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  1. Another TE to be on the watch for: Had a great game last night w/ 12 catches and 175 yards. Also blocked a punt as well! Also not that we will draft a WR, but I love Doubbs as well. Big play potential with him.
  2. Oh yeah definitely can’t see us drafting any WR in the first. Im interested to see if he actually tests that fast. I don’t see it on the field in terms of speed. Obviously still explosive and can jump out of the gym and catch anything.
  3. I know Burks has been great, but is no one worried about his ability to separate at the next level? Obviously all his other traits are phenomenal, but haven’t seen that talked about. Is he another DGB or Treadwell? Or is he more DK/Mike Williams (this years version)?
  4. Rogers being added to the injury report and only getting a limited practice in with a groin injury is somewhat concerning. He’s been a reliable and solid punt returner this year for us. Also done well over the middle of field.
  5. Absolutely - the loss of Tyrone McKenize killed Evans development and to a smaller extent, it also affected Jayon’s development as well. It was talked about how much he worked with those guys and Long and how much extra time he spent with them to ensure they understood the defense. Losing Pees also played a part in it as well.
  6. Just need for him to do things like this! I know some say Rice didn’t play well in his limited snaps but he did his job as seen above. Do your job should be the mantra moving forward.
  7. March-Lillard would make some sense being that he spent most of the off season with us. Still think Cole would be the better PS addition due to his history with Vrabel and ST ability. Also judging by the OL visits, it’s almost a certainty Saffold is out.
  8. Like SUUUUPER BAD! lol. When PFF has you 84 out of 84, not really much else you can do.
  9. I feel like "he has earned more opportunities" is now code for we have so many injuries and we are looking for anyone who can play so this guy is up next lol.
  10. I don't really care where Radunz ends up LT, LG, RG, or RT as long as he becomes a solid starter for us. Regardless we were always going to have to fill at spot on OL next year regardless if Radunz ended up at RT or not. Brewer could go to LG or C and it leaves one of those spots open. Radunz could go to LG and Brewer to C leaving RT open. It really doesn't matter as long as we getting our five best OL out there and they are being productive.
  11. Oh god no! He can't stay in his gap, what makes you think he could stay in his lane running down a punt or kickoff? lmao!
  12. I would think Williamson could get familiar with base gap control - which is what he going to be doing mainly. Hope they do add Cole to the Practice Squad as well. Joe Jones can GTFO.
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