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  1. What's crazy is that the Cons have the likes of Jake who support EVERYTHING that Trump and the rest of the Conmen do/say since he supports that team. Yet, Jake openly questions the authority of the Titans.
  2. Cons are the most corrupt people out there. They use the wool of religion (with threats of furriners and babbey killin') to control the simpletons. I bet not a single conservative will post about how any of this is wrong. Nope. Within 4 posts by the Cons they will use their go-to "what about..." (probably a Clinton)
  3. Yes, @TitanDuckFan is okay with him killing those that might arrest him. Cons love to pretend to be blind to straightforward questions that might get them in trouble with their masters or humanity.
  4. You really think he stands when posting online? Or is that your go to “tough internet guy” line?
  5. Get upset? You’re asking me to read 4 pages of continual bullshit that I’m currently not interested in to determine if someone is wrong about what you said? You’re a big boy, show them yourself where they are incorrect. Also, if it bugs you that they “put words in your mouth”, then stop fucking doing it to others.
  6. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/6/19/18690990/backup-quarterback-josh-mccown-matt-schaub-chad-henne Top 3 in the journeyman QB list!
  7. Here @heyitsmeallen is VERY specific regarding a subset of guns and a subset of ammunition. Then you quote him directly but start changing the words to fit your agenda (before changing the topic entirely). There is a huge difference between talking about ALL of something and a small subset. You constantly and consistently change the topic and then think you "own" the person. @heyitsmeallen tried to have a serious conversation with you. But you decided to try to "own da libs" and play stupid tricks that he didn't fall for. I suppose you could be playing to an audience of Uncle Sox and Trolltard (and probably more sensible conservatives), but I don't get it.
  8. "implied" Riiiight. Your version of imply is basically making shit up. But seeing where you get your propaganda from, you probably don't know any better.
  9. Quote his words and then yours to show us how similar they are.
  10. Most of them don't really argue, they make loud noises and talk about their "boogey men" topics instead. Con: "Waaaaaah B-b-but Hilary's emails!!!! Waaaaah"
  11. Lookout everyone! Here comes Crazy Uncle Soxcat making the dumbest comparisons and then changing the subject just like Jake! The Cons are pretty simple and know only a couple tricks.
  12. It must be tough to keep your focus on the topic. You lead yourself down a path to talking about the cost to immigrate to another country. And why? Does it somehow help your stance on gun laws? (Or silly childish arguments about all the ways people can die so we shouldn't do shit about anything)
  13. Herp a derp. Durrr... do you want me to post a mass killing with guns? Herp herp durrrrr..... Please Jake, stop trying.
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