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  1. Suspect it will be in the bubble with this heat wave today and especially tomorrow
  2. If we keep a big NT, it might be Rush..little to no Rush (pun intended) but for running downs, he might be difficult to move
  3. Look at our depth at IDL, after Tart, Simmons, and Autry tell me what you see... Murchison, Abry , Hector, Naquon Jones.. if anything, we better think seriously about another DL before we get another corner..
  4. welcome to the board.. it can be a "ruff " place , so take nothing personally..is this link to your website?
  5. I love the west side of Duval with Avondale and Ortega, but the place to be right now is Ponte Vedre which is in St Johns county..
  6. 96% of all practicing physicians have been vaccinated.. what do we know that you don't know ?? you don't want to be on a ventilator your last few weeks of life without your family and loved ones being able to see you, with the possibility of dialysis, strokes, myocardial problems etc.. not a good way to go
  7. Rogers and Watson both want to be in Denver..
  8. Kizer apparently has a live arm and maybe a play action system would be better for him .. the only other qb I like that might be available soon is Drew Locke, but he’s going to need some development to be a backup
  9. According to Stillman, both rookie kickers have been shaky in OTA’s
  10. So the competition between Naquan Jones and Daylon Mack is no more!! Who will be the NT ??
  11. Henry is from Yulee, Florida.. small town on the road from the Jax airport to Amelia Island..
  12. Do they still have the plane tracking info? Somebody should be on thi!
  13. Does Julio have his own plane?? Is anybody tracking it? Lol
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