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  1. Over/Under on Gronk 6 full games. I'll take the under.
  2. You are the one who better shut up. Your dream is on the bench hoping he doesn’t have to play. He’s probably thinking right now about how many injuries he can get away with before they cut him.
  3. I imagine the Bucs will start off fast, I haven't looked at their schedule. After week 7 or 8 the offense will slow down. If they did enough early to get in the playoffs, they will be one and done.
  4. Number9

    Scary USPS Situation

    The big Election Day problem will be lack of polling places in D areas. If your state doesn't offer early voting, you are sunk.
  5. I think this has been beat to death. We had MM. Marvelous Mariota didn't have a number one. That was the only thing holding Marvelous back.
  6. Good point. If he gets sacked, then people say he's holding the ball too long. That usually means the QB can't read the field and execute. In Tannehill's case, he knows what's happening. Still, sometimes he pays with a sack that you just have to live with.
  7. I love all the ink AJB's gotten, he deserves it. I said when I saw the little blond tip on the back of his head, I hope that's not a baby deva sprout.
  8. Number9

    Scary USPS Situation

    Haven't we already seen some things that should have commanded a lot more attention? How many of the majority party in the senate will stand up for democracy?

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