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  1. What sucks is I bought a chunk of BBB back at the beginning of the pandemic crash. I bought at like $3.50 and sold it many months ago above $7 after I doubled my money. No way to foresee reddit pumping it up to $50 within a year lol
  2. Yeah for $102 you gotta ride that. I threw $1,000 into NOK calls and I'm riding that until it goes at least 10x or $0.
  3. I can't wait to read all the stories though about idiots who don't cash out... "I had $10 million on paper. I thought it would go to $20 million and now it's worth nothing!"
  4. Robinhood is experiencing a service disruption. Oh no @Jamalisms can't get in!
  5. Look how expensive options contracts are. Just 1 contract is crazy no matter what price or which side.
  6. Well yeah, anyone with half a football brain knew he wasn't beating out Carr. I was talking about watching the bandwagon having its dreams shattered.
  7. abenjami

    Virus in US

    I agree a healthy 40 year old should be towards the back. Just not at the very end and having to compete with others in lower risk groups.
  8. abenjami

    Virus in US

    That is a really good point saying that Phase 2 could perhaps be broken down into tiers later when it's close to happening. You are correct that someone 16-49 with certain conditions is more at risk than a healthy 40 year old. The same can be said for a healthy 65 year old being less at risk than a 45 year old with certain conditions too. But I do get we need to draw lines somewhere to create groups and tiers. I have reviewed a lot of the data and here's my main point. There is an obvious difference in the data when you look at above 35 and below 35. Sure, people ag
  9. abenjami

    Virus in US

    Uh, no dude. That isn't my issue with the prioritization.
  10. abenjami

    Virus in US

    Out here where I live, they are prioritizing different age groupings than what the CDC recommended (or at least what I remember reading a few weeks ago). Here they are putting everyone in the ages 16-49 group last. Which of course doesn't make a lot of sense to me seeing that statistically people ages 40-59; are significantly more at risk than everyone else who is 16-39. Here's a link to my local tiers. https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/Epidemiology/covid19/vaccines/COVID-19 Vaccination Phases -Printable Version.pdf
  11. abenjami

    Virus in US

    I will try to find it again and post the link. There was a document published last month by the CDC (I think) that laid out their recommended vaccination tiers.
  12. The bandwagon crash was of course enjoyable but didn't you also enjoy the final curb stomp this season when RT played great and Mariota couldn't beat out Carr for the job?
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