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  1. I imagine he won’t even be making what Sharpe is so this signing will likely not count for us in the Comp Pick formula.
  2. I would be perfectly fine waiting until the 5th round and grabbing one of these guys. There might be a few more who fall as well due to injury concerns or missed the Combine. Hightower or Thomas specifically have the speed to help our offense as well.
  3. Vikings are definitely the team I would most be scared of taking him in front of us since now they have two shots. They are going to go WR/CB with those picks.
  4. While this wouldn’t be necessarily ideal, signing him at that point would allow for his deal not to count against us in the Comp pick formula.
  5. I know this isn’t reported contact, but Gibson definitely would have been one of our local visits. He is one of my favorite players in this draft. I would not even flinch/fret if we took him with our 2nd Round Pick. Such a unique player.
  6. They’ve shown a ton of interest in Clark and you know they have probably talked to Davis a ton about him.
  7. Yeah not sure what we are quite doing at CB. Clearly they want to move on from Ryan but have let just about every option to replace him get signed. Once again reaffirms that they probably want to see if Hooker/Cruikshank/Rookie can fill the role.
  8. Definitely pushes OT down the list as far as draft needs early. We will still draft someone but it may not be until Round 3.
  9. Additionally they’ll be losing one of the best NB in the game, their starting center on a team void of a good OL, and a very good TE as well.
  10. I could be wrong but I feel like the impetus of Casey playing more out wide as and EDGE was because of Wake and other EDGE player injuries then by design. He just had the ability to be able to do that when we got low on bodies and they tried their best to take advantage of that. Casey wasn’t their Clowney/Z. Smith/Flowers type player.
  11. Chargers better go after Cam and hope that he can help guide them to the SB this year because after next year they are going to look like a completely different team.
  12. Yeah that’s a bit unfortunate. I don’t get the supposed interest in Jospeh beyond the DB Coach/Vrabel connection. He is nearly 36 years old and has always been an outside CB. Who moves inside if we sign him? Butler or Jackson? I just don’t see that.

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