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  1. Where is all of this coming from? Is it “I GOT A BIG DICK CAUSE IM ON THE INTERNET” day or something? I get it if it’s friendly banter, but this is coming off very cringey.
  2. Nice Guess I missed that one or had forgotten.
  3. Just watched the mid-credits scene (after watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special). Makes sense. I like how it wasn't some "Marvel" surprise introducing a new character. ...But I suppose if someone were to watch all of the Star Wars content in chronological order, it would be a surprise. In reference to the droid, I really liked this one. His name is too on the nose, though. Be too emo? But it works, because things like that are way better than just random letters/numbers.
  4. You think Fat Randy ate too much over Thanksgiving? Fatty shoulda paced himself for the holidays.
  5. Hell, now I need to go back for the post credits. I really enjoyed the series. Music composer must have liked some classic final fantasy. What movie does this character show exist in? I assume Rebel One?
  6. Reddit memes: And the Britches Report (The Cinci guy sounds reasonable and probably won't go off all half-cocked about the jerseys for this game):
  7. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2022&wk=12 Basically, a national game vs the BenGals.
  8. Top 10: @bizzyeddie Stays on top and extends his lead - good job by you! He also won the week with 9 right along with @Come on Titans. Me and @Kcroy420 got too excited about the Titans in primetime that we forgot to make our picks for that game. @CaliTitan3518 only made that one pick for the week. So I guess he went 100% for the week. @scine09 and @Starkiller kept up with their reverse jinxing for the betterment of the world at large. Only Bizzy and Kcroy correctly picked Detroit. Likewise, Bizzy, @IowaOiler and @9 Nines correctly picked Carolina to cover. Only @Blackjack whiffed on the Squealers. Holiday madness coming up. Three games tomorrow (Thursday). Get your picks in!
  9. Sure thing, big guy. Just keep throwing out any information that goes against you. You can pretend to be some important person online all you want. Get your sharpie and write over all the stuff you don't like. Say with authority about how volume automatically equals results again. That was golden.
  10. Just watched BP2. It was good as a Marvel movie. I really like the acting. Though the actors showed the emotions that the movie wanted the audience to feel, I didn't empathize. Besides T-Challa, I didn't care about the other characters and their deaths. Spoilers? -- But besides that, it was fine. I like the introduction of Namor (apparently as a "mutant") and how well this movie built upon the original BP.
  11. It may be counting the records of teams at that point in the season instead of looking back when the season is complete.
  12. Did you just throw out the INTs of a game for your own personal reasons but then count it in the total of 17?? Why don't you "say" 0 multi interception games out of 17 "isn't really that bad" while you are making shit up? Again.
  13. Drive through enough of Oklahoma and you’ll see some Come and Gos.
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