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  1. My orthopedic colleagues have been saying that for a grade 3 MCL injury , it sure has taken a long time to heal.. they believe there is something more wrong with his knee
  2. Between a brain aneurysm and now kidney failure, it sure sounds like a real problem with hypertension..
  3. I know El Guapo wants a qb that can lead the receiver and get big YAC.. alas it may not be as it appears Cosell is saying that Mariota has to either have receivers schemed open or have visibly open receivers who stop , turn around and make a catch.. which means imo a lot of receivers to distribute the ball to .. btw this is what Air MacNair did, except he played hurt
  4. I can see a 250 million upgrade coming.. maybe 300 million but that's about it
  5. I'd be hoping for a near break even relationship with the Titans..as a matter of discussion Alliance Bernstein and Ernst and Young likely do not move there operations here without pro sports.. However, I do feel that the soccer should be in Williamson County>> Let them pay for it ..
  6. Apparently Pruitt is really out of shape.. and it’s hard to figure why Smith has not practiced. .. the reported injury ( grade 3 MCL) should require 3 months to recover .. it’s been 6-7 months ..
  7. Since the Pats traded for a TE today, I wonder if there was any pressure to complete this deal??
  8. Actually the offense could stand some reps, but it is what it is
  9. I’m assuming MM is going to let it rip.. as Vrabel has encouraged..
  10. I'd be hoping for a 2nd round pick actually..
  11. The alternative is that he’s a candidate to be traded..
  12. Med school and residency in Houston.. so a fan since 1971 .. waxed and waned because of moves and raising kids etc but always a fan .. really lucky they moved to Nashville
  13. I’m thinking a different way on this.. to me we have 2 dump off receivers on every play, a TE and Humphrey. And occasionally Lewis .. it seems we may very well be using rollouts to move Mariota as opposed to RPO’s ..
  14. Hopefully this means a real change in approach.. to dumping off a pass rather than running or taking a sack.. and perhaps a more solid foundation.. IIRC the great Warren Moon seriously discussed the weight gain with Mariotta, as well as a changed approach to playing qb.. we'll see..
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