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  1. KC is a different situation. RT is important. Using a tag there seems logical. Can we find another RT in the draft? Of course, looking at KC is the dream. Good performance by RT helped us get to the CG.
  2. C. Davis needs an Eddie George to talk him into his potential.
  3. https://www.titansonline.com/news/facing-uncertain-future-qb-marcus-mariota-thankful-for-opportunity-with-titans?fbclid=IwAR1e5OFCY39sC9je4OuI5yNYtGnvOgk4w8TvU_PRxJ_s4FLwUnJOCIJBj70 Get in here, Bud! Roll out the same ol' same ol' we've heard for at least a year from you. Let's see how long we can keep this train (Marcus threads) rolling!
  4. Good post. This offseason, I'd be interested in some "expert" analyzing C. Davis's performance. The past few years my belief has been that he's being covered by the best DBs, but with AJ's emergence, that wasn't the case.
  5. Right? Got the food ready, drank my "cooking the food" beer already, now I wait? Woad raiders loved them some blue. TITAN UP
  6. Tannehill looked WAY better vs the Ravens than vs the Patriots. If he had nerves the first game, I believe he's over it now. I don't recall him making many dumbass decisions - or at least many that didn't work out in our favor.
  7. So let it be written So let it be done To kill the first-born pharaoh son
  8. For more Jesuit thinking and sports, I suggest this podcast: http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/35-the-standard-case
  9. Anyone else have links/quotes to create a "best of" Dmeade-?

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