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  1. I had you on ignore w/some bad fans of other teams. Last year, some regs told me to take you off ignore. I C Y, You're a stand up dude. You don't run hide.
  2. I was playing a few months ago and called a huge bet. I turned over my hand and said a set of 9's! The nuts! Except I had pocket 8's. Jarrett is crazy. I'm God, I put you in without a made hand because I play better than you! You have the better hand? WTF! You can't beat me. BS. Gman is a drama queen. This is great for poker. We need something to get the rooms full again.🐠
  3. Couldn't take it huh? You young boys just ain't real men anymore. Stats Suck!!
  4. Unbelievable! This is the kind of finance management you should expect is coming from an American financier who had failed at every business venture and decided politics would be a quicker way to make money.
  5. The world is rapidly changing. Today same sex couples are adopting the children that are without a parent. Right. Wrong. Whatever, which would you pick. I left the poll private. I'm over here waiting for the Titans to start playing football.
  6. Has the media ever asked JRob a series of questions about why he takes the risks he does w/injured players in early rounds? Also, why does he invest in FA with bad injury history and pay market prices? We already had AJB, why not get a player who you could expect to be on the field? I understand how the Titans operate, you can't win with just Tyreek. You are much better having quality players at all positions. To do that, you have to be able to develop them. Draft healthy players with the right body type and skills to do what you do. That's the only way you can do it. You have to commit to system. WE RUN IT. Hire and pay top quality position coaches. Scouts? Pay Them. The franchise is worth billions, spend the money to have the best people. The Steelers get a so-so future QB 2022 round 1, but round two they get a Pickens. Back to back to back WRs on rookie deals. They run the ball, so 2021 they took a new RB in round 1 plus a versatile TE. The Titans need to sell the fans on their plan, but it has to be working. Da King is my guy and I'm hoping da King returns. If you are committed to a run action offense, you really need a great backup RB. If Henry gets going, awesome. But if he doesn't? I think right now the backups need playing more, just in case. Kinda need an OL, but that's every team. Now, if they can draft a QB who can elevate the team around him-grab him and start building like all the other teams. But getting a Burrow, Allen, Herbert or a Trev Lawrence requires losing a ton of games. Suck for Luck. I don't see Vrabel, JRob or this fanbase supporting the team as they lose 13, 14 games. There isn't a Luck's in every draft.
  7. Tua's traveling with the team! Somebody IM me "they were going to replace Tua's spine."
  8. I think it's the kind of question he's forced into answering. Why did you pick the Eagles? The money bitch. Do you like it here better? Damn right! I bet you like our coach better? Long as that MF doesn't try to make me play hurt, I love him.
  9. Has anybody made sure @Jonboy is watching tonight?
  10. I heard a news story saying the kick was made by Bironas. You never know. Every little Colquitt born In TN can punt a football 80yds.
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