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  1. Burns definitely is one of my favorite players in this years draft. If by some way he was on the board at 19, we probably sprint to the podium. I think he he could fall a little due to other teams needs and him not being a great fit for 4-3 defenses, but I think Giants at 17 would be his floor if they don’t take an Edge rusher at 6.
  2. At 6-2, 224 lbs. I wonder if they would transition him to an off-ball LB role.
  3. It does seem like they are targeting more mid-round, later-round, and UDFA's.
  4. I have mentioned him a couple of times and people said he wouldn't fit. I think if he made it to 51 he would be a great addition. Yes, he's a little bigger, but he is someone who can still hold-up at the POA in the run game, while also getting after the QB. I like Anthony Nelson for this role too.
  5. Gotta think with how well he has done he has probably earned himself a draft pick. Maybe Robinson grabs him in the 5th/6th to make sure they get him.
  6. I know Sam Houston is a small school, but damn! Can we get an iPhone out there to capture it?
  7. They probably know all they need to know about them from Vrabel's son and the new Strength & Conditioning Coach.
  8. Here is to hoping we pick up an extra third and grab him there!!
  9. I think ideally if you could trade back to the late 20's and pick up an extra pick or two. According to the Draft Pick Trade chart our pick at 19 is worth 785 points. Trading with the Packers would be perfect from the sense that they pick a lot earlier in the 3rd round then KC, LAR, and NE thus giving us a little more value if we do trade down with them.
  10. Could definitely see Rob Moore and Terry Coombs at OSU while Vrabel checks out BC. The good thing about the connects at BC/OSU is that we really could get the 411 about each of the players from the close contacts that the team has with those schools.
  11. Yup that’s been my thoughts on him. Maybe if you run a 4-3 defense he could be a little more productive, but I just don’t see it in our defense.
  12. Depends if there is a big run on OL in the 2nd round. He should be there in the 3rd but I could see him going late 2nd.
  13. Gotta think we could make 1 more signing here. Someone like Ray, Lynch, or Cassius Marsh make a lot of sense as they are all relatively still young and would not have to invest as much as Houston/Perry might cost.
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