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  1. They've drafted 3 CBs in the 1st and 2nd rounds over the last 4 years and are going to end up with a decent, short armed slot guy out of all those picks. Also traded away the leader of the group because they're so desperate for capital because of all the trades involving future capital in previous drafts that didn't replenish the roster.
  2. I've seen tweets from guys getting cut by XFL teams saying they could still make it in the NFL if they got the right chance. Players don't like facing the fact that the dreams is over.
  3. Henry was at 21 mph on the TD run and blew past the db who had the angle on him. Let them both play and get carries which was probably the actual plan when he was drafted.
  4. There may even be a universe where both could flourish splitting carries.
  5. Jag fans get their souls crushed, at least the week had a good ending .
  6. They actually get a lot of work from NFL players, your liable for state taxes on wherever the game was played for the game check that week. If you play for the Titans, Texans, or Jags, you're guaranteed at least 10 games with no state taxes.
  7. If the Bengals DB had fallen on the Bethard fumble instead of trying to pick it up, this game would be over now.
  8. As if the HC is coming into the room and overruling the OC and QB coach during film study when they review where the ball went and where it could have. ILF is getting more than a little obsessive in his anti Vrabel tirade.
  9. Really hard to do, given his concentration on the punt, but the punter has to try and evade when someone comes as clean as the guy did on the 2nd one. He's not the quickest guy getting the punt away, so he's going to be targeted for block attempts more than others. Believe me, I'm not shedding any tears over Aukerman deservedly getting the axe.
  10. This why you don't always listen to analytics, you're overmatched on the road playing with your backup QB and you hand the opponent the ball at midfield.
  11. Day has lost 7 games his entire tenure, 3 of them were against UM and 2 were bowl games that almost all his best players opted out of. As a UM fan I hope they are stupid enough to run him out of town.
  12. They need to have Burks develop and get some game snaps with Levis, they have no real long term number 1 or 2 prospect on the team outside of him. It's not like this team is going anywhere this year
  13. Duncan was absolutely terrible against scrubs in PS at RT, so him being poor at LT against real pros is actually a fair amount of progress.
  14. Lions are for real on offense, Gibbs is lightning in a bottle, they're super deep at WR (really wish Reynolds had put in the effort he is now) and LaPorta is frighteningly good as a rookie at position that is hard to adjust to at this level; and the OL is really solid. Have trouble figuring out if Goff has finally put it all together or it's all the good situation around him. The defense is definitely their achille's heel.
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