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  1. Simple solution.. terrific article and I’m going to look at the Athletic for a subscription..
  2. I do agree that the roster is in pretty good shape... but there is definitely a sense of produce now.. it sure seems that this team can take advantage of an opponents weakness on defense, can control the clock, and can play catch when the need occurs.. and the defense can take away another team's strength, forcing them to go to option#2... the fact we are practicing against the Pats surely says something about the overall versatility..
  3. There is some video footage on local television of Mariota at the Titan Caravan in Clarksville.. on first pass, I noted that his legs and lower body look much bigger .. noticeably so.. anxious to see if he can use that to throw
  4. Sorry .. played for Giants in 2016 and 2017... about 40 catches for a little over 500 yards.. had gotten into some trouble with the law (details escape me) .. but an experienced receiver .. did not play last year and was on practice squad..
  5. Guess I was wrong on this one!! He's been released
  6. We can all hope for a “Robert Johnson” kind of improvement
  7. I'm going with the idea that the Shannahan/Mcvay system takes a while to understand and to produce under.. as many commentator's have stated .. but with basically the same system in place, much of the qb's play should be automatic..
  8. My orthopedic colleagues, who are not taking care of him but seem to know a lot of detail about the injuries (given the HIPPA rules), say he should be able to pass a physical with regard to his cervical vertebrae fracture, his foot , and his ribs.. they don't know what the status of his ulnar nerve is however.. but my going joke about it is "rub some CBD oil on it" LOL
  9. Sharpe has little trade value (0??) but we thought the same about DGB ... possibly we look for a backup to Casey , either through the trade route or cuts
  10. 3 points to make.. the west coast style spreads the field laterally, sideline to sideline, including an emphasis on outside runs by 22, which leaves spaces open in the middle for slants, tight ends, and Humphries, all throws that Mariota does well.. all of the receivers and Walker /Smith have enough speed and ability to break a tackle, and there will still be pics, bunch formations, and other schemes to get them open...lastly, the best defense against deep passing is a pass rush , so that if the oline is a lot better, the deep passes and big plays will be there.. IMO
  11. maybe not, but the strategy and style are the best we can do given the circumstances.. and I'm excited to see if our version can do it..
  12. there are a number of players that desperately want his playing time..
  13. The mark of a great coach is one who can coach a variety of styles and win.. this team will have a decent oline, big back, and multiple options at receiver and TE, and an efficient qb.. and a solid pass defense.. it will also have basically the same terminology and formations as last year .. ie continuity to improve the efficiency on both sides of the ball... it's pretty clear we are all in on Mariota to see if he can do it or not.. but efficiency, play action, and short to intermediate passing are what he seems best at, plus he is less likely to be injured with this style..
  14. I'm interested to see what Roger Lewis can do.. he should be competitive for the 6th wr spot, but who knows what his situation is
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