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  1. With the NFL currently in the dead period before training camp have started having a look forward to see some of the guys who might be in the 2022 draft. At this early stage the top positions of need for the Titans will probably include EDGE/TE/IOL and possibly ILB depending on what happens with Brown/Evans. Texas A&M TE Jalen Wydermyer was one of the first guys from the potential 2022 draft class to catch my eye, would be insane to add the catch radius and red zone threat of Wydermyer to the core that is already here in Tannehill/Brown/Jones/Henry.
  2. Yeah, I said it. I've been more down on Henry than a lot of on the board, but my gripe with him is purely mental/attitude. He acts entitled and plays soft for his size. But all the griping has downed a lot of you on his ability. But let's be clear - Henry's a physical beast, more so than Gurley, and every bit as talented of a runner if not more so. I was probably the most excited on the board when we drafted him because his tape speaks for itself - he's a man among boys. If we really switch to a zone blocking scheme that suits his running style by giving him space he wi
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-final-quick-snap-grades-for-all-32-teams 19 teams got an A grade. 12 teams got a B grade. Only one lower grade, the Texans got a C. LOL
  4. This draft is very good IMO. You can’t expect to have 8 rookie starters. What you want is a class that can produce 3-4 stars with highly athletic boom or bust guys and this draft supplies that. Round 1: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech (A beast if he gets/stays 100% at our weakest position last year) Round 2: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State (A very competitive, Boom or Bust small school guy brought in to compete) Round 3: Monty Rice, LB, Georgia (Very high football IQ guy who can read offenses and fix our communication/assignment problems)
  5. We'll probably be picking in the 20-25 range i.e. Overall 20-25 (RD 1) or 52-57 (RD 2) or 84-89 (RD 3) ...in each round so take two. If you feel there are better, overlooked candidates feel free to substitute for $1. A free desert will be had by those nominating a 6th or 7th round steal. Trading up means you have to pick up the check. 2021 NFL Draft Top Edge Rushers (drafttek.com)
  6. As discussed in my previous thread, here is your chance to make picks for the Titans. What do you think would be the best picks, and approach to the draft? Rules are simple: When the titans make a pick, post the pick you wanted in this thread. I will add them all to one post to preserve them. No changing your picks. No hypothetical trades or any of that nonsense. When they pick, you pick. For picks 2 and on, make the pick you want them to make based on who is still on the board and based on who you decided to take previously....not based on who the titans to
  7. I mean we got an extra 4th to salvage that gut punch. But Tremble is the exact tight end we needed. That was a painful miss.
  8. I have to say yes. I think in my book this would put him above Jordan. Forget about all of the stats, all star awards, and his 4 MVP's. Just look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a team that sucked balls for years. Then they drafted him. He takes them to the playoffs 5 straight years. Their lack of winning a championship during those years was seemingly due to lack of an adequate supporting cast in a team game. He bails and goes to Miami. During his 4 seasons there, they go to the NBA finals 4 years straight and win 2 championships. Meanwhile, Cleveland immediately goes
  9. I like this year's draft class. This year is exactly how I thought we should have drafted last year. Although now I'm thankful we didn't because this year is definitely deeper talent wise at the positions we needed, specifically defensive wise. I hated last year's draft, except Fulton. I think JRob did great in this year's draft. Last year's draft D+ This year's draft B+
  10. Round one trade back with GB who takes Farley. We pickup their 3rd rounder 92 overall. Pick 1 at 29: Elijah Moore, WR Ole Miss The kid is undersized, but he is going to be dynamic at the next level and has game breaking speed. I think this also signals to Vrabel that Robinson wants a more open offense. The Humphries and Lewis pickups as well as the Evans pick signal to me Robinson would like to see more 11 personnel. This pick forces Vrabel’s hands, but he can play outside in our 21 and 12 packages with slants, double moves, and drag route type stems. My favorite thing about
  11. Round 1: No. 22 J. Horn (CB is top heavy and WR is very deep. Bateman would be great though) Round 2: No. 53 Ronnie Perkins (Asante Samuel or Walker Little would also be good depending on Rd1) Round 3: No. 85 Tylan Wallace ( Payton Turner if an edge has not been selected or Kelvin Joseph/Cisco) Round 3: No. 100 Dylan Moses (played hurt after season ender the year before, will be a steal) Round 4: No. 126 Spencer Brown OT Round 5: No. 166 Cade Johnson/ TuTu Atwell Round 6: No. 205
  12. Figured I'd start a thread for Elijah Moore with all the talk about him of late. I did see a report a few weeks ago saying a few teams have Bateman as the second rated WR in the draft behind only Chase.
  13. Draft news and rumors during the week can go here...
  14. Alright, let’s hear it, TR. who will the Titans take in round 1?
  15. Hello all! Back again for another year of this. I’ll be keeping track of all the contact that Titans coaches/management/scouts have with upcoming NFL Draft prospects. With that said we are off to the races... CB Darren Hall - San Diego State - Senior Bowl/Virtual Meetijg (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/1/21 & 4/25/21) CB/DB Ifeatu Melifonwu - Syracuse - Senior Bowl (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/15/21) CB Thomas Graham Jr. - Oregon - Senior Bowl (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/22/21) CB/DB Trill Williams - Syracuse - Virtual Meeting (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/26/21) C
  16. So, I have considered throwing this idea out here for the past couple of years, but just never got around to it. Would people be interested in doing a "be the gm" scenario? Rules would be simple, when the titans are on the clock in round one, pick a player. When they are on the clock in round 2, pick a player based on that round one pick. If the titans trade, you also have to make that trade. (Sorry Tolar) So at the end of the draft, if the titans made 8 picks so did you. This also makes people's drafts more comparable. Ideally someone would combine people's picks into the first post of
  17. Round 1, pick 22 Jaelen Phillips- EDGE, Miami Let me be as unequivocal as possible here; Jaelen Phillips is the best defensive player in the class. He has elite size, athleticism, and hand usage. He’s the only pass rusher in the class that can win in every possible way. He can use his speed, length, and bend to win on the outside. He can use his quickness and advanced hand-fighting to win inside and on counter moves. If all else fails, he can simply go through the OL using his unusually heavy hands and ability to convert speed to power. He is also a very stout/tenacious player vs the
  18. We've all had a diet of those top rated QBs who seem assured of landing in the early 1st round. I wouldn't be shocked to see as many as 5 go in the top ten picks. Who are some of the others who could find a place on the draft boards around the league? I think Trask of Florida, Molds of TAM, and Erhlinger of Texas should be there somewhere. What say all yall?
  19. Last year, in the draft a team picked a player, then the announcer said the team got a player, implying that a team can pick something else. Since then I tried researching it, but could not find the answer. With the draft coming up, I want to check if anyone knows what else a team can draft other than players?
  20. Not sure how long they've had this, but the interface is much cleaner than the one most of us have been using for a few years. I like how this one has a series of sliders at the beginning where you can tweak things like "care for positional value," "randomness," "draft for needs," etc. Seems like some of the same players "fall" every time though no matter what. https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator Would be curious to see some of the drafts you guys are putting together on there.
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