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  1. Now you have me worried. I thought he was a great pick. You have dove into the deep explaining that he's not a slam dunk at G like all the draft gurus said. They never hesitated in saying if not T, 10yr starter at G.
  2. I think the best thing for him is one read and go. No matter if it's a drop back or a roll out. Teams will have to account for him taking off so his read should be there if Kelley is creative. PA/RA/RPO. A big part of his Levis' job will be handing the ball to #22.
  3. I think if we put Cleveland Browns uni's or any other team's uniforms on our players this roster wouldn't look anywhere near as good as we view the 2023 Titans. No need to run down any players, it just is what it is. The cap had to be reset to build for the future. Levis was considered a project by all NFL draft analyst. He'll also be 25yrs old in 2024. They need to see if he can be a starter in the NFL by the end of this season. I think he starts the last 6-8 games. It will be unwise to go into 2024 without knowing the answer to that question. imo. Malik? Malachi is an athlete who has never run an offensive scheme. He can throw a football 90yds. He can jump in the air oob and sidearm a bullet 30yds on the money, sometimes. He did that in HS and at Liberty. The SEC, nope. The NFL, hell nope.
  4. Nope. Just say Nope to Dope. Players fail to return to peak performance and often get injured after they quit juicing.
  5. Tannehill vs Henry Forever. People tune in every week during the NFL season for one thing. Who done the best? They watch the game. They rewatch as they unbiasedly decide who did the best. Some members pay big money to sites for cutting edge stats to prove their point. This is the third year of this deep under the turf digging to find that one slam dunk point to prove that their RB is worser than their QB. Or their QB is worser than their RB.
  6. I heard someone got monkey pox rubbing elbows in there.
  7. I’m down In Carolina. Panthers fan had been to a practice. I asked him what did he think of the “little QB” they drafted? You can see how easy it is for me to get in bar fights. I probably should have said midget?🧐
  8. MJ is family. The best BB Player of all time in Oscar Robertson. The Big O LeBron is just too close to MJ's era to beat him out and be the G.O.A.T.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-most-underappreciated-players-tee-higgins-d-j-reed-among-afc-picks Chigoziem Okonkwo APY: $1.04 million (rookie contract; 81st among tight ends). Last season, Okonkwo recorded 2.9 receiving yards per route, the most by a rookie in the NGS era (minimum of 30 targets). He also netted 79 receiving yards over expected when facing zone coverage (second among rookies last season). Computer vision shows that his ability to square his body to the pass (which correlates with increased odds of making a successful catch) when facing zone ranked third among all tight ends last season. With a healthy Derrick Henry this season, the Titans should be able to make even better use of Okonkwo's skills.
  10. Collector Item? notice, no Houston or Tennessee.
  11. I was a huge Oilers fan. TN Oilers. I wore Oilers something everyday. Nice shit. A few people asked me did I work for them.
  12. Just Nashville B.S. We are wannabe's. First. First. Nashville is a new big city. We want to be first everything.
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