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  1. It's always funny when a player says Thank God they got shown the door.
  2. Reference to statements that RC works ‘under’ Vrabel. Search this thread.
  3. I think the QB coach's work wit Levis is a plus. The RB coach is doing good. I leave it to guys who study this more than I do, but the quality of the players and their experience weighs into making that decision. People have to consider the facts. The Titans were loaded in 2019. They had a lot of talent the two years before as well. They have been releasing starters for the last five years. Does that make a difference? I think so. Right now, it just cool to trash the team and see a horrible future, unless we fire Vrabel and his stooge, Ran Carthon. I'm taking a longer view.
  4. We lost.....to the damn Colts
  5. Titans 2023 Draft picks Six(6) Pick ## 11. SKO A 33. Levis B+ 2nd round 81. Spears B 147. Whyle B 186. Duncan C+ Beat out 8M$ LT Dowell Who? We had six draft pick and imo, we knocked it out of the park. Spears would have gotten a better grade if he didn't play RB. I'm done. Don't really have any more, although there's a lot more. This team can win 9-10 games next season. I know for you youngun's that a long way off. But if you are lucky, you will be here to see it.
  6. Those Responsible. Six Draft picks. No Money.
  7. That's exactly what I'm talking about. The Titans are 4-8. That's bad enough, but people take pains to add other games to make it look worse. Before the season, most of us knew this team wasn't going to be very good. You guys were talking about a working rebuild, like you were down to experience what's happening now. Then when Levis can't rally the team to victory after our f8cking punter, Simmons and Henry get knocked out of the game posters are blaming Vrabel's coaching. You tell me who could have coached the Titans talent to a win Sunday? I know, you have an answer for that too. Vrabel sucks. I saw some positives Sunday. The draftee's are showing up and making plays. Who's this Moore guy? He's catching passes. Levis is figuring out how to throw the ball to Chig. He's taken some pace off the passes he throws to Whyle. Somehow, the OL did a decent job. Henry went down, our 3rd round pick RB did a good job. I think the Titans have a better future than a lot of people do. Too many people are waiting to laugh at how bad we will look against Miami. We claim to be superior to other boards, but this crybaby shit ain't showing it.
  8. I come here to keep up w/Titans. The level of negativity coming from a group of people as successful in life as we are is astounding. Any one of us can explain why this team isn't winning games. Sunday, the Titans put out a great effort vs Indy. We were winning the game. Simmons^ went down. Henry went down. Stonehouse^ went down. Simmons was wreaking havoc busting up the Colts backfield. Henry was on pace to have 150+ yds easily. Stonehouse punts ball 50yd+. He's the top punter in the NFL. Additionally, the Colts are a better team. Today-FIRE VRABEL. RAN CARTHON IS A PUPPET. THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!! Come on guys, we are better than this. ^ Denotes elite NFL player.
  9. One area the Titans continue to struggle in is b/u QB. Never hear of Browning, but he's running a reduced playbook pretty well, MNF. We have been talking about the lack of a decent b/u for years. If Tannehill had gone down any other year, the Titans would be unwatchable.
  10. I will say I have never seen a NFL team get two punts blocked. And lose their promising punter.
  11. Something tells this will end up here.
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