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  1. I’ll fix that when I get back to my computer in a few minutes. Thanks for passing it on.
  2. Switched back to light for the default but you may choose either from the bottom of any page. I'm a bit superstitious so for now I don't want a different theme than we've had during this playoff run.
  3. Here it is. I had her change the big ribbon to a streamer that just hangs off of it like I originally asked for. Didn’t nail the colors but it’s a nice and really big arrangement.
  4. I actually met him at a game in Houston. Regardless of politics or anything else, he’s a good dude.
  5. Pics. Mention TR in a video and I’ll tweet it out.
  6. Yes, that's what it looks like. Twitter has some CSS embeded for a class called twitter-tweet.twitter-tweet-error when a tweet has been deleted that I probably won't be able to override. I might be able to target the container around it if it doesn't mess with other embeds.
  7. Looks like the tweet was deleted. Can you post the link to the tweet here? @Starkiller
  8. No photo from her today. It was a local florist so she just asked for his name and she knew of the service. I’ll call tomorrow if I don’t hear anything by noon.
  9. Not going to lie, this hype video is pretty 🔥 :
  10. By the way, I just want to mention how good it feels to get to experience this with the most hardcore and loyal Titans fans out there that make up this place. We've been through thick and thin here. We've endured seasons where our playoff hopes were thin to none before we ever got to the end of November and have been split on quarterbacks and coaches but have stuck by the team and this message board. All of that makes this postseason so much sweeter.
  11. As long as Jamal can hold off on the fapping for a bit, I'm definitely in.

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