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  1. Agree, anyone who pulls this shit post Ray Rice deserves to get hammered 🔨
  2. So why not apply the same criteria to the polling place and allow those documents to verify there. TN mailed out voter registration cards for years to everyone who registered and they were accepted as valid and there was zero proof of any voter fraud. Yet the GOP dominated legislature insisted on photo ids( and it's not a 10 minute wait at DL stations here, it can be more like 2 hours and there aren't that many here, especially in rural counties); why do you think they did that?
  3. I'm all for technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air; but to use it's byproduct to drill yet more oil that will be burned and release even more carbon dioxide into the air makes no sense at all from a climate change prospective; I also question your conclusion that if you use the byproducts in this manner if there is even a net reduction once you add in the carbon dioxide released after burning the oil produced in this manner. Your article even admits that the reason the oil companies are jumping on this is to meet carbon regulations so they can continue to go on extracting a substance that produces air borne carbon dioxide which is what is causing the problem. Yes I realize it's going to take a multi pronged attack to reduce carbon emissions and we're not going to be able to wean ourselves off fossil fuels instantly; and we're also going to need to employ carbon removal technology to help solve the problem. It makes much more sense to replace the carbon producing petroleum with renewables that either don't release more carbon or release much less. Did you read my article? This process extracts low carbon producing sources of energy from abundant materials previously thought to be worthless from a source, agricultural plants, that actually remove CO2 themselves.Go online and watch the segment, there's a lot more there. They run a Ford F350 with no modifications using the fuel produced, it can be integrated into existing infrastructure (including gas stations) with no modifications. It also has other exciting uses, they can produce plastics that start biodegrading in a fraction of the time and sweetners that don't cause tooth decay.
  4. The problem is they changed all the enforcement procedures in order to look tough to their base without having the infrastructure in place to execute it in a humane way. I actually feel sorry for DHS and Homeland Security; they had this shoved down their throats by Trump via Sessions. Obama actually deported more people in 2016 than Trump did last year; he just did it in a much smarter way targeting people who overstayed visas and who had serious criminal convictions. There are plenty of people who do need to be deported; but Trump deliberately targets those who illegally crossed the southern border because that's who he scapegoats to all the angry people who haven't adjusted to the changing economy.
  5. So, we're going to drill and pump oil out of the ground which takes a lot of energy, refine it into gasoline, which takes even more energy; and then burn that gasoline which emits a bunch of carbon; and then use even more energy to run fans to capture some of that carbon back. Seems like you want to use all of the energy created by renewables in order to keep using fossil fuels and maintain the status quo. Why not use that renewable energy to replace the fossil fuels? By the way, Texas which consumes more energy than any other state due to the huge demands of refineries, and is a float in natural gas; uses more wind power than any other state. Why? Because the oil companies themselves know it makes more sense; they just make a whole lot more money extracting and refining fossil fuels. Here's a much more promising technology that uses excess agricultural (renewable) byproducts and extracts sugars that were previously thought unextractable: Xyleco
  6. That's important because it's extremely rare where a team ever makes it through a year with all top 3 receivers not missing time. Look at the scrubs we were putting out there by week 3 last year.
  7. Exaggerate much? Not getting drawn into this, keep seeing what you want to see. The confirmation bias runs deep in this one.
  8. Yet you post a six minute highlight reel where all but 3 of the throws were made by Mariota.
  9. CD is top five skill wise, he needs to get to top five craft wise in terms of technique and route running and hopefully he's on his way regardless of who the qb is. Look at Hopkins.
  10. So your'e saying coaching makes a difference when it comes to QB play?😁
  11. Cocky ass MFers, for a team that hasn't actually won the division recently.
  12. Understand the need to clear the books, but Davies better pan out; Santini is a marginal, scratch one night play the next guy who isn't going to get any better; not much of a haul for PJ.
  13. You gotta love the no security footage defense, as if the store saved all their analogue security tapes from the 90s and surveiled dressing rooms. The two women corroborated that she told them about the incident right after.
  14. Think its in reference to this guy at a Memphis baseball game that went viral a few days ago:
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