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  1. titanskick8851

    Dexter Lawrence

    I think what he is referring to is that defenses are in nickle defenses with more pass rushers on the field more and more now and that there is not as much of a need for a 350 lb. NT. Kind of like what has happened to the FB position over the years. You can usually get someone to play that role with a similar set of skills, but they aren't quite that position (i.e. Stocker playing FB from time to time instead of having a real FB out there).
  2. titanskick8851

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    What's wrong with Jennings? He was great back at KR this past year. 100% agree about Adoree though. That ship has sailed.
  3. titanskick8851

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    Hockenson. He was selected as the best TE in the nation as a RS Sophmore. There is a thread about him in the draft forum. He could be a Gronk-like TE. He destroys people in the run game and is a true in-line TE compared to Smith and Firkser.
  4. titanskick8851

    Top 25 FAs: Good Year to Need a Pass Rusher

    He really does. It’s an easy connection and literally is the perfect match in terms of what we are looking for for him in terms of staying in a similar system and getting paid big time.
  5. titanskick8851

    Ohio St WR Parris Campbell

    It would be really nice to have our own version of Tyreek Hill, but once we know who our OC is that will also help us target who would be a good fit for the offense.
  6. Yeah you can tell he loves the team and just wants to be part of it. He even said before he even gets paid, that Byard should get an extension because of how he works and how productive he is. Seems like one of those glue guys that you want as part of the team.
  7. titanskick8851

    Ohio St WR Parris Campbell

    Yeah that is what I was thinking that. I would say Tyreek Hill could be a good comparison to him in terms of speed. May be a bit more of a long-strider though. He could be someone we target, but like we've discussed a lot will depend on free agency.
  8. titanskick8851

    Ohio St WR Parris Campbell

    Do you feel like his best spot in the slot? Or outside? He seemed to run most of his routes from the slot, but with his speed he could adjust to the Z position. Obviously there is a lot to like with his Speed. The question may be, will he be there in the 2nd round for us?
  9. titanskick8851

    Top 25 FAs: Good Year to Need a Pass Rusher

    Which one? Za'Darius or Preston?
  10. titanskick8851

    2019 Draft News and Rumors

    Very good point you make here and we all heard the Gronk trade rumors last off-season, so maybe they could via Hockensen as a once-a-decade type player. I imagine if they went down this road, they likely would try and trade Smith or Firkser potentially.
  11. titanskick8851

    Mock Draft Tour

    The worst part of these is you can really tell which sites literally have no clue. Nate Davis, USA Today: Devin White, LB, LSU - I mean I would be stoked because he is a top 5-10 talent, but with Brown, Evans, and Woodyard I think we are set at LB Drafttek.com: Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia - Who??? We are likely to re-sign Vacarro or go with Cyprien so I doubt this would be an option Jason McIntyre, TheBigLead.com: Byron Murphy, CB, Washington - Sunk huge amounts of money and draft capital into this position. No way we go CB in the 1st.
  12. titanskick8851

    Mock Draft Tour

    Definitely torn as we go into the draft. There are going to be some great defensive players available that could be starters for us in Round 1 and 2. The only thing being that we do not know how free agency is going to go yet. You would have to think they add at least one WR through the draft and free agency, but we will see if they would pull the trigger on a WR/TE in the 1st Round.
  13. So basically PK knows what we all know...which is absolutely nothing lol.
  14. titanskick8851

    A Look at the 2019 QB Class (Breakdown and Videos)

    I like Finley a lot, but he does have a bit of the Joe Flacco long release. Most reports I have seen said he probably goes in Round 2 with a good Senior Bowl/Combine/Pro Day. Another guy that grabbed my attention while watching him was WR Kelvin Harmon. Great a tracking and adjusting to the ball in the air and seems very physical in getting open and run blocking. If we add a spot WR in free agency, he may be someone to keep an eye on for us in the 1st or 2nd.
  15. titanskick8851

    2019 Draft News and Rumors

    Yeah I have been going back and forth between Tyrell Williams and Adam Humphries as potential players we could have interest in. Humphries has had some nice success as an UDFA and is only 25 years old. He was signed back in 2015 when Robinson was with the Bucs (so he may have personally pitched for him) so there could be some extra interest there, but a lot of that may depend on how good some of the slot WR's look at the Combine. John Brown could also be a lower cost option as well.