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  1. This is actually very possible. Trump also just knows a lot if it bc he's been in on a lot of it.
  2. Here's the thing you guys need to realize... people who support Trump don't feel empathy for others.
  3. If you ever wondered if there was anything the right couldn't spon and make their supporters believe... you have your answer this past year or so. It's about giving them a reason to want to believe it.
  4. No, you judged people by race. Saying black people are good at basketball bc they're black is just as racist as it would be to say they're bad at math bc they're black. Both comments are racist. Both comments judge people by their races.
  5. Correlation does not prove causation! This is a very simple concept that you continually fail to understand. Just bc you can find a correlation does not prove that one causes the other If you take 100 people and divide them up by eye color and then give them a task. One of those groups will be better at that task than the others. That does NOT mean that the better group was better because of their eye color.
  6. Saying someone is better at something than someone else bc of their race IS judging them, you half wit.
  7. No, you idiot. Someone being better at math has nothing to do with race. There are other factors but you focus on race bc you're racist.
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