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  1. Wentz had a great second half of the season last year and led his team to a division title and playoff birth. And as previously stated, I have watched the guy put that team on his back with a bunch of scrubs around him. If you actually watch him play, he's got an accurate arm with lots of zip on the ball. There's a reason they let Foles walk you know. What have Rivers, Ryan, or Stafford done since 2018 to be deserving of any praise whatsoever? You haven't offered a single thing to defend your position that he isn't very good or that guys like Rivers, Ryan or Stafford deserve to be held in a higher regard. I'm not trying to rip you for the fun of it. Just pointing out your history of being wrong about QB's.
  2. And what about defending VY until around 2017?
  3. Well you are the guy who said Brett Favre wasn't good either...
  4. All I can say is watch the games and don't listen to the talking heads. He looks pretty good to me.
  5. I think you can put all those guys in the same group or tier. It's pretty much personal preference between them. Rivers and Brees arms are shot and neither is remotely mobile, so I'd take Wentz over them. But obviously if we had this discussion 2 years ago, I'd take both over Wentz at that point in time. Ryan, Stafford and Goff are just way too inconsistent for me. Give Wentz the receiving talent those guys have and perhaps you'd think differently of him.
  6. I'm not sold on him yet as a passer but I'd put him in the 9-10 range as well due to the tremendous potential upside.
  7. I'd put Wentz in the top 10. Right around the 9-10 range after these guys. Dak Watson Mahomes Brady Wilson Rodgers Tannehill Rothlisberger
  8. Fulgham didn't play the first 3 weeks of the season and has a whopping 18 career catches. Yeah, he's been good the past couple of weeks, perhaps because his QB elevated his play. Greg Ward has "proven" he's a good receiver with his whopping 52 career catches? Come on man. Ertz is solid no doubt but he's been seeing tons of coverage with Jeffries, Jackson and Goedert out. They've also been missing their starting LT and LG.
  9. I'm mostly disappointed no one wanted to ride shotgun.
  10. Sacks tend to happen when receivers suck and can't get open.
  11. I would do it. Great time to buy low on Godwin.
  12. The older I get, the more I believe the best form of government is a Monarchy with a good Monarch. Of course, the worst form of government would be a Monarchy with a bad Monarch, so there's always that.
  13. He has that ability to will his team to victory.

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