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  1. Half? I’m pretty certain that 100% are going to die.
  2. There may have been restrictions due to COVID regarding the types of surgeries that were allowed.
  3. "Unexecuted"? I'm assuming that's a typo unless that's some legal terminology the league uses.
  4. Anyone who still gives credence to what Trump says after these 4 years isn’t voting against him.
  5. People are fucking stupid. You think this many young athletes who think they are invincible are going to practice the self-discipline necessary to complete an NFL season during a pandemic? How many of them are still beholden to their families and whatever dumb obligations tied to that?
  6. Fuck, Soxcat believes in demons so his retarded enough to not change his mind from this at all. Denali? He’s racist as shit and only cares about that. Cux is brainwashes deep - no hope for that sack of shit. You know @TennesseeTuxedo won’t dare show his face here until some stupid bullshit shows up where he thinks it helps team Conmen.
  7. DBAP? -- Baseball is already stumbling. Outlook isn't good for the NFL.
  8. Building a PC and adding a second monitor. "Working from home" is the excuse, but I really just want to be a bigger nerd and have my few computer games run at higher graphics settings.
  9. Probably do some good to get away from it all. Any big news (Clowney) will be easily accessible by a once-a-day check at any sports site. Then you have more time to get stuff done.
  10. Might be interesting to post who you think might make it. Tannehill, Henry, Brown, maybe Lewan. Casey is already named. I don't think Simmons makes it yet. Do you think Conk does based on him getting a good FA deal?
  11. Get Aussie or Irish in there. More accents. Then Jamal can do an accent too.
  12. My favorite part is the silly analysis/explanation of the parts. All of that is easily tacked onto any scribbles after the fact. Do you think future presidents will pull a Trump and work to remove/rename anything he was involved with? If so, what are some other names for this military branch? We don't exactly have a Sea Force, Land Force, etc.
  13. In more new team name news, the NHL now has the Seattle Kraken. https://www.nhl.com/kraken
  14. What if I told you "good people" were talking about it? And the "best people" confirmed it? Good enough for you then?

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