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  1. Jerry Jones is talking about Sean Payton today and how he’s not committed to Garrett .. Could Carmichael be available soon?
  2. Nash

    Just a mock 1.0

    With so many other needs, it would have to be some overwhelming value to take a TE this year..we are rebuilding the interior line on both sides of the ball
  3. Nash

    Players Titans Met with at East/West/Shrine Game

    JRob continues to build the team.. Pope would certainly be an interesting player for the o-line
  4. Nash

    Players Titans Met with at East/West/Shrine Game

    Any interest in the Georgia center Lamont Gaillard??
  5. Waldron was at the NE Patriots for 5-6 years...so there's that.. remember when someone on this sight followed the flight manifest and tracked Bud's plane to figure out who we were drafting back in 2006?? good times
  6. you are correct tgo.. it should have been Carmichael.. thanks for the heads up..
  7. The 2 co-ordinators with experience left are Bienemy from the Chiefs and Pete Campbell from the Saints.. not sure who matches up better.. Kafka is another name, and while he successfully called plays in college, he has not in the NFL..Campbell has been w the Saints for 6-8 years and called plays the year Peyton was suspended..Bienemy is waiting on an HC job I'd guess..
  8. Nash

    Players Titans Met with at East/West/Shrine Game

    #77 looks like he could play both RT and guard.. much more athletic than Spain.. any data on his size??
  9. So now we can interview Eagles and Colts staff .. .. doubt we interview Cowboys or Charger coaches IMO..
  10. Nash

    Jags Dumpster Fire Intensifies

    Don’t think so.. JROB certainly didn’t give Mariota an endorsement in his press conference.. he’s well aware of the flaws ..
  11. I think we can be sure it won’t be the Chargers, with whiz running that deal .. but it could be someone from any of the 7 remaining teams, even the Cowboys, Colts, or Chiefs.. but more likely the Rams, Saints, Eagles, and Pats.. IMHO
  12. And Smith can buy the team if he likes, so money won't attract him away..