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  1. Dude they’ve been winning for nearly a year now with a very high success rate. And even before that we went 9-7 the two previous years. This isn’t the Titans of the 2004-2015. Thing have changed around here.
  2. Rogers is about the best you could hope for in terms of a veteran WR. Can play just about any spot and is also a decent PR. I would also expect them to change the players that they are marking as “safe” this week. I think you’ll see Batson given one of those designations after how much he played and contributed. Might even see him and Westbrook-Ikhine flip flopped on the 53 man potentially.
  3. Are you ever positive? I swear I don’t understand why you are a fan of the team. Never any positivity from you.
  4. Not quite sure why they aren’t playing Correa more to give Landry and Clowney some breathers. Doesn’t really make much sense.
  5. Good catch! But yes they kept brining in a WR, usually Davis in motion closer to the end of the formation and it was creating another force defender every time. It was easy t on diagnose for the defense every time they did that.
  6. Yeah I don’t quite understand this strategy. They should have a 4th up. If Roberson isn’t ready then they should’ve brought Ray up instead of Batson. They are going to be in trouble in any of the 3 active go down with as much as a cramp.
  7. For week 2 got some decisions in some deeper leagues. The first is I have to start three (at least 1 being a TE) of the following: Parris Campbell vs MIN Scotty Miller vs TB Jonnu Smith vs JAC Allen Lazard vs DET Jared Cook vs LV Josh Kelley vs KC Sony Michel vs SEA My other one is easier for a flex decision: Emmanuel Sanders vs LV or Mike Williams vs KC Appreciate all your thoughts!
  8. Some interesting names here. Jennings was an interesting player out of West Virginia taken by Seattle last year but then since has been cut by Seattle and Miami, who exactly have the strongest WR corps. Rogers and Johnson are former Colts. Rogers has probably the best resume of anyone on this list as he played somewhat significantly every year for the Colts. In 2018 he had 53 catches for 485 yards and 2 TD. Johnson went for 22-277-2 last year on the Colts. So these two have the most experience. Damion Willis is interesting because he made the Bengals last years and did make a couple of catches, but this year he was unable to make the deal due to the depth and their WR finally staying healthy. So there may be some talent there. Sloter is interesting because he is QB and has often impressed in Pre-Season but has failed to really be anything beyond a #3 QB or PS guy. Maybe they want a guy who is more athletic to be their scout QB with Jackson and Allen coming up.
  9. He was actually a healthy scratch last week. When he got his shoulder injury he fell behind and has since been kind of buried on the depth chart due to the rookies playing well.
  10. A player to consider next week if we struggle at WR. Tate was a good player last year in his first opportunity to start. This year he is buried on the depth chart as A.J. Green and John Ross are healthy and they drafted Higgins early. Also have Tyler Boyd.
  11. Potentially - more worried his penchant for getting hurt the past few seasons. Best ability is your availability. When he’s out we miss him big time.

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