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  1. 5 years ago. Haven't deadlifted in a couple years though. Caught a recurring adductor injury on some heavy backsquats.
  2. I see no reason to think otherwise if this country isn't already fucked and I refuse to believe that until prove otherwise.
  3. Is there a more fitting way for a Titans 1st round WR to get his first NFL TD?
  4. Statement from Jack Smith after receiving a guilty verdict for 2 individuals in the Kosovo Liberation Army (iirc) who tried to intimidate witnesses: "Today justice was served. Mr Gucati and Mr Haradinaj have been found guilty for their crimes following a transparent, careful and fair adjudication of this important case. As stated by the Trial Panel today, the protection of witnesses from intimidation and harm lies at the very foundation of any system of criminal justice - the acts and conduct of the accused challenged that very foundation. The acts and statements in this case took place in a climate of intimidation, as found today by the judges. The Specialist Prosecutor's Office will continue to vigorously pursue investigation and prosecution of all acts of witness intimidation, retaliation against witnesses or obstruction of justice. The Kosovo Specialist Chambers has a unique ability to provide justice for victims because it represents a safe place where witnesses can speak openly about crimes they saw and suffered over 20 years ago. Intimidating or retaliating against such victims is, in my view, a gravely serious crime which strikes at the heart of this institution's ability to do justice and the rule of law. If you seek to intimidate or retaliate against witnesses of this Court, I will do all that is in my power to assure you will ultimately find yourself brought to justice." Maybe this isn't the guy to try and intimidate, Donnie. I think this goes a ways towards showing why he was picked as Special Council.
  5. reo

    GOP thread

    Man... I just can't figure out why people say the GOP is racist.
  6. Meh, who could say. In the end, they had their chances but couldn't finish.
  7. I think they needed Wright's size up top. Reyna will be good but would've been bodied by Stones and Maguire (who has the most punchable face I've ever seen). Impressed by Musah too. Prag likes him but I hadn't watched enough of him until this WC to decide. McKennie played really well and should get a transfer to the EPL soon. Wouldn't be surprised if Zimmerman got some looks too. Punchable about got juked out of his shoes by Dest too. Barely got a foot on it. Unless Wales shocks them with a backup keeper, England should make it though though. Did you guys seenehat happened in that game w/ Wales and Iran? Lol US should handle Iran.. if they can finish.
  8. US continues to show that they're just... almost really good lol
  9. Awesome job by the US. Just couldn't finish. Seemed like they had more chances. Tell me again how England is just leagues above the US...
  10. Good breakdown of the benefits of Sweden and Finland joining NATO.
  11. Again it's not really worth arguing. Its obvious you mostly watch EPL. I watch mostly EPL as well (Chelsea). You're over valuing a lot of those guys. But in the end that's an opinion and people don't change their opinion.
  12. https://politicalwire.com/2022/11/23/trump-aides-advising-bolsonaro/ As a side note, Trump aides potentially helping Bolsonaro in Brazil plan what to do after losing an election. Possibly helping plan a coup?
  13. https://www.wired.com/story/elon-musks-twitter-risks-big-fines-from-ftc-us-regulators/ Might... not be a great time to fire 80% of your staff Elon. If the FTC finds that Twitter isn’t complying, the company could face steep fines and additional consent decrees, Vladeck says. Because the company has already been fined for breaching its original consent decree, the punishment for another breach would be significant, and could place Twitter under even more stringent requirements to ensure security is maintained. “This is one of those cases where, if there’s an additional order, there will be personal responsibility for Musk,” Vladeck says. “His neck may be on the chopping block if there’s another consent decree, and there may be personal responsibility for other significant people within the organization.” The FTC’s treatment of Facebook helps illustrate the danger to Musk and Twitter. In 2019, following a complaint alleging violation of a 2012 order, the agency hit the company with a record $5 billion in fines, and named CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally responsible for compliance and certification of documents under penalty of perjury. Heavy fines could be a major problem for Twitter, which, as part of Elon Musk’s takeover, was loaded with debt. All speculation at this point but interesting
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