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  1. You can opt out by not travelling there or by bringing a tent.
  2. Can you email him through the yahoo site?
  3. If anyone is willing to pay that ridiculous price Russel Wilson could be available.
  4. I actually agree with most of this. It’s entirely possible the kid is not actually racist despite his statements. People say inflammatory shit all the time for various reasons, many of which don’t necessarily mean they are inherently racist or discriminatory.
  5. How many people did Harvard not rescind offers to who punched a girl or stole from others?
  6. I think you mean a party house for LSD users. Not nearly enough seating for an MDMA party.
  7. It was a solid hit, but not as good as when Fisher put the hit out on Shawne Merriman and had Hartsock crackback him. Wish I could find that video...
  8. CTF became a mod on the old site because he whined to become one. JTB made @Faceless a mod and when that happened, CTF cried that he should be a mod too and JTB gave in. When @TitansGuru created this site, he continued over all the mods.
  9. Initial thoughts. 1. Bunch of pussies in that fight. 2. Guy in green shorts threw the ultimate cheap shot towards the end. 3. Having kids umpire was common in my little league. I was an umpire myself as a teen. I don't remember exactly how old I was but I would say somewhere between 13-15 years old. I know it was before I could drive at 16 because I used to have to get rides to the field to umpire. The only story of note from my experience was I once had to eject a head coach from a game because he was being psycho little league dad. It turned out the guy was a former NFL QB.
  10. When he left the board, I half expected him to randomly show up after working out for 2 years and show us pictures with his shirt off. I guess he never stopped smoking weed.
  11. They are all different. I have seen ones with all those things and I have seen ones with only some of those things. Just go take a tour of the club near your house and decide for yourself if it has enough equipment variety for you.
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