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  1. Lawrence is looking more and more to be the available DL who will be there who doesn't have injury or character concerns, his issue seems to be a possible lower ceiling when it comes to pass rush.
  2. These players and agents live for their second contracts; no way they're going to take less than what they think they'll be able to get on the open market.
  3. Brown doesn't offer much in the way of downfield blocking; don't know how much JRob values that, but it has been something Titans traditionally expect from their WRs.
  4. Preds are about to pull a Titans 2008. PL's decision to keep matching 1 vs 1s at home when his first line is getting slaughtered defensively is ridiculous; Scotty Bowman is shaking his head in bewilderment somewhere.
  5. Lawrence should have a high floor, if nothing else; at worst he's a stout 2 gapping run defender. You're always taking a chance with an edge guy.
  6. Also had the Saints flag turn into an Aints flag by the superdome.
  7. We haven't talked to many TEs and have brought none in for visits so does seem to support that they don't feel it is a position of need despite DW's age and injury.
  8. He put down multiple times on his written responses that he was thoroughly coached on that he couldn't remember after his lawyers refused to let him be questioned by Mueller. He also made sure his hand picked AG had first spin on what the report said twice before it was released mid day on the day of departure for a holiday weekend. If he wasn't prepared to work under the long established constraints of the office of the president, then WTF did he run?
  9. No1TitansFan

    Why US?

    Some people have just allowed these ugly presumptions about the way anybody who disagrees with their point of view thinks and wants to act to be planted in their heads; it allows them to marginalize any opposing point of view that is contrary to theirs and dismiss it as being wrongly founded and thus rightfully ignored. Theirs is the only right way of thinking and the only hope is to achieve some complete ideological victory when the right way can then be imposed on everybody. Pragmatism and compromise be damned, our only hope is making sure our ideology triumphs in the end.
  10. With all the D line and edge talent and lots of teams needing OL help, receivers are going to drop; even if we stay at 51, there still should be some good ones left, if that's how they want to go.
  11. Actually, it's a good time to visit Florida, hotel rates are down as September is now one of the few slow times when it comes to FL tourism.
  12. 11-5 , they need to find a way to win 2 of the first 3. Interesting they put the Chargers at three instead of noon, would have been a slight advantage to have that one early.
  13. They opted part happened in May, 2018; if they tried to cut him at the end of 18 they would have owed him the option money anyway since at that point he was injured and it was guaranteed for injury.
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