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  1. Really only posting this for the part at 6:40
  2. Shocker...
  4. Damn... it's almost like not all Democrats have an ironclad checklist of beliefs so you might need to actually listen to what they say and judge their stances by themselves. Odd thought....
  5. As expected. They should uphold the subpoena. The "My client is super stressed about it" defense really isn't relevant.
  6. It's actually called extortion. He tried to get them to open an investigation for 1 very good reason... to smear his potential political opponent. He knew it didn't matter if it was true or not. He just needed the investigation and the appearance of guilt. What investigations?
  8. Its hilarious that you so freely accept conspiracies about Hillary and Bill but then ignore all Trump's lies and even the fact that he partied with Epstein at his resort with just them and a bunch of girls Epstein had flown in.
  9. What was posted? I'm not scrolling back lol
  10. Depends on if they heard him say it. If they heard him say it then its first hand knowledge.
  11. Wtf are you nitpicking now? Lol Mr "Trump only stole $1M from vets, not $2M so its ok".
  12. Unethical? Yes. Immoral? Slightly. Illegal? No.