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  1. You'll be fine. I'm sure the Vasoline they sell in Nashville is the same Vasoline they sell in Wisconsin.
  2. You are better off spending your money to hire a private investigator. They'll do a more thorough search. The problem with running reports like this is you normally have to pay by the county or state. So if the person has been living in the same county for many years, that's easy and cheap. If they have moved around it gets expensive quick.
  3. Ace of Base rocks. Nothing else matters.
  4. Cost of living might have been reasonable back then but it's not today. Vancouver real estate skyrocketed.
  5. Sure, you could say that lol
  6. Wouldn’t the jar of mayo be fucking the old lady? Or were you thinking she’d be wearing a strap on?
  7. Good luck man. Two questions: 1. Will you be changing your screen name to Probonolegaltitan? 2. Are you going to finally bang your secretary after you lay her off?
  8. This is especially true for QB's. The risk of career ending injury is much lower than other positions.
  9. It's also a strange way for someone to claim they were right when the thing they claimed hasn't happened yet.
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