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  1. Wayyyyyy to early to tell but if Levis bombs the only QB I would be okay with at this point would be Beck and still need to see him make improvements to his game this year. Wouldnt touch Ewers or Sanders with a 20’ pole.
  2. A starting OL consisting of: Latham - Charles - Cushenberry - Radunz - Skoronski looks a lot better on paper then: Latham - Skoronski - Cushenberry - Charles - Ojukwu
  3. Actually surprised it took us this long to bring him in. Natural fit with Bill Callahan here. Played decently in relief at LT last year for Cleveland. Was drafted by Callahan when he was at Washington, so clearly likes him as a depth player.
  4. Pretty shocking they didn’t sign Maye given the roster, the need, the connection to Wilson, and seemingly the price wasn’t too high.
  5. Charles played OT at LSU and athletically wise can definitely play in space. Also worth noting that Callahan/CIN and Bill in Cleveland at times have preferred bigger OT (aka 320 lbs +). Currently Charles is the second biggest OL behind Latham.
  6. I know but at this point they also need bodies out there. Only other real OT on the roster is John Ojukwu.
  7. Lol at the incumbents at RT and the other S spot not being available... Duncan and NPF going to let Watson and Radunz get back into the discussion if they don't get out there and work.
  8. Hope for two years lol. But if they produce a good defense in year 1, it don’t be shocking to see him gone.
  9. Still think they should bring Shaw in as another Assistant HC.
  10. Better to catch them early while Williams is still adjusting to the speed of the NFL though.
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