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  1. You are fortunate. People had to pay lots of money to watch one of the best teams in the league be castrated by their QB play.
  2. It's kinda hard to back all the way from the front line to being a foot soldier for the other side. I asked Russ did he watch the game in real time. You have to be there hoping to somehow win and feel the pain in unison with the fanbase. If you watch it after the game is over, it's like watching Super Bowl XXXIV the day after. There is just no emotional involvement. The MCM, it was exhilarating. The next day, when you know the outcome it's entirely different. I think when you don't feel that frustration, it's makes you more willing to keep putting him back out there. Mariota has sucked to life out of the fanbase.
  3. We need to get off the tit, time to grown up and quit sucking at QB.
  4. We have been saying the AFC South is strong. When we were talking about how strong it was, we were expecting to battle for the top. Indy and Houston were very impressive today. Even the lowly Jaguars made an impression on us.
  5. Season 11-2.5= UP 9.5-1= UP 8.5 Units Season Units waiting on Browns *L*. Took out .5 to adjust for short ML payouts. Going backwards this weekend. Gradually learning how Parlays are like throwing the deep ball, looks pretty IF you hit. Teasers, payout low and they aren't a sure thing either. Win small-Lose BIG.
  6. Football is still a game. There are people who know how to win games. They might not be the best player, but somehow at the right time they make the big play. They will beat you playing football, then they will beat you pitching horseshoes. It just something in them that loves and thrives off competition.
  7. Phillip Rivers. Every time I see him he's always throwing the ball at the end of games going for the win. He makes awesome throws. They win a lot of games, but it seems like on TV(big games) he is always losing. Except of course when they play the Titans.
  8. After spending time without water in the desert, you start seeing crazy shit.
  9. Miami getting ready to empty out the survivor pool.
  10. The damn Colts are up 10 and just picked off Ryan.
  11. They said Oakland kicked Mahomes last week too. The NFL will put a fast clamp on that shit. He's the future of NFL quarterbacks.
  12. He's decent, the only thing that keeps Larmar behind Marcus is he lacks somersault ability.
  13. I'm listening. The Ravens are for real.