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  1. CreepingDeath


    Team before country. Got it.
  2. CreepingDeath

    Pick'Em League

    Top 10. I'm back! @NashvilleNinja is building a pretty good lead. ...As long as he doesn't miss another week, he could be tough to catch. @qb19 picked an outstanding 13 right! (Missing on Buf, Arizona, and Atlanta) Most of us whiffed on the Rams game. Most got the Giants right. Four people picked the Jags to be able to tackle D. Henry on Thursday.
  3. CreepingDeath

    Collinsworth slide

    Heh. Probably a production thing to give Al the focus for the opening. I don't see it as a personality quirk or a weird habit.
  4. CreepingDeath

    Monday Night Live

    Appreciate the write up
  5. CreepingDeath

    The Game of Thrones

    It’s all oral history type stuff with 10,000 years or so covered in a few paragraphs or a few pages in the World if Ice and Fire book.
  6. CreepingDeath

    The Game of Thrones

    There's also Benjen/Cold Hands. He was pretty conscience/undead.
  7. CreepingDeath

    The Game of Thrones

    Not the first according to show cannon.
  8. Putin’s work via Tux. Comrade Ben will clock in soon and give the official talking points from the Kremlin.
  9. CreepingDeath

    Odell Beckham Jr not playing vs Washington (quad)

    Yeah. My team faded down the stretch and then the Hunt thing. But fantasy playoffs are always about hit players and not good teams.
  10. CreepingDeath

    Odell Beckham Jr not playing vs Washington (quad)

    I started D Henry to replace Hunt.
  11. Make a gif with D. Henry stiff-arming OMan.
  12. CreepingDeath

    Jags Week

    TOUCHDOWN!! Let's hope we see many more of these from Titans tonight! The NFL Network usually reairs the Thursday game pretty soon afterwards (either really late at night, or over the weekend).
  13. CreepingDeath

    Emmanuel Sanders - Torn Achilles

    Wait. We caught a break because Denver has injury issues and Jax is doing poorly. But we Oakland being bad "has nothing to do with it"? Your dumb post was full of reaches and exaggerations, but you think the same logic of including an AFC team doing poorly is NOT a break? If Oakland was doing well, they could potentially get a playoff spot over the Titans. It's the same shit.
  14. But aren't you one of the Cons that believed Obama to be Muslim? Jesus, Sox, you are quite the hypocrite. "Oh, Trump? It's all about issues. Obama? He's a Muslim!!! Hilary is a demon!!!" You don't have to paint yourself into this corner. Trump used you and your ilk to get power. Actually, your pastors have been using you and your ilk for ages to get wealthy.
  15. Isn't that what Trump was but changed to get the idiots to vote for him?