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  1. Pre 2008 l said the repubs should get rid of the evannies and right wing nut jobs. I posted that in this forum. The repubs had moved to a place that wasn't welcoming to me, uncomfortable. The result was Donald Trump. The positions the dems are championing are starting to go too far left. I think a strong position should be taken on immigration, particularly the southern border. I do not advocate shutting it down, but I want to see a plan. I want to see what the dems solution is for the border. Immigrants are taking all the jobs Americans who believe in the dream will not take. Okay. How does that benefit America's standard of living? Maybe if there wasn't an overflow of people willing to take any pay, the jobs would have to pay Americans a wage they could exist on. I know jobs young men used to take in summers, such as landscaping have become professions for immigrants. Poor whites used to do roofing, in Nashville. They were willing to work. How many do you see up on the roof now? Gentrification. Many people I know are fed up with it. The are taking our land. We live and grew up in this city, but everything being built is not for us. Get Out! This has been going on for a long time. Here in Nashville, east Nashville is no more. Working class whites and so-named blacks gone. What about the nations? For decades working class whites lived there. Run out. Look at the construction sites. Who working? Is there a correlation between immigration and gentrification? When you run this population out, what kind of jobs are available for them? The dems need to pass a bill to improve the infrastructure for the people who live in the country. Urban and rural. The dems need to pass a bill that clearly explains their position on immigration and addresses the southern border.
  2. Is Barry Booker the best candidate? idk, l don't follow closely. I think this may be a time for diversity. Obama. Clinton. ???
  3. Last year when the Ravens took Lamar Jackson it looked very strange.
  4. I think teams would line up offering first round picks.
  5. Okay. Do the math. In the last three presidential races the dems ran Obama twice and Hillary once. Now, all my repub friend tell me they like Cain and Carson, just love em'. But when the votes are counted neither one of them won anything. Barak Husain Obama was/is a special individual. I remember when I heard him speak, I thought he was awesome. But with a name like Obama, he didn't stand a chance. Then the people were told his middle name. HUSAIN. WTF!! Mr Obama just kept explaining his positions with such clarity, that even people who would never vote for him admired him. Along came Rev Wright, Oh Shit! It's over. CNN ran Rev Wright around the clock for an entire weekend. Mr Obama went on national television and gave what many said was the best talk they ever heard on race relations. ALL AMERICANS WERE PROUD WHEN HE WAS ELECTED! Finally, evidence that anybody can make it in America. Is it really time to just run another person of color, a woman? Cory Booker is no Barak Obama. He is a beneficiary of Obama's greatness. In a race against Trump, Booker will get attacked in ways a statesman like John McCain would never stoop to doing. Trump has also created a hostility between races in a ways he will exploit in a race against Booker. But we shall see. **The dems control the house. Pass a bill to solve the border issue. Make it a commonsense understandable bill/with no pork. Clean. Go on the networks and explain it. Pass a bill to improve America's infrastructure creating jobs to accomplish it. America's infrastructure includes rural America. Word it up so they can explain it to the people. Show that if you have power, you can do something. If not, I'm afraid the dems will look like Newt holding up a bill composed of blank pages.
  6. I see the media talking about Bernie Sanders prison voter rights bill. Honest truth, I had not seen all the coverage of the comments. Bernie Sanders will be 78 years old next year, Joe Biden 77, Nancy Pelosi 80 and young Donald Trump 73. GTFOH. Really, the boomers are the worse do nothing generation in the history of America and here they are trying to do some more nothing. The average of American voters is 48. Bernie said that dumb shit that will in no way help him get elected president. Why would he say it? He's old. Come on. You know how much energy you had when you were 45 vs 65. The president has a hard all day long job. They have to go around all day without pee peeing. As you get older, you will understand that statement. How many jobs have you had where you heard coworkers say, "look at Jerry, 80 years old and he's right on point in every office meeting." "man Jerry works his ass off and never needs a break." We need a younger forward thinking person to be our next president. We need a president who will still be around when some of his programs come to fruition, if only to charge him for allowing prisoners to elect mafia dons to the house and senate.
  7. I think actually passing legislation would show a unified effort and an ability to get legislation passed. IMO, the democrats are fractured. "I'll vote for a jobs bill only if there's specific language in it that says an applicant doesn't have to choose M or F under sex. What difference does that make anyway?" Just total BS that only effects less than a handful of voters. Or a true example "people in prison should have the right to vote." We have some major issues that need to be addressed and a front running democrat presidential candidate decides to just throw that BS into the dialogue.
  8. That's why the bills need to be simple and just contain basic common sense clear language. The repubs are not going to pass them, but they can show people how they did something good. Show that they want to move forward and not do the same thing the repubs did when they controlled the house.
  9. None of the Above. That's pretty much what Hillary's plan seemed to be.
  10. In a certain sense, that seems fair. They should give you first option at face for your same seats. That way seats 5a/5b would cost half a season plus playoff games. The tricky part is picking which half seat holder gets which playoff game. Five game, six game or seven game series would be impossible to divide equally in advance. OR, they should do what it seems they have been doing. Sell playoff tickets to half season ticket holders. The Titans were scalping tickets and the Preds do as well. There's a lot of ins and outs to making money in pro sports. The have to play every angle so it win win for them.
  11. I would be down with that. Just so they actually pass something. Health care is very complicated. Can they get together a plan they can run on. Then pass it if they win? Dems 15% of them are unreliable to stand with the party. That’s their problem. If they based the platform and agendas more closely with the population’s opinions and connected improvements from there, success is the reward. Build consensus? Don’t start out proposing 12T for colonial development of Mars. No. First you say we are going to put a man on the moon. Then we build ships to go farther out. Prisoners voting? OK? It’s stupid and how many votes will it gain? Get rid of dumb shit. Wait until the donald starts talking about that crazy ass idea.
  12. GET IN A ROOM AND MAKE A SOLID PLAN. Create and pass a bill in the house with a simple understandable plan to stop the inflow of people at the border. Pass a jobs bill that addresses rebuilding America's infrastructure. Make all candidates run on those two accomplishments or be black listed from the party. Don't get bogged down in a fight to impeach the president. That's a negative. Works well for repubs, but dem voters are more attracted to positives. Example Trump - Obama Hire somebody a couple of comedians like Conan O'Brien and John Oliver to make up a name for DT. Then have them make couple of story names to use as talking points during the campaign. Move toward the center. Any aid to Americans needs to be incentive based. Free education? Make excellent grades in HS and college to continue receiving free education. ALSO, free education should be given to students entering careers that are in need of workers. i.e., don't give free education too lawyers. Additionally, free means partial reimbursement so others can go for free. If you don't want to give anything back, then pay for it your damn self. What do American voters want? Build a platform based on that with an eye toward the future of the country. A great big climate change platform is a loser, but you have to understand climate/environmental issues. Be versed in what we are already doing-explain that to the people. Don't nominate anybody who wears a hat indoors, like a veil, hijab, yarmulke, turban, cowboy or a baseball cap. When you come inside and you can't take your hat off, well. I will add more if the topic has interest.
  13. Number9


    Cain has to be one of the worse ever mentioned for nomination, but it was never about getting him a seat on the board.
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