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  1. Its there, but just isn’t styled this way.
  2. There is a concurrent connection limit for some reason. Doesn’t show anywhere except in the logs.
  3. On which theme? I’ll fix this and the notification alert at the bottom this weekend
  4. Maybe Vrabel can put Tannehill in to “protect” Mariota.
  5. Yes, it’s been an issue here for a few months but it’s been a lot better since the redesign. Still, our two years (four years total) is coming up on our current host in a month. I will be evaluating other hosts and people have really been generous on the Patreon since the redesign so we can likely get something a bit more beefy. We’re on the current host’s fastest plan so I can’t do much about it here. I just want to make sure if we move it’s to the right host so I don’t regret it. I’ll also check out the error logs to see if I can nail down anything other than load that might be blowing things up.
  6. Nick Foles seems like the good dude who will come pick you up but is way too into his vape.
  7. A decent QB would be able to take advantage of that front.
  8. You can’t judge Smith when Mariota can’t execute anything he puts out.