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  1. Tennehill vs Bills Oct 6.. now that's something I could see
  2. As a practical matter, Miami will draft a qb..the Giants , Jets, Denver, Washington, Arizona, Jags, Oakland, Steelers all have qb's, meaning Miami and Cinnci and possibly Carolina and TB will be looking for Qb's as will we..
  3. I don't think we see Tannehill until Lewan is back and ready to go.. so game 5, October 6 against the Bills ..we really have to protect him to see what we have there.. personally I'm hoping Matt Stafford comes loose as Detroit decides to rebuild..
  4. The Jets and the Dolphins will have picks that they would trade in the next draft.. consider the Dolphins a shoe in for the Tua sweepstakes.. but they would certainly trade the other 2 picks if the price was right..
  5. Woodside was placed on injured reserve this week.. I believe he's done for the season..
  6. This discussion reminds me of a similar one with Rockets center Moses Malone, when he led the NBA in offensive rebounding.. he jokingly thanked his teammates for throwing up so many brick shots.. lol
  7. Conceivably he could recover from a pericardial effusion now that it's been drained..but with ALS his strength and breathing ability might not be sufficient to get back to his prior baseline.. unfortunately, ALS patients often die from aspiration, and possibly this is part of that
  8. I wish him well.. it’ll be a tough struggle to recover from this w ALS. !_!_!
  9. Derrick Mason discusses this on 102.5 the game this morning.. he pointed out Mariota ‘s flaws including lack of a consistent platform, feeling pressure when it wasn’t there , and a lack of accuracy when he doesn’t step and drive the ball on his throws.. he also mentioned the fact that on the play to Humphries, he stayed with him , while other receivers were open ie locked onto a receiver.. Mariota has a good performance , but to be great all of these things have to get better
  10. There was definitely some McVay there though.. the zone blocking was used to run away from Garrett on several plays I saw..
  11. Yes .. plus I believe Dylan was out this time , but perhaps McCartney was in
  12. Supposedly, before Petty dies, Jeff Lynn, Tom Petty and Joe Walsh were trying to get another Wilburrys gig going..
  13. I watched Justin Herbert last night against Auburn. He’s a big strong armed qb. In fact he overthrew the whole end zone on the Hail Mary pass..