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  1. They're spending big money on 2 QBs. Might as well not use either.
  2. lol sure. i can make up numbers that fit too. This really isn't worth arguing.
  3. I mean... did we have any other linemen who went a whole 12 snaps in a row w/o giving up a sack?
  4. that's not the same thing as saying they will both individually have more than him.
  5. yeah... but i don't know if that's enough to make him fall behind both of our RBs individually. I'm not as worried about him out of shotgun per se. It's what type of blocking schemes they try to use when he's running out of shotgun that matters and the impact of having defenses having to watch for Lamar when they do it. Do i think he's going to make the pro bowl? no... granted name recognition is a thing w/ the pro bowl But I think saying both our RBs individually will out gain him... is overstating it a fair amount. One of them might but not both.
  6. I don't know about individually. Henry is in an offense that runs a lot and he'll be heavily benefited by teams watching out for Lamar. I'm expecting him to have a fairly decent year.
  7. Drives me crazy everytime peope get up in arms about the lack of depth at positions. Sorry, guys. We don't have pro bowlers all over the roster and as backups.....
  8. If that's what you're looking for there are easier ways to find it.
  9. Example of why movement dysfunction can be complicated to diagnose and fix.
  10. Fairly accurate. I'd say it's a bit narrow view of what crossfit entails but also not really big enough of a difference to argue about.
  11. I'm less worried about Levis' accuracy than some seem to be. It's the decision making and processing that i'm curious to see if he can do. His accuracy should come down to footwork and technique.
  12. His best chance is that GOP governors and state officials work w/ Republicans in Congress and the Supreme Court to help him try to steal it.
  13. honestly it's the classic fight of rich vs the masses. Democracy vs fascism. Workers won a ton of rights and battles but corporations over the years have slowly continued to claw back more and more power and making the working and middle class work harder and harder for less and less. I would potentially compare this to a buddening oligarchy similar to countries like Russia. Next step would be to buy them off by someone like to help them get richer in exchange for more political power. It's also what Hitler did or similar. They just also harnessed right wing extremism to aid in it b/c they're easily manipulated. Xi is doing similar things as well as he takes more and more control over China. And they're now infiltrating and attempting to coopt right wing extremism in the West as well as buying off the rich in the West. There's a building conflict between the rich and fascists from countries like Russia and China and liberal democracy in the West. Hopefully i worded that well enough so my thoughts are at least traceable.
  14. Russia and China will try to cause a ton of disruptions between now and Nov especially Oct. I'm expect something to happen in the middle east to increase tensions. I'm expecting OPEC to reduce production again to try and affect gas prices I'm expecting some sort of deep fake to float on social media primarily tiktok Anything to disrupt the economy and try to magnify any divisions between the far left of the democratic party and Biden. Trump's only chance is to try and tear the young voters away from Biden, limit Dem enthusiasm/turnout and try to at least win back some swing voters.
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