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  1. Hurts came up with a huge play!!
  2. The NFC West is worse than the AFC South. All Dallas has to do is beat them and they are in the playoffs.
  3. Looks like the Cowboys are rolling. Dak 13/16 148yds and a TD.
  4. Right. I never thought about that.
  5. I like the Dallas because nobody circles the wagons like da Cowboys
  6. Sitting at 3-0 BEST BETS through three weeks. Buffalo edged WTF to beat the spread. Not a best bet*, just a fun bet below. Games getting harder every week. Fun Parley. Pays 30-1 Boys -2.5 Browns -2 Dolphins -2 KC -5.5 GB -5.5 TB -6.5 Parlays and Teasers are long shot bets, i.e. they lose.
  7. Lewan needs to study some Titans fan history. They booed a starting QB who came back into the game after getting injured. Steve McNair had to stretch his back out to return to a game. When he came back on the field "BOO" come reigning down from the fans. Lewan has to understand the low football IQ of the average fan. Look how long the fans held on to Mariota as the answer. While he was sucking ass on the field, fans were cheering for him like crazy. Lewan was here during that time. He shouldn't be surprised when a blind squirrel finds an accord. Shit happens.
  8. Mine sucks!! I have an early gen AppleTV. I can't go forward/backward more than 30 seconds. If I watch half a game, the next day I can't start at the second half. There is no slo-mo. The App site says All-22 is coming later There are commercials. Also, I sent them a complaint about these issues. No Response. Usually, they respond same day.
  9. You guys made me money. I bet Henry two catches, I put the Rams on my parley and teaser picks. What @Guts said about do you want Rodgers with the ball last. He had a great game. The line for Buffalo is -17. The book has been getting eaten up by the Bills.
  10. I bet Lewan was happy Budda Baker wasn't on the field.
  11. I think it's how you view the game. I think that varies, what you see, what you think you saw and what actually happened on the field.
  12. I saw that and thought, it's time for Andy to quit. Football will be losing a legend.
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