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  1. I said in the offseason that people were sleeping on Fulton. He's been the guy i've been most curious to see develop. If Farley comes in and is even close to what people think he'll be, we might have a pretty decent secondary.... which will give the pass rush that extra half second to get to the QB to finish sacks. Then everyone will say the secondary looks better b/c the pass rush got better. It's gonna be entertaining to watch. Is Hooker out for the season? I know they put him on IR but wasn't sure if he was eligible to return or not. I'd really like to see Fulton, Fa
  2. Jonnu is yet another in a long list of vastly overrated players that titans fans love.
  3. yeah, that game was closer than the score shows apparently.
  4. Also short for a typical TE. Relax. It's mostly a joke.
  5. Dems could literally go on vacation for 4 straight years and there'd be plenty of reason to vote for them.... to keep Trump and his cronies out.
  6. Jonnu was short for a TE too.
  7. reo

    Virus in US

    Now that I've had it and I'm vaccinated, I've loosened up on what i'm willing to do during covid... but going to a stirp club definitely isn't one of them. Seems like a lot of people at work are getting it again these days. Pretty much everyone that's not vaccinated and a few who are and we've got KN95 mask mandates in the control room for all facilities and mask mandates on base for everyone else regardless. Granted, most probably aren't getting it on base.
  8. Sure but he's 4ft tall.
  9. Progressives always think they have more control than they actually have. The GOP is a far right party. That means moderates are democrats. That doesn't mean they're progressives. Sure, a majority might support progressive ideas but that's easily misunderstood. That doesn't mean the majority of states support it or senators. When Republicans gain control, they can pass far right policies b/c they're in large part a far right party (the majority of which don't actually care about policy). When Dems gain control, they're not a progressive party. They're in control b/c t
  10. This annoyed me more than the safety to be honest (although that's not saying much) b/c imo you could pretty clearly see a line of green between his cleat and the white on the other angle as well.
  11. That's exactly what happened. And a whistle doesn't end the play. This kind of thing happens all the time. Refs give the QB an chance to get out then call him down where initial contact was made. I dont like those types of rulings but they're fairly consistent with them. Fans on here are just being emotional as per usual.
  12. That was pathetic and it was mostly on the coaching staff imo. You can tell Schwartz is back. Corners giving 50 yards of cushion again.
  13. 5-10 years ago I could've done this easily. But I don't pay enough attention these days. If anyone gets bored, feel free to make one and post it. Maybe we can make it a series. Honor system on not looking them up and spoiling it.
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