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  1. What did the Nazi do with Jewish babies?
  2. I'm concerned about Burks. I don't think he has to replace AJB's totals which weren't record shattering, but he does have to suit up on Sundays. If he can catch a few balls and stay on the field we are way ahead. Average 60yds per game and he catches AJB's yardage. He's maybe not a yac man, but he can catch the ball. Was he practicing everyday the last few years? It's hot here, but I think AR would be hotter than TN. Have they ever addressed his practice habits @AR?
  3. Yeah, after I donated the third time I wised up.
  4. That's playing poker. If you can sit for hours and keep to your ranges you are kicking ass. You sit there for an hour with nothing, then boom QTss UTG. If you can play that correctly, you can win. Cards will eventually come. Look like you played the hands you got pretty good!
  5. I've donated to politicians this cycle. They rewarded me with constant emails and texts asking for more money.
  6. Number9

    Virus in US

    I caught Covid last week. I've had three vax. It put me in the bed a couple of days. I had been scared to catch it. I took megadoses of vitamin C, B, and Z, Pepcid, my daily multi-vitamin. Some other otc meds. I felt bad one night, real bad next night, better day three and rolling. I got a bunch of free @home tests. Get a bunch if you get some. If you get sick, then you'll use a few. I tested pos even though I felt much better after 4-5 days. I am high risk because of my bad temper, but my doctor just rec'd those vits. It's a few more if anybody wants to know every one. It wasn't horrible like the early stories. I plan to keep taking the same precautions the CDC recs.
  7. They are trying to sell a product. People will see Indy(Peyton Manning) and click it. Remember when the Oilers moved to TN, then changed the team name to the Titans. The game BROADCAST CREWS still called them the Oilers forever. TDGAS about anything but ratings and clicks. The Titans have to win a SB or two. Sad truth. We had a QB who could attract us a whole bunch of fans. The only problem is he couldn't play. Can you imagine the fans he would have drawn if he was still QB'n this run? This year got worse. The King broke his foot. Tanny threw three(3) picks knocking us out of the SB. That was one of the few times national fans where really tuned in to see the big bad Titans. Next time we hit the news, our diva declares "I am done with this shit, I wanna win a SB" as he deplanes to catch passes from Jalen Hurts. LMAO! Most Popular NFL Team in Each State Before you click, guess how many states we won.
  8. Chig has excellent hands, he'll probably get checked for stick-em. I expect a few explosive plays from him as well a lot of chain moving catches. I see the offense moving away from Henry/the run and pounding D's with the other weapons on the team. Still physical-but attacking a little differently. The lack of pass-catching options got us bad in the playoffs. It's fun watching Henry run all over teams, but we just saw what happens if your offense is too dependent on him. Let Henry be more of a closer, who can still bust one to demolish any hopes a team has of getting back in the game.
  9. Sounds like they are planning on playing some small ball by using the TE's. They signed Hooper and picked Chig, who looks like he's a player. That's takes the stress off Tanny giving him more options to keep defenses guessing.
  10. Picture may already be here. It's so real, posting it again won't hurt. I
  11. Good move. It's amazing how JRob has kept the Titans in SB striking distance. They have churned through a lot of first round picks Conk, Davis, Adoree, wilson and Evans. They know who to let go and who to pay. AJB was a tough loss, but he preferred being a diva. To be a Titan you have to be about football and be able to perform. We're entering the sixth year of the MM run. In 2018, Mariota and Carr we being touted as the next elite QBs to replace Brady and Rodgers. It's not about your draft position. You come here. Learn the system. Best players start. It's all about football with the Titans. This may be the least talented team we have fielded during this run and they have a legit a shot at a SB.
  12. I see what you are doing here. You say all that because you know the Titans are better than that, so no way you will be dissatisfied with their performance in 2022. Brilliant!!
  13. If heaven exists, these people do not meet the requirements for admission.
  14. Number9

    Jan 6th Hearings

    useful idiots. That's an axemoron. Destroy what has Made America Great to MAGA. Get rid of free and fair elections.
  15. Any great player makes those around him better. This is why top LT make the money. It is why Aaron Donald got a huge deal. It's like that in most sports. Tide washes all boats. Tannehill isn't elite, but inserting him into the lineup got the Titans to the AFCCG. Why, because as great as Da King is, he never could have drug Mariota to the playoffs. It is a very simple concept.
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