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Found 98 results

  1. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, who said Friday the 2020 wide receiver class is the deepest he's ever seen, adding he's given 27 prospects a top-three-round grade. The great debate currently rages between two star receivers: Alabama's Jerry Jeudy, and Oklahoma's CeeDee Lamb. One is a masterful route runner, while the other has a knack for making highlight-reel grabs. Both stand to be first-round picks and instant contributors in the NFL. But the talent doesn't stop there. Fellow Crimson Tide wideout Henry Ruggs is also in the conversation to be a first-round pick...... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102658/article/jeremiah-2020-receiver-class-is-deepest-ive-seen?campaign=Twitter_atn
  2. Arguably the best pass rusher to come out since Von Miller and is touted as better than the Bosa brothers. there is absolutely no way Washington passes on taking him, but hypothetically. Just for fun. What would you give up if Washington decided to trade the pick? Would you give up pick 29, this years 2nd rounder and two future 1’s as well as Corey Davis? I would, and here is why. We are (If we bring Tannehill back, and Henry and Conklin) one talented pass rusher away from being immediate SB contenders. He would essentially we our 1st and 2nd round pick this year, and we would go two straight drafts without a first round pick, but he would be better than anyone we could get in any draft over the next two years in the first round, especially since we have a franchise QB... You mix a pass rush together that features Young, Simmons, Casey, Landry... That would be a terror. It would be a better pass rush than the 49ers have by a mile.
  3. Very heavy QB/OT in the first half of the first round.
  4. Long time lurker, first time poster. Season ticket holder. Draft lover. These are my initial thoughts because my narcissism thinks you might care about all of the research I do in my free time. My overall draft opinion - if someone falls to 29 who shouldn't be there, take him. If not, trade back into the early 2nd and pick up a late 3rd or early 4th. The more picks the better with JRob. Below are some of our likely needs at draft time (FA dependent of course) and the guys that will be within reach at those positions. I put the players into categories based on how their skillset fits with our needs and their value to us based on how high they would have to be drafted (i.e. we shouldn't draft a backup RB in round 1). This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the guys I've been looking at so far. I'm assuming we resign Henry, Conklin, Tannehill, and 50/50 on Ryan. Obviously our draft significantly changes if one of those doesn't happen. Each player has a hyperlink to a highlight video so please enjoy. **2/18 ADDITION - QUARTERBACKS** EDGE DEFENDER Thoughts: We all know this is where we need the most immediate help. We just need a good football player here. Keep in mind we are getting D'Andre Walker back next season. That could mean nothing but at the very least he's another body to have. I am definitely against signing Clowney for $20 mil/yr but it wouldn't be a franchise killer by any means if we did. Like: Yetur Gross Matos - Great athlete. High motor. Good against the run and pass. Clearly loves playing football. However, he was never quite as dominant as he should have been. Round 1 AJ Epenesa - Massive human, well rounded. Good at everything, particularly good at defending the run. Wasn't asked to purely pass rush often in their scheme. Doubt he falls to us. Round 1 Curtis Weaver - Absoutely dominant at Boise St. Doesn't look the part but plays extremely fluid and natural. Great against the pass and the run. Reminds me of Harold Landry with slighly less speed but more pass rushing moves and play strength. Round 1/2 Zack Baun - High motor, well coached, productive. More of an edge rusher who can play in space than an edge rusher who can move inside. I think he's a great fit. Round 1/2 Kind of Like: Julian Okwara - Elite athlete, fast twitch with good size. Inconsistent production. By no means is he an edge setter. Round 1/2 Don't Like: K'Lavon Chaisson - Absurdly good athlete. Incredible highlight plays. However, I think he gets drafted much higher than he should. He never dominated and was outplayed by average OTs. I could be really wrong about this guy but his production was awful considering how much opposing teams were in obvious passing situations against LSU this season. Terrell Lewis - Everything the same as K'Lavon but worse. And I'm an Alabama fan. CORNERBACK Thoughts: We need more CB talent whether we resign Logan Ryan or not. Resigning him just means we don't specifically need a high level slot corner immediately. But with the way the NFL has shifted you can never have enough secondary talent. I know Logan is very popular here (I like him too) but if we're being honest he got torched last season quite a bit. He made up for it as our best defensive playmaker but he gave up a ton of yards. Adoree was a pleasant surprise. Butler is somehow good and bad at the same time. I'm excited to see how Hooker develops but he's a mystery at this point in terms of what role he'll play. Thankfully this is a pretty deep CB class. It's hard to judge CB's off of stats and highlight videos because their highlights are when QBs don't throw their way. So here's some of the top corners with small write ups and where they might be available (very combine dependent) CJ Henderson - Doubt he falls to us but it's possible if teams fall in love with other players. He has all of the tools. Really great in man coverage. Round 1 Kristian Fulton - Doubt he falls to us but he could run slow at the combine which might drop him. True shutdown corner in man to man. Round 1 Trevon Diggs - Converted WR. Long, fast, very good ball skills. Great playmaker. Really high ceiling. Great in press coverage but not the quickest guy. Probably more of a zone guy. Recovers well due to his length. Round 1/2 Jeff Gladney - Great man cover guy. Fast, good technique, smart. He's undersized and a 5th year senior. Round 1/2 Damon Arnette - Played across from Okudah so he was tested often and responded well. Firey, quick, natural athlete. Great reaction time. Nothing truly elite about him, he's just a good player across the board. Would be a great value pick if he falls due to CB depth. Round 2/3 Cameron Dantzler - Lanky outside corner. Really skinny but great length and good ball skills. Truly a shutdown corner the past two seasons. The only CB to not get torched by LSU this season. Round 2/3 Bryce Hall - Would've been a first round pick last year but returned to school and unfortunately had a season ending ankle injury. The injury will drop him in the draft which leaves a good opportunity for someone to get a great talent. More of a pure zone guy so I don't know if he fits with us but he's really good. Round 2/3 Jaylon Johnson - Very physical and aggressive. Great in press. Lots of swagger. Good instincts and ball skills. Not the fastest and has tight hips. Great strengths and fairly big potential weaknesses so he needs to be put in the right scheme. His 40 time will be important. Could be round 1 or 2/3 depending on his 40 and shuttle. 3RD DOWN RB/ SCAT BACK/ BACKUP RB/ WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT Thoughts: RB is one of the most replaceable and scheme dependent positions in the league. I think it would be really dumb to spend a high draft pick on a backup RB. However, we don't have many holes to plug so it makes sense in our situation to be looking for a good fit. By good fit I mean a shifty RB with above average pass catching, route running, and pass protection skills. Basically what Dion Lewis was supposed to be. Additionally, it would be nice to have a RB that disguises our intentions better than, "Dion Lewis is in the game, drop 8 in coverage." Like: Clyde Edwards-Helaire - The best fit by far of the top guys. Versatile, quick, very good hands, good route runner, willingly blocks. Caught 55 passes and ran for 1400 yards. Late 2nd-Early 4th Laviska Shenault - This is a wild card that could be interesting. Very athletic, big WR who also played a decent amount of RB. Played on a bad team with a bad quarterback and was banged up all year but he could be a star if he's with a creative OC. Says his favorite route is the direct snap. If he falls to us at 29 it's something to think about. Obviously he would primarily be a WR. We'd have to add a layer to the offense similar to what KC does with Tyreek Hill in terms of never knowing where he's going to be or how they're going to use him. Round 1 Zack Moss - Like him a lot as a RB, don't love him as a fit for us but he's just a really good overall RB. Round 3 Eno Benjamin - Traditional scat back. Shifty, fast, great in space. Round 4/5 Kind of Like: Cam Akers - Good at everything. Probably could be a feature RB for a team. Played behind a really bad offensive line and boring offensive scheme but still produced. Doesn't really have any weaknesses other than struggling with drops a bit. He's a 3-down RB but not a 3rd down RB if that makes sense. Round 3/4 Don't Like: D'Andre Swift - Seems like a good college RB that played behind a great line. I think he'll contribute to an NFL roster but not at the value where he will be drafted. JK Dobbins - Like him, don't love him as a fit for what we need or where we would have to draft him. DEEP THREAT WR Thoughts - The only missing piece to our receiving group. Whether we want to admit it or not, Corey is merely a possession receiver. Obviously Tajae and Humphries are as well. So if we draft a receiver it needs to be someone who's first descriptor is, "explosive." Someone who can create separation deep hopefully. However, I think this is one of the lesser needs so I don't know how much sense it makes to draft one early but you never know who might fall in your lap. It might make more sense to sign Robby Anderson if we have the cap space. Like: Henry Ruggs - He has foot speed and football speed. Great route running and body control. Soft hands. He's not John Ross. Round 1 Jalen Reagor - Very explosive and has a decent ability to high point a football in traffic. Round 1/2 Kind of Like: Brandon Aiyuk - Played behind N'Keal Harry last season and then dominated on his own this year. Had almost half of his team's receiving yards and touchdowns. Instinctive, explosive, natural athlete. Good swagger. Not as much of a deep threat right now as he is an explosive YAC guy. Pretty sure he led the country in YAC at 6'1" 205. Round 2/3 Denzel Mims - It's hard to judge Baylor WRs because they don't run a full route tree. But apparently Mims tore up the Senior Bowl and was uncoverable all week in 1 on 1's. Big, fast, really good body control. Not necessarily a "deep threat" but he's not not a deep threat. Round 2/3 QUARTERBACK Thoughts - I think it's obvious we should franchise Tannehill. We don't have enough data on him to know if last year was a fluke or not. There's very little downside to franchising him. We need to win now and he's our only real option. However, I think we should seriously consider drafting a QB high in 2020. For two reasons: 1) He can sit for a year to develop and 2) Young QBs are the only players that hold good value from one year to the next regardless of their play. They are very low risk investments in that way. Garoppolo was drafted at 62 and then traded for 43 three seasons later after only starting 2 games. Josh Rosen literally had one of the worst QB seasons of all time and was immediately traded for a 2nd round pick. Deshone Kizer was drafted at 52, led the league in INTs with a QBR of 29, and was then traded for a starting SS. The Jags could probably trade Minshew right now for a high 2nd after drafting him in the 6th last year. So if we draft a talented QB in 2020 he could be our starter in 2021 or we could trade him for a high pick in 2021, depending on how Tannehill plays. With that in mind it makes sense to potentially go after Jordan Love. He's really the only good option for that plan. Maybe Eason if he falls. Like: Jordan Love - I linked the tape from his worst game (LSU). 3 INTS and only 150 yards. I think it's an important tape because it shows why people are torn on him. You can clearly see how much talent he has. His arm strength, quick release, size, mobility, and touch are all very apparent. But then he makes a few throws that are head scratching and alarming. Note that most of those bad throws are late in the game when they are down by 30. Also, note how awful his O-line is. And lastly, note how his receivers can get zero separation and have terrible hands. The general consensus is that he has the tools to be an NFL MVP but he's raw. So if he sits for a year his trade value might actually be higher. Or if he develops enough throughout the season that the staff sees him as the starter, that's even better. I really doubt he'll be available at 29 though. Round 1. Here's a good highlight video Cole McDonald - He won't have near the value of Love but he won't be drafted nearly as high. He's big, fast, great arm, and extremely productive. Can be very accurate but struggles with decision making. His system is hard to evaluate. Hawaii plays the Run 'n Gun so it's 100% shotgun, often with no RB, and they're trying to zip it around as fast as possible. That leads to a lot of yards and TDs but also a higher number of WTF plays. He's tough and seems like he loves playing football. Here's a good article with videos that analyzes his skill set. Round 5-6. Nate Stanley - Played in a pro style offense at Iowa and was pretty successful. Three year starter with decent numbers. Not really a creator or an improvisor. Definitely not a runner. Has the enough size and arm strength to make it. A solid backup QB option. Round 6-UDFA. Anthony Gordon - "the next Gardner Minshew" but he's actually a pretty different player. He has more talent than Minshew but he's not as polished. Gordon isn't very good with progressions right now. He also really struggles when he's pressured. But he has fantastic speed of release and accuracy underneath. Higher ceiling than Minshew with a lower floor. I think teams might draft him a round higher than normal only because of Minshew's success. Round 5-6 Kind of Like: James Morgan - Another late round backup QB option. He has the size and arm. Takes care of the ball very well. Only three 12 interceptions in the past two seasons combined. He never really lit it up though. Kind of a funky release. Did well at the East/West Shrine Bowl. Round 6-UDFA Jacob Eason - Similar to Jordan Love, he has the tools and the potential. He's a worse QB with worse upside though. But in the same vein as Love, with some development he could have a higher value. He should've stayed in school another year. He'll probably be drafted too high. Reminds me of Ryan Mallett. Round 3 Don't Like: Jake Fromm - This guy is wildy average. A college game manager QB is never going to turn into anything more at the NFL level. Literally his ceiling is game manager. I don't understand why people are considering taking him before Round 3. He's going to be a fantastic backup and locker room guy though. Jalen Hurts - Good athlete, great kid, smart, pretty good mechanics. He really struggles with reading the field. At Alabama his progression seemed like, "Stare at option 1, if he's covered.. scramble." I think things got a little better at OU because of the system but he had that same knock on him during the Senior Bowl and didn't seem to convince anyone that he's improved. Some people see him in a Taysom Hill type of role because of his skillset and intelligence. He could be an interesting backup QB/gadget player. I wouldn't put much stock in that though. I think we'd have to get a separate backup QB along with him. And OT would be a huge need if we don't bring Conklin back. Anyways, I know it's early in the process but I figured you guys might enjoy.
  5. We are in a bit of a unique position with the volume of free agents we're dealing with this upcoming season and the limited amount of draft capital we have. I am in the camp that believes we'll bring back Tannehill and Henry, and it's possible we bring back Conklin too. Assuming we don't on the latter, we're in the need for a CB, OT, LB with additional need for RB depth as either Henry insurance/change of pace, interior oline depth, and more weapons across the board. We've shown we can hit well when it comes to the second round with AJ Brown and Landry. I think the Bears, with 43 and 50, and the Falcons, with 47 and 55, should be on our radar as potential trade down partners. Both of these are a win for us in terms of draft value charts. Thoughts? Running through a quick scenario via First-pick, accepting a deal with Atlanta means we pick first at 2.15. In terms of pass rush, Julian Okwara is still on the board. He's the pick. At 2.23, AJ Terrell is still there, as is Trey Adams. I know Terrell profiles here or a bit higher, but Cameron Dantzler is there too, so there's reason to believe a talented CB will be available. I go Terrell. Adams is available at 2.29, so the 6'8 run bruiser is the pick. 2.15 Julian Okwara, DE/OLB Notre Dame 2.23 AJ Terrell, CB Clemson 2.29 Trey Adams, OT Washington 3. 29 Zach Moss, RB Utah 5.28 Thaddeus Moss, TE LSU 6.29 Steven Gonzalez, OG Penn State It feels like that extra pick really makes a difference, don't you think?
  6. This list could be helpful should the Titans let Logan Ryan walk.
  7. He fits the bill: I saw him mocked to us in the 3rd. Only 33 carries, but 11 YPC, and over 700 yards receiving. He has size and big play ability for when Henry is off of the field, and offers a lot more as a receiver.
  8. This guy has elite speed and awareness, helluva football IQ. D2 so maybe catch him in the 2nd. I think he's the next Polamalu. He could play FS/SS or WILL LB...remind you of someone? They're saying he might run a 4.3. I think he could fill some voids that might happen with Ryan possibly leaving. I wanted J Adams before, but this guy would be the perfect compliment to Byard. If we're gonna keep running these zone schemes, our safety game has gotta be stout. Vacc is aging. Dugger would be an upgrade to him year 2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001073502/article/super-sleeper-dii-safety-kyle-dugger-squarely-on-nfls-radar
  9. Thrill

    Jordan Love

    I just watched every pass from Utah State’s game against LSU and I think Love’s stats neglect to show that he actually played a pretty good game against maybe the best team in the country. He threw three interceptions but two of his picks I think are just great plays by the corners and him trying to give the receiver a chance. His pocket presence is phenomenal and he seems fairly accurate except for on some of the timing passes to the sideline. He seems to go through his reads really quickly in this game because of LSU’s ferocious pass rush. I think he might have the highest ceiling out of all the qbs I’ve looked at. With his downer of a season he will probably be available where we pick in the first and maybe even the second. If he decides to declare this year I would pull the trigger. He’s got Wilson, Mahomes, Watson escapability and a huge cannon.
  10. CB from TCU Has the size, speed you want from a corner plus he can blitz and is not shy tackling RB’s or WR’s He is a little raw, but with Butler and Jackson as the starters he can be the backup outside. He plays left and right CB so he can travel with the opposition a #1. I really like him and I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes top 15-20. There is a big drop off at CB after Diggs and Terrell and Henderson and in my eyes Gladney is better than Henderson and Terrell. if available at pick 29 I fully expect him to be a strong consideration. If we don’t take him at 29 and wait to take a CB in round 2 or 3 the talent level really drops off. I am beginning to think that if there isn’t a pass rusher at OLB that’s worth the pick and Gladney is available then he would likely be the selection. Especially if we go EDGE in FA and retain Kelly and sign someone like Vaitai in FA or the dude from the Bears at RT... We could then upgrade CB and draft a RT in round 2-3 who can learn for a year backing up whoever we bring in veteran wise. The main point here is this kid is damn good. He reminds me of Marlon Humphrey who we really liked coming out of Bama.
  11. Swift is the shiny toy who can do it all and everybody loves but this is the man I think is the best fit to step in day 1 and shoulder the workload as a 3 down back and provides physicality, speed and playmaking that Henry did plus more as a blocker and receiver. Don’t let the OSU connection fool you. Vrabel knows everything there is to know about this guy. So if we go into the draft and we have a need at RB bc Henry is elsewhere I can see Vrabel moving mountains to get him
  12. check this man out. Wanna talk about speed? He could be in line to be the next Mecole Hardman or Tyreek Hill... this kid has CJ2K speed with Pac-Man Jones like PR ability. This kid has the kind of speed that turns 2nd-3rd round prospects into top 15 picks. I don’t think he will go top 15 by any means especially with the guys ahead of him. I think he is in that 25-60 range. He could go as high as late first to mid 2nd If this guy is available in round 2 you have to consider him he could come in day 1 and run go routes and slants and screens and return duties and bring a lot of explosiveness to this offense. ho to the 7 minute mark and just watch that kind of speed. That is what we lack, and with RT’s deep ball... Whew. Teams would have to fear Brown in the intermediate to deep aspects, and with Reagor on the field they would have to seriously respect the deep ball. He would enhance our play action game to another level
  13. Assuming things fall to where the Titans do not take a QB in round 1 I'd be very interested in considering RB D'Andre Swift....... An explosive playmaker who can run and catch will would likely turn the offense around more than anything else they can do. We're good at WR. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/players/d-andre-swift
  14. Go to the 2:47 mark. Find me another running back in this draft with that kind of agility. He is fucking nasty. why pay Henry 15+ million when you can draft a guy like this in the first and get production like that? He is the real deal in all 3 phases of the running game. The best part? Is Dobbins is right there with him in terms of talent and Taylor is also (Except Taylor has some fumbling issues. Something like 18 in the last 3 years which idc who you are... that’s a major concern but it could play into our advantage knocking him down to the end of 2 or 3)
  15. I had several requests for a dark version or night mode for the site. I haven't put a ton of time into it and I probably missed some things so I won't make this available to everyone. But to those who prefer dark mode, you can now select it from the theme selector at the bottom of the page.
  16. Yeah, I said it. I've been more down on Henry than a lot of on the board, but my gripe with him is purely mental/attitude. He acts entitled and plays soft for his size. But all the griping has downed a lot of you on his ability. But let's be clear - Henry's a physical beast, more so than Gurley, and every bit as talented of a runner if not more so. I was probably the most excited on the board when we drafted him because his tape speaks for itself - he's a man among boys. If we really switch to a zone blocking scheme that suits his running style by giving him space he will be absolutely incredible. If the passing game holds up (it will) there'll be enough room to run for the sky to be the limit for him. Don't be shocked if he outperforms Gurley. I know I won't be.
  17. Today's NFL has changed. Teams need to have the ability to develop a QB. The college game is no longer running offenses that prepare players for the league. At the same time, the money has gotten so crazy teams cannot afford to develop them. Teams are spending a lot of their cap trying to just get one that can play at a NFL level. You only have to look at the Titans to see the resources used in the last 12-13 years. It would be good for the game to come up with a solution to develop QB. Two of this years top QBs sat on the bench their first season to develop, although Jackson only sat for nine games. Production? Two MVP. When was the last time a rookie QB won the MVP. I do not think either one of them would have done as well if they started day one. It just too much to learn, too much responsibility and too much pressure to just jump into day one. Most of them have to learn how to take a snap under center when the come into the league. They have to read complex defenses on a level past anything they have ever seen, Aaron Donald a couple of feet away with one thing on his mind-smash the QB. After they get schooled by a NFL DC they then have to go "meet the press." Ah, what do you think happened out there? "Hell if I know." New rule. Team can choose to have a 5th year or 6th year option on QBs taken in round one or maybe until pick 45. The team can develop the RQB right along with the team. The RQB would dress out, another player allowed to dress out and only be possibly the emergency QB. His pay scale would be different. He wouldn't be paid the same as his spot dictated, but a highly reduced salary for the first season while he is in training. Year two, he comes in at the salary for a QB taken at his spot and proceeds just as usual. A player could only be the designated RQB one season and teams could only have one on their roster. Why just the QB? Tom Brady is 42 years old. Players playing the position can earn more and play much longer than players at any other position. Don't like it, just tell the league you will not participate as the RQB. Maybe that or invite the player to go play in Canada like they did with Warren Moon. You would have to place some restrictions to keep teams from abusing the system and study how it was working to make changes where needed. Some QB may complain they should get the higher pay immediately in case they can't make it. So. I think the end result would be a league with better QB play. The Titans could sign Tannehill and take a QB in round one.
  18. The road to the NFL Draft in Vegas really ramps up today with the start of Senior Bowl week, disappointing how many players have pulled out of the Senior Bowl via injuries over recent weeks. Good chance some of the guys here will become Titans in April, it was the Senior Bowl last year that really put Nate Davis on the NFL radar he was outstanding in 1 on 1's during Senior Bowl practices. Will post any noteworthy bits I come across of particular interest will be which guys we meet with this week. Marlon Davidson who Daniel Jeremiah had the Titans taking in his first mock draft released today is having a good first day.
  19. Who we drafting? OLB? CB? TE? I'd like to bring in a vet at OLB and draft corner or a TE.
  20. Anyone elae think najee harris would be the perfect number 2 for Henry? Guy can catch and is enough of a power back we can bludgeon people even when Henry gets a rest. Only problem is will he last 2 our 2nd round pick imo.
  21. The next time you think about getting on your knees and sucking Jrob off, keep in mind he drafted Corey Davis over Pat Mahomes.
  22. Reggie Corbin is one of my favorite day 3 RB's in this Draft thought he was going to declare for the 2019 Draft but decided to return to Illinois, he is what JRob hoped to get when he signed Dion Lewis.
  23. Just starting a thread to serve as a watch list of players for the 2020 Draft. One guy that caught my eye already is Iowa RT Tristan Wirfs, saw plenty of him last year while watching Hockenson at Iowa, the guy is an absolute monster, rare blend of size/power/mobility, with both Kelly/Conklin off contract at the end of this season RT could be a serious need next offseason.

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