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  1. Interesting. I agree that it would make more sense for her to sneak in rather than seek out Davos. But television can't be as subtle. The Theon/godswood bit is great. The writers definitely went back to season 1 to recreate many scenes. The most obvious is Tyrion's death wish, then there are some staging recreations (Jon with Sansa and Dany over his shoulders similar to Ned with Maester Luwin and Cat while deciding whether he should accept to be hand).
  2. This reminds me of that odd passage in the books falling Theon's sack of Winterfell. (
  3. This would be pretty cool if they can make it make sense. Cersei is already pretty evil by nearly all standards/perspectives and surrounds herself with a de-chained necromancing, torturing maester and her own zombie body guard.
  4. The Umber boy is the only named casualty so far (and collectively the rest of "the Umbers"). And not enough goats and sheep to the dragons since they aren't eating enough in the cold. Add Ghost to the list since he made a cameo. Though, only animal-freaks and book-readers may care since he's been MIA for the majority of the show. But I appreciate his method of writing each character in a "natural" fashion in that their choices make sense to them. Granted, it does lead to long writing times with so many moving parts and attempting to reach this final destination.
  5. Just the general attitude. Truth be told though, I appreciate reading your reactions compared to the others. But at this point in the story, none of us know about the future - book readers can compare to past events though.
  6. Yeah. That character is definitely not sexy. She’s ruthless and most of her “badass” impact comes from being a child, not a girl. I was grossed out by it. Nice body double though. Total fan service, but whatever. Liked the episode and the song. Hey, Nash, the song has even more meaning in the books and makes the episode better if you know about it. But fuck the books, amiright?
  7. I think that line is important but it shouldn't be considered spoilery. The show has made a point that some people have connections to animals (Stark children with the found pups, Targs with dragons, a wildling with an eagle). If they are trying to keep suspense about Jon's heritage from Dany, then that is dumb writing for Dany.
  8. Hold up on all this 7-9 and 8-8 bullshit. We need to know how many games are in an XFL season first.
  9. I'd imagine the size difference would give her away.
  10. I like that theory in how it ties in the missing visions.
  11. Sam is one of two characters to have killed a WW. Ned was cleaned down to his bones for transportation by the Silent Sisters and delivered to Cat.
  12. Some of these, in my opinion, don't need an epilogue/resolution. Brienne will stay on to protect Sansa (or if she dies, continue acting as a knight somewhere or fade away in Tarth). The majority will be resolved in their death. I'm not sure many of these stories can result into anything more interesting than "attempted to return to live a normal life." Tormund's is potentially more interesting because he is a wildling and him receiving land and titles is a change. Obviously the big "players" can cause changes to the culture/world if they survive.
  13. Spoilers much? All this conjecture might give away the story!
  14. So this means he is close to (at??) 100% health-wise?
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