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  1. I have made my decision and in good conscious I cannot vote for Trump. I am against people just walking into America. I am for tariffs to help return some type of fairness in our import/export exchange with other countries. I just cannot support the current ideals of the repubs party. I really do love and care for all people in word and deed. I just don't fit in. I can't condemn Bill Clinton which I did and then play like it's okay when Donald Trump does worse deeds. I grew us being taught that the commies were our worse enemies, then support getting help from them to win an election. I want money, but I wouldn't sneak around with the commies to get some. They want to destroy America. We spend billions upon billions of dollars to build our defense systems against them. Why? I think we need to come together as a people. I see the seeds of division that have been sown by Trump. Not so much because he's all for one side, but because he thinks it will help him. This is the saddest part of it. Power can be used for good or evil, Trump has made the choice to use his for evil. He's done some good, but he has done a lot more evil.
  2. I always heard the key to having a great football team was having great players at these positions. QB, LT, WR, CB, PR. Seems like today with teams passing more and the rules helping them the WR is an even more important piece.
  3. Davis has a huge catch radius. AJB has a big catch radius. I haven't seen enough to know about Humphries, but he's great at getting separation and catching passes. Redundant, but this is the best group of pass catchers ever for the Titans. They are on paper one of the best groups in the league. This is why a lot of people go so hard after Mariota. We are fielding one of our best teams in years and are being predicted to miss the postseason because of one player. It wouldn't matter who was at fault, RBs, WRs, HC, OC or QB. Fans are going to be really hard on them and they shouldn't expect any less.
  4. I think some people are seeing things how they want to see them, instead of how they really are. @japan is correct about my friend with the 700K property, but the actual situations are different. People are being forced to relocate to lessor neighborhoods. They have to move away from the amenities of the city. They have children and grandchildren who use them. If I sell my home, I expect to be able to move across the street or to a better neighborhood. Most of these people are moving to Antioch, LaVergne, Ashland City, the Boro, Clarksville, Mount Pleasant and other places in totally different environments. Instead of trying to spread the wealth, the new MLS stadium is as close to downtown as they could get it. If these stadiums improve your city, why don't they build the stadium on land they already own in Antioch, Starwood. Plenty parking, access roads and much, much cheaper to build at the location. Then all the great things that happened on the eastside, could happen out there. If these things were done to benefit the city. All the city pays the taxes, only part of the city reaps the largest benefits. Mount Pleasant, TN is a great place. But how do you think a person who has lived there 30 years would enjoy moving to downtown Nashville?
  5. You are obviously against all that America stands for. We fight wars to throw out dictators and give the people the right to chose. A city is an entity. The people living in the city chose to be a part of it. The people vote to elect and choose. It's never 100%, but the people chose to abide by the choice of the majority. I against paying for a stadium. I campaigned for the Oilers and worked in the effort to get the team a stadium. Today, I understand and see more of the big picture. Many older people who live in the city are strained by the re-evaluation of their property. I have a friend who bought her home for 10K and it's worth about 700K now. She can afford her new taxes, but some people in similar situations can't. @h4t I imagine you are young and making a young person's salary. What seems cheap to you is just relative to your experience with property taxes. There was a dream of homeownership, white picket fence and 2 1/2 children. Nobody ever said that when you finally paid off your 100$ per month note, your property taxes would be 500$ per month.
  6. I knew somebody would ask that question, so I researched it for a long time. I was thinking age and hits would slow him down, but I couldn't find anybody supporting my statement.
  7. I doubt Wilson will last much more than three more years. Sadly, his decline will probably be rapid. The problem with using those rushing stats is the Titans aren't hitting passes over the top of the defense teams play against them. They run plays right into it.
  8. Like Marcus Pollard. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PollMa00.htm
  9. Donald Driver. Nobody ever heard of him until the guy in front of him got hurt. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DrivDo00.htm DMase was returning kicks. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MasoDe00.htm Next man up is real if the QB puts the ball on him. All these players are the best player ever at their HS, outstanding in their state. If Peyton Manning is throwing them the ball, they will put up numbers. Maybe not hof, but numbers you can win with.
  10. Add in Mariota's bad wing and Cyp. Vrabel did a hell of a job coming out each week with a game plan to win and keep the team playing hard to get them.
  11. Warning Slow down here, we are approaching the edge ...| IowaOiler
  12. I think this presents an excellent opportunity for AJB. Everybody talks about Taylor, but Brown has speed to get deep and he can catch contested balls.
  13. Vegas has the O/U at 8. I think Vrabel showed a lot of coaching ability starting with game one last season. By the third week he had lost a starting safety, his top two receivers and his QB got a busted wing. Somehow, he has the team motivated and on the field believing they could win each week. They will do better than expected, but nothing is coming easy.
  14. This is where the NHL and the NBA are so different from the NFL. As an extremely casual fan I like Subban, but I don't know anything about the value of the trade. I do know that in the NHL this could be a good trade for both teams. The Preds must plan to go a different way and Subban must not have fit. As you said, you see how it makes hockey sense.
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