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  1. He should have come back for one more year. There's a good chance the Titans punter sets the all time record for most punts in a season this year.
  2. How is only attempting 16 kicks over 2 weeks considered actual practice or a proper evaluation? Jesus no wonder this team can't figure shit out.
  3. What a disappointing game 7. (And I'm partly saying this at the start of the 4th quarter hoping to jinx myself and see this turn epic.)
  4. You'll likely need at least 5 new owners after letting Nines join.
  5. Become really good at recovering onside kicks and do it every time!
  6. His desire to win (or get paid) will dictate what happens next. Dude has made over $100 million in his career. I'd go sign with KC for the vet minimum.
  7. Given how much I dominated you in the playoffs every time we faced off, and I mean every single time, I will call you whatever I want and you will accept it LOL
  8. Well Jamal was in the league and now he's not...
  9. Impossible. The original dynasty league had 1 whiny bitch and he already quit the league.
  10. Back to the OP, holy fuck what a last 4 minutes for a game 6.
  11. Can we go back to fistshaker? I liked that way better than Touched.
  12. This is exactly where I'm at and you made some good points about LeBron. Basketball is a team sport. As @OILERMAN correctly stated, there's just too many variables to make a fair comparison. It's hard to argue against Jordan's success with back to back 3-peats (minus the year off). No one has done that again and probably never will. In his prime Jordan was also pretty much in his own tier above everyone else in the league. He was the best player and it wasn't really debatable. So of course he would win with a good surrounding cast. Guys like Kobe and LeBron haven't had that same benefit. They've been the best player in the league at times but not so far above everyone else like Jordan was for awhile. That makes it harder to win, especially in a team sport. Heck, go back further. How many rings would Kareem and Magic have if Bird, the Celtics and the Pistons didn't exist? How many rings would Bird have if Kareem, Magic, and the Pistons didn't exist? But if you look at his entire career, he certainly wasn't the GOAT in the years before or after those championships. And he lacks the longevity of some other all time greats. Here's more the way I look at things now. Jordan changed the way the game was played. So did LeBron. And so did Steph. Before them so did Kareem. All are greats, too many variables to compare.
  13. I agree with @scine09's premise. All I can say is this franchise has a history of being fucking stubborn and dumb. Look no further than our offensive philosophy in a QB and pass friendly league.
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