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  1. An interesting one would be Von Miller. I believe he has a player option and is likely to opt out and become a free agent. I know he is past 30, but he can still rush the passer at a high level.
  2. Because Both had a lot of experience in the role while in College. Also if you will remember Cruikshank coming out he had played all over Arizona’s defense. His last year or two he played in the NB/Spur LB role. This is what Vrabel and Pees said about him after drafting him: Per MCM: Cruikshank has great size combined with that off-the-charts athleticism for a cornerback, and it seems Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees and Head Coach Mike Vrabel want to use him all over the defense. He was announced as a “defensive back,” rather than specifically as a safety or corner when the selection was made on Day 3 of the draft. In response to a question about if Cruikshank would start out as a corner or a safety, Vrabel said (completely seriously), “We like him at DB.” https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/platform/amp/2018/5/12/17303448/dane-cruikshank-film-study-review Cruikshank also has the athleticism to pull off some of the NB blitzes that Ryan ran so affectively. With regards to outside CB - Butler is coming off an injury and we can easily get out of his deal after this next year. Sims and Brock are FA’s and Smith didn’t seem like he could play out there too long as a starter. So we will need actual guys who can play out there if we do get hit by the injury bug again.
  3. I think they’ll draft someone who can play outside and that they’ll let Hooker and Cruikshank battle it out for the NB spot.
  4. I have thought about this as well. Not that it’s super realistic but i think we already have a good guy to run out there in David Long. He played very well. In this scheme, Long is your WLB, Brown is MLB, and Evans is SLB. That being said, as someone said the 3-4 allows us to be more creative and we have drafted a large amount of personnel that fits it so I seriously doubt we see many changes.
  5. I think we could see a Landry - Simmons - Casey DL with Brown/Evans and the DBs. They’ll rush 3 and double Hill/Kelce
  6. A unique strategy I’m wondering if they could try with regards to knocking WR and Kelce off routes is lining 2 players on them right off the snap (sort of like how the defense lines up against the gunners on Punts). This would leave us vulnerable if Hill/Hardman beats us deep but if it’s quick throw in a known passing situation then we can throw off the timing if we beat them up during those first 5 yards. I feel like I saw the strategy used once and it popped back in my head when you heard people talk about throwing off the rhythm of their pass game that way came to mind. Might be a stupid concept, but I’m just thinking of ways we can catch them off guard defensively. Truly can’t wait for Sunday!!
  7. That high has dropped 11 degrees in two days. On Sunday the predicted high was 35 degrees. We are way below the freezing line now. That is going to make tackling Henry even more painful. The colder it gets, the harder it also gets to secure catches if it stays dry.
  8. Would eventually love to see some base 4-3 defense with Brown, Long, and Evans out there. Slide Landry to DE with Wake/Rookie and Casey/Simmons inside. That would be a great defense as well. I hope Long continues to see the field.
  9. Torn on who I would want to play. Hopkins always tears us up and makes huge catches. I actually like us in a game in the elements at KC. As of now the forecast says for a high of 35 degrees.
  10. We drew Bill Vinovich and his crew this weekend. Any one got the metics with his crew and our games?
  11. Booo! We get Fouts/Eagle on Saturday. Was hoping we could continue to great trend of having Romo/Nantz.
  12. Just worth bringing up after some mentioned that Henry is an inside bruiser. He did most of his damage on the outside vs. NE.
  13. This is my worry with us. Way too often Smith, Brock, and even Ryan would give a 5-7 yard cushion. Can't do that in this game.

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