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  1. I hate Jim so much for doing this lol. If we really only go into the season with those 12, then I would guess the top 6 would be: AJB Reynolds Fitzpatrick Westbrook-Ikhine Chester Rogers McMath I know people will say Batson is the guy who is probably in line to play in the slot but I see Fitzpatrick beating him out and Rogers probably wins the PR duties.
  2. Would love to see them bring Woods back t compete at NT. Would feel really good about the spot with Woods, Tart, Mack, and Jones competing at that spot. Tart obviously could be Simmons back up as well.
  3. Someone needs to call in and grill this ish out of him if this is the WR move he was alluding to his earlier article.
  4. Amari Cooper made Amari Cooper look like a bum in Downing's one season as OC for the Raiders. In 2017, Cooper again led the league in drop rate (17.2 percent). He led the league in drops. Raiders as a whole had the second most dropped passes that season with 38. For comparison, we had the 3rd least amount of passes dropped that year with 21.
  5. Wait wasn't the incident on 4/18 and charges not filed until 4/30? With the summons coming yesterday?
  6. I hate JC Tretter so damn much. Some of these guys need to be there to be able to compete for a CHANCE just to get to training camp. Really is selfish of the veteran players to force this on guys who are just trying to get into the league.
  7. Whelp EDGE depth definitely really comes back into focus as a main need after today’s news.
  8. I’d also add if the TE/FB Tory Carter makes the team he will be a big part of special teams.
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