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  1. Not what happened but whatever floats your boat; stupid sloppy drunk Alabama fan was giving him a ton of shit about AL beating LSU, Mett got in his face after several minutes of unrelenting bullshit, guy took a swing at Mett and missed and about 4 guys intervened to stop Mett before he beat the shit out of him.
  2. Lewan and the guy who was playing guard have always maintained that it was a miscommunication between them where they gave him a free shot.
  3. Gotta think Zaven Collins is definitely in play if he's there at our pick.
  4. He completely messed up turning down the Browns offer last year, he'd be in the exact same situation he's in now only with a whole lot more guaranteed money in his pocket.
  5. The 6th amendment specifically mentions criminal prosecutions, says nothing about civil cases.
  6. Nate Cohen, Nate Silver and every other reputable analyst who analyzed the way the vote would come in in regards to the unprecedented amount of mail ins and state counting rules predicted the exact pattern that occurred as to the vote counts well ahead of time. They were predicting a 100,000 vote majority in PA days ahead when Trump was way up. The GA mail ins were signature verified three times, once on the request form before they were mailed out, once at the county offices where they were mailed to and again when they were processed and tabulated.
  7. Know Eddie has a great work ethic; but that's a serious commitment to mega hours for a guy who has been semi retired for years.
  8. To paraphrase the famous quote, you'll never go broke underestimating the stupidity of NFL star players. Look at Brett Farve and the dick pics.
  9. This wasn't happening in seedy massage parlors on outskirts of town. If you're a high level celebrity athlete making unwanted advances during a therapeutic massage that is for recovery purposes only that is the very definition of predatory behavior; especially if you invited professional therapists to your place on a professional, non sexual basis. There are plenty of apps out there if he wanted hand jobs on the side from wannabe groupies.
  10. Way to early to be closing the book on Evans coming off the bizarro year that pretty much everyone on the D side of the ball went through. His option won't be that significant due to draft order and position and can always be rescinded. We haven't seen a whole lot coming from the Titans themselves that he's fallen that far out of favor, Bowens is also a big fan of his.
  11. Even in this case, the power dynamic is definitely in place when it comes to giving consent; Watson could screw these girls big time professionally when it comes to landing high priced highly paid athlete clients by blacklisting them if they refused or if they made a big deal about unwanted, completely out of the scope of normal therapeutic massage type advances even if he backed off after making them. This whole notion that legitimate massage therapists are all borderline hookers is complete BS. A lot of them could very well have felt pressured to go way beyond what they normally do or to not
  12. Corporate America cares a lot more about appealing to whom they view as their present and future customers who are made up of demographics that are much more aware of and put off by obvious voter suppression tactics that are being done to keep the older, angry, 'you kids keep of of my lawn' crowd in power.
  13. I'm sure his spot was promoted as and introduced as Texans reporter for the Chronicle; these guys know the expectations and limitations when it comes to doing outside interviews.
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