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  1. abenjami

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    So says the guy with three QB’s on his own roster...
  2. abenjami

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    For all we know “Jimmy” might be worse than Tannehill and Keenum. And Tannehill was traded for a first round pick not too long ago...
  3. abenjami

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    It’s not always high in this league with the deep rosters. There’s literally garbage on the waiver wire. You aint winning this league without a solid first or second tier QB. And of your guy gets hurt, there aren’t serviceable ones available to pickup.
  4. abenjami

    Wilson or Trubisky?

    Well it didn’t matter who I would have started. Wilson flopped too. LOL
  5. abenjami

    Wilson or Trubisky?

    Since Cooks didn’t do much, I ended up needing only 8 points and instead got 3.
  6. abenjami

    Wilson or Trubisky?

    I started Trubisky. Fuck.
  7. abenjami

    Wilson or Trubisky?

    I've got to make this decision in one of my money leagues tonight. Right now the score is pretty close. Opponent will have Cooks going. Trubisky practiced in full all week so he seems healthy. He's playing the Rams and they give up loads of fantasy points to QB's. Wilson on the other hand is playing the Vikings, who are shutting down fantasy QB's like mad.
  8. Yeah because he’s constantly being asked to do things he’s not good at behind a mediocre OL...
  9. He looked great last season on the Patriots in a much better offense.
  10. I’d like to get one thing straight. Lewis is not a scrub. Is he an every down back? No. Is he good at running between the tackles from heavy sets? No. Is he a solid change of pace back who can make big plays? Absolutely. The fact of the matter is Lewis looks terrible this season because he’s constantly being asked to do things he isn’t good at behind an OL that isn’t very good.
  11. I heard the maid’s name is Individual Uno
  12. Why is Eli hiding in the snow? LOL
  13. abenjami

    Georgr HW Bush died

    I almost lost part of my hand in a saw this morning but luckily escaped with only a broken knuckle. First thing that came to mind was Oman won’t be laughing at my expense today!
  14. abenjami

    RIP in peace Jalen Ramsey...

    I seen homeless people spend a bunch of time in the public library but they ain’t reading the books!
  15. abenjami

    Odell Beckham Jr not playing vs Washington (quad)

    It really screws me because I'm not able to pick someone else up. We only run waivers on Wed nights in this league. I wonder if they get fined for not listing him on the injury report.