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  1. An internal promotion might result in Vrabel taking on more of the defensive game planning and less of the offensive; a win-win situation.
  2. So sorry to hear this, too damn young. Don't put off pursuing your dreams, you never know how long you have. Thanks for the link to his obit; I always figured he was a poster who lived in the Belle Meade area, funny how you read too much into little things and make assumptions about posters around here that prove totally wrong.
  3. Bernie has had baggage in FL going back to when he cozied up with Castro, that's not very relevant in most of the country, but is a fairly big deal in FL. He wouldn't stand a chance there in the general.
  4. It's funny that the 2 people who are making the biggest case that Tanny was so obviously way better in TC never attended a single open session or joint practice and all their conclusions are based on media reports which were actually mixed. The only meaningful full speed full contact work was the joint practices against the Pats and the reports were mixed on both. The rest of TC was doing installs and keeping people healthy, including all 4 ps games. They did work on the premise that it was Mariota's job to lose and there would have had to have been a huge difference; and that was an organizational decision.
  5. I won the lottery in 99/00, but we decided to sell the tickets and throw a big SB party; part of the thinking was that it would be the first of several SB runs; also won it again in 02/03 when we lost to the Raiders in the AFC championship.
  6. Sims has been relegated to ST duty, but point well taken; they are going to complete passes and scheme a fair amount of underneath stuff so they need to tackle. https://titansized.com/2020/01/13/titans-snaps-grades-stats-ravens/3/
  7. I know a guy who is a musician from Florida and at the time was playing bars in Gainsville at the same time AH was in college. He said that while all the players at the time had a belief they could get away with anything and were constantly stirring up shit at one particular bar; Hernandez had the reputation of being the worst of the bunch and was constantly getting into altercations.
  8. Didn't he write checks to keep the AFL from going under? If that happens the game isn't near as big today as it has become. The whole AFL/NFL rivalry and the forward thinking on some of the AFL teams to make passing the ball something that occurred on downs other than 3rd and long; along with being far more open to drafting and signing African American players are a large part of what made this game so much better to watch on TV than baseball which is what drove the league's growth.
  9. Titans 31 Chiefs 26 Chiefs move the ball but have to settle for 4 fgs, Henry goes for 140 and AJ and Tanny have a big game.
  10. Along with being as dumb as rocks and having emotional issues, VY thought he was there and didn't need to get better despite all the platitudes otherwise during interviews; it'll be interesting to see if LJ after getting the MVP award and all the accolades will be willing to put in the work and be able to elevate the parts of his game that he needs to. There were reasons he lasted until the end of the first round.
  11. Actually be interesting to see what the Ravens do scheme wise; they've gone all in on an offensive system built around LJ's abilities and will they continue to go down that road? Fisher refused to do that with VY and while I was critical of it at the time, in retrospect it was the right thing to do; if you can't function at a fairly high level in a drop back pass game, you can't play QB in this league. The Titans knew if they could force LJ into this, he eventually would falter no matter how many splash plays made with his legs. If I'm LJ, I'm watching as much Russell Wilson film as I can.
  12. That's my point, they assumed that Succop was going to be ready and that had to be based on what he and the medical staff were telling them; if they knew he was as far from being ready as he actually was there's no way they would have done that. I'll bet the house there's going to be changes in the med staff once the seasons over and that Succop has played his last down as a Titan.
  13. The medical staff botched the kicker situation, there's no way someone as competent as JRob has been in other areas wouldn't have had contingencies in place at the kicker position unless he was being assured that Succop's injury situation was much better than it actually was. Succop almost certainly had a hand in it, I'm sure he was letting on that he was doing far better in his recovery than he actually was.
  14. The OP talks about the big pass play to Raymond; but that was a first down play off of play action set up by effectively running Henry on first down most of the time; it's all links in a chain including a great route by Raymond. Don't think it's going to be a dilemma as we're going to sign both of them or sign and franchise one at the least. I have no problem giving max RB money to Henry because he does force the defense to account for him in ways that very few other backs would and he does get into the heads of defenders and he's been able to stay healthy and available. He could be replaced but not by just any other good back; that size and speed combo is really unique.

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