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  1. While I seriously question if Kaepernick is accurate enough to be an NFL quarterback, there’s no denying that teams are looking at Mahomes, Jackson, and Watson and trying to see if they can find someone like that
  2. Plus , we can pick up players through trades or that have been released without affecting comp picks..
  3. I believe I could make the argument that JRob represented stabilization of the team to the other owners.. and the other owners had to notice she had direction to build around MM .. remember stabilization of the Titans increased the value of all of the other teams.
  4. We just faced the 2 fastest corners in the league.. I'd say Adoree held his man down most of the game.. has anyone looked at the film to determine who he covered and was it press man??
  5. One additional thought- in the last 5 years we went from a situation where the league was going to force a sale of the team to now stability... 3 big parts of that stability were AAS taking charge, hiring a first rate GM, and yes having drafted a former Heisman.. I would have to think , given where this team was which was the #1 pick in the 2016 draft to now, AAS felt that Mariotta deserved a last shot.. The big picture now is she has to re-ignite the fan base.. if the fans fall behind Tanne, which seems likely given his heroics against KC, it means he will be the face of the franchise.. Everything points to it now including the cordial relationship Vrabel is developing with him..
  6. First resign Tanne .. let’s say 4 years , 90 million .. then make a decision .. but likely an early 3rd rounder , even if we make a trade up for it..
  7. Isn’t the TE Holister the twin brother of our wr Cody Holister? Checked it he is!!
  8. guessing Pamphile will return at some point ..
  9. At this point Marcus is probably below several backups including Allen, Bridgewater, Locke, Mullen, Rudolph,
  10. still marveling at the triple "Heisman" option.. would Robert Griffin actually throw it??
  11. I can believe he had residual damage from the cervical fracture last season.. but I also know the Tanne is a better qb for this team right now..
  12. depending on our record, it's quite possible Herbert falls to us..
  13. I should have said the motion looks a little rough, but obviously effective
  14. I realize Burrow has completed passes, but any thought on his motion??