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  1. Davis has the physical ability to be a dominant receiver, but coming out of the MAC , he needed a lot of on field work which he hasn't got enough being banged up so much and also being held out of practice so much in fear of further injury. You can run routes all summer long, but when you're not doing it against top competition, it isn't the same thing.
  2. Was thinking the very same thing, with no media presence even, it's like TC isn't really happening.
  3. And he didn't ruin it with side pipes...
  4. "See it's dead" knocking sound, "Now you've gone and stunned it"
  5. No1TitansFan

    US Senate Race

    The only really contested race in the state was the Republican senate nominee besides a few state house seats; there was almost no reason for Democratic voters to show up and vote in the middle of a pandemic unless they were really vested in their local state reps race and most of those weren't hotly contested; the perfect storm for an outsider with a strong local demographic to steal a state wide race that will be meaningless come the fall election.
  6. So many elderly people, with a lot of encouragement from Medicare Advantage providers had already shifted their critical, necessary prescriptions to mail order pre-covid and many more did so after it started hitting; this majorly affects them as well; what utter completely immoral pieces of shit the GOP has become in their never ending do anything to stay in power mode of operation.
  7. A very large percentage of the local bailout money in the Dem's bill was earmarked specifically for schools to help make them Covid safe.
  8. No1TitansFan

    Biden VP Thread

    For what it's worth, S.E. Cupp was on CNN yesterday clarifying her reluctance to vote for Biden until after the VP choice comment she made the other day; one of her no goes was Susan Rice, saying she was way too much of a Beltway insider who had worked the system for her own benefit without ever facing voters and was more of a proper pick for Trump. She mentioned the fact that Biden himself has that connotation and would be well served to bring in someone who was more of an outsider and specifically mentioned Harris as being a choice she'd be happy with.
  9. At that point, he would cost too much given all the other people we need to re-sign; he's gone after this year. He's either going to get a big deal or need to do a one year prove it deal elsewhere.
  10. Or maybe after having a recent death in the family, he wasn't sure whether to opt out or not and wanted to stay with family members as long as possible even if it cost him some money.
  11. Sharp, tight, cuts are everything for a receiver unless they have blinding speed. While you'd like to think that the surgery solved the toe issues in their entirety, one would have to be a little skeptical.
  12. Disney has been open for more than 3 weeks now, having large numbers of people congregate in a state with bad numbers and hasn't had any outbreak tied to it. How? They've limited the total number in any park, made everybody sign off on agreeing to the strict masking standards including limiting to only those masks that have shown to be effective and agreeing to follow distancing standards and by allowing and empowering their employees to enforce zero tolerance to anyone who tries to circumvent once they enter the parks. You let your mask slip under your nose and the vast majority of the time a cast member will immediately and politely ask you to put it in place. They've also marked safe distances in virtually every line, restaurant or mode of transportation including putting partitions up.
  13. No1TitansFan

    Biden VP Thread

    Harris ran to the left in a state where it's the expedient and practical thing to do. Also the assumption that she wouldn't be able to govern effectively is based on projection; the presidency is something that people either rise to or fail at and previous executive experience isn't nearly the predictor that some make it out to be as history has shown on numerous occasions.
  14. That's why his proposal to tie the subsidies to making Gold level the standard, low deductibles and copayments, as opposed to Silver level plans is so important and has been completely under the radar with all the hullabaloo over MFA. For years the assumption was that people overuse medical resources so it was necessary to make them expensive; a notion that has been completely rebuked. This is a major change in the whole philosophy of managed care and would change the biggest objection middle class exchange consumers had with the ACA. It's also achievable as it's paid for with modest tax code revisions that effect only the wealthy and would be palatable to moderate Democrats as well as the liberals. Like it or not for the near to intermediate future we are looking at a two tier system where seniors and low income people will be on a mostly single payer tract and those with employers based insurance or whose income is above a certain level will be in the private insurance market. That's the reality.
  15. I'm sure all the media outlets are going to go out of their way to cover the nuances of NRA corruption.

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