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  1. Also as a side note, I think it’s a lock Eason/Love go 1st round. Just way to many QB needy teams. Bengals - Moving on from Dalton, HC will want his own QB. The return of hometown kid Burrow would just make too much sense. Dolphins - No long term QB in place and were actively tanking early in the year. With Tua having the serious injury is this Herbert’s landing spot? Redskins - Drafted Haskins and he has not looked good so far this year. New HC could want his guy. Is this another potential Rosen situation? Buccaneers - Jameis is a free agent and I don’t really see a chance he re-signs. Arians will want a guy that fits his mold (cough Eason cough). Broncos - No true heir to the QB throne here. Brandon Allen has looked decent the last two weeks, but I still imagine we see 2nd Rounder Drew Lock so they can a better assessment on if they should take a QB this year or wait until next. Chargers - Rivers is old, a turnover machine, and can become a free agent this off-season. Do they gamble with Rivers for 1-2 more years or move on? Heard some rumors that they like Tyrod Taylor and Eason Stick, but you’ve got to think they target a QB early if Rivers in fact leaves. Bears - They are pretty much SOL. With no 1st round pick there isn’t a legit option for them in the draft but I expect them to chase after someone like Cam Newton or Tom Brady/Rivers with that defense in place. Titans - Obviously we could have a huge need here. I am really going for the idea that we re-sign Tannehill and draft someone early to sit a year or two. As said before Love or Eason are really who I would be targeting. Panthers - What do they do? Kyle Allen has done an admirable job but now his limitations are really showing through. Does Carolina move on from Newton, stick with Allen, or totally reset the QB room? Patriots - All depends on what Brady decides to do. Does he retire if he wins another championship? Does he opt out and become a free agent? Or does he return? Pretty much any could happen but that leaves NE in a precarious position with only 4th Round Rookie Jared Stidham waiting in the wings. He looked decent in preseason but really struggled again the Jets when he came in for mop up duty. Have to assume the Patriots draft a QB somewhere between round 3-5. So as you can see there could be a huge glutton of teams looking for QBs in this draft and it also wouldn’t surprise me if we end up waiting another year.
  2. 100% - you go for the potential. They just have to be open to doing the NE thing and drafting a QB in the mid rounds as well to ensure you always have options available to you. Love/Eason have that potential to be game changers and elite QBs. With Herbert, Fromm, and Tua I just don’t see it. They are likely game managers. Now maybe that’s what Jrob and Vrabel will want, but I would rather them take the gamble. Maybe Hurts and Jamie Newman do enough in this last month and in the pre-draft process to really jump up the boards, but even then they are 3rd level prospects.
  3. I am still in the camp of drafting Love and having him sit a year or two. He makes throws that other QBs simply can’t make. Regarding Fromm I wonder if the Tua injury has a big impact on if he declares or not. I know the last we heard is that he was seriously considering staying in school but with Tua out, Fromm would be the #3 at worst going into the combine. Big couple of games for him now.
  4. No...I would rather go back to Mariota. Rivers can be a turnover machine at times and we don't have nearly the weapons that the Chargers do either regards to the pass game.
  5. Hopefully we can get a pure speed guy out of it to take the top off the defense.
  6. Also more credence that Smith’s offensive philosophy does not have very well thought out route concepts. If you look at a lot of great offenses they force DB’s and LB’s to make a choice on routes. That choice then should open space for another receiver. We aren’t seeing a ton of that.
  7. CLEMSON DL never play up to their college production!!!
  8. People seem to forget that he broke his fibula at the end of 2016. He had 26 TDs to 9 INTs. From that point on he was never the same. We had tons of questions about him last year before the arm/elbow/nerve injury as he was coming off 13 TD/15 INT season. He likely rushed back after the leg injury and he really never ever regained the confidence in the pocket from then on. That combined with a nerve injury just sapped any velocity he had throwing the ball because he was never truly ever stepping up in the pocket and gunning the ball to a WR. Everything has been off his back foot since the start of the 2017 season.
  9. Yep they were in Seattle for the Washington vs. Oregon game.
  10. Wondering if we will see the big Nickle packages today. Move Evans over more as rusher. Have Brown(or Woodward if he doesn’t play)/Vaccaro at LB and Hooker/Byard at Safety.
  11. I mean if there is a year to need a QB I think this is it. There are going to be about 7-8 guys who we end up talking about and discussing between now and the draft. It will be up to Jrob, Vrabel, and whomever they bring in to run the offense to make sure we get the best QB for what we are going to do. If we want a PA down the field passer then Eason or Herbert fit that. If we want to run more of an open/multiple offense then Burrows is your guy. If we bring in a unique and creative OC I wouldn’t mind Hurts as long as we build the offense around him and allow him to do what he does best. Then there are other guys like Tua (prob out of our range), Fromm, Love who will also be in consideration. it’ll be stressful and we will all have our opinions and takes on each QB as to how they can be successful here, but we are going to be in a good position to address it as we see fit.
  12. This is where I am as well but the more I watch of Jalen Hurts the more I am liking but just about any QB in that offense will succeed with Lincoln Riley at the helm.
  13. Obviously we likely have our eyes on both QB’s, but both teams have a ton of NFL talent across them.
  14. Assuming Burrow continues the hot steak he is on and he goes to the Bengals or Dolphins, then I am all about adding two other QB's to compete with Tannehill next year. Draft Love in the 2nd Round, sign Bridgewater or Mullens/Beathard (whomever the 49ers are willing to trade). Have all of them compete. If no one emerges you should be in position to draft Fields or Lawrence in the 2021 draft. We have got to find a QB. Doesn't matter if we bring in 1 or 2 or 5. Number don't matter. Find someone to hold it down.