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  1. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    I think he might implode. Rash off the cuff statements like refusing millions of dollars in a presidential race is bat shit cra cra. He's in essence saying Bloomberg is a sleaze, a human you wouldn't even take money from. They are on the same platform running for dem nomination. More of his followers continue to say "No Bernie, No Us." And I have not seen his reported as asking for restraint with that kind of divisive talk. Poor character.
  2. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    Today he said he will not accept Mike Bloomberg‘s money he’s giving to support the dem nominee. He’s not a dem and has little interest in helping the party to succeed. In my opinion, that’s not character. Be man enough to have your special values without riding off what the other man built up.
  3. Chargers have the offense. But does Tom still have the arm? The beginning of last season the Patriots were rolling, but by time we got to them he couldn’t put 14pts on the board at home. The Titans D played well, but have they shown you enough to think they could shut Tom Brady down?
  4. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    https://www.debt.org/blog/buying-car-with-student-loan/ Technically, when you take out a student loan, you agree that the money will be used for educational expenses. You could make the case that the only way to commute to school is with a car, and in reality, there is no oversight once the student loan money drops into your bank account. You could cash the check and head to a car lot or anywhere else and spend the money. https://studentloanhero.com/featured/renting-an-off-campus-apartment-without-income/ Why living off-campus can be a smart choice Although living in a dorm can be convenient, it also can be expensive. According to The College Board, the average cost of room and board at a public, four-year, in-state institution is $11,510 per year. Over the course of four years, living in a dorm can add over $46,000 to your total cost of attendance. You might have to take out more federal or private student loans to cover it. Renting an off-campus apartment, skipping your school’s meal plan and cooking your own meals can be effective ways to cut your education costs. Although it can be hard to get approved for a lease on your own, using these tips will help you score the perfect place. ++++++++++++ Oh, now you got a job Poindexter. Great!! Oh, you owe for that nice apartment you lived in while you were in "college." Cool, Uncle Sam got your back. Oh, you lost your job Bubba. Damn. Oh my, you have been living the same place four years and are getting evicted. Do you have a relative or a friend you can move in with? Oh, you have a wife and two kids. Damn. Thanks for stopping by, but I don't think we have any free money for you. Sorry.
  5. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    Canceling college debt is a position Bernie brung in and the dems are dragging that bs along into their platform. Thanks Bernie.
  6. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    Elizabeth Warren says she went to college for $50 per semester. Inflation and tuition has gone up ridiculously, but in TN you can go to community college for free, cheaper than she paid in the 60's. She says that opportunity is no longer there. Then comes "Voo Doo" economics because she says when you cancel that debt the former students get $600 month to buy things and the money goes into society. Well, when they spent the money to go to school where did that money go? Into society. I'm not against these people, but if you give Poiendexter $40,000 you need to give Bubba $40,000 too. You can't select a socio-economic group of society and give them TRILLIONS of dollars, then don't give shit to a different socio-economic group. Makes not sense.
  7. The pubs get it. While the dems work on how to deal with a candidate offering free shit and sticking the Democratic party with the socialist label for years, the pubs are working on winning the EC. .https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-campaign-open-engagement-centers-woo-black-voters-15-cities-n1143601 ARLINGTON, Va. — President Trump’s re-election campaign announced Wednesday that it is planning to open 15 community centers in critical battleground states next month aimed at boosting African-American support heading into the 2020 election. “Last time it was ‘what the hell do you have to lose?’ Now, we’re going to show them what they’ve gained from President Trump and what more they could gain if they get more four years,” said White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who continues to play a key role in the campaign’s strategic decisions. _________________________________________________________________________________________ The dems should open centers right next door detailing all the things Trump has done. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/07/what-did-african-americans-have-lose/594994/ “What the hell do you have to lose?” Trump said, addressing his question to black voters. The point, he said, was that African American communities were already a shambles, and their condition could only improve. The remarks drew shocked reactions at the time. Three years later, as the president attacks Representative Elijah Cummings, a Baltimore Democrat, the answer to his question is clear. Trump has sabotaged a law that guaranteed health insurance for many African Americans. He has undermined protections for voting rights. His Justice Department has stopped going after police departments that discriminated against African Americans. He has rolled back environmental protections.
  8. 9 9 9. Nine Nine Nine Nueve Nueve Nueve Simple, solves all the problems. Except when they put pencil to paper it didn't add up. Bernie isn't even suggesting you try to add it up or figure out how/if it would work. Free. Free Free Free. Freeee.
  9. Who besides NE do you think Brady could take to the playoffs?
  10. I really thought it was a joke when this talk started. I think Peyton being that one guy who was old and came back to win a SB. But Peyton's situation isn't actually similar. Peyton still had a little bit left and got in the perfect spot. He wasn't done like all these great QBs are when they leave their team for age.
  11. Number9

    Can Sanders Win?

    Sanders rally is going/being held now at Jefferson Street Baptist Church. Its in the 2700 block. If you go, stop at the Kingdom Cafe a block up the street. Good meat/three and the best Peach Cobbler in Nashville.
  12. Floyd Reese is on the radio having to answer questions about signing Brady. He/they explained that the Titans receivers aren't exactly what Brady is used to having. They went on to explain Tom's lack of mobility means you can't run the same offense with Brady. If line can't protect him, then have the TE and RB giving help. That leaves you with three receivers going out. The Titans were built for Mariota. Totally different style QB. Then somebody called and suggested giving Tom a two year deal, then moving up in the draft to get a QB to study under Tom. Next one, just let Tom call the offense.
  13. If I had to guess, I would suspect Tannehill is talking superstar contract. Tannehill played on one of the best teams in the NFL last season. He needs to understand that he needs that talent around him or most of it to go deep in the playoffs. We have to pay other players.
  14. Foul!! Using brain during debate. -1
  15. JRob is one of the shrewdest negotiators in the business. He never tips his hand in important situations.

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