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  1. The two biggest, farthest reaching fiscal bills in this country's history were written in secret by a former Wall Street banker ceo serving as Secretary of Treasury and a handful of GOP senators, with no hearings and rushed through the approval process.
  2. Extending Brown and Smith should be a priority if we miss out on the Clowney sweepstakes.
  3. He had Casey and Jones in front of him, and then last half of last year, a very highly touted rookie; he probably is a mid tier starter on some teams.
  4. 2 of the 3 2nd round picks are now no longer with the team and the 3rd is playing on a 1 year deal that he's not happy about,
  5. Majorly upgrading the pass rush with Beasley and Clowney would be the best thing we could do for the defense and would cover up holes elsewhere. They obviously expect Simmons to take a sizeable step forward as well. On offense we should be pretty set except for a back up rb which is easy to obtain and possibly upgrading Kelly.
  6. Proximity for the rest of the family plays into some of these decisions; it's much easier for them to attend games, see them on days off if they're closer by.
  7. I used to wait until July to make my payment, and they never said a word when I called to do it; that was about 4 years ago, but I doubt they've gotten much stricter about it, those dates are pretty meaningless.
  8. Board has a Paypal you can do one times, PM Guru and he'll give it to you.
  9. When Disney announced the closing of WDW Sunday, they went out of their way to announce that the expiration of any of their passes would be extended equal to the length of the duration of the closure. Didn't make any difference, they still jammed the parks and stood shoulder to shoulder to watch the fireworks .Already one person who was there has died from Corona and several others have tested positive. God knows how many got infected and then got on planes and headed home.
  10. You have to love the prerequisite citing of what a great job he's doing first thing by every one of his lackeys when it comes their turn to speak; it's so blatantly obvious that's the number one talking point that's been drilled into their heads.
  11. If they use the freed up money to extend Brown and Smith, it will end up being a very smart move, as much as I or other fans hate to see such a stalwart guy go for seemingly very little in return.
  12. No, why are we trying to break up a team that made it to the AFC championship game? Who knows what back is going to be there at 29 and whether they would be equal of Henry. We finally have the pieces, including a good qb, in place for a good to great offense, how about we let them go through a full year together.
  13. This Is the Only Way to End the Coronavirus Financial Panic https://nyti.ms/3d6S2zP This is the best idea I've heard, it restores a sense of stability the lack of which is killing the markets currently.
  14. FIFY, poor people living paycheck to paycheck are going to buy the cheapest priced goods at Walmart or Dollar General out of economic necessity regardless of where they're sourced.
  15. They're also ordering all their residents stateside to return to Canada or risk not having coverage if they contract Corona in the US. A lot of RVing Canadian snowbirds are affected by this. All the state parks closing are wreaking havoc on full time RVers, the states are worried about the washrooms being spread points and discouraging travel in general, RVers with onboard facilities are pissed about it because they feel it's one of the safer places to practice social distancing and in southern states campground space can be at a premium at this time of year.

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