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  1. Strange. Vrabel got a tiny pass because JRob made the pick. I just would imagine there should be a lot of study put into a 3rd round QB pick.
  2. Help us out. Find out as much as you can about how the Titans worked with Willis. Did he have a personnel QB coach? If possible find out what they were working on. The apostle looked like he didn't know where his receivers were after the KC game. Vrabel said something about players thinking it's an 8-hour job. Did they have Malachi on a Murray Plan? Help us out. I promise you will get popular post for just a halfway decent job.
  3. Man, you kinda forget what so many guys go through to live the dream. How much would they have to pay you to go through all that. Tua's brain knocked out. Tannehill under the knife. A lot of other guys too. I remember feeling bad the first post I made about Tannehill's decline, imo. It felt bad because of what he did coming here. I still like the guy.
  4. Yes, because you were way off topic. The thread is about Vrabel developing a QB. Is the type team he pictures going to be good for a Joe Burrow? Will it produce a josh Allen? Or a Matt Jones?
  5. Typical. I'm explaining what you complain about all the time. See, you want to start the tard chant. It's all about Henry. I just explained to you the injuries, lack of depth and talent hurts the entire offense. When the tards poster boy Daley missed/can't hold his man, do you not realize it hurts the entire offense? If Burks is wide open-does that one fuckup not hurt his day. I'm not going through the tard battle today. Google it.
  6. That's a good point. Those two OC's had talent to work with. But then Henry needs xx carries. He was getting carries all along, but they were spaced through the game. The lack of talent the tards think only effected Tannehill, effect the entire offense. Again, the pass catchers were put in what the tards call high pressure passing situations.
  7. This is somewhat where I am going. Take the Eagles, they don't appear to be battle for t.o.p., avoiding 2-10 or avoiding deep shots from anywhere. They still control t.o.p. because they run more with the lead. Second half is RB time, is he a closer? It ends up averaging the same if your offense is efficient. If your offense can score, you are up 10-0 easy. But you can't be a one trick pony and do it. You may have to lose some, but you keep your foot on the gas to win in today's game. The lack of second half scoring matched the lack of aggression. You come out playing safe, running to stay on schedule. Then the tards say, it puts all the pressure on just Tannehill. It puts pressure on the entire offense. The OC. The CB/S know when the pass is coming. It doesn't make Burks job easier. Woods is a great possession receiver, but the play calls hurt all. The tards are now saying he's Top 10 WHEN. I just wonder when Vrabel will believe it. Everyone has accepted no playoffs in 23'. They best bring is somebody they are grooming. And it best not be Malachi.
  8. Captain! I am figuring out the nouns to communicate. I keep hearing the word tard. Look at the one in the thong!
  9. Trying to keep it simple. Offense. How successful do you think he will be developing a QB? Making sure the talent around him comes before the defense. Allow the offense to evolve genetically. Or does he tweak the big play out to maintain down and distance?
  10. Have you guys figured out who paid him? The headline shocked the hell out of me! This is how false stories get launched. Lies travel faster than the truth.
  11. I think you sound reasonable. The problem next is if we see Tannehill this way, who do we take his money from? I imagine this is what was driving JRob to press so much. He knew this year and the next were coming. More and more players will have to go. JRob has a 1st round pick* starting for another team. Lot's of those picks JRob made are gone and starting in the NFL. Everybody talks about the S&C coach. A lot of the Titans injuries have come because guys have to stay on the field. No depth. Offense same thing, or worse. We have six draft picks. That's a lot of players that have to be brought in from somewhere. You talk about when Tannehill is surrounded with the right talent? If you really love Tannehill, you might want to rethink sticking him back there 2023. The one thing that keeps completely getting lost is building on a rookie contract it much different from building one with bloated salaries. Pushed into the future. The Titans have been bleeding good players for a few years. Davis. Adoree. Evans. Those were good players. We lost Lewan. If you list what's left, it's a different team. That's the kind of talent you need to win. Farley wasn't on the team in 2019. They said, we are going to pay these two guys. Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. It's been a good ride!
  12. You never hear his name mentioned as a QB that could really help a team that needs one to improve their roster. Which team is a $38M Tannehill away from the SB?
  13. I'm giving him three, then the Miss Amy hissy fit. As much as we all understand the team only needs a WR, OL, a couple other pieces and every thing is okie dokie. This team has needs. It won't take much pushing to tank. Raise you hand if you didn't think that TNF game in GB they were clicking and ready to roll off some wins. 0-7. That's takes a team without a lot of talent. We had injuries. Yep. Everybody has injuries, but ours were worse because of the lack of depth. Malik was the backup QB. Landry went down. Lewan went down. The guys that could play had to stay on the field. This is where Ran Carthon is going to have to work his magic. He's got to find some Purdy Boys. But not that damn Garoppolo. The way y'all fall for QBs. If Ran has a network, all through those down the line scouts he'll be able to do it. But it's not going to be this rolling wonder. Down one season, ruling the AFC South again the next. We gotta be ready for some lumps. JRob had draft picks. JRob had him a #2 pick. Two firsts, pocket full of comps He got some good players. On time JRob had five picks in the first two rounds. RanC has six. Six! Entire draft. Just as well because JRob didn't leave any money. Matter of fact, he left you some big bills to pay. Some to players you don't want. Miss Amy::That's not a problem for you is it? Ran Carthon::Not at all. I know guys who will play for free.
  14. You are looking at it upside down. Stand on you head and look at the screen.
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