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  1. I am more confident in this defense going into the season than the offense. What a turn around in just a few seasons.
  2. The crazies will lose steam once their big propaganda spigots stop cheering them on. If Fox News buries Trump, the general pop of Republicans will vote as they are told. The gerrymandered districts will stay "red" regardless.
  3. Yep. I still get emails and I think it's been 10 years since I donated. And it gets DESPERATE the moment you donate. At least now it's down to one email a week or so. That's hilariously sad. Ask them how that has worked the past two decades. A-fucking-men.
  4. Set it up like Game of Thrones. Ned agrees to admit guilt in order to "take the black" but Joffrey calls an audible last second! Get fatass to admit guilt under the guise of a promised pardon and then yank that bait away fast enough to whiplash that horrid toupee off his thick skull.
  5. I liked how the league implemented an impromptu rule to make the game between the bottom-two teams the final week of the season the determining factor for the 1st pick in each round of their draft. Maybe the NFL can adopt that to prevent tanking? A series of nested "ifs" to trigger this rule. If the two teams with the worst records meet in the final week of the season, the winner will earn the best draft position. Or hell, maybe just make it so that head-to-head matchups are given some type "draft order value" to avoid owners (like in Miami) from pressuring their teams to tank.
  6. I'm not familiar with the stadium currently or the building process. What decisions were made at the time that were questionable then?
  7. Ol' Ben did the meme at the end. So that made it worth it.
  8. That fat ass Siragosa was such a tool. I hated him as a player and he was a douche as a sideline reporter.
  9. For the late 80s and early 90s teams, was Rozier notably better than Lorenzo White? I started watching in this stretch, but mostly remember White as being the main back for the most successful teams.
  10. Saw this tweet earlier. Someone mind explaining what the "fear" is?
  11. Titans/Oilers show up twice on this on-going series (only one more installment, but I doubt the Tannehill/Henry/Vrabel version of the team makes the list). https://www.footballoutsiders.com/ramblings/2022/dynasties-heartbreak-31-40-cry-eagles-cry No. 31: 1987-1993 Houston Oilers Total Heartbreak Points: 477.8 Playoff Points: 167.6 Win-Loss Points: 163.1 DVOA Points: 147.0 Record: 70-41 (.631) Playoff Record: 3-7 (four divisional losses; three wild-card losses) Average DVOA: 10.3% Head Coaches: Jerry Glanville, Jack Pardee Key Players: QB Warren Moon, RB Mike Rozier, WR Ernest Givens, WR Drew Hill, WR Haywood Jeffries, G Bruce Matthews, G Mike Munchak, DE Ray Childress, LB Al Smith Check out the article for the details of the '90, '91, '92, and '93 heartbreaks that lead to the '94 tear-down. ---- https://www.footballoutsiders.com/ramblings/2022/dynasties-heartbreak-11-20-schottenheimer-comes-short No. 17: 1996-2003 Houston/Tennessee Oilers/Titans Total Heartbreak Points: 649.1 Playoff Points: 290.9 Win-Loss Points: 198.8 DVOA Points: 159.4 Record: 80-48 (.625) Playoff Record: 5-4 (one Super Bowl loss, one AFCCG loss, two divisional losses) Average DVOA: 10.2% Head Coach: Jeff Fisher Key Players: QB Steve McNair, RB Eddie George, WR Derrick Mason, TE Frank Wycheck, OT Brad Hopkins, C Bruce Matthews, DE Jevon Kearse, CB Samari Rolle, S Blaine Bishop Click the second link to remind yourself of the heartbreak vs. the Rams, Ravens, Raiders, and Patriots.
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