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  1. He and his friends are all losers. Nobody in that entire crew is either good enough or man enough to even attempt to stop his self-destruction. Of course it could all be on him, but I know I’d be nonstop ragging on a friend if they were blowing an opportunity like this.
  2. Even though they look ugly, I’m happy this site preserves tweets when people delete them.
  3. Carson Wentz hasn't gotten any worse. He's just always been mediocre.
  4. Does this take some of the shine off of Bill Belichick? Not saying it does, but it is going to be asked.
  5. The highlight of the commercials so far...Beavis and Butthead: beavisbutthead.mp4
  6. We interrupt the Super Bowl to bring you some football. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Darrell Bevell, Lions interim coach. Keith Carter, Titans offensive line coach. Todd Downing, Titans tight ends coach. Ben McAdoo, Jaguars quarterbacks coach. Pat O'Hara, Titans quarterbacks coach. Sean Ryan, Lions quarterbacks coach.
  8. Cloudflare is what I have been using. It seems to do the trick most of the time. It blocks what could be considered DDoS type traffic from time to time. I just revamped it a bit by adding additional firewalls and blocking certain user agents so that might get us closer to where we want to be. Fastly is nice and we recommend them to clients from time to time. From what I remember, it would be pretty expensive but I can check again. I can also reach out to a sales exec I know over there to see if he can give a bit of a discount.
  9. Okay, I will look into it. @OzTitan, do you have any recommendations that wouldn't cost a fortune?
  10. I have found out that it's surprisingly cheap. $10/hr or $60/24 hours from what I have read.
  11. It seems like everything is good to go now. Took a few measures to prevent it. I also noticed that a couple of bots were being greedy so I blocked them, too.
  12. I wouldn't trade him, but if I had to... It would have to include a top five or top ten pick plus another couple picks. Like a fourth this year and a second next year. Would that be asking too much? Maybe, but I wouldn't be willing to move on unless I was getting a great return. Even though Evans has looked good with a small sample, you'd probably want to have capital to replace Henry either by picking or using the acquired picks to trade up. If you get a top ten pick you would want to use that on an elite pass rusher. To be honest, it would likely make us a better
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