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  1. CreepingDeath

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    They need to overcome his weaknesses and run the ball.
  2. CreepingDeath

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    Wentz has 0 playoff experience and couldn't replicate last year's performance /trolling
  3. I have Rolltard on ignore, so I blame your quote for this comment. A family member proclaims to be a Libertarian (much like Rolltard) and self-styles himself a "free thinker" (like Rolltard). He quoted the same stat about minorities unprovoked. We weren't even discussing demographics at all. It was just a go-to talking point that Libertarians use. And when asked, he doesn't even support Libertarians!! Nope, he uses it as a shield or excuse to enter into political discussions as "above the fray" or someshit. His news sources are Fox and the usual far-right propaganda.
  4. CreepingDeath

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    What? Nah. He's just telling it like it is and is a "man of the people." If he pisses off the right people, I'm sure he'll get a solid 30% support.
  5. CreepingDeath

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    Is he ruining the franchise?
  6. CreepingDeath

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    These blowhards (in all topics) don't prepare. They show up and try to stir the pot. I don't understand why people waste time listening/watching them.
  7. CreepingDeath

    Pick'Em League

    Game tonight. Karcass City Creeps hosting the Los Scandalous Volts
  8. Wouldn't his bone spurs keep him from getting involved with Vietnam?
  9. CreepingDeath

    Giants Week

    I like how when reporting injuries, people go for brevity as much as possible: "He's out with a knee." (Sounds stupid as hell, and even telecasts do it when they have 3 hours to fill.) But if it is not injury related, we get an extra word! Kelly isn't out with a "family", no no... he's out with a "family matter." Gotta love the lingo that develops in hobbies.
  10. I like their color scheme. Other than that, I agree with this guy.
  11. I bet the Cons on this board are pissed off at this. They hate the law and those that uphold it. Supporting the blue is just not their bag. "Orange lives matter!" they shout.
  12. CreepingDeath

    AFC South Contest - Week 15

    Texans @ Jets (Sat) Titans @ Giants Boys @ Colts Skins @ Jags
  13. CreepingDeath

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    I'm confused if we are actually disagreeing. The NFL would only prefer these teams over others as it is the fastest draw for ratings and therefor $$$. As other teams become popular through winning and exciting players (JJ Watt, Mahomes), the NFL is happy to support them with more "narratives." In other words, the NFL only cares to maximize profits. Media guys can help build or bury players and teams. King says J. Casey would be a big name if he played on one of the "star" teams but then says the Titans are overexposed.
  14. CreepingDeath

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    I agree. King is great for a national media guy. I see him as being pretty fair. But his perceptions about how the NFL should be (Packers, Steelers, et al being good = good NFL) is part of the problem for the other teams.
  15. CreepingDeath

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    Proves my point about his thoughts about the "filler teams."