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  1. We are all down. Everybody gets through it different. Take a break. Just find something to get interested in and come back when you miss it. In thirty minutes you'll be back, refreshed and ready to figure out the teams next steps.
  2. Boss. I don't think these charges against Vrabel are gonna stick. That's the beauty of this, we just wanna shine the light on him. We start digging, no telling what we might find. But Boss, Vrabel is considered to be one of the smartest coaches in the league.
  3. I would like to have seen this defense face either of them in the playoffs. I really thought they could slow them down enough for us to outscore them. Playoff level Titans D vs playoff level Mahomes. I'd just love to see it. I think some mouthpieces would pop out.
  4. OK. I see it differently. PM was a #1 draft pick by a team that was the joke of the NFL. He took them from the bottom to the top. Tannehill came here later in his career and got the team JRob built for Mariota. Peyton was the show in Indy. Henry has been the show in Tennessee.
  5. Building a case. We already have Tannehill on film, he's in the bag. We can't blame the OL. Everybody saw what happened. How high up can we reach. Let's see how many more members of the JRob's boys we can bag. Derrick "Tender Foot" Henry won't be a problem, we'll snag him later. Right now let's go after the big fish. VRABEL. If we can bring the meathead down with Tannehill, then JRob is in the crosshairs. We start by punching holes in how he managed the last few minutes of the game. Get everybody's mind off the defense Vrabel has built. Play down his defense sacking Joe B nine times. We need to pick through the rubble and point out some incriminating evidence on somebody other than RT. We'll offer RT a deal to kinda forget what he did, if he helps us snag a bigger fish.{no pun intended} Start checking Vrabel's clock management in all the Titans losses. Dig up whatever you can find. It's like bouillabaisse, you just start tossing in new ingredients. We build this case slowly.
  6. Peyton was a big game choker. The defense got him SB wins, but during the season he was setting records. This is different. People around here have blamed the rest of the team for RT's inability to raise the teams level of play.
  7. You sound a little effeminate criticizing the writer because you don't like what he said. Posters attack the media for being too soft on the Titans all the time. Then when the ESPN writer says what a lot of fans think is not being said, he's a 2nd rate beat writer. Trannie got the claws out. smh
  8. https://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/32032/tennessee-titans-ryan-tannehill-have-hit-their-ceiling-and-its-not-the-super-bowl NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- After the Tennessee Titans fell 19-16 to the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday at Nissan Stadium -- which wasted a golden opportunity to make another deep postseason run -- there is one question that must be asked. Can the Titans win a Super Bowl with quarterback Ryan Tannehill? All Tannehill had to do was manage the game and not turn the football over. Unfortunately for the Titans, Tannehill's very first pass attempt resulted in the first of three heartbreaking interceptions.
  9. These are Tannehill's passer ratings from his last five playoff games. His only playoff appearances I believe. 61.0 109.5 108.1 83.0 66.7 Plus a 44.4 passer rating in the first half Saturday against the Bengals. I think a new QB joins the Titans in 2022. There are a lot of if's relating to the cap I do not know. If they are serious about winning a SB they can't count on having a generational RB to carry Tannehill. There's no guarantee Henry will return to be King Henry. Even then, you need a QB that can play at a top level when everything isn't perfect. It takes too much money to have everything around a QB. Top OL, Top WR, Top RB and a defense that sacks the other QB nine times costs a lot of money. Too much money to trot them all out there with the playoff record of RT. We all love Tannehill, but he didn't endear himself to the city Saturday. A lot of posters here complain the media doesn't talk about the Titans and put it on the size of the city. Lots of us think he's elite, but we are all homers. He hasn't shown up big to win a playoff game yet. We have a good laugh at the Dallas Cowboys fans, but the Cowboys have five SB rings. The pukey Steelers fans follow a team with five SB wins. It's not going to look like the Titans really want to win if they stick with Tannehill. The Titans need to replace him or draft a highly promising rookie they plan to develop and take over during 2022.
  10. You understand it exactly how you want to understand it. I think when he got out of view, he used language that would get him fired. Tannehill's play in the first half had to set a record low for playoff QB performances. Definitely established a low for a #1 seed QB. Remember PSG#3 when I said a NFL QB is never supposed to look that bad. A #1 seed QB is never supposed to look that bad. Period.
  11. Replace Tannehill. If the goal is winning the SB? He put up a 44.4 passer rating in the first half against the Bengals. You can blame the OC. Say we don't have TEs. Blame Henry. Whatever. When your defense puts up a game like that w/home field and you lose because you couldn't score 20pts, the answer is obvious. He needs a TE? He needs more WR? What we need is a QB with the ability to feel a rush. A QB who can buy time in the pocket and make plays. A QB who makes the players around him better is what we need. How much money do people think the Titans have? He had two all pro WRs. The Titans OL held up. NWI can catch passes. Firkser can catch passes. So now, we need an elite OL and get better pass catchers than JJ and AJB. Seeing as the D got only nine sacks and got shredded for 19pts we need to improve there as well. Do we want to win a SB? Or do we just want Tannehill to be the Titans QB?
  12. The Bills. They played a great game. They played a game that should have beaten most teams. The 2021 season has been Josh Allen MVP and the Buffalo Bills. He played like a MVP and led the Bills to victory with :13 seconds left. He just ran into a master playing at probably his highest level.
  13. Was Tampa's loss similar to the Ravens lost to the Titans.
  14. No. They both played great games. Last with the ball wins.
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