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  1. The Lions actually hold a lot of the cards at this point, if Stafford flat out refuses to report, it only puts his contract, which is for 2 more years of service on hold. This is not a Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson situation where someone is going to retire rather than playing for them; don't think Stafford has the leverage that some think he does. The Lions will move him, but it's not going to be for a discount. If they decide to play hardball, the end of his contract gets extended for non show.
  2. It would take multiple 1sts and probably 2nds for the Colts to be in play, their current picks are lower round picks as would be their future picks with him. They would have to outbid teams able to offer much better picks.
  3. 27, 42, 35, 41, 34, 20, 41, 31, 46. 47, 37; those are the points given up in losses this year by the Lions. They're not going to trade their franchise QB to get picks to draft another QB who may or may not be one when that position is not the one holding the team back. Especially when he's easily the most popular and identifiable member of the team.
  4. Makes me think now that Saleh picked the Jets over the Lions; first thought was perhaps Lions didn't want to make that change and Saleh balked because of it.
  5. We desperately need DL depth, especially if someone wants to pay Jones; an area we should be drafting extensively and looking at FAs.
  6. Remember from Hard Knocks about the emphasis Lynn put on WRs blocking; during one segment one of the assistants telling the WR room that if they don't block it doesn't matter how good they are at catching and routes; Lynn would not keep a WR unwilling to block. That would definitely be in his favor around here.
  7. Was a little surprised that the Lions didn't hire Saleh, he's not only from the area, but he's also of Arabic descent and the Detroit metro area, specifically Dearborn (where I was born, btw), has the largest Arabic descent population in the entire country. Especially coming in with a new GM who's drafted 4-3 guys; thought he would be a great fit, love his intensity, something Patricia nor Caldwell seemed to be able to bring to the team. There was a big push from local community leaders to encourage the Lions to hire him.
  8. He's entirely right, now please expedite my $1400 promptly .
  9. Scott Jennings, probably the most staunch Trump defender on CNN, just completely repudiated him; first time I've ever heard him not conditionally condemn him.
  10. Eric Trump was on Fox earlier promising that any GOP rep or senator who didn't sign on with the electoral challenge would be primaried with a MAGA candidate in 22 or 24.
  11. Both of the Dems were strongly pushing that if they win the extra stimulus could be passed as soon as next week.
  12. Their being interested in in Paton is an interesting twist given that he works under Rick Spielman who is Chris's brother who is now in charge, at least temporarily, of the football side.
  13. Someone actually did a twitter salute to Rob, superimposing an image of both. I thought it was oddly appropriate since it was the same field where Rob kicked the single game record number of FGs, 8. in a 2 point win for the Titans back in 07:
  14. Re-watching the game and Henry's speed off the first cut is out of this world phenomenal; he'll never do those reverse your field highlight moves but let him plant that foot and you're fucked. The Titans scheming with condensing formations and putting 2 blocking TEs at the point of attack pre-snap are grossly under appreciated. The defense, minus a phenomenal individual play, can't stop it. Pruitt may be the least appreciated of them all.
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