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  1. That and King Henry. This thread is like sitting at the corporate table of McDonnells and saying let's come up with a nickname for the burger we sell that has "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun."
  2. Lot of high expectations are being placed on him.
  3. Number9

    Voter Turnout

    I signed my VRC decades ago. I vote in person. My signature was different the two times I signed at the polls.
  4. Ok. The gig is up. Whose sock puppet is this?
  5. Evannies are not Christians. They are evannies. Love thy neighbor.X Do unto others.X Walk the extra mile.X Heal the sick.X Turn the other cheek.X Not bare false witness.XX Thou shall not kill, unless it's a protester. 🎯 Wait, that's only in the evannie bible. Trump spent the money from his charity for himself. FACT. Doesn't bother evannies.
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/mike-mccarthy-on-reports-of-cowboys-discontent-it-s-important-to-talk-as-men-one "Definitely. It's a change," McCarthy said. "This is something that we want to do defensively-wise. Frankly, we're in the infant stages of it. "That's part of these first-year challenges." Mike telling Jerry he will have the Cowboys at 8-8 in two, at the most three years.
  7. The congressional seats only pay 174K. Try living on that in D.C. and have a residence in your home district. A young person who is actually capable of doing the job wouldn't be able to afford a house in Brentwood, two cars and private school for the kids. When you imagine what Biden did to be a father to his children, you have to admire the man. He also loved the country enough to allow his son to go into the military. Their staff$ gets paid a lot of money. Each Member of Congress has a Members' Representational Allowance with three components: staff salaries, official office expenses (including travel to and from the Member's district), and postage / franking of mail. Members who represent districts further away from Washington receive larger components for travel, and and postage varies according to the number of residential addresses in the Member's district BUT the money is fungible, so a Member could choose to spend more money on travel and less on staff or postage, etc. The staff salaries component of the MRA in 2014 was $944,671 per year. There is a limit of 18 permanent employees. The average total MRA was $1,255,909. In the Senate, each Senator's Official Personel and Office Expense Account (SOPOEA) varies by the size of and travel distance to the home state. The staff allowance for FY2015 ranged between $2,385,439 (state population under 5 million) and $3,791,151 (state population 28 million or more). The component called legislative assistance, the same for all Senators, was $477,874, and the official office expense allowance ranged between $121,120 and $453,274 (depending upon size of state, remoteness of state, and number of residential mailing addresses). Again, all this money is fungible, so it is possible to shift expenses from one component to another as long as the total SOPOEA is not exceeded.
  8. Sounds like you have been hanging with @woolfolksunclesuncle. He also sees the world as one long sexual engagement.
  9. I do not have to even read that. You have been supporting a president that has an established history of lying. He openly bragged about grabbing women in the pussy. His wife has a disdain for Christmas. He stole from his own charity. This list could go on until Guru had to buy more space in the cloud. I will mention Jesus who when the people came to him, the Bible says he healed all. You support a person and a party who are hellbent on eliminating the only refuse for people who have pre-existing conditions. Jesus healed all. The healthcare coverage they are trying to eliminate is the only a lot of pubs can even get healthcare. You remind me of a guy who I saw from time to time. He was a big gun pub who sadly got cancer and couldn't work. His wife came around to let everybody know he didn't have any insurance and they needed m-o-n-e-y. You do realize that the Republican Party is the party of the rich. They are the ones who got the permanent tax breaks. They can afford healthcare. Hug the Bible you don't follow and don't understand.
  10. Speechless. Edit. If MV sees JRob dialing this guy's number, I think he would call for a straight jacket.

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