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  1. IMO we had a game plan , and we stuck to it!! Vrabel picked out how he thought we should play on offense, defense, ( and yes ST’s except for the missed points).. and we never really veered from the course.. wonder what he has cooked up for the Jags??
  2. Having 2 children within 1 calendar year is actually called "Irish twins" BTW
  3. I just called my Jax buddies and said "Can't even lose a game when they are supposed to, ain't no "Sunshine" when he's gone" LOL
  4. Houston is at least partly covered and I believe can be closed
  5. I’ve not heard anything about Brewer, but a 274 lb center sure doesn’t sound right.. is he a long snapper?
  6. Nash

    Josh Rosen

    Not sure if he fits this style of play.. but maybe with a couple of years of work he could..I see him in a West coast system actually
  7. According to the radio, both kickers have been pretty shaky this week!!
  8. Discussion this morning on the radio is that Simian excels in offenses that use outside zone running as an offensive base, and he throws well out of a “ cylinder “. So he certainly fits this offense well
  9. sounds to me like Raymond is #4 and Hollister #5, based on the training camp reports.
  10. I speculated on this somewhere back there in this thread .. that could be true!
  11. That's a logical explaination, but this may defy logic
  12. is it possible both want to be traded before the season?
  13. In the above conversation, there seems to be confusion between Ben Jones and Daquan Jones.. Ben is signed for several seasons at a reasonable price.. I’d certainly be in favor of resigning Daquan, particularly at his current price.. but he may test the FA market for his last contract..
  14. I think the loss of revenue due to the virus and perhaps a decrease in the cap has a lot to do with the Henry situation.. you have to be prepared for the worst

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