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  1. Tanny definitely shit the bed yesterday, but every team still playing has something the Titians didn't, a vialbe 3rd receiver and TE. Reynolds completely fucked us by feeling sorry for himself after they signed Julio. Short of a miracle where Russ fights his way out of Seattle, RT is going to be our QB. Best path forward is to get this offense in sync during the offseason so it can achieve its considerable potential, and not use the regular season as a work in pogress..
  2. Blaine Bishop actually said something smart for once after the game, the Titans are probably in year 2 of a 3 year window as far as the SB; even if they were to lose Landry, the defense should be really solid next year, so it makes sense to keep all the offensive weapons intact for at least one more year. Julio isn't going anywhere.
  3. Reading way too much into some of these comments. Lewan played really well Saturday, btw. The only significant thing he said was refusing to identify Radnuz as a tackle. I'm sure Vrabel was frustrated more with Lewan's availability than his play, which shouldn't be as big a factor 2 years off the ACL.
  4. The third and less than one was going into an 8 man box, the sneak might have worked, the 4th down was going into a stacked 9 man box, should have audibled to the little pitch play they've had success with in similar situations; Cowher alluded to this in the post game.
  5. For an offense that had trouble establishing continuity all year starting with injury and covid issues in TC, going to a 3rd OC in 3 years (4 in 5), might not be the ideal answer. When the offence was putting up points early on, most were singing Downing's praises. We need to have everybody healthy and fully participating in all the off season and TC; I'm willing to wager it will do wonders, considering the talent we have on the skill side. Tanny is at least above average and with the skill people we have should flourish, he's shown it here in the past.
  6. Said his first read was Julio but they adjusted right before the snap to bracket him so he went to the underneath guy and thought he could get it in there. NWI was supposed to come back for the ball, which he did some, probably not enough.
  7. Agree mostly; the 4th and 1 wasn't Lewan's guy, it was Logan Wilson playing behind a 5 man front going unblocked. They had 9 in the box; that's the one play where they should have audibled to the outsid pitch play, might have scored on it. Cohwer mentioned it in the post game.
  8. Listen to Tannehill on the post game presser, he went over all of his decision making, tbh.
  9. Bingo, the XP call didn't really factor that much either way. Thought Lewan played really well, but the right side was leaking all game long on short yardage plays.
  10. JRob gambled that he could bring in a bunch of TEs and one of them would rise to the top, especially Firkser, and he lost badly. That Fitz pick is looking worse and worse
  11. For all our whining, they do deserve some credit for making some really good defensive stops when it counted. The DE made a really good play on the read option on 3rd and 1, and the backside really penetrated on the 4th and 1 which made Henry hesitiate. In retrospect 2 QB sneaks would have probably worked better.
  12. He's right, they really need everybody healthy in TC so they can actually work on the offensive chemistry instead of limping through it.
  13. I didn't like the 2 point conversion, especially as well as the D way playing; get the lead and let your crowd go crazy and let the D take over. The 3rd and 4th and one I don't have a problem with. That was not a gimme field goal, especially for our kicker.
  14. The early play by Chase is the only thing I fault the D for, if not for that they hold Burrow under 300, and the only TD they scored was on a bad run fit. You can't ask more of a defense the way they allow the game to be played today.
  15. Know he played QB in HS, but he plays like a converted WR; like someone who was trained late and plays very mechanically; you can see where guys who have watched film on him make plays and get TOs because they know what's coming.
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