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  1. They just can't get it together up there. They get some good players, but it doesn't seem like they really go as hard as they should for a QB. Maybe non of the good ones want to live in Knoxville. They haven't had a QB since Peyton. Tee Martin won a championship because they had so much talent around him. Alabama probably has one of the bench who could lead them to the East title. The next problem seems like they can't get a big name coach to come. Alvin Kamara played up there and nobody ever heard of him until he was running all over the field in the NFL.
  2. I was just listening to a story. A Mexican who was born in America, grew up here while the rest of his family lived there. He begged to leave and live with the rest of his family in Mexico when he was a kid. They told him no. His mother went across the border to birth him so he would be an American citizen and have a better life. He finally adjusted to America. He did every thing right and refused to even spend any time with undocumented people. He became a border guard and prided himself in how he was one of the toughest ones in his division. Nobody got a break. He describ
  3. Did you retire from online posting? You always bring out things others don't see. I think you have a very solid point about Pees' quitting/retiring on people, but in this case he left a team showing real potential to win it all. The 2019 Titans were stacked and just needed help getting more pressure on QBs. To walk away from that, then take the same position on a 4-12 team seems to say he would rather not be with the Titans. He and Arthur Smith are familiar with each other, but it's only based on his Titans experience I think. This move if it happen
  4. They have a lot of talent on that team. I do not prefer them, but they will probably be a team we have to beat the next few years.
  5. Most fans would show more appreciation for an 11-5 team, division title, playoff game. But we da Patriots Titans, we expect more.
  6. Being the victims of so many ass fockings by the refs, I'm somewhat furious to see them gang rape the Browns.
  7. Mahomes foot is hurt already, Garrett told Baker to just let him know.
  8. It's just what we do. You beat us'n, we hate you. It's a Bible Belt thang.
  9. Number9

    Virus in US

    Maybe this has been discussed. Reasons the vaccine progress is so slow can be having to keep it at a certain temperature and having to dose people twice. I remember vaccines in school, the nurse just came and everyone got a shot. But with Covid that would still be slowed by needing proper refrigeration and being certain everyone got their second dose. I am even a little leery about the Metro standby list. If you luck up and get called, then you are given a second dose date. But with the haphazard way it seems to be going, can they promise you the second dose? Also,
  10. They are kinda stuck. Three years in a row in playoffs. One best record in the NFL season. One MVP. Not much they can do but pay him a little less than Watson and try to sell a bunch of #8 jerseys to make up the losses.
  11. What is wrong with you? You come knock me over the head, for nothing. What shoulder falling off? Are you still being sedated after last week's loss?
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