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  1. Even then I don't think it would have been reviewable since the call on the field was no fumble. Don't they only automatically review turnovers and scoring plays?
  2. I'm not sure of the model but this happened last month and it was for sale. The recall in your link was back in April. Maybe it got recalled and then released again?
  3. This wasn't the recalled phone. It's the one they are selling right now.
  4. I was playing around with the Samsung foldable at the AT&T store recently. The salesman told me supposedly Samsung used a robot to fold and unfold some test phones like 1 million times or something to make sure the screens can withstand it.
  5. LOL you could literally say this about 75% of stocks and be right every year. Most of them go up over time and keep setting all time high prices.
  6. Back under 8,000 and falling. Who is going to load up and buy more before it goes up again? LOL
  7. Anything short of a bench clearing brawl that includes someone swinging a helmet will be a disappointment.
  8. ESPN just posted a story saying Garrett claimed this is what happened during his appeal yesterday. I wonder if the league will review the recordings of anyone who was "miced up" for the game?
  9. That works as well. To be honest though, I prefer the old Fist Shaker.
  10. How funny would it be if Rivers went to NE to sit on the bench behind Brady trying to earn his ring that way?
  11. "Kyle up" is going to get a ton of use from now on. I like it.