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  1. Dear Sarah, This is terrible schtick. Please do us all a favor and come up with something better.
  2. By hypothetical paper losses, I meant the gains I missed out on by liquidating in 2016 and missing the ride up the past few years. I guess we could also call them gains I missed out on. I'm pretty much done day trading for now. I have been for about 5-6 weeks. To make money day trading, you've got to have either volatility or the ability to move volume. I was trading more on volatility and when that disappeared so did the ability to make nice quick profits; and I'm not going to risk my retirement account just to move volume (although I did make a few profitable big baller trades early on). As far as which account to use, I was day trading using both my retirement account and my taxable account. The great thing about day trading in a non-taxable account is you avoid paying short term cap gains (and all gains) completely. I was doing the more risky stuff in my taxable account because when I made bad trades, those losses just offset short term cap gains so my tax bill will be less this year. Obviously I should have gone all back in and just held for the long term when it bottomed but no one knew that was the bottom. I'm content with the end result at this point, although I definitely left money on the table (as did everyone else) since no one can really predict the exact right time to buy or sell.
  3. abenjami

    School Openings

    Schools in Georgia close back down after 90 staff members are required to quarantine. Well, that didn't take long. LMFAO
  4. I'm still holding a lot of cash but between what I reinvested and pocketed day trading during all that volatility, I've recovered my lost opportunity cost or the "hypothetical paper losses" I missed out on by sitting out the past 4 years. I haven't calculated exact numbers, which might be impossible at this point, but right now i'm sort of back to square one. I also have some options that will generate nice gains if there is another dip before December. It doesn't have to be a huge dip, just SPX below 3k will do nicely.
  5. Or just everyone show some restraint, sack up, and stay home for 3 weeks.
  6. I was remembering today all the supposed "analysts" on television back in April claiming there's no way this will be a V recovery. Looks like a fucking V to me.
  7. abenjami

    Virus in US

    Probably at work. IIRC he sells bail bonds and middle of the night is prime time!
  8. Make sure to add an asterisk to last season when I knocked @Jamalisms out on a scoring correction LOL
  9. @NashvilleNinja Can the past league champions be added?
  10. abenjami

    Virus in US

    You would have to be tremendously lucky to predict that. Tremendously lucky I tell you.
  11. abenjami

    Virus in US

    I'll say it again. A unified effort to shut down everything for 3 weeks changes everything for the positive.

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