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  1. It's amazing how narratives become accepted simply through sheer repetition.
  2. Everyone said the Bengals had to go OL, but Burrow lobbied for and got Chase; he may have known what he was doing.
  3. Agrarian didn't equate not living in towns or cities which is where the majority of people lived. They owned small plots of land where they did sustentive gardening to feed the family and had a side skill to generate income. They grazed the small amount of livestock they might have owned on common areas set aside for that. People living away from towns or on the frontier who needed weapons to hunt or defend themselves were the minority. Crime occurred primarily on roads between towns which most didn't travel.
  4. That's actually demonstrably untrue, not that it's relevant to this conversation. It's a false premise that's been promulgated by pro gun groups that's easily refuted. Approximately 15-20% of people owned guns and a lot of them didn't work. The revolutionary war started when the British moved to seize an armory where the local militia's arms were stored; which was the common way of arming citizens back then.
  5. The fact that he's had the level of success playing the position so far well enough to be the consensus best OL in this draft and has never been asked to play a down of guard despite the short arms is evidence that he just may be an outlier. Joe Thomas and others have beaten the odds. Carolina used the top overall pick in the draft to take a guy who is probably statistically more unique than Skoronski in terms of a measurement percentile.
  6. All the 'expert' takes on OL play here are hilarious. Played tackle and center for 4 years in HS and center a year in college, coached OL at a low level HS back in the dark ages and know just enough about it to know I don't know jack shit about how it's played today in the NFL to make any sort of judgement about who can or should play where. I've yet to hear one NFL level OL coach or player make a statement about where Ski can or can't play.
  7. Don't think it's as out of the question as some do around here; it makes the Spears pick make a lot more sense as a guy to share carries while being a bit of a change of pace who can also function as a 3rd down back given his medicals rather than someone expected to carry the load post Henry.
  8. All the leagues put in rules that the roof has to be open or closed well before game time and can't be changed so as to avoid the home team trying to use it for a competitive advantage; the net result has been that teams just keep it closed 90-95% of the time.
  9. Taylor Swift's people are probably wishing for a dome right about now, 3 sold out stadium shows and rain forecast all weekend 😴
  10. More confirmation on how little of a role Kelly actually had last year; he was pretty much a consultant scouting other teams defenses while Downing wholely ran the shit show that was the offense.
  11. Sports Illustrated did life size pics way back when of boxers' fists. Muhammed Ali's was huge; made you realize why those quick jabs stopped guys dead in their tracks.
  12. He was actually recruited to VA Tech as a WR; maybe there's a secret plan we don't know aobut 🙃🙃
  13. He's smart, you don't play QB in a power conference and graduate with a non throw away degree in 3 years without a fair amount of intelligence, and he's willing to be coached; that bodes well for being able to correct his shortcomings along with his seeming acknowledgement of them. The physical talent is unquestioned, no worries there.
  14. The public education system in TN is mediocre at best in the big munincipalities and their suburbs; once you move out to rural areas....
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