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  1. Lol someone’s name is missed here hahaha He knows he can’t trust Swaim to make a play lol
  2. Vaunted run blocker NWI botched the block on the second play. The first play is frustrating because you can hear Tannehill call out the nickel blitzing and no one went and got him Smdh.
  3. Good news for the run game and for how that could impact the Bengals, bad news for our rookie kicker .
  4. Nearly a perfect player for Vrabel and Robinson’s philosophy .
  5. Was just coming to post this. Mayer is a near perfect player-coach-organizational match for us, but yes Robinson hasn’t jumped into the early TE pick thus far. That being said, if we get far enough that we take ourselves out of contention for many, if not all, of the best OT and EDGE prospects (also assuming they don’t Re-sign Hooper), then I would be fine with them taking Mayer and playing a lot of 12 personnel with Okonkwo. Also wouldn’t have an issue with them drafting Georgia’s Darnell Washington. He will likely not test as well athletically so they could probably get him on Day 2.
  6. More to do with College, than Pro, but there is a fire Ryan Day movement starting at Ohio State. Would be surprising to see them fire him but if he did get let go, I wonder if Vrabel would want to hire him again as OC like when he did when he first got here.
  7. Just because they are required to put one of these out every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday no matter what. They always give the players Thursday off though during thanksgiving week and just practice on Tuesday. Wont be the least but surprised if Fulton is a Did Not Practice tomorrow.
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