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  1. His most recent special was pretty funny IMO. Especially the first 15-20 minutes.
  2. Look at Mostert. Dude was a 7th round draft pick and he's playing on his 7th team. RB's grow on trees, you don't need to pay them.
  3. @Mercalius This is hard to put into words. IMO, we have to first separate what @abenjami thinks we should do vs what "the rational folks" think we should do. The "rational folks" (including most of the football world and probably Jrob) will believe it's essential to sign RT and Henry no matter the cost, and to keep as many guys as possible. Our window is open! Spend every penny to make another run! I personally think this is the wrong move. You can refer to several recent posts by @ctm about how fucked we are the next two years with expiring contracts, potential free agents, and the lack of draft picks. IMO, we have 4 core guys who are an issue right now for next season. Look, if RT, Henry, Conklin, and Ryan are willing to come back for another year (or two) on team friendly deals, then go for it. I believe RT is good enough to win with if surrounded by a solid supporting cast. But I also believe that's not a realistic scenario. But these guys aren't all coming back on team friendly deals. They are going to want to be paid long term. And thus, I echo your fear. I like Henry just as much as everyone else here. He's a stud, no doubt about that. But we have to look at his positional value. RB's pretty much grow on trees nowadays. You can get a couple of them in the mid rounds of the draft, or draft one and sign one. A guy like Henry can take your running game to the next level but it's really more about the OL and blocking. The good thing is we are in a year where the CBA is expiring so the Titans can use both the franchise and transition tags. I need to spend some time really analyzing this but my initial thought is to use those tags in a way that would somewhat encourage other teams to sign our franchise tag so we get draft picks and then let the transition tag set the market for the other guy and then we decide whether or not it makes sense to keep him long term. I guess to summarize, you could say i'm in favor of blowing it up now instead of giving RT and Henry big long term deals.
  4. We could use a Gronk? LOL no fucking shit. Who couldn't. Hey we could use a Joe Montana and a Reggie White too. Please Santa,.please!
  5. Fair enough. There's no right answer here. Blame might be the wrong word when it comes to ST Disappointment is more accurate. ST hasn't made a ton of mistakes but they've certainly been less than spectacular when it comes to scoring or at least flipping field position (aside from Kern).
  6. I'm being completely logical. Your pea brain just can't reconcile that with not being conforming.
  7. You are right about my mom and 2 of my aunts, but are you really fucking the dead one too?
  8. If you don't understand what I want by now, you'll never get it. No disrespect intended here, but take a day off and read it all over again. If you still have questions, feel free to PM.
  9. Sounds like we're going to need a shit ton of lube for those carnival goats.
  10. Sure , I agree. We used high draft picks while they spend tons of money poaching guys who had success elsewhere. What's your point?
  11. No, I wasn't the "only" person who was right. But certainly I was right and a bunch of other posters were dead fucking wrong weren't they?
  12. My fears to a "T" Tired of typing on my phone. Will post better response in a bit from computer.
  13. Yeah and look what happened when they finally said, shit maybe we should trade up for a guy we believe in.
  14. You're missing the logic though. It's not about comparing what we've spent vs others or how they succeeded. What anyone else did doesn't really matter. What matters is we don't have a guy, and we should do everything possible to get one. Tank a season have a fire sale, sell tickets to let people watch @JakePA_Titan fuck goats at a carnival, whatever it takes.

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