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Found 15 results

  1. We arn't just getting love but they said we are fun 2 watch! When can you remember that being said!
  2. From the Titans Reddit This one was linked in the comments:
  3. How are the shitty Raiders beating the great Chicago Macks? Amazing.
  4. So, thanks 2 another poster for the idea, here we go!
  5. As much as everyone wants to give lewan shit about his temper he has calmed it down. In everyone of these he talks his shit but walks away. Side note omg he looks funny in the draft photo. I couldn't even tell it was him
  6. *WARNING* turn your volume down before clicking play, then feel free to crank it ! if you haven't seen this , it's totally worth checking out.
  7. Was wondering if we made a preseason bingo sheet what would be on there? A few that i know i hear every year are 1. “Well it’s preseason...” 2. “It’s preseason for us (announcers) or the refs too” 3. “He may not stick with this team but hes making his case for the other 31 teams” 4. Hyping up 4th and 5th stringers Am i missing any?
  8. I know you guys are anxiously awaiting my great prediction of how against all odds the Titans are going to win the Super Bowl or at least be a hard out in the playoffs. I know the excitement is building for me to mix the Columbia Blue Kool-Aid with the Cheatham County shine, Blount County liquid marijuana(not that CBD bs)and just the right touch of methamphetamine, made in Grundy County. Everything from right here in the state of Tennessee, not cheap foreign shit. Time to get the party going. Piss on any bad news. Every time I turn around something has gone wrong trying to ice the enthusiasm. Cassey's down. Big Jack, Delaine, Jackson, Conklin, Firkser and Succop is fuck-up. Oh, did I forget Ryan is dying. AND now it seems Taylor Lewan has already started trying to make his own Kool-Aid and was tasting without my expert approval. Everybody knows if you don't mix it right this shit is illegal. Lewan's now out four weeks, lucky he didn't get banned from the league for trying to make the shit. Jonnu Smith has gone from knee sprain to amputee and is going to be MIA to start the season.. The rookie came in with his knee all bandaged up and old news our shinny new OC done quit the team after less that one year service to be HC of some little backwoods team in Wisconsin. Well, we are winning anyway. Come on out to practice Saturday, July 27th and I'm ladling out the cups, byoc. As usual, anybody over 55 has to have a written waiver from their doctor before getting a cupful. Afterwards we have open discussion. We will discuss how we are going to beat every team on the schedule, including the GD Colts. Then my big prediction, 16-0. Yep, we win them all.
  9. This guy has us going 3-13 and get this. We don't beat the jags once lol. We are at 32:05 Dont ask me why this is one giant video for every team either...