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  1. Gotta hope that we just haven’t heard the offensive changes yet.
  2. Interesting. Maybe he didn’t jive with the DL Coach? Weird since the DL really was one of the best units and a lot of the young guys developed nicely as well.
  3. Oh come on! You cut the head off the snake! Not the tail. If they want legit changes on special teams then they need to fire Auckerman.
  4. 👀👀👀👀 Don’t want Zappe to do too well. He is my dark horse 3rd round pick for us!
  5. Y’all are wild thinking we are going to be some big time players in the free agent market. Schultz likely gets a huge deal and goes to the highest bidder. JC Jackson will also have a huge market if he even hits the market. Just don’t see us being able to commit.
  6. Absolutely - better to give players up a year to early, then a year to late. Recouping that 2nd round pick would be huge and this is a great draft to need an OT.
  7. As much as yes those players were perfect fits and gets and we should applaud the evaluations and developments of them, we also need to unfortunately include Wilson and Radunz in that OL draft history. I still have a lot positive thoughts in terms of Radunz turning into a good player, but context is Jrob is batting .500 on OL in the first two days of the draft as of now.
  8. Interesting...you don't see that very often. Requesting OC/DC interviews, without having a HC set up.
  9. Oh the irony. They play it safe and he still throws an INT lol. The funny part is Tannehill has lead them down and they have won games like that before. That is bad coaching, but still come back to the throw (which was late) and stare down from Tannehill on NWI is what ultimately decided the fate of the game.
  10. It was piss poor all the way around. No discussion is needed. The plan and execution of said plan were equally awful.
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