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  1. reo

    GOP thread

    yes What do you think Project 2024 does w/ the military?
  2. reo

    GOP thread

    This isn't about abortion. What he's doing is trying hold positions open in case Trump gets back in office so he can fill the military w/ loyalists. He's only caving on 3stars to try and stop them from going around him for 4 stars.
  3. You get annoyed/defensive so easily. it's amusing. You just admitted that this makes you emotional.
  4. Personally I think it could be true. I don't trust Netanyahu but I'm not going to say confidently that my speculation is true or talk like it's true b/c I don't know. Not posting some of the more biased sources is noted. And honestly hopefully it does still piss you off to a degree. The point is to acknowledge that the anger can make it easier for people to convince you that something is true w/ less evidence. Knowing that is important. You are susceptible to propaganda and misinformation on this topic. It's important to realize that about yourself when you're vulnerable and if this makes you angry, you are vulnerable.
  5. You've toned it back. But I'd hazard to guess the topic still tends to get you stirred up which probably means you're more susceptible to believing false narratives. Which is understandable... but you have to understand that this potentially impairs your logical reasoning and makes you more willing to believe things that aren't true or it allows something to be "proven" true to you w/ less evidence. Understanding that about yourself on these topics is important.
  6. You've got a pretty consistent borderline angry tone throughout your posts in this thread.
  7. They thought they were starting a broader regional war against Israel and possibly the US.
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