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  1. Very clear the team will be targeting a LB in the mid rounds. Need more picks though.
  2. I imagine Wisconsin since that is where Fickell is anyway.
  3. He literally would be the fastest WR on the team if drafted (at least by 40 standards) lol.
  4. Was hoping we would go after Edoga as a swing OT option for us.
  5. This is the guy!!! Carthon was involved in his scouting. Can play all 3 WR spots.
  6. Jeudy for a 2nd or 3rd (only one pick) since he is still young. Wouldn’t go after Sutton due to torn ACL. Wouldn’t go after Hopkins because of this age.
  7. Reich is like “this is what a young QB looks like?”
  8. Yeah at this point JSN is a legit candidate at #11 due to the ebb and flow of the other prospects. Unless the Titans trade up, there is a slim chance that PJJ is a member of the Titans at this point.
  9. At this point, just hoping the Jets decide to release Corey Davis now that they signed Lazard and Hardman. I would be down to sign him back (if he wants to), even if he only plays 10 games. He is actually a capable starting WR. Not many of those left in the current market.
  10. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Wait….who did he sign with? the Jets or the Browns?
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