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  1. Kickers have been shitty across the league so far this year iirc.
  2. Probably the most effective Biden ad so far
  3. Titans badly missed Pees. Last year they were a very good 2nd half team which speaks to defensive adjustments. Getting burnt early in the 2nd half means the other team has made better adjustments. Offense looked good though.
  4. reo

    RBG died

    So by that logic, what rules would the Dems be changing if they increased the numbers on the court? It'd be their right to do so. Republicans set a precedent prior to the 2016 election that you shouldn't nominate someone to the Supreme Court in an election year. They are now attempting to go against that. They are setting the rule that precedent doesn't matter, only what they can legally do. Dems if they win, can legally do all of those things. If precedent doesn't matter then what are they doing wrong?
  5. Rice was great bc he was the perfect WR for an innovative system and great QBs. He would not have been great in any system or with any QB.
  6. reo

    Mayor Cooper

    The intended damage has already been done.
  7. reo

    RBG died

    Murkowski just said she won't vote. Collins probably won't. That's 2.
  8. yeah but most people don't know this. And by "most", i mean me.
  9. reo

    RBG died

    It's possible they won't have the votes to just push someone through.
  10. reo

    RBG died

    yeah but his focus when it comes to helping him win the election will be who helps him win the up coming court cases. He won't think about traps for Biden by nominating a woman or anything like that. It'll be just about who will be the most likely to rule in his favor.
  11. reo

    RBG died

    Only if it's someone that will rule in his favor. That will be his priority.
  12. reo

    RBG died

    0 chance he names a woman. he won't see this as a way to score political points. he'll see this as a way to win court cases of his own that make it to the supreme court.
  13. reo

    RBG died

    Trump doesn't really care about politics per se. He's just going to want to put another on the bench that he thinks will rule in his favor on any election issues. Would he nominate Barr?
  14. reo

    Mayor Cooper

    allegations is really all it takes for the right. Even if they're proven wrong, they still only remember the allegations and will keep bringing it up. And b/c of that, the article has done it's job.

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