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Found 68 results

  1. Just starting a thread to serve as a watch list of players for the 2020 Draft. One guy that caught my eye already is Iowa RT Tristan Wirfs, saw plenty of him last year while watching Hockenson at Iowa, the guy is an absolute monster, rare blend of size/power/mobility, with both Kelly/Conklin off contract at the end of this season RT could be a serious need next offseason.
  2. IDK if I'll be able to keep this updated but it might be interesting to track. If I post too many tweets will it crash? 👀 Week 0: Miami @ Florida Week 1: Notre Dame @ Louisville Virginia @ Pittsburgh South Carolina @ North Carolina Week 2: Syracuse @ Maryland Cincinnati @ Ohio State Marshall @ Boise State Week 3: Ohio State @ Indiana Alabama @ South Carolina Louisville @ Western Kentucky Hawaii @ Washington Week 4: Utah State @ San Diego State Utah @ USC
  3. With NFL people throwing out stuff like this, might as well go ahead and get the hype train started for this kid. Knowing our luck, he'll probably end up a Jaguar. Or maybe the Colts win 2 Super Bowls, then Luck gets injured and they draft this guy 😆.
  4. Im gonna pat myself on the back a little bit so i apologise but I do think im one of the best to understand what Robinson looks for in players at certain positions. I predicted Jack Conklin and Corey Davis and I know a few players that he coveted but wasnt able to draft ( just my honest opinion) I knew Darius Leonard wouldve been a great first round pick if he was selected there. With that said Josh Allen fits this defense so damn well Robinson may trade a future second or first to trade up to get him. Hes a perfect fit to a T.
  6. Zierlein on Simmons: Impressive physical specimen offering rare combination of strength and athleticism for future dominance in a variety of defensive schemes. Simmons involvement in a fight between two women in 2016 will surely be a cause for concern, but his avoidance of trouble while at college should help his cause. His on-field issues are self-created and largely due to a lack of instincts, but the physical tools and immense upside outweigh those concerns. Simmons has All-Pro potential and should become an early starter and star. NFL Comparison: Ndamukong Suh Grade: 6.67 "Chance to become a Pro-Bowl Caliber Player"
  7. If so, have you watched any Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)? Thus far I've really enjoyed it, unusual concept and all (no geographic bases). Really hope it works out for the league but I don't think it was very bright to televise the majority of matches via a subscription with NBC Sports.
  8. With his character mark and ACL, where we he fall? 2nd? 3rd? He was top 20 100% likely top 15 before. Would probably spend a 2nd after trading down in 2nd. Can't let this guy last until the 3rd. Drafting him is the same as giving up a 2nd or 3rd now to trade up in 2020 for a 1st.
  9. 2018 Draft (updated 5/2/18) ROUND 1: 1. + Notsolegato (9 nines) - Saquon Barkley 2. Cyrus - Nick Chubb 3. NashvilleNinja - Derrius Guice 4. + Cornrow Wallace (9 nines) - Rashaad Penny 5. Bink (Cornrow) - Ronald Jones II 6. Jamalisms - Sony Michel 7. + Real Old School (9 nines) - Royce Freeman 8. TitanJoe - DJ Moore 9. 9 Nines (Cornrow) - Calvin Ridley 10. Abenjami (Wiscotitansfan) - Kerryon Johnson 11. Wiscotitansfan - Courtland Sutton 12. + Guru (9 Nines) - Baker Mayfield ROUND 2: 13. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Anthony Miller 14. Cyrus - Christian Kirk 15. NashvilleNinja - Lamar Jackson 16. Cornrow Wallace - Dante Pettis 17. Bink (Jamalisms) - Mike Gesicki 18. Jamalisms - Michael Gallup 19. *Real Old School (Notsolegato) - James Washington 20. TitanJoe - Hayden Hurst 21. 9 Nines (Bink) - Sam Darnold 22. Abenjami - Dallas Goedert 23. Wiscotitansfan - Josh Rosen 24. Guru - Antonio Callaway ROUND 3: 25. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Nyheim Hines 26. Cyrus - Kalen Ballage 27. NashvilleNinja (NashvilleNinja) - Equanimeous St Brown 28. Cornrow Wallace - Kyle Lauletta 29. Bink - Josh Allen 30. Jamalisms (Real Old School) - Mark Walton 31. Real Old School - Mark Andrews 32. TitanJoe - Ito Smith 33. 9 Nines (Jamalisms) - John Kelly 34. Abenjami - DJ Chark 35. Wiscotitansfan - Tre'quan Smith 36. Guru 2019 Draft (Updated 5/2/2018) Standard order Exceptions: Oldschool owns 9's 1st and 3rd round picks Oldschool owns Jamal's 2nd round pick ConditionaI - If Crowell finishes in top 10 in rushing yards in each of the next two seasons OR if Reed misses 14 games or more in total over the next two seasons combined for any reason THEN Gurus get a 2019 1st from Bink for a 2019 3rd unless Sanders gets 1000+ yards in each of the next two seasons, in which case the conditional trade is a 2019 2nd from Bink for 2019 3rd. 2020 Draft (Updated Long Ago) Standard order Exceptions: Round 1: Cyrus from Bink Trades from 2018: 1. 9 Nines acquired Oldschool's 2018 first for his 2019 1st and 3rd. 2. Jamal gets Garoppolo, Notsolegato gets Stafford and pick 19. 3. Cornrow trades pick 12 for Chris Thompson 4. Jamal sends his 2019 2nd rounder to Oldschool for #18. 5. Cornrow trades #27 to NashvilleNinja for Randall Cobb 6. 9's gets Doug Baldwin, Bink gets Devin Funchess and Corey Coleman
  10. Given our lack of game breaking big play potential on offense UMass WR Andy Isabella is a name to keep an eye on in the 2019 Draft, a smaller stature guy with blinding speed mid 4.3s 40yd time, has been playing both in the slot and out wide at UMass.
  11. Draft Pick Threads Visits/Workouts Thread
  12. Drool, energy drinks, a Day 3 pick based on a single play: Titans GM explains reasoning behind all six selections The Athletic By Travis Haney 3h ago Sifting through film clips of the Titans’ recent sixth-round draft pick, West Virginia linebacker David Long, Jon Robinson raises his laser pointer at the projection screen on his office wall. “This is the Baylor game. I was at this game,” Tennessee’s fourth-year general manager says, taking a drag from a blue Red Bull can. Robbie Bohren, the team’s longtime head of media relations, has found a chair in the room and is watching some of the film. “Does it help you to see these guys in person?” Bohren asks. Robinson kind of shrugs. “I don’t know that you learn a whole lot,” he says. “It’s good to see them on the hoof.” A second or two passes. “I might have salivated when I saw Jeff Simmons live,” Robinson says of the team’s eventual first-round pick, a standout defensive lineman from Mississippi State. But when Robinson saw Simmons play, he admits that he never imagined he’d be a possibility for the Titans, who at that time appeared destined to pick somewhere between 15 and 25. (They ended up at No. 19 after a 9-7 season.) Simmons only entered the picture after he tore his left ACL in February. “For us, really, had he not had the knee injury, I would say it was a real slim chance that he would’ve been there at 19,” Robinson said. “I mean, I didn’t think we had any chance.” Starting with and focusing on Simmons, Robinson took time this week to discuss at length with The Athletic each of the Titans’ six draft picks. He broke down each prospect’s film and laid out the picks’ timelines, from the initial scouting to the draft week finish line. Round 1 (No. 19 overall): DL Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State Tennessee’s area and national scouts made their Simmons presentations in December, describing a lineman with the chance to impact games in a profound way. Based on his in-person observations and some “quick” film study, Robinson saw all he needed to see. Continuing to discuss Simmons was essentially pointless; he’d be a sure-fire top-10 selection, with a real chance to sneak into the top 5. He would not be there at No. 19. “It was, ‘Yeah, I saw him. I’m all set talking about him. Who’s next?'” Robinson said. “There were other players we probably needed to focus on. In a typical scenario, you probably don’t have a chance to take him.” But Simmons’ knee injury, as unfortunate as it was for him, changed everything for the Titans. More and more, Robinson started to sink himself into Simmons’ film. “Powerful. Athletic. Long. Can play a lot of spots. Versatile. Good motor player,” Robinson said. “With those defensive linemen, a lot of times you worry about them taking plays off. I mean, he’s a guy who doesn’t take very many plays off. He plays with some enthusiasm.” Words that Simmons repeatedly returned to this week while watching a dozen film cut-ups: “Factors”: That’s how Robinson described Simmons’ disruption, particularly when it came to the quarterback. Even if the play didn’t result in a sack, Simmons would “factor” in creating pressure. “Gets vertical”: After getting jostled or absorbing contact, Simmons showed an ability to shake free and again get in a straight line, with speed, toward the QB. The plays often showcased his reaction time and burst, both of which are sublime. “Dead”: One way or another, Simmons tended to kill plays himself. The film showed an athlete who is excellent with his hands and possesses a sturdy, sturdy base. Robinson even noted some advanced technique polish, a credit to Mississippi State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop. His best game, Robinson thought, was Mississippi State’s Outback Bowl game against Iowa. The en vogue thing for high-end prospects is to sit out bowls. Simmons, instead, was relentless in the game. “Exactly,” Robinson said. At one point, two Hawkeyes offensive linemen, who’d just been embarrassed by Simmons, were jawing at one another on the field. Watching the film again this week, Robinson still seemed to marvel at Simmons. It was almost as if the drool was re-forming as he watched his top pick work in maroon and white, all the while envisioning him this fall in two-tone blue. “That’s a big son of a bitch running right here,” Robinson said, almost giggling as he watched Simmons sprint toward the sideline in pursuit of an Ole Miss ball-carrier. He laughed a little more when Simmons bumped his large frame into Ole Miss receiver A.J. Brown, the Titans’ second-round pick. It was clear to the Titans early on that Simmons was a special player. The evaluation process then extended to two other important areas: the knee injury — and the much-publicized incident as a high school senior. On the night of the first round, and then the following day, Robinson and coach Mike Vrabel talked at length about assessing Simmons’ character regarding the videotaped incident of him assaulting a woman in a fight involving family members. (Simmons pleaded no contest to a simple assault charge and was found guilty of malicious mischief. He reportedly paid more than $1,000 in fines.) Mississippi State made a difficult decision to still allow Simmons to enroll. Those in Starkville rave about the model citizen he was in three years on campus. Even so, the first step for the Titans was to have a ground-floor conversation, with Robinson bringing in owner Amy Adams Strunk. Was this incident enough to summarily cross off Simmons from the board, just in principle? Or did it require more evaluation and research? “Jon and Mike came to me months ago, and we discussed the incident,” Adams Strunk said April 26 at Simmons’ introductory news conference. “We watched the video together. It begins with trust from Mike and Jon that I was able to get comfortable. But they were both very respectful that I needed to be comfortable, because at the end of the day, I have the final decision. It was a process.” Robinson and the scouting department conducted numerous interviews with those who knew Simmons, with Simmons receiving a consensus character endorsement. Every piece of information signaled to the Titans that this really was an out-of-character moment. They knew it was a horrifically violent loss of control, but their final impression was that it was also something that led Simmons to mature. At that point, the matter was resolved in their minds. They no longer returned to those concerns. At the combine in late February, Vrabel received a general question regarding character evaluation. He never mentioned Simmons by name — but he also wound up saying something very similar after the pick was made. “Well, we all make mistakes. I think that that’s the first thing,” Vrabel said in Indianapolis. “I’ve got kids: I’ve got a freshman in college and a junior in high school. We all understand that things are going to happen. Is it a mistake or is it a bad person? If it’s a mistake, you try to fix the mistake. If they’re a bad guy, you move on from bad guys.” Adams Strunk gave full, public support of Simmons after the pick. “We’re getting a great football player; that goes without saying,” she said. “But we’re getting a great man. Our locker room is so important. We only have good men in there, and this young man is a good man.” Hearing the owner’s words, Simmons bowed his head and broke down in tears. “I think he was extremely genuine,” Robinson said this week. “Amy conveyed how she felt about him and about us in the process, that we vet these players out and the fact that, since I’ve been here, we don’t bring bad people into this organization, this community. “I think everybody got to see who Jeffery really is. It was a pretty powerful moment.” Regarding the injury, Robinson said he did not recall, at least as a GM, selecting a player with a serious knee injury during training. It obviously wasn’t a deal-breaker, though. “Historically, guys have been taken with that injury,” Robinson said. “I mean, guys come back from that now. Medicine has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I’m certainly no doctor, so you’re relying on their exam and our discussions with the doctor who did (the surgery) and the trainers working with him at Mississippi State. “He was getting after the rehab, so …” Even so, the Titans — who should again be playoff contenders in 2019 — had to become comfortable with Simmons missing some or all of the upcoming season, as he continues his rehab. Simmons said he’s targeting an October return, but the team has said it will not rush him back. “Mike and I talked about it,” Robinson said. “We talked about it with Amy (and told her), ‘We’re probably not going to have this guy for a little while. There’s a chance he can come back and help us in ‘19, but there’s a chance he might not.’ “We kind of have to wait to see how it goes. But this type of player, you don’t usually have a chance to draft them unless you’re not winning very many games. The risk-reward factor, the reward far outweighed the risk.” Draft Day in Nashville had arrived, with 200,000 people descending on Lower Broadway to create the most memorable draft spectacle in the league’s history. About four miles north, at the team’s Saint Thomas Sports Park home, Robinson spent part of that day again watching Simmons’ film, “just to make sure we were right.” He turned it off feeling confident about Simmons, if things fell the right way. As the draft got into the teens, Robinson took a look at the team’s board. He described his board as “horizontal,” with the war room comparing three or four players head-to-head. (As opposed to a “big board,” numbered 1 through X.) Robinson skirted questions about who was being compared with Simmons for the 19th pick, other than to say where Simmons’ position was in his mind. “He was at the top of it. He was at the top of it,” Robinson said. I asked specifically about Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins and N.C. State offensive lineman Garrett Bradbury, both of whom were selected before the Titans picked. He didn’t say whether they would have been favored over Simmons, if there were a choice. “We liked them. We had them ranked up there pretty high,” Robinson said. Did Robinson have concerns about Simmons being selected by another team, prior to No. 19? “I thought there was at least two teams we were going to have to dodge bullets on,” he said, adding that there was “no chance” the Titans could have waited until the second round to select Simmons. I suggested that maybe the Colts, at No. 21, might have taken Simmons. (Indy wound up trading out of the first round, perhaps another indication that Simmons was a coveted target.) If that were true, it could have been part of the reason Robinson declined a couple of trade offers (“one strong and one kinda OK”) to slide back into the “mid-20s.” “I didn’t feel like the extra picks, although I would have loved to have had them, was worth passing on him as a player,” he said. When Minnesota took Bradbury at 18, the Titans’ war room lit up. There was no debate. The choice was a clear one. “It was a very good moment. Very good moment. Great moment,” Robinson said. “He was far and away, we felt, the best player for us.” One reason the Titans went with a defensive lineman, Robinson said, was because he felt as if the talent at that position “dropped off pretty drastically.” The scouting group believed the talent pool at the other need positions — edge-rusher, interior offensive line and receiver depth — was deeper, allowing Tennessee to address them in the ensuing picks and still get value. And they accomplished that, it would seem.
  13. Trump supporters who ironically love a draft dodging, fake patriot will probably turn on this guy. However, William H. McRaven, a retired four-star admiral who as head of the U.S. Special Operations Command oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid to kill Bin Laden and many other special ops has jumped into the fray: In the op-ed, McRaven, who retired from the Navy in 2014, described Brennan as “a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.” “Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency,” McRaven said in the piece. @MadMax, at your convenience. Please feel free to proceed with the clarion call.
  14. I'm pounding the table for us to draft Noah Fant with our first rd pick. He will be the next great pass receiving TE. I do believe he can play inline. He is big enough at 250 lbs, strong enough(20 reps) and his overall workout was sick. 4.50 40 was clearly the best among TEs and his 6.81 cone was better than most Wrs. He basically played WR at Iowa since they had no good WRs and Hockenson was the starting TE. He was rarely covered by linebackers even lining up outside and beating first rd CBS like Denzel Ward. His college statistic that really sticks out is that 24% of his catches were TDs, 26% the last 2 seasons. He can truly stretch the field something that Hockenson cannot do but he is a major weapon in the red zone. I'm pounding the table for this guy! Hakeem Butler had a monster season in the big 12 with a massive yards per catch. He is the reincarnation of Plaxico Burress who was the 8th pick in the 2000 draft. His timed speed was better than Burress. Huge at 6'5 227 he ran a 4.49 40 with a 36 inch vertical. If he runs a sub 7.00 cone a case could be made for him being the best wide out in the draft.
  15. I know it's a division rival, but this is a great idea. Gives you an inside look at the draft process. Love seeing the war room discussions. I chuckled a few times at Irsay asking questions and Ballard having to reassure him 😂
  16. Hello all, I figure we should have a place again to post all the Draft Prospect Meetings and Visits that are set up over the next couple of months. Although we are only about 2-weeks in, we once again have no gotten much information about who we have met with at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, East-West Shrine Bowl, and the Senior Bowl. Sp far we know the following: OL: Olisaemeka Udoh - Elon (EW Shrine Game) Lanard Bonner - Arkansas State (EW Shrine Game) Ryan Pope - San Diego State (EW Shrine Game) Connor McGovern - Penn State (Combine/Pro Day) Ross Pierschbacher - Alabama (Combine) Alex Bars - Notre Dame (Combine/Local Pro Day) Erik McCoy - Texas A&M (Combine) Michael Deiter - Wisconsin (Combine/Senior Bowl/Pro Day) Chris Lindstrom - Boston College (Combine/Private Workout) Trey Pipkins - Sioux Falls (Combine) Cody Ford - Oklahoma (Pro Day) Beau Benzschawel - Wisconsin (Pro Day) Dave Edwards - Wisconsin (Pro Day) Micah Kapoi - Wisconsin (Pro Day) Nate Trewyn - Wisconsin-Whitewater (Pro Day) Nate Davis - Charlotte (Top 30 Visit) Ethan Greeneidge - Villanova (Pro Day) Brandon Hitner - Villanova (Pro Day) Tytus Howard - Alabama State (Dinner/Top 30 Visit) Byron Glass - Austin Peay State (Local Visit) Yodny Cajuste - West Virginia (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit) Jordan Agasiva - Utah (Private Meeting) Bruno Reagan - Vanderbilt (Local Day) Dru Samia - Oklahoma (Senior Bowl/Combine/Private Workout) Max Scharping - Northern Illinois (Top 30 Visit) Greg Little - Ole Miss (Top 30 Visit or Private Meeting/Workout???) Andre Dillard - Washington State (Top 30 Visit or Private Workout???) EDGE: Mathieu Betts - Laval (EW Shrine Game) Derick Roberson - Sam Houston St (EW Shrine Game/Private Workout/Pro Day/Top 30 Visit) Jalen Jenks - Oregon (Senior Bowl) Charles Omenihu - Texas (Combine/Pro Day) Jachai Polite - Florida (Combine/Top 30 Visit) Clelin Ferrell - Clemson (Combine/Pro Day/Top 30 Visit) Montez Sweat - Mississippi State (Combine) Kyle Phillips - Tennessee (Pro Day/Local Pro Day/Private Workout) Ahmad Gooden - Samford (Pro Day) L.J. Collier - TCU (Pro Day/Top 30 Visit) Maxx Crosby - Eastern Michigan (Private Workout/Pro Day) Jamal Davis II - Akron (Private Meeting) Brian Burns - Florida State (Top 30 Visit) Ronheem Bingham - Arkansas State (Dinner/Meeting) Ben Banogu - TCU (Pro Day) Tim Ward - Old Dominion (Private Meeting) Zach Allen - Boston College (Private Workout) Sione Takitaki - BYU (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit) Jaylon Ferguson - Louisiana Tech (Top 30 Visit) Joe Jackson - Miami (Top 30 Visit) Jessie Aniebonam - Maryland (Private Workout) Anree Saint-Armour - Georgia Tech (Private Workout) Interior DL: Daniel Wise - Kansas (EW Shrine Game) Ed Oliver - Houston (Combine/Pro Day/Top 30 Visit) Christian Wilkins - Clemson (Combine/Pro Day) Daylon Mack - Texas A&M (Combine) Khalen Saunders - Western Illinois (Combine) PJ Johnson - Arizona (Pro Day) Dexter Lawrence - Clemson (Pro Day) Renell Wren - Arizona State (Private Workout) Michael Dogbe - Temple (Pro Day) Miles Brown - Wofford (Private Visit) Ray Smith - Boston College (Private Workout) Dare Odeyingo - Vanderbilt (Local Day) Kingsley Keke - Texas A&M (Private Workout) Chris Slayton - Syracuse (Private Workout) Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame (Top 30 Visit) Adrian Middleton - Kentucky (Private Workout) Javier Edwards - Colorado (Interest???) WR: Jesper Horsted - Princeton (EW Shrine Game) A.J. Brown - Ole Miss (Combine/Pro Day) Keesean Johnson - Fresno State (Combine) Emanuel Hall - Missouri (Combine/Private Workout/Local Visit) Ashton Dulin - Malone (Combine/Private Workout) Jamal Custis - Syracuse (Pro Day/Private Workout) Deebo Samuel - South Carolina (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit) Rafael Araujo-Lopes - Pitt (Pro Day) Jeff Smith - Boston College (Private Workout) N’Keal Harry - Arizona State (Private Meeting) Juston Christian - Marist College (Pro Day) Diontae Johnson - Toledo (Top 30 Visit) JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Stanford (Pro Day/Top 30 Visit) Trenton Irwin - Stanford (Pro Day) Jalen Hurd - Baylor (Local Visit) Gary Jennings - West Virginia (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit) DeVon Johnson - Tennessee State (Local Pro Day) Marquis "Hollywood" Brown - Oklahoma (Top 30 Visit) ILB: Khalil Hodge - Buffalo (EW Shrine Game) Blake Cashman - Minnesota (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit/Pro Day) Drew Lewis - Colorado (Pro Day) Dre Greenlaw- Arkansas (Private Workout) Ryan Connelly - Wisconsin (Pro Day) Devin Bush Jr. - Michigan (Pro Day) Connor Strachan - Boston College (Private Workout) Mike Smith - Miami (Pro Day) Curtis Akins - Memphis (Pro Day) Ty Summers - TCU (Pro Day) Ben Burr-Kirven - Washington (Pro Day) Tevis Bartlett - Washington (Pro Day) Jordan Griffin - Vanderbilt (Local Day) Maximo (Sanchez) González - Monterrey Tech (International Pro Day) Quart'e Sapp - Tennessee (Pro Day) Otara Alarka - Texas A&M (Private Workout/Top 30 Visit) Tyrel Dodson - Texas A&M (Local Pro Day) DB: Jimmy Moreland - James Madison (EW Shrine Game/Senior Bowl/Private Workout) Joejuan Williams - Vanderbilt (Combine/Pro Day/Local Visit/Private Workout/Local Pro Day) Jamel Dean - Auburn (Combine) Evan Worthington - Colorado (Pro Day) Blace Brown - Troy (Combine) LaDarius Wiley - Vanderbilt (Pro Day) Isaiah Wharton - Rutgers (Pro Day/Private Workout) Mike Edwards - Kentucky (Private Workout) Ka'Dar Hollman - Toledo (Pro Day/Meeting) Derrick Baity - Kentucky (Private Workout/Pro Day) Darius West - Kentucky (Pro Day) Khari Willis - Michigan State (Pro Day) Justin Layne - Michigan State (Pro Day) Darnell Savage - Maryland (Top 30 Visit) Amani Hooker - Iowa (Top 30 Visit) Tim Harris - Virginia (Pro Day) Juan Thornhill - Virginia (Pro Day/Private Meeting) Dereon Carr - Hampton (Private Workout) Zedrick Woods - Ole Miss (Dinner/Pro Day) Stephen Denmark -Valdosta State (Pro Day) Cameron Glenn - Wake Forest (Private Workout) Lonnie Johnson - Kentucky (Top 30 Visit) Will Harris - Boston College (Private Workout) Ugo Amadi - Oregon (Local Pro Day) Sean Bunting - Central Michigan (Private Workout or Top 30 Visit???) Marvell Tell III - USC (Private Workout) RB: Jordan Scarlett - Florida (Combine) Ryquell Armstead - Temple (Pro Day) Miles Sanders - Penn State (Pro Day/Private Meeting or Workout) Travis Homer - Miami (Pro Day) Drayone Gray - Miami (Pro Day) Joshua Jacobs - Alabama (Pro Day) Devin Singletary - FAU (Meeting) Trayveon Williams - Texas A&M (Private Workout) Darrell Henderson - Memphis (Private Workout) Alex Barnes - Kansas State (Private Workout) QB: Tyree Jackson - Buffalo (Combine) David Pindell (QB/WR) - UConn (Private Workout) Amir Hall - Bowie State (Private Workout) Eric Dungey - Syracuse (Private Workout) TJ Linta - Brown (Private Workout) John Lovett - Princeton (Private Workout) Kyle Shurmur - Vanderbilt (Local Pro Day) TE: Jace Sternberger - Texas A&M (Private Workout) Kendall Blanton - Missouri (Private Workout/Private Meeting) Dawson Knox - Ole Miss (Pro Day/Local Visit) TJ Hockenson - Iowa (Pro Day) Noah Fant - Iowa (Pro Day) Kaden Smith - Stanford (Pro Day) K: Marc Orozco - Grambling (Private Workout) ========================================================================================== Top 30 Visits: 1. DL/EDGE Ed Oliver - Houston 2. EDGE Brian Burns - Florida State 3. WR Marquise Brown - Oklahoma State 4. EDGE Clelin Ferrell - Clemson 5. DL Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame 6. EDGE LJ Collier - TCU 7. OL Tytus Howard - Alabama State 8. WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside - Stanford 9. WR Deebo Samuel - South Carolina 10. EDGE Jaylon Ferguson - Louisiana Tech 11. CB Lonnie Johnson - Kentucky 12. OL Greg Little - Mississippi 13. S Darnell Savage Jr. - Maryland 14. EDGE Joe Jackson - Miami 15. S Armani Hooker - Iowa 16. LB Blake Cashman - Minnesota 17. OL Nate Davis - Charlotte 18. OL Max Scharping - Northern Illinois 19. OL Yodny Cajuste - West Virginia 20. WR Gary Jennings - West Virginia 21. WR Diontae Johnson - Toledo 22. EDGE Jachai Polite - Florida 23. EDGE Derick Roberson - Sam Houston St. 24. LB Otaro Alaka - Texas A&M 25. LB Sione Takitaki - BYU 26. CB Sean Bunting - Central Michigan (If you want to count it) Local Visits/Local Pro Day: 1. Emanuel Hall - WR - Missouri 2. Jalen Hurd - WR - Baylor 3. Byron Glass - OL - Austin Peay State 4. Bruno Reagan - OL- Vanderbilt 5. Dare Odeyingo - DL - Vanderbilt 6. Jordan Griffin - LB - Vanderbilt 7. Joejuan Williams - DB - Vanderbilt 8. Dawson Knox - TE - Ole Miss 9. Tyrel Dodson - LB - Texas A&M 10. Kyle Phillips - EDGE - Tennessee 11. Kyle Shurmur - QB - Vanderbilt 12. Ugo Amadi - CB - Oregon 13. DeVon Johnson - WR - Tennessee State ***We only know about 1/3 of this group as they said about 40 were in attendance. =========================================================================================== Potential Projected Draft Positions: I got these projections from using Draft Scout and Draft Analyst IOL: Cody Ford - Oklahoma - 1st Round Chris Lindstrom - Boston College - Late 1st/Early 2nd Erik McCoy - Texas A&M - Late 1st/Early 2nd Michael Deiter - Wisconsin - 2nd Round Connor McGovern - Penn State - 2nd Round/3rd Round Nate Davis - Charlotte - 3rd Round Ross Pierschbacher - Alabama - 3rd Round Beau Benzschawel - Wisconsin - 4th Round Dru Samia - Oklahoma - 4th Round Alex Bars - Notre Dame - 4th Round/5th Round Nate Trewyn - Wisconsin-Whitewater - 7th Round/HPFA Bruno Reagan - Vanderbilt - HPFA Lanard Bonner - Arkansas State - HPFA Byron Glass - Austin Peay State - HPFA Jordan Agasiva - Utah - PFA Micah Kapoi - Wisconsin - UDFA OT: Andre Dillard - Washington State - Top 20 Pick Greg Little - Ole Miss - Late 1st/Early 2nd Tytus Howard - Alabama State - 2nd Round Yodny Cajuste - West Virginia - 2nd Round Dave Edwards - Wisconsin - 3rd Round Max Scharping - Northern Illinois - 3rd Round/4th Round Oli Udoh - Elon - 4th Round Trey Pipkins - Sioux Falls - 4th Round/5th Round Brandon Hitner - Villanova - 5th Round/6th Round Ryan Pope - San Diego State - 7th Round Ethan Greenidge - Villanova - HPFA EDGE: Montez Sweat - Mississippi State - Top 10 Brian Burns - Florida State - Top 20 Clelin Ferrell - Clemson - 1st Round Charles Omenihu - Texas - 2nd Round Zach Allen - Boston College - 2nd Round Jaylon Ferguson - Louisiana Tech - 2nd Round L.J. Collier - TCU - 2nd Round Jachai Polite - Florida - 2nd Round/3rd Round Joe Jackson - Miami - 3rd Round Ben Banogu - TCU - 3rd Round Maxx Crosby - Eastern Michigan - 3rd Round Kyle Phillips - Tennessee - 3rd Round/4th Round Sione Takitaki - BYU - 4th Round/5th Round Tim Ward - Old Dominion - 5th Round Jalen Jenks - Oregon - 5th Round/6th Round Wyatt Ray - Boston College - 6th Round Jamal Davis II - Akron - 6th Round Derick Roberson - Sam Houston St - 6th Round/7th Round Jessie Aniebonam - Maryland - 7th Round/HPFA Anree Saint-Armour - Georgia Tech - 7th Round/HPFA Ronheem Bingham - Arkansas State - HPFA Mathieu Betts - Laval - PFA Ahmad Gooden - Samford - PFA ILB: Devin Bush Jr. - Michigan - 1st Round Blake Cashman - Minnesota - 2nd Round Ben Burr-Kirven - Washington - 4th Round/5th Round Tyrel Dodson - Texas A&M - 5th Round Drew Lewis - Colorado - 5th Round Ryan Connelly - Wisconsin - 5th Round Otara Alarka - Texas A&M - 5th Round Curtis Akins - Memphis - 5th Round/6th Round Dre Greenlaw- Arkansas - 5th Round/6th Round Ty Summers - TCU - 6th Round/7th Round Khalil Hodge - Buffalo - 6th Round/7th Round Connor Strachan - Boston College - 7th Round Otara Alarka - Texas A&M - 5th Round Mike Smith - Miami - HPFA Tevis Bartlett - Washington - UDFA Quart'e Sapp - Tennessee - UDFA Jordan Griffin - Vanderbilt - UDFA/Trout Maximo (Sanchez) González - Monterrey Tech - UDFA/Tryout Interior DL: Ed Oliver - Houston - Top 15 Christian Wilkins - Clemson - Top 20 Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame - 1st Round Dexter Lawrence - Clemson - 1st Round Khalen Saunders - Western Illinois - 2nd Round Renell Wren - Arizona State - 2nd Round Kingsley Keke - Texas A&M - 2nd Round Daylon Mack - Texas A&M - 4th Round/5th Round Chris Slayton - Syracuse - 5th Round Michael Dogbe - Temple - 5th Round/6th Round Ray Smith - Boston College - 6th Round Daniel Wise - Kansas - 6th Round/7th Round Chris Slayton - Syracuse - 5th Round PJ Johnson - Arizona - HPFA Adrian Middleton - Kentucky - HPFA Miles Brown - Wofford - PFA Dare Odeyingo - Vanderbilt - UDFA Javier Edwards - Colorado - UDFA WR: Marquis "Hollywood" Brown - Oklahoma - Mid 1st Round/Early 2nd Round A.J. Brown - Ole Miss - Late 1st/2nd Round N’Keal Harry - Arizona State - Late 1st/2nd Round Deebo Samuel - South Carolina - 2nd Round JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Stanford - 2nd Round Emanuel Hall - Missouri - 3rd Round Gary Jennings - West Virginia - 3rd Round Ashton Dulin - Malone - 5th Round/6th Round Keesean Johnson - Fresno State - 5th Round/6th Round Jalen Hurd - Baylor - 6th Round/7th Round Diontae Johnson - Toledo - 6th Round/7th Round Jeff Smith - Boston College - 7th Round/HPFA Jamal Custis - Syracuse - 7th Round/HPFA Juston Christian - Marist College - HPFA Trenton Irwin - Stanford - HPFA Jesper Horsted - Princeton - PFA Rafael Araujo-Lopes - Pitt - UDFA DeVon Johnson - Tennessee State - UDFA CB: Joejuan Williams - Vanderbilt - 2nd Round Lonnie Johnson - Kentucky - 2nd Round Sean Bunting - Central Michigan - 2nd Round Justin Layne - Michigan State - 2nd Round/3rd Round Jamel Dean - Auburn - 3rd Round Jimmy Moreland - James Madison - 4th Round Ugo Amadi - Oregon - 4th Round/5th Round Ka'Dar Hollman - Toledo - 5th Round/6th Round Derrick Baity - Kentucky - 6th Round Tim Harris - Virginia - 6th Round/7th Round' Blace Brown - Troy - 7th Round/HPFA Isaiah Wharton - Rutgers - 7th Round/HPFA LaDarius Wiley - Vanderbilt - HPFA Safety: Darnell Savage - Maryland - 2nd Round Amani Hooker - Iowa - 2nd Round Juan Thornhill - Virginia - 2nd Round Zedrick Woods - Ole Miss - 3rd Round Marvell Tell III - USC - 3rd Round Will Harris - Boston College - 3rd Round Darius West - Kentucky - 4th Round/5th Round Khari Willis - Michigan State - 5th Round/6th Round Stephen Denmark - Valdosta State - 5th Round/6th Round Mike Edwards - Kentucky - 5th Round/6th Round Evan Worthington - Colorado - 6th Round/7th Round Cameron Glenn - Wake Forest - PFA Dereon Carr - Hampton - PFA RB: Joshua Jacobs - Alabama - Late 1st Round/Early 2nd Round Miles Sanders - Penn State - 2nd Round Darrell Henderson - Memphis - 2nd Round Trayveon Williams - Texas A&M - 2nd Round/3rd Round Devin Singletary - FAU - 3rd Round Ryquell Armstead - Temple - 3rd Round Travis Homer - Miami - 3rd Round/4th Round Alex Barnes - Kansas State - 4th Round Jordan Scarlett - Florida - 5th Round/6th Round Drayone Gray - Miami - 7th Round/HPFA TE: TJ Hockenson - Iowa - Top 15 Noah Fant - Iowa - 1st Round Dawson Knox - Ole Miss - 2nd Round/3rd Round Jace Sternberger - Texas A&M - 2nd Round/3rd Round Kaden Smith - Stanford - 3rd Round/4th Round Kendall Blanton - Missouri - 5th Round/6th Round QB: Tyree Jackson - Buffalo - 2nd Round/3rd Round Kyle Shurmur - Vanderbilt - 7th Round/HPFA Eric Dungey - Syracuse - 7th Round/HPFA John Lovett - Princeton - HPFA David Pindell (QB/WR) - UConn - UDFA Amir Hall - Bowie State - UDFA TJ Linta - Brown - UDFA K: Marc Orozco - Grambling - UDFA
  17. What can you imagine went on in the Titan War Room that we'll probably never know about? J-Rob famously said that he would have loved to have more 2nd and 3rd Round picks. Do you think he had readied move back trades until he saw Jeffrey Simmons still there at 1-19 and AJ Brown there at 2-51? Think there were any attempts to move up for Ed Oliver when he slipped out of the Top 4? I loved this draft. Wish we had used this approach in years past when we had more holes on the roster to fill.... here come The Trolls!
  18. CURRENT TITANS UDFA SIGNINGS Mississippi State DT Braxton Hoyett Oklahoma DT Amani Bledsoe Boston College CB Hamp Cheevers Stanford OT A.T. Hall UNC WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams Kansas State RB Alex Barnes Sam Houston State EDGE Derick Roberson Akron WR Kwadarrius Smith Syracuse OL Cody Conway Tennessee LB Quart'e Sapp Woford Safety JoJo Tillery UB LB Khalil Hodge Florida Tech DL Adonis Davis
  19. What if Jon Robinson had a heart attack the evening of the draft? Do you think we would have been prepared enough to do it without him running the show? Personally, I don't believe we would have been... We have seen countless times JRob overpay to trade up because he wasn't prepared to let the draft come to him. We all know that we moved up to 1-8 to grab his guy Conklin, but had we just stayed we would have taken Decker at 1-15. Just an incredibly wasteful use of resources that I think we still need to discuss
  20. In 2018, 37 of 106 early entrants went undrafted in the NFL. This year, 49 of 144 went undrafted. In many of those cases, college football (and the lives of the players) would have been better if those players were allowed an eligibility mulligan. But the NCAA has never come close to even thinking about changing that reality – at least partially because it might open a Pandora’s box where more underclassmen flood the draft.