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  1. Not going to watch it on PPV but I'm interested in what happens and seeing replays/youtube.
  2. Looking into Mike Morell, I don't really have a problem w/ him.
  3. The entire division is 3-7 except for the division leading Eagles at 3-6-1 so.... not like the distraction will make them play much worse. EDIT: Actually the Eagles play the Seahawks on Monday, i'll go ahead and put them down as 3-7-1 as well.
  4. I still say this is not how an offense needs to operate. You design a play where you have a route to beat each type of defense then the QB reads the defense to see which route he needs to hit. KC for example will have routes to beat man on one side and zone on the other. Then presnap movement to figure out if its man or zone then post snap reads to figure out the exact coverage which defines the target. But maybe I'm just too partial to KCs style of offense.
  5. This is why I said in the offseason that TE could be upgraded. Smith is very athletic but he's not a dominant TE. Dude disappears for huge stretches.
  6. reo

    US Senate Race

    She knows that's gonna be ground 0 for a lot to come.
  7. Sure but not enough to really do much more than get arrested.
  8. Sure, Trump got a lot of votes and has some crazies on his side but 0 chance of some serious armed insurrection. Something like that would just give the Feds and states reason to round these people up and arrest them.
  9. Feels so good not to have to really worry about who the President (elect) is picking for his cabinet... I mean I'd love to have Yates as AG but I really don't care that much who he picks b/c I've got a fair amount of confidence that whoever he picks is at least qualified and honest.
  10. Why do you think she made a point in saying she wasn't pressured to delay it? That's him telling her to do it but to own the delay instead of blaming him. That's him making her dive under the bus herself.
  11. yeah if it was only that one instance, i'd give him a pass on it. And in the end, his benefits out shine a few drops but it also makes it even more important to have a guy like Davis and a guy like Humphries on your roster imo. If you've got those guys to move the chains, Brown can mostly be the big play guy.
  12. I dunno. Can't tell from the replay I saw. The corner has his hand in there but can't tell if he hit the ball at least not from the view I saw. You could be right though. Either way Brown has had some bad drops these past few weeks.
  13. Sure he drew a PI on the first drop.. but it was still a drop. He got held but still should've caught it. Dude runs like Boldin (who I compared him to coming out of college) but he occasionally gets a case of stone hands. He's dropped some bad ones the past few weeks.
  14. No wonder you're a Titans fan. You're already use to boring

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