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  1. TitansGuru

    titans report Message Board is kickass!

    Oman did pay up, by the way. Props to everyone else for doing all the day to day stuff during what has been the busiest work year of my life.
  2. TitansGuru

    Twitter Feed

    Turron, man...I added Turron.
  3. TitansGuru

    Twitter Feed

    Done. Dawn Davenport added. (j/k)
  4. TitansGuru

    Twitter Feed

    Sure. Will do it now.
  5. TitansGuru

    Week 11: Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Maybe we shouldn't take off practices after wins until we are consistently better...
  6. TitansGuru

    Shout out from a Titan?

    We could do something with this. Have a different meter for each player that people could put money towards. Once it meets the amount needed, we take suggestions and make a poll people can vote on for things to have them say.
  7. TitansGuru

    Around the NFL week 10

    They’ve given Floyd Mayweather the ball after touchdowns...twice.
  8. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Which is most likely. What I said would still stand.
  9. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    We might not be able to do much of anything until January. At that point, it’s on. I think that what might happen is that they bring in Mueller and Trump’s inner circle for public interviews. Maybe even appointing Mueller to ask the questions. They have to do as much as they can to make it obvious what is going on before moving on impeachment, which the Senate will obviously shut down at that point. We have to cause as much damage as we can by bringing all of his corruption to light before that point. We have to hold as many of these clowns in contempt of Congress as we can. We have to have these state level investigations take the lead. Only once there is no doubt in the eyes of the public will there be any chance of the Republicans turning on Trump like they eventually did with Nixon.
  10. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    “Definitely the actions of an innocent man.” -OILERMAN
  11. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Also, they will also bring Mueller in for televised public questioning which will expose Trump’s motivation and obvious obstruction minded reasons even more.
  12. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    If they somehow fire Mueller when this all shakes out, expect the House to appoint Mueller on their behalf in January. Like Trump all you want, this is about more than politics. This is about the legitimacy of a democracy and about checks and balances, which was something important to our founding fathers.
  13. TitansGuru

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Sorry Jamal, but I had to fix your title.