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Found 110 results

  1. Just starting a thread for any 2021 Draft News. Disappointing to see that Clemson WR Justyn Ross has been ruled out of the upcoming season with a serious neck/spine issue, Ross is one of the more talented WR in CFB.
  2. Pretty big news here regarding NFL Draft Media with Matt Miller leaving Bleacher Report after 10yrs leading their draft coverage, this is pretty disappointing for anyone who follows the draft closely as the Bleacher Report live coverage of the draft has been better than the ESPN coverage in recent years. From a Titans perspective Miller has had some pretty good information in recent years he reported the interest in Jeffery Simmons 4 months before the 2019 draft, he was also early on the Isaiah Wilson to the Titans last season. On the Stick to Football podcast released today Miller said he will make an announcement Friday about where his next career path will take him. https://awfulannouncing.com/br/matt-miller-leaving-bleacher-report-amidst-diminishing-importance-of-written-content-at-the-company.html
  3. With College Football officially back with the start of the SEC schedule, I thought it would be interesting to get some conversations going. Looking at this potential draft class of QBs there are some really interesting developmental guys. Obviously there is the top guys, but overall there could be some really good depth in this class. Today, specifically Trask and Costello looked great. Ehlinger also had a pretty good game leading an epic comeback. King also cruised against FSU. Top QBs Trevor Lawrence - Clemson Justin Fields - Ohio State Trey Lance - North Dakota State Kyle Trask - Florida Sam Ehlinger - Texas K.J. Costello - Mississippi State D’Eriq King - Miami Alex Bowman - Texas Tech Jamie Newman - Wake Forest/Georgia (Out-out) Tanner Morgan - Minnesota Desmond Ritter - Cincinnati Brock Purdy - Iowa State Kellen Mond - Texas A&M Anyone else you all looking to keep an eye?
  4. Continuing as we start college football I think it is wise to look at our current roster construction and look at potential areas of need and positions we will likely target in the draft. QB - A true developmental Back-up Long have the Titans needed an actual developmental QB on their roster that they can begin to groom. Woodside is serviable because he knows the offense, but he is more of an extension of the coaching staff than anything at the point. Siemian likely won’t returns WR - Talent, Explosivness, and Depth One of the positions that will likely undergo a pretty big overhaul this next offseason. AJ Brown is a legit WR1. Corey Davis is talented but has struggled to put it together. With a smaller cap and bigger free agents to take care of, there is a good chance we lose Davis. Behind them Humphries likely returns though he could be a restructure candidate. After that is a bevy of unproven and undersized WR. Raymond has not taken advantage of increased opportunities this year so far, but is also a free agent as well. Batson is interesting, but largely this group lacking explosiveness. TE - Priority Area For a team that is as TE heavy, next years roster and depth here is a total question mark as all 4 TE’s are set to be free agents. Jonnu Smith will no doubt be the main priority and likely gets the franchise tag if they are unable to reach a deal. Returning Firkser as a RFA and Pruitt will be key to keep offensive continuity. Firkser is one of Tannehill’s go-to targets on 3rd downs thus keeping him will be vital as well. IOL - Depth and potential replacement If there is one vet that could be on the way out due to salary cap reasons, it would be Roger Saffold. The team currently has a bevy of young developmental guys, but largely there isn’t anyone really ready to step into the LG role full time. I know many of us would hate to draft an OL early again. Depth here as well is important moving forward. IDL - Simmons and not much else As we enter next year there is not much at this position other than Simmons. Jones and Crawford are set to be free agents. Murchison, Mack, and Dickerson are unproven depth. Tart is a nice developmental guy on the DL, but this part of the team will need to be reworked and as much as Jones has been great, I doubt we see him get a 3rd contract. There are several early IDL prospects that I could see fitting in nicely. EDGE - Complete Overhaul? Another position like TE that has key free agents at starter and depth. Only Harold Landry really returns along with Derick Roberson. Clowney, Beasley, and Correa are all free agents and we already know the franchise tag won’t be an option there to use on Clowned. I think we could see the Titans attempt to get a deal done with Clowney but resources could be directed more towards keeping the offense in tact w/ Jonnu, Firk, and Davis. This is likely a spot along with WR where early draft capital needs to be spent. ILB - Is Brown worth it? Depth concerns. The biggest question here is Jayon worth a potential extension at $10M/year. If he were the only big free agent I think he would be the main priority but it will be hard to keep him and Jonnu and some of the key depth pieces. That being said depth is a huge concern. As Compton, Dzubnar, and eventually Bates will all be free agents. There is also some doubts that Long can step into Browns every down role and top coverage LB. A decently high pick could need to be invested in this group. CB - Talent is there Assuming Adoree is healthy moving forward, this position is not in bad shape moving forward. There is a great chance Butler is either a cap casualty w/ a small chance he reworks his contract, but Fulton and Adoree Jackson give you two strong outside CBs. The biggest need is finding a true NB that can match up with quicker slot guys. Chris Jackson will have the opportunity, but I have doubts. Tye Smith is a free agent along with Chris Milton but both could be back. Joseph likely retires after this year and is free agent as well. Kareem Orr is an interesting player who probably makes the roster if not for a late camp injury. Safety - Most Complete position group This position is essentially set for another year with starters and depth. Byard and Vaccaro make up a solid tandem at safety and Hooker will continually be more and more involved on the backend moving forward. I have a sense that the team has plans for Cruikshank to be a unique matchup weapon when he return. Kalu is a good ST’er. Biggest question in this group is if Hooker or Cruikshank are ready to start full time and thus allowing us to move on from Vaccaro. Don’t really see anyone being added here unless someone like Jevon Holland drops to the back of the 1st round where he is clearly BPA. Special Teams - Meh Some could say draft a kicker early, but it’s clear the Titans like McCann a lot thus it will be Gostkowski or him next year. Kern is great as usual. Biggest thought here is the WR drafted early will need to be able to add value in the return game.
  5. Jayon 5 Byard 3 Davis 3 Smith 3 Landry 2 Henry 2 Brown 2 Fulton 2 Evans 1 Adore 1 Davis 1 Simmons 1 Wilson 1 (maybe) All of them 26 or younger and half our starters. I am loving this. This doesn't even account for the long list of solid depth guys or the trades he has made.
  6. I have to say yes. I think in my book this would put him above Jordan. Forget about all of the stats, all star awards, and his 4 MVP's. Just look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a team that sucked balls for years. Then they drafted him. He takes them to the playoffs 5 straight years. Their lack of winning a championship during those years was seemingly due to lack of an adequate supporting cast in a team game. He bails and goes to Miami. During his 4 seasons there, they go to the NBA finals 4 years straight and win 2 championships. Meanwhile, Cleveland immediately goes from a 5 time playoff team to a complete piece of shit 4 seasons in a row. Dude goes back to Cleveland and they are immediately in the Eastern Conference Finals and are one game away from the NBA finals. I loved Jordan and he really was the greatest thing since sliced bread but I highly doubt he could have turned the 1990's Clippers into real contenders at the drop of a hat.
  7. This could go somewhere in either college football or the draft, but I think it worth monitoring for both COVID-19 purposes and how that relates to the rest of college football and then if it trickles up to the NFL. It will then be interesting to see how this effects the NFL Draft and if other teams may try swooping on the better players inside other conferences.
  8. Here's the link: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2896510-re-drafting-the-2012-nfl-draft Third-round pick goes 1-1. Fourth-round pick goes 1-2 and you'll never guess who goes 1-3...
  9. Dude is absolutely unreal on screens and has major YAC and led Bama in yards last year. Super smooth and a sure handed WR. Dude catches everything. Daniel Jeremiah did a scouting report and likens him to Marvin Harrison. If we can get a WR like that to pair with AJ Brown this offense is deadly. DEADLY.
  10. Looks like the NFL is scrapping the 2020 NFL Supplemental Draft best guess is they feared a tonne of eligible CFB players would of declared and it would of detracted from the 2021 NFL Draft.
  11. https://twitter.com/MaxMarkhamNFL/status/1255702098462695424 https://twitter.com/MockDrafts_NFL/status/1255738070500020227 https://twitter.com/rickyvalero_/status/1254873164154376192 This kid is going to be a stud in the NFL. If we were going to sell the farm to move up, I would for this kid if he declares.
  12. Thought this was worthwhile bringing up due to the current status of the world and collegiate sports. There is a HUGE expectation that a record number of players will declare for the 2020 Supplemental Draft this summer due to the uncertainty regarding if there will in fact be a college season. The link below explains the selection process a bit better than I have seen. The biggest remaining question that I would have is if last years Sophomores are eligible or not due to not being 3 years removed from high school. For those hoping for better WR depth or another EDGE, this could be an opportunity to add even more talent before this season starts.
  13. I think its hilarious people support this pick. First of all how many of you actually watched a game he played in? I'll wait. I'm not gonna break down this dudes measurables vs talent he seen. I hope the kid does great for us. The point I'm making is Derrick Henry is a rhythm running back. He gets stronger as the game goes on an needs to find that groove. How often will this guy see the field?? This is a very high draft pick for a position we coulda drafted anybody to be change of pace or somebody to spell Henry. We didnt lose in the Afc title game because the running game. What stuck out to me was our lack of pass rush, specifically on the edge. That's a more needed position. I'd much rather us draft a defensive end than a running back. Draft what you need most. That's why I don't like the pick.
  14. I’m thinking we try and package those 7th rounders together to move up.
  15. Probably going to be a long wait till we pick at pick #174, most likely to be looking IDL or WR here. One guy that could be of interest to JRob in the 5th round Darnell Mooney WR Tulane Think we could also see a developmental QB taken with one of those 7th round pick so we can avoid the UDFA scramble, would also expect some traits based LB who can play special teams.
  16. When and where to watch/listen: When: Tonight @ 6:00CT TV Channel: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes Live stream: ESPN.com, NFL.com, ESPN app, ABC app, NFL mobile app, Bleacher Report on Youtube, or you can watch it free on Sling. Radio: ESPN Radio, Westwood One, SiriusXM Titans picks: Round 2: Pick 29 (61) Round 3: Pick 29 (93)
  17. What's overlooked in a weak draft with a hilariously overrated WR class is the RB class, which is one of the best I've seen in recent years. Saquon Barkley was the first RB to test as well as he did relative to his size at the combine. There are two such prospects this year in Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Gibson, neither guaranteed to go in the first round. One with amazing production, another a WR hybrid with WR skills and hardly has a scratch on him. Schwing. D'Andre Swift has been on the radar for a while, as a guy who has a modern NFL skillset and comes from a NFL RB factory. J.K. Dobbins topped Eddie George and Ezekial Elliot for most single season yardage at Talent factory Ohio State. AJ Dillon literally has Derrick Henry size and superior testing numbers, and he actually has good tape. Cam Akers will fall because of a shitty situation and team, not because of talent as a 220 pound 4.4 guy and a good track record. Edwards-Elaire is another big school RB who jumped off the screen as someone with NFL skills and talent. Those are just the obvious ones. Just going down the list, most of the prospects have NFL size and they are far from stiffs, with plenty of elusive and breakaway moments . I really haven't found many who I don't like or I think don't translate. Zach Moss, Darrynton Evans, Deejay Dallas, Lamical Perine, Javon Leake, Patrick Taylor, etc.- just look up all of the prospects on YouTube and tell me if you think they can play or not. I'm pumped at the thought of seeing what a lot of these RBs could contribute to our offense, which loves RBs more than anyone could love anything. I just thought that I'd share my thoughts about a position group which is sure to be treated like chopped liver and could be of great benefit and value to us.
  18. This quote from Robinson makes it sound like he is still looking for an opportunity to trade back and add a few picks. CB is pretty clearly still the biggest need some guys we have met with that are still on the board Kristan Fulton - LSU Amik Robertson - Louisiana Tech Cameron Dantzler - Mississippi State Darnay Holmes - UCLA
  19. This guy has elite speed and awareness, helluva football IQ. D2 so maybe catch him in the 2nd. I think he's the next Polamalu. He could play FS/SS or WILL LB...remind you of someone? They're saying he might run a 4.3. I think he could fill some voids that might happen with Ryan possibly leaving. I wanted J Adams before, but this guy would be the perfect compliment to Byard. If we're gonna keep running these zone schemes, our safety game has gotta be stout. Vacc is aging. Dugger would be an upgrade to him year 2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001073502/article/super-sleeper-dii-safety-kyle-dugger-squarely-on-nfls-radar
  20. I would have to say I was shocked Arnette went 19 to the Raiders. Viewed as a second to third round prospect and was drafted 19th overall ahead of Fulton, Gladney, Johnson, Noah, etc. Another shocker was no trades in the top 10, and to be exact the first trade happened at 13
  21. 1) Cincy - Joe Burrow - QB - Nothing to say here besides the fans will revolt if they don’t get a QB prospect that’s Andrew Luck type of “Can’t Miss” 2) Washington - Chase Young - DE/OLB - This pick very well could be Tua as Rivera is inheriting a QB he didn’t draft, and may want his own, but they opt for a generational pass rusher instead and if Haskins bombs out then they’ll be in a similar spot next year and Snyder will find a way to get Lawrence or Fields. Until then they get the best player in this draft and give Haskins a year to prove himself. 3) Miami - Tua Tagavaiola - QB - Miami trades pick #5 & #39 to secure their QBOTF. 4) NYG - Jerry Jeudy - WR - They hit a home run in the later rounds last year with Slayton and have a few veteran options in Tate and in Shepherd. They’re missing that go to bonafide #1 WR they lost when they shipped out Beckham. They now get the most polished route runner to come out in a decade with amazing athletic ability and size/speed. They address OL in round 2. Jones is smiling. An offense predicated around Barkley getting the ball 20+ times a game can now flex out to a spread offense and get into shootouts with Jeudy and Slayton on the outside and Tate and Shepherd in the slots. Don’t forget about Barkley out of the backfield and Engram being a mismatch nightmare on TE’s. Defenses will have a hard time picking their poison of having to decide if they’re going to try and neutralize Barkley, Engram, Jeudy or let Shepherd or Tate work them in the middle. 5) Detroit - Jeff Okudah - CB - With Slay and his cap number gone they get younger, cheaper and better at CB1. He is arguably the best CB to come out in the last ten years ranking among Ramsey, Peterson, and Lattimore as the best rookie corner to step on the field day one. 6) LAC - Justin Herbert - QB - He will develop behind Taylor and take the reigns soon behind a dominant defense and running game. 7) Carolina - Derrick Brown - DT - Simmons or Brown. They go pass rusher here. Derrick Brown is an animal and you don’t take a linebacker who isn’t a pass rusher over a dominant disruptive force in the middle of the defense. Chandler Jones enjoyed his best season as a pro last year and will put up an equal year with someone like Brown helping collapse the pocket. 8.) Arizona - Jedrick Wills - OT - They added Hopkins so WR is complete. Now they need to give Murray time to get him the ball and Drake some more holes to run through. Arguably the best OL in the draft he is an absolute steal at pick 8 giving Kyler Murray time to find Hopkins, Kirk or Fitzpatrick or dumping off to Drake. 9) Jacksonville - Isiah Simmons - LB - The value of Simmons is too much to pass on here especially after losing Smith last offseason and Ngaokue this offseason. 10) Cleveland - Andrew Thomas - OT - Baker needs some extra time in the kitchen trying to find time to make plays with Beckham, Landry, Hooper and Chubb after adding Conklin at RT they now get a LT in Thomas. 11) NYJ - Mekhi Becton - OT - Darnold won’t be seeing ghosts as much and Bell will have better blocking. Their offense gets a much needed lift. It’s not everyday you need an OL and have the ability to select a 6’5 340lb athletic behemoth. If Darnold fizzles out again this year after getting help on the OL then they have a big problem. 12 - LVR - CeeDee Lamb - WR - Gruden needs a stud WR to make this offense work. Who else better than a Hopkins clone? 13) SF - Henry Ruggs - WR 2-3 jet chip wasp is giving Shanahan flashbacks of losing his first Super Bowl. He gets his own Tyreek Hill and the return of Hurd and addition of Ruggs plus the growth of Samuel will push this offense into being the Chiefs of the NFC backed up by an elite defense. 14) TB - D’Andre Swift - RB - It’s early for a RB, but they don’t have a running game and TB12 depends on a RB that is solid in pass protection, and can be a threat in the passing game. He is a little bigger than James White, but will be just as good in the passing game as him in this offense as Arians and Brady both value a RB who can catch the ball out of the backfield and be a dependable runner on the ground as well. See David Johnson success under Arians and everyone who had played with Brady in his career. They all featured one thing and that was the ability to be a solid premium pass catcher as well as RB. With Godwin, Evans and Howard on the field all Brady is missing is that RB... They reach for one early but going into the playoffs this won’t be viewed as a reach. It’ll look like a home run pick and Brady is in that stage of his career where he will need a great running game to take pressure off his arm. This pick will pay dividends late in the season. 15) Denver - Javon Kinlaw - DL - They would like to go WR here, but the top 3 are gone and they can get similar value of the next best guy in round 2 (Shenault in 2?) So they opt to round out their front 7 with Kinlaw to pair with Casey on the DL and Miller/Chubb at edge. They have a pass rush that can disrupt Mahomes. 16) ATL - CJ Henderson - CB - They need someone to cover the passing attack of TB and NO so they get who is viewed as the #2 CB in this draft. Personally if I’m drafting a CB I’m looking at Fulton or Johnson, but the pundits have Henderson as the better corner and I don’t get why. 17) Dallas - K’Lavon Chaisson - DE They get Gregory back and brought in Smith at DE to pair with Lawrence. Both guys have been out of football and they get the 20 year old speed demon at DE who hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential. Next up is a corner. 18) Miami - Tristan Wirfs - OT - They need an OT to protect Tuas blindside for the next decade and get one of the big 4 at 18... Wirfs is more of a RT but this is a perfect fit as Tua is left handed so his blindside will be the right side. Perfect fit. 19) LVR - Kristian Fulton - CB - They need a corner to help with one of the worst passing defenses in the league. They have the pass rushers from last years draft in Ferrell and Crosby... Now they need people on the back end to help them get home and create turnovers. 20) Jacksonville - Trevon Diggs - CB - They lost Bouye and Ramsey as well as Campbell and now Ngaokue. They need help anywhere on defense. Literally anyone they pick will be a good starting point. 21) Philadelphia - Brandon Aiyuk - WR - Wentz needs some WR’s and this dude is amazing with the ball in his hands after the catch. This offense is great at scheming WRs open and Aiyuk would thrive in the system in place. 22) Minnesota - Justin Jefferson - WR - They lost Diggs and added Sharpe at WR who is a nice #3 but they need a legit #2 across Theilen. His floor is high but is ceiling isn’t much higher. A safe pick coming from a pro style offense. 23) NE - Xavier McKinney - S - They need a safety in the worst way. They get the best one (By the media’s standards) at 23. I actually had them taking Kyle Dugger here who I personally have rated as the best S in the draft but I have him going to Dallas in round 2. 24) NO - Kenneth Murray - ILB - They need speed and help on defense. They added Sanders at WR in FA... Now they need a smart and hard nosed guy on defense to lead them and improve their run defense and consistency. 25) Minnesota - Austin Jackson - OT - Cousins needs more protection and he gets it here. Do they go Josh Jones who shined at the senior bowl, or do they go with the 20 year old OT who missed the offseason bc he was donating bone marrow to his sister and still had a hell of a year? I think they go with the upside here. 26) Miami - AJ Epenesa - DE - A perfect scheme fit for Flores. This team just needs good football players anywhere they can get them. So they do what you’re supposed to do. Find your QB and then build the trenches. They get their QBOTF, and a bookend OT and now they get a sound DL against the run and who can also sack the QB. They’ll get their RB after this as it’s all about BPA 27) Seattle - Yetur Gross-Matos - DE Its no secret Seattle needs pass rushers. I expect Clowney to be a Titan and Seattle to sign Griffen and then get someone opposite him in round 1. They get the best pass rusher available at 27 28) Baltimore - Patrick Queen - ILB - I thought about Jonathon Taylor here but they can get a RB in 2 or 3 as they need LB help badly. 29) Tennessee - Jaylon Johnson - CB - It was super painful to pass on Gladney here, as he is my personal preference but Johnson is a damn good CB and a great scheme fit. 30) GB - Denzel Mims - WR - GB needs to find a WR opposite Adams in the worst way. I think Shenault is in play here, and probably would be the pick if he was able to take a physical but that isn’t happening. So they go with a burner who is able to step in day 1 and provide Rodgers with a deep threat. LaFleur will find ways to get him the ball off play action and in open space where he can showcase his speed. 31) SF - Jeff Gladney - CB - They need a #2 CB opposite Sherman and someone to take the reigns from him in a few years. Here is their guy and I’m fucking jealous. He steps in day 1 and is just icing on the cake for an already stacked defense. KC will have a hard time beating them again after SF adds a big time weapon in Ruggs who Garrapolo can’t over throw and now they get a corner who won’t fall victim to the 2-3 jet chip wasp. 32) KC - Jonathon Taylor - RB - They were given a spark from Williams in their playoff run and SB victory, but he is better off as a #2 RB and they go out and get an every down RB to take pressure off Mahomes (What pressure?) and improves their PA game (They can improve?) It’s a perfect fit and we are talking OROY possibility being the bell cow RB in an offense that features Mahomes, Kelsey, Hill, Watkins, Hardman, Robinson, etc. I was going to give them Josh Jones at RT, or Ruiz/Biadasz at C, but I honestly think this pick is either traded to a team wanting Jordan Love, or they go RB as a backup. This is one of the few exceptions where a high octane offense wins a Super Bowl over a lights out defense. Giving them a running back who excels in every aspect of the position who also runs a 4.38 is just criminal, but it’s the best play they have here. There you have it. I know I am going to get whipped for the Swift to TB pick, however I think he goes much higher than people think. If y’all want I will do another round or I’ll just make a first round 3.0 the day of the draft.
  22. For fun here is a full first round mock. No trades. 1) Cincy - Joe Burrow - QB 2) Washington - Chase Young - DE/OLB 3) Detroit - Jeff Okudah - CB 4) NYG - Isiah Simmons - LB 5) Miami - Tua Tagovailoa- QB 6) LAC - Justin Herbert - QB 7) Carolina - Derrick Brown - DT 8 - Arizona - Jedrick Wills Jr - OT 9) Jacksonville - CJ Henderson - CB 10) Cleveland - Andrew Thomas - OT 11) NYJ - Mekhi Becton - OT 12) LV Raiders - CeeDee Lamb - WR 13) SF - Jerry Jeudy - WR 14) TB - Tristan Wirfs - OT 15) Denver - Henry Ruggs - WR 16) Atlanta - Kristian Fulton - CB 17) Dallas - Javon Kinlaw - DT 18) Miami - Austin Jackson - OT 19) LV Raiders - K’Lavon Chaisson - DE 20) Jacksonville - Kenneth Murray - ILB 21) Philadelphia - Justin Jefferson - WR 22) Minnesota - Jaylon Johnson - CB 23) NE - Xavier McKinney - S 24) NO - Patrick Queen - LB 25) Minnesota - Yetur Gross-Matos - DE 26) Miami - D’Andre Swift - RB 27) Seattle - Ezra Cleveland - OT 28) Baltimore - Cesar Ruiz - C 29) Tennessee - Jeff Gladney - CB 30) GB - Laviska Shenault - WR 31) SF - Trevon Diggs - CB 32) KC - Marlon Davidson - DL Instead of just typing out my reasoning behind each pick, I’ll answer whatever questions for any team and pick.

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