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Found 71 results


    D'Andre Swift

    Assuming things fall to where the Titans do not take a QB in round 1 I'd be very interested in considering RB D'Andre Swift....... An explosive playmaker who can run and catch will would likely turn the offense around more than anything else they can do. We're good at WR.
  2. Talking about it in the qb thread but this warrants it’s own imo. It also happened when Bama was up 35-7.
  3. I know we all give eachother shit and make jokes. But we are all like family here at the end of the day. How many of you have been in serious relationships where the woman flat out goes crazy and wakes up one day and says she doesn’t love you anymore and doesn’t want to get married, and then goes on a long tirade about how everything in the world possible was wrong when the entire time she was doing and saying things the complete opposite. Her actions represented her words which has hit me with the complete shock of “what the fuck” from sending pictures of the rings she liked, to her ring size, the date she wanted to get married on, and honeymoon destinations to “idk if I love you like that and today something just didn’t feel right” keep in mind... I bought the fucking ring. I put the deposit down on the home for her and her son to move into in April. I barely watched the last half of the season, barely followed college ball, etc because I was so caught up in thinking I was in a relationship with “the one” to make matters worse... most of you know my brother passed away years ago. She broke off things on the anniversary of his death that fucking bitch. So I’m down in the dumps man. Idk how to feel, how to process this, what to think, or where to go. It’s the lowest I’ve felt in a long time and I’m flat out broken. Have any of you experienced this before? because the only thing I can think of... is when I was out of town on a travel assignment she was fucking some dude who liked all of her Facebook shit and I asked her about him “he’s just a guy I went to HS with and we are friends. You don’t have to worry about him. I love you and he’s no one” meanwhile tonight I go and look at said dudes Facebook and sure enough she’s liked all of his photos and statuses. Its obvious. That viscous whore played me. But still... I love the woman and hold out hope she got cold feet or something... idk. Whats the best eoute to take if i want if I want to get her back? Most importantly... what’s the best route to take to get over this shit...? i always bang them then leave them. I never fall into relationships. This is unchartered territory. There was a lot of red flags. Kid with absent father whose never seen the child after 9 years. Mood swings and depression for weeks. I just chalked that up to her being a woman and him being a POS... maybe there’s a reason that man actually left and never came back...? wtf do I do? i may not be the best person for draft stuff this year. I’ve been so far behind the eight ball. Normally I scout from October until the draft and I barely know the top 5 players at each position. I barely know much about how our season ended. I got got caught up man. This is downright the most heartbreaking and depressive shit I’ve gone through in a long time. I know jokes will happen, but realize this really isn’t the time... hold them back for later maybe... idk who picks the worst day out of the year to deliver such news, twist everything around and manipulate you into thinking you are some bad person... just what the fuck
  4. Time to start the yearly draft order thread after the first quarter of the season is in the books, this shouldn't be taken as an indication that the Titans season is over more a look at how the draft order is starting to take shape, especially keeping an eye on the QB needy teams that are ahead of us in the Draft Order. 2020 NFL Draft Order Post Week 4 1. Dolphins 2. Bengals 3. Redskins 4. Denver 5. Jets 6. Cardinals 7. Dolphins (from Steelers) 8. Falcons 9. Jags 10. Colts 11. Ravens 12. Giants 13. Raiders 14. Eagles 15. Titans 16. Panthers 17. Bucs 18. Vikings 19. Lions 20. Seahawks 21. Browns 22. Chargers 23. Miami (from Texans) 24. Cowboys 25. Packers 26. Bills 27. Rams 28. Raiders (from Bears) 29. Saints 30. Patriots 31. 49ers 32. Chiefs
  5. I know a few of you play fan duel or draft kings I figured it would be cool to have a place to share favorite lineups from week to week and also share our season winnings. Anyone have any players they like for week 1 that are underpriced?
  6. IDK if I'll be able to keep this updated but it might be interesting to track. If I post too many tweets will it crash? 👀 Week 0: Miami @ Florida Week 1: Notre Dame @ Louisville Virginia @ Pittsburgh South Carolina @ North Carolina (Jake Bentley) Week 2: Syracuse @ Maryland Cincinnati @ Ohio State Marshall @ Boise State Week 3: Ohio State @ Indiana Alabama @ South Carolina (Tua Tagovailoa, Jake Bentley x2) Louisville @ Western Kentucky Hawaii @ Washington (Jacob Eason) Week 4: Utah State @ San Diego State (Jordan Love) Utah @ USC Week 5: Ole Miss @ Alabama (Tua x2) Arizona State @ Cal Penn State @ Maryland Week 6: James Madison @ Stony Brook (James Madison QB Ben DiNucci?) Cal @ Oregon (Justin Herbert) Georgia @ Tennessee (Jake Fromm) Week 7: Lafayette @ Princeton (Princeton QB Kevin Davidson?) Colorado @ Oregon (Steven Montez, Herbert x2) Penn State @ Iowa (Nate Stanley) (JRob also there, Ryan Cowden) USC @ Notre Dame Memphis @ Temple Virginia @ Miami Titans also had a scout at Washington's Thursday practice (Eason x2) Week 8: Georgia Tech @ Miami Oregon @ Washington (Herbert x3, Eason x3) Week 9: Iowa @ Northwestern [Titans "new to scouting Iowa this year" per Iowa sports reporter] Liberty @ Rutgers Week 10: West Virginia @ Baylor Week 11: ???
  7. His draft status is in major jeopardy after that seems like a serious hip injury today. He was air lifted out which indicates season ending serious! This right hip injury would be the 4th significant injury to a leg in the last 2 seasons. He has had high ankle sprains to each ankle. A sprained knee and now this. All of that in the span of 23 starts and 31 total appearances. There is no way a team is going to risk a top 10 pick on a player who is that oft injured. This puts him into Jake Locker territory and while he is a competitor who has proven he can heal quickly and plays well hurt it is a major risk. It's a shame he is a great kid and this probably means that Bama has no chance at a national title. Shit!
  8. Just starting a thread to serve as a watch list of players for the 2020 Draft. One guy that caught my eye already is Iowa RT Tristan Wirfs, saw plenty of him last year while watching Hockenson at Iowa, the guy is an absolute monster, rare blend of size/power/mobility, with both Kelly/Conklin off contract at the end of this season RT could be a serious need next offseason.
  10. 8. Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans After shoring up the right tackle position in the first round with Jack Conklin, the Titans continued to find personnel that fits the “exotic smashmouth” scheme they are trying to build by picking up the most physically imposing running back in the draft. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t offer much of anything different than what DeMarco Murray already brings to the table, and they passed up a golden opportunity to shore up their offensive line even further. Henry is great at falling forward on downhill runs, but he’s chopped down easily in space and isn’t a natural receiver out of the backfield. Drafting a backup running back in the second round with a roster full of needs is not something we can get on board with.
  11. Tomachek

    Jamie Newman

    I hope this kid declares. He'll be a great option day 2 option for us, if we decide to pass on a Quarterback in round 1. He's 6'4 and 230lbs, and sneaky athletic for his size. Very poise in the pocket. Has the arm talent to exceed in the NFL, and is accurate at all level of the fields. Is actually one of the most accurate deep ball passers this year.
  12. Thrill

    Jordan Love

    I just watched every pass from Utah State’s game against LSU and I think Love’s stats neglect to show that he actually played a pretty good game against maybe the best team in the country. He threw three interceptions but two of his picks I think are just great plays by the corners and him trying to give the receiver a chance. His pocket presence is phenomenal and he seems fairly accurate except for on some of the timing passes to the sideline. He seems to go through his reads really quickly in this game because of LSU’s ferocious pass rush. I think he might have the highest ceiling out of all the qbs I’ve looked at. With his downer of a season he will probably be available where we pick in the first and maybe even the second. If he decides to declare this year I would pull the trigger. He’s got Wilson, Mahomes, Watson escapability and a huge cannon.
  13. I'm pounding the table for us to draft Noah Fant with our first rd pick. He will be the next great pass receiving TE. I do believe he can play inline. He is big enough at 250 lbs, strong enough(20 reps) and his overall workout was sick. 4.50 40 was clearly the best among TEs and his 6.81 cone was better than most Wrs. He basically played WR at Iowa since they had no good WRs and Hockenson was the starting TE. He was rarely covered by linebackers even lining up outside and beating first rd CBS like Denzel Ward. His college statistic that really sticks out is that 24% of his catches were TDs, 26% the last 2 seasons. He can truly stretch the field something that Hockenson cannot do but he is a major weapon in the red zone. I'm pounding the table for this guy! Hakeem Butler had a monster season in the big 12 with a massive yards per catch. He is the reincarnation of Plaxico Burress who was the 8th pick in the 2000 draft. His timed speed was better than Burress. Huge at 6'5 227 he ran a 4.49 40 with a 36 inch vertical. If he runs a sub 7.00 cone a case could be made for him being the best wide out in the draft.
  14. Any thoughts on this guy? He's a small school guy, but he and his team tore up El Paso today. 52-20. He had 332 yards and 7 touchdowns. Two of those touchdowns came in the first 40 seconds or so of the game but he seems to have had steady production over 4 years at North TX.
  15. I think J-Rob wants a rocket-armed QB. Oregon vs. Washington has two of the strongest arms in the upcoming draft.
  16. With NFL people throwing out stuff like this, might as well go ahead and get the hype train started for this kid. Knowing our luck, he'll probably end up a Jaguar. Or maybe the Colts win 2 Super Bowls, then Luck gets injured and they draft this guy 😆.
  17. Burrow is a fascinating story and a bit of a one-year wonder. I say "a bit" of a one-year wonder because he did play and start for LSU last season. He had some decent games...and also some bad games. He completed only 58% of his passes and had 16 TDs to 5 INTs. This year? He's completing 80% (yes...80!) of his passes and already has 17 TDs to just 2 INTs. Here's what I posted in another thread about what I like on him so far:
  18. Im gonna pat myself on the back a little bit so i apologise but I do think im one of the best to understand what Robinson looks for in players at certain positions. I predicted Jack Conklin and Corey Davis and I know a few players that he coveted but wasnt able to draft ( just my honest opinion) I knew Darius Leonard wouldve been a great first round pick if he was selected there. With that said Josh Allen fits this defense so damn well Robinson may trade a future second or first to trade up to get him. Hes a perfect fit to a T.
  19. Zierlein on Simmons: Impressive physical specimen offering rare combination of strength and athleticism for future dominance in a variety of defensive schemes. Simmons involvement in a fight between two women in 2016 will surely be a cause for concern, but his avoidance of trouble while at college should help his cause. His on-field issues are self-created and largely due to a lack of instincts, but the physical tools and immense upside outweigh those concerns. Simmons has All-Pro potential and should become an early starter and star. NFL Comparison: Ndamukong Suh Grade: 6.67 "Chance to become a Pro-Bowl Caliber Player"
  20. If so, have you watched any Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)? Thus far I've really enjoyed it, unusual concept and all (no geographic bases). Really hope it works out for the league but I don't think it was very bright to televise the majority of matches via a subscription with NBC Sports.
  21. With his character mark and ACL, where we he fall? 2nd? 3rd? He was top 20 100% likely top 15 before. Would probably spend a 2nd after trading down in 2nd. Can't let this guy last until the 3rd. Drafting him is the same as giving up a 2nd or 3rd now to trade up in 2020 for a 1st.
  22. 2018 Draft (updated 5/2/18) ROUND 1: 1. + Notsolegato (9 nines) - Saquon Barkley 2. Cyrus - Nick Chubb 3. NashvilleNinja - Derrius Guice 4. + Cornrow Wallace (9 nines) - Rashaad Penny 5. Bink (Cornrow) - Ronald Jones II 6. Jamalisms - Sony Michel 7. + Real Old School (9 nines) - Royce Freeman 8. TitanJoe - DJ Moore 9. 9 Nines (Cornrow) - Calvin Ridley 10. Abenjami (Wiscotitansfan) - Kerryon Johnson 11. Wiscotitansfan - Courtland Sutton 12. + Guru (9 Nines) - Baker Mayfield ROUND 2: 13. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Anthony Miller 14. Cyrus - Christian Kirk 15. NashvilleNinja - Lamar Jackson 16. Cornrow Wallace - Dante Pettis 17. Bink (Jamalisms) - Mike Gesicki 18. Jamalisms - Michael Gallup 19. *Real Old School (Notsolegato) - James Washington 20. TitanJoe - Hayden Hurst 21. 9 Nines (Bink) - Sam Darnold 22. Abenjami - Dallas Goedert 23. Wiscotitansfan - Josh Rosen 24. Guru - Antonio Callaway ROUND 3: 25. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Nyheim Hines 26. Cyrus - Kalen Ballage 27. NashvilleNinja (NashvilleNinja) - Equanimeous St Brown 28. Cornrow Wallace - Kyle Lauletta 29. Bink - Josh Allen 30. Jamalisms (Real Old School) - Mark Walton 31. Real Old School - Mark Andrews 32. TitanJoe - Ito Smith 33. 9 Nines (Jamalisms) - John Kelly 34. Abenjami - DJ Chark 35. Wiscotitansfan - Tre'quan Smith 36. Guru 2019 Draft (Updated 5/2/2018) Standard order Exceptions: Oldschool owns 9's 1st and 3rd round picks Oldschool owns Jamal's 2nd round pick ConditionaI - If Crowell finishes in top 10 in rushing yards in each of the next two seasons OR if Reed misses 14 games or more in total over the next two seasons combined for any reason THEN Gurus get a 2019 1st from Bink for a 2019 3rd unless Sanders gets 1000+ yards in each of the next two seasons, in which case the conditional trade is a 2019 2nd from Bink for 2019 3rd. 2020 Draft (Updated Long Ago) Standard order Exceptions: Round 1: Cyrus from Bink Trades from 2018: 1. 9 Nines acquired Oldschool's 2018 first for his 2019 1st and 3rd. 2. Jamal gets Garoppolo, Notsolegato gets Stafford and pick 19. 3. Cornrow trades pick 12 for Chris Thompson 4. Jamal sends his 2019 2nd rounder to Oldschool for #18. 5. Cornrow trades #27 to NashvilleNinja for Randall Cobb 6. 9's gets Doug Baldwin, Bink gets Devin Funchess and Corey Coleman