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  1. From the Titans Reddit This one was linked in the comments:
  2. Derp derp. Duurrr.... It's not MY problem that when I say shit that people react to it. Derp derp derp. Everyone else needs to adjust to me. Durrr... The world revolves around me. Derp derp. I'm innocent and have never done anything wrong in my life ever. Right. Oh, sorry, I forgot to include a few "LOL"s in the middle of my sentences. Thanks for providing for evidence that you are socially behind the curve. You tell me to "grow up" but perhaps you can take your own advice and read up on the topic? Unless you are a typical "neverwrong" and shrug it off with "it's not worth my time." (Like all REAL adults do)
  3. I assume you don't have kids. I also assume you grew up outside of the emphasis on social education. Beyond the affects on the person being talked about, it affects the nature of the community and the people doing the talking. You form habits on the actions you repeat. He's a "neverwrong"? Ah. Then yeah, the only point is to offer others that care to follow the conversation other viewpoints.
  4. Mariota is the new Alex Smith ("meh" career and many OCs). He might continue on that path and be useful with the right coach/system like Smith.
  5. Watch the Cons refuse to "support the trooops" when it doesn't fit their propaganda.
  6. ??? Calling out anti-social behavior - aka bullying - is “juvenile”? Wanting the group to demonstrate maturity with each other is “dumb”? The easier argument is just the opposite. Personal attacks are dumb and lazy. It takes very little effort to throw uncreative insults. Feel free to post in whatever style you wish, but don’t pretend not insulting people is worse than basic name-calling.
  7. Top 10: Only @IowaOiler correctly picked the Squealers last week. Only 3 correctly picked the Lions, same with the Broncos and Jets. Only 3 were crazy enough to think the Giants would cover/win. The most correct this week was 9 by @Kcroy420 (probably why he's numba 1). @popa forgot to make picks, but this week dropped and he can still make up the ground. Game tonight. Chronic vs Creeps
  8. Did Young ever get to the playoffs? I can’t remember.
  9. GUYS! Mett was mentioned in the media!! He was included in the esteemed company of Joe Callahan (not of Callahan autoparts, I'm afraid) and BJ Daniels (don't ask how he got his name).
  10. I saw that the Titans offense immediately went on a 3 and out and took sacks after the QB change. I saw the time tick off the clock where the offense was in desperation mode with the game basically out of reach. Haven't you read what I've said multiple times? I've typed it multiple times JUST FOR YOU and THESE TYPES of replies. Mariota deserved to be benched. Tannehill is a retread backup QB. The best the team can do now is get to 7-9 or 8-8. It's more likely the Titans will hit double-digit losses, though.
  11. You think Rivers will bring the kids?
  12. Basically, yes. I know attempting to move the discussion to non-binary, emotional outbursts is foreign on this website, but a man can dream. Going by the theme all offseason, plenty. I'm trying to get the opinion out there that Tannehill isn't amazing - this is all an emotional release by the group that felt they were held hostage by Mariota. Now the next scape goat will be lined up until there time comes. (Smith? Vrabel?) The season rested on Mariota being good AND healthy. Turns out, health wasn't the main problem. The Titans will now be as good as the Dolphins were with Tannehill.
  13. Nothing is worth it to you. And yet the results ... three and outs, sacks, no points... were the same. Again, Mariota was horrible and deserved to be benched. See above. Yes, there was a bit more hope than with Mariota. Buuuuuut. Sacks, etc. I hope the thirstiness on display is schtick. I imagine a week of practice with the starters will result in improvement on Tannehill's performance today, but him taking sacks and doing Ryan Tannehill things should be expected.