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  1. Jesus, Cux. Before you post 10 consecutive replies to your own thread, why don't you sit down and type out a coherent thought? You are a goddamn ADD squirrel sucking on Con nuts from every fruit tree.
  2. Saw a headline about Tennessee attempting to re-ban gay marriage. https://www.wthr.com/article/tennessee-trying-re-ban-gay-marriage I imagine a company like Amazon could throw its weight around if it felt this type of legislation would negatively affect it.
  3. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/2/12/18222358/antonio-brown-trade-request-steelers-landing-spots The Ringer has an article analyzing a few teams. 49ers (makes sense getting him out of the conference) Colts (cap space and the league would love it) Packers -- I'm most interested in him going to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and new coach Matt LaFleur + Brown? That would be pretty damn cool. However, him going to these teams doesn't support Brown's case that Rapey is the biggest reason Brown has put up his monster numbers. Going to another elite QB doesn't change things much... just changes it from "only Rapey" to any "elite QB." If Brown REALLY wanted to prove his point, he'd go to a team with an unproven QB.
  4. Nope. Mouth to mouth kissing is too close to other things @woolfolksunclesuncle likes to do. Do you think Brady kisses his teammates? Maybe breaks them in with just on the cheek?
  5. Are the Cons going to spin this?
  6. There’s also Russia working to divide America and Europe to weaken us. Putin plays the long game since he’s a dictator and has no plans of leaving office.
  7. Successful societies have a Social Contract. Many "golden ages" throughout history incorporate the wealthiest citizens giving a larger share of wealth to the betterment of the whole. In ancient Greece, the wealthiest families spent their wealth to build temples, roads, etc. In this process, a family did not remain "the wealthiest" for more than a few generations. It has been brought up recently that the 1950s USA had high tax rates on the wealthiest. Societies with extreme wealth hoarding and poor conditions for the majority have resulted in bloody revolts in various degrees of results (crushing the commoners or revolution).
  8. I've been seeing more unrest in regards to this on Reddit (and its posts from Twitter, etc.). That historian speaking truth directly to the billionaires of the world at their conference especially got plenty of attention. In the same vein, some billionaires don't want to be called "billionaires" as it is becoming negative (due to their hoarding) and prefer PC titles like "person of means." https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/06/dont-call-howard-schultz-billionaire-wealth-washing Cuts in educational funding meant classes like Home Economics get cut in favor of more math and other subjects on the standardized tests that business people prefer when elected to office. Another problem is our society is extremely materialistic and it can be difficult to cut off so many faucets of advertising, etc and the "keeping up with the Joneses" garbage. Yes - and families can easily drag each other down into debt in the name of love, duty, obligation and the like. One person making poor decisions can domino into the struggle of many.
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    I've had Trolltard on ignore for a while. It amuses me to see a string of consecutive posts all ignored as he rants like a triggered snowflake.
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    On the shortbus, the expectations are lowered. Rolltard needs to only participate to get credit. (and possibly not shit himself)
  11. What are the odds of Rapey retiring now that he is running out of players and coaches to throw under the bus?
  12. I get it. One of the criticized books (#4 - Feast for Crows) has Brienne wandering the countryside looking for a Stark girl. Many readers complained that the whole thing was pointless, long and didn't contribute to the story at large. On the other hand, I enjoyed it for a few reasons. 1) It was another example of turning tropes on their head (Like Ned's death)... Briene's quest was not only not a success, but it was fruitless in almost every regard. It is argued that Martin included it to also shine a light on the plight of the commoners during all of these wars. 2) Martin continued to introduce characters in his usual verbosity (as he has already trained his readers to pay attention as main characters can have "tells") in these chapters when they are quickly dispatched or left behind. In this instance, I didn't feel pissed off at my time being wasted. It was more like a good magician's trick. I was more "I'm on to you, Martin" and kept turning the pages.
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