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  1. I've never understood why Bills fans even care about the MCM. It's not like they were going to win the Super Bowl that year.
  2. Forget what anyone saw with their eyes. It was literally scientifically analyzed and determined to be a lateral.
  3. Stop for a second and try to imagine what their version of Jamal must be like!
  4. There should honestly be a rule on every team's message board that if a poster tries to say the MCM was a forward pass they are automatically banned.
  5. BTC went from 40k to 55k in the week period of time between Sept 30 and Oct 6.
  6. I don't disagree. Like I said, he's raw at this point. I'm just not sure accuracy is his issue. I admit I haven't watched him enough to really have a strong opinion either way but I have seen him make some incredibly accurate throws. He also definitely seems more wild when he's under pressure and that was a very good defense he played against.
  7. I guess you missed the incredibly accurate throw for the 2 point conversion where Aikman talked about how impressive it was.
  8. This BTC surge began September 30th not in the past few days. It was the same time people were saying we were entering a bear market, etc.
  9. The Comeback was certainly a low point for this franchise but if you still think that was a forward lateral you're not worth anyone's time.
  10. I think the lesson here is look how much money fled the market into BTC when the market started to crash and officially turned into a bear. Two other points of note. First, BTC pumped by itself and the alt coins didn't this time. ETH sort of did but not to the same degree. Second, the market rebound may have started this week so it will be interesting to see if money starts flowing out of BTC and back into the market (thereby reducing BTC price).
  11. Plus we have a history of embarrassing them in the playoffs.
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