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  1. I still think you're being very limited in your view on what constitutes an impact. If he's taking up double teams, I don't care if he's moving the pocket. I don't care if he's getting pressure or getting sacks bc someone else is bc he's taking that double team. Saying Rogers had very limited impact on the defenses he played on shows exactly what I'm talking about. You don't judge NTs by sacks and pressures and they still aren't necessarily only 2 down players.
  2. Its not splitting hairs. It's you missing the point. If he can collapse the pocket by pushing the center into the QB's face when single blocked so he demands a double team then he has value. It doesn't matter if he does it with quickness or strength. That's the value of a big strong nose tackle in a 3-4 instead of a guy that uses speed and quickness to get past blocks.
  3. Odd comment. Collapsing the pocket is getting after the QB.... if he can collapse the pocket and demand a double team, he's extremely valuable.
  4. Or you could just read what I said where I laid out multiple parties potentially being to blame and why. It's weird. It's almost like in doing so I also named Boeing.
  5. Drastic over simplification of how these schemes work.
  6. I also said you drop the other OLB and roll Brown to cover the blitzing Evans which means they're only sending 4. Who says the don't want to send the ILBs?
  7. I did. Reread what I said. I'm not walking through it again.
  8. That is bringing 4 guys. You drop the other OLB and roll Brown over to cover for the blitzing Evans. That's the beauty of Pees 3-4. Creatively bringing 4 guys.
  9. So the QB or the line has to recognize the blitz and take that guard to roll him to block Evans. To keep 2 guys on Lawrence, the other guard assists then the tackle has to down block on Casey who has 1 guy on him. Or they leave Lawrence single blocked and he drives the pocket into the QB's face who now can't step up as Wake or Landry comes around the edge.
  10. Yeah, unless it's an obvious passing down situation that other guy is Lawrence who takes up 2 blockers in the middle freeing up Casey, Landry and Wake to be single blocked. Then you drop Landry and blitz Evans or drop Wake and blitz Evans or drop Landy and Wake and blitz Brown and Evans. While always only sending 4. That's the 3-4 where you can creatively send 4 guys to confuse blocking schemes. In a 5 man blocking scheme if the other team has a powerful nose that can single handedly drive the center back into the QB, that that player has to be double teamed bc pressure up the middle so the QB can step up is killer. That means Casey, Wake and Landry are single blocked. If you also have a guy that can consistently get edge pressure then that ope s up a great middle gap for an ILB blitz. Combine that with dropping the other OLB and shifting coverage to cover for the blitzing ILB and you only rush 4.
  11. Rushing 4 from a 3-4 means blitzing with LB. Lawrence allows you to only rush 4 bc he takes up 2 blockers.
  12. Which is why I said at least part of the blame was on Boeing. I have no problem blaming Boeing. The question marks were due to not knowing if the shutdown had an affect or not but I added it as a possibility. And this particular shutdown didn't affect me at all. We still kept our tunnel up and running and even our gov people kept coming to work and getting paid so I knew it was possibly the same for Boeing. But I don't know how their contact was set up so I left it open to the possibility. Aka reading comprehension isnt Denali's strong suit so instead he'll quote my posts in piecemeal so as to give a different impression of my point that what was actually said.
  13. If he's no higher than the 5th option by now then the point is to give the next guy up a chance. Fair warning, I'm just chilling with a beer and not intending to put much effort into making detailed points Haha just an fyi
  14. If you're the 5th WR option on a run first team then.... you suck lol
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