretty bad. I won't even discuss your early take on his drafting ability...
  8. Obviously Chicago who has expressed interest in following what the Titans did in bringing in a mid career guy to push Trubisky and probably take over. Tampa possibly. NE if Brady left. NO if Brees retires as Payton was supposedly bidding to bring Tannehill in last offseason.
  9. You know Belichick would jump all over Tannehill...
  10. Right before FA? And after the old agent has been negotiating with your present team for6 months?
  11. Good chance that PK still reads this board extensively.

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