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  1. Watched Ep 1 last night. -- Spoilers?? -- The wife is still annoying. What was with that final scene of her walking through the old house? I get the outside and the layout looking the same, but the rooms would have different furniture so why would she just plop down her purse on a table like it was some old habit? And making a kid's bed when that room is probably significantly different from her son's - assuming that is even the same room her son's bed was in. I like the Navaro hunters, though. I'm excited to see him move north of the border. Oh, and what's with the wife saying the name Navarro on the phone at the end when throughout the episode he's referred to as "the client"? We know the FBI is involved, so shouldn't it be a safe assumption that they are listening in on their phone calls? -- Don't get me wrong. I still like it and will probably watch another episode tonight. I do miss the cricket chirping ring-tone. Guess dude got a new phone.
  2. Steve Smith was a fucking warrior. I hate the Ravens, but I'll give this guy a pass.
  3. Good for Tucker. I saw recently that he was far more precautionary early on than his colleagues over on Fox News about the virus. Maybe he's got enough humanity left in him to help people in his position.
  4. The cultists don't care. The Cons will simply start shouting ABORTION and IMMIGRANTS and GUNS and this will disappear. It's the easiest trick in the book.
  5. Yeah, baby. Don't rely on that method to begin with.
  6. The Bucs have already won a SB for TB and made it to the NFCC on a separate occasion. I think it is more to do with the coaches and players, personally.
  7. Wait until you see what 1.5 trillion dollars gets you!
  8. What do you think are the chances Delanie follows Mariota to Vegas?
  9. How can this guy not think this past season wasn't the most fun in decades?!!? King Henry, AJ Brown, and Jonnu Smith busting big gains left and right! This dude must have pissed in his own cereal once Mariota was benched.
  10. Guys, did you know that Brady's last Patriot pass was a pick-6 against the Titans? Yeah. That's why I'm here. To make sure you read these things for the 10th time.
  11. Is Carr more of a "man"? Didn't he catch shit for crying on the field at least once? ...more than once?
  12. So add this to the "signing a RB to a major contract" discussion. If the RB appears to be used up, then you can trade him for one of the best WRs in the league.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-coronavirus-press-conference-today-nsc-obama-white-house-today-a9401751.html Such a whiney pussy of a man.

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