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  1. Yeah, they are...especially if we played like we did this week.
  2. So, anyway, looks like Soxcat started saying a lot of racist stuff and got banned. We’ll mark this thread answered. 😜
  3. None of them are Mongolian. Two are part Chinese. Only dated a Mongolian once when she was vacationing. She was pretty. Looked like a half Asian Invanka Trump and I didn’t hate Ivanka at the time so it was pretty cool. Still friends with her on social media but can’t read hardly any of her posts. The Mongolian language/alphabet seems wayyyy closer to Russian than Chinese.
  4. I finally got a switch about a week and a half ago. Because of that I was watching a lot of videos about the switch. There’s one guy on YouTube who fixes like 20 at a time. If you’re willing to take your chances with a soldering iron you might be able to watch some videos and save a lot of money.
  5. Nope. She was great. I blame it on the crystals and shakras and auras and all that stuff that probably was a gateway drug to anti-vaxxers and MLMers.
  6. Car accident due to ice, two flat tires at different times with neither being home, car broke down in the cold, got pulled over and apparently my insurance had expired in the few days between the accident and then, had to kick a roommate out because she was two months late on rent and I found drugs in the bathroom, and some lady out of her mind rear ended me at a red light (I had been stopped for at least ten seconds) and started screaming she was going to call the cops saying it was my fault until I pointed out that it was at an intersection with a very obvious camera...at which point she almost sideswiped me into the side of my car. I haven't had a full decade of that level of craziness contained in that single month since.
  7. Nope, but you're on the right side of it. Something I just thought about. I met the last caucasian girl I dated for a somewhat consistent time due to this board. Misty had a smoking model friend who was taller than me by like three inches. 🤣 She was actually super cool but was really into metaphysical stuff. I gave that stuff a chance and God sent me all the warnings I needed with a month of the worst luck in my life.
  8. I was born in the 70s. That’s as much as I’ll say.
  9. Because it’s more about respecting their privacy than mine. I am out there And I’m open to some extent. Plus with what people are going to be able to do with facial recognition in the few years on a large scale is going to be just scary. It’s already possible now but the access is a bit limited. If they posted it to their social it could be matched back to them quite easily even with restricted sharing. Lack of privacy is going to be a scary thing in a few short years. Well beyond what it is now.
  10. Lol. Nah, they aren’t the type to send those.
  11. I think this world desperate misses both a powerful orators like James Baldwin delivering indisputable perspectives to the masses and the insight brought along by treading through hours of ignorance by old school Patrice O’Neal vs Anthony Cumia debates.
  12. Hahaha. You would know. I’ve been consistent but there have been a few Latinas in the mix.
  13. Okay, but I’m going with some level of privacy on these. My taste may differ from yours but these are the most recent few.
  14. I don't agree with that language either. It has gone too far the other way. Everything is pulling people away from each other and building barriers. Yes, white people have advantages but the people who benefit from those advantages are not who caused them. Attacking those people causes them to be in a default position of defense. It is counter-productive and has the result of pushing some people into places they would not normally be. Don't turn potential allies into foes. That being said, progress has been made. One example is affirmative action which, regardless of how it seems on paper, is a good and just thing. This is because for years and years people of color were passed over for jobs based on race. On paper, giving preference to or mandating a certain number of people from a certain race seems like preferential treatment. But this is just a way to codify a balance to overcome racism that still obviously exists that prevents qualified people from being given opportunities they deserve. Now there is the problem that progress is not being made fast enough. That's a hard problem to fix but it is being made even harder by all of the divisiveness. The issues with the police have been ongoing for years and must be addressed nationally. Watching TV reports and listening to radio reports decades old and realizing they could be played today with some minor updates is sickening. However, the full story of this in terms of recent developments is very nuanced. Some people will look as these and say Floyd was high and acting erratic and Blake was going into his car with passengers while disobeying orders while people of color and a good percentage of white people will look at these as part of a bigger problem that includes Breonna Taylor and Philando Castile that must be addressed. It's hard for the two sides to find common ground there. My personal opinion, if anyone cares, is that there IS a problem. Choke holds and anything that restricts breathing that could result in death should be banned even if it means that the person may struggle a it more. There needs to be a sustained effort to reform policing that starts with drug reform. There needs to be accountability at a national level with regions that are completely independent from the police forces that they investigate. Implied immunity must go. The original idea for it made sense but it has been so bastardized that it can't be fixed. Race based policing should obviously be addressed. Oh, and I still thought "Hey, they would have shot me if I acted like Blake." after watching that video. Anyway, that was a lot of typing and there is no way I can get my beliefs across in a post. I'm a guy from a small town in Tennessee who grew up in church that turned out to be really liberal, travelled the world extensively, campaigned for Obama, haven't dated a white girl in a decade, has mostly friends who look nothing like me, and still finds middle-ground with my super-conservative, gun-toting, motorcycle driving, Trump loving dad and his even more Trump loving (and the sweetest lady you will ever meet) wife.
  15. I didn’t ban him but completely trust the judgment of the people who can make these decisions. We aren’t aiming for super “woke” here and I wouldn’t be on a site like that. Just general human decency.

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