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  1. I think others may have alluded to this. Mariota should have been playing with this same mindset of “fuck it.” I believe too many of the numerous coaches drilled into him that INTs are worse than disappointing his parents and that was on his mind every pass.
  2. Kids cry when an animal dies, too. And when they drop their ice cream cone. And if their macaroni touches a green bean. I think it says more that the kid knows the name of a Titans player than the reaction.
  3. My biggest question/concern is what happens to the offense w/o Henry? The offense as is, WITH Henry, is outstanding. Further, missing receivers (Davis, Humphries, Sharpe, Walker, etc) doesn't seem to be a big deal.
  4. A silly observation: With Tannehill (T) starting, the team's been on fire. So, kinda like our logo.
  5. Top 10: Big movement in the upper-echelon! @JakePA_Titan dropped out of the top 5 with only 3 correct this week. I suppose you picked up whatever shitty curse I had all year. 8MM storms back with 13 correct and only missed Oakland (ha). Only three picked against the good guys. Only four correctly picked the Rams and Skins.
  6. I made a passing comment about one of these in another thread, but have other thoughts to add to it. Since the change at QB, there have been ripple effects throughout the team. Many of my observations are from the Raiders game, but I believe are part of a pattern. Dion Lewis looks to be more effective. To kill the clock vs the Raiders, his effort and will to get the first down and stay in bounds was impressive. If Henry has to miss more time than usual, Lewis could be able to pick up enough slack to keep the offense humming. Over the past 2 (maybe 3) games, he looks to be actually contributing to our offensive success. Big plays - even if a big play doesn't go all the way, I don't cringe at the lost TD and assume we'll settle for a FG now. I now expect the offense to work its way into the endzone once in the redzone. The OL isn't getting penalties as frequently. A big part of this is Lewan making this his focus, but there's been a lack of OL holding penalties lately. In a pessimistic outlook, there is a worry that this season is our best window. We have some of our most important players up for contract renewal. They could potentially leave in free agency. Next year, teams will have a better book on our offense (QB + OC). And how important is Henry to Tannehill's success? Either way, these last few weeks are going to be exciting.
  7. This is one of those surprise benefits of getting Dolphins fans here: marinated Patriots hate. Love it.
  8. We had too many other big highlights - especially for fantasy purposes - for our small-market team. This was an amazing play and probably is getting more attention in shows throughout the week.
  9. Add to it that the Cowboys just cut their kicker and replaced him with someone they thought was the best available.
  10. Meh. It's coach-speak. And it's coach-speak on a Monday. If one of the replacement kickers didn't fuck up, too, they'd still be here.
  11. Look! That hunk of man-beef is also a doctor! Such an alpha... is there anything he CAN'T do? I mean, besides win? That part isn't as important as passing eye tests and being a pile of masculinity. Wait. The medical team got their feelings hurt? Bunch of betas. Bak May can say whatever he wants about HIS team, damnit.
  12. This excerpt speaks to the magic this team is conjuring this season:
  13. That's some 9-7 bullshit. Watching Tannehill's highlights, I realized I'm not worried when a big play doesn't go the distance. On the long pass to a TE (don't recall which one - Pruitt maybe), he can't outrun the defense. Instead of cringing at the loss of a guaranteed TD and likely FG, I assumed this Titans team would score the TD.