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  1. I took a little timeout from the news. I turned some on yesterday and saw Margie Greene has moved from toting pistols into the capitol to openly advancing the Republican Secret Agenda. The point that beamed out at me was Anglo-Saxons were taking over the country and only letting Anglo-Saxons enter. I have been wrongly accused of bringing race into the conversation in the past. I have been told there was no such thing as a Southern Strategy. Now, even though black people and the so named Native Americans were here from day one, none of them will be allowed to come into this cou
  2. Please forgive me for believing there has to be some type of measuring criteria used in deciding that a GM is making bad decisions. Trading up/down is a tool used by some GMs, but to me the bottom line is results. It has to be results. In 2017, KC traded up to get PM. The Bears traded up to get MT. The real bottom line is what else those franchises did. There's a lot of jazz about 1st round picks, but the league and the HOF is made up of players drafted in every round, even un-drafted. So, it comes down to who did you get more than when did you pick them or what you gave up
  3. Weak sauce. You can not criticize JRob’s draft moves without presenting better options. It makes it appear you’re just down on JRob which I know you are not. In fairness you should make a list.
  4. Interesting that JC would complain about the scheme. Not that we didn’t, but Vrabel has been in his corner a long time.
  5. Great article. I think he's going to get a lot of help from inside with the Titans. I also believe he'll bring more swagger to the front and the rest of the D.
  6. Eddie, Jeff and now Hue. IDK. One guarantee, they will have a badass RB and he probably will be able to recruit a lot of players with his name. **Also, the state government owes TSU half a Billion dollars they have stolen from them over the years. They will have some jack to buy players like the SEC.
  7. Number9

    Virus in US

    No side effects either Pfizer dose for me. Talked to a friend yesterday Moderna 2nd dose who was sick three days. She said her thumbs even hurt. I am just going with I have had the vaccine. I quarantined a year wearing a mask. I now feel comfortable going around the people who I used to be around. Most of them don't wear masks when congregating. C-19 is scary. So it's easy to get spooked by new stories. J&J, SA variant--it's not going to stop.
  8. Number9

    Virus in US

    A friend of mine was telling people she already had Covid before as an excuse for not taking the vaccine.
  9. Number9

    Virus in US

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/johnson-and-johnson-covid-19-vaccine-ema-blood-clots-janssen-135516493.html Europe's medical regulator has opened an investigation into possible links between Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) COVID-19 vaccine and blood clotting events. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said in a statement on Friday it had started a "review" of the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by J&J subsidiary Janssen, following reports that some patients who had received it had developed blood clots. The EMA said it was aware of four instances of blood clots develo
  10. I don’t think where JS lives has a great deal of bearing on his role.
  11. I'll explain things. You keep doing what you do.
  12. Jrob is a master of acquisitions. He will make every thing smooth and efficient. Schwartz has shown his talents in previous positions in the NFL. Jim will play his role as necessary. The major point is Jim is a heavy hitter coming to the Titans team. That's a JRob move.
  13. I think that referred to as weak sauce.^^ I like JRob, so what. This is the crux of the matter. Two years ago, I made a post praising JRob. You came and just attacked JRob as lucky-and said we'll see how he does going forward. I just was trying to appreciate the man's good work. That's when you said John Lynch was a much better GM than JRob. Last year he spent all his money for two players, Clowney(who supposedly had his best year under MV) and Vic Beasley. Why him? Did he ever show himself to be the type player JRob said he would bring in? I put 2+2 to
  14. Says anybody. I already told you, they would not let you be the parking attendant at the team's home office. VY knows more about football than you. I told you JRob was going to have to tell Vrabel things will have to be different. You see the players coming in now. I told you Clowney and Beasley were MV ideas. Now you see JS coming in. Your silly butt is trying to say he was in Cleveland with BB. That is not why JRob picked him. JS has a large history in the NFL and JRob didn't look at it and say "Oh, he was in Cleveland." But you go on delusional and thinking you know e
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