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  1. 2 pre-season games..expand the rosters to 55, and expand the draft to 9 rounds.. let all 55 dress for each game.. move trade deadline to January 1st.. use the xfl kickoff and punt rules..use college rules for OT..
  2. Actually , the teams will be 9-8 or 10 -7 with 17 games .. there might be an occasional 8-9 team however..
  3. Agree completely.. it seems the Titans prefer a qb that is excellent at distributing the ball, and prefer that style of offense.. whether that's because of salary, depth, balance or other factors , that sure seems the way it will be
  4. Probably a prove it thing ..his next contract will be for significantly more
  5. I was thinking about this tonight.. the only thing on the horizon that I can think of that might influence thinking is the stadium upgrade .. we’d better be a competitive team most years with a loyal and vocal fan base.. if we want a retractable roof for concerts , Super Bowls, etc this team has to be competitive going forward.. the rumors around town are that Microsoft wants to build a campus adjacent to the stadium with restaurants , offices, apartments , the whole deal.. lots of dollars riding on this development
  6. But that was last year.. clearly our passing game and overall offense needs to get better to be competitive.. the oline needs some pass blocking improvement, we need some additional outside speed to complement Smith and Brown, and a pass catching / blocking type running back..
  7. The passing game improved by a significant amount with Tanne at qb.. the run game improved also .. I attribute it to Tanne's accuracy and ability to throw longer and to the sideline, which forced a major change in coverage..this year we have to be able to do it when the run is taken away..
  8. Davis has got great hands, but why does he have trouble getting open? that really is the question.. or is he destined to be a 50-50 ball wr and we just are not throwing any of those??
  9. I suppose if he dropped to 29 he might represent a real value there.. but personally I prefer Eason in round 2 to sit for 1-2 years ..
  10. If Brady is here(not my choice) , I’d look at Eason..
  11. It would not be beyond belief that Vrabel and Brady have the Okidoke in play..Vrabel is elevating Brady's value to help his buddy out, but we have no intention to really sign him..whatever the case , it's sure jazzed this board up..
  12. I've heard the picture that is out there of him at MBA is probably photoshopped.. so my apologies ..
  13. In the photo , Brady is holding 2 boys hands.. the third is just in front of them
  14. There is a photo clearly showing Brady , 3 boys and Gisselle at MBA .. I’ll try to post it when I get home
  15. I'm betting someone will be his defensive assistant and will handle a lot of the daily practice scheduling, etc

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