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  1. Why not forgive them in pieces on a yearly basis or something? 10% per year over 10 years, etc. Otherwise you might get a bunch who quit after year 5.
  2. I think Herbert, Murray and Burrow are definitely a tier above the other guys in Tier 3. I would also be fine with 5 tiers and having tier 3 be just those guys. Or really, have those guys be in Tier 3 alone and put everyone else in Tier 4. This would make sense as well. Then you could describe the tiers: Tier 1: Studs Tier 2: Good and more than adequate Tier 3: Need more tape/results but looking like Tier 1 or 2 soon Tier 4: Time to find a replacement
  3. I have no problem with Tier 1. Murray and Burrow don't belong in Tier 2. You take them out and then Tier 2 makes sense for the rest of those guys in it.
  4. He should have faked an injury before people figured out the joke.
  5. I didn't say "the federal government has the power" to forgive private debt.
  6. So did you check this out after work or what? I want to hear your explanation for saying TN has one of the lowest case rates and then posting a link that proves TN has one of the highest case rates!
  7. What is your case for wiping the slate clean for a college student who got federal student loans but doing nothing for a similar college student who ended up with private loans or credit card debt to pay for the same education?
  8. I think some of the existing mechanisms for student loan relief are good for society. For example, teachers are (or were) able to get $5k of their student loans forgiven as a thank you for going into public school teaching. Some portion of law school loans are (or used to be) forgiven for lawyers who take jobs for less than something like $50k per year at non-profits that provide free legal services to poor people. I'm fine with stuff like that. It makes a ton of sense to provide some financial assistance to those who are willing to use their degree working in ways th
  9. Read more carefully. I didn't say force private lenders to forgive debt.
  10. And why are they only talking about forgiving federal student loans? Why not also pay for non-federal student loans?
  11. But how does that affect the NFL? The college guys who might get a deal for $100k or $1M will be the guys who will get even bigger rookie deals. They aren't going to pass up a $20M deal from the NFL to stay in college for much smaller money.
  12. You mean like small business loans that people use to start businesses? Or what about the tons of credit card debts college students amass because their student loans only pay for tuition/books and don't cover food, etc.?
  13. Exactly. I was fully vaxed in April. I continued wearing a mask in May and June out of respect for people who didn't have the ability to get vaxed as quickly as I did. I stopped wearing a mask sometime in mid-June when locally we weren't required to wear them anymore. I'm about to start wearing one again due to the new information and increasing infection rates.
  14. The current 7 day average in TN is 7 deaths per day. Like you said, that's out of about 7M people. California's 7 day average is 20 deaths per day out of 40M people. Since you're obviously statistically challenged. California's death rate is currently half of TN's death rate.
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