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  1. Hello all! Back again for another year of this. I’ll be keeping track of all the contact that Titans coaches/management/scouts have with upcoming NFL Draft prospects. With that said we are off to the races... CB Darren Hall - San Diego State - Senior Bowl (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/1/21) CB/DB Ifeatu Melifonwu - Syracuse - Senior Bowl (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/15/21) CB Thomas Graham Jr. - Oregon - Senior Bowl (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/22/21) CB/DB Trill Williams - Syracuse - Virtual Meeting (Reported by Justin Melo, 2/26/21) CB Greg Newsome II - Northweste
  2. 22. Zaven Collins LB, Tulsa 53. D'Wayne Eskridge WR, Western Michigan 85. Benjamin St-Juste CB, Minnesota 100. Ronnie Perkins EDGE, Oklahoma 126. Robert Hainsey OT, Notre Dame 166. Cornell Powell WR, Clemson 184. Elerson Smith EDGE, Northern Iowa 213. Robert Jones IOL, Middle Tennessee 254. Mustafa Johnson IDL, Colorado YOU'RE ON THE CLOCK
  3. - WR Tylan Wallace - Oklahoma State - 5'11" 194 "I'm telling you this guy will be the next Steve Smith. He's the same kind of competitor and (has the) same kind of jump ball skills." -- NFL assistant coach How he fits the JRob WR profile... - 4yr player with consistent production - Had at least 4 catches in every single game he played from his sophomore season onward - Strong in traffic - Aggressive after the catch with excellent YAC ability - SI described him as a "a try-hard blocker who plays with a chip on his shoulder"
  4. We've all had a diet of those top rated QBs who seem assured of landing in the early 1st round. I wouldn't be shocked to see as many as 5 go in the top ten picks. Who are some of the others who could find a place on the draft boards around the league? I think Trask of Florida, Molds of TAM, and Erhlinger of Texas should be there somewhere. What say all yall?
  5. 1. If we draft horn, will we let him play press coverage or will we ruin him with asking him to play 10 yards off the receiver? 2. Do we draft a CB or WR or Edge since we let Davis and Butler go and we picked up Bud? 3. IMO we take Horn 1st round, take a WR or Asante Samuel jr in 2nd, and then trade up to make sure we get Moses in 3rd and wait for him to get healthy. Thoughts?
  6. This class has more depth but most of the guys in this class are not ones. They are slot guys. Chase is big stud. The ALA WR in my view will be OK......nothing special. Jeudy and Ruggs were better prospects than the two guys going this year. The TE from Florida is who I would take over any WR in this class including Chase and I love Chase.
  7. In Madden I had a bum roster and ended up having like 90 mill in cap space. I drafted well and developed Alot of guys. I resigned Alot of my best players a few years ago. Now I'm -39 mill in cap space. But what I will do when they get towards their 30s is trade them. I have absolutely no money to sign rookies 😂, but my team is stacked. I simply trade away my draft picks. Been doing it for a couple years because I have no cap space. But by 2039 I will have about 13 1st rd draft picks. Pure genius.
  8. We'll probably be picking in the 20-25 range i.e. Overall 20-25 (RD 1) or 52-57 (RD 2) or 84-89 (RD 3) ...in each round so take two. If you feel there are better, overlooked candidates feel free to substitute for $1. A free desert will be had by those nominating a 6th or 7th round steal. Trading up means you have to pick up the check. 2021 NFL Draft Top Edge Rushers (drafttek.com)
  9. Last year, in the draft a team picked a player, then the announcer said the team got a player, implying that a team can pick something else. Since then I tried researching it, but could not find the answer. With the draft coming up, I want to check if anyone knows what else a team can draft other than players?
  10. At this point, it seems almost a certainty the Titans will be taking 1 - if not 2 - WRs this draft. Fortunately, I keep hearing from all the draft gurus how this draft class is absolutely loaded at WR. It's certainly one of the more entertaining positions to scout and research. So who are some of your favorite guys this draft? Who should be available around our picks in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? I haven't researched any of them yet, but I think the value of WRs in general is much better in round 2. There was a 538 article a few years back that looked at success rate of pla
  11. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-to-host-fans-prospects-in-cleveland Ah yes... the land of cleve. The 2021 NFL Draft will be broadcast on NFL Network, ESPN and ABC, including two nights of primetime coverage beginning on April 29. Further details on NFL Network, ESPN and ABC's coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft will be announced at a later date. More information on this year's draft activities can be found at NFL.com/Draft.
  12. Just starting a thread for any 2021 Draft News. Disappointing to see that Clemson WR Justyn Ross has been ruled out of the upcoming season with a serious neck/spine issue, Ross is one of the more talented WR in CFB.
  13. I have to say yes. I think in my book this would put him above Jordan. Forget about all of the stats, all star awards, and his 4 MVP's. Just look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a team that sucked balls for years. Then they drafted him. He takes them to the playoffs 5 straight years. Their lack of winning a championship during those years was seemingly due to lack of an adequate supporting cast in a team game. He bails and goes to Miami. During his 4 seasons there, they go to the NBA finals 4 years straight and win 2 championships. Meanwhile, Cleveland immediately goes
  14. on NFLN. Anyone watch these? Stanford has a WR that's 6'3" about 220 and ran a 4.37 (Foheru?) and a CB that has length& speed and was top-ranked in PBUs for two years before sitting out this season (Abedo?).
  15. Using the Over the Cap comp pick projections this is what the Titans current draft capital looks like ahead of the 2021 draft. Round 1 - Pick #22 Round 2 - Pick #53 Round 3 - Pick #85 Round 3 - Pick #100 (Conklin comp pick) Round 4 - Pick #126 Round 5 - Pick #166 Round 6 - Pick #203 Round 6 - Pick #213 (From the Chiefs as part of the trade during the 2020 draft) Round 7 - Pick #256 (From the Dolphins via the Chiefs as part of the Isaiah Wilson trade) Usually the Over the Cap projections are pretty accurate might see a couple of th
  16. I know we do not know who we are keeping and cutting yet but curious where you all sit at the moment. Rank your top 5 spots you would like us or think we will draft early (day 1 and 2) IDL: 1 Edge: 1A CB: 3 ILB: 4 WR: 5 TE: 5A honorable mention to IOL and RT
  17. Just curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this. I say he goes in the top 5 probably to Cleveland at #4 just after Bortles.
  18. Continuing as we start college football I think it is wise to look at our current roster construction and look at potential areas of need and positions we will likely target in the draft. QB - A true developmental Back-up Long have the Titans needed an actual developmental QB on their roster that they can begin to groom. Woodside is serviable because he knows the offense, but he is more of an extension of the coaching staff than anything at the point. Siemian likely won’t returns WR - Talent, Explosivness, and Depth One of the positions that will likely undergo
  19. 1. Jacksonville- QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson 2. New York Jets- QB Zach Wilson, BYU 3. Houston (via MIA)- WR Devonta Smith, Alabama 4. Atlanta- QB Justin Fields, Ohio St. 5. Cincinnati- LT Penai Sewell, Oregon 6. Philadelphia- WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU 7. Los Angeles Chargers (via DET)- LT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern 8. Carolina- QB Trey Lance, North Dakota St. 9. Denver- CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama 10. Miami (via DAL)- WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama 11. New York Giants- LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame 12. San Francisco- QB Mac Jones, Ala
  20. With the NFL cancelling of the Combine and in person visits/workouts/interviews the Senior Bowl takes on an even more significant part of the pre draft evaluation period this year, this year teams will have the opportunity to watch/interview 135 prospects in person which is a larger pool of players than normal. Each of the last 2 years the Senior Bowl have had 93 players drafted in the corresponding NFL draft meaning nearly 40% of players drafted have come from the Senior Bowl. TV coverage of the Senior Bowl will consist of live look ins on the NFLN of practices on Tues
  21. With the Senior Bowl starting up this week, I thought it would be good to get a dedicated thread on it. Lots of top notch players in Mobile this week with the combine now cancelled. I am really looking forward to watching some of the OL and DL guys. That is always one of the highlights through the week.
  22. Leave your comments here. Are we sure that Devonta Smith won't run a 4.3 when he gets timed. I've seen people speculate he's only a 4.5 guy.
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