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  1. I didn't say Smith was bad at it but Harrison was better.
  2. Sigh.... the most corrupt administration in the history of the US continues to pull the bar lower.
  3. There's no telling what you're butt hurt about at any given minute.
  4. Depends on what you're looking for. Harrison was the better route runner which matched perfectly w/ Manning but Smith was scrappier and probably the better athlete. Can't really say which is better.
  5. reo

    Virus in US

    A few nurses I know have told me the same.
  6. reo

    Virus in US

    It's ok. We already know you can't think for yourself. You don't have to prove it by just rewording someone else's thoughts and comments.
  7. reo

    Virus in US

    Yeah, it's not about intelligence. Propaganda works especially when that's all you see. Trump and the right wing machine has systematically undermined the right's trust in almost anything outside of their propaganda machine. It's disturbing to be honest.
  8. reo

    Virus in US

    It's the same throughout TN. It's the Republican propaganda machine and Trump downplaying it. There's a test engineer at work that's in his early 60s but seems like he's in his 80s and when we tried to get him to stay home he's just popped off Trump BS to downplay it saying he wasn't afraid of it.
  9. Do people really hate ManningEnvy that much? His stuff has never really bothered me.
  10. reo

    Virus in US

    With social distancing in place, the increase should start to flatten out but the estimates I've seen still show it peaking in mid-late April. This thing killing a million people in the US alone isn't out of the realm of possibilities and I've seen estimates as much as 2.2M.
  11. reo

    Virus in US

    Just lie and then have your propaganda machine churn out the lie. It's not just Trump. He'd be nothing without the propaganda.
  12. no one really cares about you, dude. Jamal bans you in 2 clicks and you have to go through the trouble of making a whole new account. Who's winning that battle? Make another account and he'll ban it again w/ 0 effort. You'll get tired of making accounts before he gets tired of banning them. But you trying so hard to fight it shows just how much it bothers you.

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