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  1. After watching the broadcast following being at the game in person, RT's rushing efforts absolutely put the Titans out in front and sealed the victory, especially the run just in front of the 3 minute mark where he dove forward while staying in bounds to gain the first down and keep the clock moving was an absolute brilliant play.
  2. I'm counting 40 picks in this week and there were 41 successful picks last week, so it looks like there's one missing. I just got back in town today so will be able to monitor and log entries sooner starting next week.
  3. Only one was eliminated by not picking a winner last week, on to week 3 he Rules 1. You have to choose the winner of one game each week and are only allowed to choose one game per week. If your pick wins, you are still in; if your chosen team loses or ties, you're out.  2. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot use them again in any of the following weeks, except as noted below in rule 5. 3. Your pick needs to be in before the game actually starts. If for some reason, you are unable to get a pick in by game time Sunday, you can pick the winner of the MNF
  4. Just now watching the replay and reading this thread, after listening to the game in FL, at Disney World,. This thread should be highly entertaining considering the results of the first half and the running of DH on 1st down.
  5. Believe there are 5 of you who still haven't gotten a pick in, you have until the start of MNF.
  6. This is worse than a Tolar or cinnamon thread, it just never ends, lol.
  7. Will be heading out of town tommorow, may not have a chance to update this before Sunday's games.
  8. So you're saying you would rather have Quis or Lamm playing LT? They don't grow on trees.
  9. Especially with Evans not being available; don't understand what McNichols offers on 3rd down except marginally better pass protection. He's pretty much a plodder who isn't going to break many tackles or run away from people when targeted in the pass game. As for the run/pass ration on first down, it's not a choide go form 80/20 to 20/80; more like going from 20/80 to 40/60 to make defenses play honest.
  10. It would be a really bad idea, a bad angle or misread by a safety often means 6 points for the other team.
  11. Jesse James West apparently didn't, he stepped out on her a whole bunch.
  12. If it was Amy, that's even worse, that means she doesn't trust the GM or the HC to solve the team's defensive issues; that's not a good situation. My understanding is that JRob has control of the staff. If it gets to the point where the GM and HC are at odds, which I don't think is the case here, then it's time for the HC or both to go
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