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  1. I’m hoping Ossai is there at 22.
  2. Just starting a thread for any 2021 Draft News. Disappointing to see that Clemson WR Justyn Ross has been ruled out of the upcoming season with a serious neck/spine issue, Ross is one of the more talented WR in CFB.
  3. Leave your comments here. Are we sure that Devonta Smith won't run a 4.3 when he gets timed. I've seen people speculate he's only a 4.5 guy.
  4. With the Wildcard Playoff Round now done the Titans know where their picks in the first 3 rounds will be slotted. Round 1 - Pick #22 Round 2 - Pick #53 Round 3 - Pick #85 The following picks will move around based on allocation of comp picks for FA loses and minority staff hires. Round 3 - Pick #100 (this is the scheduled comp pick for losing Conklin) Round 4 - Pick #116 Round 5 - Pick #149 Round 6 - Pick #179 Round 6 - Pick #190 (this pick is the Chiefs 6th round pick acquired in a trade during the 2020 Draft this pick will mov
  5. Dude is absolutely unreal on screens and has major YAC and led Bama in yards last year. Super smooth and a sure handed WR. Dude catches everything. Daniel Jeremiah did a scouting report and likens him to Marvin Harrison. If we can get a WR like that to pair with AJ Brown this offense is deadly. DEADLY.
  6. We'll probably be picking in the 20-25 range i.e. Overall 20-25 (RD 1) or 52-57 (RD 2) or 84-89 (RD 3) ...in each round so take two. If you feel there are better, overlooked candidates feel free to substitute for $1. A free desert will be had by those nominating a 6th or 7th round steal. Trading up means you have to pick up the check. 2021 NFL Draft Top Edge Rushers (drafttek.com)
  7. Pretty big news here regarding NFL Draft Media with Matt Miller leaving Bleacher Report after 10yrs leading their draft coverage, this is pretty disappointing for anyone who follows the draft closely as the Bleacher Report live coverage of the draft has been better than the ESPN coverage in recent years. From a Titans perspective Miller has had some pretty good information in recent years he reported the interest in Jeffery Simmons 4 months before the 2019 draft, he was also early on the Isaiah Wilson to the Titans last season. On the Stick to Football podcast released
  8. Continuing as we start college football I think it is wise to look at our current roster construction and look at potential areas of need and positions we will likely target in the draft. QB - A true developmental Back-up Long have the Titans needed an actual developmental QB on their roster that they can begin to groom. Woodside is serviable because he knows the offense, but he is more of an extension of the coaching staff than anything at the point. Siemian likely won’t returns WR - Talent, Explosivness, and Depth One of the positions that will likely undergo
  9. I have to say yes. I think in my book this would put him above Jordan. Forget about all of the stats, all star awards, and his 4 MVP's. Just look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a team that sucked balls for years. Then they drafted him. He takes them to the playoffs 5 straight years. Their lack of winning a championship during those years was seemingly due to lack of an adequate supporting cast in a team game. He bails and goes to Miami. During his 4 seasons there, they go to the NBA finals 4 years straight and win 2 championships. Meanwhile, Cleveland immediately goes
  10. I mean... it's sorta football related. As much as I'm not a huge fan of running QBs, I've gotta go with Beamon.
  11. I Think we can see now that this off-season, from the draft to free agency, has been an unmitigated disaster. None of our draft picks have been able to contribute in any meaningful way. Most haven’t even seen the field yet. And it’s hard to get very excited about any of them for next year. This free agency has been a brutal and expensive disaster. Beasley and Clowney are simply not doing what we need them to do and Jonathan Joseph is single-handedly costing us games. At the very least, Beasley and Clowney will be gone next year without any hit to the cap.
  12. With College Football officially back with the start of the SEC schedule, I thought it would be interesting to get some conversations going. Looking at this potential draft class of QBs there are some really interesting developmental guys. Obviously there is the top guys, but overall there could be some really good depth in this class. Today, specifically Trask and Costello looked great. Ehlinger also had a pretty good game leading an epic comeback. King also cruised against FSU. Top QBs Trevor Lawrence - Clemson Justin Fields - Ohio State Trey
  13. Jayon 5 Byard 3 Davis 3 Smith 3 Landry 2 Henry 2 Brown 2 Fulton 2 Evans 1 Adore 1 Davis 1 Simmons 1 Wilson 1 (maybe) All of them 26 or younger and half our starters. I am loving this. This doesn't even account for the long list of solid depth guys or the trades he has made.
  14. This could go somewhere in either college football or the draft, but I think it worth monitoring for both COVID-19 purposes and how that relates to the rest of college football and then if it trickles up to the NFL. It will then be interesting to see how this effects the NFL Draft and if other teams may try swooping on the better players inside other conferences.
  15. Here's the link: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2896510-re-drafting-the-2012-nfl-draft Third-round pick goes 1-1. Fourth-round pick goes 1-2 and you'll never guess who goes 1-3...
  16. Thought this was worthwhile bringing up due to the current status of the world and collegiate sports. There is a HUGE expectation that a record number of players will declare for the 2020 Supplemental Draft this summer due to the uncertainty regarding if there will in fact be a college season. The link below explains the selection process a bit better than I have seen. The biggest remaining question that I would have is if last years Sophomores are eligible or not due to not being 3 years removed from high school. For those hoping for better WR depth or anothe
  17. I’m thinking we try and package those 7th rounders together to move up.
  18. Probably going to be a long wait till we pick at pick #174, most likely to be looking IDL or WR here. One guy that could be of interest to JRob in the 5th round Darnell Mooney WR Tulane Think we could also see a developmental QB taken with one of those 7th round pick so we can avoid the UDFA scramble, would also expect some traits based LB who can play special teams.
  19. When and where to watch/listen: When: Tonight @ 6:00CT TV Channel: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes Live stream: ESPN.com, NFL.com, ESPN app, ABC app, NFL mobile app, Bleacher Report on Youtube, or you can watch it free on Sling. Radio: ESPN Radio, Westwood One, SiriusXM Titans picks: Round 2: Pick 29 (61) Round 3: Pick 29 (93)
  20. What's overlooked in a weak draft with a hilariously overrated WR class is the RB class, which is one of the best I've seen in recent years. Saquon Barkley was the first RB to test as well as he did relative to his size at the combine. There are two such prospects this year in Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Gibson, neither guaranteed to go in the first round. One with amazing production, another a WR hybrid with WR skills and hardly has a scratch on him. Schwing. D'Andre Swift has been on the radar for a while, as a guy who has a modern NFL skillset and comes from a N
  21. This quote from Robinson makes it sound like he is still looking for an opportunity to trade back and add a few picks. CB is pretty clearly still the biggest need some guys we have met with that are still on the board Kristan Fulton - LSU Amik Robertson - Louisiana Tech Cameron Dantzler - Mississippi State Darnay Holmes - UCLA
  22. This guy has elite speed and awareness, helluva football IQ. D2 so maybe catch him in the 2nd. I think he's the next Polamalu. He could play FS/SS or WILL LB...remind you of someone? They're saying he might run a 4.3. I think he could fill some voids that might happen with Ryan possibly leaving. I wanted J Adams before, but this guy would be the perfect compliment to Byard. If we're gonna keep running these zone schemes, our safety game has gotta be stout. Vacc is aging. Dugger would be an upgrade to him year 2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001073502/article/super-sleeper-d
  23. I would have to say I was shocked Arnette went 19 to the Raiders. Viewed as a second to third round prospect and was drafted 19th overall ahead of Fulton, Gladney, Johnson, Noah, etc. Another shocker was no trades in the top 10, and to be exact the first trade happened at 13
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