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  1. How many pass plays were play action is the question... I'd say a pretty high % of the passes.
  2. He's shown some good in years past but he's been straight bad this year... very disappointing.
  3. Not really a comment on topic with my post but... Most teams would only care if he plays tonight if they wanted to play him Sunday. Only team that wouldn't want the trade to go through now would be the Jags if they're trading him to TN. Doubt it happens but makes the most sense.
  4. Yeah, typically. It's why Ramsey has some leverage in where he goes.
  5. Hasn't been released yet who it was but I'll give you one guess..... and let's be honest, you wont even need to guess bc we all already know who it was.
  6. You'd think if he doesn't play Thursday then the Titans have to at least be in play... why else would you not just trade him now?
  7. Itd have to be something like Ramsey for Jackson and a pick, like a 3rd or something. No clue if they'd do that. Depends on what KC would offer.
  8. Which is why MM might be interesting. You wouldn't trade for him if Ben will be back next year for certain.
  9. I really couldn't care less if teams tank. The draft isnt that guaranteed to get a player worth a few more slots.
  10. Lol you don't even get why ppl are calling you a whiney bitch. It's hilarious.
  11. No way I'm messing with this secondary at this point.
  12. Yeah but he was also the rate of pressure on him was crazy Conklin supposedly had a really good game though.