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  1. On the whole, I got more overall enjoyment this season. A big chunk of that is more winning. Every win left me in a good mood and that carried into the week. Henry also kicked MORE ass this year. I don't think I'm alone in simply EXPECTING him to bust those huge runs. This season also brought out the epic stiff-arms. Granted, he's no Kyler Murray (who is??), but Henry is worth the price of admission himself. I agree that last year ended with more "magic." Their momentum (that fictional thing that couch-commanders deny) was so much more. Last year's playoffs - obviously - bu
  2. HBO has the DC Universe. I have only checked out a bit, but I like "The Titans" tv show. Granted, I'm only 3-4 episodes in. I've been told that the other shows are worth checking out, too. Here's the article from The Ringer: https://www.theringer.com/game-of-thrones/2021/1/25/22248282/game-of-thrones-extended-universe-hbo-george-rr-martin-dunk-egg In it, the author answers most of your questions. Martin doesn't want to have a sequel to the GoT storyline yet. Likewise, he gets final say on anything GoT-related. At one point, he wasn't allowing Dunk and Egg
  3. The Ringer has an article on this comparing GoT franchise to other “worlds” different streaming services have. The difference is HBO has to deal with Martin.
  4. Does Vrabel go for it on 4th and goal down 8 with around 2 minutes left to play in the 4th quarter with the Super Bowl on the line? OR Was LaFluer held back by Vrabel's playcalling earlier today?
  5. Sounds like my BIL back at Thanksgiving as he kept trying to bring up politics and thanking Trump for everything. Same focus on stocks and other selfish ideals as so many Cons. Oh yeah, he is a “libertarian “ and a “free thinker” that just so happens to always vote Republican even if there’s a libertarian on the ballot.
  6. That's great! Taylor "The Mouth" Lewan is quite the treat for us Titans fans. Has there ever been as chatty an OL as him? (Glad he got those penalties under control lately, I'll add)
  7. Hypothetically, and purely hypothetically, let's say a stand-out season-long performance by a player catapults a team into the playoffs. MVP stuff. But then that player is injured and his backup leads the same team to a Super Bowl victory with a Super Bowl MVP. Which player gets the "NashvilleNinja" MVP? Just to better imagine this, let's pretend this team is the Philadelphia Eagles.
  8. They aren't going to change their tactics as long as they can gerrymander to gain outproportioned power.
  9. Love it. What value does this Easterby clown bring to a football organization? And how much is he being paid? Easily in the 6 digits. If the sportsworld wants to use the paycheck of the players as measuring tool, then it should be on the management as well.
  10. No need to reinvent the discussion on the wheel: https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/11/15/16653504/fumble-turned-touchback-rule-change-suggestions
  11. Hahahah Alpha Mayfield couldn't beat a backup. That's too bad. I was looking forward to some alpha-beer-chugging and some sexy-stubble next week. That's too bad. Alphas usually don't lose like this. Guess he can go grab his dick all he wants back in the Cleveland Cheesecake factory parking lot.
  12. I disagree for the specific reason the Texans org is to blame. It's not empowering their best asset. Someone touched on it already: It is their mismanagement. Mahomes, Wilson, and Brady all can trust their organizations to support them and build a winning team. Houston, on the other hand, makes short-sighted roster moves, sells off star players for pennies on the dollar because the short-sighted management decisions had a personality conflict, and hires people completely out of their element.
  13. Looks like Jamal is using TR to find nuggets to post to his twitter so he can then post his twitter here.
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