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  1. Says I'm not eligible. Thanks, though.
  2. I tried last year and got shit. I cut the cord/dish in the spring so it isn't an option for me now. I'll probably follow @JakePA_Titan's lead or find a sports bar. The only other option is Game Rewind since if the replay is available as soon as the game ends, then most of the Titans games will be available at 3/4pm Sunday.
  3. Nah. Another big* injury and the team needs to move on. *(big = it affects how he plays... hamstring, broken finger on throwing hand, etc)
  4. That's totally a factor in it, yes. Teammates, scheme, opponents, playcalling, weather, conditioning, etc... there are many variables.
  5. It all comes back to his health. If Mariota stays healthy throughout a good chunk of the season AND his play is consistently unimpressive, then I'm on board with you guys. But we haven't played a regular season game for quite some time to test this theory.
  6. I am fine with Dany's turn if that is GRRM's goal - but the path there should make sense. Some fans set it up as a slower burn using parts of the book the show cut out. I am with you and it is the rushed aspect that I'm disappointed with. If you want to swim in creative aspects of this disappointment, check out the "Free Folk" reddit.
  7. At this moment, yes. But that's assuming the writing stayed AT LEAST at the level of seasons 5 and 6. More of 7 and 8 would have driven me away. Currently I share the feeling of many jilted fans of not even being interested in rewatching the good seasons because of the knowledge of what it leads to.
  8. Wait. NFL games have defenses and more than one player on offense? The hell you say. Next thing you're going to tell me is that there are special teams and coaches. That's too fucking much. You are blowing my mind. ((For those keeping up at home, the "agenda-thumpers" will downplay every positive to the extreme while BLOWING UP any negative. But don't call them out on it. They are "fair and balanced" in their coverage of QBs league-wide, especially for the Titans roster.))
  9. That's true. That guy is fragile as fuck. If he gets his annual injury before the season starts, then how does that affect our salary cap?
  10. So what can we talk about? We need to make the rules known. I think I understand these rules: Criticize Mariota Don't praise Mariota Don't criticize QBs on other teams All threads lead back to Mariota What else?
  11. Amen. See? THIS guy gets it. Preseason is YUGE, JERRY, YUGE.
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