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  1. Arizona at Memphis is on now, Memphis looking better, especially Zac Stacy, the Vandy RB. Can't be more than 7,000 at the Liberty Bowl.
  2. I drive a plug in hybrid, put gas in it Thursday for the first time since November.
  3. My sister, she's taken trips to Thailand, Puerto Rico, twice to Chicago, three times to Nashville in the last twelve months; shops non-stop and wonders how she can not have money despite her six figure income.
  4. That's what Trump's base buys into, he's always pushed that image of himself as uber wealthy and there's a certain percentage of the population who identify that as virtue without regard to the ethics involved with the obtaining of that wealth. If you ever watched the Celebrity Apprentice, he basically recruited mostly B and C list celebrites who weren't very bright who were totally taken in by his wealth. The few intelligent ones, like Gene Simmons, saw right through it and took themselves out in a hurry.
  5. Although I think he's too old, a Biden-Harris ticket would be formidable. This election is too important to be conducting experiments as to how far to the left the party's candidate can go. It's all going to come down to about 250-500,000 votes in 2 or 3 midwest states.
  6. This is why Biden is smart by waiting to announce, he knows he's going to run as a centrist, so he can allow all the other Dems to get in early and have to choose whether or not to embrace the more left initiatives being put out there and he can come in later and still embrace the concepts with more practical policy initiatives.
  7. Even if coal production does increase, it's also become like the steel industry, due to automation they can produce more with less workers. A lot of that mining land that they are attempting to reclaim, including vast parts of The Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, have toxic ground water; not sure they're places I'd want to camp at and I do a lot of it.
  8. A lot of the problem with delinquent car loans are working poor at the very bottom with average to poor credit for whatever reason. They have to have a car to get to work, especially in places with less than stellar public transportation, like Nashville; and they don't get the 3% loans. They are forced to the Drive Times and weekly pay ripoff lots who will finance them but at outrageous rates, resulting in high payments that their limited incomes makes it hard for them to keep up. I know a girl who works as a caretaker whose van died and she had to get a car immediately with only $400 down, she ended up paying 18% interest at Drive Time for a crap Nissan Versa that I know she's going to have trouble making the $400 payments on. She has 2 kids still at home and is actually a great hardworking mom very active in her church.
  9. Red Wings are 9-1 over the last 10 against the Preds, nothing to do with OP, but just had to post.
  10. It's not about sensitivity about Mariota, it's about the same people endlessly restaking their position about how they feel about him; especially in threads that have nothing to do about him, like one about Antonio Brown.
  11. Interesting take from Paul K on who Titans shouldn't resign; Cyprien, Morgan, Kline and Gabbert:
  12. Show me one post on this board where someone lists Harris-Fairfax as their dream ticket. This is your modus operandi, you read or hear something from a far right source such as Harris-Fairfax is the ideal, dream ticket for liberals and you try and project it on to anyone to the left of your belief set.
  13. The only rate that matters is the effective rate you end up actually paying; of course that's never the rate that's gets bandied about. Even if that 70% rate was implemented, it would only apply to earnings above a very high cutoff point.
  14. It's the only play in the conservative playbook, find an individual way out on the left, and try and paint every progressive person with that brush. Meanwhile there are people on the right stockpiling weapons openly discussing taking up arms against fellow citizens if the next election doesn't turn out the way they think it should. I don't see anyone here trying to paint conservative posters with that brush.
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