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  1. Was he actually diagnosed with covid or merely exposed and isolating? He could be having lasting symptoms; it does occur even in mild cases.
  2. The refining of oil into gasoline necessitates the use of large amounts of electricity so, obviously Texas, with its substantial refining operations and large geographic area and population consumes a great deal of generated electricity. So, it should not come as some great surprise that the number one state in terms of wind powered electricity generated is Texas, and despite their access to untold unlimited amounts of NG, choose wind as a primary source of electricity and employ lots of people in the process. You sound like all the people who owned livery stables or manufactured horse carriages in the 1890-1900s, Anyone not in their 70s or older who doesn't realize that you need to adjust your employable skills to the newer technologies is fucked and already a Trump voter.
  3. No1TitansFan

    Biden Cabinet

    Steyer would be good at Treasury or Commerce; know Treasury would be a huge role for him, but he understands the system and is a big proponent of scaling back corporate's over influence on economic policy and how it it's creating much of the wealth imbalance in this country
  4. No1TitansFan

    Voter Turnout

    They have done a really good job of collecting info on all rally attendees and identifying any non registered voters and following up to make sure they register and vote. It is something to be somewhat concerned about; they've also used the same strategy with their door to door canvassing in areas they've identified as having demographics in their favor. It should be offset by their losing some of their support from people who voted for him last time but have buyers remorse and by the growing population of demographics that don't favor them .
  5. He gained a lot of yards running out of the run and shoot with no tight end where he would make the read and go, much like the zone reads today; his game would definitely transfer into today's game fine, he was underrated as a receiver also.
  6. The field was cut nearly in half to 7, on to week 7. The Rules: 1. You have to choose the winner of one game each week and are only allowed to choose one game per week. If your pick wins, you are still in; if your chosen team loses or ties, you're out.  2. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot use them again in any of the following weeks, except as noted below in rule 5. 3. Your pick needs to be in before the game actually starts. If for some reason, you are unable to get a pick in by game time Sunday, you can pick the winner of the MNF game, provided one of those teams is still available to you. 4. This thread will keep a running list of who picked who for each week. 5. Special, TR rule: anyone who successfully picks the Titans to win can use them a second time. 6. If you wish to change your pick, do so by creating a new post. This Week's Games: Byes: Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings All Times EST Thursday, Oct. 22 New York Giants at Philadelphia, 8:20 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 25 Detroit at Atlanta, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. Green Bay at Houston, 1 p.m. Carolina at New Orleans, 1 p.m. Buffalo at New York Jets, 1 p.m. Pittsburgh at Tennessee, 1 p.m. Dallas at Washington, 1 p.m. Seattle at Arizona, 4:05 p.m. Kansas City at Denver, 4:25 p.m. Jacksonville at Los Angeles Chargers, 4:25 p.m. San Francisco at New England, 4:25 p.m. Tampa Bay at Las Vegas, 8:20 p.m. (SNF) Monday, Oct. 26 Chicago at Los Angeles Rams, 8:15 p.m. Teams Picked, if you're in red, you are eliminated: Arizona Cardinals: 9/20: Callidus, Chuka05, efus50 9/27: patsplat, NashvilleNinja, Fitz, rns90, Titans279 10/4: Jamalisms 10/11: Titan8425, wiscotitansfan, Jonboy, SuperFreak90 Atlanta Falcons: 9/27: Come on Titans Baltimore Ravens: 9/13: patsplat, wicotitansfan, SuperFreak90, JoelinBellevue, Jas, IsntLifeFunny 9/20: Kcroy420 10/4: Jeff.Fisher, titansjr9988, Jonboy, IsntLifeFunny, 10 A See 10/11: Callidus 10/18: oldschool, CreepingDeath Buffalo Bills: 9/13: CalTitan3518, Titan8425, CreepingDeath, jphardy, Rogerpidactor 10/13: OILERMAN Carolina Panthers: Chicago Bears: Cincinnati Bengals: 9/13: Mojambo Cleveland Browns: 9/17: oldschool Dallas Cowboys: 9/20: SuperFreak90 10/11: oldschool, CreepingDeath, bizzyeddie, CaliTitan3518, TF_Titan, cenj Denver Broncos: 9/14: EagleEye Detroit Lions: Green Bay Packers: 9/20: Iowa Oiler, Fitz, NashvilleNinja, rns90. TF_Titan Rogerpidactor, Supernope 10/5: Callidus Houston Texans: 10/11: Supernope Indianapolis Colts: 9/13: Oiler FANatic, Number9, Starkiller, titanruss TitansDownUnder, titanskick8851, Bink, freakingeek, MadMax, Justafan, TheBukafax, heyitsmeallen, animatrormike, IrishTitansFan, TitansWycheck89 9/27: OILERMAN, SuperFreak90, Titan8425, TF_Titan, IowaOiler, cenj. IsntLifeFunny, oldschool, Jas, Jamalisms, Jeff.FIsher, bizzyeddie, CaliTitan3518 Jacksonville Jaguars: 9/24: Chuka05 Kansas City Chiefs: 9/10: OILERMAN, Carpy, Jonboy, Kcroy420, 9/20: CreepingDeath, Jas, Titans279 9/28: efus50 10/11: 10 A See Las Vegas Raiders: Los Angles Chargers: 9/13: WVTITAN 9/27: Carpy Los Angles Rams: 9/13: Callidus, Jamalisms 10/4: OILERMAN, oldschool, Titan8425, CreepingDeath, IowaOiler, CalTitan3518, Jas, SuperFreak90, bizzyeddie, cenj 10/11: IsntLifeFunny Miami Dolphins: 10/18: Jonboy, bizzyeddie, CalTitan3518, cenj, Callidus Minnesota Vikings: 9/20: JoelinBellevue New England Patriots: 9/13: Come On Titans, scine09 10/18: TF_Titans, wiscotitansfan, IowaOiler, Jeff.Fisher, SuperFreak90 ,Isn'tLifeFunny, Supernope New Orleans Saints: 9/13: ezeblazin 9/21: jphardy, WVTITAN, No1TitansFan 10/4: TF_Titans New York Giants: New York Jets: Philadelphia Eagles: 9/13: cshumak2, smokeater, LongTimeFan, Tampa Titan 9/27: Kcroy420, ezeblazin, scine09 Pittsburgh Steelers: 9/14: oldschool 9/20: wiscotitansfan, Come on Titans, Scine09, Jeff Fisher, bizzyeddie, 9/27: Supernope San Francisco 49ers: 9/13: abenjami 9/20: titansjr9988, Jonboy, OILERMAN, CalTItan3518, 10 A See, cenj, 10/4: efus50 10/11: Jas Seattle Seahawks: 9/13: Fitz 9/20: Carpy, ezeblazin 10/4: wiscotitansfan 10/11: IowaOiler, titansjr9988, Jeff.Fisher Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9/20: Titan8425 9/27: Jonboy, titansjr9988, 10 A See, CreepingDeath 10/4: Supernope Tennessee Titans: 9/14: Chuka05, IsntLifeFunny, bizzyeddie, JeffFisher, titansjr9988, TF_Titan, Jamalisms, Supernope, rns90, NashvilleNinja, cenj, efus50, No1TitansFan, IowaOiler, Titans279, 10 A SEE, 9/20: IsntLifeFunny, patsplat 9/27: Callidus, wiscotitansfan 10/18: titansjr9988, Titan8425 Washington Football Team: Failed to Make Pick: 9/28: Rogerpidactir
  7. It's coming, usually get it up sometime on Wednesday in case someone wants in on the TNF game.
  8. It's all about putting your best players in position to make plays, including RT; and Arthur is doing a hell of a good job of it in often somewhat unconventional ways. The MVP comment in the title was intended to be hyperbolic.
  9. Because the net effect of play action is set in stone and no matter how effective the guy running the ball is or isn't has no effect on it.
  10. So you know more than Sean Payton who is putting in 14-18 hour days around these guys and is well aware of their capabilities? I get healthy skepticism, but some of your take it to a whole another level.
  11. I get that. but Vrabel was dealing with a player who had a super hot hand in the success of the team in its come back in the 2nd half and chose to go with that; he reaffirmed or even raised his status in the locker room by doing it whether or not statistical analysis proves him out.
  12. You'll never be a NFL coach (nor will l ); some times it's not about going with statistical anlaysis, but about reaffirming your faith in the team.
  13. who's being put into an ideal situation to succeed with an elite back named Henry and a bunch of pretty good receivers; see it cuts both ways no matter how much some try to minimize one side of it to make a point. I know I should give it up, don't want to start o multi page thread.
  14. Every analyst I have heard has mentioned how well the system has been set up to tailor to Tanny's strengths. Let's hope we can continue to have future arguments about the root causes of the Titans continued successes.

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