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  1. Yeah. It's about a stupid wall.
  2. Lol is that all you got from it?
  3. reo

    Your Trip Has Been Cancelled

    Grounded? She was still going until Trump leaked the commercial flight details.
  4. http://po.st/bm6hy3 Just for the fun of it.
  5. reo

    The importance of the Free and independent Press

    Lol this isnt accurate at all. Basically you've come to this conclusion and you're not really paying attention to anything else being said. Essentially comments aren't important to you anymore on this. You've got what you believe and you view anything else being said by how it reinforces that belief.
  6. reo

    The importance of the Free and independent Press

    Bullshit dude. I said more than a few times that I didn't really mind the closing of the thread. For me it's a discussion on semantics more than anything else. I can have an opinion that my neighbor shouldn't buy a brand new Corvette and then when does, not really give a shit. But then still have a discussion about why he probably shouldn't have done it. You've got your head set on people being emotional and bc of that you're not actually paying attention to anything being said. Prag and I actually have different points on it as well.
  7. Just wait! Storm! Red tsunami! Just wait! Mueller works for trump! Uranium One! It's coming! Just wait!
  8. reo

    The importance of the Free and independent Press

    Not exactly the intellectual response I'd expect.
  9. reo

    Murder mystery novels

    Been listening to the Dresden Files while driving to work. Sort of murder mystery in more of a modern fantasy world.
  10. Hahaha that was expected but by all means hang your hat on it.
  11. Just for reference, here are the actual comments from the SCO Its interesting. Unless there's more to it, they're talking about comments to the special counsel's office. https://www.google.com/amp/s/slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/01/mueller-team-disputes-aspects-of-buzzfeed-report-claiming-trump-told-cohen-to-lie.amp
  12. How'd that red wave go?
  13. Dems are horrible at messaging bc their message is generally more nuanced. Republicans just need a sound bite.