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  1. Good point here made by Jim Nagy. How players worked in a weird off season to get better and improve is an interesting case study and shows work ethic.
  2. Not sure about this as it always seemed to be in the right place but maybe there were some issues with communication. One thing for sure, Buck Reising is really going to look like a hero or zero with these Davis is re-signing takes along with this about Jayon.
  3. Didnโ€™t the green dot start with Evans at the beginning of the year?
  4. Honestly I would see Collins as more of a replacement for Landry. You flip Landry over to the right side where he can use his speed against RT more effectively. Collins is the guy you rush/drop into zone as they so often did with Landry. They need quicker sideline to sideline ILBs. I donโ€™t think Collins fits that mold. He will have more success outside.
  5. Henry running behind this on wide zone.
  6. He would be a legit pass rusher. Only concern would be that neck injury. Would be under contract for the next 3 seasons at $17M, $17M, and $14M cap hits. Only 27 years old. I wonder if there is any chance we could get him for a 2nd rounder?
  7. โ€œJM: I know that you met with all 32 teams down there, as all the prospects did. Did you feel like you had a great vibe with any of the teams in particular? KY: I did meet with all 32 teams. We had 15-minute increments with each team over two separate nights. It probably took about five hours total. We met with 16 teams one day and the other 16 teams the next day. โ€œ Question - is posting the Senior Bowl connections still worthwhile if every player met with every team as Melo and Yeboah allude to above? Iโ€™m good either way!
  8. Obviously we would only add a RB if they were BPA later in the draft.
  9. Damn beat me by a second @AussieTitanFan08! Mods please delete mine.
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