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  1. He didn't draft Mariota. All he had riding on it was to surround Mariota with enough talent/coaching to succeed. You, me and most people who can count above 10 know it was impossible to develop him. So, if he was fool enough to believe Mariota was the best option this year, he's an idiot. I just don't think we know enough of the why he did to call him an idiot.
  2. Well, here I am again. I took the 49ers -9.5. Next I averaged back in 49ers -.5 BIG BETS Last time they played Arizona, I lost -10.5, -5.5 and -3.5. BIG BETS Swore off betting on football.
  3. Well, time for people to go on record as saying I Believe JRob is an IDIOT! I don't.
  4. Now, that TO they didn't need is needed now.
  5. The word was he had football intelligence before the draft. Hmm...
  6. I already have my opinion of why. I do not think he's a retard. Marcus stood on the sidelines and watched the most important game last season. It makes no football sense to just hand him the team, especially after Mariota looked bad in TC, PS and poor to terrible every game. JRob would have to be a dunce to think he was doing the right thing for the team to keep starting Mariota.
  7. You might have a point there. They a demolishing a playoff team today and may not even play the let the other team score prevent defense.
  8. For those thinking Vrabel doesn't want an explosive offense, let's hope he's watching this. No matter what Baltimore's offense does, the Ravens D tries to shut teams out.
  9. No, but it's still not as bad as knocking on your dates door, No Answer because she had an emergency. And you already took your Viagra.
  10. Ah, Wilson. That could be a problem. Wilson is the vet with years of top production. Jackson better get busy.
  11. JRob is credited with vastly improving the Titans personnel. Until this season the Titans have been in the winning column and actual playoff contenders. Even the most dimwitted of us realized Mariota was not the answer last year. But somehow, we are supposed to believe JRob couldn't see this until the Titans played Denver. OK.
  12. Jax has those eyes in the back of the head that somebody poked out of MM.
  13. I don't see how Jackson doesn't get MVP if he just averages out the rest of the season.