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  1. Several things seem certain, there will be a pocket to throw from, the oline will be much better at blocking the outside zone which is Henry’s strength, we will see more screens for Lewis.. all of which means that we spread the field by threatening to run or screen outside, and counter that with inside receivers like Humphries, Walker, and Smith.... we still need an inline te . And it will be interesting to see if Pruitt cAn be a backup for that spot
  2. Who might be the swing guard?? Assuming we draft a center, Grasso might very well be the backup center, or even start until the new guy is ready.. that leaves Jones, Pamphile, Levin, and Stinnie competing for the starting Right guard and backup /swing guard position .. Pamphile has an injury history. Working against him and experience and versatility working for him.. Jones has experience, and versatility , but I’m waiting to see how he plays at the rg spot.. and Levin played center much better than guard last season as I recall.. so the focus should be on Jones and Stinnie . Stinnie was a tackle in college, undrafted, and now becoming a guard.. his progress will likely determine what happens there..all the way from starting or being cut depending on his performance
  3. VY, Collins, Locker, Mariotta, Gabbert, Tannehill
  4. I’m on vacation , go to the beach and lunch and all of this happens!! Whew
  5. Since Henry runs better to the outside zone, does that mean anything as to how we build the iol??
  6. There is a you tube video of Smith saying that Firkser truly understands where the holes in the defense are and how to get to them , and he has extremely reliable hands. It seems to me he will be MM ‘s safety valve and will back up Walker..
  7. IIRC, he had beaten out Sims for the 4 spot last year.. just guessing where he is now
  8. Very likely our #4 corner, could be #3
  9. Chance Warmack was a disappointment, as was Kevin Dodd... on the other side, Levin, Finch, Pruitt /Firkser, and maybe Stinnie, represent finds among the undrafted and lower rounds that could be solid players, not stars
  10. Hundley was drafted by Green Bay, after Green Bay traded for Deshone Keizer , Huntley played backup for Seattle last season..if anything is going on , it’s that Rosen might be traded
  11. Other than the game we are referring to, I remember Levin playing some left guard.. I don’t think he looked as good in that spot
  12. Actually Jones played left guard pretty well and Levin played center pretty well that day
  13. If we resign Stocker, I’ll be surprised if we take another te
  14. I’m hoping Aaron Stinnie , a UDFA , a former left tackle learning the guard spot, is going to claim the spot and Kline becomes the swing guard for this season
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