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  1. yep. aka perfect position. And if they don't get the yards, they punt and pin the Bengals deep w/ very little time on the clock.
  2. A lot of ya'll are being silly and emotional. There are things to complain about in that game but clock management at the end wasn't one of them. Hell, I don't even blame Tannehill for that game and I'm not a huge Tannehill fan. The safety sold out to make a great play on the 1st pick. The 2nd was a tipped ball and the 3rd was another tipped ball. You might put the last one on Tannehill b/c he was trying to force it into a tight window but 90% of the time that's just an incompletion. In the end, the Bengals made the plays to win and the Titans didn't. Draft time.
  3. Jones was being doubled a lot. It's why Brown makes plays.
  4. They'd have been on the 47 w/ 25-ish to play and 2 TOs (assuming, they took one there). They need about the 35 for a long FG. That's 3-4 plays (probably more) to get 18 yards and the middle of the field is fair game. That's in perfect position. EDIT: was it 1 TO? I thought they had all their TOs and would've used one if that wasn't picked. I'm probably wrong though.
  5. And if that pass was completed instead of tipped, they'd have had the ball at the 47 w/ 28s to play and 2 TOs to get another 20 yards. That's probably another 3-4 plays at least (probably more) and the middle of the field is fair game. They actually played the clock really well... Tannehill just threw a pick.
  6. They tried to do both. They ran some clock and gave Tannehill a play per series to get a 1st down. So if he didn't, they'd have at least run most of the clock. If they had gotten out of their own territory, they'd have probably started to throw it more. iirc they also had all 3 TOs w/ 28s to play and on the 47. That means plenty of time to get another 20+ yards and a FG. And if they got stopped around the 47 (if it was completed and not tipped), there would've been about 10s to play and they'd be pinning the Bengals deep.
  7. Doesn't have to be one or the other. it's not a binary choice.
  8. They were doing a mix of both. Tannehill is a shot QB so they gave him a play each series to take a shot and get a chunk of yards and used the rest of the time to run clock so if they didn't get the chunk of yards, they weren't screwed by leaving Cincy w/ a ton of time left. That's what you do when you have Tannehill at QB. i'm not saying I agree w/ it necessarily but I completely understand it. And if the ball doesn't get tipped, it might've worked.
  9. b/c if it's a 3 and out, they punt from their on 20 and the Bengals get the ball w/ 2min to play and 15-20yds from FG range. Which is exactly how they'd gotten most of their points for the vast majority of the game. The biggest crime in that game imo was going for 2 when 1 would've given them the lead. If they had then at the end, they'd have been running out the clock and taking a knee.
  10. I can't blame them too much for it. There was a ton of time remaining when they got the ball and they got it on their on 16. If they punt and give them the ball w/ good field position and a min or so left on the clock... the Bengals do what they were doing all game long and that's game 20-30 yds before getting stopped and taking a FG.
  11. lol yeah, he does it by getting chunks of yards. How often can you be wrong about Tannehill? Keep at it man. Maybe he'll win a playoff game for you eventually.
  12. They didn't have field position and they were afraid they'd have to punt from their own 20 and give Cincy the ball 15-20yds from FG range w/ a min+ remaining on the clock. Tannehill is a big play QB. He's not the type to pick apart a defense and work his way down the field. He takes shots. So they were going to run the ball, run the clock and take shots for chunks of yards and then hopefully make it to OT if they don't get those chunks of yards.
  13. Not really. It's on the QB to make the right read vs the defense's coverage. Tannehill tends to force it a lot... unless you're running 2 man routes like the Titans did last year so the QB has fewer options. KC for example runs a scheme where someone will be open every play. It just depends on reading the defenses correctly and then knowing who will be open against that coverage.
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