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  1. All, by popular demand we have added chat back to the site. I tried to earlier in the year but the chat software was very subpar. Fortunately, the developer who made the Cadillac of chat apps has updated his so I went ahead and bought it and, after testing for a bit, have deployed it. It's a really great addition and I think it's the best one we've had on the board in the 8+ years we've been around.
  2. One option is to have a new user's posts have to be approved by a moderator for a certain period of time.
  3. Let me see what options are available.
  4. TitansGuru


    $500, but I was out of town for work so I couldn't claim it before Sunday's games so it's gone.
  5. TitansGuru


    On a side note, today actually earned double what last Monday made. Of course we are talking scales of a few dollars, but Google was doing their job in a way, that way being the most annoying possible way. Could have just been those mercy clicks Jake made, though.
  6. Heck no they weren't normal. It was annoying and my first thought was that there was a hack, which is why I took the board down for five minutes while I checked and why I upgraded. Luckily is wasn't anything nefarious. Google is pushing their auto-ad placement feature. I don't recall ever opting in for it, and I am sure I haven't done it recently, but it looks like it was the footer placement that allowed for that annoying top bar to be auto-placed. I disabled auto-ads on the Adsense site but since it takes some time to update I went ahead and removed the entire footer placement so it wouldn't annoy anyone until it does. My guess is that since the footer ad was the newest one added back in September that it was enabled for auto-ad placement but it didn't do anything, or at least anything stupid like this, until now.
  7. TitansGuru


    I think it might be good now. Removed the footer ad code since it was the newest one and I suspect it would be the one with the new stuff in it to allow for that awful placement.
  8. TitansGuru


    If I can ever get it to load, I am just going to remove any ad code until tomorrow to give it time to update. I know it's annoying.
  9. TitansGuru


    It's Adsense so it's doing it's targeted thing I'm sure. I disabled auto-ad placement (which I don't think I ever enabled) but it takes time for the ads to update. If that fixes it, it should be good in a little bit.
  10. TitansGuru


    Haha. It is when you click them but I don't want anything all up in the way and as a registered user you should barely see any ads.
  11. TitansGuru


    I made a change that I think will disable them. It's still spinning on the Adsense site so it might not have gone through yet. It took me a full ten minutes for that page to even load to disable the auto-ads feature. It either has been on for a while and it just started that obnoxious sticky ad or was automatically enabled since it wasn't a change that I made recently.