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  1. My guy Marcus Johnson staying consistent with the young guys having a bad day.
  2. Although if days like today happen, that may actually happen lol @tgo
  3. Yeah I read that this morning another the Returner options. Essentially it’s going to take him making NWI irrelevant to make the team.
  4. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Fitzpatrick or Marcus Johnson to outplay Reynolds through camp.
  5. Not a surprise to the true #TeamTommy guys here lol. I think Hudson is pretty entrenched as TE3.
  6. Good to see Borders playing well early. With Farley out he has a chance to shine.
  7. Agreed. It’s probably going to come down to who can field and return punts the best in camp and in the pre-season games. Would almost guarantee all 4 of those will be out there trying to earn it. Good news is one of those guys probably do end up on the PS again this year along with either Hollister or Brown.
  8. Early in camp, but always interesting to see how much changes from the start of camp through the pre-season. As of now I have: Offense (25) QB (2): Tannehill, Woodside RB (4): Henry, Evans, Hill, Blasingame WR (7): Brown, Jones, Reynolds, Fitzpatrick, McMath, Westbrook-Ikhine, Johnson TE (3): Firkser, Swaim, Hudson OL (9): Lewan, Saffold, Jones, Davis, Radunz, Lamm, Sambrailo, Brewer, Herring Defense (25) DL (5):Simmons, Autry, Tart, Murchison, Rush OLB (5): Dupree, Landry, Weaver, Simon, Robinson ILB (4): Brown, Evans
  9. News from around the NFL as training camps open around the NFL. Interesting addition for the Texans.
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