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  1. I think Kansas City really misses their slugger/backup kicker.
  2. Number9

    Wildcard/Baltimore is sticking w/Jackson

    I tell you the one I like. They will figure "Mahomes out next year."
  3. Number9

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    Typical loudmouth.
  4. Number9

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000999263/article/tests-reveal-qb-carson-wentz-has-fracture-in-back The back fracture is the latest in a string of issues for Wentz, who played through a rib injury early in his rookie campaign (missed preseason) and suffered a season-ending ACL tear last December.
  5. Number9

    Giants Week

    That's hilarious because it's so true. It should be required viewing for all grooms and along with divorce settlement reviews.
  6. Gruden's plan. Collect the checks. Las Vegas' plan. Collect all the cash. Nashville vs. Vegas Golden Knights Room & Ticket Packages T-Mobile Arena • January 23, 2019 Packages starting from $700 To book your package now, please contact your preferred destination below: Park MGM 800.822.8276 New York-New York 888.506.9522
  7. The Jaguars were just stupid to not either be developing a 2nd round pick/or have paid the highest price for Teddy. That team just needed a competent QB to come in even if Bortles just got hurt. He's a tough guy but look at what happened. People say they quit, but it was more about frustration of knowing how good they are and losing because of a scrub QB. This is taking some of the shine off JRob for me. We have a very good team and an injury prone QB. Yet our back up is so bad they start running the wildcat when Mariota has to miss a game. Then Mariota had to come back in too soon last year after the Houston injury. This team is in the hunt for the playoffs without a backup QB. Same situation we were in last year. It would be different if Mariota was Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, irreplaceable because they carry their teams. Like when Luck was out, we won. Luck comes back, we lose no matter how many funny jokes you make about him. We need to get a backup free agent or take a QB in the second round to develop. What if Cassell or Gabbert were backing up Wentz last year?
  8. Gruden is selling those high priced tix in LV. PSLs-35K. The Casinos will buy all the suites. He'll get down on the field and make all his faces, the crowd will roar. They'll party, get drunk as hell and have the time of their lives. No way he'll have time to coach, let alone be the GM. After a few years, they will give him 35M buy out.
  9. Number9

    Wildcard/Baltimore is sticking w/Jackson

    I wouldn't have thought so either, but they see something. The kid knows how to win football games. Style is seriously different, but getting the most points still wins games. Ozzie picked two HOF players in his first draft and I think he had a lot to do with this pick. If Jackson can put up over 21 points, the Ravens are hard to beat. I don't know about how stout and determined KC's defense is. They let the Titans come back on them last year in the playoffs.
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000999021/article/lamar-jackson-named-starting-qb-vs-buccaneers Joe Flacco put in a full practice last week to signal he is close to returning, but there won't be a quarterback controversy in Baltimore. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh announced Wednesday that Lamar Jackson is the starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Flacco as the backup. ++++++++++++++++++++ This is a huge move in the AFC North. Flacco is healthy and ready to play. Joe is a SB winning QB and a long time vet. Harbaugh is choosing to start Larmar. Obviously it because Joe sucks, but it's still a shocking move. I didn't give Baltimore hardly any chance to beat Kansas City because I could not see Jackson running up and down the field to score enough points to keep up with KC's air attack. But Larmar pushed the game into OT. Flacco has it all to be an elite NFL QB. He good looking, tall and throws a beautiful ball. Joe's ball flies like a cruise missile, perfect spiral, but only problem is the gps works like Homer Simpson designed it. Evidently Harbaugh has noticed this as well, so Jackson's the starter. Think this helps or hurts the Titans chances. The Ravens hold the H-H, so wining out isn't all we need.
  11. Since we are talking about QBs, how high did you think the Titans go picking a backup? We'll be getting into this later, but this is a good team. Baltimore is winning with a rookie while Flacco is out. We have too much talent to not have a backup who can win games. The Titans lost their top two pass catchers from last season and are making a run at the playoffs. If Mariota had to miss a game or two we are done.
  12. Number9

    VOLS Stomps BAMA

    AP Poll #3 TENNESSEE 7-1
  13. Number9

    Uh, the stock market is crashing

    Most of the people who stupidly gave him credit for the bull market, will never understand this. This was Obama's market. Dems stimulate the economy. Repubs crash it. https://www.macrotrends.net/1319/dow-jones-100-year-historical-chart
  14. Carr for a 1st? Who would do it?