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  2. Last 2 players off the field: AJ Brown and Corey Davis. Stayed late for more work apparently.
  3. I assume someone on some right wing site or podcast or talk show brought it up again and triggered him?
  4. And this, in the end, is the game. You're willing and able to dismiss anything and everything Trump does bc they've been able to convince you that Hillary is worse. This is how you're manipulated. You can no longer defend Trump so you don't try. You just go straight to Hillary, not realizing that shes not even in the picture and more. Hopefully one day you'll get over you irrational hatred of anything liberal or Democrat or Hillary and realize that Trump is everything you hate.
  5. It's not just that. They're bombarded with propaganda endlessly due to the sources they pay attention to. I don't think many are immune to propaganda. It's why it's such a powerful weapon.
  6. If they have good writing, they're fine... they just didn't have good writing these past seasons. The visuals and everything were great.
  7. And as long as they can keep believing that they can convince themselves that whatever Trump does is ok bc it's not as bad as such 'n such. It's such bullshit and its tiresome. Jesus. Focus on what's going on. Its frustrating.
  8. Jesus. This is why the right wing spin machine continues to bring up Clinton. It allows them to dismiss anything and everything Trump does or says. Its pathetic and depressing to watch.
  9. Don't mind the ending. They stayed true to the character GRRM created. It was always going this way. Decent final episode but its obvious they wanted to get to this point more than they wanted to build towards it.
  10. Watched a PFF on this. They didn't get too much into Tannehill but did note that a lot of his passes were screens iirc.
  11. Senate is the problem. They could easily vote to impeach tomorrow if they wanted but they don't have the votes in the Senate. And trying to impeach and failing would embolden Trump even more bc they're unlikely to try twice. Opening an impeachment inquiry though is very possible.
  12. Lol they'll be fine https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/f-15ex-could-be-delivered-as-early-as-2020-boeing-458168/?cmpid=SOC|Facebook|Flightglobal|sf212716302|sf212716302&sfid=701w0000000uP3H#sf212716302
  13. I think the fans will pretty much accept whatever happens if it's done well and makes sense. That just hasn't been how they've been doing things. Fair warning I haven't kept up with the convo.
  14. I'd be willing to bet a very high percentage of NFL players don't wear seatbelts. Being young rich hyper masculine males with high testosterone, probably from some form of poverty, probably leads to a very high chance of invincibility complexes.
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