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  1. They're still on the hook for 16.5 million if he's released, part of his 2019 money is guaranteed and his SB money would be accelerated all into 2019, plus they'll have to pay the new guy unless they go with Kessler.
  2. No1TitansFan

    AFC South Contest - Week 15

    Texans Titans Cowboys Jags
  3. No1TitansFan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Lewis fits much better in the prototype system Lafleur wants to run and is familiar with; and since they haven't been able to fully implement it yet, they are understandably hesitant to start modifying it for the skill set of one player. Also may have to do this being his first year as a real OC, he may also be leery of venturing away from what he's comfortable with. Hopefully Thursday night opened up their eyes some.
  4. No1TitansFan

    Rashaan Evans

    Unfortunately, they are very limited with the amount of time they can spend with players after the season due to the CBA; they can hand them a plan of what they want them to do, but after that they can't have any contact unitl the workout/ota periods.
  5. No1TitansFan

    Around the NFL

    Chiefs should have run more time before that TO
  6. No1TitansFan

    WTF Jags?

    16.5 million in dead money if they cut him. They almost have to give up a significant draft pick to trade him to a cap friendly team to avoid that.
  7. No1TitansFan

    The 99-Yard Run

    How are you doing?
  8. No1TitansFan

    Lewan flips off sky cam

    The air violin after Ramsay tried to draw the flag with his flop was even better; Ramsay's lucky there's no diving penalty in the NFL.
  9. No1TitansFan

    Verbal only, no secondary damage. Code four.

    I'd like to get the girlfriend's take: "He never shuts up and all he wants to do is talk about himself."
  10. No1TitansFan

    How is this team so bad??

    13 ypa against the Texans does not equate with someone being check down Charlie.
  11. No1TitansFan

    Lewan curses out officials

    Lewan is aware that he's already been blacklisted by about every crew already (did you notice when they called holds on both him and Conklin on the same play, which one got declined and which one was enforced?), part of why he gets flagged more than most, so probably feels he didn't have anything to lose at that point.
  12. No1TitansFan

    Jags Week

  13. No1TitansFan

    Rashaan Evans

    Love all he's done and given for the franchise, but Woodyard looks like he's playing in wet cement the last few games.
  14. No1TitansFan

    Lewan curses out officials

    Somebody on Khuarsky's site said they were sitting near his wife and said when he came over to her immediately after the first thing he said to her was what he just did was going to cost them a lot of money.
  15. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 13

    Looks like we have a winner. Congratulations to @TF_Titan.