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  1. Top 10: @10 A See leads the pack this week. You guys are still keeping me out of the top 10. I'm only out by 3 games, but things are tight. @NashvilleNinja (are you Ninjapicks?) made 10 correct this past week. Good job. Only @Kcroy420whiffed on the Titans. Only @CaliTitan3518 correctly picked Denver. No one got GB correct. There were plenty of other games that only a few got right/wrong, but you can check if you care enough. Game Thursday.
  2. This is why the Trumpets are such whiney bitches that don’t care about their country over their ego. All of you Trumpets are the biggest pieces of shit.
  3. gotta vote someone out. Orange is sus, bro.
  4. @TennesseeTuxedo Hey Cux! Get in here, you dumb piece of shit. Give us your opinion. Did you idiots also find JFK, Jr's laptop? I bet you did but you're holding out for the "big ugly", aren't you, you goofy motherfucker, you.
  5. Or you can spin it with Tannehill turning his career around and King Henry being a beast during the end of the season. Then there's the rookie standout stud of AJ Brown. Throw in Simmons making a surprising impact, too. There are stories there. We know about these other teams like the Cowboys because ESPN keeps talking about them every single week. Hell, it's an anecdote, but back in the 90s, I remember the Chargers getting a lot of love with Stan Humphries, Natrone Means (business) and their powder-blue unis. I think they went 9 or 10 games undefeated and the local stations in Oklahoma played their games. Hell, the Titans are undefeated and every weekly NFL article over at The Ringer usually lumps Tennessee in the second tier of teams and doesn't even talk about them so they can focus on some other darling like the Browns.
  6. That's why it is so damn satisfying when the Titans beat the shit out of the likes of the Cowboys, Ravens, or any other darlings. Sadly, the frustration returns as soon as any national media messages the game as the opponent "losing the game" rather than the Titans winning. In a similar note, in nearly every Titan mention I've read, Arthur Smith is mentioned. He's going to be a big name for coaching positions.
  7. CreepingDeath

    US Senate Race

    Thanks. If the elderly senator was a Libtard, there'd probably be a posse of Kk-klansmen riled up with a sheriff or two to kidnap him at the least.
  8. Our top 10: @10 A See leads the pack this week. Even going down into the 20s people aren't too far away. Only Berzerkers whiffed on the Jets. @heyitsmeallen, @PuckDaddy, and @Come on Titans correctly picked the Giants to cover. BTW - if I tag the wrong person, whoops. I'm making some guesses based on names used over on Yahoo. Looks like @bizzyeddie forgot to make some picks last week. Pretty sure there isn't a Thurs game, so feel free to procrastinate to see if important people catch the plague. Or make the picks now and adjust them later. That's the prudent thing to do. But you're a jamoke.

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