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  1. I think they should go with the Washington Redtails as it would pay homage to some amazing African Americans who fought in World War II. Would also really be looked a positively from a PR perspective to go from having a name that is offensive to one that honors.
  2. Well good news for Logan Ryan is two more teams might be seriously interested now lol.
  3. I remember around the draft supposedly Houston was thinking about giving up Stills via trade. Would love to see him added as he had a decent rapport with Tannehill in Miami.
  4. Lions game could very well be moved to Saturday.
  5. This is all true but all the more reason why I am glad we are playing them early. It will take time for that team to gel and with reduced preparation leading up to the season, I think we will be able to pull out the victory week 1 there. If we played them week 5 or later I would be really worried.0
  6. I expect absolutely ZERO snap issues this year!!!
  7. Really only see 2 or so guys that probably have a chance to make the roster. Probably Garrett as a true coverage LB and ST, McKinney could have a chance to beat out Quessenberry if they keep 5 OT, and one of the WR could probably challenge abstain and Hollister for that 5th WR spot. Small chance, but maybe the Kicker can beat out Joseph.
  8. Hmmm maybe not so much as I thought....
  9. It’ll definitely be early. i if I had to guess, it’ll be an NFC team just in case they had to cut the season short. I voted Vikings.
  10. Additionally some vet #s: Beasley - #44 Correa - #40 Crawford - #94 Dzubnar - #49 Gennesy - #67 Munyer - #52o Kerin - #69 Sambrailo - #70 Williams - #52d
  11. You don’t read or really pay attention to how players actually play do you? Do some research at least before you state things that make you sound stupid.
  12. Love Trey Lance as a prospect. Can’t wait to see what he does this year as a follow up and if he can repeat how efficient he was.
  13. Tannehill Henry AJ Brown Lewan Jayon Brown
  14. No one is saying drop Pruitt. Just saying that Blasingame was really good last year and he will stay in the FB role this year. They don’t affect each other.
  15. Some interesting notes on who’s spending/getting the most this UDFA period: Among the largest bonuses: Jacksonville Jaguars: cornerback Lui Barcoo - $180K New England Patriots: linebacker Skuta Harris - $150K Dallas Cowboys: cornerback Ron'Dell Carter - $145K Cleveland Browns: cornerback A.J. Green - $145K New England Patriots: linebacker DeJohn Harris - $140K Dallas Cowboys: running back Jet Anderson - $110K Dallas Cowboys: linebacker Francis Bernard - $110K Kansas City Chiefs: wide receiver Kalija Lipscomb - $110K Minnesota Vikings: wide receiver Quartney Davis - $110K Kansas City Chiefs: center Darryl Williams - $107K San Francisco 49ers: defensive tackle Darrion Daniels - $105K Carolina Panthers: wide receiver Omar Bayles - $100K Philadelphia Eagles: tight end Noah Togiai - $100K San Francisco 49ers: wide receiver Chris Finke - $95K New Orleans Saints: defensive lineman Malcolm Roach - $95K New Orleans Saints: offensive lineman Jordan Steckler - $90K San Francisco 49ers: running back Jamycal Hasty - $90K Philadelphia Eagles: cornerback Grayland Arnold - $90K Baltimore Ravens: center Trystan Colon-Castillo - $87.5K New Orleans Saints: wide receiver Juwan Johnson - $85K Atlanta Falcons: wide receiver Chris Rowland - $80K Detroit Lions: safety Jeremiah Dinson - $80K

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