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  1. Did you see him promoting other cultures recently? One of his outfits was inspired by his gf's (wife's?) heritage and he wanted to bring it attention.
  2. Top 10 Going into Week 3: You guys pushed me out of the top 10. @CaliTitan3518 reigns supreme. @scine09 is nipping at his heels. Last week: @IrishKiwiTitan and @No1TitansFan missed out on the Thursday night game. I hope these tags notify them in time for tonight's game. A whopping TEN people picked against the good guys last week. Four thought Jax would at least cover (they did not). Four correctly picked the Steelers. Game tonight!
  3. Then stop jinxing him! Spears is the Titans secret weapon - if he goes down, the offense will clam up again.
  4. Every year it is the same story. The backup RB gets the Oman love, especially in game threads. Then the backup RB gets injured. Rinse, repeat. Oman is cursing Spears. I hope poor Tyjae can make it to the BYE week.... Where are J. Ringer, Haskins, and whoever else was jinxed nowadays?
  5. He's triggered. He's like those little yap yap dogs that bark like crazy if they think they see the shadow of the mailman. Just leave him be and he'll tire himself out after posting the same shit he's posted the past 4 or so years. (I read the rest of this thread and I was right - just a bunch of loud yap-yap barking and trying to shift the conversation to the same old same old. And this is the guy that won't stop following Bongo around with the same old shit from whatever Bongo posted years ago)
  6. Fuck yes. The four whores, man Motor(boating)breath Jump in the Fire(y) cooch No Remorse (...yet) Seek & Destroy (that pussy)
  7. Fuck yes! Now I go from spending time with you assholes to spending time to with my in-laws. You decide if that's a plus or minus.
  8. Nah. I'm a Titans fan. I live giving you homers shit for your agenda-pushing. Your assholes get so tight when players you hate on the Titans team you are against make plays.
  9. I remember Tannehill doing an elite handoff in OT to be the Ravens a few years back. That counts as a comeback win for the QB!
  10. Would it be conservative if Vrabel was running Spears?
  11. QUICK! If the Defense doesn't hold, how are some of you going to blame the running game??? Errrr... shit. Sorry, I mean just the Henry runs. Get that out there now before the game is over!
  12. I'm so in your head, dude. Get over me. Let it go and live your best life. Stop focusing on the individual posters of this forum and focus on the team.
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