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  1. Look, this franchise is fucking cursed. Maybe this old ass employee is the curse. Good riddance!
  2. Peabody LOL Knibb High Football rules!
  3. Who he probably got bored with 10 years ago.
  4. Lost? LOL Think about how many more millions of dollars he has and how many more 10's he is going to bang.
  5. Here's a funny side note. Now that Brady has retired, guess who is the only active QB with more than 1 Super Bowl Ring?
  6. I agree and that is the fundamental problem with this franchise/team. This team has a 0% chance of winning the Super Bowl in 2023 with Tannehill. Heck, this team couldn't win the Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes next season. This team needs to reboot and rebuild. We are never going to reach the pinnacle if they don't recognize this.
  7. All I know is that tattoo on his forearm is terrible.
  8. Wait for tomorrow after the after hours earnings announcements today LOL
  9. Brady is the GOAT of all GOAT's. It's not even debatable.
  10. Not to mention even if Jimmy G could stay healthy, it's not like he was even good to begin with. He's never done shit in the league and his career stats are absolutely laughable.
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